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January 3, 2012

Jason and Michael unconscious by the roadside. Jason wakes up and rushes to check Michael. Sam looking at the calendar on her phone. Flashes back to Franco saying we're going to be a daddy. She grabs her coat and leaves. Dante comes up to Jason and says the ambulance is on its way.  Michael wakes up and goes off on Jason about Jax.  Michael storms off.  Dante goes after him.  Sam comes in with a bag.  She gets a call from Jason about the accident.  She drops the bag and goes to meet him at the hospital. We see pregancy test in the bag. Jason at the hospital.  Sonny and Carly come up to him and he tells them about the accident. Sonny goes to talk to the doctor. Carly tells him about Michael being angry about Jax. Jason tells her its about Abby.  Carly is surprised Michael is mad at Jason too. Patrick comes up and insists that Jason have his post-op tests done. Patrick tells Jason that Robin is worried about him.  He is worried about her too.  Patrick wants to know why. Sam comes in and hugs Jason.  He starts to tell her what happened but Patrick interupts and wants to do tests. Sam tells Jason Patrick is right. Jason agrees to the tests and Sam goes outside to wait. Jason and Sam come home.  Jason is okay but the test results are not back yet. They talk about Michael. Sam notices the bag on the chair and gets nervous. She mentions that if Jason were going faster he could have been hurt.  He says he is okay and asks if she is.  She leans into him and they hug. Jason tells her things are going to be different.  He almost lost Michael because he was chasing Franco so he is done. He says starting right now their lives will be about them and not Franco. He pulls her close. 

January 4, 2012

Sam comes down the stairs and sees Jason getting ready to go out. He is going to see Michael.  She wants to come. She goes upstairs to get her coat.  Jason sits down and picks up the toy motorcycle. He flashes to the accident with Michael and Jake dying.  He calls upstairs to Sam who is putting on her jacket. She kicks the bag with the test under the bed and heads downstairs. Michael and Sonny are at Michael's.  Jason and Sam knock on the door. Michael says Sam is welcome but Jason is not. Jason wants to explain.  Sonny says it was an accident. Michael tells Sonny Jason knew about Jax and goes off on Jason. Sam defends Jason. Michael argues with them both. Michael wants Jason to tell Sonny to let him into the business. Jason doesn't.  Michael sends them away. Jason and Sam go home and talk more about the situation with Michael. Sam tries to comfort and reassure Jason.

January 5, 2012

Jason and Sam continue to talk about Michael. Molly calls Sam to meet her at Kelly's. Sam wants Jason to try talk to Sonny about leaving Jax alone. Spinelli comes in. He tells them that now that they are married, he is moving out.  They assure him he is welcome to stay but he is determined. Sam leaves to meet Molly. Jason and Spinelli talk about Spinelli replacing Sonny's money. Sam comes into Kelly's and sees Ewen telling Molly a legend about a spirit child. Spinelli explains about his betting enterprise and the FOS. Jason asks if the FOS can help find someone and Spinelli says they can. Sam interupts Molly and Ewen.  Ewen leaves and Sam cautions Molly about developing a crush on him. Molly shows Sam the photo album from Wyndamere. She wants Sam to tell her who the people are.  Sam doesn't know.  She is surpised that Alexis let her have the album. Alexis doesn't know. Molly shows Sam the button she found on Spoon Island and talks about someone being out there. Sam suggests that Nik could have lost it. Molly talks about Sam being down to earth.  Sam wants Molly to stay as innocent and imaginative as she is. Molly tells Sam about how her friends are into boys and sex since starting high school. Sam tells Molly to stay like she is and that she envies her.  Molly doesn't understand why since Sam has such an amazing life with Jason. Spinelli shows Jason how the FOS work. Jason asks about them finding Franco. Spinelli is confident that they can. Molly talks about how perfect Jason and Sam are for each other.  They talk about the button some more. Sam has to leave. As she is paying the bill, Ewen comments that it was nice meeting her. Jason and Spinelli talk about whether or not to use his friends to find Franco. Jason says he will let him know. Sam comes tot he Penthouse door. She checks the pregnancy test in her pocket before going in.  Spinelli is coming down with his duffel bag. He will let them know where he is living. Spinelli says his goodbyes to Sam and Jason.  He tells Jason to let him know if he changes his mind and leaves. Sam asks what that is about.  Jason tells her about the FOS and the offer to find Franco. Sam is okay with him going after Franco just not now.

January 6, 2012

Jason is on the phone leaving a message for Sonny.  Sam doesn't think Sonny will call him back.  Jason asks if she is okay with him going to the office.  She is.  Michael calls Sam to apologize for arguing with her. He says its time to take action. Sam tries to get him to talk to Jason but he refuses. Sam notices Jason's clenched fist and asks whats wrong. He says he is okay and asks about Michael. Sam tries to explain Michael's reaction. Jason says Michael could have died becuase he was distracted. He goes to the closet and grabs his gun. Sam wants to know what he is doing.  He is going to take Spinelli up on is offer. Jason is at the crash site remembering seeing Michael in his lights.  He turns and Michael is there. Michael wants to know why he is there.  He is trying to figure out what happened. Michael says he walked into the street. Jason apologizes for not paying attention. Michael is mad that Jason takes repsonsibility for what he does.  He says people have to make their own choices and live with them. He says he tried to control Abby and he got her killed. Sam is in the alley looking at Franco's tag. She talks about the elements of a human being and flashes to Spinelli telling them about the last symbol being the bond to the creator and Franco's DVD about conceptual art. She takes out the pregnancy test and leans against the wall looking scared. Michael talks about doing to Abby what Jason, Sonny and Carly always did to him.  He says he is not a kid and he will work for someone who is not trying to save him from himself, the Zaccharras. Jason tries to talk him out of it but Michael doesn't want to hear it. Sam comes home, takes the test out of the box and goes upstairs.  Sam sitting on the couch trying to convince herself that it will be okay no matter what the results are. She picks up the test and looks at the results.  Jason comes into GH. He asks Patrick if Robin is there and then passes out.

January 9, 2012

Patrick helping Jason up and calling for a wheelchair. Jason trying to leave, he doesn't want anymore tests. Patrick tells him to do it for Sam. Monica at the hub when Sam comes and says she got a call about Jason.  Monica updates her. Sam tells Monica about the accident. Monica thinks Sam looks pale and makes her sit down. Monica and Sam talk about Jason and his symptoms. Monica thinks Jason may have settled down if Jake had lived, that a child is a good reason to turn your life around. Patrick and Jason talking about his symptoms and possible causes. Patrick goes to get Robin so Jason can talk to her before she leaves.  He is surprised she is leaving. Patrick realizes Jason knows something and asks for details. Patrick talks about Robin and Stone. Jason talks about how it was with HIV when he met Robin. They talk about that time in her life and how she is thinking about it now. Jason tells Patrick that Robin loves him but he needs to talk to her about what is going on withher. Patrick asks if Sam knows what is going on with Jason. Monica wants to let Jason know Sam is there.  Sam doesn't want her too because she is afraid Jason will use that as a reason to leave. Monica comments on how well she understands him. Monica talks about how she makes Jason uncomfortable and how she doesn't want that between her and Sam. Sam doesn't feel that way.  Monica talks about finding out about Jake. Monica thinks Jason and Sam should try to have a child. She says Sam should not miss out on having a baby with the man she loves.  Monica gets paged and leaves.  Sam looks sad. Patrick comes out and updates Sam.  He asks her about Jason's symptoms.  She tells him about the anger. She almost slips about Franco. Monica goes to the exam room to see Jason. She tells him Sam is there. Jason didn't know she was called, he doesn't want her to worry. Jason starts to leave to see her but Monica tells him the best thing he can do for her is to finish his tests. He agrees. She brings up him and Sma having a baby.  He asks if she said that to Sam.  She did. He asks if it is about Jake. She says it is about life and regrets and that a child is the greatest gift they could give each other. She tells him she loves him and leaves. Patrick tells Sam that she needs to keep Jason as calm as possible.  He leaves to check on the test results. Sam sits down and sadly takes out the positive pregnancy test. Jason comes and she slides the test back into her jacket. Jason asks if she is okay.

January 10, 2012

Sam slides the test back into her jacket.  She gets up and hugs Jason.  He holds her and tells her he is fine.  She says he is not fine and neither is she. Jason tells her that he is fine and the test won't show anything. Sam thinks Jason is frustrating because he isn't telling the doctors his symptoms.  He says he isn't having any so Sam lists them. Jason and Sam are with Robin and Patrick. Patrick says he went over the symptoms with Jason. Robin wants to hear the symptoms from Sam. Robin asks about the passing out. Jason tries to minimize it but Sam says that he hasn't been sleeping. They ask more about that and Sam adds about how he just goes still. Robin says she saw that at the PCPD. Jason says he heard her but he was thinking about something he didn't want to talk about.  Robin wants Sam to keep a list of Jason's symptoms.  Jason says he doesn't need to be monitored but Robin thinks he does. Sam phone rings and she walks away to take the call. Robin asks if he is mad at her and he asks if she is mad him. He says he did not tell Patrick what she is worried about. Robin knows he disagrees with her but appreciates him keeping her secret.  She wants to tell him a secret - that Sam is terrified abut what is happening to him.  She wants him to reassure her and not take any risks until they know what is going on.  Sam is hanging up when Patrick comes back with the results. They are inconclusive with no real cause.  Jason knows the cause and it is not medical. Sam thinks inconclusive is good. Robin says it means they need more tests. A nurse tells Robin the car is there to take her to the airport. Robin wants Jason to not give Patrick a hard time about the tests. He tells her not to worry about him and hugs her.  Robin leaves. Sam asks Jason if he is going to be a good patient.  He says he doesn't need more tests. They both know why he is angry. Jason doesn't want Sam to worry about the tests.  He is going to take them and do whatever Patrick wants him to. Sam says she has something to tell him. Jason tells her to hold on.  He wants her to let him take care of some loose ends so he isn't distracted.  He wants to sit down and talk at home.  He kisses her cheek and leaves.  Patrick comes and tells her until they know what it is going on it is important that Jason's anger is not triggered and he wants her help with that. She will do what she can.  He goes to Jason by the elevator and tells him he needs to be available for tests. Jason already told everyone and Sam he would cooperate. He calls Spinelli and tells him to find Franco.  Sam goes to the maternity ward and looks at the babies. She talks to a mother there who points out her daughter. She asks if Sam has kids. Sam says not yet. The woman tells her how she didn't know until she held her daughter that having a child is the most incredible thing you can experience.  Sam sadly congratulates her. The nurse lets the mother in the baby room.  Sam is nearly in tears watching the mother hold her baby.

January 12, 2012

Sonny on the phone yelling at Jason about Johnny.  Jason is in the hall outside the Penthouse. Sonny tells Jason to get over Franco. Jason yells that Franco is not something you just get over.  Sam can hear him from inside the Penthouse. Jason comes in and Sam hugs him. She missed him this morning. He couldn't sleep.  She says because of Franco and tells him she heard him on the phone. She asks who he was talking to. He says Sonny who wants him to get over Franco.  He can't because he did this to her. He married her and brought her into this mess.  Sam gets angry.  She can't keep saying this and she won't so he needs to hear her. What happened wasn't his fault. They can't go back and change it but they love each other and will get each other through it. What has happened and whatever happens next.  He doesn't know if he can drop it. The phone rings.  It's Alexis. Jason tells her to answer it. She wants Sam to meet her and Molly at Kelly's because Molly is going to write her off as her mother. Jason asks if everything is okay and Sam says that she is freaking out. Jason tells her she should go. They are both sad.  Sam tells him she loves him. He loves her too. Sam leaves. Alexis and Molly are arguing because Molly wants to fit in at school and Alxie making her friend her on MyFace is making people not want to be friends with her. Sam comes in. Alexis wants to order dessert. She asks what Molly wants and Molly says freedom. Sam sees the album and asks about it. Molly says they will soon be her only friends. Molly tells Sam Alexis polices her MyFace page. Alexis says she will stop, she will stop caring and being a mother.  She tells them when she was Molly age her mother was doing nothing because she was dead.  She get up and goes to the counter.  Alexis comes back and apologizes. She is frustrated.  And hot. She begins to harass the waitress about the heat. sam stops her and aplogizes to the waitress. Sam tries to settle things between Alexis and Molly and points out that she wishes she had that growing up since she grew up without a mother. Sam makes Molly agree that they are lucky to have Alexis. Molly talks about how sad and dark the people in the album are. Alexis adds mentally unstable and Molly pipes in that she heard that was inherited. Sam assure her she is okay but Molly is worried about her kids inheriting it. Jason lets Spinelli in and asks if he found Franco yet.  Spinelli asks Jason if he is sure about this but Jason demands to know where he is. Spinelli tells him he is at a gallery and asks him to weigh his course of action carefully. Alexis and Molly talk about the album and something wicked coming the night of the storm.  Sam wants to know what they are talking about. Molly brings up the wind babies that Ewen told her about. Alexis notices Sam is distracted. She asks if she and Jason are okay.  Sam says they are fine. Alexis can see that something is wrong and sends Sam home to talk to Jason. They exchange hugs and I love yous and Sam leaves. Molly talks about the cookand her kids disappearing from the album.  Alexis said they did disappear. Franco is his gallery. Jason comes in holding a gun on him. Sam comes home and finds a note that says I couldn't wait. Jason says Franco left a trail.  He wants to know why Franco let him find him. Franco says Jason feels helpless about Hawaii and wants empowerment.  He could give it to him by dying but Jason would still be in his debt. Jason asks again why he let him find him.  Franco says that's the question and asks what Jason would do for the answer.

January 13, 2012

Sam is on the phone leaving Jason a message.  She knows he wants to get Franco to make things better for them but this is giving Franco what he wants. She wants him to come home. She looks at the desk where the pregnancy test is. Replay of Jason asking why Franco let him find him and Franco asking what he would do for the answer. Jason says maybe he doesn't need an answer. Franco says they all want answers. Jason says tell him why.  Franco give a bunch of maybes and then says maybe his finale will be the begining of something worse for Jason. Jason says couldn't be and Franco tells him not to assume. Sam looking at the test on the desk.  She walks to the mantle and looks at the phoenix and the dragon. She remembers Robert Yi talking about the dragon and the phoenix at their wedding. She prays that the baby is Jason's. Jason says it doesn't matter anyway.  Franco says it matters.  The riddles keep him alive until Jason learns the truth. Jason shoots him.  He says if he dies Jason will never know what really happened and why he came into his life.  Jason shoots him again.  He slides down the wall and says if Jason dies he will never know. Can he live with that.  Jason yells know what. Franco dies.  Sam is on the phone telling someone she knows Jason went after Franco and she wants to know where he is.  She says thank you disheartenly and hangs up.  Michael knocks and Sam lets him in.  He wants to hire her. He knows who is beating up the dancers.  He wants Sam to tail him and let Michael know when he is alone so he can kill him. Sam tries to talk him down.  She points out that if he goes to jail, Jason can't go with him, not now. He says he shouldn't have involved her. She tells him not to do anything impulsive.  He points to the gun on the desk and says like you are about to do. Jason driving home.  He clenches his fist.  He notices he is doing it and stops.  Franco's studio is burning. Jason goes to the Penthouse door.  He stops outside and calms himself before going in. Sam rushes into her arms.  She is happy he is okay.  She was worried about him. He says she doesn't have to worry about him.  She says she found the note. He points out that he has done that for work before. She asks if it was work.  He says it's over. Franco is out of our lives for good.  Sam says she is pregnant. Sonny is in his office.  The phone rings.  He gets shot.

January 16, 2012

Jason asks Sam if she is sure she is pregnant.  She is.  She wanted to tell him but Patrick toldher to avoid making him angry.  He asks how she feels about it.  She doesn't know.  She is crying. She thinks she waited to tell him because she didn't want to believe it. He asks if she went to the doctor. She didn't. He thinks she could be wrong. She took two tests and they are as accurate as a hspital. She is pregnant. She talks about how she wanted a child for so long and then she had the procedure and it worked.  She asks if they are going to be okay. Jason holds her.  All he knows is that he loves her. She loves him too. She dreamed about the day she could tell him they were going to have a baby and she never thought it would be like this. Jason says Franco is gone and being married to her is the best thing in his life; the only thing that makes any sense. Sam says for her too.  She asks what they are going to do. Jason says they wanted a baby.  Sam says not this way.  Jason tells her they can't undo it so they just have to deal with it. Sam says she should have goneto the hospital and had a rape test done. Jason says they don't have to worry about Franco. Sam thinks they are strong enough to survive this. Their love has gotten them this far and they can get through this.  Jason asks even if it is Francos. Sam can't bear the thought of having Franco's child but she can't imagine the alternative. Jason will support her no matter what she decides.  She asks him how he feels.  He doesn't know.  She asks if he could raise Franco's child. He sighs. Jason is crying. Sam points out that they were together almost every second of their honeymoon and if she is logical, the baby is theirs.  He pulls her close. Until then they just have to hope and pray it is true.

January 18, 2012

Sam is asleep.  She is dreaming about Franco taking her picture when she was locked in the box. Jason is at the PI office with Spinelli waiting for information. Spinelli gets the info.  There was a fire at Franco's studio and a body was found and identified as Franco.  Spinelli comments that his info was accurate.  Jason appreciates him getting it. Spinelli was happy to help.  He asks if it is truly over. Sam is still having a nightmare about Franco, this time about the rape and pregnancy.  She startles awake. Spinelli expected Jason to be happier about Franco's death.  Jason appreciates Spinelli's help. Ethan come in saying he needs Spinelli. He sees Jason and says he can come back.  Jason says no, that they are done. He thanks Spinelli and leaves.  Sam is standing in front of the fireplace. Jason comes in.  Sam says she won the bet with herself that she wouldn't need to call Jason because he would come home soon. They hug. He asks if something happened and she tells him about the dream. Jason thinks the nightmares will fade.  Sam knows but she hates feeling scared and weak. Jason tells her she is not weak and she has a right to be scared.  He holds her. She wishes she could stay like this.  He tells her that is all she has to do, hold on. Sam says they have to talk about what is going on.  They have to decide what to do about the baby. Sam says the baby could be Francos's.  She wishes she never had the procedure. Jason tells her not to say that.  That she wanted a baby. She says no, she wants his baby.  She asks how she could carry and love Franco's baby.  He asks if she wants to end the pregnancy. She doesn't want Franco's baby. She doesn't know what to do.  He says she doesn't have to decide today. She is trying to focus on the good, on them and their marriage but she can feel her body changing.  He wants her to stop thinking about Franco because the baby might be his. Sam knows but that is not how she feels.  She feels like she is putting all her hate and bitterness on the baby. Jason doesn't think she is doing that. She is afraid the baby will look like Franco.  She could end it all now but then she thinks what if it is Jason's baby. He says he would be the happiest guy in the world.  She can't live this way. He says he loves her and no matter what she decides, he will be with her. Sam is crying.  Jason puts his arm around her.  Sam getting off the phone.  She says they can do safely do a test to find out who the father is. She says she needs to know.  Jason wants to do it so they will know what they are facing. They hug sadly.

January 19, 2012

Sonny comes to the Penthouse.  He and Jason talk about the shooting.  Sonny wants to retaliate.  Jason points out that they don't know who shot him. Sonny builds his case against Johnny but Jason is not convinced. Jason does not want to break the truce until they are in a position of strength. Jason is taking a business perspective and explains why they can't go after Johnny unless they are sure. Sonny starts talking about Kate being at risk. Jason compares how Sonny is to how he was over Franco. Sonny tries to say Johnny is worse than Franco. Sonny orders him to kill Johnny and Jason says no.  Jason tries to say that he is not capable with his physical problems. Sonny isn't buying it. Jason wants some time to find out if Johnny is really behind the shootings.  Sonny says shootings and brings up Dante and Bernie. Jason points out that Sonny's shooting was not Johnny's style, it was too amatuerish. Sonny says Jason always protects Johnny.  Jason says if they go after him and they are wrong it will be Jax all over again. They talk about Sonny being out of control last summer.  Jason asks why he wants to go back there. Sonny says he doesn't. Jason says the mistake Sonny made in going after Jax was not stopping to think about collateral damage and that this time they have time to think it through. Sonny says Johnny tried to kill him and if they don't retaliate they will look weak.  Jason just wants time to make sure it was Johnny and he will take care of it.  Sonny wants to know why he has to wait when Jason didn't. He says he read about Franco's death and it was not the most discrete job but it is over. Sonny is concerned over the way Jason lost it over Franco. Jason says it is done.  It will just take a little while to get over the damage. Sonny says he seems okay.  Jason says he is fine. Sonny asks if they are talking about Sam.  Jason says he was just focused on the wrong thing. He should have been paying attention to her.  Now he is paying attention to her.  Sonny asks him if he needs time off.  He says no. He just got back to work and he needs to figure out who is trying to kill them. Sonny asks if it's Johnny and Jason says he will arrange the accident they discussed. Sonny tells him to make it quick because next time Johnny may send a professional.

January 23, 2012

Jason and Sam wait to see Dr. Lee. Sam wants Jason to promise they won't tell anyone until they know who the father is. Dr. Lee tells Jason and Sam about the DNA test. She tells them the risks include miscarriage, but Sam needs to know regardless. While Jason waits for Sam, Irrelevant strikes up a conversation. He doesn't want her to push herself too hard. She inquires about the tests he is waiting for. They talk about Robin and how she needs to be honest with Patrick. Elizabeth says its such a blessing to be a parent. Jason sees Sam, rushing to her to check how things went. Dr. Lee tells them the results will be back in a week to ten days. Elizabeth watches on as Jason assures Sam she will always have him. Sam panics for a second when Elizabeth brings up getting the results, only to realize she means Jason's tests.

January 24, 2012

Michael comes to the PI office to hire Sam to get proof against the suspect in the stripper beatings so he will be arrested before Michael gets himself into trouble. Sam says what kind of trouble.  Michael shows her a gun. Sam wants to know where he got the gun and warns him against takign the law into his own hands. Michael complains that neither the police nor his father will help him. EVen Johnny turned him down.  He says if no one else will stop the guy he will, like Jason did to Franco. Jason goes to Robin's to find out how she is.  She updates him on her trip to Seattle, the new protocol and that she told Patrick about her health issues. Sam tells him he doesn't know what Jason did or didn't do and that Jason would not want him going after the suspect.  She points out that this will not make him feel better. She tries to convince him what happened to Abby was not his fault. He tells her how he is trying to deal with her loss and how hard it is. Sam talks about how Abby would feel about what he is doing.  He says he isn't going to use the gun. Robin gives Jason the details of when she told Patrick and how wonderful he was. She asks how he is and he tries to convince her he is fine. She mentions the fire at Franco's and points out his clenched fist. Michael takes the gun, he is going to get rid of it. Sam agress to take the case.  Michael leaves. Robin questions Jason about his symptoms.  She thinks it is a complication of the surgery. Jason disagrees.  Robin points out all of his symptoms. He doesn't want her to worry about him.  She says she can't do that, she cares about him too much.  Robin points out that Franco is dead and can't hurt him or his loved ones again.

January 25, 2012

Jason finds Sam at the PI office, reminding her she needs to rest. She wants to preoccupy her time while waiting for the results. Jason sees the newspaper with Franco's picture on her desk, begging her to forget about him. He leaves to go buy her food, assuring her that they will be okay. Jason walks in on Sam calling to check on test results. He asks if the baby is his, but she was checking on his tests. He assures her he is fine, saying he isn't going anywhere. Sam tells Jason about how Michael wanted to hire her to find the suspect in the stripper case. She also lets him know that Michael has a gun. Alexis arrives to visit Sam, telling her about Molly's new friend. She begins to have hot flashes. Alexis wonders what is up with Sam. At Kelly's, Jason asks Shawn about Michael. He questions him about Sonny after the shooting, as Shawn tells him about TJ, claiming "its heavy stuff raising another man's kid." Alexis comments that Sam looks tired, asking if she's pregnant. Jason leaves a message for Michael.

January 26, 2012

Sam trying to avoid answering Alexis who asks again if she and Jason are having a baby.  Jason in the alley watching Michael tell Dante he did not kill the suspect who is dead on the ground. Sam admits to being pregnant.  Alexis is happy.  She sticks her head out the window then comes back in and hugs Sam. Sam says they were waiting for the right time to tell people. Alexis talks about how excited the girls are going to be. Alexis gets all emotional and hugs Sam again. Michael tells Dante about finding the body. Dante tells Michael to leave before more police arrive.  Jason follows Michael. Jason catches up with Michael at his apartment. Jason thinks Michael did it and is angry at him. Michael says Jason made Franco pay for what he did to Sam. Sam is surprised by Alexis emotional response. Alexis says it was not that long ago she had her babies and how they are all growing up. She talks about getting old. Sam says it will be an adjustment but she will be great. Alexis asks if she is happy. Sam gets sad and says she is a little overwhelmed. Alexis reminds her that she always wanted a baby with Jason. Sam says she does. Alexis wants to know what the problem is. Alexis says Franco is dead and Sam is free. She lets Sam know she can talk to her about anything. Alexis points out how this will be different from last time because her and Jason are in love. She asks how Jason feels about the baby and if that is the problem. Michael is upset that Jason thinks he did it and what that means about how he is acting.  He talks about how his grief is making him act out. Jason wants to know what happened so he can clean it up. Michael didn't kill him. Sam says her and Jason want a baby together more than anything. Alexis wants her to be happy about it. Alexis goes to call Molly.  She wants to bring her to the office so they can skype Kristina with the baby news. Sam doesn't want anyone to know yet; they are waiting to be sure everything is okay.  Alexis won't tell anyone. She kisses Sam goodbye and starts to leave. She stops, saying something is clearly wrong.  She wants Sam to let it go and embrace the moment. She leaves. Jaosn reminds Michael of how awful Pentonville was and wants to know if he is trying to go back there. Michael says he wents to Sonny. Jason wants to know why he didn't come to him. Michael was still mad at him and Jason was dealing with Franco.  Jason wants to know where the gun is.  Michael got rid of it and won't say where. He doesn't want Jason to worry because he didn't do it. Jason is worried because he wanted to. Michael has realized that he is actually angry about Abby. Jason apologizes for not teling him about Jax and wants to be someone Michael can trust again.  Michael understands why he did not tell him about Jax. Michael is going to try to honor Abby's wishes. Jason goes into the PI office.  He tells Sam about what happened with Michael. He asks about her saying he could see something is wrong. Sam tells him Alexis came and asked if she was pregnant. She told her she was but couldn't tell her anything else because they don't know if the baby is his.  Jason says no matter what he loves her.  They hug.

January 27, 2012

Jason and Sonny talk about the Zaccharas. Sonny tells Jason that Anthony is Johnny's grandfather, Claudia his mother. Sonny reflects on his plans for Johnny to kill Anthony, then be arrested for the murder. Sam and Spinelli discuss business at the PI office. Spinelli tells Sam about his new clients. Spinelli finds a kids magazine on Sam's desk, questioning her plans for motherhood. He offers to fill in for her if she and Jason want to start a family. Spinelli urges Sam to start a family with Jason. Kate interrupts Sonny and Jason as they discuss Anthony. Spinelli doesn't want his clients to feel like he betrayed their confidence. Sam says they are good at cheating spouse cases, turning away the coffee Spinelli offers her. He tells her he moved in with Maxie. Sam realizes Spinelli is hoping to reunite with Maxie. He says he would rather be Maxie's friend and roommate than nothing at all. Jason tells Patrick that Robin text him to meet her. Patrick questions why Jason didn't tell him about Robin's HIV levels. Patrick heads off to the ER, leaving Robin to talk to Jason. While discussing business with Spinelli, Sam begins to have cramps. Jason tries to leave for business, but Robin tells him he could be risking his life.

January 30, 2012

Jason and Robin are at the hopsital.  She is explaining to him about the swelling on his brain. Sam and Spinelli are at the PI office.  She is cramping up bad. Spinelli is worried but she convinces him its hunger pains. He leaves to get her food. Sam googles the cramping and sees that she could be miscarrying. Robin tells Jason his situation is serious and now he has more than just himself to worry about. He thinks she overreacting because of her own situation.  She assures him she is focusing on her situation. She asks when he started having symptoms and he says on the honeymoon.  Spinelli comes back with food. Sam says she isn't hungry and is feeling better even though she isn't. Spinelli gets distracted by a call from Maxie. He turns around and Sam is gone. Robin and Jason continue to discuss his condition. Jason tries to minimize it but Robin says if he doesn't treat it, he could have complications. She wants to run more tests. She says he may need more surgery. He says no more surgery. She assures him it would be a last resort but he says he can't risk a long recovery period. Sam comes into GH and asks to see Dr. Lee.  Elizabeth comes up and asks if she is okay. Sam tells her she missed an appointment. The nurse tells Sam she can go in. Elizabeth watches her leave. Jason asks Robin when Patrick will be out of surgery as Elizabeth looks on. Robin goes to check his bloodwork.  He sees Sam coming down the stairs and asks if she is okay.  They walk to the elevator while she tells him about her scare. He wants to know why she didn't call him. She thinks Spinelli called him but realizes that is not why he is there. She asks if everything is okay. He says they will talk about it at home. They get in the elevator and Elizabeth comes out from lurking behind the corner.

February 1, 2012

Jason come into the Penthouse. Sam asks about his ride and thanks him for letting her sleep.  She is restless worrying about the paternity test. He wants to go away to the cabin for a few days.  Sam wants to know why he was at the hospital first. He tells her about the brain swelling but downplays it giving her the positive answer to each of her questions. He finally admits he may need another surgery but they don't know yet. Sam hates being in limbo. Jason tells her they will have answers soon. She tells him how when she thought she was miscarrying part of her thought that would be okay because it would make things definite. Then she wondered if this was their last chance to have a baby. Later Sam is at the window. Jason comes up and hugs her from behind. He wants to not do what if for just a day. They talk about her morning sickness. She says she would welcome it if they baby is theirs. Jason brings her a sandwich and they talk about how hard it is to wait for the results. She starts to ask about if the baby is Franco's but Jason cuts her off and tells her he loves he no matter what. They hug.  Later, Sam is looking through a catalogue and they talk about Alexis giving them to her.  She shows him some stuff in them and wants to buy a baby care book. Jason knows about babies from Michael. Sam says she doesn't need a book, all she needs is him. They go to kiss but Sam's phone rings.  It's Kelly and she has the results.

February 3, 2012

Jason and Sam come into the Penthouse. Sam is upset because Kelly was doing an emergency C-section so they couldn't get the results. She says it will be one of the hardest nights of her life. He wants her to get some sleep.  She doesn't want to because she says she has dreams about them with a baby that looks like him and then she wakes up and remembers that it might not be that way. He says they will know soon and hugs her. She says then they will have to decide what to do if the baby isn't his.  His hands clench. Sam hasn't made a decision yet because she can't decide without his input. He wants to take it one step at a time. She lays with her head on his lao. She wants to stay there forever. He says please do. Sam's phone rings.  It's Kelly.  She wants to give them the results tonight. Kelly comes to the Penthouse.  She has the results.  She talks about the tests, what they show and their accuracy.  Sam asks for the results.

February 6, 2012

Kelly hands Sam the envelope. Sam says it could change their whole world. They sit down.  Kelly has ther report. She tells them the baby appears to be healthy. Sam asks about the paternity.  Kelly says the baby is Jason's. They are relieved and give each other a big hug. Sam hugs and thanks Kelly.  She turns to smiles at Jason who is bouncing with joy.  Kelly asks if they want to know the baby's sex. Sam doesn't want to know. As long as it's Jason's, she doesn't care. Kelly tells Jason to come to the next appointment because it will be the sonogram.  He wouldn't miss it. Kelly leaves. Sam runs into Jason's arms. He says she never has to think about it again.  He says they baby is their and Sam puts his hand on her belly. He is happy to see her smile again.  They kiss.  Sam thinks they should be learning stuff about taking care of the baby. Jason says no, he just wants to sit there with her.  He pulls her close. Sam talks about a whole world of possibilities for them.

February 8, 2012

Jason and Sam are that cabin. They are content. She hasn't felt this peaceful since last time they were there.  He asks if she knows she is safe now.  She does but she wants to make sure everything is okay with him too. He says he is fine. She says he is not. He thinks Robin worries too much. They talk about the pregancy. She asks if they owe the fertility goddess; he thinks they should get the credit.  They start to kiss. Later, Jason comes and hugs her from behind. They talk about her last pregnancy and how weird it was for them. He asks if this is better. She says she is married to the man she loves and they are having a baby.  They start to plan for the baby. Sam says they wil have to remember to take time for them.  They start kissing and Jason carries her to the bed. Jason is bringing in firewood. Sam wants to stay there until the baby is born and ignore the rest of the world. He says they can stay the weekend.  She is starving. He brought groceries. He says he is taking care of two and she says she is going to milk this. Sam looks through the bad and then runs to the bathroom to be sick. She comes back. He is sorry she is sick. She loves it because it means the baby is coming. She is still hungry. She says she wants salsa.  He takes out the jar. She looks at it and runs to the bathroom again.

February 9, 2012

Sam is packing to leave the cabin. Jason comes from behind and startles her.  He asks if she is okay. She is relieved. She talks about how worried she was before they got the results. She asks if he could have raised Franco's baby. He says there is no point in wondering about what didn't happen. She is worried about if he is okay. He says he is better than he has been in months; he is fine. She says he better be, her and the baby need him. She hugs him. she can't wait to come back and celebrate with the baby. He wishes they could stay. She says they can't because he has a doctor's appointment he can't blow off.  He starts to make excuses. She says the baby needs him to go. He says she is playing dirty. She asks if it's working. He puts his hand on the baby bump, pulls her close and kisses her. Later, Sam coms out from being sick.  She complains about it being all day sickness. She says Jason will understand when she has a hormone induced freakout.  He can't wait. She says he is a liar and kisses him.  Jason and Sam come into the Penthouse. He makes her sit down.  He wants to cook something for her. He says he just wants to take care of her. She says this is what it should have been like all along but Franco robbed them of it. Jason says he is gone. Sam knows.  They never have to think about him again. They kiss. We see a DVD on the terrace in the snow. Sam asks about the food and says she is going to get changed first. Jason wants to know what else he can do for her. She says light a fire. She goes upstairs. Jason goes to get the lighter and has a seizure.

February 10, 2012

Jason gets up when he hears Sam coming. She is laughing about how many messges Alexis left while they were gone. She is looking at the phone and doesn't notice he is off. Alexis wants to know if she can tell the girls. Jason says why not. Sam talks about how everyone will be all over them when they find out and she wants to keep it for just them for a little while. He says they will tell people when she is ready. She talks about everyone's reactions and asks what he thinks Carly will do. Jason thinks Carly will be happy; Sam thinks Carly will take credit. Sam wants to make a wish together.  They go to the terrace door but it is stuck. Sam's phone rings. It's Alexis.  Sam is going to go see her. Jason will have the door open by the time she gets back. Jason is working on the door when Monica comes. She is there because she is worried about the tests. She asks about symptoms.  He is fine.  She is still worried.  She sees the catalogues and asks if Sam is pregnant. Sam is at the Lakehouse.  She hugs Alexis and then makes fun of the 22 calls. Sam asks how she is and Sam says the morning sickness isn't so bad. Molly overhears. Molly is all excited and goes to call Kristina. Alexis makes fun of Sam being the one to spill. Molly get voicemail and makes a remakr that makes Alexis suspicious. She wants Molly to tell her what she knows about Kristina. Molly rushes past her to hug Sam again and she asks how excited is Jason. Jason tells Monica they were waiting to tell everyone.  Monica hugs him. She is thrilled. She asks if she ewill be able to spend time with the baby.  He says of course, he and Sam are raising the baby together and he wants her and Edward to be a part of its life. He says Edward has to accept that the baby is a Morgan and not the future of the Quartermaines. Monica reminds him the child will be a Quartermaine. He knows but he does not want the expectations on his baby that were on him and AJ. He wants the baby to know it is loved no matter what.  Molly comes from her room with a list of baby names. They are from her books. Sam and Alexis go over the list with her. When they get to Holden, Molly tells her about TJ and his teenage rebellion. Molly goes to get more names. Monica hopes Jason's baby is a sweet natured as he was. Jason knows she misses him. She does but she has accepted him for who he is now. She just wants to be a part of his family now. He can do that, he wants the baby to know her. Monica goes to leave and he tells her he will call her after the sonogram. He goes back to the terrace door and gets it open.  He sees the DVD. Sam and Alexis talk about TJ. Alexis thinks he could be a bad influence but at least he is a real person and not a book or computer. Sam asks if a real troubled person is better for Molly than a fake troubled person. ALexis says these are the decisions Sam will have to make someday. Sam tells her she is a good mother, the best.  She mentions the 22 calls again. Alexis tears up. Sam says its okay she can call whenever she wants. Alexis says it is not Sam, it is her. Jason brings in the DVD. He says you're dead and walks toward the fireplace with the DVD.  He collapses.  Sam comes home looking for Jason.  She sees him on the floor and rushes to him.  She tries to wake him up but can't.

February 13, 2012

Sam freaking out trying to get Jason up. He wakes up as she is calling an ambulance. He doesn't want an ambulance.  He doesn't know what happened but he has a headache. Sam wants to take him to the hospital but he doesn't want to go. Sam tells him to do it for her and the baby.  They leave without noticing the DVD on the floor. Patrick at the hospital.  He wants to know why he was called in. The nurse says it is his case.  He goes into the exam room where Jason and Sam are. Sam tells him what happened. He questions Jason as he examines him. Sam wants to know if Jason is getting worse. Jason says Robin didn't see any reason to admit him. Patrick says at the time. He knows Robin went over all outcomes with Jason. Sam asks about surgery. Patrick tells them to wait while he goes over the test results.  He leaves. Jason tries to leave. Sam stops him. Jason doesn't know what happened before he collapsed. Jason tries to get Sam to relax and calm down for the baby. Jason says Robin is good at what she does and she will take care of him. Sam agrees that Patrick is the best too. She is assuming the worst. Jason calms her down. Patrick comes back. He tells them Jason is getting worse. Jason doesn't want more surgery.  Patrick says there won't be more and Jason thinks that is because it will go away by itself.  Patrick says it is because it is inoperable.

February 14, 2012

Jason is a hospital bed with Sam sleeping in the chair. He remembers finding the DVD. Sam wakes up. She asks what just happened, if he was having an episode. He says no.  She asks about what is the last thing that happened before he collapsed. He remembers having the DVD and collapsing. He doesn't want to talk about it. She get mad and tells him he collapsed and it may not have happened if he told her what Robin said.  He says he did but Sam says he didn't.  He told her it wasn't serious. He says Robin is still trying to figure it out.  He gets up and tries to leave saying he can't wait. Sam yells at him that he has to wait.  That his condition is inoperable. She blames herself for not making him have the tests. She says Franco derailed their lives. She knows there is something about Frano he isn't telling her. Jason says Franco is dead.  He wants her to let it be over. She doesn't want to be shut out. She wants him to trust her so she can protect the baby. He tells her about finding the DVD. He admits he was leaving to get the DVD. Sam says she will go get it. Jason says no. Robin and Patrick come in. They have the latest results. Jason gets back in the bed. They tell him about his condition. Sam says it sounds like a death sentence. Robin is already working on a drug therapy. Jason says if he has limited time he wants to spend it with Sam and not in a hospital.  Robin needs him to stay there to be monitored so she can help him. She says it's too soon to jump. Sam asks him to listen to Robin and he agrees. Robin and Patrick leave.  Sam is going to get the DVD. Jason makes her promise not to watch it until she gets back. She leaves.  Patrick come to Jason's room. Jason asks him he to tell him if Robin's cure isn't working so he knows what he is facing. Patrick agrees but says they have to focus on trying to beat this. Jason asks what he wants him to do.  Patrick says he needs to relax, that any upsurge in adrenaline, like excitment or anxiety or especially anger, will worsen his condition. He believes Jason's anger towards Franco is killing him. Sam goes into the Penthouse and finds a DVD.

February 15, 2012

Jason starts to leave the hospital room. He opens the door and Carly is there.  She is upsest that he didn't tell her he was sick and that he is trying to leave. He says he is going to be with Sam.  Carly starts going off about Sam. Replay of Sm finding the DVD.  She opens it and remember sher promise to Jason. Jason tells Carly nto to lash out at Sam but Carly just keeps going, blaming Jason's illness on Sam. Jason defends Sam and Carly switches to complaining about not being called. She says she is scared.  Jason tries to leave again but gets a bad headache. Sam takes the DVD out and puts it in the laptop. Carly wants to get Patrick.  Jason stops her.  He still wants to leave. Carly doesn't let him and starts on Sam again. Jason tells her to lay off Sam. He tells Carly Sam is pregnant. Carly is happy and excited for him. She gives him a hug and talks about what a great dad he will be.  He wants her to understand that she can't cause Sam any more stress or start a fight.  Sam asks a fight with who from the doorway. She gives Jason the laptop and DVD. Carly congratulates her.  Sam wants to know how she got it out of Jason. Carly says why shouldn't she know - it's great news and she is Jason's best friend. Sam says then she should have kept him in bed. Carly says he was going after Sam and she stopped him. Sam says she should thank her.  Carly is just happy for them.  Sam says they have to get Jason well. Robin comes in.  She is mad that Jason is up and ready to leave. She wants a word alone with him.  Sam and Carly leave. Jason asks if Robin is okay; she will be if he lets her help him. Sam tells Carly that it's an emotional roller coaster, they are happy about the baby but Jason is sick. She wants to know how Carly found out he was sick. She tells her about Robin telling her and her catching Jason trying to leave. Sam thanks her. Carly would do anything for Jason. Sam knows and she knows they have their differnces but she wants to thank her for Hawaii. She nows Carly is worried for him but Robin will find away to save him. Robin tells Jason about 3 drug possibilitie and how she has to isolate the right one.  Then she tells him Patrick will have to administer the drug surgically.  He is upset about another surgery but Robin tells him it is a minor one. Jason says okay.  She would believe him more if her were not dressed right now. Jason sits on the bed.  Robin laughs at him. Robin talks about when she left for Paris and the life he wished for her. She says she has that life. He tells her she has to enjoy it no matter what happens to him. Robin says she had faith in his future and she still does. She says he has so much to live for and that Sam loves him so much.  He tells her about the pregnancy. Robin is happy for them.  Jason is telling her in case something happens but she tells him not to talk that way. Now is the time to fight, one of her leads will work.  He thanks her. He thanks her for everything she has given him and taught him.  Robin says she should be thanking him; he gave her her life back twice. He says he didn't do anything.  She says he always says that and he knows it's not true. She ahs to go back to work. She makes him promise not leave.  Robin leaves. Jason has the DVD and the laptop.  Sam comes back.  He asks if Carly took it easy on her. Sam says yeah and asks what Robin had to say. He tells her about the leads but thinks she really wanted to make sure he stayed.  He shows her the DVD and asks if she watched it.  She unwrapped it and put it in but never played it. Sam wants to make a pact that they won't let the DVD get them upset or angry. He says they can handle it.  He puts the DVD in. It is a baby in a hosptial nursery.  They are confused.

February 16, 2012

Jason and Sam watching the DVD and trying to figure out why Franco sent it. Sam wonders if he knows she is pregnant. He says they may soon find out. Sam wants to figure out who the baby is. She tries to close the laptop. She says once this over no more playing Franco's game. She wants him to get better. She says whatever is on the disk, they throw it away and never look back. Jason agrees. They continue to watch the DVD. Jason notices the baby's bracelet and realizes that baby is him. Sam thinks it is pretty harmless but Jason wants to know where Franco got it and why he sent it. Spinelli comes in with a pile of magazines.  He asks how Jason is doing and Jason says fine. He asks about Sam since she was having the cramps. They tell him about the baby and he gets excited. Sam tells him congrautlations; he is either a godfather or honorary uncle. He is even happier about being godfather. He realizes they called him their for more than to tell him about the pregnancy.  Jason gives him the DVD and says Franco. Spinelli says Franco is dead. They think it was left on the terrace before he died. They tell him what is on it.  Jason needs to know where it came from. Spinelli asks if it could be fake. They don't think so but they need to know. Spinelli wants reassurance that Franco is dead. Sam goes to leave. Spinelli hugs her and tells her if she has any questions, he knows all about gestation.  She leaves. Jason tells Spinelli he doesn't want her to worry about anything so he needs to find out when the DVD was made and where it came from. Spinelli asks again about Franco being dead.  Jason shot him. Spinelli asks about the fire but Jason doesn't know how that happened. He tells Spinelli that before Franco died he said you'll never know.  Jason wants to figure out what he was talking about. Jason wants him to keep it between them so Sam doesn't worry.  Later, Sam comes back. She saw Spinelli on the way out and he talked about the baby but not Jason. Sam thinks Jason didn't tell him about his condition. Jason wants to keep Spinelli focused. Sam thinks Spinelli was right that it doesn't matter anymore how Franco got the video. Jason gets another headache. Sam runs to get Patrick. Patrick checking Jason. Sam tells him what happened. Patrick says the epsidoes will become more severe as the swelling progresses. Sam asks what they can do to slow it down. He says Robin is working on. Sam wants to kwo how much time Jason has.  Patrick doesn't know.

February 17, 2012

Jason and Sam cuddling in the hospital bed. He wants to call Milo to take her home. She thinks if she leaves he will escape. He assures her he will stay. She wants to wait for Robin to bring the medicine. She wants to play a game about whether they are having a boy or a girl. He says they can just ask Dr. Lee. She wants to know why he won't fantasize about the baby.  He knows she will be a great mom. She says he will be a great dad. He hopes so but; she cuts him off saying no buts.  He says they need to talk about; she cuts him off again asking him to stop talking like he is going to die. She says he talks like he expects to die. He says everybody dies.  She says not now, that Robin is going to save him. He says okay. She wants him to tell her he believes he is going to live. He tells her there was a time in his life when it wouldn't have mattered if he died but now he has everything to wait for. He knows they have to wait for Robin but do they have to wait there. Sam says she will find Patrick and ask him if they can leave. He promises to stay there. Sam gets cramps as she is going out the door.  Jason comes to help her. He helps her sit down. She says it is just a little cramping. She says he wants to go home; he says not if it upsets her. She says if waiting at home is easier on him, she will make it happen. They rub noses. Monica comes in. She congratulates Sam. Sam asks her to wait with Jason while she finds Patrick. Sam leaves.  Monica asks how Jason is and he says you tell me. Sam finds Patrick who says Jason can't go home. Sam wants to know why.  Patrick says he need to be there to get immediate attention if he has another seizure. Sam asks if he will survive another seizure. Patrick doesn't know. Jason asks Monica to tell him the truth as a favor. He needs to know for Sam and the baby. Monica says the swelling has worsened. Jason says how long does he have. Monica wants him to stop. He needs to know for Sam. Monica says Sam and the baby will be fine, she and Edward. Jason cuts her off saying he is not talking about money. He asks her if she will be their family. She says of course she will.  She will be with her grandchild as long as Sam will let her. He thanks her.  He doesn't need to thank her, she is his mother. He says she never gave up on him. She says she loves him, she has always loved him. She goes to leave. He stops her to ask about movie of him as a baby.  She says she has thousands. He says does she have any when he was a newborn. She doesn't because he was still with Susan then. She asks why and he says no reason.  She tells him she is not giving up on him and leaves. Sam comes back and tells him they can't leave. He has to be there so he can get the protocol as soon as it is ready. She asks about Monica and he tells her she is really excited about the baby. She asks how he feels about that. He wants her and Edward to be a part of the baby's life. Sam is glad. She asks what Moncia thinks about his condition. He says she has alot of faith in Robin and so does he. Sam moves into his arms for more cuddling.

February 20, 2012

Spinelli comes back to Jason's room because Jason called him. Jason tells Spinelli he didn't want to talk about it in front of Sam but he may be dying. He updates Spinelli on his condition. Spinelli has confidence in Robin. Jason knows Robin is trying but if it doesn't work, he has things he needs to take care of. Spinelli asks about Sam. Jason says she doesn't want to believe it. Spinelli doesn't blame her. Jason asks Spinelli to take care of Sam if he dies. Jason asks Spinelli if he can find the missing money so that Sam could have everything and not just the legit money. Spinelli feels bad about the money. Jason says the money doesn't matter. He wanst Spinelli to be as good a friend to Sam and the bay as he is to him. Jason knows Sam is worried about being a good mother and he wants Spinelli to help her until she gets confidence. Spinelli says Jason should be there. Jason wants tp be more than he has ever wanted anything. Jason says Robin could come through but in case she doesn't he wanted a chance to say good bye and thank him for everything he's done for him. Spinelli says he is the one who should be grateful and talks about all Jason did for him. Jasonsays Spinelli doesn't need him as much as he thinks.  Spinelli doesn't want to find out. Jason asks Spinelli to g back to work on the DVD so there are no surprises from Franco especially if he is not there to deal wtih them. Spinelli says that like Sam, he refuses to accept the worst will happen.  He has faith that Robin will save him.  He leaves.

February 21, 2012

Jason and Sam are in his room when they feel an explosion. Jason gets up to go see what happened and help. Sam begs him not to so he doesn't. Spinelli comes in. Sam asks him to stay with Jason while she finds out what happened. She leaves. Spinelli tells Jason the footage on the DVD is real but he doesn't know how Franco got it. They puzzle over what Franco's point was with the DVD. Sam get to the hub where she finds Anna.  Anna is also trying to find out what happened but she can't get any information.  She is worried about Robin. Patrick is fighting the fireman to get into the burning lab and screaming for Robin.  Sam comes around the corner and sees him. Patrick breaks free and runs for the lab.  Sam and the fireman follow.  Sam hears the fireman tell Patrick Robin is gone. The frieman gives Patrick Robin's earring. Sam slips out. Patrick goes to the door of the lab and sees the tarp covered body.  He breaks down. Jason is about to leave the room when Sam comes.  He asks if she is okay.  She starts to speak but can't.  Jason asks what is the matter.

