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January 3, 2006

Jason and Sam discuss her deposition in Manny's trial. Jason goes after Manny.  Sam runs into Durant at the hospital.  He stops her and makes her watch Jason approach Manny on a Nannycam. (Credit Holsgem and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

January 4, 2006

Jason and Sam at the hospital with Durant. They argue about Sam going to the hospital while Jason was on a job. Later, they cuddle on the couch and she tries to get him to take a bubble bath. Carly interrupts. (Credit Holsgem)

January 5, 2006

Carly wants Jason to stop Sonny and Emily's date. Sam and Carly argue about it. Jason says he is not going to interfere. Jason and Carly discuss Sonny and Emily.  Sonny calls Jason and wants to discuss Emily. Robin comes to the PH to talk about Manny. Sam and Robin argue. Jason goes to Sonny's and they talk about Sonny and Emily's feelings for each other. Jason returns the PH and argues with Robin. (Credit Holsgem)

January 6, 2006

Jason and Robin argue about her spilling the Michael secret. They agree to disagree. Jason and Sam discuss how they are different. Ric and Alexis show up to depose Jason. Sam and Alexis argue. Jason threatens Ric. (Credit Holsgem)

January 9, 2006

Jason threatens Ric to get Alexis off of Sam's back. Sam and Alexis argue about Manny. Ric and Alexis leave and Jason and Sam discuss Alexis. Sam tries to talk Jason into taking a bath with her.  Max comes and tells him that Manny is being moved. Sam goes upstairs. Max asks Jason what he is going to do.  Jason gets his gun. Sam watches from the stairs.  Manny refuses to escape with his cousin. They fight and the gun flies free.  Manny knocks out his cousin.  Jason picks up the gun and points it at Manny.  (Credit Holsgem and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

January 10, 2006

Replay of Manny and Jason.  Jason says this is for Sam.  Ric and Alexis run up and stop Jason.  Max comes to the PH and tells Sam there was a shootout that Jason was involved in.  The police arrive at the crime scene.  Manny tells Lucky his story.  Lucky tells Jason he is not going anywhere. Carly gets in Durant's face as Jason is brought into the PCPD in handcuffs. A bunch of bickering between Alexis, Ric, Durant, and Carly. More bickering between Alexis and Durant. Durant berates Jason and lets him go. Jason tries to get Carly to leave but she wants to stay and talk to Durant. Jason agrees but says, "Carly, no plans". Sonny and Jason discuss the situation at the PH. Sam get to the PCPD and talks to Carly. Manny wants to talk to Carly. Sam thinks it's a bad idea. Sonny and Jason still discussing Manny. Sam breaks into the interrogation room and tells Carly not to believe "a word out of his lying mouth". (Credit Holsgem and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

January 11, 2006 

Sam is dreaming about Manny stealing her baby. Jason and Sam discuss Sam's dream. Sam wants to put Manny behind them and focus on a baby. Sam questions whether Jason really wants a baby. Jason and Sam discuss having a baby. Jason is worried about Sam's health. Cruz come to arrest Jason for the attempted murder of Manny. Durant harasses Jason. Jason tries to get Sam to go home. Sam gets in Durant's face and then punches Alexis. (Credit Holsgem)

January 12, 2006

Replay of Sam punching Alexis.  Ric wants Sam arrested.  Alexis says no. They all start to bicker about Sam's arrest.  Alexis asks to talk to Sam.  Alexis tries to tell Sam that Jason is bad for her. Sam defends her relationship with Jason. Alexis asks Sam if she wants to raise children in Jason's environment.  Jason comes over and starts to intimidate her.  Ric and Cruz grab him. Jason yells at Alexis for talking to Sam about kids after the way she attacked her when she was pregnant.  They argue more and Ric takes Alexis away. Jason tells Sam not to let Alexis get to her.  Sam is scared because Manny is out and Jason is in jail. Durant comes and says Justus got Jason released and they go home. Sam is worried that Sam was made at Alexis cause he thinks what she said was true about their life being too dangerous for a baby.  Sam says maybe they should just forget the whole thing. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 13, 2006

Sam doesn't know if they should have a family.  Jason tells her to forget about Alexis and not to let her stop her from wanting a family and a baby. Sam wants to know if Jason really wants a family or if he is just giving her what she wants. They discuss his concerns about having a baby and Jason says that he wants to start a family. Sam tells Jason about the kind of family she wants to have.  Emily comes and says Jason is coming between her and Sonny and she wants him to stop. Jason says he didn't tell Sonny to stay away from her.  They argue because Em says that no matter what he says Sonny knows he disapproves.  She tells Jason to stay out of it and leaves.  Sam says she agrees with Em. Jason and Sam talk about Jason's way of dealing with the people he loves.  The phone rings.  It is Danny on the phone.  Sam talks to him and when she hangs up she says maybe they shouldn't have kids after all.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 16, 2006

Jason and Sam discuss the realities of having a baby that could have Danny's genetic disorder. They go have the test for FragileX. Robin is their doctor. Sam doesn't have the FragileX gene. Jason and Sam go home to "try". Later Sam has a nightmare about her mother. (Credit Holsgem)

January 18, 2006

Sam is at the courthouse for Manny's trial.  She tries to talk Alexis into letting Manny be convicted.  Ric and Alexis want to know where Jason is and threaten to have him arrested if he no shows. Durant wants Alexis to make a deal.  Sam tells Durant that he has to win.  Manny is brought in and the trial starts.  Lorenzo testifies and tries to blame Jason for the mob war.  Carly confronts Lo. Patrick testifies but will not give opinion about Manny. Robin testifies that Manny has changed since the tumor was removed and that he is no longer a danger.  Alexis calls Jason but he is not there so she asks for an arrest warrant.  Sam and Carly yell at her.  The judge asks Sam where Jason is and tells her she has until 6:00 to get him there or he will be arrested. Sam tells Carly that Sonny sent Jason out of town.  Carly goes to see Sonny to bring him back.  Ric and Alexis pat each other on the back.  The guard puts Manny in a holding room where Sam is hiding. Sam sets her phone to record and then confronts Manny. She pushes him into attacking her.  (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 19, 2006

Replay of Sam goading Manny into attacking her. She tries to fight him off.  He finds and breaks the phone. He starts to get seriously violent when the door starts to open and Manny yells and acts like Sam was attacking him when Ric and Alexis come in.  Sam gives them the phone but it only recorded her goading Manny and not the attack. Alexis tells Durant that Sam set Manny up. Court reconvenes. Emily testifies about Jason's brain damage. Sam testifies.  Alexis tries to make her talk about Jason's job.  Sam says he is a coffee importer. Alexis asks if he is a professional killer. Sam freaks out and talks about Manny being a killer. She goes off on Manny. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 20, 2006

Jason arrives at the courthouse and walks in as Sam finishes going off on Manny.  She goes to Jason and he starts to take her home but Alexis calls him to the stand. Jason testifies and stonewalls Alexis but says that he has not seen a change in Manny and that Manny is still a mental case.  Jason and Sam start to leave but they stay when Alexis calls Manny to testify.  Manny is very docile and contrite on the stand.  Sam freaks out and starts yelling at him. The judge tells Jason to remove her.  Outside the courtroom Sam tells Jason about setting Manny up.  At the same time, Manny is in court testifying to his version of what happened. Jason is upset with Sam for taking the risk.  Manny fakes a dizzy spell to get out of being questioned by Durant and the court takes a recess.  Sam says that if someone doesn't do something Manny is going to go free. Carly, Sonny and Emily come out of the courtroom.  Jason tells them what about Sam setting Manny up and they discuss the threat.  Sonny asks how Sam is.  Jason looks beside him but she is gone.  Manny in the holding room.  Someone comes in and shoots him. Sonny and Jason run in with Alexis and Ric.  (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 23, 2006

Manny is shot at the courthouse and Sam is nowhere to be found. Manny points the finger at Jason. Sam heads home for a shower. Jason at the PCPD. The police drag Sam down to the PCPD from her shower. Jason, Sam and Carly give it to Alexis. Jason sends Carly home. Jason, Sam and Durant talk and Durant decides to arrest Sam. Jason and Sam discuss the situation. (Credit Holsgem)

January 25, 2006

Jason walks in on Sonny and Emily discussing their relationship. Emily defends Sonny and leaves. Sonny and Jason argue a bit about Sonny and Emily then they discuss Manny (Credit Holsgem)

January 26, 2006

Jason and Emily at Kelly's arguing about Sonny and Emily. (Credit Holsgem)

January 27, 2006

Jason and Sonny argue about Sonny and Emily. Jason goes to the hospital and him and Em talk about Sonny and Emily. She walks off. Max tells Jason that Sonny never showed at the meeting place. Jason walks in on Sonny and Emily making out at the lodge. (Credit Holsgem)

January 30, 2006

Jason walks in on Sonny and Emily making out at the lodge. Jason and Sonny argue then Jason and Emily argue. Jason leaves. Jason and Lucky at Kelly's discussing Manny. Lucky turns his back to Jason can go search Manny's room. Jason finds Sam crawling in Manny's window. Jason tells her to go home. Jason and Sam outside of Kelly's discuss her feelings about Manny. (Credit Holsgem)

January 31. 2006 

Jason and Sam outside of Kelly's discussing her feelings about Manny. Jason expresses his concern for Sam regarding Manny. He asks her to go home. Jason goes to Sonny's. Carly  and Sonny tell him that Em walked in on them kissing. Carly tell Sonny and Jason to figure it out. Emily comes to the PH to see Jason. He's not home. Em and Sam discuss Carly and Sonny. Sonny and Jason argue about Emily. Jason comes home and Emily tells him Carly and Sonny are together and he apologizes. Jason and Sam talk about how he has always believed that people should make their own choices. Jason and Sam have a cute bonding scene. (Credit Holsgem)

February 1, 2006

Jason wakes up and sees Kong. Sam thinks they should keep him until they find his family. Sam heads out for chimp food. Sam overhears that Lulu is missing a chimp. Jason and Kong bond. Michael shows up to help. Jason and Sam get back from dropping off the chimp. Jason worries about Michael being exposed to Luke. Jason and Sam have a short but cute scene playing pool. (Credit Holsgem)

February 2, 2006

Jason and Sam bring Danny home. Jason walks in on Sonny and Emily saying goodbye. Sonny and Jason discuss Emily. Jason comes home and Sam is on the couch with a fever. Robert tells us what is going on in a sorta montage. (Credit Holsgem)

February 3, 2006

Jason and Sam at the hospital. Robin tells Jason that Sam was exposed to the chimp. Sam flatlines. Jason and Danny hang out with Sam. The chimp runs by and Jason chases it. Carly sees and chases too. (Credit Holsgem)

February 6, 2006

Jason and Carly outside of the hospital trying to figure out who shot at them. Justus brings them a name (Rush). Sam sees the news and tries to go after Jason but collapses. Jason and Carly argue about Carly going in the hospital. Carly decides to help Jason find the people responsible. Carly calls Sonny. Justus interrupts the call with news. Jason and Carly at MC lurking outside of Rush's room. Sam and Patrick argue because Sam is being irrational. Alexis is Sam's roommate. Jason breaks into Rush's room while Carly follows Rush. Jason finds a CD with the name Cryllium on it. Carly runs off a hooker and takes her place in order to get close to Rush. Carly and Rush head back to his room while Jason hides in the closet. (Credit Holsgem)

February 7, 2006

Jason finds a CD with the name Cryllium on it in Rush's room. Carly and Rush head back to his room while Jason hides in the closet. Rush gets suspicious of Carly's questions but she persuades him to buy her favors. Jason pulls a gun on Rush. Jason and Carly tie up and question Rush...Rush tells him what he knows about Cryllium and they leave him tied up. Jason and Carly meet Justus outside of the hospital. Michael calls Carly. Liz asks to speak to Jason and she tells him what she knows about the virus and Lucky's disappearance. Jason and Carly fly to the Markaam Islands. (Credit Holsgem)

February 8, 2006

Sam is delirious in the hospital. She knocks over her water and calls for help. Manny comes and she freaks out. Jesse comes but Alexis defends Manny. Jesse tells Manny to stay away from Sam. Maxie helps Sam and Alexis with water and info about loved ones. Tony Jones checks in on Sam and Alexis. Sam dreams of losing her baby. Alexis dreams of trying to get Sam's baby's stem cells. A delusional Alexis begs Sam for her baby's stem cells. Danny pulls Alexis off of Sam but Sam tells him to no. (Credit Holsgem)

February 9, 2006

A delusional Alexis begs Sam for her baby's stem cells. Danny pulls Alexis off of Sam but Sam tells him to no. Jason and Carly check out Luke's room in the Markaam Islands. Ric pulls Danny off of Alexis. Jason and Carly question the houseman about Luke then they head off to check out the village they were warned not to visit. Jason and Carly discuss the missing villagers and Chryllium. Sam takes Danny back to his room. Sam convinces Danny that she is getting better but then collapses outside of his room. Jason talks to Max about Sam, Sonny, and Michael. Carly talks to Michael and warns him to mind Max...Jason and Carly discuss the what if's of their situation. Sam dreams of her mother. Stan comes up with a phone number and Jason calls it and gets the Chryllium doctor on the line. (Credit Holsgem)

February 10, 2006

Jason comes back to the hotel room and finds Carly on the floor. At first he thinks she is sick but realizes that she is faking. She tries to convince him to fake being sick so the Chryllium guys will take them back to the lab. They argue and Jason agrees to the plan his way. Chryllium thugs break into their room and find Carly on the bed. She tells them Jason left. They take her back to the lab where Lucky is. Jason follows. Carly and Lucky get caught trying to escape. The doctor gives Lucky the antidote. The doctor injects Carly with the virus. Jason breaks in and shoots everyone. (Credit Holsgem)

February 13, 2006

The doctor injects Carly with the virus. Jason breaks in and shoots everyone. Two other thugs come in shoot at Jason and Carly and take Lucky. Carly passes out. Monica brings Danny to see Sam. Jason looks around the lab for more medicine. Jason brings Carly back to the hotel and a Dr. checks her out. Jason calls Sam. They give each other updates but are quickly cut off. Jason realizes that the Dr. is working for Chryllium and pulls a gun on him. Jason has the Dr. arrested and enlists the help of the local police in getting to where they are keeping Lucky. Carly comes out of the bathroom in a black nightie. Sam tells Sonny that Jason called. Carly comes onto Jason thinking that they are in the past. She starts undressing. (Credit Holsgem)

February 14, 2006

Sam tells Sonny that Jason called and that Carly is sick. Carly comes onto Jason thinking that they are in the past. She starts undressing. Jason puts her clothes back on and tries to get her to bed. Sonny reassures a worried Sam. Carly is hallucinating and Jason tries to get her to remember. Sam goes into the chapel and finds Ric. They discuss praying and his family. Carly wakes up and calls for Jason. She is back in the present. She tells Jason how much he means to her. Sam brings Alexis to see Ric. Alexis asks her to wait. Ric thinks Alexis is his mother. Sam watches. Carly talks about he past. Jason and Carly get ready to go after Lucky. Carly collapses but Jason tells her she has to go with him. (Credit Holsgem)

February 15, 2006

Jason dragging Carly through the jungle while they look for the lab.  Carly needs to rest.  Jason gives her the gun and goes off to look around on his own.  Jason comes back to a passed out Carly and wakes her up.  They hear a noise and hide.  The chimp comes.  Carly wants to see if the chimp knows where the lab is.  Jason thinks she is delirious. Carly asks the monkey where the doctor is.  Jason wants to forget it and keep looking.  The monkey heads off and they follow. They see Chryllium guys drop a bodybag into a hole.  Carly is afraid it is Lucky. (Credit Holsgem)

February 16, 2006

Jason and Carly check out who is in the bodybag.  Sonny visits Sam.  She is worried about Jason but Sonny assures her Jason and Carly are alive.  The body is not Lucky.  Jason searches the body and finds a passkey for Chryllium before reburying the body.  Jason and Carly hide when the men come back.  The men know the grave was tampered with and start searching. The men leave, Jason goes to follow them but notices Carly is unconscious. Sam and Alexis talk about her kids.  Sam asks what she meant when she was talking to Ric and said she didn't have a choice.  Jason gets Carly on her feet.  She notices a hidden door.  The keycard opens it.  Sam and Alexis continue to talk about how she wanted Ric to think his mother had no choice but to give him up.  Jason and Carly find Lucky strapped to a gurney inside the lab and free him.  He tells them the antidote worked.  Jason finds a vial.  Lucky says it looks like the antidote.  Jason says it also looks like the virus.  Carly wants to inject herself to find out.  Lucky is too weak to stand.  Jason helps him.  Jason refuses to inject Carly. While Jason is getting info about the lab from Lucky, Carly prepares to inject herself.  Jason tells her not to. (Credit Holsgem)

February 17, 2006

Jason yells at Carly not to inject herself but she does anyway.  She says now they can only wait.  Lucky is stronger and he goes to do some recon.  Carly is down on the floor. Jason sits with her.  Carly puts her head in the refrigerator.  She finds a beer in there.  Jason says a beer might not be a good idea right then.  Carly says it is her last request and starts drinking it.  Carly talks about her childhood in Florida.  Lucky comes back and says their is activity to the north.  Jason says their ride out is coming from the south.  He wants Lucky to take the vial and get out of there.  Lucky won't leave him and Carly.  As they argue, Carly gets up and says he fever broke so the vial is the antidote.  Lucky puts the vial in his pocket.  They start to leave but Carly is still woozy.  Jason catches her.  Gunmen kick open the door and open fire.  Jason, Carly and Lucky are on the floor lying still.   The gunmen come in slowly and say "we got em".  Jason opens fire and shoots all three of them.  The vial of antidote broke in the gunfight.  One of the gunmen is still alive.  Jason questions him and he says the antidote is gone.  They search the lab and Carly finds a shipping bill for 40 vials that were sent to Port Charles.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 20, 2006

Jason and Carly on plane home. They talk about Lucky going home ahead of them to try to track the shipment.  Jason says it will take some work to find.  Carly worries that it is the virus and not the antidote. Jason says there is no point in sending the virus, the antidote is the only way to make a profit.  Carly talks about how Jason didn't leave her.  He says she was stupid but brave and she gets all excited that he said she was brave and wants to team up more often.  Noah checks on a delirious Sam and says if she becomes more agitated he will need to put her in restraints.  Alexis doesn't want him to do that.  He tells her to talk to Sam to keep her calm.  Sam is talking to her mother about why she left her.  Alexis pretends to be her mother.  Ric comes in and watches. Jason thinks teaming up is a bad idea.  Carly wants to team up to find the antidote.  Jason says Stan or the cops will have to find it, he is going straight to the hospital to see Sam.  Carly continues to talk about how important their friendship is to her.  Alexis continues to pretend to be Sam's mother and finally Sam rests quietly.  Carly calls Sonny.  He tells her the kids are fine and gives the phone to Jason. Jason wants to know about Sam.  Sonny tells him she was stable the last time he saw here.  Jason updates Sonny on the antidote.  Sam talks to Alexis about her dream and her mother.  Jason goes tot he hospital.  Sam tells him she dreamed her mother wanted her to be alone.  He says her mother is gone and he is never leaving her (Credit Holsgem) 

February 21, 2006

Jason and Sam at the hospital.Sam wants Jason to check on Danny. Monica comes in and wants to talk to Jason. She tells him about he single dose of antidote that was delivered. Jason lurks outside of Robin's door and hears her refuse the antidote. He reports back to Sam. Sam hopes that Danny will get the dose. Jason takes Sam to see Danny. Sam reassures Danny. Monica finds them and says that Alexis is at the same critical point as Danny. Sam tells Alexis that who gets the dose is between Danny and Alexis. Sonny tells Jason that Courtney died. Sam tries to convince Alexis to refuse the dose. Jason takes Sam out of the room. Sam sits with Danny and Jason tries to calm her down. Danny wakes up and says that his parents picked her special to be his little sister. (Credit Holsgem)

February 22, 2006

Sam wants to get a dose of the antidote for Danny. Jason doesn't know how to help her. Robert interrupts wanting Jason's help. Jason doesn't trust Robert. Sam wants Jason to help Robert if he can. Jason, Robert, and Luke discuss Chryllium. Jason tells them what he knows. Sam can tell that Danny is slipping away. Sam tells Danny that she loves him. Danny wakes up and tells Sam that he is glad that their parents made Sam his sister. Sam tells him she loves him. Danny wants to see the angels and Sam asks him to look out for her little girl. Jason comes in and sees Monica in Danny's room. She confirms that Danny died. Sam goes back to her room and tell Ric and Alexis that Danny died.  Alexis expresses her sympathy. Ric defends Alexis. Sam throws the past in Alexis' face. Sam freaks out and then screams in pain. Monica examines her and tells Jason she may not make it through the night.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 23, 2006

Patrick wants to talk to Jason about Sam's condition. Jason is not happy about Patrick's advice. Sam calls out to Jason. Sam talks about the dreams she is having. She is out of it and falls unconscious. Jason calls for help. Sonny comes to see Jason. They talk about Sam. Jason thinks she is dying. Sonny tells him to fight for Sam like she has always done for him. Sonny gets called away. Sam tells Jason how she feels about dying and their relationship. Carly calls Jason. She has news about the antidote. Carly gets knocked out. (Credit Holsgem)

February 24, 2006

Replay of Jason and Sam at the hospital and Carly's call. Jason asks Liz to find Sonny and have him stay with Sam. Sonny sits with Sam and tries to reassure her when she freaks about Danny's hat. Jason looks for Carly in Holly's room. He sees that she wrote the initials HS in blood. Emily gives Sam some meds to make her feel better and sleep. Luke finds Jason and they head to the Haunted Star where they confront Holly and her thugs. Carly fakes fainting and a shootout ensues. Holly gets away with the antidote. Sam thanks Sonny for Jason and talks about their little girl. Jason and Carly go after Holly at the airport and find the briefcase with the antidote. Sonny pleads with Sam to live but she fades away and flatlines.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 27, 2006

Sam flatlines and Monica gets her back. Jason and Carly go after Holly at the airport and find the briefcase with the antidote. Holly's thugs pull guns on them. Sonny discusses Sam prognosis with Monica and Emily. Monica is not hopeful. Carly begs the thugs for the antidote and fakes them out by fainting. Jason and Carly get away with the antidote and take it to GH. The SWAT team won't let them in. Patrick comes out and brings them inside. Jason grabs a vial and runs off to Sam's room. Monica follows and gives Sam the antidote. Jason talks to Sam. Jason, Emily and Sonny talk about Sam's condition. Jason talks to Sam about losing everyone she loves. He tells her she can go be with them and he understands but he wants her to stay with him because loving her is the most important thing that has ever happened to him. Montage at the end (Credit Holsgem)

February 28, 2006

Sam wakes up in the hospital and Jason is there. Patrick examines Sam and tells her she is going to be as good as new. Sam sees Danny's hat and talks about him. Jason and Sam walk around the hospital and run into Ric and Alexis. Alexis says she is sorry about Danny. They leave and Jason asks if Sam is okay. Jason apologizes for not keeping Alexis away from her. Sam talks about how she felt when talking to Alexis. Sam is remembering Danny and hating Alexis. A nurse comes with forms to fill out for Danny's autopsy. Jason says he'll take care of it. Sam remembers Danny and Jason and Sam discuss the possibility that she was adopted while at the same time Ric and Alexis discuss Alexis giving up a daughter for adoption. Sam says they can just do a DNA test on Danny to see if they were really siblings.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 2, 2006

Jason and Sam at the PH discussing the DNA test for Sam and Danny.  Later, they discuss Courtney's funeral briefly. Jason at Courtney's funeral. Robin calls Sam and tells her that Danny wasn't her bio-brother. Jason comes home and thinks about Courtney. Journey flashback. Sam watches Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

March 3, 2006

Jason and Sam at home. Jason comes down stairs and Sam is on the couch looking at pictures. Sam tells Jason that she was adopted. Jason offers to help Sam find her real mother and Sam refuses. They prepare to go to Danny's funeral. Jason and Sam say goodbye to Danny at his grave. Sam asks for a couple of minutes alone and Jason leaves. Jason sees Ric and takes off. Alexis comes upon Sam at Danny's graveside. Sam starts to go off on Alexis (Credit Holsgem)

March 6, 2006

Alexis comes upon Sam at Danny's graveside. Sam starts to goes off on Alexis about her part in the deaths of Danny and her baby. Jason comes and tells Alexis to get away from Sam. Ric comes up and defends Alexis. They all argue and Ric and Alexis leave. Jason and Sam go home and talk about Danny and looking for her mother. Jason talks about his family. He assures Sam that he will love her no matter who her mother is. Sam decides to look for her mother. They discuss all that Sam knows about her past and Jason puts Stan on it. Jason tells Sam "I love you no matter what we find out. (Credit Holsgem)

March 8, 2006

Jason and Sam discuss the search for Sam's birthmother. Stan brings news about the search. Jason sets up a romantic night for Sam. Jason wants to get married. Sam wants to wait. Stan returns with news of Sam's birthplace (Credit Holsgem)

March 9, 2006

Jason and Sam at home discussing Sam's birth mother. Stan shows up with info. Sam decides she wants to go find her mother. Max shows up with a Carly dilemma and Jason gives him money and tells him to take care of it. Jason and Sam go pack. Jason and Sam at the clinic in Maine. They get an address for her potential birth mother. Sam wrestles with coming face to face with her mother (Credit Holsgem)

March 10, 2006

Sam wrestles with coming face to face with her mother...she knocks on the door. Ric and Alexis hears a knock at the door. Sam asks the woman who answers if she could be her mother but the woman had a son. Jason and Sam ask what she might know about her mother. She points them to a girls prep school. They meet with someone from the school but the woman won't give them any info. They break into her office and find Alexis' name in a year book. Sam says "Alexis Davis is my mother".  (Credit Holsgem)

March 13, 2006

Jason and Sam find Alexis' name in a year book. Sam says "Alexis Davis is my mother". The school lady comes back to her office and notices that they left a yearbook out. They get into their car and head home. They talk about the possibility of Alexis being Sam's mom on the way. Stan is waiting for them at the PH. He has background on Alexis. Sam realizes that Alexis is her mother. Jason and Sam discuss what Alexis did to Sam before her baby died and how Danny died. They discuss how much they both hate Alexis and the repercussions of her being Sam's mom. They go for a walk. Sam thinks that maybe it's best that she doesn't say anything about Alexis being her mom. Kristina runs up followed by Alexis and Sam give Alexis a dirty look.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 14, 2006

Jason and Sam go for a walk. Sam thinks that maybe it's best that she doesn't say anything about Alexis being her mom. Kristina runs up followed by Ric and Alexis and Sam give Alexis a dirty look. Sam fantasizes about telling Alexis off. Kristina asks Sam what is wrong. Sam covers by talking about Danny. Ric takes Kristina to Kelly's. Sam goes off on Alexis. Jason tries to get her to stop.  Jason and Sam at the PH where Max and Milo are waiting for Jason. Max says there is a problem with Carly. Jason asks if she is okay and tells Max to be ready with a full report later. Jason and Sam discuss Alexis and whether Sam should tell her. Sam talks about her dream mother. Sam doesn't think that telling Alexis is the right thing and decides not to tell her. Carly interrupts. Sam goes for fresh air. Carly is upset cause Jason had Max follow her. Jason tells her to date Jax or not it's her life. They argue about Jax and Carly's patterns. Sam lurks outside of Kelly's watching Ric, Alexis and Kristina. (Credit Holsgem)

March 15, 2006

Jason and Sam at the PH. Sam is looking up info for her GED. Sam says she wants to be a lawyer. Jason says he'll support her as long as she isn't doing it because of Alexis. Jason says he believes she can do anything she sets her mind to and he is glad to see her excited about something. Sam leaves to get some GED stuff and when she opens the door Ric is standing there. Ric tells Jason he wants him to kill Manny cause Manny was hanging around Kristina. Jason says then Ric will always have something on him. Ric promises that if Jason kills Manny he will never come after Jason again. Max and Jason at the PH discussing Manny. Carly comes in and says "we've been lied to". Ric and Sam at Kelly's he wants her help to keep Kristina safe. Jason can't get ahold of Sonny then asks Carly "what is your problem with Sonny".  (Credit Holsgem)

March 16, 2006

Jason and Carly at the PH. Jason can't get ahold of Sonny then asks Carly "what is your problem with Sonny". Sam at Kelly's. Ric tells her that Kristina is in danger from Manny. Sam says why should she clean up Alexis' mess. Carly backtracks from "we've been lied to" after seeing how angry Jason was on the phone. Sam and Ric argue over Manny, Alexis comes in. Carly changes the subject to Jax and Jason says their convo is over and pushes her out the door and onto the elevator. Sam tells Alexis about Manny talking to Kristina and throws the law in Ric and Alexis' faces. She also tells Alexis that Ric asked Jason to kill Manny then she leaves. Sam comes home and discusses Ric and Alexis.Jason gets a call from Sonny. Jason wants to tell Sonny that Alexis is Sam's mother. Jason heads to Sonny's. Alexis comes to the PH to apologize for Ric. Alexis tries to make peace with Sam and comments on Sam wanting to go to law school. Jason enters Sonny's house. Sonny and Emily are making out in the next room. (Credit Holsgem)

March 17, 2006

Jason enters Sonny's house. Sonny and Emily are making out in the next room. .Max throws himself down the stairs to distract Jason. Alexis comes to the PH to apologize for Ric, then wants to make peace with Sam. Alexis comments on Sam wanting to go to law school. Sonny goes to see what's up while Em goes out the patio doors. Sam goes off on Alexis and they argue about Sam's baby and Danny. Jason is pissed at Sonny for not keeping in touch. Jason tells Sonny about Carly and Jax. Jason tells Sonny about Alexis being Sam's mother. Sam sitting on the docks and Nik comes up and they talk mainly about Courtney's baby. Jason and Sonny still talking about Alexis/Sam. Sonny goes for air. Em comes to Sonny's and lays on the couch and makes a suggestive remark thinking it is Sonny coming down the stairs but it turns out to be Jason. Sam on the docks and Sonny comes up and they talk about Alexis. Alexis comes and wants to talk to Sonny about Kristina. (Credit Holsgem)

March 20, 2006

Emily at Sonny's laying on the couch and coming on to Sonny with her eyes closed. Jason comes downstairs. Sonny and Sam talking about the fact that Alexis is Sam's mom. Alexis walks up and wants to talk about Kristina. Sam wants to know why Alexis has to have everything right now. Sam leaves. Alexis tells Sonny that Sam's attitude is more than she can take. Sonny and Alexis argue about Carly getting custody of Kristina if anything should happen to them. Jason wants to know who Em was expecting. She covers with a lame story about Morgan. Morgan comes down the stairs and Em gives him a big hug. Em tries to explain that she wants to be in the boys lives and Jason says he understands. Jason and Em talk about her fictitious trip to the spa. Jason leaves. Sonny at the PH talking to Sam about Alexis being her mother. Sam goes off on Alexis and tells Sonny that she doesn't want Alexis to know she is her mother. Sonny tries to tell her that its her decision to make and his only concern is Kristina. Jason comes home and tells Sonny that he just left Em at his place. Sonny says Em probably came by to see Michael & Morgan. He tells Jason that he and Sam saw Alexis on the pier. Sonny thinks this is a secret they should all keep. Jason asks about Manny but Sonny wants to talk about it tomorrow. Sam asks why there is so much tension in the room. Jason tells her about Em on the couch. Jason is upset that Em and Sonny are lying to his face. Sam tells him to consider that Sonny and Emily may be in love...Jason freaks and tells Sam about Sonny's dark place and says if Sonny hurts Em he'll have to kill him. (Credit Holsgem)

March 21, 2006

Jason tells Sam about Sonny's dark place and says if Sonny hurts Emily he'll have to kill him. Jason explains that Sam doesn't really know Sonny. Sam tries to reassure him that Sonny may be different with Emily. Jason comes upon Emily on the pier. He warns her it's not safe. Jason says he is worried about her. Em says she used to worry about him too. Jason says he will protect her no matter what it takes. Jason at the church and Sonny asks if Jason was following him. Sonyy and Jason discuss Emily. Sonny lies and says he gave Emily up. Sonny leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

March 22, 2006

Jason dreams of entering Sonny's home in shambles with a picture of Emily shattered, waking up right when he opens Sonny's bedroom door. Sam and Jason talk about Sonny and Emily's secret relationship. Jason talks to Michael when he misses his field trip because of Sonny. Jason meets Bernie at Sonny's and makes decisions about the "business" as Carly barges in. Carly tries to cover where Sonny has disappeared to. (Credit Holsgem)

March 23, 2006 

Sam bumps into Alexis and Kristina at Kelly's and Kristina wants Sam to pretend to be her sister at her tea party. Jason once again asks Carly where Sonny is as Sonny arrives. Sam tells Kristina she has to study and returns home to flashback on finding out Alexis is her mother and is interrupted by Carly barging in. Jason tells Sonny Carly is trying to keep the peace and tells Sonny the decisions he made about the "business". Carly tries to get Sam to persuade Jason to stay out of Sonny and Emily's relationship. Jason tells Sonny he is slipping in the business as his reason for making decisions for Bernie to follow. Jason returns to the PH with Sam dressed in a formal gown. They quickly discuss their conversations with Carly and Sonny and Jason agrees to stay out of Sonny and Emily's relationship as long as he can for Sam. Sam convinces Jason to go to the re-opening of the Haunted Star.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 24, 2006

Jason puts the star necklace back on Sam as they are ready to leave for the Haunted Star re-opening. Sam wants Jason to leave his gun at home because of his recent dreams of shooting Sonny. Jason and Sam arrive at the Haunted Star and see Emily and Sonny talking. Jason and Sonny discuss Alcazar and Manny. Sonny informs Jason Bernie won't be taking orders from him regarding the money from the "business". Alexis accidently spills a drink on Sam. Jason gets in Alexis' face and tells her to leave Sam alone. Sam tells off Alexis with Ric countering in defense of Alexis. Sonny tells Alexis to keep her distance from Sam and walks away. Jason tells Sam that Sonny and Emily need to stop and leaves the Haunted Star for Sonny's. Sam returns to the PH and relaxes as Ric enters asking for peace between her and Alexis. Sam's anger with Alexis comes out to Ric. Jason sees Emily and Sonny kissing from the terrace. (Credit Holsgem)

March 27, 2006

Sam continues to express her anger to Ric about Alexis. Ric asks why Sam wants to punish Alexis for being a mother. Jason leaves Sonny's after seeing Emily and Sonny kissing. Sam tells Ric she has a right to hate Alexis and Ric explains the tension is hurting Kristina. Sam pushes Ric and tells him to get out of her house as Jason walks in. Jason beats up Ric and throws him out. Sam tries to explain it wasn't Ric's fault for grabbing her arms but Jason says he now knows not to put his hands on her again. Sam asks what got Jason so angry because it wasn't just about Ric. Jason tells her he saw Sonny and Emily together. Jason explains he didn't want to believe it and expresses his hurt about them being together behind his back. Jason tells Sam from here on out he owes Sonny nothing. Sam wants to go away for awhile and Jason says it wouldn't be wise with the current danger. Jason has another nightmare as he and Sam sleep on the couch, this time entering Sonny's bedroom, finding Sonny about to hit Emily. Jason wakes up as he points his gun in his dream. (Credit Holsgem)

March 28, 2006

Jason catches Sam looking at the file on Alexis. Jason tells Sam to do what she needs to do, even if its telling Alexis she is her daughter. Sam at Kellys, asks Kristina about her tea party and leaves to the Metro Court and spies on Carly, Alexis and Jax' conversation. Sam physically runs into Ric at the door dropping her books and the file on Alexis. An upset Jason goes to Sonny's looking for him and is informed that Sonny is gone and angrily asks Max if he knows where as Alcazar shows up. Mike calls Sam at Kelly's about a book she left leaving Alexis' file on the desk. Alcazar explains Manny has been able to roam PC without the police tracking monitor. Alcazar says he won't make a move on Sonny or Jason because he is about to become a father again and has a family to protect. He wants a truce. Sam returns to Kelly's for the book. Alexis and Ric walk in with Molly. Carly enters the PH and reads the file on Alexis.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 29, 2006

Jason opens the door to a gleaming Carly. Carly is amused at the knowledge of Alexis being Sam's mother. Jason is irritated that Carly snooped and tells Carly its not a joke and to keep quiet. Sam sees Kristina and Alexis at the carnival. Carly tells Jason she saw Sam spying on Alexis and asks Jason what he is going to do when Sam finally confronts Alexis. Ric wants to know why Sam is following Alexis. Carly compares Sam's situation to her's with Bobby when Carly first came to Port Charles. Sam tells Ric that she wasn't following Alexis. Ric warns Sam not to creep around or he will get a restraining order. Emily walks in on Jason cleaning his sniper rifle. Emily says she was looking for Sam as she missed meeting Sam earlier to help with her GED studying. Emily lies about her work conflicting with her schedule and Jason walks away saying he has work to do too. Jason arrives at Sonny's to discuss Alcazar. Jason wants to take Manny and Alcazar out but Sonny yells no. Sam watches Alexis this time in Kelly's. Alexis confronts Sam outside as Carly walks up. Jason continues trying convince Sonny to take out Alcazar but Sonny says he doesn't want a war. A furious Sonny says he doesn't have to explain his actions as Jason continues to question his decision.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 31, 2006

