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I have done Jason's bio in two parts since Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan are two separate people.

Jason Morgan

When Jason woke up from his coma with no memory of his family, girlfriend Keisha or his life before the accident, he couldn't stand to be around anyone from his old life. His family, working for the return of their sweet-natured son found themselves at war with the angry and uncontrollable stranger in their midst. Things finally reached their breaking point and Jason left the family mansion, changed his name and went to work first parking cars at Luke's, then later on the docks.

The only people that Jason was comfortable with were his old high school friend, Robin Scorpio and mobster Sonny Corinthos. Robin was patient and helped Jason find his way in a confusing world. She had no expectations but simply accepted Jason for who he was, not who he used to be. Their friendship grew into a deep and abiding love.

Jason went to work for Sonny, and began to learn from him as well. His work for Sonny gave him an outlet for the reckless, destructive tendencies that had developed as a result of the accident. Sonny quickly realized that despite his brain damage and very literal way of thinking, Jason was intelligent and very capable. Jason was soon the number two man in Sonny's organization.

While seeing Robin, Jason was sleeping with Carly Roberts. When he ended their affair, she threatened to blab to Robin. But Carly was all talk; she was just hurt that Jason didn't want her.

Because of Robin's HIV-positive status, when she and Jason consummated their love, they had to do so very carefully. Beforehand, they spoke frankly about their fears and their desire, and although their lovemaking may not have been the same as other couples', it was just as intense and certainly more meaningful.

When Jason was shot by the Tinman, Robin went to Sonny and got him to fire Jason. In the ensuing argument, it became clear to Robin that Jason would not give up his dangerous lifestyle and they broke up. Robin went to medical school in Paris and Jason went back to work for Sonny.

In 1997 Jason took over Sonny Cornithos' empire when Sonny left Brenda at the altar and left the country. During this time, Carly broke up with Tony and lied that Jason was the father of the child she was carrying. Jason agreed not to deny this as long as no one asked him directly. No one did. Carly admitted to Jason that either Tony or A.J. was the father of the baby.

After the baby, Michael, was born tests ruled Tony out as the father and A.J. believed that since the baby's blood type matched Jason's and not his that Jason was Michael's father. Michael was born with a heart condition that required immediate surgery and this only fed Carly's postpartum depression. She left town and left the infant in Jason's care.

Edward, Alan, AJ and Tony tried to take the baby from Jason when he brought him to the Quartermaine mansion for Emily's birthday. Their plan failed miserably and the family lost both Jason and Michael for good. Justus became disgusted with the Quartermaines and ELQ life and agreed to be Jason's legal counsel.

Jason and Robin got back together and after his car exploded nearly killing Robin, Jason wanted to guarantee that Robin and Michael would always be safe. To that end, Jason met with his rival, Moreno, and announced his resignation from the organization. Jason went to work as a mechanic and he and Robin moved into Brenda's vacant cottage with Michael.

Robin and Jason were very much in love. One day, Jason returned to the garage and was shocked to find AJ there alone with Michael. Jason was furious and couldn't accept the fact that Robin had no choice but to leave Michael with AJ. Jason felt betrayed and a rift developed between him and Robin. Jason and Robin quickly reconciled, but Robin was concerned over Jason's deep attachment to Michael. Robin also continued to worry about what the future would hold once Carly was released from Ferncliff and hated the fact that her and Jason's lives revolved around Carly.

Jason proved to Carly that he could still make things happen even after leaving the organization when he arranged for her release from Ferncliff. Carly moved into the cottage with Jason, Michael and Robin and secretly planned on a future of her own with Jason.

By this time, however, mob violence was starting to rear its ugly head in Port Charles again and Mac was seriously wounded in a shoot out at the Outback. Carly urged Jason to return to the organization, but he remained hesitant to do so.

Robin was thrilled when Sonny returned to Port Charles as she hoped he would be able to help her with Carly, who continued to use Michael to manipulate Jason. Robin reached her breaking point when Jason announced that he was going to move into the brownstone with Carly and Michael in order to solve everyone's problems. Robin was stunned by Jason's "solution" and they broke up. Thinking she was protecting Jason from future pain at the hands of Carly, Robin went to AJ and told him the truth - AJ, not Jason, was Michael's biological father. Jason was furious over Robin's betrayal and made it clear he would never forgive her.

AJ shocked the Quartermaines with the news about Michael and battle lines were quickly drawn. Jason assured Carly that no one would take Michael away from him and they prepared to do battle with the Quartermaines.

Jason and Carly planned to leave Port Charles and go on the run with Michael. Jason left town with Michael and Carly planned on joining them later. Carly, however, changed her mind and didn't rendezvous with Jason as planned. Instead, Carly went to the Quartermaine mansion and said that Jason had kidnapped Michael. Carly started spinning a tale of lies and was able to convince the Quartermaines that she was on their side. Carly even moved into the mansion!

Sonny was furious over what Carly had done to Jason and he told Jason about Carly's betrayal. Sonny was then incredulous when Jason defended Carly and decided to return to Port Charles with Michael. Alone with Jason, Carly explained herself and told Jason of her latest plan. Carly planned on winning AJ over to her side and then marrying him. Carly explained that she would then divorce AJ and return to Jason with Michael. Jason didn't think Carly's plan would work, but he went along with it anyway. Alexis agreed to represent Jason in his custody battle against the Quartermaines. Jason was forced to take Michael to the Quartermaine mansion to live. Jason felt that his anger and hostility were confusing Michael so he gave up his visitation rights to the baby.

After teaming up to prove that Hannah Scott was actually an undercover agent for the FBI, Jason and Carly grew closer while watching the FBI raid Moreno's warehouse. Soon thereafter, Jason and Carly shared a kiss and Carly was certain she and Jason could have a future together. A short time later, Carly misinterpreted a close moment between Jason and Liz. Carly turned to Sonny and their mutual pain and anger lead to an outburst of passion and they made love. At this same time, Jason filled in for Sonny at a meeting with Moreno and ended up getting shot.

After being shot by Moreno, Jason returned to Sonny's penthouse and was stunned to discover that Carly and Sonny had slept together. Jason turned his back on Sonny and Carly and collapsed outside in the snow. Liz came to Jason's aid and took him to her studio. Jason refused to let Liz contact either the police or Sonny, but Liz took matters into her own hands and arranged for Bobbie to treat Jason's wound. Liz convinced Jason to stay at her studio with her and he eventually made a full recovery. In the process, Liz and Jason became very close friends.

Carly was devastated by Jason's rejection, but was determined to make him love her again. Carly was also determined to keep custody of Michael and end her marriage to AJ, but AJ made it clear that neither Carly nor Michael would be going anywhere. Fearing for her safety, Jason distanced himself from Liz. A short time later, Jason said goodbye to Sonny, Emily, Monica and Lila and headed out of town.

Although Jason didn't return to Port Charles, he did come to Carly's rescue once again. Jason phoned Sonny and told him that AJ had been responsible for hiring an arsonist to burn down their coffee warehouse. Armed with this information, Sonny forced AJ to relinquish all rights to Michael and give Carly a divorce.

Several months later, Jason returned to Port Charles. Sonny and Carly were once again in a crisis. She was the prosecutions star witness against him and the only way out that they could see was to marry so that she would not have to testify. Jason offered Sonny an alternative to marrying Carly and said he would take her and Michael out of the country. Jason admitted to Sonny that he only loved Carly as a friend, but said he would do whatever Sonny wanted. Carly, who truly did have feelings for Sonny, realized she couldn't run away with Jason. Carly then agreed to marry Sonny, who promised they would try to make a happy home together.

Jason then left Port Charles again but returned in January 2001 when he learned that Sorel and Carlos had joined forces to eliminate Sonny permanently. Liz was thrilled to see Jason back in town and he asked if he could hide out at her studio as he needed to keep his return a secret. Jason also told Liz that she couldn't tell Lucky that he was back in town. Liz was torn about lying to Lucky, but agreed to help Jason and keep his secret.

When Elizabeth was forced to choose between Lucky and Jason, she chose to be with Lucky. Jason soon left town again to hide out from mobster Sorel.

When Jason came back to Port Charles he was given an order by Sonny to watch over his half sister Courtney Matthews. Courtney was married to AJ and working as a stripper to pay back damage AJ had done to the club. Courtney found herself being stalked and Jason promised to protect her.

