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January 4, 2010

Jason is at the PI office when Lucky comes in. Sam wakes up from a noise and lights being turned on. Franco takes her picture. Sam asked what the chalk outline on the floor is and Franco tells her for her. Jason asks Lucky to arrest him for Claudiaís murder. He tells him about Sam disappearance and Franco. He tells Lucky that Franco has Sam. Franco tells Sam he wishes he had more time to take more photos but he has other projects. Sam asks if all this is an art project. Franco says yes. Franco tells Sam that because Jason ignored him now he has to choose. Sam tells him that she is the only bait he needs. Jason explains to Lucky that he needs to turn things around to gain control. Lucky agrees to bring him in. Mayor gives the announcement of Jasonís arrest for Claudiaís death. Carly walks into the nursery to find Franco in the room. Lucky takes Jason inside the interrogation room and tells Jason to keep him posted. Jason thanks him and leaves. Carly is being tied up by Franco. He is upset that Jason was arrested. He wants her to tell the police that Jason didnít kill Claudia but Michael did. Carly refuses and Franco tells her she will do what he likes. He has Claudiaís body and pictures of Michael and that Michael is a means to an end. He tells Carly he will be waiting for Jason. Sam is in the glass box with a bomb under it. Jason is at the studio.  He shoots the door lock, kicks in the door. Carly warns him that Franco is waiting for him. He turns and sees Franco waving at him.

January 5, 2010

Jax is calling police. He believes Carly has been kidnapped. Jason shoots off the lock on the door to the studio. Carly warns him that Franco is waiting for him. Jason shoots out this mirror image of Franco. He unties Carly and races after Franco. Carly takes a bat and is going out the door when Jason comes back. She explains to Jason what happened and asks for a phone to call Jax because she left the Josslyn alone. Jax is giving Lucky the information on what happened when Carly calls him. and tells him everything that happened. Jason brings her home where Jax and the kids are waiting for him. Jason explains to them what happened. Jax is upset. Jason goes to the check out Jossylnís nursery. Jax wants Lucky to call in a manhunt. Carly asks him to stop that they donít know how dangerous Franco is. Jason is looking at the nursery when Lucky comes in. He wants to know what happened. He tells Lucky about the message that Franco left with Ronnie and he wants to find the people care for and make him unravel to see if Jason will kill him. Lucky tells him it could have been worse and that is Francoís warning to be nice and follow the rules or he will raise the stakes. They talk about who he takes next. Jason tells him that Franco has done a lot of research on him. Lucky mentions Liz but Jason thinks it will be someone more present in his life like Sonny, Spinelli, Monica or Edward. Lucky mentions  Jake. Jason tells him there is no connection between him and Jason. Lucky says that Jax maybe right about bringing in the police. Jason says if he brings in the cops that Franco will kill Sam and move on. Lucky tells him that he tried to keep Sam from going back to him but Sam told him she knew what she is doing. Lucky says that she accepts the risks and Jason is worth it to her and so he will do it Samís way. He leaves to check on Liz. Jason goes to leave and Jax tells him that they will be leaving the country until Franco is caught.  Jason thinks itís a good idea. Franco goes to Crimson and asks Lulu where Maxie is.  When she tells him she isnít there, he tells she will do.

January 6, 2010

Jason is at the hospital with a gun on Ronnie demanding answers. Ronnie is not giving him any. Lisa catches him.  Jason scares her away. Jason questions Ronnie again and when he doesnít answer Jason grabs him by the throat. Ronnie gives him information about Franco. Robin comes in and gets Jason to stop. As they walk out the door, he tells her to be careful. Jason goes home and gives Spinelli information to begin a search for where Franco might have Sam. Dante comes and tells them Franco is building a bomb and Maxie being at the studio. Spinelli wants to call her but Jason makes him keep looking. He sends Dante to get more information from Maxie. Spinelli finds a warehouse that fits what they are looking for. Max and Milo are at Sonnyís restaurant when they notice someone tagging the window. Jason goes to the warehouse and finds a large red metal container. Lulu is strapped on a chair with a bomb underneath. Franco is brought in by Max and Milo. Sonny takes out his gun trying to scare Franco without much success.

January 7, 2010

Sonny has Franco in his office. Max wants to get Jason. Franco tells him to go ahead. Sonny wants to know where Sam is but Franco just mouths off. Sonny pulls the trigger but there was no bullet. Franco shows him the picture of Michael and Claudiaís body. Jason opens the metal container but itís empty. He sees explosives and starts to gather stuff he finds around the studio. Dante calls him and tells him telling him Franco may have Lulu. Sonny dismisses Max and Milo. Franco wants him to give Jason a message. Sonny wants to know if he will be sending the picture to the police. Franco says no and he can do better than that. Sonny tells him that he just wants to be matter to people who donít care. He tells Sonny to give Jason the message and walks out. Jason and Dante are at the studio trying to figure out what Franco will do next. Jason gets a call from Sonny about Franco. Lulu gets one hand free. Franco comes in and tells her about Jason choosing. She knows that Jason wonít choose her and that she will need to help herself. She goes to pull the wires and Franco does it for her. Jason is at Sonny's reaturant.  He wants to know Francoís message. Sonny is telling Jason how he is going to do things. Jason tells him about Lulu and the bombs. They hear an explosion goes offe. They find out that it was empty storage building. Jason wants to know when Franco is calling. Sonny and Jason argue about how do deal with Franco.Jason figures out where Franco wants him to meet him. When he gets there he finds a camera crew. Jason wants Franco to get rid of them but Franco says they are making art. Jason wants to know where Sam and Lulu are. Franco wants to know if he is ready to cooperate. Jason says he is unarmed and Franco takes out a security wand.

January 8, 2010

Franco searches Jason. Jason takes the security wand from him and asks where Sam is. Franco shows him a picture of her in the glass box. Sam is trying to do something with the light and yelling if anyone could hear her. Jason asks if Franco not scared the recording will end up with the police.  He tries to tell the camera crew they will be accessories to murder. Franco tells him about the bomb under Sam. Jason throws one of the cameras. Franco tells the crew to leave. Jason tells him Sam doesnít have to much time and what does he need to hear. Franco wants to know what makes him who he is. Jason doesnít know how to tell him that. Jason tells him to tell him where Sam is and he will tell him anything. Franco doesnít agree and tells him itís his rules. Jason starts to tell him. Sam tries to pick the lock and is frustrated when she canít. Jason tells Franco about the accident and how he felt. He tells him Sonny saved his life and that his job made him feel competent. He tells Franco he is not like him. He is just doing his job, just reacting. Franco tells him he has a gift and should honor it and that Jason is right he is not like him and doesnít deserve what he has in store for him. Franco expresses his disappointment in Jason. Jason wants to know where Sam and Lulu are. Franco tells him he is going to leave him with hatred for him. Jason goes after him and throws him around. Franco tells him he wins and gives him the locations and how much time is left on the bombs. Jason races out. Sam is trying desperately to get out. Lulu is crying. Jason calls Dante to give him the information. Franco talking into the camera. He explains whi he is who he is. Montage of Jason and Dante racing to get to Sam and Lulu. Jason gets to where Sam is but there are only 12 seconds left.

January 11, 2010

Franco is talking in to a camera explaining himself. Montage of Dante, Lulu, Franco, Jason and Sam. Jason finds Sam and shoots the glass and gets her out. Franco hears the explosion. Jason shields Sam with his body but the bomb does not go off. Jason sees that the bomb was a fake. He tries to call Dominic but gets no answer.  They leave. Lucky is at the site of the explosion calling for emergency crews. Jason and Sam arrive and Sam asks if Lulu got out. Jason tells Lucky what happened. Sam calls Alexis to tell her that she is okay. Alexis lets Sonny know and tells him itís not over. Jason tries to get into the building but Lucky tells him itís not possible. After hearing how things happened Lucky is angry at Jason and goes after him.  Steven tries to pull him off. Lulu and Dominic come out of the warehouse. Steven checks her out and says she is fine. Dominic explains how they made it. Lulu thanks him. Jason asks her if Franco hurt her. She tells him how Franco got to her. Jason tells her itís not going to happen like that again. He tries to rush off but Lucky stops him. He tells him that he is going with him and they are going to do it his way. Franco is coming down the stairs with a bag. He puts a DVD in an envelope and leaves. Jason and Lucky get to the studio. Jason stops Lucky from going inside telling him itís a trap. Franco walking down the stairs and his studio explodes.

January 12, 2010

Sam walks up to find Jason at the blown up warehouse. He tells her he has been looking for Franco. She tells him that itís better that he is gone for Michaelís sake. When she tells him itís over he tells her its not. Jason goes to Sonny. Sonny is not happy that Franco has escaped. Sonny says they need to keep Michael safe. He wants Jason to get back to work. Jason says Franco told him the rules before he left. Franco will kill someone for each person Jason kills. Lucky goes to Crimson to look for Lulu but she is not there. Sam gets there and Lucky asks her to leave things alone. Jason is not sure what he is going to do about Franco. Sonny wants him to stop allowing Franco have control. Carly walks in and tells Sonny he is the one being played by Franco. Sam asks Lucky if he thinks Jason made a mistake saving her. Lucky is still upset that Lulu was left to die. Sam reminds him that Jason called Dominic. She poses the question to Lucky what he would do if he had to choose between Lulu and Liz. Carly tells Jason not to second guess himself that it all worked out. Sonny wants him to go back to work but Carly says that he needs time. Sonny says that he let Franco win and Jason tells him Franco did win. Sonny tells them they need to stop arguing because if the body found is Claudiaís they to protect Michael.

January 13, 2010

Carly wants Jason to stay at her house and hang out. Sam asks Lucky what he would do. Lucky tells her itís not the same because Sam is not a mother. Lulu tells him to stop. Carly tells Jason that he needs to stop beating himself up and that everything is fine. She says that she has never seen him that way. Lulu makes Lucky apologize to Sam. Lulu tells him that he is mad at Jason and that Sam was in the same place she was. Lucky tells Sam he is glad that she is alive. Jason tells Carly that he and Franco are the same way they push things to the edge. Carly calls Franco is a coward and she sees the good in Jason. Sam comes up and finds Spinelli spray painting over Francoís tag. Spinelli says he is happy she was able to escape. She tells him that some people donít feel that way. Spinelli tells her it was difficult thing for Jason and that Lulu came out fine. Jason in the interrogation room.  Lucky comes in Jason and goes off on him about keeping the secret about Jake. He apologizes to Jason about going off. Jason thanks him for keeping Jake safe and being his dad. Sam is spraying a heart on the dumpster. Jason comes up on his bike. She jokes about being an artist. Jason apologizes for getting her involved. Sam asks him to stop apologizing for Franco and that he was a victim himself. He doesnít agree and tells her that he didnít understand Francoís game until it almost too late. Jason spray paints over Francoís tag. Jason tells her that they will wait for Franco to make his move and wait for the autopsy on Claudia and hope it doesnít implicate Michael. Sam thanks for choosing to save her and he tells her it was never a choice. They kiss and Sam says lets go for a ride. They get on the bike and take off.

January 15, 2010

Sonny is at his office talking to Dante and Jason about pinning Claudiaís murder on Franco. Jason thinks itís a huge risk. Dante doesnít think it will work. Sonny says the cops are looking bad and if they pin it on Franco everyone wins. Jason wants to discuss it further. Sonny tells Dante to go to Ronnie and talk it out with him. Sonny tells Jason that even though Franco has gotten to him they need to take protect Michael. Jason tells him they shouldnít provoke Franco and its better if he stays gone. Sonny thinks they need to give the cops something now that Claudiaís body has been found. He thinks his plan will work. Jason isnít convinced. Sonny knows it will be a risk. Jason reminds him about the picture and that they canít control Franco and if they frame him it wonít shut him down. Sonny tells him to find him another way to protect Michael. Michael wonít be able to handle another interrogation. Sonny tells him to make it fast. Spinelli comes over and Jason asks him to get into the police mainframe and see what they have found. He tells Spinelli Sonnyís plan and tells him itís too risky. The computer beeps and they find out that a hair has been found in the ruins of the cabin.

January 18, 2010

Sam comes to the restaurant where Jason and Spinelli bring her up to date on the hair the police found at the cabin. Jason tells Spinelli to check if the have a sample of Michaelís DNA on file and if they can tamper with it. Jason and Sam go to the penthouse and notice the dťcor has completely changed. Sam tells him that Spinelli and Maxie must have gone through with redecorating and that they did in the spirit of friendship. Jason doesnít know why they did that after all that Franco put them through. Jason tells her that it scares the hell out of him to think about what could have happened to her. Sam reassures him that she is okay and that he is not responsible for what Franco did. They talk about Franco knowing he would choose Sam and how he got inside his head. He tells Sam that Franco hates that Jason's reason for his job was because he was good at it and that he is going to take that from him. He tells her that Franco will kill one person for each one he kills. Sam thinks he needs to time to process it but Jason doesn't have time because Franco has pictures of Michael. Spinelli comes in and tells them that the hair they found belongs to Sonny.

January 19, 2010

Spinelli tells the hair that was found at the cabin was Sonnyís. Jason doesnít know how it could be since Sonny was never at the cabin. Spinelli and Sam explain that it could have gotten their by Claudia. Spinelli tells Jason he wonít allow Sonny to be blamed for the murder. Jason says they need to find a way to compromise the evidence; Spinelli leaves to the PI office to see what he can do. Sam tells Jason that Sonny will be able to handle the charges better than Michael but Jason says he needs to find a way because Sonny wants to frame Franco for the murder and Franco will turn in Michael if he does. Sonny comes over and Jason updates him. Sonny is not happy; he thought it was all taken care of. He tells Jason he will be making all the decisions from now on and Jason says he canít pin the murder on Franco. Sonny says he doesnít have a choice but Jason tells him if he does this he will paint a bullseye on Michaelís back. Sonny says Jason has lost his objectivity and he orders him not to be a part of it. Sam comes back and Jason tells her what happened with Sonny. He tells Sam he has made lots of mistakes but he knows that if Franco is framed he will release the photos and Michael will be charged. He doubts himself but Sam tells him what he did, right or wrong, was because he loves Michael and that is why she will continue to believe in him.

January 20, 2010

Jason invites Diane over to speak to her about what ďhypotheticallyĒ would happen if Michael got charged on murder. Michael comes over and Diane leaves. Jason tells him he failed him and should have called the cops that night. Michael tells him that it was a crazy night and that he is there to let him know about Josslynís christening and that Carly has chosen him as the Godfather and he hopes that he will stand up for his sister. Sam is at Kellyís and Kristina comes to meet her. She tells him she was worried about her when Franco took her and asks how she is doing. Sam tells her she is okay. Kristina tells her she needs advice about Keifer and his moods. Sam tells her that its not okay to be in a relationship where the guy makes you feel bad about yourself. And that she needs to get out. Jason tells Johnny about Sonnyís plans. Johnny is sarcastic about how things worked out but wants to know why Jason is not happier. Jason tells him that he doesnít want things to land on Michael and  asks if he can count on him. Johnny says yes. Carly comes over to Jason's and notices Francoís painting. She says that Jason needs to let it go and Jason tells her it needs to be dealt with. Carly says to stop blaming himself. She tells him he is the Godfather. He tells her that Michael told him and he doesnít know why he wants him as the godfather. Carly says they will always need a person to take care of them. He says okay. Carly tells him that she loves him and he does too.

January 21, 2010

Lucky comes to the Penthouse to let Jason know that he is taking himself off Claudiaís case. He tells him that Maxie is listed as a potential witness. Jason wants to know why he is telling him that. Lucky says he has misjudged him about lots of things. He notices the changes in the penthouse and says he has done some redecorating himself. He apologizes about the coming down so hard about the Franco stuff. He says you have to see things through different points of view. He tells him another example about Jake and the lies.  He says Jason had to give up his son and that Jason and Jake were collateral damage in he and Liz's mess. He knows that Liz got Jason to lie. Jason says that he doesnít regret Jake but that Liz cared for him but never stopped loving Lucky. Sam comes over and Jason updates her about Lucky and that Maxie is a possible witness. He is worried that Michael will be called in. Sam tells him they need to talk to Spinelli to make sure Maxie keeps quiet. Spinelli and Maxie come to Jason's and think they have been summoned because of the dťcor. Jason explains itís not about that and that he needs her to tell him everything she saw at Sonnyís house the night Claudia disappeared.

January 22, 2010

Jason tells Maxie he knows she was outside Kateís house that night. Maxie tries to deny it but Jason tells her she needs to tell the truth. Maxie explains how she ended up at Kateís. She tells him about being at Kateís and seeing Sonny and Michael being with him. She say that Sonny turned around and she saw the bloody hand print. She is afraid he is going to make her disappear. She tells him Sonny got back in the car and went through the gates. Jason wants her to tell the police everything except the part about Michael being in the car. Maxie agrees and leaves. Sam tells Jason that Sonny is not going to like it. Michael comes in and tells Jason that Sonny wants to turn over the organization to Dominic. Jason tells him that there are more important things happening. Michael is upset because Sonny should be teaching him the business. Jason tells him he needs to stop having outburst. Sam tells him itís going to be over soon. Jason tells him that he is there for him. Michael leaves and Sam says that any good cop will have him talking real quick. Jason tells her that is why Maxie needs to keep quiet. He goes over to Sonny's and lets him know about what Maxie saw and how they decided to handle it.

January 25, 2010

Jason is at Sonnyís talking about Maxie seeing Sonny the night of Claudiaís murder. Sam is paying for a parking ticket when she sees Maxie being brought in by Mac. Sam approaches them and asks if things are okay. Jason tells Sonny that he told Maxie what to say and that she is leaving Michael out of it but Sonny doesnít trust her and brings Franco up. Spinelli comes in and tells them about Maxie being taken to the PCPD. Diane arrives at the PCPD and talks to Sam about Mac questioning Maxie. Jason tells Spinelli to go see what is going on and report back to him. Sonny wants to come up with another plan in case this one doesnít work. Jason says the only other plan is to tell the truth. Sonny wants to know if Franco got into Jasonís head more than he thought. Jason tells him it has nothing to do with Franco. Sonny says that they need to protect Michael. Jason is at his place when Carly comes over. She tells him what happened when she went to see Lucky and Liz. She wants Jason to claim his son.

January 26, 2010

Carly apologizes to Jason for just dropping the news about what is going on with Lucky and Elizabeth. Jason tells her he knew about Nikolas and Liz. Carly tells him now he needs to step in and take him. Jason says the reasons he wanted Jake out of his life have not changed. Carly continues to point out what is going on and tells Jason that he needs to go and take his son. Sam walks in to hear Jason saying he is not Jake's father and he never will be. Carly tells Sam what is going on and that she came over to tell Jason so he could reclaim his son. Jason tells her that nothing is going to be resolved tonight. Carly wants to know if he is mad at her. He says he isnít just sad for Jake and everyone involved. She tells him that he has done so much for her kids and he could do the same for Jake. Carly leaves and Sam says that things have really hit the fan. She asks Jason what if Lucky walks away from the boys and Liz permanently. Jason says that Carly thinks all this negates the deal because Jake does not have a safe and stable life and Liz has wrecked it all. He can see Carlyís point but Jake doesnít know him and his life has not changed. He doesnít want Jake to go through what Michael has. Sam tells him he would be a different kind of father. Jason wants Sam to tell him what she thinks since she is now in his life. She tells him she would be glad if he got to know Jake but the ultimate decision needs to be made by him. He tells Sam that Jake was not planned and he hasnít raised him but he loves him. Sam knows he does. Jason thinks that Lucky and Liz are still the best choice to raise Jake. Sam tells him that he can always change his mind if the situation keeps deteriorating. Sonny comes over and asks to speak to Jason, Sam leaves. Sonny tells Jason that Michael is claiming Dominic is an undercover cop.

January 27, 2010

Jason tells Spinelli he needs his help. Sam comes in and Jason tells them that Michael has told Sonny he overheard Dominic and Johnny talking and that Dominic is an undercover cop. They talk about Michael possibly lying. They go over everything that Dominic has been involved in. Jason want to know if they can find anything about Dominic gathering evidence. Sam receives a phone call from Kristina telling her she needs to talk to her right away. Sam leaves and Jason and Spinelli continue their search on Dominic. Sam gets to the Lakehouse and Kristina wants her to take her shopping for some sexy clothes. She says she and Keifer think she dresses like a little girl. Sam doesnít think she dresses babyish and if Kiefer makes her feel bad about herself then she is not in a healthy relationship. Molly comes in and wants to go shopping too. Sam promises to take Molly shopping on the weekend. Sam and Kristina talk about dressing for men is not a good thing. Sam makes Kristina realize that she likes her clothes and that she has a good self esteem and is lucky to have that at an early age. She wants Kristina to learn from her mistakes. Jason and Spinelli talk about the times Dominic has done suspicious things. Spinelli tells Jason there may be clues at Sonnyís house. He says he will go over to Sonnyís and wants Spinelli to keep looking. Jason questions Max and Milo but they are haven't noticed anything and think Dominic is a stand up guy. Graciella, Sonnyís housekeeper comes in and Jason asks her questions about Dominic, she thinks he is good man. She tells him that he helps with the chores and mentions that he emptied out the ashes from the fireplace the night after Claudiaís disappearance. Jason is looking through Sonnyís desk when Dominic comes in the room.

January 28, 2010

Jason explains to Dante he is looking for some reports in Sonnyís desk. Sonny walks in and asks if there is a meeting. Jason asks him about the report and then asks Dominic to take them to Bernie. Once he is gone Sonny wants to know if Jason has found proof that he is an undercover cop. They both feel there isnít enough evidence just some suspicions. The biggest one being Dominic taking out the ashes after Claudiaís murder. They talk about how people they feel about Dominic and how he has saved the people they care about as well as themselves. Jason and Sonny talk about what might Michael is going through to make an accusation like that against Dominic. Spinelli comes in and tells him that the evidence they have against Sonny includes a partially burnt shirt which was brought in by an undercover agent. Jason thanks Spinelli and he leaves. Jason says that Michael was right and Sonny feels bad that he didnít believe Michael. They talk about how to handle it. Sonny wants to make sure Dominic's death canít be traced back to them.

January 29, 2010

Sonny is getting ready for the christening. Jason comes in and tells him that everything is in place. Sonny tells him that Dominic is as good as dead when Olivia walks in. Olivia is there to remind them to behave at the christening. Lucky is at church praying and wanting God to help his see what his plan is because all he is seeing is black. Jason comes in and tells him that Carly will be happy he is there. They talk about what is going on and Lucky tells him that he canít assure him that Jake will be okay because he doesnít know what happens next. Jason tells him he believes he will do what is best for the boys. Lucky tells him that it is not fair drag the boys through all this. Spinelli and Maxie arrive at the church. Lulu comes in and thanks Lucky for being there. Lulu is worried that Dominic is not there yet. Dominic is reading Sonny his rights. Sonny points a gun at Dominic. The christening continues. Dominic tells him that Sonny doesnít want to do that but Sonny tells him no one will find him. Dominic explains what it was all about. Sonny tells him that he doesnít remember Lt. Poletti but if he killed him then he deserved it. Dominic tells him to pray for his kids that they donít see him the way he is seeing him. Sonny shoots him. Olivia comes in and screams as she sees Dominic on the floor. She calls him Dante and turns around and tells Sonny that he just shot his own son.

February 1, 2010

At Josslyn's christening Father Coates urges everyone to renewal of their commitment and love for each other. He introduces and welcomes Josselyn John Jax. Lulu is making a call. Maxie talks about doing a layout on baby gowns. Michael thanks Jax for his help and tells him that it would be terrible for them if Sonny went to prison. Carly thanks Jason for being Josslynís godfather. She wonders why Sonny didnít make it. Jason and Sam are set up at the altar by Morgan and Molly. Molly hints that it would be great place for a wedding. Sam tells her itís not her business. Molly says that Kristina, Maxie and her can be her bridesmaids. Sam tells her that she and Jason are not getting married. Molly is being a romantic. Jason tells her that they should drop it and respect what Sam wants. They get to Jax and Carlyís house. Lulu wants to know why Dante and Sonny are not there. Spinelli asks Jason about Sonny. Carly is opening the gifts. Jason is ready to go but Sam tells him he has to stay. Carly opens a DVD. Carly thinks its pictures from one of the guest and tells Morgan they will see it later. Morgan doesnít want to wait and goes to play it. Sam is apologizing for what Molly said and that it was out of line. Jason tells her it wasnít and he loves her. They hear Francoís voice as they enter into the other room they see its Franco on the screen.

February 2, 2010

The sound of Francoís voice coming from the other room has everyone running to the next room. Jason tells Morgan to shut it off and asks about the package it came in. The package was addressed to Josslyn. They discuss why Franco sent the DVD. Michael wants to play it but they donít think it is a good idea while the kids are there. The kids are worried that he is targeting Josslyn but Jason tells them Franco wants his attention. Sam decides to take the girls home. Lulu comes rushing in and wants to know if Sonny killed Dominic. She tells Jason what she found when she went to Sonnyís and wants to know if Sonny killed Dominic. Morgan tells her Sonny would not do that. Lulu asks Jason if Sonny found out that Dominic was an undercover cop. Jason tells her that he doesnít know anything. Lulu leaves. Kristina is very upset and says Sonny ruins everything. Jason heads to the hospital. Sonny tells Jason Dominic is really Dante, his son, and that he shot him. Jason wants to get him out of the country. Sonny refuses to leave. Michael comes to the hospital and Jason fills him in with everything that is going on. He tells Michael that Sonny will be arrested and that he needs to stay calm. Sonny comes back and Michael tells him he knows. Olivia comes in and tells Sonny that Dante is in surgery. Ronnie comes in with some policeman and arrests Sonny. They find the gun on Sonny that he used to shoot Dante. Sonny is refusing to leave the hospital because of Dante. He tells Olivia to tell Dante that he loves him and didnít want to leave.

February 3, 2010

Jason is in the interrogation room talking to Diane. Diane goes over the possible charges against Sonny. Jason spots a hooker being brought in and realizes it is Sam in disguise.  Sam talks up the police officer. She gets him to talk about Sonny being arrested and point out the gun that they will be testing. Diane tells Jason to stop looking at the red head and notices it is Sam. She wants to know what she is doing. She tells Jason that she can probably going to be able to create doubt in the Claudia case but not Danteís shooting. Sam gets the police officer to spill his coffee. Sam pretends to clean the desk and slips the evidence in her boot. Agent Raynor comes in and wants to know why they are allowing people being arrested roam around. Jason comes in to distract the attention from Sam. Agent Raynor wants the police officer to let Sam go because it is wasting time. Sam is set free. Jason goes to Carly and asks her to talk to Sonny about leaving the country.

February 4, 2010

Jason wants Carly to talk to Sonny about leaving the country as soon as bail is set. Carly is not sure she can do it part of the reason is Jax will not be happy. Jason points out that if Sonny leaves the cops will assume Sonny is guilty of Claudiaís murder and Michael can move on with his life. Sam goes over to Jasonís and he fills her in about Sonny. Ronnie comes by with some cops and a warrant. They are looking for the gun that was used to shoot Dante. He asks Sam whether she owns a red wig. She doesnít give anything away. He tries to scare them about being charged with conspiracy to steal evidence. The cops come up empty. Ronnie tells them that Sonny is a marked man. THe cops leave. Jason tells Sam that Sonny will not survive prison. He talks about Sonny needing to jump bail and they will lose everything legitimate they own including his place. Sam tells him that he wonít lose her. Sam tells him that he could work with them. She tells him that he can move in with her. They kiss. Jason gets a call from Diane. Jason and Sonny are at the airport but Sonny doesnít want to leave his kids.

February 5, 2010

Jason is tells Sonny they are out of time when he refuses to leave. He reminds Sonny that Dante is a cop. Jason wants him to go. Sonny canít run away from what he did. Sam is trying to open the door when Jason comes behind her. He helps her. She has Chinese food and beer. He tells her he isnít working and that he doesnít have to worry about losing his place because Sonny doesnít want to leave. Sam understands why he wonít leave because it involves his kids. Jason wants to shut out the world and they kiss. They hear a knock and the person is being persistent. Itís Carly with the Jossyln and Morgan and she tells Jason they are moving in.

February 8, 2010

Carly tells Jason how Jax knew everything about Dante and helped him get evidence on Sonny. They talk about the effects that it could have had on Michael. Carly wants to know what to do and Jason wants her to process what happened. She says she loves Jax despite everything. Sam is holding Josslyn as she bounces her and tells her that she and Jason will take her out on a boat someday. Carly tells her she is good with her. She asks if they can watch the kids so she can go talk to Sonny about what is going on. Jason says he needs to go too to tie up some loose ends. Sam and Morgan come downstairs. Morgan asks Sam if Sonny will be mad at him for caring for Dante. Jax comes by and wants to know where Carly is. Neither Sam nor Morgan tell him but Morgan finally tells. Carly asks Jason not to do what he is thinking of doing because it will devastate Morgan and Sonny will not be happy. Jason goes to Danteís room. Dante wants to know how Jason is going to kill him.