Jason is asleep on the PH couch and is having a nightmare. Just like before he enters Sonny's but he can hear Sonny and Emily yelling. In his dream he enters Sonny's bedroom and shoots Sonny. Emily cries out and calls Jason a murderer and Jason wakes up. Sam tries to comfort Jason after the nightmare. Jason tells Sam he is putting another guard on her. He says Sonny is in denial that there is no crisis and that could get them killed. Monica comes to the Penthouse. Monica thinks Emily has gone off with Sonny again and she is worried about Emily's safety. Jason says he thinks Emily is better off away from Sonny and will take care of it. Jason arrives at Sonny's and sees the living room in disarray. He grabs Max and demands to know where Sonny is because he thinks Sonny is out of control and knows he is with his sister. Max tells him he is at the hotel. Jason arrives in time to kill the shooter at Sonny and Emily's hotel room.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 3, 2006

Jason saves Sonny and Emily from a shooter while they are cavorting incognito at a hotel. Half of PC arrives to point and laugh. Jason, Sonny and Em are taken to the PCPD were all kinds of antics occur under the direction of the always clever Durant (Credit holsgem)

April 4, 2006

At the PCPD, John Durant asks Cruz to un-cuff Jason. Cruz does and then Sonny comes in ask him to hit him if he wants. Sonny claims Jason hurt Emily to get to him. Jason doesnít take the bait. Meanwhile, Durant is outside of the interrogation room with Cruz, acting arrogant. Durant comes in and offers Jason all the time he needs with Sonny but Jason wants him to leave. Sonny leaves. Sam comes in and asks Sonny if heíll bail Jason out but Sonny thinks he needs to cool down. Durant tells Jason he saw this coming because Sonny doesnít show him respect and that after all Jason has done for Sonny, he seduced his little sister. Durant hints that if Sonny is in jail, he canít hurt Emily. This finally gets a reaction from Jason as Sam bursts into the room and declares that Jason wonít help put Sonny behind bars. Durant leaves. Jason admits to Sam that Durant spoke the truth. Sam tells Jason that part of his anger is because Sonny and Emily tried to hide their relationship because of him. Jason still blames Sonny for making Emily a target. Cruz comes in and handcuffs Jason again. Justus arrives to get Jason out but Sam intercedes and asks him to let Jason stay overnight so he can cool down. Justus agrees. Alexis overhears the conversation between Sam and Justus. Sam tells Jason of her request to Justus and Jason becomes so upset he screams at Sam to leave. Before she does, she turns and tells him she loves him, but Jason hardly glances at her. Alexis witnesses the entire Jason and Sam interaction. (Credit Holsgem)

April 5, 2006

Jason and Em fighting about Sonny and Emily at PCPD. Sam and Alexis are locked into a room at the PCPD together. (Credit Holsgem)

April 6, 2006

Jason in the interrogation room. Durant shows him the newpapser and taunts him about Sonny and Emily. Jason says that he won't say anything without his lawyer. Sam walks in and asks if she can talk to him. Jason asks if she spent the night there. She says she spent the night in the waiting area and the she hated how they left things and she will get him out. She says lets go home and talk about it there. He says he doesnít want to. She says she knows he is mad at her for leaving him there. He says she made her choice. Durant is fighting with Alexis outside the room. He says he won't give her any Corinthos cases. Sam says she was afraid he would go after Sonny. Jason says he doesnít want any explanations and tells her to go home he will see her there. Sam leaves and Jason and Alexis watch her go. Alexis is at Kellyís. Sam is there and they talk. Alexis says she heard Jason yelling at her. Sam says Jason had every reason she left him in lock up. Alexis talks about domestic violence victims. Liz shows up at PCPD and talks to Jason about Emily. Jason doesnít want her there. Jason says he is sorry Emily is hurting but not sorry for what he said. Liz says Jason is not used to being afraid but he is afraid for Emily and that is why he is handling this so badly. Liz says there are other ways of getting hurt, falling in love and giving up on it because people say its wrong and then you doubt everything you feel and it pushes you to make safe choices but love isnít safe. Jason asks why she doesnít tell this to Em. She says she tried but if you stop Em she will regret it forever. Jason says but she will be alive. Liz asks if he thinks Sonny loves Em. Jason says if he loved her heíd give her up. Durant walks in saying he is free to go. Sam and Alexis talking about how Jason never hurt her. Sam talks about why he yelled at her, about how Em and Sonny almost died and Jason shot the gunman and that she left him in lockup all night and that she loves Jason. Alexis says there are different kinds of abuse. Sam says your wrong. Alexis says she is sorry and Sam says she knows nothing about her life or her relationship with Jason so stay out of it. Sam leaves. Jason is at the PH door. He walks in. Sam is there reading. They talk about how Durant let him go and he apologizes for how he acted at the PCPD. She says she is sorry. He says he knows he was afraid and that fear makes people act badly. Sam says that after she left him there she went to find Justus. Jason not to worry he spends lots of time in lock-up. Sam says she doesn't want whatís happening between Em and Sonny to get between them. Jason says they need to stay honest with one another. She says she loves him. He says he loves her too and they kiss. She asks if he wants to sleep, he says there is something he has to do first. He says he will be back soon. She walks upstairs and Jason gets his gun out of the closet. Jason leaves the PH. (Credit Holsgem)

April 7, 2006

Sam puts flowers on Danny's grave and then her baby's grave. She talks to her daughter saying she would give everything for just one moment with her, to see her face and hold her and tell her how much she loved and wanted her. But she will never have that chance. Sam says she could give it to Alexis but she isnít sure she should. She doesnít think she could take it to open her heart to her and have Alexis blow her life apart. Jason at Sonnyís. Max tells him that Sonny is at the Q's. Jason says when he gets back he wants Sonny alone without Emily. Carly says to rethink that, that this is gonna hurt the kids. Carly and Jason talk about Sonny, Em and Jason and how Carly thinks Jason is gonna be the one to get hurt. Sam talking to her baby again. she says she is scared, that she feels Jason slipping away. That he needed her to support him and she didnít and now he doesnít fight back but just shuts down now and if it was just because of Em and Sonny they could get though this but she thinks its because Alexis is her mother and she is afraid he will stop loving her. Father Coates shows up and asks if She is ok. Sam says she doesnít know how this works. She asks if he will keep this secret. he says yes. She says she found out that she was adopted after her brother died and she knows who her mother is and they have a bad relationship. She says that Alexis is her mother and she doesnít know if she should tell her. Jason walking into Manny's room. He shuts the door behind him. He looks around. There is a noise at the door. It's Alcazar Both men hold the other at gunpoint. Lucky shows up and asks whatís going on. Alcazar says that Manny disappeared and Jason says his ankle monitor is there and that means Manny is gone and not able to be traced. Lucky says that Lo should not be surprised cause he is the one who bribed a cop for the key in the first place. Lo says it was a bad calculation. Lucky says Liz has to work with that guy every day. Jason says they donít have time for this and asks Lo if he gave Manny guns or access to a safehouse. Lo says Manny doesnít need his help he has his own connections. Jason says Manny is not coming back here. Lucky says this guy is patient and has been planning this for months. Jason leaves the room. Father Coates is talking to Sam. He says that she is afraid of how Alexis will react once she learns that Sam is her daughter. Sam says she knows how she will react, she hates Jason and she would make sure she did everything to ruin Jasonís life. They talk about how Sam hates Alexis. She fills him in on how she lost her baby and how Alexis screamed at her for not wanting to risk her baby. Sam says Kristina is alive because her baby died and she killed Daniel by taking the drug. She says she doesnít think she can forgiver her. They talk about how Alexis was 16 when she gave Sam up he says that giving her up was the best thing she could do for a better life. Sam says that she wants to reach out and tell Alexis the truth but she doesnít know. He asks what holds her back. She says Alexis thinks her daughter died and it may be better for everyone. He cuts her off and says that telling her the truth may be the best for everyone. Sam says maybe she should tell her the truth. Alexis shows up with flowers. Jason at Sonny's. Sonny is sitting on the chair and Jason walks in. Sonny is holding a gun. Jason asks him if he needs that. Sonny says its up to him. (Credit Holsgem)

April 10, 2006

Sam talking to Father Coates at the cemetary about telling Alexis.  He says its about her and what she wants, if she wants to know her mother then tell. Alexis shows up with flowers. She sees Sam and says she is sorry, she didnít know they were there. Sam says she was coming to a decision. Alexis says she hopes it helped. Sonny and Jason at his house. Sonny says he taught Jason everything he knows, not to lose his temper and not to let events take over. He says they both need to think of that now before they do something they can't take back and they both lose. Father Coates leaves Sam with Alexis. Alexis says she brought the flowers for her baby and that she thinks about her a lot. Sam thanks her for that. She says she is glad they got stuck together, Alexis says she has been thinking about it a lot and is glad Sam is talking to Father Coates but he is connected to Sonny. Sam asks what she is talking about. Alexis keeps implying that Jason is abusive to Sam. Jason and Sonny arguing about Emily. Jasonís phone rings. It's Monica saying that Manny kidnapped Liz. Sonny asks what happened. Jason says that another innocent person got hurt cause he is to busy with Em to handle the business. Sam says that Jason is not abusing her and that all he does is protect her. Alexis say he keeps her dependant on her and that she can't question him about his life but he can to her. Sam says she is judging something she does not understand. Sam says she was abused before and Jason does not do that. Sam says if she wants to help her to stay out of her life. Sam leaves. At GH Lucky and Mac talk about how Manny must be hiding someplace inside the hospital with Liz. Jason shows up and asks whatís going on. Mac asks how he knew and Monica says she called him. Monica fills Jason in on what happened. Jason questions Lo about his safe houses. Manny zips Liz in a body bag. He says he needs her for leverage. Liz reaches for her cell phone. Manny says he doesnít want to hurt her and is sorry that she is involved. Epiphany says that Manny talked to that janitor a lot. Jason says he will need her help. Epiphany sends the janitor to room 412  and you hear a lot of banging in the hall. Jason comes out and says a few things are broken but she cuts him off and says to find Liz. Manny and Liz on the docks. Lucky is there with a gun. Manny has a knife at her throat. Lucky and Manny argue and Lucky drops the gun and eggs Manny on. Manny and Lucky fight. Lucky gets hurt. Manny taunts him and Liz begs for Lucky's life. Sam at the PH reading a file. There is a knock on the door and she hides the papers. It's Nik he is there to talk to Jason. He sees the file Sam was reading and asks why she has information about his aunt. Liz says Lucky needs help.  Lucky begs Manny to leave Liz alone. Manny says he is gonna take Liz on a boat ride. Jason shows up and has Manny at gunpoint. He says to let them go or he will kill her (Credit Holsgem)

April 11, 2006

Manny holding Liz with a knife at her throat. Jason says to let her go. Manny says that Lucky didnít want to hurt her but Jason, and then Liz dips and Jason shoots. Liz runs over to Lucky after Jason lets her go. Nik and Sam talking about her having a file on Alexis. He asks why and she says she went off the deep end and was looking for dirt on Alexis. He asks why and Sam answers that she made her lose all the family she ever had and that she wanted revenge. Sam says that she got stuck in a room with Alexis and she doesn't want revenge anymore and that she was gonna burn the file and then she places it in the fire. Nik says he is glad. His cell phone rings, its Lulu telling him about Lucky getting hurt. Nik leaves. Jason tells Cruz what happened. Cus is not hopeful to find Manny's body. Jason says he won't find the body cause Manny is still alive. Sam is at Sonnyís she says she has been thinking about telling Alexis. He asks what changed her mind. Sam says how she and Alexis got locked in a room at the courthouse and how Alexis told her about how she thinks her daughter is dead. Sam says she knows he doesnít want her to tell. He says its her call. Sam says she is afraid that Jason won't like it. Sonny asks when they all signed up for Jason to run their lives. Jason at GH. Liz is afraid for Lucky. He kind of hugs her. Sonny says Jasonís job is to keep Sonny and his family safe and when Jason says how to live their lives thatís wrong. Sam says Jason left it up to her to handle it and to warn him if she is gonna tell. Sonny says that it seems to him that Jason is pushing her to keep quiet. Jason asks if Liz is ok, she says that she is fine but Lucky is hurt. She asks how he knew where to find her. he fills her in on how Epiphany helped him find her. She says he stopped Manny. Em comes out and hugs Liz saying she is glad she is safe. Liz says she was thanking Jason for saving her life. Em says Liz must have been scared and Jason says this whole thing never should have happened. Jason leaves. Sam says that Sonny cares about Em a little to much and that the two of them got shot up and of course he has second thoughts. Sonny says that Jason is making her feel ashamed and that is worse than the bullets. Sonny says he is turning into a monster. Sam says you may not like what he is doing but his motives are good. Sonny says if they can't compromise someone is gonna get killed. Jason at the PH he is calling for Sam the phone is ringing. Its Cruz saying there is no sign of Manny body. Sam shows up, Jason pulls her to him and says she knows he loves her right. She says yes and asks whats wrong. He says she can not leave there without a guard. She says she was at Sonnyís. He says that Manny made a move and took Liz. She asks if he is ok. Jason says that Manny escaped and he is alive and he is gonna threaten the people he loves especially her and that Sonny is making mistakes and that Jason needs to step in. (Credit Holsgem)

April 12, 2006

Jason talking to Bernie at the PH. He says this has to be done. Bernie says this is a huge step and once they start they can't go back. There is a knock on the door. It's Em. She says this has got to stop. Jason introduces them and Bernie leaves. Em says that she almost broke up with Sonny last night. He asks what is almost. She says she has all these reasons but in the end she couldnít walk away from Sonny because she loves him and she won't live a lie and doesnít want him to expect her to. Jason tells her to do what she needs to do and he will do the same. Em says when he shuts down it scares her, she can't reach him. Jason says she made the choice. Em says she saw him do this to other people before but she always took his side and said they asked for it and she knew that her brother would never look at her the way he is right now. Jason says she knows where he stands and he wants to protect her. She asks what he is doing. He says he already did it. He makes her leave. Jason on the phone saying that nothing is gonna change. There is another knock on the door. This time its Carly and the boys. He says he didn't know they were coming by today. Carlyís says they are lucky Jason is there to go on the picnic with them. In the park Michael is talking about how his helicopter broke some stuff and how he had to pay for it. They play with the new helicopter. Jason sits with Carly and they talk. He says he knows what she is doing but it won't work. Carly says she knows he is mad at that Sonny is being selfish and that if he does anything it could hurt the boys. She tells him to stay out of it and when they crash and burn no one is hurt but themselves. Jason says he won't hurt the boys but this is vintage Sonny but this is his sister and that Sonny is not taking care of the business and that he is doing what he has to do. Jason leaves and tells Carly to tell he boys the had to go. Jason is at Sonnyís with a few men. He tells Max to stay out of the way. The men start collecting files and stuff. Jason says it wont take long. (Credit Holsgem)

April 13, 2006

Jason at Sonny's. Max asks what is going on saying Sonny is gonna have a problem with this. Max picks up the phone and calls Sonny. Jason hangs the phone up saying that Sonny can't know till its done. Jason says he knows Sonny is with Em and asks how Max wants to handle this to make it look like Max tried to stop him. Max says that tying him to the chair would be fine. Jason says he knows he is loyal to Sonny and that he will need that now. Max asks if they can leave Milo out of this. Jason says he will tie him up and not ask Milo to take sides. Max asks how Jason can do this to Sonny. Jason says that Sonny is not running the business cause he is distracted by Em and its just a matter of time before one or both of them die. Jason says he will offer Sonny a choice, the business or Em and if the wants the business then he will give it back cause he doesn't want it. Max asks what if Sonny won't make the choice. Ric shows up and asks what is going on. Jason ignores him and Ric says you are taking over till Sonny gives up Em and that in the end Sonny will hate him for it. Jason says thatís true and that its Ricís time to step in. Jason on the phone ordering new guards at the warehouses and that will only answer to him. Ric is there and still taunting Jason about how he came to get revenge from Sonny but now its Jason who is betraying him. Jason says that when Sonny gets back he will call him and this is his big chance to step up and that Sonny can have it all back. Ric asks if Jason knows what this will cost him. Ric says that he worked all that out didn't he, he took everything into account and how he thought Jason was dumb and asks how long Jason planned this. Jason kicks Ric out and says wait for Sonny to call him. Ric leaves. Jason takes a drink as Carly shows up. She says he is taking the business from Sonny. Carly asks if this is his big fix and Jason says Sonny can't have them both. Carly says that Sony will fight him with everything he has and that Sonny will be his biggest enemy. Carly says that Sonny will have a breakdown. Jason says he hates this but its the only way to save Emily and he can't let anyone talk him out of it. He says he know whatís he is throwing away and that Sonny is like his brother. He says he has been thinking for weeks and he begged Sonny to stay away from Emily and if he could think of another way to save Emily he would do that. Carly says she is gonna call Sonny. Jason says that they have orders to keep Sonny in the dark. Carly calls and says that Sonny is gonna want to take this call. (Credit Holsgem)

April 14, 2006

Jason tells Carly not to disturb Sonny who is with Emily. She calls anyway but hangs up because of Jason. Jason and Carly discuss him taking over the business from Sonny even though he doesnít want to. Jason is on the docks when he sees Elizabeth who is crying. They talk about her problems. He offers her money to help with her bills. He tells her that he has taken over Sonnyís business until Sonny gives up Emily. Elizabeth tells him that she worries he will get hurt because of his decision. Jason urges Elizabeth to be there for Emily and then walks her back to the hospital. Elizabeth gets a call and gives the message to Jason that Sonny needs to see him. Jason goes to Sonnyís home where he sees Michael. He follows him out to the terrace, where Sonny and the boys are having dinner together. Sonny asks Jason to join them. Sonny toasts to friendship. (Credit Holsgem)

April 17, 2006

Jason at dinner with Sonny and the boys. Max takes the boys to Carly. Once alone, Sonny and Jason talk about how things used to be, and that now they are enemies. Sonny believes that he is being punished by Jason. Jason expresses how he doesnít want to see Emily hurt at the hands of Sonny. He talks about Sonnyís dark place. Sonny calls Jason a hypocrite and talks about how Jason used to allow other people to make their own decisions. Jason admits that he is a hypocrite but still maintains that he wants to keep Emily safe. Jason informs Sonny that he can have the business back if he leaves Emily alone. Sonny believes Jason is mad because he wouldnít allow him to kill Manny. Jason says the situation is of Sonnyís making since Sonny betrayed his trust and lied to him. They continue to argue about Emily, Sonnyís relationship with her, and how Jason needs to mind his own business. Jason tells Sonny he isnít in charge anymore. Sonny punches Jason and tells him to get out. Emily comes in, tries to stop Sonny from hitting Jason again, and gets pushed/falls to the ground. (Credit Holsgem)

April 18, 2006

Replay of Sonny fighting with Jason and Emily coming in and falling to the ground. Jason slams Sonny against the wall, choking him. Emily tries to stop him, and Max comes in pulling a gun on Jason. Jason tries to get Emily to leave with him, but she doesnít. Jason leaves. Emily calls Sam to warn her of what happened with Jason, as Jason walks in. He tells Sam to hang up with her. They talk about Jasonís fight with Sonny and how Jason took over Sonnyís business. Sam tries to reason with him. Sam tells him that she thinks he is angry with himself. Jason tries to leave. Sam tells him she loves him and asks him not to close down on her. She tries to get him to explain. Sam talks about how Emily and Sonny are two of the most important people in Jasonís life. Jason tells her he knows she thinks heís wrong, thereís nothing left to say, and he leaves. Carly comes home and sees Jason sitting there. They discuss what happened at Sonnyís. Sam goes to see Sonny looking for Jason. She and Sonny talk about what happened. Sonny advises her to stay out of it. Carly helps Jason with his bruised face. They talk about Jason caring for Sonny and Emily and how he is trying to protect them. Jason doesnít want Carly and the boys to be caught in the middle. Carly sides with Jason. Sam goes back home, and she walks in to see Bernie and several flower arrangements from the heads of the other families. (Credit Holsgem)

April 19, 2006

Sam is on the couch and hears a knock. Itís Bernie looking for Jason. Sam tells him he never came home. Jason stayed at Carlyís, and she asks how he is feeling. Michael notices Jasonís face and starts asking questions. Sam comes downstairs to find Bernie on the phone. She is still worried about Jasonís whereabouts. She leaves because she is upset with the situation. Jason asks Carly about Jax being over at her house. Sam is at the hospital, asking Monica about Jasonís whereabouts. She and Monica talk about Jason taking over Sonnyís business and Sam and Jasonís fight. Sam goes back to the PH where she finds Jason. She tells him sheís worried about him. He doesnít want to fight. They continue to talk about the situation. She says she overreacted. They talk things out. Samís afraid that he looks at her and sees Alexis. Jason doesnít care who her mother is, he loves her and that is why he walked out. He wanted to stop the fight and doesnít want to lose her. (Credit Holsgem)

April 20, 2006

Sam at the PH, where she sees Bernie downstairs working on business matters. Escobar walks in, Sam is frustrated and leaves. She goes to Kellyís to study. She sees Ric there. He comes to her table talk to her about the tension between Sonny and Jason. Sam tells him that Jason has taken over. They discuss the relationship between Sonny and Jason. Ric provides his theory of how the events happened. Sam defends Jason. Sam is back at the PH. Bernie comes in. Sam explains to Bernie that it is her house as well, and that she should be allowed to be there when she wants to be. Michael comes to talk to Jason. Sam tells him that he is in a meeting. They talk about the reason for Michaelís visit, Sonnyís surprise birthday party. Bernie explains to Sam about the importance of Jasonís meetings not being disturbed. Sam asks him to give Jason the invitation and goes on to the party. Bernie throws the invitation in the trash. (Credit Holsgem)

April 21, 2006

Sonnyís party, Sam walks in. Michael asks about Jason. Sam explains that Jason is in a meeting. Sonny says that Jason wonít be around anymore. Michael questions this. Sonny and Carly try to change the subject. Emily and Sonny share a moment on the terrace as everyone goes in for cake. Sonny comes in and thanks everyone for coming. Sam leaves the party and returns to the PH. Jason is sitting there when she walks in. Jason says heíll call Michael to explain why he wasnít there. Sam tells Jason that she is with him all the way. Jason tells her that their lives will be different now that he is running the business. Sam wants this one night to be normal. They kiss and are interrupted because Escobar has returned. Pictures of people close to Jason are being looked at on a computer screen by Manny Ruiz. Sam leaves to go get dinner as Jason talks with Escobar. They talk about the transition. Escobar asks Jason to kill Sonny. (Credit Holsgem)

April 24, 2006

Jason tries to talk to Escobar about Sonny not being a threat. Sam walks in on the discussion. Escobar leaves. Jason apologizes for not being able to have dinner with Sam. Sam tells Jason that sheís worried about him, and that she doesnít trust Escobar. Jason says that Sam has always had good instincts. He prepares to go, Sam tells him to be careful. Jason apologizes for the changes. She tells him that they donít have to change and that she is with him. He kisses her and then leaves. Sonny walks into the meeting and addresses the heads of the families about his position. Escobar tells him that they now deal with Jason Morgan. Sonny tries to talk them into believing he is in charge. Jason sets up his position as a sniper. Escobar tells Sonny he has been replaced and will be dealt with. Jason pulls the trigger. (Credit Holsgem)

April 25, 2006

Sam thinks Jason is at the door, but it is Ric. Ric tells Sam to get Jason to back off before itís too late. Jason is seen setting up his shot again. Replay of Escobarís statements to Sonny. Jason shoots. Sonny isnít hit. Escobar is dead. The heads realize that Jason does not want to be told what to do, and that Sonny is now under Jasonís protection. Ric and Sam continue to discuss the business and the takeover. There is a knock at the door. It is Det. Rodriguez who states that there has been a mob hit. Sam tells him Jason isnít there. Rodriguez says that he is there for Sam. Sam is taken down to the PCPD. Durant is using Sam to lure Jason. Alexis and Durant argue, and Alexis asks to question Sam. Sam and Alexis are in the interrogation room. Alexis promises Sam that if she leaves Jason, Sam will not be prosecuted. They talk about Escobarís murder. Sam refuses to walk out on Jason and refuses Alexisí deal. Sam goes to see Sonny. She doesnít know where Jason is. Sam explains what has happened. Sonny tells Sam about Escobarís plan, and how Jason altered the plan. Sam reminds Sonny that Jason saved his life. He sends a message to Jason through Sam that he will kill Jason if he has to. (Credit Holsgem)

April 26, 2006

Sam is at the PCPD asking Det. Rodriguez why Jason has been brought in. She requests to see Jason and when told no, she threatens a harassment suit. Alexis talks to Sam about why Jason is being processed. Carly is at Sonnyís wanting to talk to him about the hospital benefit. Sonny tells her that Jason was brought in for questioning. Sam comes in believing that Sonny sent Jason to jail. (Credit Holsgem)

April 27, 2006

Carly questions Sam about what she is talking about. Sam explains that Sonny informed the police that he saw Jason kill Escobar. Carly begs Sonny to tell Sam that he didnít do that. Sonny tells Carly there was no other way. Ric walks into the interrogation room where Jason is. Ric taunts Jason about the situation. Jason tells Ric to call his attorney. Sonny wants Sam to leave so he can talk to Carly. Sam refuses, telling Sonny that she wonít go until Sonny goes down to the PCPD to take back what he has said. She tells Sonny that he has betrayed Jason and leaves. Justus talks to Jason about the evidence. Sonny is at the PCPD. There is a flashback to when he and Jason first met. Durant asks Sonny to identify Jason as the man who shot Escobar. The flashback continues. Sonny says that Jason is the one who did it. (Credit Holsgem)

April 28, 2006

Carly is hosting the charity benefit for the surgical wing at GH. The men walk onstage as Carly explains how the evening will work. Durant is goading Jason in the interrogation room about how he has been treated by Sonny. Det. Rodriquez walks into the room stating that there is a problem. The ladies choose their dates for the evening. Max comes in as a replacement for Sonny. Ric is trying to get Sam to talk, but she says that he doesnít want to hear what she has to say. They discuss Jason being taken in by Durant because of Sonny identifying him. Sam dumps a drink on him. Sam goes out to the terrace. Patrick walks out there to talk with her. They discuss Jason and how Sam likes living on the edge. Durant calls Sonny to tell him that Jason has been released and that he is probably headed to see Sonny. Sonny calls a hitman and tells him to stick with their arrangement. Sam goes back into the event, sits with Patrick, and talks to him about how she loves Jason just the way he is. A waitress is out on the terrace and Jason asks her to deliver a note. A red dot is seen on Jasonís back as the sniper lines his shot. Sonny makes another call, but the person is not answering. He leaves a message that the hit is off. The waitress delivers the note to Sam. She reads it, looks outside, and starts walking toward the terrace. Jason smiles at her, as the sniper prepares to pull the trigger. Sam runs into his arms. Jason spins her around. The sniper fires. As Jason pulls his hand away from Samís back, he sees blood on it. (Credit Holsgem)

May 1, 2006

Sam at the MC gets a note from Jason and heads toward the balcony where Jason is waiting. They hug. Sam is shot. Jason takes her back into the MC. Patrick examines her. Liz holds Jason back. Sonny tries to call off the hit on Jason. Sonny sends Max to the PH to warn Jason of the shooter. Sonny tries again to call off the shooter. The medics take Sam to GH. Jason tells Em to find Sonny cause he is coming after him. Manny making a new hit list on his computer. Sam arrives at GH. Jason tells Sam that it's okay. They exchange I love you's. Sam goes into surgery. Dr. Lee informs Jason that Sam may need a hysterectomy. Liz brings the consent forms for Jason to sign. He signs but admits his guilt and says "it was supposed to be me". Liz tells Jason that the surgery is going smoothly and gives Jason Sam's jewelry. Jason is reeling. Jason dumps her jewelry out on the bed and says "please, please". Sonny walks in and Jason tells him to go home and say goodbye to his family (Credit Holsgem)

May 2, 2006 

Jason shakes out Sam's jewelry onto the hospital bed. Sonny comes in and Jason tells him to go home and say goodbye to his family. Sonny denies trying to shoot him. They argue about the biz and Emily. Sonny tries to explain his position. Sonny says he could never kill Jason but is prepared for Jason to kill him. Jason doesn't know if he could pull the trigger either. Jason won't back down on the biz so Sonny says he will. Jason talks to Kelly about Sam's condition which is critical. Jason watches Sam through the window. Sam dreams of spending time with Alexis, Kristina, and Molly in the park. Danny comes and says it's time. Sam wants to tell Alexis that she is her mother but Alexis is engrossed in her girls. Jason hears Sam telling Alexis that she is her mother. Sam calls out for Jason. Jason tells her what happened. Sam remembers. Jason tells her that Sonny wasn't responsible. Sam wants to know if she can have children. She freaks and her moniters start beeping. Jason calls out for Elizabeth. Sam is taken back to surgery. Jason tells Kelly to do whatever it takes to save Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

May 3, 2006

Sam dreams about telling Alexis that she is her mother. .Sam wakes up after surgery and Jason tells her condition. Alexis comes and wants to question Jason and then Sam. Sam doesn't remember anything. Jason says it's his fault and Alexis agrees. Kelly comes in and makes Alexis leave. Kelly tells Jason she is sorry about Sam's latest test results. Sam wakes up and Jason tells her that her blood isn't clotting. Sam admits that she almost told Alexis that she is her mother. (Credit Holsgem)

May 4, 2006

Jason and Sam talk about Alexis and whether Sam is dying. Ms. Sneed comes in and Jason talks with her in the hall about signing a DNR. Jason talks with Monica about Sam's condition. Stan comes and tells Jason that Ric is trying to take the business back. Jason asks Monica to sit with Sam while he takes care of something. Sam wakes up and talks to Monica about her mother. Jason holds a gun on Ric at Sonny's and threatens to kill him. Alexis sees this. (Credit Holsgem)

May 5, 2006

Jason in Sam's room. Kelly comes in and tells him Sam is not getting any better. Jason sits with Sam and tells her she is doing great. he gives her back her engagement ring. Jason tells her how he feels about her and thanks her for making him a better person. Sam thanks him for loving her. Kelly and Monica look in on JaSam. Sam talks about the first time she saw him. they talk about how lucky they are. Monica comes in to talk to Jason. Monica tells him that Sam is dying. Jason asks Monica to stay with Sam and to not let her go. Jason asks Sam to hold on. Jason comes into Alexis's office to speak to her alone. Sam wakes up and talks to Monica briefly. Ric leaves and Jason tells Alexis that Sam is dying. Jason tells Alexis that Sam is her daughter. (Credit Holsgem)

May 8, 2006

Jason tells Alexis that she is Sam's mother. They go to the hospital so Alexis and Sam spend time together for the first time as mother and daughter. Jason visits Sam and she apologizes for having to leave him and then asks him not to let "them" take her ring. (Credit Holsgem)

May 9, 2006

Alexis and Jason talking in Sam's hospital room. Alan tells Jason that Sam is using too much blood. Alexis argues with Alan about the transfusions. Emily has an idea to help Sam. Monica and Jason take about Em's idea to get donations of blood for Sam. Nik confronts Jason about keeping the fact that Sam is Alexis' daughter a secret. Alexis talks to an unconcious Sam. Jason overhears Kelly telling Liz about Sam's condition. Kelly leaves and Jason talks to Liz about her giving blood.. Jason talks to an unconcious Sam. Mike and Sonny watching Jason and Sam through the window. Mike tells Sonny not to let Jason down. (Credit Holsgem)

May 10, 2006

Alexis asks Kelly about Sam's tests. Kelly tells Alexis there is only 5 units of blood left. Ric brings Alexis muffins and a card for Sam from Kristina. Jason in Sam's room. Liz comes in and says Sam's BP is up. Rexis discuss Sam and Jason. Jason begs Sam to keep fighting. Kelly examines her. Jason tells Rexis about Sam's BP. Kelly says Sam is stabilizing. Jason tells an unconscious Sam. Alexis comes in and talks to Sam too. Rexis and Jason talk about Sam. Kelly tells Rexis and Jason that Sam has developed cerebral edema. Mayor Floyd interupts. Stan and Jason discuss business. Mayor Floyd suggest that Alexis go after Jason. Alexis leaves and Jason sits with Sam. Kelly tells Alexis that surgery will most likely kill Sam. while Liz tells Jason that Patrick may be able to save Sam's life. (Credit Holsgem)

May 11, 2006

Sam is lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Jason is at the door while Alexis is at her bedside willing her to live and explore their new relationship of mother and daughter. Jason tells Alexis of an operation that can save Sam but time is critical. Alexis is opposed because it is dangerous. They argue. Alexis leaves. Elizabeth comes into change Samís IV bag. She tells Jason that Noah is trying to convince Alexis of the dangers of this operation while Patrick is ready to operate. Elizabeth tells Jason of Patrickís impressive surgical resume. Meanwhile Noah is still advising Alexis on the surgery, but both Patrick and Jason join in and argue. Then Jason is by the hospital elevators and sees Sonny. They talk about his critical decision. Sonny tells him to trust his instincts and that he should not let his fear take over. Jason comes into Samís room and informs Alexis that he wants the surgery. They argue. Patrick speaks to Monica outside the room for a cardiology consult. Jason signs the papers for the surgery. Elizabeth and Epiphany are getting Sam ready for transfer to the OR. Jason asks to speak to Sam alone. He takes off her engagement ring, and tells her he loves her. Patrick and Elizabeth scrub in for surgery. Alexis comes into the OR and presents Patrick with a court injunction to stop the surgery.  (Credit Holsgem)

May 12, 2006

ic comes into Sam room and asks Jason if Alexis is too late. Alexis serves the operating team with an injuction stopping Sam's surgery. Jason runs in. Patrick calls off the surgery. Alexis and Jason argue about the surgery in Sam's room. Jason leaves. Alexis prays that she is doing the right thing. Patrick and Noah argue about Sam's surgery. Jason discusses the surgery with Patrick and then Liz. Patrick and Liz agree to operate on Sam despite the injuction. Alexis wonders to Ric if she is doing the right thing. Piffy comes to take Sam for a CT scan. Jason comes and asks what is going on. Alexis goes with Sam, Piffy, and Liz. Alexis waits outside the CT scan room. Rexis discuss Alexis making all the decisions about Sam's care. Liz tells Jason that Sam is on the way to the OR. Jason thanks her for what she is doing to help Sam. Liz tries to comfort Jason. Ric comforts Alexis and she asks him to go to Kristina's recital. Alexis finds out that Sam isn't the one having the CT scan. Jason tells Sam to come back to him. Liz takes Sam into the OR. Patrick and Co. operate on Sam. Jason watches. Alexis finds Jason and they argue. (Credit Holsgem)

May 15, 2006

Jason and Alexis argue about Sam's surgery. Moniters go off and the OR team closes the shades. Alexis goes off on Jason. Patrick comes out and says that Sam has a chance to live. Alexis begs Sam to live. Mac arrests Jason and Piffy. Alexis talks to Sam and Ric comes in and they talk about her having everyone arrested and Sam's surgery. Noah comes in and says the surgery saved Sam's life. Jason, Piffy, Liz, and Patrick at the PCPD arguing with Mac. Lorenzo bumper. Arguing at the PCPD continues. Stan comes to bail out Piffy. They argue. Alexis argues with Noah about his previous and current diagnoses of Sam .Lucky comes into the PCPD and argues with Liz. Liz, Piffy, and Patrick and Jason in the holding room. Mac and Lucky talk. Mac calls Patrick out to talk to Lucky. They argue. Jason says his problems with Alexis have just started. Alexis asks Noah why Sam hasn't woken up yet (Credit Holsgem)

May 16, 2006

Jason, Liz, Epiphany in jail. Alexis drops the charges. Jason and Alexis argue about Sam. Alexis tells Mac to give her a head start. Sonny shows up to bail out Jason. Jason and Sonny discuss Emily and Sam. Mac lets Jason go. Jason finds out that Alexis moved Sam to another facility. (Credit Holsgem)

May 17, 2006

Alexis on the phone with someone who is taking care of Sam. Jason bursts into Alexis office wanting to know where she took Sam. Jason and Alexis argue about Sam. Jason leaves. Jason comes home and Em is there. she brought him some groceries and made him a casserole. they talk about Sonny, their falling out, and Sam. Em leave. Alexis asking about Sam. Ric comes and says she isn't being fair to Sam. Monica comes to the PH to tell Jason what she knows about Sam. but she won't tell Jason where Sam is. (Credit Holsgem)

May 18, 2006

Monica won't tell Jason were Sam is. she leaves. Stan comes and Jason wants him to hack into the hospital computer to find Sam. he leaves and Bernie comes in to discuss business. Carly comes in. she wants Jason's help. they argue. Jason gets a call from Stan. Stan tells him where Sam is. Piffy hangs up. Alexis at the PH telling Jason that she is bringing Sam back to GH but wants him to stay away from her. (Credit Holsgem)

May 19, 2006

Jason comes into Sam's room and catches a guy messing with her IV. Escobar is trying to send a message to Jason to leave him alone. Jason tells Sam he is sorry. Alexis comes in and says she hoped he would be there. Noah tells Jason and Alexis how Sam is doing. Alexis wants Jason to leave. They argue. Sonny comes to Sam's room. Jason comes out to talk to him. They discuss Sam and business. Noah and Alexis run to Sam's room because her monitors are active. Sam wakes up and talks to Alexis. Then to Jason.(Credit Holsgem)

May 22, 2006

Jason asks Sam how she feels. Alexis is in the room. Jason wants to get the doctors but Sam doesn't want to let him go. Jason tells her what happened while she was unconcious. Sam apologizes for everything Jason has gone through. She talks about how scared she was when he was sick. Sam wants to know if he talked to her. Jason says yes and Sam wants to know what he said. Jason tells her. Sam doesn't want him to feel guilty for her getting shot. Alexis comes and says Patrick will be right in. Sam asks why Patrick. Jason tells her she had brain surgery. Patrick says she'll recover completely. Patrick tells Jason and Alexis the news. Alexis goes in to talk to Sam. Sam tells her how she feels about waking up to find out she had brain surgery. Patrick tells Jason to be honest with Sam about what happened. Sam and Alexis talk about being mother and daughter. Alexis leaves and Jason comes in. Jason kisses her on the cheek. Sam asks him what is wrong. Jason tells her that he can't marry her and he has to stay away from her. Sam tells him she doesn't care. Jason tries to explain but Sam is not having it. Jason leaves her while she is begging him not to. Sam begs Alexis to go get Jason. Alexis hugs her. Jason comes upon Liz on the pier. He wants to know if she is okay. Sam is freaking out and Alexis is trying to calm her down and they hug. (Credit Holsgem)

May 23, 2006

Alexis goes into Sam's room. Jason and Elizabeth talk about Lucky and Manny on the docks. Alexis tries to stop Sam from going after Jason. Jason and Elizabeth discuss her rape, Lucky, Manny, and Sam. Sam talks to Alexis about Jason leaving her. Alexis convinces her to stay put. Jason and Elizabeth dicuss him leaving Sam. Alexis and Sam talk about telling Kristina that they are sisters. Sam's nose starts to bleed. Jason and Elizabeth dicuss Emily, not telling people what to do, and Sam. They walk in to hospital and Epiphany tells Jason that Sam had a set back. He runs off. Patrick tells Alexis to keep Sam calm. Jason overhears. Alexis tells Sam she needs to keep calm. she sees Jason watching through the window. (Credit Holsgem)

May 24, 2006

Jason at the PH discussing business with Stan and Bernie. Sam calls him and he hangs up on her. Alexis comes into Sam's room and overhears. Stan and Bernie leave and Jason looks at picture of him and Sam then he puts it in a drawer. Alexis and Sam discuss Jason. Jason at the hospital. Epiphany fills him in on Sam's condition. Epiphany wants Jason to fire Stan. Alexis wants Sam to let her help. they talk about Sam's dreams. Cruz comes in with the ballistics from Durant's murder. the bullet matches the one that hit Sam. Epiphany and Jason continue to discuss Stan. Jason wants her to keep him updated on Sam. Sam and Alexis discuss Durant and her being the new DA. Ric comes in. Georgie bumper. Alexis says she'll come back later and askes Ric to stay with Sam. they talk him being her step-father and Alexis. Jason comes into a wearhouse where Lorenzo and Diego are talking with the Escobar family. Ric and Sam continue their discussion. Alexis brings Kristina and Molly to see Sam. .Jason tells Lo and Diego to leave now. Jason tells Escobar that his operation belongs to him. Lo talking about the mob life while Jason is at the PH looking heartbroken. and Sam is at the hospital with her new family. (Credit Holsgem)

May 25, 2006

Emily visits Sam at the hospital. Sam tells her that Jason left her. Elizabeth comes to the Penthouse to update Jason on Sam's condition. They discuss Sam and the fact that Jason paid for a bunch of things for Elizabeth. Emily and Sam discuss Jason. Elizabeth and Jason discuss her taking his money. Jason and Stan discuss the Escobar situation and then Epiphany. Diego delivers a message from Escobar. Diego tries to get in with Jason but Jason isn't having it. Diego leaves and Jason and Stan discuss Escobar. Carly comes to visit Sam and Sam tries to convice her to help with Jason. Alexis overhears. Jason all dressed up. Emily comes in and wants to talk about Sam. Sam still trying to get Carly's help. Alexis still listening from the doorway. Carly leaves and Alexis follows her. Emily still pleading Sam's case. Jason won't listen. Someone takes a shot into the Penthouse. Jason pulls Em to the floor then gets up and looks at the bullet hole.

