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This fan site is a tribute General Hospital's hottest supercouple Jason Morgan and Sam McCall.

I have been a Jason fan since before the accident, but I like Jason Morgan alot more than I liked Jason Quartermaine. I liked some of his various pairings through the years and others not too much.  When GH  paired him with Sam McCall, they finally got it right.  The chemistry was perfect and they brought magic to every scene.  We watched these two slowly move from hostility to friendship to love.  And it was a beautiful journey. 

I have never been much of a couples fan, but Jason and Sam snuck up on me.  I fell in love with them without even realizing it was happening.  Kind of like the way they fell in love with each other.

I was sorry to be witness to the end of this perfect couple.  I could not see either of them working even nearly so well with anyone else on the canvas.  They are a perfect fit and no other pairing for either of them can ever come close. 

Happily, the writers agreed with me and our wonderful couple once again grace our screens.  They are back and better than ever!



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