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January 3, 2011

Jason and Carly at the MetroCourt discussing the news of Sonny and Brenda's engagement. Jason doesn't believe Carly when she says that she won't get in their way. Carly's phone rings. She and Morgan talk until she hears screams and the sound of the bus crash. Carly tells Jason she thinks the bus crashed, and they try calling Morgan and Michael, with no answer. They work to try and figure out what happened, as Nikolas and Brooklyn show up. After informing them of the crash, Jason and Carly rush out. Carly calls Sonny, as she and Jason hit the road to try and make it to the crash scene. Jason tries to keep her calm as she is upset with herself for not being with the boys.

January 4, 2011

Sam comes to the hospital looking for Epiphany. She sees Alexis who fills her in on the bus crash. Jason and Carly are driving looking for the bus crash. They realize that they are on the wrong side of the mountain. Sam talking to Brooke and Nikolas about how she thought about going on the trip with them. Carly and Jason talking about the rod the diner is on. Carly says that the boys are going to be alright. Jason says that when things go wrong Michael steps up. Lucky called Jason and they are not far from the site. Carly is worried about Morgan and feels guilty about Olivia being hurt because of her. Jason reassures Carly that everything is going to be ok. Jason and Carly pull up to the crash site. They see Brenda and Molly. Molly tells Carly about Morgan and where to find him. Carly and Jason head down to find Morgan. They find Morgan by the campfire. Morgan tells Carly that his leg might be broken. Jason ask Kristina if she's ok and she says she's just cold. The teens head up to the cars to get warm. Jason and Carly stay with Morgan. Sam is trying to reassure Alexis that Jason has probably found the kids and is taking care of them. Alexis wishes Sam was there because then she wouldn't have to worry. She knows Sam would be taking care of them. Alexis asks Sam if she is being completely unreasonable if she tells the girls that they can never leave the house again. Sam laughing. Alexis says what about if she followed them everywhere they go, Sam laughing saying sheís glad itís them and not her. Morgan tells Carly and Jason what happen before the crash and about Michael finding him and carrying him back over to the fire. Carly apologizes for not being on the bus with Morgan. Morgan tells her she couldn't stop the crash by being on the bus. Alexis says that the rescue staff is at the site. She asks Sam how much longer does she think it will be before the rescue staff gets to the hospital. Sam doesn't know. Alexis says she will feel better when she can see them and has her arms around them.

January 5, 2011

Jax, Alexis and Sam are at General Hospital discussing the bus crash. Jason, Michael and Molly arrive at the hospital. Jason goes straight to Sam and hugs her. Sam thanks Jason for finding them. Michael and Molly fill everyone in. Steve rushes a hypothermic Kristina into the hospital. Jason, Jax and Steve discuss Morgan and other crash victims. Jason witnesses Dante thanking Michael for all he did to help. Sam, Kristina, Alexis and Molly bond in Kristina's room. Brenda tells Jason she is going to find Sonny. Jason and Sam talking when Elizabeth comes off the elevator with Jake. Jason and Sam say hi and Elizabeth leaves to visit Cam. When she comes back, Elizabeth asks Jason and Sam to watch Jake for a little bit. Sam takes him and Elizabeth walks off. Jason and Jake talk about motorcycles as Sam looks on. Montage: Sonny laying in bed next to Kristina as Brenda looks on, doctors operating on Ally who dies on the table, Lulu and Dante by Olivia's bedside, Elizabeth sees Lucky and Siobhan with Cam, Carly sees Michael and Abby hug and Jason and Sam play with Jake.

January 7, 2011

Sam arrives at Jason's after forgetting her gun. He wants to know why she left so fast that morning. She says she had to work, but he sees through her and knows it because of Brenda. She asks if Brenda is there, and he says a guard is walking her. Jason tells her he didn't get a chance to thank her for helping him with Jake last night. Sam tells Jason Jake reminds her of him. He is happy Jake has a good life. They talk about Brenda and Dante. Jason brings up Theo and Sam offers to investigate. He offers to hire she and Spinelli and she tells him she can work out a special benefit. They kiss. Brenda comes in and Sam leaves. Brenda wants Jason's help to plan the wedding but he refuses. Spinelli arrives and he too refuses to help. Carly shows up at Sam's office mad about Michael and Abby. They argue. Brenda wants Jason to tell Spinelli that he believes in her and Sonny. Carly and Sam continue to argue. Jason arrives to Sam's PI office to find Spinelli and Diane in a compromising position. He wants to run a background check on Theo.

January 10, 2011

Jason wants Spinelli to look into Theo Hoffman, despite Diane's protests. Jason says he needs to know Theo is reliable because he is worried Brenda will lose it on the stand, landing Dante in prison, impacting Michael's parole. Jason tells Spinelli to focus on Theo, then he can focus on Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Jason shows up at the penthouse, where he tells Brenda he spoke to Spinelli for her. She asks him to give her away. He finally agrees. Sam at the hospital after her OB/GYN appointment, where Dr. Lee tells her about a new fertility procedure which could lead to her becoming pregnant. Jason meets Carly at Sonny's office after her fight with Michael. They discuss Michael and Abby. Sam asks more about the procedure, but then says she and Jason are happy with their life together and leaves. Jason tries to get Carly to back off Abby.

January 11, 2011

Jason and Carly at the office. Carly has been freaked about her kids since the bus accident. She is upset about Michael and Abby. Jason reassures that Abby is not a danger to Michael and that he can talk to her. He wants her to respect Michael's choices. Carly is scared for Michael. Jason says she can do anything for Michael even this. He wants her to vent to bim but not to fight with Michael. Later, Michael storms into Jasonís office upset. He went to the strip club where Abby works and hates how the guys there treat her. Jason says thatís her job. Michael says it made him sick and he felt like he was trapped in his cell again with Carter. Abby meets up with Sam. She is looking for Michael who she is worried about. Abby tells Sam about Michael showing up at the club. Sam never meant for things to get so complicated. Abby is not sorry for meeting Michael but his mother is dead set against them and tonight proves she is right. Michael compares the guys at the club to Carter. Jason says that Carter is dead. Abby tells Sam about Carly trying to buy her off. Sam knows all about that. Abby really likes Michael but thinks Carly is right and she is not good for him. Abby thought she could do Sam a favor and move on but Michael is special. Sam asks if she has real feelings. Abby says Michael makes her feel special and she does not want to walk away. Sam says good; if she sees Michael she will let him know that Abby is looking for him. Jason asks Michael why he went to the club. Michael says that he was talking to Sonny about Abby and how Sonny brought up the strip club he use to run. Michael wanted to go see for himself. Jason is concerned about Michael and how he felt seeing Abby dance. Michael said it made him angry and want to hurt someone so he left. Jason says it is good that Michael left. Michael needs to decide if it is a risk worth taking again. Michaelís phone beeps, it's Abby. Jason walks into the penthouse and sees Sam. Sam wants to talk about Michael. Jason knows about Michael going to the strip club. Sam mentions hearing from seeing Abby while she was at the hospital and he asks why she at the hospital. Sam says had a checkup and everything is fine. Sam says that Abby was upset but she didnít know what to say to her. Jason thinks that they should let Michael handle it. It brought up about things that happen to Michael in prison. Sam says this is out of control. Jason thinks it is good because Michael is starting to talk. Sam says that this isnít just Michaelís problem. She thinks Abby is developing real feelings for him. Jason tells Sam about Carly stopping by and that he thinks she is going crazy becuase of the bus crash. Sam says she should remember that and be a nicer. Jason says Carly has no right to disrespect her. Sam understands why Carly is upset with her. Jason thinks Abby is good for Michael. He got Carly calme ddown but she will freak when she finds out about tonight. Sam says donít tell her. Jason asks if he were her son wouldnít she want to know. Jason says that playing with Jake was just like with Michael. He use wonder what Michaelís life would be like and here they are. Sam says Michael is a survivor and he taught him that. He needs to give himself credit with the things he did right. Jason is just grateful that Jake won't have to go through with what Michael has.

January 12, 2011

Jason is reading an article in the paper about Jerry when Brenda and Spinelli come down. She shows Jason and Spinelli her engagement rings. Jason cuts her off, telling her not to go see Sonny without a guard. She argues. Jason goes to see Siobhan. He wants to question her about Jerry Jacks and his death. She tells him what happened but Jason is suspicious. He tells her to have Lucky call him and leaves. Back at the penthouse, Jason asks Brenda what Jax thinks about Jerry and the Balkan. He wants her to put off the wedding but she thinks its because he doesn't want her to leave him.

January 13, 2011

Brenda wants Jason to admit he is going to miss her and talks about how great she is. Carly comes in wanting to talk to Jason alone. Brenda refuses to leave. Carly wants to talk to Jason about Michael. Brenda asks whatís wrong with Michael but Carly doesnít want to talk to her. They argue about Brenda in Carly's kids lives. Carly tells Jason to tell Brenda to stay out it and walks out. Later, Jason on the phone telling Max not tell Brenda anything about Michael. Spinelli comes in. He asks  Jason has warmed up to the idea of Sonny and Brenda getting married. Jason wants her out. He wants Sonny to marry Brenda but a big wedding isn't safe. Spinelli says a physical danger may be the least of her worries. He thought the Balkan's presence would be the wedding on hold. Jason wants to know what evidence Spinellii has on Jerry. Spinelli yells if you don't stop the wedding the Valkyrie will.

January 14, 2011

Jason wants Spinelli to tell him what he knows about Carly and how she plans to stop Sonny and Brenda's wedding. Spinelli tells him that he should know better than anyone that Carly would do anything in her power to stop the wedding. Jason asks for specifics but Spinelli brings up the book he is writing. Jason tells him that no one reads the book before he shows it to him. Jason walks in on Diane and Carly at the PI office, demanding a copy. Carly thinks he is talking about her information on Dante and Brenda when he is really talking about Spinelli's book. Jason doesn't want to be in the book. Diane leaves and Jason wants to know why Carly is there, telling her to leave Sonny and Brenda alone. Dante shows up at the penthouse, where he tells Jason that Jerry and Alexander are not DNA matches, so Jerry is not the Balkan.

January 17, 2011

At the Penthouse, Jason and Dante discuss the newly discovered evidence that Jerry is not the Balkan. Sam shows up at the hospital to discuss the fertility procedure with Dr. Lee. She is wondering if she will be able to carry a baby full term. Jason and Dante realize that Jerry's death was staged. The truth about Aleksander can never come out. Dante tells Jason about Abby being brought in for prostitution. Jason and Dante walk in on Theo and Brenda's conversation. Sam shows up at an empty Penthouse and does internet research on the procedure. Jason brings Brenda to Sonny, again trying to get them to postpone the wedding. Sam quickly shuts the computer when Jason arrives home. They discuss Jerry, Michael, and Abby. Jason understands how important it is for Michael to have Abby's acceptance because Sam does that for him. Carly shows up once again upset about Michael and Abby.

January 18, 2011

Carly wants Abby away from Michael before she ruins his life. Jason tells her Michael knows Abby was arrested. Carly and Sam argue about Abby. Jason says fighting is not going to help. He refuses to run Abby off and have Michael turn against him. Michael knocks on the door. Carly tells him she knows about Abby. Carly and Michael argue. Jason tells her to go. Carly tells Michael she loves him. Michael hates fighting with her but she doesnít understand what happened in prison. Michael does not want to talk about it. Sam says she'll go but Michael says no.  He wants her to stay.  Michael leaves to go see Carly. Sam asks if Jason is okay. Jason says Michael was so close to saying it. Jasonís phone rings. It's Bernie telling him Mike is on a losing streak. Jason wants Sam to call Abby so he can talk to her. Jason goes to the restaurant and tells Sonny about Mike's losses and that he paid it off. Sonny says Mike has a disease and needs rehab. He says Jason is an enabler. Jason says there are some people he can't see fall. Sonny thanks Jason. Jason goes to leave and Sonny tells him he was going to ask him to be best man but Michael wanted Dante and he did what Michael wanted. Sam and Abby are at the Penthouse when Jason walks in. Abby says she is worried. She explains about the arrest and why she thinks Carly is right. She lied to break things off. Jason says there is nothing worse than having other people make decisions for your own good. Abby is confused and asks if he wants her to keep seeing Michael. Jason wants her to let tell him the truth and let him make his own choice. Abby does not want Michael to hurt because of her. Abby is crying. Abby leaves. Sam says he still surprises her. She thought he was going to tell Abby to stay away from Michael. Jason says Michael gets to choose. Michael was forced to grow up in Pentonville. He still doesnít know how bad Michael was hurt and he wants to fix it. Sam says that Abby thinks Michael is wonderful and she thinks Michael gets that from him. Sam thinks when Michael is ready to talk Jason will be there to listen. Jason thinks he should have done better. Sam says that Jason is his father too and that he is the best parent Michael could ask for.

January 20, 2011

Sam is at the Lake House checking up on Molly. Molly is on the computer looking up information on bipolar disorder. Molly tells Sam sheís doing a report on it for school. She chose the topic because Uncle Sonny has it. Molly asks Sam about when she was pregnant was she worried that her baby would be bipolar too. Sam says that when she was pregnant Sonny hadnít been diagnosed. Molly asks what if she had known since her research shows that bipolar disorder is hereditary. Sam says she would love her daughter no matter what. Molly thinks Sam would have made a wonderful mother. Molly says if her daughter had lived and she had bipolar that it would have been hard on them. Sam say yes but there are lots of ways for it to be treated. Sam says itís hard when something happens to a kid and itís your fault. Molly asks if thatís why she and Jason donít get married and have kids. Sam says yes it is.

January 24, 2011

Michael shows up at the Penthouse where Jason tries to get him to open up about Pentonville. Jason tells him bad stuff happens fast but you have to live through it slow. Michael tells Jason that Carly promised to back off Abby. He says he can't talk to Carly or Kristina but is only able to open up to Jason and Abby. Michael leaves upset about Abby. Sam goes to the hospital where Dr. Lee tells her there is only a 50% chance of carrying to term. Jason gets to the Penthouse to find Sam waiting for him. They hug. They talk about Michael missing Abby and how he isn't close to getting over Pentonville. He wants to tell Michael that Abby lied about being a prostitute but doesn't know if he should just leave it to them to figure out. Jason comes upon Abby being roughed up by her ex-boyfriend, Brandon. Brandon leaves and Abby thanks Jason. They talk about Michael until Brandon shows up with a gun.

January 25, 2011

Brandon is holding a gun on Jason. As Jason disarms him the gun goes off. Jason takes the gun and runs him off warning him he will kill him if Abby ever sees him again. Jason and Abby discuss Micahel.  Jason wants her to be honest with Michael. Jason goes home and hugs Sam. He tells her about Abby and her ex. Sam says that you think you put your past behind you when it shows up and hits you in face. Jason says Abby thinks this is another reason why she isnít good for Michael. He hated it when others tried to make his choices for him.  Sam says you make a choice and you have to live with the consequences. Jason asks what she is talking about. Sam tells Jason that the baby has been on her mind lately. He says sometimes you still miss what you canít have. Sam says that she then thinks about what she does have. Jason can't tell her what it means to him tha that she was waiting for him while he was in prison. He worries about what prison did to Michael. Sam says that Michael has turned into an amazing man; almost as amazing as him. They kiss. Michael comes to Jasonís. Sam leaves. Michael knows Abby lied about being a prostitute to make him not want to see her but that does not change how he feels about her. Jason is glad she was honest. She still won't see him because she is worried about getting him into trouble. Jason tells him people who love you you try to look out for you even though you wish they wouldnít. Michael says it's different with Abby but she wonít see him because of what happened to him in prison. Jason asks what things. Michael says Carter and what he did to him. Michael says Abby was in an abusive relationship and knows what if feels like to be trapped. He asks if heíll ever be normal. Jason says heís the wrong person to ask. Jason says heíll always carry prisons with him and he wishes he didnít have to. He says Michael shows courage. Michael says not always, not with Carter and that he still fights him. Jason telling him not to let Carter take his soul.

January 26, 2011

Sam arrives at Jason's where he comes down the stairs as she finishes her phone call with Dr. Lee. They talk about how Spinelli has been slacking off at work because of Brenda and his book. Jason tells her about the book. She wants his help with what to do about Michael and Abby. Jason tells her he sees how much Michael needs Abby and he knows how that feels. They kiss, as Spinelli arrives. Jason leaves to see Diane. Jason signs paperwork with Diane, as she tells him how upset she is that Max is always with Brenda. Theo arrives, but Jason says he only deals with Diane. Sam and Spinelli are working, and she brings up the book. She sees he is upset and distracted by Maxie, and reassures him, saying she will finish up. Theo tells Jason and Diane that he hired Shawn. Jason arrives home as Sam finishes her paperwork. He picks up the fertility brochure on the desk and asks her if it's hers. 

January 27, 2011

Sam apologizes. She forgot se left the pamphlet there. Jason asks her if she thinks she wants to have a baby. Sam swears she  did not leave it there for him to find. He knows and tells her they don't have to talk about it. Sam doesn't know if she's a candidate and their lives have changed. She knows he doesn't want a child because of his lifestyle and she doesn't see herself as mom material. Jason sighs and says it has to be her decision. He doesn't want her to deny herself a child because of him. Sam says that her life is as dangerous as his. Jason blames himself for her not being able to have a baby. Sam tells him that she loves him and she loves their life together the way it is. Spinelli interrupts them to tell them that he saw Michael and thinks he's in trouble. Jason goes see Michael who is lurking on Baker Street.  Michael misses Abby. Jason explains that Abby left because she wants what's best for him. He made a connection with her and he's will make with somebody else. Michael doesn't want anybody else. Jason wants to walk him down to Dante's loft. Michael refuses but Jason doesn't take no for answer. Michael goes reluctantly. Jason comes back to the Penthouse where he and Spinelli talk about Michael. Jason asks about Sam. Spinelli says she's at a meeting with a client. Spinelli tells Jason about Lucky stopping by to ask about security for the wedding. He only told him where the wedding will be. Jason leaves see Lucky telling Spinelli to tell Sam he'll be back soon. Spinelli sees the fertility flyer. Sam comes back. Spinelli shows her the flyer of fertility and he's happy for her and Jason. Jason is at Lucky's. Jason asks him why he needs to know about security. Lucky says that with Dante being the best man, Jason will need the PCPD. Jason doesn't believe him and wants to know what really going on.

January 28, 2011

Brenda comes down the stairs to find Spinelli talking to Sam about a baby. She asks if Sam and Jason are having a baby. Jason and Lucky discuss wedding security. Jason wants to know if he is more concerned about protecting Brenda or Siobhan. Lucky doesn't want Sonny's kids in danger. Lucky wants them to call off the wedding. Jason leaves. Spinelli thinks he spoiled the surprise, but Sam stops him, saying she isn't ever going to have children since she can't get pregnant. Spinelli brings up the procedure. Sam says just because a woman is able to have children doesn't mean she should. Brenda looks affected. Sam brings up that Brenda chose not to have kids because it wasn't right for her, just like it isn't right for Sam. Spinelli leaves, and Sam and Brenda discuss what it's like to lose a child. Jason arrives at Dante's and tells him that Siobhan is working for the Balkan. They want to prove that she is working Lucky. 

January 31, 2011

Jason and Lucky continue talking about Siobhan, Lucky, and the Balkan. Jason thinks Dante is too close to the situation, wanting to handle Siobhan himself. Jason comes upon Michael attacking Abby's ex-boyfriend. After pulling Michael away, he tries to calm him down. Michael tells Jason what happened. Jason tells Abby that Brandon is still alive, and he wants Dante to take Michael and Abby to the loft. Dante thinks it's better to call the cops, so that Michael can take the credit for saving Abby. Jason watches as Dante arrests Brandon, then tells Abby that he and Michael will take her to GH. He tells her they need paperwork to show that Michael acted in her defense. At the hospital, Michael begins to open up to Jason. Steve tells Michael and Jason that Abby will be okay. Abby is thanking Michael, when Dante arrives to take her statement. Jason watches Michael closely as Abby gives her statement. Michael runs out, and Jason follows him back to the PH. He tries to reassure Michael about Abby. Michael is worried that Abby is lying about being raped. Michael finally opens up to Jason telling him that Carter raped him in prison.

February 1, 2011

Michael asks if Jason knew. Jason couldn't be sure until Michael told him. Jason says it took courage and tells Michael it was not his fault. Michael screams that he tried to stop him and he couldn't. Jason holds him and assures him he is a survivor. Michael says only because Jason showed up. Carter told him he could do it again and do it whenever he wanted. Jason killed him and stopped it. Jason says he would have run away at that age. Michael has been strong. Jason apologizes to Michael for what happened. Michael says not to blame himself. Michael wishes he was the one to kill Carter. Jason says he is not a killer. Michael brings up Claudia. Jason says he reacted to a situation. Michael may have to carry that for the rest of his life but he doesn't have to fight. Michael feels like he does. He has to prove to himself that he is not a victim. Jason says when Michael was a baby he wanted to give him a life where he was safe and loved. Michael says no one gets a perfect life. He will find a way to survive. Jason says Michael is doing that already. Michael asks if Jason thinks Abby was raped. Jason says she said she wasn't. Michael says she might not be thinking too clearly right now. He wasn't. He talks about when Jason found him in prison. Jason must have known since he has him checked out and got that medicine. He wants to get those meds for Abby. Jason says it is her call. Carly is at the door. Michael doesn't want her to know he is there and hides. Jason tells Carly she has to go. Carly upset that he wants her to leave. Michael comes out. Jason tells her about Abby. Carly asks if she is ok. Michael says Abby says she wasn't raped but she might be covering. Michael says that's what he did. He didn't want anyone to know but when he was in prison he was raped. Carly hugs him and and whispers that it's okay as Jason looks on. Carly asks if he told Jason. Michael says not until tonight when Abby was attacked. He almost killed the guy but Jason pulled him off. Jason says Michael isn't in any trouble. Carly says they are going to get him help. doesn't want counseling. He wants Jason to tell her he doesn't need counseling and asks if he would go. Jason says yeah he let someone help him even when it scared him. Carly tells him he wonít be alone. They will be with him. Carly says he is the strongest person she has ever known and wants him to do this for her, Jason and for himself. Michael says ok.

February 2, 2011

Dante and Jason discuss Abby's attack in Sonny's office. Lucky shows up, telling them that Siobhan told him that the Balkan was planning to kidnap Brenda at the wedding. He tells them that the Balkan is holding Siobhan's sister hostage, but they are reluctant to believe it's real. Dante thinks Lucky is too close to the situation, but has to leave when he gets a call about Abby. Jason wants to know how Lucky can trust Siobhan. Jason doesn't want to take a chance on Siobhan, but Lucky believes her. Jason thinks she knows more than she is saying, and can't accept that she is innocent in this. Lucky leaves saying once the Balkan is caught, Jason and Dante will owe them an apology. At the PH, Jason tells Brenda Siobhan is working for the Balkan, and he is planning to kidnap her at the wedding. She refuses to change the wedding date.

February 3, 2011

Abby asks Michael if he is okay as Sam walks up to the door. Brenda and Jason are fighting about Carly. Sonny shows up and Brenda tells him that Carly is threatening to sabotage their wedding. Sam is there to take Abby home. Michael says he planned on doing that but he has some things to take care of first. Sam stays with Abby. Michael leaves. Sonny and Brenda discuss Carly. Sonny is going to take her to the house in woods. Brenda goes upstairs to pack. Sonny asks Jason what is going with Carly. Jason says nothing that Luckyís girlfriend is the problem. He tells Sonny about Siobhan feeding information to the Balkan because he is holding her sister hostage. She told them that the Balkan plans on grabbing Brenda at the wedding. Jason isnít sure what to believe but isnít going to overlook it. Sonny agrees with Brenda and thinks Carly is trying sabotage the wedding. Jason thinks the Balkan is a bigger threat. Sonny says postponing the wedding is not going to make the Balkan less dangerous but Carly very happy. Brenda comes down and they leave. Jason shows up at the restaurant. Lucky and Siobhan tell him about setting a trap for the Balkan and it backfiring. Jason wants to know what he can do and Lucky says nothing right now. Sam and Abby talk about abusive relationships. Sam can relate and says she doesnít deserve to be smacked around. Abby says it was really bad and Michael saved her. Abby can't believe she met someone as nice and sweet as Michael. Sam is glad they found each other. Jason asks Lucky what his plan is. Lucky doesnít think the Balkan knows that they are working together. Jason thinks Siobhan and the Balkan are setting Lucky up. Lucky defends Siobhan and tells Jason he has to do this on his own and leaves. Jason comes into the Penthouse. Sam tells Jason about Michael being at the hospital with Abby. Sam says that Michael seemed like he was lighter and happy. Michael saved Abby but she thinks Abby also saved Michael. Sam asks what happened. Jason tells her about Michael saving Abby. Sam thinks that Michael and Abby are really good together. She tells him about what Abby said about how hard it is to find a good man and how she remembered that. Then she found Jason and how he helped turn her life around. She is exactly where she wants to be and they kiss.

February 4, 2011

Sam tells Jason that Michael and Abby's situation reminds her of their relationship. She knows how important it is to have someone to lean on. They kiss. Sam doesn't want to make things awkward but brings up Spinelli acting strange. She tells him about Spinelli finding the fertility pamphlet and assumed they were trying. Jason starts to talk about the procedure when there is a knock at the door. Michael arrives and tells Jason and Sam how he got Abby to the MetroCourt. Sam says she has to work, kisses Jason and leaves. Michael wants to know if Jason told Sam about the rape. He says no. They talk about counseling. Michael doesn't want Sonny to know. An upset wedding planner shows up with Brenda's wedding dress, telling Jason she will leave it in her room. Jason and Michael talk about the wedding. Jason tells the wedding planner to call Brenda with any information. He tells Michael he should tell Sonny the truth so he can know how strong he is. Jason goes to the PCPD looking for Lucky.  He runs into Theo. He tells Jason about Lucky arresting Siobhan. As Lucky and Siobhan are about to leave his place, Jason shows up, telling them they can't leave. Sam and Maxie are having drinks at Jake's where they talk about having kids. Lulu shows up. Sam gets dizzy when she gets up to get her a drink. Maxie thinks she is pregnant.

February 7, 2011

Jason is afraid that Siobhan is leading Lucky into a trap. He thinks Siobhan could have told them about the Balkan having her sister before instead of feeding information to the Balkan. Lucky and Siobhan are determined to find Megan. Jason wants Siobhan to prove that she is telling the truth. At Jake's, Lulu and Maxie try to convince Sam that she might be pregnant, telling her she should take a pregnancy test, not letting her drink until she does. Sam is confident she isn't pregnant. Lucky tells Jason that he and Siobhan are going to Ireland. Jason wants to know the name of the Church where she has been meeting the Balkan but Siobhan tells Lucky not to tell him. Jason tells Siobhan if Lucky gets hurt because he tries to help her there is no place she will be able to hide. He leaves. Back at the Penthouse, Robin talks to Jason about believing Carly destroyed Brenda's wedding dress. Jason defends Carly but says he will look into it. Sam shows up to an empty Penthouse where she gets ready to take a pregnancy test. Jason walks in and she hids it. He wants to know what she was doing so she shows him the test, saying she is trying to prove Maxie and Lulu wrong.

February 8, 2011

Sam says there is no way she is pregnant. Jason wants her to take the test first. Sam is explains why she bought the test and that there is no way that she is pregnant. Sam thought she could never carry a baby to term but since Dr Lee told her about the procedure she had to give it a second thought. Then she thought about where they are in their lives and realized that having a baby is something she doesnít want to pursue. Jason asks if it is because of him and she says no, itís because of her. She loves their life together. Jason asks if she is sure. She says yes and wants to talk about something else. Jason says he needs her help. Jason and Sam walk in the door laughing. They are talking about the security measures functioning fine. They talk about Brendaís dress being destroyed. Sam thinks Carly did it. Jason isnít sure but will ask Carly. Jason says Carly is focused on Michael. He knows the evidence points to Carly but he does not buy it. Jason sees Carly at the Metro Court. She tells him that Michael is at his first therapy session. Jason wants her to stay focused on Michael. Jason tells Carly about Brendaís dress. Carly can't believe he thinks she would take time away from Michael to mess with the wedding dress. Jason asks if she did it. Carly says she would do it but she didn't. Ronnie arrives and Carly wants to know what charges he has against Jason now. Ronnie says he is there to question her. She says she did not cut up the dress. Ronnie asks her what she knows about the sprinklers going off in the Archer Pavilion. 

February 9, 2011

At the MetroCourt, Ronnie tells Carly she has to come in for questioning about the sprinklers at Archer Pavillion. Jason tells her he will call Alexis as Carly blames Brenda. Jason arrives at the PCPD where Ronnie is trying to get Carly's statement. He calls Sonny who tells him not to bail Carly out. Ronnie tells Carly and Jason they don't have enough to press charges, so she can go. Jason questions where Carly was during the time the sprinklers were set off. Jason arrives at the Penthouse where he fills Sam in on what happened. He doesn't believe that Brenda would wreck her own wedding but he thinks Carly is telling the truth. Sam wants to know, if not Carly, then who? They discuss options. Jason says it's someone close and smart enough to frame Carly. Sam calls Spinelli to check emails and phone records of Brenda's guards. Suzanne arrives to wait for Brenda. Sam fills her in on the wedding dress and sprinkler system. Brenda arrives. Sam tells her they will find out who is responsible although she continues to blame Carly. Jason sees Sonny at the restaurant where he tells him that he thinks Carly is telling the truth. Sonny wants Jason to make sure Carly doesn't wreck the wedding. Sam leaves the Penthouse. Jason stands firm in his decision that Carly is innocent.

February 10, 2011

Jason is at the Penthouse going through a black bag when Sam shows up. She asks if he needs help and Jason says no but she can come back later. Sam goes to leave but Jason stops her. He asks her to meet him for dinner. Molly shows up and wants to speak with Jason. She has a new list of romantic activities. Jason says he has it covered. He wonít show Molly whatís in the bag because it is a surprise for Sam. Sam loves that Molly supports their relationship. Molly says very much and leaves to help another couple in need. Jason holds out bag for Sam to look in. She doesn't want to ruin the surprise. Jason is setting up the restaurant for Sam and Maxie shows up to help. Maxie says his decorating skills suck but he picked a good time to start being romantic because she thinks Sam might be pregnant. Sam is at the hospital. She tells Liz she is there for an appointment with Dr. Lee. Liz thinks itís a mistake about a pregnancy test but Sam says it isnít. As Sam is leaving she asks Liz to call her when the test results come in. Jason tells Maxie she did a good job decorating. Maxie says Sam would have loved anything he had done and it shows that he isnít afraid to show how it feels. Liz calls Jason because she canít get a hold of Sam with results of the pregnancy test. Sam shows up at restaurant and sheís impressed. Jason tells her that Maxie helped. He wants her to know how much she means to him not just on Valentineís day but every day and they kiss. Sam says sheís starving and would like some wine. Jason tells her she might want to call the hospital first. That her pregnancy results are back.  

February 14, 2011

Sam tells Jason she will call the hospital tomorrow. She wants to fully appreciate every detail of their night. He asks her to dance. They kiss. Still dancing, Jason notices that Sam hasn't said much. She tells him she is grateful for him and their Valentine's Day, but she wants a bubble bath. She agrees to settle for dinner for now. She is surprised that he cooked and he jokes with her about her cooking. She wants to know why he is with her and he says he knows what his life is like without her and he wants her in it. He tries to pour wine but she stops him. Jason says there is one way to know for sure if she is pregnant but she doesn't want to call the hospital. He says he wants her to. She makes the call as Jason listens. She tells him she isn't pregnant so she pours some wine. Tearing up, she acts as if she is okay. He wants to know what she wants not for her to tell him what she thinks he wants to hear. He moves to comfort her as she begins to cry. She thought that maybe she would be able to get pregnant without the procedure but she didn't expect to get this upset. She doesn't want the procedure but to just enjoy their night. After dessert, Jason gives Sam a necklace to help her remember Hawaii. She kisses him and pushes him towards Sonny's office so she can thank him properly but there is a shadow lurking at the door. Shawn arrives and goes snooping around Sonny's office until Jason and Sam pull a gun on him.

February 15, 2011

Jason asks Shawn what heís doing there in the office. Shawn is there because Theo knows that Jason has been looking into his past and is sending a message to back off. Jason says Shawn is not getting paid enough because Theo obviously didnít tell him the risk of coming to his business uninvited. Jason tells him to consider this his free pass but if he catches him again he will treat him like any other threat. Shawn leaves but makes a point to say goodbye to Sam by name. Sam and Jason question why Theo needs a strong arm to lead his investigation. Jason summons Theo and tells him he is fired. Theo says fine and wishes him good luck in finding another lawyer who can handle Brenda. Jason says he canít worry about that. Theo asks what about Michael and how it will affect him if Dante is imprisoned for covering up a murder. Sam tells him to get out; heís fired. Jason tells Theo he can stay on the case but to stay out of his business. Theo leaves. Sam tells Jason he just gave Theo the master plan on how to manipulate him. Sam says Theo is using his concern for Michael to manipulate him. Jason smirking says he knows and wants to keep him close. Sam smiling says he set Theo up. Jason says Theo is showing him who he really is. He believes that Theo was hired by the Balkan. Jason wants to investigate the family that instigated the lawsuit and all the lawyers involved.  

February 16, 2011

Sam comes downstairs as Jason gets off the phone with Spinelli about Theo. Jason is confident that Theo is connected to the Balkan. They just have to figure out how. They go over what they know about the Balkan and Theo. Sam thinks its possible that maybe Theo is just working his ego, wanting the publicity for exonerating Brenda. Jason isn't sure. Sam wants to make sure he doesn't focus too much on Theo that he misses other clues. Kristina shows up and Sam brings her to get the rose petals. Brenda arrives, telling Jason her court case has been delayed thanks to Theo. Jason and Sam show up at the PI office where they find Carly and Spinelli talking. Carly says she won't interrupt Sonny and Brenda's wedding and leaves. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that he invited Carly to go to the wedding with him. They tell him they have a lead and want him to do more research. He is going to run Aleksander's DNA to recent DNA samples in the hospital records hoping the Balkan finally made a mistake.

February 17, 2011

Spinelli is having a PI fantasy that he is saving Jason. Jason calls him out of his fantasy.  He want to know if there are any matches but Spinelli needs more time. Jason leaves to meet Dante, telling Spinelli to call him when he finds something. Jason sees Dante at the pavilion and says everything is in place. Dante has a bad feeling and he thinks Jason does too. Sam is at the pavilion looking around when she sees Jason. She decided to do her own walk through because she knows that if something goes wrong he'll blame himself and for her own selfish reasons because if the wedding goes off without a hitch Brenda is gone from the Penthouse. Jason says she has been great supporting him through all this and she is everything he needs. Sam asks if Sonny and Brenda couldn't make it work the first time what are their chances this time. Jason says if they are lucky like we were, a lot went wrong and they got through it and came out stronger. Sam says her life doesnít work without him in it. That no relationship is perfect but she wouldn't trade theirs for anything in the world. They say I love you and kiss. Jason and Sam at the Penthouse dressed for the wedding. If it all goes to plan he'll be a free man in a few hours and Brenda will be Sonnyís problem. Spinelli storms in and says he knows the identity of the Balkan. 

February 18, 2011

Spinelli arrives at the Penthouse where he tells Jason and Sam that Theo is the Balkan. At first, Sam questions it but Jason realizes that it all fits. Jason says Theo has had the upper hand long enough and its time for them to turn the tables. Sam, Jason, and Spinelli go to Diane and Alexis's office where Molly tells them she overheard that Theo is the Balkan. Molly tells them that Theo said he was going to the MetroCourt. Alexis calls Sam looking for Molly. Jason wants Spinelli to take Sam and Molly to the wedding. Sam wants to stay as backup so Spinelli leaves with Molly. Sam and Jason go to the MetroCourt where they find out Theo's room numberand get a room key. They get to his door, guns ready. 

February 21, 2011

After bursting into Theo's hotel room, Jason and Sam realize Theo is gone. Jason finds a note saying "Vengeance is mine" and the two realize Theo wants it to be known that he is a step ahead of them. Jason finally realizes that Shawn is working with the Balkan. Sam and Jason show up to the wedding where Sam tells Molly everything is going to be okay. Robin asks Jason to take care of Carly if she causes a scene. Sam takes her seat as Shawn looms nearby. The wedding begins and Sam notices Shawn. As Robin makes her way down the aisle, Jason takes Brenda's arm to walk her down the aisle. After making his way down the aisle, Jason looks to Sam to find her gone. At Diane's office, Sam pulls a gun on Shawn only to have the tables turned on her. She tells him that they know about Theo being the Balkan, so he decides she would make the perfect hostage. Jason comes in, gun ready, demanding that Shawn let Sam go. 