Courtney and Jason found themselves closer than ever when it was discovered that AJ was Courtney's stalker.Courtney and Jason could not deny that they were falling in love. But they would not tell Sonny because they knew he would not approve. Meanwhile Jason was also protecting Brenda Barrett who was a suspect in the murder of Luis Alcazar. Brenda blackmailed Jason into marrying her by threatening to blow up Sonny's marriage and ruin Michael's life. They remained married so they could not be called to testify against each other during their trial for Luis Alcazar's murder. Eventually Brenda and Jason annulled their marriage, allowing Courtney and Jason to get engaged.

When Sonny found out Jason and Courtney were involved in a relationship, he was less than thrilled for his sister to be marrying into the mob life. Finally Sonny was forced to accept their relationship and Jason and Courtney went ahead and planned for their wedding. But their wedding was not without problems. A pregnant Carly was kidnapped before the ceremony causing the wedding to be postponed while they all searched for Carly. It turned out that Ric Lansing had taken Carly hoping to steal her baby when it was born. Sonny and Carly's son Michael told Jason he saw Ric take Carly. But before they could rescue Carly, she was kidnapped again by Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jason, Sonny, and Ric went to South America to rescue Carly. Right before Jason left to go, Courtney found out she was pregnant. But she didn't want to tell him because he had already expressed his doubt about bringing a child into such a dangerous life.

Unbeknownst to Jason, Courtney decided to follow them down to South America to help them rescue Carly. But she got herself into trouble when Alcazar found her on his ship and demanded Sonny and Jason trade her for Carly. Courtney decided to take matters into her own hands and jumped over board to escape Alcazar. When she got to land safely, she was told she had lost her baby.

Jason and Courtney found their way to each other and exchanged vows in France with Carly and Sonny by their side. But it was not soon after Carly was accidentally shot by Sonny that Courtney realized the extent of danger she would be forced to deal with by being married to Jason. To keep the children safe while Carly was recovering, Jason and Courtney took Michael and Morgan to live in the country for awhile. There they met Brian, a policeman who helped them adjust to staying in the country. Jason was suspicious of Brian and did not trust his motives with Courtney especially when he took a job at the Port Charles Police Department. Courtney shot Brian when he and Jason got into a gunfight. Courtney wanted to turn herself in, but Jason insisted on keeping it a secret.

During the Port Charles Hotel fire, Courtney and Jason shared a romantic moment, but it was short lived when they survived and Jason was arrested for Brian's shooting. He was handcuffed to a railing, and left to die until Nikolas found him. Jason felt betrayed by Courtney when she purchased property on the docks with money she inherited and would not allow Jason and Sonny to use it for illegal activity. Their relationship got worse when Courtney knocked Jason unconscious to keep him from killing Alcazar and called the police on Sonny. They finalized their divorce.

When Jason found out Sam McCall was pregnant with Sonny's child, he offered to claim the child as his own to protect Sonny and his family. In the beginning of her pregnancy, Jason talked Sam out of having an abortion. He promised her he would raise that child as his own. What he didn't count on was developing real feelings for Sam, his best friend's mistress.

Unfortunately Sam's daughter was stillborn after Sam suffered complications and required an emergency C-section. Her unborn baby saved the life another of one of Sonny's children, Kristina. Kristina was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and Sam's child was the only donor match. Her stem cells saved Kristina.

As Sam dealt with the loss of her child, she became closer to Jason with whom she was still living platonically. They attended Emily and Nikolas's wedding where Sam had too much to drink and later kissed Jason.

After a bumpy start, Sam and Jason were again living together. They became foster parents of sorts by agreeing to care for a baby that Bridget, one of Courtney's foundation kids, had given them. Jason wasn't so sure at first but then supported Sam and the baby. Jason even proposed to Sam. He loves her and wants to be with her. Sam happily accepted. Bridget decided she wanted her baby back. To avoid a serious court battle, Jason decided it would be best for baby Hope to be raised by Bridget and her grandmother. Sam tearfully returned Hope to Bridget, but made it clear to Jason she will never forgive him for this and ended their relationship.

Sam spun out of control as it looked like she kidnapped Kristina. Jason was shot rescuing Sam from police custody. Jason and Sam worked together to find the kidnapper. It was discovered that Faith was the kidnapper and that she had taken Michael and Morgan as well. The investigation took them to Louisiana where after a shootout with Faith, they found Kristina and Morgan. Michael was still missing. Jason and Sam started looking into Faith's activities and found out she had something going in the Caribbean. But before they could go any further, Faith was shot and killed. Jason tracked down the sniper and found a Polaroid of Michael, dead.

Jason refused to believe that Michael was really dead. He continued to search for clues and with Sam's help, figured out that Michael was indeed alive. They got a lead from Rachel that took them to the very much alive AJ Quartermaine's Bahamian home. They just missed AJ and Michael. Jason and Sam returned to Port Charles and discovered that AJ was in town with Michael. With Skye's help, they tracked AJ down. Jason and AJ engaged in a fight that sent them both over the staircase railings at the Quartermaine estate.

A.J. was murdered in his bed at General Hospital and Jason, Sonny, Monica, Sam and Carly believed that Michael was responsible. By this time Michael was so traumatized that he had become withdrawn. Sam set up therapy session for Michael with Dr. Thomas, a local psychiatrist who promised not to violate Michael's doctor/patient confidentiality. Jason was leery of the idea at first, but so concerned for Michael that he agreed that there was no other option.

A hurricane hit Port Charles. Jason, Sam, Michael and Morgan were staying at Sonny's house when Dr. Thomas showed up to drop off Michael's school bag. He ended up having to stay because of the storm. During the hurricane, Dr. Thomas had a talk with Jason and told him that his own attitude toward therapy was affecting Michael's progress and that he was too impaired from his brain damage to be able to help Michael at all. Jason asked Sam if she felt he was holding Michael back from getting better. Sam assured Jason that no matter what, he loved Michael and would only do what was best for him.

Jason soon learned that Michael's file was stolen and Dr. Thomas suspected Alan took it. Jason confronted Alan but realized someone else stole the file. Michael was visiting with Carly when Jason showed up and explained Durant took the file. Two police officers arrived to take Michael in and Jason pulled his gun on them. Sam surprised all with a shotgun and she, Jason, and Michael took off. Sonny told Jason to get himself, Sam, & Michael out of town. Jason, Sam, and Michael escaped just as the police arrived and were off to the Caribbean.

Michael got a surprise when he discovered his new friend Jodie was on board the ship. Jodie told him that she was there the night AJ was murdered and knew Michael didn't kill him. Michael went to Jason and Sam and told them Jodie was on board. Jason and Sam soon discovered that Jodie was Michael's imaginary friend. Sam was arrested when she went on shore to get supplies. When Michael figured out that Jason couldn't see Jodie, Michael freaked out. Jason called Dr. Thomas for advice and he told them they had to get back to PC now for Michael's sake. While Jason spoke to Dr. Thomas, he had a memory from his own accident and through Dr. Thomas's memory, it was revealed that AJ was in cahoots with Dr. Thomas to end Jason's life.

Once Jason told Sonny about Michael's imaginary friend, Sonny made a deal with Durant to bring Jason and Michael home. Durant double-crossed everyone and had Jason and Michael arrested. Ric was able to get Jason and Sam released but Durant got a restraining order to keep them away from Michael. Michael had to return to therapy with Dr. Thomas who tried to hypnotize him. Jodie tried to warn Michael but it was too late. During his session, Michael told Dr. Thomas he knew the good doctor was the killer. Carly brought Michael home from Dr. Thomas's office and Michael told everyone that Rachel was the one that killed AJ.

Jason had a dream about Dr. Thomas trying to kill Michael. Sam believed that the truth to AJ's murder was locked in Jason's memory. Jason and Sam paid Alan and Monica a visit to talk about Jason's accident. Alan revealed there was a night when Jason's heart stopped, but it was Alan that revived him. Jason and Sam decided to break into Dr. Thomas's office to get Michael's tape.

Jason decided to take an experimental "memory recovery" drug to remember what Dr. Thomas did to him all those years ago. This plan went bad as Jason had a bad reaction to the drug. He grabbed his gun and took off to find AJ. Jason, in his drugged state, showed up at the Quartermaines, demanding to see his brother. Alan and Monica tried to calm him down. Sam arrived and was able to calm him for a moment, but Jason took off and got into another accident.

Sonny listened to the tape that Sam stole but parts were erased. When everyone arrived at the hospital, Reese, Sam, & Sonny figured out that Dr. Thomas killed both AJ and Rachel. Jason woke up just as Dr. Thomas was about to inject his IV. They fought, but when Sam showed up, Dr. Thomas grabbed her and took off. Sonny and Jason tracked him to the GH roof. Dr. Thomas injected Sam with a drug and escaped in the helicopter.