February 9, 2010

Jason is in Danteís room. Dante tells him that he lied about Sonny shooting him. Jason wants to know how far Dante is willing to take it. Jax comes down the stairs and tells Sam the baby is sleeping and Morgan is reading. Sam tells him to leave but Jax is not going anywhere until he talks to Carly. Morgan overhears Sam telling Jax that he put Sonny in jail. Morgan wants to know why. Dante tells Jason he is going to testify against Sonny in Claudiaís case. Jax tells Morgan that he loves them and wants to protect them. They talk about Sonnyís life and how they can get hurt. Morgan tells him that he loves him, Dante and Sonny. Jason goes to Sonny and tells him there is someone in the organization that knows too much and can put them away. Sonny tells Jason to take care of them and asks who it is. Jason tells him it is Dante. Sonny wants to make sure no one hurts Dante and thinks Dante will come around. Jason tells him not to let Dante destroy him.

February 10, 2010

Johnny comes to Jason's and Jason tells him he canít believe he knew that Dante was undercover cop. Jason tells him that he will live because he protected Michael but that he is out. Johnny tells him that he kept quiet because of Olivia and Claudia and because he wants Sonny to pay. Jason tells him he understands but he is loyal to Sonny and he will stop him if he comes after him. Jason is talking to Bernie on the phone. Kristina comes in and tells him she needs money. She tells him that she trusts him to tell her the truth and she wants a reason why she shouldnít hate Sonny. Sam as at Kellyís when Elizabeth comes by. Elizabeth makes remarks about it being awkward. Sam tells her she is not one to judge. Elizabeth starts throwing Samís past in her face. She wants to know how she got Jason to forgive her so maybe it could get Lucky to forgive her. Sam tells her that she got control of her life, made amends and learned to respect her herself. Elizabeth walks away. Jason tells Kristina that despite all the mistakes that Sonny has made he is a good man. He tries to explain to her about how he was raised and why Sonny is the way he is. He tells Kristina Sonny will do anything to keep his children safe. Sam comes in and Kristina tells her she needed some answers from Jason. Jason tells Sam why Kristina was there and what he told her. She tells him he always knows what to say and that he will be a good father. There is a knock on the door, its Maxie. She talks about getting a sauna installed. Jason tells Sam she can be in charge and leaves. Elizabeth is imagining men at Kellyís calling her names, she panics and leaves. She runs into Jason and he notices she is not doing well. He hugs her.

February 11, 2010

Jason tries to calm Elizabeth down and hugs her. Lucky walks up and accuses Elizabeth of running to Jason and not caring about the kidsí safety. He tells Jason that Elizabeth probably came running to him claim to be the victim. Elizabeth tells him she didn't realize how much she has hurt him and thanks Jason for trying to help. She leaves. Jason talks to Lucky about losing himself and not to allow it. Lucky tells him he should have stayed the unemotional person he was when he first came out of the accident. He wishes he could do that. Jason comes home and Sam tells him to decide about the sauna. He tells her what happened with Lucky and Elizabeth. He tells Sam that he saw the toll all the lies has taken on Lucky and that he had a part in it because of Jake. He tells him he canít help fix Lucky and Elizabeth problems but he can better his own life. He tells Sam he appreciates and is grateful for having her in his life and she feels the same way. Sam tells him she never thought they would have a second chance. She asks him about the sauna. He is not convinced until she tells him about the possibilities in the sauna. The kiss and she asks if they have to wait for the sauna, he picks her up and takes her upstairs. The kids knock on Jasonís door. They tell them that Michael is going to confess to Claudiaís murder.

February 12, 2010

Morgan and Molly explain to Jason and Sam what happened with Michael at Kelly's and how he took off. They tell Jason that Michael told them the truth about Claudiaís death and are scared he will confess. Sam says she will go. She will use her parking tickets to have a good reason to be there. Jason looks stressed and Molly tells him that Sam is smart and she will help Michael out. She questions him about not coming clean from the start. Sam is at the police station and tells the police officer she needs to pay her ticket. He tells her to have a seat but Sam tells him she needs to use the bathroom. She walks by the interrogation room. Mac is in there with Michael and does not believe that he killed Claudia. Mac tells him to go home. Sam comes in questioning Mac for interrogating Michael but he tells her to take him home and she does. Jason is leaving Diane a message. The kids come in with snacks as Michael and Sam walk in the door. Sam tells Jason that Mac did not believe him. They try to tell Michael that Sonny doesnít want him to confess. Jason tells him to trust him and if everyone keeps quiet they will be helping Sonny. Sam explains to Molly why they need to keep it a secret. Michael wants to know why everyone makes decision for him.

February 15, 2010

Sam ia at the police station for questioning. Jason tells her she doesnít need to say anything until Diane gets there. Jason apologizes for what is happening but she tells him that she loves that he is just trying to protect Michael. Diane gets there and Jason wants Sam released now. Diane tells Jason that she got lingerie from Max and flashes Jason. Jason apologizes for dragging her there and offers to triple her pay if she gets Sam out. She goes into interrogation and talks to Mac about releasing Sam. Sam tells Jason she has never seen Diane so fierce. Jason explains that he interrupted Max and Diane. They talk about not trying to change each other. OUtside the Penthouse, Sam thanks Jason for getting her home and when she opens the door the Penthouse is overdecorated for Valentineís Day. Jason tells him that Kristina and Molly decorated for him. Sam thanks him for doing this for her and they kiss.

February 16, 2010

Jason and Sam are talking about the decorations. Jason apologizes and Sam tells him she loves it. They are eating chocolate covered strawberries and drinking champagne. Jason pulls her in and they hear the girls. Sam tells him that she loves it. Molly tells Jason not to expect Sam do all that work. She gives him instructions on what to do. She marks a book of poetry to read to Sam. They leave to drop off the girls. When they get to Alexis', they catch her and Mac making out on the couch. The girls tease her and are really happy for her. Back at the Penthouse, Sam tells Jason she is happy for Alexis. He teases her about being a PI and matchmaker. She tells him that she is in love and wants that for Alexis. They tell each other they love each other. They are kissing when Sam pulls out the list Molly left for them. She tells him he needs to read poetry to her. Instead Jason reads from a firearm magazine for Sam and describes the gun he wants to get Sam and Sam thinks itís hot. She tells him itís the most romantic thing she has ever heard. Sam pulls Jason to her and they start to make out on the couch.

February 18, 2010

Morgan is trying to convince Dante to not testify. Dante tells him he has an obligation. Jason arrives and Morgan tells him he has solution. Dante can go to work for Sonny. Dante tells him that he canít. Jason tells him itís not going to work. Jason tells Morgan he canít fix it but they will do their best to fix it. Dante accuses Jason of setting him up with Morgan. Carly comes to the penthouse. Carly tells Sam that Sonny will claim self-defense and that they will need to change their statements. Carly thinks that they need the right lie from the right person. Liz has a dream that Lucky, Jason and Nik are talking about the kids and how sick she is. Jason comes home to find Sam packing up the Valentineís Day stuff for next year. She tells him about Carly coming by. He tells her about Morgan and Dante. He talks about Dante feelings towards that Sonny and that Sonny still loves him and that one day that could be him and Jake. He just wants Jake to understand that he did what he did out of love. He talks about what he has done to Michael. Sam fills him in about Sonny. Jason walks in to Sonnyís and tells him he canít let him plead self-defense.

February 19, 2010

Jason and Diane are trying to convince Sonny not to plead self defense. Sonny isnít listening because he believes itís the best way to help both Michael and Dante. Jason tells him that it will not help anyone. Sonny says he wonít go to prison because if the trial turns bad he promised Carly he would leave the country. Jason tells him that might be too difficult. Sonny is convinced it is good for Michael and Dante. He said he will vanish but not will disappear from his kidís lives. Jason sees Carly at the hospital. She is there to try and talk Dante into not testifying. Jason tells her about what can happen to Sonny if he confesses and that she will have to change her testimony. Jason tells Carly that he will have to take over the business and she wants to know what happens to Dante if he comes after him. Jason finds Dante on the hospitalís rooftop. Dante talks about how easy it would be to shut him up.

February 22, 2010

Jason and Dante are on the hospitalís rooftop. Dante tells him that even if he knows too much he wonít die because he is Sonnyís son. Jason tells him he should show some respect to Sonny. Jason tells him that Sonny was going to hand him everything and he canít deny the relationship with Sonny wasnít real. Dante admits it but that Sonny shot him. Lulu shows up and talks about what she has learned about Sonny. Jason tells him why Sonny did what he did. Jason admits that Dante was suppose to die. Dante says that the fact that Sonny is his father doesnít change how he feels about him. Sonny is telling Jason about the hijacked shipment. Sonny wants him to take care of it. Jason tells him about his conversation with Dante and that he will not back down. Jason is on the docks and finds a shell casing from the shootout. Lucky shows up. Lucky tells him about Liz being pregnant and that she has checked into Shadybrook. Jason offers his help. Lucky assures him not to worry that he will continue to be Cam and Jakeís father. They talk about what happened. Lucky suggest that they work together and Jason agrees.

February 23, 2010

Jason tells Lucky that it was their shipment that got hijacked. Lucky tells him that he is sure he will handle the situation unless he gets there first. General Hospital New Opening. Jason puts the casing he found in his pocket. Lucky asks him if he has any idea who could have done it. Jason tells him he doesnít know and tells him maybe Ethan can help since he was there. Spinelli offers Sam help on her testimony for Sonnyís trial. Jason comes in and wants Spinelli to check out the security cameras. He tells Sam he has a lead and hopes it really isnít true. Spinelli finds proof that it was Johnny. He shares the information with Sam. They talk about why Johnny would do it. Jason finds Johnny at Oliviaís. Jason shows him the shell casing and tells him he left it when he hijacked the shipment. Jason understands that itís because of Claudia but he wonít let Johnny undermine them. He tells him to focus on what is good on his life. Johnny doesnít understand why Jason is loyal to Sonny and says he has to pay for what he did. Jason and Lucky meet on the docks. Lucky tells him that Ethan knows something but didnít tell him. Jason tells him that it was Johnny. He tells Lucky he understands why Johnny is doing it and that he will let the cops handle this. Lucky says Jason wants them to take care of Johnny before he has to kill him.

February 24, 2010

Jason comes home to find Sam asleep on his couch. She asks where he was all night. He tells her he had to work all nigh because Johnny and Dante know too much about their transport routes. They talk about Johnny wanting to get back at Sonny. Sam thinks she can help. Jason goes to see to Sonny. Diana is there and she tells him to stay clear of the court house. Johnny comes to see Sam. She tries to talk him into to backing off because Jason doesnít want to kill him. Sonny tells Jason he needs to keep close to Michael so he will not confess. Sam tells Johnny that they owe him for saving Spinelli's life but going after Sonny is going to hurt other people. Johnny answers that he will break Sonny down like Sonny did Claudia. Michael wants to know what is going on at the court house. Jason says that if Michael wants to be treated as a grown up he will need to learn to compromise. Michael says he needs to confess. Sam walks into Kellyís and sees Kristina with Ethan. Jason tells Michael that Sonny feels responsible for the things he has been through and is trying to give him a future.

February 25, 2010

Michael wants to know how it makes Sonny a better person for taking the blame. He asks Jason if he would let Sonny take the blame for him. Sam sees Kristina and Ethan playing poker. She joins them. Kristina gets a call and steps outside to tell Keifer that something came up. Sam tells Ethan that Kristina has a crush on him and that he might be giving him the wrong vibe. Jason explains that his situation is different and that Sonny would not take the fall for him but itís different for Sonny when it comes to Michael. Ethan tells Sam that he is just being nice. When Kristina comes back, Ethan tells he needs to go and that he canít teach her poker anymore. Jason gets a call from Sonny telling him he needs to get to the courthouse. He orders Max to watch over Michael. Diana tells Jason about the new prosecutor and how she is trying to get Sonnyís bail revoked. Sonnytells Jason to set up a break out in case he needs it. Kristina is upset that Sam scared Ethan away. Jason gets home looking for Spinelli. Sam is on the phone with him.  She gives Jason the phone and he tells Spinelli he needs him now. Jason tells Sam about Sonnyís bail possibly being revoked. He says he is going to need her help. They begin to formulate a plan.

February 26, 2010

Jason, Sam and Spinelli formulate a plan to break Sonny out of jail. Jason tells Sam he needs her to be the decoy. Jason tells them Sonny will go to South America. Spinelli questions Jason about him getting arrested when he comes back. He says there are lots of ways to come back in the country or he might have to stay with Sonny in South America. Sam wants to know if there is another way. Jason says they have no other choice. Jason is going over the plan with Sam, Max and Milo outside the courthouse. Over the phone, Jason thanks Spinelli for helping him.

March 1, 2010

Jason asks Sam if she knows what to do. He wants her to be safe. Lucky sees Jason parked outside the courthouse. Lucky knows that Sonnyís bail is getting revoked and that Jason is there to break him out so he sticks around. Lucky tells him about Liz. He tells him that the baby is most likely Nikís. Jason asks if there is anything he could do for him. He tells Jason that no matter what happens Cameron and Jake are his sons. He talks about Jake to Jason. Jason wants to know what happens next. Lucky doesnít know but he will do the right thing for the boys and Liz even if it chokes him. Jason tells him to tell the truth. Sam comes up and tells them Sonny's bail was not revoked. Jason is on the phone with Bernie telling him about the raid on the shipment. There is one thing missing. Jason goes to see Ethan and Johnny about the raid.

March 2, 2010

Jason tells Johnny and Ethan that he knows they broke into the shipment. Johnny brings up what Sonny did to Claudia. Jason tells him that if he escalates this he can not predict what he will do. Johnny tells him that Sonny needs to pay and asks Jason what he would do if Sonny had done that Carly. Jason goes to see Luke. Jason tells him about Johnny and that Johnny has recruited Ethan. Jason wants Luke to get Ethan out of this before it gets ugly.

March 4, 2010

Jason gets home to find Claire the Federal Prosecutor in his home.  He tells her he is not speaking without his attorney.  She tells Jason that she will be calling him as a witness at Sonnyís trial and that he will make a good witness.  Later, Lucky comes over to talk about the attempted break-in at Bernieís office.  Lucky and Jason both know it was Johnny.  Lucky wants to make it clear that itís his job to go after Johnny.  Jason tells him Johnny is out of control.  Carly comes over and shows Jason a picture of Franco that was found with Jossylnís christening photos.  She tells him Franco is still after him.

March 5, 2010

Jason and Carly discuss why a picture of Franco would be in the proofs from Josslynís christening.  Carly wants to know if her baby is safe.  Jason explains that itís about him.  They agree they need to focus on Sonny getting acquitted.  Jason asks Spinelli to find out all he can about the photo.  Spinelli wants to go after Franco with him because Maxie is attracted to dangerous men.  Jason reminds him that Maxie loves him.  He tells him he should create a game that will make him rich and keep Maxie and him safe.  Lucky comes over and gives Jason information on Johnny.  He tells Lucky he will have to push back if Johnny keeps pushing them.  Lucky wants him to hold off because it involves his family.  He tells Jason he doesnít want to arrest him for Johnnyís murder and if Sonny goes to jail it might solve itself.  Jason and Spinelli talk about what Johnny is doing and Spinelli tells him he might have idea.  Jason goes to Johnnyís garage and aims a gun and shoots Johnny with a paint ball.

March 8, 2010

Jason shot Johnny with a paint gun.  He tells him that he owes him for protecting Michael but itís not a free pass and that it would be easy for him to die.  He goes to walk away and Johnny points a gun at him and tells him it goes both ways.  Johnny tells him that if Jason shoots at him he wonít shoot him back but he can't let go of getting back at Sonny.  Jason tells him he is not going to let that happen.  Sonny comes over to Jasonís to let him know that Dante could have found out about Michael.  He wants him and Sam to take Michael to the island.  Jason goes to Sonnyís and tells Michael to pack a bag they are going to the island.  Michael doesnít want to go.  He wants Sonny to see him as he sees Dante.  At the Penthouse, Michael is not happy about taken to the island.  As they are getting ready to leave Dante knocks on the door.

March 9, 2010

Dante is at Jasonís door wanting him to open up.  Michael runs up stairs and Jason and Sam make it look as if they were in the middle of a private time.  Dante wants to know where Michael is.  Sam tells him to come back tomorrow.  Dante thinks by that time they will take Michael out of the country.  Sam stays with the story that they were in the middle of something.  Dante tells them that he is trying to help Michael.  As they are about to leave, Carly comes to and tries to and stop them from taking Michael away.  Jason tells her that she needs to trust him and let Michael go with him.  Carly tells Michael to go with him.  On the plane, Jason talks about Michael when he was little.

March 10, 2010

Sam comes up behind Jason and hugs him. Sam tells him they always have to wait for an emergency to take a vacation. Jason tells her they will need to enjoy it. Michael walks in and asks when they are going back to PC. He is not happy about being at the island. He goes swimming. Jason asks Sam if she wants to take a swim. Sam wants to do something else since they already went swimming. They are flirty with each other. Sam realizes that Michael has been gone for a long while. Jason catches him taking the speed boat wanting to go the mainland. He wants to help Sonny and is not happy about letting Sonny take the fall. He finally tells them that he will stay there until the trial is over. Jason and Sam need to head back. After they leave Michael is ready to follow but Max and Milo show up to keep an eye on him.

March 12, 2010

Jason goes to see Maxie and she explains to him what happened when she and Spinelli were on a stakeout. Maxie wants Jason to help him because Spinelli is blaming himself. Jason goes to talk to Spinelli. Spinelli tells Jason that he just wanted to show Maxie he could protect her and that Johnny ended up saving them. He thinks that he will never be manly enough for Maxie. Sam catches Kristina trying to order a drink at the Metro Court. Sam tries to find out what happened but Kristina doesnít feel like talking. Sam sees the bruise on her arm. Kristina tells her it was Ethan. Carly tells Jason that she is worried about Claire because she is going after Michael. Sam takes Kristina home. She tells Sam that she deserved what she got and explains what she did to Ethan. Sam tells her that is still not excuse to put his hands on her. Sam tells her that she has done worse and that she doesnít want her to go through that. They talk about Kiefer, Ethan and Sonny. Sam tries to tell her how great she is. Sam offers to stay but Kristina tells her that she will be okay. Jason walks in while Sonny is talking to Dante. Sam goes to the see Ethan and warns him to stay away from Kristina.

March 15, 2010

Sam goes to the Haunted Star to see Ethan. She tells him that she told him to keep away from Kristina. She will not stand by while he puts his hands on her. Ethan is surprised to hear Kristina had a bruise. Jason tells Sonny that he needs to speak to him in private. Dante tries to get Sonny to tell him where Michael is. Sonny tells him he is helping Michael the best he knows. Dante wants Sonny to let Michael tell the truth. Jason is not happy that Sonny might have told Dante the truth about what happened to Claudia. Ethan tells her what happened with Kristina. Luke tries to step in but Sam doesnít want to hear it. Ethan gets upset and Luke tells him that he will handle it. Luke confirms Ethanís story and tries to take up for Ethan. Sam warns Ethan to stay away from Kristina. Sonny tells Jason he doesnít think he would tell Dante the truth. Jason is concerned that Sonny is not sure. Sonny doesnít want Dante to think that he could beat a woman to death. Sonny talks about what happened when he was little and how it haunts him. Sonny wants to sit with his sons and put everything out there. Jason tells him he canít sacrifice Michael for Dante. Jason goes to see Spinelli. Spinelli has decided he is not good for Maxie and wants to let her go.

March 16, 2010

Sam asks Jason to help her figure out what to do with Kristina. She tells him what happened with Kristina and Ethan. Sam thinks it might be her fault for sharing with Kristina about her past. Sam gets a call from Alexis about what happened to Kristina. She leaves. Alexis is trying to talk to Kristina about what happened but she wants to talk later. Sam gets there and apologizes to Kristina for leaving her alone. She tells her that she talked to Ethan. Kristina says itís her fault they assure her it isnít. Sonny goes to Jason and describes what happened. He tells him he went to kill Ethan and that Dante and Lucky stopped him. Sonny wants him dead. Jason wants to know what Sonny will tell Luke. Sam is talking to Kristina. Kristina asks about Samís experiences. Sam assures her that she will be stronger because of it. Kristina says itís her and Ethanís fault but Sam tells her that isnít true, no man should put their hands on a woman. Sam apologizes for not seeing what was going on with her. Sonny tells Jason that he wishes Ethan wasnít Luke son but he needs to pay. Jason tells him that Luke will come after them. Later, Johnny comes over to see Jason about Ethan. Sam tells Alexis about taking Kristina to the clinic for birth control. She apologizes and tells her that she didnít want Kristina to end up like her. Johnny reminds Jason that Kristina lied about Claudia and that he needs to make sure Kristina isnít lying before he kills Ethan.

March 17, 2010

Sam comes to visit Kristina. Sam tells her that lots of people are going to be asking her questions. Alexis goes to visit Jason and asks him not to kill Ethan because Kristina will blame herself and wonít recover. Kristina wants to forget all about what happened. Sam understands. She is supportive and tells her that things are going to get better and she will be stronger. Kristina doesnít want to see anyone. Sam says she will make sure that only the people who need to will see her and that she has to talk to the police because her attacker can not get away with what he did. Jason hugs Sam. Sam tells Jason she is so mad that she can kill Ethan but she is also mad at herself. She knows what Kristina is going through. She is scared that Kristina is trying to be like her. Jason reassures her that itís not her fault and that she canít change anything but she can be strong for her. Jason goes to see Kristina and tells her that he is there for Sam and Sonny because it might be hard to talk to them and maybe she can talk to him. Kristina goes over what happened that night when Ethan came over after Sam left. Jason questions the timing since Sam went directly to the confront Ethan when she left. He tells Kristina that Ethan can't be in two places at the same time and asks if there is a chance she might have made a mistake.

March 18, 2010

Jason questions Kristina her attack. She gets upset. Sonny comes and asks what is going on. Sonny makes JAson leave with him. Sonny tells Jason that he canít do that again. Jason tells him about the discrepancies in the timeline but Sonny tells him that when youíre in that situation you donít really think of time. He wants Jason to handle Ethan but Jason to be sure before they do anything. Jason runs into Sam at the elevator. Jason asks her about what happened again. Sam wants to know why all the questions. Jason tells him that he needs to make sure what happened before someone gets killed. Lulu interupts to ask Jason not to kill Ethan. Jason tells her that they need to find out the truth. Sam goes to see Ethan. She kicks him around. Jason comes in as Ethan grabs her. Jason warns him about hitting Sam. Ethan tells them he did not do it but Sam doesnít believe him. Jason tells him that he is safe now but if he did do that to Kristina he will not be so safe.

March 19, 2010

Jason comes downstairs and sees Sam sitting and drinking coffee. She apologizes for keeping him up but he tells her he doesnít need much sleep. She tells him she has to go see Kristina and heads upstairs. Ethan comes by to talk to Jason. Sam accuses him of wanting sympathy. Ethan tells her he didnít attack Kristina. Sam tells him he is going to pay and tells him to leave. Sam asks Jason to promise not to believe Ethan. Jason says that even though he wants to help her in whatever she needs, he canít do that. Sam thinks he must think Kristina is lying. She tells him that he doesnít know what it is like to get beat up. Sam apologizes to him for going off. Sam goes to see Kristina at the lake house. Sam offers to cover up the bruises for her and it could help feel better. Kristina says she feels broken. Sam says she will heal. Carly comes to see Jason and tells him that Sonny is a disaster. Jason tells her that Sonny canít have a breakdown. Sam covers up the bruises and Kristina thinks she is the best big sister. Jason confides in Carly that Ethan might be innocent and he brings her up to date.

March 22, 2010

Jason and Carly talk about the possibility of Kristina lying and what the consequences would be if Ethan died. Jason tells Carly about talking to Kristina. Ethan goes to ask Kristina to tell the truth. While theya re talking, Sam comes. Sam calls the police. Ethan tries to tell her that he just wanted to talk to Kristina but Sam thinks he is trying to bully her. Ethan leaves. Kristina breaks down and wants her to call the police and tell them it was a mistake. Sam tells her that canít protect him. Carly tells Jason that no matter how hard it is on Sonny and Sam they need to make sure they find out the truth. Tracy comes to the police station and Sam tells her what happened. Alexis tells Lucky she wants to make sure they follow all the procedures. Lucky comes to talk to Jason.  He tells Jason about the paternity. Lucky reassures him about Jake. Jason trusts him. Jason tells him about the discrepancies in the Kristinaís story.

March 23, 2010

Jason explains to Lucky about the discrepancies in Kristinaís story and that Sonny and Sam donít want to him to question Kristina any more. Lucky goes over the facts about what happened that night. Jason tells Lucky that maybe Kristina said Ethanís name and is now afraid to admit she lied. They think Ethan would have run if he was guilty because Sonny would want him dead. Carly comes over to Jason and tells him that he was right about Kristina lying. Jason doesnít think it was a good idea for her to go to Kristina,  He wants to know why she is interested. Carly says because Sonny canít go to jail and if Kristina is lying they all lose and she thinks Kristina is lying.

March 24, 2010

Jason wants to know why Carly thinks Kristina is lying. Carly thinks she is lying to protect someone, her boyfriend. Jason and Carly go over the events of that night Carly saw them together. Carly tells Jason that Kiefer didnít treat Kristina right and how Kristina was making excuses. She tells Jason that Kiefer is a bully. Jason tells Carly that he gave the information to Lucky and she needs to let Lucky to handle it. Jason goes to see Sonny. They talk about how things went at court. They talk about how they each see Dante. Sonny tells him that is how it is with him and Luke. Sam goes to see Kristina. Kristina tells her that she is tired of all the pressure. Sam says that she needs to go through this so he can't beat up another girl. Kristina wants Sam to convince Alexis not to prosecute. Sam agrees to try. Kristina tells her she made a mistake. Sam says that she thought the nail color she has on was cool. She thanks Sam for being on her side. Sonny tells Jason that Kristina doesnít want Ethan to pay. He says he wants justice and he is going to get it.

March 25, 2010

Jason runs downstairs as Sam comes in the door. He grabs her and hugs her and tells her he misses her. She missed him more. Sam tells him about hanging out with Kristina. Sam tells him that Kristina doesnít want to press charges against Ethan and that she wants Sam to talk to Alexis. Sam understands why she doesnít want to press charges because of what could happen at court. She talks about attorney's treating her like a slut. Jason asks if that is how they made her feel. Sam says she guesses she is talking from experience. Sam says she understands how it feels. She realizes he is right and she is projecting her experience and feelings and what she wants to do differently but that Kristina wants it all to go away. Jason asks if she should have that choice and Sam says yes. Sam says she wasnít listening to Kristina and Jason tells her that she was just trying to do for her what no one did for her. Sam says she will have to go to Alexis and convince her not to press charges but even if she does there is still Sonny. Sam goes to see Alexis. She tells her about her conversation with Kristina and that Kristina just wants it to go away. Alexis thinks she needs to deal with it. She wants Sam to encourage Kristina to stand up for herself. Diane comes to see Jason about containing Sonny. Jason tells her about what the probelms with Kristinaís story. Diana doesnít want Sonny to find out. Sam tells Alexis that she needs to see things though Kristinaís point of view and what she will have to go through if there is a trial. Jason goes to see Sonny. Jason reminds him that he is not only fighting for himself but also for Michael. Sonny tells Jason about Lukeís visit. He tells Jason he is going to let justice system do its job but if Ethan walks all bets are off. Kristina is explaining to Kiefer why she wants the charges dropped against Ethan and Kiefer is upset and says itís unfair. Sam walks up and wants to know what Kiefer thinks is unfair.

March 26, 2010

Sam wants to know what is going on. Kiefer says he was upset that Kristina was letting Ethan get away with it. Sonny tells Jason that makes him sick to stand by and do nothing but Kristina will blame herself for Ethan dying like his mother blamed herself and he doesnít want that for Kristina. Carly comes in and tells them about Michaelís reaction to Kristina. Kristina wants everyone to stop hovering she just wants to forget all this happened. She runs from the table. Carly says Michael is convinced that Sonny will be convicted for something he didnít do. Carly thinks itís a good idea for Michael to be able to talk to Kristina. Sonny doesnít want Michael to tell Kristina that he killed Claudia. Jason tells them that Kristina, Molly and Morgan know Michael killed Claudia. Jason apologizes about not telling them sooner. They talk about too many people knowing the truth. Sonny wants to get through trial. Jason goes to the restaurant and Lucky comes to see him. They talk about the kids  being confused that Uncle Nikolas will be the new babyís dad. Sam brings Kristina home and Alexis tells them that the charges have been dropped. Lucky tells Jason about the charges being dropped and he wants Jason to convince Sonny not to kill Ethan. Claire comes to the restaurant. Lucky explains why he is there. Claire tells Jason that he has been listed as a witness for the prosecution. Later, Sonny wants to know what Jason is looking at and he tells him about Claireís visit. Jason tells him about Ethanís release. Sonny gets upset and starts throwing things as Claire listens in. Sonny tells Jason that he wants Ethan dead as Jason notices Claire listening.