February 22, 2011

Jason explains to Shawn that they know Theo is the Balkan and that he hired Shawn to grab Brenda. Jason yells at Shawn to let Sam go. Jason says you hurt her and I will kill you. A long line of men lost their lives for the Balkan's agenda. Shawn says if you don't kill me, Theo will. Shawn lets Sam go and gives her the gun back. Jason wants to know where Theo is. Shawn doesn't know. Theo doesnít trust him or anyone. Shawn says if you are going kill me do it here. Jason says maybe no one has to die. Jason wants to know why Sam left the wedding. She tells him she saw Shawn and followed him. Jason asks what the plan was. Shawn tells him that he was there for Brenda but couldnít get to her because there were too many people in and out of the bridal room and he did not sign on for witnesses. Shawn mentions Carly and Jason wants to know how he knows Carly. He says from Molly. Jason wants to know what he would have done if Theo asked him to grab Carly or Molly. Shawn doesn't mess with kids and he didn't know Carly at the start so if her name had been in the agreement, he would have grabbed her. Diane shows up, turns her back quickly and yells at Jason. Jason tells her that Theo is the Balkan. Diane canít believe she was so gullible. Jason wants everything on Theo. Sam asks about Brenda. Jason says she is safe for now. Diane says she will work on getting the information but Jason has to take Shawn elsewhere. They leave. At the Penthouse, Shawn wants a deal. Shawn calls the Balkan in front of Jason and Sam. He tells him that there was a problem and he couldnít grab Brenda. Shawn wants to regroup and meet somewhere. They agree on a location. 

February 23, 2011

Jason and Sam aren't sure if they can trust Shawn. Sam believes there will be an ambush. Jason wants to act fast and take Theo out. While Jason changes, Sam holds a gun on Shawn. He says she and Jason are an impressive team. Jason comes down and tells Sam he needs her at the wedding. She wants them to stick together but he doesn't want her in danger. He won't be able to focus if he is watching to make sure Theo doesn't take her out. She tells him to be careful and that she will see him soon. Jason and Shawn leave. As they prepare for Theo, Jason gives Shawn a gun. Shots are fired and Shawn is shot . Jason fires back. Upon getting into her car, Sam adjusts her mirrors, only to realize that Theo is in her backseat.

February 24, 2011

Theo is in the backseat of Samís car. He tells her that her resemblance to Brenda will cost her her life. Jason is being shot at. As the firing stops, Jason looks around and seems to be alone. Jason is in his truck in the parking garage at the apartment. He calls Spinelli and tells him that Theo and Shawn got away. He asks if there was anything new at the wedding but Spinelli had left early. Jason needs Spinelli to find Theo. Jason tells Spinelli how Shawn walked him into an ambush and got away. Shawn wants Carly to bandage his wound. As Carly is talking to Shawn she secretly pulls out her phone and dials Jason. Jason answers and tells Carly he doesnít have time but he hears Shawn and Carly talking. Carly is bandaging Shawnís wound as he holds a gun on her. She tells Shawn he helped Molly so she owes him. She is not going to turn him in. As he is putting the gun down as Jason comes in with his gun drawn. Carly tells him not to shoot Shawn. Montage: Robin and Kristina with some decorations; Sonny and Brenda come in; Sonny yells that the car is waiting as Robin and Brenda hug; Robin tells everyone to grab their bags of rose petals; they all go outside; Sonny and Brenda walk out into rose petals; Michael with Abby and he is so glad he met her; Jax and Alexis having a glass of champagne. Jax says they are washing away the past and paving the way for the future; Brenda gets in the limo and Sonny closes the door; Michael and Abby almost kissing; Jax and Alexis almost toasting; Sonny and Luke hug; Sonny and Kristina hug; Michael and Abby kiss; Jax and Alexis toast; Sonny waves goodbye to everyone. Limo explodes.

February 25, 2011

Montage: Sonny and Brenda saying goodbyes and heading towards the limo; Michael tells Abby he is so glad he met her; Jax and Alexis drink to the future; Sonny gets Brenda into the limo but goes back for last hugs from Luke and Kristina; Michael and Abby kiss; as Sonny approaches the limo, it explodes. Jason holds a gun on Shawn, as he lies on Carly's couch. Jason tells Carly about Shawn working for the Balkan and about the ambush. Carly gets Shawn to give her the gun as Jason continues to think that Shawn set him up for the ambush. Luke calls Jason filling him in on the explosion and telling him that Sonny needs him. Carly tells Jason that she is okay with Shawn and to get to Sonny. Jason runs to Sonny where he tells him about Theo. After being told they are taking the body from the car, Jason comforts Sonny. Jason asks Luke to take Sonny home but he insists on staying. Jason is there to witness Jax go off on Sonny about Brenda. While talking to Luke, Jason gets a call from Franco. Before hanging up, he hints to Jason that he was behind the explosion. As the stretcher comes away from the explosion, Sonny wants to see Brenda. As he pushes the hair from her face and pulls down the sheet, Sam's face is revealed. Jason steps foward, tears filling his eyes.

February 28, 2011

Jason asks Shawn what heís doing there in the office. Shawn is there because Theo knows that Jason has been looking into his past and is sending a message to back off. Jason says Shawn is not getting paid enough because Theo obviously didnít tell him the risk of coming to his business uninvited. Jason tells him to consider this his free pass but if he catches him again he will treat him like any other threat. Shawn leaves but makes a point to say goodbye to Sam by name. Sam and Jason question why Theo needs a strong arm to lead his investigation. Jason summons Theo and tells him he is fired. Theo says fine and wishes him good luck in finding another lawyer who can handle Brenda. Jason says he canít worry about that. Theo asks what about Michael and how it will affect him if Dante is imprisoned for covering up a murder. Sam tells him to get out; heís fired. Jason tells Theo he can stay on the case but to stay out of his business. Theo leaves. Sam tells Jason he just gave Theo the master plan on how to manipulate him. Sam says Theo is using his concern for Michael to manipulate him. Jason smirking says he knows and wants to keep him close. Sam smiling says he set Theo up. Jason says Theo is showing him who he really is. He believes that Theo was hired by the Balkan. Jason wants to investigate the family that instigated the lawsuit and all the lawyers involved.

March 1, 2011

Jason walking into Samís hospital room to ask Patrick if she was waking up. Jason sits at her hospital bed and takes her hand and starts to talk to her. She squeezes his hand and she opens her eyes. He continues talking but she canít hear anything. Patrick and Robin come in to examine Sam. Sam tells them all she canít hear them. Jason sitting by her bedside while Patrick tries to communicate with her to see if she is in pain. Alexis comes in and Jason and Robin tell her Sam canít hear anything. Jason tells Sam itís going to be okay and he loves her. Sam sleeping and Lucky comes to talk to Jason. They talk about Sam and finding Theo and Brenda. Jason feels guilty for sending Sam alone to the wedding and into Theoís trap. Lucky tells Jason about a lead, after Theoís wife. Jason sitting by Samís bed and Alexis comes in. He leaves her alone with Sam. Suzanne approaches Jason at the hospital and they speak about Sam, Brenda, Sonny, and Theo. Alexis talks to a sleeping Sam. Alexis leaves and asks Jason to take care of her. Jason kisses Sam and she wakes up. Jason tries to write something on the board for her to see, but she stops him. She tells him he hardly ever talks and sheís gotten good at figuring out what he is thinking. He says, ďI love you,Ē and she mouths it back to him. He has tears in his eyes.  

March 2, 2011

Waking up together in her hospital bed, Jason asks Sam if she can hear anything and is upset when she can't. They kiss but Alexis and Kristina interrupt. Sam wants Jason to talk to her slowly and she will be able to follow him. He wants to know what she remembers and tells her about the limo exploding. He tells her she is amazing and kisses her, only to have Molly walk in. She brought Sam some books and plans to teach her sign language. She is teaching Sam to say "I Love You" but Jason thinks its too soon to learn sign language since she can still get her hearing back. Sam wants Jason to look for Brenda. Despite his being against it, Jason leaves after signing to Sam that he loves her. Molly is still teaching Sam when Alexis and Kristina arrive. Alexis wants to know if she can do anything for Sam but she says she is okay. Jason meets up with Lucky where he fills him in on Sam, and they talk about Theo and Brenda. Jason wants to make sure Shawn is telling the truth. Molly tries to teach Sam how to tell Jason "come lie beside me," but Alexis scurries her out of the room. Sam tells Kristina she is happy to be alive and they hug. Jason looks for Shawn who isn't in his hospital room. Sam wants to stretch her legs, pushing past Kristina, only to collapse. Kristina screams for help. Jason finds Shawn at the airport, where he tells him that he will pay for leading him into a trap that left Sam vulnerable to Theo.

March 3, 2011

Kristina screaming for help because Sam fainted. Patrick comes in to check on her and to run some tests. Jason at the airport talking to Shawn, trying to get information from him. Shawn tells him he is not running but has information in Manhattan that will help them find Theo. Jason mad about Sam almost dying, is not sure he believes him but lets him go on the promise that Shawn will be back. Sam wakes up and tells Patrick she is dizzy. Alexis comes in and Patrick explains what happened and that she could have just fainted but they want to be sure. They take Sam to run some tests while she tells Alexis and Kristina she is fine. Shawn leaves and tells Jason he will bring back all the records of his dealings with Theo. Jason asks him to see if there is a connection between Theo and Franco. Jason shows up at the hospital and Kristina explains what happened to Sam. She is upset about Sam being like her friend Alley who died. Jason reassures her and asks her to be strong for Sam. Jason says she has beaten the odds and can do it again. Sam comes back with Alexis and Sam says she feels good. Jason helps her to bed and Patrick comes in and tells them that the results came back and she just fainted. Kristina thanks Jason for being patient and nice. She is glad they are together. She leaves with Alexis and Jason tells Sam he loves her so much and wishes she could hear him tell her. She says, ďJason, I just did.Ē 

March 4, 2011

Jason repeats to Sam that he loves her and she is overjoyed to tell him that she heard him. They kiss. Jason stays close as Patrick checks up on Sam. She tells him she has a bit of ringing in her ears. He says she should be fine but can't walk around quite yet. Sam tells Jason she never realized the sound of his voice could be so good. Jason reaffirms how happy he is that she is okay. She wants to celebrate. Jason apologizes for sending Sam back to the wedding alone but she tells him not to worry about it. Its not his fault. He tells her to get some rest and she pushes him to go to work. He wants to stay but finally agrees. He wants her to think of something that she wants and he will make sure she gets it. They kiss and he leaves. Elizabeth is checking on Sam and they talk about her kids. Sam thanks her for letting her and Jason spend time with Jake after the bus crash. At Sonny's office, Jason fills Sonny in about Sam and they discuss Shawn. He tells Sonny about Theo's wife but Sonny is upset that Jason let Shawn go to Manhattan alone. Elizabeth wants Sam professional opinion about a picture but they end up talking about Jake and his resemblance to Jason. Sonny doesn't want to go against Dante in his search for Brenda. Michael arrives, telling them that Dante has one of Theo's men at the PCPD. After Sonny leaves, Michael tells Jason how he followed the guy into an alley but he doesn't want him anywhere near this situation. Suzanne visits Sam, trying to get information about how much Sonny and Jason know about Theo. Jason tells Michael he got too close to the business but he gets upset, telling Jason that he wished he believed in him.

March 7, 2011

Michael wants to help Jason, telling him he doesn't need to be protected because he can take care of himself. Abby visits Sam. Abby wants to know why she looks upset and Sam tells her she can't stop thinking about the fact that she and Jason will never have kids. Jason tells Michael this isn't the life for him, telling him that there is a lot to give up like having a family. Abby tries to assure Sam that it is okay to wonder about what could have been and brings up how Michael is so amazing because of Jason. Sam says thats how she knows what an incredible father Jason would be. She tells Abby how she got shot and can't have kids. She tells her even the procedure doesn't matter, because their life isn't set up for kids. Jason tells Michael about having to give up Jake and how much he would love to have a family with Sam. Jason goes to see Sam, telling her about what happened with Michael. They talk about what they gave up to live the lives they live. He gets a call from Carly about Shawn. At Carly's, Shawn tells Jason about what happened in Manhattan. At Sonny's office, Jason is filled in on what happened with Theo's man at the PCPD. Sonny tells him that they traded Brenda off at the airport but Theo brought her back into town. Sonny tells him he is going to tear the town apart until he finds her. Jason fills him in on Shawn's trip to Manhattan and Sonny says if Theo wants a war, he will give him one.

March 8, 2011

Jason and Sonny talk about Shawn.Sonny talks about Theo and how this is more than a father wanting revenge for his son. He says Theo is using Brenda to make this personal. Sonny telling Jason how all this is becoming bigger than Brenda. Jason says makes sense. Sonny upset that Theo was taunting him to figure things out. Sonny wants to end this pursuit of Brenda. Talking about a showdown between him and Theo, him blowing up the limo to recreate Lilyís death. He wanted Sonny paralyzed so he couldnít function and retaliate. Brenda is a means to an end. His enemy is using his wife against him. Sonny knows how Theo thinks and what drives him and he is scared that he has Brenda. Sonny throwing barware and Dante comes in. Sonny threatening to kill Theo and bringing him to the others families as an example. Dante tells them he thinks Theo thinks Brendaís baby is still alive and thatís why he has her. Sonny says once he learns the truth there is no reason to keep Brenda alive. Jason shows up at the hospital to see Sam because he doesnít like leaving her alone. She says she is fine and they kiss. Jason updates her on Brenda and Theo. Jason says itís a holding pattern. Sam says that is the worst but Jason tells her the worst was seeing her on that gurney. She says good news she is getting out of the hospital tomorrow. He tells her his offer is still on the table and has she decided what she wants to do once she is out. She says why put it off, we can do it right now. They are both on her hospital bed watching a romantic movie while Sam is teary. They kiss. 

March 9, 2011

When Jason arrives at the hospital, he overhears Spinelli reading his book to Sam and is upset that he is in the book. Jason reiterates that he doesn't want to be in the book though Sam and Spinelli try to change his mind. Jason tells him he can keep him in the book if he finds information on Theo. Spinelli laeves. Jason tells Sam he is only doing this for her because he hates the book. She says to look at the bright side; Spinelli will be gone and gets to take her home. At the Penthouse, Sam is exhausted so Jason brings her to the couch. All she wants is his company. She changes her mind about needing something from him. She tells him to move closer and she instructs him to put his arms around her and they kiss. While Sam sleeps, Dante and Jason discuss Suzanne and the possibility that she knows more about Brenda's baby than she is saying. He says a parent will do whatever it takes to protect their child, even if it means giving it up. Spinelli shows up, and when Dante leaves, tells Jason that he found Theo's wife and shows him a picture of Theo and Suzanne. Suzanne shows up and Jason confronts her about being Theo's wife, wanting to know where he has Brenda.

March 10, 2011

Jason at the Penthouse with Suzanne and Spinelli. They know Theo is her husband. Jason wants to know where Brenda is. She tells Jason how her son just disappeared and that is why she created a way to get close to Brenda. To find out what happened to her son. She says she became close to Brenda. Tells them more about Theo. She couldnít go up against Theo. She tells them he is falling apart and thinks the baby is still alive. Jason wants her to bring Theo to him. They go to leave and Sonny comes in. Jason tells Sonny they know where Brenda is and Suzanne is Theoís wife. Suzanne wants to help them get Brenda back. Sonny tells Suzanne what the plan is and that if Brenda dies she will too. Dante shows up at the Penthouse and wants to come. He threatens to call the PCPD. They go to the cave to get Brenda. Jason and Dante argue and then come upon Theo, Suzanne and two guys with guns. Theo tells them Brenda is running out of time. 

March 11, 2011

Dante plans on arresting Theo but Theo claims it will never happen, especially with Jason there. If they want to save Brenda, they have to let he and his men go. Carrying Brenda, Sonny calls for Dante and Jason, who tell him they have Theo, Suzanne, and two armed men. Sonny says Brenda's in trouble. Theo tells them she was injected with a neurotoxin and will die within an hour. Theo tells Sonny he has to chose between revenge or saving Brenda's life. As Jason and Dante keep Theo at gunpoint, Sonny tells him to surrender to Dante or he will kill him. Against Jason's protests, Sonny tells him and Dante to let them go, so they drop their guns. Jason and Dante go through Theo's office. Dante tells Jason they aren't splitting up since he knows he plans to kill Theo while Dante plans to arrest him. Jason reminds Dante that Theo is an attorney and if he goes to court, he will bring both Dante and Brenda down for murder. Dante finds a receipt from a private airstrip. In the car, Jason and Dante continue to argue about how to handle Theo, even discussing Michael. Jason and Dante arrive, guns blazing, as Theo forces Suzanne onto a helicopter. Jason shoots at them, knowing he could kill everyone on board.

March 14, 2011

Jason shooting at the helicopter. Dante stops him, letting Theo get away. Jason upset because Theo tried to kill Sam and Dante let him go. Dante calls it in to the PCPD. Carlyís phone rings and itís Jason with an update. Sonny is at the hospital with Brenda who might not make it and he wants Carly there for Sonny. She fights with Jason about it but will go. Dante updating Mac. Dante tells him they did what they did in self-defense. Mac is not happy and has assigned another detective to the case because the department will not collaborate with the mob. Tells Dante to make sure where his loyalty lies or he will take his badge. Jason still mad that Dante couldnít stay out of his way so he could get Theo. Dante says he knows he wants revenge for what Theo did to Sam but he wants to do it the right way. Spinelli apologizing to Sam for not being a good friend. Jason rushes in and barks at Spinelli to get on the computer to find Theo. Sam says Brenda is safe.  She thought it was all over. What happened? Spinelli also questioning Jason as to why the frantic search for Theo. Sam tells Jason Spinelli is right and Theo is gone there is no point to chasing after him. Jason tells her Theo tried to kill you and Iím not going to stop until he pays for that. 

March 15, 2011

Spinelli still working on finding a lead. Sam wants to check with her sources. Jason says not after what happened last night. Sam had a major migrane and Jason wants her to take it easy. She tries to convince him, telling him he was still working when he was blacking out and he says he was stupid. Spinelli gets information that Theoís local connection is unsettling. Jason gets his gun.  Sam tells him he needs backup. He is going after the Trujillo family. Spinelli and Sam try to get him to back off or take her as backup. He says she is not going. Jason tells them Theo tried to kill Sam and anyone who helps them is fair game. Jason shows up at the Trujillo office and threatens them about their connection with Theo. He wants justice for Theo trying to kill his girlfriend. Jason tells them you will give me information one way or another. They tell Jason what they know and how they put Theo in touch with John Zacchara. John is the one to talk to. Johnny walks into his home where Jason is waiting for him with a loaded gun. Jason tells Johnny he broke their truce when he helped the man who tried to kill Brenda and Sam. Johnny says he has no part in what happened to them and comes clean that he did minor stuff for the Balkan, loaned out muscle, private security. He killed the guy that was stalking Sam. Jason realizes it was him on the roof and Johnny says if he moved his rifle he could have taken him out instead and tells Jason he owes him his life. 

March 16, 2011

Jason holding a gun on Johnny. Johnny telling Jason he had no idea what Theo was planning. Jason has no patience for Johnny, says to tell him what he knows. Johnny tells Jason Theo mentioned Paris once. Johnny says he never crossed paths with Theo but he would call on occasion. Johnny tells Jason he provided muscle and that was the extent of his involvement. Jason tells him he made a big mistake and cocks his gun. Sam is at the hospital with Patrick and he tells her no permanent damage and the headaches are normal for a concussion. The headaches will go away and he gives her a prescription. Sam at the Penthouse with Spinelli. She tells them the doctors say she will be fine. He rambles on as she leaves and tells him that she is going to check with her sources about Theo. Jason comes home to Spinelli telling him Sam went to work and track leads. Jason updates Spinelli about Johnny and opens the door for Abby who tells him about Michael covering for Jason on a shipment. Jason in the car calling Michael and getting his voicemail. 

March 17, 2011

Dante lowering his gun that was trained on Michael. Dante tells Michael to stay there and they will figure it out. Jason pulls up and whisks Michael away as Dante sees them leave. Jason talking with Michael, asking him if he knows how close he is to going back to prison and what happened tonight will not happen again. Sam at Kellyís with Abby. She is worried about Michael.  She tells Sam about the shipment. Sam says Jason wonít let anything happen to him. They talk about Theo and Abby gives Sam a lead. Sam gets a headache. Jason and Michael at the Penthouse. Michael talking about the business and how he could help them. Jason wants him to have a normal life. Michael says you need someone you could trust and thatís me. Jason tells him it will never be him. Sam following her lead on the docks behind a box. Jason still talking to Michael about the business and how he gave up Jake. He tells Michael it robbed him of his childhood, donít let it rob him of his future. Michael wonít leave it alone and tells Jason itís his risk. Dante comes in and threatening to arrest Jason. Dante taunting Jason telling him he will find something to arrest him for. Elizabeth coming down the stairs. Jake is playing by the front door. Elizabeth looks at an envelope. Luke driving and checking his watch. The syringe on the passenger seat as Robin looks in the rearview at Lisa beeping her horn and following her. Brenda with Sonny kissing and driving on their way to the airport. Carly leaving a message for Jax about Josslyn as she is driving to the hospital. Sam driving and getting a headache. Elizabeth opening the envelope and reading it. She folds it up and looks at the open door and calls for Jake. She runs out the open front door screaming ďJake!!Ē

March 18, 2011

Replay from yesterday with Dante taunting Jason, Sam getting a headache while driving, Elizabeth looking at the mail and then realizing Jake is gone. She runs outside screaming ďJake!!Ē Elizabethís empty house with toys scattered about and sirens in the background. Sam talking to Spinelli on the phone telling him she had a headache and pulled over. She asks him to follow up on a lead. She tells him she is going to turn off her phone and wait it out, as we hear sirens in the background. Dante still mad about what happened and he wonít let Michael destroy his life. Jasonís phone rings.  Itís Lucky telling him Jake got hit by a car. Jason shows up at the hospital with Michael and Robin tells Jason that Jake sustained major head trauma and is critical. Jake is going in for surgery. Jason asks if he needs blood. Robin says they are doing everything they can. Jason talks to Steven about Elizabeth and what happened. Steven knows he is Jakeís father and knows he is in pain but to keep his distance from her. Michael tries to reassure Jason as they wait. Jason has tears in his eyes. Carly on the phone with Michael telling him Josslyn is sick. Jason leaving Sam a message about Jake. Jason asks Robin for a favor. Jason sitting alone and upset in the waiting room of the hospital. Montage to Baby Mine: Michael, Carly and Jax in Josslynís hospital room, Sonny and Brenda on the plane, Patrick and Robin coming into the operating room, Steven, Elizabeth and Lucky, she sits down and starts folding Jakeís shirt as she breaks down in Luckyís arms, Luke and Tracy at the Haunted Star, Sam coming into the Penthouse noticing she has a missed call from Jason and she listens to his message, Jason in the observation room looking through the glass at Jake being operated on. 

March 21, 2011

Patrick and Robin operating on Jake as Jason looks on. Robin tells Patrick that Jake has an intraventricular hemorrhage. Sam comes into the observation room.  She and Jason hold hands. Sam looks at Jason and he nods his head and she leaves. Jason continues to watch. Sam comes out and tells Dante, Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas where Jason is and the only way she can help is to find out who did this. Dante trying to convince Lucky to try to get more information out of Elizabeth. Lucky agrees and says he will get them what they need. Patrick and Robin operating on Jake and realize he has no brain function. He is gone. Patrick and Robin are crying and Jason breaks down. Lucky updating them about what time that Jake was hit and that Elizabeth never saw the car. Lucky sees a devastated Jason. He walks up to him and Jason shakes his head and is crying and tells Lucky Jake is gone. Lucky breaks down and then goes to tell Elizabeth while Sam runs to Jason to hug him and comfort him. Jason looking on as Lucky is trying to comfort Elizabeth. Steven is watching as Nikolas asks him about Cam and Aiden and says he will take care of them. Robin and Jason talk and she apologizes. He thanks them for fighting for Jake. She tells him Jake is on life support and itís up to the parents when to turn the machines off. Jason looks at Lucky and Elizabeth crying. Dante at the PCPD looking for a list of possible drivers. Sam wants to help. It's the only thing she can do right now for Jason. Dante agrees to let her help. Jason goes up to the hospital roof and has a flashback of he and Jake playing with the yellow motorcycle. He is crying. Dante and Sam at PCPD investigating. They narrow it down to seven drivers and have to figure out which one did it. Carly goes to Jason on the roof. They talk about Jake. Carly tells him about Josslyn having cancer and needing a kidney transplant. She says your son can save my daughter. 

March 22, 2011

Sam and Dante at the PCPD going over the plates of the suspects in the hit and run. Sam realizes one of the plates is hers. Carly and Jason on the roof talking about Josslyn and how a donor could save her. Carly tells Jason, Jake is Josslynís only hope. Dante and Sam talking about her being a suspect. Sam upset that it could have been her. Sam tells him she was having headaches, she wants forensics to look at her car. Carly begging Jason to help her to save Josslyn, she apologizes to him. He knows she would do anything for her child and he will talk to Elizabeth. Dante and Sam find out Sonny is also a suspect. Jason talking to Steven and he mentions that Lucky and Elizabeth are still with Jake and contemplating organ donation. Jason asks him about Josslyn and Steve says they can run tests and Jake could be an excellent donor. Jason goes to Elizabeth outside of Jakeís room. She apologizes. He tells her she gave Jake the best life he could have. Jason tells Elizabeth about Josslyn and her needing a donor. He asks Elizabeth if her and Lucky would agree to let Josslyn have one of Jakeís kidneys. It would save her life. Elizabeth smacks Jason and tells him he walked away and never looked back. He was never a father and her and Lucky raised Jake and she tells him there is no way he is using her son for spare parts. Dante and Sam at PCPD, they find two more drivers, Robin and Lisa. Lucky and Jason at hospital. Jason fills him in on Josslyn. Lucky thanks him for giving him a chance to be Jakeís father. Jason says they could make Jakeís life mean something by letting him save Josslyn. Jason goes to Carly and tells her Elizabeth is not going to do it. Carly wants to talk to her, but Jason stops her. Elizabeth and Lucky are at the door and they tell Carly they let Josslyn have Jakeís kidneys. Carly thanks them for saving her daughterís life. Dante and Sam talking about Lisa Niles, Sam possibly being the driver and other possible suspects. Jason sees Joss being wheeled in for surgery as Carly and Jax look on. Carly mouths Ďthank youí to Jason. Sam and Dante talking about a black town car that was also a suspect. Forensics calls and clears Sam. They find the plates of the last suspect.  Itís Carly. Jason at Elizabethís empty house. He goes inside and finds Jakeís yellow motorcycle. He breaks down in tears. 

March 24, 2011

Jason comes home and Sam is there. She waited in case he needed her. He asks about Josslyn and Sam updates him. Sam goes to leave and Jason asks her to stay with him. He tells her he couldnít stop thinking about Jake and shows her the yellow motorcycle. They talk about the night they played with Jake at the hospital. He said he got on his bike and rode and thought about not coming back to never face the fact Jake was gone and he barely knew him, but he would never do that to her. Sam fixes Jason toast and coffee and opens the door to receive the delivery of Spinelliís book. Sam tries to get him to eat but heís not hungry. She tells him there is nothing heís supposed to do or reaction he is supposed to have. Jason is crying. Jason and Sam talk about Elizabeth and returning the motorcycle. Spinelli comes in and tells Jason how sorry he is and hugs him. Spinelli wants to do something to find the driver and Jason tells him to let the cops handle it. Jason, Sam and Spinelli talk about his book and Jason tells him go review it. Sam gets Spinelli out of there so Jason can be alone. Jason and Sam share a look before she leaves. Jason puts the motorcycle on the mantle and cries. Thereís a knock on the door and itís Carly. She didnít know if she would ever see him again. He said came close. She tells him about Josslyn. She says she is alive because of him. He never failed her. Jason wants to know why she is there and what isnít she saying? She tells Jason what happened the night she found out about Josslyn and Jake died. She wasnít paying attention to the road, and she could have been the driver that killed his little boy. 

March 25, 2011

Jason asks Carly if she is the driver that hit Jake? She doesnít know. She is on the list of suspects and she doesnít remember the drive. Jason says maybe it wasnít you. Jason asks who else is on the suspect list. Carly only knows about Luke. She tells him about Luke telling her she was on the list and thinks she did it. Carly tells Jason the police have her car. She says Josslyn is alive because of Jake and he is dead because of her. Jason isnít ready to believe that and Carly says because he always thinks the best of her. Heís given her everything and she might have killed his son. Carlyís phone rings. Itís the PCPD. She is cleared in the hit and run. She tells Jason and apologizes for his son being gone. She is sorry she put him through this. Carly hugs Jason and they both say they love each other. Jason goes to Elizabethís to return Jakeís toy motorcycle. He apologizes for the ways he hurt her. He thought he was doing what they agreed on and is sorry if he got it wrong. She tells him no, he didnít get it wrong. She apologizes. He didnít abandon Jake. She should have let him be a part of his life. He tried to do what was best. She knows he loved Jake and is sorry he didnít get a chance to know his son. She says she watched Jake grow into a beautiful boy and is sorry she didnít share any of it with him. He says you were trying to keep him safe. She says she failed. He tells her she was a good mother. She says Jake looked exactly like him. He got a good sense of who Jake was like the night of the bus crash when she let him spend time with him. He will always be grateful to her because he knew Jake was loved and happy. Jasonís phone rings and Dante tells him to come to the PCPD ASAP. Jason at PCPD with Dante. Dante tells him Jakeís DNA was found on Lukeís car. 

March 28, 2011

Carly and Sam in Josslynís hospital room. Carly tells Sam about Franco threatening Josslyn. Dante and Jason discussing Luke being the driver. Jason says it was no accident. Sam tells Carly she has to tell Jason because he would want to know. Carly doesnít want Jason to get hurt because he is grieving and angry. Sam understands her need to protect him but Jason needs to know. Carly wonít play Francoís game. Dante talking to Jason about Luke. Jason thinks he was drunk. Dante telling Jason revenge wonít solve anything and wonít bring Jake back. Jason isnít under arrest so he leaves the PCPD. Carly comes to see Jason at the Penthouse. She and Sam agree he should know about Francoís message. Jason tells her she did the right thing. Carly doesnít want him taking the bait and wants to know what he is going to do. She says this isnít the time and this is suicide. He doesnít want to fight and wants to know they are both safe. She wants him to be careful. She leaves. Later, Lucky shows up looking for Jason. He tells Sam about Luke being the driver and wants to know if Sam knows where Jason is. She has no idea. Lucky asks her to tell him not to kill his father. Jason shows up at the Haunted Star. Luke asks if he brought his gun or he wants to use his. Jason asks him if he was drinking. Luke says he drinks but he wasnít drunk but he did drive the car that killed Jake. Luke lays his gun on the bar and tells Jason to use it. 

March 29, 2011

Lucky tells Sam he doesnít want Jason to hurt his dad. Sam says she will use whatever influence she has but she warns him that Jason is in a lot of pain. Sam doesnít know where Jason is. Sam tells Lucky to tell Luke to disappear. Lucky says it will do no good and probably make things worse. Luke asks Jason if it would be better for him if he blew his brains out. Jason says it would be a start. Jason tells Luke he wonít do it and Luke asks what makes you so sure. Lucky asks Sam to tell Jason to please let him handle his father. Sam will pass it on but no guarantees. Lucky and Sam talk about him being Jakeís father and Lucky says maybe Jake would have been safer with Jason after all. Jason confronts Luke about him being drunk and his son dying because of it. He pulls a gun on Luke and tells him to thank Michael because killing him is not what he wants for Michael. Itís not the man Jason wants him to become. Jason puts the gun down and leaves as Luke continues to drink. Jason comes into the Penthouse and Sonny is there. Jason tells him about Franco. Sonny apologizes for Jake. Jason tells him about Luke being behind the wheel. Jason telling Sonny about how it happened and how they found out it was Luke. Jason tells him it was no accident and if Luke wasnít drinking Jake would still be here. Sonny sticking up for Luke. Jason thought he was doing the right thing for Jake by giving him up and it turns out he might have been safer with him. Sonny says there are no guarantees they can keep the people they love safe and they just have to love them and be there for them and make the best decisions they can and he has done that. Jason sitting in the chair with his back to Sam who comes through the door. She says she is upstairs if he needs anything. He tells her he is sorry he is not good at this. She says he doesnít have to explain or talk or take care of her. She loves him. She goes upstairs. Jason is crying. 

March 31, 2011

Jason at the Penthouse trying to tie his tie but his hands wonít stop shaking. Sam comes down the stairs and sees him. She goes to him to help him. He grabs her hands and tells her he doesnít know how to do this. He doesnít want to upset Elizabeth. He tells Sam he missed all Jakeís birthdays, Christmas mornings and first day of school. He says he missed all the important days in his sonís life except the day he was born and the day he died. Sam tells Jason she will run interference so he doesnít have to talk to anyone at the memorial. Jason wants to honor Jake but the memorial is for Jakeís parents and that was Lucky and Elizabeth and he shouldnít be there. Sam tells him he doesnít have to do this. Jason talks about how he wishes he could have walked with Jake and grabs Sam fingers and shows her how he used to walk with Michael. He wishes he could have heard Jakes first words. She says he gave it all up because he loved him and it doesnít matter if he goes to the memorial or not he will always be Jakeís father. They hug and a tear rolls down Jasonís cheek. Luke trying to see Joss and Shawn stops him. Luke says Carly wouldnít mind him looking in on her daughter. Jason comes up and says he would mind. Jason tells Luke there is nothing he can do but live with what heís done and it was his fault Jake died. Luke leaves. Carly shows up at the hospital and talks to Shawn about the memorial and Josslyn. Carly goes in to see Josslyn and Jason is there reading to her about Africa. 

April 1, 2011

Jason reading to Joss and Carly walks in smiling. They go outside the room to talk about Joss.  It helps him to know that she is going to live. Carly said him reading to her was deja vu.  He used to read that book to Michael. She wants him to do her a favor and not stop reading to her. She wants him to be close to Joss. He wonders what she is going to be like when she is Michaelís age. Carly says going to be perfect just like Michael. Jason says there are so many hopes and dreams when a child is born. Jason talks with Carly about looking for Franco. Again, she tries to talk him out of it. He has to grieve and take the time he needs. Michael shows up at the Penthouse looking for Jason. He and Sam talk about the memorial and Jason. Sam tells him heís not there but Michael can wait. She leaves to go to work. Michael sits on the couch and looks at his gun. He hides it in his pants under his jacket when Jason walks in. Michael wants to help Jason. Jason says he wants Michael to live his life the best way he can. He talks about when Michael was a baby. He wants Michael to find his own way and work towards a future. Jason tells Michael his life is a gift and to please make the most of it. Later, Sam comes in with groceries to find Jason sitting on the couch. They talk about Michael and Jason wonders if he was right to give up Jake. Sam says he did what he thought was best at the time. Jason tells her Sonny says you donít save a child by giving them up and he thinks Sonny was right. Jason thought that Jake was better off and missing him was the price he paid for keeping him safe. Kids gets sick and kids can die and all he did was miss out on the chance to know his son. Sam hugs him and tells him all they can do is love while they have the chance. Jason cries.  As a tear falls down his cheek onto Samís face. She brushes it away.

April 4, 2011

At the Penthouse, Jason wants to know if Sam thinks he was wrong not to go to Jake's memorial. She tells him no one can judge him. Jason thinks its good Michael was there, hoping he will be persuaded away from the business. Abby arrives, worried about Michael, and tells Jason and Sam what happened with Brandon. Sam tries to calm Abby down, as Jason leaves, gun in hand. Sam tries to reassure Abby that Michael isn't a killer and Jason will get there in time. Jason comes upon Michael, who is holding Brandon at gunpoint and takes the gun from him. Brandon tells Jason to keep Michael away from him and Abby. Jason brings Michael back to the Penthouse, where Sam is waiting. Jason gets on Michael for going after Brandon on his own. Michael says Brandon is his problem to solve. Jason and Michael argue about his having the gun and the possibility of him going back to prison. Michael walks out. Jason tells Sam he has to remove the problem and leaves. When Jason gets back home, he tells Sam there won't be a next time between Michael and Brandon.