Jason and Sonny missed Dr. Thomas but found an unconscious Sam on the rooftop of GH. Jason rushed Sam back inside and Emily saved her. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas landed at the Quartermaine's estate and held Alan hostage. Monica called Jason who rushed over. Dr. Thomas found Monica just as Jason showed up. Dr. Thomas spun a tale that placed blame on Alan for everything. Jason and Monica pretended to believe the story long enough for Dr. Thomas to be distracted. Jason shot and killed him.

After Jason was cleared of the shooting, Sonny surprised Sam and Jason with a vacation and sent them away on his yacht. The boat was then stormed by phony police. Jason & Sam were brought to an island. Jason was taken to the dungeon while Sam met the hostess: Allegra. Allegra needed Sam to impersonate her recently deceased daughter and marry the wealthy fiancé so that Allegra would return to the financial lifestyle she was accustomed to. Sam agreed to play along to save herself and Jason.

When Jason was brought back to his cell, Alicia had his makeshift key and wanted to escape with him and Sam. Alicia was separated from Jason while Sam prepped to meet Andrew, the wealthy fiancé. Andrew wanted to wed now. Jason escaped only to discover Sam already left with Andrew. Jason pulled a gun on Allegra but was hit with another seizure. He woke up in his cell and escaped again. Jason was hit with another headache while Sam married Andrew. Sam wasn't about to consummate the marriage.

Sam told Andrew the truth and he promised to help her and Jason. They took off just as Jason arrived. Jason had another seizure and passed out. Sam and Andrew were captured but someone freed Sam. Sam found a passed out Jason next to a very dead Andrew. Jason couldn't remember what happened. Allegra told them she would cover for them and sent them away. On the boat, Jason tried to cover his seizures but Sam wanted him to see a doctor now. When Jason had another seizure, Sam took him to a small remote hospital. Jason woke up and had no memory! Sam tried to help him remember but she was grabbed by Allegra's people. When the goons went to grab Jason, Jason instinctively reacted and shot them. Jason found out where Sam was and took off to save her, but he was too late. Allegra explained Sam was arrested for Andrew's murder. Alicia arrived and told them she was the real killer. Allegra forced her daughter to take Sam's place so Sam and Jason could escape.

As Jason realized more about his life he was appalled by his lifestyle and returned to Port Charles without Sam. Sam returned to Port Charles and updated Emily on Jason's condition. Emily went to the Quartermaines to find out she just missed Jason. Sam found Jason at his penthouse, preparing to leave for good. Sam assured him she only wanted to help him. Emily arrived just as Jason was hit with a seizure. They were able to get him to GH. Alan had Jason put in restraints and was about to medicate him when Sam pulled her gun on him to stop the drugging.

Sam freed Jason but Alan explained that she had to bring Jason back to the hospital for more tests. Sam finally convinced Jason to come back to the hospital. Monica & Alan performed the tests and had to tell Sam that Jason was going to die. Tony Jones held out hope that a medication therapy or brain surgery could save him. Jason rejected the idea of brain surgery but was willing to try the medication. The medication seemed to work at first but began to fail.

At the same time, the Ruiz family began to move on Sonny's territory and one of their first orders of business was to weaken Sonny by eliminating Jason. Jason was arrested for assaulting two cops who Durant sent to question him. Despite both Sam and Monica explaining Jason's condition, Durant continued to hold Jason without charge in exchange for Sonny turning Carly, who was suffering from a nervous breakdown, over to him. The Ruizes shot up Sonny's house, so Sonny sent Justus to get Jason out of jail. Justus forced Durant to release Jason and took him to Sonny's house. There Jason refused Sonny's orders and rejected his friendship and their former lifestyle.

While at the hospital, Jason had a memory flash of holding Sam's baby and the feelings that accompanied that moment. He decided that he had loved and trusted Sam and began to let her back into his life and started to fall in love with her again.

Sonny's brother and attorney, Ric tried to step into Jason's shoes and set up a meeting with Manny Ruiz where he planned to kill him. At the same time that the meeting was taking place, Jason had another memory, this one of shooting Faith. The memory disturbed him greatly so Sam got him away from the church by suggesting a walk in the park. Ric was meeting Manny and his henchmen in the same park. When Ric was unable to shoot Manny, Manny and his men were about to kill Ric when Reese caused a distraction and the shot went wild, nearly hitting Sam. Jason reacted by killing both henchmen and injuring Manny. Ric then shot Manny in the head putting him into a coma. Jason cleaned up the crime scene and they escaped. Jason decided that he would never hurt anyone ever again.

Manny's brother, Javier, arrived in town looking for revenge, so Sonny advised Jason to leave town for his own safety and convinced Sam to let him leave alone. Jason left Sam and stopped to visit the baby's grave before leaving town. He ran into Sam at the graveside where they talked. He decided that he wanted to stay in town and rediscover his life with Sam. Jason got a job on the docks and he and Sam finally reunited for real and made love.

Jason inadvertently prevented Max from carrying out Sonny's order to kill Javier. Sonny and Jason argued over this and Sonny threatened Jason. Sonny quickly apologized, laying out how his life was coming apart and Jason, the one person he always depended on was gone. Sonny then warned Sam to be careful since it seemed like Jason was no longer able to protect himself.

While Jason was at work, Javier showed up and threatened Sam to get Jason to work for him. Jason came in and threw Javier out warning him that he was out of the business but that he would kill Javier if he ever came near Sam again. Jason and Sam decided that the only way to get any peace was to leave. They left for Hawaii shortly before Javier and his men showed up to kill them.

They were happy very briefly in Hawaii as they feel more deeply in love, but Manny had awakened from his coma and headed to Hawaii for revenge on Jason. Manny was disappointed at how easy it was to take the non-violent Jason prisoner. He handcuffed Jason to a chair and had his men beat him while Jason offered no resistance. Sam returned and saw what was happening and mounted a rescue effort. She knocked out one of Manny's men and shot the other before Manny made her give her gun by aiming his gun at Jason. When Manny began to torment Sam, Jason broke free and took down the guards while Sam grabbed Manny's gun and handcuffed him to a chair. Sam interfered when Jason tried to shoot Manny and the cops arrived before Jason could finish the job. Jason decided that he had to return to Port Charles and fulfill his obligation to protect Sonny and his family. He arrived the end of a gunfight when Javier was about to kill Sonny. Jason killed Javier and told Sonny that he was back for good.

Manny escaped police custody and followed Jason and Sam to Port Charles. He broke into the penthouse and terrorized Sam who shot him. Jason's medication had stopped working and he was suffering seizures more and more often making it difficult for him to protect Sam and to go after Manny. Tony informed Sam that Jason's only hope was the surgery, which he continued to reject, or an experimental drug therapy pioneered by Jason's old flame, Robin Scorpio. Jason rejected the drug therapy as while he was undergoing treatment both he and Sam would be completely vulnerable to Manny and also, because he had a memory of the end of his relationship with Robin so he did not trust her. Robin headed to the U.S. anyway in hopes of helping Jason. Although Jason would not agree to the therapy, Sam went to New York to find Robin and bring her to Port Charles.

Jason learned that the train carrying Robin and Sam had crashed with another train carrying Liz and Lucky's wedding party including Emily. He headed out to help with the rescue effort. The rescue was moving slowly so Jason found a railroad worker who showed him where the ventilation shaft was into the tunnel and Jason went into the tunnel to rescue his loved ones. He saved Sam who was buried in the debris from a cave in and together they saved Robin who was pinned in the wreckage. Sam and Robin informed him that Manny was on the train and had caused the wreck. They found their way to the others where Jason learned that Sonny was also on the train.

Sam and Jason wandered off from the others where he suffered another seizure and fell into a pit. Sam couldn't move him so she returned to the others for help. A water pipe burst and Jason was unconscious and drowning when Carly found him and dragged him to safety. Carly ran off when the others arrived and they did not believe Jason when he said she was also in the wreck. They believed that his condition was causing him to hallucinate. They returned to the main group where Jason suffered yet another seizure. Sonny, Sam and Robin returned to the other train to find Robin's briefcase which contained medicine that could help Jason. They found the briefcase and also Carly's charm bracelet, verifying that Jason did see Carly in the tunnel. Manny caught up with them and shot Robin in the arm. As he was preparing to kill the women in front of Sonny, Jason arrived and stabbed Manny with a railroad spike. Sam gave Jason the medication.