May 26, 2006

Jason looks at the bullet hole in the window while discussing the Escobar situation with Stan. Carly comes in and sees the whole. Sam at the hospital with Alexis and Kelly. Kelly says she can go home soon then she leaves. Sam and Alexis talk about where Sam wants to go when she gets released. Jason and Carly discussing Sam. Emily and Sam discussing Jason and the shooting at the PH...Escobar and his men eating dinner. Sonny comes in and starts to beat up Escobar. Escobar's men start to beat up Sonny and Jason comes in and stops them. Nik comes to visit Sam and Emily leaves. Sam and Nik discuss family. Jason comes into Sonny's and yells at Max and Milo. Jason and Sonny argue about Escobar and decisions each has made. Jason leaves.

May 29, 2006

Sam is in the hospital bed and calls out Jasonís name. Jason is staring at the shattered window in the PH. Sam tries to get out of bed to go see Jason and Elizabeth goes in to stop her. Jason has a flashback to the guy in the hospital who was sent after Sam. Nik comes in to visit Sam. Sam has asked Nik there for a favor. They talk about things they have in common, and how they are a family now. Sam wants Nik to help her get to Jason. Nik doesnít want to jeopardize her recovery and asks Elizabeth about it. Elizabeth agrees that to leave the hospital could jeopardize her recovery. Jason walks into the PH. Stan is there and gives Jason updated information on Escobarís murder investigation. They talk about whether or not to replace the damaged window. Det. Rodriguez shows up to the PH with Alexis to question Jason about the shooting. She tries questioning Jason without success. Jason says he will call his lawyer. Rodriguez is frustrated with Jason because he believes Jason committed the crime but cannot prove it. Alexis asks him to leave as she congratulates Jason on getting away with murder and reminding him that it is the reason he shouldnít be with Sam. Sam is lying in her hospital bed. Elizabeth comes in to change her iv. Sam continues her questioning about what Elizabeth would do in Samís situation if it was Lucky. Elizabeth gives Sam advice on Jason and leaves. Sam pulls the iv out of her arm and gets up from the bed, walking out into the hallway. Jason is on the phone and hears a knock on the door. He opens it and itís Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

May 30, 2006

Sam at the Penthouse door. She collapses into Jason's arms. He takes her to the couch and they discuss him breaking up with her. Jason gets a call from Alexis. He tells her that Sam is there. Jason helps Sam put her coat on and she asks if he still loves her and they continue to argue about the break-up. Alexis comes with the ambulance. Sam wants her to leave so she can finish talking to Jason. Sam and Alexis argue. Jason wants Sam to go. Sam argues with both Alexis and Jason. She finally consents to leave in the ambulance. On the way out she says "I am not giving up on us Jason". Jason picks up a blanket and stand by the fireplace. Sonny knocks. Sam wants Alexis to accept that she wants to be with Jason. Sonny wants to apologize for calling Jason a hypocrit and wants him to get back with Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

May 31, 2006

Elizabeth and Sam at the hospital talking about Jason. Jason at Jake's discussing business. Diego walks in and challenges him. Sam and Elizabeth continue to discuss Jason. Diego argues with Jason and Coleman. Coleman throws him out and he and Jason talk more business. Jason drinking at the Metro Court. He joins Alcazar at his table and they discuss Diego and buisness. Alexis comes into Sam's room and shows her pics of Ric and Alexis' new house. Sam insists she's going home with Jason and they argue about it and Sam's future. Alexis leaves. Jason and Alcazar still talking business. Jason and Carly talk briefly and he leaves. Elizabeth bumps into a cart. Jason walks up and they talk about Sam and Lucky. Sam overhears him asking to be kept informed of her condition and asks "why not ask me yourself". (Credit Holsgem)

June 1, 2006

Jason and Elizabeth discussing Sam. Sam overhears and confronts Jason...Jason tries to leave but Elizabeth makes him stop. Jason goes into Sam's room to talk. Sam wants Jason to tell her the truth about when he stopped loving her. They argue a bit and Jason leaves. Jason looking through the bullet hole at the Penthouse. He calls someone to help with Sam. Sam at the hospital looking at her ring. Justus brings her Jason's break-up settlement. Sam is upset. Sonny at the Penthouse to see Jason. He asks about Sam and then they discuss business. Sonny is talking a bit crazy about coffee franchises. Jason asks if he's alright and Sam comes in. She's pissed about Jason trying to pay her off and she rips up the offer and throws it at him. (Credit Holsgem)

June 2, 2006

Sam walks into the Penthouse. She's pissed about Jason trying to pay her off and she rips up the offer and throws it at him. Jason wants her to stop leaving the hospital. Sonny tries to run interference. Sam tells Sonny about the offer and tells Jason he made her feel like a whore. Jason and Sonny want to take her back to the hospital. Sam yells at Jason then leaves with Sonny. Sam sits down on the bench and talks to Sonny about Jason. Emily comes to the Penthouse to find Sonny. She wants to know what happened with Sonny. They also talk about Sam. Em goes to leave and Jason asks if Sonny has been acting strange and Em covers. Sam and Sonny run into Alexis waiting for Sam. Elizabeth tells her that she might get to go home tonight. Em and Jason talk about Sonny and Sam some more. Em tells him that he was wrong to offer Sam money. Alexis tries to get Sam to go home with her. Alexis and Sam walked up to the Lakehouse talking. Kristina runs and hugs Sam and give her a drawing she made. Ric asks how Sam's doing. Ric and the girls go to get her room ready. Alexis offer to make Sam something to eat. Ric and Alexis cuddling on the couch and Ric looks over and sees Sam standing in the moonlight. Jason walks into Sam hospital room but she's gone. Elizabeth tells him she left and tries to convince him he should be with Sam while Manny lurks in the shadows. (Credit Holsgem)

June 5, 2006

Replay of Ric seeing Sam in the moonlight. Elizabeth and Jason discussing Sam. Manny lurking. Jason walks away but Elizabeth follows him and continues to talk about Sam. Jason wants to know when she gets off work. Ric and Alexis cuddling on the couch and Sam comes in. They talk about their new living situation. Alexis and Sam go to make tea. Jason and Elizabeth at the Penthouse. He wants her pack Sam's things and take them to Alexis. They talk about Sam. Sam with tea tells Ric and Alexis that she is going to bed. Jason staring at the bullet hole in the window. Elizabeth come down with Sam and baby Lila's things. Elizabeth still tries to convince him to go back to Sam. Sam comes into the living room where Ric is and then to the porch. Ric follows her out. Elizabeth and Jason still talking about Sam. Elizabeth brings down a suitcase. Jason thanks her but she says that she won't take it to Sam. She tells him he has to do it. Sam and Ric talk about him, Jason, and Sonny and then they talk about him and Alexis. Sam goes in. Later Alexis is working at the table and Sam comes down to study for her GED. They talk about their situation. Sam goes to bed. Jason walks up to the door. He tells Alexis that he brought Sam stuff. Sam sees him and asks him not to go. (Credit Holsgem)

June 6, 2006

Jason brings Sam's stuff to the Lakehouse. Alexis thanks him and he turns to leave. Sam sees him and begs him not to go. Ric and Alexis talk about Jason and Sam. Jason promises to bring her anything he forgot to bring. Sam wants to know why he won't fight for her. Sam goes off on him. She wants to know why it's so easy for him to walk away. Jason admits his feelings, "you mean everything to me". Jason tells Sam it's over and turns to leave. am goes off on him again and tells him you don't know what love is. Jason agrees and leaves. Sam talks to Alexis about Jason. Jason at baby Lila's grave saying how much he loves Sam and how sorry he is. Sam kicks a box of her things on the porch. She grabs a blanket and puts it to her face. Manny is lurking in the bushes. (Credit Holsgem)

June 8, 2006

Sam is at the Lake house. She takes off her engagement ring and looks at it. She puts it back on, thinking. Jason looking out the bullet hole in the window of the Penthouse. Liz shows up. She asks why doesn't he just call her. Kristina comes outside to the deck of the Lake house and asks what Sam is doing. Sam answers missing someone. Sam reads Kristina a story. They talk about how the Prince saves the Princess, and the Prince tell the Princess he loves her. Sam says you know what that happens in real life. Liz talks to Jason about if he eats or sleeps there since Sam got shot. Jason says he doesn't sleep a lot. Liz says thatís because when he reaches for her she isn't there. Liz says she remembers the feeling when Lucky was gone. Liz says she didn't have a choice but he does. Sam loves him and wants to be with him. Jason cuts her off asking why is she there. She tells him about her worries about Lucky. Jason asks how can he help. Liz says there was a time in her life when Lucky gave her back her self confidence, she wants to give that to him now. Jason asks what she wants him to do. Liz says what if Lucky could solve a crime that no one else can, or what if he can arrest a major criminal. She is thinking that maybe there is someone out there that Jason wants to get arrested. She asks if Jason can arrange something like that and he asks her if she thinks this is really fair to Lucky. Liz talks about her history with Lucky and their problems now. Liz says she will do anything she can to help her husband, and asks if he will help her. Sam is all dressed up. She goes to the phone. Ric comes home and asks if Sam is ok. She says she is fine. Ric asks if she is crying. Sam says the love of her life broke up with her she has the right to cry. He says sorry he didn't mean to intrude. She apologizes and says she didn't mean to snap. Ric says he knows she is going through a lot. Sam tries to get rid of him. Ric asks why she is trying to get rid of him. Jason hangs up the phone and tells Liz he should not be telling her this stuff. He has a gun dealer who might have some information about the rifle used to shoot Sam, so it would be a good bust for Lucky. Jason says he will take care of it. Sam is outside the Lake house Calling Emily and askign her to call Ric and tell him Sonny wants to see him so she can use her plan to get Jason back. Emily agrees. Sam goes back in. Ric asks why she wanted to get rid of him before. Sam says she needed and wanted to be alone. Ric asks why she didnít just say that. Sam says because he was working and it wouldn't make a difference. Emily calls Ric saying Sonny needs to see him. Ric says he is on his way. Sonny walks in and asks Emily what she is doing. Ric tells Sam he is going out. Jason tells Stan he wants one of their people to snitch on the gun dealer to Lucky. Stan asks why, Jason says he may get some information they can use. Stan leaves. The phone rings, its Sam, she says that someone is outside after her. Jason tells her to stay inside he will be right there. Jason goes to the Lake house and opens the door. Sam screams. Jason calls her name, she runs into his arms and says she knew he would come save her. (Credit Holsgem)

June 12, 2006

Jason saves Lucky in the shootout but Lucky thinks he did it. Sam is on the deck at the lake house and Manny is watching two guards come to watch Sam on Jasonís orders. Jason heads back to the penthouse and talks to Stan about the shooting. Sam and Kristina have a tea party at the lake house. Ric comes to see Jason about the guards he put on Sam and Sonny. Sam shows up at the house to see Sonny  she says that she has an idea for her to get back together with Jason and needs his help. Jason kicks Ric out. Liz shows up at the same time and thanks Jason. Sam tells Sonny she wants to have an intervention for Jason. Sonny agrees. Ric leaves. Liz tells Jason she knows that Jason shot the dealer and that he saved Lucky she thanks him. Sam tells the guards to leave and that she lied so to just go back to Jason. Manny watches Sam from the bushes. Jason promises not to say anything and tells her what happened and that Lucky was acting strange and that he think he might be on something. (Credit Holsgem)

June 13, 2006

Liz tells Jason that he is wrong about Lucky and makes excuses for him. Liz thinks that maybe Lucky is hooked on the pain medicine. Jason tells Liz about the shootout. Kristina asks Sam to play. Sam leaves for a doctorís appointment Manny approaches Kristina. Liz tells Jason about Lucky and the pills. Lucky comes to see Jason. Liz hides. Patrick examines Sam and he tells her what Jason did when she was sick. Lucky questions Jason about the gun dealer. Lucky leaves and Jason asks Liz why she hid. Liz says she didnít want to lie to Lucky. They talk about what Jason did and Liz says she is going to confront Lucky. Sam sees them together on the docks. (Credit Holsgem)

June 14, 2006

Sam runs in to Jason and Liz on the docks. Sam tells Jason to admit that the only reason that he broke up with her was because of Alexis. Sam asks about what happened with her surgery. Sam says that now that she knows the truth that they can move on and be together again. Sam says that Alexis is the reason for all of this. Jason says that it canít happen that it was his fault that she got shot. Jason says that what Alexis did had nothing to do with his decision. Carly comes down and interrupts them.  Jason tells Carly to stay. Sam says that he is throwing everything away and that it isnít protecting her it is hurting them. Jason and Carly leave. Carly and Jason go back to the penthouse and Carly tells Jason about Robin telling the truth at the christening.  Sam is at the lake house she hears a noise and calls Jason he tells her he will send Stan over. Stan checks out the lake house he says there is no sign of anyone. Sam asks if Jason sent any message for her Stan says he didnít. (Credit Holsgem)

June 15, 2006

Jason remembers Sam getting shot. There is a knock at the door it is Stan. Jason tells him he wants to put 24 hour surveillance on Sam. Sam goes to the police department to see Alexis. Sam gives Alexis her key she tells her she is moving out. Sam tells Alexis that she knows what happened in the hospital and she has no desire to live with her. Alexis says that she did what she thought what was best for her. Sam says she doesnít know what is best for her. Jason and Stan talk about the security on Sam. Jason wants to make sure Sam is safe. Justus comes to see Jason about Lorenzo. Alexis says explains what happened and that she did what she thought was right. Sam says that she did it to punish Jason. Sam tells Alexis that she will do whatever it takes to get Jason back. Sam leaves and Alexis asks one of the officers to bring Jason in. Alexis tells Jason that Sam moved out and asks him to keep doing what he has been because it is what is best for her. Jason tells Alexis that what happens between him and Sam has nothing to do with her and it never did Jason leaves. Jason goes to Kellyís and sees Sam there he asks her why she moved out. Sam says because of what she did. Jason says that he broke up with her for his own reasons and that Alexis was just trying to protect her. (Credit Holsgem)

June 16, 2006

Sam says that Alexis played him. Jason says that is not what happened that he just wants to keep her safe. Sam says that he is wrong and so is Alexis, Sam says that when Alexis had me moved you went looking for me but now you wouldnít. Sam says she always accepted his life. Jason tells her that he canít explain what it felt like to see her almost die and that he would be afraid all of the time and it would be dangerous to both of them. Sam says fine she is alone now, she asks him what he is going to do if she finds someone else. Manny breaks in to her room and looks around. Sam asks Jason what is he going to do if she really moves on, Jason says he hates the idea of her with someone else but that this is his fault and that he is going to have to deal with it. Sam says that nothing can ever compare to him. Jason tells her that one day she is going to look back and be glad he did this. Jason leaves. Jason meets with Justus on the docks to talk about business. Jason asks Justus to keep an eye on Sonny. Justus gets a call to set a meeting for Lorenzo. Manny is in Samís room he put all her stuff away. Alexis comes to see Sam. Sam tells her that what she did was unforgivable. Alexis says that she isnít going anywhere that they are still family. Sam says that she is trying to manipulate her just like she did Jason. Alexis says she didnít make Jason do anything.  Alexis asks Sam if she ever thought about the fact that the family she has always wanted wants her. Alexis tells her that she will always be there for her. Justus sets up the meeting. Jason tells Justus that Lorenzo is back in business. Sam goes upstairs and sees what Manny did to her room she runs out. Manny gets a phone call about the phony meeting he set up for Jason. Justus and Jason talk about the meeting. Jason gets a call from Sam she tells him someone was in her room. Jason comes over to check out the room. Sam tells him that someone broke in and unpacked her bags. Jason asks if she set this up Sam says she didnít. (Credit Holsgem)

June 19, 2006

Jason tells Sam that he believes her. Sam asks Jason what is going on. Jason says that it is just someone using her to try to get to him. Jason tells her that he is taking her home. Jason and Sam go back to the penthouse. Sam asks when she can move back in Jason says this isnít permanent. That she is only there until he can get more guards together. Jason asks Sam about the times at the lake house when she called. She tells him she made the whole thing up. Jason is getting ready to leave. Sam ordered Chinese and is wearing one of his shirts Sam says that she got enough for 2 if he is hungry. Jason is on the phone and Sam sets up dinner. Jason tells her that he isnít going to have any, that he canít pretend it is like it used to be, everything has changed. Sam says that one thing has changed - he stopped believing.  Lainey comes and tells Jason that she hasnít heard from Justus. Jason goes to look for Justus. Jason goes to the warehouse and finds blood and shell casings. Jason goes home and tells Sam that Justus is dead that he was ambushed.  Sam says he canít be sure that he is dead. Jason says that someone else got shot because of him and this is why they canít be together he  wonít let her be the next casualty.  (Credit Holsgem)

June 20, 2006

Jason and Sam talk at the PH about who took Justus. Jason says Sam can't spin this,all they know is that he has disappeared. Lainey shows up and asks where Justus. Lo and Diego meet in an ally and Diego says they have a problem. Justus is dead in Diegoís truck. Lainey tells Jason and Sam that Justus was going to dinner with her but didnít show up. Jason says that Justus went in his place and Sam says something must have gone wrong. Jason tells Lainey he will find out what happened. Lainey asks who she should tell. Jason tells Stan to take her home and to watch her house.. Sam tells Jason not to blame himself. Jasonís says he knew someone was coming after him and it cost Justus' life. Sam says its not his fault, Jason went to help Sam when someone broke in. Jasonís says that is no excuse and then Jason leaves saying he is going to make things worse. Bernie tells Sam that the plan has changed and that he has to take her to a hotel. Sam says Jason is blaming himself and Bernie says he has to take her to a hotel on Jasonís orders and that she can't stay at the PH.  Jason goes to the Quartermaines and tells Edward Justus went to a meeting in his place and he found blood and he thinks he is dead. Ed says he could be in hiding and missing. Jason says he would have called him. Jason tells him the trap was set for him. He says there is no way they would let Justus walk away. Ed says he wishes it was him and not Justus. Ed says that he held on to the beliefs that Jason was a good man, maybe because Lila loved him and that he has her eyes. He always hoped Jason will return to the family, but he doesnít know why, he has never shown them anything but contempt but he still holds that dream. But now he sees him as a stone cold killer and that death follows him and a life of crime and nothing will change that. Not even Justus's death. Jason says he is sorry, but Ed says he is lying. Justus was a good man but he went to work for Jason when Jason asked for his help and its Jasonís fault Justus is dead. Skye walks in as Jason is leaving. She asks what happened and Ed says Jason got Justus killed. Jason goes to the docks devastated at what Ed told him.

June 22, 2006

Jason is at the PH when Stan arrives. He says they found Justus' body at the coffee warehouse. Jason says he was dumped. Carly walks in saying she needs to talk to him. Stan leaves and Carly says Jax is gone and she needs help with the kids. Carly says she is barely holding on. Carly questions Jaxís feelings if he can just walk away. Jason tells Carly that a part of her doesnít believe she deserves to be loved. Jason tells her to stop, and not do something she can't fix later. Carly says it Robins fault. Lucky shows up with Cruz to ask him what he knows about Justus'. Carly asks why he didnít tell her. She says its because she didnít shut up. Jason says he didnít kill Justus but he will find out who did. Carly defends Jason, he agrees to go down town. Jason asks Carly to go to the Metro Court and please check on Sam. She says she is sorry about Justus. Jason goes to the PCPD and Alexis asks him some questions. He says that Justus went in his place to meet with LoĎs people. Alexis asks why he didnít go, he said he had other business. Alexis shows him a piece of evidence and asks if it belonged to Lo, Jason says he can't id it personally. Alexis asks why would Lo want to kill Justus. Jason arrives back at the PH and asks Stan if he found out anything. Jason says nothing makes any sense. Stan asks what the PCPD thinks. Jason says they think its Lo because the found one of his cheap bracelets there. Skyee arrives and asks Jason for help. Skyee says Jason always tells the truth so she asks him if Lo killed Justus. Jason says it could have been. Skyee asks if Lo is lying to her about leaving the mob. Then in walks Lo, he asks Skyee why she is there. Skye says to ask Jason if Lo is back in the mob. Sam is at GH and she asks Liz to help her by giving her a job application. Liz says she thought Sam wanted to be a lawyer. Sam says since she isnít taking Jasonís payoff she needs something to pay the bills. Liz says she is sorry and thought that if anyone could talk some sense into Jason it would be her. Sam says she was almost there but then he threw her out of his apartment last night. Liz says the hospital is a depressing place to work. Sam says itís the best she can do and will do what she needs to do to make it on her own. Liz says that Jasonís heart is in the right place. Sam says its always about what Jason wants, what about what she wants. Liz says but she needs to remember that she was shot and almost died from a bullet meant for him. Liz says maybe when the shooter is caught he will take her back. Sam says she is sick of waiting on him, and that she was so close but then Jason found out about Justus. Emily arrives and asks what about Justus. Sam tells her that Justice went on a meeting for Jason and didnít return and he thinks Justus is dead. Sam is at the Metro Court and tells her guards she is going to return to her apartment above Kellyís after lunch. Kristina runs to Sam and the nanny tells them that Alexis canceled on them. Sam say she will have tea with her instead. Kristina asks why Sam doesnít live with them anymore. Sam is at Alexisís house with the guards and she knocks on the door. Kristina answers and says Sam is home. Alexis asks if she is moving back. Sam says Kristina talked her into it. Manny is watching Sam from the bushes.

June 23, 2006

Skye again asks Jason if Lo is out of the business. Jason doesnít answer. Skye says that is her answer. Lo tells her not to jump to conclusions. Jason says if she is asking if Lo is still in the business yes he thinks so. Skye tells Lo he promised her for their baby he would quit the business. He says he will not discuss this here. Skye asks if this is how he got Diego out of trouble. Lo says he will tell her later. Skye says Diegoís charges for buying a gun were dropped when he was on probation. Skye walks to Jason and asks him if that sounds like a kind of deal. Jason says in his experience nothing is free. She says thank you for your honesty and leaves. Jason calls Stan and tells him he needs to see him right away and that its about Sam. Stan arrives and tells him that the guards at the lakhouse watching Sam have been sent away. Jason is upset. Stan says Alexis has cops watching the house. Jason says that is not good enough, he goes into the closet and tells Stan to go to Kellyís and search every inch of Samís old room. Jason gets his gun out of the lock box. He tells Stan to call him ASAP. Jason says Lo was there and that he knows more than what he was saying. Jason says he will find out what that is. Jason walks up to Lo at the MC. He hangs up Loís phone and tells him to step outside. Outside Jason tells Lo there is something he doesnít want Skye to know about, Lo says Skye is none of his business. Jason pulls a gun on Lo and tells him he has nothing to lose, can he say the same? Lo says Manny is alive and in PC and he has something left to finish. Alexis says the lakehouse is Samís home and that she never needs to ask for permission to come home. Sam says she might not want her there after she tells her about what happened. Alexis say she is her daughter and that she will always be welcome here. Sam just doesnít want to cause them any danger. Manny lurking around the house. Sam tells Alexis that someone snuck into her room at Kellyís. Alexis asks is if she called the police. Sam says no they just wanted her to know they were there. They unpacked her stuff and put her and Jasonís pictures up on the dresser. Alexis says that would upset anyone. Sam says it was a reminder that she is still a target. Alexis says bullets are the way Jasonís enemies do it, maybe just bored teenagers broke in and played a prank. Sam doesnít think Alexis should take that chance. Manny breaks into the house and goes into Samís room. He picks up and smells her clothing that is on the bed, smiles and goes to hide. Alexis calls the PCPD for them to send a few men over to watch her house. Sam says that Jason already has men watching the house. Alexis says that is unwanted attention. The police may make it safer all the way around. Sam sends the guards away. They do not want to leave but Sam tells her that the PCPD are coming and that when they get there they can leave. Manny is lurking in the house. Alexis tells the cops where to go. She is happy Sam is back. Sam says that Kristina is very persuasive. Alexis says the knows all about that. They talk about their relationship and how Kristina wants Sam in her life. Sam goes into her room and gets her sweatshirt. Manny watches her. Alexis and Sam talk. Alexis tells Sam she is happy she left Jason. She tells Sam she is smart and that Alexis will support her no matter what she does. Sam says then they are off to a good start. Sam says goodnight and she goes to bed. Alexis stops her and says she is really glad he is there. Sam gets ready for bed. Once she is in bed Manny grabs her and tells her to be quiet or it will hurt more if she screams.

June 26, 2006

Jason is driving and calls Samís cell phone Kristina answers. Jason says he wants to talk to Sam. Alexis says sam is asleep and that she will have her call him in the morning. Replay of sam going to bed and of Manny grabbing her. He says not to make any noise of he will have to kill the people in the house. Manny duct tapes her mouth and hands. Manny tells her to go quietly or he will kill Kristina. In the living room Alexis and Kristina are playing. Kristina runs to the door and sees the cops giving Jason a hard time. Jason asks when was the last time someone checked on sam. Alexis says she is fine, Kristina runs into the house. Jasonís says someone broke into her room at Kellyís and Alexis says tell the police. Jason insists on talking to sam and Alexis says she is fine, the police have been there no one could have broken into the house. Kristina runs into Samís bedroom to tell her Jason is there but Sam is not there. Jasonís still fighting with the cops and Alexis. Alexis says if sam heard anything she would be up and with them. Kristina runs outside and tells them that Sam is gone and she left the back door open. Alexis grabs Kristina and asks the cops to check the house. Jason runs inside, draws his gun and runs into Samís bedroom. He notices she is gone, and finds no clues. Alexis and Kristina run in and turn on the light, Jason points the gun at them and Alexis yells at him. He says she is gone, Manny took her. Mac and Cruz are there and Jason and Alexis walk into the living room. Jason says he thinks Manny took her, he set the trap to kill Durant and shot sam. Cruz says we thought you were the victim, Jason says that Manny wanted to watch Sam die in his arms, that he has always used Sam to get to him. Alexis asks how long Jason knew about this and he says he just found out tonight. She asks why he didnít tell her and Jason says she hung up on him before he had a chance. She says they fought on the porch for 3 minutes, why not then. Mac cuts in and asks when he found out about Manny, Jason says that Manny confronted Lo about a week ago on the Elm Street Pier and he killed Justus to start a war. A crime scene guy shows up and says they found footprints outside of Samís bedroom window. Kristina walks in and Jason asks her if she saw anyone around the house? She says no. He asks if anyone has been there looking for Sam, again she shakes her head no. Jason asks if anyone asked where Sam is or where she sleeps, Kristina nods yes. He asks who and she says the painted man. Alexis hugs her and the police hand Jason a mug shot of Manny. He asks Kristina if this is the man and she says yes. Jason asks if she told him where Samís room was and Kristina nods yes. Alexis asks why she didnít tell her about it. Jason asks how long ago she talked to the painted man. She says it was before Sam went to Kellyís. Jason says that Manny has been planning this for weeks. Liz knocks on the PH door and Bernie answers and tells her that Jason isnít in. Stan says its ok he can let Liz in. Stan says she can wait for him. Bernie apologizes and asks what she came there about. She says its about Ric, Jason walks in and say Manny has Sam. Jason assigns them all jobs to do to try and find Manny. Jason tells Liz he is glad she is there that he needs her help to find Sam. Jason tells Emily how Sam got taken and Jason says there is a pattern and he used Liz to lure Lucky out the Pier to save her. That Manny kidnaps women to get to the men that love them. Liz says she doesnít know how she can help him. Jason asks her to remember everything that happened when Manny took her, maybe he said something. We see Sam tied to a chair, still with duct tape on her mouth. Manny plays with her hair then rips the duct tape off Samís mouth. He taunts her and tells her to scream cause no one can hear her. She asks if that is supposed to make her give up and he says he sure hopes not, he likes how she fights, it makes it interesting. No one can hear her but him, he pulls a gun and she screams, he fires to prove his point. He tells her no one can hear her and no one will find her till he is ready.

June 27, 2006

Sam is tied up and she tells Manny he should have left when he had the chance. Manny says he cant leave till the game is finished. Sam says that when Jason finds him he will make sure he pays. Manny says he hopes he tries cause it will make killing him more fun. Manny tells Sam he is sorry that it came to this. She says he is not sorry. Manny says none of this would be happening if Jason hadnít shot him in the park last summer. Samís says this is about revenge, its time to cut your losses. Manny says he will pay for killing Javier and that is why Manny shot Sam. He says he could have taken a clean shot at Jason but killing him would not make him suffer. Manny says he was looking forward to seeing her die in Jasonís arms but this is even better. Sam says that Jason doesnít love her and that its over between them, so she is useless to get to him. Manny says that Jason doesnít deserve her but she is still his biggest weakness, and knowing that he has her, is driving Jason out of his mind. Sam is alone in the room and moves her chair over to an air vent to cut the ropes off her hands. Manny returns and carries her, chair and all over to the middle of the room again. He tells her to be more careful or she may cut her hands. Sam asks why he cares if she bleeds, he says because she isnít the one he wants hurt. She says then why did you shoot me in the back. He says he told her it was about Jason, he had to remind Jason of what he did to his family and make him think of what he is going to do to Jasonís family. Sam calls him a sick freak and he rips his shirt off showing her his tattoos. He asks if they are what makes her hard to see. He says underneath all this ink he is just like Jason. Sam disagrees and that Jason has a soul, Manny asks if she ever saw Jason kill, no soul is there when he kills. Sam says Jason control his anger, he kills only when he has to and that Manny is a murdering bastard who gets off on torture. Mannyís says him and Jason have the same gift. They can look someone dead in the eyes and kill them, Jason hides his gift and wont use it till he is pushed. That is why she is there, Manny will teach Jason to honor that gift, and when he fails, he is going to kill Jason while she watches. Sam says that Jason will find him, that he doesnít blend in well, he says not to be so sure, he has been getting around pretty well. Sam then says that her mother is the DA and will have every cop looking for him. He says that no one will find them there.  Liz tells Jason that she can't remember what happened when Manny took her. He asks what he said on the pier or anything. She says she doesnít know. That maybe if they retrace their steps it might trigger something. Jason says that Liz told him that the way Manny grabbed her reminded her of her rape, he does not want her to relive that, Liz says she would do it if she thought it would help, but she doesnít think it will. Jason says he thinks it would help because when he was taking her Manny made the only mistake ever. At GH they go over all the events that happened when Manny took Liz. Jason asks her if she is ok, she says yes. Liz flashes back to how Manny took her. Jason and Liz act it out, then she stops him. Liz says that Sam needs her to remember, so she continues. She says Manny put her on a gurney in a body bag to get her out of the hospital, she thinks it was planned. Liz says that Manny apologized to her and that he took her out from the morgue. She couldnít get to her cell phone because her hands were taped. Liz tells Jason that Sam will get through this because she is a fighter. Jason says that is what he is afraid of. If she fights to hard Manny might decide she isnít worth the trouble. Liz tells Jason she doesnít think Manny will hurt Sam because in all the times he went after her before, he never does more than threaten her. Manny is using Sam just to hurt him. Jason says he wants to believe that but he knows that Manny knows how much Sam means to him and the best way for him to make a mistake is by hurting Sam. Liz says Sam will not give up, she will remain strong, and she will keep fighting and holding on for you. They go back to the PH and Jason says he knows reliving her kidnapping was tough on her, but it shows how Manny always has a plan and that when you think you are one step ahead is when you make a mistake. Liz asks if there is anything else she can do. Jason says he thinks that Liz might know where Manny would have taken Sam. We see a sign that says GH subbasement number 3, there is a light on under the door.