March 29, 2010

Sonny goes on a rampage when Jason informs him of the charges being dropped against Ethan. Claire overhears him tell Jason that he wants Ethan to die. Sam finds Luke at the Lakehouse trying to get the truth out of Kristina. Sonny wonders how much Claire overheard and Jason wants him to focus on the trial. Sam apologizes to Kristina for leaving her alone. Alexis comes home and Sam tells her about Luke coming over. Kristina says that Luke doesnít want Sonny to kill Ethan. Jason is cleaning up the mess Sonny left behind when Luke comes in and asks if he should take Ethan out of the country. Jason tells Luke about the holes in Kristinaís story and that he is letting Lucky look into it. Jason tells him that Dante might help Lucky and Sonny will believe things more if it comes from Dante. Alexis is upset that Luke came over. Kristina wants things to go back the way they were. Alexis leaves and Sam tries to reassure Kristina that Sonny wonít kill Ethan but Kristina doesnít believe it. Sam goes to see Jason and tells him what happened with Luke. They end up at Kellyís. Sam is not very happy to see Ethan flirting with the waitress.

March 30, 2010

Sam is not happy to see Ethan flirting with the waitress. Ethan tries to plead his case but Sam doesnít want to hear it and asks Jason not to believe him. Back at the restaurant, Sam wants to know if Jason believes Kristina. Jason explains why he has his doubts. Sam tries to justify the holes in Kristinaís story. Jason tells her to let Lucky look into it but Sam says that she believes Kristina. Later, Jason asks Carly if Morgan has said anything to Dante. Jason thinks that Dante is playing everyone. Carly thinks he is protecting his brothers. Diana comes in and tells them that Sonny is all but convicted.

April 1, 2010

Diana is with Sonny and Jason at the restaurant. She is upset that Sonny let himself be baited. She tells him that it canít continue or he will be going to jail. Jason wants to know what the plan is to get Sonny set free. Diana says it will be hard because he came off as a crazed person. Carly comes to the restaurant to see Jason. He tells her that Sonny did a lot of damage. Jason tells her that Robin has been asked to testify. Carly is worried but Jason tells her that it doesnít matter because at end Carlyís testimony is what matters.

April 2, 2010

At the restaurant, Jason and Carly talk about Sonny jumping bail. Carly wants to know the details and she is worried that the focus will be on Michael. Carly says there are no good options. Jason wonders if Robinís testimony will help, Carly doesnít think so. Sonny comes in and tells them the day at trial was not good. He tells them that Robinís testimony did not help and now its Maxieís turn to testify. Jason thinks she will be okay and will stick to her story. Sonny thinks she is a flake and hopes she doesnít say Michael was in the car because the focus will shift back to Michael.

April 5, 2010

Sonny doesnít think Maxie will keep her cool under Claireís grilling. Jason thinks Maxie will do great. Sonny still doesnít feel good about it. Jason tells him that if he doesnít have any faith in Maxie he needs to leave the country. Sonny thinks that the only option is that Sonny gets acquitted. Carly says that Sonny wants to stay because of Dante. Sonny tells her thatís not true and points out all the things that are going on with his children. Carly thinks itís about Dante. Jason leaves to go check on Maxie and Carly points out the fact that Jason leaves when Dante is brought up. Carly reminds Sonny what Dante has done. Jason goes to see Maxie at GH. Maxie assures him that she stuck to her story and left Michael out of it. Jason thanks Maxie for coming through. Jason runs into Sonny who is at the hospital for Kristina. He orders Jason to kill Ethan tonight. Jason finds Lucky, not Ethan at the Haunted Star. Lucky doesnít know where Ethan is and doesnít think Ethan did it. Jason tells him that he needs something to back it up because Ethan is out of time.

April 6, 2010

At the Haunted Star, Jason and Lucky are talking about Kiefer as a suspect. Sam and Molly are driving from a movie and notice Kieferís car. Lucky shares all the information he has gotten on Kiefer. Lucky gets a call from Dante telling him that Kristina confessed it was Kiefer who beat her up both times. Sam and Molly play PI and share theories about what happened to Kiefer. They spot a body on the road. It's Keifer. Sam calls an ambulance and Kiefer come to and tells them a car hit him. Jason goes to the hospital and tells Sonny that Lucky got to him before he killed Ethan. Sonny tells him about Kristina confessing to Dante. Jason says that Keifer will pay but they need to be careful about it. Kiefer is brought in and Sam and Molly give Steve the information about finding Keifer. Steve tells them about Kristina being beat up again. They see Jason and he tells them about Kristina prognosis. Sam and Molly go to see her. Molly wants to know what happened but Alexis tells them that Kristina has already told Dante the story. She says Kristina can go home and heal there and they talk about what they can do to get through it together. Steve approaches Jason and gets snarky saying that he hopes Jason is not there to kill anyone like Kristina fears. Kristina complains of pain and Alexis leaves to get her some meds. Kristina wants Sam to make sure Jason doesnít hurt anyone. Sam goes out to Jason and asks him to promise not to go after Ethan. He tells Sam about Kristina confessioning that Kiefer hit her. Sam asks him where he was and tells him about the hit and run and finding Kiefer. She tells him that Kiefer is not doing well and was about to ID the driver before passing out.

April 7, 2010

Jason and Sam at the hospital. Sam tells Jason that Kristina is going to believe that he and Sonny did the hit and run. Sam feels bad that she didn't really listened to his sister while he was the one that helped her. Jason assures her that Kristina needs her now more than ever. Alexis informs Jason and Sam that Kiefer didnít make it and she and go tell Kristina. They break the news to Kristina and she blames herself. Jason tells Dante about Keifer and Dante want to know why he protects Sonny since protecting him doesnít protect his kids. Molly is upset about Kiefer so Sam decides to take her home. Kristina tells Sam that she needs to see Jason. Jason asusres her that neither he nor Sonny had anything to do with the accident. Kristina says she needs to talk to someone and he doesnít lie. They talk about what happened with Kiefer and how she is feeling.

April 8, 2010

Jason is at the hospital to take Spinelli home. Jason says he thinks Alexis knows more about the accident and he needs him to look into her. Spinelli thinks Sam will be very helpful but Jason doesnít want to burden her. Sam comes to the Penthouse and welcomes Spinelli home. Jason asks about Kristina. Sam tells him she is heartbroken and mourning. She leaves to go see Kristina and Spinelli tells Jason that he hopes his suspicions about Alexis are wrong. They find video tof a car like Alexis' at the scene. Alexis goes to see Kristina and tells her she has something to tell her.

April 9, 2010

Jason and Spinelli work on the video and conclude that it could be Alexis. Alexis tells Kristina that she has something to say and that she doesnít know how she will handle it. Kristina asks her not to tell her anything until they are home. Alexis tells her she canít go home and Kristina breaks down. Jason and Spinelli discuss the proof that they found and how this will affect Kristina. Alexis confesses to Sam about running down Kiefer. Alexis wants to turn herelf in but Sam wants her to think about because she will get prison time and Kristina needs her. Sam says she will talk to Jason and Spinelli. Jason goes to the police station to talk to Lucky. Carly comes in upset at Dante and wants to know where they took Morgan. Morgan was taken from school without anyone knowing. Jason tells Dante it's Claireís tactic. Dante makes a call and finds out that they took him to the courthouse. Carly tries to go into the courthouse but Jason stops her.

April 12, 2010

Dante interrupts the trial claiming that they are obstructing injustice because of what they did to Morgan. The judge has Dante arrested. Carly grabs Morgan from the stand and tells the judge what happened and that she is taking him home. The judge lets her and asks to speak to the attorneys in his chambers. Jason, Carly and Morgan are at Carly's. Morgan wants to know what will happen to Dante. Morgan says they told him to agree with Claire to help Dante. Lulu comes over and Morgan tells her Dante was arrested. She leaves. Morgan assures them he would not tell om Michael. Jason assures him they are trying to help keep Sonny out of jail. Jason tells him that all agree that they want Morgan away from the violence and that he needs to decide that he wants a life that doesnít break the law. Jason and Sonny are talking at the restaurant. Sonny doesnít want Claire calling Morgan. Claire walks in and wants to offer Sonny a deal.

April 13, 2010

Claire gives Sonny the details about the deal and says that way none of the kids have to testify. Sonny tells her all she cares about is winning. She asks if he wants to take the deal. Jason tells her there is no deal without Diane. She threatens to call Morgan and Kristina. She tells him that she will do what it takes to win because itís necessary to put him away. Jason wants to call Diane but Sonny wants to see his son before deciding. Carly comes to Jason and tells him that she and Jax had a big fight. Carly is scared about testifying. Jason convinces her she can do it and assure her that he believes in her. Later, Sonny tells he needs to take the deal. Jason thinks he wonít survive prison. Sonny doesnít see any other options. Jason tells him he will take the deal. Sonny says no because of how it will affect the kids. Jason says itís for the kids. They talk about Claire is desperate and that Carly will not go for it. Jason tells him itís the right thing to do for all them.

April 14, 2010

Jason goes to Samís and she is excited to see him. He tells her she has something to tell her and that it will hurt and he apologizes. He tells her about going to prison and the details of the deal. Sam wants to know why he is doing it. He tells her that Sonny wonít last a year. She wants to know what happens to them. Jason tells her what happened to Morgan and what Dante did to stop it. Sam asks about Jake. Jason tells him that he doesnít know he is his father. Sam says she needs him and that she canít believe that Sonny gets to walk. He tells her that he is doing it for the kids. Sam tells him that he is not only giving up years of his life but hers. Jason tells her he is responsible for the coverup. Sam says her family is falling apart and that she needs him. He apologizes and Sam tells him she knows she canít talk him out of it and tells him she is not okay with it and asks him to leave. He leaves. Carly is waiting for Jason at the restaurant. Jason fills her in on what is going on. Carly wonít let him go to prison but Jason tells her she needs to and that he is doing it for the kids. She wants Sonny to leave the country. Jason has made up his mind. Diane shows up and they go the police station. Claire threatens to take Morgan out of school. Jason tells her to offer him the same deal he offered Sonny.

April 15, 2010

Claire tells Jason and Diane the deal was for Sonny. Dante comes in and Diane wants to know why he has any saying in the plea bargaining of the case. Claire tells her he doesnít. Dante points out that there is no evidence. Claire tells them she has to talk to the supervisors and leaves. Dante wants to know why Jason wants to go in his place. Jason explains to him that the kids wonít testify and Kristina will have Sonny to help her. Dante tells him that if Sonny goes to prison the kids will be safe and have him to help them. Jason tells him he is wrong they will hate him. Claire comes in and tells Jason that the offer was rejected the trial will continue. Jason goes back the restaurant where Carly is and she is glad that he isnít going to prison. Jason tells her they are going to call Morgan and that now more than ever she needs to do what she needs on the stand.

April 16, 2010

Carly tells Jason that she wants her testimony to be enough. They talk about how she is afraid she can't pull it off and Jason reassures her that she do great. Jason goes to Sam's and tells her that Claire pulled the offer and he wonít be replacing Sonny. She tells him that she is glad because she wasnít looking forward to visiting him in prison for 10 years. He apologizes for not talking to her. She grabs and kisses him. She apologizes to him for saying that he didnít care for her. He tells her he loves her so much and she tells him the same thing. They kiss. He notices the items on the coffee table and asks if she was planning a jail break. She says she wasnít going to spend the next 10 years visiting him. They start kissing again. Dante goes to Sonnyís office looking for Michael. Jason tells him he isnít there.

April 19, 2010

Jason tells Dante Michael isnít there. Dante tells him that Ronnie is at the island looking for the Michael and he needs to get word to his people. Jason is accusing Dante of hurting his brothers and Dante accuses Jason and Sonny of hurting them. Later, Jason calls Max and Max tells him about Ronnieís visit and that Jax covered for Michael. Jason calls Michael to tell him they are moving him. Michael tells him he canít wait to get home. Jason tells him Carly is testifying. Sam goes to see Kristina. Kristina asks if Alexis called her and Sam says yes. They talk about what Mr. Bauer is saying and him bringing her a journal. Sam tells her that he is doing what Keifer did to her. Kristina blames herself and says he was a good person. Sam tells her that she needs to stop romanticizing Keifer and she needs to take responsibility for staying with someone who abused her. Kristina is worried about Alexis. Molly goes to the restaurant to see Jason and talk about Keiferís dad wanting revenge. She wants Jason to stop him.  Sam arrives at the PCPD while Alexis is trying to explain to Mr. Bauer that Keifer beat Kristina. He doesnít believe her and says Krissy deserved what she got and Sam punches him in the face. Molly tells Jason that Dante canít stop Mr. Bauer but he can. She wants Jason to stop him. Jason asks if she is asking him to kill him.

April 20, 2010

Molly tells him that Mr. Bauer is being mean and she wants Jason to fix it. Mr. Bauer accuses Alexis, Sam and Lucky of obstructing justice. He believes that Keifer is being used as a scapegoat and wants Alexis to go to prison. Jason explains that he canít do what she is asking him. He explains the affect on violence on Michael and that she needs to stay away from it. He takes her home. Carly comes to restaurant and wants a night out at Jakes. She is excited that she did a great job on the stand.  Alexis comes home with Sam and Molly tells them that she asked Jason to kill Mr. Bauer. Carly tells Jason about taking Josslyn into the courthouse with her. Jason tells her they had to move Michael and that it was Jax that protected Michael. Molly explains why she asked Jason but that he turned her down. Sam wonders how she came up with that idea and Alexis tells her because everyone she knows is either in the mob or related to someone in the business. Sam tries to convince Alexis that it will be okay. Sonny comes in to the office and says that Carly got him out of the mess he was in.

April 21, 2010

Jason is getting home when he overhears Johnny voice. Johnny is looking at the penthouse across the hall. Jason tells him that the owner wonít sell to him. Later, Maxie comes over about the renovations. Jason tells her to stop but Maxie says itís for Spinelli. Jason wants to know what it is really about. She says that she is lucky to have Spinelli but she needs more than just Spinelli. She wants her life to be exciting and edgy but she doesnít want him to tell Spinelli but to understand why she needs a distraction to keep them together. Spinelli comes in and asks how things are going. Later, Sam comes over and Jason tells her what happened with Maxie. Sam understands about Maxie. She brings up Jason going to prison. Jason understands that he blindsided her. She said she was hurt and doesnít know how they factored into his decision. Jason explains what was going on in his head and that he didnít have any kids to rely on him. She says she does and Jason tells her he needs her too. She said she had a plan to get him out and when she mentions costumes they run upstairs.

April 22, 2010

Jason and Sam come into the hotel room looking for Michael. The manager tells them that Max and Milo spent the night in jail and he has sent a lawyer to get them out. Later, Max and Milo explain to Jason and Sam that they were set up. The last time they saw Michael he was in the room. The manager comes back and tells them that Michael left the previous night with a man who they recognize is Dante. Jason goes to Danteís looking for Michael.

April 23, 2010

Jason is at Danteís looking for Michael. Claire shows up also looking for Dante. She wonders why if Dante has Michael why they havenít shown up. At the Penthouse, Jason wants Spinelli to see if he can find Dante. He thinks they need to find Michael and get him out of the country. Maxie shows up and Jason tells her itís not the time because they are looking for Michael. Maxie asks if Michael wants to tell the truth and Jason says itís his fault all of this has happened. Spinelli canít find him. Jason goes to Sonny's. Sonny tells him Dante has Michael and that Michael confessed to him. He also says Dante has proof. Sonny thinks that Dante wonít do anything to hurt Michael. Jason doesnít trust Dante but Sonny thinks he wants Sonny to pay.

April 26, 2010

Jason canít believe Sonny is trusting Dante with Michael; he wants Michael away from Dante. Sonny doesnít agree and believes that Dante only wants him convicted. Sam, Spinelli and Maxie  are at the penthouse trying to figure out where Michael could be. Sam leaves to check out a few places and runs into Kristina. They talk about getting back to normal and it brings the conversation to Kiefer. Sam tells her about Michaelís situation. Jason comes home and Maxie tells him that she knows where Michael is. Sam apologizes to Kristina for not listening to her. Maxie tells Jason that Lulu has Michael at their place. Jason goes to Luluís place where he finds Lulu and Dante.

April 27, 2010

Dante tells Jason that Lulu doesnít know where Michael is. Jason pleads with Lulu to help him protect Michael. Jason tells them that Michael will only be safe if he gets him out of the country. Carly comes to the Penthouse and Jason tells her about Michael hiding with Lulu. Carly is upset. Jason tries to calm her down. They agree that they need to get Michael out of the country. Carly gets a call from Michael telling her that he is okay.

April 29, 2010

Diane comes to see Sonny at the restaurant and tells him and Jason that she has nothing new to report. They speculate on the different scenarios that could happen. Later, Sonny says the sooner the verdict is in the sooner Michael gets home. Jason tells Sonny about Michael calling Carly and what Michael is planning to do. Jason tells Sonny that he didnít get anywhere with Dante or Lulu. Sonny wants Jason to back off of Dante. Jason canít believe the faith he has in Dante. Sonny admits that he wants a relationship with Dante but he isnít more important than his other children. Diane calls and tells Sonny that the jury reached a verdict. Carly goes to courthouse. The jury is about to deliver a verdict when the Dante stops the proceedings. Dante tells the court that Michael killed Claudia.

April 30, 2010

The court erupts after Danteís declaration about Michael killing Claudia. Diane objects. Jason leaves and goes to the Lakehouse to ask Kristina and Molly where Michael is. When they try to cover for Michael, Jason tells them what Dante did. They tell him where Michael is. At the boathouse, Michael is talking to Lucky and thanks him for being fair. Lucky and Michael are about to leave when Jason gets there and tells them that Michael is going with him. Lucky pulls his gun. Jason tells him that the court knows because of Dante.

May 3, 2010

Lucky tells Jason he will be taking Michael in. Jason tries to plead with Lucky to just turn his head  but Lucky wonít do it. Jason tells Michael not to say anything to anyone before Lucky and Michael leave. Jason calls Diane to get to the PCPD and keep Michael quiet. When Jason gets to the police department Diane informs him that Michael is being processed. Jason says that if Michael is convicted of murder he will go to prison. Sam gets to the PCPD and Jason brings her up to date. He tells her that the judge wants to question Michael himself. They go to the courthouse and the judge tells them that he will be questioning Michael. He orders for the bailiff to bring in Michael. They swear him in and the judge introduces himself. The judge asks him if he killed his stepmother.

May 4, 2010

The judge asks Michael if he killed his stepmother. Michael tells the judge that he killed Claudia.  Michael tells him that what happened the night Claudia died. When he finishes the judge commends him for telling the truth and also commends Dante. The judge remands Michael into custody to await sentencing and without bail. Dante asks if he could handle the procedure. The judge gives him permission. Dante cuffs Michael and reads him his rights. The judge says Sonny is free and lectures everyone for their part in the case. Olivia tells Jason to stay away from Dante. At the Penthosue, Jason wants Spinelli to make sure cops on their payroll are on duty 24/7 to look out for Michael. Jason wants Spinelli to go to the Caribbean to help Bernie move some money. He hesitates but Sam tells him that Jason trusts him to do it. Spinelli figures out that Jason will be getting rid of Dante and he asks Sam influence Jason not to. Spinelli tells Jason all the ways that this will affect him and everyone who is related to Dante. Sonny goes to see Michael. Michael tells him that he can do this as Jason listens in.

May 5, 2010

Michael is crying in his cell and Jason comes to see him. He doesnít want Jason to tell Sonny about him crying and ask what he does now. Jason asks what Michael need him to do. Michael tells him how Dante helped him. Jason tells him he wonít be in there long. Micahel wants to know itís like when the lights go off. Jason tells him to think about when they were at the beach. He tells Jason he can handle and deal with it. Jason goes to see Robin at her house. He apologizes to her for being mad about Robin telling AJ that Michael is his son. Robin tells him that she didnít want to impose her values and that the Quartermaines are crazy and Michael might have not been better off. Jason tells her that Michael killed someone and he never wanted that for him. Jason comes home and Sam offers him Chinese food. She asks about Michael and Jason tells her that Michael is scared and so is he. Sam tells him he did his best to protect him. They talk about Jason loving Michael and what he has done for Michael. Sam tells him that Michael will be okay because he has Jason. Jason says he doesnít know what to do.

May 7, 2010

Jason and Carly are at the courthouse. Carly tells Jason that Morgan wants to have a party when Michael gets home. Sonny and Dante get there and Dante wants to explain about Michael to Carly. Carly is not buying and Sonny tells him to stop talking. Inside the courtroom, Sonny asks Diane how Michael is doing and she tells him Michael wants to make him proud. Carly canít believe that Jax walks in with Claire and sits on her side. Judge comes in and reminds them of his rules. Johnny takes the stand and says Michael is not responsible but Sonny is and Claudia would not want Michael to pay for  what he did. The judge sentences Michael to five years in prison and the court erupts. Dante tries to tell the judge that Michael needs to get away from the violence and not go to prison. The judge does not listen to him. The judge talks about the terrible influences Michael has in his life. He hopes Michael will use his time in prison to plan a new life. Sonny wants the judge to punish him and not Michael but the judge doesnít agree. Michael is taken into custody.

May 10, 2010

Everyone reacts to Michael's sentencing.  Carly storms out of the courtroom in a rage.  Jason follows her and gets her to calm down and be strong for Michael.  Kristina, Morgan and Molly listen in as Jason tells Carly he is going to make arrangements to keep Michael safe and he needs her to go see Michael and make it okay for him.  Carly agrees and they leave.  Jason goes to Pentonville to make a deal with Anthony.  They agree that Anthony will keep Michael safe in return for Jason keeping Michael safe. Jason goes to Johnny's and tells him about the deal. Johnny says that makes his job easier.

May 11, 2010

Jason and Johnny talk about Michael.  Jason asks Johnny to stay out of trouble.  Johnny says the deal is a free pass.  Jason doesn't want Johnny to use Michael but Johnny thinks Sonny is hiding behind Michael. Johnny says he is going after Sonny and how Sonny responds is on him. Jason goes to see Sonny and tell him about the deal.  Sonny will only honor the deal if Johnny stays out of his way.  Jason flips out and orders Sonny to leave Johnny alone.  Sonny will agree if Jason will leave Dante alone. Sonny starts to justify Dante and says he will deal with his sons.  Jason thinks Sonny is ridiculous in his defense of Dante. Jason says Dante has to pay.  Sonny says if Jason kills Dante he will kill Jason or Jason will kill him and where will that leave Michael.  Jason starts to leave, then asks Sonny if he saw Michael before he left. Sonny says no.  Jason says he didn't either and leaves.  Jason goes to Carly's house where she tells him about going to Dante's and conning him. She then tells him about Lulu coming to ask her to keep Jason from hurting Dante.  Carly tells Jason to leave Lulu and Dante alone because she wants to make them suffer. Carly tells Jason about seeing Michael before they took him away.  She breaks down and he hugs her.

May 12, 2010

Jason wants Carly to forget her revenge because she will only end up hurting herself.  He says that he will make Dante disappear. Carly and Jason argue over whether she gets revenge or he kills Dante.  Carly uses the Michael's mother card to win.  Molly and Sam having a little party for Sam's birthday at Jason's Penthouse.  Jason comes home and is upset that he forgot her birthday.  Molly doesn't believe he forgot and wants him to go get her a present now.  Sam says that Jason has been busy trying to make sure Michael is safe and that she and Jason will celebrate when things calm down.  Molly wants to know if Jason made sure Michael will be safe. Jason says he doesn't know what will happen but he has done all he can.  He apologizes to Molly for letting this happen.  Molly talks about fate and not being able to change what already happened. Jason at the Penthouse schitzing.  Sam come back and he apologizes for forgetting her birthday and says it was unacceptable.  She says it is okay and that she is special and that's why he likes her. He says he loves her and they kiss.  Jason and Sam talk about the deal with Anthony.  Jason says that Anthony can't control everyone and he is lying to himself about believing Michael is safe.  He says he is going to make sure Michael is safe no matter what it takes.

May 13, 2010

Jason is at the window when Sam comes down and asks if he got any sleep at all because everytime she woke up, he was watching her.  He tells her that he when he went places he would never go back to he tried to take them in and keep them and that is what he was doing with her, appreciating her and how amazing she is.  She says it feels like he is saying good-bye. He says he is. Jason says that he does not think the deal with Anthony is not enough and the only way he can protect Michael is to be in there with him. He tells her he wants to make a deal with Claire that he will plead guilty to whatever she wants in return for being Michael's cellmate.  Sam says that Claire already turned him down for a deal but she thinks he should try again. Sam talks about why the deal with Anthony is shaky and tells Jason the sooner the better.  She says she lost him once but that he will never ever lose her again.  They share I love yous and a sad hug.  Sam says when she feels alone she will pretend she is right there in his arms.  Jason kisses her and leaves. Sam goes to Alexis' office because Alexis called her.  Alexis says her hearing is that day and gives Sam a pile of birthday cards for all the birthdays she missed.  Sam wants to go to court with her but Alexis says no.  Alexis wants Sam to take the girls if things go agaisnt her in court.  She talks about how Sam and the girls love each other and how amazing Sam has been through all their troubles. Sam doesn't think anything will go wrong but if it does she would be honored to take the girls.  She knows Alexis is worried about Jason but she doesn't think that will be a problem. Jason is at Greystone.  Sonny comes in and tells him he apologized to Ethan and thanks Jason for keeping him from killing him. Jason tells Sonny about going to prison.  Alexis asks Sam if she is okay.  Sam says she should just focus on the hearing.  Sam says she loves Alexis and they hug.  Alexis says she loves Sam.  Sam says that the girls all love Alexis and are proud of her.  Sam leaves. Sonny does not think Jason going to prison is a good idea, that he is giving up too much.  Jason says he promised Michael a safe life and he failed but he won't fail again.  He tells Sonny that they still need the deal with Anthony and he needs him to leave Johnny alone. Sonny says that he will run the business the way he runs it. Jason says this is for Michael and Sonny says he understands. Sonny tells Jason about Carly wanting him to stay away from Morgan.  Claire is in her office.  Jason comes to see her. She thinks he is there to kill here.  He says he is there to confess to anything that will get him sent to prison with Michael.  Alexis and Diane at their office. Alexis calls Kristina who is at Jason's Penthouse with Sam. She tells her that everything is okay and she is coming home and bringing pizza. Claire is surprised that Jason wants to go to jail to protect Michael. He will plead to anything that gets the same sentence as Michael as long as he srves the sentence at Michael's side. She doesn't want to piss off another judge and talks about being an officer of the court.  Jason tells her he doesn't care.  He wants her to do the right thing and send him to prison so he can protect Michael.

May 14, 2010

Claire repeats the terms Jason wants and asks if he thought this through. He says he has.  She says it will be easy to send him to jail but it will next to impossible to get him back out. She tells him that if Michael's sentence is overturned, his won't be.  He says he will take a chance.  She brings up his enemies and says he can't protect Michael if he is dead. Jason thinks it is only a matter of time until someone hurts Michael and he wants to get in there to prevent it.  Claire starts talking about how she would have never gone after Michael if she new. Jason cuts her off and asks if she can help.  She says yet.  It will take less than 24 hours.  He asks her to call and tell him when and where to surrender. Jason goes to the PCPD to talk to Lucky.  Lucky apologizes for not letting Michael go.  Jason tells him it is on Dant not him. Jason tells him about the deal. Lucky says he and Dante are trying to dig up blackmail on the judge. Jason says he can't wait.  He thanks Lucky for being a good father to Jake.  Lucky says this is partially his fault and he will keep working to get Michael free.  Jason leaves the interrogation room.  Lulu and Dante are in the bullpen. Lulu confronts him and says Carly swears Dante is safe. Jason tells her that she betrayed alot of people who loved and trusted her for Dante and she has to live with that.  He leaves. Jason goes to Carly's.  She tells him about asking Jax to adopt Morgan. She doesn't want him to think she is terrible.  Jason says asking Sonny to be Michael's father was the worst thinkg he ever did. Jason tells Carly about the deal.  She asks a lot of questions.  His phone rings.  It is Claire telling him that it is done.

May 17, 2010

Sam is at the Penthouse looking at the Pentonville visitation rules. Spinelli comes in and is talking about his operation.  He sees what Sam is looking at. She tells him Jason is going to prison. Jason is at Carly's reassuring Claire on the phone that he will see it through.  He thanks her and hangs up.  He tells Carly it's done.  She asks when and he says he surrenders 3 pm tomorrow. Carly wants to talk him out of it but knows that Michael needs him.  She says she is grateful and hugs him. Sam tells Spinelli about the deal. Spinelli wants to stop him.  Sam says he won't be stopped. Spinelli says she has to talk him out of it.  She says she thinks he is right. Sam explains about Michael beng vulnerable and Jason not being able to live with it if he is harmed.  Spinelli thinks that Jason is the one more likely to be a target and be killed. Carly says she doesnít know how to repay him for what he is doing. Jason tells her not to do anything crazy because he wonít be there to bail him out. She tells him she is going to make Dante and Lulu pay. Jason apologizes for failing and he wonít do it again. Carly tells him to take care of himself. Jason gets home. Spinelli tries to talk to him about not taking the deal. Jason tells him it is done and assures him that it will be okay and to take of himself. Sam comes down with a bag and asks him how long they have. He tells her and she says just enough time and they leave. Jason and Sam are outside her apartment in the motorcylce.  She asks if he can find it and he says the directions are good but he doesn't mind getting lost as long as he is with her. They take off. They go to the cabin she rented and she thinks it is a bit much since Jason likes simple. They talk about Hawaii and how that place was theirs and she wanted the cabin to be theirs at least for the night. She doesn't want to think about tomorrow. They kiss.  Jason and Sam are sitting in front of the fire.  He thanks her for arranging the night and for understanding about Pentonville. She tells him she would not make him choose between her and who he is. He hates leaving her. He apologizes again for forgetting her birthday. She says its okay.  He got her something.  He gets up to get it.  Sam moves to the couch.  Jason kneels in front of her and gives her a gift box. She opens up to find a compass necklace. He says it is so he will always find his way back to her. It is his promise to come back to her. He puts it on her. They exchange I love yous and he says he will miss her so much. They kiss. She wants to give him something too. She takes off her shirt and then breaks down.  Jason holds her and tells her itís going to be okay. They kiss and go upstairs.