February 22, 2012

Sam tells Jason the explosion was contained. He asks where it was.  She says the lab. Jason says Robin was in the lab.  He gets a bad headache. Sam wants to get a doctor. Jason stops her.  He wants to know about Robin. Sam tells him Robin is okay, that she got out in time. Jason asks about the drugs but Sam doesn't know.  He wants to go find Robin but Sam talks him out of it. He asks her to bring Robin there.  She says Robin would be there if she could. Jason wants her to find Robin and thank her and tell her whatever happens he is okay with.  Sam leaves. She starts to cry outside the door.  Monica comes up to Sam.  She heard about Robin. Sam tells him Jason doesn't know because if he find out it will kill him. Monica thinks Sam was right not to tell him.  She tells Sam that Jason is not going to recover, that Robin died before she had the medicine. Sam doesn't know what to do because Jason wants to go home but if they let him leave he will know something happened to Robin. Monica doesn't know what to do either.  Sam needs time to think. She asks Monica to stay with Jason.  They hug and Sam walks away. Patrick is at the hub holding the medicine. Sam comes up to talk to him.  She sees the tube and asks if that is Jason's medicine. Patrick just looks at her angrily.

February 23, 2012

Replay of Sam asking about the medicine. She asks if Patrick thinks it will work. He says it doesn't matter because he is not going to let Jason have it. Sam tries to convince Patrick to help Jason.  They argue. Patrick says it is Jason's fault Robin is dead. Sam doesn't believe that is how he sees it. He says that is exactly how he sees it. They continue to argue. Sam begs him to help. Sam isn't asking him to do the surgery, just to give the medicine to another surgery. Patrick says he is the only who can do it. Sam tells him to save him. Patrick says why, Jason is not going to change. Sam begs him saying she is going to be exactly where he is if he doesn't help. Sam tries to tell him Robin went back into the lab because she wanted him to save Jason. Patrick says going back was a mistake. Sam asks how he got the medicine, she says RObin gave him the medicine because she wanted him to save Jason. She says he needs to honor that. He says the answer is no. Sam is stunned. She says he is a doctor. He says he just lost everything. She asks if ruining her life will make him feel better. He says Jason doesn't get to have a happy ending. She starts to beg him.  Anna comes up and asks what is going on. Sam says Patrick is a good man and will do the right thing. She tells Anna she is sorry for her loss. Sam leaves. Anna tells Patrick she left word for Robert. She says she told Mac. Patrick says you told him Robin is dead. Anna tells him not to say it like that. He says it's true and in his mind so is Jason.

February 24, 2012

Sam gets off the elevator and runs into Michael. He heard about Robin and knows Jason took it hard. Sam tells him Jason doesn't know and he can't find out.  His life depends on.  Michael had no idea how bad Jason was. He asks if he could die. Sam tells him about the drug and that Patrick won't give it to him. Michael wants her to go to Monica. Sam says Patrick is the only doctor qualified to do it so its not going to happen. She says Robin died and Patrick wants Jason to pay. Michael says Robin's death was an accident, that Patrick can't blame Jason. Sam says Patrick is not himself right now. She says he lost his wife and Emma lost her mother, like her baby is going to lose Jason. Michael asks if she is pregnant. She says yes.  Michael wants to talk to Patrick.  Sam stops him.  Michael knows how Patrick feels but that doesn't give him the right to kill Jason. Sam tells him it doesn't matter what he says right now. Michael says so they do nothing. Sam says they pray that Patrick changes their mind. Sam asks if Sonny knows and Michael says he took the news about Robin hard. He wants to go to the ER and check him. Sam asks about Sonny bring there and Michael updates her on the shooting. Michael still thinks Jason should know about Robin but says it is Sam's call. Michael leaves. Patrick gets off the elevator. He tells Sam he went to Emma's room but couldn't go in because he is not ready to tell her that her mother died for someone who didn't deserve it.  Sam asks what if the situation were reversed and Jason died to save Robin and he was begging her to save Robin, what would he say to her. Patrick says that Robin deserves it. Sam asks if Robin died for nothing. He says she didn't.  He will do it because it is what Robin would want.

February 27, 2012

Patrick says he will do it and Sam thanks him.  He makes it clear he is doing it for Robin and not for her and Jason. He starts to leave to tell Jason. Sam stops him.  She doesn't want him to tell Jason about Robin because it could kill him. Patrick thinks that will save them a lot of trouble. Jason wakes up and Robin is there. He asks her about the explosion and if she was hurt. She is not feeling any pain and soon he won't either. He thanks her. She says she knows what he wants. He just wants a life with Sam and their baby.  Robin says you will have all of that but her voice fades into Monica's and he wakes up for real. Monica says he was talking in his sleep. He tells her he thought Robin was there. Patrick is angry that Sam wants him to lie about Robin.  He walks to Jason's room. Sam follows. Patrick goes in and says he has something to tell Jason about Robin. He says Robin is gone. Sam cuts him off saying Robin went home. Patrick hopes he appreciates what Robin has given up for him. Jason does. Patrick says if he wants to repay Robin, make his life worth saving. He says surgery in an hour and leaves. Monica thinks they should ask Dr. Marucci to do the surgery. Sam thinks it should be Patrick. Jason asks why he would need another surgeon. Monica covers talking about Patrick's exhaustion. Jason and Sam want Patrick.  Outside the room, Monica tells Sam what Jason said about wanting a life with her and the baby.  A nurse comes out and tells Monica Jason is prepped and ready for surgery. Monica leaves so Sam can be with Jason.  Sam goes to the door and sees Jason leaving a phone message for Robin thanking her.  Jason getting taken out for surgery. Sam says she will be there when he wakes up.  He says he loves her and kisses her hand. She loves him too. Patrick says they are ready.  They wheel him out. Sam thanks Patrick.  He says don't thank me yet. Patrick goes into the hall.  He twists his wedding ring. Robin appears behind him.  She touches his hand. He doesn't know she is there.  He says please forgive me and walks away.  Robin fades out. 

February 28, 2012

Sam is waiting when Sonny comes. She says he should be in the hospital. He had things to take care of. He asks about Jason. Sam says he is in surgery. Sonny didn't realize the medicine required surgery. Sam says Patrick is the only doctor qualified but he just lost his wife. In the OR, Jason asks Patrick to tell Robin he said thank you. Sam asks how Sonny is because of Robin. He hasn't let himself feel it yet. She tells him she didn't tell Jason and why. Sonny says when he find out it is going to rip him apart. Sam says one thing at a time. Patrick is starting the surgery.  He sees Robin looking on. Sam can't believe they are back there.  She though last time would the last time and then they would live their life together. Sonny says they will. Sam says maybe not, maybe Franco won after all. Sonny says he's dead. Sam says it doesn''t matter, he set everything in motion. Sonny says Jason ended it and now he will get through the surgery and they will be home free. Sam hopes she made the right decision letting Patrick do the surgery because Patrick hates Jason and is only doing the surgery because its what Robin wanted. She is worried that now that he is in the OR, he will change his mind. Patrick is doing the surgery. Robin wants to know what he is doing. He says trying to save Jason's life. Robin has seem him in surgery, she asks if he is going to let Jason die purposefully. Patrick says he deserves it. Robin says he doesn't mean that. Patrick says he is the reason Robin is gone so why should he live when she died. Robin is gone. Patrick continues to operate. Sonny thinks Patrick will save Jason for Robin. Sonny says Patrick doesn't have a reason to hate Jason like he does him. Robin says people see them as interchangable. Sonny brings up going to Robin's house with a gun. Sam thinks Robin forgave him. He tells her she said she did but things were never the same again. After that he kept his distance thinking there would be time to make up but time is up. Sonny tells him about meeting Robin and about Robin and Stone. He starts to cry. He talks about how she handled Stone's death and made it easier on him. Things are not going well in the operating room. Sonny talks about Robin after Stone's death and how she had given up and was waiting to die then she found Jason. She was the only one who get through to him, then Sonny realized he was doing more for her than she was for him and how then she started talking about the future again. Sam asks why Sonny let Jason into the business if he meant so much to Robin. Sonny says Jason was an adult and it was what he wanted. He says Robin wanted it to and that he and Jason and Robin were like a little family back then. He tells Sam about Robin coming home from college to surprise them at Christmas and we see a flashback. Sam and Sonny are both crying. He says he will never see her beautiful smile again.  Things are going better in the OR. Robin tells Patrick not to do this. Patrick could have let him die but he didn't. Robin says if he makes a mistake, Jason could be a vegetable. Sounds like justice to Patrick. Robin says to tank an operation on purpose. Patrick says it is a tricky procedure, there wouldn't even be a hearing. Robin says he would know and so would she. Patrick says she is not here. She says he doesn't get to play God. She tells him he is a healer, not a killer. He doesn't know what he is without her. Robin says he is a father and Emma needs him to love her and to be a good man. Patrick can't be what she needs. Robin asks if he is giving up, throwing away his life to crawl into a bottle.  He sees the appeal. She thinks his better than that. He can't do it without her but he can do this and right a wrong. She says not if he is the man she fell in love with. He doesn't know if he can be that man without her. Robin is gone. Patrick injects the medicine. Sam thinks it is taking too long. Sonny assures her Patrick won't let Jason die. Sam says he didn't see him. Sam tells him about begging and arguing with Patrick to get him to do it. She slips about being pregnant. Sonny is happy for her. He pulls a stitch giving her a kiss on the cheek. She tells him to get it checked out. He doesn't want to leave her. She tells him she is fine. Sonny tells her Patrick's love for Robin is bigger than his anger and he will save Jason for her. Sonny leaves.  In the OR, Jason crashes. Patrick get off the elevator. Sam asks if it's over. Patrick says yes. Sam asks if Jason is okay.

February 29, 2012

Sam understands how Patrick feels.  He says she doesn't. He is in his own private hell but he did it. She asks if Jason made it. Patrick knows she wants him to say yes but he can't.  He walks away.  Sam goes after him. She asks him what happened in surgery.  He says what did I do? He did what he was supposed to do. It was a success. Sam asks if Jason made it. Patrick says they don't know if it worked, they have to wait until Jason wakes up but he doesn't foresee any complcations. Sam thanks him and tries to hug him. He steps back and tells her he didn't do it for her or for Jason. He did it for Robin but if he would have let Jason die, he would have done the city a big favor. He says her husband is in recovery and his wife is in the morgue.  He asks if she is happy.  Anna tells Emma to take her koala bears to meet her dolls.  Emma leaves the room. Robert says that whatever is going on, Anna doesn't want Emma to know about it. Sam knows Patrick can't see it right now but she is devastated that Robin is gone.  She was an amazing woman. Patrick can't beleive they are saying was.  He doesn't think he will ever get used to it and Jason just continues living.  He walks away.  Sam follows him.  She tells him Robin will always be remembered, that Jason will never forget what she did for him and he will always love her.  Patrick tells her to go see Jason.

March 2, 2012

Sam is at Jason's bedside with Monica.  Jason is unconscious.  Sam asks Monica about his condition.  Monica says everything looks good but she is concerned because the site is delicate and Patrick just lost his wife. Sams asks if she thinks Patrick would botch the surgery on purpose. Monica doesn't think he would deliberately hurt Jason but she doesn't think his state of mind was clear to make a post-op assessment. Sam asks about Jason being upset and Monica says to keep him calm. They agree not to tell him about Robin until Patrick says its alright.  Sam goes into Jason's room and Carly is there. Carly asks about when Jason is waking up. Sam doesn't know.  Carly wants to sit with him becuse she heard about Robin.  Sam tells her she needs to leave now. Carly asks if he is okay. Sam doesn't know yet. She says Patrick did the procedure and Carly asks before or after Robin died. Sam wants to take it into the hall. Carly doesn't go. She wants to know what happened. Sam says so far everything looks good but there are alot of variables and they won't know for a while. Carly says all they can do is wait. Sam says Carly isn't waiting there. Sam isn't going to risk her upsetting him. Carly says she is there to support Jason. Sam doesn't want her dumping her problems on him like she did last time. Carly brings up Hawaii and says she is there for Jason. She is his friend. Sam will act in Jason's best interest.  Carly can either leave or Sam will have security throw her out. Carly says Jason would want her there.  He has to be devastated about Robin. Sam says he doesn't know and he won't know until they think it is okay. Carly says it is the stupidest thing she has ever heard. Carly wants to know why Sam didn't tell him. She agrees with her reasons before the surgery but thinks Sam needs to tell him now. Sam says not until the doctors say okay. Carly asks if Sam even knows Jason and says he hates being handled. Carly says she is telling him as soon as he wakes up. Sam says she isn't and this is why she is not letting Carly go back in. Carly says Sam is going to lie in his face. Sam is going to protect him until he is safe and Monica agrees with her. Carly thinks Monica doesn't know Jason either. Carly tells Sam Jason will never forgive her. Sam doesn't care she would rather have him alive and pissed off than dead. Carly says Jason would rather die than be treated like he is incompetent. Sam tells Carly she makes the decisions not Carly and if Carly goes and shoots her mouth off she will end up killing him. Carly says Sam can't stop her from seeing him.  Sam can because she has rights as his wife. Carly says try to stop me. Sam says she will notify they hospital that Carly is banned from Jason's room and if necessary, post guards outside the door. Carly says Sam can post all the security she wants, she will make sure Jason gets what he needs.  She storms off. Later, Sam is in with Jason who is unconscious. She asks him to understand that she couldn't tell him.  She says they can't lose him.

March 14, 2012

Jason wakes up to Sam by his side. She assures him that she and the baby are okay, and they hold each other in bed. Jason asks Sam about the time since the operation. He is sorry she has to go through this, wondering if Robin's drug worked. Jason asks about Robin, wanting to see her to thank her. Sam refuses to let Jason walk around to find Robin. Spinelli arrives to see Jason and Sam, accidentally slipping up and referring to Robin in the past tense. Jason promises to stay in bed, while Sam and Spinelli discuss the situation in the hallway. Sam refuses to allow the news of Robin's death to risk Jason's life. Sam assures Spinelli she will put guards in front of Jason's door if it will keep Carly from Jason's room. Spinelli supports Sam. They discuss Maxie and her grief over Robin. Sam worries over Jason, saying she wants every test done to be sure that he isn't going to have a relapse. He assures her that she won't do anything to jeopardize his life with her and the baby, again asking to see Robin.

March 15, 2012

Jason wants to go see Robin to thank her.  Sam tries to get him to stay at the hospital. Jason thinks she is too stressed out about him and assures her that he will be okay going to Robin's. Sam grabs his arm to stop him and tells him Robin is gone. She tells him she doesn't know where RObin is but she is not at home. Alexis and Molly come in. They talk about how well Jason is doing as Sam signals Alexis that Jason doesn't know about Robin.  Jason asks to use Alexis' phone.  He goes to call Robin.  Molly is shocked but Sam covers before she can say anything.  They all look uncomfortable as Jason leaves Robin a message thanking her. Jason wants to go home but Sam wants him to wait to be released. Alexis convinces him to stay to be checked out for Sam's sake. He asks for Patrick. Sam says he is not there so Jason wants another doctor.  Sam and Alexis leave to find another doctor. Alexis assures Sam Molly won't say anything; she understands Sam decision. Sam says she will tell Jason as soon as he is out of danger. Molly and Jason talk about baby names. Molly wants to babysit and Jason tells her okay. Jason asks why she and Alexis are dressed up but Alexis comes to get her before she can answer. Jason asks Alexis about the doctor.  She tells him Sam is under alot of stress and asks him to stay until he is checked out. He agrees. She tells him everythigs Sam is doing is because she loves him. Monica comes up to Sam in the hall and tells her Dr. Marucci said Jason is doing well and can be told about Robin. Sam thinks Patrick is the only one who knows about Jason's case and she wants to wait for him. Monica is afraid Jason will resent Sam for not telling him. Sam is afraid if he knows he will leave the hospital to go to the funeral.  Monica and Sam go into Jason's room. Monica tells him that Marucci says he is doing great.  Jason wants Marucci to release him but Monica says they have to wait for Patrick. Monica hugs Jason. He thanks her.  She asks him to take it easy and stay put for Sam.  He asks her to find Patrick since he is the only one Sam will believe.  Monica leaves. Sam knows he wants to leave. They hug and Jason says he does but he knows stress is not good for her and the baby. Jason and Sam are snuggling in his bed.  She asks about Molly's names and Jason laughs and tells her about Molly's names and that she wants to babysit for them. Sam thinks that is good news because they will have to carve out time for each other.  Jason agrees and they kiss. Epiphany knocks and comes in. She wants to speak with Sam.  Sam goes out in the hall with her. She tells her about Carly trying to bribe an orderly. Sam says she will try to put a stop to it.

March 16, 2012

Epiphany tells Sam how Carly has tried to bribe her way into Jason's room. Dressed as a janitor, Carly makes her way in to see Jason. Epiphany promises not to let Carly in, but Sam has doubts that she can make that happen. Jason tells Carly he didn't tell her how sick he was because he didn't want her to fight with Sam. Sam vows to stop Carly, so Epiphany suggests she check the locker room. Carly tells Jason how Sam had her banned from his room. Jason wants Carly to take it easy on Sam, wanting to know what she is keeping from him. Sam walks in on Ewen in the locker room. Jason pushes Carly to tell him the truth. Sam questions Ewen about Carly's whereabouts. Sam says Carly would do anything to take her place in Jason's life. Jason wants Carly to understand how hard the Franco situation has been on Sam. He appreciates her not pushing things with Sam. Sam tells Ewen about Carly's obsession with Jason and the boundaries they tried to set. Ewen wonders if Jason's boundaries are different than Sam's. Carly asks if Jason wants Sam to make decisions for him, saying she hasn't been honest. Sam tells Ewen about Jason's condition and the secret she is keeping to save his life. Carly says Sam has been lying to him for days. Ewen tries to reassure Sam that Jason may not still be at risk. Carly breaks down and tells Jason that Robin is dead.

March 19, 2012

Replay of Carly telling Jason that Robin died. Jason asking if Robin was in the lab when it exploded. Jason wanted to thank Robin for what she did for him and how he felt the explosion. Sam told him that Robin was fine but he could see how upset Sam was. Carly said that Sam was trying to protect him. Why didn't anyone tells me and Carly says that Sam wouldn't allow it. Jason upset that Robin died because of him and Carly told him that Robin made a choice and he has to honor that. Carly informs him that the funeral was today and he leaves to go to funeral. Sam shows up in Jason's hospital room to find Jason missing and Carly there and figures Carly told him. She leaves to go find him. Sam finds Jason at church and is trying to explains that she lied to him to protect him because his life was on the line that he was having seizures and the doctors told her to keep him calm. She knew telling him about Robin could kill him. Jason advised her that it wasn't her choice to make. She's upset that Carly told him because she risked his life to prove a point but Jason told her no, she knew I needed to know.

March 20, 2012

Jason and Sam still at church, he wanted to know if the doctors asked her to lie, she said test results were getting better, but she didn't want to take the chance. Sam wants him to return to the hospital, but he won't go. He's angry saying that she lied to him for his own good, does that make it okay. He leaves church and tells her not to follow him he's going to the bridge to say goodbye to Robin. Sam upset and crying in church and John McBain shows up and Sam thinks she knows him, he asks her if she's okay and she tells him, I think I just lost my husband. Elizabeth shows up at the bridge, asking Jason if he okay, they talk about Robin. Sam asks John if it's okay to lie to spare someone else pain is that a good enough reason. John says he's the wrong guy to ask, Sam advises him she only did it to protect him and their child. John McBain talks about what Natalie did to him with her lying and how it tore him up. Jason told Elizabeth about saying goodbye to Robin on the bridge before going to Paris. He told her that Sam lied and Elizabeth said she was trying to protect him, Jason said that Sam decided what I can and can not handle. How does he forgive that.

March 21, 2012

Sam questions John about how Natalie's lie effected their relationship. He tells her he got past it in time and she needs to give Jason time. He mentions his son and shows Sam a picture. Sam asks if he loves Natalie and he tells her one lie doesn't have to ruin everything. She says he doesn't know Jason. Jason tells Elizabeth that he kept asking for Robin and he knew something was off. She defends Sam. Jason says Robin went back to get the medicine for him. She shouldn't have died for him. Elizabeth tries to convince him that Robin would have done it for anyone. Jason doesn't know what she would have done for anyone else, only what she did for him. It is his fault. She explains why it is not his fault and adds that none of it is Sam's fault. Sam says Jason thinks in absolutes and you can't protect him or lie to him. John wishes he could help. He wants to call someone for her.  She says no then says she doesn't feel like she is talking to a stranger. He says maybe they knew each other a long time ago. She asks if he was friends with Robin. He isn't there for the funeral. He is looking for Sonny. They have unfinished business. Elizabeth wants Jason to forgive himself.  He came there to say good-bye but doesn't know where to start. She knows it is hard and thinks it might have been easier if he had been at the funeral. He asks her to tell him about the funeral. She tells him about it. He asks about Patrick. She says he is struggling. She tells him about the brick she bought for Emma. He asks about Emma. She says she is confused; children don't understand death. Jason says Jake died a year ago tomorrow. Sam wants to know who John is and how he knows Sonny. He says from before your husband started to work for him. She wants to know how he knows about Jason. He says Jason is Sonny's right hand man. Sam wants to see his ID. He shows her his badge. She says he is out of jurisdiction. He says he knew the people in the accident so it is personal. Sam says Jason was in the hospital, he wasn't involved. John is not coming after Jason, not yet. She wants to know what that is supposed to mean. He says it was a joke. She asks again if he is sure they haven't met before. He says maybe in another life. He leaves. Elizabeth talks about Jake and how he loved the bridge. Jason thanks her for telling him. She  pulls some dried leaves from her pocket that Jake collected the last time he was there. She tells Jason how he loved to throw them into the water and watch then rush away. She starts to cry and raises the hands with the leaves. Jason puts his hand under hers. Jaon tells Jake they love him. They drop the leaves into the water.

March 22, 2012

Sam is at the penthouse talking to Alexis on the phone. Jason hasn't come home yet. Alexis assures her he will come home. She says he is grieving. Sam thinks she made it worse. Jason comes in. She was worried when he didn't come home. He did not mean to worry her. He tells her he was at the bridge.  She asks if he was alone and he says he was with Elizabeth.  He explains about her going there because of Jake and how it has been a year. She is glad he had the time with Elizabeth. He asks if Sam would have let her come see him if he was still in the hospital. She says of course. He says or would you have kept her away because talking about Jake would upset him. She starts to explain what she was doing and he cuts her off saying she was deciding what he could or couldn't handle. She says he just got out of surgery, what was wrong with protecting him. He says she lied to him; he doesn't want her lying to him for what she thinks is his own good. Sam says if she could go back she would do the same thing. Sam knows him and knows if he knew he would have gone to the lab and risked his life even though it was too late. She asks if she is wrong. He says it should have been his choice. He says Robin was in the lab because of him. She responds that if he would have had another seizure it would have all been for nothing. He understand her lying before the procedure but not why she kept lying. She was trying to give him time to heal. He talks about Robin and how everything good he has started with her. She doesn't get to decide what she can handle. Sam talks about what she went through waiting for days for him to wake up. She says the thought of not having him, for us. She puts his hand on her belly. She wants him to forgive her. He didn't know what to do with her taking away his power to make his own decisions. And part of his still doesn't. If he needs time she can go to her mom's. He says no.  He knows she was scared. She said they went through so much and to lose him now. He says Elizabeth said it wasn't her fault and he knows that.  He was mad at Robin for going back into the lab and giving her life for his. And he can't fix that. He knows she lied because she loves him. He loves her. He pulls her into a hug. Elizabeth at the hospital remembering dropping the leaves. Jason sitting on the couch, Sam laying with her head in his lap. Jason asks if she could sleep now. She can always sleep when he is there. He asks if there have been any more signs of Franco. She says not since the DVD. He still doesn't get that. Sam says he is obsessed with Jason and babies. She doesn't want to talk about him. They cuddle. She says all that matters is them and the family they are starting. He puts his hand on her stomach saying let me see my family. She says promise you will stay. He is not going anywhere. Jason and Sam kissing on the couch.  They have missed each other.  They head up the stairs.  Spinelli knocks. Jason lets him. Spinelli is nervous and asks if all is well. Sam says Jason knows. Spinelli talks about Robin being unique. He has info on the DVD. He thinks the footage is a clue.

March 23, 2012

Jason, Sam and Spinelli at the Penthouse talking about the DVD. Spinelli isi not sure if he should reveal what he found. Jason and Sam have suffered much damage at Francoís hands. Jason canít let it go. Spinelli ask them to reconsider before he opens Pandoraís Box. Spinelli enhanced the footage and he found a code that was issued from Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in NY City. Monica told him he was born in the city but never mention what hospital. He looks at Sam wondering if this is what Franco is trying to tell him. He needs Spinelli to follow up. Spinelli would if he could. Jason orders Spinelli to tell him what is wrong. Maxie needs his help but he isnít sure how. Sonny knocks on the door. He is glad to see Jason back on his feet. Jason tells him thanks to Robin. He knows she is dead. Sam is going to walk Spinelli out. Patrick wasnít  happy with Sonny speaking at Robinís funeral. Jason wishes he would have had the choice to go to the funeral. Sonny asks if he and Sam are okay. Sam wanted to protect him and he doesnít like it. The hardest thing is Robin died trying to save him. Jason starts talking about Sonny being charged with murder. Sonny doesnít want to get into it. Jason says they need to. Sonny brings up that Jason has a kid coming. It would have been nice if he had told him. They wanted to keep it to themselves until they made sure everything was okay. Sonny teases him saying by the looks of Samís belly the cat is out of the bag. Jason is the only one who believes he didnít kill a child and her father. Sam is confused as to why Maxie would confess to killing Lisa. Spinelli tells her that Maxie feels responsible for Robinís death. Spinelli knows she is innocent of killing Lisa. Sonny needs Jason to deal with a cop named John McBain.

March 26, 2012

Sam opens the door to John McBain. He is there to talk to Jason. Hes ask if they worked everything out as Jason comes down the stairs. Jason wants to know what is going on. John introduces himself. He wants to ask a few questions. Samís doesn't want him to since Jason just got out of hospital. Jason invites him in. Sam wants to call Alexis. John tells her Jason isnít be charged with anything. John was close to victims. Sonny is being charged in the accident. John warns Jason to stay out of it. Jason has a good thing going on here and John doesnít want to see him get dragged down with Sonny. Jason asks if that is a threat. John asks Sam if it sounded like a threat. Jason instructs him not to talk to his wife. John wants to know what Sonny has done for Jason to warrant such loyalty. Sam reminds him he told her he was not after her husband. Jason asks if they know each other. Sam tells him about meeting John at the churh. Jason not happy and wants to know if targeting his wife at a funeral is how John works. Jason informs him Sonny didnít cause the accident. John is glad he has an alibi. Jason tells him using this case to working out his history with Sonny will be a big mistake. John congratulates them on the baby. He tells Sam it was nice to see her again and exits. Sam looks worried and Jason ask if she is okay. She is. Jason wants to know if something else happen between her and John at the church. Sam explains she was a mess and afraid she lost him forever. When McBain came in and put his hand on her shoulder she thought he was Jason. He asked her what was wrong. She was emotional and spilled out what happen between them. Jason isnít happy she spoke to a cop about them. She assures him as soon as she realized who he was she shut down. Jason tells her its okay. John is hiss problem, if he approaches her she needs to call him. She tells him okay but they donít need to worry about that because she wonít be here. He thinks they should just forget this NY thing. She tells him she needs to know why Franco left that DVD. If itís a dead end she will walk away. She doesnít want Franco to hurt them anymore, for the babyís sake. He wouldnít even think about her going alone if Franco wasnít dead. She tells Jason she will be fine, just looking for records. Jason wants her to take it easy not for just herself but the baby too. He makes her promise to take care of herself and the baby.

March 28, 2012

Sam glancing at photos from the DVD. Jason wraps his arms around her from behind. He kisses her neck as he asks her if she is heading out. If he keeps that up she might miss her flight. Jason could think of worse things. She say he really doesn't wants her to go. He already knows about when his birth and mother. Sam wants to know why Franco sent the DVD. Jason reminds her she wanted this to be over. She does but it won't be over to she figures out why he left the DVD. If it is another game, she will come back home. Jason wishes she would wait until he handles this thing for Sonny. She asks what thing Sonny. The accident. She asks if he is sure Sonny didnít do it. He knows Sonny didnít do it. Sonny has a history of hurting innocent people. She reminds him about Jax and Robin being hurt because a gun went off in her living room. Jason wants to know where all this is coming from. She knows how loyal he is to Sonny. Jason knows if Sonny had anything to do with the little girlís death he would admit it. Sam knows Sonny doesnít think things through and reacts rashly. Jason goes over the facts. Sam thinks what Jason is explaining is what he would do. Sonny was emotional and not thinking clearly. Jason asks why she wants Sonny to be guilty. With the baby on the way she has thought about what if they were free. If Sonny was sent to prison things might be safer and more stable. He wants to know if John said something else to her at the church. This has nothing to do with John. They have to provide the safest environment for their child. Sonny knocks on the door and Sam needs to get going. They hug and say goodbye. Sonny enters as Sam exits the penthouse. Sonny asks if Sam is okay. Jason explains she was in a rush to get to airport. She was afraid he would die and itís taken a toll on her. She is talking to the wrong people. Sonny asks how wrong. Jason answers John McBain. Sam bumps into John at the airport. Jason explains he showed up to give him a warning and he ran into Sam at the church. Jason assures him Sam mentioned nothing about the business. Jason knows they just met but he got under her skin somehow. Sam asks if he is following her. He was here to help a friend. Sam hopes he is here to catch a flight out. He has unfinished business with Sonny and he is not leaving until itís done. Jason tells Sonny that Sam will realize she is wrong when they find the real shooter. He wants to know waht Jason found on McBain. Bernie called in some favors and from what Jason has seen in the file. McBain is going to be a huge problem. John tells Sam he is one of the good guys. She answers so is Jason. She is not discussing Sonny with him and tells him to stay the hell away from her husband. He thinks it is sweet the way she looks out for him. She is looking out for him to when she tells him to stay clear of Jason. Sonny wants to know where John is most vulnerable. He shows Sonny a picture of Natalie and Liam and tells him same as him his family.

March 29, 2012

Jason hands Sonny the photo of Natalie and Liam. Sonny asks who she is. The mother of Johnís son. Sonny would never go after them. His enemies already know John is coming for him. Sonny thinks that is a problem. He is being framed for killing Hope and Cole. Sonny wants nothing to happen to Natalie and Liam. Sonny canít have McBain coming for him. He needs to be dealt with. Even if he can prove he is innocent, John will not stop gunning for him. Jason wants to know why John hates Sonny. Sonny explains how John was fresh from the academy and wanted to make a name for himself and it got very personal. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Carly. She strolls in and sees Sonny. She hopes Sonny isnít there expecting Jason to work. Sonny ask where the concern was when she told Jason that Robin had died. They start arguing. Jason tells them to stop. They need to figure out who is setting Sonny him up. Sonny wants to knwo if Carly thinks he is guilty. Sonny reveals that Carly is sleeping with the enemy. Carly doesnít know Sonny anymore. If he asked her before Jax and the incident at Robinís home, her answer would be no. She wants to believe he is not guilty but canít trust that he is. Sonny wished she would give him credit for being smart. He would have not hid the smoking gun in Kateís office. Carly tells him it wasnít Johnny who framed him. Sonny doesnít believe her and leaves.

March 30, 2012

Sam is in NY at the hospital records room. She thanks the clerk for meeting with her. the clerkk thinks it is about her baby. Sam tells her it is about its father. Jason needs Carly to be honest with him. She canít believe he is questioning her. She wasnít the one who lied to him about Robin. She assures Jason she is telling the truth and Johnny isnít framing Sonny. Jason want to know if she sleeping with him like Sonny said. Carly asks how he is. He is fine. She obviously not since Sam lied to him. Carly wants know where she is. Jason tells her Sam is gone. The clerk wants to know why information on her husbandís birth is important now. Jason tells Carly him and Sam are fine. She is in NY working on a case and he would be there with her if he could. If Jasonís records exist she can only release them to next of kin. That would Sam. They have very little information on his mother's medical history. The records would give her and Jason a start to give their child the best possible chance at a good life. She gives her the number on the ID bracelet. He and Sam are good and he wants Carly to leave it at that. Carly thinks this is a cycle since Sam is clingy and insecure. He tells her to stop stalling and tell him what is going on between her and Johnny. Carly doesnít know why he is listening to Sonny. Johnny showed up the benefit drunk. Sonny retaliated by revealing to all that Claudia was really his mother. Jason wants to know why she went after Johnny when he took off. She felt bad because itís her fault everyone knows about Claudia. She blurts out that she is sleeping with the enemy. Jason tells her to stop. Sam get Susanís Moore file and there is nothing remarkable in it. Sam notices a page missing from the file. She wants to know if they can retrieve what is missing. Carly informs Jason he canít tell her who she can sleep with. Jason reminds her Johnny hates Sonny and blames him for Claudiaís death. She can make her own decision. If she get hurt or used itís her problem. She likes seeing Johnny and will not stop. Jason orders her to end it. Sam finds out thereís no way to retrieve information from the lost page. Jason calls checking up on her. Jason wants her to come home. She tells him itís possible to find out what Franco was trying to tell them with the DVD. She hangs up as the woman gives her the name of Susanís birthing coach. Sam calls Steven Weber asking him if he can tell her where his mother is.

April 2, 2012

Sam and Jason are talking over the phone. She tells him about Heather being in the room when he was born. She's going to see if she gets some answers. He warns her about Heather and how dangerous she is. Jason tells her he is busy with Sonny. She asks if its John McBain. He says that John's grudge goes back. He asks her to tell him if she hears from John. She starts to tell him but is interrupted when Heather enters the room. Sam starts to introduce herself but Heather lets her know she knows who Sam is. Sam is surprised. Sam tells Heather she is looking for information about Jason's family especially his mother. Heather notes that Sam is pregnant and asks if Sam is there to invite her to the baby shower. Jason is at the Penthouse when Spinelli comes in asking for Sam. Jason tells him she is following up on the DVD. Spinelli tells Jason what's going on with Maxie confessing to killing Lisa. They talk about Maxie's guilt about Robin making her want to pay for someone else's crime. Heather and Sam talking about Jason's birth. Heather figures out that this is about more than Sam wanting to know family history. Sam admits its about Franco. Heather knows Franco is an artist. Sam shows her the pictures from the DVD. Sam feels Heather knows more than she is saying. Heather asks what is in it for her. Spinelli and Jason are talking about guilt and wanting answers. Jason advises Spinelli to find the real killer. Sam and Heather are talking about the information Sam wants. She mentions that it could be critical to her baby. Heather says that info comes at a price. Sam wants to know what she wants and Heather mentions Steven Lars and being reunited. Jason and Spinelli talking about how Spinelli needs to be careful because Anthony is probably involved. Spinelli advises Jason to find the real killer to get Sonny off. Sam and Heather talking about Steven and giving him a letter. Sam says Steven can makes his own decisions. Heather knows but she wants Sam to promise to deliver a letter to Steven. Jason knocks on Michael's door. Heather tells Sam the baby in the pictures from the DVD is not Jason..

April 3, 2012

Jason knocks on Michael's door. He lets Jason in as Starr hides.Jason talking to Michael about the Sonny's trial and tells him that Sonny needs him. They talk about whether Johnny or Sonny did it. Jason assures Michael that Sonny didn't do it. Starr is listening in. Jason goes over the report of the car wreckd Cole and Warns Michael he might have to testify. Jason and Michael talking about his relationship with Star. Jason says he needs to stay away from her. Sonny comes over to Michael's. He talks about Star and Todd and how Todd has it out for him. Michael reassures Sonny that he's behind him and that he has not talked to Star. Sonny hugs him and leaves with Jason. Star comes out and tells Michael he doesn't have to cover for her. He says the trial is starting and it will be over soon. Jason and Sonny outside talking about Carly and Johnny. Sonny states he's going to bring Johnny down. Heather and Sam are together at Ferncliff. Heather doesn't want to answer Sam's questions but Sam reminds Heather about the letter she wants her to deliver to Steven Lars. Heather tells Sam that the baby in the video isn't Jason but it is her cousin Susan Moore's. Heather and Sam discuss Jason's birth. Heather tells Sam that Susan passed out and had a second baby delivered by the nurse. No one knew Susan was having twins. The nurse said that they should leave it that way. She wanted to keep one of the babies herself. She and the nurse worked out a deal where she would get one of the babies. She tells Sam she kept the better one for Susan. Heather assures Sam that the babies weren't identical one had blue eyes and blond hair the other had brown eyes and hair and he looked evil. She tells Sam that the nurse was Elizabeth Frank but she went by Betsy. Sam says she was Franco's mother. Sam gets up to leave and Heather reminds her of the letter. Sam walks out. Heather says"don't worry Steven Lars' I'll figure out a way to get in touch with you. Sam outside of the interview room squatting on the floor. She realizes that Franco knew all along and that's why he targeted Jason and that the baby still has a chance of being Franco's.

April 4, 2012

Sam is at the Penthouse having a flashback to her conversation with Heather. She calls out for Jason saying "Baby are you home I really need to talk to you". Jason at Crimson to see Kate. Sam still at the Penthouse Spinelli runs down the stairs. They greet each other he apologizes for not being Jason. Asks how she's feeling and if anything is wrong. Kate is's happy to see Jason on his feet. They were worried about him. Sonny told her that he and Sam are having a baby. He asks about the gun found in her office. and mentions Sonny's case starting. Sam and Spinelli talking about Maxie going to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Sam's mind wanders and Spinelli apologizes for upsetting her. She asks where Jason is. Spinelli offers his service. She needs to talk to Jason. He asks questions about her trip and what she found but he interrupts her answer when he gets a phone call about Maxie. Sam tells him to go because Maxie needs his help. She assures him she's fine and dismisses him. Sam looks at her phone. Jason asking Kate questions about the day Sonny came to her office. He wants her to take him through that day. She goes over the day. He asks what time Olivia was there. Kate is getting upset. He says Olivia was the 1st person in the office except her. Kate is explaining that she would never use or own a gun. She gets defensive starts saying she's Kate Howard and she only shoots models with camera's. She changes into Connie. Connie is upset and tells Jason to stop accusing her. He denies it. She tells him he's not going to clear Sonny on her back. She tells him to get out and don't call Sonny. She asks Jason if he has any idea who he's talking to. Jason says why don't you tell me. Sonny talking to Alexis about Kate and the case at the Lakehouse. Sam comes in and tells Alexis she really needs to talk to her. Sam and Sonny talk about the case. He says he's innocent and soon everyone will know the truth. Sam hopes he beats the charges for everyone's sake. Sam and Alexis are talking. Sam is upset. She tries to tell her about being upset about the baby. Alexis asks if the baby is okay. Sam tells her the baby is find physically. Alexis gets a call to come back to court for Maxie's case. Sam tells her to go. She tries to get Sam to come with her but Sam says no she'll stay there and think. Alexis leaves and Sam is at the Lakehouse alone. Connie is fighting with Jason about the questions he's asking. She tells him that she's #1 to Sonny not him. She tells him to get the hell out of her office. He mentions that she's not herself she says damn straight stone cold. Sam flashbacks to Heather talking about the twins. There is a knock on the door, she yells go away. They knock again and she opens the door to John McBain. Spinelli at the Penthouse when Jason walks in. He asks about Sam and Spinelli says she was there and gone. John says he's there to see Alexis. Sam wants him to go away. He doesn't want to leave her like that. He says its obvious she's in trouble he just wants to help. She says you can't nobody can. He closes the door and comes in and says it might help if you tell someone.

April 5, 2012

Jason just wants to prove Sonny is being framed. Spinelli thinks Kate would have been helpful. Jason tells him she wasnít and asks if Sam is home yet. He was talking with Sam when they got interrupted. If Sam found something she would want to share it with him first. John tells Sam to take a breath. Maybe he can help. Sam insists she doesnít need his help. She tells him to just get the hell out. He is the last person she should be talking to. Jason doesnít think thereís anything to find because the DVD was one last mind game. They start talking about Sonnyís case. Jason questioned Kate but he can see something is going on with her. Sam tells McBain if he has any compassion for her he will just go. He asks her why she finds it hard to believe he wants to help her. He investigating her husband. Sam is in tears. He assures her he isnít using her. He tells her to forget about who he is. She made a mistake of talking to him the night at the church and will not do it again. Spinelli and Jason talking about how Kate went off on Jason. John hands Sam a glass of water. He is there to see her mother, so he isnít leaving. Sam tells him fine she will. She almost faits and John grabs her. He doesnít think she is any condition to leaves. He knows the stress isnít good for anyone. She should be talking to Jason. She should tell him what she found but doesnít know how. She tells him about Franco and his sick games leading back to what she found. John heard about Franco and his obsession with Jason. Jason thinks the gun is what set off Kate. She was threatened because he was trying to prove Sonny was innocent. Sam explains how all Franco cared about was making Jason suffer. John reminds her he is dead and canít hurt them anymore. Sam informs him that he still has the power to destroy their lives. She starts telling John about DVD and how she went to NY to find answers. She asks John how he would feel if he found out a psycho like Franco was his brother. Spinelli thinks perhaps Kate knows more then she care to admit. Sam makes John promise not to tell anyone about what she is about to reveal. She tells John about the second baby and how Heather sold him to the nurse who assisted in the birth, Francoís mother. Sam tracked her down and she confirms they were brothers. Franco found out when he was a teenager. At first it wasnít about revenge but when he found Jason, he wanted nothing to do with him. Jason thinks Kate is hiding something thatís why she flipped out. Spinelli will help him find the truth and thinks he knows where to start. Sam is reluctant to finish but reveals she was raped by Franco. He pulls her up and embraces her trying to calm her. Sonny arrives at the penthouse and demands to know what happen with Kate. Sam starts explaining about her first DNA test on her unborn child but it was before they found out they were brothers. She could be carrying Francoís baby.

April 6, 2012

Sonny talking to Jason what happened with Kate. Jason is confused as to what he's talking about. John and Sam at the LH. She says Jason isn't going to be happy that she talked to him. She says that the baby could be Franco's. John suggests another dna test. Sam says they can't. Jason talking about the gun in Kate's office. Sonny is arguing with him about what he and Kate talked about. Sonny' believes Kate's version and suggests that Jason may be having blackouts and should go see a doctor. Sam and John talking about Franco and how to get his DNA. John might be able to help. Jason tells Sonny his test came back clean. Sonny reminds him that he said the same thing last year. Jason denies disrespecting Kate and they go back and forth over what really happened. Sonny tells him that Kate said "he lost it". Jason said if anyone was not asking like themselves it was Kate. John and Sam talking about possiblity Franco's DNA being on file. He's going to talk to his friends at the FBI. She says Jason can't know about this. Jason says Kate has been upset since Sonny got shot. He talks about Kate's feelings about Sonny's business. Sonny defends Kate. Jason thinks Kate thinks Sonny might be guilty. Sonny continues to argue with Jason. Jason admits he thinks something is wrong with Kate. He defends himself, saying Kate was acting strange. Jason knows Sonny loves Kate, he's not trying to get in the way. He's just giving Sonny a warning. Sam doesn't want to tell Jason she's running a DNA test. John is questioning her decision. Sam wants to wait until she has all the information. He points out she will be going it alone, she says I can take it. He says Jason would feel the same way. She tries to justify keeping it from Jason. John says its not going to make it easier. Sonny says Kate had nothing to do with the gun or the accident. He blames Johnny and wants Jason to focus on that. He commends Jason's loyalty but wants him to stay away from Kate. Sam says she loves Jason, she's doing it for him. John tells her keeping secrets never ends well. Sam says this is different but John's not sure. Natalie lied to him about her son and would have done it forever. Sam is not going to keep it from him forever. She's just trying to spare her husband pain. He says maybe we don't want to be spared. She gives him her phone numbers so he can call her about the DNA. He gives her his card. He tells her that they never had that conversation. Alexis comes in and introduces herself. John talks to her about the restraining order she took out against him regarding Sonny. Alexis says she has a meeting with Sam but Sam says she's okay and leaves. Alexis says what the hell just happened here. Sam goes to the Penthouse. Jason was just calling her. They hug. He asks "did you get the answers we were looking for"?

April 9, 2012

Sam and Jason at the Penthouse talking about what she learned from Heather. She wants to be sure Franco can't hurt them. He tells her its a mind game the only way to win is to stop playing. Sam flashesback to telling John she's going to tell Jason she just wants to wait till she has all the info. She tells Jason he's right. He tells her to just let it be over. She agrees. He wants her to get some rest. She teases him about leaving the hospital and being back to work already. He tells her about his interaction with Kate. She thinks its crazy that Sonny believes Kate over Jason. Jason tells her the last thing a man wants to believe is that the woman he loves is lying to him. She wants everything to be okay with them and the baby that's all. They kiss and the phone rings. She answers it. Its John. Jason goes to look at something for dinner. John tells her he'll get the sample of Franco's DNA from a crime scene. She can't talk right now, Jason walks in and asks her if everything is okay, she says yeah.

April 11, 2012

Jason asking Spinelli about Kate over the phone. Sam outside the Penthouse talking to John on the phone. He has a DNA sample. Jason opens the door and asks if she got bad news. She tells him she forgot she made an appointment for the baby. She tells him he doesn't have to be there but he wants to because she is going to hear the baby's heartbeat. She tells him he needs to be with Sonny for his trial. He gets to get his coat. He going to be a father and he doesn't want to miss a thing like he did with Jake. He says this baby is going to know every day how much I love him or her. Spinelli comes in with info on his person of interest. She asks what they are up to and tells him to stay. He wants to go. She says that he'll be involved at 2am for feedings and diaper changes and leaves. Spinelli tells Jason Kate is seeing a psychiatrist. They talk about Maxie sticking to her confession. Jason offers his help. Spinelli tells him that Ewen wants to commit Kate. At the hospital, John is on the phone when Sam walks up. He gives her the sample. He tells her she is lying to Jason. She wants to be able to assure him the baby is his. He asks what if the baby is Franco's. Jason and Spinelli talking about Kate and Sonny. Jason leaves to see Sam at the hospital. Sam says if the baby is Franco's nothing will be the same. She'll find a way to tell Jason and love him through it. He hopes it works out like she wants. She thanks him for being there. He says sometimes you're put where you're meant to be. Elizabeth sees them talking. Sam says she's scared. Jason comes off the elevator and sees Elizabeth. He tells her he's there for Sam's appointment with Dr. Lee. Elizabeth says she's not with Dr. Lee she's around the corner with some guy.

April 12, 2012

Jason finds Sam as she's looking at the DNA sample. He's for her checkup. Sam tries to dissuade him telling him he should be with Sonny. He says he wants to support her. Kelly covers for Sam when she comes up and asks Sam about wanting to see her. Kelly and Sam talk while Jason waits in the hallway. Sam updates her about Franco and Jason and the baby. Kelly will rush the DNA test, results in 24 hours. Jason's back in the room. Kelly's doing a sonogram. Jason is excited to see the baby. Kelly says the baby is healthy.  They don't want to know the sex. Jason says "look at our baby Sam'. Kelly gives them a picture of the baby. Jason keeps it with him. Sam tells him she still has to talk to Kelly he should go to the trial. They kiss. He leaves.  She says he's so happy this is going to destroy him. Kelly tells her to get some rest she'll know who her baby's father is in 24 hours. Sam says Jason it has to be Jason. Sam runs into Heather as she is leaving the hospital.

April 13, 2012

Sam  runs into Heather at the hospital. Sam asks what she is doing here and how she managed to get out of Ferncliff. She informs Sam she is done with Ferncliff and came to PC to take care of some business She says Sam is part of the loose ends. Jason is at the courthouse. Spinelli runs up to him. He has been trying to access Kateís record from Ewan. Heather did not escape Ferncliss. She was release no thanks to Sam. She reminds Sam of the letter she did not deliver to Steven Lars. Sam admits she was distracted. Heather tells her that is no excuse. Sam cost her valuable time with her son. Heather knows Sam has not told Jason about Franco being his brother. Spinelli has not found any information about Kate. They shouldnít warn Sonny until they find proof. Jason wants Spinelli to call him when he finds something out. Spinelli ask about Sam check-up. He shows Spinelli the sonogram picture. They are noth excited about Jason's impending fatherhood. Heather wants to know why she has not told Jason. Sam apologizes for not delivering letter and asks what she can do. She wants Sam to tell Jason he has a brother. She inquires why Sam would not want Jason to know he has an artist for a brother. Sam should be thrill her baby will have a famous uncle like Franco. Sam says her baby will be nothing like Franco. Sam starts to walk away as Heather grabs her and the DNA receipt falls out her hand. Heather picks it up and asks why Sam would need a DNA test. Heather assumed the baby was Jason's. But since Sam is doing a DNA test maybe not. Sam tries to cover. Heather brings up Sam almost fainting when she heard news about Franco and Jason beings twins. She thinks Sam slept with Franco. Sam says she doesn't know what she is talking about. She is going to tell Jason about the test. Heather says not if I tell him first. Sam threatens that if she tells Jason before she can, she will tell Steven about her selling Franco. Steve knows she isn't perfect. Sam tells her there is imperfect and then there is her. She would hate to change Steve's opinion of her and send her back. Heather asks if she is threatening her. Sam says no but she knows that her relationship with Steve is important to her just like her with Jason is important to Sam. They both have a lot to lose so she needs to keep her mouth shut. Sam asks if they have a deal. Heather wants to know how she knows Sam won't cross her again. They both have incentive now. Heather gives Sam the paper. Sam goes to leaves and Heather tells her that she is keeping her fingers crossed that the father is Franco.