Sonny and Robin returned to the others while Jason and Sam went in search of Carly, who had been rescued and spirited back to Roselawn by Lorenzo. They quickly realized that Manny had wired the tunnel with explosive stolen from a rescue worker who he had murdered. Jason began disarming the bombs as they found them while they continued to search for Carly. Sonny soon caught up with them with the news that the rescue workers had reached the main group. Jason made Sam leave with Sonny while he continued to search for Carly. Manny, who had also been rescued, had dropped the detonator. It was run over by a stretcher and the tunnel where Jason was searching exploded. Jason was presumed dead and the county prepared to seal the tunnel. Carly, who read in the paper that Jason was missing, escaped from Roselawn again and went into the tunnel to find him. They ran into each other in the tunnel and managed to escape before the tunnel was completely sealed. Jason returned Carly to Roselawn, then returned to the crash site to find Sam.

After a brief reunion, Jason agreed to go to the hospital and begin the drug therapy. At the hospital, he proposed to Sam before the treatment began and she accepted. The treatment was very difficult and in the end it failed. Jason still refused surgery and asked Sam to return to Hawaii with him and stay with him for the time that he had left. Their time in Hawaii was very sad as Sam could not help focusing on the loss she was about to suffer. Sonny asked Robin to find a surgeon to help Jason and went to Hawaii to try to talk Jason into giving the surgery a chance. Jason refused Sonny, but later relented for Sam, who was heartbroken. They returned to Port Charles to prepare for the surgery, not knowing that Dr. Noah Drake, who Robin found in a bar, was no longer a world class neurosurgeon but an alcoholic. When Sam caught Dr. Drake spiking his coffee, he refused to do the surgery but recommended another doctor. The other doctor, Noah's son, Dr. Patrick Drake performed the surgery successfully, despite Manny creating a hostage situation in the OR.

Manny was arrested at GH, but remained a concern for Jason and Sonny. Jason attempted to kill him during a prison transfer but was stopped by the arrival of Alexis and Ric and arrested for attempted murder. The charges were dropped but Alexis begged Sam to leave Jason and his violent lifestyle behind. The charges against Jason were soon dropped.

Manny was brought to trial but Alexis, his attorney, claimed a brain tumor had been responsible for his violent behavior. Manny was shot during his trial and both Jason and Sam were suspected of the shooting which was actually ordered by Lorenzo Alcazar. They were soon cleared but Alexis continued to badger Sam about the danger involved in her relationship with Jason. Manny was convicted but because the judge believed that he was no longer a threat, he was sentenced to house arrest and community service at GH.

A virus struck Port Charles and Sam, among others, fell deathly ill. Jason and Carly took off for the Markaam Islands in search of a cure and to rescue Lucky, who had been kidnapped by the corporation that manufactured the virus. They managed to rescue Lucky, but the one vial of the antidote they found was destroyed during a gunfight between Jason and the lab security. They returned to Port Charles where Jason learned that Sam's brother Danny had also contracted the virus. Someone contacted GH to offer a deal. They would sell them the antidote for one million dollars a dose. Robert Scorpio asked Jason for information and during their conversation an eavesdropping Carly realized that the extortionist was staying at her hotel.

Jason comforted Sam when Danny died and was told that Sam was in a condition similar to Danny's and expected to die. Carly contacted Jason with the news that the person they were looking for was staying at the Metro Court but she was knocked unconscious before she could give him all the info she had. Jason and Luke followed Carly's lead and found that Luke's old flame, Holly, was the extortionist. Luke was shot during the confrontation but Jason and Carly continued their quest for the antidote. They found Holly's briefcase filled with the antidote and rushed to GH where Sam was saved in the nick of time.

Jason and Sam decided to once again attempt to have a baby but Sam was afraid that she carried the gene that caused her bother's disability so she was tested and found to not carry the gene. This coupled with things Danny said before he died led Jason and Sam to believe that Sam had ben adopted. DNA tests between Danny and Sam proved this to be true. Jason and Sam's research showed that Alexis was Sam's birth mother.

Meanwhile, Jason was distraught that Sonny had been seeing Emily. Jason did everything in his power to get Sonny to dump his sister for her own safety but Sonny and Emily both refused to end their relationship. Jason took over Sonny's empire and tried to use it to force Sonny to give up Emily. Sonny refused so Jason found himself running a criminal organization he did not want. The Escobar family began to pressure Jason to kill Sonny to guarantee that he was in charge of the Family. Instead Jason shot and killed Juan Escobar. Sonny, in a bid to regain control of his organization, turned Jason over to the police for the murder. Eventually, forensic evidence proved Sonny's testimony to be false and Jason was released.

Upon his release, Jason went straight to the Metro Court where Sam was attending a charity bachelor auction given by Carly. Sam ran out to meet Jason on the balcony. Their reunion was short-lived. Manny shot Sam as Jason held her in his arms.

Sam was taken to GH where the bullet was removed, but her blood was not clotting properly. The repeated blood transfusions caused a potentially fatal condition in Sam's brain. When Monica told Jason that Sam would most likely die, he went to Alexis and revealed Sam's secret, that Alexis was Sam's birth mother. Alexis hurried to Sam's side. Sam went unconscious and Jason and Alexis immediately disagreed on Sam's treatment. Jason approved brain surgery for Sam but Alexis got a court order to prevent it. Patrick Drake agreed with Jason and performed the surgery in defiance of the court order. Alexis had Jason, Patrick, Elizabeth and Epiphany arrested for defying the court order but dropped the charges after the surgery proved to have saved Sam's life. While Sam was still unconscious, Alexis convinced Jason to end his relationship with Sam for her own protection. Jason, believing that the shooting was the work of the Escobars and meant for him broke up with Sam as soon as she regained consciousness.

Sam moved into Alexis' Lakehouse and Jason tried to move ahead with his life but he ran into Sam everywhere he went and could not deny his love for her.  Jason was alone and miserable despite the immense power he had amassed.  Then two things happened simultaneously.  Manny kidnapped Sam from the Lakehouse and Sonny showed up at the Penthouse in the midst of his worst mental breakdown to date.  Jason had to choose who to save.  He took Sonny home and found Carly to look after Sonny while forcing Emily to leave for the island.  He then focused all of his energy on finding and rescuing Sam.  He rescued her and killed Manny receiving a life threatening gunshot wound in the process.  Even with the threat of Manny gone, Jason could not allow Sam to take the risk of coming back into his life.  Carly got Sonny stabilized and he went into therapy.  As he began to recover, Jason returned the organization to him but warned that Alcazar was a serious threat. 

Carly eventually convinced Jason that he was doing Sam more harm than good by staying away from her when they both loved each other so much.  She also warned that she believed that Sam was about to do something self-destructive.  Jason headed out to the Lakehouse to ask Sam to come back to him and arrived in time to see Sam having sex with Ric.  He returned to the Penthouse heartbroken and guiltridden and began to drink and battle his memories.  Liz showed up to once again cry on his shoulder about her marital woes and they started drinking together and had sex.  The next day, Jason and Sam confessed to each other and tried to deal with the pain they had caused each other.  Both believed that they could not retrieve their relationship after that night.  Sam decided to leave town that night.  Sam did not leave, however because she found out that Alexis had cancer and her sisters needed her.

Jason tried to be there for Sam as a friend during the he crisis but their relationship was still strained.  Meanwhile the threat of Alcazar grew larger as Sonny refused to move against him.  

When Jason learned that Alexis was undergoing surgery to remove a part of her lung, he put aside all of the bad feelings and hurried to the hospital to be with Sam.  Sam sent him away however because just before Alexis went into surgery Sam promised her she would stay away from Jason.  After the surgery, Sam came to the Penthouse to find out why Jason came to the hospital, if he wanted to try again but by that time Jason had shut down again and didn't want to discuss it.  Sam pushed until she forced a fight where they both spilled out all of their anger and hurt. After the fight, they talked quietly and decided that they did want to try again.  Sam returned her engagement, asking Jason to put it on her finger again when they were ready to make the same promises.

Jason continued to work to protect himself and Sonny's interests against an increasing threatening Alcazar, who had teamed with Ric to kill Jason and Sam.  Jason and Sam continued to meet in secret in order not to upset Alexis as she dealt with her cancer. They talked but things did not seem to move ahead.  During this period Elizabeth discovered that she was pregnant and she did not know who the father was.  She tried to keep her paternity confusion to herself but eventually Jason confronted her and she admitted that he could be the baby's father.  Jason agreed to abide her wishes if the baby was his but made it clear that he would want to be a part of the baby's life.  He also agreed to provide the DNA sample for the paternity test for which they would have to wait several weeks.  Sam was devastated when Jason told her that he was possibly the baby's daddy.  Jason was heartbroken that he had caused Sam so much pain but had no idea how to make it up to her.  He told Sam that he wanted to be with her even if the baby was his and asked her if this would work for her.  The baby question put even more strain on their relationship and Sam told Jason that she did not think she wanted to try because it was too painful, but they still could not stay away from each other and continued to meet.

