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Sam met Jax when both were searching for the Dead Man's Hand. The cards held by Wild Bill Hickcock when he was killed by Sam's grandfather. While in search of the card, Sam and Jax captured two surfers who attacked Sam. Jax learned that they were looking for the card for someone in Part Charles. It was then revealed that AJ Quartermaine had the four cards in his possession but needed the last one. Jax returned to Port Charles. Sam followed and showed up at his hotel dressed as a maid.

AJ soon caught on to Jax and Sam and he hired Coleman to find out what they were up to. Jax told AJ that he and Sam were dating. Sam finally got all five pieces to the Dead Man's Hand, but Luke stole the cards from Sam and arrived at the Halloween Ball dressed as a magician. Luke invited the interested parties to an auction of the cards. At the auction Luke sold the cards to Jax. But a person in disguise stole the cards. The person turned out to be Chase, an old boyfriend of Sam's. Chase offered her the cards if she would spend one more night with him, but Sam flatly refused. She came up with a plan to pretend to sleep with him and then steal the cards at the last minute. But at the last minute, Jax broke into the room and carried her out.

Eventually Dillon (who was in possession of the cards) finally gave them to Jax, who wanted to get them to his dying father, but Sam wanted to stay and test the card's luck at a casino. So she sabotaged Jax's car so he couldn't leave. Jax ended up winning Sam a boat, the Haunted Star, and then they made love for the first time. Unfortunately by the time Jax got to his father, he was too late. Sam was wracked with guilt because it was her fault they didn't get the lucky cards to save Jax's father's life. When Jax discovered Sam sabotaged his car, he pushed Sam away.

Luke and Sam had a dispute over who owned the Haunted Star, and eventually they agreed to joint ownership of the casino that Luke wanted to turn the boat into. Jax and Sam vowed revenge against each other, but they both actually had strong romantic feelings for each other.

Sam soon found herself wrapped up with another man. When Sonny Corinthos was on the run from trying to kill Lorenzo Alcazar, he took Sam hostage and forced her to drive away from the crime scene. Ultimately Sonny let Sam go, but they did make an immediate connection, bonding while trapped in the car. While Sam was broken up with Jax, and Sonny angry thinking his wife Carly was cheating on him, they ran into each other and ended up having passionate sex. Although their relationship started out as purely physical, both Sam and Sonny could not help their growing feelings for each other. And although Sam did make love to Jax during the Port Charles Hotel fire, she was falling in love with Sonny.

Sam saw a man put a bomb in Sonny's car. As the only witness, Sam became the bombers target. After she was stabbed, Sonny assigned Jason to be Sam's bodyguard.

Sam was upset to find that she was pregnant. She decided to have an abortion but changed her mind just before Jason burst in to stop her. To protect Sonny and Carly's family, Jason agreed to claim the baby and raise it as his own. But Sonny finally could no longer keep the secret from Carly and the truth came out that Sonny is the father of Sam's baby.

Sam had a new secret, that she was involved with the murder of her mother in a fire years ago. She covered up for her mentally challenged brother, Danny. When Carly turned her in Sam was ready to confess to protect her brother, but Jason bribed a death row inmate to confess, thereby clearing both Sam and Danny.

Unfortunately Sam's daughter was stillborn after Sam suffered complications and required an emergency C-section. Her unborn baby saved the life another one of Sonny's children, Kristina. Kristina was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and Sam's child was the only donor match. Her stem cells saved Kristina.

As Sam dealt with the lose of her child, she became closer to Jason. He asked her several times to move back in with him and when she did, their relationship grew stronger. Jason and Sam attended Emily and Nikolas's wedding. Sam drank a little too much and shared her first kiss with Jason.

After a bumpy start, Sam and Jason were again living together. They became foster parents of sorts by agreeing to care for a baby that Bridget, one of Courtney's foundation kids, had given them. Jason wasn't so sure at first but then supported Sam and the baby. Jason even proposed to Sam. He loved her and wanted to be with her. Sam happily accepted. Bridget decided she wanted her baby back. To avoid a serious court battle, Jason decided it would be best for baby Hope to be raised by Bridget and her grandmother. Sam tearfully returned Hope to Bridget, but made it clear to Jason she will never forgive him for this and ended their relationship.

Sam spun out of control as it looked like she kidnapped Kristina. Jason was shot rescuing Sam from police custody. Jason and Sam worked together to find the kidnapper. It was discovered that Faith was the kidnapper and that she had taken Michael and Morgan as well. The investigation took them to Louisiana where after a shootout with Faith, they found Kristina and Morgan. Michael was still missing. Jason and Sam started looking into Faith's activities and found out she had something going in the Caribbean. But before they could go any further, Faith was shot and killed. Jason tracked down the sniper and found a Polaroid of Michael, dead.

Jason refused to believe that Michael was really dead. He continued to search for clues and with the help of Sam, they figured out that Michael was indeed alive. They got a lead from Rachel that took them to the very much alive AJ Quartermaine's Bahamian home. They just missed AJ and Michael. Jason and Sam rushed back to Port Charles (after a brief stop in Sienna, Italy) and discovered that AJ was in town with Michael. With Skye's help, they tracked AJ down. Jason and AJ engaged in a fight that sent them both over the staircase railings at the Quartermaine estate.

A.J. was murdered in his bed at General Hospital and Jason, Sonny, Monica, Sam and Carly believed that Michael was responsible. By this time Michael was so traumatized that he had become withdrawn. Sam set up a therapy session for Michael with Dr. Thomas, a local psychiatrist who promised not to violate Michael's doctor/patient confidentiality. Jason was leery of the idea at first, but so concerned for Michael that he agreed that there was no other option.

Jason and Sam decided to start a family but the doctor warns Sam that it would be at least a year before she is ready to conceive. Sam wanted to try any way but Jason insisted on waiting until she's ready. They continued to focus on Michael's mental health and helping him deal with his trauma.

Sam continued to take Michael to see Dr. Thomas, but the good doctor was developing an unhealthy attraction to Sam. Sam found out that Dr. Thomas also treated Jason when he has his accident years ago. Dr. Thomas soon figured out what Michael's secret was (that he was the one that murdered AJ). Sam makes it clear that Dr. Thomas can never tell anyone but he assures Sam that he wouldn't violate doctor/patient confidentiality.

During the hurricane, Dr. Thomas angered Sam by telling Jason that his own attitude toward therapy was affecting Michael's progress and that he was too impaired from his brain damage to be able to help Michael at all. Jason asked Sam if she felt he was holding Michael back from getting better. Sam assured Jason that no matter what, he loved Michael and would only do what was best for him. Jason soon learned that Michael's file was stolen and Dr. Thomas suspected Alan took it. Jason confronted Alan but realized someone else stole the file.

Michael was visiting with Carly when Jason showed up and explained Durant took the file. Two police officers arrived to take Michael in and Jason pulled his gun on them. Sam surprised all with a shotgun and she, Jason, and Michael took off. Jason, Sam and Michael finally ended up in the Wyndemere caves, thanks to Emily. Sonny told Jason to get himself, Sam, & Michael out of town. Carly said goodbye to her son. Jason, Sam, and Michael escaped just as the police arrived and were off to the Caribbean.