April 16, 2012

Kate is upset leaving Greystone. She runs into Jason at the door. Sam is at Kellyís. She calls Dr. Lee to see if she has the results yet. She will have them later today. Alexis joins her and asks her to tell her what is going on. Kate apologizes for being nasty things to Jason. She was not herself. Alexis wants to know what is going on with Sam. Sam was able to work it out. Alexis asks on her own or with John McBain. Sam is hiding the test receipt. Sam wants to know why she would ask that. She doesnít even know the guy. He just showed up while Sam was at Alexis' wating for her. Alexis reminds her he is investigating Sonny. She would never incriminate her husband. Alexis says Sam will talk to a stranger but not her own mom. Jason explains that he only asked KAte about the gun because he is worried about Sonny. Jason is trying to clear Sonny.  Kate asks if the gun matters since the jury has the case. Jason thinks it will if Sonny is convicted. He needs to figure out who framed sonny and that gun is the best lead they have. Kate is getting more upset. Connie is inside her head pleading to be let out to handle Jason. Kate screams shut the hell up and leave her alone. Jason is confused. Jason is sorry and will leave her alone. She wasnít talking to him. He is the only one here. She has a headache and needs to leave. Jason wants to know if she is okay. Sam tells Alexis that she just had a check-up and Jason has sonogram picture. He was so thrilled and happy. Sam is tearing up. Alexis ask if her and Jason are having problem. She wants to know what is upsetting her. Sam is afraid all this could come crashing down on her. Heather walks in with Steve and says hello to Alexis. Alexis needs to talk to Steve. They leave Sam with Heather. Heather wants Sam to give her one good reason why she should not call Jason and tell him he has a twin brother. Sam orders her to back off. Heather reminds her she is taking a DNA test to prove who is the father of her baby. Heather thinks Sam told Steve about her selling Franco.  Sam denies it. Heather wants to know why Steve suddenly doesn't trust her. Sam doesnít know, maybe Heather gave him a reason. Sam assures her she said nothing. Heather will not say anything as long as Sam doesn't undermine her relationship with Steve. Sam wants nothing to do with her. Sam is going to tell Jason about Franco when she gets results. Sam gets a call from Kelly. Jason is on the phone with Spinelli talking about Kate. Sonny walks up and asks about Kate. He warns Jason to stay away from Kate. Sam needs to leave. She tells Alexis not to worry. Jason tries to warn Sonny about Kate but he thinks she has her issues under control. SOnny doesn't want to talk about this again. Sam is at hospital picking up the test results.

April 17, 2012

Heather chasing after Jason outside of Kellyís while Steve chases her.  Heather says they have to catch up. He says they don't. She says there is something he has to know about his wife. At the docks, Sam is holding the test results when John shows up. She doesn't want to be ungrateful. He asks if that is the results. Jason wants to know what she has to say about Sam. Steve says Sam visited Heather. Jason knows.  Heather says not everything. Sam and John talking about her test results. Sam thinks it should be simple to open it up and look at the results but if it is Franco, everything will change. Part of her wants to throw the envelope in the water and forget it. She says Jason would never have to know he is Francos twin or whether or not he is the dad. John reminds her that secrets always come out, alot of heartache would have been saved if she had been honest with him from the beginning. She talks about Jason looking at the sonogram and saying "our" baby. She tells him everything will come out anyway since Heather knows the truth. Heather, Jason and Steve talking about her being in the room when Jason was born. Steve wants to go back inside and let Jason go. She says some children are golden some less so. Heather has something important to tell Jason, there were complications the day he was born. Alexis interrupts to tell Jason the jury is in. Sam talking to John about Heather being released from Ferncliff and figuring out about the test. Sam doesn't think Heather realizes how important this is. Heather thinks Sam double crossed her. She has a grudge against her and is out of her mind. Sam tells John about her threat to Heather but that won't stop her for long. He says there is a solution, tell Jason. Sam wonders why she can't just open the envelope. He wishes he could help. She tells him to stay while she reads the results. She opens the envelope. Sam reads the results. Franco is the father. Sam doesn't remember if she told John about Jason not actually seeing the rape. Franco put his shirt over the camera. She always wondered why. She says it was crueler that way. She has to say it out loud, Franco raped her and she is carrying his baby. He says Franco is dead. Sam says that won't change how Jason will feel. She has to tell him all of it, that Franco is his twin and the baby is his. She is crying. John hugs her. Sam says they were so happy. They wanted this baby so much. He says she will get through this, that Jason will understand. She asks if he did when Natalie told him the baby wasn't his, did he understand. Her phone rings. It's Jason. He tells her about the verdict. She tells him she needs to see him. She wants to meet him at the Penthouse. He will be there.

April 18, 2012

Sam is looking at the results as Jason comes in. She puts them away. He asks if Sam is ok. She tells him she isn't sick. He asks if it's the baby. She tells him the baby is fine. He knows something is bothering her. Sam brings up going to see Heather at Ferncliff. He says he just saw Heather at Kelly's, she told him about the complications with his birth. Sam begins to cry. Jason just wants to put everything behind them. She tells him he doesn't understandand she should have told him sooner, she just didn't know how.Jason asks her what. Sam tells him Heather's story about his birth and that he has a twin brother. Jason says so there is someone out there who is just like him. Sam tells Jason he is nothing like him. Heather told Sam they weren't identical. Jason says this is all about what Heather says. Sam tells Jason they were faternal twins, Jason was blone hair/blue eyes, his brother was dark. Jason asks what happened to his brother. Sam says Susan didn't know and Heather sold baby to nurse because nurse couldn't have baby of her own. Jason is trying to understand what happened. He says this sounds crazy just like Heather. Sam says Heather remembered nurses name, the women who bought baby was Betsy Frank. Jason says Franco's mother, Franco is his brother? Jason says Heather is phycopath and she made this up. Sam tells Jason she went to see Besty, Jason says Betsy is crazy too. Sam says Betsy had proof, she confirmed everything. Sam pulls out baby bracelet, tells Jason the baby on DVD wasn't him it was Franco. Sam tells Jason what Besty said, how Franco found DVD and confronted Betsy about the bracelet. Betsy told Franco the truth she bought him from Heather and he has a twin. That was why Franco was so obsessed with Jason and always said they were two sides of the same coin. Jason quotes Franco's last words "you'll never know". Sam asks what Jason means, Jason says this is what Franco told him after he shot him, he asked him what he meant but Franco just laughed. Jason says he killed his own brother. Sam tells him he didn't know and even if he did would it have mattered. Franco made their lives a living hell, he got what he deserved. Sam tells him not to ever doubt that. He doesn't he knew he would've killed Franco after what he did to her. Sam says Franco knew they were brothers before Hawaii, that was how badly Franco wanted to hurt them. Jason brings up paternity test saying he was baby's father but with them being twins, Sam says they share the same DNA. Jason says so there is no way to know. Sam asks if he remembers when she went to see Kelly Lee, she had another test ran. She hands Jason the test. She says the baby is Franco's. 

April 19, 2012

Jason reads the test. Father Robert Frank. Sam says she is so sorry. Jason says so our child, he stops, the child you're carrying isn't mine. Jason says Franco is the baby's father, Sam tells him yes. He says so the first DNA test was wrong, Sam tells him they didn't factor in him and Franco being brothers. Jason says they have the same DNA. Sam says no, they couldn't be any more different but the genetic markers are close enough for him to read a false match to be the baby's father. Jason asks if there is a chance this test can be wrong. Sam says no they are 99.99% certain and she had test ran against both potential fathers. Jason asks her how. She tells him from a contact at the FBI, they had Franco's DNA on file. She gave it to Kelly Lee to run. Jason says that's what was off, when he came to her appointment. He says there was no mix up, she never had an appointment and Dr. Lee covered for her. She tells him yes. He says so you lied to me again. Sam tells him she was always going to tell him once she got the results. Jason says she is handling him again just like with Robin. Sam says she was trying to spare him. He doesn't want to be spared he needed to know this. Sam tells him she thought that maybe when she had to tell him that the man who raped her and tortured him was his twin brother that she could balance it out with something positive. That was why she waited, not to control him or manage him, she wanted to protect him. She says when she heard the story about his twin brother from Heather she felt a pit in her stomach. Jason says that is when she should have told him, she should have let him help her. She also knew there was a chance he wasn't baby's father, she wanted to spare him the pain of having to go through another paternity test. He says so every time he asked her if something was wrong and she didn't answer, she was doing that for him. Sam says she was coming from a good place, she asks him to please say he understands that. Jason says it feels like they just did this. Sam says cause they just did.  Then why would she keep a secret after what happened with Robin. She says just told him. she wanted to protect him but he doesn't want to be protected. She keeps asking him to understand but its her who is not listening. Sam tells him she understands. Jason asks if she thinks he can't handle that, did she think he would fall apart, have another seizure? No she knows he can manage anything. She says she is sorry maybe she was being selfish, she didn't want to watch him suffer. He says so you suffered alone. She looks down sadly. Jason walks closer to her. He says they're suppose to be in this together. She tells him they are. He says how when she can't tell him anything. She can't talk to him, but she can talk to a stranger like John McBain. She asks if he thinks she hasn't struggled with this. He says she should have told him from the start. She tells him she was scared, she didn't want to see that look in his eyes the one looking back at her now. She was trying to protect them from the pain. Jason says they both need to face it, he isn't the father. Sam says so now what. Now that they know Franco is the father, can he still love it? Sam says you can't, the idea makes you sick. Jason says he didn't say that. Turning away, Sam says he hasn't said anything just like he night of the cabin. Jason says it wasn't a reality then, she tells him well guess what it's a reality now. She isn't sure why she is asking him these questions, she can't answer them, she doesn't want baby to be Franco's. She wants to go back to how it was before, when they were happy, excited, terrified. Sam turns away from him saying she hates this. Jason walking towards her, he says he hates this too, he hates Franco is his brother and that she is pregnant with his child after what he did to her. Sam says to us. Jason says he hates that she choose to go through everything alone. Montage with music, Sam looking at Jason crying asking what are they going to do, Jason says he doesn't know. Sam crying asking Jason to hold her. Jason grabs her and they hold each other as they both cry.

April 20, 2012

Jason sitting in the chair holding the sonogram pic of the baby. He flashes back to learning the baby is Franco's. Sam comes down the stairs and catches him looking at it. She asks if he wants to talk about it. Jason asks her why. Sam sits down on coffee table in front of Jason, tells him that sometimes saying it out loud takes away some of its power. Jason says it won't change anything, Franco is his brother and the baby's father. Sam looks down rubbing her stomach. Sam says maybe if Heather wouldn't have sold Franco and he grew up with Jason maybe things would've been different. Jason says it doesn't matter. Sam says it does matter what if Franco wasn't born evil. Jason says what if baby turns out to be like Franco. Sam says Franco is the baby's father biologically but it doesn't mean the baby will grow up to be like Franco. Jason says she doesn't know that. Sam tells him he is still this baby's father in every way that matters, she doesn't care what the test says, in her heart, in their lives everyday this baby is still their's. Sam asks him to please tell her he can believe that. He nods his head a little saying he wants to. Sam now has the sonogram, she puts it down saying this will take time to process but they are in this together. Jason tells her not when she contacted the FBI, got the test and results by herself. Sam tells him it just kept getting worse, first she found out Franco was Jason's twin brother, then she realized she could be carrying his baby. She didn't want to hurt him anymore than she had to, she was trying to protect him. Jason gets upset standing from chair saying he didn't want to be protected. Jason now standing by the fireplace apologizes. Sam tells him not to, they have to be honest with how they feel, its the only way they will get past this. Jason says he knows it hasn't been easy for her going through this alone. Sam stands from coffee table facing him saying it's what they do now that matters, what they do about the baby, and how they feel, their attitude towards the baby. Jason's phone rings. It's Kate calling to apologize about the fight in her office. She tells him about Sonny's party, hoping Jason and Sam can make it. Jason isn't sure. Kate says she hopes their animosity doesn't come between him and Sonny. Jason says it isn't about that but he will talk to Sam. Jason tells Sam that Kate wants them to go to Sonny's birthday party. Sam says maybe they should go. Jason doesn't really feel like going but asks if Sam does. Sam tells him they could both use a distraction. She heads upstairs to change. Jason and Sam get off elevator dressed up, Jason saying they don't have to do this. Sam tells him they're already here, go talk to Sonny and she'll talk to her mom. Sam walks up to Alexis, they hug. Alexis asks her about her outfit, should she go home and change. Sam tells her no. Alexis wants to know what is bothering Sam, she talked about it with John. Sam tells Alexis she doesn't want to talk about it. Jason and Sonny talking, Sonny wants Jason to talk to Kate, she feels bad about the argument. Jason says it was more than an argument. Sonny tells Jason he has to let it go, she was under stress and psychiatrist told her it was fine and whatever was bothering her is over. Jason goes up to Sam, Sam asks if Sonny is enjoying his patry. Jason says he thinks so, asks Sam if she wants anything, water or food. Sam tells him she wants a lot of things. 

April 23, 2012

Sam says maybe coming here wasn't a good idea. Jason walks up and she asks if he wants to go home. He tells her not yet. She doesn't either cause as soon as they get home they go back to reality. Sam tells him there is so much they haven't thought about. Jason tells her he can't do this here. She is sorry but it keeps playing a loop in her head. He says they came here to try and get away from it. Jason says this will effect the rest of their lives, some how life will have to go on but he just doesn't know how. Alexis walks up to them talking about baby names. Jason and Sam look at each other. Alexis says you could name him Jason Jr, JJ or Jason McCall. Jason walks away. Alexis asks if it was something she said. Sam looks away from Alexis. Alexis says she won't waste time asking how Sam is because clearly she is not alright, but she want to know if the baby is okay. Sam says everything is fine. Alexis says Jason isn't fine, he clearly doesn't want to talk about the baby. Sam covers saying  Jason isn't big on conversation. Alexis knows it is more, she asks Sam what is wrong. Sam says they will work through it. Alexis asks if this was why Sam was so upset, does Jason not want to have the baby anymore. Sam asks why she would say that. Jason walks up to Michael says he saw Michael is courtroom, asks if everything is ok. Michael says yes he was with Starr, she went back to Llanview. Jason says he was asking if Michael is ok with verdict. Michael thinks the jury got it right. Jason tells Michael he didn't always think so. Michael tells Jason that he said Sonny wouldn't be able to hide the death of Cole/Hope in his eyes and Jason was right. Michael says him and Sonny haven't always gotten along but they have a connection, he shouldn't have of doubted that. Michael tells Jason he will know about that soon, the father/son bond. Jason looks at Sam. Sam is looking at Jason. Sam looks away and asks Alexis why she would think Jason had doubts about the baby. Alexis says the baby is becoming more of a reality. Jason could be having second thoughts because of his line of work, Robin just died, anniversary of Jake's death. Sam says Alexis is right Jason is having issues about the baby. Alexis tells Sam every new parent has doubts, it will pass. She tells Sam that they have been through a lot, they are strong and they will work it out. Sam says she has to believe that. Sam appreciates what Alexis is trying to do and she is right Jason and her have things to deal with but they will be fine. Alexis knows they love each other but she knows something is going on with them that Sam doesn't want to tell her mother and she respects that. She also knows Sam came close to confiding in her and if Sam ever wants to she will be there. Michael asks if Jason is ok. Yeah all this talk about the baby is getting to him. Michael says for what its worth he will be an awesome dad. Jason asks if he really thinks so. Michael says you were my father for first year of his life. He points out how Jason he protected and loved him from the start even though he knew Michael wasn't his. It takes a special man to do that. Michael walks up to Sam, tells her she looks great. Sam says don't sound so surprised. Alexis says Michael means she is glowing. Sam is more beautiful than she has ever been and Michael is preceptive to notice that. Alexis walks off. Michael asks if Sam is as tired about baby talk as Jason is. Sam says they have different ways of dealing with things. Michael says Jason and Sam have been through a lot with Franco and Jason being sick. Sam looks uncomfotable. Michael apologizes for bringing that up. Sam tells him its ok to talk to someone who understands. Michael says Jason is ok, Franco is gone they can put all that bad stuff behind them. Sam hopes so. Michael is happy for both of them. After everything they went through they can start a new chapter in their lives. Sam looks towards Jason from across the room. Alexis walks up to Jason she wants to talk to him. Jason apologizes for walking away. Alexis tells him not to worry. She will talk and he needs to listen. Jason says ok. Alexis says whatever is going on with him, doubts and fears, he should work that out but whatever it is he needs to share it with Sam. He is shutting her out and if he keeps doing that Sam will keep confiding in strangers like John McBain. Jason asks what she means about John.

April 24, 2012

Replay of Sam and Michael talking about Jason, Franco, the baby and them starting a new chapter. Replay of Alexis and Jason talking about Jason sharing his feelings with Sam so she doesn't confide in John again. Jason and Sam look each other from across the room. Michael and Carly talking about having Jason talk to Sonny. Michael goes to find Sonny. Carly walks up to Sam, saying she guesses Sam and Jason made up. Sam doesn't know what Carly is talking about. Carly says it was a big deal for Jason to forgive her after lying about Robin. They argue about Sam keeping Robin's death from Jason. Sam doesn't want to do this right now. Carly is just trying to make conversation while waiting for Sonny. Carly is the last person Sam wants to talk to. Carly says you don't want to talk to me, you don't want to talk to Jason so who does Sam want to talk to. Jason asks Alexis if Sam told her about the church. Alexis didn't know about the church. Jason asks what she is talking about. Alexis tries to change subject. Jason asks her again when she saw Sam talking to John. Alexis tells him to ask his wife. Sam and Jason look at each other from across the room. Carly tells Sam she keeps saying she loves Jason. Sam does love him and doesn't give a damn what Carly thinks. Carly says that keeping secrets will only cause more problems. Sam says Carly would know. Carly wonders why Sam still seems worried. She thinks she just caught Sam in another lie. Jason walks up. Carly asks why he didn't return her messages. He tells her he got busy. Carly asks if Jason is ok. He is fine. He doesn't seem fine. He asks about the messages. They were about Sonny and Johnny but they can talk about it another time. Jason says getting in the middle of Johnny and Sonny is not a good idea. Carly says he can tell her another time;  right now she thinks Sam needs to talk to Jason. Carly walks off. Jason asks Sam what that was about. Sam tells him Carly just being Carly, she thinks she knows him better than Sam does. Jason says Carly can read him pretty well. Sam says Carly is right that Jason is not fine. If he wants to talk about the baby. It's not the baby; It's John McBain. Sam asks what about John. He tells her about his conversation with Alexis and asks when Sam saw John again. They walk to a table. Sam tells Jason about John showing up about Sonny's restraining order. Jason asks why Sam didn't tell him. She didn't think it was important. Jason says he asked her to tell him if John approached her again. Sam says he didn't approach her, he showed up at Alexis's house. Jason says he is a cop with a grudge against Sonny. Sonny was found not guilty so Sam didn't think it was a problem. Jason asks how long John was there. Sam isn't sure. Jason tells her John will use anyone to get to Sonny including her. Sam agrees to be careful. Jason asks if John left when he found out Alexis wasn't there. Sam says he waited for her. Jason asks what they talked about. Before Sam can answer, Alexis and Michael walk up saying the party is over. Michael says Sonny/Kate have vanished. Jason says they need to make sure they are ok. He is glad Michael came to him. They need to find them. Sam offers to go but Jason tells her they have it covered. They walk away. Alexis says so Jason just walks of and leaves his pregnant wife sitting here. Sam looks away. Alexis says this is more than Jason being a nervous expectant father. She asks if he had a relapse. Sam says Jason is fine physically, they are just dealing with some things and he isn't handling them very well. Alexis tells Sam the more she keeps dancing around this the more she worries. Sam tells Alexis that her and Jason have a lot going on and it didn't help that Alexis told him about John. Sam needs to know what she told Jason about John. Alexis tells Sam all she said was that she wanted Jason and Sam to be able to talk to each other so Sam wouldn't open up to strangers. Sam says so you told Jason I opened up to John. Alexis doesn't know exactly what she said. Sam asks if it occurred to Alexis that Jason may have a problem with that. Alexis says it never occured to her because she is so upset for Sam and she just wanted Jason to be more supportive. Sam tells Alexis it isn't Jason's fault. Alexis tells Sam that it is Jason's fault that he left his pregnant wife alone without a ride home. Alexis asks if the tension has to do with John. Sam says it has to do with a lot of things and John is one of them. Alexis asks about church. Sam tells her the story and that Jason wasn't happy about it. Alexis didn't mean to fuel the fire but if Sam would have confided in her she would know what secrets to keep. Sam is sorry for implying that Alexis did something wrong. Alexis is sorry too. She wants to drive Sam home. Sam is going to wait for Jason. Alexis is confident that Sam and Jason can work this out. Sam hopes so. Alexis says Sam loves Jason, he loves her, they both love this baby, everything is fine. Sam looks upset. Jason walks into Sonny's house. Max tells him how John showed up with a warrant. Michael asks about jurisdiction. Max says he has connections at FBI. Jason has a flashback of Sam telling him she got Franco's DNA from an FBI contact. Jason wants to know if Max with John the whole time. He tells him no. Someone else showed up. Jason wants Max to tell him everything. Max goes over John's gift and how he pulled out search warrant. Jason grabs the warrant. Max called Alexis but she didn't pick up. Jason asks how much John searched. Max isn't sure he went up the stairs and came out the kitchen but he couldn't have found anything. Jason is upset that Max let John walk through house alone. Max is sorry but Ewan showed up looking for Kate. Michael says Sonny and Kate bailed on party. He thinks they had a fight. Max asks if they are sure. Sonny has been  happy and thinks Kate walks on water. Jason asks Max how Kate has been treating him. Max tells Jason she has been tense, snapped at him a few time but he's dealt with worse. Jason asks what Ewan said about Kate. Ewan just needed to speak with her, it was urgent and confidential. Max asks if they have any idea what is going on. Jason doesn't but he will find out. Sam thinks Alexis should go pick up Molly. Alexis wants Sam to go and tells Sam she isn't even sure if Jason is coming back. Sam is going to take her chances. Alexis will wait with Sam if she wants. Sam says no they have a lot to work through. Alexis says there isn't much she can do if Jason keeps shutting Sam out. Sam says this is the way Jason deals with things. Alexis wants him to be supportive of Sam. Sam says he will, well she hopes so, like she said Jason loves her, he loves this baby, everything will be ok. Sam walks away. Jason walks off elevator at General Hospital and sees Liz. He asks about Ewan. She tells him he left to look for a patient. Jason thanks her. She begins to walk away. He wants to ask her another question. Jason brings up her telling him that she saw Sam talking to some guy. He pulls out his phone picture of John and asks if this is him. Liz asks what this is about. Jason asks her to just tell him. Liz tells Jason that was him. Sam on the terrace, rubbing her tummy and talking to the baby about the stars and how she has always been able to count on them. No matter where she was she could look up into the sky and see those lights and feel safe. Then she met Jason and she has never felt safer with anyone. Flashback... Jason telling Sam when he walked in, he felt something he didn't quite recognize, it was peace, contentment, happy to be home. Sam has given him that. Sam telling him when she walks into a room that they call home, she finally knows what it means to be happy. She would not trade any of her life with him for the world. They hug...End of FB. Sam telling baby he/she will know what that feels like, because Jason is such a good person, he will be such a good father. Looking up to the sky, she says she doesn't want to lose him. She asks for a sign that everything will be ok. Someone walks up. Sam turns around calling Jason's name. She turns to see that it is John.

April 25, 2012

Jason walks onto the roof of General Hospital upset. Liz follows asking him what happened. Jason says Sam she has been lying to me about John McBain. Sam says you. She turns around looking to the sky, I ask you for a sign and this is what you send me. John is sorry to dissapoint her, sometimes the man upstairs has a wicked sense of humor. Sam laughs and says this wasn't the answer she was looking for. He asks what she was looking for. She doesn't know, she asked for a sign that everything would be ok with her, Jason and the baby. John hopes it is. Sam says they would be if she could change the past and make Jason the baby's father but that's not possible. She asks what John is doing here anyway. He heard there was a party for Sonny. He guesses Sam told Jason about Franco and the baby, and he didn't know how to handle that well. Jason was devastated. John says it is a lot to handle. Sam knows. Finding out Franco is his twin was bad enough, then finding out Franco is her baby's father was just to much to handle at once. John apologizes. Sam says Jason asked why she went through it alone but she wasn't alone. Jason telling Liz that John is the guy she ID'd in the photo. Liz asks if there is something wrong with him. Jason says he is a cop, ex-FBI, when Sam told him about getting the DNA test done, his first thought was how hard it was for her to go through this alone but she wasn't alone she had John. Liz is confused. He only knows about because Alexis said something, Sam was never going to tell him. Liz says tell him what. Jason says Sam told him the DNA sample came from a contact at the FBI. She never told him about John. Liz asks why would Sam need a DNA sample. Sam knows its a lot for Jason to absorb but. John says but what. she asked him if he could love another man's baby and he couldn't answer her. John says give him some time, Jason hasn't had time to sit with it. She knows but she asked him to tell her how he was feeling but Jason told her that talking isn't going to change anything. And he is right. John says what happened with Franco isn't her fault. She knows that but it also isn't her baby's fault. John tells Sam the best part of that baby is her and in time Jason will focus on that. Sam says John is saying all the things that she needed to hear but he is last person she should be hearing them from. John says life can be funny that way, they don't get to choose who helps them. Sam says Jason was furious when he found out Sam and John talked at the Lakehouse. She can't imagine how he will react when he finds out John gave her the sample. Jason tells Liz to forget it. Liz asks him what is going on. Jason tells her to go back to work. Liz tells him to talk to her He says talking won't change anything. She tells him that he can trust her, she won't say anything. She asks about the DNA test concerned there is genetic issue. Jason says there is something wrong with the baby, it isn't his. John tells Sam she is going through a lot, she can handle it the way she needs to. She doesn't think Jason agrees with that. John says if Jason doesn't like her talking to him, he doesn't have to know about it. She tells John she doesn't like keeping secrets from her husband especially after what happened with Robin and he is completely unreasonable when it comes to John. John says Jason has to feel that way he is there to take Sonny down but that doesn't have anything to do with her. Sam knows that but Jason was still furious when she talked to him at the church. John says good maybe he won't leave her there crying again. Sam says Jason wants her to tell him about every time she ran into John but she can't count how many times she has seen John. She hasn't told Jason about any of that. John says she is being too hard on herself. They only arranged to meet one time, for him to give her Franco's DNA sample. Sam says it is all the other times that Jason won't understand. She can't tell Jason all that John has done for her. Liz is shocked about the rape. Jason telling her how Sam was drugged and didn't remember and he had to tell her. He wanted to get her to the hospital but she couldn't stand it. Liz says she showered didn't she, she just needed to get clean. Jason is sorry for bringing it up. Liz is glad he told her. Jason says they thought it was  in the past. Franco was dead and the baby was their's but it turns out baby is Franco's. Liz tells him it doesn't mean he can't love this child, Lucky loved Jake and this is the baby he and Sam have been looking forward to, the one they were going to raise together. Jason can still be the father. Jason isn't sure. John telling Sam that she always planned on telling Jason the truth, she only opened up to him cause he was there. Sam doesn't regret that, neither does John if nothing else how would she have of gotten Franco's DNA. Sam thanks him for that. He was happy to help, he is only sorry it caused a problem for her and Jason. Sam telling John that her and Jason are trying to deal with the fact that the baby isn't his, John isn't even an issue. Jason telling Liz that maybe he is a better man then he thinks, maybe he can be a father to Sam's baby. Liz has no doubt, look at the way he loved Michael. Jason says that was different, he didn't know anything about babies, much less what it meant to be a father and Michael was just there. He needed Jason. Liz says this baby will need you too. Jason getting upset, saying him and Sam should be talking about this together but she is confiding in John and that is the problem. Jason telling Liz that Sam has been telling John everything since the first night she met him in the church. Liz asks if he is sure, he says yes when they (Jason and Liz) were on the bridge, Sam was telling John about all their problems. Liz said maybe it was one of those times where it is easier to talk to a stranger. Jason says Sam asked John to get Franco's DNA before she even told Jason there was a problem. Liz is sure Sam was trying to protect him. Jason says that is a nice word for lying. Liz knows what Sam was thinking, she was trying to soften the blow. Jason saying if he hadn't shown up for the check-up, Sam might have had John beside her for the DNA test. Liz says he doesn't know that. He doesn't know anything because Sam is telling John not him. Sam asks why every time she is alone with bad news, John is there. John isn't sure, maybe fate or he has excellent timing. Sam says its like the universe is throwing them together for some reason, why. John isn't sure. Sam asks if he agrees its weird. John says its unexpected. Sam says unexpected, strange, familiar...its like she knew him before but she doesn't know why. Sam wants John to tell her she is crazy, he tells her she isn't crazy he feels the same way. Jason tells Liz how he asked Sam to tell him about seeing John at Alexis's house and she played it off as nothing. That was when Sam asked John to get her Franco's DNA. Liz tells Jason maybe he shouldn't be telling her all of this. He is sorry, he knows this isn't her problem. That isn't what she meant, he can tell her anything but person he needs to be talking to is Sam. Jason tells Liz he can't take anymore lies right now. Liz says even if Sam isn't being honest with Jason, he needs to be honest with Sam and tell her how he feels. Jason saying Sam is probably still at Metro Court. Sam telling John they are obviously on a collision course. She asks why John is still doing in Port Charles since Sonny's trial is over. He has other matters to attend to and has limited time to do it. Sam asks what he means. He says clock is ticking for him to investigate in Port Charles. Sam says so you plan to leave. John says whatever this crazy connection that is between them will be broken when his business with Sonny is finished. John hopes it all works out for her. Sam thanks him, for letting her talk it all out again. John tells her to look after herself and the little one. He leaves. Sam rubbing her belly and looking to the sky. Liz talking to sky saying if Robin can hear her, look out for Jason he needs them. Jason getting off elevator at Metro Court, he goes to terrace. Sam turns around. They look at each other.

April 26, 2012

Sam and Jason looking at each other. She asks if he found Sonny and Kate. He says no. She asks if he thinks something is wrong. He says something is wrong they are falling apart. Sam knows how awful it was for Jason to find out the baby was Franco's. She was in shock too. She tells him their marriage is strong, they can get through anything together. He says together. She says yes together. He is her husband. She wants to raise this baby with him, be a family like they always planned. They can do this together. Jason asks how they can do this together when she has kept him in the dark. She told him she was waiting until she had good news, she wanted to spare him. Jason says he hated that she had to go through this alone but she wasn't alone was she. Sam reaches for Jason, she wants to go home they had a long day. Jason stops her saying it's a simple question was she alone when she went to get paternity test. He wants her to tell him what happened before he got there, was she alone. She says yes she was alone when she got the test. She was waiting to tell him until she got the results. He understands that. He is talking about the guy she was talking to at the hospital. Sam says oh that's right Liz told him about the guy Sam was talking to. Jason gets upset, says this isn't about Liz, this is about the guy she was talking to at the hospital. Sam is crying. Jason says it was John wasn't it. Sam tells him yes. Jason asks why she wanted John there for the test. Sam tells Jason she only met John to get Franco's DNA. Jason slams his hand down, he says that is the contact you couldn't tell me about. Sam says he called in a favor for her. Jason asks how John even knew she needed a sample. Sam doesn't answer. Jason says you told him that day at Alexis's house. Sam is crying, says roughly an hour before she got to her mother's house, she had just been to Fern Cliff. She just found out Franco was his twin, so the DNA test they did was meaningless. She went to her mother's house because she needed advice, she needed someone to talk to. Jason says so you talked to John instead. She was upset it just came out. He says you couldn't help yourself. She needed someone. He says why not talk to him or her mother. She says alright she needed John. Jason looks hurt, says you needed John. Sam tells him she felt like she drowning and John was just there. Right like John was just there at the church, hospital, anywhere else. He asks if there is anyplace else, after she told John about everything, Franco and DNA test, did she see him anywhere else. Sam says none of this matters. Jason tells her it does. He asks if she saw John again after that. Sam looks down nodding her head. Jason asks her where. She tells him on the pier after she got the results back. He says so you walked out of hospital with results, then what. She tells him she had envelope in her hand and went to pier to read them alone. Jason says and John was just there. Sam says she ran into him it was an accident. He asks her to please tell him she didn't open the results in front of John. Sam is so sorry, she did. Jason saying John was first person to find out the baby wasn't his. Sam says no she was. Jason says John was there. Sam tells him how she almost couldn't do it, she wanted to throw teh envelope into the water so nothing would change. She didn't want Jason to lose this baby that he already loved. He asks what happened next. Sam says she read the words and everything went dark. John helped her, he gave her the courage to call Jason, to tell him the truth. She tells Jason he got it, does that make everything better. She told him everything. She says wait a minute she didn't tell him everything, John was here earlier. Jason looks surprised, repeating John was here tonight. Asks what Sam said. She told John how she thought Jason couldn't love this baby, now that he knows the truth. Jason walks around Sam. Sam says in the end that is what this is really about, isn't it Jason. Jason tells her not to turn this around on him, this isn't about the baby, this is about her lying, shutting him out and confiding in someone he specifically asked her not to. If she can't understand that, then there is nothing else to talk about. He begins to walk away, Sam follows saying his name. Jason turns around saying if Sam wants to talk to someone go talk to John. Jason leaves. Sam walks to balcony edge looking to sky.

May 1, 2012

Carly knocks on the Penthouse door and Sam answers it. She needs to see Jason. Sam tells her that Jason isn't there right now. She tries to shut the door but Calry stops her. Jason walks into Sonny's home asking if he burnt something. Sonny tells him just a bunch of garbage. Jason tells Sonny that he and Michael were worried when he left the party. He asks what happened. Sonny responds she slept with Johnny. Carly asking Sam where Jason is. Sam says she doesn't know and tries to shut the door again. Carly stops her and says I'll wait. Sam doesn't know when he will be back. Carly asks what is wrong. Sam won'talk about this with her. Carly what did Sam did this time. Sam asks why doesn't she go ask Johnny for help. Carly says Johnny isn't her boyfriend anymore. Sam responds what did you do this time. Carly tells Sam she found Johnny sleeping with Kate. Jason says Johnny and Kate don't make sense. Sonny talks about walking in on them and it going on for months. He brings up defending Kate to Jason. Jason says Kate has problem with him but she loves Sonny. Sonny thinks it's payback for almost getting her killed. Jason says payback works in their world but not Kate's. Jason brings up his fight with Kate and he getting Spinelli to investigate. Sonny says he told him to stop. Jason found out her doctor was worried about her and wanted to have her committed. Sonny says Kate told him the doctor said she didn't have to go back to him. He starts to get mad talking about seeing Johnny and Kate together. Sam repeats Johnny slept with Kate. Carly says says everyone told her but she knew better, she knew the real Johnny. Sam asks if that is what Carly told everyone. Carly says that is what she told herself but he played her. Carly says she made it so easy for him to manipulate her. Sam asks if that's all it was. Carly says Johnny was only with her to provoke Sonny. She should be glad it ended before she fell in love with him. Sam says except you did fall in love with him. Sonny telling Jason he's done with Kate. Jason brings up Kate's doctor. Sonny talks about trying to talk to Kate and she would get tense, distracted, emotional. Jason says maybe those were signs. Sonny saying he asked her for the truth but she lied his face. Asks Jason is he knows how that makes him feel. Jason says he does. Sonny doesn't want to keep talking about this. He asks how Jason is doing. Jason tells him that he and Sam are going to some things right now. Sonny tells Jason that he and Sam need to handle it, they have a kid coming. Jason tells Sonny that the baby isn't his. Sam telling Carly that this is none of her business. Carly agrees this isn't any of her business. Carly goes to leave. She stops and says she does have feelings for Johnny, maybe she even loves him. Sam says ok stranger things have happened. Carly brings up Luke thinking  that Carly looked at Johnny as a replacement for Jax. Sam asks if  Luke was right. Carly says maybe.  Today is their anniversary she and Jax have been married 5 years. They are still are married because she didn't sign the papers. Sam says hard to put final nail in coffin. Carly says she was going to, she was going to Johnny's apartment to tell him and that is when she walked in on Johnny and Kate. Carly says Sam is the last person she should be talking to. Sam tells her that sometimes its easier to say things to the one person you shouldn't. Carly says why do I feel like we are talking about you. Sam says they were suppose to be strong. Carly says Jason isn't out on business is he. Sonny says Sam would never cheat on Jason. Jason tells Sonny that Franco raped Sam. Jason doesn't want to talk about it. Sonny understands but he has to work through it with Sam. Jason tells Sonny she isn't working through it with him, she found someone else to talk to, John McBain. Sonny says McBain. Jason says he knew about the baby before he did. Sonny says McBain is working Sam. Jason knows. He has to figure out what to do. Sonny doesn't know what to tell him but he trusts Jason and Sam will work through it. Jason isn't so sure. Jason talks about Sam asking if he can love the baby. Sonny asks what Jason thinks. Jason tells Sonny about Franco locking him in a room with a video camera making him watch until he put a shirt over the camera. He slams his fist down. Says this is what it was all about this is what it was leading up to. Sonny asks if he realizes the baby isn't at fault. Jason understands but he keeps seeing Sam helpless and seeing Franco, what if when the baby is born that is all he sees.Jason says it isn't fair to the kid to have that much hate. Sonny has no answers for him. Jason isn't sure there is one. Jason asks Sonny to find something to use against McBain, it might help with him not being around. Sonny says McBain is relentless, squeaky clean, and will be very difficult get rid of but don't let him make things worse for him and Sam. Carly telling Sam that she thought Jason would break up with Sam when she lied about Robin. Sam says you must have been really disappointed when he didn't. Carly tells her it can't be that bad. Sam tells Carly she has no idea. Sam tells Carly that everything she did, she did for Jason because she loved him. Now she thinks she lost him. Carly tells Sam that she won't lose Jason. Jason promised to love Sam forever and Jason never breaks a promise unlike Johnny. Carly says this hurts, she isn't sure why it hurts so much, she has been used by men before. Sam tells her she will get through it, no one takes down Carly Jax. Carly tells Sam she is pretty strong too. Carly says Oh God, I think we just had a girlfriend moment. They both sit uncomfortable on the couch. Carly asks if they can agree this never happened and they can go back to hating each other. Sam tells her she already started. Carly goes to leave. She tells Sam that Jason will be back and they will have tons to talk about. Sam and Carly thank each other. Carly leaves. Sonny tells Jason to take a week and go to the island. Jason says that isn't a good idea. Sonny says can you at least go home. Jason wants to talk about Kate. Sonny doesn't want to. Jason brings up Kate not being in right mind and maybe Johnny took advantage of her. Sonny tells Jason about Kate's shrink calling him last night. Jason asks what he said. Sonny tells Jason he didn't answer. Jason tells Sonny to call him. Sonny tells Jason to leave.

May 2, 2012

Sam sitting on couch holding Dragon & Phoenix figurines. Jason comes in. She asks if he is here to stay? Sam says its a pretty simple question. Jason tells her none of this is simple. Sam says that is her fault. Jason says it doesn't help that she turned to someone else. Sam says things were complicated before John and Jason knows that. Jason says she told him things she should have told him. She couldn't tell him. Jason says you couldn't, that is the problem, he is her husband, he is suppose to be the baby's fahter, he should have been there with her reading the results. Sam tells him that John just showed up. Jason says you couldn't just walk away. Sam says she was terrified. Jason asks about the other times. Sam says if she could go back and change things she would. What's important is that he knows now. He knows everything. Jason says I know everything because Elizabeth said something. Sam knew it was Elizabeth who said she met John at the hospital. Jason asks if she hadn't would Sam have ever said anything. Sam  doesn't know. She has been so focused on this child she is carrying and how he would react when he found out Franco was the father. Hoping that he would still be there for her. Jason says he is sorry that he isn't handling this the way she wants him to but she has known the baby was Franco's longer than him and so has John. Sam tells Jason to forget John. Jason says he can't the guy is everywhere. Sam tells Jason he can't blame that on her. Jason says she didn't tell him. Sam didn't want to upset him. Jason says which means she knew she should have told him. Sam says so he can judge her for accepting help from a total stranger when Elizabeth, someone he has all kinds of history with, can run and tell him that Sam is doing something that isn't none of her business. Jason says that isn't what happened. Sam says and she is not suppose to care about that. Jason tells Sam that Elizabeth defended her. Sam says she wants to get this straight she is wrong for confiding in John but Jason is allowed to tell Elizabeth private details of their life. Jason says he remembered Elizabeth seeing Sam with some guy the day of the check-up so he showed her a picture of John. Sam says ok Jason hates that she turned to John and she hates that he turned to Elizabetht but they aren't the problem. Jason and Sam are and they need to figure out a way to deal with what happened. She is carrying Franco's child. Jason tells her don't, walks away. Sam says don't what. Jason says just don't. Sam repeats don't what say it out loud. Sam says you can't even look at me. She begins to cry. She says its like I'm tainted. Jason tells her she knows that is not how he feels about her. Sam asks if he can tell her how he feels about the baby. Their whole life depends on it. She asks if he will or won't be able to love this baby as if was his own. Jason tells Sam he knows what she wants him to say this baby but its just too soon, he needs more time. He just doesn't know. Sam repeats he doesn't know, she asks when will he know. This child deserves two parents who will love it unconditionally, can he do that, can he give their child the love. Jason stops her and says baby isn't theirs, its not her fault, Franco did this to the both of them and he can't just pretend that he isn't a part of this child. Sam stops him and tells him this hasn't been easy for them, but they survived and made their own way. They made their own rules and this baby needs him, his love, protection, patience, please say he can give all that. Jason tells her he can't. Jason grabs her other hand, tells her he wants to love this baby. Sam tells him to love it then, he says its not that easy. She tells him it is, he did it with Michael. Brings up AJ not being Jason's favorite person. Jason says AJ wasn't Franco, he didn't do what Franco did, what if that is all that goes through his head everytime he sees this baby's face. Sam asks if Jason doesn't think she asks herself the same questions everyday, but this baby is a part of her. Unlike him she can't walk away. Jason asks what do they do. Sam says not we, you. Jason says that isn't fair. Sam says none of this is fair. This baby didn't ask to be concieved here they are. Jason tells her he doesn't have an answer yet. Sam says ok, you need time to decide how you feel and while you're doing that she thinks its best she moves out. She releases his hands. Sam comes down stairs with a bag in her hand. Jason tells Sam if she wants to be apart then let him go. Sam tells him she doesn't want any of this but she has to do what is best for her child. Jason says this is your home. Sam tells him this was suppose to be their home, you, me, the baby, they were suppose to be a family together. Jason tells her he can't lie to her. Sam says he needs time to think and so does she. Jason tells her to stay, he will go. Sam tells him no she isn't staying there. Everywhere she looks reminds her of him, how happy they were and the family that they were suppose to raise together. Jason asks where she is going to go, her mom's. Sam tells him no, she doesn't want to deal with Alexis right ow. Jason tells her that he needs to know where she is. Sam tells him she will call when she findl a place. She walks towards table with figurines, she picks up Dragom. Says they are suppose to be stronger together, she still believes that. Jason asks then why leave. She tells him that she needs him to believe that too. She picks up her bags. She opens the door and tells him she loves him and closes door. Jason says he loves her too. John on the phone with Natalie. Sam walks up looking for her room and notices John. Jason standing at mantel with Phoenix in his hand, flashback to the day he gave it to her. Jason sets the Phoenix in front of a picture of Sam and stares at both things.

May 3, 2012

Sam runs into John in the hallway of the motel; he is on the phone with Natalie. John hangs up the phone. John asks Sam how she knew he was there. She didn't. He asks what she is doing there. Sam says she left Jason because of John. She should have told Jason everything as soon as it happened and they should have gone through it together. John agrees but says it does not give Jason a right to throw her out. Sam says she left on her own. John says he let you go. He says she was raped, none of it was her fault. Sam says she lied. She was trying to protect him but she hurt him. John says she is hurting too. Sam says Jason does not trust her anymore. The way he looks at her, she couldnít be there. Sam reaches in her pocket and pulls out the dragon figurine and says she left with it. John takes the dragon to look at it. He asks Sam what it is. Sam says itís Jason; that he is the dragon and she is the phoenix. They got them for each other to symbolize double happiness. John says he is sorry and hands the figurine back to Sam. Sam tells John she should have listened to him and Jason everything. John says she had her reasons. Sam says that she thinks Jason would have been able to accept all of it, but she opened the test results in front of John, in that terrible moment instead of going to her husband for support she turned to John. John says he feels bad, he wanted to help; he didnít mean to cause any trouble for her or her husband. Sam says she and Jason are fighting because they couldnít face the real problem, it is not about John, Jason doesnít know if he can love the baby.  She is at the motel so they can have some time apart and hopefully figure out what happens next. John asks what room she is staying in. Sam says 204. John holds up his room key - 205. He thinks that given everything thatís going on them living next door to each other is not the best idea. Sam says it was the only room left and she is really tired. She is going to go in that room and pass out on the bed. John says okay, so they are neighbors for at least one night. Sam just needs a quiet place to do some thinking. Music starts to play from the room where Lulu is tied up. John says so much for a quiet place. Sam asks if the noise goes on all day. This is the first time John heard it. Sam says lucky me and asks if there are any vending machines around. John gives Sam directions and Sam heads for the vending machine. John is going to talk to the guy about the noise. Later, Sam rounds the corner of the motel eating a bag of Cheetos. She sees John and asks if he has had any luck with cartoon guy. When John says no she offers to talk to him. John says no, the guy is high strung, to steer clear of him. John will talk to him when he comes back. John points to the bag of Cheetos and says that she may want to go easy on the Cheetos. Sam says the baby loves them. John takes the bag from her and says to consider this his contribution to the next generation. Later, Sam rounds the corner of the motel hallway with more Cheetos and tells the baby he/she loves them as she rubs her belly. She runs into Ronnie in the hallway. Ronnie asks what she is going there. Sam says she has a room. Ronnie says the honeymoon is over and with a bun in the oven. Sam asks if he is there because someone called the cops on the loser playing the TV too loud. Ronnie says yes and that he spoke to the guy and took care of it. Inside the room, Lulu knocks the lamp off the table and it breaks. Outside the room, Sam asks what that was. Ronnie says probably nothing. Sam says he didnít just react like it was nothing. Ronnie says who knows what goes on in the rooms. Sam thinks someone should check it out. Ronnie asks why she is getting involved, suggests she and the baby go lie down. Sam says not until she is sure everyone is okay in the room, from what she understands the guy in the room is not very stable. Ronnie asks who told her that. Sam says a friend of hers. Sam says if you are not going to check it out I will. She walks past him but Ronnie stops her by grabbing her arm; he is afraid he canít let her do that. Later, John rounds the corner with his gun drawn, Dante comes running behind him with his gun drawn as well. Dante kicks the door open and they both enter with guns still drawn.

May 4, 2012

Carly and Jason at Sonnyís looking for him. Jason saw him earlier and he was not doing too good. Carly says itís not easy to walk in on someone you love in bed with someone else. Ronnie say Sam couldnít leave well enough alone. He thinks sheíd be more careful in her condition. He touches her stomach and says with Jason as the babyís daddy the kid doesnít stand a chance. Carly says Jason to told her Johnny was using her but she didnít listen. Carly beating herself up for trusting and defending Johnny.  Jason doesn't think it is her fault. He says Johnny played her. Johnny leaving a message for Starr when Michael knocks. Michael says this is for his mother and punches Johnny. Carly says Johnny could have pulled Michael into the business but didnít and she respected him for that. Johnny was looking for the better mark, her. She didnít think they had something serious/lasting but  she let herself care too much and she doesnít understand why it hurts so much. Jason says she cared and Johnny threw it away for revenge. They talk about Kate and Johnny. Carly tells Jason that Johhny claims Kate has a split personality. Ronnie unties Luluís gag. Lulu says to let Sam go, that she has nothing to do with this. Ronnie says Lulu didnít either but that didnít keep her from sticking her nose into it. Lulu says he should have known better than to take Sam that the only way to get out alive is to let her go. She says he is begging for a bullet between the eyes. Ronnie points the gun at Lulu and says so are you. Carly updates Jason on Johnny's story about Connie's scheme. Jason asks if she thinks Johnny is lying. She doesnít know. Carly finds it too convenient that Kate doesn't remember what Connie did. Jason talks about how Kate seems to be unraveling. Carly questions how Sonny didnít know, and Jason talks about how he had Spinelli try to look into her medical records but that he couldnít. Carly says Kate had the file. She saw a piece of paper with DID on it. Jason says Dr. Keenan thought Kate was dangerous and he is starting to think he was right. Ronnie asks if Samís waiting on Jason to come rescue her and that he bets he doesnít even know sheís gone. Sam says an ex-FBI agent does. Ronnie says Dante told him about McBain. Sam says he obviously has friends in high places or he would not be in town nvestigating Sonny. Ronnie says outsiders would not be necessary if Dante could act like a professional and see Sonny as a criminal. Lulu challenges him calling Date unprofessional when he is holding two women. She says Date is a good cop and can find him. Sam says Lulu is right, a cop and ex-FBI agent will be able to find them. Ronnie says no one is going to come find them. He grabs Samís chin to make her look at him. No one knows where they are. Sam flashes back to droping the Haunted Star matchbook as a clue to the Haunted Star when Ronnie took them from the hotel. John and Dante are in Ronnieís room trying to determine whether or not the matches are a clue. They decide to head to the Haunted Star. Dante wants to call Jason since Ronnie has Sam. John says itís up to Dante but that he wouldnít since Jason isnít a cop. Dante doesn't call. Jason and Carly are still talking about Kate. Jason says if Connie was real then maybe she shot out the tires and set Sonny up. Carly says itís a stretch but Jason says it would make sense. They both say it sounds crazy but Jason says he has to find her. Carly says sheís at the airport. Jason leaves. Ronnie turns on them with the gun; they both plead for him not to shoot. Lulu lists ways out of this. Sam reminds him of all the people who would be gunning for him. He says if he is going to die he will take them with him. Lulu says he has not killed anyone yet and there is a way out of this. Sam says to leave. He says he canít leave them there and he needs a head start. Lulu says so he will kill a pregnant woman and best friendís wife. John peers around corner out of sight. Ronnie doesnít have a choice. John and Dante are around the corner. Lulu is trying to reason with Ronnie. He says he can shoot them and no one will hear because the Haunted Star has been empty for months. Sam is working to free her hands. John stops Dante from walking in, saying they donít move until they have a plan. Connie at the airport. She goes to board her flight but is stopped by Jason.