During surveillance of Jason's apartment, Ric learned that Jason could be the baby's daddy and decided that he had to protect Liz from Jason.  He goaded Jason by bad mouthing Sam until Jason beat him nearly to death, then he pressed attempted murder charges against him.  Sonny got Alexis to drop the charges but in the process it came out that Alexis knew about the one night stand and she threw both Ric and Sam out of her life.  Elizabeth got the test results which named Jason as the baby's daddy but she allowed everyone to believe that Lucky was the daddy. Without the need to be in secret any longer for Alexis sake and the strain of the paternity question, Jason planned a romantic evening with Sam where they discussed their future.  As they worked their way back together, they were interrupted by the police who came to arrest Sam for a crime that Ric and Alcazar framed her.

Sam broke out of police custody.  Jason learned about this almost instantly and went to assist her in her escape.  As soon as they were together, Ric declared them armed ad dangerous and gave a "shoot to kill" order.  Jason and Sam made it to a safehouse where they shared their first kiss in months.  They planned to stay in Port Charles and find the evidence to clear Sam's name.  They eventually tracked down a computer geek named Spinelli who had created the fabricated evidence and planned to turn themselves in.  Spinelli snuck out of the safehouse to by chips and was tailed back.  Alcazar and Ric knew where they were hiding.  Before their surrender, Jason cooked a romantic dinner for Sam and they reaffirmed their love.  They left the safehouse and got into the car but when the engine did not turn over they quickly fled the car before exploded.  Alcazar's gunmen appeared and ambushed them.  Jason, Sam and Spinelli tried to escape the trap and eventually found themselves in a warehouse, where Diego tried to shoot Jason.  Sam killed Diego but little Kristina was a witness to the killing and was traumatized. Spinelli chose just that moment to run away.  Sam stayed with Kristina while Jason went after Spinelli.  The police arrived and arrested Sam.  Jason caught up with Spinelli just as the police caught up with him.  Spinelli ran away again as Jason tossed away his weapon and attempted to surrender.  The police opened fire on an unarmed and surrendering Jason on Ric's order.  Jason went off the building and into the lake and was presumed dead.

Jason was injured and made his way to the Sailor's Chapel.  Elizabeth came in to pray for him and found Jason barely conscious.  She told him about the baby and begged him to live. Jason regained consciousness and Elizabeth helped him to her old studio where she contacted Sonny. Sonny and Jason made Elizabeth remove the bullet, and Jason asked Elizabeth what she was saying in the chapel since he was not conscious enough to remember.  Elizabeth acted like she had said nothing of importance.  Jason immediately began working on regaining his strength to go after Spinelli.  He soon got word of screams coming from on of Alcazar's warehouses and went there.   Lulu and Spinelli were being held there and expecting to be killed.  As Jason came through the door, Lulu hit him with an bottle and knocked him out.  Spinelli escaped yet again and Jason and Lulu were forced to fight their way out through Alcazar's guards.  Lulu revealed that she knew where Spinelli went and she and Jason went to get him.  Jason and Lulu found Spinelli and returned to Port Charles where all the charges against Jason and Spinelli were dropped. The charges against Sam were dropped shortly thereafter and Jason and Sam reunited and moved in together once again.

Soon after Jason and Sam returned to their life at the Penthouse, Lulu Spencer talked Jason into letting Spinelli move into with them. Sam wanted to have a baby but Jason was hesitant due to the danger of his life.  The put the idea on home and spent a quiet Christmas where Jason gifted Sam with a new star necklace to replace the one that she threw away.  On New Year's Eve, Jason told Sam that he did want to have a baby with her.

Sonny and Jason started to have big problems with Alcazar who was threatening them to stay away from a deal he had going.  Sonny and Jason refused to back down leading to Alcazar trying to kill Sonny.  Sonny shot Alcazar in the head in self-defense, causing Alcazar to temporarily lose his memory. This caused Alcazar's partner. Mr. Craig, to panic and take the Metro Court hostage in an attempt to retrieve a briefcase that Alcazar had stored in the vault. Sam, Sonny, Carly, Alan and Emily were among the hostages and Jason was determined to get inside and help his loved ones. He snuck into the hotel with Spinelli's help and managed to take out one of the masked hostage takers and take his place. Alan had a heart attack during the crisis and was released.  Jason was one of the gunmen to escort him to the door and he witnessed Alan have a second heart attack outside the hotel. He gave Sam a mask and told her to escape and warn the police that that lobby was wired to explode.  Jason fought Craig to delay the explosion giving most of the hostages time to escape or take cover before the explosion.  Hapless Elizabeth, however, required rescue as always. Jason ended up trapped with her in the elevator where she revealed that she had lied and that Jason was the father of her baby. After their rescue, Jason was going to tell Sam about the baby but she told him that she couldn't have kids first and he did not have the heart to tell her about Liz's baby. Alan died shortly after and Jason missed seeing him before he died because he was off trying to kill Mr. Craig.  Jason was suffering from a huge amount of guilt over his failure to Alan, Sam's infertility and Liz's baby, when Liz came to him and told him that she wanted to remarry Lucky and pass the baby off as his. Jason agreed but he had a very hard time with this decsion.

Sam was keeping secrets of her own with regard to a marriage scam she had run in the past.  The weight of the lies and secrets and guilt caused Jason and Sam to start to drift apart. Even though Jason had told Elizabeth that if she wanted him to walk away from the baby she needed to stay away from him, she kept coming to him to discuss the baby. Amelia was also coming to Jason all the time and telling him that by being in Sam's life he was endangering her career.

Alcazar had recovered from his brain damage but was still pretending to have it while plotting to kill Sonny and Jason. Skye found out and went to Jason and told him of Alcazar's plan.  Sonny and Jason decided to kill Alcazar. Jason went to kill Alcazar one night during a storm.  On his way to the hit, he stopped to check on Liz and found her unconscious and in labor. He took her to the hospital where Jake was born.  The baby was okay but Liz's life was in jeopardy. Jason was prepared to claim the baby if she died but she recovered.  Sam overhead Liz and Jason talking about the baby and was devastated. She was determined to make Jason tell her about the baby and started to scheme to force him into telling.  Jason got defensive whenever Sam was around the baby or brought him up causing even more distance in their relationship.

With Skye's assistance, Jason killed Alcazar but the killing was recorded on tape.  Jason was arrested.  While Jason was in jail Jake was kidnapped.  Amelia came to jail and told Jason about Sam's scams and that she knew about Jake. Jason suspected Sam in the kidnapping and asked her about it when she confronted him about Jake's paternity. Sam denied knowing anything about the kidnapping. Jason made bail and with Amelia's help found, rescued and returned his son.  However, Maureen Harper, the kidnapper told him that Sam had watched her kidnap the baby.  Jason was arrested for jumping bail and sent to maximum security. Sam came to the prison and they had a confrontation about Sam watching the kidnapping and Jason's lies.  Sam broke-up with Jason but she stilled lied on the witness stand to protect him.  Liz also lied on the witness stand about Jake's paternity.  She did, however, admit to having sex with Jason. Jason was found not guilty due to evidence manufactured by Carly and Jerry Jax a.k.a. James Craig.

Jason returned home to the empty Penthoust.  At the urging of Spinelli and Emily, he decided to ask Liz and the boys to move in with him and try to have  family.  When he spoke to Liz, she told him that 2 men had threatened her and the boy in the park and that they mentioned Jason, so he did not ask her to move in.  Jason tracked down the men and they told him that Sam had hired them to scare Liz.  Jason broke into Sam's apartment and threatened her.