May 19, 2010

Jason and Sam coming back from a hike. Sam wants to hike down the other side but Jason tells her that they wonít have time. Inside the cabin, Sam brings in lunch. Jason is surprised that she made it.  She said that she made it because it is a special occasion. They start to eat and it is not good. Sam gets upset but Jason thinks it si funny. Sam says she wanted it to be perfect. Jason tells her that it has been perfect and a was a great day. She agrees it was a great day. Jason tells Sam that he loves her for who she is. Sam points out how quiet Jason is being and wants to know if he has changed his mind. She says they can run. Jason thinks he sis doing the right thing but is worried about the people he is leaving behind. Sam promises to keep Spinelli busy because she is going to bury herelf in work. She sits on his lap and they kiss. They are getting ready to leave and Sam seems to be stalling. Jason tells her it's time for him to go. They hug. Jason apologizes to Sam because he will be leaving her alone. Sam tells him that she wonít be alone because she will be writing and visiting him. He promises to bring her back to the cabin. They get on the bike.  Sam kisses his shoulder sadly as he starts the motorcycle. They arrive at the police station where Jason tells them he is there to surrender himself. Dante cuffs him as he and Sam share a sad look.

May 20, 2010

Sam and Claire at the PCPD.  Claire asks Sam if she really wants to be there. Sam tells her she will stay with Jason until the end. Jason comes out in a prison jumpsuit. Jason wants to get to prison but Claire needs to make sure that everything is airtight. Sam starts to go off about her superiors loving this but Claire reminds her this was Jason's idea. Claire lets them wait in the interrogation room. Jason thanks Sam again for the cabin. He says his favorite part was lunch. Kristina comes to see Jason to thank him for what he is doing for Michael. She tells him that they will write and visit him too. He asks Kristina to help him by keeping Sam busy. She says Michael is lucky to have Jason looking out for him after Sonny wrecked his life. Sam thanks him for what he did with Kristina. Jason wants Sam to help Kristina understand Sonny and that he does love her. Sam tells him that she loves him and would do anything for him would do anything but right now it is hard for her to do anything for Sonny because Jason is the one looking out for his kids. They talk about keeping Spinelli busy. She says she can send on on jobs and not have to wear ridiculous outfits. Jason asks her when she wore the waitress outfit to his house. She admits to wearing it to see if he was still interested. He asks if that was ever a question. Claire comes in to tell him the paperwork is done. The Mayor comes in and says that Jason is not going anywhere.

May 21, 2010

Jason and Sam at the PCPD. Mayor Floyd is stalling Jason's transfer, he wants him to serve a longer sentence and a be prosecuted for a bigger crime. Jason is freaking out and needs to get to Michael. He asked Sam if she has anything on her to get him out of his cuffs so he can cause a scene. Dante says he is going to take care of it. Sam tells Jason she has never seen anyone so anxious to get to prison. He apologizes and says that he is so focused on getting to Michael that he feels like he takes her for granted because she is so strong and independent. Sam cuts him off and tells him to stop, that she has been taken for granted before and he does not do that. She tells him she will be strong while he is gone because she believes in what he is doing for Michael. They embrace until an officer comes him and tells her to step away from the prisoner. It is time to take Jason to Pentonville. Jason and Sam stare at each other longingly as he is taken off by the police officer, Sam looks down at her compass necklace as tries not to cry. Later when Sam goes back to Jason's PH she breaks down while having a flashback of Jason giving her the compass necklace. Spinelli comes in and asks if it is done. Sam nods her head yes and she cannot talk. Spinelli sits on the couch and puts his arm around Sam as she breaks down.

May 24, 2010

Jason gets to the cell and finds Michael traumatized and not speaking. Jason starts talking about the process of turning himself in and how Carly told him how Michael handled it and how he should be proud of himself but Michael remains unresponsive to what is being said. Jason keeps talking and tells Michael about the changes they wanted to make on the beach on the island; Michael finally says to leave the beach alone. Jason tries to find out who beat him and Michael tells him to leave it alone. Michael says itís his own fault that he is in there and that he should have listened to Jason. Jason says itís his fault and that he made the wrong choices since Michael was a baby and he will not let him go through this alone. They talk about everyone at home. Michael tells Jason that he doesnít want anyone to know about how Jason found him. Sonny comes to see Michael. The warden comes in and talks to Jason about not tolerating any trouble. Sonny visits Jason and wants to know what happened to Michael. Sonny wants whoever hit Michael dead but Jason tells him they are in prison and things might end up worse. Jason wants to know if there is any progress about getting Michael out and Sonny tells him he is working on it. Sonny brings him up to date on what happened with Johnny.

May 25, 2010

Michael comes back from the prison doctor. He wants to know what Jason told Sonny during their visit. Jason tells Michael that he didn't tell him anything and let Sonny believe that he was beat up by a guard. Michael asks if all they talked about was him, and Jason says they discussed the problems the business is having. Michael feels bad and tells Jason not only is he screwing up his personal life with Sam, but now the business is taking a hit because Jason is jail. Jason tells him not to feel bad and that he is where he needs to be. They talk about the prison schedule, and Michael stutters a little when they talk about free time. That is when they leave the cell doors open. They close them at night and no one is supposed to be able to get in. Jason says that he and Carly were hoping Michael would have a different life, they never thought he would end up here, so he never taught him how to survive. Tomorrow he is going to teach him how to defend himself. He gives Michael his pillow to help his ribs and tells him not to worry they will make it through this and he will get out here.

May 27, 2010

Jason and Michael are in the prison yard and Michael is explaining which gangs control what parts. Jason cuts him off and tells Michael to hit him. Michael looks confused and Jason pushes him trying to get him mad, he calls him a little bitch. Jason tells him he is reacting with emotion and he needs to not do that, he needs to shut down and let the other guy make mistakes. Jason tells Michael his advantage is that he is young and he looks weak and vulnerable. Michael gets upset and asks Jason if he looks like he would just stand there and take it? He tells Jason that he has no idea how hard he fought. Jason tells him he is just trying to teach him how to survive, and that when he first started working for Sonny people would undersestimate him because he looked like a kid. Jason would take advantage of that because they would drop their guard and get over confident. That is what he wants Michael to do. Michael walks off to the vending machine. The guard comes up to Jason and starts hassling him about teaching Michael to fight. Jason says he isn't trying to cause trouble but needs to know who beat up Michael. Michael comes back and hears this. He tells Jason to respect him and leave it alone.

May 28, 2010

Michael is upset that Jason went behind his back. Jason tells him that he is there to protect him. Sam and Kristina walking down the street and talking about Sam missing Jason and Krissy missing Michael. Krissy wants to go to the prison to see him. Sam areees to take her. Carly goes to see Jason and wants to know who Michael got the bruises. Jason tells her he doesnít know but is teaching him how to fight. Carly starts talking about Dante and Lulu and how the need to pay and Jason tells her that she needs to stop and that Sonny might turn on her and to be careful with Lulu. Sam goes to see Jason. He is happy to see her. He sits down and kisses her hands. They talk about how Michael is doing. He tells her  she looks beautiful. She tells him that she tried to get a conjugal visit but it was denied because they arenít married.

June 1, 2010

Jason says that he wants to kiss her so bad and she wants to kiss him too. Sam is unhappy that they have to married to get conjugal visits. She starts to ramble and Jason thinks she wants to break up with him.  She says no and asks him to marry her. Jason will do whatever she wants but he wants Sam to be sure because he might be there for a long time and she might want to move on. She says she will wait for him.  They discuss it and Sam realizes it was over the top and thanks him for agreeing to do it anyway. Jason tells her he knows she didnít sign up for this but she assures him she is fine and that she signed up what is next. They talk about Spinelli and keeping him busy. They kiss and the guard comes to get him. Jasam share a long look and he holds her as he walks away until they can't reach anymore. Jason goes back to the cell and tells Michael that Sam and Carly came to visit. They talk about Carlyís trust in Jason. They talk about the guilt each carries and Michael tells him that Jason needs to let him take responsibility for what he has done. Jason continues teaching Michael to protect himself.

June 3, 2010

Jason teaching Michael self defense in the prison yard. Michael stops when he sees Carter. Carter watches them and then comes over and says it is good to know how to take care of yourself.  Michael gets all nervous and Jason starts to watch Carter.  Michael tries to start fighting again but Jason stops him. Cater knows who JAson is and asks if he is Michael's cellmate, saying the wrong cellmate can be dangerous. He grabs Michael lightly and tells him that he will see him later. Michael looks uncomfortable. Jason asks what he knows about Carter. Michael tells him that he comes off friendly but isnít. Jason asks if Carter was the one who beat him up but he doesnít want to talk about it. Michael talks about life outside of prison and how he canít be that person anymore. Guard tells Michael that Dante is here to see him. Jason tells the guard he has a request. Jason walks in to see Dante instead of Michael.

June 4, 2010

Dante wants to know why Jason is there. Jason tells that he will see Michael when he gets him released. Dante says he feels guilty and is working on getting Michael released. They argue about what Danteís true motives are and Jason tells him he wonít ever trust him again. Jason goes back to the cell. Michael asks how things went. Jason tells him that he told him not to come back until he has the paperwork to release Michael. Michael thinks Dante is just putting on an act for Sonny.  Jason tells him that Sonny will always give Dante the benefit of the doubt because he is his son. Michael doesnít understand how Sonny could trust him so much only knowing him a few months. Jason tells him that fatherís love their children unconditionally. Spinelli goes see Jason. Jason tells him that no wonder Sam is worried about him. Spinelli tells him he is fine and talks about missions. Jason asks what mission. He asks if Carly has come to see him with one of her plans.

June 7, 2010

Spinelli tries to deny knowing anything about any plan of Carly's but Jason makes him admit to it. Jason figures out what the plan is and tells Spinelli he needs to stop her.  Spinelli says he can't stop Carly. Jason brings up Spinelli's friendship with Lulu. Spinelli says he is helping Lulu and that Dante deserves it for putting both of them there. Jason assures him they will be okay but he canít protect Carly from her plans.  He wants Spinelli to get her there because he needs to speak to her. Jason is walking back to his cell and Carter is waiting for him with a knife. He attacks Jason and tries to stab him. Jason disarms him and demands to know what he did to Michael. Carter runs away. Jason is sitting in the cell holding the knife. Michael comes and Jason hides the knife and asks how it went with Jax. He tells him that he understands Jax but that he also wants to put Sonny in prison. Jason tells him to let Sonny fight his own battles. Michael is glad he is there. Jason wants to know why Carter wants him dead and that he needs to know so he can protect them. Michael tells him that his bruises and the way he was acting when Jason arrived was because of Carter.

June 8, 2010

Michael tells Jason about everything that happened with Carter before he got there.  Johnny brings Kristina home. She is grateful that he helped her with the mean girls. Sam comes into the room and wants to know why Johnny is with Krissy.  Kristina tells her that he helped her out gave her a ride home.  Sam follows him outside and confronts him about his motives and warns him not to use Kristina against Sonny. Kristina is listening.  Johnny assures her he would never do that. Sam wants to believe him but she knows about his issues with Sonny and wants him to stay away from Kristina until they are worked out. Sam goes to see Jason at Pentonville.  They talk about how badly they want to hold each other. Sam asks about Michael.  Jason says he is better.  Jason is concerned because Sam seems worried.  She tells him about Johnny and Kristina.  Jason doesn't think Johnny would use Kristina but thinks Sam needs to keep an eye on her anyway. Sam wants to know how he is doing.  He tells her he has to deal with a situation and it may mean he can't have visitors anymore or that his sentence will be extended. He says he has no choice and apologizes to herand says it is not fair to her. Sam says its okay, that he has to do whatever it takes to keep Michael safe.  She says she loves him so much and will be there for him no matter how long it takes. Jason kisses her hands.  The guard comes in and says time is up.  Jason mouths the words I love you before leaving.

June 9, 2010

Jason continues to teach Michael some fighting skills. Jason gives him an indication that he might not be around. Michael assumes itís because he has some way of getting out and tells him to take it and that he can take up for himself. After talking a bit more, Michael figures out that Jason is going to kill Carter. He reminds Jason what could happen but Jason tells him that Carter wonít stop unless he stops him.

June 10, 2010

Michael wants to know what Jason is going to do with Carter. Jason tells him that he tried to kill him and now he has to make an example of him. Michael says for them to wait until Carter comes after him so it could be self-defense. Michael again tells him what could happen. Sonny comes to see Jason. They talk about Michael and that Jason is teaching him self-defense. Jason tells him that Michael is smart and that he has processed everything over the years. Sonny asks about Carly because he knows that she is up to something. Jason tells she won't do anything to make things worse for Michael. Jason and Michael talk about how Kristina and Sonny. The guard comes to get Jason. When Jason comes back Carter is there harassing Michael.

June 11, 2010

Jason asks Carter to get out. Carter tells Jason that his power doesnít transfer in prison and that he has no friends but like Carter does. Jason intimidates Carter into leaving. Jason tells Michael to stay in the cell while he is gone. Jason tells him that what matters is living through prison so when he gets out he can go on with his life and never look back. Jason goes to the showers to look for Carter but he isnít there. Carter comes from behind with a knife. They fight and Carter drops the knife. They continue to fight and Carter gets a hold of the knife again and goes after Jason. Jason and Carter struggle and Jason gets the upper hand and turns the knife and stabs Carter. As Carter is dying he says Franco says hi.

June 14, 2010

Carter is dying.  Jason grabs him by the shirt and demands to know what he said.  Carter says Franco misses him and wants to play again.  Jason screams at him to tell him where Franco is but Carter dies.  Jason lays him down and gets to his feet with blood covered hands.  He looks up and Michael is standing there watching. Michael says he was there watching out and no one saw.  He wants to stay and help but Jason makes him leave. Jason wipes his hands on his shirt, takes the shirt and leaves.  Jason coming back to the cell with a new shirt on.  He tells Michael to watch while he hides the shirt. Michael was afraid Jason was caught.  Jason said they won't find the body for a while but when they do they will suspect him. He tells Michael he wasn't there and to think of an alibi for the time. Jason tells Michael no matter what happens not to try to speak up for him.  Michael says he learned his lesson about telling the truth for the cops.  Jason is upset and says that is not what he was supposed to learn, that he was not supposed to be in prison or witness him killing someone. Michael wants to know what Carter said.  Jason says it wasn't about him.  Michael presses him so Jason says he is bothered by what always bothers him, that he promised Micahel a good life and instead he is in jail. Jason talks about wanting to show Michael how big the world is and Michael ending up in a hospital room and then prison. Jason is upset by the bad things Michael is learning from him. Jason is devastated to learn that Michael always thought it would be cool to be like him. Dante comes to see Jason. He puts the envelope in front of Jason and tells him to look at it and tell him if he is over-reacting.  Jason does not touch the envelope.  Dante opens in and puts the picture in front of Jason.  He tells him he thinks Franco is getting restless. Before Jason can respond the warden comes in and tells Jason he told him what would happen if he brought trouble to his prison.

June 15, 2010

The warden tells Jason that he is going to solitary. Dante tries to stop him because it leaves Michael unprotected. The warden does not want to hear it and takes Jason to his office.  In his office the warden questions other inmates who all deny seeing Jason near the murder scene. The warden still plans to send Jason to solitary but Jason persuades him to allow him to stay with Michael. Jason returns to the cell and tells Michael the warden gave him another chance. Michael tells him that Dante visited him and questioned him about Carter.  Jason is upset that Michale gave him an alibi. Michael is worried about what Sonny will think. Jason reassures him. Michael wants Jason to keep teaching him self defense and take it easy on him because he wants to be able to handle people like Carter and kill them if necessary.

June 16, 2010

Molly and Kristina are talking about Johnny. Sam walks in and asks whatís going on. The girls lie to her and tell her itís about one of Kristinaís classes. Sam tells her that she is proud of her because her life seems to be getting back on track. Sam visits Michael and asks how he is doing and what happened with Jason. Michael explains that Jason got into trouble with the warden and his visits have been cut off. Sam is relieved that Jason is not in solitary and tells Michael that Jason is where he needs to be.

June 17, 2010

Michael comes into the cell and tells Jason that Lulu came to see him to make sure he understands how bad Dante feels and that Dante is trying to get Michael out. Jason tells him he is all for it but not to mistake it for loyalty because Dante will always choose to be a cop. They talk about Sonny and how he feels about family. Michael feels threatened by the connection between Sonny and Dante. Jason reassures him about Sonnyís love. Michael says that Sonny wants him to finish some courses so when he comes out he can go to college. Michael doesnít want college he wants to be in the business. Jason asks if he wants to be back in prison. He tells he doesnít have to follow in anyoneís footsteps. Michael says he isnít a kid anymore and that he is old enough to choose for himself. Jason tells him about his choice and what it cost him. Claire comes to see Jason with the picture sent to Dante and she wants to know about Franco. He tells her that he will help her if she gets Michael out of prison first.

June 18, 2010

Claire she understands how he feels but doesnít think Michael would want anyone murdered because of him. Jason apologizes. He tells her about Jason obsession with him. He explains about Francoís picture of Michael over Claudiaís body and how Franco used it to blackmail. Jason tells her that Franco wanted a death match and that when he wouldnít play, Franco got mad. He tells about Franco kidnapping Sam and Lulu and how Franco told him that if Jason killed he would too. Calire asks if he killed anyone lately. Jason shares what happened to Carter without actually admitting to killing him. She says she is going to trace the connection between the two and promises to let him know what happens. Jason goes back to the cell and Michael tells him about Carlyís visit. The warden comes in with Dante to tell Michael that he is going home. Michael refuses to leave without Jason. Jason tells him he doesnít belong there and to take the release and go back to his life. They hug. Later, Jason sits alone in his cell.

June 21, 2010

Sam is at the Penthouse trying to cheer Spinelli up. Spinelli tells him about Michael. Sam gets excited until she realizes that Jason is not getting out too. Maxie goes to see Jason and tells him that Franco is back and shows him the picture. She wants him to stop him. Sam reminds Spinelli that the goal was to get Michael out. Sam tells him that Jason did what he needed to do. Jason questions Maxie about the picture. Maxie is freaking out about Frano being interested in her. Spinelli is on the computer trying to help Jason and Sam tells him not to do anything stupid because it might hurt Jason. Spinelli assures her he won't. Jason continues to ask Maxie questions. He tells her to take the picture to Claire. Maxie wants him handle it. She tells him itís all his fault and leaves. Guard comes in and tells Jason that his wife, Brenda, is there for a conjugal visit. Jason looks confused. Jason walks in looking scared then realizes it is Sam. He smiles and kisses her. Sam tells him how Spinelli doctored Brenda's ID to get her in while Jason kisses her neck.  They fall onto the bed kissing. Later, Jason and Sam are getting dressed. Sam says Jason is amazing because he is still in prison but Michael left and all the stress went with him. Jason says that doing two years is worth it to protect Michael for the month he was there. Sam says that is what she tells herself and that as long as she has Brenda's ID it will be fine.  She pulls Jason back onto the bed and they start to kiss.

June 23, 2010

Diane visits Jason to tell him she petitioned for his release but was turned down. Jason is okay with it because he knew the risk going in. She updates him about the escalating situation between Sonny and Johnny as well as Dante keeping Michael from Sonny. Jason states that Sonny will not go for it. Diane tells him she will work on his release but she is not optimistic. Carly comes to visit Jason. They talk about how Michael is doing.  Carly expresses her gratitude to Jason and how sad she is that he is not getting out too. Jason says he has no regrest. Carly goes off about Dante and says he can not just walk away from what he did to them. She says she will never forget what he did.  Sam and Alexis are walking on the docks talking about what is going on with Johnny and Kristina. They talk about Johnny and Kristina and how Sonny wants to kill him. She tells also tells her about going to Johnny's and Kristina showing up there. Alexis says she can't order her not to see him. Sam suggests that Jason talk to Johnny. Jason tells Carly that she needs to give Michael time to adjust. She agrees. Jason warns her about Franco. Alexis comes to see Jason to ask for his help with.  She tells him about Kristina and Johnny and Sonny is responding. She asks him to talk to Johnny so Kristina doesnít get hurt. Jason agrees but tells Alexis he thinks Kristina is the one pushing it. Alexis already knows that but she says Johnny is the adult. She says things are gettin dangerous and Kristina is in the middle. Sam comes upon Johnny and Kristina on the docks.  Kristina is gloating and talking Johnny out of ending the ruse. Sam confronts them.

June 24, 2010

Alexis tells Jason that if she tells Kristina to stop she wonít. Jason tells her that he doesnít have influence over Johnny. Alexis tells him that Sam mentioned that Johnny owes him. Sam tells Johnny to stay away from Kristina. Kristina get insulted and says she is there too.  Sam tells her to stay away from Johnny. Kristina starts to mouth off about how she is not a kid and itís her choice. Sam tells her her choice is gonna get Johnny killed. Alexis and Jason continues to discuss Kristina and they both see a bad end. Jason doesnít think talking to Johnny will do any good since he already tried, so Alexis asks him to talk to Sonny. Sam tires to make Kristina see that she is gonna get Johnny killed.  Johnny says it is on him. Sam tells her donít do things based on how Sonny will react and give Sonny all the power. Sonny shows up and tells Kristina she is going home with him. Kristina refuses. convinces Kristina to go with SOnny and try to talk things out. Sam confronts Johnny. Alexis and Jason continue to talk about Kristina. Alexis tells him that she respects what he did for Michael. She tells him that it is hard on Sam because she loves him and to remember he wasnít the only who had to sacrifice for Michael. Johnny comes to see Jason. Jason tries to get through to him about not using Kristina. Johnny thinks he is helping Kristina. Jason points out that Johnny will probably beat Sonny and that if Kristina thinks she caused Sonny's death she will never get over it. Jason uses the pay phone to calls Sam. She is in the bathtub. She tells describes where she is at and asks Jason to guess and wants to know if he is thinkig about her. Jason is all uncomfortable because of the other prisoners on line for the phone.  The guard tells the inmates that it is the last call  and the all go, leaving Jason alone. Jason tells her that he misses her and she tells him that she misses him too. He thanks her for understanding about needing to be there for Michael. She wants him to promise that they will disappear together as soon as he gets out of prison. Jason promises they will.

June 25, 2010

Sam wants to know where they would go. Jason tells her that as long as he is with her he doesnít care. She wants him to tell her. He says the can talk about it the next time she comes in to see him they will talk about the details. She says that she was thinking of doing something else with that time. They talk about if they won the lottery where they would go. Jason says he has always wanted to see the Mediterranean. Sam tells him she will start thinking about an itinerary. He tells her that he doesnít know when he will get out she says that he canít stop her from dreaming and he says he would never try. Sonny comes to see Jason. He tells him about Kristina and Johnny. Jason tells him that Alexis was there and told him. Sonny tells him that Johnny is messing with the suppliers and he is at the end of his rope and is making plans to take Johnny out and wants Jason to take Anthony out. Jason says he canít guarantee it he is being watched and if he gets caught Jason can spend the rest of his life there. Jason suggests leaving Johnny alone and Sonny says he canít. Dante comes to see Jason and shows him the temporary release. He will be released into Dante's custody.

June 28, 2010

Dante is telling Jason about the deal.  Jason says he needs a gun.  Dante says no so Jason says the deal is off. Jason starts to leave.  Dante can't believe he is gonna let Franco go free.  Jason is not gonna let Franco kill him.  They start to argue about the gun. Dante thinks he can cover Jason and catch Franco.  Jason doesn't agree. He says Franco wants him so Dante should just let Jason get him. Dante thinks Jason will turn the gun on him after he gets Franco. Jason says Dante wll have to trust him. Dante doesn't. Dante thinks he is better equipped than Jason to catch Franco. Jason thinks Dante's plan is not gonna work. Dante leaves saying he will be back.  Claire come to visit Jason at his request. Jason says he needs a gun. Claire says she can't allow that. Jason says Franco is playing kill or be killed and Franco will kill him if he is unarmed. Claire is afraid he will escape. Jason tries to convince her that is not what he wants to do. Claire does not trust him.  She says that she would love for him to kill Franco and run so she could catch him and put him away for good but after Sonny's trial she has no credibility. She says is she catches Franco she is golden. Jason tells her Franco will use her agenda against her. Claire says Jason can help or not but if he does it is on her terms. Sonny to visit and congratulates Jason on getting out. Jason says he will not get a chance to kill Anthony. Sonny wants Jason not to run when it is over.  He starts talking abuot how Jason running will hurt Dante. Jason thinks that is more reason to run. Sonny says that Dante got Michael out and he is his son. Jason reminds him that Michael is his son too but that doesn't seem to matter to Sonny anymore. Jason says that to Sonny everything is second Dante. Jason wants Dante to feel what Michael felt. Sonny asks Jason what he thinks will happen to Michael if Dante goes to jail.

June 30, 2010

Jason comes into the visiting room in an orange jumpsuit. Dante is waiting.  He tells Jason he is a flight risk.  They shackles Jason and put an ankle monitor on him. Dante escorts Jason out.  Claire is holding a press conference about Jason's release to try to smoke out Franco.  Diane uses the opportunity to embarass Claire and her office. Dante brings Jason in and the press start firing questions at him. Jason looks annoyed and says nothing. Sam comes into the Penthouse with an overnight bag and all the makings for a romantic evening.  She has a fantasy that Jason comes in and has everything set for them to run away together. She is snapped out of it when Spinelli comes in with his own celebration stuff. He acts disappointed that she is there but says she is welcome to stay for his celebration dinner. He sees her candles and stuff but refuses to take the hint.  Claire is annoyed and calls and end to the press conference.  Jason, Dante, Claire and Diane go into the interrogation room. Claire yells at them all for humiliating her. Sam brings it to Spinelli's attention that Jason might want to spend time alone with her. Spinelli agrees and says that is why he invited her to stay. He pretty much goes on about how it will be okay for her to be t here while he brags about his cyber work to Jason. Sam walks away annoyed. Claire throws Diane out.  Diane makes it clear to Claire that when this is over they expect something more than Jason going back to jail. Claire wants to know if Jason is having second thoughts. He's not.  Claire goes back over the facts of the case. She informs Jason and Dante that Franco and Carter knew each other. She tells Jason he will not handle Franco the way he did Cater, that Jason is just the bait and Dante is going to take him down. Spinelli has a fantasy that he is cool and Jason comes in and is pleased with all he did and tells him how he can't take Franco down without him. He snaps out of it when Sam talks to him.  Someone knocks and Spinelli gets all excited thinking it is Jason. He is disappointed when he opens the door. Claire wants Franco alive.  Dante balks that lethal force may be necessary. She doesn't care. Claire leaves. Jason tells Dante that he is not gonna die so he can take Franco alive. Jason wants to see Diane. Dante leaves and Diane comes in. He wants to know what will happen to Michael if he escapes. Jason and Dante arrive at the Penthouse to find Ronnie and a bunch of cops there.  Ronnie plans to be on Jason every minute he is out. Franco is outside Jason's business. He asks the doorman if Jason has killed people there.