May 7, 2012

Kate tells Jason she is going to Rio on business but he tells Connie she is not going anywhere. Lulu still talking with Ronnie while he holds a gun on them; with Dante and John looking on undetected. Ronnie says Lulu will go first. She asks why he beats up women. Dante says he would like to hear the answer as he steps in the room. Kate asks why he called her Connie and Jason says he knows about her mental illness. Jason says Johnny wanted revenge and Kate would not do that. Kate says she and Johnny happened for the usual reason and to tell Sonny they are better off apart. She goes to leave and Jason stops her and again calls her Connie. Jason says there is help for her. He believes Johnny. Dante says to let Lulu go. Ronnie kneels next to Lulu with the gun and says the only way to save her is for Dante to drop the gun. Sam looks to her right and sees John. Dante puts down his gun and tries to trade himself for the girls. Dante talking to Ronnie while Sam still tries to free her hands. Ronnie talks about how her wife was a whore and how there is no help for him and admits to killing Denofrio. Dante realizes Ronnie is the one who tried to take him out and shot Sonny instead. Kate doesnít have time for this. She has a plane to catch. Jason leads her away from the gate. Sonny needs to know that Kate didnít sleep with Johnny. Connie did. Connie starts talking as herself and says so what if she did he almost got her killed. Jason asks if she also shot out Anthonyís tires. She denies it. She tries to leave again and Jason brings up Dr. Keenan; saying Connie is a danger to herself and others. Jason says they are going to the hospital. Connie starts to shout he is threatening her. Kate regains control and is upset. She is surprised he knows the truth and asks if Sonny does. He says no. She asks him to take her to Dr. Keenan. Dante and Ronnie talking about the shooting while Sam unties Lulu. Dante blames Ronnie for the events the night of the car accident. Ronnie says there is no way out. Dante suggests pleading PTSD. Ronnie says no. The handcuffs make a noise as Lulu is freed and Ronnie turns and fires, hitting Lulu in the arm. Dante runs to Lulu and tells them to stay down. John enters. He and Ronnie exchange gunfire. John yells to get them out. Sam is still untying herself. She tells Lulu and Dante to leave, but Lulu says not without her. John and Ronnie continue to talk and fire at each other and John tells Dante to leave; he and Lulu run out. Ronnie runs to Sam, and pulls her up using her as a shield holding the gun on her. Kate and Jason exit the elevator at the hospital. Elizabeth comes over and asks Jason where he found Kate. Jason says they need Dr. Keenan. Elizabeth tells them he was admitted to the ICU after being attacked. Kate asks if they know who did it and Elizabeth says it was her. John trying to talk Ronnie down and Ronnie points the gun at Samís stomach. Kate is upset by the news and talks about Connie. Elizabeth says Dr. Keenan said Kate did it. Jason explains Kate needs help. The cops show up to question her. Jason say not know because she needs help. Elizabeth goes to get help while Jason pulls out his phone to call Sonny. Kate doesnít want him to but Jason thinks Sonny will understand. Jason calls Sonny to come to the hospital, saying heíll explain when he gets there. Elizabeth comes back and says a psychologist will be over soon. The cops say she needs to go with them until a psychologist comes. Elizabeth asks how he found Connie.. She says she knows he is compassionate but he needs to take care of his own situation. Jason says Sam moved out. Dante walks in and says Lulu needs a doctor because she was shot. Dante says Ronnie kidnapped Lulu and Sam. Jason asks where Sam is. Dante says the Haunted Star and Jason runs off. John says to let Sam go or he will shoot him, Ronnie says he wouldnít risk her life. Sam says she feels sick. Sam drops to the ground and John shoots Ronnie. John kneels down to check on Sam. He asays he wouldnít have pulled the trigger if he didnít know he had a clean shot; Sam says she knows and that he saved their lives. John says she did good faking the fainting and Sam says she was so scared she didnít have to fake anything. Sam says she was not sure if he would be able to pull the shot off. He asks if sheís sure she is okay and Sam says he was going to kill her baby. John wraps his arm around her as she puts her face against his chest. Jason shows up and sees the two.

May 8, 2012

Replay of Sam and John and Jason showing up. John says everything is okay now. Sam says because of him. Sheíll never be able to thank him enough. Sam looks over and sees Jason. They walk towards each other; she asks what he is doing there and he asks if sheís okay. She is. He saw Dante at the hospital. Sam tells him that Ronnie was beating up the strippers. Jason is glad she was not hurt. John goes to call it in. Jason wants to be sure she is okay. She is and the baby is too if he was wondering. Jason leads them each to a seat. She explains how Ronnie had them tied up; that she could get Lulu out but not herself. Jason says its okay and they can talk about it later. Sam says Ronnie had the gun jammed into her side and was going to kill both of them. Jason says her and McBain. Sam says her and the baby. She tells him how Ronnie was about to shoot and she faked fainting so John could shoot him. John comes over and says police are on the way. Jason asks what is wrong with him to take a shot with his wife in the line of fire. John says it was a calculated risk. Jason questions if he missed. John says he doesnít miss. Jason says then why not take the shot before he got Sam. Sam tells him to stop, John saved their lives. Sam says she and Ronnie were staying at the same motel.  Jason asks how John got involved. He asks Sam if she called him. John says he is staying at the motel, too. ,Sam says not together, that she rounded corner and he was there. Jason says Sam canít walk five feet without John being in her face. Sam says itís a coincidence. Jason says she knows better; he is a way to Sonny and she is a way to him. John says heís being paranoid. He had no way of knowing Sam would check in. Heís been there for weeks. Sam says if she hadnít run into John then she and Lulu would probably be dead. Jason says no one hurts her and gets away with it. Delores shows up. John says Sam needs a ride to the hospital. Sam says sheís fine. John says to let a doctor decide. Jason leads her out saying itís better to be safe. Jason watches Sam go then turns to look at John. John explains what happened to Delores. She and her team leave. John mentions Jason going to the hospital with Sam. Jason says not until he and John get some things straight. Sam at the hospital. Elizabeth walks into her room and asks if she is okay, if Jason found her and what happened to Ronnie. Sam says Ronnie is dead. Elizabeth is glad she is okay. Sam needs to make sure everything is okay with the baby. Elizabeth says she can do it for her; asks if Jason is the one who handled Ronnie. Sam says no. Elizabeth questions if it was John. Sam says John killed Ronnie and saved her life. Sam says Elizabeth doesnít have to bother running to Jason because he already knows. Jason doesnít like John and that heís been hanging around Sam or knows things about their personal life. John says he knows what heís been told. Jason brings up how she couldnít do the DNA test without him. John was trying to do her a favor. Jason asks if it was a favor when he read the results with her. John says she was scared and asked him to stay; Jason says he took advantage of her. John says no. Jason says heís the way to Sonny and Sam to him. John says Sam has nothing to do with the investigation, that Jason wasnít around and he tried to pick up the slack. Jason brings up Liam/Natalie and suggests he be there for them and leave Sam alone. John says he will when Sonny is in jail and that if Jason doesnít stay out of the way he will end up there too. Elizabeth says she doesnít run to Jason . He asked a question and she gave an answer. Sam says she knows Jason told her about them. Elizabeth canít imagine what that has been like for her, to be raped and pregnant. Sam says her own mother doesnít even know. Elizabeth says Jason needs someone to talk to. Sam says Jason was upset at her confiding in John, but he confided in her and itís okay because theyíre friends. Elizabeth is not sure what sheís accusing her of but dhe has no intention of getting between her and Jason, and if anything has been on her side. Sam doesnít need her fighting her battles. Elizabeth says she needs to talk to her husband. Sam says they will get through this. Elizabeth she know they will. Elizabeth says she and her baby are fine. Jason asks if that is a threat. They talk more about Ronnie; Jason says John doesnít belong here. John brings up the federal warrant. John questions why Jason is so protective of Sonny. Jason says John will have to go through him to get to Sonny, John says that is settled and he should go to hospital with Sam. Jason says to stay away from his wife. John will see him around; Jason says count on it. John questions who is threatening who now. Jason leaves. He arrives at the hospital and asks Elizabeth if she has seen Sam. Elizabeth says he just missed her, but she and the baby are okay. Sam is back at motel and runs into John in the hallway. He asks how it went at the hospital. She says they are both fine. Sam asks how it went with Jason and he says two guys talking tough. Sam thanks him again. She feels like she canít thank him enough. He suggests she get some rest. John gives her back the dragon figurine. She thanks him and he says goodnight. Jason is still at GH, looking at Ultrasound. Elizabeth comes down the stairs and sees him. She has flowers for Jake and is going to the cemetery. Jason says his birthday; Elizabeth says he would have been five. Jason asks what she thinks heíd be doing. Elizabeth says heíd be riding a scooter. She invites Jason to go with her. He accepts. They walk out.

May 9, 2012

Sonny telling Jason says he wouldnít have come if he know it was about Kate. She told him her story but he doesnít believe her. Sam brings John coffee in his room as a thank you. They talk about the previous nightís events. Sam sees his computer and asks if she interrupted him listening to something; he says heíll show her and turns on jazz music which they talk about. Sam is more of a rock fan, he puts some songs on her phone to try and change her mind; suggesting she play them for the baby. Conversation goes back to Ronnie and how she canít stop thinking about what could have happened; John says welcome to parenthood. Sam says she was so worried about Jasonís reaction to the baby being Francoís that she didnít think about if she could love it until now. Sonny doesnít believe Kate. Jason says theyíve both seen Kate act out of character and brings up how she stood by him last year; Sonny questions why heís defending Kate. Jason tells him about what happened at the airport. Sonny says she was playing him but Jason says no. Explains how she stopped fighting, wanted to go to the hospital and only wanted to see Sonny. Alexis, Spinelli, and Matt at Kellyís discussing Maxie. They see story on the news about Ronnie and crowd around the TV. Alexis says at least Sam is safe, Spinelli says Stone Cold must be relieved, but not by the identity of her rescuer. Sam says Jason canít promise to love her child but she canít imagine her life without it. John says sometimes it takes almost losing something to realize how much it means to you, Sam says it didnít work that way for Jason though and sheís not sure if heíll ever get over how it was conceived. John says she moved out to give him time. Sam says if he canít love her child then she canít be with him, which means she is alone. John says she is not alone. At Kellyís they are still watching the story. Alexis wonders why Sam didnít call her. Jason and Sonny are discussing what Connie did to Dr. Keenan and if that is something Kate would do. Sonny throws everything off his desk. He doesnít care what she calls herself, he canít get the image of her and Johnny in bed out of his head. Jason says her psychologist said she has all the signs of two personalities. Sonny says that means she has two personalities he canít trust. Jason thinks heíd understand since he also has a mental disorder.  Sonny compares his condition to Kateís. Jason says her condition is worse. He understands Sonny is angry, but asks if he understands she is sick. Sam gets a call from Alexis and they discuss what happened. Alexis says sheíll come see Sam, and Sam tells her that she is not there and moved out. Sonny asks what about him and Sam and the baby, Jason says they donít know. Sonny says to give it time. Jason finds the bug and destroys it. They both agree McBain planted it. Jason checks for more bugs and doesnít find any. Jason asks if heís had any incriminating conversations. Heís been too distracted by Kate. Jason says heíll take care of John but to think about what he said about Kate. Alexis questioning Sam about why she went to a motel instead of the Lake House. Alexis wants to know what happened with her and Jason, asking if itís the baby/John. Sam says it goes deeper than that. Alexis says she and Jason need to confront the problem because they are having a child together. Sam is doing what she thinks is best for she and her baby. Alexis gets another call. Sam says she is fine and says bye. Sam warns John that Alexis may show up. They talk some more about the coffee she brought as a thank you and jazz music. She goes to leave. He opens the door for her and Jason is there. Jason says he needs to talk to John. Sam says there is nothing going on with her and John. Jason says itís not about her. John tells her to leave. Theyíll be fine. Sam walks out. Jason walks in and she turns starting to say his name but only John is in the doorway and he closes it. Jason shows John the bug. He told him that to come at Sonny he had to go through him first.

May 14, 2012

John is on the phone when Sam knocks. She came to make sure he is okay after Jason came by. Jason walks into Kellyís. Elizabeth is there with Emma and Aiden. Emma drops a crayon. Jason picks it up. Emma wants her daddy, then she says she wants her mommy. Jason talks to her about Robin. Emma says mommy is in heaven. Jason says he knows and when he misses her he closes his eyes and he pictures her smiling. Jason and Emma close their eyes. Jason says he tries to think of all the things she told him and how much she said she loves Emma and will always be with her. Elizabeth tells Emma to draw a picture for Patrick. She and Jason head towards the counter. They talk about Emma and how she is like Robin. Elizabeth talks about how DNA is a powerful thing; Aiden sings like Lucky and Jake was just like Jason. Elizabeth says sorry. Jason when she talks about Jake. Elizabeth thanks him for going to the grave. Heís glad she asked him. Elizabeth asks if he found Sam. Jason says she is still at the motel. Elizabeth asks why she isnít with Alexis. Jason thinks sheíd rather be near John. Sam wants to know why Jason showed up. John shows her the bug. She asks if he had Jason bugged and he says no Sonny. They talk about the bug. Sam wants to know why he is after Sonny. He doesn't have to worry about her telling Jason because they arenít exactly talking. John is sorry. Sam tells him about how she once wanted Sonny to be arrested, then realizes she is the one sharing information and not John. John says its personal with Sonny. Jason thinks Sam doesnít need him right now. She asked again if he could love the baby like it was his own and he told her that he is not sure. Elizabeth says that must have been really hard for her to hear, that we always say we want honesty but sometimes you just want to hear that everything will be okay. Jason couldn't tell Sam what she needed to hear and thatís why she left. Elizabeth says they have a lot to work through, it doesnít mean they donít love each other. Jason says he loves Sam but for right now they have to learn how to be apart. Jason says when he thinks about the baby all he sees is Franco; he wants to get past it but he doesnít know how. Elizabeth says it would take a saint not to feel that way. Jason says Sam said the baby didnít ask for this, deserves to be loved. He says she is right and itís his fault he canít promise to do that. Elizabeth assures him that as soon as the baby is born and he sees and holds it that he will fall in love. He says by then it may be too late for him and Sam. Sam is headed out and then stops because the baby is moving. John says itís amazing. Sam says she should be sharing moments like this with Jason. Shey were supposed to start child birth classes and now sheís probably going to have to ask her mom. Her phone rings. Itís Molly. She wants to stop over for Sam's brithday. Sam wants to reschedule for another night. John tells her Happy Birthday. Elizabeth gets an update on Ewen; they talk about Kateís attack. Anna and Luke show up and see Emma and Aiden. Anna sits down to color with Emma while Epiphany comes in and asks to speak with Elizabeth. Jason walks up to Luke and says he has something to say about Jake. Sam tells John that Molly doesnít know she moved out. She explains how Molly views her relationship with Jason and how excited she is about the baby. Sam is not a birthday fan and this will probably be the worst birthday of her life. She goes to leave and John stops her. Jason thanks Luke for setting up the charity in Jake's name. Jason says goodbye to Elizabeth and leaves Kellyís.  He takes out his phone out to make a call but changes his mind and walks away. Sam is in Johnís room with her hand over her eyes. He takes her hand and places something in it. He tells her to open her eyes. Heís given her a bar of soap. He says everyone should have something to open on their birthday.She wishes the soap could wash away all the bad things that have happened; John says a birthday is a good day to start looking towards the future. She thanks him. There is a knock on his door. Itís Tea. John introduces the two and they each congratulate the other on the pregnancy. Tea tells Sam her husband died and asks if John knows Todd is in town. Sam says they need to talk and leaves. Sheís headed to her room when Jason catches her in the hallway. He wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. She thanks him and asks if he wants to come in and they could talk. He says he canít and he should go. She says okay. He hopes she has a good day and leaves.

May 15, 2012

Jason walks to the fireplace and looks at the phoenix figurine. Sam is in the doctorís office holding the dragon figurine. Dr. Lee comes in and they talk about child birth classes. Sam is bringing Alexis. Spinelli shows up at the Penthouse, shows Jason a picture and says he needs help. Jason looks at he picture and realizes Spinelli found proof to clear Maxie. Spinelli asks if Jason can recognize who the man is in the picture. Jason canít. Spinelli says that is good or he would risk losing the woman he loves. Sam tells Dr. Lee why Jason is not there. She says maybe he needs time. Sam says he came by last night and there was a connection but then it was gone. Dr. Lee is glad Alexis will be there but they both say it wonít be the same. Spinelli and Jason talk about Maxie, Matt, and the crime. Jason hopes this turns out how he wants it. Heís taking a big risk. Spinelli says when you love someone you can overcome any obstacle like you and Sam. Dr. Lee tells Sam everything looks good but her pressure is a little high so she should do what she can to relax. Sam will try. Dr. Lee trails off while talking about reviewing Samís blood work. Sam asks if something is wrong. Dr. Lee says the babyís iron level is a little low. Sam asks if itís serious. Dr. Lee says that it could be an early indicator of Beta-thalassemia which they know from her family records. Sam says another curse of the Cassadines. She asks if itís dangerous. Dr. Lee says itís treatable and there is no certainty the baby has it. They will test the baby when itís born. Dr. Lee says everything else looks perfect. Sam says all thatís missing is the father. Jason asks if Spinelli is going to show the DA the picture today. He is. Jason says he should get going. As a friend, Spinelli, wants to know if there is any chance he and Sam may works things out with the baby coming soon. Jason talks about how he went by for her birthday but didnít go in because he didnít want to make any promises he couldnít keep. Spinelli canít give up hope for Jason and Sam. Spinelli leaves. Jason looks at the phoenix figurine again and leans against the door with a sigh. Dr. Lee tells Sam to let her know if anything changes, otherwise sheíll see her at the next appointment. Sam thanks her. Dr. Lee says to have fun at the childbirth class tonight. Itís an experience that brings people very close together.

May 21, 2012

Molly is hanging out with TJ at the Lake House when Sam shows up. Molly tells Sam they were studying. Sam came to get Alexis for Lamaze. Molly asks why Jason is not going. Jason is at the hospital. Elizabeth asks what he is doing there. Another nurse comes over asks if he is there looking for class. Jason says he was leaving. The nurse says most expectant fathers are nervous but his wife canít deliver the baby alone. She pulls him towards counter. Sam says Jason isnít going.  TJ cuts in. He has to go. Molly walks TJ out. She doesnít think Sam will tell Alexis he was there. They kiss. Sam is checking her messages. Molly says Alexis called and is working late. She wants to know why Jason isnít taking the class when the coach is usually the father. Sam says Alexis wanted to do it as a bonding experience. Molly says since she canít go Sam should call Jason. Sam admits that he wonít want to go. She tells her that she and Jason arenít together. Jason isnít signed up for a class. The nurse saw Mrs. Morgan signed up. Shelooks at the sign-in sheet and realizes it says Alexis. She apologizes for the mistake. Elizabeth asks if he is okay. He is glad Sam has her mom. Elizabeth wants to know why he was there if not for the class. He had a follow-up. Everything looks good. She tells him Ewan is doing better. She is worried about Jason. He is fine. She wants to know if he is sure there is no way he can patch things up with Sam. Sam tells Molly they are taking some time apart. Molly wants to know why when they love each other and are having a baby. Molly wants the facts to determine if Jason leaving her was logical.  Sam cuts in and says that Jason didnít leave her, she left him. Molly wants to know what Jason did and Sam says nothing. Molly says that doesnít make sense. She wants Sam to tell her. Sam doesn't think that is a good idea. Molly says she isnít a baby. They debate it and Sam says the truth will come out sooner or later. Jason isnít the babyís father. Jason tells Elizabeth the other night was Samís birthday and he went to the hotel to see her. She says it sounds like a good start and wants to know if they talked about the baby. Jason replies no. Elizabeth says they are going to have to eventually. She knows it was a lot to process but none of this is the babyís fault. Jason knows that but he and Sam havenít really had a chance to work through anything about because she keeps putting McBain in the way. Elizabeth says Sam is being emotional and not thinking clearly. Itís easier to confide in a stranger. When she met Ewan she told him all kinds of things. Jason says heís a psychologist. Elizabeth didnít know that, she thought he was a patient at Shadybrook. She says he didnít know anything about her or her life so it was simpler; that maybe that is how Sam felt when she was talking with McBain. Jason says maybe. Elizabeth asks if it changes how he feels about her. Does he really think it could be over? Jason doesnít know. There was a moment the other night when he saw her and he just wanted to forget about everything and have their life back again. Elizabeth says but he didnít. Jason shakes his head no. He feels the same about the baby . He would be lying if he said thatís changed. Molly is crying says itís so horrible what Franco did. Sam didnít mean to upset her by telling her. Molly is glad she trusted her with what happened and it must be hard to talk about. Sam says it is but Molly made her feel. She is lucky to have her as a sister. They hug. Molly wishes they could travel back in time. Sam questions where sheíd go. Molly says her wedding reception so she could stop her from going to Hawaii and none of this would happen. She says she and Jason were so happy that day. Sam agrees. Molly and Sam are holding hands. Molly asks Sam if she remembers when she asked if love was a lie. Molly says she had extensive empirical data. Sam says Sonny and Carly and Jax. Molly says exactly; these people were supposed to be so happy but they were making each other miserable, except for her and Jason. He really loves Sam. Molly asks if she thinks that once the baby is born Jason will hold it and love it too. Sam says she thinks Jason wants to love the baby, but it is a constant reminder for him. Molly says of what Franco did to he is not her fault or the babyís. Sam knows but the baby is a reminder of the fact that he couldnít protect them. Molly says there is nothing Jason could have done. Sam knows but Jason has an instinct to protect the people around him and with this baby he knows he couldnít do that. Molly says that doesnít make sense. They went through hell in Hawaii and survived it. She says their love is like magic and unicorns, itís epic and that has to count for something. Sam says it looks like sheíll miss Lamaze. Molly says she could be her coach. They hug. Jason tells Elizabeth not to worry. Heíll be okay and so will Dr. Keenan. Elizabeth says needs go check on him, but if he ever needs someone to talk to. Jason thanks her. Elizabeth really wants everything to work out for him and they hug. The elevator doors open and Sam and Molly exit laughing. Sam notices Jason and Elizabeth and stops laughing.

May 22, 2012

Sam and Molly watching Jason and Elizabeth hug. Molly moves to Samís side and says come on we donít want to be late. Jason and Elizabeth break apart. He turns and sees Sam. Elizabeth comes forward saying she just got great news about Dr. Keenan. Sam says Jason just happened to be here to celebrate. Jason walks towards her and says no he had a follow-up. She asks how it went. He says the tests came back great. Sam is glad. She is there for her childbirth class. Molly will be her coach. Molly says unless he wants to be there for Sam. Jason and Sam share a look. Molly thinks he should be the one at the childbirth class, she is just filling in for her mom. She tells him that he is Samís husband. Sam cuts in but Molly says no, this is something they should be experiencing together. Elizabeth says that is for Sam and Jason to decide. Sam tells Molly they should get going and starts to walk away. Molly pulls her to a stop. She tells Jason she means it. He should be there for Sam that they belong together and he can still love this baby even if it isnít his. Sam asks Jason if she can talk to him in private. They walk away from Molly and Elizabeth. Sam apologizes for Molly. Jason asks what he told her. Sam says the truth that they are separated because he is not sure if he can accept the baby. Jason says it is good she is turning to her family. Sam says everyone is going to find out at some point, his family too. Jason asks if she wants to bring the Quartermaines into this. Sam says the baby is still a part of them and they are going to wonder why she is raising it alone. Jason says she doesnít have to. Sam asks if he is saying he wants to raise the baby together. Jason says he wants to. He is sorry but living with Francoís baby is still too hard for him to accept. She asks if there is any chance he will change his mind. He doesnít know. She moved out so fast. They didnít have a chance to talk about anything, any alternatives. Sam asks if he is saying he wants to put the baby up for adoption. Jason doesnít know. There are people out there who would love the baby, who wouldnít judge the baby, and thatís what the baby deserves. Sam says she did think about it for a second and it would be a good solution for everyone. Jason says they could still have kids when she is ready. Sam says she saw the sonogram and she felt her baby move and she realized the baby is a part of her. When Ronnie jammed that gun in her side it became real. she loves the baby, wants the baby, and she can handle it even if he canít. Sam looks at Jason. He is looking away. Molly comes over to say class starts any second. She will leave if Jason is here for Sam. Sam says no. It is just the two of them. They walk away.  Jason moves to watch them. Jason rounds a corner at the hospital and sees a pregnant couple waiting by the elevator. The elevator door opens and the couple walks in. When they do Sam and Molly are standing there. Molly and Sam Molly walks in the elevator. Sam and Jason stare at each other a second longer before Sam gets in the elevator. Elizabeth is visible at the counter. She looks at Jason a moment before closing her file and walking away. Montage with Jason by the elevator, Patrick tucking in Emma, Starr being led by an officer at PCPD and passes Michael, Carly and Todd exit Kellyís sharing fries, Kate is being led away with Alexis and Sonny following, she and Sonny share a look and she smiles, and Johnny says bye grandpa and shoots Anthony.

May 24, 2012

Sam is at Kellyís. Heather walks up and starts talking about the baby and pinching it's Quartermaine cheeks. Monica is talking with cops when Jason arrives at the mansion. She is happy to see him. She tells the cops to feel free to look around the grounds. Jason asks what that was about. Monica says someone called in a tip of gunshots on the property. She thinks itís a prank. She asks what brings him there. He needs to talk to her about Samís baby. Sam questions Heather being out unaccompanied. Heather says Steven was just making a call and will be along shortly. Sam says he better hurry up before she calls the guys with big nets to come and get her. Heather says that is no way to speak to family. Sam is not her family. Heather says the baby she is carrying is her flesh and blood, whether it was fathered by Jason or by Franco. Jason asks if grandfather is there. Monica says he went to the office. She asks why. Jason says he wanted to tell them both but maybe itís better he just tells her. Monica asks if something is wrong with the baby. Jason says itís fine. She says he is tense and itís not like him to be a nervous father to be. Jason says heís not going to be a father. Heather promises to love the baby no matter which cousin fathered it. Sam says how comforting. Heather replies some people may not be as accepting as she is. She asks if the baby is Franco's. Sam says itís none of her business and gets up to walk away. Heather blocks her path and says it is Francoís. Sam never said that. Heather says her face did. Heather thinks itís wonderful. She puts her hands on Samís shoulders and Sam shrugs them off. She tells her to shut her damn mouth. Steven walks in and asks what is going on. Monica asks what Jason means. He tells her what he says has to stay between them. Monica says they are family. He can tell her anything. Tracy is outside trying to listen in, hushing Luke as he goes to move dead Anthony. Jason tells Monica the baby isnít his. Heather tells Sam to think of the baby and watch her language. Steven asks if something is wrong. Heather says they were talking about the babyís daddy. Sam cuts in and says Heather was talking about how the baby would make them one big happy family. Steven gets a call from the hospital and steps outside. Heather wants to know why Sam didnít want Steven to know she was bringing a baby Picasso into the world. She says she knows why.  She thinks Sam is afraid Jason will find out. Sam says Jason knows everything but she doesnít think the whole world needs to know right now. Heather thinks she should shout the good news from the rooftop. Sam says fine, while we shout about Franco why not share the bit where Heather sold him the second he was born. She questions how Steven would take that news. Heather replies probably about as well as Jason took the news that he was not the babyís daddy. Jason says the paternity results prove the baby is Francoís. Monica says she knows what itís like to be on the receiving end of a betrayal. Jason says Sam was raped. Monica is appalled. Jason explains what Franco did in Hawaii. Monica says it must be killing him and asks how long heís known the baby isnít his. Jason just found out. Monica gets why Jason was so worried about telling Edward, saying heís been relentless about wanting another great grandchild. Jason says that Edward will still be getting his great grandchild. Monica says there is no way Franco is his brother. Jason says they got a blood sample from the FBI and it was a match. Monica says Susan Moore would not have given up a baby. Jason tells her about Heather taking and selling Franco. Heather says Samís frown lines tell her Jason wasnít happy when he found out he wasnít the daddy. Heather knows itís not what Sam wanted but it was bound to happen because you reap what you sow. She says there are consequences for breaking promises, like not delivering her letter to Steven Lars. Maybe this will teach her not to break a promise to her. Sam says if she were not pregnant should would kick her butt. Heather warns she should watch her step because if she crosses her again she will regret it. Sam calls Heather crazy. Heather says not to call her that. Sam says then stop acting that way. Heather says she would never hurt a pregnant lady but that she wonít be pregnant forever. Sam says she is fine to keep making threats, itís just one more thing to add to the list to tell Steven. Heather questions what else is on the list and Sam says the truth about Jason and Franco. Heather thought Sam wanted everything kept under wraps. Sam says Jason is telling the Quartermaines the truth. She questions what Steven Lars will think then. Steve returns . Heather tells him that she was invited to Samís baby shower. Steven says that is nice of Sam. Steve has to go. Before they leave Heather tells Sam she will get fingerpaints for the baby shower. Monica says itís a lot for the two of them to deal with but she thinks they can find a way. Jason tells her they arenít together right now. They really havenít had a chance to talk about any alternatives, adoption.  Sam wants to keep the baby and heís afraid that every time he looks at it heíll see Franco. Monica asks if heís sure theyíre over. Jason says Sam needs him to promise to love the baby and be its father and he canít. Monica says when Alan brought him home to the gatehouse, she would have nothing to do with him. Jason canít blame her for that. Monica says he was living proof of how flawed and fragile her marriage was. How completely she and Alan had failed. She didnít want anything to do with him. Monica says that when she held him and looked into his eyes, all the resentment and hurt and anger just disappeared. Jason says itís different. Monica questions if it is. She says he was innocent, she and Alan were not and that Jason had done nothing wrong and was just a part of Alan. Monica realized she loved Alan no matter what, so how could she possibly love Jason less. Jason says he has to go. Monica stops him and asks doesnít he think he can do the same. He doesnít know. Monica thinks he owes it to himself and Sam to find out. Jason leaves and shows up at Kellyís. Sam is there sitting at a table. Sam asks if heís there for a bite. Heís there for her. Sam questions how he found her. He replies Molly as he sits down. Jason thought she should know he told Monica about the baby. Sam questions how she took the news. He says it was really hard. Sam asks if he thinks Monica will want to know the baby. He does. That doesnít surprise her because Jason is not her biological son and she always loved him. Jason says Monica said something like that. Sam will make sure Monica has a relationship with the baby if that is what she wants because not everyone does. Sam stands up and says she has to pick up Molly. Jason asks if itís another childbirth class. Sam says yes. He asks how itís going. Sam saysas far as coaches go Molly is a bit intense. Jason can imagine. Sam asks if heíd like to join her.

May 25, 2012

Jason and Sam sitting at Kellyís. Sam has to go pick up Molly. Jason asks if itís another child birthing class and how the classes are going. Sam says not bad. Molly is a bit intense. Sam asks if Jason would like to go with her instead. Jason just looks at her. Sam gets the hint and starts to walk away. She turns back and tells Jason that she canít stop thinking about how Monica raised and loved him even though he could have been a reminder of Alan cheating. Jason says itís different. Sam says she knows but Monica made a decision to look at him as a baby. She asks if anything she is saying changes anything. Jason doesnít respond. Sam knows he can learn to love the baby. He just needs to believe it too. Jason and Sam hold hands. Sam doesnít want to push him, but she doesnít want to lose him either. She knows they can be a family. A reporter walks in an interrupts wanting them to comment on a story that is about to run. The reporter shows the front page with story about the rape titled ĎHoneymoon Horrorí. Molly and Alexis at the Lakehouse. Alexis explains to Molly that Sam and Jason are just taking some time apart but that doesnít meant that they donít love each other or that Jason is ready to move on. They both hope that they get back together. Molly says that itís not fair that Jason is not the father. Alexisís doesn't understand. Molly tries to leave but Alexis pulls her back to the couch and tells her to start talking. Jason and Sam are in shock. Sam wants to know where they got the story. Reporter won't give up a source. Sam says canít print that, it's libel. Reporter says only if it is isnít true. He asks if they are saying the baby isn't Franco's. Jason and Sam look at each other. Reporter says Franco is famous. That is why they are writing about it. Jason and Sam are just staring at each other while the reporter talks. Reporter leaves. Sam apologizes for how everything came out. Jason says itís not her fault. Jason tells Sam she should go, Mollyís waiting. Sam leaves. Jason goes to Kellyís window and watches Sam leave. Jasonís wringing the newspaper in his hands. John walks in. They stare at each other. Jason confronts John about the article. Tells him if he wants to come at him thatís fine, but leaves Sam out of it. John asks him if he thinks heís the one who sold the story to the paper. Jason says why wouldnít you?  Molly says Alexis should talk to Sam. She told her in confidence. Alexis tells her youíre here now so tell me. John says that when he comes after him it wonít be through the tabloids. Jason accuses him of using Sam. Alexis asks how Jason isnít the father. Sam appears at the door and says Franco raped me. John and Jason talking about Sonny and Jason and Sonnyís relationship. They talk about the Thornhart case. Alexis hugs Sam. Sam says sheís ok. Alexis is crying. She wishes Sam told her, she would have supported her. Sam wanted to put the whole thing behind her so she didnít tell anyone. They talk about the babyís paternity and that Jason and Franco are twins. They talk about Jasonís reaction to everything, that the baby is a constant reminder of what franco did. Sam wanted to tell Alexis but she didnít want her to think of her as damaged. Alexis tells Sam how strong and beautiful she is. Sam tells Alexis that the story is going to be in the newspaper. Jason knows that heís after Sonny because of that woman in Atlantic City. John tells him that woman is his sister. Jason says maybe heís innocent. John says he isnít. Johnís going to take Sonny down, Jason will be a bonus if he uses him to do it. Alexis on the phone with Diane. Alexis tells Sam that Diane doesnít think that she can stop the story. Molly tells Sam that Franco was famous so the story will probably be online. Sam wants to call Kristina and tell her before she hears from someone else. Sam calls. Kristinaís roommate says that she left weeks ago. No one knows where she is. Jason throws out the newspaper. Beecher's Corners cops come and arrest himon for Francoís murder. Sonny comes to the Lakehouse, they girls fill him in on whatís happening with Kristina. Alexis and Sonny start making phone calls. Alexis wants to send out a search party. Kristina appears at the door saying donít bother Iím already here.

May 29, 2012

Jason at the BCPD being questioned about Francoís murder. Kristina arrives at Lakehouse upset. Jason calls Alexis but she doesnít pick up because of Kristina. Alexis questioning Kristina about where sheís been. She quit school because she found out she doesnít belong there. Jason calls Elizabeth and tells her he really needs her help. Sam and Molly try to figure what happened with Kristina. Kristina tells everyone that Sonny strong armed Yale into accepting her. Elizabeth arrives at the BCPD with money Bernie gave her to bail Jason out. Elizabeth asks why he ask hered to bring it. Jason says that the cops wouldnít like Bernie coming for a nuisance arrests. Jason says John called in the murder charges. Sonnyís not ashamed of helping his daughter get into Yale. Kristina and Sonny arguing. Kristina brings Alexis into the argument. Alexis says she knows that Sonny strong armed Yale to get her in. Sam and Molly trying to support Kristina and calm everyone down. Kristina yelling at Alexis. She brings up Ethan and Crimson. Jason tells the cop that he can post bail. Elizabeth sees the article about Franco/Sam/Jason. Jason tells Liz that John leaked the story. Kristina telling everyone what happened in Yale and how everyone found out what Sonny did. They are processing his bail. Jason thanks Elizabeth and they discuss McBain and his motives. Kristina telling her story. Jason tells Liz that he told Monica everything. Liz asks how he feels about the baby. Jason tells her what Monica said to him, that Monica loved him even though he was Alanís son from an affair. He tells her what happened with Sam at Kellyís. Liz says that maybe in time that Jason and Sam can work it out. Police tell Jason he is free to go. Kristina talks about the grad student that helped her. Molly asks if she is pregnant. She says no. When she has a baby it will be on purpose and with someone she loves just like Sam and Jason. She says that they must be so happy. They hug. Jason banging on Johnís motel door. John opens and asks what he can do for him. Sam is about to tell Kristina whatís happening with her and Jason but Molly interrupts and asks her what the new project is that she is talking about. Kristina tells them sheís going to do a reality show called ĎMob Princessí.

May 30, 2012

Jason tells him that he was arrested on suspicion for Francoís murder. He says they were acting on anonymous tip from you. Kristina retelling them about the reality show. Sonny and Alexis are not happy about the show. John doesnít know what heís talking about. Jason asks why would the cops then come after him months after it happened. John says maybe because you did it. Sam tells Kristina that the last thing the family needs is more media exposure. Kristina, Alexis and Sonny argue about the show and Yale. Sam says that she was on reality tv and she regretted. She knows that Kristina is going to regret it too. More arguing. Sonny says that the show is not going to happen. Camera crew appears and asks Alexis where they should set up. Jason says that at least he came at him instead of using Sam. John says that he doesnít influence other police departments. Jason asks what would you do if someone raped Natalie. You would kill them. Kristina introducing her family to the camera. John says you are making the situation personal, he wouldnít wish what happened to them on anyone. John and Jason discussing Johnís business with Sonny. Jason asks if he wanted him out of the picture to get to Sonny or to Sam. Sam wants to talk to Kristina privately. Kristina pulls her in front of the Camera and introduces her and tells the camera about her marriage to Jason and how heís an enforcer. Kristina talks about the rest of her family. Sonny threatens the camera and breaks one of them. Alexis tells Sam that Jason was arrested. John and Jason talking about Sam. John tells Jason that Sam loves him. John says if he loses Sam that itís going to be the worst thing that ever happens to him. And itíll be his fault, not John's. Jason leaves. Jason and Sam bump into each other in the hallway. Sam tells Jason that she heard that he was arrested. He says Elizabeth bailed him out. Sam says ĎElizabethí? Jason says that he didnít want Sam involved and Bernie is still recovering from a gunshot wound. Jason tells her that they have no new evidence. She asks why would they arrest you if thereís no new evidence. Jason tells her to ask John. Sam doesnít think that John would do that. Jason tells Sam to be careful, John is a cop and sheís trusting the wrong person. Jason leaves.

May 31, 2012

Sonny on the phone in his office. Jason walks in. The talk about his arrest. Jason says he didnít want Sam near all the Franco stuff. Jason says that John was the reason he was arrested. Sam at Johnís door. Sam says that Jason thinks that he was behind the arrest. Sonny and Jason talking more about the McBain Problem Jason thinks that John may be going after more than just Sonny. Sonny asks if he thinks that heís going after Sam. Sam and McBain in his motel room. Sam asks again if heís the one who got Jason arrested. John talks around the question. He wants to know what Sam thinks. She thinks that John didnít do it, itís not the way he operates. John telling Sam why he would want to be around Sam. Jason says that Sam keeps turning to McBain. He doesnít know why Sam thought it was easier talking to McBain. Sonny asks if Jason is worried about all the time Sam and John spend together. Jason says that every time that he and start getting close soemthing happens with Franco or McBain. Sonny says that maybe McBain needs to disappear. Sam doesnít want to be caught in the middle of everything. John tells her she should go home and patch things up with Jason. She says she canít go home, everything will still be the same. John says if home isnít an option, how about Alexis. Sam laughs and says she doesnít want to give birth on national TV. Sam says she better get going. She has a date with her cheetos and tv. John teasing Sam about the cheetos. Sam at the door about to leave when she doubles over. She thinks she had a contraction. Sonnyís tired of McBain. He's worried that he may find out about Kate and destroy her. Sonny says that he needs to be eliminated. Jason says we canít because heís a cop but they can send a message. Sam says itís too soon for her to be in labor, itís probably Braxton hicks. John tells Sam to call her doctor. None of the phones work. Samís having more contractions. She tells John about her daughterís birth. She tells him that somethingís wrong. Jason discussing the message they are going to send John. Sonny thinks that ĎSam doesnít want to lose you but sheís doing everything she can to push you awayí. If Jason and Sam can get past McBain they can work through everything together. John gives her water. Phones still donít work to call doctor. Theyíre going to go down to the office to see if those phones work. John helps Sam up. Sam starts shaking her head and says her water just broke. Jason wants to try and work things out with Sam. Sonny gives Jason more advice. John takes Sam to the bed. Sam yelling through her contractions. John trying to coach her. Sam says this is it, Iím having this baby right now.

June 1, 2012

Jason in Penthouse shows John's picture to the thugs. Jason gives instructions and tells them not to involve Sam. Sam in labor in Johnís motel room screaming. She tells John that when she had her daughter she passed out and when she woke up she was gone. John wants to get her to a hospital but Sam says sheís having the baby right now. John prepares to deliver the baby. Sam getting tired from the contractions. John says itíll be easier if she can concentrate on something. He gets a drink bottle and tells her to concentrate on the helicopter on it. Sam says no, she has something in her purse. She wants the dragon figurine. She focuses on the dragon and starts breathing. Jason tells Carly that he and Franco were fraternal twins. They discuss the events with Franco and Jason and Sam. Carly talks about what she and Sam had talked about when she stopped by. Jason says how Sam had left because he needed time to think about if he could accept the baby. Carly says itís manipulative but sheís not going o judge Sam because she was raped and carrying a baby of rape. Jason says maybe Sam was right to leave.He never hated anyone as much as he hated Franco and itís not fair for the kid to live with that. Carly says stop before you talk yourself in to giving up on Sam. Jason doesnít care about biology, he would have loved Sam's baby with Sonny. He thinks its differnet because of what Franco did. Carly says you will love the baby. Jason says that what everyone keeps saying. Carly trying to talk sense into Jason. Sam still in labor. John trying to help her  He John says what he thinks Jason would say if he were the one here with her. That she looks beautiful, he loves her, etc. John says she has to bring the baby into the world. Sam pushes. The baby is born. Heís crying. John tells Sam she has a beautiful baby boy. He give Sam the baby. Sam says heís beautiful. John wants to take them to the hospital. Jason says John and Sam have gotten close. He tells Carly what John and Sam have done together. Jason says that John is using him to get to Sonny and Sam to get to Jason. Carly says thereís no way Sam wants McBain more than you. Jason asks if sheís sure about that. Sam says her baby is a tough guy. John leaves to get the car. John runs into the thugs in the motel hallway outside his door. Carly asks Jason if heís going to just let Sam go. He says that sheís already gone. Carly wants to know if heís just going to let McBain pick up the pieces and Jason responds that McBain wonít be pickup anything. Carly wants to know what that means. Carly asks if those guys were sent to go after him because that will backfire on him. Carly tells him to call it off now. Sam tells her son that he is beautiful and looks just like his Uncle Jason. She tells the baby that she wishes that he will change his mind and want to be his daddy. Sam tells the baby how much she loves him. Jason leaves a message to the thugs to call off the beating. Carly says that Jason needs to reach out to Sam, she canít cause sheís hurting to much. Carly gives him advice on how to fix things with Sam. Samís worried about that babyís breathing. Carly tells Jason to go to Sam and patch everything up. Carly walks to the mantel and asks where the dragon is. Jason tells her that Sam has it. Carly sarcastically  says right, cause she doesnít love you. Carly leaves. Jason looking at Samís picture on the mantel. He tells the picture that heís coming and leaves. Sam swaddles the baby in her black scarf. She tells him that they have to wait for John. Thugs leave John on the side of the road. Sam is worried about that babyís breathing. She needs John to hurry.

June 4, 2012

Jason knocking on Samís hotel room door. Jason says through the door that he needs to talk to her about the baby. Sam starts walking around the room with the baby, she gets dizzy and sits down. Sheís talking to the baby. She worried and wants the baby to cry so she knows heís okay. She says that baby heís like Jason, he doesnít like to say a lot. She wants to know where John is. Sam tries the phone but they still donít work. She tells the baby that she loves him and doesnít want him to leave her. She wants him to grow strong and big. Jason tells Sam to just listen. He tells Sam that the baby is a part of her and she loves her.  He wants Sam to please open the door. She doesnít know where John is. She canít wait for him anymore. She needs to get help. Sam starts getting dizzy again. Jason says ĎSam?í then opens her door and walks in. Sam leaves Johnís room and starts to walk out of the motel. Jason leaves Samís room and sees Johnís door open and walks in calling ĎMcBain? Sam?í. John struggling to stand, he says he needs to get back to the motel. He tells Sam to hang on heís coming. Sam walking outside. She tells the baby not to worry, someone will drive by. She spots the road closed sign and gets worried. She starts walking towards a light. Sam arrives outside the she where Todd and Heather are. She sits on the ground and talks to the baby and makes sure that heís okay. Sam tells him everything is going to be okay and puts him in a planters box and walks into the cabin. She faints. Todd is there holding Tea's dead baby. Jason is in McBainís room. He spots the bloody towels and calls for Sam. He sees the dragon figurine and picks it up. Flashesbacj to Christmas when she gave him the dragon then when she left him and took the dragon. Jason pockets the figurine just as John walks in. John tells Jason that Sam had her baby. Todd puts Tea's baby down and walks up to Sam to see if sheís conscious. He hears a baby crying and goes outside and finds Sam's baby. Jason says Sam isnít due yet. John says her water broke and the phone lines were down. John tells him that he delivered the baby. Todd picks up the baby and tries to comfort him. Todd is about to take him inside when Tea arrives. She thinks it's her baby. Tea gets hysterical.  She wants to hold the baby. Todd gives her the baby. He tries to tell itís not her baby, but then Heather arrives and says he is not dead. Tea thanks him. Jason wants to know where Sam is. John tells him that Sam was supposed to wait for him.  He was going to get the car but then the thugs showed up. He tells Jason should have sent the message himself, then he could have seen the baby born. John assures Jason that everything went well with the birth. John says Sam was exhausted and couldnít have gotten far on her own. Sam in the shack passed out. Tea talking Spanish to the baby. Heather asks why Todd doesnít look happier. Todd takes Heather into the shack and shows her Sam. He tells her that itís not Teaís baby itís Samís. Heather says that Sam is her relative. He tells her how he found the baby. Heather says that maybe Tea should keep the baby. Heather tells Todd that Sam was probably there to abandon the baby. Jason runs back into the room and says that he canít find Sam. John says she probably went on foot to get to the hospital. John gets up from his chair and starts walking to the door. He says they need to find her. She and her son shouldnít be walking outside alone. Jason says ĎSon?í John nods and tells him that Sam had a little boy. John asks Jason why does it matter to him, he made it pretty clear that he didnít want anything to do with the baby. Todd tells Heather that they just canít take Samís baby. Heather says that theyíll leave Tea's baby in his place. Todd doesnít like the idea, his daughter had just lost her child, and he wouldnít want that for another human being. Heather says that Sam wanted her baby gone and everyone is better off this way. Jason tells John that he came to talk to Sam about the baby. Jason says heís going to go look for Sam. John wants to come but Jason says that he can barely stand. John falls into a chair. Jason tells John that he has to go Ďfind Sam and my soní and then runs out of the room. Heather tells Todd to go, she will take care of Sam. Todd says that if they switch the babies, they can never tell anyone the truth. Todd and Tea talking. Todd and Tea take the baby leave. Heather tells Tea's baby that his mother wanted him. She turns around and looks at Sam and says that she is getting exactly what she deserves.

June 5, 2012

Todd and Tea arrive at the hospital. Jason outside looking for Sam. Heís on the phone telling someone that he wants his best men looking for Sam and the baby. Jason sees a light and heads for it. Heather in the shack with an unconscious Sam, taunting her. Steve and Epiphany are tending to Tea and the baby. Tea said that the baby wasnít crying when he was born. Tea's baby in the planters box. Tea says that Todd is the reason why she has her baby. Epiphany takes the baby to get checked out. Tea canít believe her baby is alive. Todd has a flashback of talking to Heather about Tea thinking that the baby is hers. Todd tells Tea that there is something that he has to tell her. Jason calls out for Sam. Sam starts to stir. She says Jasonís name. He rushes through the door and finds her. Jason gets on the ground and holds her. Sam tells Jason how she got to the shack as she struggles to get up and get her baby. Jason asks where the baby is. Sam tells him and he tells her to stay put while he gets the baby. Jason sees the baby in the planters box and realizes that the baby is dead. He picks up the baby and apologizes to the baby cradling him in his arms. Jason talks to the baby, tells him that everyone was right, he loves the baby. Sam calls out to Jason, wants to know if everything is Okay. Jason talks to and hugs the baby as Sam continues to call out for him. Epiphany gives the baby back to Tea. Steve tells Tea medical stuff about the baby. Tea asks Todd what he has to tell her but Todd doesnít get a chance to say anything because Starr shows up. Sam walks out of the shack as Jason is placing the baby down into the planter box. Sam tells him not to, she wants to hold her son. Jason tries to stop her from going near the box. He tells her he needs to talk to her. Sam says she wants her baby. Jason gives her a sad look and Sam starts to yell no and that she wants to see her baby. She struggles with Jason. Jason tells her heís gone. They continue to struggle as they both start to fall to the ground. Sam starts crying. Tea tells Starr about what happened in the woods. Todd tells Tea that what he had to say was that he is happy for her. Tea doesnít know who the baby looks like. Sam tells Jason that she doesnít believe him. Sam wants to see her son. Jason tells her to sit down and brings her the baby. Jason gives the baby to Sam. Sam uncovers the babyís face and then tells Jason that the baby isnít hers.