A new threat was on the mob horizon as the Zacaharra family attempted to move into Port Charles. The Zacaharras were known for hurting the loved ones of their enemies so Sonny and Jason suspected them when Leticia was murdered.  Leticia's killer soon begain to contact Carly by text and told her he wanted to meet her at the Black and White Ball at Wyndamere.  Carly decided she wanted to go the the ball and kill him.  Diane found out about her plan and told Jason. Jason headed to Wyndamere to stop and protect Carly. A storm soon cut the island off from the mainland.  Both the text message killer and crazy Anthony Zaccharra were loose in the house.  Jason found hapless Elizabeth once again in need of rescue as she managed to get lost in the house.  He stashed her in the barn for her own safety and left to find Carly.  Jason finally found Carly as she was being attacked by several of Zacharra's men.  Sam happened upon the scene at the same time and together they killed off all of the mercenaries and rescued Carly.  After the rescue, Jason and Sam exchanged bitter words and Sam and Lucky headed off to the barn.  At the barn, Sam tried to force Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth about Jake. Jason came in while this was going on and told Lucky himself. The four argued and Sam and Lucky left.  Elizabeth then turned on Jason angrily.  Jason explained that Jake was his son and he was not happy with keeping the secret.  Jason returned to the mainhouse to find that the Test Message Killer had claimed another victim, his sister Emily.  Jason was devastated and grief-stricken.  However, hapless Elizabeth managed to yet again find herself in need of rescue as Anthony Zacharra had taken her up to the ledge at the top of WYndamere.  Jason rescued her yet again. He shot Anthony Zacharra as Anthony jumped from the roof Wyndamere. Anthony was paralyzed in the fall. Because Carly had been attacked at the same time that Anthony was on the roof with Jason and Elizabeth, they deduced that he was not the Text Message Killer.

Jason went and told Monica of Emily's death.  Monica blamed Jason for Emily's death as well as the deaths of Alan and A.J.  she threw him out of her life and told him not to go to Emily's funeral.  Jason did attend Emily's funeral but he stayed in the back out of sight.  Afterwards, he went to Elizabeth's for a quick round of comfort.  Later, Jason hid as Lucky came by and said that he wanted to continue as Jake's father in order to keep the baby safe from Jason's lifestyle.

Shortly afterward, Elizabeth called Jason to the MetroCourt for sex and told him that she wanted to have an affair in secret. He agreed and had Max set up a safehouse so they could meet there.

Jason continued to pursue Emily's killer even though Sonny was demanding his attention for his business. When the text message killer went after Sam, she ran into the road and was hit by a hit and run driver. Elizabeth believed that she was the hit and run driver but Jason wanted to investigate further before she turned herself in. Jason went to visit Sam and when she said that it was the TMK chasing her, he was the only one who believed her. Nikolas Cassadine who witnessed Emily's murder but could not remember it because of a brain tumor suddenly remembered that he saw Diego Alcazar kill Emily.  Knowing the police would not believe him because of his tumor and the fact that Diego was dead, Nikolas took this information to Jason.  Jason immediately feared for Sam and raced to her apartment.  In the garage Max informed him that he saw Diego take Elizabeth.  Jason was too preoccupied with Sam and raced to her apartment where he found her missing. He found her cellphone which she left on record and in listening the recording figured out where Diego took the women.  At Hangman's bridge, Jason found Lucky shot and Elizabeth and Sam trapped in a car teetering off the side of the bridge.  He pulled Liz out of the car.  While he was trying to get Sam out, the car went over the edge and Jason's hands were wrecked by the glass he was holding on to when he was thrown from the back of the car. Lucky pulled Sam to safety.  Jason required several surgeries to repair the damage to his hands.

Jason soon discovered that it was Monica who hit Sam and he confronted her and tried to blackmail her into getting help.  Tracy had also found out Monica's secret and was blackmailing her so Monica choose to turn herself in. She was sentenced to rehab after Sam made an impassioned plea for leniency for her.  Jason went to see Monica at rehab.  She told him that she loved him and was sorry that she had thrown him out of her life. They reconciled.

Jason's world was soon ripped apart when Michael was shot in the head by Ian Devlin who was in cahoots with Claudia Zacharra and Jerry Jax to kill Sonny.  Michael was left in a permanent coma and left Jason questioning his life. Jason and Sam ran into each other at the hospital and laid their anger to rest once and for all. He ended things with Liz and set out to catch Michael's shooter.  With Spinelli's help he quickly identified Ian and went after him.  He found Ian holding Maxie Jones hostage and holding a knife at her throat.  Jason shot Ian who died before Jason could get any information out of him about accomplices.

Sonny asked Jason to take over the mob so that Sonny could make a safe life for himself, Kate and his kids.  Jason did not believe the idea would work and refused.  Spinelli tipped Jason off that Carly was about to go on the run with Morgan.  Jason stopped Carly and offered her a deal; if she would stay, he would get Sonny to give up his rights to the boys.  Jason then struck a deal with Sonny that he would take over the organization if Sonny would give up Morgan.  Sonny agreed and Jason became the head of the Cornithos-Morgan organization.  He let the Zacharras know he was in charge and they immediately responded by blowing up his shipment. Jason retaliated by burning down the Zaccharra house.

Jason took total control of the organization but found himself constantly fending off Sonny's attempts to get him to run the business his way.  Jason was clear to Sonny that he was in control and this put further strain on the already terribly stressed friendship.

Claudia Zacharra tried to get close to Jason. They were quarantined at his penthouse with Spinelli after being exposed to a contagious virus. Claudia tried to get on Jason's good side but Jason had found her and Jerry on the docks together, which clued him in that they could be working together.

Jason got intel that Karpov, a big time Russian crime boss, was in town and shipping within Port Charles. The Russians would prove to be dangerous threats to both Jason and Sam. Sasha, Karpov's lawyer, came to see Jason. She wanted to assure him that they were interested in a truce and work together in what would be very profitable for both of them. After both sides showed force, they agreed on to the truce.

Jason still had troubles with the Zacharras. Jason was falsely accused of Logan's murder. He encountered Claudia, who had yet another chance to kill Jason, while trying to clear his name. They both believed Johnny Zacharra, Claudia's younger brother, was the real killer. When Jason found it was really Lulu, killing in self defense, Jason did what he could to cover it up.

Spinelli was also worried about Jason's romantic life. He tried to set him up for online dating, which Jason adamantly refused. This brought on the topic of Elizabeth. Finally, after enough of Spinelli's pushing, Jason realized he shouldn't let the opportunity pass. He invited Liz to take a trip with him and she agreed.

When Kate was shot at Sonny and Kate's wedding, Jason promised Sonny to look into it and find the culprits. Sonny immediately blamed Karpov but Jason wanted to get the facts before rushing into it. Sonny ignored him and went to Karpov alone. Jason went to see Elizabeth, showed her what happened to Kate and told her that he didn't want to leave her sons motherless, and by being with him, it could happen. He broke things off with an angry Elizabeth once again.

Jason met with Sonny who wanted back into the business. Jason didn't want to work with Sonny again. He threatened to go to the Zacharas if Jason refused to help him. Sonny again asked Jason to return his organization to him and Jason warned Sonny not to align with the Zacharras. Jason met with Karpov again to secure the truce between them. Karpov was worried about Sonny but Jason assured him that they are not working together.

Claudia came to Jason in hopes of avoiding a war between her family and his organization. She told Jason of her father's plan to marry her to Sonny so Sonny can take over the Zacharra Organization. Instead she wanted Jason to marry her. He agreed but when the time came to marry, the priest won't do it. Jason returned to Sonny and showed him the certificate, telling him that he was close to marrying Claudia to stop what has been escalating. They talked about their disagreement turning against one another and neither wants a war. Sonny believed Jason thought he is doing the right thing, but he was doing what he was doing to get revenge for Kate.

After Robin went into labor at her wedding, Jason went to the hospital to check on her.  He heard about Robin’s baby being in trouble and quickly leaft the hospital. He went to the docks and found Sam pointing a gun at him thinking he was Jerry. He asked her what she was doing and then an explosion occurs. After the explosion, Jason took Sam back to his penthouse where she explained her involvement with Karpov, the counterfeit drugs and the connection between Karpov and Jerry. Jerry came by the penthouse while Sam hid. He informed Jason about Sam's involvement with Karpov as well as her recent arrest. He encouraged Jason not to break peace with Karpov for Sam. After he left, Jason wanted to help Sam but she didn't want him involved. Jason called Sam to make sure she got home safely. She told him she made it but Jerry came up behind her and grabbed her, sending the phone to the floor with Jason on the line. Jason rusheed to Sam's apartment. Jerry told Sam to get rid of Jason, or he would kill him. Sam opened the door and got rid of Jason by reminding him of how hurt she was by him. Jason apologized and left. Jason went back to his penthouse and noticed the blood on the table, realizing that Jerry saw it as well when he was over. Jason went back to Sam's, but she was gone.  He found only the detonator on the floor.  Jason found his way to a freighter where Sam was being held captive. He was helping to free her from the handcuffs when Jerry walked in with a gun. Jason gave Sam a look and Sam shot at Jerry. While Jason struggled with Jerry, Sam freed herself. They ran out the room and jumped off the boat just as the bomb went off, while Jerry was trapped in the netting below.  Everyone assumed he died in the explosion.