Michael got a surprise when he discovered Jodie was on board the ship. Jodie told him that she was there the night AJ was murdered and knew Michael didn't kill him. Michael went to Jason and Sam and told them Jodie was on board. Jason and Sam soon discovered that Jodie was Michael's imaginary friend. Sam was arrested when she went on land to get supplies. When Michael figured out that Jason couldn't see Jodie, Michael freaked out. Jason called Dr. Thomas for advice and he told them they had to get back to PC now for Michael's sake. While Jason spoke to Dr. Thomas, he had a memory from his own accident and through Dr. Thomas's memory, it was revealed that AJ was in cahoots with Thomas to end Jason's life

Once Jason told Sonny about Michael's imaginary friend, Sonny made a deal with Durant to bring Jason and Michael home. Durant double-crossed everyone and had Jason and Michael arrested.

Ric was able to get Jason and Sam released but Durant got a restraining order to keep everyone away from Michael. Michael had to return to therapy with Dr. Thomas who tried to hypnotize him. Jodie tried to warn Michael but it was too late. During his session, Michael told Dr. Thomas he knew the good doctor was the killer. Carly brought Michael home from Dr. Thomas's office and Michael told everyone that Rachel was the one that killed AJ.

Jason had a dream about Dr. Thomas trying to kill Michael. Sam believed that the truth to AJ's murder was locked in Jason's memory. Jason and Sam paid Alan and Monica a visit to talk about Jason's accident. Alan revealed there was a night when Jason's heart stopped, but it was Alan that revived him. Jason and Sam decided to break into Dr. Thomas's office to get Michael's tape, Dr. Thomas showed up but Sam was able to pocket the tape and get them out of there.

Jason decided to take an experimental "memory recovery" drug to remember what Dr. Thomas did to him all those years ago. This plan went bad as Jason had a bad reaction to the drug. He grabbed his gun and took off to find AJ. Jason, in his drugged state, showed up at the Quartermaines, demanding to see his brother. Alan and Monica tried to calm him down. Sam arrived and was able to calm him for a moment, but Jason took off and got into another accident.

Sonny listened to the tape that Sam stole but parts were erased. When everyone arrived at the hospital, Reese, Sam, & Sonny figured out that Dr. Thomas killed both AJ and Rachel. . Jason woke up from his dream just as Dr. Thomas was about to inject his IV. They fought, but when Sam showed up, Dr. Thomas grabbed her and took off. Sonny and Jason tracked him to the GH roof. Dr. Thomas injected Sam with a drug and escaped in the helicopter.

Jason and Sonny missed Dr. Thomas but found an unconscious Sam on the roof of GH. Jason rushed Sam back inside and Emily saved her. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas landed at the Quartermaine's estate and held Alan hostage. Monica called Jason who rushed over. Dr. Thomas found Monica just as Jason showed up. Dr. Thomas spun a tale that placed blame on Alan for everything. Jason and Monica pretended to believe the story long enough for Dr. Thomas to be distracted. Jason shot and killed him.

Jason was cleared of the shooting. Sonny surprised Sam and Jason with a vacation and sent them away on his yacht. They soon discovered they weren't alone. Someone stole (and returned) Sam's star necklace. The boat was then stormed by phony police. Jason & Sam were brought to an island. Jason was taken to the dungeon while Sam met the hostess: Allegra. Allegra needed Sam to impersonate her recently deceased daughter and marry the wealthy fiancÚ so that Allegra would return to the financial lifestyle she was accustomed to. Sam had to learn to dance while Jason was digging through the dungeon wall to escape only to find Alicia, a dead ringer for Sam and Allegra's supposedly dead daughter. After a failed escape attempt, Sam agreed to play along to save herself and Jason.

Jason was brought back to his cell, while Sam prepped to meet Andrew, the wealthy fiancÚ. Andrew wanted to marry Sam now. Jason escaped only to discover Sam already left with Andrew. Jason pulled a gun on Allegra but was hit with another seizure. He woke up in his cell and escaped again. Jason was hit with another headache while Sam married Andrew. Sam wasn't about to consummate the marriage.

Sam told Andrew the truth and he promised to help her and Jason. They took off just as Jason arrived. Jason had another seizure and passed out. Sam and Andrew were captured but someone freed Sam. Sam found a passed out Jason next to a very dead Andrew. Jason couldn't remember what happened. Allegra told them she would cover for them and sent them away. On the boat, Jason tried to cover his seizures but Sam wanted him to see a doctor now. When Jason had another seizure, Sam took him to a small remote hospital. Jason woke up and had no memory! Sam tried to help him remember but she was grabbed by Allegra's people. When the goons went to grab Jason, Jason instinctively reacted and shot them. Jason found out where Sam was and took off to save her, but he was too late. Allegra explained Sam was arrested for Andrew's murder. Alicia arrived and told them she was the real killer. Allegra forced her daughter to take Sam's place so Sam and Jason could escape.

Jason tried to flee the island but was hit with another seizure. Sam and Allegra were looking for him when they received word of an unidentified body found, but thankfully it wasn't Jason. A dock worker informed Sam that Jason got on a plane to Portugal. Sam jumped on a plane to follow but it was all a trick by Jason. Jason was off to Port Charles.

Sam returned to Port Charles after her wild chase and updated Emily on Jason's condition. Emily went to the Quartermaines to find out she just missed Jason.

Sam found Jason at his penthouse, preparing to leave for good. Sam assured him she only wanted to help him. Emily arrived just as Jason was hit with a seizure. They were able to get him to GH. Alan had Jason put in restraints and was about to medicate him when Sam pulled her gun on him to stop the drugging.

Sam freed Jason but Alan explained that she had to bring Jason back to the hospital for more tests. Sam finally convinced Jason to come back to the hospital. Monica & Alan performed the tests and had to tell Sam that Jason was going to die. Tony Jones held out hope that a medication therapy or brain surgery could save him. Jason rejected the idea of brain surgery but was willing to try the medication. The medication seemed to work at first but began to fail.

At the same time, the Ruiz family began to move on Sonny's territory and one of their first orders of business was to weaken Sonny by eliminating Jason. Jason was arrested for assaulting two cops who Durant sent to question him. Despite both Sam and Monica explaining Jason's condition, Durant continued to hold Jason without charge in exchange for Sonny turning Carly, who was suffering from a nervous breakdown, over to him. The Ruizes shot up Sonny's house, so Sonny sent Justus to get Jason out of jail. Justus forced Durant to release Jason and took him to Sonny's house. There Jason refused Sonny's orders and rejected his friendship and their former lifestyle.

While at the hospital, Jason had a memory flash of holding Sam's baby and the feelings that accompanied that moment. He decided that he had loved and trusted Sam and began to let her back into his life and started to fall in love with her again.