June 6, 2012

Repeat of Jason giving Sam the baby and her telling him that he isnít her baby. Jason tells Sam heís sorry. Sam says her baby isnít dead. Tea telling the baby that she doesnít know who he looks like. Sam tells Jason about how the baby looked. She says this isnít the baby she gave birth to. Jasonís trying to calm Sam but sheís yelling at him that the baby isnít hers. She says someone switched her baby. Todd tells Tea that the baby looks like Victor. Sam tells Jason that this baby isnít hers. Her baby looked like him. Sam wants Jason to listen to her but Jason keeps apologizing and saying heís gone. Jason helps Sam up and they walk towards his car. Tea wants to know whatís bothering Todd. Heís about to tell her but Epiphany interrupts, wanting to take the baby to the nursery. Todd accompanies them to the nursery. Jason, pushing Sam and the baby in a wheelchair, gets off the elevator. Jason calls for Epiphany to help Sam. Todd holding the baby turns away from them. Epiphany tells Todd to stay while she helps Jason and Sam. She talks to them and then goes to get a doctor. The doctor arrives. Jason tells him what happened with the delivery and baby. Epiphany tells Sam sheís sorry and that she needs to take the bay. Sam doesnít want her to because then the baby will really be gone. Sam cries as she gives the baby to Epiphany. Jason holds Sam as she cries. Todd watches from afar. Sam is taken into a cubicle. Todd talks to Epiphany about Sam then they go to the nursery. Jason talks to the doctor outside Samís room. Jason goes into Samís room. The nurse leaves them alone to talk. Sam doesnít know how any of this happened. She starts talking about John and if he came back her baby would have been alive. Sam tells Jason that she was going to name the baby Jason after his father.

June 7, 2012

Sam dreaming that the baby is alive. She is holding him in the hospital and talking to him Todd dreaming that Tea asks for her baby and he tells her the baby wasn't hers and her baby died. Todd wakes up in Teaís hospital room. Tea is holding the baby. Sam wakes up and Jason rushes to her side. Jason tries to comfort her. Sam tells Jason about her dream. Sam tells Jason that John was supposed to come back for her and her baby. Jason has a flashback of John telling Jason that he was getting the car to take Sam and the baby to the hospital when his thugs came after him. Jason tells Sam that he needs to tell her something, just then his phone rings ó itís Alexis. Jason tells Alexis what happened. Alexis walks back into the Lakehouse living room. Kristina wants to know who Jason killed this time. Alexis said no one, but someone is dead ó your sisterís baby. Todd tells Tea that he had a bad dream. He wants to know how the baby is. Steve walks in.  He wants to talk about the babyís blood test. Sam doesnít know if she can handle her family right now. Jason tries to tell Sam that he would of loved the baby but Sam starts lashing out. Steve tells Tea that the baby has Mediterranean Anemia which is commonly found in Greek and Russian ancestry. The Davis girls show up in Samís room. Davis girls hug as Jason watches. Tea says sheís 100% Puerto Rican so she doesnít know how he could have it. Steve says they could run more tests. Tea says Okay but Todd says no. He convinces Tea to return to Llanview and have the tests there. Sam tells her family about the delivery and John. Jason excuses himself and stands outside Samís door. Todd watches from afar. Jason leaves the hallway and Todd eavesdrop outside Samís room. Sam finishes telling her family about what happened. Alexis goes to get Dr. Lee and finds Todd outside Samís door. Molly and Kristina say their goodbyes and leave. Jason sitting on the stairs near the nurses station. He sees Alexis and jumps up and asks how Sam is doing.  Jason tells Alexis that he is sorry that Sam lost Ďherí son. Alexis says Ďherí son not Ďyoursí. Alexis tells him that she wonders if Jason had just a little more compassion then maybe Sam would have been at home with him and not in a motel and her grandson would be alive. Alexis tells him she has to go find the doctor and excuses herself. Jason looks crushed. A nurse gives John his pills and tells her instructions about his next appointment. Jason and John come face to face. Tea and the baby are being wheeled down the hall, Tea says she forgot a pamphlet so the nurse goes back to her room to get it. Tea and the baby stop in front of Samís room. Sam walks out of her room and sees the two of them.

June 8, 2012

John telling Jason he heard about the baby, he asks how Sam is. Jason says he doesnít think that Sam has accepted that the baby is gone. Heather and odd in Teaís room. Heather says that they have to talk. Toddís trying to leave. John and Jason talking about Sam. Sam and Tea talking. Sam says to Tea you had your babyí. And Tea replies it look like you had yours too. Jason tells John how he found Sam. Tea asks Sam how her baby is. Sam tells tea that her baby didnít make it. Tea expresses her condolences. John and Jason discuss how Sam thought her baby was switched. Sam asks Tea how her baby is. Baby is being fussy. Sam says maybe she can try to calm him. John and Jason discussing what happened and what they could have done differently. Alexis appears with Dr. Lee. Sam goes back into her room. Dr. Lee tells Sam what happened to her baby. Jason gets arrested. Todd tells Tea they have to leave now. Dr. Lee tells Sam how they thought the baby would have Mediterranean Anemia but he didnít which she finds a little odd. Dr. Lee says her baby died because of issues with his lungs. Sam says she was right that wasnít her baby, her baby is still alive. Tea and Todd discuss why he wants to leave so fast. Tea says he wants her out of his hands. Dr. Lee says that itís hard to know everything about babyís health before itís born. Tea and Todd are about to enter the elevator when Heather comes out. Jason and Anna at PCPD, she summoned him there. Sam, Alexis and Dr. Lee discussing what happened with the baby. Sam wants to be left alone. Dr. Lee leaves. John shows up. Sam asks Alexis to leave, she needs to talk to John. Anna and Jason talking about Robin. Anna tells Jason she knows what he did to McBain last night. John sits on Samís bed. Sam wants to know why he didnít come back for her and her baby. Todd, Tea and Heather talking about how she saved the baby. Sam telling John how heís been there for her since they met at the church. Anna tells Jason she knows heís responsible for what happened to John. Nurse comes in with Samís food. Anna scolds Jason for what he did to John. John leaves. Sam asks the nurse what happened to John. Anna tells Jason that if he commits a crime that Anna will do everything in her power to prosecute him. Anna tells Jason to tell Sam that her thoughts are with her. Anna leaves. Nurse tells Sam that John had gotten a bad beating. Todd, Tea and the baby leave the hospital. Heather drops the babyís paternity test. John picks it up and gives it to her. Jason walks into Samís room. She has to ask him something. He says he needs to tell her something first. Heather thanks John. John leaves. Jason tells Sam he came back to the motel to talk to her. To tell her she was right. She says what do you mean? Heather looking at the paternity test. Jason tells Sam that she said that he could love the baby cause it was a part of her, and she was right. He was going to love her son and wanted to be his father. Heather looking at the paternity test. She says the baby would have a better chance in Pennsylvania then with his parents. She reads the real paternity test results: Mother= Samantha Morgan, Father= Jason Morgan.

June 11, 2012

Heather looking at the paternity test gloating about Jason being the father and she is the only one who knows.  Steven comes up and asks knows what?  Jason telling Sam that he was coming to tell her that he loved the baby and wanted to be his father.  Sam wants to know what changed. He tells her she kept asking if he would love the baby and he didn't know. He did not want to make promises he couldn't keep. He talks about everything that happened and how it wasn't fair of him to shut her out so he came to the hotel to apologize.  Sam doesn't believe him. Jason says their marriage is worth fighting for and he went to the hotel because he wanted her to come home. She thinks he was at the hotel to send John a message. She says Jason made sure that John could not come back to take her and the baby to the hospital. Sam questions him about the beating.  Jason says John was a problem. Sam says the problem wasn't John, it was him. He didn't love the baby and had John beaten for helping her. Jason says he tried to call it off but it was too late.  She says too late for John and too late for her baby. Heather flashesback to how she changed to paternity test. Sam tells Jason that if she had gotten the baby to the hospital, he might have lived. She talks about waiting at the hotel for John and how it was Jason's fault he never came back. She says Jason is the reason the baby died. Jason says when he sent the men, he had no idea she was in labor.  He tells her how sorry he is.  She doesn't believe him. He is sorry for everything she's been through and everything she's lost. Most of all he is sorry her son died. She brings up Jason saying he couldn't love him.  She says she had questions and doubts.  She was raped and pregnant.  But in the end, she was going to be a mother and love the baby with everything she had and he wasn't. She says he wanted her to gice the baby up and now he is gone.  She congratulates him on getting exactly what he wanted. Heather continues to flashback to the paternity switch.  Jason reaches for Sam's hand but she pulls it away. He says he was there when she lost her daughter and he would never wish that kind of pain on her again. She says losing her son hurts just as much as losing her daughter. She loved and wanted him just as much. And he didn't.  Jason says he did want the baby.  Sam says that's easy to say now that he is gone. Jason aplogizes for letting his hatred for Franco get in the way. Sam doesn't know what is going to happen to them but things can't go back to the way they were. What they had is broken and sorry won't fix it.  Sorry won't bring the baby back. Heather gloating internally about the baby switch. Jason says he is not giving up on Sam.  She yells at him to leave. He takes the dragon figurine out of his pocket and puts it on the tray before leaving.  Sam looks at it sadly.  Sam moves the figurine to the nightstand. Steven knocks and comes in.  He says his mother wanted to offer her condolences.  Heather comes in.  She and Sam eye each other up. Jason walking down the hall.  Elizabeth comes out of a room. She asks him what's wrong.  He tells her Sam lost the baby and he lost Sam. Heather tells Sam that she is sorry, she knows what it feels like to lost a child.  Sam says he baby died.  Heather says you didn't sell him.  She hopes Sam will comforted that her baby is in a better place.

June 12, 2012

Sam picks up the dragon and looks at it.  Jason looking at the phoenix on the mantle at home. Carly knocks and Jason lets her in. She asks what happened with Sam.  He responds that they are over. Elizabeth comes into Sam's room with flowers from the Davis girls. Elizabeth gives her condolences. Carly doesn't understand why they are over.  Jason tells her the baby is dead and how Sam delivered him at the hotel. Elizabeth wants to know if there is anything she can do.  Sam asks if she can bring her baby back. Elizabeth apologizes for asking.  She remembers how it felt when people asked after she lost Jake and how there is nothing anyone can do. She says she would bring him back if she could.  Sam says bottom line, she can't. Michael and Starr looking at the baby's picture on her phone.  Starr crying over Hope. Carly says she is sorry.  Jason says Sam is devastated.  Carly says he is too and that is why they need to be together and help each other. Jason says Sam doesn't want to see him. Carly thinks she isn't thinking straight because she just lost her child. Jason says it was his fault. Elizabeth tells Sam how devastated Jason is.  She suggests that if they talk, it would help. Elizabeth says Sam is going through the worst thing in the world and she should not have to go through it alone. She knows it's not her place.  Sam cuts her off and says she is right, it is not her place. Jason tells Carly about what happened after the baby was born. He tells her she was right when she said as soon as he held the baby he would love him.  He said he did even though the baby was already gone. Carly says it was a tragedy but it wasn't his fault.  He says Sam thinks it was. Elizabeth didn't want to upset Sam, she just thinks that Jason wants to mourn with her. Sam says all of the sudden he wants to love the baby.  Elizabeth thinks he seems genuine. Sam says he was genuine when she begged him to try and he said no.  Sam gets upset.  Elizabeth thinks this was a bad idea and starts to leave.  Sam says no this is good.  These are things she should have said a long time ago.  She gets that Jason is finally coming around but they needed his love from the start and not now when the baby is conveniently dead. Sam  asks if she is making her uncomfortable because God forbid if she make anyone uncomfortable, especially Jason. She has to tiptoe around his feelings.  She can't tell him how scared  and hurt she is. How it was a knife in heart when he looked at them and saw Franco.  Elizabeth says maybe that was true in the beginning but he swears that is not how he feels anymore and she believes him.  Sam doesn't. Jason says Sam thinks it's his fault. He set everything in motion.  Carly says did you or did Sam when she decided to leave in the first place. Carly says many mistakes were made but Jason was not responsible for the baby's death.  Jason says Sam thinks he is and she will never forgive him. Carly says she will never forget but she can forgive him. Carly thinks they can work it out.  Jason says too much has happened.  Carly asks if his feelings have changed. He says no.  Carly wants him to go to Sam and tell her.  Jason says she doesn't believe him she thinks he is just saying it now because the baby is dead. He says she has felt alone this whole time. Carly wants him to make it up to her.  She wants him to go to her and tell her how he feels.  He says she won't hear it.  Carly says then keep telling her until she does. Sam tells Elizabeth that it is Jason's fault that the baby is dead. She starts to tell her what happened but stops.  She says if she got the baby to the hospital they could have saved him  Elizabeth says there is no way of knowing that. Sam is angry that Elizabeth is defending Jason. Elizabeth says he is a mess right now.  Sam tells her to go dry his tears. Jason is all hers. Elizabeth says they are just friends, that Jason loves Sam.  She also doesn't think he is perfect, she knows he makes mistakes all the time and he has made a lot with Sam.  Sam tells her again that it is over. Elizabeth asks if that is true, why is Sam still holding the figurine. Jason looks at his figurine.  Carly tells him that she and Johnny are back together.  Jason says it's not his business. He is in no position to judge but Johnny better treat her right this time. Carly gets a text from work. Jason tells her to go.  She doesn't want to leave him but he wants to think about some things. Carly hugs him. She starts to leave and then stops to tell him that thinking is not going to put him and Sam back together. Sam needs him whether she admits it or not. She leaves. Jason at the hospital going to see Sam. Sam is not in her room but Elizabeth is there. She tells him Sam checked herself out.

June 13, 2012

Sam outside her hotel room. She reached in her pocket for her keys and pulls out the dragon. Jason and Elizabeth at the Floating Rib.  She is telling him about Luke having the name changed.  She asks if he is thinking about Sam. He wishes there was something he could do for her but seeing him just makes things worse. He says Sam blames him for what happened because of what he did to John. Sam puts the figurine back in her pocket. John comes to his room and sees her. He asks about her being out of the hospital already. She says there was no reason to stay since she didn't have a baby waiting for her.  She gets woozy and John catches her. Elizabeth says Jason is responsible for what happened to John but not for the baby dying.  Jason says if they had gotten the baby to the hosptial he would have gotten help. She says that is no guarntee he would have survived.  Jason says they will never know because he sent those guys after McBain because he thought getting him out of the picture would solve his problems. Elizabeth says when you see the person you love slipping away, you can't think straight. She brings up Sam watching the kidnapping. Jason says she will always regret that.  Elizabeth says he will always regret this. John brings Sam into her room. He wants her to sit and threatens to take her back to the hospital. She says nothing is physically wrong with her. She is almost recovered. She asks about his ribs and tells him she knows what happened. She says it was Jason's fault.  John says it doesn't matter whose fault it was.  It does to Sam. She will never forgive him. Elizabeth tells Jason she told Sam how sorry he was.  He asks how that went. She says Sam is not in the right frame of mind to hear anyone defend him. She tells him Sam said that they were over and Jason was all hers. John says there is no way Jason could have known what was going to happen.  Sam is annoyed he is defending him. John says he's not but he has a way of provoking people and the way Jason reacted was not a surprise. It was the timing that was wrong.  Sam said if Jason really wanted to open his heart to her and the baby, he would have been there and she would have been at home. When Jason decided he could love the baby, it was too late for all of them, especially her baby. Elizabeth said Sam was just speaking in the heat of the moment. He says she threw their friendship in his face when he confronted her about McBain and she was not happy about Elizabeth bailing him out. She asks if he explained that he was trying to spare her.  He says he did what he did and now he has to live with it. He doesn't want to talk about it anymore.Sam thanks John for delivering the baby.  She can't stop thinking about him and how it felt to hold him. She says he was beautiful and perfect and now he is gone. She came to the hotel to get her stuff. She is going to her mom's because she thinks it will help to be around family.  John says this is good-bye.  Sam says she is leaving the hotel not Port Charles. He is. He says he came to Port Charles for a reason.  Sam says to get something on Sonny that is personal and about a woman.  John says his sister. She says to tell her about it. He tells her about finding out about his sister and promising to take care of her. He tells her about finding his sister and that Sonny got her killed before he could get her away from him. He says he told himself that one day he would make Sonny ay for what he did.  Jason and Elizabeth playing pool and talking about her and Ewen. She says she likes him.  Jason says if he doesn't treat her right, he will answer to him. Sam thinks John wanting justice is understandable. He has to put it on hold for a little while because the warrant expired. He is going home to Natalie and Liam. John heads for the door.  Sam says this is good-bye.  He says looks that way.  She says she never figured out why he seemed so familiar. He says maybe someday.  They wish each other safe travels. He hopes she finds what she is looking for. She deserves to be happy. Jason wins.  He hopes Ewen is right for Elizabeth because she deserves to be happy. He hugs her. John goes out the door.  He tells Sam good-bye.  She hugs him and says good-bye. He leaves. Elizabeth putting up the pool cue. Jason wants a rematch but she has to go. He thanks her.  She asks if he is going to be okay. He says yeah. She leaves. Jason takes the figurine from his pocket and looks at it sadly. Sam zipping her suitcase. She sees the figurine on the bed and picks it up. She puts it on the desk, takes her suitcase and leaves.  Jason walks over to the pooltable. He sets the figurine down and leaves.

June 18, 2012

Sam and the Davis girls at the cemetary after the baby's funeral. Molly tries to comfort Sam saying at least they were all together to say good-bye.  Kristina says to Alexis, everyone except Jason. Jason comes in the the Quartermaine's to sign something for ELQ.  Tracy gives him the document and asks about Michael since she needs his signature too. Jason doesn't know.  Tracy can't wait.  She leaves.  Michael comes in. He is surprised Jason is there and not at the funeral with Sam. Jason didn't know about it.  Michael is surprised.  Jason doesn't think she wants him there because he is the reason the baby died. He tells him about sending the guys after McBain and the baby dying.  They argue over whether or not Jason is to blame.  Jason says that is why Sam doesn't want him at the funeral. Michael says he should be there anyway. Alexis pulls Kristina away and tells her not to bring up Jason again. Kristina thinks it would be nice if he was there for Sam.  Alexis thinks it would be nice if none of this ever happened but for today she just wants Sam to be able to get through it. Kristina agrees to shut up about Jason. Molly wants to do something for Sam.  Sam says she has done enough and talks about how Molly helped with the funeral. The talk about the poem Molly chose.  Alexis and Kristina come back.  Sam is crying.  She apologizes for not being stronger. Alexis tells her that going through the motions shows how strong and courageous she is. Sam has never been so scared in her life.  She feels like she is falling apart.  Kristina tells her to fall apart and they will pick up the pieces. Sam says when she was looking at her daughter's grave she realized she never got to see her or hold her. She aches for her but she can't picture her. Her son was so beautiful and she held him.  She misses him so much she feels like she can't breath. She doesn't know how she is going to get through this.  Alexis hugs her and promises her she will. Jason tells Michael that Sam told him to leave her alone.  Michael says that doesn't mean that is what she really wants. Jason say he sounds like his mother. Jason says that even if Sam can forgive him for the part he played in the baby's death, she thinks he's glad he's gone and she can't forgive that. Jason talks abuot how he felt when he found out Franco was his brother and the baby's father and how when Sam asked him to promise to love the baby, he couldn't. Michael said he needed time. Jason says he didn't have time. He tells Michael about suggeting adoption.  Michael asks if he thought the baby would be better off. Jason said with two parents who loved him and didn't remember Franco or Hawaii, at one point, he thought the baby would be better off but what Sam heard was that he wanted the baby gone and now he's gone. Michael asked if he took it back.  Jason says it was too late when he tried. Alexis wishes she could tell Sam when it would be okay again. She can't but she knows it will. She needs to allow herself to grieve.  Sam thinks that grieveing is a lie.  How can she mourn her son when everything inside of her says he isn't dead. Todd tearing the story about the baby out of the paper. He flashes back to the baby switch and Heather saying everyoe will be better off. He says not everyone.  He takes the article and his jacket and leaves. Jason tells Michael about going to the hotel to tell Sam he could love her baby but she was already gone.  Now she doesn't believe him.  Michael says she will. Jason says she lost too much. He tells Michael he is the first baby he ever held and tells him about holding him for the first time. He says Sam will never get the time with her son that Jason had with Michael. That's what he took from her. Michael says Jason lost the baby too, he should be at the funeral. Jason can't go because it will hurt Sam too much to see him. Michael says maybe she needs him but can't say it and Jason won't know unless he tries. Sam says they think she has lost it. She knows her son is gone but it doesn't make sense to her. She keeps thinking about how she left him out there alone and was he terrified. Alexis tells her not to think about it, to remember him the way he was right after he was born. Sam hugs Alexis. Molly and Kristina come in for a group hug. Spinelli comes and gives Sam his condolences. She wishes he could have seen him. He has nothing he can say to make it right but he loves her and is so sorry.  They hug. Michael comes.  He hugs Kristina.  Kristina says Sam is barely holding it together. She asks him to meet her at Kelly's. He wants to talk to Sam.  Kristina doesn't think it is a good idea, that they can't even mention Jason around Sam so she doesn't think she should see him.  Michael starts to leave but Sam calls him. Michael comes back and hugs her. He says he is sorry and that she would have made a great mom. Carly comes.  She whispers that she is sorry.  Carly and Sam hug and cry.  Todd is watching. Carly sees him as he leaves. Sam is sitting alone at the cemetary.  She takes out the article about the baby and starts to cry. Jason comes.  They look at each other sadly.

June 19, 2012

Sam is alone at the cemetery and Jason walks in. Jason didnít think Sam wanted him at the service but he wanted to be there for her. Jason has tears in his eyes and says he is so sorry the baby is gone. Sam gets teary eyed. Sam at the cemetery gate facing a way from Jason, she starts talking about her son being buried next to her daughter. Sam asks if he remembers how it was winter then and now there is a bunch of flowers. She says Molly thought it was peaceful but Sam didnít feel the peace. Jason asks Sam where her mom and sisters are and she says she told them to go home, that she thought she wanted to be alone. Jason asks Do you? and Sam slowly turns to look at him with tears in her eyes. Jason walks closer to Sam and says he usually doesnít think about things that didnít happen or wonder if something could have been different but now he canít stop. Sam nods as tears come down her face she says It hurts, doesnít it? Jasonís voice is breaking up and he shifts restlessly as he continues to talk. He says he wonders what if he figured out everything sooner or if he didnít send the men after McBain. Jason closes his eyes getting more upset and continues by saying or if when he showed up at the hotel she was just there waiting for him, he opens his eyes and says everything could have been so different. Sam agrees, she says she keeps doing it too, she keeps going over it in her head all the what ifs? Sam walks around Jason and continues, what if she hadnít gone to the hospital in New York, what if she hadnít asked about Heather Webber or didnít want to know about Jason and Franco, none of this would have ever happened. Jason starts to say yeah, but still. Sam interrupts and says But still what Jason? What good did it do? If we didnít know the truth, then the baby would have still been ours. She cries with a wistful look on her face, He would still be alive. Jason says he knows that words donít fix anything but he truly means them, he is so sorry. Sam says she wasnít sure she if she was going to the funeral, if she could handle it. Then she remembered all of the people that loved her son and wanted to honor him then she realized that he deserved it and she had to go. She smiles through her tears and says that Molly read a poem and she takes it the paper out of her pocket, itís called ĎDo Not Stand At My Grave And WeepĒ. Jason takes a deep breath trying not to cry and Sam says she is just going to read him the end of itÖĎwhen you awaken in the morningís hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there; I did not die. Sam finishes the poem and starts crying harder, she sits down on a bench and Jason sits down besided her, puts his hand on her shoulder and says he wants to help her through this, will she let him. Sam looks off into the distance. Jason continues saying that staying at the motel canít be good for her. Sam says if heís worried about John he left and Jason says he is worried about her and says he doesnít think she should be alone. Sam answers by saying sheís not alone, she staying with her Mom and sisters, with her family. Jason says very quietly, ďNo matter whatís happened, Iím still your husband. Just come home with me.Ē They stand up and Sam asks confused You want me to come home?Ē Jason says he knows how much theyíve hurt each other but he still loves her and he believes she still loves him. Sam says she swore that she would love him forever. Jason says then Come home, come home. Sam says, Like nothing ever happened? Jason replies that it happened but they can move on from it together and to please say she is willing to try. Sam says that so much has happened and Jason almost begging says they can get past it. Sam getting upset and confused says No, Jason. Iím sorry, I canít.  She runs off. Jason starts after her, stops and looks on sadly.

June 21, 2012

Spinelli walking up to the PI office, he is on his cell leaving a message for Luke about Heather. He walks in the office. Sam is at her desk. She asks if he is surprised to see her at work on the day she buried her son. Elizabeth straightening up her living room for her date with Ewen.  There is a knock at her door. Itís Jason. He asks if he can come in. Spinelli wants to take Sam home. She doesn't want to since she is staying at her moms. They talk about how everyone there wants to give her what she needs but they can't because she needs her son. She came to work to distract herself but she canít stop thinking about her baby or about Jason. Sam tells him how Jason showed up at that cemetery wanting to talk, asking if they could start over. Spinelli asks can you? Jason comes in and notices the romantic set up, he apologizes. Elizabeth says itís okay Ewen shouldnít be there for awhile. Jason tells her about going to the cemetary. He says he and Sam talked, it was the closest theyíve been in months and now they are even further apart. Spinelli brings Sam a glass of water, he knows this question doesnít have a simple answer but does she think her and Jason can being anew. Jason says he wanted to help and he thought for a second that Sam might let him but she just canít get past what happened. Sam tells Spinelli that so much has happened between them and she just canít get past it. Spinelli says you still love him and Sam replies of course I still love him. Elizabeth says no matter what, you love each other. Jason turns to her with tears in his eyes and says you are right, I still love her. Sam looks at Spinelli with tears in her eyes and says I will ALWAYS love Jason but. Spinelli looks away and says but sometimes loving someone isnít enough. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam canít stop blaming him for her babyís death. Elizabeth thinks Sam is blaming him because she can't blame herself. She talks about how she acted after Jake died. Elizabeth says she accused Jason of not wanting Jake because it was easier to lash out at him that to face what she had done. If Sam stays angry at him then she doesnít have to ask herself about being at the hotel, taking the baby into the storm or putting him in the planter's box. Jason says she was in shock. Elizabeth explains that Jason understands that but Sam doesnít, a mother can never forgive herself for failing her child. Spinelli says that being in love with someone doesnít guarantee that they will love you in return Sam asks if something happened with him and Maxie. Spinelli says that she intends to stay married. Sam asks if he is really giving up on Maxie and he responds yes but that doesnít mean he would give up on Sam and Stone Cold. Sam says sometimes love just isnít enough. He asks if she is certain. Sam wishes it could all be different, that she never tried to track down the Franco DVD or Heather Webber. Spinelli tells her that Heather is the subject of his latest case. Sam wants to help for the distraction. He shows her the file. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam didnít fail her baby he did. Elizabeth tells him they both made mistakes but even if he did everything right, the baby might still not have survived. Jason tells Elizabeth how hard Sam was crying and how he couldnít comfort her and he thought about how happy they were on their wedding day and how everything used to be so perfect. He looks sad, Elizabeth hugs him. Spinelli tells Sam about Heather taking Olivia's car and being stopped with her "husband". Sam asks any idea who it could be.  Spinelli tells her that Olivia said Heather was obsessed with Luke. Spinelli called Luke to confirm and is waiting for a call back. There is a knock at Elizabethís door. Itís Ewen who says he hopes he isnít late. He notices Jason and they all look uncomfortable. Sam is getting antsy waiting for Luke's call. She thinks they should do something else to investigate Heather. Spinelli asks Sam about her dealings with Heather. Sam tells him that Heather is not recovered and has hated her ever since she forgot to deliver the letter. Spinelli asks what letter. Sam tells him about her visit to Heather at Ferncliff. Spinelli thinks Sam leaving the letter was understandable. Sam says not to Heather. Heather threatened make Sam pay. Spinelli agrees that Heatherís reaction was out of proportion. Sam would love to catch Heather doing something that would send her back to Ferncliff. Spinelli brings a carton of Chinese food to Sam and they argue over the filing system. Sam says she canít believe they are eating Chinese and having the same argument, itís like old times, almost. She looks sad. Ewen asks if he has the wrong night. Jason says he was just leaving. Jason walks to the door and thanks Elizabeth for listening. She says thatís what friends are for. Jason leaves.

June 22, 2012

Sam and Spinelli at the PI office. Spinelli answers the phone. Sam asks if it was Luke. He says it was his contact at Metro Court who witnessed Heather going into one of the rooms. Sam assumes its Lukeís room but there and Spinelli corrects her, the room belongs to Todd Manning. Todd shows up at Starrís apartment to check it out. She receives a text from Tea with a picture of the baby and Todd looks uncomfortable. Starr canít figure out who he looks like. She tries to show it to Todd but he turns away saying he doesnít need to see it. Sam confirms that Spinelli means the Todd Manning who just over the newspaper and asks if Spinelli thinks that Todd was the man in the car with Heather. Spinelli gets on the computer and starts typing, while he is searching he says Todd doesn't match the descrpiton. Sam asks him what he is searching for and Spinelli says a history of Todd Manning.  He briefs her on Todd's history. Sam looks frustrated and says Which means he could be as crazy as Heather. Spinelli notes that he is sane enough to run a media empire, Sam swants to know what someone like Todd is doing with someone like Heather. Spinelli suggests they go find out. Starr thinks Todd feels guilty because he killed the babyís father but he really came through for Tea and the baby. Starr forces him to look at the picture. He looks at it then tells her he has to go to work. Spinelli and Sam are outside of Toddís room. They show his contact a picture of Heather and he confirms that she was the one that went into Toddís room. He gives them a key to the room and tells them to hurry. Spinelli is ready to go in but Sam takes the key and says he can stand guard while she searches. She goes inside. Sam searches the room and sees Heatherís resume on the table. She continues to look around and notices a crumpled piece of paper on the ground, she picks it up. Itís the newspaper article about her son dying in the storm. Spinelli is standing guard when and Todd comes up and asks if he could help him. Spinelli tells him very loudly that he a PI Todd wants him to move so he could go in. Spinelli starts babling about a made up case and asks for Todd's help.Todd says no. Spinelli continues in his Spinelli speak and Todd starts laughing. He realizes Spinelli is asking if he's seen anything and asks why he would tell him.  Spinelli tries to lure him to the hotel bar to discuss the case. Todd makes fun of how he talks. Spinelli thinks Todd is going to beat him up.  Todd isn't but he doesn't care about anyone else's problems. He goes around Spinelli and goes into his room. Sam hears them and hides. Spinelli follows Todd into the room pretending to compliment him while trying to find Sam. He sees her hiding. Spinelli distracts Todd while Sam sneaks out. Spinelli accidentally calls Todd by name. Todd wants to know how he knows him. Spinelli babbles recognizing him from the paper. Todd throws him out. He sees Sam in the hall and they run out. Back at the office, Sam is very suspicious about Todd having the article. Todd sees the article all smoothed out on the table and remembers crumpling it up. Spinelli find reasons for Todd to have it. Sam shows Spin the picture of Heatherís resume and wonder why Heather is trying to get a job at the newspaper.

June 26, 2012

Spinelli walks in to the office with tea for he and Sam. He is talking about the tea when he notices she isn't listening and asks if she is okay. Sam  was thinking about the baby. Spinelli can handle the investigation himself if she is not up to it. Sam needs the distraction because she still has so many questions about what happened to her son. Spinelli wishes he could help. He can help by figuring out why Todd kept the article about her baby. Sonny is outside Kateís hospital room when Jason comes up and asks how she is doing. Sonny says she is working with Dr. Keenan and she remembered something. Sonny tells him about Joe Scully, Jr. attacking Kate. Jason wants to know where he is now but Sonny doesn't know. He tells Jason about Scully killing McBain's sister and how Sonny took the fall as favor for his father. Jason says McBain thinks Sonny really killed his sister. Sonny told McBain the story but he didnít believe him. Jason thinks McBain is checking out the story because Sam said he left Port Charles. Sonny thinks Jason talking to Sam is a good thing. Jason says not really. He talked to her about coming home and she refused. Sonny apologizes and Jason says can you blame her after what I did. Sam wants to know why Todd would care about her baby., Spinelli says the article may have been Heatherís and she dropped it when she was there. Sam could see that. Sam goes on to say Heather hates her and that she came to see her in the hospital and Sam wanted to throw her out but Steven was there. Heather was offering her condolences but Sam knew she was gloating. Spinelli says she does seem dangerous. Sam agrees then asks why a media mogul want to meet with her. Spinelli tells her from Oliviaís latest email that Todd gave Heather a job as a journalist. Sam questions Todd giving Heather free reign then concludes that Heather must be blackmailing him for a job. Sonny is telling Jason he had no way of knowing Sam was in labor when he called the guys to go after McBain. Jason shouldnít of done it in the first place. He talks about having no emotions after his accident and being able to do his job well because he was detached and emotions did not cloud his judgment. Jason says that sending those guys after McBain was all emotion. He canít give Sam her baby back, that he took her opportunity to be a mother away when he sent those guys after McBain. Sonny says there is no way to know if the doctors could have saved him. Jason looks frustrated and changes the subject. He tells Sonny that Kate is probably wondering where he is. He says to go take care of Kate, heíll take care of Joe Jr. Sonny tells him to find Joe, Jr. and bring him back for Sonny to take care. Jason says killing Franco didnít solve anything. Sonny gets angry and asks if he is supposed to let Joe Jr. get away with it, that it kills him that he wasnít there to help her. Jason says all you can do is be there now. Sonny blames Joe Jr. for Kate getting sick and he is going to do what he can to help her. Jason says he will make some calls. Sonny tells Jason about telling McBain that he remembers Joe Sr. taking calls from New Orleans and mentioning a place called Fluer de Lis. Jason says he will check it out. He starts to leaving when Sonny tells him that he and Kate were able to find their way back to each other and work it out, he thinks Jason and Sam can too.  Sam and Spinelli discuss investigationg Heather and Todd.  They are interrupted by whe Diane calls Spinelli to complain about Heather being hired to replace her as gossip columnist. Jason is at the hospital getting  an exam with Patrick. Patrick says everything looks normal and Jason asks if that means he is done with follow ups, Patrick says he wants him back in six months then after that if everything is okay they can part ways for good. Jason knows he wouldnít be there if it wasnít for him and Robin.  He thanks himu. Patrick says to tell Sam he is sorry for their loss that he knows that some days the pain is so bad it can swallow you whole but you find ways to cope and eventually it gets better. Jason nods and leaves. Sam and Spinelli talk about how it makes no sense for Todd to fire Diane and hire Heather. Sam said doesnít he know Diane is going to sue? Sam states that Todd Manning fired an award winning author to make room for a former mental patient.  Wwhat does he think about her theory now? Spinelli agrees that Heather has to have something over Todd and Sam says now they just have to figure out what. At the hospital Elizabeth is telling Steve that her not being that into Ewen has nothing to do with Jason. she turns to walk away and almost runs into Jason. At his office, Todd is telling Heather that she begged him for a job and he fired and award winning author to make room for her and she needs to start working. They are talking loudly behind closed doors. Spinelli and Sam are sneaking off the elevator trying to listen. Heather asks Todd if he is forbidding her from leaving, and he says what if I am. Heather says she would be upset and we both know what could happen if I get upset. Spinelli and Sam look at each other..

June 27, 2012

At Todd's office Heather asks if he is forbidding her to leave. If he is she will get upset and who knows what she might say. Spinelli and Sam are trying to listen at the door. At the hospital Elizabeth runs into Jason who is for his follow up. They are talk about her date with Ewen. Elizabeth tells Jason that she had a nice time but her brother is being ridiculous. He thinks she is holding back with Ewen because of Jason. Jason looks surprised. Spinelli and Sam are still listening at the door. All they can here is hushed voices. Todd reminds Heather that he is her boss. Heather tells Todd their connection runs a lot deeper, she picks of the newspaper with the article about Samís baby and says do I have to remind you. Elizabeth explains that she told Steven she couldnít stop worrying about him during her date. Jason apologizes. He shouldnít have shown up. Elizabeth says they are friends and he needed someone to talk to. Steve is worried because she and Jason share a history and he thinks she will get hurt. Jason thinks thatís crazy. Elizabeth says maybe not. Spinelli and Sam are still listening. Todd says she is a blackmailer, poisoner and gold digger. Heather threatens to go to another news source with her story. Todd agrees to whatever she wants. Heather starts to leave. Spinelli and Sam hide. Sam tells Spinelli to follow Heather while she works another angle. Todd is staring at the newspaper, talking aloud to Samís baby, saying he is sorry, he didn't know he was wanted and now there is nothing he can do, even if he has to live with blackmail. There is a knock at the door. Todd puts the newspaper away as Sam walks in. He knows who she is. He starts babbling his friend named Sam. Sam is confused. Todd has a long rich history with people named Sam so he is predisposed to like her. Elizabeth is flustered and explains that Jason isn't a destructive force in her life. Itís her that ruins every relationship she has. If their friendship is causing problems he can back off.  Elizabeth says no, she can be friends with him and date Ewen. That is what she told Steven. They talk about why Steven is worried. Jason canít blame him but she is stronger now. Elizabeth agrees. She realized no matter how much she loved Lucky they just couldnít be together. She is ready to move on. Jason says maybe thatís what I have to do, maybe itís over for me and Sam. Todd is going to give Sam the benefit of the doubt even though he doesnít approve of her friends.They talk about McBain. Todd Todd knows she was going to for a job and doesn't think it will work. He goes over her qualifications, her friendship with John McBain (he points a thumb down), she is a private investigator (he points two thumbs down). Sam asks how he knew she was a private investigator. Todd runs a newspaper, itís his job to know. He asks why a private investigator wants a job at his newspaper, is she investigating him. Elizabeth tells Jason that his situation with Sam is different than her and Lucky. They have a foundation to build on. Jason asked Sam to come home she wonít. Elizabeth says give her time.  There is nothing he can ever say or do that could change the fact that her son died because of him. Elizabeth scolds that is not true. Sam believes it is. He asks if she would stay married to the guy she believed was responsible for her childís death. Todd on a tirade about her coming to ask him for a job on his first day in his office. He thinks she is undercover investigating him. Sam says she is hanging up her license. He asks why. Sam spins a tale about her husband and her business partner being best friends and with her marriage is falling apart itís awkward. Sam continues that she doesnít want to be tripping over her husband. Todd asks if she is going back to maiden name. Sam doesnít know. Todd talks about both of his his ex-wives. Sam thinks they got off track. Todd agrees and asks about Jason, who works for Sonny Corinthos. Sam says they are business partners. Todd says the business of killing people. Sam says thatís the point, she doesnít want to be around him or his friends. Will he consider her for the job?. Todd doesnít know. Publishing is fast paced. Sam can do fast. Todd says she has to be committed 100%. Sam says who says Iím not. Todd says you just lost a baby. Sam says I didnít lose my baby, he was taken from me! But you would know all about that, wouldnít you? Jason tells Elizabeth the one thing that would get them back together is the one thing he canít do, get her son back. Elizabeth says Sam feels that way now but hopefully she can forgive him. Jason keeps going back to the moment at the shed when Sam said it wasnít the same baby, Sam said someone switched the baby. Jason wishes Sam was right because that would mean that the baby was still out there and he could find him and put his family back together again. Todd gets flustered and tells Sam he wouldnít take her baby. Sam wasnít talking about him. She sighs and says her husband, if it hadnít been for him then her son would be alive. Todd was being defensive because usually people accuse him of stuff. Sam is sorry and Todd says itís okay, donít let it happen again. They smile and relax a little. He asks what she meant when he said he knew all about it. Sam tells him about his first edition of his paper he printed the article about her sonís death. She assumed he wrote it. Todd says the only thing he did was change the front page. He didnít even read the paper or the story of her son would have been on the inside of the front page. Sam thanks him. Todd says donít thank him, you lead with stories about suffering and misery. Itís what sells. He doesnít think itís the right job for her. Sam argues that she needs a fresh start. Hasnít he ever had to start over? Jasonís phone rings. He tells Elizabeth he has to take the call. He's doing some work for Sonny and has to go to New Orleans. Todd still turns Sam down. Sam gets angry and starts to leave saying he would never understand about needing a fresh start. He tells her sheís wrong he knows what itís like. He talks about Sam again. Todd tells Sam if she comes to work for him she will regret it. He gives her all the reasons. Sam thinks they work for her because she needs a distraction. Sam asks him to give her a chance. Todd flashes back to telling Heather he will try to make it up to Sam in any way possible. He comes back to the present and says to Sam I hope you know how to read a spread sheet. Sam is at the assistant's desk.  Todd comes out and starts giving her work. He hopes she can keep up. Sam says heís not going to regret it. Todd feels good about it. He goes into his office. Sam looks frustrated. Jason calling for the elevator. Elizabeth tells him to be careful. They hug and Ewen sees through a window. Jason gets in the elevator. Ewen looks sadly at Elizabeth..

June 28, 2012

Heather steps off elevator  and asks why Sam is at Manning enterprises. Sam informs her she is Toddís new assistant. Todd steps out of his office and confirms Sam works for him. Heather pulls Todd into his office. He reminds Heather he is the boss. She wants to know why he hired Sam?. She asks if he needs to be reminded what they did to Sam. Sam is trying to listen through the door but canít hear. He knows what they did to her. Thatís why he hired her. Samís phone rings it Spinelli wanting to know how it went with Manning. She informs him she is now working for him. Heather doesnĎt think itís a good idea. He says they took her child and he is going to do everything he can to make it up to her. She thinks Sam is spying on them. If he doesnít want his ex to loose her kid he has to fire Sam. Heather isnít buying Sam wanted a fresh start. He understands about needing fresh starts. Heather thinks Sam is working him. She tells him about Spinelli following her. Spinelli warns Sam to exercise caution. Sam assures him she will. She hangs up and goes back to trying to listen. Heather tells him about confronting Spinelli and goes off about Olivia.  Itís no coincidence Sam is working for him. Todd explains to Heather why Sam doesnít want to work with Spinelli. Heather thinks heís naive. Heather warns him not to let Spinelliís looks fool him. Todd flashes back to catching Spinelli outside his hotel room. He tells her about it. Heather tells Todd he needs to get rid of Sam now. She opens door and Samís standing there. She ask Sam why she was listening. Sam tells them both she was about to knock. She wanted to see if Todd needed her. He doesnít need anything and he was just about to send her home. Sam confused to why since she just started. Todd pushes her to elevator and puts her on it. He tells Sam he will see her tomorrow morning. Sam tells him she will see him tomorrow.

June 29, 2012

Sam walks into Floating Rib asking for a drink. She takes a seat and has her phone in hand. John is on a plane his cell rings. She ask if it's good time. He was just talking Natalie. She and Liam are away. He couldnít go he had business to handle. He ask Sam if she is okay? She needs a friend. She is staying busy. All she can think about is how things should be different. He thinks about it everyday. He wonders if he missed something. Sam tells him its not his fault. Elizabeth walks into the bar.
He wishes he could help her. Just listening helps. They are about to hang up when John see Jason on the plane. Elizabeth tells Sam she just picking up food. Sam knows she overheard her talking to John. Elizabeth replies it none of her business. Sam said just in case you go running to Jason. Elizabeth informs her Jason isnít in PC. She ask where he did he go. Jason ask attendant if she can change his seat. She canít. Jason ask John if he was just talking to his wife. John informs Jason that Sam is okay. Jason doesnít need him to tell him about his wife. John changes subject. He knows Jason going to New Orleans on Sonnyís order to fetch Joe Jr. Elizabeth was there when Jason got call from Bernie. Sam doesnít care. Elizabeth said not true. Elizabeth tells Sam that she is grieving and angry but she needs to stop lashing out at Jason. He just wants to help her. Elizabeth starts to tell her about Jason coming to her house. Sam didnít expect her to make a move so fast. Elizabeth said its okay for her to talk to John but not for Jason to talk to her. Sam tries to walk off Elizabeth steps in front of her. John ask who else did Joe Jr. hurt? Jason ignores him and doesnít answer. John tells him you had a sister. Jason said yes. Jason ask if you get justice what does it matter where it came from. John knows they have different opinions on justice. John wants to make it clear that Joe Scully Jr. is his. Jason replies we will see. Elizabeth telling Sam that she respected Sam relationship with Jason. Sam replied she was to busy chasing after Lucky. Sam ask if she ever stopped loving Jason. Elizabeth ask if Sam stopped loving him. Jason on plane twisting his wedding band. He asks John how Sam is? John answers she is having hard time. John tells Jason itís the first time they have talked since he left PC. They are about to land. Elizabeth tellss Sam that Jason will do anything to make her happy. That includes walking away. Sam ask she isr asking permission to go after Jason. Sam is his wife and promised to love him. If she keeps pushing him away one day she will wake up and he will be gone. Elizabeth walks off. Sam doesnít look happy. Jason ask John now what? John will bring Joe back to face charges if Sonny was telling truth. Jason tells him he better hope he can get to him first. Jason is about to stand up when airport security approachs him. They tell him they have a problem and he glances back at John. He puts his hands up and acts like he has no clue what they want.

July 2, 2012

Jason and John still on plane. Airport security tells him to remain seated. They tell him he is on the watch list. He ask since when. He glances over at John knowing he did this. They ask if he has a firearm on him. He replies no. They ask if he has gun in his bags. He filed all the necessary paperwork. They are going to have belongings and paperwork. John ask how long this could take. They reply a few hours. He said tough break Morgan as he exits the plane. Jason still on plane. The guard going through his stuff. He is on phone with Sonny. He asks if Jason has Joe Jr. yet. Jason replies he hit a snag. Sonny ask what kind of snag? Jason said McBain. Joe Jr. has John tied up. He states he canít go back to Atlantic City. He teases john about swimming with the fishes. Joe tells his goons to put John in the van. They start to stand John up when Jason comes in shooting. He hits the goons. Joe starts to pick up the a gun. He warns him not to. John not amused. Joe ask if Jason if he is McBainís sidekick. John shakes head no. Jason replies he isnít a cop. John tells Jason not to do this. Joe ask what. John tells him he going to Port Charles, to Sonny. Joe thought he was still in Atlantic city. John informs him Sonny left along time ago. John tells him Jason works for Sonny and Sonny is about to get his payback. John thanks Jason for the save. John is going to do him a favor. He can leave and he will call this in and take Joe back to Atlantic City. Jason tells John that is not going to happen. Joe looks scare and tells John to arrest him. Jason tells John if he allows him to take him he will just be back on streets. John said that is not how the law works. Jasonís starts to walk out with Joe. John ask if he is going to untie him. Jason tells him tough break McBain and leaves..

July 3, 2012

Sam leaving the Lakehouse to go to work. Kristina doesn't think going into work will help. Sam explains she is not going to work to forget. It will always be with her. Kristina reminds her of the love she and Jason share. Kristina asks if she still loves Jason. Kristina apologizes for pushing. Sam knows it is because she cares. Kristina wishes she could find a magic wand and wish it all away. Sam wishes she could too. When Sam thinks about their wedding she remembers how beautiful it was. Itís hard to believe her and Jason are not together anymore. Kristina said maybe she can forgive him and find their way back together. Kristina is going to keep hoping for her and Jason. They hug. Sam jokes if she can find the magic wand she can wave the camera away. Sam steps off elevator at the Sun talking to Spinelli on her cell. Sam glances around and makes sure no one is there. She is going to take a look around the office and see if she can find anything that connects Todd to Heather. She hangs up. She starts going through stuff on Toddís desk.  He catches her. Sam thought he took day off. She was going to surprise him by straightening up his office. Todd thinks she should be out watching fireworks. She's not into it this year. He tells her as long as she is here she can make herself useful. He hands her a file and tells her to review the numbers for Crimson. Sam is assistant; she can do boring stuff. Sam states he is the one who will have to work with Kate. If it was her she doesnít think she could spend everyday working beside the one who took her baby away. Part of the reason Sam took the job to get away from the reminders of what she lost and who was responsible. He has never met Jason but he feels for him. To find out he had a crazy twin brother who is a rapist. He states maybe she is better off not having his kid. Sam replies she is not better off without her child. She thinks maybe its not a good idea to work for Todd. She starts to walk out. He ask if he offended her. He is not the only one who reads the paper. Her babyís father is not the only rapist. So she ask if his kids would be better dead because who their father is. He pleads with her not to leave. He apologizes for upsetting her. He was just trying to help. He was trying to help by telling her her baby was better off dead. He starts mumbling she tells him to stop he is making it worse. He said she is young maybe she should have another kid. Sam gets upset. She will never be able to replace the little boy she lost. Even if she wanted to she canít. He ask what she means. She explains about losing her daughter. Her son was her second child. She couldnít go through another pregnancy. She would be afraid something could go wrong. She doesnít know how she is really surviving right now. Her son was her last chance to be a mother. Todd kneels down in front of her. He is so sorry for what she has gone through. Sam tells him it is not his fault. He says he has something to tell her..

July 5, 2012

Todd needs to tell Sam something about her baby. He is about to start when Heather interrupts them. She starts grilling Sam about why Spinelli is following her. Sam has no clue. She no longer works with him. Heather wants to know what her and Todd were talking about. Sam reveals Todd was about to tell her something about her baby. Heather is not happy. She needs to talk to Todd in his office now. Sam says wait what were you going to tell me about my baby. Heather tells her it is will have to wait. Heather starts making excuses about the paper being on deadline. Todd has to deal with her. He tells Sam he really needs to talk to her. Sam agrees to wait. Heather sends Sam off for lunch. She pulls Todd into his office. Heather wants to know what he was thinking talking about the baby.  Sam is listening at the door when Robert Yi arrives to deliver the food. Sam is surprised to see him. He asks how its going. She said great and asks about his grandparents. They still talk about her and Jason, joining of the dragon and phoenix. Sam looks sad. Sam tells him they made it special and so did he. It was his pleasure. The love in her eye for Jason. He canít imagine how much it has grown since. It was a magical night. He needs to get going. He mentions Jason and her need to celebrate the dragon phoenix. He leaves. Heather talking about what Jason will do if he finds out they took his son. Todd wants to know if he is as deadly as everyone says. She tells her to have his research department find out. Jason leaves no evidence and never been caught. Todd asks what he is going to tell Sam now? Sam knocks and brings food in. Heather trying to dismiss her. Sam wants to know what Todd was going to say. Heather answers for him, telling her about Jasonís part in her babyís death. Sam wants to know how she knows. It is her job. Sam is a upset. Heather is sorry for her loss. Sam asks if she is really. Of course she is. Now everything is out in open. Todd doesnít need to feel guilty. Heather leaves. Sam wants to know if that is all he wanted to say? He didnít know if knowing all the details would give her some closure. He is sorry he kept the truth from her. Sam tells him she doesnít understand and there is no truth that will bring her baby. She leaves his office. Todd looks guilty. Todd eating his food. He picks up fortune cookie and opens it. The worm of the apple. The truth will eventually be found. Sam opens her cookie. You may yet hold happiness again. .