After the explosion Jason was told that the retaliation has begun for Karpov’s death. The Russians were following everyone connected to Jason. Jason planned on taking out the Russians. Later, Sam ran into Jason at the coffeehouse. They talked about the Russians and she offered to help him. Jason didn't want her involved and she said she already is in with the Russians. She also reminded him that he is in no position to turn down her offer of assistance. Jason arrived at the warehouse with his men and a shootout began. He found Sam there, in the midst of the gunfire and brought her to safety. Sam and Jason arrived at Elizabeth's home to speak to her and Lucky. Jason informed them that they all needed to get to safety while he went after the Russians. Sam took Elizabeth and her boys to a cabin tom lay low while the mob war was going on in Port Charles. As they get ready to leave, they didn't realize the Russians were watching them.

Jason was informed that Sonny was marrying Claudia to obtain the Zachara organization.  He was also arrested for the Russian attacks, not knowing that Sam, Liz and her boys were in danger. When he was cleared of the charges, Jason drove to the cabin and found a screaming Liz outside. Sam jumped into the car and told him the Russians took Jake. Sam told Jason she will do whatever it takes to get Jake back. They found the guards at a roadhouse. Sam conned her way in by telling Sasha she was looking for work. Sam found Jake in a room but Sasha came up behind her with a knife. They struggled and fought while Jason shot it out with the other armed Russians. As Jason got the upperhand, he realized one of them had detonated a bomb. Jason was thrown outside to safety as the roadhouse burned up. For a split second Jason believed Jake was still in there until Sam came out carrying Jake. She had jumped out the window with Jake before the road house exploded. Jason and Sam returned to Port Charles, and took Jake home to Liz and Lucky. Jason beat himself up for putting Jake in harm. Sam tried to comfort him, telling him that he saved Jake but he wouldn't listen and said he can never be a father to Jake. He finally ended it with Elizabeth for good. Spinelli informed Jason that Sasha was still in the country. Diane informed him that he was to be questioned by the FBI. Jason asked Diane to transfer money and a house to Elizabeth and Jake but to make it look like it came from Emily. Sam and Jason were briefly questioned by an FBI Agent, Raynor.  Later, Agent Raynor offered Jason immunity from prosecution if he gave them information against Sonny and Anthony Zacharra but Jason said he would have to discuss it with his lawyer.

Lucky came to Jason's looking for Sam.  Spinelli and Jason tried to track her down. Sasha called Jason and told him she knew where Sam was and wanted a meeting. At the meeting she told Jason she would give him Sam's location if he helped finance her escape. She also told him that the syndicate was weak and if Jason sent the right message they would likely cut their losses and leave Port Charles. Jason called Bernie to transfer to Sasha the money she asked for. Before Sasha could tell him where Sam was, she was shot by a sniper.  With Spinelli's help, Jason found Sam in a pit. He lowered himself down and found Sam semi-concious. He covered her with his jacket, as she was suffering from hypothermia. Sam apologized for letting Maureen kidnap Jake and he told her it was in the past.

Back in Port Charles, Jason wanted peace with Sonny but he didn't know if it was possible anymore. He went to see Sonny. He told Sonnu that he ran the Russians out of town and Sonny got his revenge against Karpov. Jason told him he didn't need the Zaccharras and asked him to end the alliance and walk away. Sonny wanted Jason to let him back into his organization. Jason told him he was running things and that was how it was going to stay. Sonny told Jason he had power now so why would he give that up. Jason tried to convince him that the Zaccharras couldn't be trusted. After a call from Sam, Jason told her about Raynor's offer of blanket immunity in exchange for information on Sonny. Jason said he turned him down. Sam said Raynor was asking questions about him and about Spinelli. It bothered them both that Spinelli was now on the FBI's radar.  While Agent Raynor was sniffing around, Sam and Jason both tried to keep Spinelli out of their business to protect him from prosecution but he was arrested to get Jason to turn against Sonny. Jason agreed to help if Spinelli was cleared. Jason let Sonny know that he was going to give up Anthony and tried to get Sonny to cut ties with the Zacharras so he did not go down with them.  Sonny refused. Sam offered her help with getting information on Zacharra. Jason thought it was risky but Sam felt it was worth the risk.

Raynor came to Jason for help finding a hijacked truck carrying poison gas. Jason went to the hospital learning that the driver was in an accident. Jason believed the driver swallowed the poison. When the driver went to surgery, the OR team exposed themselves and part of the hospital with the posion gas. The hospital was quarantined while Sam, Jason and Spinelli realized one of the poison gas spheres was stolen.  Panic set in and a man tried to leave the quarantined area. Jason and Sam stopped him but not before Sam shot Jason in the arm. They argued about it and Jason joked that he won't make the mistake to tell her to take the shot again. In the meantime, Sonny found out Zacharra had Kate shot. Jason convinced Sonny not to kill Zachara so Spinelli wouldn't go to jail. It was revealed that Zacharra could walk. An explosion rocked the hospital, setting it on fire. Sam and Jason work together to evacuate the people in the hospital to the roof for air transport. While Sam was busy helping patients to the roof, while Jason managed the fire and tried to bring out Anthony Zacharra alive. While Jason was searching for Anthony, he found Claudia and carried her to a safe place where Kate was. Kate informed Jason that Sam went after Trevor who had one of the posion capsules. Patrick also informed Jason that Spinelli had gone missing. Jason ran to the roof, he heard Sam calling for help. He sees Sam over the ledge, where Trevor had just fallen to his death, and pulled her up.  He also grabbed the posion capsule before it fell. Sam and Jason hoped they could find Spinelli. They found him in a vent. The stairwell was engulfed in flames, so they all ran for it holding hands so they wouldn't get separated. They got out alive.

Raynor pushed Jason again to get information on Zacharra and Sonny. Sonny offered to help. He wanted Jason take down Zacharra. Jason wanted his old job back and wanted Sonny to take the business back. They both agreed to go back to how it was. Sonny informed Jason that they located Zacharra. Jason called Sam. He needed her help to get to Anthony. Sam and Jason pretended to be a couple looking for her father, Anthony Zachara but Zacharra had been tipped off and is gone. Jason found out that Zacharra took Claudia hostage. Jason located Zacharra, while he talked Sonny through dismantling a bomb to save Claudia. Jason then called Raynor and told him where he could find Zacharra. Raynor set Spinelli free but still wanted Sonny. Jason told Sam he still needs to get Spinelli out of the country if he can't get Raynor to back off on giving up Sonny. Spinelli tooks off on his own. Sam and Jason followed after him to LA. Spinelli got tangled up with criminals but Sam and Jason rescued him. They returned to Port Charles with the intention to rid the evidence the FBI has on Spinelli so they can't use him to get Jason to do what they want. Jason distracted Raynor while Sam and Winifred broke into the evidence room and Sam switched the flashdrives. When Raynor asks for the evidence to put Spinelli and Jason behind bars, an agent tells Raynor that the flash drive is blank. Jason and Spinelli were free. Jason then focused on transitioning the business back to Sonny while helping fund Sam and Spinelli's PI Business.

When things seem to be quieting down, Ric told Jason that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting, but the only proof he had, a DVD, was wrecked. Sonny wanted Jason to find Jerry to see what he knows. When Jason found Jerry, Jerry's car blew up and he escaped. Because Jax confirmed existence of the DVD that Ric mentioned, Jason became convinced of Claudia's guilt in Michael's shooting.

Carly and Sonny decide that Micheal should get experimental surgery to try to bring him out of the coma. While Michael's life was on the line, Jason escaped to the roof for air. Sam found him up there offering a much needed ear. He thanked her for listening and reminding him what is important, Michael and not getting revenge against Claudia. Michael woke up but was angry and confused. They all worried that Michael might have suffered permanent brain damage. Sam and Jason discussed the type of support Michael might need and Sam convinced him that Michael will need him to help him through this. Jason continued to be angery that Claudia was close to Michael, as if she did nothing wrong. With Sam's help, Jason found the man that set up the car bomb that allowed Jerry to escape. He told Jason that Claudia hired him and he has proof. Jason was convinced of Claudia's culpability and that Johnny was helping her cover it up. All the while, Michael was blowing up, having angery outbursts at everyone. Jason tried to mediate between Carly and Sonny in order to do what was best for Michael. Sam and Jason swapped stories about the trouble the Corinthos children were getting into, particularly Michael and Kristina.