Sonny's brother and attorney, Ric tried to step into Jason's shoes and set up a meeting with Manny Ruiz where he planned to kill him. At the same time that the meeting was taking place, Jason had another memory, this one of shooting Faith. The memory disturbed him greatly so Sam got him away from the church by suggesting a walk in the park. Ric was meeting Manny and his henchmen in the same park. When Ric was unable to shoot Manny, Manny and his men were about to kill Ric when Reese caused a distraction and the shot went wild, nearly hitting Sam. Jason reacted by killing both henchmen and injuring Manny. Ric then shot Manny in the head putting him into a coma. Jason cleaned up the crime scene and they escaped. Jason decided that he would never hurt anyone ever again.

Manny's brother, Javier, arrived in town looking for revenge, so Sonny advised Jason to leave town for his own safety and convinced Sam to let him leave alone. Jason left Sam and stopped to visit the baby's grave before leaving town. He ran into Sam at the graveside where they talked. He decided that he wanted to stay in town and rediscover his life with Sam. Jason got a job on the docks and he and Sam finally reunited for real and made love.

Reese argued with Sam and pressured Jason to take care of Javier before he can kill Sonny. Thinking it would be the only way to get free, Jason went after Javier over Sam's objections, but didn't follow through with killing him, sticking to his decision to remain non-violent. Sonny visited Jason and Sam a the penthouse where he and Jason argued. Sonny then warned Sam to be careful since it seemed like Jason was no longer able to protect himself.

While Jason was at work, Javier showed up and threatened Sam to get Jason to work for him. Jason came in and threw Javier out warning him that he was out of the business but that he would kill Javier if he ever came near Sam again. Jason and Sam decided that the only way to get any peace was to leave. They left for Hawaii shortly before Javier and his men showed up to kill them.

They were happy very briefly in Hawaii as they fell more deeply in love, but Manny had awakened from his coma and headed to Hawaii for revenge on Jason. Manny was disappointed at how easy it was to take the non-violent Jason prisoner. He handcuffed Jason to a chair and had his men beat him while Jason offered no resistance. Sam returned and saw what was happening and mounted a rescue effort. She knocked out one of Manny's men and shot the other before Manny made her give her gun by aiming his gun at Jason. When Manny began to torment Sam, Jason broke free and took down the guards while Sam grabbed Manny's gun and handcuffed him to a chair. Sam interfered when Jason tried to shoot Manny and the cops arrived before Jason could finish the job.

Manny escaped police custody and followed Jason and Sam to Port Charles. He broke into the penthouse and terrorized Sam who shot him. Jason's medication had stopped working and he was suffering seizures more and more often making it difficult for him to protect Sam and to go after Manny. Tony informed Sam that Jason's only hope was the surgery, which he continued to reject, or an experimental drug therapy pioneered by Jason's old flame, Robin Scorpio. Jason rejected the drug therapy as while he was undergoing treatment both he and Sam would be completely vulnerable to Manny and also, because he had a memory of the end of his relationship with Robin so he did not trust her. Robin headed to the U.S. anyway in hopes of helping Jason. Although Jason would not agree to the therapy, Sam went to New York to find Robin and bring her to Port Charles.

Sam found Robin, and despite here fears that Robin would rekindle her relationship with Jason and take him away from her, asked Robin to return with her to Port Charles to treat Jason.

Sam spotted Manny on the train to Port Charles and Sam and Robin asked the engineer to either stop the train or call ahead and let the authorities know that Manny was on the train so that they could arrest him. While the engineer was making the call, Manny killed him causing the train carrying Robin and Sam to crashed with another train carrying Liz and Lucky's wedding party including Emily. Jason left the hospital and headed out to help with the rescue effort. Robin was pinned in the wreckage and Sam went to try to escape the tunnel and find help for Robin but she was felled by a cave in and buried in the debris. Jason found a railroad worker who showed him where the ventilation shaft was into the tunnel and Jason went into the tunnel to rescue his loved ones. He saved Sam and together they saved Robin. Sam and Robin informed him that Manny was on the train and had caused the wreck. They found their way to the others where Sam and Jason learned that Sonny was also on the wedding train.

Sam and Jason wandered off from the others where he suffered another seizure and fell into a pit. Sam couldn't move him so she returned to the others for help. A water pipe burst and Jason was unconscious and drowning when Carly found him and dragged him to safety. Carly ran off when the others arrived and they did not believe Jason when he said she was also in the wreck. They believed that his condition was causing him to hallucinate. They returned to the main group where Jason suffered yet another seizure. Sonny, Sam and Robin returned to the other train to find Robin's briefcase which contained medicine that could help Jason. They found the briefcase and also Carly's charm bracelet, verifying that Jason did see Carly in the tunnel. Manny caught up with them and shot Robin in the arm. As he was preparing to kill the women in front of Sonny, Jason arrived and stabbed Manny with a railroad spike. Sam gave Jason the medication.

Sonny and Robin returned to the others while Jason and Sam went in search of Carly, who had been rescued and spirited back to Roselawn by Lorenzo. They quickly realized that Manny had wired the tunnel with explosive stolen from a rescue worker who he had murdered. Jason began disarming the bombs as they found them while they continued to search for Carly. Sonny soon caught up with them with the news that the rescue workers had reached the main group. Jason made Sam leave with Sonny while he continued to search for Carly. Manny, who had also been rescued, had dropped the detonator. It was run over by a stretcher and the tunnel where Jason was searching exploded. Jason was presumed dead and Sam was arrested while fighting with the authorities when the county prepared to seal the tunnel. Jason found Carly and escaped before the tunnels were sealed. He took Carly back to Roselawn and returned to the crash site to find Sam.

After a brief reunion, Jason agreed to go to the hospital and begin the drug therapy. At the hospital, he proposed to Sam before the treatment began and she accepted. The treatment was very difficult and in the end it failed. Jason still refused surgery and asked Sam to return to Hawaii with him and stay with him for the time that he had left. Their time in Hawaii was very sad as Sam could not help focusing on the loss she was about to suffer. Sonny asked Robin to find a surgeon to help Jason and went to Hawaii to try to talk Jason into giving the surgery a chance. Jason refused Sonny, but later relented for Sam, who was heartbroken. They returned to Port Charles to prepare for the surgery, not knowing that Dr. Noah Drake, who Robin found in a bar, was no longer a world class neurosurgeon but an alcoholic. When Sam caught Dr. Drake spiking his coffee, he refused to do the surgery but recommended another doctor. The other doctor, Noah's son, Patrick, successfully performed the surgery despite Manny creating a hostage situation in the OR. Sam was instrumental in ending the hostage situation and bringing about Manny's arrest.

Manny went to trial but his attorney, Alexis Davis, convinced the court that Manny's violent behavior was caused by a brain tumor. Manny was shot during the trial, and both Jason and Sam were arrested for the shooting but later cleared. Lorenzo Alcazar was behind the shooting. The Judge, believing that Manny was no longer a threat, sentenced him to house arrest and community service at GH.