July 6, 2012

Jason rushes into warehouse. Sonny standing there. Jasone thought he was going to clean up mess. Sonny informs him he didnít kill Joe Jr. because of McBain. John is on the docks drinking when Sam spots him. She asks what he is doing here. He is on a new case and its not going good. Sonny tells about Joe Jr. denying the rape and how he was about to squash him when John barged in. Sonny pissed and kicks a chair over. John tells Sam he was face to face with his sister killer. She says Sonny. Sonny didnít kill his sister. John takes another drink. Sam tells him to take a easy. He tells her about being after the wrong guy. Sam tells him he canít blame himself. He disagrees. Sonny and Jason talking about John putting his faith into the justice system. Joe Jr. walked now John will have to live with it. Sonnyís said it not all he will have to live with. John talking to Sam about Teresa. He says someone saw her talking to him and killed her. Sonny explaining to Jason how Teresa was killed for talking to a fed. Jason replies John will have to live with it. He is making no judgments because he can relate. Itís his fault Samís baby died. Sonny says John knew not to provoke him. Sonny tells Jason there was no way to know Sam would go into labor. Jason thinks since he gave order its his responsibility. It was more then the baby dying. He couldnít promise to accept baby until it was to0 late. Sam will realize she needs him. Jason not so sure because whatever is going on between John and Sam is still happening. John ask how Sam is. She takes the bottle from him and drinks. Some days are normal. She has family and work. John ask if she has a case. She answers yes. Nothing high risk but enough to make her forget about days like today. He has tried to bury himself in work. Only problem is its still there waiting for him. Sometimes she thinks she is doing good with the loss the  someone brings it up and it blindsides her. John asks someone. Sam responds Heather Webber. Jason says John was the only one who saw the baby alive. He thinks she is shutting him out because McBain understands. Jason gets teary eye. He couldnĎt tell Sam everything was going to be okay. She was confiding in John and he shut down. He couldnĎt say what Sam needed him to say now its too late. Sonny ask Jason if he could really have loved the baby. Yes but Sam doesnít believe him. She thinks Jason is glad the baby is gone. There no coming back from that. Sam explains to John that somehow Heather found out about Jason hiring the thugs to rough him up. Just thinking about it makes Sam upset. Sonny tells Jason to quit blaming himself. Jason keeps trying to figure out how him and Sam got where they are. He is not sure he should hang on if he is a constant reminder of what Sam lost. Sonny thinks  Sam is confused about what she wants. She is hiding her pain with anger. Jason said he needs to face what he did. John tells Sam to forget about Heather. Sam  wants to how her and Jason ended up so far apart. Sam gets up to leave. John pulls her down and ask her to stay. Sam lays her head on his shoulder. Jason and Sonny exit warehouse as fireworks are being let off. Sonny tells Jason he and Sam can get through this. He walks off leaving. Sam and John watch the fireworks. Sam tells him how much she loves them. They look at one another for a few seconds and then they kiss. Jason comes along and sees them..

July 9, 2012

Sam and John still kissing. They don't know Jason is there. He walks off. They stop kissing. Sam thinks she heard something. John stands up pulling Sam up with him. He glances around then turns to Sam. They kiss again. Jason on the bridge. He is upset. He flashes back to seeing John and Sam kissing. Elizabeth walks up looking for a toy Cam left tehre earlier. She asks Jason what is wrong. He explains he saw Sam kissing John. Sam explains she had to much to drink. She thinks they shouldnít make a big deal about kissing. John agrees but thinks they cross the line. They sit on a bench. They talk about their connection and how it is complicating their lives. Sam apologizes for it. He has no regrets getting to know her. He says if whatever is between was gone, he thinks he would miss it. Sam tells John they are back where they started both have a connection they canít explain it. She wants to know what they are going to do about it. Jason explains they were on docks and didnít see him. Elizabeth is sorry she knows how much he loves her. Jason thinks it is obvious Sam doesnít want him. Elizabeth thinks he should give her a chance to explain. Jason tells her to stop making excuses for her. Elizabeth is the last person he should be taking this out on. They kiss. Jason stops and apologized for taking advantage of her. She tells him it is okay. He is upset because all she has done is listen and been there. She tells Jason no harm done. He ask her to forgive him. John wants to help buts wonder with pain she feels if she is punishing Jason? Maybe she is not fully dealing with it. What will she have left. He going back home. She wants to know what will happen when he does. She wants to know if he will tell Natalie about the kiss. WHe says she would hate him for lying to her. Sam see no reason to ruin his family for a pointless drunken kiss. Elizabeth forgives him. What Sam is doing may be a function of grief. It would be a mistake to react out of hurt. That's why he came to bridge so he wouldnít make things worst. He not sure what to hope for. John ask if she hadnít been drinking would kiss happen. She wants to make it official the kiss never happen. Both are going to sober up.

July 10, 2012

Jason on docks taking off his while Sam is at the Lakehouse taking off hers. Kristina witness this and asks if this means what she thinks it means. Michael sees Jason and asks what is going on. Jason says not much. Michael talks about the barbeque and how he was with Starr. Kristina asks if Sam misses Jason. She does but then it hits her about the baby. Kristina knows she blames Jason but he can help her through this. Sam says she kissed another man tonight. Jason asks Micahel if he is are sure about getting involved with her. Michael likes her and they are taking it slow. They are ready to give it a shot. Jason says maybe you shouldn't. You can save yourself alot of pain before you get in to deep. Michael says like you and Sam. Sam tells Kristina she kissed John McBain. Kristina asked if he took advantage of her. She answers that he didn't do anything she didn't want him to do. Jason tells Michael about seeing John kissing Sam. Jason says he saw them and can't get it out of his head. Kristina asks it she wants to be with John now, Sam says no. Jason says that Sam doesn't trust him anymore. It started in Hawaii after the rape. She didn't want him to help her get counseling or take her to the hospital. She has been pulling away but he was holding out hope that they could find their way back together. Jason says we are done. Michael asks if John was just using her. Jason thought so at first but not anymore. Michael says Sam has been through alot but it's not the end. You two still love each other right? Jason says I don't know about Sam but yes I love her but it's over. Michael said you don't believe that. Kristina says you guys have been through so much. Do you love Jason? She answers yes but she loves the guy that made her laugh and feel safe. She hasnít seen that guy in a long time. Kristina tells her she can get all that back. She hands her the ring and tells her to put it back on. Jason and Michael are Kelly's. They were going to have breakfast together but Michael gets a call from Starr. Jason tells him to go. He takes out his ring. Jason and Sam staring at their rings. Kristina says even if Jason screwed up, it doesn't erase all the good. Sam says I don't see us getting back together but I can't imagine my life without him. She puts the ring back on her finger. Jason walks into Kelly's and Steve says we need to talk. Steve says to Jason he has no business kissing Elizabeth. Sam is at the door and hears him.

July 11, 2012

Jason is with Elizabeth and Steve at Kellyís. Steve gets on Jason for kissing Elizabeth. Sam walks in and overhears. She want to know if it is true? Did he kiss Elizabeth? Elizabeth informs her that Steve is blowing this way out of portion. Sam said it was a yes or no question. She is angry. Jason said yes. Steve defends Elizabeth who tells him to stay out of this. Steve's cell rings. Sam said Elizabeth wasted no time making her move. Jason tells her to stop. He is angry and blurts out he kissed Elizabeth first. Sam is angry about how fast it happened. Steve rejoins them to say he needs to leave. Sam tells Steve he doesnít need to protect Elizabeth she has Jason for that. Elizabeth tells Steve she is fine and he leaves. Jason tells Sam she is in no position to judge after what happen with her and McBain. Sam canít believe he is throwing up how she confided in John. Jason blurts out he saw her kiss John. Sam explains how John was upset they were drinking. Jason ask if it meant anything? Elizabeth assures Sam the kiss Jason gave her meant nothing and reminds Sam Jason loves her. Sam ask if that is true why he isnít wearing his wedding band. He removed ring after he saw kissing John. Sam canít be believed he took her at her word when she said she couldnít take him back. She tells him it his ring he can do whatever he wants with it and with Elizabeth. She leaves. Elizabeth tells him to go after Sam. Jason and Elizabeth outside of the diner. She apologizes about Steve.  Jason said its good everything is out in the open. Jason apologizes that Sam was rough on her. Elizabeth says Sam canít past her grief. Jason doesn't think Sam wants him. Elizabeth asks what it will take for Jason and Sam to reunite? Sam is back at the paper. Sam apologizes to TOdd for being late. Todd asks if she is okay, if there is anything he can do. Her marriage was strained before the baby now itís completely falling apart. Sam asks if he can do anything to fix it. He suggests she talk to a therapist. Sam said it was a rhetorical question. She knows there is nothing he can do to help. His cell rings, It's Heather. She is at the PCPD and needs his help. He knows he will regret it but how he can help. Heather explains how cops found Anthonyís body. Todd said he is in no position to help. Sam is listening. Heather tells him to get in the position or she will rat him out. He tells Sam there is a box of files thatís needs sorting. She leaves. Elizabeth knows he is hurt and she knows he still loves Sam. Sam is his wife and his marriage is worth fighting for. Jason pulls out his wedding band and stares at it. Elizabeth said the kisses didnít mean anything. Elizabeth tells him to put his wedding band back on and fight for his marriage. Jason thinks their marriage died with the baby.  Sam is sorting through files, touches her ring as her cells rings. It Spinelli telling her about Heather being brought in for questioning. Sam tells him Heather is not there but her purse is. She suggests there could be evidence in there. Flash to the DNA results.

July 12, 2012

Replay of Todd on the phone with Heather telling Sam to sort files and Sam getting the call from Spinelli and discussing possible evidence in Heather's purse. Sam tells Spinelli she will call him if she finds anything. Sam is about to go through the bag when Maxie steps off the elevator. Maxie has no clue Manning Enterprises has taken over Crimson. Maxie informs her she is staying Patrick and helping with Emma. Maxie apologizes for not seeing her after the babyís death. She is confused to why Sam is there. Sam explains why she is there. Sam tells her she has work to do. She picks up bag and Maxie grabs it. Todd comes out of his office. He grabs the bag. and takes it back to his office. Sam is frustrated Todd took bag. Heather wants him to look in her purse for a number and call it. Todd finds the DNA results and reads them. He leaves. Sam explaining why she is there. Heather is under investigation. Todd exits his office. He tells Sam he is going out. He doesnít tell her the truth. Maxie thinks it's strange he would hire Heather. Sam thinks both of them are up to no good. Her and Maxie start looking around Toddís office. Sam wants to know why Todd would dump HeatherĎs purse on his desk. She needs to call Spinelli and tell him she found nothing. Maxie gabs about him betraying her. Sam understands where he is coming from. Maxie made her choices now Spin has to move on without her no matter how much it hurts. She tells Maxie about her marriage troubles. Todd walks into the PCPD toconfront Heather about DNA switch. He is furious she let people believe Franco was the father. Sam tells Maxie about kisses. John is gone from Port Charles. Sam tells Maxie about Jason not wearing his wedding band. Maxie knows love like Jason and Samís doesnít go away. Sam not convinced thereís anything that can hold her and Jason together.

July 27, 2012

Jason strolls into Metro Court. He is there to see Diane. Carly is puzzled as to why. Alexis is his attorney. Alexis canít handle this. Carly hopes he is not divorcing Sam. Sam enters Toddís empty office. Jason tells Carly it's not about a divorce. He just canít use Alexis. Carly thinks Alexis is blaming him for what happen to Sam. She doesnít need to defend him. He did what he did Sam feels the way she does. Carly says Sam is still grieving. He tells her it's gone further then that.  He reveals he kissed Elizabeth. She asks if Samís knows? Sam is searching Toddís office. Spinelli catches her. He reminds her they were hired to catch Heather not Todd. Heather has been arrested so she can quit job now.  She wants to know wahat's up with Todd. Jason informs Carly he kissed Elizabeth after seeing Sam kiss John. Sam thinks Heather has something on Todd and whatever Heather has on Todd has to do with her. Sam thinks Todd hired her as assistance to keep her close. Spinelli thinks she is looking for something that doesnít exist. Sam says giving up isnít something she does. Spinelli thinks thatís what she did about her marriage. Jason tells Carly about the incident at Kellyís. He thinks it meant something when Sam kissed John. Carly reminds him he still loves Sam. He has two choices he can keep doing this or go find Sam and try to work their problems out. He has tried Sam canít forgive him. Sam tells Spinelli she didnít give up on Jason he gave up on her. Spinelli reminds her she held back truth about Franco first. She had more time to digest it all then Jason did. Sam still believes Jason is responsible for her babyís death. Spinelli asks about Kellyís. She thinks Spinelli is saying its her fault. He is trying to point out her and Jason are grieving and hurt. If they donít find away to turn to each other. They will be pulled further apart. If She could make it all go away she would. Spinelli thinks she just has to reach out to Jason. Sam has to find out what Todd is hiding. She has gone through everything except his safe. She ask Spinelli to help her crack the safe. He will do anything to help her reunite with her husband but he wonít help distract her from whatís important. He is going to check on Olivia and wants her to consider what he said. He leaves and Sam starts working on the safe. Carly tells him Sam is grieving. Carly thinks deep down she blames herself. He loves Sam. He said Love isnít always enough. Carlyís cell rings. Its Todd, she ignores it. Jason pleads with her to answer it. He is okay. Todd and Johnny arguing. He is going to tell Carly, Johnny killed Hope and Cole. Johnny tells him to go ahead and he will tell Sam about him taking her baby. Carly answers cell.

July 30, 2012

Sam still trying to crack the safe. She just needs one more number. Kristina walks in and catches her. Carlyís cell is ringing. It is Todd. Jason tells her to answer. Carly answers.  Todd tells Johnny he canít hurt him. Johnny tell him to go ahead and spill. Johnny will tell Sam what he did. Todd is shocked Johnny knows. Kristina really needs to talk to Sam about Trey. Jason and Carly discuss why Carly cares about Todd. Jason not happy about them being friends. Jason thinks Todd is dangerous and she needs to stay away. Carly informs him Michael is dating Starr.Jason thinks he is trying to fill the void Starr has after loosing her love ones. Carly thinks they can heal one another. Jason is concerned that it things go wrong Starr will involve Todd. Jason will protect Sonny from any threats. Kristina talks about Trey wanting to keep it professional,  She is concerned. Kristina wants advice on how to get Trey to go out with her. Sam says quit the show. Kristina doesn't like idea. Carly explains Todd  doesn't want to feud with Sonny. Carly mentions Toddís kindness toward Sam after her baby died. Jason wants to know why he would care about baby dying. Johnny explains how he found out about the baby switch. Carly tells Jason about Todd showing up at the funeral. Jason ask if Sam saw him there. Carly thinks Sam has no problem since she is working for Todd. Jason had no clue Sam changed jobs. Sam loved being a PI she wouldnít give it up unless she was working a case. Carly wonders why Sam would investigate Todd. Sam thinks she is last person to give relationship advice. Jason is worried about Sam investigating Todd. Carly thinks he should go talk to Sam. Todd and Johnny talking about the baby switch. Johnny wants to know what they are going to do. Kristina ask Sam whatís wrong with her and Jason. Sam said this is not about her. Kristina is amazing if Trey doesnít see that then its his problem. She needs to get back to work. Sam goes back to the safe after Kristina leaves. Jason finds her in the office.

July 31, 2012

Jason catches Sam trying to crack Todd's safe. She asks what he is doing there? Jason says Carly told him she worked here. Sam asks if Carly is keeping tabs on herw. He knows Sam loves her job. She brings up wanting a clean slate after everything. He understands that but she tried office work before and she hated it. He asks if she is investigating Todd. Sam asks why he cares. Isn't he still angry about what happened with John? Jason says you mean when you kissed him. Sam says yeah and brings up him kissing Elizabeth. She asks again why he cares. He tells her she is still his wife and Todd is dangerous. He doesn't want to see her on Todd's bad side. Sam appreciates his concern but she can take care of herself. Jason brings up Victor's death and Todd's mental health. She knows who he is but insist he isn't anything she hasn't seen before. Jason brings up Todd being a convicted rapist. Sam knows what he has done. She is getting to know Todd and likes working there. Jason asks if Todd has told her why he is so interested in her baby. Jason mentions him going to the funeral. Sam guesses she should tell him since he has figured it out. She wasn't there to investigate Todd at first but Heather. Jason asks what they have in common. She thinks they have something on each other. Jason brings up Heather being in custody and asks why she is Sam still investigating. She tells him about Todd acting weird. He brings up her baby. She says that has nothing to do with Heather. Jason brings up Heather being obsessed with Franco and thinks that is why it involves baby. She understands the Heather part but that doesn't mean anything to Todd. Jason asks if she found out anything. She keeps trying but every time she gets close to getting into safe someone interrupts her. Jason volunteers to be her look out. Sam tells him she has 3 numbers, one to go. He says lets do it. She goes to safe. Jason stands by door. Sam yells to Jason that she's got it as Todd steps off elevator. Todd walks in and seess Jason. He asks why Jason is there. He is there to see his wife. Todd didn't know they were still talking. Sam walks out asking why Jason is there. Jason wants to talk to Sam. Sam doesn't think this is the time or place. Todd says Sam doesn't want to talk to him so he has to leave or he will call security. Jason says call Carly. Todd brings up Carly being with Johnny right now. Todd goes in his office. Jason asks how it went. She was almost in but she had to come out before Todd came in. Jason leaves. Todd notices his picture on the wall is off. He goes to safe and pulls out the DNA test. .

August 2, 2012

Sam outside Kellyís. Jason at Floating Rib. Both are staring at their wedding bands. They flashback to their meeting at The Sun. Sonny walks into the Rib. He and Jason talk about Joe Jr. Sam bumps into Alexis. Sam asks her if she knows about Mob Princess. Alexis happy show is done. Sam informs its not the end for Trey. Sonny telling Jason about Kateís baby dying. Jason ask if he thinks Joe Jr. will go after his kids. He wants round the clock security. Sam tells Alexis Kristina likes Trey and how he pulled plug on show. Alexis thinks he is a manipulator. Sam explains how their conversation about Trey led to her and Jason. Jason assk Sonny if he wants  a background check on Trey. He informs Jason the show is done. Sonny explains to Jason about Kristina coming to warehouse. She was worried about Sam. She is worried him and Sam canít patch things up. Alexis knows Sam was happy with Jason at one point. Sam  knows. Jason wasn't Alexis first choice for her but she came around until he didnít accept her baby. Alexis wants to know where things stand between her and Jason. Sam tells her they donít. Jason reminds Sonny he know everything that happen.There are some things you canít get passed. Sonny and Alexis both ask Jason and Sam when the last time they saw one another. Sam tells Alexis last night when he came to office. Alexis ask how things went. .Sam thought she wasnít going to pry. Sonny tells Jason he has to resolve this with Sam. Sonny and Alexis both tell them they need to talk and hear one another out. Sam thinks talking won't solve anything. Alexis doesnít blame her for being angry. Sam doesnít want to rehash it. Sam points out what is important is how they canít seem to find their way back together. Jason tells Sonny he has tried to reach out to Sam but something always happens. Sonny ask like what. Elizabeth walks into bar. Alexis knows it seems hopeless. Sam informs her mother its not just two people now. Elizabeth and Ewen approach sonny and Jason. She says hello to both. Sonny sees Jason is uncomfortable and asks what that was about. BSam tells Alexis about kissing John. Sam explains she and John needed comfort. Jason is trying to play it off like he doesnít know what Sonny means. Sonny ask if there something going on with him and Elizabeth. Sam explains Jason witnessed them. Jason tells Sonny about Sam kissing McBain and how he went to the bridge to think. He tells Sonny about kissing Elizabeth. Sam tells her mother she wasnít the only one who did wrong. She tells her about Jason kissing Elizabeth. Sonny reminds Jason there a lot of history with Elizabeth. He knows. Sonny thinks he wasnít thinking about that when he kissed her. Jason very uncomfortable. Alexis tells Sam its all juvenile. The last thing he wants is to hurt Sam or Elizabeth. Sonny reminds him no matter what Sam is still his wife. Sam upset the kiss was with Elizabeth especially since they shared a child. Alexis not happy Jason hurt Sam again. She asks if Sam wants to divorce him. Sam hasnít thought about it. Alexis thinks she has grounds. Sonny tells Jason he has decisions to make. The quicker he makes them the easier for everyone. Sam tells Alexis it not about ending the marriage. Its about not being able to forgive him. Sonny talking about Brenda leaving. Sonny tells Jason to end it now if he canít fix it. Alexis ask what stops her from working things out. She is worried about not being able to forgive him. Sam canít think about letting Jason go right now. She is too confused. Jason canít divorce Sam but if she wants it he will not fight her. Jason wants the pain to stop. Sonny tells him you can love someone but when you get to the where your choices hurt someone, you have to figure out which choice causes the least damage. Jason wants to know how he can just walk away.

August 3, 2012

Sam is at Kelly's when Jason comes in. He asks how it went after he left her with Todd. Todd had no idea that that she tried to break into safe. She thanks him for his help. He is sorry she didnít get what she was looking for. She is going to try again. He asks if she is sure Todd has something in his safe about the baby. She is going to find out. She tries to leave and Jason steps in front of her. He wants to talk about their marriage. She agrees. Elizabeth comes in with Aiden in his stroller. Sam leaves when she sees Elizabeth. Elizabeth hopes she was not rushing out because of her. Jason tells her it was because of him. Things are still tense between him and same even though he went to see her and she let him help her. Elizabeth thinks that seems hopeful. Jason says they canít keep up what they have been doing. She wishes she could fix this somehow for him. He thanks her but it is not her problem. He asks about Ewan. Todd is in his office on the phone when Sam comes in. Jason hopes he did not make things awkward for her and Ewan. Sam asks Todd if he needs anything. He asks her to get something from his safe. She doesnít have combination. She realizes she has been caught. He tells her to go to safe where she finds a note saying she is fired. Todd says she broke into his safe and that is why her hit man husband was guarding the door. He asks what she was looking for. She doesnít know, maybe something about her baby. Elizabeth and Jason talking about her seeing Ewan. Sam wants to know why he had a article about her baby in his hotel room. He realizes Heather was right about Sam investigating him and that Sam has been a PI all along. Sam says that she and Spinelli were investigating Heather. Todd thinks that understandable Sam doesn't buy his reasoning for hiring Heather. He still has not told her why he is interested in her babyís death. He is annoyed she broke into his safe. She is fired and doesnít get to interrogate him. Sam wants to know why he is so interested in her baby. He covers by saying he was grieving from losing his granddaughter. He cut ths story out because it resonated with him. He realized regret is for losesr and crumbled it and threw it trash. Sam ask why gave her the job and went her sonís memorial? He could not go to Hopeís memorial. He gave her the job cause she said she wanted a fresh start. John barges in and tells Todd he is going to pay.

August 6, 2012

John barges into Toddís office telling him he will pay. Sam wants to know what is going on. John shows her the picture of them kissing. Todd sent it to Natalie. Jason and Elizabeth still at Kelliy's discussing Ewan. They talk about Ewan and Spoon Island. Sam glances at the picture. She asks Todd who took it. Todd tells John he fired Sam. Todd denies taking the picture. John says he sent it to Natalie. Sam ask why he would do that. He thought his niece deserved to know. Elizabeth tells Jason about Ewan saving her when Lisa threw her in the water and how he did not tell her for months. Jason doesn't like that he left her there after she almost drowned. She defends Ewan. He ask if she trusts Ewan. Aiden starts to choke. Todd and John argue about Todd sending Natalie the picture. John punches Todd. Sam tries to break up the fight. She drags John out of the office. John and Sam back at the Lakehouse on the porch. He apologizes for dragging her into this. She tells him it is okay. Jason already knows about the kiss. Natalie will not talk to John. Sam is sorry and he is too. Elizabeth was shaken when she thought Aiden was choking. She gets so nervous after Jake. Jason tells her it was not her fault. She turned around for one second and Jake was gone. Jason assures her that Aiden is fine. She talks about not seeing danger right in front of her. Ewan walks in asks if everything is okay. They had a little scare with Aiden but they are fine. Jason is about to leave. He warns Ewan that Elizabeth is important to him.

August 7, 2012

Dante shows up at the Lakehouse to arrest John for assaulting Todd. Sam says Dante doesnít have whole story. Dante had Manningís statement along with John not denying it. John tells Sam that Dante is doing what he has to do. Sam will get Alexis to get him out of this. Sam goes inside and tells Alexis she needs her help because John was arrested. John is at the PCPD sitting near Heather. She thinks they could hey could help each other. She has very explosive information about Todd. Sam and Alexis walk into PCPD. Heather spots Sam. Heather asks how life is after Jason. She hears Sam has been filling the void with John. Alexis ask Delores to uncuff John since he poses no risk. Heather wants Alexis to defend her. She can pay. Sam asks how.  She says Steven Steven Lars. Sam isnít convince he would help her. Heather calls her sad and pathetic. Sam, Alexis and John are about to walk off when her says she knows something about Sam's baby. They all turn around. Alexis says they have no interest in listening to her deluded ramblings. Sam starts to argue. Alexis tries to convince her not to buy into what Heather is doing. Heather will reveal what she knows if Alexis will be her attorney and get the charges against her dropped. Alexis will do no such thing. Heatherís ride to Ferncliff is there. Dante walks in as Heather goes out. John know the drill and tells Dante to go ahead and book him. Alexis takea the case.

August 8, 2012

Sam on phone with Alexis wanting to know what is taking so long, Alexis knows she is worried but she can't do her job if Sam keeps calling. Sam says she will back off. They hang up. Kristina asks what Jason has done. Sam says it wasn't Jason. It was John. From the way she was talking Kristina thought it was about Jason. Sam says Jason wouldn't call her if he was in trouble. Sam can't believe John spent night in jail. Kristina says go down to PCPD. Sam says she isn't a lawyer. Kristina says that isn't reason why she wants to go down there and they both know it. Kristina asks if there is anything to Sam's feelings for John. He is her friend. Kristina says Sam can't deny she cares. Kristina asks if anything more happened. Sam says no. She can't believe one kiss is being made into a big deal. Kristina brings up Sam saying kiss was inevitable. Sam says it was and it happened. It's over. Kristina brings up Sam helping John last night. Kristina says you wouldn't kiss a girl if you had a family unless you have feelings. Kristina asks if Sam stood by John because she has feelings for John too. Sam says what if I do. Sam says it doesn't matter. Once John is released he will be off to find Natalie and explain. Kristina says that leaves Sam to deal with her mess. Sam says John isn't part of that. Kristina tells her he is and Sam needs to think about how she feels about Jason and what is going on with their marriage. Sam isn't sure how Jason feels. He comes to see her, they talk and when they start gaining ground something happens and things go wrong. Sam isn't sure what to do. Kristina says maybe there isn't anything to do. Sam say Alexis said same thing. Sam says maybe divorce is right thing to do but she isn't sure. Kirssy talks about loving Jason. Sam is older sister, Kristina should be leaning on her. Kristina has leaned on her family long enough. Sam says she needs to figure this out by herself. They talk about Trey and whether or not Alexis told Sonny. Kristina isn't sure.

August 9, 2012

Jason and Spinelli at the gym. Jason won't let him get hurt. Spinelli tells Jason he joined online dating. His is panicking due to the competion. Jason thinks they doctored the profiles. Spinelli mentions the Phoenix. Sam asks if Alexis got John out. Alexis says ask him yourself and John walks into the Lakehouse. Sam asks why Todd dropped the charges. John is going after Natalie. Sam thanks Alexis. She wants John to get to London. Alexis says Sam not fooling her. Her and John need to deal with what ever is going on with them. Jason and Spinelli he start talk about picturing someone. Both have gloves on. Spinelli says Matt Hunter. Jason punching bag hard. Spinelli going on about Matt. Jason flashes back to John and Sam. He is angry punching bag. Spinelli asking if he wants to take break. Jason punches him knocking him to floor. John tells Sam he is going to see Natalie. She said safe travels. He is going to miss Sam. John tells Sam she is not to fault for him and Natalie. She meant what she said she doesn't want to cause trouble. It's his fault not hers. Spinelli and Jason nursing his bruise. Spinelli thinks his anger is about John. they talk about kisses. Jason wants to know how he heard. They talk about John being back in Pennsylvania.  Spinelli asks if John is gone, why isn't he fixing things with Sam. John and Sam saying goodbye. A man walks up, gives John an envelope and tells him he has been served. John and Sam with Alexis looking at the paper. It's a stay away order. John is mad. Alexis tells him not to go see Natalie angry. She deserves to be mad but not to keep his son away. Spinelli and Jason talking about Sam and John. Spinelli talked to Sam. Jason asked what she said. Her judgments have been clouded he explains. He can't live life in limbo. He needs to go to Sam. Jason looks so sad. Spinelli wants Jason to talk to him since he has not one else. Jason wants to box but Spinelli has had enough.  Spinelli says that Jason may want to give Sam space but she is slipping away.  Jason can't keep her where she doesn't want to be. Spinelli doesn't think Sam knows what she wnats.  He asks Jason if there is even a possibiity for his marriage to work doesn't he want to find out. John is ont he phone arguing with Clint about Liam. Alexis tells him that isn't helping his case. John is flipping out anout them trying to take Liam. Sam offers to talk to Natalie but Alexis tells her that is a bad idea. Alexis wants him to fight legally. She will take his case. She leaves to file papers.  Sam assures him Alexis can win.  John doesn't want to wait.  He wants to go see Liam. Sam wants him to wait for the legal right. They argue. John apologizes since Sam loss is worse than his. Sam says she lost her son but he won't lose his.  They hug.  Jason comes in the door..

August 10, 2012

Jason walks into Lakehouse. Sam turns around and stops hugging John. He if she wants to tell him what is going on. Sam says it wasn't what is looked like. Jason thought John was in Llanveiw. John says he was. Jason asks why he is back. Sam explains that Alexis is trying to help John because he was arrested. Jason asks for what. Sam tells him about Todd pressing charges. Jason asks why he went after Todd. Sam tells him that Todd sent picture of them kissing to Natalie. Jason asks how Todd got picture. Sam says it doesn't matter. He asks John how Natalie felt about kiss. John says she left and took Liam. Jason asks how this is Todd's fault, when he is one who got caught. Sam tells Jason that it doesn't matter. The kiss didn't mean anything. Jason asks John if that is true. Sam tells Jason that John wants to work things out with Natalie, so if Jason thinks John came for her. Jason says that isn't why he is here. John says they need to talk. John leaves. Sam turns around and says she knows this is hard. She doesn't want to make things more difficult for him. She asks what he wants to talk about. He wants to talk about them. Every time they try to talk something gets in the way. Sam asks what do they do now. Jason brings up them being apart. She still wears her ring. She brings up him taking his off. He pulls his ring out of his pocket and tells her he carries it with him. He can put it back on if she wants to try. She doesn't know what he wants her to say. She loves him but isn't sure that is enough any more. Jason walks towards her. He knows he hurt her when he couldn't accept the baby. Sam begins to cry. He got angry and sent guys after John and because of that she lost her baby. He never wanted that baby gone, he grieved for him. He would give his life to get her son back but he can't. He can't say anything else but he is sorry. Just You and Me is playing.  He thinks about how they use to feel about each other, if they can get those feelings back he is willing to try. Can she forgive him? Sam asks herself if she can forgive him. She knows she is suppose to say yes but truth is she doesn't know. Every time she sees a baby the pain is so fresh like it will never go away. She loves Jason so much but she blames him and feels like she always will. Jason says all he is is a reminder of how her baby died, so he has to stop. Sam says if her baby lived she might have been able to forgive him. She would have been able to see baby in his arms and know that Jason loved him. But even if she did she can't turn her back on John. She can't let him lose his son. She asks is Jason can accept John in her life. Jason doesn't know. Jason and Sam are holding hands. Sam says Jason is always so honest. She used to love that about him. She wishes things could be different. Now here they are, he isn't sure he can accept her friendship with John and she isn't sure she can forgive him. Jason says we can't go back and change what happened and we can't move forward. They let go of each other's hands. Sam says not with the way they are both feeling right now. Sam tells him to say it, she can't. He says we need to get a divorce.

August 13, 2012

Jason and Sam talking about getting a divorce. She says what now. He says we have to find out how to separate our lives. She asks if that's possible. He doesn't know. They are both teary. He doesn't want to make it harder for her then it is already. She doesn't either. She's crying. He says she's had it hard enough. She says like he has had it easy. He says its a standard legal procedure. She says nothing ever felt real to her till she met him. She asks if she's ever thank him for that. She says his marriage to Brenda wasn't real and neither were any of hers. Nothing was real before him. He says lets try to make it as painless as possible. She says she doesn't want them to forget how much they meant to each other. She says its going to hurt isn't it. She says she'll have Alexis handle the legal stuff. He says he'll use Diane. She can have whatever she wants. She doesn't want anything. It was never about money for her. He says this will be the simplest divorce in history. She says then why then why are we doing this. Jason wants to do what she needs. She says would you go to marriage counseling, trial separation. He says he would go for her. He would try. She says I couldn't do that to you. She talks about how she blames him but she loves him. He says sometimes love isn't enough. She says she is punishing him. He doesn't want to see her hurt she says but you are hurting. He says then we're doing the right thing. She doesn't want to ruin what they had it was so beautiful. She asks him how after everything they've been through they can say goodbye. He says maybe they should take some time. He could go away. She says that avoiding each other. She wishes it wasn't all or nothing. She wishes they could get a divorce and talk and hang out like they use to. Neither can see how that could happen. She says you are not just my husband. You are my best friend and he says she is his. Jason says maybe we can't be friends but he will never stop wanting her to be happy. She wants him to be happy too. He's sorry for how everything turned out. She is too. She says we need to say the words or it won't be real. He says goodbye. She says goodbye Jason. He walks away. She grabs his hand and they hug. They put their foreheads together then they kiss. Just You and Me is playing as they show flashbacks of their history together. He says I love you and she says I love you too. Their music is playing. He walks out. She's crying on the floor he looks in and sees her. He walks away she looks toward the door still crying.

August 14, 2012

Jason and Sam flashingback to their kiss at the Lakehouse. Jason arrives at Carlyís. Sam is at the Lakehouse. Alexis mother walks into the room needing coffee. Carly tells Jason how Joss disappeared last night and where she was found. Sam ask Alexis if she is okay? She is just tired. Sam asks about Wyndemere. Alexis thinks she fainted. Sam says so security calls but no one shows up. Alexis says the place is cursed. Jason asks about Joss being missing. Carly explains that Johnny found her. Jason thinks something is off, says maybe it was Jax. Jason and Carly ask Joss about what happened. Jason says its okay if she doesn't remember. Jason tells Carly that he and Sam are getting a divorce. Alexis and Sam talking about John and his case. Sam asks Alexis to represtn her.  She tells her that she and Jason are getting a divorce. Sam says Jason came by. Alexis asks if John was there. Sam says yes and it got uncomfortable. She says that they talked and she can't get past it. Alexis says don't you want to try. Alexis wants to make sure that this is what Sam wants. Jason mentions how it's a simple process. Carly wants to talk to Sam and he says no. Carly says you love her, it doesn't matter if I think she's right for you. She asks if he wants to give up. She says Sam swore up and down that she accepted Jason but she bailed. Sam says Alexis knows how hard it was to marry Jason. She only did it because she loves him so much. Alexis says give yourself time. Alexis asks if John is a part of this. She says yes because she has a connection with him and that provoked Jason to go after him. She says she can't get past it. Sam says it's over, I can't believe it's over. She says when she looks at Jason she sees the man who abandoned her when she needed him most. Jason says it's over, nothing left to fight for. Carly asks Jason to give her a hug. Carly notices needle mark on Joss's arm and asks what is that. Alexis says she understands and gets why she doesn't want to drag it out. Alexis asks what Jason thinks.  He's going to get Diane to represent him. She says Sam is so strong, she wishes she doesn't have to go through this. She'll make sure that the divorce is as painless as possible. Carly notices the red mark on Joss. Carly is worried. Jason says maybe we should take her to the hospital. Jason and Carly at hospital, they see Steve. She says maybe Iím overreacting but can you look at Joss's arm. Alexis and Sam hugging, walking together. Alexis says she will go to office to do paperwork. Alexis gets dizzy and faints.

August 15, 2012

Carly telling Steve about the mark on Joss' arm. Jason stays behind. Elizabeth walks up and asks if everything is ok. He explains about Joss. Steve checking Joss. Sam and Alexis side by side hugging and walking. Alexis passes out. Jason says Joss looks okay. Elizabeth tells Jason that Carly is lucky he is there to support her. Elizabeth says Jason seems worried about more than Joss. Jason tells her that he and Sam are getting divorced. Sam trying to rouse Alexis. John comes in and asks what happened. He tells her to call ambulance. Sam goes to call ambulance. John tries to wake up Alexis. Elizabeth is sorry that Jasom and Sam couldn't make it work. Jason says they were hurting each other. Elizabeth asks if Sam still blames him. Jason says she does and can't get over it. A divorce will set her free. Elizabeth asks if that is what Sam really wants. John and Sam come in with Alexis on a gurney. Paramedics take Alexis away. Jason asks Sam what happened. She tells him that her mother just collapsed and walks away. John and Jason stare each other down. John explains why he was there. Jason tells him that he and Sam decided to end there marriage and now John knows.  Jason walks away. The cdoctor comes in. Elizabeth and Sam tell him what the symptoms are. Sam explains about Alexis's cancer but nothing happened until last night. Elizabeth asks what happened last night. Jason standing in waiting room. John asks why he is there. Jason tells him about Joss. John says Alexis has the same mark. John asks how Joss got mark. Jason explains what Carly told him. John says Jason doesn't look convinced. Jason says he isn't. Steve walks up, Jason asks what is going on with Joss. Steve explains. Jason tells Steve that Alexis had the same mark on her arm and passed out. Steve goes into Alexis room. The doctor tells them what is going on. Sam needs to call Kristina. Steve stops her and asks how Alexis got the mark. She isn't sure. Does it have to do with her passing out. John in background as Sam explains to Jason that Alexis passed out twice. Jason asks about the first time. She explains about the alarm being tripped and Alexis going out to Spoon Island. John asks what Spoon Island is. Sam says it is a home her family owns. Sam tells John that Jason can explain how nothing good happens at Wydamere and walks off. John asks if the house had signs of a break-in. Sam says no one showed up there when Alexis went out there and she didn't notice anything. Jason asks if Sam was with Alexis when she got call.  She wasn't. Sam says Alexis told her she fainted but Alexis blew it off. John asks fort name of security company, he wants to check it out. Kristina and Michael walk up. Sam takes her to see Alexis. Jason says that Carly will be happy to see Michael. Kristina and Sam walk into the room. Kristina says Alexis looks so sick. She asks if Steve knows what is wrong. Not yet but he will find out. John on phone asking if they are sure. Jason asks what they said. John tells Jason that alarm was never tripped. Alexis was lured to Wyndamere. John asks if Jason has an idea who would want to get Alexis to Wydamere. He brings up Sonny. Jason says no. John asks about family. Jason says Helena but he doesn't think it was her. John asks about the mark and connection between Alexis and Joss. Kristina talking to Alexis. She wakes up. Sam says they are running tests to find out why she keeps fainting. Sam tells Kristina this isn't first time. Jason asks if John knows how to get to Spoon Island and if he has a boat. John says no. Jason tells John he has a boat. John asks why Jason wants to help. Jason doesn't think it is coincidence Alexis and Joss have same mark.

August 16, 2012

Sam, Alexis and Kristina at the hospital talking about Alexis going to Wyndamere. Alexis has no idea what happened there. Jason and John at Wyndamere. They agree that someone lured Alexis there and try to figure out who. Sam wants to know if Alexis had any dizzy spells earlier or if it started at Wyndamere. Jason and John review Alexis' story. Jason doesn't think Joss left the house on her own. Ewan comes in. Jason and John pull their guns on him. Sam questions Alexis about what she remembers. John tells Ewan about Alexis fainting and mentions Joss. Jason wants to know if Ewan is feeling sick. Alexis tells Sam what little she remembers. Jason questions Ewan. John mentions that both Alexis and Ewan were lured there and wants to know who would want to lure the both of them.  John wants to hear the message on Ewan cell but Ewan ssays it is on his office phone. John thinks Ewan looks sick and tells him he should get checked out. Ewan leaves. Jason thinks he is hiding something. Sam leaves Alexis to rest.  She and Carly talk to Steve who tells them that Alexis and Joss have the same condition. They are not contagious but he has no idea how to treat it. John wants to get Wyndamere tested for contamination.  He gets a call about Scully getting released and says he has to go. Jason takes him back to the mainland. Carly says that Joss and Alexis have not seen each other in a long time. Steve thinks they got sick from an injection. Jason shows up and asks what happened.

August 17, 2012

Sam and John at the lake house. She apologizes for keeping him waiting. She gives him an envelope. Alexis had her associate draw up a petition to lift the restraining order. He is surprised Alexis remembered given how sick she was. Sam gently reminder her. John thanks her. Sam got him into this mess. She wants to get him out. John says all the time he spent away from Natalie and his son, he wrecked his life to seek justice. In the end he got nothing. At night he sets in a dark hotel staring at picture of Liam. Sam doesnít think its fair that Natalie is using Liam against him. He was going to tell Nat about the kiss but he couldn't tell her he didn't mean it because he did. They were both in a bad place Sam tells him. John tells Sam he could have told Natalie when he got home. He could have explained it didnít mean anything. He tells Sam it did mean something to him. Sam asks  what he will do now. He is was going to fight for his relationship but he never thought Natalie would use Liam against him. If it drags on it will just get worst. Sam explains she has it easy since Jason isnít contesting the divorce. They have nothing to fight over. She guess she will just sign the papers and then she is free. She didnít mean the way it sound. John ask her how it sound. She didnít mean it to sound she would be free. Its to soon to have this conversation. John agrees. He thinks he should go and starts to walk away. He turns back and tells Sam they are going to have that conversation someday. He walks away.

August 20, 2012

Spinelli is in the hospital hallways with presents. Jason stops him. He needs him to work on something. Spinelli says okay sure but first he must deliver gifts to Alexis and Joss. Jason pulls him into the chapel. He needs to talk to him about Joss and Alexis almost dying. Jason tells him they were injected with a poison. Jason is not sure if it was to kill them or not. Thatís what he wants to find out. Spinelli wants to know who would hurt them. Jason answers Dr. Keenan. Spinelli asks why he suspects the doctor. Jason explains how they were kidnapped and injected. Spinell wants to know how Keenan is involved? He tells Spin how he and John found Keenan at Wyndamere. Either person who set up Alexis wanted to set up the doctor or he is lying. Jason explains all of Ewen's suspicious activities as the reason why he thinks he is lying. Spinelli thinks that he is too close to Alexis, Joss and Elizabeth to see things clearly. Jason tells Spinelli that Keenan is hiding something and he wants to know what it is. He hands him his computer. Spinelli thinks if he is hiding something it doesnít mean he injected them. Jason further explains his suspicions. Spinelli trusts his instincts but warns him that Elizabeth will not recat well. Jason cares more about her safety. He needs answers. Spinelli ask if he truly thinks Keenan is dangerous. Jason already knows he is lying. Now he needs s to know if he injected Joss and Alexis. Spin wants to know where to start. Jason gives him several points. Spinelli is on his computer. He tells Jason he will have to deliver the gifts. Jason walks out of chapel with gifts. John walks up making a joke about the big bear in his hand. Jason wants to know what happen with Joe Jr. John informs him charges dropped. John is sure Sonny will have him going after Joe in no time. John ask if there are any leads on who injected Alexis and Joss and if it leads back to the castle?

August 22, 2012

Sam and John outside the Lakehouse. She gives him the petition to lift the restraining order and he thanks her. She is the reason he is in this mess so she will do anything she can to help him. He talks about the mess he made of his life by spending time away from Liam and Natalie to bring down a killer. He got nothing. Now he sits alone in a hotel in a strange city staring at a photo of his son. Sam thinks Natalie is being unfair using Liam against him. John was going to tell Natalie but he couldn't tell her he didnít mean to kiss Sam. He did mean it. Sam states they were both in a bad place. He should have told Natalie when he first got home. He could have said I kissed someone but it didnít mean anything. Sam thinks he should have. He could have but it would have been a lie.  Sam asks what he is going to do now? He was going to fight for his relationship. Sam thinks she has it easy. Jason isnít contesting divorce. They have nothing to fight over. They will just sign the papers and she will be free. She didnít mean it the way it sounded. John asks how it sounded. Like she would be free and he will to. It is to soon to have this conversation. He agrees. He starts to leave then turns and says they will have to have conversation one day. Sam knows.

August 23, 2012

Jason comes into Sonny's restaurant. He leaves a message for Spinelli on his cell asking what he found out about Dr. Keenan.  Elizabeth lighting a candle. She flashes back to her meeting with Jason about Ewen. Sonny comes out of his office and grabs a drink. Jason asks if everything is okay. Sonny got a visit from an old friend. Jason inquiring if he knows anything about Joe Jr.'s release from jail. Sonny has put in a few calls. No one is talking. He was the one who told Kate that Joe was free. Jason ask if she is okay. Sonny knows deep down Kate is afraid. He talks about what Joe Jr. did to Kate. She blames herself. Jason ask Sonny what he wants him to do. Nothing he replies. If anyone is going to kill Joe it's going to be him. He will when Kate is strong enough. Joe lives for now. Jason asks why Joe took the risk to see him. Joe was talking garbage about making peace. Jason wants to know the real reason. Joe wants to put Sonny on notice. Sonny wants double security on his kids until Joe leaves town. Jason is going to look into .Joe Jr. is in town. Spinelli coems in with news on Keenan. Sonny wants to know why he investigating Kates shrink. Upon Jason request he broke into the doctors office. Sonny is not happy about it. Jason explains about Alexis being injected at Wyndamere and Ewen being there when he went to investigate. Jason thinks Keenan was involved with Alexis being injected. Ewen knows more then he is saying. Sonny wants to know what information Spinelli has. He has the connection between Joss, Alexis and Ewen. Ewen was Alaska. Jason blurts out just like Jax. Sonny needs proof of his wrong doing before he disrupts Kate's treatment. Jason instructs Spinelli to go to Alaska and find the proof they need. Sonny is not happy Spinelli is on case. Jason assures him if there is anything to find Spinelli will find it. Spinelli asks if he is looking for anything specific. The connection between Jax and Ewen.

August 24, 2012

Elizabeth opens her door and Jason enters. He needs to talk to her about Ewen. Ewen comes down her stairs without his shirt asking if he heard his name. Jason didnít know he was going to be here. Ewen ask if thatís a problem. Jason is glad they are both there. He has something to say to then. He was wrong about Ewen. He was angry about what was happening to Alexis and Joss. He saw Ewen at Wyndamere. He apologizes. Ewen thanks him. They all want who is responsible brought to justice. Jason assure him they will be. Ewen gets paged by hospital. He thanks Elizabeth for last night, kisses her and leaves. Elizabeth explains he slept on the couch. She asks why he is really there? He was not wrong about Ewen. She asks for proof? He doesn't have any. They argue over Ewen. Jason ask her if Keenan has told her about time he spent in Alaska. Jason explains to her what he has found. She doesnít believe its to sinister. Jason thinks he is hiding something. She ask what. Jason explains how Alexis and Joss got sick and how both are close to Jax. Elizabeth is getting annoyed. She thinks it just a coincidence. Jason ask if Ewen has ever said anything about Jax. Elizabeth explains on her first date with Ewen she mentioned Jax being from Australia. She ask him if he knew of him. He rattled off all the Jacks' names even Jerry. Jason reminds her Jerry injected Nicholas to make him sick, like what happen to Joss and Alexis. She mentions Patrick and he asks if he was there at the time.

August 27, 2012

Patrick and Jason at hospital. Patrick has no time for him. Jason tells him it is about Robin. He ask what about Robin. John knocks at the Lakehouse. Alexis lets him in. He is there to talk to her about petition. Sam enters the room. Sam is sure Alexis is suppose to be resting. Alexis insists she is fine. They are talking about restraining not being lifted until approved by judge. Thatís why he is staying town. If he went to Llanveiw he would want to see Liam. He is staying here to focus other things. He ask Alexis about Wyndamere. Jason asks Patrick about a possible connection between Robin and Jerry. Patrick ignores him  and walks off. Jason reminds him about Jerry poisoning Nicholas. Patrick replies Jerry and Robin are both dead. Jason ask him what they used to counteract the poison. Alexis going over the night at the castle. She doesnít remembering anything after arriving. Sam reminds her she almost died and smust rest. Sam ask if they have any leads on who did the poisoning? He informs her he is working on something with Jason. Jason informs Patrick he thinks Jerry is connected to Alexis and Joss getting sick. John gets a call telling him to turn on the TV. Jerry comes on screen talking about Joss and Alexis being ill. He trusts they are better. Jerry tells everyone watching he made them sick. Patrick talking about Jerry being shot. Jason reminds him the body was never found. Nurse interrupts them and turns on the computer so they can watch Jerry. Jax stands up and spouts off he is going to kill Jerry. He assures Carly that Joss will be okay. Sam ask John if he knows about Jerry. He does. Jerry chattering about the bond he once shared with Alexis. He hopes she can forgive him after he reveals what is about to transpire. Jerry informs all he had help. Jason is accusing Ewen of helping Jerry. Jason tries to call Elizabeth but she doesn't pick up. Patrick asks what Ewen has to do with this. Jason explains his suspicions. Jerry informs all Joss and Alexis will be the only ones to survive. He introduced a deadly pathogen into the water supply. Sam has water in her hand John jerks it away. Anyone who has come in contact with tap water is exposed. John ordering someone to test water. Alexis thinks he is bluffing. John will let them know what he finds. He leaves and Sam calls out to him be careful. Patrick and Jason on phones. They hang up. Jason ask if Emma is okay. Patrick is starting to panic. Jason needs him to check on Elizabeth. He isnít buying Ewen is helping Jerry. Jason is pleading with him to trust him. Patrick agrees to check in on her. He ask Jason where he is going. Alexis trying to figure out why Jerry is doing this. She is frantic. Sam tries to calm her. She tells her it will be okay. She has three daughters who have not been vaccinated. It's not okay. Jerry saying he was not finished. John tells him he is now, pointing a gun at him. Alexis tells Sam if Jerry wants to be paid she will pay him. Alexis needs the antidote for her girls. Sam telling her freaking out wonít make it happen faster. Jerry expected cops. John goes for Jerryís gun. Jason walks in with his gun aimed at Jerry. Sam is calling Kristina but canít get her. Alexis assures Molly on the phone that she will not let them die. John and Jason not amused by Jerry antics. He knows how much they want to kill him but canít since he knows where the antivirus is. Jerry warns them if he dies so does everyone else. John calls Dante. Jason punches Jerry in stomach. Alexis is nervous. Sam is cleaning up glass she broke earlier. Alexis doesnít want to survive if her girls wonít. Alexis grabs her keys. She is going to see Jerry. Sam tries to stop her, reminding her John and Jason are working on this. Jason beating the hell out of Jerry. John tells him to slow down. John ask where the serum is? He wants to know if John really thinks he can get him to talk. Jax walks in and tells them no but he can.