April 5, 2011

Sam is on phone with Bernie while she loading her gun. Spinelli comes in with his book but thinks itís trivial after what happen to Jake. Spinelli guesses Sam is going to look for Jason. Sheís worried about what Jason may have done. She updates him on the Michael, Abby, Brandon situation. Sheís worried that Jason killed Brandon. Spinelli looks security footage for her to see where Jason was. Sam is about to leave. Spinelli wants to help. Maxie shows up about a book signing. Spinelli canít go. Sam wants him to go. Spinelli starts to tell Maxie about Jason but Sam cuts him off. Sam convinces him going will help Jason and her out. Spinelli agrees to go. Sam wishes Spinelli luck and leaves. Sam is back at Penthouse when Dante shows up looking for Jason. He tells her that Jason is lead suspect in Brandonís death. Sam wants to know why Jason is always suspected first. Dante knows about what went down with Brandon, Abby and Michael. The PCPD thinks Jason got sloppy and they can tie it back to him.

April 6, 2011

When Jason gets home, Sam and Dante are waiting. Sam tells him to call Diane but Dante says he can call after charges are filed. He tells Jason about Brandon, accusing him of murder. Sam wants to know what Dante thinks he has on Jason. Dante says the only other person with such a strong motive is Michael and he can't picture him doing this. Dante thinks Jason killed Brandon before Michael did it himself. Dante wants to make sure Michael stays away from the business as Sam argues with him over whether or not Jason killed Brandon. Dante says he will prove it and leaves. Jason and Sam talk about wanting Michael to stay out of the business. Jason is scared because he saw that Michael was ready to kill Brandon. Sam realizes that Jason thinks Michael did it. Sam knows Jason has to protect Michael but she doesn't want him sent back to prison. Later, Michael shows up and tells Jason that Dante questioned him. Jason tells Michael that he will deal with the fallout. They both realize tht the other didn't kill Brandon. Jason says he needs to figure out who killed Brandon before it is pinned on either of them.

April 7, 2011

Carly arrives at the Penthouse. Jason asks about Josslyn. Carly doesn't know how Jason is dealing with it all. He called her for a reason. He assures her that neither he nor Michael killed Brandon but Michael looks guilty so he needs to find the real killer. Carly wants him to let Dante to do his job so he can grieve. Jason isnít comfortable leaving this in Danteís hands.  He thinks Dante's conflict of interest could leave Michael back in the system. Jason says finding Brandonís killer protects Michael.  He needs to focus on this because the pain is too much. His son is dead; a kid he barely knew because he turned his back on him. He says how Jake died had nothing to do with his job. Carly says he wanted Jake to have a normal life. Jake did have a normal life and he did right by his son. Carly hugs Jason. Later, Sonny comes by and tells Jason about Lucien and needing a security detail for him. Jason asks if Sonny is just going to accept Suzanneís story. Sonny doesnít know. Heís not sure if Brenda can handle raising a kid in this lifestyle. Jason says this is what she signed on for. Jason talks about how Jake wasnít expected and how he gave him up and walked away. Jason is on the phone when Sam comes in. She talked to some of the girls at Vaughnís and has some leads to follow up on. Jason wants to do it to keep busy. He fills her in about Lucien and how he needs to make sure he is protected. Jason says that whole time he was talking to Sonny he was thinking why didn't he do this for Jake. He could've tried but he let him go. Sam says he had a good reason. He says it wasn't like him and he can't stop thinking about him. Sam says he suffered a terrible loss and it is normal to question things. She assures him that Jake didn't die because of anything he did or didn't do.

April 8, 2011

Sam says it was wrong of Sonny to show up and ask for Jason to protect Brenda's son. Jason compares Lucian and Brenda to Michael and Carly. They talk about how Sonny and Brenda just got married but now have to figure out their lives with a child. Jason says although Sonny didn't want another child, he knows he will step up like he has for his own kids. Jason reflects on what a good mother Carly is, wanting to have been able to do that for Jake. At Sonny's, Jason runs into Brenda, and they talk about Lucian. Jason lets her know that he is taking care of security. They discuss Jake. Brenda tells him that although she knows they need to have guards there, she doesn't want Lucian to feel like a prisoner in his own home. Brenda tells him he is amazing for donating Jake's kidney. Jason says that wasn't him it was Lucky and Liz. Lucky shows up at the Penthouse.  He and Jason discuss Jake and Luke. Jason tells him that he isn't responsible and that he was a good father. Lucky is there to question him about Brandon's murder. Upon Carly's request, she and Sam meet up at Kelly's to talk about Jason. She knows no one can replace Jake but she wants Sam and Jason to have a baby. Lucky goes over what happened with Brandon and Abby and wants to know about Jason's whereabouts. Jason thinks its a conflict of interest because of Jake and tells him it is too hard for him to be questioned by Lucky. Lucky says someone else will be by to question him and leaves.

April 11, 2011

At Kelly's, Carly continues to try to convince Sam to have a baby with Jason. They talk about the complications Sam would have and Carly brings up the procedure. Michael shows up to the Penthouse, where he tells Jason that Abby was picked up for questioning. Michael wants to go to the PCPD but Jason says no. Sam tells Carly she has thought about the procedure but she has decided to decline. Carly tells Sam the best they can do is love their kids and give them a good life. She says Jason deserves the chance to have a child. Sam agrees but wants it to stay between her and Jason. Sam tells her the chances would be 50% at best.  Carly offers to carry the baby for them. Jason calls Diane to look out for Abby. Michael wants to go to the station to be with Abby. Jason tells him that she is bait. Carly tells Sam she would be her surrogate but Sam is against it, bringing up her own health issues. Sam doesn't think Jason wants a child. Carly says this is a decision that she has to make for him. Jason tells Michael that Ronnie wants to set him off. Kristina shows up at Kelly's to meet Sam to talk about college. Sam tells her to go with her gut. Jason tries to get Michael to understand that the PCPD wants him to confess to save Abby so Jason will confess to save Michael. Michael leaves as Lucky shows up to talk about Jake and Luke. Lucky says Jake was conceived because of his addiction and died because of his father's. He apologizes to Jason who tells him he knows that Lucky loved Jake. Dante arrives to the Penthouse and tells Jason that someone with a lot of money was bankrolling Brandon.

April 14, 2011

Jason finds a pamphlet about the procedure on the desk.  Sam comes down and tells him she got it from Carly.  She tells him about her meeting with Carly.  Jason apologizes for Carly.  Sam says she was actually nice.  Jason says it was her way of trying to help.  Sam wants to help him too and asks what she can do. Sam thinks that they should not even think about a baby while he is grieving for Jake.  He thanks her for understanding.  She talks about how he helped her after her baby died. She wants to do the same for him. Later, Sonny comes to see Jason about Michael. They think Johnny is recruiting Michael and Michael won't listen to Sonny. Sonny wants to nail Johnny for Brandon's murder.  Jason thinks even if Johnny ordered it, he didn't do it himself. Jason says since they don't want to let Michael into their organization why wouldn't he try to prove himself with Johnny.  Sonny says Michale doesn't get to choose.  Later, Michael comes to see Jason because Jason called him. Michael knows that Sonny talked to him and does't think Jason should be having to deal with this.  They discuss Johnny. Michael is clear that he trusts Johnny no matter how Sonny feels about him. Michael tells him how Johnny has been helpong him.  Jason tells him Johnny is recruiting him. Jason wants him to turn him down.  Michael would rather work for them but Johnny is giving him the chance. Jason says he is using him. Michael compares his situation to Jason's when he went to work for Sonny. Jason says the situations are different. Michael was thinking about college after the memorial but then Abby got beat up and now he sees the situation doesn't work.  He says again that Jason shouldn't be dealing with this while he is grieving.  Jason says he gave up Jake to protect him from all the pain Michael went through.  He says he stayed away from his son until the night he had to watch him die.  He tells him that is what the business cost him and it is not worth it.

April 15, 2011

Jason warns Michael that if he joins the business, he will lose people he loves because it takes your heart and soul. Michael wants to know if he regrets joining the business. Jason tells him if he knew what it would become and the loss he would feel, he wouldn't have taken the job. He says if Michael joins the business, one way or another, he will pay. Sam visits Elizabeth letting her know how sorry she is about Jake. Sam apologizes for being so awful and jealous of her when Jake was born. Elizabeth tells her they all did things that didn't make sense. Jason wants Michael to take some time to figure out what will truly make him happy. Michael wants to be independent and prove he can take care of himself.  Jason tells him he won't get it from Johnny. Sam and Elizabeth talk about Lucky and how he and Jason don't blame Elizabeth for Jake's accident. As Sam goes to leave, Elizabeth gives her Jake's toy motorcycle to give to Jason. Jason tells Michael that after his accident, he went about things the wrong way, bringing up how Alan died before he was able to make things right between them. Jason says he learned from that and won't turn his back on him. Michael wants to make his own choice. He leaves. Sam tells Jason about her visit with Elizabeth and gives him the motorcycle. Sam tells him that he would have been an amazing father. Jason says a good father knows when to let go, saying Michael is at that point. Jason fills Sam in on Michael's wanting to join Johnny's business. Jason feels Michael just keeps paying for the mistakes he and Sonny made. Jason finally realizes he couldn't control what happened to Jake, just like he can't control what happens to Michael.

April 18, 2011

Jason talks to Sam about how death comes at anytime to anyone and all we can do is do something with the time we are given. They talk about how he missed Jake everyday but he put Jake's needs before his own. Sam tells him that everyone did what they thought was best for Jake and he isn't to blame for what happened. Jason tells her that she is easy to talk to. Sam's phone beeps. She has to go to work. She starts talking about the case which involves a couple who have gone through fertility treatments. After a hug and "I love yous," Sam leaves. Michael arrives at the Penthouse and tells Jason that he went to talk to Sonny about Johnny. Michael notices the fertility pamphlet on the desk and asks if Jason and Sam are having a baby. Jason tells him about how Carly wants them to have a baby. Jason thinks Carly is just saying what Sam won't let herself say. He knows Sam and she at least wants the chance to be a mother. Michael asks what Jason wants. He tells him that taking care of him as a baby was one of the highlights of his life. Abby taught Michael that if you love someone, spend as much time as you can with that person.  He doesn't want Jason to let what happened to Jake hold him back but to be the best dad he can be. When Sam gets back to the Penthouse, Jason wants to know if Sam is interested in the procedure and she says part of her wishes she could have a baby and make everything better.

April 19, 2011

Sam tells Jason to forget whatever she said about having a baby. She doesnít want them to be under that kind of pressure. Jason doesnít want her to regret not having a baby. Sam asks him if they are ready for their lives to change? Jason doesn't want her not to have the procedure because of the way they live. Sam doesn't want him to feel like she's pressuring him. Carly comes in. She asks if they are going to take her advice and have a baby. Carly says no child can replace Jake but she wants them to have the happiness a baby can bring. Sam leaves because she has an appointment. Jason tells Carly she can't fix it for him. Carly says Sam wants a baby whether she admits it or not. Jason asks if she really believes that. Carly says he deserves a child more than any one she knows. She wants him to let himself be happy. Sam sees Patrick at the hospital. He forgot about her appointment. Sam says its not like him to forget an appointment and wants to know what is going on. Patrick tells her about how he and Robin are going to a marriage counselor. Jason fills in Carly about Michael talking with Johnny. He tells her that he believes that Johnny is trying recruiting Michael and why. Carly says not as long as she's breathing. Sam and Patrick finish up her appointment. Sam wants to know if getting pregnant will be affected the concussion. Patrick says not at all and for what its worth he hopes it works out for her and Jason. Carly says no way is she letting the Zacchara's steal her son. Jason says like Sonny stole me. Jason wants to give Michael some room to see that he has some options. Carly will talk to Michael. Jason tells Carly not to fight with Michael; it will only push him away. Don't make him treat her like he treated Allen and Monica. Jason is on the phone talking about Brandon when Sam walks in. He's sorry for the whole Carly thing. Sam says she must be mellowing out because she actually liked the concern. Jason says he turned Carly on to someone else, Johnny. Sam says Michael is like Jason but Carly too. Carly doesn't take no for an answer and neither does Michael. Jason holds up the pamphlet. He loves Carly but she doesn't know how to leave a thing alone. He wants Sam to know what happens between them is something they decide. Jason wants Sam to be honest with him and not say what she thinks he wants to hear. Sam says she didn't want to have the procedure because he would be conflicted. Jason can't choose for her. He says being a parent scares him but Jake taught him that fear is the wrong reason to make a decision. Sam says she wants to give herself a chance and have the procedure.

April 21, 2011

Sam is looking for something in the couch. Jason comes home. Sam says she lost her keys. Jason finds them on the table. Jason says if she is worried about the procedure to just cancel the appointment. Jason says he totally understands if she is not ready. Sam is scared of getting her hopes up and disappointing either of them. Jason loves her no matter what happens. Sam loves him and it is nice to hear. Jason doesnít want Sam to let fear drive her. He offers to go to the appointment and she is surprised. Jason and Sam talk about the appointment. Sam is telling him about how cold and scary the exam is. Jason is all about going but Sam thinks sheís being silly. They kiss and Sam heads off the appointment. Sam meets with Dr. Lee to talk about the procedure. Sam doesnít want Dr. Lee to be positive spin on things; she wants her to be real about her chances. Diane is at Jasonís. They are talking about Abbyís case. Abby doesnít have an alibi nor does Michael or Jason. Diane is concerned about Abby and Michael keeping their mouth shut. She wants to know who hypothetically killed Brandon. Jason says it wasnít him. She wants Jason to tell her who can vouch for his whereabouts. Jason didnít want to be around anyone so he got on his bike. Diane says she is sorry if she is being insensitive. Diane questions whether Michael killed Brandon. Jason says no. Diane wonders if Michael would lie to protect someone he loves. Jason and Diane discuss what they know about Abby. Jason tells her about Sam introducing them and that Abby has had a hard life. Diane says they donít know anything about Abby. Diane suggest that maybe Michael and Abby are involved in the murder and are covering for each other. Later, Dante is at Jasonís and wants to know about everything he knows Brandonís death. Dante tells Jason about the video that surfaced that shows Michael pointing a gun at Brandon. Sam is at Kellyís crying. Carly walks up and asks what is wrong. Carly is sorry and feels awful for pushing Sam to have the procedure. Dante wants to help Michael but canít unless he knows what really happen. The evidence is damaging. A video shows Michael with a gun pointed at Brandon and two hours later the guy is dead. Jason says he told Brandon to leave and brought Michael back to the penthouse. Dante asks if Michael could have taken off to look for Brandon and killed him. Jason says that Michael will not be convicted of Brandonís murder or go back to prison. Dante says it may already be too late.

April 22, 2011

In the interrogation room, Ronnie is trying to bait Michael, when Jason and Dante bust in demanding Diane get him released. Ronnie wants Jason to confess. Carly keeps telling Sam how sorry she is for pushing her but Sam says because of her, she knows there is a chance she can have Jason's baby. Carly realizes that Sam was crying happy tears and is relieved that she isn't mad at her. Sam tells her she is a good candidate for the procedure and her chances of carrying to term are better than 50%. At the PCPD, Jason watches the video footage. Diane tries to prove that it isn't clear whether or not Michael is holding a gun. Carly and Sam talk about Jake and the thought of a baby healing Jason. Once Diane gets Michael released, Jason takes him back to the Penthouse where he wants the truth about Brandon's murder; did Abby kill Brandon? Michael stands up for Abby but Jason just wants to be prepared. Michael tells Jason he will never do anything that he wouldn't do and leaves. As Jason thinks back on his conversation with Michael, Sam comes home with the news that she could safely carry a baby to term.

April 25, 2011

Jason is happy for Sam but asks if she is sure she wants to have a baby with him. She tells him that she would love a family but only if it was with him. Jason doesn't want to mess up another kid's life like he messed up Michael's. Sam tells him that he is wrong; that he taught Michael about honesty and loyalty and that he would be an amazing father. Jason tells her he wants a family with her but he isn't thinking clearly He wishes he took Brandon out himself. Sam wants him to realize he is allowed to grieve but he is worried he will do something he can't take back. Luke arrives at the Penthouse drunk, trying to provoke Jason by saying he has no right to grieve and have opinions about Jake, when he gave him up. Jason shows up at the PCPD where he tries to calm Michael down. Luke continues to trash Jason's actions towards Jake and says he will be waiting in his office for Jason to avenge Jake. Jason promises Michael that he will do his best to help Abby. Sam goes to see Sonny and warns him about Luke's warpath. Jason informs Abby that this is all to get a reaction out of Michael so that Jason can cover for him. Dante pulls Jason and Michael away where he says he thinks Abby did it. Michael punches Dante. At the Penthouse, Sam fills Lucky in on her conversation with Luke. Jason tries to hold Michael back but he confesses to killing Brandon.

April 26, 2011

Lucky tells Sam that Luke has been drunk since the night he hit Jake. Sam tells Lucky that Jason is angry with Luke. Sam tells Lucky that Jason told her he was afraid he was going to do something he couldn't take back. Lucky says Luke is counting on that. Michael is at the PCPD making a confession. Dante says it is obviously a fake confession. Ronnie says it sounds credible but tells Jason that his confession would trump Michael's. Sam and Lucky agree that they need to keep Luke and Jason away from each other. Lucky wants Sam to not tell Jason that Luke was there. Ronnie is trying to convince Jason to confess. Abby tells Michael she didnít shoot Brandon and he doesnít need to protect her. Dante points out that the eye witness saw Abby shoot Brandon. Michael refuses to leave Abby. Sam says her and Jason donít keep secrets from each other. Lucky just wants her to stall until he can get a plan. Sam says she can tell Jason that Luke didnít threaten her. Sam tells Lucky that she was scared and went to Sonny; maybe he could reason with him. Lucky saying that Luke never turned his back on him and no matter what Luke has done, he is his father and he wonít turn his back on him. Lucky spots the motorcycle and walks over to it. Sam walks in the room and asks if he heard from Luke. Lucky says no. Sam says she wonít lie to Jason but Jason owes Lucky for taking care of Jake. Lucky says Jason doesn't owe him anything and that he is partly responsible for Jake dying. Lucky says to tell Jason he's sorry Luke came over and he is going to do everything he can to give Luke the chance to get help. Lucky leaves. Michael wants to see Abby. Jason says he wants to see her first. Dante tells him neither of them are attorneys. Michael is asking him as a brother. Dante says the brother who just punched him. Dante gets Ronnie out of the interrogation room and Jason goes in to see Abby. He asks her if she killed Brandon. He needs to know what really happen to help her and Michael. Abby says she didn't do it but she'll confess to save Michael. Jason wants to know why she cares. She tells him that he saved her and gave her her life back. Jason appreciates what she would do for Michael but it would have the opposite effect because Michael needs her. He is grateful to Abby because Michael is strong  because of her. Jason leaves and Michael comes in. Michael and Jason walk in the penthouse. Michael tells Sam that Abby is in lockup. Jason tells Sam about the eyewitness. Sam says she can get Spinelli to hack into the PCPD and find out the witness name. Michael says its a set up and the person is lying. Jason says not necessarily. Jason thinks the witness thinks they saw Abby. Sam says maybe someone set the witness up. Jason says they have to find out who would benefit from the set up.

April 29, 2011

At Abby's, Jason, Dante, Michael and Abby discuss the possibility of her trial. Dante says it is going to be hard to prove her innocence. Maxie stops by the Penthouse, asking Sam to go out for drinks with her and Matt. Sam can't go because she is having surgery tomorrow. Sam tells her about the fertility procedure. Maxie thinks getting pregnant right now is a really bad idea. As Dante and Michael argue about Abby, Jason wonders if the witness checks out. Jason says someone went through a lot of trouble to frame Abby.  He leaves saying he has something to take care of. At the Penthouse, Sam overhears Maxie tell Jason it may be a little soon to have a baby but Sam will do anything to help take his grief away. Jason and Sam discuss the surgery and its risks. Jason supports whatever Sam decides but wants to make sure she isn't doing this because Jake died. Back at Abby's, Abby tells Jason that Sonny wants her to break up with Michael. Jason says the best way to protect Michael is to prove her innocence. Jason questions Abby about the witness. He wonders about Abby's relationship with Johnny, later visiting Johnny demanding to know the woman he hired to kill Brandon. Anthony listens as Jason tells Johnny that he owes Michael for what he and Claudia put him through.

May 2, 2011

As Jason and Johnny discuss Michael, Anthony makes his presence known. Jason wants to know how he got out of prison. Johnny tells him about the lawyer getting him out. Abby arrives at the Penthouse with smoothies for herself and Sam. They discuss Michael and how Dante wants Michael to stay away from her. Abby thought the witness was lying at first but she realized he really thought she killed Brandon.  Anthony talks about how Sonny visited him in prison, while Jason wonders if Anthony had anything to do with Brandon's murder. Jason goes back to the Penthouse, where he tells Sam about Anthony and thinking that he framed Abby to get to Michael and through him, Sonny. Sam wants to go out and search for leads but Jason thinks she should rest in preparation for the surgery. Jason tells her she doesn't need to make excuses to put off the surgery if its what she wants. Jason reassures her that he isn't leaving because he loves her and will support her. She agrees to go rest while he goes to work. They kiss. Once Johnny and Anthony leave, Jason breaks in to his Penthouse to look around. The door opens, Jason grabs his gun and a blonde woman stands watching him.

May 3, 2011

Jason is at Johnnyís place with his gun drawn on someone. Its Abby looking for Johnny. Jason brings Abby back to his place. She is trying to talk him out of killing Johnny. He says heís not going to kill Johnny. Abby says she was going to Johnny to see what he knew about who killed Brandon. Jason tells her if sheís working for the Zaccharaís, she needs to tell him. Abby says that heíd kill her. Jason would never hurt her because of Michael but he needs to know if thereís anything Zaccharaís have on her. She says nothing except the money Johnny gave her for school. Jason will pay that off. Abby says she needs to clear her name to keep Michael from doing something that will send him back to prison. Jason tells Abby warns her about Anthony. Abby knows if she canít prove sheís innocent, sheíll have to take a plea bargain. Jason says no because Michael couldnít take it if she went to prison. Michael shows up and asks Abby what sheís doing there. Jason and Abby talk about her being framed. Jason wants to talk to Michael. Abby leaves so they can talk. Michael is not going to stop seeing Abby. Jason says if he wants to help Abby, he needs to stop thinking about what he wants and think about protecting Abby. Jason thinks Anthony framed Abby to get to Michael. He tells Michael that this is personal for Anthony to send a message to Sonny. Michael thinks Johnny isnít part of this and wants to talk to him. Jason tells him to stay out of it and let him fix this. Jason warns Michael that Anthony will take advantage of any move he makes. He tells Michael there will be more situations like this unless he walks away from the business. Michael talks about people making their own choices. Jason says you limit your life by choosing this business. Michael says that Jason taught him to believe in himself and take care of the people you care about and thatís all he wants to do. Jason says theyíll drop it for now. He tells Michael that heís going to be unavailable for a few hours tomorrow because heís going to be with Sam during her surgery. Michael thinks maybe part of the reason Jason wants Michael out of the business so much is that heíll feel better about having a kid and tells him heíll make a great dad.

May 5, 2011

Jason made tea for Sam since she canít eat before her procedure. He shows her the bag Maxie brought for her. He hands her the tea and sees that she is shaking. Sam tells him that she might more nervous than she thought. She confesses that Maxie had suggested she examine her reasons for having the fertility reconstruction. Sam admits that she had decided to have the surgery because she wanted to give herself the possibility to have a baby but not necessarily get pregnant right away. Jason assures Sam that he supports her decision. Sam smiles with relief just as someone knocks on the door. Molly bursts into the penthouse to congratulate Sam and Jason on starting a family. Molly gives Sam her special good luck bear which she wants Sam to give to the baby. Jason reminds Molly that he and Sam are just focused on getting through the procedure. Molly leaves and Jason wonders if Sam has any second thoughts and she says no. Jason and Sam are in her hospital room. Sam offers Jason the opportunity to speak up if he had any reservations about the procedure but Jason assures her that he fully supported her. Jason goes to get Sam some ice chips while she waits. Jason and Elizabeth bump to each other. He is surprised to see her back at work. She admits it's been a little more difficult than expected. Elizabeth says that she hopes that Sam is taking care of him and he says that she is. Elizabeth knows that Sam is here for fertility procedure. Elizabeth starts talking about how she knows its impossible for anyone to watch their child one hundred percent of the time. She apologizes to Jason for rambling and what she really wants to tell him is that she is happy he and Sam are going to have a baby and that will be an amazing father. She will always regret not letting Jake be a part of his life. He tells her that they all had an agreement that it would be better for Jake to grow up with Lucky. Elizabeth asks knowing how everything had turned out, if it would have been better if she had never told Jason about Jake or if Jason would have preferred to have known from the beginning. Jason says the beginning. She wishes Sam and him good luck. Jason is back with the ice chips and he tells her about Elizabeth. Sam says that if him and Elizabeth can help each other, they should. Jason confesses that he has no idea how Elizabeth continues to live in the house where Jake had been raised, walk by Jake's bedroom every day and looked out the window. Jason confides it would have driven him crazy. Sam realizes that the hospital might be a difficult reminder of Jake's tragic death so she assures Jason that he is free to leave. Jason explains that Sam has always taken care of him and it is his turn to do the same for her. Sam smiles but she is restless waiting to be taken to surgery. Jason decided to distract her with kisses and a promise that nothing will change how he feels about her.

May 6, 2011

As Jason waits in Sam's hospital room, he dreams of showing Jake his motorcycle. When he wakes up, Elizabeth busts in, hoping to find a place to pull herself together. They talk about how hard it is to sleep because of dreaming of Jake. Elizabeth again apologizes for him not having any memories. Jason says he has the memory of he, Sam and Jake after the bus crash, telling her about their conversation and his dream. Elizabeth tells him that she is seeing Jake. Elizabeth says in honor of Jake's birthday, he should take his motorcycle out for a ride. Sam wakes up with Jason by her side. She says she is out of it but isn't in pain. She wants to know how the procedure went. She wants to know if she will be able to carry a baby.

May 9, 2011

Jason tries to ward off answering Sam's questions by saying Doctor Lee will be in soon to talk with them. She just wants the bottom line: will she be able to carry a baby? Jason tells her it is too soon to know but the procedure went well with no complications. Jason wants Sam to get some rest. Once Sam falls asleep, Jason meets Carly in the hallway where he fills her in on the procedure and Sam's condition. Carly continues to push for Jason and Sam to have a baby because they will be wonderful parents. He doesn't want to talk about it since it is Jake's birthday. Jason wants something to distract him so Carly tells him about Jax wanting custody of Josslyn. Jason agrees that Carly shouldn't hand her daughter over, telling her to never give her up for any reason to anyone. Lucky arrives wanting to talk to Jason about Jake's birthday. Jason lets Lucky know he will never blame him for what Luke did. Lucky says the hardest thing about death is that life goes on. After Lucky tells him about his marriage to Siobhan, Jason says if they want to honor Jake, they just have to keep going but neither of them are ready yet.

May 10, 2011

Lucky thanks Jason for letting him ramble on about Jake. Jason has been thinking about him a lot too. Lucky likes to talk about Jake and Jason likes to hear about him. Lucky needs a favor about Luke. He wants Jason to not go after him. Lucky talks to Jason about Luke being an alcoholic and about the intervention. Jason doesnít think itís his problem. Lucky says Luke wants to die and goading Jason is the best way. Lucky asks him to not engage. Jason says he can only be pushed so far. Lucky tells Jason about Luke coming to his apartment to egg Jason into killing him. Jason is pissed at Luke for driving drunk. They both acknowledge that Jason would like to kill Luke. Jason wants to be a good role model for Michael. Lucky thinks Luke is not past redemption. He just needs more time. Lucky says Jason has his hands full with Michael right now. Later Michael comes, Jason tells Michael not to trust Anthony. Michael thinks Anthony is behind eerything. Carly comes and tries to get Jason to tell Michael to say away from Anthony. Michael leaves. Carly asks Jason if she has to protect Michael on her own. Jason and Carly argue about Anthony and Michael. Jason wants her to trust him to take care of it.

May 12, 2011

Jason and Sam come home from the hospital. He asks how she is feeling and she says has some mild discomfort but it is for a good cause if that is what they decide to do. Sam starts to ramble as to why she wouldnít make a good mother. She says it is too soon now especially after Jake. Jason says he doesn't like going to sleep because when he wakes up he realizes over again that Jake is gone. He knows she had the procedure so it will be on her mind. He says it is ok if she wants to talk about it. Sam wants to stop for their sanity. They have miles to go before that decision. Jason says they have to talk about it to make the decision. He says you never know if you make the right choice and then one day you come to face everything you did wrong. Sam reminds Jason that she is there for him. She will help. He says she does. Jason says he can't stop his brain from remembering every moment he spent with Jake. He wonders at what moment he could have changed what happened he knows it doesn't work like that. He knows death is random. She says it is ok; he is working thru a process. Jason doesn't want to hold her back and Sam asks how. He says if she is ready for a baby and he isn't. Sam says if they decide to have a baby it will be a time that works for them both. She wants a favor and tells him to leave. She tells him to go for a ride to clear his head. She is going to take a nap. He agrees and kisses her and leaves. Jason arrives at the hospital and talks with Shawn. Shawn tells Jason about Carly and Jax arguing over Josslyn. Then how Jax received a phone call and left. Shawn tells him Sonny showing up and Carly leaving with him. Jason tries to figure where Carly and Sonny went.

May 13, 2011

Jason tells Shawn that part of keeping Carly safe is protecting her from herself. Shawn called Jason because he can't keep Jax from checking Josslyn out of the hospital. They discuss how Jax hates him because of his previous alliance with Theo which makes Jason realize that Jax is saying Carly is an unfit mother. Jason vows that no one will keep Josslyn from her mother. Spinelli arrives at the Penthouse where Sam is resting on the couch. Sam doesn't want Jason to focus on her, saying that no one can replace Jake but having a child would give Jason purpose. As Jason reads to Joss, Elizabeth arrives to check on her. Elizabeth says she is happy to see Josslyn doing so well but walks out in tears. While Spinelli takes care of Sam, they talk about the decision to have a baby. Spinelli tries to reassure Sam when she has doubts about having a baby. He tells her not to let their fears stand in the way of having a child but to give herself and Jason a second chance He thinks she would be a great mom. Jason runs into Elizabeth in the hallway where they both express regret over his not knowing Jake, but she is happy that he can live on through Josslyn. Jason tries to thank Elizabeth for saving Josslyn but she says it is all because of Lucky. Jason confronts Jax at the hospital to keep him from taking Josslyn He tells Jax that she is going home with her mother and insists that he isn't going to do anything until Carly gets back.

May 16, 2011

Jason wants Carly and Jax to work things out for Josslyn's sake but Jax says she isn't safe with Carly because of him. Alexis brings Sam a care package from she and the girls and asks how things went with the surgery. Alexis feels bad about all the time she and Sam have missed but she is here now if Sam wants to talk. Sam tells her that she would love to have a family with Jason but isn't sure that she would be a good mother. Jason doesn't want Jax to use Jake to prove a point about Josslyn and he says that Jax can't take Josslyn away because of Carly's friends. Jax doesn't want Josslyn to go through what Michael went through. Jason argues that Jax knew who Carly was before he married and had a baby with her. Sam opens up to Alexis about her life before Jason and reflects on how much she wants to give Jason another child, despite her fear of mothering. Alexis tells her to find out her truth and what she wants, not what Jason wants. Spinelli arrives home to find Sam reading his book. She is enjoying it but says to make sure Jason doesn't read it. He brought a gift for she and Jason, mood enhancing candles for when they begin their romantic journey to produce a child. Jason brings up Jerry and the danger he brings with him. Alexis shows up as Jax threatens to call security. Sam talks to Spinelli about her relationship with Alexis over the years, about the loss of her daughter and getting shot. Spinelli questions if Sam has changed her mind about having a baby; she isn't sure. Alexis tells Jason he has no standing and to let Jax take Josslyn since Carly isn't there. Spinelli lets Sam know she will always have his support, regardless of her decision. Jason calls Spinelli, demanding he find something he can use against Jax. Jason is waiting for Carly when she arrives to get Josslyn  and tries to calm her down but she storms out to get Josslyn. When Jason gets home, he tells Spinelli to dig deeper to find something and fills Sam in on what transpired between Jax and Carly.

May 18, 2011

Michael arrives at the Penthouse wanting to know of any leads that will help Abby. Jason again promises to help her. He tells Michael that Diane can stall for as long as she has to but Michael is afraid the justice system will take over first. Jason says since it was a professional hit, it will take awhile to track down. Michael suggests that if it was Sam framed for murder he would do anything it took to save her. Jason agrees but says they have to be smart. Jason wants him to stay away from Anthony Zacchara, not just because of Abby, but to help Carly's fight for Josslyn. Jason wants him to be careful and help Morgan and Carly, so that he doesn't make it any easier for Jax to take Josslyn. Jason lets Michael know the he will be called as a character witness during the hearing, so he has to stay clean and not violate his parole.  He tells Michael to help Carly win custody while he takes care of everything else. Carly and Jason meet at the docks, where Luke listens as they discuss the upcoming custody battle. Carly wants to make Jax look more unfit than he is trying to make her look,but Jason warns her to keep cool. Jason tries to calm her down, assuring her that she will not lose Josslyn. Luke interupts, again bringing up his feelings that Jason dumped Jake on Lucky to raise.

May 19, 2011

Luke taunts Jason about how he really wasnít Jakeís father and he didnít really lose anything. Carly steps in between Luke and Jason. Luke punches Jason. Jason admits he failed Jake but not as bad as Luke has failed Lucky. Carly tells Luke he can go down in flames but he not going to use Jason to do it. Luke talks about how Jason got Elizabeth pregnant and left Lucky to raise a kid that wasnít even his. But now that Jake is dead, Jason is suffering a great loss. Carly defends Jasin. Jason says he not going to give him what he wants. He wants Luke to suffer. Carly apologizes for Luke. She knows what Luke said got to him but its not true. She sees the pain his eyes every time someone mentions Jake. Jason tells Carly about the dream he has about Jake. Carly hugs him. Carly gets a message from Diane that she can go get Josslyn. Jason offers to go but Carly says that Shawn is going with her. Alexis comes over with a care package for Sam but Sam is sleeping. Alexis offers her condolence about Jake. She tells Jason she respected him for giving up Jake to keep him safe. Jason says he missed out on Jake's life. Jason knows she is leading somewhere and wants her to go on with it. If the surgery works, she wants to know how Jake and this baby would be any different.

May 20, 2011

Alexis wants Jason to give Sam his real input on having a child, bringing up how he gave up Jake and wondering what has changed. They discuss Jax and Carly, as well as Kristina. Alexis says there is a high price for having a child with people that do what Jason does. Sam comes down upset, realizing Alexis is fine with her having a baby just not with Jason. Alexis apologizes for saying the wrong thing and agrees with Sam that in the end, giving up Jake didn't keep him safe. Alexis lets her know that whatever they decide, she will support them. Jason locks the door and tries to get Sam to sit on the couch and rest. She makes a remark about not overdoing it with Jason and Spinelli hovering, so he jokes with her that if she feels that way, he doesn't have to make her specialty sandwich, a BLT with burned toast. She lets him know she appreciates him and is okay if he doesn't want a baby. She makes sure he knows that if they have a baby, she wants it to be his decision too. Sam apologizes for Alexis's lecturing because she doesn't want to cause him more pain.  He assures her that she is getting him through. Upon a message from Sonny, Jason heads to the restaurant, where he fills him in on Michael, as well as Carly and Jax. Sonny talks to Jason about Brenda, Jax, and Alec, filling him in on saving Brenda's son. Alexis visits Sam again, feeling bad about how they left things. Sam thinks Alexis is right about Jason; the thought about having another child is killing him. Alexis wants to make sure Sam doesn't only want this baby to make Jason feel better. She brings up how hard it was to lose her baby and how much she still misses her, like Jason misses Jake. Alexis lets her know that in the end, its her decision. Sonny asks Jason if he could do it all over again, if he would still give up Jake, and he admits that he regrets the time he didn't spend with Jake, but he wouldn't force that life on Jake and therefore, Elizabeth. Sonny realizes he can't guarantee that he can keep Brenda and Alec safe, so maybe they shouldn't be together. Tearing up, Jason wants to know if he could live with that.