A virus struck Port Charles and Sam became deathly ill, as did many other Port Charles residents, including her brother Danny. When only one dose of serum was available, Sam begged Alexis not to take the serum so that it would go to Danny. Alexis took the serum and was cured. Danny died shortly thereafter with a heartbroken and angry Sam at his side. Before dying, Danny told Sam how their parents picked her special for him. This coupled with the fact that Sam did not carry the fragile-x gene that caused Danny disability led Sam and Jason to believe Sam may have been adopted. A DNA comparison with Danny proved this to be true.

Sam and Jason set out to find her birth mother. Their research led them to Alexis Davis, the woman Sam hated more than anyone. Sam held Alexis responsible for all of the tragedy in her life. Sam decided that because of her feelings about Alexis, Alexis' controlling nature and the mutual dislike that existed between Alexis and Jason, it would be better not to tell Alexis. After being locked in together at the PCPD, Sam and Alexis came to a better understanding of each, although Alexis continued to try to get Sam to leave Jason and his dangerous life. Even though the two had made peace, Sam decided to remain quiet about her relationship to Alexis because she believed that Alexis would cause problems between her and Jason.

In an attempt to keep his sister Emily safe, Jason seized control of Sonny's criminal empire. He was arrested for the murder of the head of a rival organization almost immediately after taking control. Sam fought with Sonny, who identified Jason as the killer, and did all she could to get him released. While Jason was in jail, Sam attended Carly's bachelor auction at Metro Court. Jason was released that night and went directly to Metro Court to be with Sam. She ran into his arms but their reunion was short-lived. Manny shot Sam as Jason held her. Sam was rushed into surgery at GH. The surgery was successful but Sam's blood would not clot properly. The hospital's blood supply was dwindling (Sam has a rare blood type) and they were considering stopping the transfusions. Monica told Jason that it was likely Sam would die. Jason went to Alexis and told her that she was Sam's birth mother. Alexis rushed to Sam's side. They shared a warm moment before Sam went unconscious. Noah informed them that the repeated transfusions had caused a deadly condition in Sam's brain. Jason and Alexis disagreed over Sam's treatment. Jason okayed surgery which Alexis got a court order to stop. Jason got Patrick to perform the surgery anyway and Alexis had Jason, Patrick, Liz and Epiphany arrested. Sam began to recover, though she remained unconscious, so Alexis dropped the charges. While Sam was unconscious, Alexis convinced Jason that Sam would always be in danger with him and that he would eventually get her killed. When Sam regained consciousness Jason broke up with her. Sam did not take the break-up lying down.  She was released from the hospital and moved in with Alexis while she continued to fight for Jason.

Sam got a job at the PCPD, but she continued to do everything in her power to make Jason see that they belonged together.  Her efforts, however, were futile.  Jason admitted that he loved her and wanted to be with her but he was too afraid that she would be killed because of him.  Sam  tried to move on with her life but she ran into Jason at every turn.  His "I love you but we can't be together" routine soon began to fray her nerves and she told him that if they could not be together, they could not be friends either.  Sam found comfort in building her relationship with her sisters, Kristina and Molly.  Her relationship with Alexis however was horrible.  Alexis would constant berate Sam for not being more like her and Sam was aware that Alexis was the catalyst behind the break-up of her relationship with Jason.  

Manny kidnapped Sam from the Lakehouse and held her in the basement of GH where he planned to tattoo his messages to Alexis and Jason on her body before killing her.  Jason rescued Sam and killed Manny receiving a potentially fatal gunshot wound in the process.  Jason survived the injury and Sam believed that they could reunite now that the threat of Manny was gone.  Jason still refused to reunited with her because he was still afraid that she could be killed.  Sam grew angry and frustrated and as she walked out on him at the hospital, she threw away her star necklace.

Sam made it clear to Jason that they could not be friends because of his rejection of her.  They continued to run into each other and it was clear that they were still very much in love.  Sam continued to fight for Jason until one night they met in the Metro Court balcony and for a second Sam believed that they were reuniting until Jason made his fears so graphically clear that she gave up all hope.

Heartbroken, Sam returned to the Lakehouse only to be once again verbally abused by Alexis.  When Ric defended her, Alexis turned her venom on him and then left the house.  Sam and Ric started to drink together, got drunk and had sex.  In the meantime, Jason discussed the situation with Carly who convinced him that since he and Sam loved each other he was doing Sam more harm than good by pushing her away.  She also warned that Sam was on the verge of doing something self-destructive.  Jason headed to the Lakehouse to ask Sam to come back to him and arrived just in time to see Sam and Ric having sex. 

When Sam confessed her indiscretion to Jason, she learned that he had seen her and Ric together.  He confessed that he went home, got drunk and slept with Elizabeth.  They came to the conclusion that this one night had destroyed their relationship beyond although they still loved each other.  Sam decided that the best thing for her to do was to leave town since it hurt too much to stay in the same place where Jason was.  Sam was prevented from leaving town when Alexis revealed that she had lung cancer.  Sam decided to stay and to be there for Alexis and her sisters.

Jason tried to be there for Sam as a friend during the crisis but the relationship was still strained.  When Alexis needed surgery to remove part of her lung, Jason went to the hospital to be with Sam but she sent him away because just before Alexis went into surgery Sam promised her she would stay away from Jason.  The surgery was successful and after witnessing a close moment between Alexis and Ric, Sam headed to the Penthouse to talk to Jason about why he came to her at the hospital and try to reconcile. Now that the surgery was successful and Alexis and Sam were okay, Jason was back to his old closed off position.  Sam forced an argument and they both let out all of the pain and anger they felt over that night.  After the argument, they began to talk and decided that they needed to try to get past it because they did not want to lose each other. Sam returned her engagement ring to Jason, asking him to put it back on her finger when they were both ready to make those promises again.

Jason and Sam continued to meet in secret just to talk,since they did not want to hinder Alexis' recovery but these meetings did not help them to move their relationship forward.  They were hurting each other as much trying to be together as they were being apart. In the meantime, Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant but did not know who the daddy was.  Jason told Sam he might be the baby's father and her world was truly shattered.  He told Sam that he wanted to be with her even if he was the baby's daddy and asked if she also would want him if the baby was his.  Sam said that she did and they tried to move ahead.  Liz got the paternity test results which stated that Jason was the father but she let everyone believe that Lucky was the father. 

While Sam was away with Kristina, Ric found out about Liz and Jason and decided that he wanted to see Jason dead or in prison.  He goaded Jason by bad mouthing Sam until Jason nearly beat him to death.  He then had Jason arrested for attempted murder.  Sonny and Alexis forced him to drop the charges but in the process it came out that Alexis knew about Ric and Sam's one night stand and she threw them both out of her life.  Sam moved to Kelly's and continued to work at the PCPD.