June 29, 2006

Sonny comes to the PH and tells Jason that he needs to protect Emily from him. Jason brings Sonny in and asks what happened. Sonny says he doesn't want to hurt her so Jason has to stop him.  He tells him about thinking the car exploded at Jakes and freaking out at home and busting up the place. Jason wants to know if he hurt Em.  Sonny starts talking about ripping the dresss off of her. Jason calls Max and finds out Em is okay.  He talks to Em and says he will bring Sonny home. Jason tells Sonny Em is fine. Sonny says for now and talks about rage pulling him down. Sonny talks about being confused and not remembering what he did. He says he confused Em with Lily. He talks about how real the explosion felt and says Jason was right all along. Sonny tries to take a drink.  Jason grabs the bottle.  Sonny says he needs a drink to be able to think with all the voices going on.  Jason throws the bottle ito the fireplace. Jason says Sonny will get through this, that they have gotten through it before.  Sonny says how great Em has been but she couldn't help him, nobody could. He says that is the real reason Jason took the business, because he is crazy. Jason says Sonny is not crazy but he needs to rest. Jason takes Sonny home. He tells Em and Max he has to take care of something but will be back. Sonny says they should have listened to Jason from the begining.  Jason tells Max not to let Sonny out of his sight until he gets back. Carly and Patrick in bed.  Jason knocks and yells that he knows she is there. Carly opens the door and says she didn't sleep with Patrick. Jason doesn't care who she sleeps with, he needs her help with Sonny. Jason is mad to find out Carly already knew about Sonny but doesn't want to be involved. Jason tells her Manny has Sam and he is running out of time, he needs her help. Jason gets back to Sonny's.  Sonny tells Em to leave with Jason. Em refuses to leave.  Sonny says she makes him worse. Carly comes in. Emily freaks out on Jason about Sonny needing treatment. Jason tells Sonny he will make sure Em is safe.  He tells Em to stop doing this in front of Sonny. Emily leaves with Jason. Jason is at the PH on the phone talking about how twisted Manny is, but he is also logical. He has Sam someplace where he spent a lot of time. We see the sub-basement sign again. Sam is inside again trying to cut her ropes off her hands. Jason says he is on the move to call him on his cell. Sam gets free and unties her feet, picks up a tattoo gun and runs out the door. Manny grabs her from behind and she screams no. He grabs her and drags her back inside and shuts the door. Sam is tied down in another chair and Manny goes over his tattoo tools and tells her she shouldnít play with this stuff cause she could break something. Sam asks how insane he is and he says you can call him that but he sees an artists brush, he sees the truth in tattoos. He says not to be fooled by appearances, that still waters run deep. His history is on his body and now she will be part of that, his masterpiece he leaves behind. He picks up the tattoo gun and tells her to conserve her energy or she won't have any fight left when the time comes. She asks how she knows he isnít poisoning her, he swears he will not hurt her till Jason is there to witness it. Emily is at the PH and she and Jason are fighting about sending her to the island. Jason says that Sonny needs her safe and that she isnít safe with him. Emily says that Sonny is sick and that he needs help, he is bipolar. Jason says that Manny took Sam, Emily apologizes and says that he can't help Sonny right now that Carly will and that they need to keep Emily safe on the island. Emily says she can stay and help Sonny. Jason is frustrated and says that its not easier for Sonny if you go, she doesnít want Sonny to think she abandoned him. Jason says he needs to find Sam and he can't be worried about anything else right now, Sonny will be fine with Carly if they know she is safe. Emily says ok but she wants Jason to call her as soon as she can come back. Jason says he will.

June 30, 2007

Jason on the phone talking about the search for Sam.  Liz comes in. She gives him a timeline she wrote from when Manny grabbed her. Cruz comes in and arrests Jason. Jason says all he wants to do is look for Sam.  Cruz says tell it to DA Davis, she wants him in custody so he is in custody.  Liz starts to argue with him saying he hasn't even named charges.  Cruz says DA Davis will take care of it personally.  Liz wants to call a lawyer.  Jason tells her to just go to work and try to remember something, anything. Manny asks if Sam has a message for Jason.  Sam says call him and let her talk to him.  Manny says not before he is ready.  Sam says he will find her.  Manny asks again if she has a message. Sam says no.  Manny touches her pendant and hair and says she will play along soon because he is about to send Jason his first clue. He leaves.  Cruz brings Jason to the interrogation room. Alexis comes in with a file on Manny done by a profiler.  She says Jason was right, Manny is using Sam against him and treating the whole thing like a game. Jason says so why is he arrested.  Alexis says the game is over and she is announcing that Jason is arrested for the murder of Juan Escobar. Jason says she has no evidence. She says Manny doesn't know that and she is going to announce she has an airtight case and Jason is being held without bail. Jason wants to know why she would do that.  Alexis thinks if she takes Jason out of the game Manny will let Sam go. Jason says no he will kill her instead. They start to argue.  Alexis says Jason is the target and Sam is incidental. Jason says Manny has planned this for a long time, if she takes him out of the game Manny has no reason to keep Sam alive. Alexis says Manny will have to make contact and give her a chance to negotiate. Jason gets mad and demands a lawyer. Alexis says she is holding him without bail for 48 hours and runs out. Liz comes to see Jason and says she remembered something. Manny comes back to Sam.  He is mad that Alexis arrested Jason and says that Sam will convince her to let Jason go. He picks up the tatoo gun.  Sam says she is sure she can talk Alexis into letting him go.  Manny says she doesn;t have to talk, he is going to write a message on her skin. Liz tells Jason that Manny said he worked at GH for months and no one ever saw him because janitors are invisible. They think Manny has Sam at GH. Liz gets up to tell the cops.  Jason says no, he has to get out of there.  

 July 3, 2006

Manny taunts Sam while holding her hostage. Alexis and Cruz at PCPD talking about Sam and Manny. Elizabeth in with Jason, he's handcuffed, she says he's not getting out of there without her help, she'll be his diversion. Sam strapped to a gurney, Manny tells her he's going to tattoo his name on her, he starts writing his name on her belly but she manages to get her hand free and grabs a flashlight hitting him over the head. Manny falls down and she gets her other hand unstrapped, she manages to get her feet loose and runs out the door, grabs the phone on the wall and dials out. Patrick is reading some files at the nurse's station and ignores the ringing phone, Piffy comes from behind him and answers. Manny grabs the phone from Sam and throws it, she screams, Manny wants to know who she was calling. Jason back at PCPD, Elizabeth goes out and starts yelling at Alexis creating a diversion for Jason to sneak out. Manny straps Sam back to the gurney. Back at nurse's station Piffy wants to know where Elizabeth has been, she's about to tell her but spots Jason hiding, both her and Piffy walk over and talk to him. Piffy tells him to look at the sub-basements and also tells him about a phone call she received a while ago but there was no one there. Jason sets out to find Sam. Lucky holding a gun on Jason wants him to let the police find Sam and not get involved, Elizabeth gets Lucky to back off. Jason sees the broken phone outside the sub-basement room, he breaks open the door and Manny jumps up from behind the gurney pointing a gun to Sam's head. (Credit Holsgem)

July 4, 2006

Repeat of Jason breaking into the room where Sam is being held by Manny. Manny is taunting Jason. Lucky comes up behind, makes a noise Jason looks back and Manny shoots Jason in the shoulder. Lucky runs into the room shooting, Manny pushes the gurney up against him and runs out. Lucky runs after him and Jason runs into the room to Sam. Sam takes Jason to the nurse's station, they tell Elizabeth and Patrick that Lucky went after Manny. Jason takes off after them.  On the rooftop Jason and Manny get into a fight.
Sam telling Patrick and Elizabeth what happened, she wants to go after Jason. Alexis comes in and they hug. Jason and Manny fighting on the rooftop, Lucky comes up holding his gun he shoots just as Jason pushes Manny over the edge. Sam talking to Alexis, she thinks her and Jason worked together to get her. Alexis tells her she had Jason arrested and Sam goes off on her. Outside Jason collapses.

July 5, 2006

Sam waiting for word on Jason, he is brought in unconscious and is wheeled to surgery. Elizabeth reunites with Lucky. Alexis and Ric come up asking about Jason and Sam goes off on them. Ric talking to Sam about Alexis. Liz and Lucky talking. Carly comes in asking about Jason, she wants to see him. Sonny comes in and goes to Sam, he apologizes and says this is his fault. Sam tells him that Jason is not going to die. Patrick comes up and tells them that Jason suffered an arterial bleed in his chest cavity and his heart stopped but he pulled through. Mac calls Alexis back to the PCPD, she needs to talk to the Mayor about Manny's death. Sam wants to stay at the hospital and Ric offers to take her home if she wants to change but she refuses, Alexis and Ric convince her to go home.  Ric takes Sam to the lakehouse and they talk about what has been happening this year. Ric tells her that Jason broke up with her to protect her and it's like Alexis doing things to protect her too, it's the same thing.

July 6, 2006

Alexis at PCPD talking to the Medical Examiner about Manny's autopsy and the fact that Lucky shot him, that file is the only proof they have that Jason is the one who actually killed him.
Jason dreams of being at the morgue, pulls back the sheet and it's Sam. Alexis tells him they found the body, Manny killed her and left a message On Sam's belly are the words "She's Mine". Jason crying and Manny turns around and starts laughing at him. Jason wakes up and yells, Sam is right there and tells him things will be ok. Alexis tells the ME to seal the file she doesn't want anyone to know what happened to Manny. Jason asks Sam if Manny hurt her, apologizes for him tying her up. Sam says he didn't hurt her, Jason is the one that got shot and had surgery, Manny is dead and the threat is gone, there is nothing keeping them apart. Patrick and Liz come in. Liz says she hopes they're not interrupting anything, Jason and Sam just looking at each other. Liz with Jason and Sam, talks about Jason's arm. Jason asks her how Lucky is doing, she says he's fine. Jason is taken for some tests. Later Alexis comes to see Jason and talks about Manny, Sam about to enter room, hears them talking, when Patrick comes up she makes some excuse about forgetting sugar and takes off. Patrick goes in to see Jason and how he's doing. Later Liz comes in and gives him his stuff. Patrick comes back and says the results are back, he will be fine within a few weeks, Sam at the door, tells him they need to talk. Sam telling Jason she'll help him with the recovery, he tells her again they don't have a home together.

July 7, 2006

Sam doesn't understand why they can't be together since Manny is gone. Jason doesn't deny that he loves her but says he is laying with a bullet wound and two months ago it was her laying there, he refuses to let it happen again. Sam is furious and tells him that he's taking Alexis deal to let everyone think Lucky is the one that killed Manny and in return he promises to stay away from her. Carly comes in and wants to talk to Jason. Sam yells at her to get out. Jason says he cares about what Carly has to say. Sam tells him it's his last chance, if she walks out the door she's never coming back. Jason tells her to go and Sam reminds him that one time he said it would be easier if she hated him, well she does and he's going to regret tossing them aside like garbage, vows to make Alexis pay even if it takes her last dying breath, Sam walks out and leaves Jason crying. Sam throws out the star necklace. Sam and Alexis at PCPD, she tells Alexis taht Jason doesn't want them to be together, Alexis apologizes but believes what he did was right. Carly talking to Jason about how bad Sonny is.
Sam apologizes to Alexis and asks for her forgiveness, they're about to leave, run into Ric and Mayor Floyd, Alexis gets stuck with the mayor so Ric offers to drive Sam home. Jason goes to see Sonny. (Credit Holsgem)

July 10, 2006

Sam apologizes to Alexis and asks for her forgiveness, they're about to leave, run into Ric and Mayor Floyd, Alexis gets stuck with the mayor so Ric offers to drive Sam home. Jason goes to see Sonny. Jason talks to Sonny about his illness, asks about his hand, Carly talks about committing him, Jason wants to know what he wants them to do, Sonny refuses to get committed. Sam and Ric at the Lakehouse talking about Manny's kidnapping and Jason breaking up with her. Carly wants Jason to go back to the hospital but he says no. She leaves and Sonny comes downstairs and tells Jason that Carly should hate him and so should he. Jason and Sonny talk, Liz comes to the house looking for Jason says he needs to go back to the hospital. Sam at the lakehouse wearing a white nightgown, Ric is watching her, she's crying over Jason. Jason and Sonny still talking, Jason apologizes for going against him and says he was wrong. Alexis comes home and talks to Sam about the breakup, she and Ric offer to help Sam get her GED. Jason and Sonny talk about Sam getting shot and Justus getting killed. (Credit Holsgem)

July 11, 2006

Sam and Alexis at the lakehouse, Ric has to leave and Sam wonders if it's because of her, Alexis says he's distracted because of Sonny. Jason thinks he's the reason for Sonny's breakdown and apologizes for it. Sonny wants to know if Jason can now accept him being with Emily. Alexis and Sam talking about Sonny and Ric, Alexis wants to know if Sam is completely given up on Jason. Sonny talks about buying Emily the dress and tearing it up, Ric comes in. Sam tells Alexis she is not over Jason but realizes they don't have a future anymore, tells her about Jason asking her to leave at the hospital and how he is over her. Ric tells Jason that he can leave, he will look after Sonny, but Jason refuses. Ric blames him for Sonny's breakdown. Sam doesn't regret a single moment her and Jason had together but she has to move on, Alexis offers to help in any way that she can. Carly at Sonny's going off on Ric. Ric tells her and Jason that they've never done anything for Sonny.  Carly grabs a fireplace poker and is about to hit him. Sonny comes in and yells at her to leave Ric alone. Alexis and Sam talk about Jason being caught. Alexis asks how she would react if she ever had to go up against Jason for something, Sam says she would stay out of it. She wants Jason to miss her until it hurts and to feel everything she's going through but doesn't want Alexis to make that happen. Sonny tells Carly that her and Jason haven't been around lately and Ric has. Ric wants Sonny to get help. Sonny tells him he'll be ok. Jason escorts Ric out and tells him not to show his face there again. Carly and Sonny in the living room together. Sonny is resting, Carly wants to know how Jason is feeling, tells him Liz has been running around town saying he'll drop dead if Carly doesn't do something about it. They talk about how bad Sonny is. Ric back at the lakehouse, Sam tries to talk to him but he doesn't think they should be discussing anything, Ric calls Jason a selfish controlling bastard and Sam agrees. (Credit Holsgem)

July 13, 2006

Emily at Sonny's, he tells her she shouldn't be there, she doesn't want to give up but he tells her to let him go. Jason tells her about making Sonny choose his business or her and taking his business from him. Emily tells Sonny he has bipolar disease. Jason leaves, she walks him to the door and goes off on him. Jason and Sam at the docks, Sam asks why he's not in the hospital and he says he checked himself out cause Sonny needed him. Sam says it's the usual, he never explains for the decisions he makes, she gets to make decisions too and she's decided to make a life without him. Sam says she accepted his life, she loved him that much and fought for him and all she wanted was for him to do the same but he didn't. Jason says he remembers every second he spent with her, Sam says she hopes he can live with the choices he's made for the both of them. She walks away. Jason and Carly at Jakes talking about their friendship and the past.

July 14, 2006

Sam tells Ric she has to go to the PH to pick some stuff up, he asks if the dress she's wearing is for Jason. Jason at Sonny's talking about the business, Emily comes in and tells Sonny he promised he would start therapy today. Sam says she wants her passport and Ric wonders if she's planning a trip somewhere, she says no, says maybe she just needed a reason to see Jason. Ric offers to go get the passport. Emily tells Jason that Sonny needs to focus on recovery not business. Jason says he'll do whatever it takes. Jason leaves. Emily tells Sonny that Jason watched him suffer for years and never got him treatment, Sonny says he didn't want to see a shrink. Sam trying to get a job at the hospital, Ms. Sneed being snotty about why she doesn't have a GED and what she's been doing the past 2 years. Sam goes off on her about loosing a baby, Jason almost dying, getting shot, being kidnapped etc and tells her to hire someone else if that's not enough for her. Jason at the PH sitting at his desk , opens the drawer and finds a picture of him and Sam, stares at it, knock at the door it's Ric, says he's there to get Sam's passport. Sam back at the lakehouse with Kristina and Viola, they go for a swim.  Jason at the PH gives Ric the passport and tells him to go, Ric starts in about Sonny and Carly walks in. They all argue about Sonny and Ric leaves, Jason thinks Ric pushed Sonny over the edge. Ric back at the lakehouse sees Sam laying out in the sun in a bikini. Carly tells Jason that Sonny reminded her why she fell in love with him. (Credit Holsgem)

July 17, 2006

Ric returns Sam's passport to her. Kristina, Sam and Ric go swimming. Jason and Carly talk about Sonny and her relationship and Jax and Spencer. Ric and Sam back at the lakehouse after a swim, they talk about salvaging and Kristina getting swimming lessons, Ric gets them some lemonade and Alexis comes home, Kristina asks her if she wants to go swimming with them too. Jason and Carly talk about Jax and Sonny at the PH. Ric takes Kristina to the lake and Alexis and Sam talk about Helena and Stavros and Alexis not knowing how to swim. Alexis gets a call from Mayor Floyd. Sam and Alexis talks about her prosecuting Jason since he's a criminal.
Jason at GH for an appointment, Dr Drake is running late so he waits, Liz starts talking about Lucky's award ceremony, she wants to know what happened on the roof, if Lucky killed Manny or he did. Maxie overhearing them. Sam and Ric at lakehouse talking about Alexis, she asks him to put some sunscreen on her back. Jason tells Liz that he pushed Manny over, she's going on about how it's not fair that Lucky gets all the credit for this. (Credit Holsgem)

July 18, 2006

Jasam at the PH. Sam wants Jason to hurt the way she is hurting for him. Sam yells at him not to give her permission to hate him, tells him to brace himself for what she's about to do. Sonny at the PH talking to Jason about Escobar. Sonny asks Jason if he's ever going to fix the bullet hole in the window and then talks about Emily being positive about his therapy but he wants to stop it. Sam back at the Lakehouse with Ric, he tells her Ms. Sneed called for her, she didn't get the job at the hospital. They talk about Sam finding another job. Alexis comes home with shopping bags full of outfits for Sam so she can work for her. Emily with Sonny and Jason, she wants him to continue therapy, they talk about it. Alexis convinces Sam to go work for her, Sam wants to know why she bought her clothes and Alexis explains that if she looks serious people will take her more seriously. Jason at the docks with Lucky, Lucky says he doesn't owe him anything, he leaves and Liz comes up and tells Jason that she can stop Lucky, she will tell him the truth that he wasn't the one that killed Manny, Jason is deadset against it. Sam trying on clothes at the Lakehouse, Alexis gets a call from Mayor Floyd and leaves, Sam and Ric talk about it being good for Sam and Alexis to work together. they talk about Sonny's sickness. Sason back at the PH talking about Sonny's Bipolar. (Credit Holsgem)

July 19, 2006

Sam runs into Jason on the docks, they talk about her new job. She asks for his opinion on how she looks and then tells him to forget it, she shouldn't have. Sam tells him not to pretend they can still be friends because they can't, his choice, he has his life and she has hers, she walks away.
Sam at the PCPD with Cruz, Alexis comes up and dumps a bunch of files on her, Sam turns to walk away and runs into Jason again. They talk about her job at PCPD, Jason is holding the files that fell, Alexis comes up and wants to know what Jason is doing with her police files. Alexis talking to Jason in the interrogation room, Sam overhears Alexis tell Jason to stay away from her, Ric walks up and sees Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

July 21, 2006

Sam is working at the PCPD when she sees Alexis has a file on Jason. Jason is walked into the interrogation room by Cruz and Alexis leaves the file on his desk and walks into talk to Jason. Jason says he is not going to talk without a lawyer, Alexis says she isnít asking him any questions. Jason asks why he is there and she tells him that the Escobars were sloppy accountants and as they speak people are looking at the warehouse and offices for data connecting him. Alexis and Jason fight over what data she is looking for. Liz shows up and asks Sam if she has seen Lucky. Sam says no. Liz asks why Jason is there and Sam says because he is a criminal. Liz defends Jason and Sam interrupts saying that she doesnít need a lecture about Jason, she lived his lifestyle with him, unlike her who walked away cause she couldnít take it. Sam tells Liz to be careful what she tosses away because it can come back to haunt you. Alexis leaves Jason and looks for the file. It is now lost and Alexis blames Sam. At the PH Carly walks right in and confronts Jason with proof that Ric bought the dress for Emily on purpose to make Sonny get mad. Jason says he wishes he had killed Ric when he had the chance and now he was going to. Carly stops him saying that death is to good for Ric. Jason doesnít understand how Carly can not want to see him suffer after all the crap he pulled Carlyís says she doesnít want Jason to go to jail and wants to make his life a living hell instead. Carly says sonny is always upset about lily when he has a breakdown and that Sonny was calling Emily Lily, so Ric must have gotten the idea to use Lilyís memory to take Sonny down deeper. Jason says Ric will play the brother card. Carly says she will play her own cards to help Sonny. Jason (at Sonnyís) looks through old photos of Lily and Sonny and finds one with the same kind of dress. Then Ric shows up at Sonnyís too and Jason confronts him with hurting Sonny. Jason confronts him with the dress, telling him he did it on purpose to trick Sonny into thinking Emily is Lily. Ric asks Jason what he is going to do. Jason answers they are both going to wait for Sonny to come home then tell him exactly what he has been up to. (Credit Holsgem)

July 24, 2006

Jason is fighting with Ric about Ric pushing Sonny over the edge. Sonny arrives and asks what is going on. Ric says Jason never got him help because he wanted the control over Sonny. Ric blames Jason for Sonny never realizing he has a problem and says Carly and Jason would still be covering for Sonny if he hadnít forced him into a deep breakdown and made him get help. Ric admits he bought Emily the Lily like dress and that he knew Sonny had a bipolar disorder. Jason says Sonny has to get rid of Ric, that he kidnapped his pregnant wife and now he forced him into a deeper breakdown then ever before. Sonny asks Ric to leave. Ric still thinks he did what was best for Sonny. Carly is at Jakes with Patrick when Jason arrives. Carly asks Pat to leave so she can talk to Jason. Carly thinks Jason is there to get her but quickly realizes he is there because he doesnít want to go home to an empty PH. Carly tells Jason to call Sam and get her back. Jason says he can't. Then Carly changes the subject to Sonny. Jason tells her about Sonny kicking Ric out and Carly says its good she is with Jax because she doesnít want to get hooked on Sonny again.  Alexis confronts Sam about the stolen file about Jason. Sam denies taking it and says she is coming to terms with her and Jason being apart and would never steal a file and jeopardize her job. Alexis thinks Sam did it still. Finally Alexis thinks that Sam is telling the truth. Sam asks why she hired her if she doesnít trust her and Alexis says trust is earned and they both say they will continue to work on their relationship. Sam leaves and kicks the garbage can. Sam is on Elm Street Pier and Ric shows up yelling into his phone he threw his phone to the ground then notices Sam is there. Ric asks her what is wrong and Sam said for him to go first. Ric tells Sam about his fight with Jason and Sonny about Sonnyís sickness. Ric says that he was really trying to help Sonny. Sam tells Ric he should try to see if from Jasonís point of view. Ric asks Sam how she can still defend Jason after all he did, Sam says he is just trying to protect her. Ric asks if Jason and her will get back together once Jason gives Sonny the business back. Then Sam and Ric talk about how controlling Alexis is and Ric says that she controls them because that is how she is. (Credit Holsgem)

July 25, 2006

Jason and Carly are at Jakes. Carly wants to sleep with Patrick, Jason says he doesnít care. Then they discuss Sonnyís therapy and how Ric twisted Sonny when he was having his breakdown. Jason feels bad for never making Sonny get therapy before and Carly tells him she tried to but he always refused. Carly tells Jason he is more of a brother than Ric ever will be to Sonny. Liz calls Jason and says she needs to see him at the Elm Street Pier right away. At the pier Liz tells Jason she was visiting Lucky at the PCPD and found a file with his name on it. She stole it and shredded it at GH. Jason tells her never to do that again and that she could be in major trouble. Liz says she did it for all the things Jason has helped her and Lucky with like letting Lucky take the credit for killing Manny. Sonny and Emily are fighting over Sonny not wanting to take the medication Lainey gave him. Jason arrives he and Sonny discuss the reasons why he should take the medication, and the effects it will/could have on Sonnyís life and personality. Sonny is afraid that taking the medication will change him into a different person and that he wont be able to run the business. Jason says he doesnít know what he would do. He didnít like how his parents tried to change him after the accident. Jason says his kids need him healthy. Sonny tells Jason it could be inherited and that he is afraid for Morgan and Kristina. Sonny says he will take the drug for his children. Jason promises to tell Sonny if the drug makes him act wrong. Sonny takes the pill. Sam and Ric are talking on the Elm Street Pier. Neither wants to go home and fight with Alexis so Ric suggests they go to Jakes for a drink. While there they talk about Kristina and play pool. Ric picks a song on the jukebox and Sam closes off. Ric asks her what is wrong and she says this song was on while her and Jason were in Hawaii. Ric says he is sorry and then offers to dance with her. At first Sam says no but then they dance and have a good time. Ric tells Sam that Alexis dances only when she is drunk. Sam says she canít picture a dunk Alexis. Ric says Jason and Alexis are a lot alike, they both always want to be in control. Sam gets mad and leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

July 26, 2006

Ric and Mac talk about Ric taking over any fines Sonny has. Jason arrives and fights with Ric over the business and Jason tells him to stay out, he is Sonnys partner and he is running things now. Ric accuses Jason of using Sonny and Jason says if anyone is a danger to Sonny it is him. Jason talks to Mac and Mac tells him he waived a lot of the building fines because Jason got rid of Escobar. Mac says that if there has to be a mob in PC he is happy Jason is running things. Jason runs into Alexis and she asks how Sonny is doing. Jason says he is taking medication and going to therapy. Alexis says that she is happy to hear that and its setting a good example for Kristina and Morgan. Alexis says she hopes Jason understands why she wants him to stay away from Sam. Alexis asks Sam how long Ric knew about Sonny being bipolar. She says she just found out from Emily herself and doesnít know how long Ric knew. Alexis asks how long Sam and Emily have been friends. Sam says stop, she is not using Emily to get closer to Jason. Alexis says she is just worried that her girls will get bipolar too because it can be hereditary. And she is worried that Sam will go after Jason and that his life is to dangerous for her. Sam says she is working at getting over Jason and that it will take time and she is not going to keep apologizing for loving Jason. Jason walks into Sam who is crying outside of the PCPD. Sam says she knows Sonny was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that it may be hereditary. Jason asks who told her. Sam answers that Carly told Alexis and she told Sam. They are concerned about the kids. Jason says its treatable and wont kill the kids. Sam asks if Sonny is accepting treatment. Jason says yes he is to set a good example to the kids. Sam says that will help Kristina if she has it. Jason says that Sam being so strong will set a good example for her sisters also. Sam says Jason always knows just what to say. Then Sam tells him it would be easier if he was a jerk and didnít care about how she feels. Jason says he will always care. Sam says she wishes Jason would ask her to leave town and to never come back. Sam asks Jason to walk away if he sees her coming. Jason says he will try to stay away from her. Sam watches him as he walks away.  Sam meets Ric at the LH after talking to Jason at the PCPD. Ric says he is going for a swim because he is all upset that Alexis blames him for not telling her about Sonny. Sam says she got the same speech earlier. Sam says she knows her and Jason are over and Ric says she will have to do something drastic to break the bond between her and Jason.

July 28, 2006

Sam and Lucky talk about files at the PCPD. He thinks she stole a file that was about Jason and Escobar. She says she didnít take anything. Lucky says Jason is slipping because he was the one that killed Manny. Sam says that Jason and Manny were already fighting on the roof when he got there, and that even if Lucky shot Manny, Jason was the reason he died. Lucky gets upset and Sam walks away. Sam and Jason get stuck in the courtrooms elevator. Jason calls for help and says its going to be a while. Sam says that is just how her day was going and then rambles on about spilling coffee on herself, breaking her shoes, being late to work and now getting stuck in the elevator with him. She also complains she has her GED tomorrow and hasnít studied. Jason smiles and offers to help her. Sam starts hitting all the buttons on the elevator pad and then gives up and ask Jason to quiz her. She cant answer the first question and says nothing in her life is ever good,. Jason keeps asking questions and Sam gets the rest right. Sam rambles on about how Alexis thinks she is a bimbo. Jason says that Sam got to where she is alone and should be happy about how strong she is. He tells Sam she can get what ever she sets her mind to. Sam says she canít get him back.

July 31, 2006

Sam and Jason are trapped in the elevator at the courthouse.  Jason says he has regrets about breaking up with Sam.  He tells Sam to be as mad as she wants at him but that he does not stop thinking of her and loving her and will never stop.  Sam says the hardest thing about not being together is not having him to talk to. Sam says she misses us and Jason says him too.  Sam says its her fault too and she is sorry for yelling at him in the hospital and for thinking he had chosen Carly over her that day in the hospital.  Jason says it was nothing like that.  Sam says she understands that now, it was because Sonny was sick.  Jason says Sonny's breakdown was hard, he didnít want to get involved than Manny took Sam and his whole focus turned into getting her back.  Sam says he didnít have to do that, he could have called the police to find her.  Jason says it wasnít a choice, it was a necessity like breathing.  Sam says there is always a choice.  He could have helped Sonny instead.  Jason says Sam needed him more.  Sam says that hasnít changed.  Jason says he is proud of Sam getting her life in order, taking the GED, living with her Sisters and mother.  That that life is better than trying to fit in between his business.  Sam says she never had a normal life and never had a problem with Jasonís life. Jason says he doesnít want her to be a target and that now that he has taken over the business its for the best.  Sam asks for how long he will be the head of the business and Jason says he doesnít know.  Sam asks if they can be together after Sonny comes back and Jason says no, that its not that easy.  Sam says it could be.  The elevator starts again and the door opens. Jason goes to walk out and says good luck on you tests to Sam.  Sam stops him and asks if that is how its going to end, then her phone rings and he walks out, she answers and its Ric asking her to come home because Kristina is asking for her.Sam is with Ric and Kristina in the hospital.  Kristina needs a shot after cutting herself on a rusty nail and is scared.  Sam tells Kristina that its not to bad and that after the shot they will go get ice-cream.  Ric and Sam talk.  Ric says he is sorry to bother her but Alexis was unreachable in a meeting.  Sam says she will help her little sisters anytime.  Ric asks were Sam was and she says she was trapped in the courthouse elevator alone. Jason meets Carly on the docks to discuss Sonny.  Carly is afraid that Sonny will not take the increased medication for his bipolar disorder and asks Jason to help talk him into it.  Jason says he is not comfortable telling Sonny to take medication when he himself didnít.  Carly asks how long Jason will take over the business.  Jason says as long as Sonny needs him to.  Carly asks what if he can never return, will Jason put his life on hold forever? (Credit Holsgem)

August 1, 2006

Jason and Carly on the docks talking about Jason running Sonny's business.  Carly is worried about if Sonny can't run the business ever again.  Jason says he will keep running it.  Carly says will Jason be happy with that since it means no Sam.  Jason says he already doesn't have Sam.  Carly says that he can.  She knows that he is hurting without Sam and says he is not doing anyone any favors by pushing her away.  Carly wants to help him.  She thinks he needs to change the way he does business.  Jason says Carly will never be involved in the business.  Carly pitches herself as a businesswoman.  Jason says he will not risk Carly any more than he would risk Sam.  Carly says Jason is never has fear for himself so when he was afraid for Sam he shut down because he couldn't handle it.  Jason says Sam is safer away from him.  Carly talks about how they love each other and how they will continue to be afraid for and worry about each other but at least together they also have the love.  Bernie interupts.  Carly tries to send him away but Jason sends her away.  Jason and Bernie discuss business problems.  Jason goes to Sonny's.  Sonny says he broke up with Emily.  They talk about Em.  They also talk about Sonny's mental issues and how Jason dealt with them. Sonny asks Jason to run the business indefinitely. (Credit Holsgem)

August 2, 2006

Sam goes to Alexis office.  Alexis asks Sam what she knows about Manny's file being unsealed.  Sam says she wouldn't know how to get the file.  Alexis says since Sam started her job evidence against Jason has been disappearing.  Sam says she didn't do.  They argue and Sam walks out. Later, Sam overhears Ric and Alexis arguing over Alexis not charging Jason with Manny's murder cause he agreed to stay away from Sam.  Sam leaves before hearing Alexis saying she could not have gotten a conviction and Jason would have looked like a hero. Sam having ice cream at Kelly's.  Ric comes and asks her about the GED test.  Sam thanks him for his support and tells him about Alexis' accusations. Jason playing pool.  He flashes back to Sam getting shot. Liz comes and tells him that Lucky knows he killed Manny and that Lucky is still on drugs.  Lucky comes. Liz hides. Lucky tells him he knows about Manny.  Lucky wants to know what he has on Alexis that she is covering for him.  He also brings up the missing file and accuses Sam.  Jason says to leave Sam out of it.  Lucky threatens to go to internal affairs.  Jason warns him not to involve Sam.  Jason throws Lucky out. Liz comes out and says Lucky was high. She talks about Lucky's addiction.  Bernie comes and Liz leaves.  Bernie and Jason discuss business problems related to Sonny being sidelined.  Bernie says Lo is making overtures to their allies.  Robin comes and Jason reassures Bernie who leaves. Robin talks to Jason about Patrick being exposed to AIDS. (Credit Holsgem)

August 4, 2006

Jason and Sam run into each other at GH.  Alexis sees them together.  Jason asks about the GED. Sam says she thought it went well.  Jason says some books came for Sam and he will send them to the Lakehouse.  Sam says they were for a surprise trip she was planning for them.  Alexis on the phone telling Cruz to arrest Jason on false charges.  Sam sees her.  Sam tells him to return the books.  He says she could go anyway.  She says he lost any say in what she does when he left her. Lucky comes and takes Jason in.  Carly runs into them.  Jason tells her to get him a lawyer. Sam tells Carly Alexis had Jason arrested for talking to her.  Lucky cuffs Jason to the table.  Sam comes in and Lucky says she is just in time to misplace the evidence.  Lucky leaves. Jason wants Sam to leave.  Sam wants him to admit Alexis is pressuring him.  Alexis is watching.  Sam is mad at Alexis and says she is gonna mess with her life right back.  She goes to confront her.  Alexis says it looks bad for Sam to be in the interrogation room with Jason.  Sam starts to argue than apologizes.  Alexis goes in to see Jason.  He tells her to stop arresting him and he won't see Sam nearly as much.  Jason says to charge him or release him.  She says she is holding him in protective custody until the South American mobsters leave.  She wants him to ignore Sam because she will hang on as long as she knows he loves her.  Carly barges in and threatens to go to the mayor about Alexis.  Alexis has a coughing fit.  Sam goes home and starts drinking with Ric.  Ric encourages her to give up on Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

August 7, 2006

Alexis has a coughing fit.  Jason and Carly encourage her to sit and Carly gets her some water.  She say allergies.  They question her about her healthcare.  She says Jason can go. Carly wants to know why.  Jason doesn't care why, he just wants to go.  Carly says she tried to stop Sonny from going to the meeting but he went anyway.  Jason goes to the meeting.  He and Sonny present a untied front and leave.  Outside, Sonny needs Jason to get him out of there.  At Greystone, Sonny tells Jason about the meeting and how hard it was for him to handle it.  Carly comes busting in and wants to know if Sonny is okay.  Sonny says he is fine.  Carly hugs him and leaves.  Sonny wants to know what they are gonna do now that everyone thinks he is in charge again. He wants to know if Jason thinks he is ready to take over. Jason says he wants Sonny to run things but doesn't think he is ready.  Ric comes in and says Jason dos not want to return what he stole.  Ric tries to turn Sonny on Jason and Carly.  Ric says he is Sonny's brother.  Sonny says Jason is his brother by choice.  Ric keeps in on Jason.  Sonny goes after him but Jason grabs him.  Sonny throws Ric out. Jason takes Sonny to GH where Sonny tells Lainey he wants to resume treatment.  Sam and Ric continue to drink.  Sam doesn't trust him.  He says they all have to live together and he is just trying to be pleasant. Ric thinks Sam is good for the girls and Alexis is neglecting them.  They talk about about Alexis.  Ric is afraid to discuss anything with Alexis for fear of ending up in Family Court.  Sam says she feels like Alexis avoids her.  They talk about how the mayor has approached both of them about being problems for Alexis' career. Ric asks why she doesn't give evidence on Jason like the mayor wants.  Ric talks about how bad Jason treated her.  Sam wouldn't do that.  Ric wants to know why so he can understand why Sonny has the same loyalty to him. Later, Carly comes and encourages Sam to try to get Jason back. Carly says Jason loves her and Carly wants him happy.  Sam says she has tried everything she knows and it isn't going to happen.  Carly tells her about the pressure and guilt Alexis has been bringing on him.  Sam knows and says Jason said that has nothing to do with it.  Carly points out Jason's perspective.  Alexis comes and she and Carly argue. Carly tells Sam Alexis will control her if she lets her. Sam says she controls her own life. Carly argues with Alexis again.  (Credit Holsgem)

August 8, 2006

Replay of Carly arguing with Alexis.  Ric comes in.  Carly says Alexis daughters are all going to resent her.  Sam tells Carly that she understand that she is fighting for Jason but that it is not the time and Carly should leave.  Carly says she thought Sam wanted what she had back.  Sam gets mad and says she did not break up with Jason and she tried to get him back but he doesn't want her.  Carly says he doesn't want her hurt.  Alexis throws Carly out.  Sam says she is taking herself out to dinner and Sam leaves.  Jason meets Emily at the MC restaurant.  She says she isn't having dinner with him.  She lured him there to have dinner with Edward. Edward says he thought Jason would refuse to see him.  Emily asks them to listen to each other and leaves. Edward starts to thank Jason for siding with them on Sonny and Emily.  Jason doesn't want to talk about it.  Edward calls him on bad manners then stops and says he will get to the point. Edward asks him to kill Alcazar. He says Skye is in hiding from Lo and Jason can fix it.  Jason says Skye is gone and can stay clear of Lo and Lo loses his baby so he gets punished.  Edwards says Jason is protecting Lo.  Jason says he is protecting Edward.  Jason says if Edward orders Lo's death he will carry it with him forever. Edward says he can live with it.  Jason says can he live with it if Jason does it for him. Edward backs off. Sam comes into the restaurant and gets a table. Sam watches Jason who tries not to look at her while Edward continues talking. Edward apologizes for what he said when Justus died and they shake hands.  Jason gets up and goes out on the balcony.  He flashes back to shooting and turns and sees Sam standing in the doorway. Jason tells her to run to him. She does and he holds her for a moment, then he starts to describe clinically what happened to her when she was shot and then what would have happened if she were shot a little higher.  He says she would have died because she ran into his arms and he can't let that happen.  He tells her if he loves it could and that he can't love her anymore.  Jason leaves Sam crying on the balcony. (Credit Holsgem)