July 1, 2010

Jason ignores the cops and goes right to Sam to hug her. He tells them to get out and goes back to holding Sam. Dante and Ronnie argue. Ronnie tells Jason that he is gonna be watching him 24/7.  Jason looks up from hugging Sam and tells him if he does that Franco will kill somebody.  The doorman threatens to call the cops on Franco but Franco just keeps talking about the people Jason has killed. He asks if Jason ever mentioned him. The doorman tells him not to be there when he gets back and runs into the building. Franco is watching him when Maxie comes up behind him. Jason lets go of Sam and tries to talk sense into Ronnie. Ronnie threatens to send him back to prison. Dante interupts that it is his ass on the line not Ronnie's. Ronnie tries to persuade Dante to his way of thinking. Jason says he can't take off while Franco is loose to hurt the people he cares about. He tells Ronnie that him being around the Penthouse could piss Franco off and make him kill. Franco is watching the doorman make a call while Maxie is standing behind him looking scared. People walk by and Maxie turns.  When she turns back Franco is gone. Carly comes up and they talk about Jason's release. Maxie says Franco being around is making her see things. They go into the building to see Jason. Franco comes out of hiding and watches them go in. Jason says it is a game to Franco and if Jason doesn't play he will get upset. Ronnie seems to think that is a good idea because he thinks then they will catch him. Dante tries to reason with Ronnie again. Ronnie doesn't want to hear it. Dante tells Ronnie to take his men and go do surveillence.  Carly and Maxie knock on the door. Jason hugs Carly while Maxie snarks about all the cops. Dante says they are there to make sure Jason doesn't escape. Maxie runs Dante and his cops off. Maxie turns to Dante demanding to know what he is doing there. Jason and Sam are cuddling on the couch ignoring everyone. Maxie wants Dante to leave so Jason and Sam can have some alone time. He says that is not why Jason is out and that she and Spinelli and Carly are there. Maxie says they will tactfully wait downstairs. Dante tells Jason and Sam if they want to go upstairs go ahead. They just look at him while Maxie makes fun of how they can escape from the bedroom. Carly defends Dante. Jason and Sam both look at her suspiciously. Jason is coming down the stairs.  Sam comes up to him to say good-bye.  Jason does not want her to go.  She says she has a family dinner to go to. They say that the miss each other and kiss. Jason wants her to come back later and she agrees.  Carly goes out to talk to Jason on the terrace. Carly again expresses her gratitude to Jason which leads to a tirade about Dante. Jason wants her to stop her revenge plans but she says no. She asks if he plans to take Sam and run when it is all over. Jason asks if she would rather he go back to prison. She wants him free but she wants to be able to see him. Jason is more concerned about Franco. Dante is harassing Spinelli about hacking. Jason come in and tells him to leave Spinelli alone. Molly and Kristina are at the Lakehouse when Michael comes. Molly talks to him about his living arrangements. Sam comes in.  She is happy and lets them know that Jason was released. Everyone is happy. Michael quietly tells her that she and Jason should disappear. Alexis come in and greets everyone.  Then Sonny comes in. Michael hugs him and they talk briefly. Sonny greets Kristina. She responds coldly. Alexis goes to get dinner. Michael and Kristina talk about how she is treating Sonny. Kristina goes to her room. Molly starts talking about the press conference and Jason's release. Kristina is outside sneaing away while they are talking. Jason is walking Carly to the door and she talking Dante up all the way. Jason tells her to be careful.  They hug and she leaves. Jason tells Spinelli they have work to do. Dante says Jason is the bait. Jason says Spinelli can give them an advantage.  If it is illegal Dante doesn't want to know about it.  Jason says they need to be one step ahead and questions whether or not Dante wants to catch Franco.  Dante needs to get home anyway. Dante leaves. Jason asks Spinelli what he has and he says he believes he has located Franco.  A homeless man dressed like Franco is outside the building.  Dante pulls his gun and orders him to freeze.

July 2, 2010

Molly brings in popcorn and talks to everyone about a rat maze at science camp. Michael says that reminds him of Pentonville. He talks a bit about prison then walks away. Sonny follows to tell him he doesn't have to worry about that anymore. Alexis comes back in. Michael compliments the food smells. Sonny notes that Kristina has been gone for a long time. Molly looks nervous and Sam looks suspcious.  Spinelli tells Jason he has found Franco's mother.  Dante holding a gun on the homeless guy.  He runs and Dante gives chase. Spinelli gives Jason background on Franco and his mother. Jason wants to know if there has been contact. Spinelli says no but that where she lives is close enough to be Franco's center of operation. Jason wants to take off to find out. Spinelli reminds him that they have to notify Dante. Dante catches the homeless guy but it is not Franco.  Alexis telling them the Kristina went to a class.  Sonny wants to wait for her to eat. Alexis says that is the plan. Sam says that since dinner is delayed she has to check on a case but will be back before they eat.  She leaves. Spinelli questions if Jason is softening towards Dante.  Jason say he is not gonna become friends with Dante but that he can work with him to capture Franco. Dante comes and tells them about the homeless guy. Jason updates him on Franco's mother. Dante wants to go talk to her alone but Jason says he is the one Franco is after so he if he is there and Franco is there, Franco might come out in the open. Sam comes back and asks if Kristina is back. Sonny thinks she has been gone too long. Molly tries to cover.  Sam calls her out and lets them all know she went to where the class was supposed to be and no one was there. Alexis makes Molly tell them that Kristina is with Johnny. Sonny runs out with Alexis and Michael trying to stop him. Alexis is angry at Molly who apologizes but then defends Kristina. Jason and Dante arrive at Franco's mother's house.  Dante says he wants to question her about her son and she says she has no son.  Maxie at Crimson alone in the dark arguing on the phone about a delivery she is waiting for.  The elevator opens and someone gets out carrying roses. She tells him to put them with the others. The person speaks.  Maxie looks up and it is Franco.  

July 6, 2010

Dante and Jason ask Karen Anderson about her son. She denies having a son and being Karen Frank. Franco tells Maxie he is there to deliver the last 6 roses and talks about liking the number 66. Maxie is afraid as they talk about the flowers, him thinking about her and her relationship with Spinelli.  He says the roses are an apology. She goes for the phone but he catches her. Karen acts confused about Franco. Dante keeps trying to question her but she keeps acting ditzy. She lets them in.  Jason checks out the house while Dante tells her all they know and tries to get her to talk to them about Franco. Alexis leaves a message for Sonny She goes in and tells Sam, Molly and Michael that she can't reach them. Sam thinks she should go over there but she thinks they need to work it out. They talk about Kristina and Sonny. Michael points out that Kristina is not safe with Johnny. Karen continues to ramble while Dante and Jason talk about Franco to her. They get nowhere. Franco hopes Maxie liked his crime photo gift. He talks about his work and what it means. Ke kisses he hand and tells her to say hi to Jason for him. He leaves.  Maxie is very frightened. At the Lakehouse, they are stil talking about Kristina. Alexis gets a call from Epiphany telling her that Kristina has been admitted because she was hurt when Johnnyís car exploded. Dante and Jason leave Karen's. They stand outside and discuss Franco and the case so that she can overhear. Dante and Jason go over what they have the lady listens in. Sam, Alexis Michael and Kristina get to the hospital. Patrick lets them know Kristina is okay. SOnny is there. Alexis does nto want him to go in and see Kristina. Sonny leaves. Dante and Jason talk about Franco, the murders, the pictures and the threat to Josslyn where Karen can hear them. Alexis questions Patrick. Michael slips away.  Johnny comes in. Alexis goes off on him and slaps him. Sam tries to calm her down. Steve comes and tells them Kristina is okay. Alexis asks Sam to stay with Molly because she has something to do. She leaves. Dante and Jason get back to the penthouse. Maxie is there and tells them she saw Franco. Franco come to Karen's. He says hi mom. She asks him what has he has done now.

July 7, 2010

Maxie tells Dante, Jason and Spinelli that she saw Franco and about the roses he has been sending her. Franco wants to know what his mom told Jason and Dante, she tells that didnít say anything and he tells her to keep it that way. She asks him if they things she hears about him are true.  Dante and Jason continue to question Maxie about Franco. Maxie tells Jason that Franco says hi. Spinelli tells her that Franco could have killed her and it was all his fault. Franco and his mom keep talking about what is going on with him.  He tells her it will be over soon, that he is at the culmination of everything he has been working for.  Maxie and Dante try to make Spinelli feel batter.  Jason tells Spinelli he was the reason Franco showed ups and itís up to him to finish it. Franco and his mom talk about how he was when he was a child and his art. Spinelli works on tracking down Franco while Jason and Maxie talk about roses and the number 66 and Franco's MO. Dante questions Maxie some more. Dante takes Maxie home. Alexis gets back to the hospital. Kristina gets wheeled in and Alexis and Molly fuss over her. Mac shows up and wants to ask Kristina questions. Sam tries to stall but Kristina says itís okay. She answers Macís questions. Kristina implicates Sonny. At the Lakehouse, Kristina is upset that they are ignoring the fact that Sonny was the one who tried to kill Johnny. Jason and Spinelli are looking through surveillance video and review the details of what they have. Franco goes to Metro Court to see Carly. Franco tells her that he is there to apologize and that he would never harm her family especially Josslyn. Carly tells him she will kill him if he does. He talks about them being connected. He tells her that Michael was quite the prize in prison.

July 9, 2010

Jason and Dante return from staking out out Karen's to find Spinelli in the dark banging on his computer. Franco gets to an old house. He has the key and goes in. He pulls out a toy monkey and starts spray painting CO77X all over. He gets a phone call and tells the caller to get there as soon as possible. He says he is on Country Road 66. Dante and Jason talking about the flowers being a dead end. Spinelli kicks the table and then goes off on Dante. Jason tells him they need to get back to work but Spinelli just keeps ranting. Dante tells Jason to fix Spinelli and leaves. Spinelli tells Jason that he and Maxie are over and that he found Maxie kissing Matt. A man walks into Franco's house. Franco comes in and they start talking about his art and doing an exhibition. Spinelli thanks Jason for his help but he is over his romantic delusional and is ready to get back to work. Carly comes over and Jason asks what happened with Franco. Franco has photos and says there are so many women and who will be the lucky winner. Carly gives Jason the details. She tells him what he said about Michael and wants to know what he meant by that. Jason tells her itís a game. When Jason goes to take a shower, Carly asks Spinelli if he is still in on the plan. Jax, Lulu and Josslyn are at the park, Franco is watching. Jason cleaning up after Spinelli when Dante comes in and they go over what they have looking for clues. Franco listens in to Jax and Lulu talking.  Lulu leaves. Jax starts picking up their stuff to leave, Franco comes and kneels down next to Josslynís stroller and says hi to her.

July 12, 2010

Jason, Dante and Spinelli are talking about the Franco case. Sam comes in. She wants to speak to Jason alone. She tells them about the bomb. Jason and Sam go out on the terrace. Jax is afraid. Franco talks to Jocelyn and about her to Jax. Jax threatens to snap his neck. Franco gives her a tiny toy monkey. Franco talks about Jax being mad at him. Jax calls the police. Franco leaves. Sam tells Jason what happened with the bombing. She is not convinced that Sonny is not involved. Jason says if he did it was to take care of Johnny. Sam says she wishes Jason could lie to her and tell her it wasnít him but she knows he wonít and that is why she loves him. They hug. Dante gets a call about Franco in the park and leaves to check it out. Jason leaves to talk to Sonny. Jason goes to the restaurant and he and Jason talk about the bombing and about Sonny's kids. Jason talks about the past with him and SOnny and Michael. Sonny asks if he thinks he chose Dante over Michael. Sonny says he has not been thinking clearly since he shot Dante. Sonny asks him if he should give up on Dante. Jason thinks it would be a good business decision. Sonny tells him that the cops and Claire have been there. Sonny says he likes her. He talks about sleeping with Claire to compromise her. Jason leaves. Franco is back at his house and starts spray painting his tag throughout the house. Jason comes back and asks Sam and Spinelli if they have found anything. Spinelli finds the abandoned mansion leased to Francoís mom. Jason goes to get his gun when Dante walks in and wants to know what they found, they all stay quiet. He tells them about what happened at the park. Jason tells him about the mansion. Dante mentions that they could have drug it out to keep Jason free. Jason and Dante leave to check out the mansion. Spinelli badmouths Dante to Sam. Jason and Dante arrive at the mansion.  They take out their guns. Dante comments that Jason shouldn't have a gun. Jason tells Dante if he wants to kill Franco with a pen to be his guest.

July 13, 2010

Alexis lets Sam into the Lakehouse. Alexis called her for support since she and Sonny have decided to set limits on Kristina. Sam says it is a good idea she called her. Sam talks about Kristina needs to feel empowered and she needs time to heal from waht Keifer did. Jason and Dante kick in the masnion door.  They find the monkey toy running but Franco is gone. Sam and Alexis are expecting Kristina to give her a hard time. Kristina gets home and she admits to hating the rules Alexis and Sonny put on her but she will respect them. Dante and Jason realize Franco is not there. Dante needs to call it in.  He wants Jason to put the gun away.  Jason tries to hand it to him but he walks away. Jason finds a flyer from Jakes about a singer. Kristina admits to screwing up and she apologizes. She tells them that dinners with Sonny are not going to make her hate him less. Sam tells her she is proud of her. Sam leaves to go see Jason. Sam walks in on Carly and Spinelli talking at the Penthouse. She tells them whatever they are doing needs to stop now. Jason shows Dante the flyer. Franco is at Jakeís. He offers Coleman Franco goes to Jake's and offers Coleman $10,000 to let a performance artist perform there. Coleman agrees. Sam apologizes to Carly and Spinelli and explains that itís because she hasnít had much time with Jason. Carly says to have fun. She leaves. Sam asks Spinelli if she can have some alone time with Jason.  Dante and Jason discuss the flyer then head to Jake's. Jason and Dante walk into Jake's. Spinelli explains that him and Maxie are having trouble when Sam suggest he spend time with her. Spinelli tells her he will just go to the office. Sam orders dinner. Lulu joins Jason and Dante at the bar as Coleman introduces the performance artist. Sam is setting up things for her night with Jason, candles, dominoes and tequila, when she hears a knock at the door. She opens it she and finds Franco holding her Chinese takeout food.

July 14, 2010

Franco's accomplice sings Route 66 to the crowd at Jake's. Dante comments on the song title and Jason agrees Franco is involved. Franco comes into the Penthouse and Sam pulls a gun on him. Jason and Dante approach the singer and asks him if Franco had him sing that song. Franco ignores the gun and starts setting out the food.Sam tells him that if Jason finds him there he will kill him. Franco talks about the time he took Sam. He tells her that if he is caught Jason goes back to prison. Sam tells him to get out. Franco tells her that he should thank him for giving Jason back to him and to tell Jason that he will make it easy for him. Coleman tells Jason and Dante about how he booked the singer. Jason realizes it was a diversion and rushes out. Jason gets home to find Sam shaking and holding the a gun. Sam tells him that Franco knew she wouldnít kill him. SHe is upset that she let him.  Jason says he was playing games with her. She tells Jason that the next person Franco hurts is on her. Jason holds her. Jason and Sam talk about Franco's games. Sam thinks Jason should be looking for Franco.  He says he wants to stay with her. He kisses her. They talk about Dante and Franco. Jason asks about the last thinkg Franco said to her and she tells him. Franco meets up with the singer and tells him he has one more job for him. He says they are going to raise the dead.

July 15, 2010

Jason comes in with breakfast and coffee and coffee for them. Sam comes down stairs and says last night was great. He says he wanted and needed last night.  They kiss. They eat breakfast while talking about what he will do when Franco is caught. He tells her that he will go back to prison. Sam wants to run but Jason does not want to take her away from her family and life. He wants them to be able to build a strong foundation without looking over their shoulders. Sam agrees but says to let her know if he changes his mind.  They kiss. She says she is going to work unless he needs her help. He doesnít want to risk Franco kidnapping her again. He tells her to keep her gun close and hands the gun to her. She goes upstairs to change while Jason calls Spinelli and tells him they need to get back to work right away since Franco came there while Sam was alone. Maxie shows up and wants advice about Spinelli. Spinelli shows up while they are talking. He starts to leave but Maxie starts to talk about their relationship. Spinelli and Maxie break up as Jason watches.  Maxie leaves. Jason asks him if he is okay. They start working on a collage of everything up to that point with Franco. Carly comes over. She wants Jason to tell her what to do with Jax. Spinelli cuts in wanting to advise her. He tells her about Maxie. She shares her fears with Spinelli. Spinelli tells her that she shouldnít make Jax wait for her. Dante comes over and Spinelli and Carly act shady.  Dante calls Lulu to check on her. Jason, Dante and Spinelli talk about Franco. Lulu is working when Franco comes and tells her it is good to see her.

July 16, 2010

Jason. Spinelli and Dante realize that Franco is using the song Route 66 as the pattern for his murders.  Franco tells Lulu he is disappointed in her choice of boyfriend. He wants to know where Jason and Dante are and then asks who does he have to kill to get attention. At the Penthouse they discuss whether the song is a pattern, a diversion or a trap. Franco talks to Lulu about Dante.  She gets her cellphone but he notices.  He tells her to hit send so Dante can hear her die.  He describes how Dante will find her body.  She puts the phone down. At the Penthouse they talk about Franco heading for LA. Dante thinks Franco may make Jason make another choice, one where Jason can't cheat. Franco tells Lulu how he would immortalize her in death.  She wants to live.  He gives her an envelope to give Dante and leaves.  Dante wants to make a plan.  Jason thinks if the go to LA Franco will surface.  Lulu calls Dante from the street.  She needs him to come right away. Later, Dante is gone.  Jason and Spinelli working on finding Franco.  Ronnie shows up.  He searches Jason and finds a gun.  Ronnie takes Jason back to Pentonville. A guard puts Jason back in his cell.  Jason sees and envelope and picks it. Inside is a picture of Franco's toy monkey.  Franco is on the phone in the glass cage telling someone to transport the cage because Jason will get a kick out of it.

July 19, 2010

Jason in his cell looking at the picture.  He calls the guard and asks to see the warden.  The guard threatens him. Franco watching a video of him and Jason and smiling. Jason trying to see the warden.  The guard gives him a hard time and Jason gets nowhere. Spinelli tells Sam about Jason getting sent back to Pentonville. He is blaming Dante but Sam does not see how Dante benefits from it. Jason on his bunk with the licturel  Claire comes.  She dismisses the guard. She is mad that he was caught with a gun.  Jason gives her the picture.  He tells it is Franco inviting him to meet. He tells her that the steps are in LA and if they can get Spinelli to find them Franco will be there.  She says now that she has the info there is no reason to let him out again. Jason says without him Franco doesn't show and dares her to send Dante in his place.  She thinks he wants to get Dante killed. Jason tries to explain it is all a game to Franco. She asks why he did not overpower Ronnie and run.  He says he can't catch Franco if he is a fugitive.  She says good answer. She has him released. Sam says she is angry too but she has never seen Spinelli so dark. He talks about his break-up with Maxie. He talks about his actions helping Lulu see that Dante is not a good guy.  Sam wants to know what actions. Before he can answer, Jason and Claire arrive. Jason gives the picture to Spinelli and wants him to find the steps.  Dante and Lulu show up. Dante is glad Claire got Jason released. Dante wants him and Jason to leave for LA right away. A tech shows Franco footage of him and Jason.  Franco says its perfect. Jason and Dante on the plane.  Jason warns Dante that Franco is not goign to like him getting involved in the game.  Dante says now he knows neither of them would think twice about killing him.

July 21, 2010

Jason and Dante arrive at MOCA where they find a small sacle model of the outdoor exhibit Franco is planning. They meet Franco's agent and Dante asks if he knows Franoc is a serial killer. The agent gives a bogus speech about the art in reponse. Dante says the agent has no problem representing a serial killer if the price is right. The agent acts misunderstood.  Dante wants to know where the pieces of the exhibiot are stored.  The agent refuses to tell them until Jason tells him his name.  The agent starts talking about Jason's work inspiring Franco's and offers to represent him. Dante asks him if he has ever seen Jason's work. The agent tells them where the exhibit is being stored. Jason and Dante enter the warehouse with guns drawn.  The see Josslyn's graffittied crib. Dante says Franco is making Jason the art. Jason says he is putting his life of display.

July 22, 2010

Jason and Dante search the warehouse. Jason explains to Dante what everything is. Franco is watching from behind a tarp. Jason almost finds him but Dante calls him away to see a monitor set up with a DVD. Carter and Franco are on screen talking about Franco paying Carter to do something to Michael as a means to an end.  Franco also tells him to tell Jason he said hi.  Jason freaks out and throws the monitor. He pulls out the DVD and breaks it. Dante says Frano is already messing with Jason's head and calls him out on destroying evidence. Jason says nothing about Michael will be a part of the poilce report. Dante starts to argue.  Jason flips out and blames Dante for making Michael vulnerable.  He pushes him, then chokes him up saying he should kill him. Franco is looking at his scale model when his agent comes in. He wants Franco to explain the performance art aspect of the exhibit but Franco says no. Dante pushes Jason off saying that Franco wants Jason to lose control. Jason says Frano is breaking him down to prove they are alike. Dante tells him that Franco figured out that Michael is Jason's weakness. Dante talks about Franco's headgames.  Jason cuts him off and walks out. Dante follows. The agent continues to question Frano who gives vague answers.  He tells the agent to expect anything.  He tells the agent when it is done the agent will be the toast of the art world and then he sends him on his way. Jason and Dante are at the hotel arming themselves. They head out. Franco watching the exhibit being set up.  Nik and Lucky find the baby's empty basinet in a hospital room.  Franco comes on the monitors. At MOCA, guests are going through a metal detector. Jason doesn't think he can get in armed. Dante walks up and identifies himself as a cop. The guard recognizes Jason and says he is cleared. They enter the exhibit. A videographer starts to tape Jason walking and it appears on the monitors. Jason covers the lens with his hand and pushes the guy away. Franco comes on the monitor and gives a welcome speech ending with one of us will not survive. Franco watches Jason and Dante from a catwalk above laughing.

July 23, 2010

Replay of the exhibit being set up and Jason and Dante entering and watching the welcome speech with Franco laughing above. Franco talking on the hospital monitor. Nik wants to find the feed and catch him. Lucky does not think it is live. Nik thinks Franco used LA as a diversion. Lucky says everything Franco does is about Jason. As Lucky wonders what the connection is with Aiden, Franco starts talking about 66 on the monitor. Nik says Aiden's ID number ends in 66.  Dante and Jason see Kalup, the singer from Jakes.  They approach him.  He introduces him to the museum director. They ask where Franco is. Kalup hasn't seen him, just his work. Dante asks the museum director to show him the security footage and the leave. Kalup goes to follow but Jason stops him and asks again where Franco is. Kalup says he is waiting for Jason to find him and walks away. At the hospital, Franco is still talking on the monitors as Liz rushes through the hall and into the room where Lucky and Nik are. They continue to watch as Franco says the baby is a key component. Jason looking for Franco.  He spots him as Franco runs to the glass cage and pulls out a Sam look-alike.  He puts a gun to her head as Jason comes to a stop in front of them. The crowd watches thinking it is performance art. Jason wants him to let her go. Franco brings it back to Jason making a choice. Franco asks if Jason will watch him take a life or help him save one. The crowd wants him to shoot her.  The girl even says shoot me. Jason steps forward and Franco turns the gun on him. Jason tries to get Franco to leave with him but the crowd starts to boo so Franco turns the gun back on the girl. Franco dares Jason to pull his gun and says he is still thumbing his nose at his talent.  He wants Jason to shoot him. Jason says it is between them to let the girl go. The girl realizes it is not an act and starts to try to struggle. Franco taunts Jason about Michael. Franco gestures to the monitor and the Carter footage comes on. Franco shoves the girl at Jason and runs. Jason gives chase but it stopped by a wall with Carter and Michael's prison pictures. Franco talks to the vvidoegrapher who is taping him. The guy calls Franco insane. A woman comes up and gushes about his show. He tells her if she sees Jason tell him where he went and he walks away. Franco and the videographer enter a stairwell where they argue because the video guy thinks Franco is going to far and someone could get hurt. The guy says people are not supposed to die. Franco kills him. Dante comes back and tells Jason not to let Franco use Michael to get to him. Jason tells Dante he is messing with him too and gestures at a girl who looks like Lulu from the back. Dante heads for the girl. Jason sees Franco waving from above and goes into the stairwell. He sees the dead guy.  Jason and Franco play cat and mouse in the stairwell as the head up toward the roof.  Kalup, in drag, singing madworld while Lulu and Dante watch and Jason chases Franco onto the roof. The crowd looks up.  Franco is backing off the rood yelling that he knows where the baby is.  Franco falls from the roof. Jason appears at the edge of the roof looking down at Franco's body while Dante and Lulu look up at him.

July 26, 2010

Replay of Kalup singing, Jason chasing Franco and Franco jumping.  The crowd applauds. Lulu is appalled that they are clapping. Dante says they think it is part of the show. Jason comes running through the crowd. Dante and Lulu are upset that Jason pushed him because he was the only who knows where the baby is.  Jason says he jumped. The LAPD have Jason in cuffs.  They bring him to meet Dante.  Dante convinces them to turn Jason over to him to return him to Pentonville. They uncuff Jason.  Dante watches them walk away.  When he turns back, Jason is holding a gun on him. Jason wants to kill him for hurting Michael.  Dante argues that Jason killing him for Michael will just add to Michael's trauma.

July 28, 2010

Dante and Jason come into the Penthouse.  Sam runs into Jason's arms.  They tell her that Franco is dead and that Dante brought Jason there to say good-bye.  Dante leaves them alone saying he will be back later to take Jason to Pentonville. Jason asks if she is okay.  She doesn't want to talk about what happens after he leaves. They hug. They sit on the couch and Jason tells her about the art show. Jason starts to talk about Franco making no sense. Sam cuts him off. She does not want to waste what little time they have talking about Franco. Jason pulls her onto his lap.  They are about to kiss when Spinelli runs down the stairs and interupts them.  He has found a way to remove Jason's ankle monitor and has made them false IDs so that they can run.  Sam is excited.  She hugs Spinelli and asks Jason where he wants to go. Sam is concerned about Spinelli.  He says he will stay there and possibly join them later. Jason says they are not running. Jason and Sam argue about leaving. Jason does not want Sam to leave her family and he does not want to leave Michael right now.  He is also worried about the cops coming down on Spinelli. He says he has to live with his choice.  Sam asks Spinelli to give them a moment.  Spinelli leaves. Sam tells Jason she has backed him up on everything but she can't back him up on this because she loves him.  He says he loves her too. Sam is afraid that Jason is going to end up dead or doing life if he goes back. Sam is willing to leave everyone because she wants a life with him.  He wants a life with her too. Sam begs him to just leave and never look back.

July 29, 2010

Sam continues to argue for running. Jason says it is not fair to ask her to run. She acknowledges that they will have to make sacrifices but they will be together and free. She asks if that is what he wants and he says yes. He doesn't want to go back to prison but he has to. Sam disagrees. Jason wants to gt out and live with her in Port Charles. Sam wants that too but doesn't see it happening. He has to take his chances and try to survive without getting another sentence. She thinks the odds are lousy.  Jason apologizes and says it is too late to change things now. He asks if she can forgive him for this choice. She says yes and asks if he still wants her to wait.  He says more than anything but it has to be her choice and if she can't he will have to find a way to accept that. They exchange I love yous and Sam says she wants to wait for him.  They hug. Sam is looking out the window when Jason comes from the kitchen. She says she is going to miss the little things like watching the sunset with him. ordering take out and eating it in the living room and going to sleep in his arms. He says they will do all those things again when he gets out. They hug.  She says they have an hour or two left, what does he want to do.  He says whatever she wants to do.  He goes in for a kiss. Sam ducks away and says she wants to play dominoes. Jason is surprised and asks if she wants their last memory to be him beating her at dominoes.  Sam says she is going to win. Sam wins and gloats.  Jason says she cheated.  She calls him a sore loser.  They wrestle on the couch.  The door knocks as they move into each others arms.  Sam wants a last kiss before he lets Dante in. They kiss. Dante knocks again.  Jason lets him in. Dante has Franco's autopsy file. Jason says he didn't push him.  Dante believes him.  He says the body wasn't Franco. Franco's mother is in a new house.  There is a knock on the door.  She opens it to Franco holding Aiden.

July 30, 2010

Dante shows Jason the autopsy and says the dead man had stage 4 cancer.  Dante thinks he must have had a deal with Franco. Franco asks if he can come in. Karen lets him in and asks what he's done. She says he can't just give her a baby.  She wants to know where the baby came from. He says it doesn't matter and that she will give the baby a great life. He gives her the baby. Dante wants Jason to go over what happened again. Jason tells him then says that now Franco has the baby.  Sam's phone rings.  It is Kristina who wants Sam to meet her at Kelly's. Sam starts to turn her down but Jason gestures for her to go so she agrees and hangs up.  Jason doesn't want her to stay to watch Dante take him back to prison. Dante says Franco is alive so Jason is not going back to prison yet. Jason and Dante talk about Franco. Jason thinks that the baby was what Franco really wanted all along. Dante leaves to talk to Lucky. At Kelly's, Kristina tells Sam about what happened at the lockdown. Kristina is mad that Sonny lectured Michael about fighting and she is going to tell him about it. Sam tells her she sounds more like her father everyday.  Michael comes to the Penthouse. Jason tells him Franco isn't dead and Michael tells him about the lockdown. Michael says that the lockdown made him feel like he was back in prison.  Jason tells him about the Carter video and that Franco sent him after Michael to get to him.  He apologizes. Michael says it is not Jason's fault, that Carter would have come after him anyway because he saw something in him that made him think he could do anything. Jason tells Michael he survived and that is what matters. Michael thanks him for telling him the truth.  Jason tells him he can't change what happened but he needs to find away to move on from it and focus on  his life as it is now. Michael tells him he was going to snap Warren's neck.  Jason tells him he doesn't have to let the anger control him, he can find away to control it. Michael wants Jason to teach him. Sam tells Kristina that she has been through alot and blaming Sonny seems to be a convenient target. Sam tells her to learn from Sonny's mistakes and not repeat them. Kristina wants to know what she means. Sam compares Kristina and Sonny to Sonny and Mike. Kristina denies blaming Sonny for her problems. Sam points out that she is. Kristina accuses her of lecturing and starts to leave. Sam stops her and explains how hard her parents work to give her a good life. She tells her blaming other people for her problems will make her lose control of her life. Later, Alexis comes to Kelly's because Sam called her. Sam tells her about her talk with Kristina. They talk about Kristina and her issues with Sonny. Alexis explains what she sees and Sam agrees and says she told all this to Kristina but she doesn't agree.  Alexis wishes that Kristina and Sonny could figure things out and move along. Sam says they are too much alike. Alexis agrees. Dante and Lucky are at the Penthouse asking Jason again about what happened when he chased Franco. Dante suggests they go to Karen. Franco comes into Karen's house with bags of baby stuff. She tells him the baby is sleeping. She doesn't know about keeping the baby.  Franco keeps trying to distract her talking about the baby but she keeps coming back to where he came from. Dante tells Lucky and Jason that the police went to Karen's house and that she is gone. Jason doesn't think there will be anymore clues. He thinks Franco wants to keep the baby. Franco tells Karen he got the baby in a private adoption and gives her paperwork to back it up.