A new player came to town named Dominic (who is really Dante, a cop and the secret son of Sonny by Olivia) who wanted to work for Sonny instead of the Zacharras. Jason asked Sam to do a background check. She ran a background check and it seemed that Dominic is legit.

Claudia was accidentially run off the road. As a result of her injuries she lost her child. Both Michael and Kristina believe they did it. Jason tells Sam about Michael's possible involvement and Sam tells Jason about Kristina. Michael ran away to Mexico and Kristina went with him. Jason and Sam both decided to bring the kids back. There were a few funny mishaps and rememberance of old times in Hawaii while on the road and also a tense moment of attraction between the two before they seperated in order to cover more ground in Mexico. Sam found the kid's hotel room first and left Jason a message to head in her direction. Unfortunately, Claudia, thinking Michael had run her down causing her to lose her baby, sent Jerry after the kids. As Sam approaches their hotel room, Jerry surprised her with a gun at her head. He drug Sam to an abandoned church and demanded she call Jason. Sam did, but not before warning him that Jerry had her and he was setting up a trap to kill Jason. Jason and Jerry shot it out in the church while Jerry taunted him about Sam, Michael and Kristina. Jerry came up on Jason and they started fighting. In the fight they hit an old support beam and it crumbled, bringing down the balcony above on top of them. Jerry got out of the rubble and shot Jason in the shoulder and leg. He asked Jason if he had any last requests and Jason wanted to know if Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Jerry didn't tell him either way, he just left. Jason hallucinated all of the people he thought he failed, Michael, Kristina and Carly. He then saw Sam and was not sure if she was real or not. Sam was real. Sam was trying to help Jason but he was worried about Michael and Kristina. Sam told him that they got away from Jerry and were fine, that he was the one in trouble. Sam's car was broken down and Jerry had disabled Jason's. There was no cell phone reception, so Sam had to tend to Jason's wounds in a room in the abandoned church. Sam got the bullet out and bandaged him while talking about Michael and Kristina to keep him concious. Jason fell asleep while Sam tried to bring down his fever. He became delerious and thought that it was 2005 and they were in Hawaii. While laying on her lap and still hallucinating, Jason told Sam he loves her and Sam told him she loves him. In the morning, Jason was better. Sam returned with fresh bandages and tried to get him to rest, afraid he will become delirious again. Jason wanted to know what he said and if he talked about Hawaii because he remembered dreaming about it. Sam left to work on the car and when she returned with a bowl of water, she almost knocked into Jason. Sam helped him sit, her hand lingering on his. She moved to the bowl and towel talking about Jerry. Jason came up behind her, took the towel from her and washed her hand and arms. Jason turned Sam's face to wipe it with the towel and kissed her. Jason and Sam made love in the abandoned church. Afterwards, while both were laying together in bed, Sam jumps up and ran out saying she needed to work on the car. Sam returned to a dressed Jason checking their supplies. Before they left, Sam asked Jason if he wanted to talk about what happened. He asked if she wanted to and she said no, so Jason said no. On the road again, to find Michael and Kristina, Jason and Sam ended up listening to a radio show that described their current relationship and what had happened in the abandoned church to a tee. Sam stopped the car to sleep and ended up snuggled on Jason's arm. Jason awoke in the night, moving slightly and awoke Sam. They shared another kiss. They found Michael and Kristina working at a surf shop in Mexico and convinced the teens to return to Port Charles.

Back in Port Charles, Spinelli and Maxie saw Sam and Jason kiss. They pushed Jason to ask Sam to a carnival. Sam accepted but then tried her best to get out of it.  Carly having figured out that Jason and Sam slept together again, warned him that Sam will try not to crowd him. Jason did everything he could to spend the day with Sam, even going on one of her stakeouts. They eventually made it to the carnival, but disaster strucke as Edward crashed his car into the Carnival. Many are hurt, including Jake. Jason waited in the hospital to see if he was okay.  He asked Sam to stay with him. She did and they recieved the news that Jake was okay together. They went back to Sam's apartment where Sam told Jason she was enjoying the time she was spending with him but didn't want to ruin it by talking about it too much. Jason agreed. Michael called Sam telling her he needed her help but she can't tell Jason. Michael was remembering the conversations people had by his bedside. Eventually Sam told Jason and explained Michael didn't want Jason to know because he was afraid he would take extreme action. One of his memories was of Claudia apologizing for what happened to him.

Sam and Jason slept together again, with Sam spending the night at Jason's. They were making out going down the stairs and are caught by Molly, Kristina, Robin, Patrick, Maxie, and Spinelli who are at Jason's to plan Maxie and Spinelli's wedding. Jason asked Sam to be his date for Spinelli's wedding which they attended together. They spent the evening together and Jason asked Sam to come home with him. She did and when they reached his bedroom, she saw Jason had setup candles and rose petals everywhere. They made love. Sam and Jason continued to discuss their fear of discussing the past but Jason assured Sam that things will be better than okay between them.

Sam and Jason continued to try to find evidence to prove that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason was also dealing with a possible leak in their organization, unaware that it is Dominic. There was also the threat of Joey Limbo from the Zachara organization. Jason and Sam tracked down evidence left by Ian Devlin. They found a CD of a conversation recorded between Ian, Claudia and Jerry that proved Claudia was part of orchestrating the hit on Sonny that got Michael shot. They discussed the best plan of action and Jason decided to give the evidence to Sonny when he returned from Puerto Rico. Jason played the CD for Sonny. Sonny, didn't do anything immediately, instead at Claudia's birthday party, he exposed her for what she did. Claudia panicked and took in labor Carly hostage in order to escape. Jason and Sam went after them. They arrived at a cabin and found a dead Claudia on the floor with Michael standing over her. Jason gave Carly her newborn baby and they all worked to cover up what happened. Sam took Carly to the hospital alone while Jason stayed back with Michael. He began the clean up and when Sonny arrived, he sent Michael home with him. Jason buried Claudia and burned down the cabin. Unfortunately, Jason didn't realize someone had been following him and taking pictures. Jason was disturbed when Michael wasn't feeling guilty for killing Claudia and worried that he was setting a bad example. He considered quitting the hitman part of his job for awhile.  He got a picture in the mail of a re-enactment of the Claudia murder scene at the cabin.

Jason and Sonny went to a meeting with Joey Limbo in order to broker peace. However, Joey Limbo ambushed them and they had to shoot it out. As they were leaving, Jason saw a strange homeless guy waving at him. A witness. Jason returned to the Penthouse and wanted Spinelli to find footage of this guy. Sam came to the penthouse and informed Jason that there was news coverage of a gang shootout. Jason needed an alibi and Sam told him he was lucky because she and Spinelli were hired to do security at a major art show. When Jason attended with Sam, the artist Franco wanted to meet with Jason. Jason refused but as he watched Franco leave, he waved at Jason the same way the homeless guy did.  Jason drug Sam and Spinelli out of there.  They returned to his penthouse and Jason was sure after comparing surveillance footage that Franco and the homeless guy are one and the same. Jason was conflicted about what to do about Franco. Sam told Jason that she had faith in him and he should follow his instincts.




Jason Quartermaine

Jason Quartermaine, the child of Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, Susan Moore, was born in 1982. After his mother's murder in 1983, he went to live with the Quartermaines over Alan's wife, Monica's, strenuous objections. Monica eventually adopted Jason and came to love more than her biological son, Jason's half-brother, A.J.

In 1991, Jason came home from boarding school and quickly learned to contend with his big half-brother, A.J., by cutting him a lot of slack. A year later, Jason found a kindred spirit in fellow high school junior Karen Wexler, whose mother, Rhonda, was, like A.J., an alcoholic.

Karen agreed to go steady with Jason, but her attraction to Jagger Cates was an instant problem in their budding relationship. After Karen and Jason were crowned king and queen of the Valentine's Day dance, she couldn't deny her attraction to Jagger, and left the dance with him, breaking Jason's heart.

By 1995, Jason had found solace and new love with Keisha Ward. On spring break, they traveled to Paris, where they admitted that they both were virgins. They didn't come home that way.

In December 1995, Jason got into a car with A.J. in an attempt to prevent him from driving drunk. Minutes later, A.J. plowed the car into a tree and Jason was thrown from the car, sustaining permanent brain damage. Jason awake from his coma with no memory of his life prior to that moment and a very changed personality. For the most part, this accident ended the life of Jason Quartermaine and marked the birth of Jason Morgan.