August 28, 2012

Jerry on floor. John tells him he doesnít look so good. Jerry asks if they think Jason manhandling him will get him to talk. Jax comes in and says he can. Jerry did not expect to see Jax. He asks what he is doing here? Jax figures Jerry is the reason he was stopped by customs. Jerry was trying to save his life. Jax is not happy he is trying to kill Carly and his daughter. Jax yanks Jerry up. Jerry tells him Joss is safe and he was supposed to be. Jax wants Jerry to tell him this all a bluff or diversion. Jerry assures him this no joke. He poisoned the water supply. Jax wants to know why he would do this?. John tells Jax to explain to Jerry this will not end well for him. Jason steps up and states Jerry only speaks one language He points his gun at him. Jason demands he reveal how to undo this. John tells Jason if Jerry dies they are screwed. Jax not happy he kidnapped Joss. Jerry reminds him he gave Joss the antidote. Jax asks what he wants. Jerry was about to explain himself when he was interrupted. Jason and John are losing patience. John is going to haul Jerry down to the station. He will talk then. Jerry informs them he had help. Jason blurts out Dr. Keenan. Jerry doesnít know the man. John thinks he will tell at the station. Jason tells him he canít handle this like Scully. Sirens in the background. John asks him if Joe Scully means anything to him. He tells them no. Jax tells Jerry he is lying. John and Jason might not be able read him but he can. Jax wants to know what this is really about. Jason tells john to get rid of the back-up. He will get answers. John tells Jason they need to find Keenan. John is reading Jerry his rights as he is being arrested. Jerry ask if its to much to ask to have Alexis represent him. They take Jerry away. Jax wants to know why Jason ask about Ewen? Jason ask if he knows him? Jax thinks name sounds familiar. At the station, Dante instructs them to take Jerry into interrogation room. John asks if he can sit in? Dante agrees. Jason and Jax wait outside the room. Jax ask who is Keenan and what he has to do with this? Jason explains what he suspects. He informs Jax that Ewen spent time in Alaska just like him and Jerry. Jason ask him if the name Keenan means anything to him. No, he thought it might but it doesnít. Jax thanks him for staying with Carly while Joss was sick. He wants to repay Jason by getting through to his brother. Jason calls Elizabeth. He canít get her so he goes to her home. She isnít there. He finds Patrick knocked out on the floor.

August 29, 2012

Jason enters Elizabethís home calling her name. He finds Patrick knocked out. He rushes to him and tries to wake him up. Patrick awakens holding his head in pain. Jason ask where Keenan is. Patrick tells Jason he tried to get Elizabeth to call cops. Jason ask if Ewen heard him. He did. Jason ask about Elizabeth. Patrick tells him Ewen must have taken her. Jason calls Dante to inform him that Elizabeth was kidnapped by Ewen. Dante tells him he is on his way. Patrick and Jason arguing about him being checked out. He insist he is okay and they need to focus on finding Elizabeth. Patrick is in denial about Ewen. Jason reminds him Elizabeth is gone. Dante on phone giving details about Elizabeth being missing. Dante wants to know why Ewen took Elizabeth. Patrick informs them that Ewen was angry because she didnít believe him. Dante thinks when they find him Ewen will confess what Jerry is up to. Jason ask what about Elizabeth. Patrick hopes Ewen cares enough about her not to hurt her. Jason explains to Dante why he suspects Keenan. Dante wants to know where he would take her. Jason suggest Jerry knows. Dante informs them that Jerry is off limits. The FBI and McBain have decided no one is talking to him. Jason say if Jerry knows where Keenan has taken Elizabeth he is going to tell him. Elizabeth in car with Ewen. She has cell behind her back. She dials Jason. Lulu at station asking if they have found Elizabeth. Dante tells her no. Jason and Patrick are there. Jason's cell rings. It's Elizabeth. He answers and lets everyone listen. Dante informs they can trace what tower she is using. Elizabeth asks know if Ewen is taking her to antidote. He is going to make it right. He is going to find Jerry and antidote then he is going to save her. Elizabeth asks about serum. At the station, everyone is listening. Ewen finds her phone and smashes it. They lost signal. Jason tryies to convince Dante to let him talk to Jerry. Not going to happen. Dante cell rings.  Jason is about to go talk to Jerry. Dante says donít. City confirmed deadly pathogen in water supply. City has no clue how to stop it. Patrick ask how sick is that. Jerry Jacks for the first time is telling the truth.

August 30, 2012

Sam come into the PCPD. The media is gathering outside waiting for answers. John is with the mayor. Sam watches them. Mayor wants to know how she can help John. He tells her to reassure the public. She is about to hold a press conference to do just that. She just hopes she is telling them the truth and the FBI can save the residents. She leaves as Sam approaches John. She wants to know if it's true Jerry has an attorney. John informs her that Alexis is representing Jerry. Sam is confused as to why her mother would be near Jerry. John states that Alexis thinks she can get through to Jerry. Jax strolls into station. He greets Sam and ask John if he can see his brother.  Jax apologizes for what Jerry has done. He had nothing to do with it. Sam knows he is not to blame. Alexis walks out. She greets Jax and hugs him. Alexis wants to know if he has been vaccinated. He has been exposed like everyone else has. John thinks everyone has a price. He wants to know what Jerry price is. Alexis knows. She fetches the ammont from her briefcase. Jerry wants over $88, 111,000. She wants Sam to come home later. She wants her family all together except Krissy who far from all this. She hugs Jax and tells him she wants him around more. She leaves. Jax asks John how much money Jerry wants. John informs him of the amount. Sam wants to see it. Jax tells John the amount is not so strange. It represents a hand of cards. The Deadman Hand.

August 31, 2012

Sam still at the PCPD with McBain and Jax. She explains how the hand of cards has a meaning if you know the history. Jax explains the amount his brother is asking for represents the Deadman's Hand. John replies Wild Bill Hicock had the hand when he was shot down. He wants to know why its so important to Jerry. Jax explains the hand of cards have a big part in his family's history. Jason is skyping with Spinelli. Jason whats to know what he found out. Spinelli is concerned about Jason. He looks flushed and feverish. Jason needs him to focus on finding information on Ewen. Spinelli found out that Ewen did practice his medcine in Alaska. He had a special patient John Jacks. Jason wants to know if he found anything they could use. No wrong doing but Ewen was summoned to Arizona with John Jacks. Jason wants to know if Ewen was with John when he died. Jason informs Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth. Jax explains how his dad had the cards and believed they brought him luck. Jax says Jerry wasn't always  bad. Growing up the Jacks family had a tight foundation. John Jacks credited everything good in his life to the cards. Cards were stolen and as John searched for them he grew weaker and fell into a deep depression. He begged Jax to find them. John wants to know how the cards are connected to Jerry and can they lead them to the antisereum. Why is Jerry tying the ransom to a hand of cards? Sam ask if either of them are feeling weird. John ask her if she is okay, she is looking a little flushed. She feels a little warm but is okay. She tells Jax to finish the story. John wants to how John acquired the cards. Spinelli inquires about Ewen being capable of hurting Elizabeth. Jason thinks if he is desperate enough he could harm her. Spinelli assures Jason Elizabeth is capable of keeping things under control until he finds her. Jason tells Spinelli about the call they recieved from her the night before. John is near the cells with Todd. John not sure how he wormed his way down there. John directs him away from Jerry. Jerry is antagonizing Sam as they walk away. He calls out wanting to know if that is Sweet Sam. He missed her and notes she looks pale. She tells him to go to hell. Jerry wants to know where Jason is. Jax tells her to go he will take care of his brother. Sam walks away as he is calling out for her. Jax finds no humor where his brother is concerned. Jason sent Spinelli the mp3 of the call. Once he recieves it he should be able to triangulate her whereabouts. Spinelli listens to the call. Jason wants to know if he found anything. Sam is walking toward John and Todd. John asks if she is okay. She is. Todd wants to know her take on giving Jerry money. She tells him to stop while holding her head. Her throat is raw and her body is hurting all over. She has one hell of a headache. Todd replies exactly his point. If they raise the money and give it to Jerry they can stop everyone from getting sicker. Spinelli hears church bells in the distance. He is sure its in the south. If Elizabeth is near the church when she made call they could be somewhere else now. John doesn't think giving into Jerry demands is the right thing to do. John is going to find the antidote while doctors are working on finding the cure. Todd ask if he knows where it is. Spinelli hopes the infromation he gave Jason is enough to save Elizabeth. Jason thanks him. He wishes he could be there. Jason tells him even if he could there is a quarantine. Spinelli wants to be near his friends and loved ones. Jason tells him not to worry. He will call him when its over. Todd leaves in a huff. John wants to know again how Sam is feeling. She asks John if he knows where jerry put the antidote. He saids it depends. He wants to know if she knows where the card are.

September 4, 2012

Ewen holding Elizabeth captive with a gun. He pleads with her to believe he had no hand in Jerry poisoning the water supply. Jason bursts in. With his gun aimed Ewen  he demands he let her go. Ewen tells him to get back or he will shoot. Jason was not supposed to find them. Jason tells him to drop his gun. Ewen demand he drop his or he will shoot. Sam asks if John thinks Jerry hid the cure with that cards. It's just a hunch but he does. The cure has to be tied to the Deadman's Hand. But they don't know where the cards are. John ask when she saw them last. When Jax threw them in her face. John ask why she didn't keep them. She wasted time thinking those cards would set her up for life. She didn't want them anymore. Jason informs Ewen there is no way out for him. He insists he can fix this. He tells Jason to get the hell out. Jason demands he tell him where the cure is. Elizabeth tells Jason that Ewen is getting sick too. He knew nothing about Jerry's plan. Ewen tells Jason he needs to speak with Jerry. Elizabeth pleads with him to let her go. She will explain he had nothing to do with this madness. Ewen thinks she is lying. He is getting angry. He is taking Elizabeth to Jerry so they find the antidote together. Ewen tells Jason to put down his gun. Jason tells him to let her go or someone will die. John thinks the cards may lead then to the treatment. He asks if she knows where they are now. The last person she remembers having them is Tracy Quartermaine. Elizabeth pleads with Ewen to do as Jason says. He ask why. What good is Jason? He can't get her the cure only Ewen can. She knows that. She is afraid if he fires gun he could harm her. She knows that is what he doesn't want. She begs him to put gun down. Jason ia not leaving without Elizabeth. Ewen ask if he knows more. Jason knows about Arizona. He killed Jerry's father. John and Sam at the Quartermaine's. They walk in on the rich people talking about giving Jerry the money. Sam wants to know where the cards are. Elizabeth pleading with Ewen to let her go. Ewen loves Elizabeth and he is going to fix this. He will be her hero not Jason. A shot is fired. Tracy doesn't have cards. Last she heard Luke had them. John ask if she knows where Luke keeps them. Possibly the Haunted Star. Jason was shot in leg. Ewen and Elizabeth arguing. She wants nothing to do with him. Ewen thinks this has nothing to with Jerry. He believes it all about Jason. She tries to get lose. Her not loving her has nothing to do with Jason. Jason in pain but still aiming his gun. He shoots Ewen. Elizabeth rushes to Jason. He tells her to get the gun. She needs something so he can set her free. Ewen deserves to die for what he did to everyone. Elizabeth trying to stop the bleeding. Ewen sobbing for help. Elizabeth checks on him. He needs a hospital or he will die. John and Sam at the boat. She is a little woozy. John ask her if she is okay. She is okay. They go into Lukes office. Sam thinks she get into the safe. John tells her to go ahead. Steve at hospital with Kate. Elizabeth comes in with Ewen and Jason. She explains what happened. Elizabeth and Jason talking about her experience in helping him not bleed to death. They know who got saved today. Credit goes to Spinelli. He wasn't going to let Ewen hurt her. Sam opens safe. Cards are in it. Something else in it. John ask if its the cure.

September 5, 2012

Sam and John at the Haunted Star opening Lukes safe. The cards are in it with a note from Jerry. Elizabeth is tending to Jason's wound. She is upset. They hug. The cure isn't there and John tired of playing games. He is going back to station to get Jerry to talk. Sam stands up and faints. John rushes to her. Elizabeth apologizes for crying. She can't believe she trusted Ewen. Jason tells her she didn't know. She should have listen to Jason. They talk about Ewen's connection to Jerry. John revives Sam. She asks what happened. She hit her head on the desk. Sam tells him to go. He is not leaving her. He is taking her to a doctor. The ER is swamped so Jason has to wait for bullet to be removed. Elizabeth apologizes for getting him shot. He is glad he got to her in time. They are talking about Ewen when John comes in with Sam. Jason asks what happened. John explains. Sam tells John to go. He pleads with Elizabeth to look at her. Sam asks Jason about his leg. Elizabeth explains how he got shot. John ask where Ewen is. He is dead. Jason asks what is going on with Jerry. John's cell rings. Jerry escaped. He has to get back to station. Jason wants to go with him. John says there is nothing he can do but John will possibly call if anything changes. He says good-bye to Sam. Steve comes in. He needs Elizabeth's help. Jason and Sam alone. It end likethis. They asks each other if they are okay? She is afraid they are dying. She can't help but wonder what if they had made different choices and her baby would have lived. How would their lives be different.

September 6, 2012

What If Episode - Sam and Jason are alone in the exam room. They could be dying and all she can think about is what if. If their child had lived everything would be different now. He will always be sorry about how everything turned out. She tells him this is not about blaming him; itís about how different their lives would be. Every night she dreams about the life they could have had. She tells him it was not just his fault. They both made mistakes and hers started with Heather Webber. They were putting Franco in the past and they were going to focus on the baby. Their baby. The DNA proved he was the father. Franco left that damn DVD and she needed answers. If she had never gone to Ferncliff, Franco would be gone and out of their lives. He tells her not to do this. She tells him to just imagine how different their lives would have been if she never came up with Heatherís name. She imagines meeting Heather and her telling Sam she will tell her what she wants to know for a price. Sam stands up and leaves telling Heather she knows everything she needs to know. She would have come home completely happy instead she came home with a secret. She imagines arriving home after seeing Heather. Jason is happy to see her. They kiss and he asks if she found out everything they needed to know. She informs him she left before Heather could say anything. She burns the DVD and they kiss. Jason grabs his leg and she asks if he is okay. She doesnít know why she asks because he always tells her he is. He thanks her for always asking. She is always going to ask and care. Heather may have taken away everything else but she canít take that. She can imagine them in the penthouse the way they use to be. She always loved coming home to him. He tells her he did too. The best part was the homecoming would not have stopped there. Her phone rings. It's Alexis making sure Sam is okay. Jerry must be loving that he is finally a winner. Jason tells her he has not won yet. If they donít find the cure they wonít make it. Alexis will outlive her children, just like her and Jason. She imagines Lamaze class and having a baby shower where she goes into labor. Jason is about to leave she ask him to stay. Telling him her what if is the only thing keeping her sane. She imagines Spinelli and Maxie finding their way back to one another. He laughs at her dreaming about Spinelii and Maxie. She tells him to back off its her fantasy. She arrives at the ER with everyone in tow. Everybody is excited she is about to have a baby. She has a beautiful boy with Jason by her side. He hugs Monica and calls Carly. Alexis is in the room with her meeting her grandson. Monica gives Jason advice to let his son know how much he loves him. Jason and Sam bring their son home to the living room filled with baby stuff. Edward left a note saying a high chair for the future chairman of the board. His grandfather set up a college education trust. They both sit down and name their son Daniel Edward after her brother and his grandfather. Jason holds his son and looks so happy. Jason sits back down and she ask what he thinks about the name she dreamed of. He likes and thinks that would have been good. She tells him her son look just like him and he would have been the best father to Danny. He must think she is crazy crying over things that didnít happen. He tells her she isnít doing anything wrong. Itís just when she starts dreaming she canít stop. Itís never enough time she always wants more. She gets greedy thinking about them not only having a son but a daughter named Emily. Jason smiles at the thought of her thinking they would have had two kids. She told him she was greedy. It could be the fever but when she pictures them and their family. She sees the four of them. Itís just a story because what really happen she lost her son and they lost each other.

September 7, 2012

Jason and Sam talk about her fantasy and how good it seemed. Sam admits she should have never gone to see Heather. Tea answers the door with the babyn her arms.  Heather is there. Sam wants to ask Jason a question about the night her baby died. Jason apologizes again for sending the thugs after John. Its not about that. She has been so angry at him and blaming him. As long as she made it his fault, she didn't have to think about what really happen. Wrapping her son in a scarf seems so stupid to her now. She questions why she left the hotel. Jason reminds her she was getting help for her son. The road was closed. Why didn't she take him back to the hotel? She walked into the woods. She left him outside in a planter. Tea greets Susan (aka Heather). She introduces the baby to the woman who saved his life. Heather comments on how beautiful he is. Jason tells Sam she was in shock. She didn't leave her son. It's his fault. Sam asking herself why she put her son down. She was sick and dizzy. Why didn't she take him in the shack with her? Why did she leave him out in the cold and alone? She was his mother and he needed her. She cries that her baby died because of her. Jason holds her in his arms trying to comfort her. They are sitting on the table together. Jason tells Sam her son didn't die because she put him down. He died of resportory failure. Jason reminds her how weak she was when he found her. She didn't believe the baby that died was hers. She didn't want to believe it. She came up with this fantasy that someone switched him. Jason tells her when a child dies you find a away not to make it true to deal with the pain. She knows. She can't help but think if she had not put him down he would be with her now. They are holding hands. Tea offers Heather a seat and lets her hold the baby. Her cell rings. Heather whispers to the baby that no one knows the truth. She notes his scowl looks just like his father's. Tea asks why she is in Lanveiw? She came to see the baby. Elizabeth and Patrick are with Jason and Sam. She is asking Jason if he is any pain while Patrick examines Sam. Patrick wants to take Sam for tests. Jason asks if it's possible to see the file on Sam's baby. He has it in his hand. Jason asks about how the baby died. He tells them the lungs were not deeveloped. Jason ask if they had gotten the baby to the hospital in time, could they have saved him. Patrick explains the baby would still have died. Sam leaves with Patrick. Elizabeth tells him it wasn't Sam's fault or his. Jason is still responsible for John not getting to them in time. Jason glances over Sam's file. Something isn't right. The baby's blood type doesn't match Sam's or Franco. He wants to know how that could be. Elizabeth thinks it is an error. Jason wonders if there is any truth to the dead baby not being Sam's.

September 10, 2012

Tea's phone rings. It's work. Heather tells her to take it. Heather talking to the baby. Jason wants to know if he is reading the medical file right. Sam and Franco are both O postive. The baby is AB negative. Elizabeth glances over the records. It has to be a mistake. What if it isn't? What if Sam's baby was switched with another? Steve wheeling Sam near the hub. She asks about the cure. Truth is they are running out of time. Elizabeth wants to know if he really thinks the baby that died wasn't Sam's? All he knows when he placed the baby in Sam's arm, she swore it wasn't her baby. Sam scans were good. Steve is going to send her home to be with her family. She asks about his family. Elizabeth's boys are nowhere near this virus and Olivia is still suffering from the LSD. He tells Sam about his call from Heather. Sam apologizes knows it is hard to live with all the damage his mother caused. She knows he was just trying to be a good son. As long as Heather is locked up at Ferncliff she can't hurt anyone. Heather still talking to the baby. They won't tell who his parents are. Thanks to Todd he is with Tea. Tea comes out still on the phone. She leaves again. Heather tells the baby that she is going to be his new mommy and he will be her Steven Lars. Tea walks back into room. The baby is her second chance. She just needs to find away to take care of him. A woman staggers into the hospital with her baby in her arms. She is about to drop him. Sam rushes over and catches the baby. Steve starts to take care of the woman. Sam assures the little boy his mother will be okay. Jason tells Elizabeth he found the baby exactly where Sam left him that night. Elizabeth reminds Jason that Sam was in denial. He knows that but the blood types don't match. He wonders if Sam was right. Two parents O postive can't have a child that is AB negative. So the baby he found wasn't Sam's. Elizabeth ask what that means? Sam baby is still alive? Jason says it is possible. Elizabeth thinks it was just a mistake. She tells him not to get his hopes up. Sam cuddles the baby and flashes back to the night she lost hers. Jason thinks there to many mistakes. The blood type, the disorder. the baby's lungs not be developed. Sam and John heard the baby cry. Elizabeth says Sam knew something was wrong; thats why she went to get help. He knows that but how does a baby cry out when its lungs are not developed.  He reminds Elizabeth how careful Sam was with prenatal care and that her ultra sounds showed nothing wrong with her baby. Elizabeth ask what his explanation is. He answers he doesn't have one. He does know there is a time he can't account for. When Sam was passed out in the shack something could have happen. Elizabeth thinks he is in denial. Sam tells the baby she had a baby who was beautiful and looked like his uncle. She thought he would grown up to be strong and healthy. Steve comes to take him back to his mother. Jason thinks the records have too many holes. Jason wants to know how he can make sure the baby Sam buried was hers. He would need Sam's permission to have another autopsy. Elizabeth wants to know if he really wants to hurt Sam again if he is wrong. Sam overhears and wants to know how he could hurt her? Jason explains they were talking about the baby. Sam knows she got carried away talking about what if. Jason tells her it's okay.  She knows it wasn't real. Her son could not have lived. She hope it brings him some peace knowing it wasn't his fault. Jason knows he was wrong and wishes he could fix it. Sam answers he can't. Its not his fault. Steve is releasing her so she has to go. He knows he could be wrong but he has to know the truth. Sam comes back. She wanted to say good-bye. Jason ask where she is going? Sam tells him her mother's. He ask how her sisters are. Kristina is fine. Molly is scared. She wants to know why Jerry couldn't spare the kids. Jason tells her its not over yet. It's good she is with her family. Sam ask what he is going to do? He is going to wait for surgery. She is afraid there will be no time. She thanks him for making her see her baby dying wasn't her fault. Jason places his hand on her back. Her baby will always be with her. Both are crying. Sam thinks maybe she will see her son soon. Jason tells her to stop. She wants him to know she will be thinking about him. The time they spent together was amazing. If they were dying when they were together, she would have died happy. Jason holds her close. She tells him goodbye. He tells her not to say that. She says see you later. She leaves. Sam gets outside the door and cries. Elizabeth is going to take Jason to get blood work. He thanks her for helping him. He is not going to accept they are dying. He will find out what happen to Sam's baby.

September 12, 2012

Elizabeth wheels Jason into an exam room. He gets up and limps to the bed. She asks where he thinks he is going. He is getting out of here. She argues he can barely stand. He is going to find Jerry and get the cure from him. Sam enters the Lakehouse calling out for Alexis. Jason thinks he could help. All he needs is one shot. She tells him he could do that if he had not already been shot. He insists itís not that bad. She argues it is. He reluctantly agrees and asks how bad it is out there. The chapel is crowded. He says no one wants to die without setting things right. She asks if he is thinking about Samís baby. Sam on her cell leaving a message for Alexis. Molly is there with TJ. Molly is scared and cries, Sam hugs her. Molly asks where she thinks Alexis went. Sam is sure wherever she went it was important. Jason has Samís file in his hand as Monica walks into the room. Monica needs Elizabeth to relieve another nurse. Elizabeth leaves. Monica asks how his leg is. He asks how she is. He should have been in surgery hours ago. The ER is packed with people. She is worried about the patients especially Edward. He asks if his grandfather is okay. She explains Tracy is with him and she is excellent. Patrick used her blood to discover a counteragent. Monica informs him Tracy stole it to give to Edward. He refused it and gave it Emma. He thanks her for everything she has done for him. She is grateful to be in his life. She reminds him tomorrow is his birthday. Itís also Francoís. She forgot about that and apologizes. He tells Monica he has been thinking about the baby and how something doesnít add up. Sam tires to call Alexis but she is not picking up. TJ will try Shawn. Molly reminds him he left his phone her room. TJ goes to get it. Sam looks a little puzzled and Molly assures her they were not doing anything but resting. Sam is glad Molly was able to spend time with the person she cares about. Molly asks her why she isnít. Sam informs her she was with Jason earlier. Monica saw Sam earlier and was hoping they got time together. She wanted to be with her family. Monica reminds him he is Samís family. She tells him about her and Allan fighting but if there was a crisis they were together. She was hoping it would be like that for him and Sam. Molly asks her if they survive who does she want to be with Jason or John. Jason explains to Monica about how things don't add up with Samís baby. She looks over the file.  The blood not matching isnít possible but it could be a mistake. Sam asks Molly if now is the time to get into this. She knows who she would choose. Alexis and Shawn come in. She is glad to see them all. She tells them this nightmare is finally over. Monica informs Jason hemophilia is rare. She asks what he is trying to say. They are interrupted by cheering outside the room. At the Lakehouse, everyone gets a text the cure has been found. They all are happy they will survive. Everyone is urged to get water soon.

September 13, 2012

Sam at Lake House with Trey and Kristina. Kristina asks how are they feeling. Sam says fine. Sam asks about their trip to Las Vegas. They tell her they got married. Sam is shocked. Jason and Sonny are at hospital. Jason finally got the bullet out of his leg. They talk about Jax being missing and someone having to tell Carly he is dead. Jason tries to get out of bed to go talk to Carly. Sonny stops him.  He will tell Carly as a birthday gift to Jason. Sam is stummed about the marriage. Kristina tells her is is all for the show. Sam is not happy. She asks if they have consider the fallout with Alexis and Sonny. Jason going through Sam file and getting frustrated. He tries to get up but a nurse stops him. Sam wants to know if Trey or Joe pressured Kristina. Kristina says know. She is more worried about what they all went through. Sam tells her how Jason wanted to go after Jerry but that he stayed with her instead. Spinelli comes to see Jason.  Jason asks for his help and shows him Sam's file.  He points out the inconsistencies and tells Spinelli that Sam was right when she said that baby wasn't hers. Sam and Kristina talk about how ALexis is goign to react. Sam mentions her divorce.  Kristina is surprised that after all that time at the hospital, she and Jason are still getting divorced. Spinelli is looking for information on his computer. He tells Jason that Sam gave persmission for tissue samples to be taken.  He can use those to get a DNA test run. Jason tells him to do it.

September 14, 2012

Jason and Spinelli at the hospital discussing the tissue test on Samís baby. Elizabeth walks up and thanks Spinelli for helping find her. Spinelli leaves. Sam walks into the Lakehouse living room where Sonny and Kristina are arguing about her marriage. Alexis comes happy that Jax is alive. Sonny tells her Kristina is married. She isnít happy. They are getting it annulled. Sonny leaves to talk to Trey and his father. Kristina follows him out. Sam tries to calm Alexis down. Jason tells Elizabeth if anyone can find out if that baby was Samís, it is Spinelli. She rushed his release and will take him home. Alexis has Sam's divorce papers. All they need is her signature. Sam looks indecisive. Alexis asks if she is having second thoughts. Jason arrives at his penthouse with Elizabeth to see a birthday party she set up. He is uncomfortable. Sam tells Alexis about playing What If with Jason. She felt closer to him than she had in a long time. Jason was there for her for the first time since her pregnancy. She isnít excusing what he did but both made mistakes. Alexis ask if she can forgive Jason. Elizabeth tells Jason she couldnít get close to Ewen because of what she felt for him. She thinks since he getting a divorce from Sam now is their time. Alexis urges Sam to go to talk to Jason whiel they are still married. Sam thinks she can forgive him. Elizabeth asks Jason if he is still getting divorced. He is. They start to kiss not knowing Sam is witnessing it.

September 17, 2012

Replay of Sam seeing Elizabeth and Jason kissing. She closes the door and walks away. Jason breaks the kiss. He apologizes. He canít do this to her. He cares about her but he should have never kissed her. Elizabeth reminds him Sam kissed John. Itís not fair to her to start this whole thing again. She doesnít understand. They are both free at the same time. She asks if he wants to figure what is going on between them. Alexis and Kristina talking about making her single again. Sam comes into lake house telling her to get in line. They both puzzled since she was going to talk to Jason. She was but didnít get a chance. Jason was kissing Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jason argue over him not wanting to be in a relationship with her. Sam is not mad at him but herself. He moved on; so should she. Spinelli comes in and apologizes for barging in. Elizabeth leaves. Spinelli has the test results. The baby they buried is not match for Sam or Franco. Jason is happy. Samís baby is out there somewhere. Spinelli wants to how Sam came to have the wrong baby. They go over that nights events again to figure out where the dead baby came from. Spinelli thinks they should bring Sam in on the investigation. Sam asks Alexis for the divorce papers. Kristina thinks she needs to take some time before signing them. Sam asks for a pen. Alexis refusing to give it to her. Sam grabs thes pen and signs. She removes her wedding band. She looks torn. Jason doesnít want Sam to be part of this yet. He doesnít want to give her false hope in case her baby didn't make it either.

September 18, 2012

Jason and Spinelli at the Penthouse. Spinelli points out that Heather has been known to visit the shack. He thinks Heather could be involved in the baby switch. Jason says Heather hates Sam. Heather is more capable to switch a live baby with a dead one. Jason says if Heather did this she knows if Sam's baby is alive. Jason is going over how he found Sam in the shack. He is positive whoever switched the baby had come and gone. Spinelli is convinced Heather is behind this. Jason informs him they canít make assumptions. Spinelli advises Jason not to dismiss Heather quickly. She has been tied to Samís baby since she visited her at Ferncliff. He explains why Heather dislikes Sam. Jason canít believe this is all about a letter. Spinelli reminds Jason of her actions against Luke and Olivia. Spinelli informs Jason a cop caught Heather close to the shack that night. Jason wants to know how she got the dead baby. She had to have had help. They need to find that person. Jason asks about Heatherís accomplice in Lukeís kidnapping. Only information he was wearing a mask. Jason heads to the closet to get his gun. Spinelli doesnít think Heather will talk. Jason grabs his gun and tells Spinelli she will talk. Jason is about to leave when Spinelliís cell rings. It's Steve. Heather escaped. They will have to find another way to get information.

September 20, 2012

Jason goest to the hospital and asks Steve about news on his mother. He replies it is none of Jasonís business. Sam sitting on the porch of the Lakehouse staring at her divorce papers. John approaches. Steve doesnít think Jason is good for Elizabeth. He isnít here for Elizabeth. He asks why Jason is interested in his mother. John wanted to see if she is okay with Heather on loose. He asks if Alexis it there. He needs to see his son and Natalie. She is with Sonny trying to get Kristinaís marriage annulled. Sam tells him she just signed her divorce papers. Steve tells Jason he already warned Sam but thinks she is in no danger from Heather. Jason says not physically. He asks what that means. Jason asks if the cops have any leads. Jason asks him to let him know if they find anything. Steve wants to know what Jason thinks Heather did to Sam. John is sorry they could not work things out. She came close to changing her mind but she saw Jason with Elizabeth. He moved on so she needs to. Today is their anniversary. She tells John about her wedding and it was romantic. John now understands the meaning behind the dragon and phoenix statues. Sam left her behind at the hotel. He knows. He found it this morning. He shows it to Sam who looks shocked. Jason tells Steve what he says stays between them. Sam canít know until he can prove it. Steve agrees not to say anything. John tells Sam if she wants he will get rid of it. He lays it in front of her. Jason tells Steve he thinks Samís baby is still alive. He explains it about the tissue sample being tested. Steve thinks it sounds crazy. He tells Steve about the night Sam gave birth and that Heather was there. The only thing Jason canít explain is where Heather got the other baby. Steve thinks he knows. He tells Jason about Todd and Tea bringing in a baby who was saved by stranger and how he thought they were exaggerating since the baby was healty. Jason wants to know if itís possible Heather swapped that baby with Samís. Steve says yes. Sam thinks itís too late for her and Jason. John tells her not to close that book just yet. Anything is possible. He ask if Sam is going to keep the dragon. She picks it up. Steve isnít convinced his mother did this. Jason thinks she had motive and opportunity. Steve doesnít want to believe it. But he learned the hard way his mother capable of anything. Jason pleads with Steve to give him a name. This is Samís son. She deserves to know. Sam is going to give the papers to Jason. He hopes she gets what she wants. She does too. Johnís cell rings. It's Jason needing his help.

September 21, 2012

Spinelli is at the Penthouse talking on the phone with Jason. He asks if Jason found the baby as Sam walks in and asks what baby. Spinelli hangs up and greets Sam. He asks if she picked the lock. She still has her key. She asks what he is working on. He has a new case but it is nothing she needs to know about or can help with. He hopes she is there to reconcile with Jason. She is there to drop off the divorce papers. She hands them to him. Steve walks into consultation room and tells Jason he went over Teaís file. He explains the babyís medical condition. Jason asks if Tea is a carrier of hemophilia. Jason informs him that Samís baby had hemophilia and was not a compatible blood type. It all adds up Samís baby is alive. Spinelli thinks she is there to reconcile with Jason even though she tells him otherwise. He is going to call Jason. She tells him not to put him on the spot like that. He wants to know what hope is left for others if she and Jason canít make it. John is at Floating Rib waiting for Jason. Anna is there. She reminds him Jason is called lethal for a reason. Jason walks in. John assures Anna they will play nice. She tells him to be careful and leaves. John asks why they are here. Jason answers that he thinks Samís son is alive and living in Llanview. Jason explains the blood types not matching. John asks what else he has. Jason tells him about the lungs. It always bothered him because the baby he helped deliver cried and looked healthy. John wants to know how they got switched. Jason explains about Heather being close to the same shack and Tea having a baby that night. He explains about her baby not breathing and passenger takes it to get help. John is putting it together now.Sam and Spinelli talking about how he puts them on a pedestal. She and Jason are not perfect and make mistakes. He thinks they deserve a happy ending because they love each other. He asks her not to give up on Jason before the miracle. She asks what miracle. He covers. He just doesnít want her to give up yet. Sam tells him they have put this divorce off long enough. He tells her waiting one more day won't hurt. Today is their anniversary. John believes Manning and Heather could do this but not Tea. Jason thinks maybe she doesnít know. John going over what Tea told him about the night she gave birth. John knows Todd would have done anything since he owed Tea for killing her husband. John figures out the Good Samaritan is Heather but they canít ask her because she escaped. Jason at the bar in the Floating Rib.  He sees the phoenix on the shelf with items people left behind. Jason arrives at the restaurant where he and Sam married. Mr. Yi tells him his wife just arrived and Sam turns to see Jason.

September 24, 2012

Jason didnít expect to see Sam here. Sam is surprise she is here to. She pulls out the dragon and places it on the table. She was feeling a little nostalgic. Jason pulls out the phoenix and guesses it was coincidence. They both came here to think and remember. A lot happen in a year. A year ago when they found this place they got married and it was good. It took Franco less than two months to destroy it. She apologizes. That is not what she came to remember. Neither did he. She was hoping coming back to the place they married would make everything bad go away. He wishes it could. Sam knows they can only go forward. She is about to pull out the divorce papers when Robert Yi comes in and greets them. He wishes them Happy Anniversary. Sam and Jason glance at each other. John outside Tea's. She comes up and asks what he is doing in Llanveiw on her doorstep. Heather is freaked out inside. Tea tells him to come in. She canít wait for him to meet Victor Jr. Jason tries to tell him they are not together. Robert canít believe itís been a year. Jason tells him they had not planned to come here. Robert tells him they didnít mean to end up here their wedding night either. He asks if they are running from something now. Tea comes into her home calling out for Heather. John follows. Heather and baby are not around. She thinks they are in nursery and goes to get them. Tea finds them. Tea was afraid at first she left without telling her. Heather assures her she would never do that. Tea wants to take baby down to meet someone. Heather looks scared. Sam tells Robert they are not running. Jason tries to tell Robert about their pending divorce when interrupted by Mrs. Yi. She is walking with a cane. Robert tells them she woman has not been well but he is glad to see her smile. She spots the dragon and phoenix statues and start speaking in Chinese. Robert translate they mean double happiness. Jason and Sam flashback to their wedding. Heather insists they should not wake the baby. Tea tells her to bring him down when he wakes up. Sam and Jason try to makes excuses to leave. Mrs. Yi wants them to stay and enjoy an anniversary feast. The older couple goes to prepare. Robert asks them to stay because his grandmother is ill and it would make her happy to do this for them. They agree to stay. Robert and his grandparents come in with a feast. Sam canít believe they fixed it so fast. Robert says his grandmother was expecting them. Heather talking to the baby about knowing John knowing who she is. He has been messing with Sam Morgan. Heather calls Sam a tramp who she doesnít deserve to be his mother. Tea comes back. The baby is up and she is going to take him downstairs. Heather is going to stay there and to do the babyís laundry. Tea brings baby in to see John. She tells him about the babyís blood condition. He must have inherited it from her or Victor but neither is a carrier. John is holding the baby. She hopes Natalie allows him to see Liam soon. No matter what happens no kid should be kept from its parents. John asks for a glass of water. She goes to get it. John takes out the DNA swab to get the sample. The YIís make a toast to Jason and Sam. Robert knows marriage isnít easy. His grandparentís marriage has seen it upís and down. He asked them how they managed to stay together. When times are bad they reflect back on all the good. He tells them to remember their vows and both flashback to the night they married and said their vows. They look at each other. Sam has tears in her eyes. Sam sayss they need to go and thanks them for all they have done. It was honor a year ago and today to celebrate with them. John leaves with DNA swab. Sam and Jason kiss.

September 25, 2012

Sam and Jason are kissing at the restaurant. She pulls away and asks what they are doing. He is about to kiss her again but she stops him stating she should go. She goes for her purse and Jason grabs the divorce paper. Sam tries explaining why she signed them when Jason gets a text from John about the DNA. He tells her he has to go. She thinks he is leaving because of her but he assures her he just has to go. Carly is at Chinese Restaurant picking up an order. She spots Sam and asks what she is doing here. Sam replies celebrating her anniversary. Carly remembers they were married there. She guesses it was awkward. Sam tells her it was sweet and they shared a kiss. Sam tells her not to worry and shows her the divorce papers. Elizabeth witnesses John and Jason going into a hospital room together. John gives hands Jason the swab. Jason ask what happens next. They prove the child is Sam and John will take care of Todd. Jason asks if the baby was okay. John tells him yes. He is in good hands. If he is Samís there will be a lot of collateral damage and thatís on Manning. Carly looks at the papers and tells Sam she is sorry for the both of them. Sam says she never thought she was good for Jason. Carly replies that doesnít make it hurt any less. Sam tells Carly she can be happy Jason can put her first again or not. Carly ask her what she is getting at. Sam informs Carly that Jason and Elizabeth have reconnected and he left to meet her. Jason is about to leave when Elizabeth approaches him. She asks if he is there about the baby. He pulls her into room and tells her Samís son is alive. He explains it all and shows her the DNA swab. She says if he can prove the child is Sam's he will get to put the baby back in Samís arms. She offers to take the swab in for testing. Carly doesnít believe Jason is with Elizabeth. Sam informs her she saw them kissing. Carly thinks she is in no room to judge. They start arguing Sam explains she doesnít want to be angry anymore. She was hurt because Jason shut down on her. Carly believes Sam wanted the divorce and that is why Jason gave it to her. Elizabeth will put a rush on the test. Jason gives her the swab and she leaves. Carly tells Sam to let it be over if it is over. Sam asks her what if isnít over. Sam staring down at the dragon statue. Elizabeth comes in telling Jason the swab is being tested. She hopes he gets what he wants. Jason hopes they all do.

September 26, 2012

Jason walks into Kellyís diner  and interrupts Carly and Elizabeth conversation. He asks if everything is okay. Carly tells him they were just catching up and she walks off. He asks how bad was it. Elizabeth tells him Carly was just being Carly. She had good intentions but is wrong. She reminds him the DNA results will be in today. He thanks her for putting a rush on them. She is going into the hospital and offers to let him come along to wait. They enter a room at the hospital. Elizabeth goes to check on the test. He thanks her once more and she tells him he needs to quit doing that. She lookd a little guilty. Elizabeth walks back into room with results and hands the results to Jason. He takes a deep breath and tells her this will tell him if Samís baby is alive or not. Jason starts to open them and she stops him. Elizabeth tells him whatever the test say it will be a long complicated road to give Sam back her baby. He knows that. Whatever they say she wants to help him. He appreciates her standing by him. She replies always and hands the results to him. He opens them. He looks sad and tells her they are not a match. He ask if it could be wrong. He gets upset and doesnít understand. It all fit. He was sure Samís son was alive and safe with Tea. He looks sad and tells her he guesses he was wrong. She knows how much he wanted to give Sam back her baby. She wishes he could have. She tells him its over now. He hugs her and she tells him he needs to let this go.

September 27, 2012

Jason is at the restaurant. He brought Sonny some cuban cigars as a wedding gift. Sonny is sends Milo  to Kateís bachelorette party as security. He wants to make sure no one crashes Kateís party, especially Joe Jr. Sam and Kristina walk in the Floating Rib and see Elizabeth. Sam tells Kristina to tell Kate congratulations and is about to leave. Kristina stops her. She needs to socialize instead of sitting at home moping and brooding. Sam still wants to leaving. Kristina insists she stay. Spinelli doesn't know how to smoke a cigar. He is going to save it. He might see someone later. Jason asks if he means Maxie. Maxie is at the mic welcoming everyone to Kateís party. Kate tells them enough speech. She wants everyone to get their drink on. Spinelli wants someone who challenges him like Sam does Jason. Kristina is doing a shot. Sam warns her to slow down. Elizabeth eavesdrops as Sam tells Kristina about running into Jason at the Chinese restaurant where they married on their anniversary. Sam thinks the kiss they shared doesnít mean anything. Kristina believes they still have a shot. Jason believes this isnít the place to discuss Sam. Jason informs him he was wrong about the baby being Samís. Spinelli thinks that is impossible. Jason thinks the lab was wrong about the blood and tissue sample. Spinelli not convinced at all. He calls Ellie. Elizabeth flashes back to giving Jason the wrong DNA results. Lulu approaches and asks Elizabeth if something is wrong. Spinelli asked Ellie to come by and discuss the results after her shift. Jason thinks they need to face the fact that Samís child died. Spinelli isnít going to drop this. Jason thinks believes the only thing left to do is exhume the body but he canít put Sam through this again. Spinelli pleads with him to have faith. He urged Sam to do the same. Jason tells him about running into Sam at the restaurant. Spinelli pleads with not to give up on finding the baby or Sam. He can assure Jason that Sam hasnít given up on him. Elizabeth is telling Lulu about Jason saving her. She tells Lulu it forced her to confront her feelings for Jason. The boys have arrived and start a poker game. Trey arrives and Sonny instructs him to take a seat. At the Rib, Milo starts stripping. Michael talks about Starr. Spinelli is going on about Romeo and Juilette. The boys are disccusing his relationship with Starr. All of them talking about marriage. Michael assures them he is nowhere near marriage. The girls cheering on Milo as he strips for them. Jason warns Michael if marriage ends to soon it can be painful beyond belief.

September 28, 2012

Milo is laying on pool table half naked with whip cream on him. The girls are cheering him on. Jason is with the boys playing poker. Max tells them all Milo is babysitting Kate's party. Sam and Maxie walk up to Kristina teasing her about not telling them Milo has a hot body. Spinelli gets up and Jason follows asking him who he is texting. Ellie who will soon convince him Samís baby is alive. Sam thanks Kristina for getting her out and showing her a good time. Sam tells her she is a good sister. Kristina got through her mess and knows Sam and Jason will too.  Elizabeth is listening from behind. Sam wants to know if there is anything she can do to convince her she and Jason are not a sure thing. Kristina tells her no. Kristina has evidence Sam and Jason are fate. She starts with divorce papers and Sam kissing Jason. Elizabeth is still eavesdropping. Jason tells Spinelli itís over. Spinelli isnít convinced the baby is not Samís. Spinelli assures Jason he is going to prove itís not over and will use Ellie to do it. As Ellie comes into restaurant, Spinelli is gushing over her. Kristina and Sam discussing Trey as Starr walks up to them. Sam leaves them and goes to the bar. She asks Mac for a drink. Lulu approaches Elizabeth and wants to finish their conversation about Jason. Elizabeth makes sure Sam can overhear them as she tells Lulu something happen with Jason, they kissed. Jason tells Ellie he thinks the hospital recorded the wrong tissue type for Samís baby. She tells him that is impossible. Elizabeth tells Lulu that Jason kissed her. She says Jason said he had feelings for her. She has feelings for Jason but she is going to respect their marriage and wait until the divorce papers are signed. Jason is going to put all the mistakes he made with Sam in the past and he canít wait to move on with her. Sam is upset by their conversation. Ellie tells Jason she tested the tissue twice herself. Jason ask how they can explain DNA test. Sam leaves after hearing Elizabeth saying maybe this is the time she and Jason can make it work. Jason canít take the investigation any further as Sam walks in on them. Jason ask what brought her by. She tells him the divorce papers. She signed them and once he does he will be free to move on..

October 1, 2012

Alexis is with Shawn at the Lakehouse getting readh to go to the wedding. Sam walks into room. Alexis notices she is not dressed for the wedding. Sam isnít going especially after last night. Jason at his Penthouse with John, telling him about the DNA test being negative. Elizabeth is by the elevator them listening to them. John can't believe the test was right. Everything fit. John leaves. Elizabeth arrives unannounced, dressed for the wedding. She asks Jason how he is. He explains how he just told McBain about the test results. Spinelli and his lab tech friend are convinced the baby who died was not Samís. The only way to be sure is to exhume the dead baby and he wonít do that to Sam. She starts talking to him about going to the wedding and how Sonny is expecting him to be there. She finds the divorce papers. Jason tells her Sam delivered them last night. John arrives at Lake House. Alexis left him a message telling him something arrived from Clintís attorney. Sam hands him the letter from Natalie. John is nervous. Sam is going to leave him alone. He asks her to stay. John reads letter. It's over between him and Natalie. He is single again and Sam says that makes two of them. Jason tells Elizabeth how he ran into Sam on their anniversary. He saw the papers and Sam wanted to tell him something about them but he got message from McBain and left without them. She asks if it was on purpose. He and Sam both agree the divorce has to happen. He wasnít expecting her to follow up last night. Elizabeth thinks she knows why. Sam tells John about the divorce papers. He asks if it is what she wants. She tells him no but it has to happen. She overheard something about Jason. She knows where she stands now. Jason asks if she knows why Sam served the papers when she did. She flashes back to her lying to Lulu. Sam assumed whatever was between Jason and Elizabeth was over but she was wrong. Elizabeth tells him Sam is dating McBain. Sam tells John what hope she had is gone. Elizabeth said after everything he did for Sam it isnít fair. He answers what isnít fair is Sam losing her baby in the first place. He just wanted Sam to get the chance to be a mother now she will never get that chance. He signs the papers. He thanks Elizabeth for being honest with him. He leaves to go upstairs. Elizabeth stares at the papers and DNA test. She is starting to cry. John is upset and hurt that he lost Natalie. Jason comes down stairs and asks if she is ready. She cries no and he asks what is wrong. She tells him the last few months have been crazy. She hardly recognizes herself. She tells him she lied about Sam and John. She purposely made Sam think he had moved on with her. She wanted a chance with him and she made it possible. Jason is hurt and angry. John is going to leave. He and Sam stop and kiss. Jason is hurt and upset. He starts to leave for the wedding. Elizabeth tells him there is more. It's about Sam's baby.

October 2, 2012

Jason asks what about Samís baby. Sam and John are making out. Elizabeth explains she thought they had a chance. Jason gets a call from Spinelli asking if he is on the way. Jason tells him something important came up. Elizabeth tells Jason the DNA results he saw were not the right ones. Sam pulls away from John telling him if they donít stop now they wonít be able to. John asks why that's a problem. Jason asks if Elizabeth thinks the lab made a mistake. She reveals the test results were for a different child. Jason is confused and asks if the lab mixed them up. Elizabeth tells him she changed the results. Jason asks if she gave deliberately gave him the wrong results. She knows she betrayed his trust. He asks if she has the right results. She gives Jason the true DNA results. Jason was right Samís child is alive. Sam ended her marriage and his relationship is over. It would be easy for them to turn each other. She just feels if this is where the connection they have is leading then itís not going anywhere. He doesnít want to complicate things for her. Trey knocks on the Lakehouse door. Jason canít understand why she lied in the first place. She asks if it matters. It does. She thought about Tea loving the baby for months. Jason tells her the little boy is not hers. Elizabeth tells him she didnít deserve to have her child taken away either. Sam watched Jake get kidnapped and didnít say a word. Jason asks if this is payback. She doesnít know. She starts crying. She thinks Jake's life would have turned out differently if it wasnít for Sam. Elizabeth tells Jason she doesnít want him with Sam. She didnít want the baby bringing them back together. She asks him why they couldnít have had a chance. Jason doesnít know what she wants him to say. She has realized she is slowly losing her mind. She is going to leave and tells Jason to be gentle with Tea he knows what is like to lose a child. Jason knows what itís like to make a mistake and want to make it right. She is going to tell Sam after her child is back. Jason tells her not to. He needs to figure out how to handle this. John is leaving when Jason calls and tells him he needs to see him. Trey hands Sam a note to give to Kristina. John arrives at Penthouse aand Jason informs him the DNA results he was given was a mistake. Samís child is alive. Elizabeth is at Lakehouse. Sam tells her she doesnít have time for her. She tells Sam it canít wait and she deserves to know the truth. Sam thinks she already knows the truth. She tells Sam what she overheard was a lie. She confesses to Sam that she wanted her to think Jason was with her. Sam doesnít understand what she is doing. She tells Sam that she and Jason will never have a future. She informs Sam divorced or not Jason will always belong to her. John is worried about what this will do to Tea. Jason just wants to give Sam her son back.