August 10, 2006

Alexis approaches Jason in Kelly's. He doesn't want to talk about Sam.  Alexis says it is about Carly and tells him how Carly is trying to get him and Sam back together.  Sam watches from the window. Alexis wants Jason to make Carly stop since Carly is keeping Sam from accepting the break up.  Jason asks if Sam's okay.  Alexis says she will be if Carly leaves her alone. Sam comes in and says she is not surprised to find them together.  She is bitter with Alexis about her goal to keep them apart. Jason drags Sam away.  He says Alexis did not make him break up with her.  He tells her it is over and that he can't love her anymore. Sam leaves. Alexis comes up and says she knows that was painful but it was a gift to Sam. He hopes she is right.  Jason leaves. Carly is getting ready to leve for Ciaro.  Jason comes in and Carly asks for a ride to the airport.  He asks about her trip and she tells him she is going to help Jax.  Carly starts in on him about Sam and how he loves her and needs her. She compares Sam being shot with him to him being shot working for Sonny. Jason tries to say it is not the same but Carly makes her points.  Carly says Alexis is wrong and what Jason is doing will not help Sam is will destroy her. Carly says that Jason has proved to Sam that every bad thing she thought about herself was true and Sam believes she deserves to be left.  She convinces Jason to go fix things with Sam after he drops her off at the airport.  Jason driving to the Lakehouse.  Bernie calls.  Jason says business will have to wait until after he sees Sam. Sam goes home.  Ric is drinking and starts in about Jason but Sam says she doesn't want to talk about Jason.  She starts to drink too.  Sam says Alexis is a controlling bitch.  Alexis is at the door and hears her.  Sam and Alexis argue. Alexis tells Sam to get out that she is pathetic and degraded.  Ric jumps in and tells Alexis that is not how you talk to your child.  Sam says Alexis finally told the truth that she thinks Sam is trash.  Alexis tries to backtrack.  Sam talks about how she is a disappointment to Alexis and how Alexis tried to remake her life in her own image. Alexis says Sam will poison her sisters against her and she wants her to leave. Ric steps in and tries to get Alexis to stop.  He says it isn't about Sam it is about her.  Alexis gets mad at him and leaves. Later, Ric and Sam are still drinking.  She asks where everyone is.  He says they are at the MC since the airconditioning it broken. Sam talks about leaving town.  Ric says getting even is better than running away.  Sam wants to know where he is going with this. Ric asks waht happened with Jason and Sam says he said he didn't lvoe her anymore.  Alexis comes back to the Lakehouse and sees Ric and Sam having sex through the window. (Credit Holsgem)

August 11, 2006

Replay of Alexis seeing Sam and Ric throught he window.  She turns to leaves and runs into Jason.  She tells Jason that Sam isn't there, that she went to the MC when the blackout took out the air conditioning.  She asks Jason for a ride to the hotel. She starts to have trouble breathing and has another coughing fit.  Jason takes her to the hospital.  At the hospital, she asks him not to go see Sam.  He says it has nothing to do with her.  Jason leaves.  Epiphany comes but Alexis says she is there to see a client. Jason back at the Lakehouse.  He is on the phone giving orders about finding Sam.  Jason goes to the door and sees Sam and Ric through the window. Ric drinking at the table. Sam sleeping on the floor dreaming of dancing with Jason in the rain. Jason goes home and starts drinking.  Sam starts to wake up calling for Jason and then remembers what happened. Jason on the steps crying and drinking and remembering being with Sam in Hawaii.  The door knocks. Liz is standing there. (Credit Holsgem)

August 14, 2006

Jason opens the door and Liz walks in and says she has nowhere else to go. Jason gives her some tequila.  She asks if he is drunk.  He says he sees that she is in pain.  She tells him about Lucky and Maxie.  He says he is sorry, he knows how that hurts.  She says he can't know. He tells her about Sam and Ric. Jason says it isn't her fault about Lucky and Maxie.  She says Sam and Ric aren't his fault but he says it is. Liz talks about Jason helping her after Lucky "died" and Zander. Liz says that she fell in love with Jason and then he left.  He says he came back and she says everything was different then.  He says they stayed friends. She says she always finds him when her life falls apart. He tells her not to think about it.  She says she doesn't want to think about anything she just wants to be with him.  They have sex. Later, Jason says he didn't expect this.  She says this is the only night they can spend together.  Liz talks about how before Cam she wanted to have a life with Jason. He doesn't blame her for wanting Cam to be safe.  She doesn't think he is safe with Lucky either. She says she can go but doesn't know where to go.  He says she can stay with him.  They kiss. Sam wakes up on the floor.  Ric goes to help her up and she says don't touch me. Ric says they are both responsible for what they did. Sam says she wanted to destroy her last connection with Jason and this was it so she has to live with it.  She says it won't happen again, once was more than enough. Ric says they needed each other. Sam says he needed her to finally beat Jason. She wants to know if he feels any guilt or remorse about Alexis.  He says she should have it too.  She says that she never pretended to love Alexis but he did.  She says Ric has been looking for a way to punish Jason and she gave it to him. Ric says she is no longer Jason's woman. She says she is going to tell Jason about it so Ric can't use it to hurt Jason later. Ric doesn't think she will tell Jason because he will despise her for it. Ric says he didn't do anything to Sam but listen to her.  She says he was working her.  He tells her telling Jason won't get her anything.  She leaves.  Sam gets to the PH and is about to knock. (Credit Holsgem)

August 15, 2006

Jason and Liz kissing.  He hears something, picks up his gun and runs to the door.  No one is there.  Liz nags him about the gun. She backs off and asks about guards.  Jason says there is no point in them without Sam there and guards are just show there is no way to be safe.  He says that Liz isn't safe while she is near him.  She says she isn't looking for a committment and did not plan to sleep with him. They talk about their friendship and Jason says his life is the opposite of everything she is about.  She says him and his life were always temptation to her.  Liz talks about her past. She wonders about if she had left with Jason and they made it to Italy.  Jason offers to send her and Cam to Italy for awhile. Liz says she can't.  Jason tries to talk her into going but she says no. She talks about not facing Lucky's addiction and affair.  She asks what's next for him and he says there is no next for him, he will just keep working. She says he will be alone.  He says that is better, that way no one gets hurt.  Liz says except him and kisses him. Sam goes to the PH, starts to knock then changes her mind. Sam driving.  She thinks back to being with Jason on the balcony and then having sex with Ric.  She stops the car, gets out and throws up. Alexis telling Ric that he wants her to be cheating with the mayor so he will have an excuse.  He says for what.  Sam comes in. Shesays she is just going to get her stuff.  Alexis says wait. She wants to talk about what happened and what they are going to do about it.  Sam says that they are not fitting as mother and daughter.  Alexis says that we all say things we want to take back.  Sam says she can't because she meant it, she sees Sam as an embarrassment. Sam talks about the patterns between them and agrees that it is not good for Molly and Kristina so she is going to take herself out of the situation.  Ric thinks they need a breather, Sam thinks what happened is irrevocable, Alexis thinks that the family is in trouble and they need to talk about it.  Alexis talks about her job keeping her from her family when it needs her attention.  She says she is considering resigning.  Sam says it doesn't change her decision and goes to get her things.  Sam carrying her stuff out. Ric stops her and asks her not to tell Jason or anyone about what happened between them.  Sam agrees and leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

August 17, 2006

Jason and Liz wake up in Brenda's room.  They talk about the room.  Jason and Liz have breakfast. They talk about cooking.  Jason mentions Sam and gets sad.  Liz tries to cover.  Jason asks if she is sure about leaving Lucky. Later, Jason and Liz on the bacolny.  Jason asks if she needs help.  They go inside and talk about Lucky and her divorce. Jason thinks she should wait.  She says she has to think about Cam. Liz leaves. Jason at Alexis' office.  He asks if he needs a lawyer but she says it is personal.  She asks him not to tell Sam or Ric about taking her to the hospital.  He says he doesn't plan to speak to Sam or Ric. He says he won't lie for her but he won't volunteer info either. She says her condition isn't serious.  He says she is lying but that isn't his business but that the truth will come out.  Jason leaves. Sam in Kelly's looking at her ring.  Ric comes in.  Sam says she is not going to tell anyone to protect Alexis, Kristina and Molly.  Ric says it was a good idea for her to leave town.  Sam says she was going anyway so she will not have to look at him and can forget what they did.  They bicker over blame and regret.  Ric leaves.  Sam goes to Sonny.  Sonny knows about her and Ric and her leaving town because Ric told him.  Sonny Ric was afraid she would tell Jason and Jason would kill him so he wanted protection.  Sonny is understanding and does not think Sam should leave town and lose her family.  They talk about Ric and what was going on with Sam.  Sam says Jason will hate her forever. Sonny is not so sure.  They talk about Jason and Sam asks if Sonny thinks he will forgive her.  Sonny says he doesn't know.  Sam is still leaving town.  She says she can't stay in there where she will run into Jason and think about what she did.  Sonny tries to talk her into staying.  Sonny thinks she should just tell and let people get past it.  Sam is worried about ruin Kristina and Molly's family.  Sam asks Sonny to visit their daughter's grave every now and then.  Jason comes home.  He is standing there clearly devastated.  Sam comes. She says she is leaving town and wanted to say goodbye. She tells him she slept with Ric.  He says he knows. (Credit Holsgem)

August 18, 2006

Replay of Sam telling Jason she slept with Ric.  Jason tells her he was at the Lakehouse and saw them. She asks why he was there. He says to tell her he was wrong for pushing her away. Sam says he was going to ask her to come back.  He says it didn't happen so it doesn't matter.  It matters to Sam.  She can't believe that he was finally coming back to her and she was with Ric.  She tells him why she did it and what she was feeling. She asks if he thought about stopping them. He says he thought about killing Ric but left instead.  Jason says he has no right to be upset.  Sam asks what he did after he left.  He tells her he came and home and started drinking and that Liz came and he slept with her.  Sam asks if he did it for payback. He says no, that it just happened because they were both hurt and alone. Sam asks if he can look at her and not see her with Ric.  Jason doesn't answer so Sam takes it as no.  Sam says she can't undo it so leaving town is the best option.  She starts to leave. Jason calls to her and tells her she shouldn't leave.  He says she always wanted a family and should not give that up. She can't stay in a place where she used to share a life with him.  She leaves. Sam goes to Alexis' office.  Alexis wanted to talk to her before she left.  Sam says there is nothing left to say.  Alexis says she has cancer and Kristina and Molly need Sam.  Liz comes to the PH and tells Jason that Lucky went to Narcotics Anonymous and then asked her to stay so she is staying with him.  Jason is happy for her but tells her to be careful. She wants him to keep their ONS a secret but he says it is too late. (Credit Holsgem)

August 21, 2006

Replay of Alexis telling Sam she has cancer.  Sam says it could be a mistake but Alexis says no it is true. Sam asks about treatment andAlexis says they want to operate and follow-up with chemo. They talk about the cancer. Alexis wants Sam to stay for her sisters.  They talk about thier relationship. Alexis says Kristina will need Sam.  Sam thinks she can't do it. Alexis tells Sam to let her know her decision and that Ric doesn't know.  Ric comes up behind Alexis. Alexis apologizes to Sam and says that she was angry that she was sick. Sam says it is all complicated.  Alexis says it is simple, she needs her family to help her beat the cancer. She turns and sees Ric. Sam leaves them to talk.  Sam goes to the docks to think.  Ric comes and they talk about Alexis.  Ric wants Sam to stay for Alexis.  Sam has a job on a ship leaving in the morning. Ric says Sam needs to keep the secret.  Sam wants to get away from Ric.  Ric asks if she is still leaving.  She walks away. Jason tells Liz that he told Sam. Liz gets snotty about Lucky finding out. Jason says Sam won't tell Lucky.  Liz thinks she will.  Jason says she is leaving town. Liz asks how he feels about that.  Jason says he thinks it is a mistake but it is up to her.  Liz asks if he can forgive Sam.  He asks if she can forgive Lucky. She says she will try because she has too much to lose. Later, Sonny comes to the PH and tells Jason Sam is leaving.  Jason says he knows.  He tells Sonny he knows everything because he saw them. Sonny says Sam can't leave cause Alexis has cancer.  Jason asks how bad it is and Sonny says not good.  Sonny says he already tried to talk Sam out of leaving but she thinks Jason hates her.  Jason doesn't know what to feel.  Sonny thanks Jason for not hurting Ric because of Alexis.  Jason can't believe that Sonny still wants Alexis to trust Ric but Sonny thinks Kristina needs him and Sam.  Jason says Sam is determined to leave.  Sonny wants Jason to talk to Sam and to forgive a little bit. Sam goes to the PH and tells Jason about Alexis. He says Sonny already told him. She tells him Alexis wants her to stay and she wants to be there for her family.  She just needs to figure out how to deal with him and her. (Credit Holsgem)

August 22, 2006

Jason thinks she should focus on Alexis.  Sam starts to cry.  Jason tries to comfort her.  He tells her she can just sit there or cry or talk or whatever she needs to.  Sam talks about being ready to leave when Cruz picked her up and took her to Alexis.  She tells him she was angry and awful to Alexis and how unselfish Alexis was. She says Alexis needs her and her secret can destroy her world. Sam says part of her wants to tell.  Jason talks about how that will effect Alexis.  Sam asks if he thinks she should not tell.  Jason says he can't tell her what to do and should have never tried to.  She says Alexis needs her support more than she needs the truth and talks about how keeping the secret is hard.  The door knocks. Liz is there.  Sam tells Liz about Alexis cancer and they agree to keep each other's secrets. Sam leaves.  Liz tells Jason about running into Maxie who blamed Liz's flirting for Lucky's addiction.  Liz says it is more important than ever that Lucky never find out about them.  Sam goes to the Lakehouse and watches throught the window as Alexis tells Kristina that she is sick. Sam comes in and talks to Kristina about all the things they are going to do to help Alexis. Alexis takes Kristina to bed.  Sam goes outside and Ric comes. They talk about Alexis and Kristina.  Ric asks if Sam is staying.  Sam says she is and angrily starts away. Ric says that Sam needs to stop the hostility or Alexis will notice.  Sam says she told Jason but he already knew.  Alexis comes down and sees them talking and flashes back to them having sex.  Sonny comes to the PH.  He and Jason talk about Alexis.  Sonny says Alexis wants Ric to keep Kristina if she dies.  Sonny says it won't happen but Alexis needs Ric right now.  He says if Ric fails, he is not under his protection anymore. Sonny says that Alexis will need Sam and Sam will need Jason. Jason says he is trying.  Sonny talks about Alexis givng up. (Credit Holsgem)

August 24, 2006

Alexis is going to work.  Ric wants her to talk it easy.  Sam says let Alexis do what she wants. Ric keeps trying but Alexis says Sam will be there to help her.  Alexis and Sam leave. Alexis has to make a stop before work before leaving she thanks Sam for staying.  Sam is filing when Alexis comes in. Alexis has a coughing fit.  Sam helps her. Sam talks about how Alexis took care of her when she was hurt.  Nik comes. Sam leaves so they can talk.  Later, Sam comes back.  Alexis is going over things with the mayor. Alexis has another cooughing fit and Sam helps her again. The mayor tells Alexis to go home and focus on getting well.  He says they will welcome her back in a few months. Sam tells Alexis to do what she wants.  Alexis says this is the begining of her life with cancer. At home, Kristina is thrilled to see Alexis.  Sam leaves them alone. Jason goes to Sonny's and says they intercepted Lo's arms shipment.  Sonny doesn't want Lo provoked. Jason says they can be of Lo for good. Sonny says that Lo may come after them.  Jason doesn't care. Lo comes. He wants his shipment back.  Sonny says Lo needs to use another Port or go through him.  Lo asks if they took it as a warning and says he needs it back now.  Sonny tells him where the shipment is.  Lo leaves.  Jason is mad that Sonny made them look weak.  Sonny says he doesn't want a war while Alexis is sick. Jason thinks Lo is going to take advantage of it but Sonny is only worried about Alexis.  Jason says okay, he will back off Lo. Later, Jason sees Liz on the docks.  She talks about Lucky detoxing.   Liz talks about how Manny grabbing her changed everything for all of them.  Jason disagrees, he thinks it was all bad choices.  She wants to protect Lucky but says she is not sorry.  Jason says he is her friend.  She leaves.  Sam comes to the docks crying.  She sees Jason and starts to leave but he stops her. Sam talks about Alexis and Kristina, gets more upset and takes off. (Credit Holsgem)

August 25, 2006

Jason and Sonny at Sonny's.  Sonny is worried about Ric now that he is D.A.  He talks about not letting him raise Kristina if Alexis dies but he doesn't know what to tell Alexis. Jason asks Sonny to warn Sam first if he decides to tell Alexis about her and Ric.  Sonny agrees to speak to Sam before he does anything.  Ms. Sneed calls Sonny about April's effects and tells him she died.  Alexis making a video for her girls if she dies.  Sam sends Kristina out of the room and asks why she is acting like she won't be there. Alexis says she is being realistic.  She doesn't know what to say on the tape.  She asks Sam what she would want to here and Sam says that she matters and that Alexis loves her even though she isn't perfect. Sam would also want to know that Alexis fought really hard not to leave her. Sam, Alexis and Kristina at GH for Alexis consultation. Patrick thinks Kristina should not come in.  Sam says Kristina is nervous. Patrick reassures her. Patrick tells her there are rides at the pier and Sam volunteers to take her. Sam and Kristina leave.  Patrick says it is good to have a family that takes care of each other and Alexis flashes back to Sam and Ric again.  Sam and Kristina on the pier.  Sam is telling Kristina about Jason's boat.  Jason comes and Kristina runs to him. She asks him to take her and Sam on his boat.  Sam tells her Jason is too busy but he says he would be happy to take them. Sam says she has to check with Alexis and calls her.  Alexis asks to talk to Jason.  She wants Jason to assure he that Kristina will be safe around him.  He does.  Jason and Sam getting Kristina in her lifejacket while Jason tells Kristina Sam will be driving and what a great captain she is.  Later, Sam thanks Jason for taking Kristina's mind off Alexis for a little while.  He asks about what about her.  Sam says she just wants to do something right.  Jason tells her then she needs to stop punishing herself. He expresses confidence in her.  Kristina comes up and asks if they are going to kiss. (Credit Holsgem)

August 28, 2006

Replay of dock conversation and Kristina asking about them kissing.  Sam tells her they are not together anymore.  Kristina asks if they still love each other.  Jason says distracts her by talking about the boat ride. Sam takes Kristina home. Sam and Kristina tell Alexis about the boat ride.  Kristina tells her Jason said they could go again. Sam sends Kristina to wash up. Sam starts to explain about Jason but Alexis says she understands.  Alexis knows Jason would never hurt her but too many people have tried to kill Jason for Alexis to be comfortable with her around him. Jason goes to Sonny's and tries to bring him up to date on Lo but Sonny says Alexis wants him to stay away from Sam and Kristina.  Jason says Kristina is his kid too, what does he want.  Sonny says Jason is not the worst thing to happen to Sam or Kristina, Ric is. Sonny explains Alexis' thinking to Jason but comes back to Alexis needing to know about Ric and Sam to protect Kristina. Jason reminds him that he agreed to talk to Sam first.  Alexis is pushing a chair. Sam comes in and does it for her.  Alexis flashes back to Sam and Ric. Alexis talks about finding out Sam was her daughter and believing their time would be cut short and feeling that way again.  Sam says Alexis will make it.  Alexis is glad Sam will be there for her sisters. Sam wants her to focus on getting well. Alexis tries to rest. Sam goes outside.  Kristina comes downstairs. She left her bracelet on Jason's boat.  Alexis says Kristina should not go on anymore boat rides with Jason.  Kristina says Jason is nice and him and Sam almost kissed. Alexis asks if she is sure.  She says Sam and Jason love each other.  Jason tells Sonny that as angry as he is he does not want Sam hurt anymore.  Sonny asks if Jason wants him to not tell Alexis.  Jason says he is done telling people how to live. Alexis talks to Kristina about Jason.  Sam's cellphone rings, she answers. Jason's cellphone rings, he answers.  Sonny on the phone telling someone he needs to see them right away.  Jason asks Alexis what she wants.  She asks him to look for Kristina's bracelet and drop it off. Sonny tells Sam it is about her mother. Alexis also wants to talk to Jason about her daughters. Jason brings the bracelet.  Alexis thanks him and says Kristina had a very good time on the boat.  Alexis says Kristina adores him because of how he loves Sam.  Jason doesn't want to talk about it. Alexis wants him to not falter in keeping away from Sam.  Sam goes to Sonny's and starts to talk about Alexis and the boat ride. Sonny says that is not why he called her. He tells her about Alexis wanting Ric to raise Kristina. He thinks Alexis needs to know the truth.  Sam asks him not to tell because Alexis will hate her and Alexis needs her. Sam says she will tell Alexis when she gets better. Sam does not want Alexis and Kristina hurt and says that Alexis needs Ric right now. Sonny says he needs to do what is best for Kristina and he is sorry. Alexis says she shouldn't have gone to Sonny but she doesn't know what to do.  If she dies Sam will be Kristina's mother figure.  Jason says he won't tell people how to live or who to love again. Alexis tells Jason to love Sam enough to let her go. Jason says he tried that and it turned out bad. Alexis has a coughing fit. (Credit Holsgem)

August 29, 2008

Sonny says he is not trying to hurt Alexis or Sam, he just thinks it will be bad for Kristina to be raised by Ric.  Sam refuses to believe Alexis is going to die. Sam wants Sonny to help her fight.  She wants him to let Alexis keep believing in Ric so that she will be calm for the surgery.  Alexis having coughing fit.  Jason helps her.  Jason wants to take her to the doctor but she doesn't want to go.  She confides in him that she is terrified.  She asks him to help her because she doesn't know how to face her own death.  She reminds him that he was faced with a terminal illness and asks how he did it.  He says he can't teach her how not to be afraid.  She asks if he was afraid.  He said what scared him was leaving the people who loved him and the idea of Sam, Carly, Sonny and the boys grieving.  He talks about how he worried about Sam and if she would be okay.  She asks if he was afraid of the process of dying. He says he was thinking about having to hold on for Sam for as long and possible and that is what he was focused on. He says he doesn't remember being afraid until it came to the surgery.  That scared him because failure would have left him a vegetable. He says if it was him he would not have taken the chance but Sam needed him.  He tells her when the fear gets bad she should think about the people who need her.  She asks him to take her to the hospital.  Sonny says Sam can't forgive herself so she assumes that Alexis can't forgive her but Alexis is a mother and her love is unconditional and she will not stop loving her.  Sam says it is not about her it is about Alexis and not taking away what she needs.  Sam says nothing is more important than Alexis right now.  She asks Sonny to lie for Alexis.  Sam's phone rings.  Jason tells her he is taking Alexis to the hospital. Sam and Sonny leave. Jason and Alexis at GH.  Sam and Sonny come. Sonny asks for a minute with Alexis. Sonny says they need to get to the truth.  Alexis talks about her health. Sonny refuses to help her keep pressuring Jason and Sam.  Jason reassures Sam that Sonny is not gonna tell Alexis.  Sam says she doesn't care if it comes out after Alexis is better. Jason asks why she assumes Alexis will just shut her out.  She says that is what everyone has done except him.  Sonny tells Alexis that he wants to help her but he won't obey her.  Alexis says it is not about getting her way it is about protecting her daughters.  Sam tells her the doctor is ready for her.  Sam and Alexis go to see the doctor.  Sonny tells Jason he didn't tell causes Sam and Alexis need each other. Jason sees Liz on the pier. She tells him she is avoiding going home because Lucky is having a bad time. Jason offers to help but she says she is stuck.  Liz says she will leave Lucky if he relapses. (Credit Holsgem)

August 31, 2006

Sam comes home to find Alexis getting ready to go in the hospital.  She asks where Ric is.  Alexis says he is at work and she would prefer Sam can take her.  Jax comes.  He says Sam texted him.  Alexis is happy to see him.  Carly goes to the PH and tells Jason that Jax broke her heart. Alexis is surprised Sam contacted Jax.  Sam leaves them alone. Carly talks to Jason about Jax. Carly goes off about guys mistreating the women they say they care about. Jason says he is not Jax.  Carly asks then where is Sam.  Jason yells at her to leave it alone and tells her that he and Sam are over. Carly tries to find out what happened but Jason doesn't want to talk about it.  He says they won't be getting back together. Jason sees Sam on the docks.  She says she is fine just worried about Alexis.  She says she wants to make things easier for Alexis but Ric is staying away from Alexis because of her.  She says Jason can't even stand to hear his name. Jason says if there is anything he can do just ask.  She says he has done enough by just stopping to check on her. He starts to leave.  Sam says she knows this isn't easy.  He stops and says again to let him know if she needs anything and leaves. Sam comes back the Lakehouse with a gift.  Nik is there. Sam gives Alexis the gift.  It is a picture frame.  Sam wants to put a picture of Alexis, Kristina and Molly in it for Alexis bedside at the hospital. Nik takes a picture of Alexis, Sam and the girls. Sonny tells Jason that someone broke into Lainey's office and stole his records. Sonny says the info is compromising. Alexis and Sam arrive at the hospital.  Sam goes to check Alexis in.  Lainey comes and talks to Alexis about calling her if she needs her.  Alexis mentions Sam and Ric sleeping together as Sam walks up. (Credit Holsgem) 

September 1, 2006

Sonny and Jason talk about someone stealing Sonnyís file from Laineyís office. Sonny wants to know who took the file. Alexis talks to about Sam and Ric. Sam approaches but does not hear them.  Sonny says he knew therapy would come back to bite him. He is worried that Jason could run the business and leave him with nothing. Jason thinks it could be Ric. Lainey thinks Alexis should tell Sam and Ric that she knows they slept together. Alexis says no. Sam heard Alexis talking about Ric. Sam thinks Ric should be here, but Alexis is fine. Robin and Patrick take Alexis to her room for pre-op. They let her know Patrick will have to perform the surgery not Noah. They discuss Patricks HIV status. Alexis is worried about what she may say while she is out. Sam says who cares if you babble.  They talk about the surgery and Patrick reassures Alexis. Alexis wants Sam's advice because she trusts her. Sam says we are good with Patrick as surgeon. Sam says being here and in this family means a lot to her. Sam and Alexis hug. Jason comes to the hospital and asks Liz if there is a copy machine near an exit. She tells him where there is. He asks about her situation. She says Lucky is getting through withdrawl. Jason wonít tell Lucky anything about the night they spent together. He sees Sam, asks about Alexis. He sees Sam is scared and tells her if there is anything she needs he can listen. Sam talks about taking care about her two little sisters and says she sounds like Alexis. She is afraid of being a neurotic mess. Alexis is wheeled out and Jason leaves. Jason goes to Sonny's with his file. He tells him it was in a dumpster behind GH. Alexis gives the file to Cruz. Sam wants Cruz to leave because Alexis will be in surgery in a hour. He does. Alexis says I want to say one last thing. Jason talks to Sonny about Sam being a wreck. Sonny says maybe you can help. Jason says he tried. Sonny talks about Jason dying and refusing to get surgery, Sonny owes Sam for that. He talks about her sleeping with Ric, just one night compared to two years. Sonny wants Jason to let go of his anger. He says he canít. Jason taks about how he feels about Sam and Ric. He says he is trying not to let Sam see that. Jason says we werenít together, do I have the right to be angry? He canít get over it. Sonny says Jason hasnít learned how. Sonny tells Jason that he is failing Sam because he doesnít know how to forgive and Sam needs him. Sonny says he has to learn now to forgive for himself as much as for Sam.  Alexis talks about Sam and Jason and how they love each other. Sam wants Alexis to focus on herself. Alexis says I want my children to live a long healthy and happy life together. She wants Sam to promise her that she wonít get back together with Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

September 5, 2006

At the PH Jason comes home and Liz is there, she comes down the stairs and says she forgot her necklace the night of the blackout and she cant find it. He says he doesnít remember her wearing one. She says if he finds it please give it back to her. She over apologies and he says its ok. At GH Jason asks if Liz knows if Sam is with Alexis. He says he will wait for Sam there. Liz feels bad and Jason asks if she is ok. Liz says she feels bad and will go and eat something, that she is ok and it will pass. She again apologizes about being in the PH. Jason says its just the place he sleeps. Liz says she feels the same way. They talk about Lucky and forcing him into rehab. Jason says he cant make decisions for her or anyone. Liz says but if someone you love is making a mistake. Jason says you love them and let them make the mistake. Jason says playing god is a lot worse. Alexis tells Sam she knows its not fair to ask her to give up Jason but she needs to know all her children will be safe. Sam says she cant promise she will stop loving Jason. Alexis says to just stay away. Sam says she doesnít know if her and Jason will ever be together. Alexis says through it all sam has been fighting for Jason and that she refuses to give up. Alexis says she hates the idea of Sam getting hurt. Sam asks Alexis to understand how good Jason is to and for Sam. Sam says she spent her whole life alone and then here comes Jason who never used her. He took her in when she was Prego, and that she lied to him and he still cared and did not get mad at her. Sam says she took over his life and he never complained and he never made her feel like she wasnít good enough, Alexis asks if that is how she makes sam feel . Sam says she knows Alexis would never pick her to be her daughter, and that she wouldnít pick her as her mother either, but now they have to make it work. She just cant give up on the one person who means the world to her to keep her mother. Alexis say she wants her sisters to mean the world to her too, Sam says they do matter to her. Alexis says she is sorry that Sam lives the life she did and Sam says its not her fault. Alexis says that if she dies the girls will count on her, and she will be the one they look to for things like learning how to swim because they learn how to stay above water. Alexis says she knows what she is asking from Sam and she isnít fair, but she has no other choice. Sam agrees. She says Kristina and Molly wont be alone, she won't go to Jason. Sonny knocks on the hospital door and Alexis says she needs to talk to him about what will happen if Alexis dies. Alexis says Sam agreed to stay with Kristina and Molly. Sonny says he doesnít want Kristina with Ric. Alexis says she doesnít want to die but she needs to get these things settled before she dies. She wants the girls to stay together. Sonny agrees if only Alexis will keep fighting and not give up and die. Alexis says she is not going to give up. Sonny then says ok. Alexis thanks them as Epiphany comes to prep her for surgery. Alexis leaves and ask Sam to tell Ric that she is ok if he shows up. Sam agrees. Jason shows up room and asks Sam if she wants him to stay with her. She says that when she was a kid she would go into card shops and look at picture frames and wonder what it would be like to have a family. She would make up stories about the happy families. Now she is in one of those photos and she has a mother and sisters that love her. Which is why she canít have Jason wait with her. She promised she wouldnít go back to Jason and Alexis is worried that if she dies, they would all be safe. Jason says he realized why she promised and why Alexis would ask. Sam says she is sorry. Jason says he wants her to know he was wrong to push her away, and he is sorry he took away her choice of how she lives her life Sam cries and Jason walks away. He goes to the ph and their song plays he looks around and then he hears a knock on the door and its Sam. She tells him he was right that everyone should choose for themselves and asks if that is why he wanted to wait with her?  Ric shows up later and Sam tells him the surgery should be over soon. Ric says he is sorry he missed her, Sam tells him the message and then Alexis is returned. Sam asks how the surgery went and Pat says it went by the book and it was ok. He says the results will be back soon. Ric holds Alexisís hand when she wakes up and he tells her she will beat this and be well again. Sam leaves them alone and cries in the hallway. (Credit Holsgem)

September 6, 2006

Sam shows up at the PH and says he was right that she needs to make her own decisions. He reminds Sam that she promised to stay away from him. She says she knows that but she wants to make it work, and asks if he is willing to try knowing she slept with Ric. Jasonís says he wants her to be ok Sam says she wants Alexis to not be sick but is that it, is she someone he can pity but can't love? She yells that she had sex with Ric. He ask her to stop she says she knows him and that she can see it in his eyes. He yells he is my enemy, not to mention her mothers husband. He says she knows how bad Ric is but she still let him touch her. Jason asks how could she do that to herself and to him. Sam says she did it to punish herself. She did it because he left her, because her mother called her trash so she figured why not. Ric was there and she stopped thinking and then the next thing she remembers is waking up on the floor and she realized what she did and that he would hate her and never look at the same. Sam says that she can see in in his eyes that he cant love her anymore because he knows she slept with ric. Jason says he hates him and Sam says that he cant forgive her. Jason says if it was anyone else it would have hurt but he could accept it. That they were together for 2 years and were going to get married. He says he knows he pushed her away but he thought she knew how much he loved her, and that he was actually trying to save her. Sam says he was killing her, not saving her, and that she begged him to take her back and she did everything she could think of. She says on that terrace for a split second she thought it was real and it would be ok. But that he kept pushing her away. He says he knows it was him pushing her away. He says it was his fault she was there that night with ric. But that she could have walked away, she didnít have to sleep with him. But she did and he wants to try to get past it but he doesnít know how. Jason says he doesnít want to hurt her, or ask her to try again because he cant promise to get back what they had. Sam says she would never sleep with him again. She asks him if he would ever sleep with Liz again. She says she isnít her enemy, and that she was the unfaithful one first and she isnít allowed to feel betrayed, or heartbroken about it, but that she does.. Jason says he doesnít even remember coming home that night, he started drinking when he got home because he wanted to forget and the more he tried the more he remembered, not just her and Ric but her and him and all the little things she does, Hawaii, and the water fight and then there was a knock and he thought it was her but it was Liz. Sam says because of Lucky being on drugs she had no place to go. Jason says that is right. Sam says no she could have gone to her grandmother or to Niks. Jason says Liz didnít go there with the plan on sleeping with him, but Sam says it would be easier if she did, because she could be mad at her. Sam says she is mad at Liz because she comforted him when it was her who hurt him. Sam says that is worse to know. Jason says its not planned and just one night that they helped on another. Sam asks what Jason feels about Liz. He says she is his friend. She asks what he feels for her. Jason says when she first moved in and asked him how he could fit her into his life, he realized just how empty his life was without her. He can't let go of things. He loved Robin and he always though she was right, but then she told AJ about Michael and he stopped loving her and she left. And then Carly and she slept with Sonny and that was the end of it again, something broke inside of him again. And he is friends with Carly but he will never love her. Sam asks if they should just give up and walk away with just 2 years of great memories instead of messing it up by trying again. Jason asks if that is what she wants. Sam says she will love him for the rest of her life, no matter how long she lives. She says that what she wants is for them to try, but she cant do that alone. Jason says he doesnít trust himself. He doest know if he can put the anger away, but he knows if he doest try he will lose her forever. Sam takes off her ring, and tells him to take it back.. He says no its hers he gave it to her. She says no, maybe he can put it back on her finger one day. When they are ready to make the promises again. They hold hands and hug. There is a knock on the door and its Sonny. He says he needs Jason on the next plane out to Argentina, but apologies when he sees a crying sam in the room. Sam says its ok she needs to go check on Alexis. Jason stops her at the door and tells her he may have to leave on business and asks if she will be ok. She says yes and makes him promise he will be careful. He says he is always careful and that if she needs him to call Sonny and he will get the message to him. Sam says she will be ok call her when she gets home, he says he will. Sam goes back to the hospital and checks in on Alexis. She says she wants to talk. Ric leaves Sam and Alexis alone. Sam says she looks tired. Alexis says they need to talk. The cancer has spread. Sam says we keep fighting. Alexis says she is good, she didnít even blink. Sam says we will do what ever it takes. Alexis says she is glad that Kristina and Molly have her and that she knows what a huge sacrifice she made giving up Jason, Sam tells her not to worry about that anymore. Jason is packing to leave and he puts the picture of him and Sam in with his passport. (Credit Holsgem)

September 7, 2006

Sam is at the hospital with Alexis who is dreaming about Sam and Ric sleeping together. She goes in the room in the dream and makes them stop, but they donít. Sam is in the hallway leaving Jason a message saying she cant tell Alexis anything yet, that her cancer is spreading and that Alexis isnít doing good but that Sam is ok. Alexis calls for Sam and she shuts her cell phone and asks if Alexis feels better. Alexis says she wants some coffee but she cant get any. Alexis asks who she was talking to and sam lies that she was calling in. alexis says she should got to work cause she cant help out at the hospital. Sam says she read some books about the power or family connections. Alexis says Sam needs to take a break. Sam says she wants to wait and talk to the dr. Alexis says she already knows and Sam asks if she decided to take the chemo. Alexis says she will make up her mind when she feels better. She says the good news is that she now has time to read and not go to the Mayors party. Alexis says maybe she can do something for her. Ric walks in and brings her flowers and coffee and a card from the girls. Sam give Alexis a drink of water and puts the flowers in some water. Alexis asks Ric and Sam to go to the party at the Mayors for her. Neither want to go and Sam says she can't go she hates the mayor and may embarrass her. Ric doesnít want to go but says that Alexis is right and that they have to go to represent alexis. Alexis says if ric goes alone everyone will wonder why he left is wife alone in the hospital. Sam doesnít want to go and says this isnít a good idea. Ric says they have to go to show the world Alexis is on the mend. Alexis says to go to show that she will soon be back at her job. Alexis asks sam to go for her. Sam says if it will make her feel better she will go. Alexis says the food will be good and the music too. Sam says she will not dance with Ric. Ric says he will make sure Sam is ok. Sam says she needs to leave. At the elevators Liz walks over to sam and asks her how Alexis is. Sam says better. Liz asks if she knows where Jason is. Sam asks why she wants to talk to Jason. Liz says she knows its weird, her knowing about the ONS and all. Sam say she Ric will never happen again and maybe Liz wants more from Jason. Liz says it wasnít planned and that they agreed it will never happen again and that they are just friends and that she is no threat to her and Jason. Sam says Jason and her are broken up and that he doesnít check in with her. She broke up cause Jason wanted her to. Sam says Alexis is really sick. Liz says Jason would want to help her. Sam says she can't help she doesnít know where Jason is. Ric sees Sam at the pier and asks her why she isnít at work. Sam says she cant face working right now. Ric says he will cover for her. Ric says they agreed to be nice for Alexis. Sam says it takes all of her not to let alexis know how much she hates ric. Ric says they both made mistakes that night. Sam says she will never be with Ric again. (Credit Holsgem)