May 23, 2011

Jason tries to explain to Sonny that Brenda knew the risks before she married him but Sonny says its different now that she has a child. Sonny says that Brenda isn't Sam. She is volatile, emotional and overreacts. Sonny thinks that he may have to tell Brenda that she and her child are better off without him. Jason wants him to be honest with her, saying if they aren't going to be together, its something they should decide together. Sonny brings up Sam's fertility procedure, telling Jason that he is there if he wants to talk about it. Jason tells Sonny how excited Carly and Spinelli are. Sonny tells him not to let anyone pressure him into doing anything. Jason says that losing Jake taught him that there are no guarantees so you have to live your life. At the Penthouse, Michael tells Jason about breaking into Johnny's and his run in with Anthony. Michael trusts Johnny and thinks he may be able to help him save Abby. Jason tells Michael to leave it alone because he is working on it. Michael says thats not good enough. Michael wants to save Abby from Pentonville. Jason says he won't save her by throwing his life away. He doesn't want to go to Michael's funeral. Jason dreams of showing Jake his motorcycle. Carly arrives and sees Jake's toy motorcycle.  They talk about Jason's dream and the time he spent with Jake during the bus crash. Carly tells Jason about the judge's decision to share custody for the time being, so now she can focus on Jason more. Carly wants to know if Jason thinks she is a bad mom, but he tells her not to doubt herself because Josslyn needs both her parents; if she needs to fight, she will fight.

May 26, 2011

Michael comes over to the penthouse to ask Jason to help him and Abby out of country if he can't find killer. Sam meets Abby at Kellyís. Abby tells Sam that Diane wants her to go with batter woman defense. Sam points out the lack of evidence. Abby says if she goes to prison she could deal with it but not Michael. Abby isnít sure what she should do. Jason understands the urge to run. Michael says that he and Sonny could get him and Abby fake identification and go off to different countries. Jason says its not a vacation and it will cost him if he gets caught. Michael would rather be a fugitive then see Abby confess to crime she didnít commit. Michael says that if Abby lies at the hearing and then they find the real killer, Abby still committed perjury and will go to prison. Jason doesn't want Michael to do anything drastic. He's not going to let him throw his future away not for Abby or anyone else. If there are no other options Jason will help them disappear. Jason is talking on the phone when Sam comes in. He knows she snuck out and wants to know if he is hovering. Sam starts rambling about all the things that Spinelli has been doing for her. Jason asks what is really going on. Sam had her final post operative exam with Kelly. Sam says that the procedure was a success and she wasn't sure how to feel. He pushes her hair back and kisses her. Sam says that whatever they decide she doesn't want to lose what they have now. They don't have to rush into anything. They just have to be honest. He doesn't know what he wants but he does know he love her so much. Jason goes over to Carlyís. He tells her that Diane called and that Jax is filing for emergency sole custody. Carly can't believe he is doing this. Carly doesnít want to keep Jax from Josslyn but if he wonít compromise why should she. Alexis and Jax arrive at Carlyís. They see Jason with Josslyn. Jax is sorry to see his daughter by Jason. Carly says that Jax wanted to prove that she was a danger to Josslyn so there she is sitting with Jason and she is happy; sheís healthy sitting reading a book. So go ahead give her the paper work that says her daughter is in danger..

May 27, 2011

Alexis tells Jason that Jax is right and that he should go.  He refuses because Carly wants him to stay. Carly gets upset saying that Jason is the one who made it possible for Josslyn to get Jake's kidney and there is no reason that he should have to stay away from her. Jax says he is taking Josslyn back to the hotel because he was granted emergency sole custody but Alexis reveals she never filed the paperwork. Alexis wants them to work it out on their own. Jax refuses to compromise. Jason defends his choice to hire Shawn. Jax wants Jason to leave but Carly says that if Alexis stays, so does he. Jax says Carly can't be reasonable when it comes to Sonny and Jason. Alexis wants them to work it out by having shared custody, but Jax says to start, he wants Jason to have no more contact with Josslyn. Jason agrees with Jax that he doesn't want Josslyn's life cut short because of violence but Carly tells Jason not to listen to him. Jason says he will never turn his back on Carly. Carly and Jax begin to argue about Sonny. Carly doesn't want to go for sole custody because she doesn't want to tear Josslyn apart, prompting Alexis to tell Jax that that is exactly what a judge wants to hear. Alexis says that they need to share, because there isn't anything damning enough for either to lose custody. Jason brings up how he didn't try to compromise about Jake but Jax says he did the right thing and wants Carly to do the same. After a call from Dante, Jason talks with Michael and Abby about the woman in custody for Brandon's murder. Michael tells Jason about his and Johnny's working together.  Jason is upset that Michael didn't let him handle it. Jason is at the PCPD where he soon comes face to face with Anthony after his talk with the hitwoman.

May 31, 2011

Jason sees Anthony at the PCPD. Anthony starts talking to Jason about hit woman claiming old man Trejuillo hired her to pit the two families against each. He talks about Michael and Jason gets defensive. Anthony has an offer to make. He wants wants Jason to come work for him. Jason is not happy. Anthony says that Johnny and Michael already having an alliance which gives Jason a reason to keep him up close. Jason likes the job he has. Jason watches Anthony leave police station. Jason is at Sonnyís. Sonny starts talking about Brenda having no concept of boundaries. Sonny tells Jason about Kristina and Ethan. He is trying to be a parent but Brenda is getting in the middle. He called Ethan over and told him to stay away from Kristina but Ethan refused. Jason tells Sonny that he needs to be careful with Kristina. Sonny says he can't handle Kristina like he did Michael. She is like him; she doesnít know any boundaries until someone shuts her down. Jason goes over to see Abby and Michael. He tells them about seeing Anthony talking to the woman that killed Brandon. Jason says the woman has been doing everything on Anthonyís orders. He thinks Johnny could be in on this. Michael says that Jason thinks he let himself be played. Jason thinks that Anthony is playing both of them. He warns Michael to stay away from Anthony and Johnny. Michael asks what if he doesn't.

June 1, 2011

Jason claims that Johnny and Anthony are trying to use Michael against Sonny. Michael pursue the Zaccharas if Jason and Sonny will give him a job. Alexis arrives at the Penthouse excited for the cheering up party she and the girls are throwing Sam. She wants to warn Sam that Molly is reading up on babies and baby names. Jason reaffirms the fact that he will never work for them. Abby tries to intervene and calm Michael down but he thinks Jason is wrong about Johnny. Jason is upset that Michael and Johnny already talked terms. Michael says as long as he agrees, he will work for him. As they prepare for the party, Alexis fills Sam in on Jax and Carly's custody battle but slips up when she says she understands him not wanting his daughter around Sonny and Jason. Although Alexis says she has her concerns, she wants Sam to be happy, even if that means having a baby with Jason. Molly arrives with cupcakes, ready to help Sam with baby names. Michael swears he would never let Johnny use him against them. Jason again tells him that what he is doing is a mistake that will hurt himself and others but he still loves him and will always be there for him. Abby tells Michael he is being selfish. Despite Alexis's efforts, Molly shares her ideas of baby names with Sam. Kristina arrives, shocking Alexis with her new look. An amused Sam and Molly listen as Alexis tells Kristina that Maxie is too old for her to model her clothing after. Kristina tries to compare her heels to Sam's, but Sam wants to stay out of it. Sam pulls Molly aside as she tries to take Kristina's side. Jason arrives and Molly wants a guy's opinion on Kristina's new look. Sam tells them its time to go.  Jason apologizes for breaking up the party. Sam wants to know whats going on. Jason thinks he lost Michael. He tells Sam about running into Elizabeth at Kelly's. He started thinking about if the only way to keep someone safe is to give them up, is it worth it? He fills Sam in on the hitwoman but he is still worried that Michael sees Johnny as a friend. He wants to know if it is worth losing Michael to save him.

June 3, 2011

Jason arrives at the restaurant as Dante is finishing up at the crime scene. Dante asks Jason not to retaliate against Anthony Zacchara because things will just escalate. Dante connects the dots that Anthony hired the hitwoman that killed Brandon then framed Sonny for her murder. Dante wants information from Jason. He doesn't want Jason to kill the Zaccharas to try to save Michael, asking him to let the police handle Anthony. Later, Jax arrives at the restaurant where he again argues with Jason about the custody battle. Jax fills him in on the information he found on Shawn; that he killed one of his own men in Afghanistan. Jason defends his choice to hire Shawn but Jax is upset that he didn't have Spinelli run a proper background check. Jason is upset at the realization, wanting to find information himself. Carly shows up wondering if what Jax is saying about Shawn is true. She tells Jason that Shawn agreed to keep his distance, saying that she can't fight Jax on this right now, because the most important thing is to keep her daughter. Jason is upset with himself but Carly assures him that she felt safer with Shawn there. Jason goes to Sonny, where he tells him Dante is working on the case. Sonny tells him that Brenda and Alec saw the dead hitwoman. Brenda arrives wanting Sonny to retire and Jason to takeover.

June 6, 2011

Brenda tries to convince Sonny to let Jason run the business again so they can have a good life with Alec but he explains that they can't just switch. Jason tells Brenda he is sorry that she and Alec walked in on the dead hitwoman. She says Jason is the only person that could take over but Sonny says he won't put Jason on the spot, although Jason says he will do whatever Sonny wants. At the restaurant, Dante tells Jason about Luke bailing on rehab, asking him to talk to Lucky about reconciling with Luke. Jason refuses to, because he respects Lucky too much to tell him that he doesn't blame Luke. Dante points out that Jason believes it was Luke's arrogance that killed Jake, but he is too arrogant to leave the business to set a better example for Michael. Later Carly comes to the restaurant, Jason tells Carly he spoke to Shawn and plans to put someone else on she and Josslyn. Carly is scared about what Jax will say about Jason and Sonny at the hearing, compared to what he did about something so hard and personal for Shawn. Jason is afraid that he will be the reason she loses Josslyn, but Carly has faith that the judge will see how wonderful he is with Josslyn. He tells Carly about his conversation with Dante, saying maybe he has been arrogant enough to think he can protect the people he cares about. Carly says he is so good and generous.  He wonders if thats true, why he is still in the business.

June 7, 2011

Sam comes into Sonny's office and apologizes for being late. Jason forgot they had dinner plans. Sam asks what's going on. Jason thought he made peace with this business but now he is thinking he should quit. Jason tells Sam about Dante asking him to talk to Lucky and saying that Lukeís arrogance with drinking and driving isnít that much different than what Jason does. Jason tells Sam about when he first got into the business. Sam says that sounds like Michael. Jason thinks heís a hypocrite for telling Michael that the business is wrong when heís still in it. Sam asks if he is wants to do something else. Jason says it might help Carly and Michael. Sam says that Michael is going to make his own decision and some would argue that Michael would be safe if he stayed. Jason is confused.  He thought she might want him to quit. Sam says why because he thinks it would be safer if they had a child. Jason can't run away from his past. He canít deny who he is. Jason thinks maybe its selfish to keep risking himself. Sam thinks sheís selfish because she loves him just the way he is and doesn't want him to change. They talk about how he gave Jake up and he died anyway. Sam wants to him to be sure of what he is choosing and why. Jason asks what she would do. She doesn't see him doing anything ordinary. They talking about traveling the world together but then Sam says she thinks about her family and what Spinelli or Carly would do without her and Jason. She wants him to be true to himself. Jason gets a call from Bernie and has to go. He thanks Sam for listening. Jason says heís not sure about a lot but he is sure about them.

June 8, 2011

At Kelly's, Sam and Abby catch up. They talk about the PI business and Abby's search for a job. Abby asks about Michael, telling Sam she was trying to keep him out of the mob and away from the Zaccharas. After being out all night, Jason arrives at the restaurant where Spinelli shows him the video camera footage of the Zacchara warehouse being burned down. Spinelli thinks Jason was framed but he says otherwise. Abby tells Sam she was just honest with Michael, thinking that if he joins the mob, he will one day regret it. She doesn't want to be another person to police Michael's behavior, but be his safe place. Sam tries to get Abby to go for a job at the MetroCourt but she doesn't want to feel like she is being paid to see Michael, who walks in. Jason tells Spinelli that Anthony has an agenda and that burning the warehouse will piss him off enough to make him strike back, making Johnny realize the cost of war is too high and shutt Anthony down. Jason tells Spinelli he wants a video stream at every one of their properties so they can keep an eye out for Anthony. Spinelli wonders if Jason ever feels he will freeze in the moment, telling him about Maxie choking at Jake's.  Spinelli sees something on his computer and rushes out. Sam says she needs to get to work, leaving Michael and Abby to talk. Kristina arrives at the PI office, hoping Sam will talk to Alexis on her behalf about Ethan. Kristina tells Sam about her time with Ethan but Sam just questions her major crush. Sam tells her it is a bad idea to get involved with a married man, saying she can't believe anything into the divorce papers are signed. Michael shows Jason his acceptance letter to PCU, wondering if he had anything to do with it. Michael says he isn't going to go, so Jason wants to make sure he knows that Johnny is at war with them, telling him about burning down the warehouse. Jason tells him that if he works for Johnny, he becomes a hostage, so he should do something better: college. Michael compares his situation to the one Jason had with the Quartermaines but Jason wants him to realize that Michael isn't him. Sam asks Kristina about Taylor, so she wonders why Sam isn't still with Lucky. Kristina wants Sam to admit that Jason completes her and that her life makes sense because he is in it, but Sam tells her that her life makes sense because she likes herself and is confident. Sam wants Kristina to find who she is but Kristina says her feelings for Ethan are real, just like Sam's for Jason. Sam wants Kristina to be prepared for the possibility that Ethan doesn't feel the way she does. Spinelli daydreams about what it would be like if he and Jason switched places. Sam visits Jason at the restaurant where he wonders why she is smiling. She is just happy to see him all fired up. He wants her to be careful so that Anthony doesn't use her to get to him. Sam is happy that he is back at work, doing what he does best. Jason tells Sam about Michael getting into PCU and he and Johnny, as Sam fills him in on her conversation with Abby. Jason hopes this is a turning point for Michael. Sam wants to know if Jason has decided if he is going to quit but he says there are too many things he has to take care of first.

June 10, 2011

Dante goes to the restaurant, wanting to question Jason about some Zacchara warehouses that were burned down. He wants to know how he expects Michael to want a better life for himself when Jason won't even consider leaving the business. Jason wants to know if he should quit before or after Anthony burns the city down. Dante tells Jason he can't look the other way and that they will be doing his job for him if this escalates. Jason says he didn't start this but Dante wants him to stop it before Michael gets hurt. Lulu goes to Jason, telling him about Lucky looking for Luke. Lulu wants Jason to stay away from him, saying he wouldn't have seen Jake, even if he wasn't drinking. Jason says it doesn't change anything. Lulu wants Jason to admit that he wants to kill Luke as payment for Jake's death. She says she realizes that Luke took away any chance for him to know Jake, apologizing for Luke's taunting him. Jason tells her he isn't going to hurt Luke, because he wants him to suffer by remembering what he did to Jake. As Jason finishes a phone call with Diane, Maxie arrives to apologize for Lulu's visit. She explains to him how she told Lulu it would be a bad idea for Luke to come back to Port Charles because Jason would probably kill him. Maxie talks about how people keep focusing on how Luke was the driver, which seems to overshadow the fact that Jake lost his life, comparing the situation to Georgie's death. Maxie tells him that she thinks she understands what he is going through and she is there if he needs someone to talk to.

June 15, 2011

Sam is at the Lakehouse when Kristina and Molly get back from the graduation. Sam asks where Michael is. Abby goes to see Jason, telling him about the fight that broke out at the graduation. Abby tells Jason that Michael took off and she was hoping that he went to see Jason. Abby is afraid he might not graduate or will violate his parole. Jason says he will handle it.  He has a pretty good idea where he is. As Kristina and Molly fill Sam in, Alexis, Carly, and Morgan arrive. Sam wonders if Michael won't be able to graduate but Carly is just hoping that he isn't arrested for violating his parole. Jason finds Michael on the docks where he vents about what happened. Sonny arrives at the Lakehouse, Michael's diploma in hand. Kristina tells everyone that Michael was defending her when he got into the fight. Kristina leaves to look for Michael. Molly and Morgan are proud of Michael but Alexis wants them to know that what Michael did was not okay. Sam tries to stop the Alexis and Carly's argument. Sonny defends his choice to get Michael's diploma from the Mayor, while Carly says she is proud of both him and Michael. Jason tells Michael he has to keep working on controlling his temper as Michael tells him how Bryce attacked Kristina over Kiefer. Jason wants to know what comes next for Michael and tells him that he and Sam got Michael and Abby a trip to Europe. Michael doesn't want to leave now. Jason offers to get Michael a job at the coffee warehouse. He accepts but says he still plans to prove himself. Carly defends Michael's choice to hit Bryce but Alexis doesn't agree on his tactics. Sonny brings up how Kristina went to the Domincan Republic with Ethan. Sam interjects, saying Michael and Kristina are adults now and they have to deal with the consequences of their own actions. Michael arrives at the Lakehouse to a warm welcome. Kristina shows up with Ethan in tow. Michael apologizes to her for ruining the graduation. Alexis wants them to all say something nice about the graduates. Alexis tells Kristina how much she loves her. Carly tells Michael how proud she is of him, giving him his diploma. Sonny tells them how proud he is to be their dad. Sam toasts to Michael and Kristina. Sam goes home to Jason with sandwiches and cake sent from Molly. Jason wants to know about the party. Sam fills him in on how proud everyone was of Michael. She tells him how she had to step in and stop the Alexis, Sonny and Carly's fight by telling them to find a way to start to let go. Sam doesn't know how she and Jason would react if they were the ones who had to make that decision.

June 16, 2011

Jason and Spinelli at the Penthouse talking about his book.  Jason will not give permission to be in the sequel.  Sam comes down the stairs and starts to haul Spinelli out to a stakeout.  Jason is concerned that she is going back to work too soon. Spinelli apologizes for not thinking to cover for her. Sam tells them both she is going. Jason volunteers to go in Sam's place.  Sam and Spinelli are surprised. Spinelli gets excited but Sam tells him he should save the reunion with Jason for a more important case. Jason reiterates that he will go but Sam says it won't work because Jason will have to be undercover as a waiter. Sam and Spinelli go to leave.  Jason doesn't want her to go but she assures him she will be fine. Elizabeth comes to the Penthouse worried about Lucky. She wants Jason to talk to Lucky to try to lessen his guilt.  Jason says Liz is the one who can help Lucky but she doesn't think so. He tells her there has never been anyone else for Lucky but her. Sam and Spinelli come into the ER.  Patrick and Robin join them while Spinelli is talking about Sam doubling over in pain.  Sam tells Robin she just had a little cramping.  Robin thinks Sam is pregnant because of Spinelli's babbling. Jason tells Elizabeth to go to Lucky and be honest. He reminds her that that is what went wrong with them the first time. She says there is more to the truth than how she feels.  Jason advises her to tell Lucky everything. She is afraid she is too late.

June 17, 2011

Despite Sam's protests, Patrick brings her a wheelchair. Although Sam doesn't think anything is wrong, Robin wants to call Dr. Lee and sets her up in a room. Spinelli goes to call Jason but Sam stops him, saying she will call him if she needs to. Liz talks to Jason about how Luke leaving just makes Jake's death even worse for Lucky. She is worried about him. Sam tells Robin about the cramping. Robin wants to know if there is a chance she could be pregnant. Sam says technically its possible. Robin is ordering a pregnancy test. Jason wants to know why Liz is feeling sympathy towards Luke, upset that she isn't angrier about Luke killing Jake. Liz says that Luke has always showed her compassion, even after she slept with Nikolas. Liz tells Jason how Lucky went to find Luke but he turned him away. She is afraid Lucky's heart will harden. Jason says he can't stop it; she is the only one. Spinelli and Maxie visit with Sam, with Spinelli excited over the prospect of a baby "Stone-Samantha." They leave to get her a smoothie. Jason says his first instinct is to make things better like when Lucky was addicted to pills but he shouldn't have gotten involved. He says he can't regret that pain,because it got him even five minutes with his son. She is paged to the hospital. Sam calls to tell Jason she is in the hospital but tries to get him to stay calm. She tells him about her cramps and he wants to rush over there but she tells him she will let him know if there is any problems. She tells him they are running bloodtests, an ultrasound and a pregnancy test. Nikolas checks in on Sam after hearing she was admitted. While on the phone with Jason, the alarms go off signaling the hospital is on lockdown. Jason rushes to General Hospital, trying to get in. Ronnie, Mac, and Dante arrive on the scene wondering why he is there. He tells them how he was on the phone with Sam who heard gunshots inside. Sam tells Nikolas that she is happy she is trapped with him and not Spinelli. She tells him how Spinelli wants she and Jason to have a baby. They talk about the timing of everything, as Nikolas brings up the comparison to he and Liz having Aiden. He tells her all the mistakes he made with Spencer, he has avoided with Aiden because he has finally realized what it means to be a father. Dante, Mac, Ronnie, and Jason are on the phone with Lucky, who fills them in on the hostage situation with Lisa.

June 20, 2011

Lucky tells Jason, Mac, Dante, and Ronnie that although Lisa only took four hostages, Spinelli ended up in the conference room. Ronnie is upset that Spinelli went and got himself shot rather than try to lift the lockdown. Lucky is trying to override the system but he needs a six digit code to disarm it. Ronnie wants to call the swat team but Mac refuses, saying the goal is to get everyone out safely. Dante says the best way in is through the door on the roof, asking Jason to go with him. Ronnie doesn't like the idea of Jason going, saying if he goes, he will bust him for obstruction of justice. Jason says he is getting Sam and Spinelli out of there. He and Dante take off. Dante tells Jason that although he is always on his case about being a good role model to Michael, if he gets a good shot to take it. Jason and Dante meet up with Lucky who is still trying to lift the lockdown. Lucky can't figure out what the code could be, so Jason suggests he try Jake's birthday which works. They discuss options. Jason wants to charge in but they don't want to risk hurting the hostages. Jason is worried that the longer it takes, the worse Spinelli could get. Liz arrives with the news that Siobhan is out of surgery. Lucky leaves. Dante wants to try his way first then they will go with Jason's plan. Dante calls into the conference room. Maxie tells him Spinelli has been shot. Dante wants to make a deal but Lisa refuses. Jason says its his turn. Lisa continues her rant on the hostages, saying they are all guilty of trying to destroy her. Jason and Dante charge the room as Lisa's gun goes off, grazing Patrick. She grabs Robin, demanding they put their guns down or she will be killed. Jason and Dante keep their guns aimed. Lisa throws Robin into the room and runs. Dante takes her down, cuffing her in the conference room. Robin tends to Patrick as Jason, Steve, and Dante lift Spinelli onto the gurney. Robin calls Matt to meet them in the ER. Jason watches as Spinelli is prepped for surgery.

June 21, 2011

Jason, Dante and Maxie watch as Spinelli is wheeled into surgery. Jason rushes up to Sam outside Siobahn's room, hugging her and telling her he has been looking for her.  He wants to know about the cramps. Sam assures him she is okay.  She realizes he came to rescue her from the hostage crisis. Jason updates her on Spinelli. They nervously assure each other that he will be okay.  Sam blames herself because she was at the hospital and didn't know to try to help him. Jason tells her she didn't know what was happening. He tells her that the cops didn't even know.  She is surprised the cops let him help.  He credits Dante. Sam says that the cramps weren't that bad but that Spinelli wanted to make sure she was okay.  She tells Jason that he wants them to have a baby so bad that he has convinced himself that she is pregnant. Jason asks about the pregnancy test.  Sam doesn't know and she is not worried about that, she is worried about Spinelli. They reminesce about meeting Spinelli.  Robin comes with the pregancy test results. Sam is not pregnant.  She and Jason look disappointed as Sam thanks Robin. Robin leaves. Jason and Sam hug sadly. Jason and Sam are at Spinelli's bedside with Maxie.  Maxie is telling them how heroic Spinelli was. Maxie has a gumshoe fantasy.  She holds Spinelli's hand and tells him he is braver than Jason. Jason and Sam leave to give them privacy.

June 23, 2011

Maxie pounding on the Penthouse door and yelling.  Sam lets her in. She wants to see Jason because Spinelli has turned into Jackal PI. Jason comes to see Spinelli and is surprised to find him acting like the character from his book. Sam and Maxie discuss Spinelli. Jason wants Spinelli to focus and to bring back the $20 million dollars that he sent into cyberspace.  Spinelli thinks Jason is joking and says he doesn't know about computers. Jason gives Spinelli the computer and wants him to try. Sam and Maxie come in. Jason pulls Sam out of the room. Jason wants to know what she can do to bring Spinelli back. Sam thinks it's harmless but Jason says he needs Spinelli back now. Sam shows Spinelli programs he made while he moons over Maxie. He still doesn't know about computers. He talks about being a man of action. Jason is at the Penthouse on the phone about the missing money.  Edward knocks. He wants Michael to work at ELQ. Jason tells him if he wants Michael to work for him, he needs to talk to Michael. Edward wants Jason's support but Jason doesn't think he has that much influence. Edward reminds Jason that Michael has been paying for Jason's choices his whole like and that this is Jason's chance to make things right. Sam wants to discuss cases to try to jog Spinelli's memory but Spinelli thinks his talent is being wasted on cheating spouses.  He wants something juicer like kidnapping amd murder.  Sam reminds him that he was worried about her taking chances and asks if he no longer wants her to get pregnant. He says that's up to her but it would be a waste of a good partner. He says he will take on the mean streets solo.  Jason goes to see Sonny about Michael and the ELQ job offer. Jason thinks it is a good idea but Sonny is worried the Quartermaines destroying Michael like they did to AJ.

June 24, 2011

Jason tells Sonny that Michael is nothing like AJ. Sonny is worried that Edward will turn Michael against them,but Jason counters that Johnny would do the same thing. Sonny wants him to work at the warehouse. Jason wants him as far away from the business as possible. Jason thinks that as long as they are in the business, they are not in the position to give Michael a better life. He tells Sonny that Michael could learn a lot from ELQ. Sonny doesn't regret taking Michael from the Quartermaines and doesn't want Michael to be pulled into a power struggle. Jason tries telling him that Michael won't be put in that situation because he doesn't care what the Quartermaines think, he just wants his and Sonny's respect. Sonny doesn't want to risk Michael getting too close to Edward because Edward blames Sonny from taking Jason and Michael from him. Jason wants to give him options. Sonny agrees that it would be better to lose Michael to Edward than to their lifestyle. Jason runs into Johnny at Kelly's where he tells him about his run-in with Michael. Johnny says his choice could end up causing more damage than he thinks because Sonny and Anthony are volatile and Michael was the only chance to keep the peace. Jason arrives to see Edward, telling him that Michael is old enough to make his own decisions and he will respect that. Michael and Abby show up and Michael confronts Edward about his job offer. Michael agrees to take the job as long as Abby gets to work there too.

June 27, 2011

Michael says that as long as Edward keeps his word as far as Abby is concerned, he will work at ELQ for the summer. Edward wants to know when he can start. He tells him as soon as Jason says he is okay with it. Jason agrees with Abby that Michael should make this decision based on what he wants. Michael wants the pros and the cons. Jason tells him that Edward's love for him is genuine and wants to see him succeed, but he will try to control him based on what he thinks is his for his own good. Jason says to let him know what he decides and leaves. Carly visits Jason, freaking out that Jax had Brenda holding Josslyn. Jason is glad she kept her cool, then informs her that Michael is working for ELQ for the summer. Carly is totally against it but Jason tries to tell her that it will remove Michael from any aspect of the business. Carly is worried that Edward will get in Michael's ear, trashing her to him. Jason wants her to realize that it will keep Michael safe which is most important. Abby goes to talk to Jason, worried about how the Quartermaines will affect Michael. She wonders where she will be if Michael decides that he wants to be the Quartermaine heir. Jason says she'll be with Michael, only richer. She is afraid she will be the first casualty. Jason reassures her that Michael won't feel that way. Jason tells her to talk to Michael if the ELQ job is bugging her. He tells her about how he stole Michael from the Quartermaines when he was a baby and now this is Edward's chance to steal him back. Although he has thought about stopping it, Jason says that if Michael decides to live his life as a Quartermaine, it will make him safe. He compares Michael to Jake, wondering if it is worth losing Michael to keep him safe.

June 28, 2011

Jason and Abby talk about Michael.  She asks about his first love and he says they broke up over Michael.  She knows some of the story and Jason fills in the blanks. Abby thinks Jason is sending Michael to ELQ as a way of apologizing for taking him. Later, Carly comes to the Penthouse upset that she made a mistake in trying to keep Michael from going to ELQ. She wants him to talk Michael out of it but he refuses. Sam goes to Elizabeth's house because Elizabeth called her.  She wants Sam to give to Jason some of Jake's things for her. Elizabeth starts to get upset and Sam wants to call someone. Elizabeth blames herself for everything because of her lies.  Sam tells her that was a long time ago. Elizabeth tells her Lucky is Aiden's father and Nik won't believe her. Sam tries to reassure her and advise her. Jason asks Carly if she could go back would she do things differently.  Carly gets defensive. She is worried that Edward will ruin Michael like he did AJ.  Jason disagrees. She is afraid Michael will hater her.  Jason assures her that will never happen. Sam comes home and tells Jason about what happened at Elizabeth's.  She tells him what she told Elizabeth and he says that was smart.  She says she was speaking from experience when they fell apart and how she had to find her way back to him.  He asks if she ever wonders why she bothered with all the damage they did to each other. He asks why she didn't just write him off. Sam says she tried but that knew she could never hate him.  He wants to know how she knew that. She says when she is with him she can be herself.  He says that's because she is perfect. They hug. Sam wants to ask Jason a question and wants his first answer, no editing. She asks how he felt when he heard about the pregnancy test. He says he thought it would be cool.  That was what she wanted to hear.  They kiss.

June 30, 2011

Jason comes to the PI office upset that Spinelli left the hospital.  Spinelli has business to take care of but eventually admits that it is not a case but Maxie. He did not like seeing her and Matt together.  Jason wants to take him back to the hospital.  He says Maxie can nurse him if she finds him. Jason tries to talk sense to him but Spinelli thinks Jason wants him out of the way so he and Sonny can do business. Sonny comes to the Penthouse upset that Jax subpeoned Brenda. He thinks Jax is trying to wreck his marriage. They discuss Brenda's and its possible effects on Sonny's marriage. Jason says Sonny can't keep Brenda from testifying. Sonny says he can make sure Carly keeps her daughter.  Jason warns him that if he does anythng to Jax it will cause more problems in his marriage. Maxie comes to the Penthouse about Spinelli leaving the hospital. She wants Jason to do something.  He says he tried.  Maxie wants him to keep Spinelli busy and out of trouble while he works through his delusion.

July 1, 2011

Jason and Maxie continue to argue about Spinelli. He thinks the Spinelli they know is out of reach. Maxie feels that its all her fault but Jason assures her that Spinelli got his wish: he is a hero and saved the woman he loves. Maxie says she realizes why Sam is in love with him and that he is just warm and squishy inside. Maxie tells him to propose to Sam. She says that she doesn't believe in marriage for herself but Sam wants to get married. Jason wants to know how she knows that. She tells him its just simple logic. Sonny calls Jason to help him with Spinelli. At Sonny's, Jason takes Spinelli's gun as Sonny rants about how Spinelli lost his money. Jason brings Spinelli back to the Penthouse where he fills Sam in on what happened with Sonny. Jason warns Spinelli to stay away from Sonny. After Jason refuses to give him back his gun, Spinelli leaves. Sam and Jason talk about what is going on with Spinelli. When Sam mentions Maxie, Jason asks her if Maxie makes good points and is perceptive about her. Jason tells Sam that Maxie told him that Sam loves him and says he loves her too. Jason starts to ramble, confusing Sam as he talks about something she may want that he hasn't considered, although he did when they were together before. Sam thinks he is talking about a baby but then realizes he is talking about marriage.

July 6, 2011

Carly arrives at the Penthouse where she tells Jason that Jax subpoenaed Sonny, Brenda, Michael and Morgan to testify in the custody case. She wants him to be prepared because Jax will use Jake against him. Jason and Carly are both worried about Morgan but Jason assures her that Michael can handle it. Carly is afraid that the court will side with Jax but Jason assures her that they won't. She wants Jason to promise to never let her get married again. Sam arrives at the Penthouse with coffee and bagels. Jason offers to help her at work since she is covering for Spinelli. She declines, saying he has his hands full and they talk about Jax and Carly's custody case. Jason tells her that Carly doesn't want to ever get married again. Jason and Sam discuss marriage. Jason says two people really have to know each other if a marriage will work but Sam brings up that 50% of marriages end in divorce. He thinks it depends on the couple. He assures her that they aren't like Carly and Jax, wanting to know what she wants. She lets him know she doesn't need a piece of paper and they discuss his past marriages. She accepts him and likes their life just the way it is.

July 7, 2011

Sam tells Jason she is happy the way things are and she doesn't need a piece of paper to tell her he loves her. He says if that is how she feels. She asks if that is how he feels. Jason loves her and he can't imagine there ever being anyone else.  Sam wants to leave it that way.  She doesn't want him to change for her. He says they accept each other the way they are. She agrees saying people don't need a grand gesture to show how they feel. He just wants her to be happy.  She says she is.  He asks if she feels like something is missing. She doesn't and asks if he does. He asks how she feels about marriage then apologizes for asking. She says she is afraid and talks about the con marriages in her past. He acknowledges that she has a bad association with marriage.  She asks how he feels about it. He admits his marriage was mostly bad.  She doesn't want to risk what they have. He understand her not wanting to get married, especially to him with his bad history and his job.  She has no problem with him or his job. He doesn't want to push her into something she doesn't want but is worried she is holding back.  She assures him she is not. She doesn't want to pressure him. He doesn't feel pressured he just doesn't want the past to keep them from something they might want. Maxie is at Kelly's arguing on the phone with Spinelli. Sam comes in and joins her. Sam is upset and wants to know what she did make Jason think she wanted to get married. She says that because of Maxie Jason won't shut up about marriage. Maxie is excited because she thinks they are getting married. Jason goes to Sonny's about the shooting. Jason says the shooter was trying to scare Brenda not hurt her. Sonny says someone is sending a message and they need to send one back. Sam tells Maxie they are not getting married. Jason had to leave before they got to that. Maxie thinks Jason is building up to asking. Sam does not think Jason is the marrying kind. Maxie asks if Sam loves him and wants to wake up with him for the rest of her life.  Sam does.  Maxie asks where the baby fits it.  Sam asks what baby and says Maxie is absurd.  Maxie points out how committed they are to each other. Sam wants her to stop but Maxie wants her to get married and put everyone out of their misery.  Jason is the Penthouse setting the site on his sniper rifle.  Carly comes.  She is afraid Jax is going to win because Sonny threatened Jax in front of the mediator. They talk about the shooting. Carly says it could have been her and Joss and asks if Jax is right. He says the pain of losing her mother would outweigh the danger for Joss.  She looks at the rifle and asks him not to do what he is about to do.

July 11, 2011

Jason arrives at the courthouse where Sonny fills him in on the hearing and tells him that Brenda is testifying. Sonny brings up how danger is a big topic for him now that Sam can get pregnant but they have to put that aside to help Carly. Jason and Sonny discuss how Jax plans to take Josslyn but Sonny thinks he is out to take Brenda too. Jason doesn't think Jax needs Brenda to prove that their lives aren't safe. Sonny tells Jason there is no police record of the shooting the previous night but Brenda later tells Jason that she told the judge about it. Jason wants her to think about how it would make her feel if someone tried to take Alec. Jason thinks she was just trying to get back at Carly. Jason Sonny, and Carly talk about Brenda's testimony and Sonny fills Jason in on his. Carly tells them the mediator had it out for her so she thinks Jax paid her off. Sonny and Jason question Carly about the mediator. Sonny tells Jason to take Carly home, that he will make it right. At the Penthouse, Jason and Carly discuss what Sonny might do. Carly is afraid Jax will win and get Josslyn another mother. Jason tries to keep Carly calm, saying that things can still change and that Sonny won't fail her.

