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Updated Sunday, Oct.28.12





Week Of: Oct.22.2012


Episode: "Returning Home"

  • Sam is eager for Jason to come home
  • A huge events shakes Port Charles
  • A devestated Lulu tells Dante she can't have children
  • Luke fears Anna isn't objective about Duke
  • Duke challenges Anna to check his prints
  • Joe Jr. is on the loose
  • Monica and Tracy discuss Joe Jr. and the newest  Quartermaine baby



Episode: "Taking Care of Daniel"

  • Starr and Michael babysit Daniel
  • Sonny shows up at Sam's door
  • Sonny has to face a chore he never wanted too
  • Starr comforts Michael
  • Lulu and Maxie head to the Floating Rib for drinks
  • Lulu Tells Maxie she can't have kids
  • Maxie is sure to tell Spinelli she's getting a divorce
  • four people play strip pool



Episode: "Supporting Trey"

  • Trey rejects Starr's affections
  • Monica makes a mysterious phone call
  • Sonny tells the news about Jason to Carly
  • Connie demands Todd make her editor of Crimson
  • Sonny and Alexis prep Tray for the hearing
  • Connie makes a shocking miove



Episode: "Asking for Help"

  • Todd asks Diane to assist him in taking the real DNA test to Sam
  • Will Carly find the paternity test?
  • Sonny wonders if Kate is gone forever
  • Luke tells Lulu he will prove Duke is up to no good
  • The walls close in on Kate/Connie
  • Anna finds some evidence
  • Starr begs Trey to do the right thing



      Episode: "The Fight"

      • Tracy and Monica have a viscious altercation
      • Duke confides in Anna about his new position
      • Patrick is upset with Jason's choices
      • Todd and Diane plot to secretly get the DNA results to Sam
      • Maxie tries to get alone time with Spinelli
      • Sam makes a promise to her son



      Week Of: Oct.29.2012


        Episode: "The Family Fight"

      • Sonny and Michael have a heartfelt conversation about their family
      • Michael wants to take his place in the business
      • Trey visits Sonny
      • Carly reaches out to Sam
      • Sam recieves a visit fronm Steve
      • Todd plants Danny's DNA results in Heather's belongings 
      • Carly defends Todd
      • Connie pushes too far
      • Connie attempts to manipulate Trey 
      • Olivia has an hallucination
      • Starr rips into Johnny



      Episode: "The DNA Test "

      • Steve gives Sam the DNA test
      • Sam has reason to celebrate
      • Todd worries Heather will expose his lies
      • Heather wakes up
      • Sonny pleads Kate's case to a noncommital Trey
      • Starr and Kristina bond
      • Lulu walks in on Connie and Johnny



      Episode: "The Party"

      • Starr agrees to go with Michael to the party
      • Lulu and Dante discuss  adopting a child
      • Maxie informs Patrick that she's moving out
      • Luke shows up at Todd's in costume
      • Luke and Duke invite Anna to the party
      • Carly and Todd take Joss trick-or-treating



        Episode: ""

      • Michael is shaken by his meeting of a masked man
      • Carly and Todd watch a scary movie
      • Sonny talks to Alexis



      Episode: "Making Love"

      • Starr gets an unexpected visitor
      • Sonny confides in Alexis about Kate
      • Carly and Todd may take things to the next level
      • Johnny and Connie find Carly in Todd's room
      • Sonny opens up to Alexis
      • Connie warns Sonny.


      Week Of: Nov.05.2012


      Episode: "Doubts"

      • Luke investigates Lukes past
      • Johnny Connie have a touching moment



      Episode: "The Call"

      • Duke recieves an urgent phone call
      • Maxie tells Starr and Trey she is reclaiming her home



      Episode: "The Secret"

      • Starr lets something slip to Michael by mistake
      • Ellie hopes to become Maxie's roomate



      Episode:  "Confrontation"

      • Alice gets physical with Tracy
      • Lulu tries to persuade Dante to agree with her plan



      Episode:  "Feelings"

      • Anna confides her feelings about Duke to Mac
      • The judge reaches a conclusion



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      ~ Garin Wolf via TVGuide -

      TV Guide Magazine: Does Jason remain Sonny's right-hand toady?
      Wolf: Yes and no. When fall comes, Carly, Sonny and Jason will all have their own individual directions but it doesn't necessarily mean they're in different stories. Jason and Sam's plans for something more permanent are going to lead to a real test of who they are and it will open a door to a new mystery (June 8, 2011)


      ~ SOW - 2011 Previews (these are all Guza quotes)
      Jason and Sam are going to uncover what their love means for a future family

      Coming up, which includes more previews from ABC, SOD and SOW:

      The Davis women face a new crisis.
      Sam gets life altering news.