Jason planned a special night for Sam on Halloween.  They had a rooftop dinner and talked and began to plan for a future together.  They were interrupted when Sam was arrested because Ric framed her as part of a plan to get Jason and Sam killed while resisting arrest.  Jason assured Sam that he was working on getting her the best lawyer available and that he would get her out of it.  Ric later used photos of Jason and Liz on the docks to convince Sam that Jason planned to leave her to her fate so he could be with Liz. Sam freaked out and escaped custody.  Jason learned almost instantly of the escape and went to Sam and helped her escape cleanly.  They stayed in Port Charles and tried to track down a techno-geek, Spinelli, who created the false evidence and could clear Sam. They found Spinelli and contacted Sonny to arrange their surrender.  Ric found out about their plans and he and Alcazar arranged a ambush.  When Jason, Sam and Spinelli left the safehouse their car exploded.  They escaped unharmed but were immediately faced with several gunmen.  While trying to escape the gunmen, Sam shot and killed Diego in front of Kristina who was traumatized by the incident.  Sam went to Kristina and could not continue to free but she begged Jason to go after Spinelli who had taken off.  Cruz arrived and arrested Sam without incident.  Ric and the other officers went after Jason who had caught up Spinelli.  The police ordered Jason to drop his weapon, which he did while Spinelli escaped yet again.  Ric shouted that Jason had another gun and the police opened fire as Jason attempted to surrender, unarmed.  As Sam watched horrified, Jason jumped off the building into the lake after being shot and was presumed dead.

Sonny came to Sam in jail  and let her know that Jason was still alive and in hiding.  Alexis agreed to take Sam's case and Ric released her in the hopes of the police following her to Jason where they could both be killed by the police. Jason was gone when Sam went to find him.  Carly contacted Sam to come meet Jason.  Jason and Sam met briefly at Metro Court where he told her goodbye before he left to find Spinelli to try to clear their names. Jason and Lulu headed to Tennessee where they found Spinelli and brought him back.  Spinelli showed the police how he created false evidence and the charges against Jason, Sam  and Spinelli were dropped. Jason went to the Lakehouse and got Sam and brought her home.

Sam wanted to have a baby but Jason was hesitant due to the danger of his life.  The put the idea on home and spent a quiet Christmas where Jason gifted Sam with a new star necklace to replace the one that she threw away.  On New Year's Eve, Jason told Sam that he did want to have a baby with her.

Sam went to work for ELQ where Edward was very taken with Sam and began to make promises that if Sam and Jason had a baby, the baby would be his heir. Tracy has Sam investigated and discovered that Sam had run a series of marriage scams, bilking men out of their money and that in her last scam, the man figured out what she was doing and tried to kill her.  Sam killed the man, Bill Monroe, in self-defense.  Tracy used the information to blackmail Sam into leaving her job.  Sam soon found work as a desk clerk at Metro Court.

Sam went to be checked because she had not yet gotten pregnant and was told that due to scarring from when Manny shot her she could not have children. Kelly was not the available doctor that day, so Sam left a message asking Kelly to meet her at her job at Metro Court.  Kelly came to the Metro Court and confirmed the other doctor's opinion.  Sam was heartbroken.  Within minutes of Kelly leaving, the lobby of the Metro Court was taken hostage by James Craig and a band of masked gunmen.  They wanted something that Alcazar had stashed in the hotel safe.  Sam pushed the panic button causing the vault to lock for 12 hours.  The gunmen wired the lobby to explode and Mr. Craig proceeded to amuse himself by tormenting the hostages.  While he was tormenting Sam, she unmasked him exposing his face to all the hostages. Elizabeth began to have cramps and Sam tried to help her.  The women let go of their hostility as they worked to keep Elizabeth's healthy. When Craig drug Spinelli into the lobby, Sam knew that Jason had to be there too.  She quickly recognized him among the gunmen.  In the final minutes of the crisis, Jason gave Sam a mask and told her to escape and warn the police that the lobby was going to explode.  Sam escaped and warned the police. They stormed the lobby seconds before the it exploded and created a distraction that helped many hostages escape as Jason fought Craig to prevent him from detonating the explosives. The lobby exploded and Sam was terrified because Jason was still trapped inside.  Jason was finally rescued and Sam accompanied him to the hospital to check on Alan.  At the hospital, as Jason was about to tell Sam that he was the father of Elizabeth's baby, she told him that she could not have children. Jason decided not tell Sam about Elizabeth's baby.  They shared their grief and devastation for a few moments before the mayor interupted to drag Sam, the Metro Court Hero, out for a press conference.

Amelia Joffe, a tv producer, saw Sam's interviews and offered her a job as the host of a television show, Everyday Heroes. Sam embarked on her new career and quickly began to enjoy both the work and the accompanying limelight.  Amelia, however, was not interested in Sam or her career.  She was the daughter of Bill Monroe and had come to Port Charles for revenge. Amelia was working to undermine Sam's relationship with Jason.  She also planned to build up Sam's celebrity and then expose her and take everything away. While Sam's career blossomed, her relationship with Jason suffered. The weight of their lies and secrets and guilt together with Amelia and Elizabeth's manipulations caused Jason and Sam to start to drift apart.

Sam went out of town on a location shoot and when she returned, Sonny told her that Liz had had her baby but was in very bad shape. Sam was concerned for Liz and her baby because they had bonded during the hostage crisis.  Sam rushed to General Hospital to check on Liz.  When she arrived, she found that Liz had recovered and she overhead Liz and Jason talking about Jason being the father of Liz's baby.  Sam was devastated.  She went to the Metro Court and got drunk and when Amelia showed up she told her about Jake's paternity.  Amelia called Jason who came and got Sam.  Back at the Penthouse, Sam overheard Jason and Spinelli talking and realized that Spinelli also knew about Jake.  She was very hurt by this.  Sam determined that she was going to make Jason tell her the truth about the baby so that she would be able to forgive him and so that he could file for shared custody and be a part of the baby's life.  Sam began to set things up so that she and Jason would run into Liz and her kids. She also set up occasions where she told him she knew something was up and tried to get him to tell her.  Jason did not tell her however and they drifted even farther apart.

When Jason was arrested for killing Alcazar, he did not call Sam.  She found out from Ric at the hospital and hurried to the PCPD.  She wanted to know why he didn't call her but Jason said that she couldn't help him and he was afraid that calling her on location could hurt her career. Sam couldn't accept this because everyone else, including Elizabeth knew.  She felt that Jason was shutting her out although he denied it. 

Sam started to drink heavily and with Amelia's encouragement continued to try to get Jason to tell her.
Sam found out that Amelia was Bill Monroe's daughter and that she was setting her up for revenge.  Amelia admitted as much but said that because of the show's sucess, she could not destroy Sam with wrecking her own career. Sam tried to get out of her contract but it was ironclad.  Sam and Amelia were stuck with each other but Amelia made it clear that she did not plan to stop trying to hurt Sam. Amelia went to Jason and told him about Sam's past. Jason didn't care and was clear that he did not believe that Sam had conned him.  At this point, Amelia revealed that Sam knew that Jason was Jake's father and that Sam would do anything to try to trick him into giving her a baby.  She also approached Jason about them having a baby through artificial insemnation.  Jason refused to discuss it because he was looking at a life sentence.