September 8, 2006

Sam is at Sonnyís telling him she needs to stop lying to Alexis about her and Jason. Sonny asks how long are they going to lie to Alexis. Sam says she would have promised anything if it would help her mother. Sonny says its not fair alexis put her in that position. Sam says she wanted to feel like her life was in order. Sam says she doesnít feel bad that Alexis made her promise to give up Jason. Sam says Alexis wants Kristina and Molly to stay together. Sonny says its over because she made it through the surgery. Sam says she may still die and that her thinking that she will never speak to Jason again makes her feel better. Sonny asks if she is ok about the lie. Sam says he lied. Sonny says he isnít good with lies and what if he makes it the truth. If alexis dies do they have to do what they agreed to do? Would she really give up Jason and him give up Kristina to Ric? Sam is at the hospital with Alexis. Alexis asks what Sam did today. She said she went to work and got some stuff for her sisters. Alexis is happy Sam thinks of the girls. Sam says they are her sisters and she will do anything for them. They talk about the Mayors party and Alexis says to go buy a new dress and Alexis will pay for it. They talk about the party, Alexis says Ric is a good dancer, and that she wishes she could dance. Sam says she will not dance. Alexis says things are weird between her and Ric and she wishes she would give him a chance. Alexis says it would be better for the girls if they could get along. Sam gives Ric some files at his office and he tells her to be ready at 7 for the mayors party. Sam says she will meet him there. Ric says no they will go together. Sam says she will not go in the same car and that she will not dance with him. Sam says they need to make piece for the girls. Sam said she will go and pretend he doesnít make her sick to look at him. Ric asks what is she really trying to do.  (Credit Holsgem)

September 11, 2006

Sam goes to the Metro Court to give Mayor Floyd some paperwork from Mac. They go over the murder rates of PC. Sam says she needs to go to GH. He asks how she is doing, Sam tells him Alexis will be starting Chemo as soon as she gets strong enough. He says he heard Sam and Ric would be going to his party and that it will be good for them to get out after all the time they have spent at the hospital. Mayor Floyd says he knows how Sam has been handling all of Alexisís affairs. She asks what he means by that and he answers that it would look better for Alexis now that Sam is no longer connected to Jason. Sam bumps into Jax at GH before going to the party, she is all dressed up and he tells her she looks beautiful. Jax says he will be there too. They talk about Alexis, Jaxís asks what the doctor says. Sam said it doesnít look so good and that the cancer has spread, and that chemo will start once she is better from the surgery. Jax says she is really helping. Sam says she is doing the best she can. Sam goes to see Alexis and Ric is there. Alexis says she looks nice and so does Ric. Sam says they will come back after the party. Alexis says she will be asleep but to come back tomorrow with the girls and talk all about it. Alexis asks Ric to make Sam his priority and to have a good time at the party. Ric kisses her goodbye and says ok. Then he leaves. At the party Ric and Sam talk. Sam wants to leave as soon as possible. Ric asks if it will kill her to be nice. They should have a few drinks and shake a few hands. Sam says no. Ric sees the mayor and says they need to go say hi. Sam tells him to go Ric grabs her arm and tells her to stop acting like she cant stand him. She pulls away and says she canít stand him. The mayor talks to Ric about making his rounds around the room and says he expects to see them dancing later. Sam just smiles at him. Carly shows up and talks to Jax before going over to the mayor and telling him that he needs to dump ric if he wants to see a second term. Ric walks over to Sam and says she is making him look bad and that they need to dance. He again grabs her and tells her to loose the attitude, and that she wanted it as much as he did. She pulls a ice pick on him and tells him to never touch her again. (Credit Holsgem)

September 12, 2006

Sam threatens Ric at the mayors party. Sam says she will say she was grabbed from behind by a man and surprise it was him. Ric says that will really help Alexis. Carly arrives and takes the knife out of Samís hand and says she probably doesnít want to hurt him, she has enough going on right now. Carly say she is crazy and good at dodging bullets. Carly asks Ric if he feels threatened now and Ric tells Carly to mind her own business. Carly says she will make this her business and she will tell everyone inside if he doesn't leave and then Ric will have some major explaining to do. Ric says he could arrest her, Carly says go ahead. Ric leaves. Carly asks Sam if she is ok and thanks her for saving her. Carly asks what happened and Sam tells her Ric was talking about Jason and she over reacted, and that she is upset about Alexis right now. Carly says that wont stop Ric from jumping on her bones again. Sam asks how she knew about her and Ric. Carly says she is Jasonís best friend, she figured it out. Sam says then the low opinion of me you have is confirmed. Carly says she doesnít know her that well. Carly says she understands the need to blow your life off when you are afraid or hurt better than anyone. Carly says Jason pushed her away, and Alexis helped and ric, the snake true to form took advantage. Sam says you do get it, and carly says yes and offers some advice that as long as ric has this secret about her he will use it to his advantage. Sam says she knows but she cant tell Alexis because she is sick and makes carly swear not to say anything either and tells Sam she will be her allies. Back inside Sam tells Ric they need to get through this party and leave. Jax comes over talks about Alexis and how she quilted her into coming to this party. Jax says she can leave now, but sam says she is obligated and ric comes over saying its picture time. Sam standings with Carly as Sonny talks to the press about how proud of his brother he is. The mayor is pissed about the connection between the DA and Sonny. He tells Ric to end the Sonny stuff. Ric talks to the press saying he will get rid of the mob in PC. Ric walks over to Sam and they agree to leave and go see Alexis. Sonny interrupts and tells Sam to go see Max in the car and tell him that they will be taking her home. Sam leaves and Sonny and Ric talk and Sonny tells Ric to watch himself or he will take care of him himself. Sonny and Sam arrive at Sonnyís house and Sam thanks Sonny for getting her out of the party. Sam says Carly knows about the ONS with Ric and that she promises to say nothing, but sam thinks Carly could tell and if Alexis finds out she could give up. Sonny tells Sam that Alexis is strong and to be careful of Ric. Sam says that she senses Ric has gotten bolder and that he doesnít care about Alexis. Sonny says he will take care of Ric one way or another. (Credit Holsgem)

September 13, 2006

Alexis sees the paper with Ric and Sonnyís pic on it and asks Sam what happened at the party the night before. She asks what Ric did to piss off his brother. Sam says there was a lot of people there and if something happened than she doest know why. Alexis says that Ric didnít know either than tells Sam that all she asked out of Ric was one night off support and he couldnít giver her that. Alexis starts coughing and Alexis asks her to go talk to Sonny to make the situation better. Sam says to forget about everyone else but to start focusing on her. Alexis says she needs Sam and Ric and Sonny to help her out here with Kristina and Molly so make them all get along. Sam leaves a message with Jason on her cell phone at the Metro court telling him it was nice to hear his voice and to keep safe and she will see him soon. Nik arrives and they talk about Alexis and how stressed she is about Kristina and Molly. Sam asks Nik to go for custody of the girls because she canít stand ric and he hates her too. Sam tells Nik that Kristina can not be with ric. Sam is afraid that Ric will use Kristina against Sonny. Nik asks if she talked to Alexis about this and Sam says no. Nik says there is no way he could get Kristina and Molly that their fathers would fight him all the way. Sam says that itís the best option to keep the girls together. Nik says that they should be with their fathers unless he is dangerous and asks Sam to tell him the real reason she doesnít want to be around Ric, Ric arrives and walks over to them. Ric asks who is with Alexis. Sam says she is with the doctors and that Nik wanted to discuss her treatment without her around. Nik covers and asks Ric to join them. Ric declines saying he is meeting someone there. Nik tells Sam to tell her the truth about what Ric has done. Sam says they donít get along because Ric hates Jason and Sam loves Jason. Nik says that her dying mothers judgment must be worth something and that he trusts her more than anyone and that he will listen to Alexis till Sam tells him what ever she is keeping from him. Back at the hospital Ric talks to Sam outside of Alexis room. He asks what the meeting with Nik was about. Sam says Nik was worried about Alexis and that Ric should be to instead of meeting with Lo. Ric says he is the DA and meeting with known criminals is his job. Sam says meeting with drinks. Ric goes to touch Samís hair and she hits his arm away. He says try to be civil sometime. Alexis coughs from inside the room and they both turn and walk in. Alexis tells them that she has pneumonia. Alexis says she lives when they take out her lung and now she will die from pneumonia before she has a chance to fight off the cancer. Alexis calls Ric over and tells him they need to talk cause her time may be limited. (Credit Holsgem)

September 14, 2006

Sam is at the hospital talking with Ric and Alexis about her pneumonia and how the doctors want her to undergo a special treatment. It would be a medially induced coma. She may not wake up but Alexis says she want them to promise to provide a family for Molly and Kristina. Sam says she will be fine, Alexis says that the cancer makes it harder. Sam doesnít want to admit that Alexis may die. The chemo is on hold till the pneumonia is cleared up. Alexis wants to say goodbye but not to upset Kristina and Molly, Jax and Nikolas. Sam tells her not to talk like she is going to die. Alexis says that Ric and Sam need to get over what happened. Ric says Alexis will be fine. She wants the girls to have a happy family and to work together. Sam and Nik talk about Alexis and how Sam thinks she is giving up and that Alexis wants to say good bye. Sam and Ric talk and Sam tells Ric to leave her alone. Ric says she doesnít get it, that Sam is acting the opposite of how Alexis wants her to act. Jax arrives and Sam fills him in but first tells him to go talk to Alexis. Sam calls Jason to tell him about Alexis getting worse. She tells him she needs to see him and to call her. Liz arrives and Sam asks how much of the conversation she heard. Liz says most but she wasnít eavesdropping. Liz says Sam and Jason are back together. Sam says they are trying, but to keep it a secret. Liz says she wont say anything. Liz says the other day Sam said her and Jason were done, Sam says she lied and that Alexis canít know right now she is very sick. Liz says she is sorry about Alexis. Sam says she knows about her and Jason and that she wanted to let her know she understands they were just helping one another, but now that Sam is back with him she loves him. Liz says she is married and that her and Jason were just friends and that is all they will ever be. Molly and Kristina arrive to say goodbye to Alexis. She tells them she has special medicine to sleep, but first she wanted to say goodnight to them, and she will meet them in their dreams. Ric takes the girls home, Sam is crying but helping with them. Sonny arrives and hugs Kristina. The doctors tell Ric, Sam and Sonny how they put Alexis in a coma to help her with the pneumonia. He tells them she could die. In the hall Ric and Sonny and Sam talk about Kristina. Sonny says he is taking Kristina home with him he does not want Kristina around Ric. (Credit Holsgem)

 September 15, 2006

Sam is talking to Sonny about keeping Kristina with Ric. Sonny thinks it is not a good idea, doesnít trust Ric and is having his doubts about Sam too. Sam tells him that she promises to protect her and Sonny tells her ďyou better be rightĒ and leaves. Ric tells her that she handled that well but Sam tells him she didnít do it for him but for Kristina. Sam and Ric arrive at the lake house and Ric offers Sam a drink she tells him not to kid himself she doesnít trust him and that the only reason she is doing this was because she believes it is better for Kristina. Ric wants her to stop painting him as the villain and that he has Molly to worry about and that she will need her sisters. Sam says that she will not stay here and he tells her that Alexis made her wishes very clear. Kristina comes in and asks for her mom. Sam and Ric are talking and Ric tells her that she needs to play down her resentment that she feels. She tells him not to go to far or she will call Sonny to get Kristina and that she will tell Nik about them. Ric tells her she is going to far, Sonny walks in and wants to see Kristina and decide whether she will stay. Montage: Shows clocks ticking throughout and includes Dillion, Lulu, Edward with Tracy, Liz finding drugs, Nik driving, Carly and Jax with the boys, Kristina running to Sonny with Ric and Sam looking on. Lulu at the hospital, Luke, Liz and Lucky, Maxie, and Luke with Laura. (Credit Holsgem)

September 18, 2006

Sonny explains what is happening to Alexis to Kristina. He asks Kristina if she wants to go with him, she wants to stay with Molly. Sonny tells her that she will always have him and Sam and Kristina tells him Ric too. Ric tells her he will always protect her. Sam walks in while Ric and Sonny are arguing. Sam tells him I will protect Kristina but Sonny has his doubts. Ric and Sonny continue to argue. Sonny has enough tells Ric to leave or he will have him disappear for good. The argue so more and Sonny tells him how he really feels about him. Sam stops them when she reminds them that Kristina is there. Ric leaves and Sam tells Sonny that it was a bad move to tell Ric how he really feels. Sonny tells her he isnít afraid of Ric and she tells him ďmaybe he should beĒ . He tells Sam that she shouldnít lecture him after what happened with her and Ric. Sonny decides to leave Kristina for the night but he is not comfortable. Sam tells him she is trying to raise the girls the way Alexis would and Sonny asks without Jason and she says he admitted that he didnít want to lose me but that she couldnít have it. (Credit Holsgem)

September 20, 2006

Dr. Kelly is asking Liz what is going to happen if Jason is the father and discuss how Jason is probably still in love with Sam despite the ONS he had with her. Jason and Sonny talk about Sonnyís health and the situation is South America. Jason warns him that the war will be starting much sooner then they expected. Liz approaches Sam and asks about Alexis and how she is doing. Liz asks about when Jason is coming back, Sam wants to know why. Jason is making it very clear to Sonny about the situation and they need to protect the kids, Carly and Sam. They talk about Alexis. Sam tells Liz she has too much going on and talking to Liz about Jason after what happened she is not comfortable. Liz tells her about Lucky being on drugs and she is scared that he will go after Jason. Sam tells her she doesnít know when he will be back. Jason goes to the lakehouse and he has a memory of the night with Sam and Ric. Sam sees him and goes out to talk to him. He looks upset and she asks him why he was leaving if he came to see her. They talk about things that have happened with Alexis and how she is dealing with it. Jason brings her airplane snacks. He tells her the story on how he got them and Sam remembered their trip back from Texas when she was pregnant. Kristina calls out for Sam, Jason leaves. Jason is at the docks on phone making sure Sam and Kristina are being watched when Liz gets there hugs him and tells him she has filed for divorced. Liz tells her about the fight she had with Lucky. She tells him that she was waiting for him to tell him something and he tells her that he will help her. Sam is in the background. (Credit Holsgem)

September 21, 2006

Liz starts to tell Jason something but notices Sam.  Sam approaches and asks if Liz is okay.  Liz says marital problems.  Sam starts to go but Liz says no she is leaving.  Sam's phone rings.  She walks away to take it.  Jason tries to get Liz to tell him what is wrong. Sam comes back and says Viola took Kristina to see Alexis in a coma and Kristina freaked out.  Sam leaves. Liz tells Jason about her marital problems and that Lucky is fixated on waht happened with Manny and being worthy of the the hero title.  She says Lucky is gonna try to bust Jason. Jason says Lucky is just doing his job.  Liz is worried about what Lucky will do because of the pills and what will happen if Jason tries to stop him.  Jason says she doesn't want him to hurt Lucky cause she still loves him.  Liz says she loves Lucky but can't live with him.  She asks Jason to steer clear of him. They talk about how the seperation is effecting Cam.  Jason asks what if Lucky gets clean.  Liz says he won't go to rehab that the pills are more important than her and Cam.  Lo comes.  Epiphany tells Sam what happened with Kristina and Alexis.  Viola and Kristina come. Sam goes to Kristina who wants to know if Mommy is gonna die.  Sam reassures her. Kristina wants to stay with Alexis so she isn't alone when she wakes up.  Sam says she promised mommy she would stick to her routines.  Sam tells Kristina she will stay with Alexis. They hug and Kristina leaves happier.  Epiphany tells Sam that Ric got called away. Sam says she will be back to sit with Alexis but she has to do something first. Jason tells Liz to leave.  Lo mentions Jason having trouble in South America and things changing while he was gone.  Jason says was the plan to make inroads while he was away or that it would be easier to kill him in unfamiliar territory.  Lo says if Jason doesn't adapt to the chages he may not survive. Sam come up and then hides and listens.  Lo is threatening Jason to leave his shipments alone. Jason says if Lo moves shipments through his territory he is taking his risks.  Lo points out just what a mess Jason's life is and says if anything else is piled on Jason will crack. Lo says he made friends in high places and by the time Jason knows about them it will be too late.  Sam comes and asks if everything is okay.  Jason is worried about her.  He says he is having the Lakehouse watched cause trouble with Lo is coming.  Sam tells him about Kristina. When she mentions Ric being gone, Jason turns away.  Sam says she knows hearing Ric's name bothers him but he is a part oif the situation.  Jason says he knows and asks what he can do to help.  Sam doesn't know.  She says she can't just jump into his arms like none of this ever happened.  Jason is sorry he is not better at this stuff. Sam says he is doing good.  She says thsi is hard for both of them and she feels like she is standig on the brink of the Grand Canyon and she can see across to everyting they were but it is impossibly far to get there.  Jason says he doesn't think they are the Grand Canyon.  He asks if she wants him to leave her alone.  She asks if he wants to.  He says no. (Credit Holsgem)

September 22, 2006

Sam says what now.  Jason wants to start over. Jason gets a call from Liz.  He tells Sam Alexis is getting worse.  Nik and Sam get to GH.  The hospital can't reach Ric and Alexis lung has collapsed.  They want to insert a tube but Alexis is very weak.  Nik asks if they are saying that she may not survive the procedure. Max is freaking out about his crush on Carly and Carly and Jax and Carly and Sonny.  Jason is amused. He tells Max that Sonny and Carly are what they are and if they get back together... Max talks about how they will drag everyone through it again.  He wants Jason to stop them. Patrick and Robin need a release signed. Liz says Ric's office can't reach him.  Nik asks what will happen if they wait.  Pat says Alexis will suffocate.  Robin says surgery is her best chance.  She hands the release to Sam.  Sam can't sign for an operation that might kill her mother.  Nik says he will do it.  Nik signs. Sam thanks him. Nik wants to talk about what will happend to Alexis kids if she doesn't survive. Sonny comes in.  Max is passed out drunk on the desk.  Jason wakes him up and sends him out. Sonny wants to know what is up.  Jason says Max had a problem with his assignment.  Jason wants Sonny to stop trying to sabotage Carly and Jax.  Sonny says Carly can't be with Jax.  Jason says why. Sonny says Jax will hurt Carly and the kids.  Sonny says he is not gonna fall back in love with Carly.  Jason wants him to leave it alone. Liz calls Jason and says Sam needs him. Nik agrees that Ric is probably not the best person to raise Kristina but he doesn't want to seperate the girls. Nik thinks that Sam is the best option but says that if she does take guardianship she has to abide by Alexis wishes and end her relationship with Jason. Liz updates Jason.  He asks where Sam is.  Liz doesn't know.  Sam on GH roof. Jason comes.  He says Liz called him.  He asks if Sam wants him to go. Sam wants everything to be different. She wants them to have never slept with Liz and Ric but maybe it is better this way.  Jason is confused.  She tells him Nik's plan for the girls and that he would only do it if Sam stays away from Jason and she told him she would. Jason says he understands.  Sam says does he care enough to fight for her.  He asks if she wants him to fight with everything else that is going on in her life. He wants to start over and try to get past everything that happened but doesn't knwo if he can deliver. Sam says that is why this makes it easier because neither of them can make any promises.  She starts to walk away.  Jason grabs her arm. Jason says that what went wrong between them hurts and he doesn't know if he can get past it but for the first time in his life he wants to try. (Credit Holsgem) 

September 25, 2006

Jason is explaining that he doesnít want to hurt Sam and lose the years they had together. He wants to help her but she needs to tell him how. She explains that she will need to learn to stop needing him if Alexis dies. Sam talks about how she became dependent on Jason and how he supported her. He tells that he needed her to with Michael and when he got sick. She tells him that she is always trying find a way back to him. Jason tells her that he misses her and that he had hoped that when he was hoping how to make it work and that he wanted to take her on a date to a play. They start talking about Jason finding her crying and didnít know she was crying over ďGone with the WindĒ and that he stayed with her and they talk about what was going through their heads during that time. She tells him she is not going to be able to watch the movie without him. Sam leaves and goes down to check on Alexis. Robin tells them that Alexis is still critical and they are doing everything in their power. Nik talks to Jason about what he and Sam talked about raising the girls as long as Sam is not with him. Nik asks Jason to give him his word about staying away from Sam and Jason tells him that he will respect what Sam decides. Liz asks if Jason is okay and Jason tells her what is going on. Liz feels light headed. Mac confronts Liz about Lucky and Maxieís affair. Jason comes to her defense. Sam gets to the lakehouse and talks to Kristina about Alexis. Krisitna tells her she is glad she is there. Jason finds Liz on the roof. Jason asks if he could help her and Jason asks her if she wants to leave he could help her, she tells him she canít leave she needs to go home to Cameron and what is going on with Lucky. (Credit Holsgem)

September 26, 2006

Jason is on the docks and Sam and Kristina come down the stairs. Kristina asks Jason to take them on her boat. Sam tells her to get some ice cream. Sam tells him that she wants to see him and if they can meet somewhere. Lorenzo shows up and tells him he expects cooperation from them. Lorenzo tries to get inside his head by telling him he has so many people depending on him. Jason tells him not to push him because he will find a way to stop him. Lorenzo threatens to kill him. Sam talks to Kristina at the hospital about Alexis condition she tells her she needs to go to a meeting but Kristina doesnĎt want her to go. Jason comes to hospital to check on Elizabeth and asks her if she has seen Ric and Alcazar talking. Sam talks to Kristina and tells her that she needs to go to the meeting. Jason gets a call from Lucky to meet him. Jason goes to meet him and Lucky pulls a gun out on Jason. Lucky is trying to plant drugs on Jason . Sam goes to the rooftop to meet Jason . Lucky gets paranoid and shoots and Liz falls down. (Credit Holsgem)

September 27, 2006

Jason is trying to convince Lucky not do it. Lucky is drugged out and trying to frame Jason. Lucky hears something and shoots. Liz falls to the ground, but she is okay. Liz is upset and tells him he could have hurt the baby. Lucky wants to know why she didnít tell him and Liz is upset about what Lucky is doing to Jason and says that he will not have anything to do with the baby. Liz tells him she is raising the baby on her own and asks Jason to take her to the hospital. Jason and Liz go to the hospital and Dr. Lee will do an ultrasound. Jason will wait to take her home Epiphany tries to hint around to Jason about being the father, Liz stops him. Jason offers to help Liz as a friend. They talk about what happened with Lucky. Jason takes her back home she finds Lucky who is ready to go and check into rehab.  Sam is at the hospital. Ric wanted to know where she was when Kristina threw in a tantrum. Sam is upset at the questions. Patrick gives him an update on Alexis. Nik shows up and they bring him up to date on Alexis. They need to decide what to do with Alexis on whether to wake her up or keep her with a breathing tube for another day. Ric accuses Sam about undermining him. Sam threatens to tell Nik about what is going on. Ric agrees to do what Nik wants. They are there when she wakes up. Alexis asks if everything is okay. Dr. comes in to talk to Alexis about her treatment. Sam tells Nik that she is prepared to take care of her sisters and Nik asks her if she will stay away from Jason . (Credit Holsgem)

September 28, 2006

Ric asks Nik and Sam to come back into Alexis room and they talk about what is going to happen with her treatment and whether she will get chemo. Lucky is telling Liz about getting treatment, Liz tells him she will not wait for him. Lucky tells her not to give up. Ric, Nik and Sam are telling Alexis she needs to get the treatment. Lucky and Liz continue to discuss about his recovery. Jason tells Lucky to give Liz the time she needs. Lucky tells him that he was wrong about the things he did. Jason and Liz leave, Lucky tells her that he loves her and she tells him that she loves him to. Alexis asks about how the girls are doing Sam tells her about the tantrum and how Viola bringing her to see her. Jason takes Liz to her grandmothers. Cam meets Liz at the door and Liz tells him about having a brother or sister. Alexis tells them that the girls are counting on Sam and Ric. Liz apologizes to Jason and he tells him that he use to think that he thought that some things were unforgivable but now he wasnít so sure. Jason meets Sam on the rooftop. Sam tells him about Alexis and all they discussed and how Alexis was mad at her. Jason ask about longitude and latitude for Hawaii and what she does when she is in trouble at sea to get her to feel better. Sam tells her it helps seeing him. Jason tells her they can meet there and no one had to know. Sam tells him with everything going on they will have to put everything on hold, Jason says he isnít going anywhere. (Credit Holsgem)

September 29, 2006

Liz is reading a letter from Lucky. Jason comes to talk to her. Alexis is at the hospital remembers Ric and Sam sleeping together. Sam asks is she is okay. Alexis tells her they need to talk and tells her about not doing the chemo. They discuss it, Alexis tells Sam she needs her support. Jason asks Liz if she should be working because of how stressed she is and offers to help her. Liz tells him that the night that she went to his house meant a lot and that she appreciates their friendship. They talk about Lucky and Liz tells him that she is keeping the pregnancy private. Ric and Sam talk about Alexis. Liz tells Lucky that she wants Lucky to focus on his recovery. Jason sees Sam and Ric and tells Liz that every time he thinks that it doesnít bother him he sees them together. Jason gets a message to meet Sam on the roof later that night. Michael calls Jason about Sonny and Carly fighting. Jason goes over there and tells him to get back together or donít. Sonny and Carly continue to argue. Jason meets Sam on the roof. Sam tells him that Alexis is refusing chemo. Sam notices that Jason is bothered when she mentions Ric and she tells him it is tough but right now it is about Alexis and the girls. (Credit Holsgem)

 October 2, 2006

Jason and Sam on the roof talking about Ric and Elizabeth and agreeing they want to get past everything again but not knowing how to do that and believe and trust each other again.   Sam misses talking to Jason about everyday things.  Jason says he will take whatever time he could with her.   Sam gets a call from Ric asking her to go to a meeting with Kristina's teacher because she is having problems in school.  Sam explains she has to put up with Ric for her family.  Jason goes to see Sonny.  They talk about buisness, Alexis refusing chemo treatments, and about Kristina and where she would end up if Alexis dies.  Jason tells Sonny that Nik wants Sam to take the girls in the event of Alexis' death.  Sonny says Ric would never agree;  Jason says Ric could disappear.  Sonny tells Jason that killing Ric will not change what happened with Sam.  Sonny tells Jason to control his emotions and Jason says that Sonny always finds a reason not to kill Ric.  Sam shows up at the Metro Court for the meeting only to find out that Ric lied and it was a meeting for a charity function and not a problem with Kristina.  After saying he couldn't be there, Ric shows up.  Ric notices Jason walk into the Metro Court.  Jason is upset.  He was called by Emily to help with a drunk Edward.  Knowing that Jason is looking at them, Ric puts his hand on Sam's knee.  Sam goes to remove his hand and notices Jason glaring at them.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 3, 2006

Replay of the scene with Ric putting his hand on Sam's knee.  She notices Jason, removes Ric's hand and goes to run for Jason who has already taken off.  Alcazar, also at the Metro Court, takes in the whole scene.  Jason is now at Greystone talking to Bernie about buisness.  He gets a call from Sam who asks him to please meet her on the roof.  Jason goes to the roof and Sam tells him that Ric set her up to get to Jason.  Jason tells Sam he understands and she is in an impossible situation.  She asks him if he understands, why does he always get so mad.  Jason explains he is not good at hiding his feelings.  Sam says he shouldn't have to.  Sam tells Jason that she can't put all of her energy into this because everytime they take a step forward, it's two steps back.  She says it's not working and it's really starting to hurt.  Jason says he understands and that none of it means that he doesn't still care about her.  Sam tells him she knows and leaves.  Jason goes to see Sonny and wants Sonny to send him out of town to take care of buisness.   Sam and Ric argue at the hospital, Alexis witnesses it.  Alexis asks them to get along for the family.  Sam aks Alexis again to take the chemo.  Sonny tells Jason he will not send him out of town and he won't let him run away from Sam.  Alexis relents and tells Sam and Ric she is deciding to take the chemo and is going to need full support from them.  They tell her they will do whatever necessary.  Jason tells Sonny he understands that Sam has to be around Ric but he wants to kill him everytime he sees him.  He says that Sam can see it in his eyes.  Sonny again tells him he is not going out of town.  Sonny tells Jason he has to take a step back and figure out if the anger is stronger than what he feels for Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

October 4, 2006

Jason on the docks, runs into Alcazar and his men who have him at gunpoint.  They argue about a shipment and Lorenzo threatens to let the men kill Jason where he stands.  Jason tells Luis where the shipment is and to stay to his side of the street or he will lose more shipments.  Alcazar tells Jason he has no problem with making an example out of him and goes to leave.  He turns around and fires a gunshot past Jason's head and tells him he did that to show him that he would.  Alcazar brings up Sonny and how far Sonny has fallen.   Jason goes to the Penthouse and runs into Bernie.  They talk about Alcazar.  Jason tells Bernie to put guards on Sonny's kids and Sam.  Jason's cell phone rings and it's Liz on the docks telling him she needs to talk to him.  Lorenzo is lurking in the background.  Jason tells Liz he is busy with Bernie but will come when he can.  Liz tells him to forget it, it's not important.  Jason and Bernie talk about Alcazar and it's government connections.  Bernie tells Jason his hate of Ric is clouding his judgement because there is no evidence Ric is working with Alcazar.  Emily knocks on the door.  They talk about Edward.  Jason tells Emily that Alcazar is dangerous and if Edward provokes him he wants to know.  Emily tells Jason he looks preoccupied.  Jason asks her if she has talked to Elizabeth and if she knows why Liz is upset.  They talk about Liz and Lucky.  Emily brings up Sam.  They talk about regrets and how hard it is to forget and getting over the anger.  Elizabeth shows up and tells Jason that she told Emily about their ONS.  She tells Jason she didn't spill about Ric and Sam and she hopes that he and Sam can work things out and hopes that the ONS won't get in the way of his happiness.  He asks her if he is the father of her baby.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 5, 2006

Jason asking Liz if there is a chance the baby could be his.  She says yes and he says this could change everything.  Liz tells him about the defective condoms.  Liz is explaining why she didn't tell him right away.  She tells him she is getting a paternity test.  Liz asked Jason if he has an idea of what he wants if the baby is his.  Jason is talking about Sam and the baby that she lost and how they waited to have a baby because of complications but he knows how much Sam wants it.  He talks about Michael and how he didn't even consider the dangers.  She asks him if he thinks his life is too dangerous for a child; he talks about Sam getting shot and pushing her away and controlling her.  He says he was wrong for that - Sam is an adult and can make her own choices.  He says a baby needs a parent to make choices for them and that is what he is thinking about.  He doesn't know if he could choose his life for his child.  He asks her if she could accept the dangers for the child.  She talks about Lucky's drug addiction.  She says that Lucky is getting clean for the baby and not her and Cameron.  She doesn't want to hurt her kids.  Jason tells her if he is the father or not Liz and her children will be okay.  He wants to help her.  She asks him what Sam is going to think about this.  He tells her Sam asked him to stay away from her because she has too much going on with Alexis.  He tells Liz he wants to be honest with Sam.  She tells him why hurt her when we don't know yet.  Liz at the hospital is talking to Epiphany about telling Jason he may be the father of her baby - Carly overhears in the background.   Jason at the Penthouse tells Bernie to look into Ric's bank records.  Bernie wants to focus on Alcazar but Jason wants evidence for Sonny that they are working together.  Bernie talking about to Jason about how unstable Sonny is.  Jason is saying this is Sonny's buisness and he makes the decsions.  Carly barges into the Penthouse and interupts Jason and Bernie and tells him they need to talk, it's important.  She tells him I hear there is a possibility you are going to be a father.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 6, 2006

Carly tells Jason that Liz should be more aware when she is talking about this if she wants to keep it a secret.  Jason asks her to leave it alone and to not try to fix it.  Carly accuses Jason of having a softspot for Liz and that he buys into her goody-goody routine.  She says that Liz is married to Lucky and had no buisness sleeping with him.  He tells her she doesn't know what happenend.  She tells him Liz took advantage of him, his head was messed up after seeing Sam and Ric.  Carly tells Jason to be careful and to think.  She tells him this is going to break Sam's heart.  Carly tells him to make decsions now because if he is the father life as they know it is going to change.  Jason tells Carly he is going to tell Sam the truth.  He says he and Sam were making progress but she needs to focus all her time on Alexis and her sisters.  Carly says that the reason Sam can't have him and her family is because of Alexis.  Everyone gets what they want except for the two people that need it the most.  Jason thanks Carly for her support.  She wants him to be happy and knows that Sam makes him happy.  Carly asks Jason what are Liz's expectations.  He says Liz expects nothing.  She says follow her lead.  He won't turn his back on his kid.  She tells Jason then he and Sam are not going to get back together.  Does he know how much this is going to hurt her?  He tells her of course he knows how bad it will hurt her.  Carly tells him she has been there before and Sam doesn't have a child of her own.  Jason tells her no matter what he seems to do, he just keeps hurting Sam.  Carly tells Jason that he and Sam could still reconnect.  He tells her he can't turn his back on Liz, she tells him to think about himself instead of doing what is good for everyone else.  Jason calls Liz over and tells her he wants to do the right thing.  If the baby is his he would marry her. (Credit Holsgem)

October 9, 2006

Jason is explaining that he knows this is a huge decsion.  Liz tells him to stop and shouldn't he wait to see if the baby is his before making plans.  Liz tells him if the baby is not his he doesn't need to provide for her family for the rest of their lives.  She asks him if he thought this through, if it would be a marriage of convienience, would they be roommates, would they be a couple?  Jason tells her they get along and they could be able to live together and he would try to be a good dad.  She says she still loves Lucky and He still loves Sam.  Getting married when they are both in love with others would be a huge mistake.  She tells him if they got married they would just be hiding from Lucky and Sam.  He tells her he misses Sam and their life together but everything has changed.  He tells her about Sam's Grand Canyon analogy.  Liz tells Jason people cross the canyon all the time and he and Sam have to decide whether the hurt outweighs the love.  Jason asks if he got back with Sam and the baby is his what would she do.  She says either way she wants to raise her children on her own.  Jason says if the baby is mine he wants to support it and she tells him if that happens they will talk about it then.  Robin comes to the Penthouse to talk about Robert getting beat up courtesy of Alcazar.  She tells him that Robert hid Skye and Alcazar threatend Robin to show that she can disappear like Skye.  Robin can't tell Mac so she wants advice from Jason.  Jason tells her he is dangerous and to let Robert handle it.  Robin talks to Jason about Patrick being exposed to HIV and having nightmares about Stone.  Jason tells Robin she seems happy and when you find someone you are happy with you have to hold on.  Robin tells him to take his own advice.  Montage to "Where You Are" with Liz, Lucky and Jason.  Liz on the docks talking with Ric, Jason comes up and grabs Ric.  Ric says he was just talking to Elizabeth and why is he acting so crazy.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 10, 2006

Jason has Ric in a chokehold and tells him to stay away from her.  Ric says he was just talking to Liz about her pregnancy and what does that have to do with him.  Liz tells Ric she needs to speak with Jason.  Liz tells Jason to be more careful.  He says he lost it.  He didn't think and everytime he sees Ric he wants to kill him.  Maxie sees them talking.  Liz asks Jason that until they get the paternity test back she wants Jason to forget that the baby may be his.  Jason walks into Sonny's and sees Carly and Jax.  Carly asks for Jason's help.  She wants Jason to take Michael and Morgan for a sleepover because they keep trying to sabotage her evening with Jax.  Jason doesn't want to get in the middle.  Carly tells Jason that Sonny made sure the repairs were held up on her house so she would have to stay at his house longer.  Jason says that is why Jax is here and don't antagonize Sonny.  They argue about Sonny.  Jason tells Carly that the boys and him are not going anywhere.  Carly tells Jason her and Jax are going to the hotel.  Michael talks with Jason about Jax.  Jason asks Michael to help him find a way to make Carly happy.  Michael says why does she have to be with Jax, why can't she be alone like Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