      Sonny & Brenda and Jason & Sam are in for some romance


      ~ ABC Hotsheet:
      And how about a peek into what's happening in 2011?

      *Alexis and her family face a new crisis.
      *Sam gets news that will change her life forever


      ~ . (SOD Fall Preview )

      Jason/Sam/Franco: "Jason and Sam are an amazing love story. In a way, they don't make it to the altar, but that's all I'm going to say. Franco's got some new toys. He has a new plan and his presence will be felt a very long time." Franco was at the GH set on Aug 3, and he will air as planned on Sept20. "It sounds like a hit-and-run in some ways because of his time limitations, but his story is going to affect Jason and Sam for a very long time" teases Headwriter Garin Wolf. (August 2011)

      . (SON Sept Preview)

      The road to Sam and Jasonís wedding is paved with both minor and major challenges.
      Shawn and Carly find themselves in a sexy situation.
      Lucky fights to get his life together and fix the huge mess heís created.
      Kristinaís family and friends struggle to cope in the wake her diagnosis.
      Two Port Charles residents make their long-awaited returns.


      * Steve on Twitter. CLICK ME



      * Kelly recorded for Speakaboos' children stories & fairytales along with other GH actors. You can find her stories at this website:  CLICK ME

      * Kelly on Twitter. CLICK ME  

      * Kelly on Facebook. CLICK ME


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      ~   ABC Hotsheet:
      And how about a peek into what's happening in 2011?
      *Sonny and Brenda's wedding plans are under threat by Carly AND the Balkan.
      *Lulu finds out about Dante and Brenda's past.
      *Lisa hatches a new plot.
      *Carly is determined to keep Abby and Michael apart, while Michael makes a huge admission.
      *Spinelli embarks on a new career.
      *Alexis and her family face a new crisis.
      *Sam gets news that will change her life forever

      Coming up, which includes more previews from ABC, SOD and SOW:
      The Davis women face a new crisis.
      Sonny & Brenda and Jason & Sam are in for some romance.

      Ethan and Maya's relationship flourishes.
      Matt and Maxie's romance continues.

      Patrick and Robin continue to try and move past the Lisa issue.




      Siobhan betrays Lucky and he's heartbroken over what to do about it. Guza says that Aiden's paternity absolutely will come out and come into play but it will not come out the way you think

      Not a lot really. Guza says that Carly asks Jax for a divorce. Even those these two are now tied by children it doesn't stop them from making a mess of their relationship. Guza says we will have to watch what happens (SOW Feb Sweeps)

      After Sonny finds out about Micheal's rape, how will he feel about Dante's role in it? Guza says the story is more about healing and he talks about how much Abby has helped Mikey heal. Said they will survive and become better individuals.

      What happened also greatly impacts Jasam and really brings to light what can happen to children in a mob type environment. There's a ton at stake if Jasam were to have a baby (SOW Feb Sweeps)

      Guza says that Luke and Tracey will be lovingly at each other's throats, anything else would be boring.
      Mayan's relationship continues to grow, who wouldn't try to make it work for that kind of money? But they really do care about each other and they might just be meant to be together for forever.
      Kristina offers her advice to them.
      That's it for the previews, next is big Micheal story (SOW Feb Sweeps)






      Quartermaines & Wards








      ~ Look for Maya?s younger half-sister Zoe Richardson to also pop up in April. She is suppose to be for Michael. Guza: "She?s a bored, 17-year-old wild child who doesn?t care about the Ward legacy, because she?s technically not a Ward," Guza explains. "She sees that Maya has a good thing going living with the Quartermaines. She shows up to get her piece, too."

      ~ Michael is going to have a long struggle to get out from under [Pentonville]. The thing to look for in the new year is: Who is the woman to help him get through it? There will be one.(SOW 2011 Preview)





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