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January 8, 2013

Sam is at home leaving Spinelli a phone message. She really needs his help to find Jason. Carly knocks on the door. She came to tell Sam she was right about Todd.  She sees the box on the desk adnd asks about it.  Sam says it is confidential. She is searchig for Jason. Carly blurts out that Todd was in on everything, the baby switch and the DNA tampering. Sam asks what changed her mind. Carly tells Sam everything Johnny said and that Johnny has proof. Sam grabs her jacket and asks Carly to stay with the baby. She is going to find Todd and break his neck. Carly tells her Todd and Johnny are both in jail. She tells her how Johnny spent months covering his tracks and how Todd allowed himself to be blackmailed to keep the baby secrets. Carly is mad at herself because the lies came out right after she made the mistake of sleeping with Todd. Sam says she warned her.  Carly says even Todd warned her but she didn't listen. She has no one to blame but herself.  Sam says she should have known better.  She made a huge mistake.  Carly says Sam can be a bitch sometimes and Sam says it takes one to know one.  Carly says Jason is the one person who never failed her. That is why she came here.  This is where she would come when her life was falling apart and Jason is always be there for her but now he is gone. Sam says Jason may not be here but he is not gone. Carly knows it is hard for Sam to hear and it is hard for her to say but they need to face the trught that Jason is dead. They are both crying as Sam tells her she is trying to bring him home to everyone who loves him. Carly says as much as she wants that, he can't come back. Sam tells her not to say that or she will rip out her all of her hair. Carly says he was shot.  Why hasn't he come back. Sam doesn't know.  Maybe the person who shot him still has him.  Carly thinks he drowned. Sam wants to know why she is doing this. Carly says Jason was the strongest person she knew but he was not immortal. He got shot and fell into the harbor and drowned. He is dead. Sam begs her not to say it.  Carly says Jason would want her to face the fact that he is gone.  Sam is shaking her head saying there is no body so Jason can't be dead. She orders Carly out of her home.  Carly leaves.  Sam picks up the picture of Jason and Danny.  She asks it if Carly is right and he is dead.  She asks him to send her a sign and someone knocks on the door.

January 9, 2013

Sam is crying,holdign the picture against her chest. She asks for a sign.  Someone knocks. She says Jason and rushes to answer the door. It's John. She is surprised to see him. He told her he joined the PCPD and was working on finding Jason and then he disappeared. He tells her he went to Switzerland. He updates her on Faison and Duke before telling her he made progress on Jason's shootings. He tells her how Faison set up everything with Trey and Kristina to get Sonny's money.  Sam figures out athat is why Bernie wanted to See Jason. John tells her when Jason got to the peir Faison shot him point blank in the back. Sam wants to know where Jason is. John tells her Faison kicked him in the water.  Sam says Jason is a strong swimmer.  John tells her Faison watched him sink.  If the bullet did not kill him, the water did. Sam wants to know how John can be sure.  John said if Faison had any cards left to play, he would have.  Sam says so Jason never made it out of the harbor She wants to know where his body is.  John says the currents could have taken it or could have been pinned.  He tells her Jason is not somewhere waiting for her. He is gone. Sam tells him he doesn't know Jason.  He has survived so much and has so much to live for. She tells him about Carly being there and how she asked for a sign and he showed up. She believed with everything that Jason was coming back to her and Sann but she can't do that anymore.  She is crying.  She says that he is never coming back.  John hugs her while she cries.

January 14, 2013

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January 15, 2013

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January 16, 2013

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