July 12, 2011

Sam is at the office on the phone with a client. Spinelli come in and hangs up on her call talking about getting the goods on Anthony. Maxie comes to Penthouse and tells Jason he bring Spinelli back to normal by proposing to Sam. Sam wants to know why Spinelli is after Anthony.  He says Anthony is after him and takes out a box of bullets. Sam tells him to stop because Anthony is dangerous and psychotic. Spinelli brags about intimidating Sonny. Sam tries to placate him but Spinelli leaves to go to Jason's and get his gun. Maxie wants to work on the proposal. Jason starts to put her off so she tells him about Spinelli and Anthony and says he needs to propsoe right away. Jason says one has nothing to do with the other. She thinks that Spinelli wants them to get married so bad that the joy of hearing about it will bring him back. Sam is on the phone apologizing to the client about Spinelli hanging up.  Maxie comes in and hangs up on the client again. Sam is angry but Maxie says she will be happy when she hears what she has to say. Sam says she will be happy if Maxie found a way to get Spinelli back.  Maxie says she found a way to fix Spinelli and make Jason propose. Sam wants to know what she did. Spinelli comes to the Penthouse and demands his gun. Jason says no and tells him to stay away from Anthony.  Spinelli heads out to buy a gun on the streets. Jason stops him and asks what he thinks about him and Sam getting married. Sam and Maxie argue about the proposal.  Sam says they are not getting married and they only discussed it because of Maxie. She says Jason does not want to get married. Maxie disagrees and says her main concern is Spinelli anyway. Maxie thinks that curing Spinelli is the only way to keep him alive and that Jason and Sam getting married is the cure. Sam says her and Jason like their life and they are not getting married. Jason asks Spinelli what he thinks about him proposing to Sam. Spinelli calls him a sap and tells him to find another girl to marry because he needs Sam at the office. Sam comes home upset about Maxie pushing marriage on them. Jason wants to forget up Maxie and talk about Sam's feelings. She says they already talked about it.  He says they talked around it. She doesn't think they would have ever talked about it if not for Maxie. He says that when something is important to her she acts like she doesn't want it because she is afraid if she gets it, it will be taken away. She says they got engaged before because they thought he was going to die. He corrects her that he asked her to marry him because he loves her. She says they never got married instead things fell apart. He talks about how brave Sam is so why is she afraid to take the next step.  He asks if she is afraid he is going to lie to her or hurt her again. She says they have put that behind them. He takes her hand and asks her to trust him and tell him what she wants. She wants them to spend the reat of their lives together just like they are. He says they can have more than that. He loves her and it is just not enough to say it, he wants to prove it to her. Maxie starts pounding on the door and yelling about Jackal PI.  Jason yells through the door for her to go away. She yells that Spinelli is going after Anthony with a gun.

July 13, 2011

Maxie interrupts Jason and Sam with the news that Jackal PI is going after Anthony Zacchara. When Jason arrives on the docks, Anthony is holding a gun on Spinelli. Anthony warns Jason that next time, he won't be so generous as far as Spinelli is concerned and leaves. After a call from Jason, Sam fills Maxie in on what happened with Spinelli. They talk about how they can help him. Maxie wants to know what she walked in on between Jason and Sam. Sam admits that she is terrified of ruining what she and Jason have. Jason brings Spinelli back to the PI office, where Jason offers to hire him. Jason tells Spinelli he has a surveillance job for him: a bakery that he is convinced is a front. Sam talks to Maxie about how she and Jason have been through so much and now that they found their way back to each other, she is scared to mess it up. Jason fills Sam in on Spinelli and Anthony. Sam tells him that Maxie went to find Spinelli, so its just the two of them. Jason tells her about the fake job he gave Spinelli. At the PI office, Sam tells Spinelli she won't be getting married anytime soon. At the Penthouse, Jason assures Maxie the case is fake and Sam will be watching Spinelli. Jason admits to her that he is going to propose to Sam, but has to make sure he does it the right way.

July 15, 2011

At the restaurant, Jason interrupts Sonny and Brenda needing to talk business. Brenda wants to stay but they both tell her no. Jason lets Brenda know he doesn't like what she did at the hearing, but Sonny maintains that its Jax's fault for putting her in that position. Brenda tries to defend Jax, but Jason isn't hearing it. When Brenda leaves, Sonny tells Jason there is no reason to be mad at Jax when you've already gotten even. Sonny fills Jason in on how Jax paid off the mediator and tells him his plans for Jax. Jason is worried that Brenda is not going to take it well, but Sonny says he can handle it. After a call from Carly, Jason shows up to tell her that she is about to get full custody. Carly tells him how she left Morgan with Josslyn and now they are both gone. When Jason returns from a search empty-handed, Carly freaks, afraid that someone grabbed them. Molly and Morgan send Carly an email, pretending to be Anthony. Jason and Carly realize that it is Morgan and Molly trying to blackmail her and Jax back together.

July 18, 2011

Jason tries to reassure Carly that at least they know its only the kids. She is afraid of Jax finding out and ruining her chances at a custody agreement. Jason doesn't want her to bust Morgan yet because he is afraid they might take Josslyn and run. Jason and Carly run into Kristina and Ethan at Kelly's and fill them in on Molly and Morgan taking Josslyn. After recruiting Ethan and Kristina to the search, Jason and Carly talk to Michael about the situation. He tells them about Jax being arrested and how he wants Carly to bail him out. Jason warns Carly not to let Jax bully her into getting involved when she had nothing to do with the frame up. When the kids return home, Jason takes Josslyn to the nursery. Jason gets back just in time to overhear Carly getting the call that the judge made a custody decision. Jax arrives at the house upset about what happened, saying he doesn't believe that Carly had nothing to do with it.

July 19, 2011

Sam shows Jason the story about Jax arrest.  They discuss what Sonny and Jax did. They also talk about the effect it could have on Sonny's marriage. Then they talk about Jax and how he went to far involving Michael and Morgan but couldn't have guessed how hard Sonny was going to hit back. Jason says Carly didn't either and she is not going to be okay with it.  Molly knocks and Sam lets her in.  She thinks her plan was wrong but the goal of getting Carly and Jax back together was right. She asks if Sonny set up Jax. Jason say he can't answer that.  Sam says Jason had nothing to do with it.  Molly says that Sonny did and lays out her logic for why. Jason says that they all want what's best for Joss but something people get so caught up in being right they forget what is important and Molly says that Joss needs both her parents.  Jason and Sam agree. Sam says that they should have found a way to compromise. Molly says now they hate each other.  Sam explains that break-ups can be really complicated and painful.  Molly says it is proof that love is a lie. Sam brings up her books and asks if she thinks none of those people loved each other. Molly says love is like unicorns, dragons or wizards, wonderful to read about but not real.  She uses Alexis' love life as her example. She says if love was real it would last. Sam looks at Jason and says for some people it does. Molly goes back to Jax and Carly and Sonny and Brenda.  Jason interupts to tell her sometimes things don't work out but it doesn't mean that they weren't in love. He looks at Sam and tells Molly love does exist and she will know it when she finds it.  She says he and Sam are proof that love lasts but then says she probably just jinxed it by saying that. Sam says love doesn't always happen like it does in books. She says she and Jason have had their problems and that they thought that they were over but if they had given up on love they wouldn't be where they are right now. Molly says she always thought that love was magical and could overcome anything and that Jason and Sam's has and that it is remarkable.  Molly asks what if you never find love at all and Sam tells her the biggest mistake people make is searching when they should just let it happen.  She assures Molly she will fall in love someday and it will better than she ever imagined. Later, Jason comes up behind Sam and hugs her, asking if she has to work tonight. Sam says that things are quiet and that Spinelli's bakery stakeout is their biggest case.  They talk about Spinelli's case. Jason says he will deal with Spinelli and asks if she has plans for tonight.  Sam says no. He wants to take her to dinner on the roof with the great waterviews. Sam asks what he is up to.

July 20, 2011

Sam is surprised that Jason wants to have dinner with her on a roof. He tells her the place and asks if she will come. Sam mentions just eating at the Penthouse but Jason wants it to be special. When Jason won't tell Sam anything about his plans, she talks about how matter of fact he is, and continues pushing him for details. After realizing she will have to go to the roof for answers, Sam agrees to the dinner. As he pushes her out the door, Jason tells her to wear what makes her feel beautiful. They kiss. Jason calls Maxie over to help him set up the perfect proposal. Maxie says she will set the entire thing up then freaks when he doesn't have a ring. After putting plans in motion, Maxie tells Jason he has to wear a blue shirt to match his eyes. Maxie wants Jason to practice what he is going to say on her, but they are interrupted by a jeweler, who at first mistakes them as a couple. Maxie is looking through the rings, when Jason finds the perfect one. Sam visits Alexis, wanting to know if she ever wishes she wasn't raising Kristina and Molly alone. They talk about love and Sam tells her about Molly's visit. Alexis figures out that she and Jason are talking about settling down. After getting Jason to change shirts, Maxie takes the ring onto the balcony to view it in natural light. Within a moment, the ring falls off her finger and over the balcony.

July 21, 2011

Jason and Maxie are looking over the balcony but can't see where the ring went.  They rush out to find it.  Sam and Alexis talking about Jason's potential proposal. Alexis wants Sam to be happy but has concerns about Jason's job. Sam feels completely safe emotionally with Jason. Alexis says she is envious and she gives Sam her blessing. They hug.  Kristina comes in and Alexis tells her about the engagment.  Kristina squeals and runs to hug Sam. Jason and Maxie with flashlights digging in the bushes.  Maxie keeps apologizing.  She says he doesn't have time to replace it before he proposes.  He doesn't think he needs a ring to propose; she thinks he should wait until he gets another ring. Jason on the roof with a beautiful candlelit dinner set up. Sam comes asking if she is late.  He says she is perfect. Sam comments on his shirt and he tells her he can wear blue if she wants.  She doesn't want him to change a thing for her. Jason talks about what Sam means to him.  She says candles and dinners have nothing to so with real love.  He says tonight they do. Jason says he never got the connection between things like jewlery to symbolize what is in your heart but that without the symbols you start taking things for granted and he has done that to her because he counts on their future together but never said the words or asked how she feels. Jason says there is no point to holding yourself back from what you really want and brings up how he wanted to tell Jake that he really loved him and was his father but he never got the chance. He learned from what he lost and he will never take time or love for granted again. Jason takes her hands and tells he how much he loves her and asks her to marry him. Sam says that she didn't know love was before she met him and he changed everything for her.  He asks if that is a yes and she says she needs to answer in her own way.  She talks about how they were engaged before but she needed him and didn't know who she was without him and that is why she fell apart when they broke up. He asks if it is different now.  She says yes, that she does not need to be married so if he asking because it will make her happy, she is already happy. She wants what they have for the rest of her life and doesn't care about the ceremony or ring or dress. She just wants him. He says she has him for the rest of his life but if it is okay with her, he still wants them to get married. She says weddings are complicated and Kristina is already deciding where they should get married.  He is surprised she told Kristina they were getting married.  She says she told Alexis who told Kristina.  He asks if she told them the answer and if he should call them. She says she can answer on her own and then says yes. They kiss.  Then he tells there is a problem. He tells her Maxie lost the ring and said he couldn't ask Sam without a ring so he had to find a substitute. He pulls out a lugnut and shows it to her.  She asks him to put it on her finger and he does. He says it is just until they get the real ring and she can pick whatever she wants.  She says she has everything she wants. She can't believe they are getting married.  He tells her to believe it and they kiss again.

July 26, 2011

Jason and Sam looking over the balcony.  She wishes she could have seen his face when Maxie dropped the ring.  Jason says she will find it. They go inside.  Sam likes the ring she has; it is unconventional like them. They start to kiss but Monica knocks.  Sam goes upstairs.  Monica knows about Jake being kept out of thier lives and wants to know how Jason let it happen. He says they did it to protect everyone. Monica doesn't want retribution, she just wants answers. Monica says Jake was 4 and talks about when Jason was 4. She says she lost that little boy and then she lost the bigger boy in a car accident. She wants him to know what that loss meant to her and Alan. He knows but he thought he was doing what was right for him. She asks about him giving Michael to Carly and Jake to Elizabeth.  He thought he was doing what was right for them.  Monica asks what about what was right for them. What about them making some decisons; what right does Jason have to do all that. She says if he wanted to make life and death decisions he should have been the doctor he was going to be and then maybe they wouldn't be mourning a little boy. Jason doesn't know what to say.  They sit down and Monica gives him a picture of himself when he was 4 with his big wheel. He says he thought Jake would be safer with Lucky and Liz.  She asks about Michael. He says he helped bring Michael back. She says for however long it will last when so much has already been lost. She is done talking about it for now. She says if he ever wants to talk she is a good listener and she leaves. Sam comes down while Jason is looking at the picture and talks about Danny's big wheel.  Jason tells her the picture is him.  Sam knows; she was listening. She asks if he is okay but the door knocks before he can answer. Elizabeth hugs Jason and says she had no where else to go. She sees Sam and says she shouldn't be there.  Sam tells her to stay and goes to get her something to drink. Elizabeth apologizes but says that the guilt over losing Jake just won't stop.  She says that Lucky's wife said that she killed her son and is using his death to lure Lucky into a love trap. Jason says she wouldn't do that.  She says she does crazy things when she feels alone and lost like she did with him.  Sam comes back with water for Elizabeth. Elizabeth sees the lugnut and Sam explains that it is kind of an engagement ring.  Elizabeth is shocked that Jason is getting married.  Sam starts to explain about the ring but stops and says that they are getting married but haven't really told anyone yet. Elizabeth congratulates then and goes to leave because she is intruding. They says she is not but she says she needs to stop leaning on the men in her past, all her kid's fathers.  Then she says that sounds bad.  Sam tells her not to let other people define, label and judge her or she will start judging herself, that they all have things they wish they had done differently.  They can just take responsibiity when it is theirs to take and that Elizabeth is not responsible for Jake's death.  Sam says we lean on places we know will hold us up and that is why Liz is there and she understands that. Sam goes upstairs.  Liz tells Jason Sam's words  helped.  Liz wants him to tell Sam she said thank you.  He says she doesn't have to go. She says she does because she keeps telling herself she is not going to do this.  He says they hae a connection and Liz says he was so much more than that. She leaves. Jason picks up the picture.  Sam comes down and apologizes for blurting out the engagement. He says it was fine and what she said after helped.  He says Elizabeth needs to find the person she used to be and he thinks she can do it.  He puts the picture down and says not all of us can.  Later Jason is on the balcony.  Sam comes out with the picture and asks how he is doing. He is trying to get his mind back to where it was earlier, looking ahead instead of feeling loss and regret.  Sam says she keeps looking at the picture and it reminds her that he has a motorcylce. She asks if he wants to take her for a ride.  He says for old times sake.  She says for that and for the boy in the picture. They head out.

July 28, 2011

Jason is coming down the stairs as Sam is coming in off the balcony fanning herelf. He asks if she wants him to turn up the air. She says it is okay since he doesn't like the air.  He is turns it up saying she shouldn't be uncomfortable but she says it is one of the adjustments they are going to have to make. He hugs her from behind and takes her hand to play with the lugnut. He says he is giving Maxie one more day. Later, Alexis comes over. She hugs Sam saying how happy she is for her. Alexis says that since she will be Jason's mother-in-law they should probably hug and they have a really awkward hug. Alexis is practically hyperventilating while saying how happy she is.  Sam asks if she is alright and Jason asks if she needs a glass of water.  Alexis wants to hear about the proposal then notices there is no ring. Jason point out the lugnut.  Jason and Sam acts like it is the real ring while Alexis tries to cover her dismay with polite remarks.  Sam tells her they are kidding and Maxie lost the real ring. Sam tells her how wonderful the proposal was.  Alexis is happy for her but wants to speak to Jason. Sam goes to the kitchen. Alexis tells Jason she doesn't think this is a good idea anymore. She thinks marriage will change things between them and ruin what they have. Jason disagrees. Sam peeks in.  Alexis talks about how now they have their own space and be themselves.  Jason asks if she is okay.  She is not. Sam comes in and gives Alexis a brown bag and says she knew this was coming as soon Alexis came in the door. Sam wants a word with Alexis so Jason goes into the kitchen. Alexis is breathing into the bag.  Sam taps her on the shoulder and informs her that they are getting married. Sam understands that Alexis is giving them the benefit of her own experience but its not necessary.  They talk about how Alexis believes things will always go wrong in a relationship and Sam wants her to give herself the chance. Alexis says how did you get to be so smart and Sam says she has a great mother. Sam asks if she is okay.  She says she is much better but she is still worried about her and Jason.  She leaves. Jason comes out of the kitchen and Sam says welcome to having a mother-in-law.  Jason adjusting the theromstat to make it cooler.  He goes out on the blacony where Sam is and hugs her from behind.  Sam talks about Alexis' visit and teasing her about the ring.  Jason asks Sam if she thinks its true that things will change. She thinks things will change but that they will still be unconventional. He kisses her cheek and holds her close.

August 1, 2011

Jason tells Sam that Maxie is still looking for the engagement ring. She asks him if she is going to get it at the engagement party. He is shocked to hear there is a party but says he can handle it as long as they are together. They kiss and Carly interrupts. Jason and Sam say they aren't hiding their engagement but Carly is upset about how many people know before her. Carly wants to talk to Jason alone but Jason tells her anything she has to say she can say in front of them both. Sam thinks Carly is just shocked that she and Jason are getting married and that she didn't screw it up. Jason just wants Carly to show he and Sam consideration. They want her to respect them the way they respect her. Carly refuses to be happy about it. Jason questions how this is different than them having a baby; Sam says marriage is more of an emotional commitment and Carly feels replaced. Jason lets Carly know that they need boundaries because Sam is first for him. Carly leaves. Jason tells Sam that he doesn't want Carly to feel like he is choosing Sam over her but he is. Maxie tells Jason and Sam that she and Jackal PI found the ring in the sewer. Maxie tells Jason she will have the ring cleaned and give it to him but he owes her. Jason agrees to a favor for Maxie, sealing the deal by kissing Sam.

August 3, 2011

Jason visits Sonny with an update. Sonny says if its about business, he'll listen, but if its about the bitch Brenda, he wants nothing to do with it. Jason starts cleaning up the room as he tells Sonny that they still aren't any closer to finding the 20 million. Jason and Sonny talk business but Sonny flips when Jason brings up Brenda. Jason says Anthony is getting ready to make a move and for them to win, Sonny needs his head clear by talking about what happened and bearing it. Jason brings Sonny lunch and they talk about the letter Brenda wrote him. Sonny says that Jax tried to pay him back for what happened with Carly by taking his wife. Jason tells Sonny he can't burn his life down because his kids need him and he would be letting Jax win. Jason tries to talk Sonny into taking his medicine but Sonny brings up the question: would Jason take pills that would control his brain and become dependent on them? Jason says he can't make a move against Anthony with Sonny like this. Sonny accuses Jason of not knowing the pain he is feeling because he has never loved anyone like this. Jason wants Sonny to accept that Brenda just left and that its over. Jason leaves with the orders to watch Anthony and stop any shipments coming into the warehouse.

August 5, 2011

Sam and Jason talk about their upcoming wedding. She tells him that Maxie hired them a wedding planner to make things up to them. Sam wants his help with the planning and decisions. Sam tries to talk to Jason about centerpieces but he just plays with her hair. He tells her all that is important to him is getting to the "I dos." She said the big wedding is important to everyone else and suggests letting Maxie plan everything. He is afraid everything will be pink. They kiss. Shawn arrives to talk about Carly, afraid that Jax is still a threat. Jason offers Shawn a job but he declines. Before he leaves, Shawn asks Jason to make sure to keep an eye on Carly. Sam wants to get back to planning but Jason wants to set a date first before getting flowers and a band. Sam teases Jason about having to dance at the wedding. She doesn't want them to become traditional. They kiss. Sam tells him she knows exactly who they are; he is the strong, silent type that would do anything to make his woman happy, and that their life is going to have a lot of dancing. Sam sets up a romantic dinner for the two of them: takeout and beer. Jason suggests that as the reception too. They use Sam's ring to let fate decide the wedding date. Carly barges in claiming that Jax is back and she needs him to protect Josslyn. Carly uses Jake to get Jason to agree to help her. Sam circles the wedding date on the calendar as Jason and Carly rush through the rain. As Carly urges Jason to go faster, he swerves off the road to miss Elizabeth's oncoming car.

August 8, 2011

As Jason and Carly rush to get to Josslyn, Elizabeth is distracted by Siobhan, leading their cars to swerve off the road to miss one another. While looking for Siobhan, Elizabeth finds Jason in his car, unconscious. Sam smiles to herself looking at the calendar and thinking about her upcoming wedding. Elizabeth finds a purse and starts calling for Sam, only to find Carly. Elizabeth checks on Carly then tries to find cell service with no luck. After Elizabeth finds Siobhan, Dante comes upon the scene. Dante leaves to call an ambulance while Elizabeth checks on Carly. Dante works to get Jason out of the car but Elizabeth tells him not to move him. She checks Jason, saying his breathing is shallow and his pulse is fast. Elizabeth fills Dante in on her argument with Siobhan. Carly calls for Jason to wake up so that they can go get Josslyn. The patients are brought to GH. Monica is on hand when Jason is rolled in on a stretcher. After checking on Jason, Monica calls Sam to inform her of the car accident.

August 9, 2011

Sam comes running into the hospital and asks Monica where Jason is.  Monica says he is in radiology and he is unconscious. Monica wants to know why he was out in the storm. Sam tells her about Carly's drama. Sam is worried about Jason waking up during the tests and not knowing what is going on.  Monica assures her he is strong. Moinca comments on how good Sam is for Jason but Sam says it is the other way around. Monica says that Sam accepts Jason for who he is and she could never do that. Sam tells her he was glad that she came over and brought the picture. Monica has no doubt that Jason will make through because she can't have any doubt.  Sam can't either. Monica and Sam are upset about Carly and her emergencies hurting Jason. Epiphany stops Carly from using the phone. Carly sees Sam and Monica and rushes over asking about Jason. Sam says they don't know and asks Carly if she is proud of herself.  Sam goes off on Carly for busting in on her and Jason with her problems.  Carly tries to defend herself but Sam is having none of it.  Sam accuses Carly of using Jake to get Jason to go with her. Monica looks angry to hear that. Sam says Carly uses other people's pain to get what she wants and now Jason is hurt because of her. Carly is shocked that Sam is blaming her.  Sam says Carly doesn't even know if Joss is missing but she used this to stake a claim on Jason. Carly says Sam has no idea what it's like to lose a kid and Sam smacks her. Sam says this has nothing to do with Carly or her kids it is about Jason.  Carly claims to know more about Jason being hurt more than Sam will ever understand.  Monica interupts and says that dubious honor is hers. She asks Carly if she wants to compare losses and walks away disgusted. Sam talks about how Carly uses Jason and never gives anything back. Carly tells Sam not to underestimate what she and Jason mean to each other and tells her she is not going anywhere. Sam hopes loving Carly has not cost Jason his life.

August 10, 2011

Patrick tells Sam, Monica and Carly that Jason has a severe head trauma but he can't properly diagnose him until he gets the scans. Patrick allows Sam to briefly see Jason. Sam talks to Jason, telling him she is not going to plan their wedding alone because the lugnut means they're in it together. She wants him to come back so he can give her the ring she knows he wants to give her. She wants him to know that no diamond will ever mean more to her than the lugnut. Carly witnesses Sam's emotional moment with Jason. Carly tells Sam she wants to see Jason, no matter what she and Monica say. Sam needs to focus on staying strong for Jason. Carly admits to Jason that its her fault for dragging him out in the storm. She tells him that she is happy that he is happy with Sam but that she is always going to need him. Patrick and Matt check Jason's scans, saying he is in a lot of trouble. Edward sits with Jason, telling him this brings back way too many painful memories. Edward is afraid of losing Jason for real this time but Sam assures him that Jason will come back. She tells Edward about their engagement. Sam promises to take care of Jason for Edward and for Lila. Edward reflects on Jason's time as Jason Quartermaine. Patrick needs a family member to sign a consent for Jason's emergency surgery. Patrick and Matt describe the swelling because of the head trauma but are confident they can get the job done in surgery. After a brief argument with Sam, Carly leaves with Olivia. Monica trusts Patrick's judgement but Sam is afraid it is too risky. Monica takes her stand as Jason's mother so Sam announces that she is his fiancee and that she has rights that she wants to exercise.

August 11, 2011

Monica is shocked to hear that Jason and Sam are engaged and wants to know if they were engaged when she came to the apartment. Sam says yes.  Edward interupts to say that marrying Sam is the best thing that could happen to Jason.  Patrick and Matt interupt.  Patrick says it is a serious matter and needs their attention.  Matt thinks it is too soon but Patrick cuts him off to get Monica's authorization to move forward.  Sam wants to wait and give Jason a chance to wake up on his own. Matt and Patrick argue about Jason's treatment until Monica tells them to take their sibling rivalry someplace else because she wants to know the options. Patrick says their best option is a biopsy. Edward trusts Patrick because he saved Jason before. Sam says Jason is not afraid to die but he does not want to be incapacitated. She wants a guarantee that that won't happen.  Patrick can't give it to her but its worse odds if he doesn't go in. Sam wants to know the odds. Monica tells Sam to stop it, that she is not his wife yet.  Moncia and Sam start to argue and Monica says she is his mother.  Sam says she doesn't want to disrespect Monica but she and Jason only spoke a few times in the last several years and Jason would want Sam to chose.  She is not convinced he should have the procedure. Edward tells Sam that they all want the same thing but Monica is the one to make the decisions. Monica says maybe they can get together on it. Matt suggests they consult with Robin and let her decide. Patrick comes back and says Robin agrees with him.  He leaves to prep Jason. Sam knows they trust Patrick but she does not like doing this without Jason's permission. Monica says you have to put your odds on the best chance you have and they need to do this for Jason. Sam waiting as Jason is being brought to surgery.  Sam tells him that Monica thinks this is for the best and since she is his mother and a doctor, Sam guesses she is right. She says it will be all over when he wakes and that he has to wake up so they can get married. They take Jason into surgery. Patrick doing the surgery on Jason. Sam and Monica watching through the window. Monica takes Sam's hand. Edward joins them. He puts his arm around Sam and she puts her head on his shoulder.

August 12, 2011

When Sonny arrives at the hospital, Sam fills him in on Jason. She tells him Patrick is doing the biopsy. Sonny asks Sam if she has seen Robin, prompting her to go off on him for not being more worried about Jason. She doesn't understand what could be so important compared to everything Jason has done for him. Monica tells Sam that the biopsy is done, and they realize they made the right decision. She tells Sam that she realizes that she knows Jason better than anybody, so she should have a say in what happens to Jason. They discuss the engagement and Jake. Sam gives Monica a picture of Jake from Jason's wallet, saying she thinks Jason would want her to have it. Sam tells Monica the picture she gave Jason of himself meant a lot to him. Monica's beeper goes off; the pathology report is in.

August 15, 2011

Sam looks for reassurance from Patrick that Jason is going to be fine, but he tells her it will be a step by step process. Sam sits by Jason's bedside, where she tells him that his family has been there with her the entire time. Sam tries to stir Jason by telling him that she ordered him a pink tuxedo. She begs him to say something, and he squeezes her hand, waking up. Patrick tries to look at Jason, but he insists he is fine and needs to get to Carly. Sam forbids Max from telling Jason what is going on with Sonny and Josslyn. Max fills Jason in on Spinelli, but he can see that something is wrong. Jason wants to know what is happening with Sonny, despite Sam's efforts to keep it from him. When Max tells him that Jax grabbed Josslyn, Jason attempts to leave. Sam tells Jason that if he leaves, he loses her. Sam is upset that Jason is only worrying about Carly, rather than taking care of himself. Both agree that there is a lot going on, but they don't want to fight. He tells her that if she wants him to stay at the hospital, he'll stay. She agrees to let him call Carly, then jokes with him saying she will cancel the pink tuxedo. As Carly tells Jason that Josslyn is home, Sam arrives on the scene to find Jason collapsed on the floor.

August 17, 2011

Patrick fills Sam in on another round of Jason's tests. Matt interrupts, saying that Jason's seizure might be the result of the surgery. Sam stops Patrick and Matt's bickering, sending them out until they have actual facts. Sam watches as Steve reprimands them as they continue to fight about Jason in the hallway. As Sam works in Jason's hospital room, Carly comes to see Jason. They discuss Jason's seizure. Carly wants to help, but Sam tells her the only thing she can do to help is go home. Carly leaves, while Sam tries to reassure herself that Jason is going to make it through. Sam can't hold back tears as she continues to wait for news about Jason.

August 19, 2011

Sam tries to keep Jason occupied as he gets restless in bed. He wants to check on Sonny, but she is not having it after his phone call with Carly ended with a seizure. Jason and Sam discuss when he needed the surgery last time. Jason recalls how much he hated it when he woke up after his original accident. Sam wonders if it was a mistake for them to get engaged, because he always ends up in the hospital. Sam teases him about getting out of the wedding preparations and the pink tux. Patrick and Robin arrive with test results, but she ends up telling Jason about Sonny shooting a gun off in her house. Jason apologizes, but Sam has to stop him from getting out of bed. Patrick tells him Sonny is not worth risking his life. They tell Jason and Sam that there is something non-organic in his frontal lobe, which shifted, causing his seizure. Patrick tells them they have to remove the object, because Jason can't live with a ticking bomb in his head. Despite Patrick's diagnosis, Jason doesn't want to have another surgery. As Sam asks for other options, Jason has another seizure. Jason agrees to more tests, assuring Sam that he is going to be okay because they are getting married.

August 25, 2011

Sam in the hall outside Jason's room. Patrick comes and asks how she is.  She would be better if she had answers.  He and Robin are doing all they can to figure out what is going on with Jason. Sam asks about Jason having another seizure.  Patrick says it is better if it happens in the hospital where he is surrounded by professionals.  Jason is meeting with Max and giving him instructions. Jason says if something happens to him.  He is interupted when Sam and Patrick come in. Sam throws Max and the other men out.  In the hall, Max asks if she is mad. She says he was supposed to be handling things so Jason could get better.  Max says Jason called the meeting, not him. Sam wants to know what is going on.  Max says Jason is making arrangements in case he doesn't make it. Sam goes back into the room and tells Patrick she wants to speak to Jason alone. Patrick leaves.  Sam asks Jason if he remembers a project they worked on with Michael and how Jason would not let him give up.  Jason asks if Sam thinks he is giving up. Sam says Max told her he was making plans.  He can't pretend it might not happen.  Sam says he can. She wants him to be positive.  He says he is but alot of people depend on him and he has to make sure they will be okay, that she will be okay. Sam says losing him is not okay. He says okay. They decide to talk about something happy.  He brings up centerpieces. She says high or low, then says they have so many decisions to make.  He says they have chinese food and no pink so what else do they need.  She says him out of the hospital.  He is working on that. She wants him to work harder and not do business in there.  He says he feels fine but she reminds him he could have a seizure. She wants him to take it easy.  He says okay and closes his eyes.  She says that's good and he answers low.  She says what and he says low centerpieces that won't block the view of her. She says they are going to figure this out. He assures her it is going to be fine.  Robin and Patrick come in. Robin wants to wait for Monica.  Monica comes.  Robin asks her about the condition of AJ's car in the first accident. Monica says it was totalled. Robin thinks the non-organic matter in Jason's brain is a piece of the dashboard.  Monica says that is impossible since Jason had a closed head injury. Patrick says the impact could have sent the particle up his nose and into his brain. Sam wants to know if it has been there all this time, why is Jason seizing now.  Robin thinks the last accident caused it to shift and become a problem. Jason thinks they can just take it out and everything will be okay. Patrick says its not that easy.  Later, Jason and Sam are in his room. He wants to know what she thinks he should do.  She says it is his decision. She asks what his gut tells him.  He says that he wants to be her husband for as long as he can. She asks if that means he is going to have the surgery or not.

August 26, 2011

Jason and Sam discuss his options. He thinks she would want them to get married and try for a baby first. He wants them to make the decision together. She says they could wait and have their wedding and "make love like bunnies" as they try for a baby, but that might not happen if he has surgery. They talk about going to Hawaii, reminiscing on the time they spent there. Jason wants to know if she wants to risk their time now, to gain time later. Sam tells everyone that she and Jason decided on the surgery. Sam wants to make sure that Patrick and Matt's arguing won't affect the surgery. Monica tells Sam they made the right choice. Carly and Jason discuss Sonny and how Michael wants to replace Jason in the mob. Sam flips when she finds Carly dumping her problems on Jason right before his surgery. When Carly leaves, Jason tries to defend her, but Sam knows Carly would have Jason in a second if he would go. Jason assures Sam that he loves her, and they kiss. Sam stays with Jason until the last possible moment, and he is wheeled off to surgery. As Patrick begins surgery, Sam goes back to Jason's room, where she begins fantasizing about her honeymoon with Jason. It is six months after their wedding, and they are still in Hawaii. They begin kissing as he carries her to the bed. Elizabeth goes to her studio, where her Jason fantasy begins, with him as an architect. Carly goes to Jake's, where she fantasizes about a relationship with Jason, who runs the mob. Jason and Sam talk about her salvage work. They kiss. She wants to go swimming and make out on the beach. She teases him with the mask, but then tries to use it for her salvage work. Patrick continues surgery. Monica's fantasy begins with her and Alan finding out Jason was made chief of staff. Edward joins the celebration, as Tracy complains about Jason. Carly continues her fantasy as she plays pool with Jason. She tells Jason she has always dreamed of being back with him as partners. Elizabeth fantasizes that Jason is going away for work, leaving her behind. She begins to paint him. Jason and Sam talk about the treasure she is searching for, as a man lurks outside. As Elizabeth's fantasy continues, Jason finds her birth control, demanding to know if she is trying to get pregnant. As Jason gets ready to leave for business, Michael arrives demanding to know why Carly is with Jason. Monica walks in on Jason sniffing cocaine. As the surgery continues, Jason's pressure begins to drop.  

August 29, 2011

A recap of everything before the surgery leads up to the continuation of the fantasies. Patrick works to control Jason's bleeding. Monica's fantasy resumes as she is shocked by seeing Jason with cocaine. He tries to justify it, saying that he has lived up to everything that she wanted for him, but at this cost. Carly's fantasy continues with Michael blasting Carly and Jason for turning on Sonny and taking his life from him. As Elizabeth continues her fantasy, Jason demands to know how long she has been off the pill. She wonders if it would be so awful if they were tied together by a baby. While Sam's fantasy continues, Sam and Jason discuss the mask and sunken treasure, but are distracted by a noise outside. As Jason checks outside, a man grabs Sam demanding the mask. Sam begins to pass out, as Jason takes control and tosses the guy out. He is worried about her, so he takes her to the hospital. Jason is upset that Elizabeth set him up to keep him close. He wants to show her something. Carly jumps to Jason's defense as Michael goes off on him, saying he hates him. Michael yells at Carly for what she did to the Quartermaines and Sonny. Michael goes off on Jason for turning on Sonny. Jason goes after Michael, and Carly hears a crash. Jason brings Elizabeth to a building where he is trying to give it a second life. This project is his baby. She wants to dance on the rooftop, but Jason falls off the landing. Tracy mocks that Jason is into drugs. After arguing with Tracy, Jason gets into his car and drives off, when Monica hears a crash. Patrick continues to work on Jason. The Quartermaines discuss Jason's accident and when he will regain consciousness. Monica comes to the realization that pushing Jason to live up to their standards ended in disaster, but Tracy blames Jason. Jason appears to Monica and tells her she has to let him be who he is. Elizabeth brings Jason home from physical therapy, where he unloads his anger about being held back and tied to her. Jason appears to Elizabeth, where she realizes she never knew him and he isn't who she needs. Jason grabs a drink as he and Carly mourn the loss of Michael. Jason says Michael's dead because she couldn't let go of him, so they need to be done. Jason appears to Carly and says they can never happen. Sam wants to take a picture when she tells Jason her news: she is pregnant. She takes their first family photo. They kiss. Jason appears to Sam and tells her he is happy as long as he is with her. Surgery continues. As the women reflect on their fantasies, Patrick gets ready to close Jason up. Jason's memories rush to the surface as he dreams about his love through good times and bad with Sam, the creation and loss of Jake, Franco, protecting Michael and Josslyn for Carly, his time as Michael's father, the end of his relationship with Robin, and his relationship with Monica and Alan. Everyone comes together at the hospital, where Patrick brings news that the surgery was a success.

August 30, 2011

Sam waiting in Jason's room close to tears. Sonny comes in and asks if something happened.  Sam says it's Jason. Sonny asks where he is. He asks if Jason is okay. Sam doesn't know.  Sonny asks if they know what was causing the seizures and Sam tells him about the dashboard. Sam says Jason made it through surgery but hasn't woken up so they took him for scans.  Sonny starts talking about guards but Sam says Jason already took care of it. She tells him about the meeting.  Sonny says someone should have called him and he would have handled it. Sam says Jason wasn't sure of Sonny's state of mind.  Alexis comes in and says who could blame him. Alexis and Sonny start to argue about Jax.  Sam says she is going to get an update.  Sonny says she doesn't have to leave but she says she does. Sam leaves.  Sam is in the waiting area when Kristina comes with wedding binders.  Kristina gets dizzy and drops the binders.  Sam asks if she is okay and Kristina covers. They pick up the binders and Sam sees what they are.  She is not enthusiastic but Kristina says they have to start planning soon. Kristina lists all the things Sam still needs to do. Sam says they may have to postpone.  They sit as Kristina assure her Jason will be fine. She says Robin and Patrick are great doctors and they will make the wedding date.  She thinks Sam jsut needs to believe it. Sam says the whole thing is scary and she can't wrap her mind around not spending the rest of her life with Jason.  She is not in the mood to plan a honeymoon. Kristina starts showing her wedding dresses and gets her interested. Sam notice Kristina touching her neck and asks again if she is okay.  Kristina says it's probably just a crick from yoga. She tells Sam about her yoga class and how she is trying to get Alexis to go to relieve her tension. Sam says Alexis can use it since she is in Jason's room with Sonny. Sam is in the chapel. She says that Kristina is only trying to help but the wedding is getting out of control and over the top and that is not what Jason wants.  She prays that Jason will survive and then maybe they can survive the wedding.