By this point Sam was in a total downward spiral and drinking heavily.  When Sam saw Jake being kidnapped by Maureen Harper, an unbalanced woman, she did nothing to stop the kidnapping and told no one what she saw. Sam went to lock-up and confronted Jason about being Jake's father and eventually forced him to tell her the truth.  She then revealed her past to him and told him about Amelia.  She implied that Amelia could have had something to do with the kidnapping and Jason asked Sam if she knew anything about the kidnapping.

Amelia came to Sam to gloat that Jason made bail and rescued Jake and that Maureen revealed to them that Sam witnessed the kidnapping. Sam went to visit Jason in prison and talk about the kidnapping.  Things did not go well as they both laid all of their hurt and mistrust out to each other.  Sam broke-up with Jason.

Although they were broken-up and very angry at each other, Sam committed perjury at Jason's trial.  Jason was found not guilty and returned to the Penthouse as Sam was leaving with her last boxes. In a short bitter conversation, Sam threatened to seduce Lucky for revenge on Jason and Elizabeth.

Sam was still acting out and hired some men to scare Liz and the boys in the park.  Jason responded by breaking into Sam's house and threatening to kill her.  Sam hired Lucky as a body guard in her plot to seduce him.  Lucky knew what she was up to so when Sam told him she wanted to sleep with him to destroy his marriage, he went along with her. During this time, Amelia quit her job and Wes took over as producer of Everyday Heroes. 

Sam and Lucky became friends with benefits after Lucky's divorce was filed.  They attended the Black and White Ball together where Sam took on many of the mercenaries and fought to protect herself and others.  After Sam joined Jason in a gun battle to save Carly's life, Jason and Carly were nasty to Sam.  Sam responded by taking Lucky to the barn where Liz was hiding and trying to force Liz to tell Lucky the truth about Jake. Jason came in during the exchange and told Lucky himself. Lucky and Sam argued with Liz and Jason before returning to Wyndamere where Lucky turned on Sam and abandoned her in the house while there were still two killer loose.  Sam tried to find Lucky, even refusing to leave when help arrived.

Sam decided that she wanted to try to have a relationship with Lucky that was not about revenge.  She tried in vain to get Liz to back off but Liz took every opportunity to throw the kidnapping in Sam's face and threaten to tell Lucky about it.

Text Message Killer attacked Alexis on the docks and Sam saved her. Both Sam and Alexis got texts moments later saying that Alexis would die while Sam watched. Sam wanted to use herself as bait but Lucky objected.  After Liz's continual harassment, Sam told Carly about Jake's paternity.

Sam was at GH when Liz a distraught husband with a bomb took the the ER hostage demanding treatment for his wife. Liz came in with Jake who had been in a fire.  Sam persuaded the bomber, Joe Smith who she knew, to let the baby be treated.  Jason showed up and was snotty to Sam until Joe told him that Sam was the only reason the baby was treated. Jason and Sam engage Joe in a conversation that led Jason to believe the bomb wasn't real and he disarmed him ending the situation.

Cooper Barrett committed suicide leaving everyone to be believe that the TMK was dead.  After seeing Sam at her house with the boys, Liz freaked-out and ripped open her stitches.  Lucky took her to the hospital.  Sam went to see Liz and Lucky overheard them arguing.  He asked Liz about it and she told him about the kidnapping and the men in the park.

Lucky confronted Sam, broke-up with her and physically threw her out of his house.  Sam went to the docks where she received messages from the TMK that let her know he was close and watching her.  She called Lucky for help but he hung up on her and bad-mouthed her to Lulu.  The TMK attacked Sam.  She fought him off from the docks through the streets to the highway where she was run down by a hit and run driver.  Jerry found her by the side of the road and rushed her to General Hospital.  Lucky came to visit her and accused her of lying about the TMK.  Jason came as well but he assured Sam that he believed her. Wes came to the hospital while she was in the hospital and fired her from her job.

Sam required physical therapy and was walking with a cane when she was released from the hospital.  Shortly after her release, she was attacked again by the TMK. This time at her apartment.  He removed his mask during the attack and revealed himself to be Diego Alcaazar, who Sam believed she had kill.  Sam pushed the record button on her phone and dropped it. She then fought like crazy to escape but was overpowered and kidnapped.  Diego also kidnapped Liz who was coming to Sam's apartment. Tipped off as to the TMK's identity by Nikolas, Jason went to Sam's apartment and found the clue she left and raced to rescue her.  He found the car tettering off the side of the bridge with Sam and Liz inside and Lucky shot on the ground.  Jason pulled Liz from the backseat and then ripped the backseat out to free Sam from the trunk.  Before she could get out of the car, it went over the edge and Sam was left dangling from the bridge by her fingers until Lucky pulled her up. Diego was later killed by Nikolas.

Sam overheard Lucky and Jason talking about thier belief that Liz could have been the hit and run driver.  She also heard Lucky volunteer to close the case.  Sam went to Liz and Lucky and told them that she had no intention of pressing charges if it was Liz.  The hit and run driver was revealed to be Monica who confessed. Sam begged the judge for leniency for Monica because Sam understood how she was feeling at the time of the accident.

Sam continued to see Lucky and went to work as a shill for Luke on the Haunted Star.  The Haunted Star was soon closed when Luke was framed for money laundering and went on the run.  Sam went to Liz and again tried to make peace for the sake of Lucky and the boys and this time it worked.  Liz agreed that Sam could spend time with the boys later in the summer.

After Michael was shot, Jason and Sam ran into each other at the hospital and laid their anger to rest once and for all. Sam also reconnected with Spinelli.  again.

When Luke sent Lucky a strange coded message, Sam joined him on a trip to Mexico to find Luke. They were unable to locate him but during this adventure Sam did find that she enjoyed and excelled at undercover work and investigations.

Sam found that certain medicines were not up to grade at a free clinic funded by her cousin Nikolas. She went to Lucky, but not having enough evidence, he could not put together a task force. Sam decided to look into the counterfeit drug scheme on her own so she and Lucky pretended to break up, in order to free her from the cop girlfriend label. Sam contacted Karpov, a big time Russian crime boss, and convinced him to hire her as a captain on one of his ships. During one of the shipments, Sam encountered Jerry, who found it interesting that they were both working for the same man. Jerry, although seeing her mother Alexis, flirted with Sam. Sam used his attraction to her advantage while they worked together. During another shipment, Sam was caught in a DEA raid and shot when she tried to run. She was cleared thanks to Lucky, who wanted her to stop her undercover work. Sam caught Jerry in the clinic, about to set off a bomb to destroy evidence. He hid what he was doing and lied to Sam about running interference against the counterfeit drugs. Lucky met with Sam on the docks to discuss possible evidence that tied Karpov to the drug ring, however, there was none to implicate Jerry. Sam told Lucky she would use Jerry's attraction to her advantage. She invited him over but her plan didn't work as Jerry choked her, wanting to know why she was suddenly so willing. Sam talked her way out of it. Sam went to Alexis to warn her how dangerous Jerry was but Alexis was more interested in the time Sam was spending with Jerry. Sam met with Karpov on the piers and informed him about the DA questioning her. He told her the shipments would be a bigger risk and they discussed an alternate route, unbeknownst to them that pictures were being taken of their meeting. A week later, Sam saw Jerry and Karpov discussing Kate's shooting and the current arrangement between them. She saw a PDA exchanged that contained evidence of their workings in the drug ring.  Sam invited Jerry over while Alexis issued a warrant for Sam based on the pictures. Sam got Jerry into the hot tub, in an attempt to get the PDA. Alexis walked in on them kissing. Mac and the PCPD came in to search her apartment. While Sam tried to explain the work she was doing they found drugs in her apartment. At the PCPD, Sam fought with Lucky over her being in the hot tub with Jerry and Jerry offered Sam a partnership after excluding Karpov. Sam pretended to be interested. When she was released, Jerry called to meet her by the docks.