August 2, 2010

Jason, Lucky and Dante at the Penthouse talking about Franco. Jason doesn't think it is about him anymore. Franco, Karen and the baby at Franco's house. He asks her to take the baby and she says she will. Jason explains that Franco wants to keep the baby to have a connection to someone like his to Michael. Lucky gets it but Dante still thinks Franco is playing the game. Franco's mother names the baby Pablo. Franco needs to leave. Jason continues to try to persuade Dante but gets nowhere. Lucky steps and in explains that Franco may think that this connection to the baby will make him like Jason. Dante realizes they are right and is worried about what will happen when Franco doesn't feel the connection. Lucky says all they have to go on is Franco's mother. Jason thinks they are wasting thier time. Dante accuses Jason of not wanting to find Franco so he can stay out of jail longer. Jason says he wants the baby found. Lucky wants to contact the Woodstock police. Dante starts to argue about Jason thinking its a waste of time. Jason tells Dante if he doesn't think he is helping to take him back to prison. Lucky intervenes saying he does not want to have to tell Liz her baby is not coming home, he asks them just focus on finding Karen. Later, Spinelli is there and Jason has him searching the police files for the tapes from Franco's cameraman. Dante is snotty about Spinelli hackign the LAPD but Spinelli calls him in the goal being to find the baby.  Lucky takes a call. Lucky says the Woodstock police have nothing. Jason asks if Spinelli should keep looking or if Dante wants to arrest him. Spinelli continues to look.  Lucky leaves to go to Woodstock to se what he can find.  Dante comes to check on Spinelli's search. Spinelli found nothing but Jason wants to go over it again. They find a scene where Franco is working on paperwork. He freaks out at the cameraman and throws him out. Jason thinks he did not want the papers recorded. Karen talking to the baby about how happy they going to be there in Oregon. Franco on a plain talking on the phone about his new series and wanting a very special model.  He is looking at a picture of Brenda in a magazine.

August 3, 2010

Replay of Jason, Spinelli and Dante watching the tape of Franco. Jason wants to know what is in the paperwork that he is trying to hide. Dante asks Spinelli to blowup a section. Spinelli says there will be issues with the resolution. Jason ask Spinelli to try. The picture is bad. Dante asks if that is it and Spinelli says yes. Jason says he knows Spinelli can do better. Spinelli continues to argue with Dante. Dante tells him if he does not have a lead by 5:00 tomorrow, he will have to take Jason back to prison. Lulu at Jake's talking to Coleman about Jason. She says she wishes Dante would just send him back to prison now.  Sam comes up behind her and reminds her that she is talking about the man who saved her life.  Spinelli has been able to bring part of the letterhead into focus. Jason and Dante realize it is part of an attorney's letterhead. Sam reminds her that Jason sent Dante to save her from the bomb. Lulu tries to apologize saying that she is just scared and that if Jason runs it is Dante who will pay. Jason reminds her that Michael went to prison to say Michael and would not run while Franco is free. Lulu says what about when Franco is caught and Sam says she doesn't let herself think that far ahead. Sam says she wasted too much time worryng abou what she didn't have and not appreciating what she did. She says she lost Jason before and Lulu says she got him back again. Sam says she is trying to learn from her mistakes. She tells Lulu she gets why she is scared but she questions her choices while she is with Dante. Sam tells her that being in love does not mean you should forget who you are. Dante is working with Spinelli.  He makes a suggestion and Spinelli starts to yell at him. Dante says he is just slowing them down.  He asks Jason to call him when he has something. Jason says he isn't going anywhere. Dante leaves and Spinelli goes off about Dante and Jason going back to prison. He tries to get Jason to run again. Jason tells him he is not running. Jason and Spinelli looking at another part of the document. Spinelli says it is boilerplate. Jason wants to go over everything again. Sam comes in and suggests they take a break. Spinelli says they need a clue by 5:00 tomorrow. Jason says Sam is right. They will start again in the morning. MOntage: Brooke puts money in the jukebox while Johnny sits in a booth.  The song starts and she joins him at the table. Sam picking up the dominoes box as Spinelli leaves. She puts it away and rests her hands on the table sadly.  Jason comes in and holds her.  She turns to him and they kiss and then hug. Lulu and Michael playing Rock Bank while Dante watches. Sonny and Carly arguing. He goes upstairs. She yells screw you Sonny and slams out. Patrick throws away the defaced pictures.  He takes Robin hand and they walk to the elevator together. Lisa watches from the top of the stairs.

August 4, 2010

Karen holding the baby when the phone rings.  She answers. It is Franco.  She asks if the adoption is legal, then says good, maybe this was meant to be. Sam is on the couch drinking coffee. Jason comes down and slides up next to her for a kiss. She says she left word with Spinelli for an update. Jason wants to lgive SPinelli a rest. He tries to move in for a kiss but Sam keeps talking. She is worried about the 5:00 deadline.  Jason strokes her hair. Spinelli comes in.  He has nothing new. Jason asks him to check the footage again. Spinelli goes back to work. Sam goes over to Jason and they hug. Diane knocks. She says she can find nothing to delay Jason's return to prison unless he can continue to help in the search for Franco. Sam tells her about the document footage Spinelli found. Diane looks over Spinelli's shoulder while he talks about the legal verbage.  Diane looks at what Spinelli has and says it is an adoption contract. Sam says that means the baby is alive and well. Jason adds that it also means he plans on keeping the baby. They think that now he will be trying to hide rather than leaving clues. Sam leaves to go to the hospital to check records, blood types and DNA. Spinelli says that will be helpful in identification if Aiden is found. Sam corrects him saying when Aiden is found. Spinelli asks if the clue will delay Jason's return to prison. Diane doesn't think anything will delay it. Jason doesn't regret his decision. Diane asks him not to kill anyone else while he is in prison and get out in two years. She talks about Sonny and how his vendetta against Johnny is effecting her and Max. Dante knocks.  He comes in and asks about progress. He says they are running out of time. Diane leaves. Dante tells Jason that Claire in under pressure to get him back to prison sooner than they though. Spinelli finds out that Karen is in Astoria, Oregon. Lucky calls Dante who relays the informatin about Astoria. Spinelli books Jason and Dante tickets to Oregon. Dante wants to call the local cops to get info on new house rentals, etc. but Spinelli says he can do that for them. Karen talks to the baby about the wonderful life they are going to have. Jason and Dante are preparing to leave but Ronnie comes and says Jason's release has been rescinded and he is going back to prison.

August 5, 2010

Dante tries to tell Ronnie about the lead on Franco and the baby. Ronnie tells Dante to go find the baby but Jason is going back to jail.  WHile they argue Jason gives Spinelli instructions for looking for the baby. ROnnie notices them talking and threatens to arrest Spinelli too. Dante defend Spinelli and Ronnie gets mad that he is protecting them. Ronnie says every minute they spend is reducing the chances of finding the baby. Ronnie says every minute gives Jason a chance to run. Jason says he is not running. Ronnie cuffs him. Ronnie says they put Jason in jail and Sonny is next. Dante says it is not about Sonny. Ronnie say it is always about Sonny.  Ronnie and Dante argue about catching Franco and needing Jason. Ronnie keeps making it about Sonny. Spinelli tries to interject about the baby but Ronnie tells him to shut up. Sam comes in while Dante is defending Spinelli. Sam is shocked. Ronnie tells her she can visit Jason in Pentonville. He takes Jason out. Sam starts to follow but Dante stops her telling her that they need Jason to find the baby.  Ronnie brings Jason into the PCPD and puts him in the interrogation. He puts the tough cop act on Jason but Jason stonewalls him. Jason suggests that Ronnie find Franco instead of mouthing off. Ronnie says Jason's paperwork is done.  He goes out to get it but can't find it. Dante comes up and asks if he lost something.  Ronnie realizes Dante took it and asks where it is.  Dante tells him he needs to keep better track of things and walks away. Jason in the interrogation room listening to Ronnie blaming Dante for the lost paperwork. Ronnie tells another cop to get Jason ready for transfer. AS the cop is taking Jason out to process, Dante gets a call that he has to go.  Sam comes in and Dante asks if she has anything on her end.  She says it is in the works. Dante says he has to go but Jason isn't going anywhere without his transfer papers. Dante shows her the papers in his backpocket and then he leaves. Sam sees Ronnie and heads over to him.  He tells her Jason can't have visitors and makes and inappropriate comment. Sam talls Ronnie he is dumb for sending Jason back to jail.  He sysas he is just doing his job. Sam sasy even if it costs an innocent baby his life. She says Jason is their best chance at getting Franco.  Ronnis makes another speech about Sonny and his orgainzation. Sam tells him to go after Sonny. Ronnie says that is easier with Jason behind bars and Sam calls him a fool. Ronnie has his paperwork redone. Jason is brought out in shackles. AS they are leading him out, Diane shows up with a writ.  Ronnie looks at is and says Jason stays for now.

August 6, 2010

Jason and Sam sitting at the desk at the PCPD.  They are watching each other while Diane and Ronnie argue over her stall tactic.  Ronnie says by the end of the day, Jason will be back in Pentonville. After Ronnie walks away, Diane tells them he is right. Ronnie continues to harass Diane while Sam watches Jason through the interrogation room window. Diane says keeping them apart is petty. Dante brings Johnny in in cuffs. He has him put in the room with Jason. Ronnie starts to srgue with Dante about Jason. Dante asks Diane to get Jason released back into his custody.  She says she will have to start again. Johnny and Jason talk about the Lopez murder while Jason watches Sam in the window. Diane says the paperwork is in order but Dante has to bring Jason since he is in his custody. Ronnie walks away annoyed. Jason and Johnny talk about what Lopez's brother will do.  Later, Dante brings Sam in to wait with Jason. Jason does not want to make things harder for Sam but she wants to stay to spend every last second with him. Sam says he makes her proud. Jason apologizes for his choices and how they affect her.  Sam doesn't want to hear it because that is who he is and why she loves him. Dante comes in and say it is time. Jason and Sam exchange I love yous. Jason and Dante Leave. Sam is alone crying.

August 10, 2010

Repeat of the Jason and Brenda wedding episode which originally aired on October 29, 2002.

August 12, 2010

Michael comes to visit Jason in Pentonville. Jason doesn't want him to visit him. He wants him to put it all behind him. Michael can't pretend it never happened.  Michael tells Jason what he suspects about Carly's scheme.  He also asks him to talk to Sonny before he starts a war. Jason wants Michael to stay away from the potential mob war. Michael thinks Jason would be out protecting Sonny if not for him. Carly comes to see Jason. He tells her Michael came to se him because he is worried about her.  Jason tries to get her to stop her revenge but Carly refuses. Sam come to visit Jason. He acts funny and says he does not know whether to call her Sam or Brenda.  She says Brenda because Brenda gets conjugal visits.  Jason says it will be weeks before he gets one of those.  Sam says he won't be in there that long. She tells him about a plan she and Spinelli have to set up and blackmail a judge who likes strippers.  Sam is gonna pretend to be a stripper and fall on the judge's lap and Spinelli will get pictures.  Jason is upset telling her not to do it. Brenda in Rome remembering asking Jason to get rid of all the wedding stuff after Sonny left her at the altar.

August 13, 2010

Jason and Sam argue about her plan. Jason hates that this is so hard for her but he doesn't want her to risk herself. Sam says she is not giving up her because she loves him too much.  She leaves before he can respond. Jason tells the guard he needs to make a call. Spinelli comes to visit Jason all excited because Jason called him to come. They talk about Sam's plan which Spinelli thinks is ingenious. Jason is not okay with it. He wants Spinelli to stop and to protect Sam from herself. Spinelli says Sam is hard to stop but he will try.  He says Sam is not the only one acting out and that Sonny and Carly need Jason right now too. Sonny comes to visit.  He tells Jason he is going home.

August 16, 2010

Jason is shocked. He asks how it is possible. Sonny tells him about the loophole and that Diane is filing the paperwork to get him out. Diane comes in with the paperwork and tells him all he has to do is sign it. Sonny and Jason in the limo. Jason doesn't think Claire would make a mistake. Sonny explains why it wasn't a mistake. Jason wants to know what Claire wants in return. Sonny talks about it being a show of good faith and how he plans to compromise Claire so she can't prosecute him when he kills Johnny. Sonny wants Jason to stay out of it since he just got out of jail. Jason offers to take care of Johnny but Sonny says he will do it. Spinelli putting up a Welcome Home sign and calling Sam about Jason's release.  Jason comes in and says he already called Sam.  Spinelli is excited to see Jason and tells him that Carly planned a celebration. Jason brings up Spinelli and Carly scheming together. Carly is at Jake's.  She calls Michael and tells him Jason was released and to go to the Penthouse. Jason is trying to get Spinelli to tell him Carly's plan when Michael come in. Michael is happy Jason is home. Jason says now they need to move on.  Carly comes in and hugs Jason. Spinelli says there are no snacks for their celebration.  Jason sends him and Michael out to get food. Carly tells Jason how grateful she is. He says it is over and he wants her to stop her revenge. Brenda and Sonny both flashing back to Brenda and Jason at the church after Sonny left her at the altar.

August 17, 2010

Replay of Jason telling Carly to stop her revenge. Carly says Michael has changed and it is Dante and Lulu's fault. Jason says her revenge will come back and bite her and Michael.  She says this won't hurt Michael and Jason says she is kidding herself. They argue and Carly refuses to back down. Jason reminds her that Dante is supervising Michael's probation. Carly makes a case for not trusting Dante. Jason says she is going for payback and it is about her and not Michael.  Carly says she trusts his instincts but can't ignore her own and leaves. Jason at the PCPD because Lucky called him.  Lucky updates him about the drive-by and Michael's part in it. Lucky assures him that he, Dante and Johnny covered for Michael. Jason thanks him. Lucky can't arrest anyone because there is no evidence.  He wants Jason to try to talk either Sonny or Johnny down before it is too late. Jason goes home and Sam is there.  She rushes into his arms and they kiss.  She wants to know if this is real and that they can't take him back.  He assures her it is. He thanks her for standing by him and she says it was as natural as breathing. They kiss again and Sam tells him they are alone. She makes him sit on the couch and says she has a surprise for him.  He hates surprises.  She says he will like this one and goes upstairs. Jason turns and Sam is at the top of the steps in her stripper outfit.  She comes down saying it would be a shame to let a perfectly good costume go to waste. Jason puts out his hand.  Sam takes his hand and sits on his lap.  He hugs her and tells her how much he loves her. Then he tells her he loves the outfit but she is never ever to wear it for anyone else.  They kiss.  Jason picks her up and carries her upstairs.

August 18, 2010

Someone is knocking on the Penthouse drawer.  Jason runs dowmstairs and lets Michael in. Michael starts to talk about Sonny starting a war.  Sam comes to the top of the steps in a robe talking to Jason.  She comes down apologizing because she did not hear the door. Michael gets uncomfortable and tries to leave. They stop him and tell him he is always welcome. Sam makes an excuse to go back upstairs. Michael is upset that he is always interupting people trying to have sex. Jason starts to say they already did but stops himself and asks about his probation work. Michael says it beats Pentonville.  They talk about jail. Michale talks about how Sonny, Jason and Carly fixed his problems his whole life but that they can't fix this. Jason tells him that sometimes you just have to live through things but there is always a way out even if it is just time. Michael talks about soldiers flashingback after they come home and says that he having the same kind of reactions.  Jason tells him that it will pass and someday it will just be something that happened a long time ago. Michael guesses it helps Jason that he has Sam and Jason says it does.  He auures Michael that he will meet someone someday. Jason says that they can talk whenever Michael wants.  Michael says that isn't why he is there and starts to talk about Sonny and Johnny. Jason apologizes for not being there to take care of things but says he is there now.  Michael just wanted to give him a heads-up.  Michael leaves.  Sam comes down and asks Jason if Michael will be okay.  Jason says no. Sonny coming down the stairs at Greystone.  Jason come in and tells him about Michael and the drive-by. Sonny is worried about Michael going back to jail but Jason tells him everyone covered for him. Sonny wants peace to keep his family safe.  He asays he is going to try to make a truce through a third party.

August 19, 2010

Jason and Sam eating breakfast.  She wishes she could take credit but she burned the eggs so Jason made it. He makes fun of the BLT she made him at the cabin. She says she has a theme of ruining special occasion meals. Jason isn't going to complain. Sam says they have nothing to complain about since he is out of jail. She is grateful to Claire.  Jason says he promised her a trip and asks her where she wants to go. Sam describes her vacation dreamplace.  Jason goes in for a kiss but the door knocks before they kiss. It's the police.  Jason opens the door.  Ronnie wants to know where he was last night when Johnny's warehouse was burnt down. He says Jason is the prime suspect. Jason won't talk without his lawyer.  Ronnie says then he is taking him in. Sam says he was home with her but Ronnie says she is not credible. Sam says Ronnie knows Jason didn't do this but all Ronnie can talk about is how he was right and Claire was wrong. Sam says he should look at the Lopezes for this. Ronnie says as far as he is concerned they got there man.  They cuff Jason and take him out. Sonny is sitting at the desk in his house looking ar Brenda's phone number.  Sam comes in and tells him about Jason's arrest.  She wants to know if he ordered the hit.  Sonny says no it had to be the Santos Lopez. Jason is brought into the interrogation room and cuffed to the table.  Jason has nothing to say without his lawyer.  Ronnie starts running his mouth about Claire and Sonny. The cops bring Michael in.  Jason wants to know what Ronnie is doing.  Ronnie says he thinks Michael knows more about the drive-by than he is saying. Jason says Michael doesn't know anything and since Ronnie wants him he should come after him. New Jason Bumper. Ronnie questions Michael. Jason tells him not to say anything. Ronnie tries to make Michael think listening to Jason is bad for him. Michael says he isn't covering up anything any more.  ROnnie asks another question. Michael isn't saying anything without his lawyer. Ronnie yells at Jason for teaching Michael how to be a criminal.  Diane comes in and calls Ronie out for questioning her clients without counsel. Jason says Ronnie is using Michael. He wants her to get Michael released and Ronnie suspended. Sam comes into the PCPD while Diane and Ronnie are arguing.  She slips into the interrogation room. In the interrogation room, Jason is telling Sam about Ronnie trying to get to Michael and how Michael kept his cool. Diane comes in and says Michael is free to go.  Sam asks about Jason but Diane says they are going to hold him as long as they can. Sam says if he is there for questioning why aren't they questioning him. Diane says Ronnie is dragging it out as long as he can. Sam says Ronnie wants to frame Jason. Later, Jason and Diane are in the interrogation room. Diane wants to know if Sonny had anything to do with the fire. Jason says Sonny wants peace. Jason is looking out into the squad room.  He wants to know when Sam left. Sam at the Penthouse putting a knife in her boot and gun in her waistband.  Spinelli comes in.  She asks for a schematic of one of Lopez's warehouses. She is going to prove Jason is innocent.

August 20, 2010

Jason says Sam wouldn't leave unless she had a plan to get him out. He says these guys are dangerous and he has to stop her. Diane wants to know what he ever did to Ronnie cause Ronnie has the right to hold him so Sam is on her own. Sam is sneaking around the warehouse.  Lopez and another man are talking about getting revenge for his brother's death.  Sam is recording it on her phone.  She makes a noise.  They know someone is there. Lopez pulls out a knife and goes to look. Diane comes into the interrogation room and tells Jason what she learned from Spinelli about Sam and the warehouse.  Jason yells at her to get him out. Ronnie comes in says Diane is not going to get him released. Diane wants to see the evidence.  Ronnie says he will find some. Diane says he is threatening to falsify evidence. Diane on phone with a judge getting a hearing to have Jason released for lack of evidence. Claire comes in and says she will be opposing. Diane laughs at her and informs her there is no evidence. Ronnie says they have 48 hours to come up with something. Diane accuses them of harrassment and wrongful arrest.  Claire hauls Ronnie out of there.  Claire wants to know what Ronnie is doing.  He says keeping Jason off the street.  She says he can't arrest people just becauase they offend him and she can't go before the judge with no evidence.  He runs his mouth again and she says if he does anything like this again she will have his badge. He doubts it.  She goes back into the interrogation room. Diane tells Claire what is up and wants her to override Ronnie and release Jason.  Claire says getting him out of Pentonville was the last favor she is doing for them. Lopez and the other man looking around the warehouse. Lopez says soemthing about a drop-off and the other man walks away.  Lopez makes a call. He tells the person ont he other side that no one messes with them and lives.  He is still searching as he talks.  He passes Sam who is up on shelf with the boxes. The other man is loading a van.  Sam moves closer to record him and Lopez. He records them talking about burning Johnny's warehouse and planning to run him down.  She is at the back of the van. The man turns and heads for her.  She hides in the back of the van.  The man closes the door and the van starts up.  Jason in the interrogation room hitting the table.  Dante comes into the squad room and sees him.  He asks Ronnie what is up and Ronnie says they are holding him for the warehouse fire.  Dante says he didn't do it.  Dante says Jason was with his girlfriend and that he is friends with Johnny besides. Dante wants to know what it is with ROnnie and Jason and Sonny.  Ronnie starts about his job and badge but Dante says you can't arrest someone without probable cause. Ronnie accuses Dante of missing opportunities to put Sonny away and says Dante should do something else since he can't think like a cop.  Dante wants Ronnie to do things right and Ronnie wants Dante to give up his badge. Dante goes into the interrogation.  He wants to know where Diane is.  He knows Jason is innocent. Dante is worried about the brewing mob war. Later, Claire comes in and tells Jason he is free to go.  She drops the envelope with his belongings on the table. He takes his phone and keys.  As he is leaving the phone rings.  It is Sam.  She has the evidence but she is trapped in the Lopez's van.

August 23, 2010

Sam on the phone telling Jason that she is trapped in Santo's van and why she was there. Jason asks her to use her GPS to tell him where to find her.He tells her to get out of the van when it stops and wait for him. She sneaks out of the van and runs to the fence. She starts to climb the fence when Jason shows up and grabs her. He asks if she is ok and she says she is better now that he is there.  They start to run and one of Santo's men show up and start shooting at them. Jason and Sam behind a dumpster shooting back. They change the clip of the gun and come out shooting. They take out the man and start to run but run into more men. They pat Jason and Sam down and crush Sam's phone. The man threatens them, Jason and Sam overpower the guys and they steal the van. They discuss ditching the van so that whatever illegal cargo is in the van won't be tied back to them. Jason wants to know what happened to Sam not doing anything crazy. She stands her ground that her plan was not crazy and it worked because she got the information they needed. Jason says that they didn't need the evidence because Diane got him released, plus her evidence is no good now since Santos crushed her phone. Sam says he can't blame her for trying and she didn't want to lose him again. He tells her that he is right where he wants to be. They kiss and then hear sirens.

August 24, 2010

Jason and Sam get out of the van. Sam panicking because she doesn't want to get busted with whatever is in the van. Jason says its too late, a cop walks up and tells them that they have a flat tire and he will help them fix it. Sam tells the cop that he doesn't need to fix the tire, but he can arrest Jason. She says that he  wouldn't stop to ask for directions when the got lost so they have been driving around for hours. The cop asks where they are headed Jason says Albertsville. The cop talks about how him and his wife used to have the same fight all the time. The cop thinks that Jason and Sam just need a time out. He says it will take him three minutes to change the tire and then he will get them where they are going. Jason says no and puts his hand on the van door so that the cop can't open it. The cop wants to know why Jason doesn't want him to open the van. Jason says that if the cop fixes the tire then he will never hear the end of it. Sam agrees with Jason. The cop gets a call about an accident. He asks if they will be okay fixing the tire. They say they will be fine the cop starts to leave and then tells them how to get to Albertsville. The cop leaves. Jason tells Sam good work. They need to get rid of the van before they get caught. Sam takes a backpack, blanket and a chocolate bar that she found in the van. Jason blows up the van and they head into the woods in the opposite direction of Albertsville. He starts walking away and grabs Sams hand. She loses her balance and twist's her ankle. She says that she can't walk on it. Jason picks her up and carries her. He carryies her through the woods and then sets her down. He wants to start a fire and then take care of her ankle. Sam talking about the irony of her being able to fight off Santos' but then twisting her ankle. Jason helps her get comfortable. She thanks him. He says that she saved them tonight. She tells him that he saved her too because had he not shown up she would be nursing a lot worse than a swollen ankle.

August 25, 2010

Jason and Sam wake up at the campsite.  He accidentally woke her but she doesn't mind being woken up if his face is the first thing she sees. She gets up too quickly and says that she almost forgot about her ankle. She doesn't think she can walk anywhere. Jason carries her to a cabin. He knocks on door to see if anyone is home. He breaks in. Jason looks around.  There is no electricity but there is canned food. He puts her foot up on a chair and tells her to rest. He starts to walk away. She stops him and thanks him for carrying her all that way. He tells her anytime and they kiss. Jason makes him and Sam some food. she says it isn't fair that he can make a great meal out of nothing and she has fully update kitchen and still burns everything. He jokes that he loves her cooking and she calls him a liar. Jason says there is a jeep out back that they should try to get running. She says okay but he can tell something is wrong. He asks if she thinks they shouldn't go back right away. She thinks they should go back but she loves it when it is just the two of them. He does too. He says hopefully when they get back and things settle down they can go somewhere together where no one will shoot at them. He wants to work on the jeep while she relaxes. He doesn't want her to hurt her ankle anymore than it is. She says that he thinks Santos is on his way, Jason says it's better safe than sorry. She loads the gun and said that she will be ready for santos when he comes. Jason is staring at her. She asks him what. He says when he was in prison he thought of her every day. It kept him sane and kept him going and now that he is out he is going to make sure he never loses her again.  Jason comes back. He can't get the jeep started. Sam says its not as easy it looks. Jason says he is close. She says not he is not. He describes the problem.  She thinks she knows what the problem is and wants to look at it. He doesn't want her to hurt her ankle. She is teasing him that he just doesn't want her help because he is being macho because he can cook and she can fix things better then him. She says that her ankle will be better once they get out of there. He says okay. He gives her a piggy back ride to the door.  They open the door and someone starts shooting at them. They run back into the cabin.

August 26, 2010

Replay of Jason and Sam being fired on.  They run back inside and dive on the floor. Jason asks if she is okay.  She is but it looks like Santos found them. The firing continues. They discuss Santos finding the van and knowing they are on foot. Jason thinks there are five or six of them.  He tells Sam to stay down and goes to the window and shoots at them. He thinks if they know he is armed it will slow them down so they can make a plan. Sam thinks they are too overmatched and a plan won't help. Jason says they will figure something out. Jason loading a shotgun and a handgun. He says they need to conserve ammo. Sam says she is no use with her ankle. Sam gets upset saying why now when she has everything to live for. He assures her they will get through this. Sam blames herself for the situation. Jason says she was trying to help him. She says she was trying to keep him with her. Sam tries to get up and Jason tries to stop her. She screams in pain. Jason tells her not to try that again, that running is out of the question. Sam says what are they going to do, wait for them to come for them. Jason says yeah, they will pick them off as they come in. Sam hates quietly waiting to get killed. Jason assures her they are not going to get killed, they are going to finish this and go home. Sam almost believes him. Jason doesn't like that she went after Santos alone but says they are stuck there because he blew up the van. She doesn't want him to blame himself, she just wants to focus on getting out of there safely.  The gunfire starts up again.  Jason fires out the window again. Sam wants to know how much longer. Jason thought that they would have come in by now.  Sam says at least they are together and Jason says that is all that matters.

August 27, 2010

Sam says it got quiet. Jason says they need to be ready when they make their move.  Sam tries to get up and Jason yells at her not to do that. She thinks she can make it to the road. He says running is not an option. She says their odds are not going to be better when Santos men come through the door. Jason says they will need to check to see if they are dead. They talk about the plan and how the gunmen will behave. Sam says he never panics even when he should. He is following her lead. She talks about bluffing even when you have a crap hand. Sam says this reminds of her of Mexico. Jason says their odds were better there. Sam says at least he doesn't have two bullet holes in him.  He says they are still dealing with an injury.  Sam says not one that can put her into shock which is good because talking is not his strong suit. She says she had to ramble for hours and asks if he remembers any of it. He remembers her making him promise not to die. Sam thinks it is good that Mexico happens because if it didn't they wouldn't be where they are and wouldn't have been about to get past what went wrong. He thinks she is right about Mexico and that it was worth getting shot because they found their way back together.  They go to kiss but stop when they hear a noise outside. Sam thinks it is more mind games. Jason agrees that they are trying to get them to waste their ammo. Sam asks if he ever gets tired of risking his life for her. Jason says this is a byproduct of his life. Sam agress saying if she was dating an insurance salesman this wouldn't be happening but she would not be as happy as she is with you. Jason doesn't understand what she gets from being with him after all he has put her through. She says she gets him. She says if he is really feeling guilty he can make it up to her with a bubble bath when they get home. He doesn't feel that guilty. Jason is looking out the window.  He says they are getting into position.  He tells Sam to make every shot count. She asks how long he thinks they can hold them off. He says a diversion would help. Sam doesn't see much to work with in the cabin. Jason says he can sneak out and circle behind them and start picking them off before they come in but that would mean leaving her alone. She says she can hold her own. He knows she can. He asks if she is ready.  She says almost and kisses him. She tells him to be careful and he leaves.  Sam in the cabin behind an overturned table aiming the shotgun at the door. Men come up on the porch. Jason watching from the hill behind.  One of the kicks open the door. Jason and Sam start to shoot the men. They turn and start to fire on Jason. 