September 2, 2011

Sam talks to Jason as she sits by his bedside. She believes in the symbol behind the nut ring. She wants him to wake up so they can spend the rest of their lives together. She tells Jason about her fantasy of their honeymoon in Hawaii. She says all that matters is him waking up. Kristina arrives to check on Sam and Jason. Sam fills Kristina in on Jason's surgery. Kristina does her best to assure Sam that Jason is going to wake up and they will have a beautiful wedding. She compares Alexis's trying to break them up to her and Ethan, but Sam disagrees because she and Jason are in love and getting married. Kristina complains about Ethan flirting with Skye, and Sam tries to get her to realize that Ethan likes her as a friend. Jackal PI arrives to see Jason, and Sam fills him in on his accident. Jackal PI talks to an unconscious Jason about what its like to be gone and never come back. Spinelli has a breakthrough, where he reflects on how sometimes memories are out of reach. Spinelli breaks down as he tries to will Jason to come back because he can't lose Stone Cold. Sam talks with Edward about Jason. She opens up to him that she is afraid he will wake up and not know her. Spinelli tries to break through the blank spots in his mind while talking to Jason; he relives his shooting. He tells Jason not to go. Sam tells Jason how scared she is about how far gone Spinelli is. As she wonders if he'll ever come back, Jason wakes up.

September 6, 2011

Jason wakes up and seems confused.  Sam tells him about the accident and that it wasn't the one with AJ.  Jason remembers the accident.  Sam asks which one; then she asks if he remembers her. Sam updates Jason on the events leading up to the accident. She asks where he in time he is.  Patrick comes in to check on Jason and throws Sam out before Jason can answer. Patrick checks Jason while Sam prays in the hall that Jason is the same. Patrick calls her back in. Sam asks what's the last thing he remembers and he says that she said she would be waiting for him.  They kiss. Jason and Sam cuddle on the bed while Patrick tells them Jason will make a full recovery but needs to stay in the hospital for a few days.  Jason and Patrick argue about Jason staying. Patrick is mad about the mob activity at the hospital.  Sam defends Jason but Jason wants to know what has been happening.  Patrick tells him about the attempt on his life and Sonny coming to the Drake house with a gun. Patrick orders Jason to stay until he is released and leaves. Jason tries to get up.  He and Sam argue about him staying at the hospital.  Jason says they need to get back on track with the wedding.  Sam says they don't. Jason thinks Sam changed her mind about the wedding. She didn't but she wants to concentrate on him getting well.  He doesn't want to postpone so Sam suggests scaling it back. Jason says she wants a big wedding and that they are only going to do this once so he wants it to be the wedding she wants.  He tells her to let Maxie and Kristina handle the details. Sam likes that idea.  They kiss and snuggle in the bed. Sam tells him how scared she and the Quartermaines were about if he would recover and who he would be when he woke up.  He says for him getting put under was the worst and he had to fight is urge to fight it.  He said he did that by thinking about her and Hawaii.  Sam gets up and gets the binder of honeymoon spots and gives it to him.

September 7, 2011

Sam visits Kristina for wedding advice. She wants to work with Kristina so as not to let Maxie take over the wedding. Kristina accuses Sam of trying to distract her. Jason and Michael talk about his test results. They talk about the Quartermaines and ELQ. Sam and Kristina talk about PCU; she just wants to get back to school. Sam and Kristina talk wedding dresses. Sam says Jason is okay, and he is all she needs. Jason talks to Michael about how the Quartermaines will never get Jason Quartermaine back. He doesn't want Michael to walk away from ELQ. Michael tells Jason that Sonny needs him. They talk about Jax. As Michael defends Sonny, Jason claims he was wrong. Michael wants Jason to give him a job. Alexis encourages Kristina to take Taylor to Sam's wedding. Patrick arrives with test results. Jason tells Michael about a management job at the warehouse; he takes it. Patrick tells Kristina, Alexis and Sam that she needs surgery to remove a bone fragment in her neck, but it could lead to paralysis. Kristina wants Sam to call Ethan. Sam and Alexis think Kiefer is the reason for Kristina's condition. Ethan arrives to visit Kristina, but Sam asks for Skye not to go in with him. Sam suggests getting married in the hospital because of Kristina, but Jason is set on September 23. Maxie arrives with the news that she lost the engagement ring again.

September 8, 2011

Jason and Sam are unhappy about the lost ring but Maxie promises she will find it.  Jason wants to buy a new ring.  Sam thinks Maxie is doing too much.  Maxie is happy planning the wedding.  Sam is okay with Jason getting a new ring but Maxie disagrees saying when Jason saw that ring, it spoke to him and said Sam.  She gives them the wedding cake sample she brought.  They taste the cake and Jason brings up getting a new ring again. Maxie starts to argue but Sam says to table it for now. Maxie tells them about Spinelli still being Jackal, PI and how she is trying to help him. Her new plan is that she asked Spinelli to be best man. Maxie changes the subject to bridesmaid dresses but Sam says that Molly and Kristina have already picked out the dresses. Maxie says they don't have her fashion sense.  A nurse comes in and Sam and Maxie leave. Sam is in the hall crying.  Alexis comes up and asks if it is Jason.  Sam talks about Kristina and when will she ever get the chance to be young and happy. Alexis assures her that Kristina will be alright.  They hug. Sam apologizes saying she should be the one helping Alexis through this.  She says she will stay positive for Kristina.  They hug and say they love each other. They go into Kristina's room where Kristina and Molly are talking.  Sam pretends to meltdown about the wedding plans and Kristina and Molly start melting down with her. Kristina says Sam will have to postpone and Kristina and Molly start to laugh. They have been workihg with Maxie all along and assure Sam everything is on track. Carly comes to see Jason.  She was scared that she had lost her best friend and he wouldn't want to bother with her anymore.  He asks what she needs. Carly is insulted that he thinks she needs something.  She comments on them still going through with the wedding and gets snarky about Sam not letting brain surgery stand in her way.  Jason says he is the one who wants to keep the date. Carly tells him about Robin telling them to go someplace they felt close to him. He guesses she went to Jakes. She tells him about her fantasy. They talk about Michael and Jason tells her about his new job. Alexis comes up to Sam in the hall.  She knows Sam's meltdown was just to distract the girls but she is worried that Sam is really overwhelmed.  She asks her if she wants to postpone the wedding. Carly wants Jason to talk to Michael about Sonny. Jason doesn't think Michael wants to hear it. She is worried that Michael will kill someone to prove his loyalty to Sonny since everyone else turned their back on him; then she cuts off.  Jason says after Sonny caused Jax's plane to crash and then ask why she hasn't said anything about Jax. Sam tells Alexis that they are not postponing; Jason is determined.  Sam tells her how wonderful Jason has been.  Alexis asks if she is comfortable with the girls planning the wedding.  Sam says as long as there is no pink it will be fine.  Alexis bets there will be pink everywhere.

September 9, 2011

Jason and Carly discuss Jax. Carly tells Jason she put Morgan in military school, and he urges her to bring Morgan home. He tells her that Sonny isn't thinking clearly right now, but Carly thinks he uses her kids. He reminds Carly that Sonny won't be rational about this. Sonny arrives to visit Kristina, so Sam scoots Molly from the room. Jason takes part of the blame for what has happened, because he feels he always encouraged her to go back to Sonny. She says she let Sonny blind her from the best thing that happened to her: Jax. Jason says Josslyn losing her father doesn't mean Michael and Morgan should lose theirs. Jason wants Carly to compromise with Sonny. Carly says she is done with Sonny, but not Jason. He wants her to be more considerate to Sam. Carly doesn't give a damn what Sonny wants; Sonny walks in. Robin talks to Sam and Alexis about the surgery. Sam and Molly try to reassure Alexis about the procedure. Molly suggests that if Kristina is okay, Alexis dance with the groom at the wedding. Sonny and Carly argue about Michael and Morgan. Jason wants Sonny to respect the fact that Carly lost Jax. After Carly leaves, Sonny tells Jason that he refuses to give up his kids like he did. Jason wants to make sure Sonny doesn't make another bad decision. Jason says he is staying in the hospital for Sam. Jason asks about Kristina. They talk about Sonny pulling a gun at Robin's. Sam wakes Jason with a kiss. She tells him about Kristina, and he reassures her that she will be okay; Patrick will pull her through like he did for Jason.

September 12, 2011

Molly visits Sam in Jason's room; the doctors took him for tests. Molly is afraid that Kristina's bone fragment is a result of Sonny's car bomb. Sam tells Molly they will never know for sure, so they shouldn't speculate. She doesn't want Molly to say anything to Kristina. Sonny listens as Sam and Molly talk. Sam says Sonny's bad decisions don't rule out all the good things he has done. She compares Kristina to Sonny. Sam explains to Molly that Sonny is a powerful man, but his children make him vulnerable. Molly wants to know why he doesn't do a better job of protecting them.

September 14, 2011

Sam walks in on Jason refusing a sponge bath. She offers to take over, telling him to "take that off." Sam asks Jason if she is selfish. She feels bad for being so happy with all the bad Kristina is experiencing. She doesn't want Kristina to make the mistakes she did. Sam tells Jason she has made peace with his desire to protect people from living with the consequences of their mistakes. Sam tells Jason if she didn't accept it, she wouldn't be able to marry him. They kiss, as Sonny walks in, surprised to hear of their engagement. Sam leaves to check on Kristina. Sonny thinks Sam is in a bad mood. Sonny tells Jason about almost killing Johnny. Shawn arrives with the news that Jason hired him. Sonny doesn't like the idea of Shawn working for them and leaves. Shawn assures Jason that Sonny won't be a problem. Sam, Alexis, Molly and Michael wait for news on Kristina. Sonny arrives to check on Kristina. Sam and Sonny tell Michael not to ruin his life with involving himself in the business. Shawn talks to Jason about his PTSD. Jason warns Shawn about Sonny and Carly. Sam talks to Jason about Kristina. He tells her about hiring Shawn; he is officially off duty. He knows she can make him feel better. They kiss.

September 15, 2011

Jason and Sam are talking about wedding planning when Spinelli shows up with news about Maxie. They realize that Spinelli is back to himself. He tells them about the bakery and that Maxie and Elizbeth are missing. They asked what brought him back and he said seeing Jason after his surgery and his fear for him made him remember everything Jason had done for him. They discuss what he remembers and how Maxie tried to help him. Spinelli again tells them that Maxie is missing.  Jason tells him the bakery case wasn't real. They don't believe him when he tells them about the drugs.  He tells them Elizabeth is also missing after she followed a drug dealer to the bakery. He tells them Lucky and Dante are investigating the case and found Liz's cellphone at the bakery.  He says he also found proof but that Sam can't see it. Sam turns her back and Spinelli shows Jason the engagement ring. Jason asks if it was at the bakery.  Sam turns back around and cuts through Spinelli's confused talk and asks if Maxie and Elizabeth are in trouble. Jason wants to put Shawn on it.  Sam gets up to call Shawn and check on Kristina.  Spinelli apologizes for intruding while she is worried about Kristina.  Sam is just glad to have him back. Sam is leaving and trying to give Jason the hint to ask Spinelli about being best man. When Sam is gone, Jason asks him to be best man.  Johnny is apologizing to Kristina for her being hurt.  She starts to cry saying Sonny is the one who hurt her and he will never apologize. Sam comes in and wants to know what Johnny did to upset her.  Kristina says it was Sonny. She thanks Johnny.  He says whatever he can do to help, he will.  He leaves. Sam and Kristina talk about Sonny. Sam wants Kristina to let go of her anger for her own sake.  Matt come in and wants to discuss Kritina's prognosis.  He asks if Alexis is around. Kristina reminds him she is an adult and wants him to talk to her and not Alexis. Spinelli is surprised that Jason wants him and offers other choices.  Jason thinks Spinelli doesn't want to be best man. Spinelli just doesn't thinkhe deserves it.  Jason says he believes in the committment he and Sam are making and that makes him more qualified than anyone else. Spinelli accepts and hugs Jason who looks very uncomfortable. Jason starts to give Spinelli instructions on things he needs him to do on the computer and Spinelli looks uncomfortable. Spinelli gives non-answers and leaves. Matt offers to have Sonny there but Kristina says no.  Sam goes to find Alexis. Shawn confirms to Jason that Maxie and Elizabeth are missing and updates him on the police investigation. Jason wants him to get their people looking for them and looking into the bakery.  He tells him Spinelli is working on it too. Shawn asks if that is reassuring and Jason says Spinelli can do anything with a computer.  Spinelli at the Penthouse looking helpless in front of his computer.

September 16, 2011

At the Penthouse, Sam finds Spinelli on edge. He asks about Kristina. She is getting ready to go to a wedding dress fitting. She asks him if he has had any luck with the security cameras, but he assures her he doesn't need any help. Spinelli rushes out without his computer. Sam arrives at Crimson, where she tells Kate and Lulu she is marrying Jason because she loves him, and needs a wedding dress. Sam and Lulu talk about the wedding. Lulu asks what hers and Jason's secret is to such a long relationship; Sam tells her to know when to get out of her own way. Lulu says Maxie won't let Sam take the dress with her.

September 20, 2011

Sam catches Jason walking in the hall with the IV pole.  She thinks he is trying to leave the hospital and wants to stop him.  He gestures at the pole and says he is not leaving. He is practicing getting around because he would rather fall there than at their wedding. Jason and Sam back in his room. Sam says with the wedding planning it is one thing after another. Jason says they will get through it and then asks what is going on. Sam says when she looks at all the people with real problems around her she feels spoiled for letting the wedding make her feel overwhelmed. She thinks all the people helping are looking at their wedding like the bright spot in all the bad. That makes her feel pressured. Jason wants Sam to forget what everyone else wants and asks what she wants.  She just wants to get married. That's all he wants too and they are all that matters.  They kiss.  Max visiting Jason and brining him up to date on teh drug bust and that Maxie and Elizabeth are safe. Max says it was the pressure Shawn put on the dealers that got them caught.  Max says everyone likes Shawn except for Sonny. Jason says Sonny's personal issues with Shawm don't matter.  Jason is having Shawn do security at the wedding. Max leaves.  Sam says that their wedding would be the perfect time for someone to make a move. Jason is jsut being cautious because of Sonny and Brenda's wedding.  He doesn't want to ever feel again like he felt when he saw it was Sam on the stretcher. Sam is confident Shawn will take care of everything. They agree to tune everyone else out and it will be just them.  They kiss. Sam leaves.  Max is back.  Jason wants him to help Shawn.  Max says how happy he is for Jason and Sam. He tells him how Diane won't return his calls. Max asks about what Shawn is focusing on and Jason says Franco. Sam comes in.  Max tells her how great things are going to be and leaves.  Sam says she won't even ask what that was about. Spinelli and Maxie come in.  She says Spinelli saved her life but they lost the ring again. They start to argue over whose fault it was. Jason wants to know if the ring can be recovered.  It can't. Maxie wants to knwo why he didn't just buy another ring to begin with.  Sam points out that Maxie wouldn't let him. Maxie talks about all she went through and says a ring isn't important anyway. She promises the ceremony will be beautiful. Franco taking pictures in his studio.  He talks to his toy monkey about not being invited to the wedding and going back to Port Charles.

September 21, 2011

Maxie arrives at Sam's with the news that the invitations never went out. Spinelli tries to help Jason pick out tuxedo accessories. Edward arrives to talk to Jason about the wedding. Franco talks about Jason and Sam's wedding; its time for some new tricks. Edward tells Jason he likes Sam, and Lila would approve. He wants Jason to give Sam Lila's ring. Maxie tells Sam she will have Spinelli send out an email. Monica arrives at Sam's, as Maxie realizes the ring inscriptions are wrong. Monica says she has a solution; she gives Sam Alan's ring for Jason. Maxie tells Sam she found her dress. Jason tells Spinelli to find the twenty million. Elizabeth visits Jason; she wants to tell him something before the wedding. Spinelli wants to spare Sam's feelings, but Jason sends him upstairs. She apologizes for causing the car accident. They talk about Jake and Lucky. She says her mistakes cost more than others. She says he can only be a hero to one woman at a time. Carly visits Sam. She takes responsibility for the tension between them. She assures Sam she won't stand in hers and Jason's way. Sam, Alexis and Molly tease Maxie about the bridal party. Sam asks Maxie to be her maid-of-honor. Molly gives Sam something borrowed, new, and old: a rock. Maxie gives her something blue: shoes, that turn out to be leopard print. Shawn gives Jason an update on security. Jason is afraid Franco will make an appearance at the wedding. Franco continues his preparations, as he prepares the cameras. Jason goes to see Sam, where he finds her in her wedding dress on the balcony. She is afraid its bad luck. He tells her she looks amazing. Teary eyed, Sam says she doesn't think she can do this.

September 22, 2011

Maxie and Spinelli are in the churchyard talking about the wedding plans as Franco watches.  They leave and Franco says there will be camera coverage and opens his coat to show his spider cameras.  Jason is sorry he came over and broke the rules.  Sam says there are too many rules and she can't go through with this. Jason thinks she doesn't want to get married. Sam wants to get married but the whole thing is out of hand.  She reminds him he just got out of the hospital.  He says he got out to marry her.  They kiss. Sam says that was against the rules and she wants to break more.  She wants to dance. They dance and kiss on the balcony until they are interupted by knocking on the door. Sam thinks its Maxie and wants Jason to stay outside so Maxie doesn't know he saw her in the dress. Jason asks if they are getting married and is relived when she says yes. Sam is back in her regular clothes and upset that Maxie sent someone to get the dress off of her. She is stressing over all the wedding plans and that she thinks they will be way over the top.  Jason thought she wanted a big wedding. She thought she did too but she can shout her love for him over the rooftops without any of these complications. Jason wants to forget about what everyeone else wants and focus on what they want. He asks if they know what they want. She says simple.  He says they love each other and that is all that matters. She knows because she has a rock and a lugnut to prove it. Jason says let's go and takes Sam hand and leaves with her. Jason and Sam go into a Chinese restaurant where a man is sitting at a table reading a biker magazine.  Sam is talking about hungry she is.  And older man comes out of the back and Jason asks if they can order before it gets too late.  The man says they are closed. They are disappointed.  The man at the table closes his magazine and says he heard them pull up.  He asks about Jason's bike and tells them about his bike. He says he is Robert Yi and his family owns the restaurant.  He asks the older man, who is his grandfather, if they can put together a plate for them.  Sam doesn't want them to go to the trouble but the old man say no trouble.  Robert's grandmother comes out of the kitchen. Robert asks them to join them.  He says it is a neighborhood restaurant and they don't look like they are from the neighborhood. Jason says they were just out riding. Sam talks about how desperate they were to get away.  Robert wants them to leave if they are running from the law.  Sam says they are running from their wedding. Jason and Sam are eating and telling Robert about the crazy wedding plans.  Mrs. Yi says lilies for the flowers because they represent unity in spirit and 100 years of love. Mrs. Yi joins her husband at another table.  He says they are half way there. Robert says they have been married for 50 years.  Jason and Sam are impressed. Robert talks about what marriage is and Jason tells him it is not the committment they have a problem with; it is the ceremony and the reception. Sam says the perfect wedding everyone wants for them is not who they are.  Jason says if it were up to him, he would marry Sam right there.  Robert says he can. Robert is a minister but says they would need a license.  Jason pulls the license from his pocket. Mrs. Yi says it is meant to be and that is why they stopped there. Sam asks Jason what if this fate.  Jason asks her what about her dress. Sam says he already saw the dress.  She thinks this is lucky. Jason asks if she is sure.  Sam says yes.  Jason tells Robert they would like to be married. Jason, Sam and the Yis go out to a beautiful back patio. Robert asks if they mind that his grandmother is adding some touches from their culture.  Sam would be happy to follow the lead of a woman who was married for 50 years. Mrs. Yi likes Sam's shoes. Jason and Sam get married in a very beautiful and symoblic ceremony that includes the phoenix and the dragon. When Robert asks about the rings, they are both surprised that the other has a ring.  They tell each other about Edward and Monica giving them Lila and Alan's rings and what the rings mean to them. Mrs. Yi has them do a symbolic toast as part of the ceremony.  They have their first kiss as man and wife. Sam says it reminds her of the night they danced on the roof and that was the night she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Jason thanks the Yis and Sam gives Mrs. Yi her shoes since she thinks they rock. Mrs. Yi hugs Sam.  The shoes make Sam remember Maxie. She is worried about what they are going to tell Maxie. Montage: Maxie asking Lulu when she needs something.  Lulu says tomorrow night; Dante telling Lucky it is critical for them to be in place tomorrow night; Johnny on the phone telling someone it has to go down tomorrow night while Anthony spies on him; Sam wants to call Maxie.  Jason says they can tell everyone they are married tomorrow night. Sam says okay and they kiss; Franco at the church setting up his spycams.  He says see you tomorrow. 

September 23, 2011

Jason and Sam wake up as husband and wife. They kiss. He is worried being so happy will scare her. They kiss. They overslept. She says everyone is waiting for them, but he wants to let them wait. He pulls her back into a kiss. Sam admires her new shoes; the red means happiness. They kiss. Jason says they are free of the wedding. Sam wants him to tell Maxie. Maxie calls, but doesn't give Jason time to talk, telling them to be at the Church in twenty minutes. Franco admires Sam's dress. Sam and Jason arrive at the Church with the news that there won't be a wedding. Maxie is afraid they are bailing, but Jason reveals that they are already married. Sam and Jason assure everyone that they are happy and in love, hoping they can be happy for them. After an applause for the happy couple, Spinelli invites everyone to the reception. Maxie informs everyone there won't be a reception. Jason and Sam introduce friends and family to Robert and his grandparents, complimenting their restaurant and food. Maxie compliments Robert and his grandparents. Carly congratulates Jason, claiming she will work on boundaries. Michael and Abby congratulate Jason, as Carly realizes she forgot the gift. Sam pulls Jason away from Sonny to a congratulations from Monica and Edward. They admire the rings. Jason thanks Robin for coming. She says he definitely found the right person for him. Robin and Patrick give Jason and Sam marriage advice. Sam thinks the day has been perfect. They kiss as Franco watches on. Montage: Jason asks Sam to dance; Franco dances with Sam's dress; Matt and Maxie dance as Spinelli watches on; Lulu sets up dinner; Dante at the warehouse; Jason and Sam kiss; Robin and Patrick dance; Lisa begins to wake up; Kate arrives at the reception; Lulu looks at the time; Dante in pursuit of Johnny; Jason and Sam continue to dance as Franco watches on, dancing with Sam's dress; as Lulu pops the cork, Anthony shoots Dante.

September 26, 2011

Replay of montage. Spinelli interrupts Jason and Sam's dancing for his toast. He says how much he loves Jason and Sam. He says the non-event made the day more significant. Spinelli reflects on how Jason and Sam took him in, and they are his family. Although it was a rocky road, their love triumphed. Alexis interrupts Jason and Sam, wanting to give her toast. They are worried about what she is going to say. She talks about how Jason was not what she had in mind for her daughter, but with time, she had to take a deeper look. She compliments the lug nut, saying it was stable, sturdy, and long-lasting. She realizes that she actually likes Jason, especially because of the way he loves Sam. Jason and Sam hug Alexis. Jason and Sam open their fortune cookies. Jason's says: "Love is in the eye of a child." Sam's reads: "Love comes in threes." She says they should just hurry up and get on their honeymoon. Franco opens up a fortune cookie that says: "Love is inconceivable" but he crosses out the "in." Jason and Sam play hot hands as Maxie and Matt talk about life and love. Robin admires how cute Jason and Sam are, before she and Patrick leave for some of their own romance. Edward and Monica open their fortune cookies, comparing Jason to Sam to he and Lila and she and Alan. Jason and Sam thank everyone for sharing their day with them. They say they are going to Hawaii, and head out. At the motorcycle, Sam can't believe they are actually married. He says he was worried someone was going to ruin it, until Robert married them. "I love you, Mrs. Morgan." "Well I love you more, Mr. Morgan." Franco talks about what to get Jason and Sam as a wedding gift.

September 28, 2011

Jason and Sam make a pit stop on the way to the airport. Sam tells Jason about dragon and phoenix constellations. Sam wonders if they are still going to Hawaii. He promises her they will be in Hawaii to watch the sunrise. Jason jokes with Sam about not being able to see any constellations. Sam says she knows him better than most people, just like a marriage is supposed to be. He wants to know if there is anything else she didn't get that she wanted; he says maybe there are things that they didn't know they wanted, which make things more interesting as they go along. She says she got their wedding, she has him, has tonight, whatever is next to come, and the sky. Sam starts thinking about Danny. They talk about how Danny grew up. She talks about how the stars and the moon made Danny feel safe, as if he wasn't alone. Thats how she feels with him. Sam says Danny liked Jason, and he would have been happy. Jason says they should get going. He says he would sit out there all night with her, but he has a surprise for her. They head out on the bike.

September 29, 2011

Jason pulls over.  Sam asks if there is something wrong with the bike.  Jason says this is the surprise. Sam is confused. Jason says they are almost there and leads her into the woods.  Jason and Sam coming into a cozy cabin. Sam asks if it was supposed to be a safehouse.  Jason says something like that.  He says it is not finished.  He had hoped to get around to it.  Sam is surprised that he built it. He says he did some of it and had a crew do the rest.  He wanted to put the finishing touches on it himself but he got sidetracked by the accident. He wanted it to be the place they spent their wedding night. They talk about there wedding.  Jason thought Sam wanted it to be more.  She was happy with the wedding, it was them. They kiss. Sam says she can close her eyes and see the lanterns and smell the lilies.  She tells him when he took her hand, she could feel his heartbeat in her hand and it matched up with hers and she knew in that moment it was right. Sam says what more could she want.  Jason says what Maxie was planning.  Sam says it was perfect too; they got both their inconventional wedding and the church with family and friends. Sam says so far she has gotten everything she ever wanted out this marriage. Jason says he wanted to show Sam the cabin after she told him about Danny snealing out to see the stars.  Sam says there are alot of stars out there. Sam asks why he built there.  He says it was the first place that ever felt like home and tells her about the boxcar that used to be there and what it meant to him. Sam says it is where he felt safe.  He said like he feels with her. They have a very hot kiss that leads to them making love.

September 30, 2011

Jason and Sam afterglow in the chair. He says that this place helps him clear his head, because he always ends up there when he has to think. She wants to know if he went there after Jake died; he didn't, because he didn't want to bring that pain there. Jason tells her that he realizes that being there with her, something had been missing that he found with her: home. They kiss. Sam says she likes not having Carly barging in; he says no outsiders allowed. They kiss. She wants to stay on their honeymoon indefinitely, and wants him to play along. He says they can make changes; things have already changed for him. He used to go to the cabin when nothing in his life made sense, and now it does. They kiss, as he carries her back to bed. As Jason and Sam get dressed, they talk about change. Jason and Sam hug, as he stares into the mirror with an odd response. Sam wonders why he tensed up. He says he feels fine, and they are going to Hawaii because he could never disappoint his wife. She loves that he is her Jason. They kiss. Jason and Sam kiss as they make their way back to the bike. She thanks him for sharing that with her. He assures her that he can't break his first promise to his wife on their honeymoon, so he is getting them to Hawaii. She wants to watch the stars together every night; he'll do whatever she wants.

October 3, 2011

Jason and Sam arrive at their shack in Hawaii. He carries her over the threshold and says, "Welcome to Hawaii, Mrs. Morgan." They kiss. She is afraid he isn't relaxing enough after brain surgery. She starts rambling, but he assures her he is fine. She compares this time in Hawaii to the last time they were there. She wonders if he had woken up a different person, could he have found a way to love her again? He wonders if she would rather be with a doctor. They talk about the first time he picked up a gun. She loves him, and she knows how good and gentle he is. They say they count on each other. They talk about being married. She is a little nervous, so wants to set ground rules. She wants them to be able to ask for what they want. Sam jokes that she wants deep conversations. He says he is getting her a lei, but she wants him to surprise her. Sam is surprised that he knows that giving a lei means love from the giver to the receiver. She says she has something else that might inspire him. Jason gets dressed as he meets Sam in the doorway. She says how much she loves it there, but she wouldn't go back without him. They are happy they got a second chance. They kiss. He says they better go so they can watch the sunrise. They kiss as Franco unwraps a lei.

October 7, 2011

Jason and Sam come running into the cottage.  She says she won.  He didn't know they were racing.  He thought they were trying to outrun the storm. Sam says there will be no more surfing until the storm passes.  She thinks they can have fun indoors.  Jason wants to knwo what kind of fun.  Sam setting up the WII to play surfing.  Jason  tells Sam to show him how first to get out of playing. Jason laughing at her playing.  Sam falls off the game and onto the couch.  Jason says he is impressed. They kiss.  A shadow is at the window watching them. Jason and Sam are snuggling on the couch.  She is looking at her ring.  He says he caught her.  He talks about how touch she is and how he loves catching her in moments like when she is looking at her ring. She asks him whether he likes Fierce Sam or Sentimental Sam better. He says both.  He loves Exactly How You Are Sam.  The rain stopped.  They go to the door and see a rainbow. She wants to go walk on the beach.  She bets there is a pot of gold there. Jason already has what he wants.  They leave.  Franco comes out of the bushes and goes into the cottage. Jason and Sam coming back.  He says that was fun.  She says how about mindblowing, or life changing.  He stops walking and says as for life changing, I guess you never know.  Sam asks if he is talking about babies. He says if it's meant to be.  They go inside.  Jason tenses up and Sam asks what's wrong.  He says nothing. Old habits.  He takes out the dominoesand challenges her. They tease each other and Sam gets the tequila. They are drinking and playing dominoes.  Jason dominoes Sam and she says he cheated.  She sits on his lap.  He scoops her up and carries her to the bedroom as Franco watches on his computer.  Franco knocks over a dominoe and the stack falls.

October 10, 2011

Sam comes into the room talking about laundry.  She sees Jason laying on the couch and panics.  Sam is playfully slapping Jason's arm and he is laughing at her.  She thought he was dead and he was taking a nap. He says she wore him out.  She never saw him so relaxed and off guard and she wants to spring something on him.  She has a bag of Hawaiian shirts.  She shows him three options.  He asks if there is an option four and she says no.  He says he will take option four. She tosses the shirts at him and says he knows how to make a girl happy. Jason comes out of the bedroom wearing one of the shirts. Sam loves it.  She wants him to wear it to breakfast but he won't wear it in public. He sits down and pulls her onto his lap. He offers her a diving trip instead.  Sam says no, he didn't live up to his end of the bargain.  He wants to know if it is that important to her.  She says it is because it is Honeymoon Jason.  He agrees to wear one and asks her which one she wants him to wear. She starts to unbutton the shirt and says option four.  He kisses her neck and they fall back on the couch. Franco painting.  He glues a Hawaiian doll to his painting.

October 11, 2011

Sam is looking at shells.  Jason comes in and they talk about happy they are in Hawaii and how they are not even missing home.  Sam is looking through a book about what shells mean and telling Jason what the shells she has mean. Jason asks about one of the shells.  Sam looks it up and says it symbolizes fertility. Sam cleans up the shells quickly.  Jason asks if they are going to ignore the fact that they just had the same thought.  Sam asks what he is talking about. Jason brings up their previous conversation about having a baby.  Sam says they tabled that for a later date.  He says it is a later date. They discuss whether or not they are ready to have a child. They decided to just stay in the moment for now.  Sam picks up a lei and puts it around Jason's neck. She leads him into the bedroom saying she wants to practice. Jason and Sam coming out of the bedroom.  She asks if he still likes being married, noting that nothing has really changed.  Jason says something has. Sam says she wants to suck up every second of the honeymoon until reality comes knocking.  Jason says they don't have to answer.

October 12, 2011

Sam is packing a beach bag.  They talk about how great it is in Hawaii and the seasons back home.  They kiss.  Sam doesn't care what season it is as long as she is in his arms. She grabs the bag and says last one to the beach loses.  Jason chases after her. Franco glues and alarm clock to his painting. Jason carrying Sam back to the cottage.  She says he can put her down, she won't drown there. They go inside.  She talks about how he pulled her out of the water while she was out of it. She says he can rescue her anytime and they kiss. They snuggle on the couch. Franco continues to paint. Sam is on the lounge chair outside.  Jason brings her ice tea.  She says enough to be embarassed. He says everyone falls and she laughed at him when he fell.  She says he is so competent that it is nice to see him not perfect. He says that is going to happen and calls her Mrs. Morgan. He asks if that it the name she is going to use.  She says yes, she loves it. He says he loves her and they kiss.  He asks about the PI firm. She doesn't know if she stil has a business.  She ditched all her cases when he was in the hospital.  He asks if she wants to go home. She asks if he does.  He says he bailed on Sonny but Sonny doesn't need him picking up after him and this is their time to be married and to be happy. He doesn't want to cut it short. She wasn't testing him but if she was, he just passed with flying colors. She wants to go surfing again so they head to the beach. They come back from the beach.  Jason looks around before going inside.  Sam asks if something is wrong. He is just having trouble getting used to relaxing.  She says he will get used to it. He had a great day.  She says it is not over. She wants him to meet her in the shower. Sam goes into the shower.  Jason goes to close the door and still seems uneasy.  Sam calls him and he heads for the shower.  Franco is still painting.

October 14, 2011

Jason and Sam holding their phones and talking about dreading checking in.  They go to make the calls but their batteries are dead so they go to the beach. Franco spraypainting. Jason and Sam coming abck to the beach and talking about how good Jason is getting at surfing,  He says maybe it was the surgery.  She says don't say that.  She wants him to get a check-up as soon as they get back.  He tells her not to worry that nothing will take him away from her.  They kiss.  He says he will meet her in the shower.  Sam goes into the bedroom. Jason sees the spycam and picks it up.  Franco still painting. Sam comes out in a towel looking for Jason. He show her the spycam. She saw one in the bedroom too.  He wants to know how they got there.  She thinks maybe previous renters left them. She asks if he is going to neglect her for a robot.  He says after the shower they will do anything she wants.  She heads back to the bedroom.  Jason follows but turns to look at the spycam again. Jason in looking at the spycam.  He sees another one on the table.  He looks in the mirror and has another weird flash.  Sam comes in and asks if everything is okay. She hugs him from behind and he says he is fine. She wants to take a nap.  He sits down and she lays with her head in his lap.  A shadow watches from the window. The shadow is Shawn outside checking things out.  Carly comes up with Josslyn. They start to argue because he wants her to go back to the hotel. The alarm clock on Franco's art goes off and he says right on time as Carly and Shawm continue to argue. Jason and Sam come out and see them. Franco looks at the picture and says let the games begin.

October 17, 2011

Sam is angry Carly and Shawn are there.  She says it better be huge.  Carly asks if Franco is huge enough. Carly shows Jason the card Franco sent. Sam is still angry that Carly is there. Shawn explains that he didn't plan to bring Carly.  He planned to come check things out and leave without them knowing he was there. Carly sasy she couldn't reach them on the phone and was worried Franco had already gotten to them.  Sam and Carly argue about Carly being there. Jsaon and Shawn go to search the grounds while Carly and Sam go inside.  Shawn apologizes for being there.  He thinks he overreacted; Jason doesn't.  They find no trace of Franco.  Jason explains Franco's MO to Shawn. Carly is comforting Joss who is bored.  She wants to sing to her. Sam doesn't want her to sing; she wants her to go home.  Carly complains about the trip. Sam says she still managed to get to their honeymoon. Carly playing with Joss. She tries to talk to Sam but Sam is clear she is angry that Carly intruded. Carly and Sam argue.  Sam tells Carly to find her own man and suggests Shawn. Jason and Shawn continue to talk about Franco.  Shawn wonders if Carly could be faking the threat. Then he talks about how great she is. Jason asks if there is something he doesn't know about. Carly comes out of the bedroom and says Joss is asleep.  She talks about Jax just dying and that she doesn't want to be there.  They talk about Jax and Sam tells her to drop the grieving widow act. Shawn talks about Carly and how he isn't the guy to give into her.  Jason says that wasn't what he was talking about.  He wants to know about Jax. Jason thinks that the way Carly is acting is off in light of her just losing Jax. Carly and Sam continue to argue.  Carly says if Jason has a problem with her coming to him, he can tell her himself.  Sam says the way Carly runs to Jason is desperate and pathetic.  Jason and Shawn come in.  Carly says they are leaving.  Shawn says they are staying. There was no sign of Franco but that doesn't mean he isn't there.  Sam wants to call and get them a bungalow.  Jason says since Joss is asleep they can just stay there for the night and figure things out in the morning.  Joss starts to cry.  Shawn comments that it is going to be a long night.