Sam went to the docks to meet Jerry. Sam heard someone coming and pulled her gun, thinking it was Jerry. It was Jason who asked what she was doing there.  Before she could anwer, an explosion occured. After the explosion, Jason took Sam back to his penthouse where she explained everything. Jerry came by the penthouse while Sam hid. He informed Jason about Sam's activities and encouraged him not to break peace with Karpov for Sam. Jason kicked him out. He wanted to help Sam but she didn't want him involved. When she returned to her apartment, Jason called to make sure she got home safely. Jerry came up behind her and grabbbed her, sending the phone to the floor with Jason on the line. Jason rushed to Sam's apartment. Jerry told Sam to get rid of Jason or he would kill him. Sam opened the door and got rid of Jason by reminding him of how hurt she was by him. Jason apologized and left. Jerry drugged Sam and took her captive on a freighter. During their struggled Sam dropped the detonator from the docks on her floor to tip Jason off. Jerry told her of his plan to make everyone think he was dead by blowing up the boat with her on it. Jerry placed a bomb near Sam with the clock ticking away. Jason found Sam and started to free her but Jerry showed up with a gun. Jason distracted Jerry and Sam shot at him. While Jason struggled with Jerry, Sam freed herself. They ran out the room and jumped off the boat just as the bomb went off with Jerry trapped below. Everyone assumed he died in the explosion.

Later, Sam ran into Jason and offered to help him with the Russian situation. Jason didn't want her invovled but she told him she already is in with the Russians. She also reminded him that he was in no position to turn down her offer of assistance. Sam decided to go back to the Russians, this time encountering Karpov's lawyer, Sasha. Sasha hired Sam to pilot a boat. Sam informed Lucky she was working for the Russians again and he didn't want her involved. At the warehouse, Sam watched guns being loaded when a shootout began. Sam ducked behind the crates for cover. Realizing it was Jason, who she almost shot, Sam joined Jason and got to safety.

Sam and Jason went to Elizabeth's home to meet with her and Lucky. Jason informed them that they needed to get to safety while he went after Karpov. Sam took Elizabeth and her boys to a cabin. At the cabin, Sam quickly figured out the Russians followed them. She secured the house, while Elizabeth and the boys hid. Shots were fired and Sam fired back. They heard someone coming, Sam told Liz to escape with the boys.  She was out of ammo and tried to fend him off using her gun as a club. When the Russian got the upper hand, Liz shot him. Jason arrived at the cabin to find Liz screaming outside. Sam jumped into the car and told them the Russians took Jake and she will do whatever it takes to get him back. They found the guards at a roadhouse. Sam conned her way in by telling Sasha she was looking for work. Sam found Jake in a room but Sasha came up behind her with a knife. They struggled and fought while Jason shot it out with the other armed Russians. As Jason got the upperhand, one of the Russians detonated a bomb. Jason was thrown from the building to safety as the roadhouse burned up. Jason believed Jake was still in there until Sam came out carrying Jake. She had jumped out the window with him before the explosion. Jason and Sam returned Jake to Liz and Lucky. Sam discovered that the charges against her were dropped. Sam and Jason were briefly questioned by an FBI Agent named Raynor. 

Sam was walking home with groceries when she spotted Sasha and another Russian come out of a van. Sam picked the lock and hid in the back. She looked through their files and hid when Sasha returned. Sam heard her talking about eliminating Jason Morgan. They drove off with Sam still in the back. Sam was about to dial Jason's number when she was cornered by two Russians. She escaped before the could kill her but fell into a pit. She tried to escape but her previous hip injury kept her from climbing up. Sam got cold, fell asleep and dreamt of Lucky, Alexis and a scenario where she stops Maureen from kidnapping Jake. Jason found Sam who was suffering from hypothermia. She told Jason she is so sorry for letting Jake get kidnapped. He told her it was in the past. After returning safely to Port Charles, Sam called Jason and informs him of Agent Raynor asking more questions.

While Agent Raynor was sniffing around, Sam and Jason both tried to keep Spinelli out of their business to protect him from prosecution. Sam decided to get her license as a P.I. but Lucky was against it. Spinelli came to Sam, worried about Jason. Sam went to see Jason and figured out that he made a deal with the Feds. Sam wanted to help. She went to Ric and Anthony and offered her services piloting their ships. Sam went back to Jason and told him that Zacharra was interested in hiring her. Jason worried that it was a trap but Sam considered it worth the risk and began piloting ships for Zacharra.

Sam ended up at the hospital after a car accident. The other driver was carrying the poison gas in his guts. When the driver was in surgery, the OR team exposed themselves and part of the hospital to the posion gas and the hospital was quarantined.  Sam, Jason and Spinelli realized one of the poison gas spheres was stolen. A man tried to leave the quarantined area. Jason and Sam stopped him but Sam shots Jason in the arm in the process. They argued about it and Jason joked that he won't make the mistake to tell her to take the shot again. An explosion rocked the hospital, setting it on fire. Sam and Jason worked together to evacuate people to the roof for air transport. While helping patients to the roof, Sam came across Trevor with Kate. Trevor had one of the poison capsules. Sam followed him to the roof. Trevor was on the wrong side, the helipad was on the other side of the building. He threatened to drop the capsule over the side if Sam came any closer. Sam tried to bargain with him for the capsule but he threw the ball in the air. Sam leapt after it and both of them went over the edge. Trevor fell to his death while Sam struggled to hold on. Jason found her and pulled her up, grabbing the poison capsule before it fell. Sam and Jason found Spinelli. The stairwell was engulfed in flames, so they all ran for it holding hands so they wouldn't get separated. They got out alive.

Sam broke up with Lucky. Alexis warned her not to get too involved with Jason. If she ended up being prosecuted by the FBI, she would have to serve a full sentence. Later Jason called Sam to help him locate Zacharra. She agreed to help. Sam and Jason pretended to be a couple looking for her father, Anthony Zacharra but Zacharra had been tipped off and was gone. Jason found Zacharra and turned him into the feds. Jason told Sam he still needs to get Spinelli out of the country if he can't get Raynor to back off on giving up Sonny. Spinelli tooks off on his own. Sam and Jason followed after him to LA. Spinelli got tangled up with criminals but Sam and Jason rescued him. They returned to Port Charles where Sam and Winifred broke into the FBI storage room and Sam switched the flash drive containing the evidence against Spinelli. Spinelli thanked Sam for what she did and wanted to start a PI business with her, McCall & Jackal. Sam agreed and Jason funded Spinelli's half. Sam immediately started to get PI jobs, mainly following cheating spouses.