October 11, 2006

Jason at the hospital and sees Liz.  Sam at the Lakehouse talking with Ric.  They talk about Alexis finding out that they slept together - Alexis listening.  Jason tells Liz he is sorry he put her in an awkward position asking her to marry him.  Liz again tells him she will raise her children on her own.  Sam and Ric are talking to Alexis and she tells them she is starting Chemo and it's not the end of the world.  Alexis is talking to Kristina about her going into the hospital and how the medicine is going to effect her.  Jason and Liz again talking about doing what is best for the baby.  Alexis arrives at the hospital with Ric and Sam - they are talking to Ephiphany.  Ric and Alexis talk about being positive.  Sam watching as Ric and Alexis share a moment.   Sam leaves.  Jason on the roof flashing back to Sam telling him how she doesn't have the energy for this and everytime they take a step forward, it's two steps back and how it is starting to hurt worse than before.  His phone rings, it's Sam, she needs to see him.  Jason and Sam on the roof talking.  Jason asks how she is - she says terrible.  She says her life doesn't make sense without him and all she wants is him.  She doesn't want to waste time staying away from him.  She tells him she missed him - he missed her too.  They hug.  Sam tells Jason she is ready to move forward if he is.  He tells her he needs to tell her something.  He tells her Elizabeth is pregnant and the baby could be his.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 12, 2006

Jason and Sam on the roof - the scene replays where he says he may be the father of Elizabeth's baby.  Sam asks Jason how can you do this.  He tells her about the defective condoms and that there is a good chance the baby is Lucky's.  He tells her about the paternity test.  She asks him what he is going to do if the baby is his.  Jason tells her she wants to raise the baby alone.  Sam tells Jason she knows he will be an amazing father and there is no way that anything would make him back down no matter what Elizabeth wants.  Jason says he is sorry and he wishes he could tell her what is going to happen.  She tells him she already knows and leaves.  Jason at Greystone with Sonny talking about Carly and Bernie.  Sonny and Jason talk about Sonny being back in charge.  They talk about Alcazar.  Sonny notices Jason is distracted and asks what is going on.  Jason tells Sonny about Elizabeth.  Sam goes to see Nikolas.  Spencer cries and Sam picks him up.  Sam gets emotional.  Nikolas sees that Sam is upset and she tells him that Elizabeth may get to have Jason's baby and she won't.  She talks about the blackout and about Jason and Liz's ONS and how Elizabeth doesn't know if the baby is Jason's or Lucky's.  Sam says she knows that Jason is the father and she is angry and sad.  Jason and Sonny also talk about the night of the blackout.  Jason tells Sonny about the paternity test and Sonny wants to know what he is going to do if he is the father.  He tells Sonny he offered to marry Liz and that Liz wants to raise her kids as a single mother.  Sonny asks Jason what he wants.  Jason can't answer.  He wants to do right by everyone involved.  Jason tells Sonny about how bad Sam took the news.  Jason says if the baby is his he has to take care of both of them.  Sonny asks even if it means losing Sam.  Luke shows up and Jason leaves.  Sam asks Nik not to say anything to Lucky.  Nik says if Jason is the father, the truth will come out because Jason will want to be a part of the child's life.  Sam agrees that Jason will want to claim his child and be with Elizabeth and she will lose him forever.  Nikolas calls Jason over and says that Sam was very upset and he thinks Jason knows why.  Liz walking on the docks runs into Sam who tells her she understands that congratulations are in order.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 13, 2006

Replay of the Jason and Nik scene.  Sam and Liz on the docks.  Sam tells Liz she must feel like she won the lottery, she is having Jason's baby.  Nik and Jason talk about Sam and Ric raising the girls if something happens to Alexis.  Nik thinks something is more to the situation than Sam is leading on.  Jason tells Nik he has to ask Sam.  Liz and Sam arguing on the docks.  Liz throws Ric in Sam's face and tells her she has no regrets about sleeping with Jason.  Jason breaks it up, Sam gets defensive, congratulates them and leaves.   Liz tells Jason she is on her way to get the paternity test done.   Carly on the docks, sees Jason upset.  Jason tells Carly that he told Sam about the baby and that he has hurt her more than he ever thought he could.  Carly says she envies Elizabeth a little and understands how Sam feels.  Jax comes upon them and Jason leaves.  Jason goes to the Penthouse and notices Sam's keys on the desk.  He hears a nursery mobile. Sam is in the nursery.  Sam talks about her baby.  Sam aks Jason if he thinks about how different their lives would have been if her little girl lived.  Jason says there is no point in wondering because it won't change anything.  Sam asks him if she is supposed to forget about the life they were going to have together.  She tells him when she is lying in bed at night trying to picture her baby, he will be holding his.  She wants to know how to move on from that and accept that Elizabeth will be having his baby.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 16, 2006

Sam and Jason in the nursery at PH and Sam asks Jason how he could deny her a baby and give one to Elizabeth.  Jason says it wasnít like that, it was only one night and they used protection.  Jason says he doesnít know what he will do if the baby is his because he has never been in this situation.  He talks about Michael and they talk about raising Samís baby.  Sam tells Jason that he pushed her away for months because his life was too dangerous and suddenly it is okay for Liz and her children to be in his life.  Jason admits once again that he was wrong for pushing her away and that it should have been her choice.  Jason says that no matter what Liz wants to raise the baby on her own.  Sam realizes without Jason saying anything  that he has already asked Liz to marry him and Jason confirms this and says that he did tell Liz that he would marry her if the baby was his.  Jason tells Sam that he has never stopped loving her and he wishes things to go back to how they use to be. Sam tells Jason that she is watching Liz get everything that she ever wanted and says she is already a memory.  Jason tries to stop her but she leaves.  Liz comes to the PH to get Jason to sign the paternity test papers.  Liz tells Jason that Lucky got Maxie pregnant.  Sam goes to Sonny and talks to him about Jason maybe being the father of Lizís baby.  He tells Sam to take her time and to think about what she really wants. Sam decides that no matter what she wants Jason in her life and that she is going to fight for him.  Ric has the PH bugged and he and Cruz overhear Liz say that Jason might be the father of her baby.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 17, 2006

Lucky calls Liz from rehab to see how she and the baby are and Sam comes to the hospital to apologize for coming down so hard on Liz the day before.  Sam asks Liz if she doesnít think that Lucky deserves to know that Jason might be the babyís father.  Sam goes to rehab but ends up not telling Lucky that he might not be the father of Lizís baby.  Carly shows up at the PH to tell Jason that she and Jax are getting married and asks Jason to be her best person.  Carly says that now she is going to make Jason happy and that is by getting him and Sam together even if the baby is Jasonís.  They talk about the situation between Jason and Sam and how much Sam is hurting.  Carly tells Jason to face that no matter what Liz says about raising the children by herself, she will want to set up house if she finds out that Jason is the father.  Carly asks Jason if he can spend the rest of his life without Sam.  Before he can answer, Sonny comes in the PH to tell him about Carly marrying Jax.  Sonny and Carly argue.  Carly tells Jason that he canít be with one woman when he loves another.  Jason asks Sam to meet him at the docks and he tells her that no matter what happens he wants them to try and find their way back to each other and he asks if she will do the same. (Credit Holsgem)

October 18, 2006

Jason and Sam at the docks and Jason says he regrets all the times he didnít call her when he wanted to and all the times he pushed her away but all they can do is either stop and go in different directions or keep going until they find a way for things to work between them.  He says it is up to her.  Sam talks about her options but tells Jason in her heart she will always choose him.  They talk about letting go of old pain and being honest with each other.  Jason says if he is the father then he wants to be in his childís life and Sam says she understands.  He tells Sam that he wants her in his life no matter what happens.  Sam says that if they get together she wants a child of her own and Jason says for them to take it one step at a time.  Lucky calls Jason and asks him to come to the rehab so he can make amends to Jason for trying to frame him for drug possession.  Sam walks in the LH and finds Jax and Carly with Alexis who has had a bad reaction to the chemo.  Sam goes outside so Jax and Alexis can talk and Carly follows her outside.  Carly warns Sam that she better do all she can before Liz tries to steal Jason.  Ric comes to the LH. Liz is stalking Jason at the PH and tells him that Ric has the PH bugged and knows that he might be the father of her baby. (Credit Holsgem)

October 19, 2006

Ric goes into the LH to check on Alexis.  Alexis tells Carly and Jax they need to go celebrate their engagement.    Ric asks Sam if she will stay with Alexis the rest of the evening because he has business to do.  Ric leaves and Alexis points out how that both she and Sam have been with Sonny and Jax.  Sam admits to Alexis that there are a lot of things that sheís done that she isnít proud of.  Jason tells Liz that Ric went to visit Lucky in rehab and Liz freaks out that Ric might tell Lucky that Jason could be the babyís father.   Liz and Jason go down to the garage and Ric is waiting for Jason.  Liz leaves and Ric warns Jason to stay away from her.  Ric starts provoking Jason by talking about the night he slept with Sam and Jason beats the crap out of him.  Sonny shows up and stops Jason from killing Ric.  Jason and Sonny argue about Ric.  Jason agrees to leave until Sonny can clear things up.  Sam asks Liz to meet her at the docks and tells Liz that she plans on fighting for Jason.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 25, 2006

Jason goes to LH to thank Alexis for getting Ric to drop the attempted murder charges against him.  Alexis tells Jason that she knows about Sam and Ric.  Sam and Kristina came in from their trip to Disney World right as Alexis is telling Jason she knows.  Alexis asks Jason to leave and she tells Sam that she knows she slept with Ric.  They argue about what led up to that night happening.  Alexis tells Sam to stop acting like a child and claim responsibility for what she did.  Sam throws up to Alexis that she is the one that has been playing her and Ric all this time with putting them together constantly and making believe that they were bonding as mother and daughter.  Carly is waiting for Jason at the PH to tell him that Lucky is the father of the baby.  Carly points out how Liz wants Jason to worship her.  Carly tells Jason to call Sam to tell her that he isnít the father of Lizís baby. Jason tells Carly that Alexis knows about Sam sleeping with Ric.  Liz shows up at the PH to tell Jason about the paternity test and Jason stops her and tells that that he already knows that Lucky is the father. Jason tells Liz he is happy for her and glad it turned out the way she wanted. Sam comes into the PH and interrupts Liz. (Credit Holsgem)

October 26, 2006

Sam comes in the PH and sees Jason and Liz.  Jason tells Sam that the baby is Luckyís.  Jason offers his help and Liz says she intends to raise the baby on her own.  Jason asks Sam about her and Alexis and Sam says that Alexis doesnít want her around anymore.  Sonny comes in and tells Jasam that Ric is out of control.  Carly calls Sam to tell her that she has rushed Alexis to GH and Sam leaves to go see her.  Alexis tells Sam that she canít forgive her and that they need to keep their distance.  Sonny and Jason discuss Ric and containing him.  They go down to the docks to meet Bernie to discuss the move that Ric has made against them.  Liz burns the paternity test.  Sam goes to the docks and overhears Sonny ask Jason if he plans on getting back with Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

October 27, 2006

Sonny asks Jason if he can live with the fact that Sam slept with Ric.  Samís phone rings and they turn and see her before Jason can answer.  Viola calls and tells Sam that Ric has taken Molly and hasnít brought her back yet. Sam tells Jason and Sonny and they go to the MC and walk into the room where Ric has Molly.  Sonny tells Ric to give Molly back to Sam and Sam and Molly leave.  Ric tells Sonny that he wants custody of Molly and plans on doing what is best for her.  Sam takes Molly to GH to see Alexis and then Alexis thanks Sam and asks her to take Molly home. They talk about Sam moving out of the LH. Kristina sees Sam with her bag at the LH and Sam tells her why she is leaving but assures her that they will talk on the phone and spend time together and continue to do things.  As Sam is leaving Jason walks up on the porch and asks her is she needs any help.  Sam thanks him for not busting her for eavesdropping on him and Sonny.  He tells her that he thinks that they can both get past the night she slept with Ric.  Sam tells Jason she needs to start building a life of her own and that she is going back to work at the PCPD.  Sam tells Jason she wants him in her life. (Credit Holsgem)

October 30, 2006

Jason and Sam at the LH discussing Samís plans. Jason says he will support her but is concerned about her going back to the PCPD and not to underestimate Ric. Sam tells him that she is moving back to Kellyís and going to save up money so she can get her own apartment. Jason offers to help financially but Sam says no that she needs to make it on her own. Sam tells Jason that she needs to figure out how to not be so dependent on him and how to live her own life.  Jason asks Sam if she wants him to stay away and Sam says no but that she needs to be herself first.  Jason sees Liz at the docks and she is crying and feeling sorry for herself.  Cruz welcomes Sam back to PCPD, Ric comes up and harasses her and Mac warns her that due to her connection with Jason that he will be watching her.  Jason goes to see Alexis at GH and he asks her if she can forgive Sam.  He says he is trying to get past everything because a life with Sam is what he wants. Liz lurking at the door overhears this. Cruz brings in a box of evidence from the Corinthos warehouse and Ric planning on framing Sam, plants a flash drive with falsified information in the box. (Credit Holsgem)

October 31, 2006

Jason shows up at the rooftop and Sam is already there taking a break from work.  She questions why he is there and he confesses that he was planning something special for them.  Sam asks for a hint but Jason says no that he wants to make sure she comes back.  Emily comes to the rooftop and helps Jason decorate.  She talks about how that Jason reached to Liz for comfort just like she did with Sonny.  Jason said they were just friends that helped each other out.  Emily says if they are lucky then they find their way back to the people we were meant to be with.  Sam comes back to the rooftop to find it decorated, music playing, lots of candles and dinner set up.  Jason said he wanted to make it as special as the night Sam did for him on the PH rooftop.  Jason tells Sam before her, his life was empty and then she showed him how to live.  Jason tells Sam that she changed him and he would never forget it.  Sam teases him about eating sushi and they make a deal.  After dinner is over, they talk about the stars and Sam says she regrets throwing her star necklace away.  He tells her to put down her wineglass and they start dancing.  She thanks him for making the night perfect.  They stop dancing and gaze into each others eyes and as Jason goes in for a kiss, Cruz and another policeman come out on the roof and arrest Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

November 1, 2006

Sam and Ric in the interrogation room.  She wants to see Jason or have her phone call to call him.  Ric tells her to call a lawyer the charges are serious.  She says he should know since he framed her.  Jason on the pier calling about a lawyer for Sam. Liz comes up and Jason tells her about Sam being arrested.  Someone takes pictures of them. Sam and Ric both threaten to use thier ONS against each other in court.  Ric then lays out his case and Sam starts to get nervous. Jason tells Liz that Ric is after Sam to punish him for their ONS.  She gets scared that Ric is going to try to hurt her too.  Jason says that he won't let that happen and hugs her.  The man takes pictures.  Jason visiting Sam.  He tells her not to let Ric get to her, that he is getting her the best attorney in the state and he will get her out of this.  Ric comes in and throws Jason out.  Ric shows her the pics and says Jason was with his new lover. Jason goes to Sonny's.  He is worried that he can't find proof that Ric framed Sam.  Sonny says that their problem is that they are alwasy reacting to Ric and not making them react to them.  Jason doesn't want to wait.  He thinks Ric is gonna play with Sam's head.  He starts to leave to break her out.  Sonny says Ric wants him to that so he will be killed in the process.  Sam looks at the pics while Ric tells her that Jason was cheating on her right before he came to see her and that he is not getting her a lawyer because he wants her out of the way so he can be with Liz.  She tells him to leave.  She hits him with a chair when he turns his back and makes a run for it.  She runs straight into Cruz who has his gun drawn. Cruz covers with the other cops and signals Sam to run. Sonny and Jason talk about Ric's motivations. A goon comes in and tells Sonny they just got word that Sam escaped.  Jason runs out.  Sam on the roof.  She blocks the door.  The cops try to break it down.  She tries to jump to the next roof but misses and ends up dangling from the roof.  She starts to slip and Jason grabs her wrists.  (Credit Holsgem)

November 2, 2007

Replay of Sam jumping and Jason grabbing her wrists.  He pulls her up onto the roof.  The cops break through the door.  Jason and Sam try to hide but the cops know they are there.  Jason pulls out a gun.  Jason asks her if she wants to run or turn herself in.  He is with her either way.  She wants to run.  Jason hands her a gun.  They shoot out with the cops and escape.  Jason and Sam going to a safehouse.  A woman sees them in the hall and wants to know who they are.  Sam stands behind Jason while he gives her a story.  They go into the apartment.  Jason starts to pick the lock on the handcuffs.  He asks why Sam ran and she tells him about the pictures.  Jason explains the pictures and apologizes tht Ric used them against her.  Sam asks about his feelings for Liz.  Jason reassures her that she is who he cares about and wants and tells her the rest is up to her. Sam goes to take a shower while Jason works out what to do next. Sam comes out of the shower.  Jason tells her he is waiting to hear from Stan.  She asks about the evidence Ric had against him and Sonny and he says it was fake.  They start kissing and then hear the woman from the hall outside saying "I'm pretty sure it's the right girl.  She's in that apartment." (Credit Holsgem)

November 3, 2006

Jason and Sam go listen by the door.  They hear the woman talking about how Sam looks like the girl in the picture.  They start to knock.  Jason pulls out his gun and opens the door a crack.  The woman wants to see his girlfriend.  Jason says she is sleeping cause she is sick as he passes the gun to Sam and steps out of the apartment.  The woman introduces him to her friend.  They think Sam could be the friend's niece, Cookie.  Jason tells them Sam is not her.  He tells them his girlfriend's name is Caroline. The ladies want to bring Sam soup but Jason closes the door.  Jason says they need to leave as soon as Stan gets there.  He tells her they are going to drive to Canada and fly to Costa Rica until Sonny can fix everything.  Stan brings them two sets of ID and plane tickets to two places.  Stan leaves and they talk about Costa Rica.  Sam doesn't want to go she wants to stay and fight. Jason says that Ric is gonna authorize the cops to shoot them btu he will do whatever she wants.  Sam wants to stay and expose Ric.  Jason says they need to find a better safehouse and how Ric got the evidence to frame her. Sam approaches Cruz on the pier.  She tells him Ric framed her.  Jason comes from behind and says they just want to talk.  Cruz says he should be arresting them.  Sam says he knows she is right that is why he let her escape. Crus tells them that about when the flashdrive disappeared and the Ric left the station between the time he asked Cruz to log the evidence and the tiem it was found missing.  He tells them Ric has the flashdrive now.  They ask about Alcazar and Cruz said Ric brought him into his office for questioning. Ric comes and Jason and Cruz aim their guns at each other and fake a standoff.  Jason amd Sam escape.  Ric grabs Cruz's gun and fires at them as they flee. (Credit Holsgem)

November 6, 2006

Replay of meeting between Jason, Sam and Cruz and the standoff.  Ric grabs Cruz's gun to fire at them but Jason shoots it out of his hand.  Ric calls in the incident and says they are armed and dangerous and the police are to use any means necessary to take them down.  He starts yelling at Cruz for not shooting them.  Jason and Sam break into Alcazar's house.  They see his laptop open and start looking for info.  They hear someone coming.  Sam closes the computer and they hide. Skye and Lorenzo come in.  She goes to check the baby and he notices his laptop has been closed.  Lorenzo makes a call about where Diego is and tells them to keep the guards on patrol. He starts to talk about Jason and Sam but Skye comes back with the baby so he hangs up.  Skye points out something Jason and Sam moved but they think Diego did it. Lo talks to the baby about the great life he wants to have with her while Skye watches and Jason and Sam listen from behind the couch. Skye and Lo go into the kitchen and leave the baby in her bassinet.  Sam wants to leave but Jason wants to email what they found to Stan.  While Jason is working the baby starts to cry. Jason tells Sam to shut off the baby monitor. Sam picks up the baby.  (Credit Holsgem)

November 7, 2006

Jason sticks the baby monitor under a couch cushion while Sam holds the baby.  She asks Jason to help her.  He takes the baby from her.  Skye comes in and takes the baby from him.  Lo calls to Skye about the baby and Skye responds that she is fine.  Jason and Sam leave quickly. Jason and Sam at the MC.  Sam asks about the room and he says Carly gave him a passkey.  He says they will stay there until Stan gets them another safehouse.  Sam asks if he got what he needed from the computer.  Jason doesn't know, Stan's program hadn't finished running. Sam says it is her fault cause she froze up.  They talk about Skye.  Jason doesn't think she will do anything because of the Qs.  Jason talks about trying to access Ric's records next.  Sam is worried that it will take a long time.  Jason says they just need to worry about tonight and getting cleaned up.  They kiss and Jason goes to take a shower.  Sam flashes back to holding the baby.  The doorknob starts to turn.  Sam shuts out the light and ducks behind the couch with her gun drawn. It is Carly.  She and Sam start to yell at each other.  Jason comes out and tells Carly to knock next time. Carly brought a first aid kit and cash and wants to help. Jason tells her she has done enough, he wants her to leave and find herself an alibi. Jason and Sam talk about her freezing up with the baby and when Sam's baby died.  They talk about what would be going on with the baby if she had lived. Jason says he is grateful for what they have and asks Sam if they are okay.  She says they are okay as long as they have each other. (Credit Holsgem)

November 8, 2006

Ric at Sam's baby grave with the police.  He thinks she will come there because it is the anniversary of the baby's death.  Sam is sleeping and dreaming about Jason telling her the baby died.  She wakes up.  Jason comforts her.  They talk about when the baby died and Sam suggests that if they pass a church they light a candle for her. Carly comes back with clothes for Sam and money. Jason and Carly bicker about the risk of the police following her. Carly wants them to leave town because she is afraid that Jason will be shot.  Jason says they aren't leaving.  They argue. Sam overhears Carly say that Sam is going to get Jason killed and Sam agrees.  Sonny comes.  He says Jason can't involve Carly if he is trying to keep where he is a secret.  Jason and Sam arrive at a new safehouse.  Jason goes through stuff Stan left and finds a chip duplicator to clone Ric's cell phone.  Jason is at GH disguised as a doctor.  He sees Liz and asks her to get him Ric's cell phone.  Sam hears a baby crying and goes into the hall.  There is a mother having trouble getting into her apartment.  Sam helps her.  She goes back to the apartmen and leaves Jason a note that she is going to see her daughter, then she leaves.  Liz brings Jason the phone and he clones the chip.  Jason ducks away just as Ric approaches.  Liz returns his phone. Jason goes back to the safehouse but Sam is not there.  Sam putting flowers on her baby's grave. Jason finds the note.  His cloned cellphone rings. Jason hears Ric give an order to arrest Sam.  The police move in on Sam.  She runs.  The police fire on her as Jason listens.  He hears them say she is down.  Sam is lying on the ground. (Credit Holsgem)

November 9, 2006

Replay of Jason hearing Sam get shot.  Ric runs to Sam and Jason hears him say call an ambulance.  Jason on the phone telling someone to fid out where they took Sam and how she is.  The police have Sam handcuffed.  They tell Ric she was only grazed and they can treat her at the PCPD.  Ric tells the cops he wants her taken to GH.  Sam says Ric is sending her to the hospital to trap Jason.  Jason calls Sonny who is visiting Alexis.  Sonny updates Alexis and leaves to meet Jason.  The paramedics treat Sam who is arguing with Ric. Ric has them sedate her so they can take her to the hospital.  Sonny goes to the safehouse.  Jason is freaking out because they can't find out anything.  He is going to find Sam.  Sonny tells him he is doing what Ric wants him to but Jason doesn't care, he needs to get to Sam.  Sonny says they need to turn things around or Jason and Sam will end up in prison or dead.  The paramedics bring Sam in to the ER.  Robin tells Liz to clean the wound and turn Sam over to Ric.  Ric tells Robin she will be staying there, it's a police matter. Sonny and Jason see a news report on Sam saying she is at GH in critical condition.  Jason starts to run out. Sonny stops him saying that Ric knows he saw the report and the only way to beat Ric and get them out of this is not to play his game. A nurse stops Liz in the hall and tells her she needs her to look in a new patient.  She goes in and sees Sam drugged in restraints. Sonny calling Jason.  Jason getting armed and ignoring the phone.  Jason leaves. Sam tells Liz to warn Jason that its a trap and then passes out. Liz runs out of the room and Ric grabs her. Carly goes into the ER with a gun in her handbag. She asks Epiphany to page Sonny and then notices all the undercover cops.  Jax comes in and starts to talk to her.  She tries to blow Jax off and notices Jason signaling her from hiding.  Sonny comes in. He tells Carly to leave.  She looks at Jason and pulls the gun on Sonny and says she will make him pay. (Credit Holsgem)  

November 10, 2006

Replay of Sam telling Liz to warn Jason and Ric grabbing Liz.  Ric says Liz wasn't supposed to see that.  Replay of Carly pulling the gun on Sonny.  The cops surround Carly while Jason slips by.  He goes into the room and taps Sam.  She turns and it is not Sam but a police woman with a gun pointed at him.  Jax gets between Carly and the cops and tells her to put the gun down.  Carly keeps up the confrontation.  Jason disarms the policewoman. Carly keeps threatening Sonny. Ric comes in and tells the cops it is a diversion and runs for the room Jason is in. Jason, dresssed like a doctor, signals Liz from the hall.  Liz tells Jason where Sam is and that she is okay and said to tell Jason it is a trap.  Jason wants Liz to help him get Sam out.  Liz goes to Sam's room with a wheel chair and takes off the restraints.  Jason takes Epiphany hostage and the cops are focused on him.  He drags her into the elevator.  In the elevator Jason thanks her.  Liz has a net over Sam's hair and covers her face with an oxygen mask.  She wheels her out. Nik sees them and tells Liz that Jason is on the floor and she needs to leave.  Liz says she has to take the patient down. She leaves.  Ric comes and looks in the room.  He asks Nik if he saw Sam or anyone else leave. Nik says no. Jason and Epiphany leave the elevator.  He shoves her at the cops and runs. She pulls one of them to the ground.  The other shoots at Jason and gives chase. Sam and Liz at the safehouse watching the story on the news. Sam wants to go find Jason.  Liz persuades her to stay. Sam wants to know why Liz is putting herself on the line for Jason. Liz says that people just like Jason and want to help him. Jason comes in and they rush into each other's arms.  (Credit Holsgem)

November 13, 2006

Jason and Sam hug.  Jason goes to Liz and finds a tracking device in her pocket that Ric planted. Jason, Sam and Stan moving to a new safehouse. Sonny comes in with some goons.  They have equipment for Stan to use to access Alcazar's system. Stan says he will find the computer guy who is helping Alcazar.  Jason rebandages Sam's arm. Sam apologizes.  Jason says it is okay and it is over.  Sonny says it is not over and it is not working and from now on they are doing things his way.   Sonny says Sam is letting Ric play her and if she argues he will send her out of the country.  He says that Jason lets Ric push his buttons and he is leaving the organization vulnerable.  Sonny wants to put Ric on the defensive.  Stan gets a hit on the cyberguy who set up Lo's system.  He says the guy is a professor at PCU and is running a tab at Jakes as they speak. At Jakes Sam approaches Pete with a story about being abandoned by her boyfriend without a ride home. Jason comes up behind him and sticks a gun in his ribs. Jason and Sam bring Pete back to the safehouse and question him.  Pete says he hardly uses his office computer. Stan asks who set up the system and Pete says one of his students. Jason wants to know his name. (Credit Holsgem)

November 14, 2006

Jason continues to try to get Pete to give the student's name.  He asks Stan to leave and is about to become violent shen Sam steps in and stops him. Sam tries to play good cop/bad cop but Pete sees through it.  Jason goes after him again and Sam stops him again.  They blindfold Pete again.  Sam thanks Jason and he says this better work. Jason and Sam tie Pete on the docks and leave a knife for him to cut himself loose.  They hide. Jason and Sam watch Spinelli go onto Kelly's to meet Pete. As Jason and Sam watch through the window Pete tries to warn Spinelli that he needs to stop working for Lo cause he is in danger.  Spinelli doesn't believe him and heads out. Sam approaches Spinelli and Jason grabs him from behind.  They bring Spinelli to the safehouse. Jason accuses Spinelli of helping Lo frame Sam.  Spinelli denies it.  Sam implies that Spinelli isn't bright enough to be the guy they are after and Spinelli starts his Jackal routine. Sam tries to make Spinelli understand what is going on with Ric and Lo. Spinelli is afraid of Lo.  Sam says they can protect him. Spinelli says they don't understand his talent.  Sam freaks out on him and then passes out. Jason rebandages her arm.  Spinelli thinks it is hot that she got shot.  Jason tells him to shut up.  Spinelli says they can make a deal and implies that he will give them info in exchange for sex with Sam.  Jason gags him and locks him in the bathroom. Sam is worried that Spinelli is their only hope.  Jason promises her they are going to turn it around. (Credit Holsgem)

November 15, 2006

Jason covers a sleeping Sam.  Spinelli is pounding on the bathroom door.  He tells Jason to let him go or Lo will get him.  Jason asks if that is what he really wants.  Sam sits up and says don't this guy is our only hope. Sam is upset that Spinelli is their only hope. Spinelli is scared of Lo.  Sam says he can send Lo to jail and be safe. Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sam should just leave town.  Jason says he was about to tell him the same thing.  Jason and Sam make him see his choice is to help them or get killed by Lo. Spinelli agrees to prove that Lo framed Sam.  Sonny comes and Jason and Sam tell him Spinelli will help.  Spinelli says he will give up the programming but he won't testify.  Sonny starts to talk to Jason and Sam about how Ric wants this to end in their deaths. Sonny wants them to turn themselves in before that happens. Sam disagrees and thinks that turning themselves in will give Ric too much power. Sonny says that if Jason, Sam and Spinelli turn themselves in the evidence will disappear because it is fabricated.  Spinelli objects. Sonny says he can't deal with Spinelli and leaves. Spinelli wants Sam to run away to Costa Rica with him and tries to convince her.  Sam says that she will not go because Jason is staying.  Spinelli says she could be shot again.  She says Jason is worth it. Sonny comes and tells them he has set it up for them to turn themselves in.  He plans to go with them.  Jason says no, Sonny needs to be someplace with alot of witnesses. (Credit Holsgem)

November 16, 2006

Carly arguing with Sonny about him going to Luke and Laura's wedding.  Jason comes in and says it is an alibi.  Jason explains to Carly what is going on.  Carly leaves.  Sonny tells Jason that when he takes Spinelli and Sam to the PCPD there will be a car waiting for him in the alley in case anything goes wrong. Lo's men arm themselves.  Spinellii complains about the lack of chips.  Sam tells him what is going to happen and tells him to eat crackers. Sam goes to take a shower and Spinelli sneaks out.  Spinelli sneaks back in with chips. Sam comes out of the shower and Spinelli hides the chips.  Jason comes in.  He gives Spinelli some video games and locks him in the bathroom so he can be alone with Sam. Jason brings Sam dinner.  She wants to know why he never told her he could cook.   Ric is looking at Jason and Sam's info on the computer.  He throws the computer.  Lo calls and says Diego followed Spinelli.  Jason and Sam talk about the risk of turning themsleves in.  Lo tells Ric they just have to watch for Jason and Sam to come out. Sam tries to reassure Jason as Lo's men continue to prepare for an ambush.  Jason and Sam are kissing.  Spinelli is banging on the door and yelling that he can smell food. Jason tells Sam to let him out while he goes and gets them guns. Jason gives Sam a gun.  Spinelli is worried.  Jason, Sam and Spinelli leave the apartment.  Ric is at the wedding arresting Sonny because they did not surrender. Montage: Luke and Laura dancing in the gazebo. Jason, Sam and Spinelli getting in the car.  Carly brings up that Jason and Sam still have time and Sonny accuses Ric of setting up an ambush. Jason tries to start the car but it doesn't start.  He tells Sam and Spinelli to get out of the car. Carly fighting with Ric.  Jason, Sam and Spinelli getting out the car.  Liz faints.  Sam falls running around the car.  Jason grabs Sam and ducks behind a dumpster as the car explodes.  Luke and Laura still dancing. They declare their love. (Credit Holsgem)

November 17, 2006

Replay of Jason, Sam and Spinelli getting in the car and the car exploding and of Carly, Sonny and Ric fighting at the wedding.  Men come aroound the corner and open fire at Jason and Sam behind the dumpster.  Jason returns fire.  Spinelli comes crawling up behind them, he says he came through a back alley.  Jason says show them and he gives cover fire while they slip away. They stop in an alley fro Spinelli to catch his breath.  Jason and Sam try to figure out how Lo found them and Spinelli admits to sneaking out. Jason gets rough with him but Sam stops him.  The men start to fire on them again.  They duck behind trash barrels and Jason returns fire.  Kristina sees a puppy outside of Kelly's.  She unleashes it to play with it.  It runs away and she follows it into a warehouse.  The gunfight continues.   Diego tells the gunmen they need to finish this now before Jason and Sam can get to the cops.  Jason puts up coverfire and they run again.  They go into a warehouse and head for the catwalk.  Diego comes in and fires at Jason.  Sam kills him.  Kristina screams. Sam runs to Kristina.  The police arrive outside.  Spinelli runs up to the catwalk. Sam begs Jason to go after him while she stays with Kristina. Carly and Sonny worry about Jason.  The police come in the warehouse.  Sam gives Cruz her gun while Ric and the other cops pursue Jason. Sam tells Cruz she needs to take care of Kristina.  He takes them outside.  They spot Jason chasing Spinelli on the catwalk.  Jason catches Spinelli and says they are turning themselves in.  Spinelli pulls away and runs.  A cop comes around the corner and orders Jason to drop his gun. Jason drops the gun off the catwalk into the water. Ric runs up yelling that he has another gun. The cops shoot Jason as he goes off the catwalk into the water.  Sam sitting on the ground holding Krissy.  Mac comes and Ric tells him what happens.  Mac orders divers to search for Jason's body.  Ric tries to talk to Kristina but Sam says stay away.  Alexis comes and yells at Ric to stay away from her daughters. Sam explains to Alexis.  Alexis tries to take Krissy but she clings to Sam.  Sonny and Carly argue about Jason and Ric.  Sonny gets a call and tells them what happened to Jason.  Mac tells Alexis he has to arrest Sam.  Alexis takes Kristina and the cops cuff Sam.  Liz in a church lighting a candle for Jason.  She hears Jason call her and finds him losing conciousness on the floor.  She tells him he has to live because the baby is his. (Credit Holsgem)

November 20, 2006

Replay of Liz finding Jason.  Sam is brought into PCPD.  SHe asks Mac about Kristina and Jason but he has no info.  The cops bring Lo in and he is yelling about Diego being murdered.  Liz finds Jason's cell phone but it doesn't work.  She wants to get her cell phone to call 911.  Jason says no cops.  He wants her to bring her car around so that he can get someplace to rest. Liz helps Jason to her old studio. She checks out the bullet wound and says the bullet is still in his leg.  She says he will either bleed to death or die of the infection.  He tells her to just get the bullet out.  She says she can't.  He still wants her to. Liz calls Sonny. Mac tells Sam the bullet in Diego came from her gun.  She tells him Diego was shooting at Jason. He tells her he called the hospital and Kristina wasn't admitted. She thanks him and asks about Jason.  Mac says they may never find his body and offers to call Alexis.  Carly comes in and says she will take care of whatever Sam needs. Liz says Jason needs to be in the hospital.  Sonny knocks and she lets him in.  Jason asks about Sam and Sonny says she was arrested.  He wants Sonny to tell her he is alive and to find Spinelli before Ric and Lo do.  Liz tells Sonny the bullet is still in Jason's leg and Sonny tells her to take it out.  She says she can't.  Sonny says too many people are looking for Jason and Spinelli for him to risk moving Jason or bringing in a doctor for at least a few days so she has to do it.  Mac tells Carly they are charging Sam with murder.  Carly goes into the interrogation room to talk with Sam.  Sam tells Carly what happened and Carly says Jason died to save Sam. Sam starts to beat herself up.  Carly tells her not to do that.  She says she is gonna do what Jason would want and get her out of there. Liz gets the bullet out.  Jason is unconcious.  Sonny says he will be right back and leaves.  Ric comes in and heaps guilt on Sam for Kristina. Jason wakes up and Liz tells him that the bullet is out and the bleeding stopped.  He passes out again. Montage: Luke holding Laura's hand and then smiling at each other, Lulu almost in tears, Nick hugs her, Lucky looking out the window teary-eyed, Luke and Laura hug and kiss, Alexis crying and cleaning up Kristina's party, Jax hugs her, Kristina in bed flipping a flashlight off and on, Sam throws a chair in the interrogation room, Liz tending to unconcious Jason, Sonny telling Carly about Jason, they hug and kiss. (Credit Holsgem)

November 21, 2006

Jason wakes up.  Liz asks if he remembers what happened in the church and he doesn't.  He asks what she said to him in the church.  Sam asks Ric how Kristina is and he gets nasty and starts to talking about putting Kristina on the stand and how Sam is going to jail for life. Ric says Sam and Jason refused to surrender.  Sam argues that what Ric did was murder. Ric says again that Sam is going to prison.  Jax comes in and says that Ric is forgetting that Sam's mother is a better attorney than Ric is.  Liz says she doesn't remember what she said and that the night was a blur for her.  She tells Jason how much he means to her.  He says he is there grateful she saved his life. Jax says he just came from Alexis' and she is not gonna let this happen.  Ric gets nasty with Jax about how Alexis should be focussing on Kristina and Sam starts to argue with him again. Jax tells Ric that he missed something and Alexis will find it.  Ric implies that he will take Molly from Alexis and walks out. Sam asks Jax about Kristina.  He tells her she is still in shock but that it is not her fault and Alexis knows it and will support her.  Sonny comes in.  Sam asks about Jason.  Liz is glad she could help. Somone knocks.  Jason grabs his gun.  Carly calls through the door.  Carly tells Jason how he scared her.  Carly tells Liz she can take over and brings up that Liz fell at the Qs. Liz tries to act like it is nothing but Jason and Carly tell her to get checked out. Liz leaves.  Carly wants to know what is going on and warns Jason not let himself get caught up with Liz.  Jason says he is just grateful to Liz.  He asks about Sam and Carly says Sonny went to tell her Jason is alive.  She warns him not to mistake his gratitude for anything else and to remember that Sam is better for him.  Sonny tells Sam and Jax that Jason is alive.  Jax leaves them to talk.  Sonny tells her what is up with Jason and that she has to contiue to act like she is grieving for him.  Sam tells Sonny to send him her love. Carly tells Jason that he really scared her this time and he needs to be more careful, that he is everything to her. Jason wants to know what happened.  Carly tells Jason about kissing Sonny as Sonny comes in.  Sonny asks Jason how he is doing and Carly tells him everything Liz said.  Jason asks about Sam. Sonny says she was relieved.  Carly leaves. Sonny talks   about thinking Jason was dead.  Cruz comes in to see Sam.  She asks him to get her a copy of the flashdrive. Jason is worried about Sam.  He wants them to work harder to find Spinelli and get her out. Sonny says they are.  He talks about Carly again. (Credit Holsgem)