October 19, 2011

Jason, Sam, Carly, Shawn and Joss in the bungalow.  Jason thinks they can't do anything tonight so they should just figure out what to do in the morning. Carly asks where her bed is. Jason says there is only one.  Franco playing with a wind-up baby toy. At the bungalow, they talk about sleeping arrangements and keeping watch. Shawn goes to watch.  Jason and Sam are going in the bedroom.  Carly stops them and explains that she is not trying to wreck their honeymoon.  She gets that Sam is upset because she would be upset if the situation were reversed.  Jason says that Franco is after him and Carly needs to not let him get to her.  Sam says she and Carly are good.  She offers Carly and Joss the bedroom. Jason tells Sam that he was worried about Franco all along and he is glad they eloped because Franco couldn't anticipate it. Jason says Franco is the one playing the games, not Carly. Sam says everyone knows they are in Hawaii and Franco likes mindgames.  Jason thinks he is missing something. They talk about Franco's MO and Jason says there is always a trail but where is the trail now.  Sam brings up the message he sent when Joss was sick. Sam thinks that all Franco wanted to do was ruin their honeymoon. Jason calls Bernie with instructions about finding Franco. Shawn comes in and says he found footprints.  He wants Jason to come check them out.  They leave.  Carly and Joss come out of the bedroom. Sam tells her about the footprints. Sam isn't worried because it is an access path that alot of people use.  Carly thinks she dropped Joss's blanket on the path. She asks Sam to watch Joss while she goes to find it. Carly gives Joss to Sam and leaves. Carly bumps into Jason on her way back. He is mad that she went out alone in the dark. She says she is trying to stop Joss from crying.  Jason notices the crying stopped. They rush inside to find Sam and Joss asleep on the couch. Franco puts the wind-up toy in a box and ties it with a bow. 

October 24, 2011

Sam wakes up on the couch. Carly is by the pack and play with Joss. Sam says they fell asleep. Carly saw. Shawn and Jason talking about there being no sign of Franco. Shawn tells Jason to enjoy the rest of his honeymoon because there is a mess waiting at home. They talk about the what happened at the warehouse.  Jason says Shawn could take over for him tomorrow if he wanted to.  Shawn asks if Jason doesn't want his job anymore. Carly and Sam toasting to sleeping babies with beer. Sam talks about falling asleep with Joss.  Carly tells her that Jason saw them. They talk about Sam getting her to sleep. Jason would like to retire and live on the beach but his life is in Port Charles working with Sonny. They talk about working for Sonny. Sam and Carly talk about how hard it is to be a mother. Carly says everyone screws up with their kids but the best you can do is make a kid feel loved and safe.  She comments that Sam is with the best guy for it. She talks about what a great father Jason would be. Sam said that is what Jax did for Carly. Sam thinks Carly drove Jax away and Carly agrees. Shawn updates Jason on Michael, Sonny and Dante. Shawn thinks Sonny is waiting for Jason to retaliate.  Jason says he will need back up and asks Shawn to stay on. Carly and Sam talk about Jax and Carly's marriage to him.  Sam asks what if Jax survived the crash. Carly and Sam hear explosions.  Sam tells Carly to get Joss and get down and runs outside. It is fireworks from a festival.  Sam comments that her and Jason were going to go. Carly encourages them to go but Jason wants to watch from the bedroom because of Franco. They go inside as Shawn has a flashback.  Carly asks him if he is okay. He says he is but she doesn't believe him. Jason and Sam are watching Joss sleep. Jason comments on how she was crying earlier and that Sam was the one who got her to sleep. Jason says seeing them sleeping was beautiful and that everything seemed right. She says Carly asked about whether it would work out if they had a baby. Sam thinks that the universe is sending the message with everything that is going on. She says it takes a lot to be a parent.  Jason asks if she is saying the should or shouldn't have a child..

October 25, 2011

Sam says it is a bad time to make life altering decisions.  Jason agrees saying Franco won't leave him alone until he kills him.  They argue about Franco.  Sam wants to know if Jason thinks he may not be in Hawaii because if he isn't, their honeymoon doesn't have to be over. Jason apologizes.  He wants Sam to go back with Carly and Shawn.  Sam refuses. Sam thinks there will always be a reason for them not to be together but their honeymoon is about them and she is not going to let Franco ruin that. She knows Jason will have to find Franco but now not. Jason's phone rings. He answers and asks Bernie what he has on Franco. Jason and Sam go outside and tell Carly and Shawn that Franco was seen in Toronto less than an hour ago. Sam says that Franco can't be in two places at once so they are not in danger. Carly does not think they should let their guard down. Shawn says Franco isn't there so they can go back to normal.  He leaves to take a walk. Carly wants more proof.  She wants to know if Franco is a threat. Jason says he is always a threat.  Sam asks Jason if they are staying or going.  He says staying.  He wants to talk to Carly so Sam goes inside to watch Josslyn. Carly knows Jason loves Sam and wants to make her happy but she doesn't want him to let her talk him into doing something stupid.  She thinks that the lei was a messge that Franco is going to do something. Carly wants them to leave because Franco knows they are there.  If Franco comes after him, he wants it to be away from the people he loves.  Carly says away from Sam.  Jason says yes but she won't leave.  Carly says she has convinced herself there is no danger. Jason brings up that there was a time she would have done anything to keep him away from Sam.  Carly thinks she has grown up since then.  This isn't about her being jealous. She is okay with the marriage because he is still her best friend. She says she is honest when it matters and to prove it she is going to tell him a secret he can't tell anyone, even Sam.  Jason says don't go there.  Carly blurts out that Jax is alive.

October 26, 2011

Jason questions Carly about Jax being alive.  He is worried she is setting herself up for a fall. She says if Sonny finds out Sonny will kill him. Jason asks her what she thinks will happen if Jax is alive and comes back to Port Charles. She says she would be happy to see him. Jason says what if he comes back to take Joss. Carly doesn't think he will do that. Carly talks about Jane not getting in touch with her as proof that Jax is alive.  Jason is convinced. Carly wants him to swear not to tell anyone. Jason says that will be letting Sonny think he committed a muder he didn't.  Carly says not for lack of trying. Jason doesn't want to keep it from Sam and start his marriage on a lie.  Carly says of ommission; Jason says it still counts. He wants to know why she is protecting Jax and she says he is Josslyn's father. Jason doesn't think keeping things from Sonny will turn out well.  Carly talks about losing Sonny and Jax and how Jason is now married. She knows she can't run to him anymore whenever she gets scared.  Jason asks waht she is going to do about her marriage if Jax comes back. He asks if she finalized the divorce and finds out she didn't. Carly explains why she didn't divorce him. They talk about her track record of failed relationships.  Jason tells her to change that by having faith in herself.  She says that is what Shawn told her. Shawn also tells her not to run to Jason with her problems.  Jason says she shouldn't but if she really needs him he is there. She asks if he believes her about Franco.  He does.  She hugs him. Jason heads inside.  She stops him saying he didn't swear.  He just points at her and goes inside. Shawn comes back..

October 28, 2011

Jason sitting on the bed with his laptop. Sam comes in and he comments that she is not dressed for travel.  She isn't going anywhere. He says she can still leave with Carly and Shawn.  She says they already talked about it.  He tells her Franco dropped out of sight again. Sam says he does this all the time. Jason wants to go to Toronto and talk to the art dealer. He doesn't know how long it will take.  Sam wants to come but he says he has to do it alone. She say how important it is for them to spend time together now.  She crawls up the bed to snuggle with him. She understand what he needs to do with Franco and wants him to understand that she needs time with him first. He really doesn't want to leave her.  She knows.  She says all that matters is that neither of them are leaving today. They kiss. Sam comes in why Carly is packing.  Carly pressures Sam to return to Port Charles and they argue. Carly says Sam is in denial. Sam says she will help Jason with Franco. Carly reminds her that Franco tortures Jason by going after the people he loves. Outside, Jason asks Shawn to stay in Port Charles indefinitely. He wants Shawn to handle things when he goes after Franco. Shawn brings up Sonny.  Jason isn't worried about him.  He wants Shawn to look out for Carly and her kids. Shawn agrees and they go inside. Carly wants to know how much longer the honeymoon is going to last.  Jason says a few more days. Sam looks angry.  Carly figures out Jason is going after Franco.  Shawn packs Josslyn's diaper bag and accidentally picks up one of the spycams. Jason asks Carly to listen to Shawn for him and do whatever he says to keep her safe. In return she wants him to be careful. They say goodbyes and Carly and Shawn leave. Sam thanks Jason because she knows he is only staying for her.  He says its there honeymoon; he doesn't want to give it up either. Jason and Sam are in the bedroom talking about surfing.  She claims she went easy on him. He says lets enjoy the water without surfing.  She wants to surf because she loves the way he laughs when he falls since she never sees him laugh. He says he is going to catch more waves than her and runs out.  Sam grabs the bag and follows him.  When she is gone, Franco comes out from under the bed.

November 2, 2011

Sam isn't ready to start packing to leave. Jason tells her that he just wants to enjoy the last day and night of their honeymoon. She wants to know what he's working on, but he tells her its a surprise. Jason sees himself in the mirror again. Sam says that on their last day in paradise, she just wants to stay in. They kiss. Jason and Sam are all smiles as they emerge from the bedroom. They kiss. Sam tells him how the stars make her feel safe, but so does he. He assures her he will do anything to protect her. She wants to make him feel as safe as he makes her. Jason gives Sam her surprise: a necklace made with her shell. They talk about the significance of the shell, and he puts the necklace on her. She tells him how much she loves him and his surprises. They kiss. Sam challenges Jason to a romance-off. She says she needs more time to shop, so she goes first. Franco watches as Jason grabs his keys and leaves.

November 4, 2011

Jason arrives back at the shack to find a beer and a note waiting for him. As he begins his preparations, he sips the beer. When Sam arrives home, she too finds a beer and a note. She smiles to herself as she drinks the beer. An evidently drugged Sam starts undressing, as Jason wakes up trapped. He calls out to Franco as he watches the screen. Jason begs for Franco to come after him, not Sam. When the screen turns back on, Sam is stepping into the shower. Jason again demands Franco come after him. He tells Franco he is paying attention now. As Franco approaches the shower, Jason begs for him to stay away from Sam.

November 7, 2011

Jason is forced to watch as Franco approaches Sam in the shower. Jason is brought to tears as he watches Sam collapse into Franco's arms, and Franco carry her to the bedroom. Jason continues to try to fight his way out, as he watches Franco lay Sam on the bed. Jason's anger rages as Franco begins taking off his shirt. Franco asks for some privacy, and he covers the camera with his shirt. Jason's anger continues to grow as he watches Franco's toy monkey on the screen.

November 8, 2011

Jason yelling at the monitor asking what Franco did to her.  He leans against the wall crying.  The monitor comes back on showing the Hawaiian dancer doll.  Franco playig the ukelele.  Jason looking for a way out.  The door opens. Jason leaves.  Franco comes into the cell and prepares to graffiti the wall. Jason runs into the cottage yelling for Sam.  He finds her unconscious in bed.  He starts to shake her and call her name to wake her up.  Jason hugging Sam.  He sits back and takes her hand.  She wakes up. He asks if she is okay.  She has no idea what happened. He asks what she remembers. She tells him about finding the food and beer and going to take a shower.  She wants to know why he is asking since he was there when she was in the shower.  Jason looks away and gets up and walks toward the door.  Sam starts to get scared and asks what is going on.  Jason wants her to keep telling him what she remembers. She tells him about gettting dizzy in the shower and that he was there. Then things get strange and the next thing she remembers is Jason was in bed with her. She begs him to tell her what is going on and he says it wasn't him in bed with her. She doesn't understand.  He tells her didn't leave a note for her and he wasn't there or in bed with her. He tells her it was Franco.

November 9, 2011

Jason tells Sam he came home to the same set up she did: a note and an open beer. He tells her the beers were drugged, and he woke up locked in a room with a monitor. Sam wants to know what Franco did to her. Jason tells Sam what he saw. Sam refuses to believe this happened. She doesn't want to believe it was Franco, but Jason assures her it was him. Jason promises to kill Franco. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she doesn't want to be touched. She just wants him to help her into the shower so she can feel clean. Jason walks Sam to the bathroom, where she needs a minute. As she steps into the shower, Jason begins to cry. Jason cries as he listens to Sam's moans as she tries to scrub herself clean. Jason goes and wraps a towel around Sam, as he holds her. Outside, Sam thanks Jason for keeping his promise to end the night looking at the stars. She assures him that she feels safe with him.

November 10, 2011

Sam is waiting outside the cottage.  Jason brings out her shell necklace.  She can't go back in there. She asks him to put it on her. He says he will go get her things but she doesn't want anything from in there. She takes his hand and he holds her. He offers to go get her things.  She doesn't want anything from in there, she just wants him. They hug sadly. She can't stop thinking about what Franco did to her. Jason wants her to go back to Port Charles while he takes care of Franco.  Sam wants to stay and help him.  They argue briefly then Jason agrees that Sam can look for Franco with him. They go to the place where Jason was held and see the new graffiti. Jason tells Sam what happened there. Jason rips the monitor off the wall and throws it.  He freaks out screaming at Franco. Sam tries to calm him down telling him this is what Franco wants. He starts to calm down and she hugs him. She thinks the graffiti is a clue.  Jason uses his phone to take a picture of the grafitti while Sam checks out the monitor.  She finds a key. She wants to go check it out. Jason stops her.  He doesn't want her walking into a trap. She says he is walking into it. He wants to erase it and put the smile back on her face. She just wants it to be over. She leaves and he follows. They go into a room and find a dead girl dressed like a hula dancer and holding a hula dancer doll. Jason says they will call the cops after they leave.  Sam asks why he would do this. They notice the graffiti tag on the wall. Jason covers the body.  He tells Sam that he saw what Franco wanted him to see so they are going home. Sam says he doesn't think it will be over.  He says it will never be over; there will always be another game to get his attention.  He flashesback to Franco telling him that they are alike.  He says that this time he is going to finish it. Sam hugs him from behind and says this time she will be with him.

November 11, 2011

Jason and Sam coming off the elevator.  He tells the place has been checked and is secure.  They go into the Penthouse.  It is filled with presents.  Sam comments that everyone is happy for them.  Jason apologizes.  She wants him to stop apologizing for what Franco did.  He wants to fix this for her.  She says he can't. He thinks she needs to talk to someone who can help. She needs Franco to pay, talking to a stranger won't help. He suggests Alexis. Sam doesn't want to talk to her. Sam talks about thinking Carly was making up the threat and insisting that they stay. She says she feels helpless and dirty and stupid. Jason says that is the last thing he sees when he looks at her.  He sees the woman he fell in love with. Shes says it's different. His feelings haven't changed. She talks about what he saw. He says she was drugged. Sam says it happened because she ingored the danger and made him ignore it. Jason brings up that she said she would have still loved him if the surgery changed him. She asks what if she is different now. Jason assures her that Franco can't ruin who she is deep down, what makes him love her. He hugs her.  She wants to go upstairs alone.  She tells him to go to the hospital for his check-up. She goes upstairs.  Jason at the hospital.  He is on the phone telling someone to find Franco. Epiphany makes him hang up.  She tells him Patrick is still in surgery.  He is going to leave but Epiphany tells him Sam will be mad if she lets him leave. He sees a pamphlet about suriving rape. Sam comes downstairs and sadly looks at the presents. Jason is holding the pamphlet.  Monica comes to the hub and sees him.  She is surprised they are back already. He says it was time to come back.  Monica asks if everything is okay. Jason hesitates before telling her he is there for a check-up. She asks again if everything is okay.  Epiphany interupts to say she pages Steve. Monica tells her to send him to Liz's room.  Jason asks about Liz and Monica updates him on her.  She tells him that she is delirious and asking for Jake. Sam opens one of the gifts.  It is a memory book for their honeymoon.  Sam starts to cry.  She throws the gifts around and then sits on the couch crying. Jason goes into Liz's room.  She is delirous.  She grabs onto him and says she knew he would come for her. Sam puts the gifts into a trash bag. Liz hangs onto Jason. She wants him to help her save Jake.  Matt comes to the door.

November 14, 2011

Elizabeth is freaking out and trying to get out of bed.  Jason keeps her from getting up as Matt changes her IV.  Monica comes in and orders fluids. Matt tells Jason to leave and Liz gets upset. Monica says he can stay. Jason assures her Jake doesn't want her to worry. Her fever comes down and she starts to act like Jason was her hero.  He tells her to get some rest.  She talks about her dreams. Jason says he is gald she is going to be okay and leaves. Monica goes after him.  She is worried about him because Liz was talking about Jake. Jason says Jake will always be a part of his life. Monica says family bonds are forever.  She talks about Jason and Sam being excited to start their new life together. She asks again if something is wrong. He says he is fine. She tells him he can always come to her if he needs to talk. Jason hugs her.  Monica walks away and Jason takes out the pamphlet. Jason comes into the restaurant.  He is on the phone telling someone to find Franco and bring him to him.

November 15, 2011

Spinelli is talking on the phone and unpacking gifts he bought to commemorate Jason and Sam's wedding.  Sam comes in.  He shows her the gifts and starts waxing poetic about the wedding and them going to Hawaii.  He doesn't notice Sam's lack of enthusiasm.  Jason at the restaurant looking at the pamphlet. Sonny comes out of the office and asks about the honeymoon. Jason says it was a honeymoon and he is back. Sonny knows about Franco because Jason had his people looking for him. Jason tells him about the gift to Joss. Sonny is upset that Carly tracked Jason down rather than calling him. Sonny says Sam must have loved that. Jason tells him the threat was real. Sonny asks if Jason and Sam are alright. Sam thanks Spinelli.  He starts talking about the honeymoon.  Sam says she is back and starts to make notes on a pad.  Spinelli keeps talking about the honeymoon and Sam uses work to evade him. Spinelli notices the necklace. Sam tells him Jason made it.  Spinelli knows what it represents and asks if they should be expecting a child in the near future. Sonny is still talking about Carly crashing the honeymoon.  He gets mad when Jason says Shawn was with her. They argue about Shawn.  Jason gets mad that Sonny is not grateful to Shawn.  Sonny says Jason doesn't have to go off on him and wants to know what is going on. Spinelli is excited about the prospect of a baby.  Sam would rather talk about the business.  He tells her abut losing his cyberskills. He shows her his new basketball skill.  He assures her he will soon have the resources to move out.  Sam says aboslutely not. Sonny wants to know what is going on.  Jason talks about business problems and how Shawn covered them. Sonnny talks about being out of control.  Jason says he is back and ready to clean up any messes. sonny says that isn't necessary. Sonny talks about Jason coming home and having to switch gears and not knowing what messes are waiting.  Jason wants to know about the mess. Sonny updates Jason on how well things are going. They talk about Kate.  Sonny hopes it could be something good like Jason and Sam. Spinelli doesn't understand why Sam wants him to stay.  She says they like him living there and that nothing has changed. Spinelli says things have changed.  He points out that Jason has changed using the necklace as an example. He thinks Jason is ready to live with Sam alone. Sam is sure Jason doesn't feel that way. She likes that he lives upstairs.  She convinces him to stay. Jason at the restaurant reading the pamphlet.  Sam opens on of Spinelli's fortune cookies.  It says Love will take you laces you never thought possible.  She drops it.

November 17, 2011

Jason on the phone yelling at Max to find Franco.  Spinelli comes in and asks what Franco has done now.  Jason looks at Sam who has come to the top of the stairs. Jason tells him that Franco left another body as Sam comes downstairs.  Jason shows Spinelli the graffiti tag.  He wants him to use his laptop to find out what it means. Spinelli left the laptop at the office in preparation for moving but Sam asked him to stay. Jason tells him to go tot he office and find out what the tag means and try to find Franco. Spinelli starts to hedge then says he will do what he can.  He leaves. Jason asks Sam about asking Spinelli to stay.  She didn't want him to feel unwelcome. Jason asks if she thinks they can't be alone. He says she can talk to him. She doesn't think that will help.  Jason wants Spinelli to move out.  Sam doesn't. She asks what's changed.  Jason says everything. They are married and shouldn't have a roommate. She wants to be around the people that make her feel secure. Jaon thinks she wants Spinelli there because being alone with him brings up bad feelings. Sam says there is no one she feels safer with but his attempts to help are making her crazy.  They both apologize. He says he loves her so much.  She loves him too.  He doesn't know what to do.  She says he doesn't need to do anything, he already got her throught the worst of it. She doesn't want to talk about it.  He says they are talking around it. She yells at him to let it go.  He gives her the pamphlet. Sam doesn't want to go.  She doesn't think it will help since she can't remember.  She thinks it will make things worse. She says she needs to be alone for a while.  He asks what that means. She says she loves him.  He says they can talk or be quiet whatever she wants. She can't explain it to him.  He doesn't need her to explain.  She says it si not his fault. He says he didn't stop him. Sam knows how much pain he is in. He says he was not the victim and she says he was in a different way. She wants to be alone because when she sees his pain she wants to help him and she cann't do that until she helps herself first. She takes his hand for a moment and then goes upstairs.  Jason rips up the pamphlet.

November 21, 2011

Jason is at the office leaving threatening messages on Franco's voice mail. Sam is on the terrace at the Penthouse.  Michael comes up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder. She grabs him and almost flings him off the terrace. Carly and Shawn are at Carly's.  Jason comes. Shawn says he hears Joss and goes upstairs. Jason tells Carly Franco was in Hawaii. She asks what he did.  Sam lets go of Michael and apologizes. She goes in and Michael follows. He apologizes for freaking her out. She asks if he is okay. He is but wants to know if she is okay. She says she is just jumpy. Michael says her honeymoon didn't leave her relaxed. Jason tells Carly about the dead girl and the graffiti. Carly asks if he knows where Franco is. Jason doesn't but says Franco will come back. Michael was looking for Jason. He knows her honeymoon was not relaxing because of Carly. He hopes she enjoyed it after Carly left. She asks why he needs to see Jason.  He tells her about Abby's friends getting roughed up. He  wants Jason to look into it. Sam volunteers to look into it for him. Sam talks about the case and how it must bring up bad memories for him and Abby.  She reminds him that he saved Abby from Brandon. He says helping Abby helped him. He says that she and Jason were great too but he did not want to be close to anyone.  They talk about how he felt after he was raped. Sam talks about him remembering as opposed to date rape drug victims who can only imagine what was done to them. Michael says he wanted to forget but the only way to get past it was to face it. He says he had a lot of help. Sam says he couldn't make the person who hurt him pay so they will find this animal instead. Carly is ranting and raving about Franco and how he had Michael raped. She keeps going until Jason yells that everything Franco has done is on him. Carly didn't realize how much Franco was getting to him. Jason apologizes. Carly wants to know if something else is going on. Jason tells her to be careful. He says it won't be over until he ends it. She wasn't blaming him. He says she should. Carly wishes she was wrong about Franco.  Jason says he just wanted to take Sam someplace where she was happy, to give her something good and instead he led her into a trap. Jason notices the robot camera on the table. He asks her where it came from and tells her what it is. Shawn comes back. Carly tells him Franco was in Hawaii.  He knows.  Jason called him on the way to the airport. Jason leaves. Michael doesn't want Sam to take the case if she is not ready.  She says she is.  Monica knocks.  She is happy Michael is there.  She asks him to Thanksgiving. He agrees to come for dessert. Michael leaves. Monica invites Jason and Sam as well.  Sam will mention it to Jason.  Monica tells her about seeing Jason at the hospital and about Liz freaking out and Jason comforting her. Jason outside the door looking at the graffiti tag on his phone.  He goes in. He asks Sam if she wants to go get lunch or go for a walk.  Monica comes out of the kitchen. Sam tells him Monica is there to ask them to Thanksgiving dinner. Jason turns her down but Sam tells him she thinks it's a great idea. Jason goes into the restaurant.  He knocks over a chair and then notices Sonny watching him from the office door. Sonny asks what happened. Jason says he can't find Franco. Sonny says that's what Franco does, messes with Jason's mind and then disappears. Jason says he will deal with it. Sonny will postpone his trip if Jason needs him to.  Jason goes into the office and starts looking through the drawers. Sonny shows him the divorce papers and tells him how he signed them. Jason asks if he is okay.  He says he is trying to be and that is better than trying to burn down his life. He asks if Jason is okay.  Jason doesn't want to burn down his life. Jason starts to leave. Sonny thinks something is going on that is more than Franco. Jason asks if Franco isn't enough.  Sonny talks about Jason not knowing what it feels like to be helpless and how you build the person who hurt you up to be more powerful than they really are but the truth is they can die like anyone else. Jason says that just because they are dead doesn't mean you're free and walks out.

November 23, 2011

ason and Shawn are at Kelly's talking about Franco.  Jason leaves.   Jason comes into the Penthouse where Sam is asleep on the couch.  He touches her to wake her up and she jumps. She relaxes when she sees it is him.  Jason wants to know if she was okay all night. She snaps at him. Jason tells her he was out all night trying to find Franco but didn't find him. Sam thinks he made his move and took off. Jason says that's what Shawn said. Sam thinks he told Shawn but he didn't. He still thinks she should talk to someone but she says she gets to decide how to deal with it. Sam comes down to go to the Quartermaines. He wants to stay in with her and Spinelli instead.  Sam says Spinelli is at his nanny's. Jason didn't know he was going. Sam says he is hiding from him because he can't find Sonny's money. Jason says Spinelli is back to normal. Sam says when something that traumatic happens you don't just get over it.  He puts his arm around her and she flinches but lets it stay there. She says she feels so lost. Jason asks what she needs. She wishes she knew. She turns into his chest and he holds her. Sam is looking through the drawer for a hostess gift. She finds a bottle of wine and asks where Jason got it.  He says from Carly. Sam starts talking about how she was trying to prove Carly wrong. Jason wants her to stop punishing herself. He wants to call the Quartermaines to cancel. She thinks it will be something positive to do.Sam goes to get her coat. Jason calls Bernie for an update on Franco.  Jason and Sam arrive at the Quartermaines. Edward wants Alice to serve the wine. Tracy gets snippy and insults them.  When she calls Sam a golddigger, Jason goes off on her and warns her not to talk to his wife that way. Monica tells Tracy to leave but Sam intervenes. Jason leaves the room.  Michael goes to follow but Sam stops him. Tracy continues to complain about Jason. Sam asks Michael about the case. Michael asks if she has been fighting with Jason about it because of how Jason went off.  Jason is in the foyer talking to Bernie on the phone and getting angry. EVeryone is back in the living room. Edward wants to know why dinner is so late. Alice was holding it for Luke. Edward tells her to serve it now. Michael asks about Hawaii. Jason and Sam take each other's hands as Sam tells them about teaching Jason to surf.  Monica comments that it must have been hard to come home.  Jason walks out. Sam goes after Jason. She tells him that they don't know what happened and he needs to take it easy.  He tells her that when the Hawaii police got to the scene, the body and all evidence of the murder were gone. Sam is upset that she didn't report what happened either.  She says they made it easy for him. Jason wants to leave. Monica comes out and tells them that dinner is ready. Jason says they can't stay but Monica says it would mean alot if they did. Edward is happy that they have an actual turkey. Michael asks who is going to cut it. Edward says they have to sing first. He says Lila insisted on it and since Sam is wearing her ring she is a part of the family. Edward, Alice and Monica start to sing.  Sam becomes upset.  Jason sees that Sam is upset by the song.  He loses it and flips a table. He walks out.  Sam goes after him. Alice thinks he wanted pizza.

November 28, 2011

Sam is worried that Jason lost it in front of all those people. She apologizes for pushing him to spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. She questions whether they will ever be able to go 5 minutes without seeing Franco's face. He regrets not killing Franco, commenting on the looks he now has to see in Michael and Sam's eyes. He wants her to just blame him. Jason loses his temper, claiming he has to end this right now. She realizes he never went to see Patrick, wondering if his anger is a side-effect of the surgery. She says he has to deal with just as much as she does: she may not remember, but he does have memories of that night. She says all she can do is imagine the worst. Montage: As Dante sleeps, Lulu picks up his badge as she takes a drink; Matt gets dressed and leaves Maxie sleeping; Robin leaves a sleeping Patrick; Jason checks on Sam, telling her he would give anything to take the pain away from her, wishing he had been there to protect her; Kate helps Sonny get ready as they reflect on times in Bensonhurst, as they almost kiss.

November 30, 2011

After not being able to sleep, Jason comes back from a ride, finding Sam on the balcony. Sam talks about how the stars have been the one constant in her life. Jason assures her that he is here for her. They hold each other, wishing everything was simple again. Sam tells Jason she wants to go for a walk alone. Jason wants a guard to go with her, but she wonders what worse could happen to her. Carly calls Jason with news that Franco sent Josslyn another package. Upon arriving at Jake's, Sam runs into Abby. Sam tells her she is working on the case. Jason, Carly, and Shawn watch the video from Franco. Carly shows Jason the box with the baby inside it, fearing that Franco is after Josslyn. Jason overreacts, sending the computer flying across the room. He apologizes for losing his temper, as he promises to not let Franco take Josslyn. Outside of Jake's, Sam comes upon the scene of Franco's latest graffiti art.

December 1, 2011

Jason runs up while Sam is looking at the graffiti tag. They talk about the tag. Sam is upset that Jason blames himself when it is Franco's fault.  She wants to know what the tag means.  Jason says it means Franco is back and Sam shouldn't be wandering into alleys.  She tells him about her case and that she was following a lead. He wants her to let Johnny handle it.  Sam screams that she needs to help these women. Jason hugs her. Sam updates him on how she found the tag.  She thinks it is a clue.  Jason thinks Franco is watching them.  He tells Sam Franco is getting what he wants because he is getting between them.  Shawn comes. Shawn explains that the tag is the periodic table for the human body. He shows Sam the doll Franco sent Joss and Sam is freaked out. Jason tells Shawn to stay close to Carly and Joss. Shawn leaves. Spinelli comes.  Jason wants him to find out what the last symbol in the tag means.  Spinelli sends it to the FOS. He finds out that it is an ancient symbol related to the bond to the creator. Sam says Franco is a creator of art. Spinelli suggests that it refers to something already created, maybe something created in Hawaii.

December 6, 2011

Sam is sitting in the alley thingin about what Spinelli said. Jason comes and asks why she came back there. He says she is giving Franco what he wants.  Jason swears to Sam that he will find Franco and end this. Sam feels like there will never be an end. Jason tells her being there won't make it end faster. Sam says she is there for her case but Jason tells her she does not have to cover. Sam isn't trying to keep things from him.  Jason knows but hates seeing her there thinking about what Franco did is like being back in that room unable to protect her. Sam tells him it is not his fault.  Jason flashes to Franco saying this will end when I say it ends. Jason says they need to figure out his next move.  Sam says Jason was right; that if they keep obsessing on this he wins.  Jason says not this time. Sam wants them to go to Jake's and try to be normal for a little while.  Jason has to take care of this.  Sam asks if he will be back.  He nods and touches her arm before leaving.  Sam goes to Jake's and talks to the strippers about the case.  Floyd watches. Diane realizes Floyd is not paying attention to her and starts a converstaion with Coleman about strip pool to get his attention. Michael comes in and approaches Sam and the strippers acting all aggressive about wanting info. Sam tries to get Michael to calm down.  The girls say they are leaving and Sam drags Michael away. Sam and Michael argue over the way he is treating the girls. Michael says something leading Sam to believe he thinks the girls desreved it because they are strippers. Jason goes to Carly's looking for Shawn.  She tells him that Michael is mad about Shawn being her bodyguard and how he wants to go after whoever is beating up the dancers. Sam is angry at Michael for thinking they deserve it. Michael calms down and reminds her that she knows he doesn't believe anyone deserves to be attacked. Sam apologizes. Michael asks if something else is going on.  She denies it but Michael doesn't beleive her.  He wants to know if she is okay.  Coleman takes Jason into the alley to show him that Franco added another symbol to the tag. Coleman says Frano is a freak and leaves.  Jason flashes to Franco telling Jason he is going to leave him with nothing but his rage. Sam apologizes again for over-reacting.  Michael apologizes too saying he just came from Carly's and was not in a good place.  He updates her on Shawn moving in and Shawn warning him to stay awy from the stripper case so he does not become a target.  He says Shawn has no idea. Michael starts talking about what it feels like to be Franco's victim and hurt as a way to get at Jason.  Sam throws the pool rack. Micahel asks what is wrong.  Montage: Carly watching Shawn do push-ups; Sonny in Besonhurst apartment flashing back to his childhood beatings, he rages at Deke and then sees his childhood self crying in the closet.  He starts to cry.

December 7, 2011

Michael tries to get Sam to open up as to why she is so upset. He asks if she was ever victimized; she says yes. Jason thinks back on his encounters with Franco. Spinelli arrives as Jason screams to Franco. Sam tells Michael about her past before coming to Port Charles. Michael wonders if something happened recently, letting her know she can talk to him. Sam asks Michael if he has been able to forget what happened in prison. He says Abby is the only one who can fully heal him. They talk about how he is trying to protect Abby, like Jason would protect Sam. Spinelli and Jason discuss Franco's latest message. They talk about how Franco targets those close to Jason, making him feel responsible for their pain. Michael vows to not let Abby become a victim. Spinelli asks Jason about Franco's recent acts. When Spinelli can't give him a direct answer, Jason tells him to leave. Jason thinks back on Franco. He calls out to Franco, wondering if he is watching him. Coleman informs Sam that Jason is out in the alley. Thinking more about Franco, Jason tries to figure out the message. Jason tells Sam and Michael that Franco is taking things full circle, that he is waiting for him. Jason plans to go back to the place where he first saw Franco, telling Sam she isn't going with him. Floyd comes upon the scene, taunting Jason about Franco. Jason attacks Floyd, telling him not to mess things up for him regarding Franco. Sam thinks Jason is walking into another trap. As Jason is about to leave, Dante arrives to arrest him. They tell Dante that Franco is back, but he pulls a gun on Jason, following through with the arrest. Jason tells Michael to take Sam home, but she says that is the last place she is going.

December 8, 2011

Sam and Michael on the street looking for Franco.  Michael thinks Franco isn't there and wants to take Sam home.  They argue over whether the tag was a message or not. Michael starts to look around saying if Sam is right than Franco left another clue.  Sam wants him to let her handle it.  He says the hell she will. Michael says that Jason doesn't want her chasing Franco.  Sam says Jason is worried about Michael.  She wants him to leave.  He won't leave her unprotected. They argue over whether she can protect herself from Franco.  Michael says he has a score to settle with Franco. Sam understands how Michael feels.  He says she doesn't.  She doesn't know what it is like to have no control or power to stop what is happening to you.  Sam apologizes. Michael doesn't want her to feel bad but he is the one who has to live with it, not her. Sam doesn't want to see him get hurt again.  He says Jason can't do anything about Franco from lock-up.  Sam says they will do it for him. They go over what happened when Franco first saw Jason. Michael goes to where Franco would have been standing and sees a tag on a trashcan.  They find a gift-wrapped  DVD in the trashcan. Michael wants to give it to Jason. Sam thinks the cops will confiscate it. The same graffiti tag is on the cover.  Michael goes to call Bernie to get the DVD to Jason but Sam says Jason can't know about his. Michael wants to know why.  Sam says she doesn't want to risk getting it to him in lock-up.  She is thinks it will drive Jason crazy.  Michael asks if she knows what is on the DVD.  She flashes back to passing out in the shower and being caught by Franco. Michael asks again what she thinks is on the DVD.