August 30, 2010

Sam is standing behind the cabin door with a gun. One of Santos' men busts through the door she shoots him. The other door busts open. She aims her gun and then realizes it is Jason. They hug.  Sam thought that Santo's men had got him. Sam wants to know how many men are left. Jason says five or six. They hear gun fire so they take cover behind the door. Sam doesn't think that they are shooting at them. The door busts open and Lucky backs in shooting. Jason wants to know what Lucky is doing there. Lucky tells them about Sonny being in trouble and fills him in on Sonny being charged with shooting Johnny. Sam wants to know how Lucky found them. He explains that he has been tailing Santos ever since since he tried to take out Johnny. He heard gunshots and just as he was about to call for back up one of the men spotted him and the cabin was the closest place to take cover. Sam wants to know when is back up coming. Lucky says that he dropped his phone before the call went through so they are on there own. Lucky doesn't like how quiet it is out there. Sam says that back up should be coming right. Lucky says that no one is going to miss him for a while. Lucky asks Jason about Ronnie bringing Jason in for questioning. Sam says that they brought him in even though they knew he didn't do it. Lucky comments on Diane getting him released.Jason says yes but not before Sam took off to prove his innocence. Sam says that she just wanted to prove that Santos Lopez was the one to torch the ware house. Lucky can't believe that she went on her own. Jason just shrug's it off. Sam tells him she did get the evidence. Lucky wants to know where it is. She says Santo smashed her phone. Sam tells Lucky how they stole the van full of contraband and ran into a sherrif. Jason says that's why he had to blow up the van. Sam says then she twisted her ankle and Jason had to carry her all the way through the woods. Jason tells Sam now that Lucky is there she and Lucky can get escape. Jason wants to be the distraction while Lucky gets Sam out the back door. Sam wants to know how far Lucky's car is. He says a mile and a half. She pokes holes in the plan. Jason says they need to figure out something fast. Lucky says that they can stay in the cabin while they keep shooting at them and it will only be a matter of time before the local cops show up. Someone throws a firebomb through the window.

August 31, 2010

Lucky says that the cabin may as well be made of kindling. Sam says that if they make a run for it they will be seen shot. Jason tells them that the smoke will provide cover and that he will go out the front shooting to provide a distraction for Lucky and sam. Sam tells Jason that it's suicide. Lucky likes the plan but make's one small change he is going to be the one going out front. Jason says no, Lucky tells Jason to stay with Sam and he will go out the front. Sam thinks there has to be a better way. Lucky says there is no time to figure one out. Lucky goes out the front door shooting. Jason helps Sam out the back door while shooting. Jason and Sam take cover behind a rock. Sam says it sounds like they stopped shooting for now. Jason wants to know how her ankle is. She says  if she has to make a run for it she will. Lucky circles around and joins them. He may have found way out. More gun fire. Jason covers Sam. Jason says that they are too exposed there. Lucky wants to make a run for it. More gun fire. Jason says that they have to make a move now. Lucky says that they are trying to moving around to flank them. Sam says that they are going to be surrounded. Lucky says that he will draw their fire and Jason and Sam need to head for the trees. Jason says no he is going to go. Lucky starts to protest but Jason says Lucky went last time it's his turn now. Jason looks at Sam and tells her to be careful. They kiss. Jason runs off to firing at Santos's men. Lucky helps Sam over the where Jason is standing surrounded by dead men. Sam asks if he is okay. Jason says he is and he takes her from Lucky.  They hug. Jason thanks Lucky for his help. They hear sirens. Sam is worried that Jason will go back to jail. Lucky says to let him handle it. He walks away leaving Jason and Sam standing there holding each other.

September 1, 2010

Jason helps Sam walk off the elevator at GH and tells Epiphany that Sam needs to see a doctor. Claire comes and asks where Sonny is because he fled the country right after making bail and want's Jason to tell her where Sonny went. Jason is surprised to hear that Sonny left the country. Claire tells him not to insult her intelligence because he would be the first person that Sonny would tell. Epiphany brings a wheelchair and tells them that Dr. Webber is on his way. Jason helps Sam into the wheelchair. Claire demands to know where Sonny is. Jason tells her that she can question him once Sam see's a doctor. Dr. Webber comes up and ask Sam what happened. She tells him that she took a wrong step and twisted her ankle. Jason says it's pretty torn up. Dr. Webber takes her to a exam room. Jason starts to follow but Claire stops him and says that Jason is coming with her. They go into a conference room. Jason says that he hasn't talked to Sonny because he has been busy. Claire says that she is the reason that Jason is out of Pentonville and he owes her. Claire on the phone with Lucky confirming that Jason and Sam where in a shootout with him. Claire still thinks Jason knows where Sonny is and keeps at him. She brings up Sonny claiming self-defense. Jason believes it. Claire doesn't. Jason asks if she thinks Sonny is that stupid. Claire and Jason leave the in conference room she says that the if Sonny contacts Jason he needs to tell her. Her superiors would love to put Jason back behind bars. Claire leaves. Sam and Dr. Webber come up. Dr. Webber tells Jason that Sam has a soft tissue injury and needs to stay off of it for a few days. He asks Sam if she is clear on that she say's for the tenth time I am clear on it. He tells Jason to keep an eye an Sam. Jason says he will and Dr. Webber leaves. Sam says pay him no mind I am going to be fine. Jason says he knows because he is going to make sure of it. At the Penthouse, Jason tells her to be careful. She says she is fine that he doesn't have to fuss after her. She says he could have dropped her off at her place. Jason tells her that he would rather have her there with him. She says that she would rather be there with him but he doesn't have to treat her like she can't do anything. He knows that she is independent and doesn't like to ask for help. Jason tells her to remember all the times that he had to let her take care of him, now its his turn to take care of her. She thinks it sweet and tells him that he is cute when he cares. He wants her to get off her foot. She says that she can't sit down yet she wants to get a shower first. He says that can be arranged. She drops her crutches. Jason picks her up and carries her upstairs. Later, Jason comes running down the stairs to answer the door. Diane comes in talking about they have a huge problem. Jason tells her to keep it down because Sam just got to sleep. She apologizes and says that Sonny had the pilot change to the coourse and go to Rome. She wants to know why. Jason thinks that he is going to see Brenda. Diane talks about not ever meeting Brenda, but that she is a very high profile model and high profile is not what Sonny needs since he is on the run. Jason says that seeing Brenda is the worst decision Sonny could make right now. Diane want's to know why Sonny would go to see Brenda. Jason doesn't know. There is a knock at the door.  It's Carly wanting to know where Sonny is.

September 2, 2010

Carly comes in wanting to know where Sonny is. Jason says he was away with Sam is trying to catch up himself. Carly knows Bernie either told him or sent Diane to tell him. Diane tells him to just get it over with. Carly wants to know what is going on. Jason is waiting for confirmation and will tell her when he is sure. She sits down and says she will wait. Diane laughs and taks Jason aside. She tells him not to try to wait Carly out. Jason says she is not helping.  She leaves. Carly asks why he won't tell her what is going on. Jason says there is nothing to worry about.  He thought she was mad at Sonny.  She says she is but Michael is struggling with not knowing where he is. Jason tells her to stay calm. She says nothing will shock her. Jason tells her he went to Rome to see Brenda. She says except that. Carly flips out about him leaving his kids to run to Brenda.  Then she starts talking about how Sonny will not come out of this sane. She says they have to stop this. Jason says they can't, that they can't give any indication of where Sonny is or he will be arrested. He makes her promise not to do anything crazy. She leaves.  Later, Sam is hobbling down the stairs.  Jason comes in from the kitchen asking what she is doing. He says she should be taking it easy and helps her to the couch.  She almost falls and he says that is why she shouldn't be walking and that she needs time to heal. She wanted more personal attention. They kiss.  He asks if she got any sleep.  She says some but then she heard Carly. She asks what's going on. He tells her about Sonny going to Rome to see Brenda and that is he is caught there he will be extradited. Sam says Sonny is smart and knows what he is doing. Jason says he is not smart when it comes to Brenda. He tells her about how Brenda is and that she moved to Rome to get away from Jax and Sonny.  Sam says she hasn't done bad for herself being a model and working with the children's charity. Jason is worried about Sonny.

September 3, 2010

Jason and Sam are still at the Penthouse.  He tells her the best thing to come out of his marriage to Brenda was the marriage license Sam used to see him in Pentonville. Sam says it couldn't have been that bad.  Jason says it was bad, that Brenda was a pain the butt and thought she was entitled. Sam says he never talks about her. Jason says there is nothing to say. Sam reminds him she was his wife. He says it was blackmail and tells her how he was with Brenda so that she couldn't mess up Sonny and Carly.  Sam says the same thing that happened to her when she got pregnant. Jason says no, he wanted to help Sam but Brenda didn't give him a choice.  He tells her about Brenda being afraid of going crazy because her mother had a genetic mental disease and wanting him to commit her. Sam asked if Brenda inherited the gene.  Jason says no and that is what he is talking about, that Brenda is addicted to the drama in her own life. He said they didn't have to get married but they did. Sam said was it because he felt responsible.  He says if she needed help he would help her.  Sam asks if he still feels obligated.  Jason is shocked that she thinks he might like Brenda. Jason sits by Sam and tells her he never got the whole Brenda thing. He wasn't in love with her, he didn't like her and Sam is nothing like her and that is good. Sam asks what he means and he tells Sam how wonderful she is.  She is waving her hands and mouthing the word "more" as he compliments her. He says Brenda is just annoying and even talking about her annoys him. Sam asks if he is just covering up feelings for her. Jason says Sam really needs to hear him and that Brenda is needy, whiny and insecure and if he had his way she would live on the other side of the world for the rest of her life. Later, Jason is alone.  Dante comes and Jason lets him in. He asks where Sonny is and Jason says he doesn't know. He asks what Sonny told Jason about the shooting.  Jason says nothing. Dante says Sonny tells Jason the truth about everything.  Jason says he has not spoken to Sonny because while Sonny was jumping bail Jason was getting ambushed by Santos Lopez. He tells Dante he does know that Sonny is not stupid enough to walk up to Johnny on the street and just open fire. Dante tells him to prove it. Jason wants to know why it is on him to prove it.  Dante says that Jason can operate outside the constraints he has on him and Jason also has Spinelli. Dante tells him to find him the gun or a witness or something he can use to clear Sonny.  He is walking near the door.  Carly bursts in and doesn't see Dante.  She says it makes her crazy knowing Sonny is off.  Before she finishes Dante asks off with who.

September 7, 2010

Jason and Dante talk about proving that Sonny shot Johnny in self defense. Carly barges in talking about Sonny being away. Dante wants Carly to him where Sonny is. Jason cuts in and says that Sonny didn't tell them where he was going. Dante says that Sonny set the whole thing in motion. Carly defends Sonny. Dante leaves Carly says that she was tempted to tell Dante where Sonny is. Jason asks her if she is going to turn Sonny in and she says no. Jason talking to Bernie on the phone wanting to know if Sonny has been in contact with any of their contacts in Rome. Spinelli gets home and starts working. Dante comes back to the Penthouse and wants them to all work together. Dante wants spinelli to hack into the computer to get some information. Spinelli questions if he should do that in front of Dante. Dante says that what spinelli does while he is talking on his cell phone is none of his business. Dante says that they all want to the truth for Michael's sake. Spinelli is not coming up with any leads. Jason says to Dante what we worked together for Franco so we work together all the time now?

September 8, 2010

Dante talking to Jason about how he just wants to find out the truth. Jason agrees to work with him to clear Sonny's name. Dante leaves. Jason tells Spinelli to find out everything he can about Brenda. He wants to Spinelli to find her. He is hoping that she wasn't in Rome when Sonny got there. Spinelli is curious about Brenda. Jason talks about how annoying Brenda is and how horrible it was being married to her. Sam starts to come down while he is talking but stops to listen. Spinelli thinks that Jason is exaggerating. Jason talks about how Sam was kind of worried that Jason might have feelings for Brenda but she is so much better than Brenda. He says that Sam is strong, beautiful, capable, easy going and she gets him. Spinelli thinks that its nice to see Jason getting in touch with his feelings for Sam. Jason tells him whatever and wants to know if he found anything on Brenda yet. Spinelli thinks that he did but he can't break the encyrption code, but they databeast at the office will be able to. He leaves to go to the office. Jason walks to the door and then turns around to head up the steps and sees Sam sitting on the steps. She tells him that what he said to spinelli was some of the nicest things that he has ever said about her. They are sitting on the couch he tells her to sit back and relax and elevate her foot. She says that he doesn't have to take such good care of he says of course he does and then they kiss. She wants to know what is bothering him, he talks about how he is not sure if he is going to prove sonny innocence. Jason comes from the kitchen with beers. He tells Sam that he agreed to work with Dante to prove that Sonny shot Johnny in self defense.

September 9, 2010

Jason lets Carly in.  She says she knows it is bad news. He tells her that Sonny is coming home. She asks what about Brenda. Jason doesn't know if he even saw Brenda. He tells her the details of Sonny's arrival and how he will turn himself in. He mentions he and Dante trying to prove Sonny's innocence.  Carly goes off about Dante while Jason defends working with him. Jason says that they have other things to worry about.  Carly tells him about Michael not wanting to go back to school. She says he sees no hope and that he has not been the same since he came home from prison.  Jason says they are all responsible for what happened to Michael. She updates him on Michael's problems and says it is because of Dante. Carly says no one will change his mind and that Dante can not make up for it. Jason at the PCPD waiting for Dante. Jason won't talk in the squad room so the go into the interrogation room. Jason tells Dante about Sonny coming back to prove his innocence. Dante asks for details and Jason tells him to ask Sonny and they need to find proof that Johnny had a gun. They go over the file. Jason says the proof has been in the file the whole time. Dante doesn't see it. Jason points out that Ronnie was the first cop on the scene. They argue abut whether or not ROnnie would frame Sonny. Jason asks if Dante is gonna lie and protect one of his own or get to the truth.

September 10, 2010

Jason and Dante still arguing about Ronnie when Claire comes in and says she got Dante's call.  She wants to know what the emergency is. Dante says he is here.  They walk out into the squad where Sonny and Diane are coming in.  Diane says Sonny is right here and he never violated his bail, he just took some time to clear his head. Claire says he is a flight risk and has him put in the interrogation room. He asks if Jason can come with him and Claire says sure. Jason brings him up to date and asks why he came back.  Sonny says because of his kids but he can't go to prison so he is depending on Jason and Dante. Sonny talks about what his kids need form him and how he can't do it from prison so Jason has to clear him even if it means working with the cops.  Jason says he is on it and goes out into the squad room where he hangs out while Claire and Diane talk about COnny coming back. Claire leaves.  Jason watches Dante confront Ronnie for framing Sonny.  Ronnie walks away.  Jason and Dante watch him leave then Dante approaches Jason and says he did it. Jason and Dante go into a construction office.  The worker recognizes Jason and Dante says he is a reporter on a new show they are producing. He says he is doing a show on the Baker Street shooting. The construction worker plays done and says even if he knew anything he wouldn't say cause of the mob.  Dante convinces him that they would make him rich and famous with their show. They guy admits he was there shooting footage of a construction site. They ask him what he saw and he tells them to see for themselves and shows them a video of the shooting on his laptop. 

September 13, 2010

Jason and Dante watching the surveillance video in the construction trailer. The footage shows that Johnny pointed something at Sonny but not what it was. Dante wants the recording. The construction worker wants to talk money. Dante lets him know that he is a cop. The construction worker then recognizes Jason. The construction worker agrees to releasing the recording to Dante. Jason and Dante talk in private. They discuss the recording does not prove Sonny was acting in self defense. Dante has a plan. Michael shows up at the Penthouse. Sam answers the door. Sam talks to Michael about her foot injury and how Jason is being overprotective and not letting her do anything not even walking up the steps. She thinks it is sweet but he is driving stir crazy. Michael goes to leave but Sam wants him to stay because she would love the company. Michael talks about going back to school. Sam supports him returning to school and he wants to leave.Sam trips and grabs onto Michael. He flinches at the contact. She tries to break the awkwardness of the moment by telling him to not mention the almost fall to Jason. Michael still looks uncomfortable as he leaves. Jason is at the PCPD talking to Sonny about the recording and how it doesnít prove his innocence but they may be able to use it as a bargaining point for peace. Jason wants to know if they can make Johnny will agree will Sonny agree to a truce. Sonny states that he almost killed two of his kids with his actions so he will make a truce with Johnny. Jason comes home to catch Sam on the couch working. They have a couple of sweet kisses as he sits on the couch. She has been planning a vacation to Greece. He wants to know how she is going to sail a ship when she can't even walk. She says that she has the best first mate. He is laughing about he will be doing all the work on this vacation. Jason wants wait to see how all the Sonny issues work out before he goes on a vacation. Sam lets him know Michael stopped by and they talked of school. He informs her Sonny agreed to a truce. Jason and Sam are looking at a map out. She talks about Greece and renting a boat. They are so sweet and he is teasing her about him doing all the work and her needing to stay off her foot. His phone rings and it is Suzanne stating he is listed as an emergency contact.

September 14, 2010

Suzanne talking to Jason on the phone and telling him about Brenda being a target. Jason wants to know how she has been threatened. Suzanne is telling him about Brenda being threatened on more than one occasion. He tells her to tell Brenda not to go outside without the guards. She says Brenda never listens. She is going to email him  Brenda's security info. He tells her that he will come to Rome and deal with Brenda. Jason tells Suzanne not to tell Brenda that he is coming. She wasn't planning to. They hang up. Sam looks at him and says "So you're going to Brenda." He tells her that he is Brenda's emergency contact. Someone tried to abduct her and knife her and he guesses he should go help. She says ok. He apologizes and she says he has to do what he has to do. He asks her to come with him. He says they can get the security in place and then have some time to themselves. She says no he is going to have his hands full. Sam wants to know when he has to leave. He says tonight the sooner he leaves the sooner he can get back. Sam is upset. She says she has some things to take care of and will be back before he leaves. She hobbles to the door. He tries to tell her to stay off her foot.  She says she's fine. Jason says tells her he wouldn't be going if wasn't an emergency. She thinks Brenda was smart to marry him since he is the best protector. Spinelli is at the Penthouse . Jason tells him that Brenda is in trouble. Spinelli calls her the Divine One. Jason tells him get him on the first flight. Spinelli thinks he's going too. Jason tells him no. Spinelli wants to know if he wants to be alone with Brenda. Jason says he just wants to get there and then come back. Spinelli thinks that Jason wants to rekindle old feelings with Brenda. Sam comes to the door and overhears. Jason tells him that there is nothing to rekindle. Spinelli says Rome is romantic and wants to know what could be more romantic then Jason running to Brenda's rescue. Sam comes in and says Hi. Spin awkwardly says hi and Jason gives Spinelli a annoyed look. Jason comes down the stairs and ask Sam where spinelli went she says Spinelli was mortified that she overheard him talking about Jason's romantic reunion with Brenda. Jason says that is just Spinielli being Spinelli. Sam knows. He assures her that he is going because he has to and she agress. She tells him that for a second she was insecure but she knows it was silly and she is over it. She cuddles into his side and he says that she knows he loves her. She replies that he knows she loves him to. He tells her that the offer to come with him is still open. She says no but that it meant a lot that he asked They are cuddling on the couch. They kiss. Jason leaves.

September 16, 2010

Jason arrives at Brenda's suite.  Suzanne lets him in.  She seems surprised that he is Brenda's ex. Brenda is on a photoshoot. The photographer asks if she has ever been married and she has a flashback of her wedding to Jason. The photograher asks what was the best part of her marriage and she says the divorce. Jason wants to know about the threats and Brenda's security.  Suzanne is not telling him anything until she knows more about him.  She questions him about their marriage and he lets he know that he got stuck with Brenda.  She realizes he is not in love with Brenda. She wants to know why he came and he says because she told him Brenda was in danger. She tells him about the Balkan and the attacks on Brenda. Jason says Brenda is hard to protect because she ignores security. Suzanne thinks they have a lot in common and could have a productive friendship. Jason assured Suzanne that he won't let anything happen to Brenda because she means alot to people who are important to him. He says he does not need to care about her, he just needs to be sure she is safe so he can go home.  Suzanne says that makes him an exception to the rule since most men find Brenda compelling. Back at the photshoot Brenda has a flashback of Jason telling her she no longer has a relationship with Sonny at the church. Carly knocking at Penthouse door. Sam lets her in and tells her about Jason going to Rome. Carly starts to pitch a fit about Jason going to Brenda. Sam tells her he feels obligated. Carly declares that she and her kids are his first obligation and she is not sharing with Brenda. Brenda and Suzanne at the suite arguing about security.  Jason is outside the door looking like he wants to run. Brenda says she will stop hating security if they find someone who knows that they are doing.  The door knocks.  Brenda opens it and sees Jason.  She tries to slam the door on him but he pushes it open and comes in. Suzanne leaves. Jason says he tested her security and it only took him ten minutes to get past them.  She says his test don;t cound because he is a professional killer. He says so are the men who are after her. He asks if she wants to die. Sam asks Carly about Brenda and Jason's relationship. Carly assures her that Jason can see right through Brenda. Sam says Jason says Brenda annoys him. Carly says she does but he feels obligated to help her.  The door knocks.  They both yell come in. Michael comes in and asks for Jason. Sam says he is not there. Carly asks Sam to give her and Michael a moment.  Sam leaves. Brenda asks if he came there just to test her security.  She keeps trying to walk by him but he blocks her as he asks about why the Balkan is after her. She says she doesn't know.  She brags about her security and says they don't need Jason telling them how to do their jobs. Jason asks how come she was almost kidnapped twice and slashed.  Brenda realizes Suzanne told him and says she exaggerates. Jason says Brenda ignores what she hates.  Brenda says he is there because Sonny sent him.  He says Sonny doesn't know he is there.

September 17, 2010

Brenda insists that Sonny sent Jason until he tells her the charges against Sonny were dropped. She then asks if Sonny told Jason he saw her,  He says no.  She is obviously disappointed. Jason tries to talk about security but Brenda asks if Sonny is seeing anyone.  Jason says he doesn't think it is serious. She asks again if Sonny sent Jason and he says no he is there because she is in danger.  She wants to know how he knows she is in danger if Sonny didn't tell him. He says Suzanne called him. She gets mad at Suzanne and wants to know why she called him.  He says because he is her emergency contact.  She says that was only if she died because he wouldn't care. Jason wants to know why the Balkan is after her.  She gets defensive and says she is just a victim and she doesn't want his help.  He says she needs his help. She says if Sonny did not send him she wants him to go.  Jason ignores her and calls Spinelli. Spinelli answers as he is entering the Penthouse.  Michael and Carly are still there.  Carly wants to talk to Jason so she starts to chase Spinelli around. Brenda pulls the phone off of Jason and says whoever this is, tell Jason he needs to come home.  Carly gets the phone and starts to talk.  Brenda says hi Carly.  Carly says she wants to talk to Jason.  Brenda says he is too busy protecting her to talk to Carly. Carly gets snarky about Brenda needing protection. Brenda says Jason insists on guarding her himself.  Jason takes the phone back and tells Carly to put Spinelli on the phone. Carly wants Jason to come home.  She tells him Michael almost got expelled.  Michael pulls the phone off her, tells Jason he is fine and gives the phone to Spinelli. Jason tells him to run a check on the Balkan. Brenda asks who Spinelli is and Jason tells her.  He says it will take Spinelli time and she could save them time if she just tells him what she knows about the Balkan. She says she never met the Balkan and she is a target because of the work she does. Jason doesn't believe that and wants to know what she did. She explains why they want to kill her because of her work. Jason thinks she is still holding out on him. She says he will try to kill her again and her security can't stop him. She agrees he can protect her and says she has to go to a gala and he will need a tux.

 September 20, 2010

Jason tells Brenda that he is there to make sure she doesnít get killed and that he does not do parties. They argue about whether or not they are going to the gala. Suzanne knocks and Jason lets her in. She wants to know why Brenda isn't getting ready for the gala. Jason tells Suzanne that Brenda can not go to the gala. It is not safe. Brenda says she is going. Jason says no she is not. Suzanne says that he might feel more comfortable if he sees the changes they made in their security. He says he will look but the best way to keep her safe is to keep her under the rador. Brenda tells him to go do his new job and talk to the head of security so that they can go to the gala. Jason just shakes his head and leaves. Jason comes back and says that the security looks better but it's still not safe so Brenda is staying in. They start to argue about it again. Suzanne explains all the good she that she has done for the children and how important it is for her to be there at the gala. Jason apologizes to Brenda and she says that she appreciates it. Brenda tells Suzanne that he needs a tux. Jason says he is not wearing a tux. Suzanne is eyeing Jason up and says pity. Brenda says of course he is wearing a tux its a black tie affair. He says he is not wearing a tux, he is security. She says all of the security will be in tux. Jason says that they can wear what they want he will be standing on the sideline. Brenda wants him to walk her down the red carpet. He says he is not her escort. Suzanne says that he needs to be close because all of the times she was attacked, her attacks appeared out of nowhere at close range. Brenda and Jason in the limo. She knows Jason doesn't like small talk but asks him to be civil to the people at the gala. She says its very important that they see her boss because he has been so good to the charity. Once they see him they can get in out and get out. He says you just do what you do and I am going to do my job. She starts messing with his tie asking if it is a clip on. He tells her not to touch him. They pull up at the gala Jason tells her that this is it. She says the corset under her dress just come undone. She wants him to unzip the top of her dress a little bit and help her. He says no and gets out of the limo. He is walking around the front of the limo where paparazzi are calling out her name and snapping pictures. Jason is trying to get them to back up. He opens the door and she steps out. They walk to the front of the building. Jason looks miserable and she is smiling.

September 21, 2010

Jason and Brenda at gala. The paparazzi are snapping pictures. He tells her that she is to exposed out there and they need to get inside. As they start walking in her boss comes out. She introduces Jason to him as her ex husband. He wants to know how Jason let a angel like Brenda get away and he extends his hand to Jason to shake. Cartullo still has his hand extended.  Brenda tells Jason to shake his hand. Cartullo says that he is pleased that Jason could join them. Jason shakes his hand and says that Brenda is to exposed out here and wants to get her inside. Brenda says that he is very protective of her. Mr Cartullo understands and brings up teh men getting into her dressing room. Brenda tries to smooth the situation over by saying that Cartuillo security is working hard. Jason cuts her off and says that the security is not enough. Brenda tries to change the subject but Cartllo wants to know more about Jason's security concerns. Jason just wants to get Brenda inside. They go in. Brenda and Jason are back at her hotel. She doesn't think that he should have told her boss that his security sucks. Jason says it does. She thinks he should have had better manners since she did introduce him as her ex husband. He wants to know why since she hated being married to him. She just put it out there because people were going to google to find out information. He is says its late are you tired. She says sshe is going to bed. They start arguing because she doesn't want him to stay there overnight. She leaves the room and he pours himself a drink and is whispering to himself why. She comes out with a pillow and a blanket for him. She tells him that is good manners and leaves the room. He takes a big sip of his drink. He walks around the suite making sure everything is secure turns out the lights and lays down on the couch. Brenda screams and he goes running with his gun. She comes out complaining about his gun and how he could have accidentally shot her. He doesn't shot people by accident. She says then put the gun away. She is talking about her nightmares and how she only has them when she is doing the modeling and dealing with the press. He says that he can see that this is hard on her. She is shocked to hear him say that. She remenisces that the last time she was with him in a tux was the prom. Jason is glad he doesn't remember. She asks if he has ever been to Greece. He says yes.  She wants to know about it. He tells her about Greek islands he went to. She asks him to keep talking it will help her sleep. He talks for a few more minutes. She is asleep he gets up and turns off the lights then sits down in the chair.