October 3, 2012

Sam asks if she is supposed to believe this and that she is going to just walk away. Jason will always be in her heart but she needs Sam to hear her out. Elizabeth isnít leaving until she hears her out. She reveals to Sam that she manipulated her into getting a divorce so she could have Jason. John ask Jason if he is confident in these results. Jason tells him he can call the lab if he wants. John asks him how he tells Tea that the child she loves was never hers. John thinks they will need more proof because Tea is an attorney. The only way they can prove the dead child is Teaís is exhuming the body. Jason tells him they need Samís permission. John tells him that was only true when thought the baby was Samís. Sam reminds her of the conversation she overheard between her and Lulu. Elizabeth explains they only kissed twice and Jason pulled away both times. She heard what Elizabeth wanted her to hear. She tells Sam it was all a lie. Sam is upset because she signed the divorce papers and practically threw them at Jason because of what she heard. Elizabeth informs her Jason knows because she went to convince him Sam was with McBain. John will have to go to Lanveiw and tell Tea everything. Jason offers to go with him so he will be the bad guy. John will do it. Jason should be the one to tell Sam the news. Sam wants to know if Jason believed her. Jason knows she tricked her into serving the divorce papers. Sam wants to know why she came clean when she was about to get everything she wanted. She confesses to Sam it was a betrayal to Jason and their son. She lied to Jason, herself and to another mother. Sam tells her child died and wants to know what she meant by that. Jason knows there is no easy way to tell Sam but he canít keep lying to her. She needs to know.
Elizabeth knows what it is like to lose a child and didnít want to add to her pain. Elizabeth doesnít expect her to forgive her but she is sorry. Sam tells her she is no position to judge anyone. Elizabeth says soon she will see how far Jason will go for her. Soon she will get back everything she lost. Sam tells her not everything. Elizabeth leaves. Jason knocks on the Lakehouse door. Sam invites him in. She informs Jason that Elizabeth told her the truth about everything. He asks what she told her. Sam says about her lying to keep them apart. Jason ask her if that all. Sam ask if there is more.

October 4, 2012

Sam wants to know if there is something wrong. Jason replies there is. Sam asks if itís about Elizabeth. Jason tells her no. He has been working on something important. Jason tells her it is complicated and she needs to hear it in the order it happened. Trey interrupts them by bringing home a terrified Kristina. Sam ask what happened.  She tells Jason and Sam that Treyís father tried to kill her. Trey informs Jason that Joe Scully Jr. is his dad. Kristina tells Jason that Trey saved her. Kristina explains them how she was kidnapped and Joe Jr. wanted to kill her. Jason is going to try to call Sonny. Dante arrives wanting to know how Kristina is. Sam is going to call Alexis and let her know what is going on. Dante wants to know why Trey didnít take his sister to a hospital. She assures him she is okay. She tells him Trey is the reason she is alive. Trey informs them his father was shot durning their struggle. Dante ask where the gun is and Trey hands it to him. Jason ask if they know where Joe Jr. is. Dante tells him he answered a call at Sonnyís warehouse but Joe Jr. wasnít there. Jason tells Dante that Sonny needs to know but he is not answering his cell. Dante inform him the wedding didnít happen. Sam asks why not. He explains Kate had a breakdown and Connie is back and that she is married to Johnny. Dante ask Trey where his father is. He doesnít know anything. Jason informs Dante that Joe Jr. knows Tracy. Dante instructs Trey and Kristina they need to head to station and give their statements. They all leave and Sam pleads with Jason to allow the cops to handle this. She is going to call John. Jason tells her John is busy. His cell rings it John. The baby is missing.

October 8, 2012

Jason knocks on Steveís door. He greets Jason saying the only reason he could be here is his mother. Sam opens her door to Spinelli. She knows that Jason is hiding something from her and Spinelli knows what it is. Spinelli denies knowing anything. He is happy that things are thawing between her and Jason. She wants to know what Jason had to tell her. Jason explains the switch and that Heather was behind it and now has kidnapped his son. Steve wishes he could tell Jason the little boy would be okay but this is his mother they are talking about. He asks if Sam knows. Jason didnít think it was fair to tell her and worry her. Steve reminds Jason that she deserves to know.  Sam is disappointed that Spinelli would lie to her. Spinelli canít tell her what he doesnít know. She doesnít believe that and thinks he is loyal to Jason. Spinelli insists he is loyal to both. She pleads for Spinelli to help her figure it out. He tries to leave but Sam grabs him by his shirt and shakes him. She said that everyone has been lying to her and she needs the truth. Steve doesnít know where Jason stands with Sam but asks if she would want him to protect her right now. If something happens to her son and he doesnít survive she deserves to know her son was alive and loved. Sam apologizes for being rough with him. She doesnít understand what is going on and how itís a mistake if Jason was about to reveal something to her. Sam is on the phone with Jason saying they still need to talk. She opens the door. Jason is standing there agreeung with her on his cell. He tells her she needs to sit down. Jason reveals her son is alive.

October 9, 2012

Jason tells Sam she was right all this time her son is alive. Sam doesn't believe this is happening. Jason reiterates she was right to believe her son was alive. She replies she was right as he smiles. She asks who would do this. Jason replies Heather Webber. Sam ask what happen to her son. Jason explains what happened the night she gave birth. Sam wants to know why Heather would do this and where she would get another baby to pull off the switch. Jason answers Todd Manning. Sam goes over Toddís action after her baby "died". She asks what he was doing in the woods that night. Jason goes over Tea going into labor and Todd taking the baby to get help because it wasnít breathing. Jason is going to see to it Heather pays for what she did. Sam asks how he found out. He reminds her how he asked the Patrick to go over her babyís death. He just wanted to make sure she didnít blame herself but the facts didnít make sense. He informs Sam the DNA didnít match her or Franco. She asks why he didnít tell her. He didnít want to get her hopes up and take it away from her if he was wrong. Sam asks how he got the DNA to test. He answers John McBain. She inquires how long John knew. He tells her John's part in this and why he didnít want him to say anything until he was sure. Sam asks if he is sure now. Jason hands her the DNA results. She grabs her keys. Jason asks her where she is going. She answers Llanveiw to see her son. Jason informs her that her son isnít there. She wants to know where he is. Jason tells her he doesnít know. He explains how John went to tell Tea but the baby was gone. Sam hopes Tea didnít run off with her son.

October 10, 2012

Jason tells Sam that Heather took her son. Sam is worried and says they have to find her son before something happens. Jason apologizes it happening this way. There is APBís out and the local cops are looking for her son. Sam doesnít get how Tea would allow Heather near her son. Jason explains how Heather won over her trust and got Tea to hire her as a nanny. Sam doesnít get why John didnít say anything. Jason asks him not to until they could prove it. John went to Llanview to tell Tea but didnít get a chance because the baby was missing. Sam is sorry for what Tea will go through. Her son is alive and they have to find him before Heather hurts him. She she hugs Jason. Her son needs her. She wants to leave. Jason tells her they don't know where they are. Maybe she does. She suspects Todd. She thinks it obvious he was being blackmailed and felt guilty but not enough to tell her the truth. John arrives at Lake House. Jason tells him Sam knows her son is alive. John informs them he just came from Toddís but he isnít talking. Spinelli calls Jason to tell him that Samís son is alive. Jason informs him he just told Sam they smile at one another. She is happy her son is alive but fears she will never see him again. Jason explains to Spinelli how Heather kidnapped the baby. Spinelli says someone at the hospital who might be able to help. Jason and Sam arrive at the hospital. Spinelli is happy Sam is going to get her son back. He takes them to Steveís room where he is explaining how Heather came to see him and knocked him out. Sam tells them if Heather wants a ransom she will pay anything. Steve informs them money isnít what Heather is after, she wants a family. Steve informs them the baby is on medication for a rare genetic blood disorder.

October 11, 2012

Jason and Sam are at the hospital. She is worried about the baby not getting his meds. Jason assures her they will find him. They hug. She is afraid he won't remember her. She only remembers getting to hold him for a second. They hug again. Jason asks if she will be okay for a few minute. He assures he will be back as he heads for Dante who is down the hall. Sam watches him talk to Dante. He comes back. She asks if he has a lead. Jason explains that Tea gave PCPD recent pictures of the baby. He had Dante send them to his phone. He shows her the pictures. Sam is so happy. She wishes she could hold him and afraid she wonít get a chance. Jason tells her she will. Sam is gloating proudly over her son. He looks like Jason and has his blue eyes. Jason replies he is his nephew. She is grateful to Tea for what she done for her son. She knows what it feels like to grieve and lose a child. She is worried she won't get to see him again but she needs to focus because her son needs her. Dante tells them they have a lead on Heather. Heather is about to step off the elevator when she sees them. She wants to know why they are here. Sam wants to go to hotel with Dante. He he informs her Anna is on the scene. She needs to stay here. Dante will let her know what happens. His cell rings. Heather isnít at hotel but her stuff is there so she could be back. Sam is afraid they missed her. Jason tells her they will get him back. Olivia leaves Steve in his room and runs into Heather in the stairwell. She pleads with her to give the baby back. They argue and Heather pushes her down the stairs.  Sam and Jason hear a noise from the stairwell and go to check it out. They find Olivia who tells them Heather is there with the baby. She tells them to go. Jason and Sam rush to the roof where Heather has the baby. Sam pleads with her to give her the baby.

October 12, 2012

Sam tells Heather to give her son to her. Heather says her child died. Jason tells Heather they know what she did. Sam says she let her believe her son was dead when she switched them. She begs her to give her son back. Jason pulls Sam up off her knees. Jason asks what it will take for her to give their baby back. Jason tells her to hand him over. Sam pleads telling her she loves her son. He belongs with his mother. Heather tells them he is. Heather tells them to just let her and baby go. Jason says you will have to kill me first. Dante shows up with his gun. Jason tries to get Dante to lower his gun. Dante demands she give Sam back her son. She wants them to get rid of Dante. She will show them what will happen if they donít. Jason tries convince Dante that he can talk her down and to go. Sam asks if it was your child what would you do. Jason says she has our son and we will get him back. Dante leaves. Jason tells Heather that is their son. She asks who he is kidding. Six months ago he wanted nothing to do with him. He couldnít stand the thought he was Franco's. Jason admits he was wrong for turning his back on them. He loves Sam and he wants his son. She is going on about Franco. Jason yells that he wants his son. Sam thinks this about revenge and ask why she won't give her son back. Heather replies because you donít love him. Heather goes on about the night she delivered. Sam said she was going for help. She didnít mean to leave him alone. Heather thinks she is a better parent then both of them put together. Jason tells her if she wants to blame someone for that night blame him. Sam realizes that this isn't about Samís son. Itís about Steven. Heather is upset because she didnít deliver his letter to him. Sam tells Heather she will fix this. If Heather gives her her baby and she will give her Steven Lars. She will make him listen. Anna is on the megaphone telling Heather to hand over the baby. Heather starts to panic. Jason and Sam try to calm her. She tells the baby she is going to take him somewhere safe. Jason informs her she isnít going anywhere without a police escort. He tells her there is no choice. She replies there is and sits on the edge of roof. She leans back and says if she canít have him no one can. She goes over the ledge with the baby in her arms as Jason rushes to try to save the baby.

October 15, 2012

Heather sits on the edge of the roof then pushes herself off while holding the baby. Jason rushes to save his son. Sam asks if he has her son. Jason carefully pulls the child back up to safety. Sam tearfully asks if he is okay. Jason apologizes to the baby for scaring him. Jason tells Sam their son is perfect except one thing. He needs his mother. Jason hands Sam their son to hold for the first time. She is scared if she touches him he will disappear. Jason assures her he isnít going anywhere. She has imagined this moment so many times. She canít believe itís happening. He asks her to trust him. She does with her life and her sonís. She tells him she is his mommy. Jason and Sam both are so happy. Jason saved her son and brought him back to her. She wants to thank him. Just seeing them together is thanks enough. Thatís all he wanted. Jason embraces his wife and son. John witnesses it from the doorway. John asks if everyone is okay. Jason tells him yes. A cop arrives. John ask him to give them a minute. Sam askss if Heather is dead. The last time John knew doctors were working on her. Sam asks him why. Jason assures Sam that Heather canít hurt them anymore. John suggests they get mother and child down to get checked out. Heather is in custody. Sam leaves roof with Jason. Dante is waiting at the nurse's station. John informs they are going to get baby checked out. Doctor comes to check them out. She calls Jason dad and tells him to come along. Jason is cleared of any charges. Dante get their statements later. Sam wants to make sure Jason is not being accused of anything. He is not. Doctor comes back to take them back. Tea gets off the elevator.  She is happy to see the baby and moves to take him. Sam tells her to back away. Jason and Sam leave with baby. Tea doesnít know whatís going on. The baby is fie but they are keeping him overnight for observation. Elizabeth hands the baby to Sam and says she is happy for her. She is going to send for his medical records and she assumes Sam will want another birth certificate. Jason asks if Sam is okay. She is not sure how to feel. Jason tells her it okay to allow herself to be happy. She is so happy.

October 16, 2012

Sam is holding her son talking about how he doesnít know her. Jason thinks the baby looks like he belongs. Sam is terrified and nervous. Jason tells her she looks beautiful. She realizes she doesnít have anything her son needs. Jason is sure her mother and sisters will take care of it before she goes home. She isnít ready to tell her mom yet because she still processing it all. She is worried about doing something wrong. Jason assures her that getting to know her son will be fun. He tells her she will be amazing. She feels awful her happiness comes at Teaís expense. He reminds her that Heather did this, not her. She and the baby have a right to be together. A nurse comes in with papers for Sam to sign. She puts the baby down in the crib. He starts fussing and Sam turns around to see Jason holding him. Seeing him with her son is the way she always pictured it. The story is no longer what if but what now. Jason tells her about when he took care of Michael as a baby. Jason starts to hand the baby to Sam but he wonít let go. They both laugh. Sam isnít sure what to call him. Tea is watching from the doorway.  She says Victor. She knows the baby is Samís she just wants to say good-bye. She asks to hold him one last time. Tea tells them about what the baby likes and doesn't like. Tea leaves in tears. Sam decides to name him Daniel Edward. Sam leans into Jason's arms with the baby.

October 17, 2012

Jason at the hub on his cell. He is telling someone he will meet the commissioner in the morning. Sonny comes off the elevator and asks if the PCPD is giving him trouble over Heather. Jason tells Sonny all he cared about was getting his son. Sonny tells him he sounds like a father. Sam is in the hospital room feeding Danny. She is talking to him about missing his other mother. Jason shows pictures of Danny to Sonny and tells him she named him Daniel Edward. Jason wants to be a part of their lives. Sonny asks him if he wants to leave the business. He saids no but the danger is still there. Sonny reminds him Sam is aware of the risk and accepts him. Sonny tells Jason no one gets a perfect life. Jason replies maybe the best thing he could do for them is love them enough to let them go. Sam tells Danny he is her and she is his mother. Jason wants a life with Sam and Danny.  Sonny thinks itís a nice thing to want but he has to fight for it. He isnít giving up on Kate and he doesnít want Jason to give up on Sam. Jason won't. Jason is back in the room with Monica, Sam and Danny. He introduces Daniel Edward to his grandmother. She tells them that despite everything Danny is a Quatermaine. She asks if McCall or Morgan will be his last name. Jason and Sam have not figured that out yet. Alexis, Molly and Kristina come in. Sam introduces the baby to them. Monica and Jason step out of the room.  Sam and Danny have family time with the Davis girls. Monica inquires if he and Sam have discussed his role in the babyís life. Jason answers they have not had time. He asks about Heather. She came through surgery and is in coma. She wants Heather to live to pay for what she did to them. Monica wants to know if there is going to be a reunion. Jason doesnít know if they are getting back together. Monica tells him he can love that child. He replies that he does but that doesnít change the mistakes he made. It will be up to Sam. Molly canít believe Danny is alive. She thinks about the baby they buried. Sam said that baby deserved to be mourned. Sam and Jason are now alone with their son. Sam thinks it is amazing how her mother just found out she is a grandmother and she will have everything he needs delivered to Lake House before noon. Jason was hoping Sam and Danny would come home with him.

October 18, 2012

Jason is hoping Sam and Danny will come home with him. Sam isnít sure what he is asking. Jason is asking if they can be a family. Sam doesnít want to be an obligation. Jason replies  that she is his wife and he should have showed how much he loves her instead of shutting her out. She was so angry she kept digging herself a hole and didnít know how to find her way back to him. He asks if she is still angry. She replies no. Jason tells her they can be the family she dreamed of and nothing is standing in their way. She thinks there is. Jason asks if itís McBain? She cares about him but he has nothing to do with this. He asks her who. She replies that her son is her first priority. Jason ask if she is afraid Danny isn't safe with him. She knows Jason would protect her son with his life. Danny deserves to be loved. She asks if he can love Danny. She knows he thought if he looked at Danny he would see Franco. He glances down at Danny in the crib and smiles as he said he was wrong about that. She asked if he meant it when he told Heather he wants to be Dannyís father or if he was just saying that to save him. Jason doesnít blame her for no trusting him. He allowed his hatred for Franco blind him. He hurt her and he will Never do that again. He will never leave her and Danny. He is going to love them forever. Sam leaves to get a bottle for Danny before he wakes up. Jason picks him up and holds him.  He owes him and his mother an apology. He loves Danny and hopes it not too late for his mother to believe in him again. Carly walks into room. She thinks Danny is beautiful. She knows Jason can be his father and hopes he believes it. Jason asks if she would like to hold him. She thinks he looks peaceful and comfortable in Jasonís arms. Jason tells her itís up to Sam if he plays a role in Dannyís life. Jason informs her Todd played a part in Danny being kidnapped. Carly ask if they are sure Todd was involved. Jason replies they are not sure but he was in the woods that night delivering Teaís baby. Carly asks if he thinks she is wrong for wanting to believe in Todd. Jason knows she will do what she wants because she always does. Jason always catches her when she falls. Jason doesnít think she needs him because she is a strong woman. She loves him. They hug. Sam comes back. Carly tells her she is a mother now and she needs to do the right thing and let Jason be a part of Dannyís life. She leaves room. Jason apologizes for Carly. Sam responds that she is entitled to her opinion. Jason itís not up to Carly or anyone but her. He ask if she will allow him to be Dannyís father. Both in tears as Jason tell her he can wait and she can take all the time she needs. Sam smiles and picks up Danny. She replies they have wasted enough time. She and Danny are ready to go home with him. Jason takes his family in his arms.

October 19, 2012

Bernie calls and leaves an urgent message for Jason to meet him on Pier 52. Jason opens the Penthouse door letting Sam and Danny in. He tells Danny this is his new home. Sam thinks their son will love it here. Sam tells Jason itís been awhile since anywhere felt like home. Jason is holding Danny as she opens the blinds. Sam remembers thereís no place for Danny to sleep since her mother isnít delivering the furniture until tomorrow. Jason tells her thereís a port-a-crib in the closet. Sam thought he would have given it away. He thought about bringing it to Alexis but couldnít. He held out hope they would find their way back to one another. Sam is graetful he had enough hope for them both. She starts to say if it wasnít for him DannyÖ He tells her to stop, no more looking backward. She agress they have enough going on in the present. Sam takes Danny and tells Jason they should lay him down. He guides her to the stairs. He asks Sam is something wrong. Sam thinks itís a huge moment for them - their first night home as a family. Upstairs, Sam doesnít want to let Danny out of her sight. Jason tells her they will hear Danny if he wakes. He knows she is exhausted and asks if she would like to lay down. She thinks that is a good idea and ask him if will join her. He asks her if she is sure. She teases him as she ask if he is not sure. Sam kisses him as they enter their bedroom. Sam missed this room. So did Jason. He slept on the couch while she was gone. She spots the phoenix on the dresser and places the dragon beside it. She tells Jason everything is back where it belongs. They kiss as Jason lays her on the bed. They are making out. Jason tosses her shirt over his answering machine. Sam rolls him over and is now on top. She tells him to wait. She loves him so much and he loves her. She never stopped loving him through it all. They kiss again as Danny cries out. They both want to be the one to go get him.  Sam goes. Jason takes out his wedding band from a box on the nightstand and places it back on his finger. Sam enters with Danny her arms and gives him to Jason. He places his son on the bed sitting close to him. Sam tells Danny this an important moment. She has her wedding band in her hand. Jason takes it from her as Danny is trying to take the ring to play with it. Jason tells him he gets to do this and to watch as he places it back on Samís finger. Jason tells Sam he will love her forever. Sam states that she will never take the ring off again. They kiss. Sam finishes feeding Danny and places bottle on nightstand. She sees they have a message and plays it. Itís Bernie telling Jason he has something urgent to discuss with him. He wants Jason to meet him at Pier 52 as soon as possible. Itís a matter of life and death. Sam asks if he knows what this is about. He doesn't. She tells him he has to go. Jason doesn't want to because itís their first night back home. Sam reminds him itís his job and he has to go. Nothing is going to change that. She tells him they will be there when he gets back. Jason kisses his family. He starts to leave. Sam tells him to wait. She gets up with Danny in her arms and grabs the phoenix stating it likes being with him everywhere he goes. Jason kisses them goodbye once more and waves to them as he leaves.  Jason arrives on the pier and Bernie is lying on docks wounded and bleeding. Jason shoots Joe Scully Jr. He falls to the dock. Jason kicks his gun out of reach. Jason rushes over to Bernie. He is trying to tell Jason whatís going as a shot goes off from behind Jason. Jason is shot and tries to get to cover as Dukes walks up. Jason is lying near the edge of the dock. Sam places the dragon on the mantle saying it will watch over them until daddy returns. Sam is sitting down with Danny amazed how much he looks like his daddy. She hears a knock on the door. She thinks Jason forgot his keys. It is John McBain. Jason is unconscious and bleeding out on the docks.

October 22, 2012

Jason on dock. He shoots Scully and kicks his gun across the dock. He checks on Bernie. Bernie is trying to tell him something. Jason tells him not right now, he is hurt. Jason is shot in back. His guns falls to dock. He tries to crawl for cover and drops at the edge of dock bleeding. John knocks on the penthouse door. He and Sam are surprised to see one another at Penthouse. Duke comes from behind the gate at the pier with a gun in his hand. He kicks an unconscious Jason into the harbor. Sam tells John that Jason wants to be a family. They are going to give their marriage another try. Jason is it for her. John says they donít need to talk about them. Sam thinks they do. They have a special connection. He never wanted to complicate her life. She is grateful for everything he did for her and Danny. She still wants to be friends. They finish talking and John goes to leave telling Sam to cherish what she and Jason are building with Danny, because she never knows when it all could be gone. Sam is sitting with Danny in her arms. Another knock on the door. Sam gets excited telling Danny its finally daddy. She canít wait to see him. She answers door its Sonny. She ask why he is there.

October 23, 2012

Sam opens the Penthouse door to sonny. She ask what he is doing there. He answers itís about Jason. She introduces Danny to Uncle Sonny. Sonny thinks he looks like Jason. Sam rambling on how good Jason is with Danny. Sonny thinks his nephew is a good looking kid. Sam tells him they are going to be a family. She is so happy as she rambles on and on. Sonny interrupts her saying he needs to tell her something about Jason. He tells her Jason was shot. Sam is concerned as he tells her Bernie was shot. She asks about Jason. She is very worried now. Sonny explains how he received a call from Bernie telling him Jason was shot. He arrived at the pier and found Bernie. Bernie told him Jason was shot and fell into the water. He tells Sam he jumped in the water but didnít find Jason. Sam tells him to stay there with Danny she is going to find her husband. She kisses Danny good-bye and rushes out. Sonny holds Danny and tells him not to count his dad out. Sam arrives at the pier and spots Dante.  She inquires about what is going on. He informs her the coast guard is searching the water. Sam needs a dive suit. Dante is concern since she hasn't been diving in a long time. The water is cold. Sam tells him she is a experience diver and she is going in that water. She spots a diver and asks him about getting a suit. Sonny tells Danny Jason is coming back. He has so much to live for. He calls Michael and tells him about Jason. Michael wants to go to the pie but Sonny needs him to come keep an eye on Danny. He needs to go take care of Sam. Michael agrees. Sonny arrives at docks and approaches Dante and Sam. He wanted to come down and make sure they were doing everything they can to find Jason. Sam asks him to tell Dante to get her the diving gear. She spots another diver and goes after him. Dante tries to stop her but Sonny tells him to let her go. Dante informs Sony that Scully was shot. He asks if he is dead. He is. Dante needs to go to the Quartermaine's to check on things there. Sonny wishes him luck and he returns it telling Sonny good luck. Sam has diving gear on. Sonny ask if she is sure she wants to do this. She is doing this and he canít stop her. He reminds her Jason would not want her risking her life. He wishes Sam luck as she goes under the water. Sonny gets a call from Michael. He wants to know if they have found Jason. He is about to answer when Sam comes back up. He tells Michael he will have to call him back. He walks over to Sam and asks if she found anything. She looks up at him and slowly opens her hands. She is holding the phoenix statue.

October 24, 2012

Sam is at the Penthouse showing Danny the figurines and telling him about what they mean. The Davis girls come to the door. Alexis asks if she is okay and says she is so sorry. Sam asks about what. Alexis replies you. Sam assures them she is okay and Jason is too. She knows Jason is okay and would never leave her and Danny, not when they just found one another. Sam tells them Jason is coming back and thatís how this story ends. They are looking at her with sympathy. Alexis asks to talk to Sam alone. They need to discuss what comes next. Sam replies she has to wait for her husband to come home. They all look confused. She thought Danny was dead but he is here and Jason is alive. Alexis reminds them that no body was found. They will support Sam 100%. Sam tells them she is going to put Danny down for a nap. After she goes upstairs, Kristina asks what do they do. Alexis tells them they help her sister. Kristina replies so we just play along. Molly thinks there is a chance he survived. They have to help her until she accepts the truth. Sam comes down the stairs and hears them. She tells them her husband isnít dead and if they canít believe it them she doesnít need them. She tells them to leave. She is not delusional and doesnít want them to spread their lies in front of her or her son. She tells they can return when they change their mind. Alexis kisses Sam and tells her she loves her. They will be back. Sam ia at the table marking up maps. She says wWhere are you Jason. Someone knocks on the door. Sam runs to answer it saying Jason. It is Spinelli she is glad to see him. She tells him they have work to do. They have to find Jason.

October 25, 2012

Spinelli comes to the penthouse. Sam is excited he is there. She needs his help. He ask if itís finding Jasonís body. She informs himJason is alive and they are investigators.  This this is what they do. Spinelli came to be with her over this loss. She tells him if that is what he came for he knows where the door is. Her family already wrote Jason off. She expected better from him. Spinelli is talking about the body. Sam tells him not to assume Jason is gone. The police miss things all the time. They are better than that. They do what the cops canít. She was right about Todd hiding something about her son. She is right about Jason being alive. Sam is going over the currents with his height and weight. He could have survived. Spinelli tells her they are PIíS trained to follow leads to the truth. He tells her they will find the truth. Spinelli is on his laptop researching as Sam comes downstairs with Danny. She introduces Danny to his Uncle Spinelli. He is so happy. Spinelli gently squeezes Danny's muscles and thinks he has muscles like a Morgan. Sam tells him Danny is Jasonís son in every way that matters and he trying to come home to them. Anna and Dante are at the docks talking about the case as Sam walks up with Spinelli and Danny. Sam tells them she needs to find Jason. Anna asks if she will bring in the tape of Bernie's message so they can analyze it. Sam will do it if it will help bring Jason home. They leave. Dante thinks Sam is in serious denial. Anna replies yes but then sometimes something gets turned around and thereís hope. Sam catches Diane at the penthouse door and asks what she is doing here.

October 26, 2012

Sam arrives back at penthouse with Danny is in the stroller. Sam spots Diane outside the door and asks what she is doing there. Diane hides the DNA results behind her back. Sam asks if the envelope is for her. Diane came to offer condolences. Sam tells her Jason isnít dead. Diane said there could be legal issues if there is no body. Sam informs Diane she will never use her services. She is angry that Diane got Todd off. She explains there was real evidence against him. John arrives and asks if there is a problem. Diane says Jason was not just a valued client but a friend and he will be missed. If Sam needs anything to contact her. Diane leaves. Sam informs John that her husband isnít dead. John doesnít think he is either. Sam asks if he thinks she is crazy or in denial. He tells her there was no body. Sam says what if Jason hasnít come back because he canít. Sam thanks John for believing her. She has to hold on to hope. Anna thinks there was another shooter and John thinks he knows who it is. John and Sam go over all the events and evidence. He informs her Scully was sprung from prison. Sam asks if itís connected somehow. John will check into it. Spinelli comes. He apologizes to Sam and explains he wanted answers from Todd. He worked on Todd until Diane arrived. He thinks he might have reached him. Sam is lucky he is her friend. John leaves and Spinelli asks what lead he is following.

October 29, 2012

Sam is lying on the couch holding Jasonís leather jacket close to her. She hears a knock at the door. Itís Carly. Sam tells her this is not a good time. She doesnít have time for Carly to remind her she knows Jason better or he would call her first. Sam gets huffy with her. Carly replies cleaning is her specialty. Sam asks since when. Carly tells her since Jason would want her to take care of her. Sam asks if she thinks Jason wants her to bulldoze her way into life when she has asked her not to. Carly thinks Jason would. She grabs Jason's jacket and Sam yanks it out of her hand. Carly says if Jason is coming back that is good but in the meantime she wants to help. Sam asks her why. Carly answers Jason is her best friend and she doesnít know what else to do but be here for Sam and their son. Carly wants to know why its so hard for Sam to allow her to pick up some of the slack. Carly is not going to be a bitch to Sam to make her happy. Sam brings up Todd ask how Jason would feel to know she is defending him. Carly believes Todd when he said he had nothing to do with it. The charges were dropped. Sam knows he is lying and capable of giving her son to Tea. Carly doesnít believe he did it. Carly has seen him with Starr. He knows what it means to be a parent. If he knew Danny was being kept from her he would make it right. Sam doesnít look convinced. Carly is leaving. She tells Sam she will be back. Sam teases her about calling first. Carly softly laughs and reminds her that never worked for Jason. She came here for him and Sam but for herself also. She sees him everywhere. She keeps listening to a voicemail he left on her cell. Sam wishes she had a voice mail to listen to. Carly gives her the cell. Sam doesn't want to take it from her but Carly insists. Sam is sitting on the couch about to listen to the voicemail when a knock is heard on the door. It is Steven Webber.

October 30, 2012

Sam opens the door to Steve. She asks why he is there. He hands her the DNA results. Sam asks what the paper is in as she starts to read it. She thinks it is another one of Heatherís tricks. He explains how he found it in a book of his mother's. Heather stole her son and switched the DNA results because she didnít deliver a stupid letter. He replies the truth is out now. Sam ask is it. Steve assures her these are the real results. Sam canít believe it. Jason is really her sonís father. Sam is so happy and Jason will be too when he returns. Steve looks at her weird and she tells him not to. Jason is coming back. She knows it. Steve hopes she is right. He leaves. Sam sitting in chair with Danny in her lap. She tells him that this is an important piece of paper. His daddy is really his daddy. She is smiling and goes to put him in his playpen. She canít wait until she can tell Jason. From behind her. she hears tell me what. She turns and sees Jason. She runs to his arms and tells him she knew he was alive. He asks if she really thought he could stay away from her and Danny. She pulls away from him and goes to retrieve the DNA results. He is not going to believe what has happened. She hands him the paper. She tells him it is the DNA test she took while pregnant. Heather switched the results. He ask what this means. She replies he is really Dannyís father not Franco. He smiles at her. Jason is staring at the paper with tears in his eyes. He asks if this is true. Steve confirmed it. Deep down she always knew Jason was really Dannyís father. He has his blue eyes, his smile and he is so quiet. They both giggle. Jason replies he loves her. She always felt it in her heart. Jason meant what he said even if they did not have the results he would love Danny. The only difference it makes is it is the end of everything Franco did to them and all the ways they allowed him to come between them. They both take deep breaths. Jason tells her its all over. She replies our lives are ours again. Jason says Danny is his as he looks at the baby. They hug and Jason tells her that Danny is really theirs. Danny makes a sound and Jason thinks he wants his mommy.  He hands Danny son to Sam. She thinks he wants his binky. She asks Jason to hand it to her. She looks up and he is gone. Sam comes out the kitchen searching and yelling for Jason in a panic. She sits down on the stairs in tears. She clutches Danny close to her saying he wasnít really here. She cries out where did he go.

November 6, 2012

Sam is down at Pier 52 with Danny in his stroller. She bends down to her son and tells him daddy is coming home to us. She hears John McBain behind her. Her sister told him she was down here but if its not a good time. Its fine. She is happy he is back. She asks what he found out. He informs her Jerry Jax was the one who got Scully released. He explains that Scully helped Jerry release the pathogen. Sam thinks if they were working together its possible Jerry was the second shooter. He could have Jason. John doesnít think so. Sam ask why. John reminds her Jerry is suppose to be dead. Sam reminds him there was no body so he may not be dead. Jax and Sonny survived the explosion why couldnít have Jerry. He thinks stranger things have happen. Thereís a chance Jerry wants them think he is dead because dead men donít go to prison. John ask if he is alive how does that make him the second shooter. If Jason surprised him he could have shot him to cover his tracks and then took Jason away from the harbor after he kicked him into water. She is going to PCPD. He tells her she isnít. Anna knows what he has found. They need proof Jerry is the second shooter. If he wants proof she has it right her. She gestures to Danny. She knew Danny was alive deep down just like she knew he was Jasonís son. He knows Jason loves Danny as his own. Sam informs him Jason is Dannyís biological father and Heather switched the results. He asks if Jason knew. She replies he will know as soon as she finds him. Its good to have hope but he doesnít want her to get too far ahead of herself. She has learned to trust her instincts. Jason is alive and Jerry Jax has him. She knows where to find the proof. She tells him to follow the money trail. The 88 million went missing and someone had to pick it up. She is sure it was Jerry. They find Jerry when they find the money. She asks why he is being so negative. He's just telling her what the cops will say. John isnít convinced Jerry was the second shooter. He ask Sam to be careful. The second shooter is dangerous and her son needs her. The second shooter has something bigger in mind then Sonnyís money. She says then the cops are not looking for Jason. He thinks at this point the cops think he is dead. Sam knows they are wrong and will do everything she can to prove it. Her son needs her to do the right thing. If John he wonít help her she will find someone who will. He is her friend and he is on her side. He tells her to be careful and he leaves. She calls Spinelli. She needs his help. She has a lead on Jason.

November 12, 2012

Sam walks into Annaís office. She wants to know what is being done to find her husband. Sam and Anna discuss Jerry. Sam thinks he is holding Jason captive. Sam informs her that Spinelli is on case. If they find 88 million, they find Jason. Anna goes over what they have so far. Anna tells her hearing someone on the pier but she doesnít know who it was. Anna not giving up on the case. Sam is going to find Jason on her own. Anna thinks Sam is setting herself up. She tells Sam about thinking Robin was alive. It hurt to looe her again when she found out she was wrong. Sam points out that Anna just found out her husband is alive. If that is not a lesson to hold onto hope then she doesnít know what is. Her son being alive was a miracle just like Duke being alive. Anna replies there are exceptions. Sam agrees and says Jason is exceptional. Sam doesnít know where all this will lead but she has every reason to hold out hope.

November 16, 2012

Michael knocks on  the penthouse door. Sam lets him in. Michael asks about Danny. He is great. Sam is getting some work done while he naps. She trying to figure out who shot Jason. Michael apologizes for not being around. He has been wrapped up in his father's situation. Sam inquires about Sonny. Michael tells her it's not about Sonny its about AJ. Michael tells her AJ is alive and in jail. He says Carly turned him in. Sam thinks AJ deserves to be locked up. Michael know what AJ did was wrong but it was not entirely his fault. Michael thinks all three of his parents acted badly. Sam knows Sonny and Carly are far from perfect but they are not as bad as AJ. Michael doesnít want his father to go to prison. Sam understands. Michael wishes his mom and dad did. It makes him sik that all three are still fighting over him. Sam understands but that doesnít mean he should forget what AJ has done ot that his parents love him. She tells him if Jason was here he would say the same thing. He screams that Jason isnít here. He apologizes. He just wishes he could talk to Jason. He would understand. They both miss him. They hug. Sam tells him she is going to find him and bring him home. She knows in her heart he is alive. Michael agrees. He says Jason is strong and he will figure something out. Sam vows he wonít need to do it alone. She will rescue him and whoever shot Jason will pay. Later, Michael is holding Danny. Sam wishes Jason was here to see them. Michael will tell Danny all about his daddy when he older. He comments that Danny looks like Jason. Sam replies he should because Jason is his biological father. She tells him Heather tampered with test. Michael replies Jason must have been happy to hear that. Sam hasnít got a chance to tell him yet. Michael tells Danny his dad is coming back. It happened for him so it can happen for Danny. Sam is glad he came over. She is going to take Danny upstairs. Michael will walk himself out. She reminds him to be careful when it comes to AJ. Michael opens the door and AJ is there.

November 19, 2012

Michael opens the penthouse door and AJ is there. AJ is glad he is okay. Michael ask why he is there. AJ come in. Michael ask how he is out? He made bail but wonít be out for long. He tells him how Tracy tricked him. He took ankle monitor off and would do it again if he thought Michael was in trouble. Tracy knew exactly how to play him. Michael thinks he knows how to fix this. He is going to head off Tracy and wants AJ to wait there where he will be safe. Sam comes down and states that AJ is not welcome in her house. Michael explains what Tracy did. Sam thinks AJ is manipulative. Michael is asking for her help. She gives him a half hour. Michael leaves. AJ thanks Sam. She tells him not to bother. She hopes Tracy's plan works and he gets thrown in prison. AJ sees a picture of Jason and Sam on the mantle. He comments that Jason looks good. Sam doesn't want him touching her things. He says they are family. She is his brotherís wife. Sam thinks he and Jason are brothers in name only. Jason never forgave him for what he did to Michael. He would hate that AJ is hiding behind Michael. He used Jason growing up just like he is using Michael now. AJ asks if it has to be this way. He wonders how he could done things differently. He and Sam might actually have something in common. The way Jason loves Sam is fierce and loyal and fearless. There is nothing she could do to that Jason wouldnít forgive. Thatís how Jason loved him before the accident. Then after the accident he could barely look at him. She asks him not to pretend to give a damn. He came back here to see his son and make amends. He hates that he did not make it back in time to make peace with Jason. Sam isnít sure what he has heard but Jason is not dead. He is coming back to her and their son. AJ didnít know they had a son. She tells him his name is Daniel Edward Morgan they call him Danny. AJ is happy he has a nephew and asks if he can see him. Sam asks why, so he can kidnap him. He doesnít blame her for the way she feels. But he has really changed. When Jason comes back he plans on telling him how sorry he is. He possibly does not have much time so pleads with sam to see his nephew. Sam brings Danny down and introduces AJ to his nephew. AJ says he is beautiful and Jason must have been proud. She tells him they will wait patiently for Dannyís father to come home. AJ hopes it will not be long. They will wait for as long as it takes. He really hopes Jason is alive and can come back. He know he has no right but asks her if he can hold Danny. Dante knocks on door. He knows AJ is in there. Dante is arrests AJ. As Dante takes him out, AJ tells Sam that she and Danny will always have a friend in him if she wants one.

November 20, 2012

Sam and John are at the penthouse. She is going over everything they have on Jerry. She believes he has Jason and holding him captive. John tells her to slow down. She tells him Jason is hurt and he needs her. John replies she doesnít know that for sure. He tells her it is one thing to follow the clues logically but another to  could drive herself crazy. She asks if he thinks that is what she is doing. He does. She thought he was on her side. He is. He thinks she and Danny should go out for a walk in the park. He bends down to the play pen and asks Danny what he thinks. Sam lashes out that she doesnít need him to fill in for Jason. John is not trying to fill in for anyone. Sam doesn't think Jason would like him being around his son. He didnít mean to upet her. He tells Sam he is going to leave. She replies that she is kicking him out. Sam tells him he canít replace the family he lost with hers. She tells him to go be with his family. He leaves. The phone rings it is AJ. Sam tells him she doesnít have time for him. He tells her there is something she should know. Michael and Sam arrive at the Quatermaine estate with Danny. AJ thanks them for coming. He knows Edward would like to see them. Sam tells AJ that Edward loved Jason very much. Michael, Sam and Danny go upstairs. Tracy is sitting with Edward. She walks out they arrive. Monica asked how they knew. Sam informs her that AJ called. Monica knows Edward would love to see them. She leaves them alove with Edward. Michael sits down on the bed. He tells Edward that he knows they were not always close but he also knows everything Edward did was out of love. Michael loves him and will never forget him. He kisses him good-bye. Sam sit on the bed with Danny in her lap. She introduces Danny to Edward. She tells him that Danny is so much like Jason. She tells Edward that Jason is Dannyís biological father as Monica comes in and overhears. Sam tells them love won out. She is going to raise this family and make him proud. Edward reaches out to Danny and Danny grabs his finger. Sam thinks it is amazing the way Edward grabbed onto Danny. Monica know how much this meant to Edward. Monica is happy that Jason is Dannyís father. Sam wishes Jason could be here to say good-bye. Monica does too. Sam and Michael are downstairs in study. Michael tells Tracy thank-you for allowing AJ time with Edward. Tracy ask how her father is. Sam tells them about Edward reaching out for Danny. Tracy smiles and says donít count daddy out yet. Monica comes down and informs them that Edward is gone.

November 26, 2012

Kristina and Molly at Edwards memorial talking about Edward and Jason. Kristina wants Molly to be quiet so Sam doesn't here since she is not ready to admit Jason is gone. Sam is sitting a pew with Danny.  Lulu approaches and they talk about how good he was during the services.  Lulu tells her that she is hoping to have a baby soon and wants to talk to Sam about it. Maxie interupts, she wants Lulu to get her out of there before Spinelli tries to talk to her. They leave. Kristina and Molly come up. They ask how she is. She is good but wishes Jason could hae said good-bye.  She tells them about taking Danny to see Edward. They invite her to dinner. They want to spoil Danny. They leave and Spinelli comes up. Sam asks him about Maxie. He says they have a temporary problem that is Sam's fault. He tells her he met Ellie because of her. Sam did not know he had a girlfriend so he tells her all about Ellie. He also tells her that Jason met Ellie. He tells her how Maxie kept him at arms length but wants him back now that he has moved on and that Maxie and Ellie are now roommates. He then changes the subject to Jason. Sam says John won't say it but he thinks Jason is dead. She wonders if she could do a memorial like this for Jason.  Then says she couldn't because she does not believe Jason is gone. Spinelli reminds her there is no proof he is alive.  She replies that there is no proof he is dead either. He wishes he had her faith. She points out that after wanting Maxie's love for so long,he now has it. Ellie comes up and Spinelli introduces her to Sam and Danny. Ellie invites her to lunch with them but Sam has thinking to do. They leave. Sam lights a candle and tells Danny not to give up on his daddy.

December 4, 2012

Sam arrives with Danny at the Quatermaine estate. Tracy greets them. Sam wants to know why she asked to see her. Tracy has a lot food laid out for them but Sam is not hungry. Tracy wanted to give Danny a present, a big teddy bear. Sam wants her to forget food and presents and tell her why she is there.  Tracy says they are family. Sam reminds her she never made a secret of how she feels about her and wants toknow what she wants. AJ walks in announces she wants Sam's 18% of ELQ. Sam asks about Jason's other shares. Tracy says she did not want to talk business today but AJ says she did.  Tracy explains that all the other stock was subordinate to Edward's so they can't vote. Only if their was a tie would the other shares be voted. Sam realizes her shares are the deciding vote. Tracy and AJ start to argue and Tracy leaves.  AJ asks Sam to stay since someone should eat the food Tracy put oout. Sam agrees since Danny is sleeping in his stroller. AJ says the house is quiet with Edward gone. Sam thanks him for calling her. She is happy Edward got to meet Danny before he passed away and regrets that Jason was not there. AJ wishes he would have had a chance to say good-bye to his grandfather. He thinks that why he cares about ELQ so much. He wants to make Edward proud and do it right this time. Sam believes him. The doorbell rings. John is out in the hall as Sam exits the study. Sam apologizes for the last time they saw one another. He wants Sam to forget about it because he has. He took her advice got himself a job at the PCPD. He is going to find out what happen to Jason.

December 12, 2012

Sam is leaving a message for John wanting to know what he found out about Jason. The doorbell rings. She opens it to Alexis and her sisters singing Christmas carols. They come in with holiday decorations. They knew Sam would not decorate herself so action needed to be taken. Sam appreciates the thought but she doesnít want this. Alexis starts hanging garland on the mantle. Sam has not been in the holiday spirit. She is working on a case. Ther's a knock on the door. Kristina says it is probably the tree. Sam doesnít want a tree. Alexis reminds her it is Dannyís first Christmas and he will have a tree. Kristina opens the door  Trey is delivering the tree. Alexis inquires about the case. Sam doesnít think she would be interested. Alexis ask if it is about a missing person, namely Jason. Sam admits she is looking into Jasonís disappearance and John McBain is helping her. They talk about the last time sam saw John and accused of trying to be a stand-in father for Danny. But it is all smoothed over. Alexis is glad. They talk about John working on Jason's case and Alexis asks if Sam thinks Jason would mind.  Sam doesn't care as long as John helps find out who shot Jason. Alexis points out that there is a big difference to finding out who shot Jason and finding him alive. Sam knows but she is not giving up. Sam understands others believe Jason is gone. But they donít have the faith she does. Alexis is not sure how long you can live on faith alone. Sam says as long as it takes. She asks what the tree, songs and Christmas spirit is about if you donít have faith. Sam is on the couch with her hands over her eyes. Alexis comes down the stairs with Danny dressed in a Santa outfit. She tells Sam she can open her eyes now. Sam laughs. She thinks Danny looks cute  and she takes him in her arms. Alexis is happy to see her smiling again. Sam thinks it is nice to have something to smile about again and thanks Alexis. Alexis wants Sam to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. Sam smiles and says he already knows. They are now standing at the decorated tree. Sam starts to hang the dragon and phoenix on the tree. They said they would always be together. Another knock on the door. It is Molly. She want Alexis to sue Connie.

December 21, 2012

Sam and Danny at the tree. She is explaining to him about the Dragon and Phoenix. A knock at the door. She hurries to answer it wishing it is the Christmas miracle they have prayed for. Sam is praying it is Jason but it's Tracy. Tracy got Danny a bear in a Italian racing suit. She has a box with keys to an Italian sports car. Sam reminds Tracy she never cared for her. Tracy ask who she hates more her or AJ. Tracy never tried to kill Jason. Sam informs her Danny will be fine without ELQ. Tracy ask what about Michael. Sam cares very much about Michael. Tracy says they have to protect Michael from AJ and his scheme to turn him against his parents. Tracy hands her the proxy and ask her to sign it. Sam has the proxy in her hand but is hesitating to sign it. Tracy asks if there is a problem. Sam just wants to do the right thing. A knock on the door. It is AJ and Michael. Tracy slams the door on AJíS foot. They walk into the penthouse. AJ goes for the proxy on the table. Michael apologizes for coming uninvited. Sam tells him not to apologize. He is always welcome but Tracy and AJ not so much. Tracy ask if they have a deal. AJ pleading for Sam not to do it. He lost his brother, father and grandfather. Tracy reminds him he tried to kill two of them. They argue some more. Sam tells them to stop she does not want this in front of her son. Later, Sam walks down the steps with her shares in hand. She gives AJ and Tracy each half which does not solve tie. 

December 28, 2012

Todd walks into his office and finds Sam trying to break into his safe. He informs her he changed the combination. Sam ask he expects an apology. He replies no. He calls down to hotel security and warns Sam she can escape now. She replies that she isnít running. Todd wants to talk about what she was after in his safe. He asks donít you have a kid to look after. She replies that Molly is watching him, the one he stole the book from. Carly enters inquiring about Toddís call. She aks what Sam is doing there. Todd replies Sam was trying to rob him and orders Carly to arrest her. Carly ask Sam if that is true. Sam informs Carly she is trying to retrieve the book Molly wrote that connie put her name on. Carly asks Todd if that is true. He goes on and on about Connie and Molly and orders Carly to call the cops. Carly ask him if he really wants to be responsible for Sam being arrested and taken from her son on New Years Eve. Sam thinks Todd had no problem keeping her from Danny for the first 6 months of his life so what is different now. Todd insists he had nothing to do with that. Carly defends Todd. Sam calls her stupid for believing in him just because he flirts with her. Carly is only defending her to Todd because that's what Jason would want her to do. Sam is angry because of Todd, Heather was able to steal time away from Jason and his son but Todd is Carly's new best friend and the hell with Jason. Carly reminds Sam that her and Jason always supported each other. It is because of him she is trying to watch over Sam. She ask if she wants to spend New Years Eve in jail. Carly believes Todd since he swore on his child's life. Sam canít imagine swearing on your childís life. If you were lying you would go straight to hell. Sam is going to get to the bottom what happened with Mollyís book. She will not allow Todd take advantage of another innocent child. Sam tells Carly it is not her fault Johnny made a fool of her and warns her not to allow Todd to do the same.