December 9, 2011

Sam visits Jason at the police station. Sam tells Jason she went to Front Street on her own, along with Michael. She tells him they saw a painted circle, like the one in the alley. Sam tells Jason that Alexis is on her way, but she doesn't want to be there when she arrives. They exchange "I love yous," and Sam leaves. Sam tells Michael that she didn't tell Jason about the DVD, making him promise not to say anything. Jason is upset that Michael didn't just take Sam home. Jason wants to know exactly what happened on Front Street. Sam gets home and prepares to watch the DVD. Michael assures Jason that the only thing they saw was a painted circle. Alexis promises Jason will get his day in court. In the interrogation room, Floyd taunts Jason into another attack by going after Michael. Floyd says he is changing the charge to attempted murder. Alexis wants to know whats wrong with Jason. Alexis reprimands Jason for losing his temper again, but Michael says he is just worried about Sam. Alexis questions why Jason is letting Franco get in the middle of everything, especially since he just got back from his honeymoon. Jason thinks about Franco. Sam begins to watch the DVD. Alexis says she will get Sam to calm him down, but Jason doesn't want her to worry. Michael wants to know what is going on with Jason. Sam breaks down after watching the DVD.

December 12, 2011

Michael tells Jason he talked to Sam and he knows what's wrong with him.  He wants to help them. Sam at home breaking down over the DVD. Jason can take care of Sam himself.  Michael disagrees and points out how Jason has been acting.  Michael knows it has to do with Franco and what he did to him. Jason thinks he should hav protected Michael. Michael says Jason didn't fail.  Jason says he let his guard sown.  Michael says everybody does and Jason screams I don't. Michael knows how Jason feels because he wants to protect Abby as much as Jason wants to protect Sam. Sam picks the DVD up and looks at it.  She is very emotional. Jason talks about how well Michael is doing for himself. He talks about how strong Michael is to get past what Franco did and move on.  Michael credits Abby for his recovery.  He tells Jason about getting Tracy to send Abby out of town to keep her safe.  Alexis comes in and wants Michael to leave. Jason asks Michael to tell Sam Alexis is working on getting him out and he wants her to stay home and stay safe. Michael leaves. Alexis says Jason will get six month minimum.  Jason needs to get out and stop him. Alexis realizes he wants to get out to kill Franco.  Jason says she doesn't know what he did.  Alexis says he has to tell her or she can't get him out. Jason says Franco ruined the honeymoon and he is in town. Alexis says that is not enough for a judge.  He asks how about for Sam's mother? Jason says he will hurt her.  Alexis agrees and starts to argue that is why she did not want them to get married. Jason says there is no time for this; Sam is going to go after Franco to make him pay.  Alexis wants to know for  what. She wants to help him and is worried about Sam but she can't help him unless she knows the whole story. Sam puts the DVD in the case.  She puts on her coat, picks up the DVD and a gun and heads out but runs into Michael in the doorway.  She tells hims she has to go.  He says where? To shoot somebody?  She tries to tell him its about a case but he says this is exactly what Jason doesn't want and why he sent him there. Sam closes the door and slams the stuff on the desk.  He picks up the DVD. He guesses she already watch it. Jason tells Alexis about the cameras.  He says he is afraid Sam is going to go after him and he doesn't know what Franco will do. Alexis says she is on this and will do whatever she has to to get him out. Sam tells Michael the DVD was more of the same.  He doesn't believe her. Sam has to do something.  Michael knows she is pissed off but she has to use her head. Michael says he saw Jason and knows why they are so pissed off, that it is about the rape.  he asks if Franco talks about it on the DVD. Sam is stunned and speechless then Michael continues and she realizes he is talking about his rape. Michael doesn't want them to tear themselves up over it.  He talks about how he felt and how Abby saved him. He says he has Abby like she has Jason. He asks about the DVD again and she says it was just Franco taunting Jason. Michael is glad they got it first and didn't let it set Jason off again.  He tells her about Jason attacking Floyd at the PCPD. Sam says that is why he can't see the DVD.  She wants to go see Jason but Michael tells her that Jason wants her to stay home where she is safe but Michael thinks he is afraid of going off in front of Sam.  He asks if Jason has had a check-up after the surgery. Sam says no.  Michael's phone rings.  It's Abby. While Michael is talking to her, he hears a crash and the line goes dead.  He calls her name through the phone. Robin comes in to see Jason.  She needs his help. 

December 13, 2011

Michael calling Abby's name.  Sam asks what's wrong. Michael says the call dropped.  Sam tries to calm him down telling him calls drop all the time.  He tells her about hearing the crash. Robin rambling about how she hates to bother Jason but she has no one else to go to.  He asks what's wrong and she says she needs him to help her disappear. A very upset Michael leaving a message for Abby.  Sam tries to comfort him, giving him reasons why she might not be answering. She assk if he has numbers for the people she was meeting. He says he can get them.  Sam says she will help and starts working on her laptop. Robin wants to disappear for ever.  Jason asks about Patrick and Emma and she says she is doing it for them. Jason wants to help with whatever her problem is. She is worried Patrick will blame himself. She talks about Lisa. While she is talking, Jason flashes back to Sam talking about his anger and Franco saying it is the lady's honeymoon.  Robin notices Jason zoning out and tries to get his attention. Jason comes out of it as Robin is going for help. He tells her he is okay, that he just got distracted. Robin knows better.  She wants to see his eyes and asks about headaches. Jason says the problem is Franco and how he didn't stop him.  He just gets angry and he can't control it. Robin understands because that's what happened the night Lisa died. Robin tells him about that night. Jason thinks Robin wanted him to help her get away because she killed Lisa. Michael is ont he phone.  He hangs up and says Abby never got to the meeting.  He wants to go to Chicago to look for her. Sam says there are other ways to search.  She starts calling hospitals. Robin talks about why she wanted Lisa dead and Jason asks if there is something she needs him to clean up. Robin says it is too late.  She talks about the night she decided to go on the cocktail. She tells him to protocol is no longer working. She thinks Lisa tampered with her meds. Jason asks about changing the perscription.  Robin says they did and the new one is not working. Jason asks about other optionsbut Robin talks about the cycle of trying drugs that don't work until it is over.  She says right now she has to think about Patrick and Emma. Michael and Sam on the phone making calls about Abby.  Sam knocks the DVD off the desk.  It falls out of the case and when she picks up the case, it is still on the floor. Michael gets a call from someone who has Abby phone.  The man tells him she was hit when a load fell off a crane and taken to the hospital. Sam and Michael leave for the airport.  The DVD is still on the floor. Jason tells Robin she may not be dying. She tells him she was stupid working when she could have been with her family. Jason asks about Patrick and is shocked that she hasn't told him. She says she is not going to put him through the hell of false hope. She wants to have one last great Christmas with Patrick and Emma and then disappear. She talks about how she felt when Stone was dying. Jason talks about meeting Robin and learning about Stone and that was how he understood that sadness comes from loss. He asks why she wants to make PAtrick and Emma feel that sooner than they have to.  She thinks losing her suddenly will be easier than watching her die slowly. Shew asks if he would rather Jake died slowly. Jason says he wouldn't have wanted him to suffer but he would have wanted whatever time he could get with him and he would have wanted to be able to say good-bye. Robin will say good-bye in her own way and then she wants Jason to send her away where no one can find her. Jason says he can't do it. 

December 14, 2011

Jason tells Robin she is not being fair.  She asks what is fair about AIDS.  She talks about how much she loves her family and doesn't want to leave them. Jason says then don't leave. Robin talks about what she went through with Stone while Jason argues that she is giving in to fear. Jason thinks Patrick deserves to know.  She counters that if it were Sam would he want to watch her die. Jason would not even have to think about, he would want to be with her through whatever happened.  Sam and Michael on a plane. Michael is impatient to take off because Abby needs him.  Sam assures him he has done everything humanly possible. They announce take off.  Michael talks about sending Abby away so she would be safe so if anything happens to her it is his fault. Sam assures him that he has done everything he could to protect her. Michael says he can't lose Abby. Robin says if it were Jason who was going to fade away and die that he would not want Sam to see it.  That he would get on his bike and drive away and kill himself. Jason says Patrick will still blame himself if she disappears. That he will think she did not trust him enough to tell him. Robin says she is just exhausted.  Jason thinks she is exhausted because she is going through this alone. She says she says she is not alone, she has him and leaving is the right thing to do. Jason asks about Emma. Robin says that when her parents were presumed dead, she missed them but she remembered them in a good way. Jason says that is how Emma sees her and how can she take that away from her.  Robin asks how he could give up Jake. He says he was trying to do what was right.  So is she. Jason says that if she disappears Patrick will have to try to explain that to Emma and to make it okay for her. He wants her to stop shutting Patrick out. She wants Emma to remember the good times and not to see her sick like she did at Thanksgiving. Jason takes her hand and talks about the night she wanted to jump off the bridge because she knew she was going to die soon.  How they were holding hands and standing on the edge. Robin says they didn't jump.  Jason asks what if they had. He wants her to think of everything they would have missed. He says it's too soon to jump. Michael talks about how after everything Abby went through with Brandon, she was in a situation where she could be hurt again. Sam tells him not to think like that but he is afraid it is already too late.  If something happens to her, he doesn't know what he is going to do. He thinks he may go after a doctor like Jason went after Floyd.  He talks about how strange it was for Jason to go after him instead of just shutting down like he usually does when dealing with authority. Michael asks if Sam thinks the rage attacks are side effects of the surgery. Robin asks if Jason was the one who donated the money to rebuild the bridge.  He did.  She asks why and he says because he missed it. She asks what he thinks of it.  He thinks it sucks.  So does she. She tells him next time he donates money he needs to give a detailed description of what he wants. He thinks it's better this way, you can't brig back what is gone. He says what he learned from her changed his life.  Her too. She talks about after Stone she thought her life was over and then there he was, the guy with no past and the girl with no future. He says she has a future. Robin says because of him she was able to move on and he will always be her friend. Because of him she found Patrick, the love of her life.  Jason says if she means that she has to tell him what is going on. She wants him to respect her decision and not say anything to Patrick.  He won't.  She needs to.  Carly burst in. She starts to argue with Robin. Carly starts yelling at Robin about Franco.  They continue to bicker until Jason jumps up yelling enough. They both stare at him, shocked. Carly asks if he is okay.  He says he is fine.  Robin says he is not. He says he doesn't want to hear them argue. Carly apologizes. Robin asks if that is what happened with Floyd and Jason says yes. Robin apologizes saying her visit probably didn't help. He is glad she came. Carly wants Robin to get Mac to let him go but Jason says Alexis is working on that. Robin asks if Jason is having other symptoms and Carly realizes Robin thinks he is sick. Jason says nothing is wrong. Robin asks if he has had a check-up and he says he has been busy. Carly says he needs to get a check-up and Robin points out that for once her and Carly agree. She tells him to call Patrick.  He says she is the one who needs to talk to Patrick. Robin leaves.  Carly knows that was about more than a check-up and wants to know what is going on.  He says Robin needed to talk.  Carly starts to whine again. Jason yells at her not to start. Carly is worried about the check-up thing and points out how he keeps losing it lately.  She wants to know what is going on. He tells her he is fine but she knows he is not because of how he lost it on Floyd. He doesn't know why and she says that is not an answer. She is scared.  Franco is sending things to Joss. He snaps that Alexis is trying to get him released so he can get Franco.  She says he is not himself. He says he is angry.  He tried to give Sam a little bit of happiness.  She thinks he and Sam are having problems.  He yells that his problem is Franco. She doesn't believe him because Sam isn't there.  He says he wants Sam at home with Michael. She is upset because she does not want Michael involved with anything about Franco. Jason says Michael is safe at the Penthouse.  The plane is preparing to land.  Sam takes Michael's hand and tells him that he has to believe that Abby is going to be fine. Jason is alone flashing back to everything Franco has done.

December 15, 2011

Sam and Michael are at the hospital looking for the room Abby is in.  The room is the morgue.  They are sure it is a mistake. Jason is at the PCPD.  Alexis comes in and tells him he's release but he doesn't hear her because he is zoned out. He comes out of it and wants to leave. She tells him not so fast. Sam and Michael go into the morgue.  He uncovers the body and it is Abby.  Sam watches as Michael holds her body and cries. Jason and Alexis are arguing because she won't let him leave. She is worried about him.  She doesn't want him to go after Franco, she wants him to go home and take care of Sam. Jason says he has already failed her. Alexis says if he takes care of Franco instead of the police, violence will stain their lives again.  Jason says it already has. Jason is released. Alexis stops him from leaving and wants to know what he is keeping her. They start to argue. Floyd come in and says this isn't the end of it. He berates Jason over Franco. Alexis tries to keep Jason calm and argues with Floyd. Floyd tries to provoke Jason.  Alexis shoves Floyd out of the way and yells at Jason to leave. Jason runs into Carly as he is leaving.  She can't find or reach Michael and Sam.  She has the DVD. Sam and Michael outside the morgue.  Sam tries to comfort Michael as they grieve together. Sam says sometimes fate puts you in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Michael says fate didn't put Abby there.  He did. Carly is hanging up her phone.  She tells Jason that Abby as in an accident and Sam and Michael went to Chicago. She asks again if he is okay.  He takes the DVD from her and asks if she watched it.  She didn't. Jason starts to leave.  Carly stops him and tells him to remember to count to ten. They hug.  He leaves.  On the way out, he calls Robin and tells her he is there if she needs him. Michael is blaming himself.  Sam tries to convince him that it is not his fault.  She points out that Abby was happy to be in Chicago. Michael talks about how excited Abby was and how she wanted to come to Chicago to see her and then he heard the crash. Michael starts what iffing.  Sam tells him that will get him nowhere.  He says Abby died because of him. Jason is at the Penthouse.  He turns on the DVD.  Franco says he sees him, a portrait of rage. Sam continues to try to comfort Michael,  He loves Abby but now the love has no place to go.  Sam holds him while he cries. Jason watching the DVD.  Franco taunts him and ends with we're gonna be a daddy.  Jason flips out.

December 16, 2011

Michael and Sam go into a hospital room.  He is trying to keep it together; he needs to be strong. Sam tells him it is better to let it out, that keeping it bottled up will eat at him. Spinelli comes home to find the Penthouse trashed.  He asks what happened.  Jason says it was him.  Jason tells him about his anger issues and how it is like after his accident.  He tells Spinelli about meeting Sonny and how hehad to train himself to shut down. He says it doesn't work anymore. Spineli tries to reassure him but Jason points out all the mistakes he has been making. He says he almost left Sam unprotected again. Sam tells Michael he has a right to the grief and anger he feels.  He starts yelling about being angry at himself. He says this is not the first time he got someone killed.  Sam tries to tell him Claudia was different but Michael says it is him, he gets people killed. He thinks he is like is father.  Sam says he is nothing like Sonny. She tells him that this is life and bad things happen.  He needs to stop blaming himself.  He calms down and says he needs to get Abby's family's number, that they don't know what he did.  He leaves the room. Sam sighs and tells herself everything is going to be okay. Spinelli wants to help Jason figure things out. He asks about when the anger happens and the connection to Franco. Spinelli points out that in the past he has been able to shut down where Franco is concerned. Jason talks about how he could always shut down and know what to do but now he has lost that and when he makes mistakes, people he loves get hurt. Spinelli talks about how Jason has lost his ability to shut down in this encounter and asks what is different about it.  Jason says he doesn't know. Spinelli starts to try to reason it out and Jason snaps at him when he mentions the honeymoon. Jason apologizes. Spinelli talks abotu friendship being about trust and forgiveness.  Jason says he trust Spinelli, it is himself that he doesn't trust. Michael is on the phone telling Abby's mother what happened as Sam listens from the hall. Michael says he doesn't want any money from Abby's mother and promises never to bother her again. Sam comes back in and asks about the call. He tells her Abby's mother didn't care that she was dead and thought Michael wanted money for a funeral.  Sam tells him she is sorry.  Michael says the mother told him not to call the father because he took off before Abby was born. Michael wants to know how a mother could not love her child, no matter who the father was.  Jason takes the DVD out of the laptop.  He is holding it when Sam calls. She tells him that Abby died before they got there and that Michael is blaming himself.  He is going to try to get a flight tonight.  The door knocks.  Jason says he has to go.  Then he says he loves her.  She loves him too. Jason opens the door to Monica. She is there because Robin told her about how Jason was at the PCPD.  She is worried and brings up him skipping the check-up. He says he was busy.  She asks if he trashed the Penthouse and tells him that these bouts of anger are not him.  He tells her to leave it alone. Sam tells Michael Jason is coming.  Michael says he doesn't have to but Sam says he wants to.  Michael says people are lined up to help him and Abby's own mother doesn't care that she died. Sam doesn't think they should judge Abby's mother because they don't know the circumstances of her birth or if her father was a terrible person. Michael says that is no excuse.  He says Carly would never turn her back on one of her kids no matter how she felt about their father. Sam is obviously upset by his words.  He asks if she is okay.  She says she was thinking about something but this isn't about her it's about Michael. He tells her he unloaded on her so she can unload on him.  Sam sits down and starts to cry. Jason apologizes.  Monica understands.  She says a doctor she has to insist that he schedule a check-up.  She gives him the cars of a specialist Patrick has already spoken to about his case. She asks him to give him a call. She touches his face and leaves. Michael sits down next to Sam.  She apologizes and asks him to give her a minute.  He knows this is about more than Abby. Sam says it is about Abby and her friends and how she wanted to help them because she couldn't help herself. Michael wants to know who hurt her.  She tells him Franco raped her. 

December 19, 2011

Jason lets Shawn in.  Shawn is talking about a meeting that Jason obviously forgot about. Michael tells Sam he is sorry.  She says she shouldn't have told him especially now. She says it is her problem and she is dealing with it.  Michael asks, are you? Jason tells Shawn about Abby.  Shawn asks if it was Franco. Jason doesn't think so but he is looking into it. Shawn says he will cover the meeting. Jason is worried about the message that will send. Shawn says he will make it clear that it is business as usual. He tells Jason Michael needs him and so does Sam. Shawn convinces him that him going in Jason place could work in their favor. Carly comes in and Shawn leaves. Shew thinks Shawn living with her is not going to work.  Jason says he can't kill Franco if he can't find him. Sam says she had no right to dump thiso n him.  He thinks she had every right.  He asks if she talk to a professional about it. Sam changes to subject to him needing to focus on Abby and her funeral and allowing himself to grieve.  He says so she can avoid dealing with what happened to her.  He knows that is what she is doing because that is what he did. He says running from it is not the answer. Carly starts harrssing Jason about how he is not acting like himself.  She tries to say that it is Sam's fault for getting married so soon after the surgery.  Jason says none of this is Sam's fault.  She wants to know none of what. He tells her she can help him by staying safe and listening to Shawn.  He has to go catch a plane. He grabs his jacket and leaves. Sam says she will be okay.  Michael used to say that too but he was lying.  She says their situations are not the same. He says the details might be different but the pain is the same.  He talks about pretending to be whole when you are not and it feels like you never will be. Michael says he spent months where she is now and talks about how he felt and acted.  Sam says that she can't dwell on it, that terrible things happen to he all the time. She has to find a way to survive.  Michael says you survive by facing it. He thinks that is why she told him.  Because she wants help and knows she can trust him.  Sam doesn't think she will ever be the same.  Sam tells Michael the whole story and how she couldn't remember.  He asks how she knows it happened.  She tells him about how Jason saw it. Michael tells her what happened was out of her control and she can't blame herself. She says she had just gotten married and it was everything she wished and dreamed for and Franco took it all away. Michael knows she feels like she will never get past it but she will. Michael talks about what Abby did for him and says Jason can do that for her.  Jason is outside the door listening. Sam wants to confide in Jason but she can't because he is so angry about not being able to protect her.  Michael guesses that is what is behind his angry outbursts.  He points out that there was nothing Jason could have done.  Sam knows that but says Jason blames himself and she can't talk to him because that will make things worse. 

December 20, 2011

Sam wishes she could talk to Jason but he feels so guilty.  Michael tells her she can talk to him.  Jason comes in. Sam hugs him and says she is glad he is there. Jason tells Michael he is sorry about Abby and asks if he can do anything for Michael.  Michael says no one can do anything. Jason says Carly wants him to call he with an update.  Michael doesn't want him to call Carly. Michael leaves to see about getting the body released. Jason and Sam talk about what Michael is going through.  Jason lets her know he checked and Franco had nothing to do with it, it was an accident. Sam asked how he got released so quickly.  Jason thinks Alexis had something on the judge. Sam was more worried than she let on. He knows but he is okay.  He wants to know if she is. Jason and Sam hug while she talks about Abby being a good friend. Carly calls him and tells him to come back that someone tried to kill him at the meeting.  She tells him that Bernie was shot and she can't reach Sonny. Jason hangs up. Sam asks if it was about Franco.  Jason says a business deal went south.  Michael is coming back in.  He thinks Jason should leave and take care of it saying he can't do anything there. Michael is just waiting for them to finish the paperwork.  He thanks Jason for coming and for not telling Carly. He tells Sam to go with Jason but she says she is staying. Jason agrees that Sam should stay. Jason kisses Sam's forehead, hugs her and leaves.  Michael knows he should tell Carly but it is too hard to say. He talks about everyone saying sorry makes it more real.  Sam volunteers to help him contact Abby's friends. Michael shows Sam the date book Abby gave him.  The talk about how Abby was so full of faith and hope. Sam tells Michael Abby was happy with him. He talks about all the plans they had together that will never happen. He thinks they wasted time but Sam doesn't think Abby would change a second with him. Michael thinks he knows how Abby would want to say good-bye. Jason goes into the crime scene that is the restuarant.  He asks Ronnie what happened.  ROnnie says you tell me. Ronnie tries to antagonize Jason but he remains calm.  Jason says he doesn't know who would have shot up the restaurant. A uniform comes and tells Ronnie they are done there.  Ronnie and the cops leave.  Max comes in. He tells Jason Bernie will be okay.  Jason asks about the shooting.  Max says it looks like the Soleitos. Jason asks why and Max doesn't know unless they are trying to expand. Max says the shooters took off as soon as they saw Jason wasn't there so it was a hit on him.  Jason thinks he should have seen the set-up coming so this is on him. Montage: Liz picking up her and Lucky's wedding picture; Lucky walking toward his apartment looking at mail; Kate watching Sonny pack; Sam watching Michael with the bag of Abby's things; Jason in the doorway of the office looking at the shells on the floor with evidence tags; Liz crying while she looks at the picture; Lucky looking at a postcard from Ireland; Sonny zips up his suitcase and looks at Kate; Michael takes Abby's scarf from the bag, he holds it to his face and cries; Jason closes the office door and looks at a bloodstain on the floor; Liz takes the picture from the frame and puts in on the table facedown; Lucky looks at the picture of Ireland on the postcard; Sonny picks up the suitcase and leaves, Kate angrily puts her hair back up; Michael puts the scarf back in the back and wipe away his tears as Sam looks on; Jason sits in a booth in the empty restaurant. 

December 21, 2011

Jason is still at the restaurant. Sonny comes in and asks about the shooting.  Jason tells him Bernie will be okay and that he was the real target. Sonny asks if this would have happened if Jason was paying attention. Sonny says Jason needs to handle either his personal life or business but he doesn't seem to be able to do both. Sonny says he can't rely on Jason while Jason is chasing Franco.  Sonny says he is not sacrificing everything for Franco.  Jason never asked him to sacrifice anything. Sonny says Jason built this business too and Franco is a stupid reason to lose it.  He tells Jason to shut down his emotions. Jason screams at him that he can't. Jason says he has been missing things he should have seen coming.  Sonny asks why and Jason says he doesn't know. Jason tells Sonny about his rage attacks. Jason says that after the accident, Sonny was the one who taught him that his temper was manageable.  Jason learned to stay calm so that he could be calm when Sonny was not.  Jason wants to talk about retaliation. They know the shooters were Soleitos.  Sonny says Anthony is connected to the Soleitos. Jason thinks Anthony set it up behind Johnny's back, that Johnny doesn't want a war. Sonny says Anthony does. Sonny asks if both Johnny and Anthony come at them, can they take them.  Jason says no. Sonny says they have to keep the truce while they strengthen their position. Sonny asks how long it will take and Jason asks when Sonny can give it his full attention. Sonny says no can you?  Jason says if he wants him to take Anthony out, he will try but he can't guarantee results.  Sonny says stop making mistakes. Sonny tells him to get out of his head.  Jason asks him if he could get of his head when he was having his episodes. Sonny says Jason helped him then and he is trying to help him now.  Jason says Sonny is trying to manage him. Now Sonny knows what Jason dealt with all those years. Sonny talks about how he gave Jason a job to help him but how Sonny's life blew up and the pattern started of Sonny blowing up and Jason covering for him.  Until last summer when Jason was in the hospital and not there to cover for him. Sonny may have gotten it together but he did a lot of damage.  They talk about Robin. Sonny wants Jason to tell him how to help him.  Jason says he can't. Sonny starts asking him when things went wrong.  Jason already did this with Spinelli and it didn't help. Sonny asks what's going on. Jason tells Sonny about the cameras.  He tells him about the surprises and leaving the house wide open.  He says he gave Franco his chance.  Sonny says to do what. Jason says Franco set a trap and he walked into it. He talks about losing control and not being able to think. Sonny says Jason found a way out. Jason says he let him out and tells him about the trail to the body at the hotel. Sonny says at least he didn't go after someone Jason loves. Jason says he should have been able to stop him.  Sonny talks about how they lie to themselves that they can keep everyone sae but they can't.  He tells Jason he is doing Franco's work for him by crucifying himself for what Franco did.  Jason says Sonny don't know what he did. Sonny says tell me.  Jason dodges saying Sonny is right.  Business is first. Sonny says screw business.  Jason is in trouble.  He wants Jason to trust him to help and asks what is going on. 

December 22, 2011

Sam lets Shawn in.  He is there to check in with Jason.  Jason isn't there.  They talk about Michael and Abby. Sam says Michael has been through a lot.  Shawn says they both have.  He understands why Jason is so focused on Franco, that animal needs to pay for what he did.  Sam looks freaked out. Sonny apologizes for not being around when Jason needed him, that he was being selfish like always.  Jason tries to say he wasn't. Sonny says he was expecting Jason to clean up after him without thinking about what Jason was going through.  Jason says he couldn't know what Jason didn't tell him. Sonny wants him to tell him. Sam asks Shawn if there is something she doesn't know about. Shawn asks if what she knows ins't enough. He lists Frano's crimes and she realizes he doesn't know about the rape. Sam asks about the business problem and Shawn tells her. Sam realizes Jason was the target. Jason has to relearn to control his anger. Sonny asks if the is possible with Franco out. Jason says he will just focus on the business. Sonny wants Jason to get help before someone he loves gets hurt or dies. Jason appreciates what Sonny is trying to do but he does not need Sonny's help, Michael does.  He tells him about Abby. He tells him that Michael got he sent to Chicago because of the guy beating up strippers. Jason tells him how Sam went to Chicago with Michael and then he went.  Sonny realizes that is why Shawn was at the meeting. Sonny says Jason should have told him that. Sonny now thinks Jason still has the ability to handle things.  Jason tells him Michael is the one who needs him. Sam picks up a gun off the desk and puts it in the drawer.  She notices the broken DVD in the trash. She checks the case in her jacket and sees that it is empty. Jason goes into the office.  He looks at Michael's picture and flashes back to telling Michael that Franco sent Carter after him because of him. Jason goes home. Sam comes down and asks if he is okay.  He asks about Michael but Sam says he isn't picking up. Sam tells him Shawn stopped by.  She asks about Bernie. Jason says he will be okay.  Sam tells him Shawn said the bullet was meant for him. Jason says Shawn talks to much.  Sam wants to know if he was going to keep that from her. Jason says no but it wasn't Shawn's place to tell her.  She says he is not really mad at Shawn. She picks up the broken pieces of the DVD and asks if that is what he is mad about.  She asks if he watched the DVD. Sam tells him not to get crazy over it.  It is just Franco messing with their heads. She says it is not true.  She is not pregnant. Jason tells her not say it or think it or talk about it.  He throws the broken DVD on the floor. Sam's phone rings.  It's Michael.  He needs her and wants her to come over.

December 23, 2011

Sam asks Jason if remembers going to get the tree last year. He laughs at the scrawny tree. Sam asks how anyone could resist that tree.  Jason says it was easy but he couldn't resist her. She talks about them getting ready to decorate it and Michael, Molly and Spinelli showing up.  She says it was a real romantic night. Jason says they will have to make up for it this year.  Sam comments that they don't have a tree. Jason asks if she wants to go get one.  He is sure there are some scrawny ones left. She says its up to him.  He wants to stay there.  He is just happy with her.  They exchange I love yous.  Jason says it is going to be okay. She knows. They kiss.  Sam says she missed him.  He missed her too.  She says nothing can come between them. Jason has a gift for her.  It is a phoenix figurine. He was thinking about what Robert Yi said at their wedding about the phoenix being the goddess of all creatures and that she could change bad luck into good.  He says that is her. She loves him.  She has something for him too. She wanted to give him something that would remind him of them.  It is a dragon figurine. Sam says they say if you have the phoenix and the dragon together it is meant to be. Jason places them side by side and says there they are.  They kiss. Montage: Emma sleeping on the couch, Patrick holds a mistletoe over Robin's head and they kiss; Liz picks up Aiden, Cam comes down stairs and tells her he loves her, they look at the tree together; Alice passing out egg nog to Edward and Monica, Tracy doesn't take any because she is looking at the note that came with the diamond; Sam putting the figurines on the mantle, she smiles over her shoulder at Jason, he comes to her and hugs her from behind and kisses her neck; Lulu and Dante dancing with Falconaries at the wedding, the stop and kiss; shot of Port Charles with snow falling.

December 27, 2011

Sam goes into a restaurant, sits in a booth and orders coffee.  She finds a doll on the seat.  She picks it up and starts to look around, freaked out. Robin comes to the Penthouse. She knows he already said no but she has nowhere else to go. He can't believe she still has not told Patrick. She tells him about sending her file to the specialist.  He thinks she needs to wait and see, that the protocol should work.  But she still needs to prepare for the worst. The waitress pours Sam coffee. Sam asks about the doll.  The waitress says an attractive dark-haired man was just there.  Sam grabs her jacket to go look for him.  Patrick comes in looking for the doll. He talks about how badly Emma wants to doll.  He says parenting is bittersweet and he wouldn't change it for the world. Jason argues with Robin about her not giving up. She talks about the relentless progress of the disease if the protcol doesn't work.  Robin aplogizes.  Jason says she gets to be angry. He wants her to tell Patrick so they can figure out what to do together.  She wants him to change his mind. He says no but she can ask him to do anything else. She asks him to go in for his check-up. He says he is fine.  She notices the fist clenching and tells him to tell that to someone who doesn't know him. She tells him to he could have serious consequences.  He tells her to tell Patrick what is going on. She talks about not wanting to watch Patrick pretend things are okay for her sake. He tells her disappearing is not sparing her family, it's cheating them. Patrick tells Sam about how hard they had to try to find that doll for Emma and how Robin finally found someone selling them out of a trunk. He says it is worth it when you see your daughter open it on Christmas.  Sam says then it was a good Christmas? Patrick tells her how wonderful his Christmas was. He asks about her Christmas.  She says good. It was quiet, they way they wanted it. Patrick talks about them having their first family Christmas before they wer married. He said it helps with the questions about having kids that he is sure Sam is getting by now. Sam says people tend to steer in the other direction with them.  Patrick asks about Jason because he never came in for his follow-up. He tells Sam how important it is that he come in. The waitress offers a refill but Sam switches to herbal tea. Robin tries to persuade Jason to go in for his check-up. Jason tries to turn it around on her but she goes right back to talking about his rage attacks. He says he is just mad but she thinks its neurological.  She tries to question him about it. She says she wants to help him while she can. Sam tells Patrick how she admires him and Robin because after everything Lisa did they are still together and happy. She asks what his secret is. Patrick tells her that they were in a downward spiral and what he did with Lisa was always there.  Sam asks how they got past it. They realized what they had and that they wanted to keep it so they rode it out. Sam says love is a powerful thing.  Patrick adds so is having nothing left to lose.  He says they realized that with honesty and living a truthful life, they could survive anything. Robin says no matter how it looks, she is fighting and trying to stay positive but it is hard because she is a doctor so she knows all the ways she could deteriorate. She is trying to set up everyone she loves for a long happy life and that includes him.  She is afraid something is seriously wrong.  She asks what if the rage gets worse and he hurts someone close to him like Sam.  Jason says that won't happen. Robin says he is not in control because it is neurological.  Jason knows why the rage started and it has nothing to do with the surgery. Robin realizes that Sam doesn't know what is going on or how bad the anger is. Jason doesn't want her to worry.  Robin compares his situation to hers. Jason says he will get the exam if she will tell Patrick.

December 28, 2011

Robin accuses Jason of emotional balckmail.  He calls it a deal. They argue.  She can't believe he will put his life at risk if she doesn't tell.  He says if that is what it takes to get through to her. She asks if he would blame himself if Franco did something to Sam.  He asks where that came from.  She says because Lisa tampered with the meds. Jason says Patrick will always blame himself.  She needs to tell him the truth and tell him he is not blame. She may not take the guilt away but she can let him help her. The phone rings.  It's a lead on Franco.  Jason tells them to call him when they have proof. Robin sees his clenched fist.  She grabs it and shows it to him telling him he doesn't even know he is doing it. She says it is neurological. He says she can't help him.  He doesn't know that if he doesn't get checked out.  If not for himself, then do it for Sam. She tells him they are starting a life together and not to throw it away. Robin says if she agrees to tell Patrick will he go in immediately to be checked.  He says he can't promise immediately, that he has something to take care of. She asks how long it will take him if he gets a lead on Franco.  He doesn't know but he doesn't want her to wait on him to tell Patrick. She is worried that something could happen in the meantime.  He says he promised to get checked out, isn't that enough.  The door knocks. Robin says if he doesn't get confirmation on Franco, he comes in to the hospital tonight and that is her final offer. Jason opens the door to Michael.  Robin gives her condolences, tells Jason she will see him at hospital and leaves. Michael is looking for Sam but she is at work. Michael wants to know if Jason is going to ask about New Zealand. He says he figured if Michael wanted him to know, he would tell him. Michael says he has to pretend to be comforted with everyone else but him and Sam. Jason is glad the Sam was with him in Chicago and they got a chance to talk.  Michael realizes that Jason heard them talking about the rape. Michael explains why Sam told him. Jason is glad she finally told somebody. Michael talks about how hard it is to open up about it. Jason appreciates any help Michael can give her. Michael says what about Jason. Michael knows Franco made him watch.  Jason says there was nothing he could do to help her. Jason loses controls and shoves everything off the table. Michael tells him this is why Sam can't talk to him. Jason is looking at his phone.  He is witing for comfirmation.  Michael says there are better ways to help Sam. Jason can't let him go. Michael says while Jason is chasing him, Sam will be there alone trying to deal with what happened.  The more focused he is on revenge, the more alone Sam feels.  That is why she broke down with Michael because she can't open up with Jason. Sam needs comfort and support and all Jason has to offer is rage. Jason's phone rings. It is Robin calling to remind him of his promise to come in. Jason picks up his jacket and says he has to go.  Michael tells him not to get caught up in the hate but to focus on what matters.  He would give anything to have Abby back. Jason shouldn't let Sam slip away.  Jason leaves. Robin is at hub.  Jason comes in for his check-up. They are talking when his phone rings.  It's confirmation on Franco.  Robin begs him to stay as he heads out. Jason promises he will be back and leaves. 

December 30, 2011

Sam is sleeping.  She dreams of passing out in the shower and Franco catching her. She wakes up freaked out. Her phone rings. It's Jason. He asks if everything is okay. She says yeah but is better now that she hears his voice. He wants to know what is wrong.  She says she is missing him. He misses her too. She says its New Years and she want him with her. She asks what happened, did he find Franco.  Jason says Franco is gone. She asks what happened.  He doesn't want her to worry about it.  She asks if he is coming home. He says as soon as he can.  If Franco is gone, Sam wants Jason to just let him be gone. He says its not that simple.  She says it can be, at least for tonight. IT's New Years Eve.  He comments that they never care about the holidays.  Sam cares now. She wants a night where they forget about everything and it is just them together. She tells him to come home to her.  He wants to start the new year right too and part of the is making sure that she never has to deal with Franco again.  All she is worried about is spending time with him. She wants to lay in bed with him and hold him and talk about today and tomorrow and the next day.  He knows but he has to finish this. She is only asking for one night.  She wants to kiss him at midnight and be in his arms on New Years. He tells her he is on his way home. Michael is walking on the side of the road.  He steps over the barrier and onto the road. A light shines on him, he hears a motor and puts his arm up defensively. Sam is looking at the calendar on her phone.  She realizes she is late. Jason and Michael are unconscious by the side of the road, the bike is on its side in the street.