Michael awoke from his coma and Sam proved to be a great sounding board for Jason. She helped him through the tough decisions he had to make and reminded him that Michael is who he needed to focus on, not Claudia, who he was sure got Michael shot. Sam and Jason discussed and worried about the young Corinthos children, Michael and his anger and also Kristina and her hidden rebellious actions.

A new player came to town named Dominic (who was really Dante, a cop and the secret son of Sonny by Olivia) who wanted to work for Sonny instead of the Zacharras. Jason asked Sam to do a background check and it seemed that Dominic was legit.

Claudia was accidentially run off the road. As a result of her injuries she lost her child. Both Michael and Kristina believe they did it. Jason tells Sam about Michael's possible involvement and Sam tells Jason about Kristina. Michael ran away to Mexico and Kristina went with him. Jason and Sam both decided to bring the kids back. There were a few funny mishaps and rememberance of old times in Hawaii while on the road and also a tense moment of attraction between the two before they seperated in order to cover more ground in Mexico. Sam found the kid's hotel room first and left Jason a message to head in her direction. Unfortunately, Claudia, thinking Michael had run her down causing her to lose her baby, sent Jerry after the kids. As Sam approaches their hotel room, Jerry surprised her with a gun at her head. He drug Sam to an abandoned church and demanded she call Jason. Sam did, but not before warning him that Jerry had her and he was setting up a trap to kill Jason. Jerry took Sam to a different place, informing her that he had sold her to a drug dealer in Mexico. He left her cuffed to a chair to go back to the church, planning on killing Jason. Sam knocked out the drug dealer and escaped. She returned to the church and found a pale, bleeding Jason under the rubble. Sam's car was broken down and Jerry had disabled Jason's. There was no cell phone reception, so Sam had to tend to Jason's wounds in a room in the abandoned church. Sam got the bullet out and bandaged him while talking about Michael and Kristina to keep him concious. Jason fell asleep while Sam tried to bring down his fever. He becaome delerious and thought that it was 2005 and they were in Hawaii. While laying on her lap and still hallucinating, Jason told Sam he loves her and Sam told him she loves him. In the morning, Jason was better. Sam returned with fresh bandages and tried to get him to rest, afraid he will become delirious again. Jason wanted to know what he said and if he talked about Hawaii because he remembered dreaming about it. Sam left to work on the car and when she returned with a bowl of water, she almost knocked into Jason. Sam helped him sit, her hand lingering on his. She moved to the bowl and towel talking about Jerry. Jason came up behind her, took the towel from her and washed her hand and arms. Jason turned Sam's face to wipe it with the towel and kissed her. Jason and Sam made love in the abandoned church. Afterwards, while both were laying together in bed, Sam jumps up and ran out saying she needed to work on the car. Sam returned to a dressed Jason checking their supplies. Before they left, Sam asked Jason if he wanted to talk about what happened. He asked if she wanted to and she said no, so Jason said no. On the road again, to find Michael and Kristina, Jason and Sam ended up listening to a radio show that described their current relationship and what had happened in the abandoned church to a tee. Sam stopped the car to sleep and ended up snuggled on Jason's arm. Jason awoke in the night, moving slightly and awoke Sam. They shared another kiss. They found Michael and Kristina working at a surf shop in Mexico and convinced the teens to return to Port Charles.

Back in Port Charles, Jason asked Sam to a carnival and she accepted but tried her best to get out of it. Carly gave Jason a heads up that Sam will try not to crowd him so Jason did what he could to spend the day with Sam, even going on one of her stakeouts. They eventually made it to the carnival, but disaster struck as Edward crashed his car into the Carnival. Many were hurt, including Jake. Jason waited at the hospital to see if he was okay, asking Sam to stay with him. She did and they all recieve the news that Jake was fine. They went back to Sam's apartment where Sam told that Jason she is enjoying the time she is spending with Jason but doesn't want to ruin it by talking about it too much. Jason agrees. Michael called Sam telling her he needs her help but she can't tell Jason. Michael tells Sam he is remembering the conversations people had by his bedside. Eventually Sam told Jason and explained Michael didn't want Jason to know because he was afraid he would take extreme action. One of his memories was of Claudia apologizing for what happened to him.

Sam and Jason slept together again, with Sam spending the night at Jason's. They are making out going down the stairs and are caught by Molly, Kristina, Robin, Patrick, Maxie, and Spinelli who were at Jason's to plan Maxie and Spinelli's wedding. Jason asked Sam to be his date for the wedding and they attended together. Jason asked Sam to come home with him. She did and when they reach his bedroom, she saw that Jason had setup candles and rose petals everywhere. They made love. Sam and Jason continued to discuss their fear of discussing the past but Jason assured Sam that things will be better than okay between them. Sam and Jason continued to try to find evidence to prove that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Sam was also busy dealing with Kristina who wants birth control as she plans on sleeping with Kiefer and her mother who thinks Sam may be a bad influence on her sisters as they want to emulate their adventurous older sister. Jason comforts Sam telling her that she is a good for the girls. Jason and Sam tracked down evidence left by Ian Devlin. They found a CD of a conversation between Ian, Claudia and Jerry that proves Claudia was part of orchestrating the hit on Sonny that got Michael shot. They discussed the best plan of action and Jason decided to give the evidence to Sonny when he returned from Puerto Rico. When Sonny exposed Claudia for her role in Michael's shooting, she took in labor Carly hostage. Sam helped Jason track down Claudia and Carly. Jason and Sam arrived at a cabin and found a dead Claudia on the floor with Michael standing over her. Jason gave Carly her newborn baby and they all worked to cover up what happened. Sam took Carly to the hospital alone while Jason stayed back with Michael. Sam stuck to the cover story they created despite being grilled by Johnny and Dominic. However, the cover they created was endangered when Jason showed Sam a re-enactment photo of Claudia's crime scene.

Sam and Spinelli were hired to do security for an art show sponsored by Crimson. Sam told Spinelli they would do the job andand would return to figuring out who sent Jason that photo afterwards. Sam returned to the penthouse later that evening and informs Jason that the shootout he was involved in was all over the news. Jason needed an alibi and Sam told him he's lucky because she and Spinelli were hired to do security at a major art show. When Jason attended with Sam, the artist Franco wanted to meet with Jason. Jason refused but as he watched Franco leave, he waved at Jason the same way the homeless guy did at the shootout.  Jason freakeds out and drug Sam and Spinelli out of there. They returned to his penthouse and Jason was sure after comparing surveillance footage that Franco and the homeless guy are one of the same. Jason was conflicted as to what to do about Franco. Sam told Jason that she has faith in him and he should follow his instincts.

Sam spent Thanksgiving at the Scorpios with her own family in a scheme to fix up Alexis and Mac.