November 22, 2006

Liz goes to the studio.  Jason is sleeping.  She touches his face.  He wakes up calling for Sam.  Liz gives him antibiotics and says that he should be in the hospital.  He says he can't because he has to find Spinelli. Liz says Sonny has alot of people working on it and it doesn't have to be Jason who proves Sam is innocent.  Jason says it does.  Jason tells Liz that Stan set the studio up in her name.  Emily comes. Jason wants to know why Liz told Emily.  Liz says that she didn;t think Jason wanted her to worry. Emily tells him how the family is grieving and wants Jason to let her tell them.  He says no. Liz brings Jason soup.  She plans to send Thanksgiving with him but he tells her to go home to Cam. Jason calls the Qs.  Montage: The Qs singing and having Thanksgiving pizza, Patrick and Robin at the GH Thanksgiving buffet, Sam in jail looking out the window, Jason at the studio looking out the window, Lucky playing with Cam while Liz and Audrey watch, Lulu looking at the Christmas tree angel and crying, Dillon comes and comforts her, Luke holds Laura's hand and cries as she slips back into catatonia, Luke leaves and cries in the hall, Laura slips away into a dream of her wedding to Luke. (credit Holsgem)

November 27, 2006

Jason walking around the studio to build strength.  Liz comes in and starts hovering and makes him sit down. She says she brought him more medicine and breakfast.  He says he is grateful but she has to stop.  Alexis visits Sam and tells Sam that Kristina is not getting better but Lainey thinks Sam can help her.  Sam wants to help but doesn't think Ric will let her.  Alexis says she will handle Ric.  Jason tells Liz that she has too much going on to be helping him.  She tells him that she won't push herself too far but that she wants to help him because she thinks she owes him. Later, Sonny comes.  Jason asks about Sam.  Sonny says she was okay yesterday when he saw her.  Jason is afraid for Sam with Ric messing with her.  Sonny says Sam knows he is alive and she is willing to wait for them to get her out.  Jason gets more upset because Stan has not tracked down Spinelli.  Sonny talks about how he should have let Jason kill Ric.  Jason says Sonny was right to stop him.  Sonny tells Jason that Carly asked him to kill Ric. Jason says that he and Carly don't want Sonny to kill his brother.  Sonny starts to talk about Carly. Carly comes.  Ric talking to Kristina in his office while Alexis and Lainey watch.  He is concerned abut her lack of response. Lainey explains Kristina's condition and why she thinks Sam can help.  Ric says lets do it. Sam and Ric go into the hall to get Sam.  Sam goes in and talks to Kristina.  Kristina starts to scream.  She flashes back to the warehouse and runs to the corner where she curls up in a ball. Lainey wants Sam to continue to try.  Sam does but Kristina doesn't respond and Alexis puts a stop to it.  Sam apologizes and leaves with Lucky. Carly talks about the boys and Thanksgiving and then she makes Sonny leave to work on finding Spinelli.  Carly talks about her and Jason and Jax and Sonny.  Liz busts in and says she needs to talk to Jason alone.  Carly leaves. Liz tells him Ric rehired Lucky and is sending him after Jason.  Alexis comes to see Sam. She tells her there is no change with Kristina.  Sam says it is her fault and apologizes.  Alexis says no it is her fault and that as a mother she stinks.  Sam says she doesn't.  Jason says if Lucky comes after him, he will not hurt him.  Liz thinks it will be unavoidable.  Jason tells Liz Ric is doing this because he wants her.  Lucky knocks. (Credit Holsgem) 

November 28, 2006

Sam tells Alexis to stop trying to perfect, that she has done well by her girls.  Alexis says that Sam is her daughter too and that no matter how she feels she is going to deliver. Replay of Jason and Liz discussing Lucky and Lucky knocking. Jason hides while Liz lets Lucky in. Alexis wants to be Sam's lawyer.  Sam does not understand why she wants to help her. Alexis says Sam is her child.  Sam is worried about the chemo but Alexis says she can win.  Lucky thinks that Liz is using the studio as a place to be alone ad Liz promotes that belief.   Jason is having trouble staying on his feet as he listens to them talk. Lucky tells Liz that he got his job back and he has been assigned to take Jason in dead or alive. He asks if she knows where Jason is. She says she doesn't.  He apologizes for hurting her. Sam wants Alexis to get well and not get sicker by defending her. Alexis says that she can beat this and she does not intend to let Sam down. Sam hires her. Ric comes and tells Sam Jason is alive.  He tells her to cooperate or they will bring him in in a body bag. Liz and Lucky continue to talk about their marriage.  Lucky says that he loves her and Cam and the baby and that won't change then he leaves. Jason and Liz talk about her lying to Lucky. Jason thinks she should tell Lucky they slept together.  He says that the baby is Lucky's so it will be okay. Ric continues to pressure Sam to help them catch Jason.  Sam denies knowing if Jason is alive.  Jason explains why Lucky will forgive Liz and says it is time to be honest.  Liz says she is keeping the secret for Lucky's sake. Stan comes and tells Jason he found Spinelli.  Liz objects to Jason following up. Jason ignores her. Stan says he only found him on the net.  Jason tells Stan to find him real life because he needs to save Sam. Lucky tells Sam Jason is alive.  They bicker about Ric but Lucky says he is trying to help.  He wants to bring Jason in alive before another cop kills him. Sam tells Lucky Ric is setting him up. Stan is tracking Spinelli's hard line.  Jason tells Liz as soon as Stan finds something he is leaving. She tries to argue but Jason says he needs to save Sam. Stan finds the location. Sam tells Lucky that Ric is after Liz and trying to get him out of the way. (Credit Holsgem)

November 29, 2006

Lucky accuses Sam of trying to turn him against Ric for her own ends.  Sam makes him think about Ric's intentions towards Liz and hints that Lucky was not the only one who was disloyal.  Liz tells Stan that if Jason doesn't stop he will end up in the hospital.  Stan says Jason does not have to be the one to rescue Sam.  Jason says he does.  Sam tells Lucky Ric is undermining him to get at Liz.  Lucky brings up the baby.  Sam says she wants Liz and Lucky back together but Ric is trying to make himself Liz's only choice. Jason and Stan break into a store and find orange soda and chips.  An old hippie comes in.  He tells them some took Spinelli and a blond girl.  Sam tells Ric to talk to her attorney.  Ric tries to guilt her into getting a different attorney. Jason comes back to the studio and tells Liz that Lo has Spinelli but he has men watching Lo's properties.  She starts in on him and then notices that he has ripped open the bullet wound.  Liz rebandages him.  He says he could never live up to her standards so it is good he did not turn out to be her baby's father.  Sam thinks Ric is scared of Alexis.  Ric says he does not want Molly to lose her mother.  Ric brings up that both he and Sam lost their mothers and it ruined their lives and they ruined other people's lives.  Sam starts to yell at him.  Ric says it is on her head if Molly and Kristina end up without their mother. Later, Liz comes and says she needs Sam's help. Liz goes back the the studio.  Jason's cell phone rings.  It is Sam, Liz snuck her a phone.  Sam does not want Jason to take any risks. Jason says he will prove she is innocent.  They exchange I love yous. (Credit Holsgem)

November 30, 2006

Liz nags Jason because she thinks she is overdoing.  She says she only got Sam a phone so maybe she could keep him from hurting himself. Cruz brings Sam in to see Alexis. Alexis does not think Sam is going to make bail.  Liz gives Jason a book about Italy to distract him. The talk about Sam's call. In the courtroom, Ric tells Alexis not to push herself.  Cruz brings Sam in. Ric starts to guilt Sam.  Alexis jumps in. Sam says if Alexis isn't up to it she will get another attorney.  Alexis says they are not going to give Ric the satisfaction. The hearing starts.  The judge does not want Alexis ont eh case without co-counsel.  Alexis argues the point, produces paperwork from her doctor and calls the judge for violating her civil rights.  The judge will let her try the case but says she has to wear a wig so she does not get sympathy for her cancer.  The hearing starts.  Ric does not object to bail.  Sonny and Stan come to the studio.  Jason asks about Sam.  Sonny says Stan has tapped Lo's phone.  Jason says Lo doesn;t care about killing Spinelli so he is going after him.  Sonny says he is not. The judge will not release Sam because of the charges and her previous escape even though Ric encourages it.  Alexis gets the judge to release Sam into her custody. Jason and Sonny argue.  Stan picks up a call where Lo plans Spinelli's death. Sonny and Jason argue more.  Liz continues to hover.  Jason gets a call that a girl was screaming outside of Lo's warehouse. Jason leaves.  Alexis comes to get Sam.  Ric talks to the.  Alexis says he only gave her bail so she can lead him to Jason. Sam goes to GH and steals scrubs.  Jason goes to Lo's warehouse. Lulu accidentially clocks hom with a a bottle.  Sam goes to the studio.  Liz starts an argument. Spinelli and Lulu argue over blame for knocking Jason out.  Spinelli takes Jason's gun and runs. Jason comes to. Lulu updates him. They start to leave but are caught by Lo's men. (Credit Holsgem)

December 1, 2006

Liz being snotty to Sam at the studio.  Lorenzo's men catch Jason and Lulu trying to get out of the warehouse.  They want to know where Spinelli is.  Jason doesn't know.  The men say they are going to disappear. Sam and Liz argue because Liz acts like she owns Jason.  Drunk Lulu is trying to untie Jason's hands.  Lulu starts to babble and Jason yells at her to focus.  He says he will create a diversion and he wants her to run out and go to the cops.  Liz calls Sonny and tells him Jason went after Lulu and Spinelli.  Sam starts to leave. Liz gets snotty again telling her not go find Jason.  Sam opens the door and Lucky is there.  Lo's men come back and tell Lulu and Jason to get up.  Lulu says Jason can't because he is too hurt.  The men grab Jason to pull him to his feet. As he gets up, he starts to fight with the men.  Jason is fighting two of them.  Lulu starts to run out but sees the third man aim at Jason.  She jumps him.  The man throws Lulu on the ground and aims at her.  Jason shoots him.  Lulu picks up the gun and shoots through the door.  Jason grabs her.  Sonny, Max and Milo come in guns drawn. Lucky wants to know why Sam is there.  She says she wanted to see Jason and accuses Liz of helping him.  Sam starts to badger Liz about where Jason is and Lucky jumps to her defense. Milo takes Lulu's gun.  He is obviously crushing on her. Jason sends Milo away and tells Sonny they have to go after Spinelli.  Lulu thinks she knows where Spinelli went. Sonny, Jason and Lulu in the limo.  Lulu is confused about where Spinelli went.  Lulu is very drunk and all over the place.  She says she Spinelli showed her a picture. She remembers the name of the town.  Jason wants to take her with him to find Spinelli.  Lulu says she isn't going. Sam gets to the warehouse.  Cruz is there answering Spinelli's 911 call.  He asks why she is there and tells her she is being tailed. (Credit Holsgem)

December 4, 2006

Lulu and Jason argue about her going to Tennessee with him.  Sonny backs up Lulu.  Sam goes back to Alexis'.  They talk about Kristina and the case.  Alexis is mad that Sam went to see Jason.  Sam says she didn't see Jason but Alexis knows she tried to.  Sam says Alexis is only helping her to get back at Ric. Ric and Alcazar meet. Ric wants to know what problem brought Lo back from South America. Lo says he is handling it.  Sonny and Jason argue about Lulu going with Jason. Jason calls Carly and says he needs to see her.  He is in a room at the MC.  Jason wants Carly to help him meet with Sam before he leaves to find Spinelli.  He also tells her about Lulu's involvement.  Sam and Alexis continue to argue about Ric and the case.  Carly calls Sam and invites her for a drink. Jason thanks her. Alexis questions Sam about going out with Carly.  Sam leaves.  Carly meets Sam in the lobby of MC.  Carly slips her a room key. Sam goes to the room where Jason is waiting.  They kiss.  Sam is worried about his leg and tries to get him to sit and rest.  He tells her he has no time because he is leaving to find Spinelli. Sam wants to go with him.  Jason says she can't jump bail cause it will make things worse. Sam wants to run to Costa Rica with him.  Jason says he can arrange for her to go to Costa Rica but he has to stay and finish this or Lulu will get killed.  Ric and Cruz come to the room. Sam is alone when they break down the door. (Credit Holsgem)

December 5, 2006

Ric orders the police to search the room.  Carly starts to argue with him.  Cruz comes back and says Jason isn't there.  Carly says she will bill Ric for the damages.  Room service comes and Ric thinks he has Sam but there is only food for one.  Ric orders them to search for Jason's DNA and fingerprints.  Carly says that the warrant doesn't cover that.  Jax threatens to call the Mayor and Ric backs off.  Carly and Jax want Sam to call Alexis to cover.  Sam refuses.  Carly tells her she needs to use common sense and stop running after Jason.  Sonny calls Carly and she leaves. Sam and Jax talk about Sonny and Carly.  Alexis comes. Alexis starts in on Sam.  Jax intervenes and tells her that Sam is not going to change because Alexis is defending her and Alexis needs to accept it.  Jax leaves. Sam says Jax is right and if Alexis wants her to choose, she chooses Jason.  Ric comes to lock Sam back up.  Alexis says that she asked Sam to go the MC and the judge will side with her.  Ric leaves.  Sam asks Alexis why she keeps covering for her. (Credit Holsgem)

December 6, 2006

Alexis is talking to Kristina.  Sam comes in and talks to her and Kristina runs out.  Alexis yells at Sam but Lainey comes in and says that she told Sam to be there.  Alexis yells at Lainey.  Sam apologizes and says she will stay out of Kristina's life.  Alexis says that's not what she wants. Lainey tells her that she can help Kristina by giving up her grudge against Sam. They try to have a tea party with Kristina.  When Sam talks to her, she runs out of the room.  Alexis says Sam's presence is upsetting her.  Lainey says Alexis is a bigger problem.  She says besides the shooting their has been too much upheaval in Kristina's life and she doesn't trust anyone to stay around.  Alexis asks if she should be fake and Lainey tells her she needs to cut down on the attitude.  She tells her she is wound too tight.  Alexis snaps at her and walks out.  Sam asks how she can help.  Lainey gives her advice on both Kristina and Alexis.  Later, Alexis talks to Kristina.  Sam comes and says she has a surprise.  Jax, Michael and Morgan come in wearing wigs.  Sam puts on a wig too.  (Credit Holsgem)

December 7, 2006

Replay of wig scene.  Alexis is grateful to Jax but ignores Sam.  Kristina smiles and then Sam smiles at her.  Jason getting ready to go.  Lulu is in the drivers seat.  She rolls up the window and ignores Max and Jason.  Milo get her to roll down the window.  Lulu and Jason start to argue.  Jason tells her there is no GPS.  He needs drive. She opens the door and hits Jason in his bad leg.  Sam tries to give Kristina a wig but she doesn't take it.  Michael asks to use Molly in the Christmas play.  Alexis says it is a bad idea but suggests Spencer.  Morgan has a paper star he made Kristina but it is wrinkled.  Sam straightens it out.  They look at Kristina and she is wearing the wig and smiling. Sam hangs up the star and remembers Jason giving her the star necklace. Alexis comes in wearing a wig and talks to Kristina about chemo and wearing a wig. Sam offers to take Alexis to her chemo and Alexis accepts. Lulu is still bugging Jason about driving.  Jason tells her to focus.  Lulu notice that Jason is bleeding from her hitting the bullet wound with the door.  Alexis' doctor says the judge contacted him about whether or not she was strong enough to handle Sam's case and he said no. Alexis and the doctor go back and forth.  Alexis calls Robin and asks her to give her a physical and okay her to take the case.  Robin says she won't lie for her.  Jason and Lulu going into a hotel room.  The clerk is holding a baby.  Lulu berates her for keeping the baby up so late.  Jason apologizes for her.  The clerk leaves. Jason tells Lulu not to treat people like that.  Robin gives Alexis a negative prognosis based on her chart and tells her she should be enjoying what could be her last days.  Patrick interrupts her and apologizes to Alexis. He tells her her prognosis is great and he thinks she will live a long life. Lulu is mad that Jason did not let her help him rebandage his leg.  Jason wants to know what is wrong with Lulu.  She says she is tired of being everyone's problem.  Jason tells her this isn't her fault.  He wants her to just tell him what is wrong her attitude is attracting attention that is gonna get them caught.  They discuss the clerk and Jason defends the woman and her choices. He says there a woman who would do anything to have a kid.  Lulu says he is a guy and doesn't have a clue about any of it.  Sam and Alexis talk about what Robin said and Alexis says she is going with Patrick's assessment.  Alexis tells Sam she does not have to "mommysit".  Sam leaves.  Sam comes back and sees that Alexis is despondent.  She leaves unnoticed.  Lulu breaks down and spills out all of her feelings about the abortion. (Credit Holsgem)

December 8, 2006

Jason says he did not realize Lulu was in so much pain.  She belittles herself and says that Jason is only trying to figure out how to keep her together to find Spinelli.  He says it would be easier with her but if she isn't up to it ...  Lulu says not to feel sorry for her.  Lulu tells Jason about telling Laura about the abortion.  She asks him if he ever has doubts or regrets.  Jason says he regrets leaving Sam and everything that happened as a result.  Lulu asks him how do you go on and Jason says you just do cause that is how life is set up.  Lulu says she doesn't regret the abortion.  She just doesn't understand why she can't put it behind her.  Jason tells her that sometimes things happen fast but you live through them slow.   He tells her about Sonny/Lily, Sam's baby and Sam's shooting.  Lulu thinks her mistake is expecting to bounce back like nothing ever happened.   Lulu and Jason are preparing to leave when the clerk comes back. Lulu apologizes.  Jason lets Lulu drive.  Lulu speeds and they get pulled over. The cop wants to see Jason's ID. (Credit Holsgem)

December 11, 2006

The cop goes to run Jason's ID.  Lulu gets ready to run.  Jason tells her to sit tight.  Jason's fake ID checks out.  The cop lets them off with a warning.  Jason takes over driving.  He questions Lulu more about Spinelli's grandmother's house.  Lulu remembers there was a sign in front of the house.  Jason calls Stan for info on the sign.  They find the house.  Jason tells Lulu to wait in the car.   After Jason leaves, Lulu gets out of the car and knocks on the door.  She asks for Spinelli. Jason comes around and watches from the bushes.  Lulu says she needs to talk to Spinelli about something personal.  Spinelli's grandmother assumes she is pregnant.  Jason comes up and Lulu pretends he is her brother.  Spinelli's grandmother invites them in.  She is impressed that Lulu did not get an abortion.  Jason tells Lulu she doesn't have to go through with this.  She says she will be fine.  Spinelli's grandmother comes back and continues to compliment Lulu on her values and her wanting to be a good mother.  Spinelli returns and sees Lulu through the window. (Credit Holsgem)

December 12, 2006

Jason tells Lulu she doesn't have to go through with this.  She says she will be fine.  Spinelli's grandmother comes back and continues to compliment Lulu on her values and her wanting to be a good mother.  Spinelli returns and sees Lulu through the window.  Lulu says she can't do this. Spinelli's grandmother thinks she wants an abortion and tells her she will regret it for the rest of her life.  Jason asks to use the bathroom and leaves. Spinelli starts to run away.  Jason comes up and grabs him.  Jason drags him into the house.  Spinelli wants his grandma to taser Jason and says he is serious bad news.  His grandmother starts hollering at him and twisting his ear.  Spinelli denies getting Lulu pregnant and his grandma gets madder.  Lulu says she lied.  Spinelli's grandmother wants to know why they are there. Jason tells her that Spinelli has information to clear and innocent woman.  Spinelli wants his grandma to help him. She says he's on his own.  Spinelli says he is not going back with them because Alcazar will kill him.  Jason says Alcazar will send someone after him there.  Jason says if he could find him so can Alcazar.  Spinelli says Lulu found him and Lorenzo will never find him there.  There is a knock on the door.  Jason takes out his gun.  He makes Lulu hide and drags Spinelli over to answer the door.  The man at the door offers free cable internet and Spinelli signs up.  Lulu and Jason say the able guy was on of Alcazar's men.  Jason says they have to go and drags Spinelli out.  Jason, Lulu and Spinelli are in the car and being chased.  Jason manages to evade the pursuers.  (Credit Holsgem)

December 13, 2006

Jason, Lulu and Spinelli meet Carly at the MC.  Jason wants Carly to stay with Lulu while he and Spinelli turn themselves in. Carly agrees.  Jason asks about Sam and Carly says she is okay. Spinelli wants him to call Sam and have her come over.  Carly asks about the plan. Jason says that Spinelli will recreate the flashdrive and prove that Sam was set up. Lulu wants to go too.  Jason says she needs to stay there and Carly agrees. Jason and Spinelli leave.  Lulu tries to leave but Carly stops her. Jason and Spinelli at Sonny's.  Jason and Sonny discuss a possible ambush coming and Sonny says he set it up for Jason and Spinelli to turn themselves in to Cruz and Lucky. Sonny calls Ric to meet with him and tells Jason to go.  Jason and Spinelli turn themselves in at the pier.  They are brought to the PCPD. Sonny's lawyer is waiting for them.  She tries to get Jason released. She also makes her case for Sam being set up.  Mac is unimpressed until Spinelli steps in and says he created the flashdrive.  Jason tells them to watch him prove.  Spinelli recreates the drive. The PCPD computer guy says it looks like the data on the drive. Spinelli says he created the flashdrive for Alcazar. Cruz takes Spinelli away.  Lulu comes.  Jason wants her to go back to the hotel.  They argue. Lucky is about to take Jason's statement. Jason hands him the ultrasound picture he dropped. (Credit Holsgem)

December 14, 2006

Lucky talks about when he shot at Liz on the pier and says his baby owes its life to Jason. Cruz comes in and says the flashdrive is missing and that Mac wants to see Lucky.  Lucky leaves. Cruz tells Jason that he knows about him and Liz and tells him to stay clear of her. Jason says he would not hurt Liz.  Lucky hears.  Jason covers. Ric comes in and says they have a situation.  Spinelli comes running out of the interrogation room screaming that he is innocent. Lulu slips off down the hall. The cops grab Spinelli.  Ric starts arguing with Mac about the missing drive. Diane says they have no case against Jason without the drive.  Ric says he has to drop the charges.  Mac reams Jason out. Jason says Spinelli had nothing to do with it.  Ric tells Spinelli he is free too. Jason thanks Lulu and Spinelli.  Lulu wants Spinelli to help her clear her mother.  Spinelli objects but Jason tells him he is going to help her. Jason goes to Sonny's and tells him what happened and that the drive is missing.  Sonny warns Jason that Ric is really going to be after him now. They talk about Carly keeping the Kristina secret from Sonny. Sonny says he never should have divorced Carly and it is his own fault he lost her to Jax.  He wants Jason's opinion.  Jason explains how he sees things. Sonny says he is going to the island until after the wedding.  Jason makes a call. (Credit Holsgem)

December 15, 2006

Alexis and Sam at the Lakehouse discussing the case against her.  Jason comes in and Sam runs to him.  Alexis says she is glas he is okay and asks if he is still a fugitive.  He is surprised no one called them and tells them about finding Spinelli, the missing flashdrive and the charges against him being dropped.  Sam asks if they will have to drop the charges against her too.  Jason said that Diane thinks the case is against Sam is weak.  Alexis does not approve of Diane.  Jason says she is good and has a strong argument for self-defense in Sam's case.  Jason says he know Alexis is sick and has a lot going on and Diane will take Sam's case if Alexis wants her too.  Alexis says that is up to Sam.  Sam wants to keep Alexis.  Jason wants to take Sam home.  They go to the Penthouse.  Sam says it is nice to be home and Jason holds her.  They have Chinese food and talk about cooking.  Jason says something can be great without being perfect.  Jason wants Sam to be sure she wants to move back in.  He doesn;t want her to feel pressured.  Sam says she wants to put the night with Ric and Liz behind them.  Jason says they can't pretend it didn't happen btu they can move forward.  They talk about trusting each other and exchage I love yous.  Sam wants to go upstairs and make a baby. (Credit Holsgem)

December 18, 2006

Jason and Sam talk about having a baby and his doubts about whether or not he should be a father. Jason says he would love to have a baby with her but doesn't know if it would be fair to the baby.  Alexis calls and asks Sam to come see Kristina. Sam goes to the Lakehouse and comforts Kristina. Jason sees Liz at the hospital.  He tells her things went well with Spinelli and thanks her for her help. He asks her if he had been her baby's father would she have wanted him in its life. Alexis thanks Sam and they discuss Ric and Alexis argument and how he offered to drop the charges against Sam in return for custody of Molly.  Sam is gald Alexis turned him down.  Alexis then says hurtful things to Sam about how her and Jason's violence hurt Kristina.  Sam walks out. Liz says that she only wanted to raise the baby alone because the baby was unplanned and she didn't want to upset his life.  Jason asks if she thought if the baby was his it would have been better off without him.  She thinks he would have been a good father.  Sam knocks on the PH door because she diesn't have her key back yet.  Jason says he will get her one.  Sam tells him about Kristina and how Ric and Alexis upset her.  Sam says she doesn't know why the adults didn't think more before they decided to have kids. Jason asks if she would want to take the risks of his life with a baby.  Sam says she thinks they would be good parents but does not want to have a baby until Jason is sure too.  They kiss. (Credit Holsgem)

December 19, 2006

Jason and Sam making out and moving toward the stairs.  They ignore the knocking on the door until Lulu starts to call out to Jason that it is important. Lulu says Jason owes her a favor and she wants him to let Spinelli stay with him and Sam.  Lulu and Spinelli tell them how Monica threw Spinelli out. Sam says they like their privacy. Spinelli assures Jason he has no place else to go so Jason lets him stay.  Spinelli hugs him. Lulu leaves.  Spinelli starts to make himself at home. Jason tells him where his room is and to go there. Jason tells Sam he let Spinelli stay so he can keep and eye on him and Lulu so that if they find the killer he can look out for them. Spinelli comes running downstairs all freaked out because his room is pink. Sam tells him it was Brenda's room.  Jason tells him to get back upstairs or leave.  He asks if he can stay in the other room across the hall but Sam says that is the baby's room. Spinelli says Sam can't have a baby because it would desecrate her hotness and Jason should just ahve a baby with someone else.  Jason threatens him to go back upstairs and he goes. Later, Jason and Sam talk about her hearing tomorrow.  They start to kiss and then they hear blaring music from upstairs.  Jason says he will kill Spinelli. Sam says it is okay now they can make all the noise they want. They start to kiss again.  (Credit Holsgem)

December 20, 2006

Jason and Sam arrive for the hearing.  Ric and Alexis bicker.  The judge for the hearing has been replaced. Alexis moves for dismissal.  Ric and Alexis start to argue to the judge but she tells them to stop and Alexis to finish. Alexis gets weak and has to sit.  Sam says they have to stop now. Sam asks the judge about getting a new attorney.  Alexis requests a recess.  Ric is obvious moved by Alexis' struggle.  He says he is prepared to drop all charges. The judge dismisses the case.  Sam thanks Alexis.  Jason offers her a ride home but she says no she brought her car.  Sam says she will drive her home. Jason comes home and Lulu and Spinelli are there.  Spinelli tells Jason he helped him out by making a website for him to find a different girlfriend so Spinelli can have Sam.  Jason says Spinelli has things to do for him and throws Lulu out.  He tells Spinelli to erase the webpage and straighten out what he did to Bernie's account. Sam helps Alexis into her house.  She wants to help her but Alexis says she is okay, it will pass.  She is having a bad chemo day. Alexis says she did not want Sam to go to prison but she can't forget what she did. Sam goes home.  Jason asks about Alexis.  Sam says she is really sick and there is nothing she can do.  They smell something and Jason runs upstairs yelling at Spinelli. Jason drags a stoned Spinelli downstairs and demands the drugs.  Jason takes the pot and tells Spinelli not in his house.  He goes to flush it but Sam stops him. She says she needs it (Credit Holsgem)

December 21, 2006

Sam wants to pot to help Alexis with her chemo side effects. Sam and Spinelli take the pot to Alexis.  She tells them it is illegal. Sam says that medical marijuana could help her.  She says absolutely not. Jason on the phone telling Stan to fix everything Spinelli did especially the web page and make sure he can't access Jason's records again.  Cruz comes and asks Jason if he planted drugs in Lucky's desks.  Jason is insulted and Cruz believes him.  Jason asks if Ric was around when the drugs were planted. Sam and Alexis talk about the pot.  Alexis is in tears from her pain.  She takes the pot. Liz comes to the Penthouse. They talk about Lucky and the drugs. Alexis smokes the pot.  Funny scene with Sam, Spinelli and a very stoned Alexis. Liz talks about not trusting Lucky.  Jason defends Lucky. Liz tells him about how Ric tried to keep her from seeing the pills.  Jason suggests that Ric could have set Lucky up. (Credit Holsgem)

December 22, 2006

Sam and Jason come in with a tree and decorations.  Jason thinks the tree is funny.  Sam says it just needs love, like her. Sam starts decorating the tree.  Jason tells Sam that Jax took off on Carly so he promised her they would go to the pageant for Michael and Morgan. They talk about Jason sending Spinelli home for Christmas and Spinelli leaving Alexis pot. Later, Jason leaves GH Christmas party to go to the pageant. He overhears Liz whining about not having a Chugging Charlie toy for Cam. Santa arrives at the GH Christmas party.  Jason arrives at the pageant and sits with Carly. The pageant starts.  Sonny arrives. The pageant ends.  Jason rushes off. Sam give Kristina a present and tells her to give it to Alexis and say Merry Christmas Mommy.  Krissy gives the present to Alexis and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Jason gives Liz the Chugging Charlie toy for Cam.  Montage of Robin and Patrick kissing under the mistletoe and sneaking into the supply closet, Skye, Lo, Lila Rae and the Qs, Alexis and the girls leaving Ric at GH, Lulu, Jason and Liz hugging and leaving the docks with the toy, Sonny, Carly and the boys leaving the pageant but Morgan disappears,  Nik and Emily, Nik discovering that Spencer is missing. (Credit Holsgem)

December 26, 2006

Jason and Liz on the pier looking for her bracelet.  Jason finds it. Jason and Liz at Kelly's.  Liz talks about Lucky and Cam.  Jason encourages her to spend Christmas with Lucky and Cam.  Later, Jason at the Penthouse finishing decorating the tree. Sonny calls him and wants him to meet him. Sam, ALexis and Kristina go to Kelly's.  They talk to Liz and then have ice cream.  Sam and Alexis talk in cryptic term about how the pot is helping her.  They leave and Kristina wishes Sam a Merry Christmas.  Sonny confronts Mateo. Jason comes up with a gun.  Jason starts to take Mateo to the car.  Father Coates shows up and tells them they are making a mistake.  Mateo and Father Coates tell Sonny and Jason that Mateo is Manny's twin and has been working in the church for years.  Mateo says he asked to be transfered to PC to make amends for Manny.  Sam comes home looking for Jason.  She sees that he has almost finished the tree and picks up the star.  Sonny apologizes to Mateo.  Mateo leaves with Father Coates.  Jason is still suspicious of him. Sonny wants Jason to check him out and kill him anything doesn't fit.  Jason goes home and calls stand to check out Mateo and find out if he could be Manny. Sam overhears and Jason tries to reassure her that they are checking Mateo out. Jason promises not to let him hurt her. They put the star on the tree and Jason gives Sam her gift, another star necklace. (Credit Holsgem)

December 27, 2006

Jason and Sam  talk about her applying for a job at GH.  Jason suggests she do salvage work because it pays better.  Sam says she can't dive for salvage if she wants to get pregnant. She says she know he is not ready but she wants to be ready if and when he is.  Jason is on the pier he sees Liz and Cam playing and she thanks him again for the toy.  Sam goes to GH and tries to apply for the job.  Ms. Sneed is nasty to her and refuses to interview her.  Sam threatens to sue and gets the interview.  Liz cries watchin Jason play with Cam.  When Jason asks her what is wrong she starts talking about her kids needing a father.  Jason asks how things are with Lucky and Liz says he has been hanging out with Maxie.  Ms. Sneed is refusing to hire Sam and being nasty.  Sam is begging for a chance.  Alan comes up and hires her. Alan tells Sam he considers her part of the family and kisses her forehead.  At the Penthouse, Stan tells Jason that Mateo checks out.  That he was as bad as Manny until turned his life around in prison.  Jason still suspects Mateo could be Manny but Stan has the autopsy records proving that Manny was the one who died.  Stan says Mateo has done nothing but good for the past 10 years but he is still leery.  Mateo approaches Sam on the pier. (Credit Holsgem)

December 28, 2006

Jason goes to GH to ask Kelly if it is safe for Sam to get pregnant.  Sam yells at Mateo to stay away from her.  He introduces himself and says he is Manny's brother.  She tells him he is sick.  Kelly says she can't discuss the specifics of Sam's case.  Jason asks for generalities.  Kelly says that they could very well have a baby by next year.  Mateo tries to apologize for Manny.  Sam says he isn't fooling her.  Sam says if he ever comes near her again she will kill him.  He apologizes again and leaves. Jason sees Liz. They talk about Sam.  Liz tells him Sam got the job at GH.  Sam goes home in a panic calling for Jason.  He isn't home.  She gets out his gun and loads it and flashesback to shooting Diego. Jason comes home to find a terrified Sam sitting on the couch holding his gun.  She says she saw him. Jason asks if Mateo threatened her and she says she didn't give him a chance.  Jason asks what happened.  Sam says she came home and got the gun but couldn't go after him because of Kristina.  She is sure he is Manny.  Jason takes the gun off of her and tells her he is Mateo.  He had Stan check him out and it checked out.  Sam is still afraid cause Mateo could be a threat since he is Manny's brother.  Jason says he won't let anything happen to her.  Sam is guilty about Kristina.  Jason tries to tell her it isn't her fault but she thinks it is.  She says this is why he doesn't want a baby.  Because he has to make choices without thinking about how it would effect a child.  She says she knows now they shouldn't have kids but she is never gonna stop wanting them.  Jason holds her. (Credit Holsgem)

December 29, 2006

Sam has the Penthouse set up for a romantic dinner.  The door knocks.  It is Spinelli back from his grandmother's early.  Sonny and Jason at the coffeeshop talking about Carly redecorating to bring in more customers when they don't want customers. Sam tells Spinelli how she planned to spend New Years Eve alone with Jason.  Spinelli says Jason isn't going to make it because the roads are closed.  They hear a noise and Sam gets Jason's gun.  Jason tells Sonny about Mateo approaching Sam.  Sonny doesn't think he's a threat. Jason remains suspicious but agrees he can't kill him.  Jason is upset that Sam is scared.  He thinks he has denied her too much.  Sonny thinks he can't do any more for her.  Jason talks about the baby dying and her wanting another baby that he is hesitant to have.  Sonny doesn't understand why Jason doesn't just give her a baby.  Sam comes down from checking the apartment and Spinelli lunges with a stick.  She says the noise was a plant that fell over.  Spinelli hits on her again.  She lets him know that Jason is the love of her life and she can't wait to start a family with him.  Sonny tells Jason why he would be such a great father.  Jason points out why his world is not a good place for a baby.  Sonny asks if he had been the father of Liz's baby would he have stayed out of its life.  Jason would have wanted to be in its life.  Sonny doesn't see the difference.  He says there are no guarantees. Liz's dream of Lucky and Jason berating her.  Sam gets the chinese food.  Spinelli says that Jason isn't going to make it and starts to eat their food.  They talk about the kind of parent Sam would be. She talks about how awful she would be but Spinelli thinks she would be a great mom. Sonny and Jason keep talking about having babies.  Sonny says the risks didn't stop him and that things go wrong but he would not trade them for anything.  He tells Jason he should not make his decision out of fear. New Year's Eve Montage - Robin and Patrick sharing champagne at his apartment and starting to make love. Skye, Lorenzo and Lila Rae in a limo.  They kiss.  Carly, Michael and Morgan at home.  Sonny comes and Carly makes him put on a funny hat.  They all hug.  Spinelli and Sam at the Penthouse. Jason comes in and Sam runs into his arms.  They kiss.  Lucky and Maxie dancing at Kelly's. They kiss.  Liz laying unconcious in the snow. (Credit Holsgem)