September 22, 2010

Jason comes to Brenda's room.  Suzanne is there. Hhe wants to know where Brenda went. She tells him that Brenda went to a meeting. He's not happy about since he told Brenda that not to go anywhere without him. Sam comes down the steps of the penthouse where Spinelli looking at the picture of Jason and Brenda from the gala on the internet. He quickly closes his laptop. Sam wants to know what is he hiding. Spinelli says nothing he was just perusing. She wants to know what he was perusing. Spinelli is just sitting there with a weird look on his face. Suzanne talking about Brenda being a good friend and all the work she has done for the charity. Jason says that she won't do anyone any good if she is dead. They both talk about Brenda not listening and being stubborn. Jason thinks Cartullo is not prepared for the threats against Brenda. Suzanne says that it is fortunate that Brenda's new mysterious man is here to protect her and hands him the magazine with him and Brenda on the cover. Sam wants to know what Spinelli has been working on. She is second guessing his trust for her and he reassures her that he does trust her. Then he sets his laptop back in his bag and heads to the kitchen. Sam goes into his bag and tries to grab his laptop. He gets it from her. He is going on and one about her not looking at it for her own safety. Sam tells him that she's a big girl and can take it. He opens the laptop and Sam looks at the screen. Jason wonders why anyone cares that he took Brenda to that party. Suzanne explains to him that Brenda is still with Murphy and that now she is seen with her ex husband it is big publicity. She explains that it's a good thing for the charity. She tells him that he just made Brenda more famous than she already was. Spinelli is talking about the dagger in Sam's heart. Sam asks Spinelli to look at the picture without his own weird Brenda fantasy. She says Jason looks miserable. She says how private of a person Jason is and how this is not something he would want to do. Spinelli talking about maybe Brenda has that effect on people.  She tells him that Brenda is famous and this was a photo op. She feels bad for Jason. He looks trapped in the tux. Someone knocks. Its Carly asking if Jason is there. Spinelli says that they don't know when he will be home. Brenda must still need him. Carly wonders to know what Brenda got herself into and why Murphy and his bodyguards cant get her out of it Sam says that Jason felt obligated and he just went. Spinelli shows her the picture of Jason and Brenda. Suzanne talking about Cartulli covering all of Brenda's expense. They are talking about interpol and how they are more concerned with catching the Balkin than keeping Brenda safe. There is a knock at the door. Jason answers.  It's Murphy who says I am guessing you are the ex husband. Suzanne introduces them. Jason and Murphy shake hands. Jason asks if he is here to see Brenda. He is here to see Jason. Murphy turns to Suzanne and asks if he and Jason can have a word ex to ex. Sam at Jax's office. He called her to come. He shows her the picture but she already knows. He wants to know about it. Sam doesn't want to discuss Brenda with him. Jax says that Jason would rather pluck his own fingernails out then go to a red carpet event. Sam tells Jax that Brenda is in trouble and someone contacted Jason. Jax's wants to know if it has to do with Sonny's recent trip to Rome. Sam doesn't know. Jax says that judging by the picture Brenda doesn't seem to be in danger. Sam tells him all she knows is what she was told and she trusts the man who told her. Sam says that maybe he should ask himself why is it so important to him.  If she was Carly she would want to know. Jason tells Murphy that Brenda and him aren't a couple. He says that they got married for a stupid reason and got divorced as soon as possible. Murphy wants to know if Brenda ever mentioned him. Jason says that they don't tell each other much. Murphy says Brenda was going to marry him then broke it off because of some man she can't get over and Jason must be that guy. Jason says its not him. Murphy keeps talking about Jason having a second chance with Jason. Murphy wants Jason to swear that he will keep Brenda happy. Jax tells Sam that he is just concerned about a friend. Jax says that Sam is very calm when the man who says he loves her is in Rome escorting a famous model to events. Sam says that she is not thrilled but she knows how Jason feels about Brenda. She thinks that Jason is just tolerating the whole situation. Jax says the whole thing just came out of nowhere right? Sam says Jax if this is keeping you up at night maybe you should give Brenda a call. Sam asks him if he is upset that she chose Jason as her emergency contact instead of him. Sam says you wish you were in Rome saving Brenda. Carly walks in and says wrong Jax and I are back together and were happy. He doesn't care about Brenda do you Jaxs?

September 23, 2010

Jax tells Carly about Brenda and Jason going to the gala and that he was asking Sam about it.  Carly already knows about it. Carly and Jax talk about Jason and Brenda assuring themselves Jason is a bodyguard.  Sam starts to get frustrated and tells them it is not a big deal.  Jason tells Murphy again that he is not the guy Brenda can't Murphy.  Murphy insists he is and tries to explain his reasoning as Brenda comes up in the hall and hears them. She comes in mad that they are talking about her.  Sam assures Carly and Jax that Jason is not getting involved in Brenda's drama.  That he only went because he is loyal and that is how he thinks.  Carly says she has plenty of men to help her.  Sam tells them that if there was nothing wrong Jason would have come back.  She leaves. Brenda yelling at Jason and Murphy about discussing her behind her back. Murphy says its his fault.  Brenda reassures him it not his fault and hugs him. Murphy says he just wanted to set things straight with the guy she left him for.  Brenda says she didn't leave him for Jason. Jason says he treid to tell him that. Brenda tries to explain that Jason is just good at saving people but Murphy doesn't believe her and wishes them all the best. Brenda starts to get frustrated trying to explain and says she ever even slept with Jason. Murphy wants to know if it is not Jason then who did she leave him for. Murphy tries to tell Jason is he crazy if he is not with Brenda Brenda says it is not Jason; that she is never going to see the guy she left him for again. Jason tries to leave but Brenda wants him to stay.  She says she and Murphy know where they stand. Murphy doesn't kow what is going on but he knows Brenda is wonderful.  He kisses her, asks Jason to take care of her and leaves.  Brenda asks Jason if he thinks she is crazy to let him go. Btenda tells Jason how great Murphy is. Jason says she should be with him then. She says he doesn't make her happy. Jason asks because of Sonny. Brenda says she doesn't feel for Murphy like she does for Sonny so if she married him she would end up hurting him. Suzanne knocks on the door and Jason lets her in. Suzanne says the picture is causing a problem because people think she is dating a hitman and that is bad for the cause. Michael knocks at the Penthouse looking for Jason. Sam tells him Jason is still with Brenda.  Michael says its no big deal and starts to go. Sam calls him back saying it is a big deal and maybe he can help.  Michael comes in. She tells him she is worried about Jason.  Michael assures her of how much Jason loves her. She says it has nothing to do with Brenda.  She tells him Jason has been acting different since he got out of prison.  She asks how she can help him.  Michael gets uncomfortable and says he can't help.  She says he was there and she just doesn't want to see Jason in pain but she doesn't know if she should push him to talk or leave him alone and pretend things are fine. Suzanne had no idea that Jason was tried for murder twice or that he was just released from prison. Brenda is surprised he didn't tell her he was in prison. He says I'm out now.  Brenda does not see the problem.  Suzanne talks about organized crime being behind all they are trying to shut down. Brenda gets offended when she calls Jason a professional criminal saying his a body guard who would kill anyone who hurt a child. Suzanne has no problem with Jason but there backers will.  Brenda says he is not leaving.  Michael tells Sam if Jason doesn't want to talk about prison she has to respect it. She agrees with him.  The door knocks.  Michael answers and Sonny comes in. They are happy to see each other.  Sam leaves to give them time to visit each other. Suzanee would never have called Jason if she knew his background but she will make sure they follow all of his recommendations. Brenda and Suzanne start to argue about Jason. Suzanne thanks Jason and leaves. Jason tells Brenda she should be happy he is going since she never wanted him there anyway. She says she is fine. He starts to go and she thanks him for coming to help her.  He says the work she does is important and tells her to be careful. He doesn't think the Balkin his trying to kill, he thinks he is trying to take her. She says if Sonny asks about her to tell him she is doing great. He says to call him if she needs him. They say good-bye and he leaves. 

September 24, 2010

Jason in the limo talking on the phone.  He is telling Sam that they don't need him anymore and he is on the way to the airport and looking forward to seeing her. He hangs up and the phone rings.  It's Suzanne looking for Brenda. Jason says he left her in the suite and asks if something is wrong.  The Balkan's thugs are questioning a drugged up Brenda. Jason kicks in the door and kills them both. He goes to help Brenda who is really drugged up. He covers her and starts going throught he dead guys pockets.  Suzanne comes in and takes a look at the scene.  She asks him if Brenda was drugged. Jason says yes but he doesn't know with what. Jason wants to take her to a hospital bu Suzanne wants to call a private doctor who will be faster and protect her privacy.  Jason finds a vial of liquid in one of the thugs pockets. Jason comes back to the suite.  Suzanne tells him the doctor gave Brenda something to counteract the drugs. The doctor said if Jason had no come back and Brenda was left alone she would have died within an hour. Jason says Suzanne called him so she is the one who saved Brenda. She asks him if interpol knew who the guys were.  Jason says yeah, they worked for the Balkin. Jason says they need to get Brenda to tell them why he is after her. Suzanne says because of the work she is doing. Jason says that's not it cause if he wanted to shut her up he wouldhave already killed her. The Balkin wants her alive and if Jason is going to protect her he needs to know why. Jason is covering Brenda when she wakes up.  He asks her what she remembers. She says they were the same guys and tells him how they shot her up then he got there.  He tells her the doctor gave her something to counteract the heroin. Brenda wants to know if he is going to get in trouble for killing those guys. He says no because Bates has pictures of the same guys trying to grab her backstage. Brenda is worried about bad press but Jason assures Suzanne is keeping it quiet.  He says she does a good job of looking out for Brenda.  Brenda says so does he.  Jason looks really uncomfortable.

September 27, 2010

Brenda recovering from the drug overdose. She wants Jason to stay and talk to her. She asks how Sonny is doing. Jason doesn't want to talk about Sonny but she persists. She wants to know about Sonny's divorce and other women in Sonny's life. Jason tells her and she asks if any other woman made Sonny happy.  She assumes no one did. Jason wants her to rest. Brenda asks if Sonny ever talks about her. Jason tells her that he used to. She wants to know what Sonny said and Jason tells her that Sonny once said that he would die remembering her face. Brenda bringing up the coincidence of Robin and her being in Africa at the same time and about how alive and happy she was when Sonny proposed and she felt it again when she saw him in Rome. She tells Jason how Sonny saved her from the two guys. Brenda talks about the day that she was supposed to marry Sonny but he sent Jason to call it off. Jason says that he knew it was tough on Brenda but Sonny did it to protect her. Brenda wishes that Jason would have told her that then. She understands why Sonny did it but she wishes that he would have tried harder to make their relationship work. Brenda wants to know what Jason thinks of her and Sonny together. Jason says he doesnít think her and Sonny donít make each other happy for very long. Brenda Laughs and says that pretty much says it all. She apologizes for making Jason talk. She knows that he hates it. She says that is why it was such a nightmare for him to be married to her, because she talks, cries she loves and she laughs, because she is alive. He wants to know if she is happy. She says that she is happy with all that she has accomplished. He tells her that Rome is not safe and until he can get the threat handled she is coming back to PC.

September 28, 2010

Jason tells Brenda that she is not safe in Rome. She knows that it is not safe, but she has him to protect her. Jason can protect her better in Port Charles. She doesn't want to be in Port Charlse and says she is not going. He tells her if you don't want to see Sonny then don't see him. She is surprised that Jason thinks that she doesn't want to go because of Sonny. She is saying that sometimes you do things that are not good for you, but you can't help it. She compares it to a addiction. He asks her if it is worth dying just to avoid Sonny. She wants him to go to Africa with her. Jason tells her that he is not going to Africa. She wants to know why. Jason says that he has a life to get back to. Brenda tells him that she is not going back to Port Charles because she doesn't trust herself. She says that Jason doesn't want her to go to Port Charles either, that's why he married her years ago so that she didn't hurt Sonny and Carly. He says that Carly is with Jax now, Brenda doesn't want to talk about that. She is still trying to convince him not to go to Port Charles. She says her heart is not safe there. He says that is not his problem. Brenda is begging Jason to find another way to protect her. Jason wants to make a deal that Brenda comes to Port Charles and when once the Balkin shows up Jason will kill him and and Brenda can go back to Rome. She wants to know if he is the boss of her now, Jason tells her that if it wasn't for him she would be dead. He tells her that he  understands why she doesn't want to go back but she is going. Brenda discussing about if she could call Sonny and tell him that she is coming back to Port Charles. Jason tells her that what she does with Sonny is on her. Brenda says that she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

September 29, 2010

There is a knock at Sam's door. Itt's Carly. Carly asks her if she has heard from Jason since he hasn't returned any of her calls. She says that Sam also has not returned her calls. Sam says that she has been busy with work but she has heard from Jason. He called her once to tell her that he was on his way home and then a second time to tell her that Brenda was still in danger and he needed to stay awhile longer. Carly tells Sam to wake up and go to Rome and fight for her man before she loses the best thing that ever happened to her. Sam responds no you mean the best thing that ever happened to you. Sam says she's not threatened by Brenda and she trusts Jason. She suggests Carly try that. Carly says she knows that Jason says Brenda annoys him but that there is some kind of bond there and she can't believe that Sam is okay with Jason dropping everything to run off and protect Brenda. Sam tells Carly that Brenda needed protection and Jason is good at that and she is not insecure about it. She says Carly that she's the one who has her panties in a twist and she understands why. Carly and Brenda are very similar. They are both high maintenance women that Jason feels the need to protect. Carly is insulted that Sam would compare her to Brenda. Sam says that she knows Carly is so close to Jason so why doesn't she jump on a plan to Rome to stake her claim. Carly leaves. Molly comes Sam's apartment. Sam invites her to eat chinese food with her. Molly says she ate already. Molly tells her how she brought Kristina senior pictures over to Sonny's and Claire was there and they are now dating. Molly says how upset Kristina is going to be once she finds out since Claire is the one who put Micheal in prison. Molly is not happy about them dating either. Molly tells Sam that Sonny told her that how he is a adult and he can date who he wants. Molly says that Sonny also said that Claire didn't mean to put Michael in prison. Sam tells Molly that she does believe that part.
Molly thinks its still wrong.Sam tells Molly that Sonny probably justifies it with all the cool things Claire has done. She says that she is the one who got Jason into prison to protect Michael and she is the one who got him released. Molly thinks that now Sam is justifying it. Sam says that she is just trying to be the wise older sister. Molly says that Kristina is going to use this as another reason to be mad at Sonny. Sam tells her that she is not a fan of Claire's but Kristina has to understand that Sonny is the only father that she has. Molly wants to know if that means that Kristina is supposed to smile and make nice and accept whatever he does. Sam says no but as Kristina and Molly get older they are going to have to learn to accept that nobody's perfect not even the people you love and admire.

September 30, 2010

Jason chasing Brenda on the docks to keep her from meeting Sonny.  They see Sonny.  He gets shots.  Jason picks up Brenda and carries her off Screaming.  Brenda wakes up screaming on a plane with Jason. He says it was just a dream.  Brenda complains about going back to Port Charles. They start to argue. Brenda melts down. Jason wants her to stop. She refuses so he suggests a drink. He tells her to relax. They hit turbulence.  Maxie brings Sam a bunch of dresses.  She asks Sam why she needs a dress. Sam is embarassed that she wants the dress because Jason is bringing Brenda back. Sam says she is okay with it and not insecure at all.  Maxie says it doesn't hurt to look extra hot when your guys ex is around. Sam agrees. Maxue says Robin will be excited about Brenda.  Sam mentions that Jax and Sonny will also be excited. Max looks distracted and Sam asks if she is okay. Maxie tells Sam that Robin is missing. Brenda and Jason get to the Penthouse door.  She wants the key.  His arms are full of her luggage.  He tells her to knock and they start to argue.  The door opens and Spinelli greets her. Spinelli acts starstruck while introducing himself to Brenda. Jason says Spinelli has her old room but Spinelli has already moved in to the weight room. Spinelli offers her refreshments and brings her coffee on a tray. Jason looks annoyed. Brenda gushes over Spinelli. Jason tells Spinelli to take the bags upstairs.  Brenda tells him not to but to have coffee with her. Maxie tells Sasm that Mac won't give her any info on Robin.  Maxie says she promised him to stay out of trouble and helping Sam is keeping her out of trouble. Sam thinks helping her find a dress is trivial with what is going on. Maxie says helping her keep her promise is not trivial. They go back to pickign a dress. Sam thinks it is silly because Jason doesn't notice clothes. Maxie says she is doing it for herself to help her feel confident. Sam says she has been hearing about Brenda for years and now she gets to meet her.  Jason is in the Penthouse gathering up Spinelli's pink throws and kicking them around the floor. Michael knocks and Jason lets him in. Jason asks about him getting into trouble and he tells him that Dante kept him from beign throw out of school. Jason asks if it is getting easier. Michael says most of the kid are afraid of him. He admits to being afraid of himself and says no one understands but Jason. Jason apologizes for taking off on him. Michael says that Carly, Dante and Sam were looking out for him, then tells him Sam thinks Jason needs to talk about Pentonville. Jason is surprised that she said that but Michael explains that she was trying to get him to talk to her. He says Sam seems to think if he talks about it it will be easier. Jason asks if he wants to talk about.  Brenda come down and asks who Michael is. Maxie complaining about Kate and then says still no word from Mac. Sam tries to reassure her but Maxie only wants to hear that Robin was found and is okay. Maxie picks a dress.  Sam doesn't know why she is doing this since Jason loves her for her. Maxie says there is nothing wrong with looking your best. She encourages Sam to try some on. Brenda asks if he is Michael. She talks about how big he got. Jason tells her they were in the mddle of something but Michael says it is fine. Brenda and Michael talk about school awkwardly. Sam is on the phone talking to someone about Robin. Molly knocks. She wants a favor - for Sam to invite her to Jason's.  Sam says she is always welcome there. She wants to come when Brenda is there. Molly goes on abuot how great Brenda is. Sam looks troubled. Michael telling Brenda about Josslyn.  Brenda asks when she was born and Michael gets very uncomfortable. Jason says he and Brenda need to talk and Michael makes a hasty retreat. Brenda asks what she did. Jason tells her about Michale killing Claudia and going to prison. Brenda is speechless.  Jason says that is why he went to prison, to look out for Michael. He asks her to be careful with Michael.  Sam coming to the Penthouse in a purple dress. She comes in and sees Brenda.  She says hi, you are Brenda? Jason is coming down the stairs as Brenda asks who Sam is.

October 1, 2010

Jason comes down and Sam says this awkward.  Brenda says you are Jason's friend. Jason introduces them as he pulls Sam close and kisses her head. He says she's my and Brenda fills in girlfriend. Brenda apologizes for not knowing who Sam is because Jason didn't tell her anything about her because he doesn't like to talk to her. Jason says he has no reason to tell Brenda about his personal life. They start to aruge and then apologize to Sam who says its okay. She says its kind of funny to see Jason like this. Brenda and Sam sit down to get acquainted. Brenda asks how she met Jason. Jason interupts telling Sam she doesn't have to tell her anything. They aruge a little but Sam says it okay and tells Brenda that Jason gets overprotective. Sam tells her she is a PI and Spinelli's partner.  She then says Alexis is her mother. Brenda asks if she grew up at Wyndemere and Sam says finding Alexis was more recent.  Brenda thinks Sam came to Port Charles to find her mother. Sam says full disclosure and tells Brenda about being a con woman and coming to town with Jax and getting pregnant by Sonny. Jason interupts telling her she doesn't have to do this. Sam just wants to get it out on the table. She says it was a good thing because she moved in with Jason and he took care of her and they gell in love and were really happy. She says they were going to raise the baby together but she was stillborn. Brenda says that is horrible.  Sam says its okay, you pick up the pieces.  Brenda wishes Jason had told her about this and apologizes for making him go to Rome. Sam says Jason needed to be there because Brenda was in danger. Brenda says she shouldn't stay but Sam says she needs to stay and let Jason protect her. Sam says she has to go to work.  Jason hugs and kisses her and she leaves. Brenda and Jason start to argue about him not telling her anything.  She says she sbould know what to expect when she is sitting in his house. Brenda asks if he loves Sam. Jason says its not her business. She asks if he is embarassed.  He says no.  She asks again if he loves her and he says yes.  Brenda asks if he is going to marry her. He says its none of her business.  She wants him to tell her things. She says he acts like he hates her. He doesn't hate her. He just wants to do his job so she can go back to Rome.  She wants him to go with her to see Sonny. Maxie and Matt are talking at Kelly's.  sam comes in.  Maixe blows Matt off to talk to Sam. Maxie comments on the dress.  Sam says Jason probably didn't even notice but it gave her the confidence to meet Brenda. Maxie asks if meeting her was horrible. Sam say Brenda was nice and kind and if she was not so busy making an idiot out of herself she probably would have liked her. Sam says it was like she walked in in the middle of a movie and didn't know what was going on.  She says Jason and Brenda have a really weird chemistry. Maxie asks romantic? Sam doesn't think so since they weren't nice to each other but there is something under it she can't figure out.  She admits to being unsettled and asks if Maxie knew Brenda when she lived in Port Charles.  Maxie says she was little so she didn't really know her but she was around alot because of Robin.  Maxie says she will be happy to hate Brenda if Sam wants her to. She says she is halfway there already and tells Sam about Spinelli's crush on Brenda. Sam doesn't want Maxie to hate her on her account because Brenda is nice and doesn't deserve it.  Maxie thinks it is just an act. Sam doesn't. Sam says it doesn't have anything to do with Brenda or Jason that it is how she is reacting. She let Brenda's presence push buttons in her she didn't think existed anymore. She says it has flipped her out and made her insecure. Sam says she is going to do something about it and leaves. Spinelli comes up to the Penthouse and hears Jason and Brenda arguing inside about Sonny.  He goes in and asks Jason not use loud voices to Brenda.  Brenda says it is the only way he knows how to communicate. Jason says fine, she can go see Sonny he doesn't care.  He says he will have guards meet her and take her. They start out the door. Brenda tells Spinelli that Jason is mad because she made him admit he has feelings for someone. Sam knocks at the Penthouse door.  Jason opens it and she comes in telling him they need to talk. Spinelli jumps in saying something about Sam being angry because of Brenda. Jason interupts him and makes him leave. Sam says it is not in her nature to compete with other woman but you couldn't tell by the way she is dressed. Sam says she doesn't know what to do and she thinks the only solution is to break up. 

October 4, 2010

Jason and Sam at are the Penthouse. He asks her if she wants to break up. She says Yes. No. I don't want to do this anymore. Jason asks her if she loves him. Sam doesn't respond. Jason says do you? Sam says yes. Jason tells her that he loves her and that he is not going to let her walk away because of Brenda. He assures her that as soon as he takes care of the threat Brenda is out of there. Sam knows. Jason wants to know if she is happy. Sam says  she is always happy when she is with him. He assures her that there is no competition, that she is the one he wants to be with not Brenda. Sam knows. She says that it has nothing to do with Brenda. That it is just her insecurities. Jason tells her that she is cute and that she doesn't have to try so hard, she is easy to love. Sam says not always. Jason tells her that it doesn't matter. She is the one he wants to be with.  He asks her to move in with him. Sam tells him that she knows that he loves her and he doesn't have to ask her to move in to smooth things over. She says that the day that they found their way back to each other was the best day of her life. She likes things just the way they are. They kiss. Jason pulls away and says that he thought she liked it at his penthouse. She says that she does but that is his place to do his own thing and she likes to go to her place to do her own thing. She then says that this way they aren't always on top of one another and says plus this way when Brenda starts driving him crazy he has a place to escape to. Sam asks Jason what he is thinking about. He tells her that he is thinking about how quiet it is with Brenda not being home. They are talking about how bad Spinelli has it for Brenda. Sam says so we are alone. They start kissing and there is a knock on the door. It's Michael. He apologizes for interrupting. Sam says he didn't and she has some stuff to do upstairs and she leaves. He tells Jason that he needs to ask for a favor but he wants Jason to promise not to tell anyone.

October 5, 2010

Jason is shocked that Michael wants him to get a escort for him. He encourages him see how it goes there with Ali. Michael thinks he is too messed up from Pentonville.  Michael tells Jason how Ali knows that he was in prison and she is cool with it. He talks about how no one but Jason would understand what Pentonville is like. He just can't rid of it. Jason wants him to take it slowly. Michael says whenever Ali gets close to him he snaps. He is afraid he might hurt her. Jason tells him that he is worrying about protecting her so he will. Jason explains that all guys are nervous their first time. Michael thinks that is why he needs to be a with a women first. Jason still doesn't think the answer is to call an escort service. Michael says that he is asking for help but he will do it by himself if he has to. Sam comes down and asks Michael if she can talk to Jason. Michael says ok and starts to leave. Jason tells him not to do anything before they talk. Michael leaves and Sam tells Jason that she heard their conversation and she thinks she can help. Jason talks to Sam about how Michael deals with what happened to him in prison everyday. He is scared of his capacity of violence from the moves that Jason taught him. Sam understands and thinks that being with a girl first might take some of the pressure off. Jason says it's not going to erase the hell he has been through or make it easier for him to be around a girl his own age. Sam tells him that Michael is already struggling with this what if something sexual does happen. Ali could get upset and Michael would feel horrible. Jason still doesn't think an escort is the answer. Sam tells him that Michael is asking for Jason's help and if Jason doesn't help him Michael is going to do it on his own. She knows a girl named Candy who she met working undercover. Candy is going to college trying to do the right thing, she might just be perfect. Later, Brenda comes home and tells Jason she went to see Sonny and she wants him to help her stay away from Sonny. Jason is angry and says that she can either stay away from Sonny or not but it's not his problem. She says that she didn't want to come to PC. She is asking him as a friend to help her not blow her life apart. Sam and Michael are at the Metro Court. He wants to know why she wanted to see him. She tells him that she overheard his conversation at Jason's and she thinks she can help. Michael tells Sam that she is handling it himself. He tells her that it's really between him and Jason. She knows but she heard him ask for help and if Jason didn't help he was going to do it on his own right? Michael says yeah. He thinks she is offering herself. She tells him about Candy. Micheal wants to know if she knows that he was in prison. Sam says yes of course and she is ok with it. Sam says that she is a good girl and she thinks that michael is really going to like her. He thinks Sam must think he is a loser. She thinks that he is handling this better then most guys his age. Michael is unsure. Sam wants to know if this is what he wants. Jason apologizes for yelling at Brenda and tells her that he is dealing with some other stuff right now. She says that she should be able to deal with Sonny. Jason says she knows that Sonny is not trying to hurt her. Brenda says it's not Sonny its her. She will destroy her life. She wants him to fix her situation with the Balkin so that she can get back to Rome. Jason's phone rings it's Max asking him to come to the restaurant to deal with a women who is out of Max's league. There is a knock of the door at the Metrocourt. Michael asks if it is Candy. Sam says yes but if he wants her to she will tell Candy to leave. Michael says no he is fine. Sam lets Candy in and introduces her to Michael and she leaves. At the restaurant Jason is surprised to see Suzanne. She tells him that Brenda's suite and apartment were trashed. Jason say's its the Balkan. Suzanne says he is not giving up. She is afraid that he is going to come to Port Charles. Jason says that is what he wants. He has the advantage in Port Charles. Suzanne wants to know what is going to stop the Balkin from getting to Brenda on her next trip. They talk about Jason not letting Brenda travel. Sam comes into the office and says hi I think I finally... and then apologizes for interrupting. Jason introduces Suzanne and Sam. Suzanne tries to dismiss Sam from the office. Sam wants to know why she isn't taking care of Brenda.

October 6, 2010

Sam tells Suzanne that just because Jason was married to Brenda for a few months a long time ago doesn't mean that he has to take care of her forever. Suzanne says that Brenda listed Jason as her next of kin and her emergency contact. All she did was pick up the phone. She tells Sam that maybe she should ask Jason why he was on the next plane to Rome and taking over her life. Jason says that everyone knows that Brenda is a pain. Sam knows that Jason is doing his job and they have already talked about that. But what her problem is Suzanne dismissing her from his office. Suzanne responds with that Brenda's problem is more serious. The Balkin is a killer and Brenda shouldn't have to die because Sam doesn't want to share her boyfriend. Suzanne talks about celebrities bringing attention to causes. Brenda may be spoiled and headstrong, but she's golden. Sam says at least Suzanne admits that she is in it for the money. Suzanne tells Sam that she is in it for the money. Brenda generates publicity that generates donations and that makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children. She says that Brenda is high-maintenance, but so what? Sam wants to know why she can't keep Brenda in line. Suzanne would love to but it seems like right now Jason is the only one who can unless he has decided that Brenda is not worth all the trouble. Jason assures Suzanne that he is not going to let Brenda die. Sam says she gets it. Her cell phone rings and she says she will be right there. Jason wants to know what happened she tells him that it's Michael. She is not sure what happened but she will handle it and call him later. Suzanne comments that she doesn't know who Michael is but that call just pushed his buttons. Jason tells Suzanne about Michael. Suzanne says that there is hope for Michael. Sam knocks on the door and goes into see Michael. She asks him what happened. Michael says that it didn't work out with her friend and he apologizes to her. Sam doesn't understand why he is apologizing. She talked to Candy and she said that everything went fine. Michael says that her real name is Abby and that they really talked. He thought it was going to work out but he blew it. Sam thinks he is overreacting. Michael thinks that Sam can't understand. Jason arrives at the Penthouse and he sees Micheal sitting outside his door. He tells him that he could have waited for him inside. Michael says that he didn't want to see Brenda or Sam. Jason tells him that Brenda is sleeping and Sam said that she was going to see Michael. Michael tells Jason that Sam tried to help him but he is a train wreck. Jason want's to know what happened. Michael tells Jason how that Sam's friend was wonderful and great and he thought it was going to work out but he blew it. Micheal says that he was nervous but that is normal right? Jason assures him that anyone would be nervous. Michael tells Jason they were dancing and she kissed him and he enjoyed it. Then she tried to take his shirt off and he flipped. For a second he wasn't in the hotel room anymore he was back in prison with Carter. Jason tells him that he can't be too hard on himself. that a lot of that stuff he felt was nerves, ant that it's all normal. Michael says no it is not normal he will never be normal. Michael tells Jason that he has tried to do what Jason said - to just get through everyday and let time pass but its not working. He is not strong enough. Jason wants him to give himself more time. He tells Michael that he has been through hell but he is a survivor. Michael responds all surviving means is that he is alive. It doesn't mean that he is actually living. He says that Ali is this nice, sweet, normal girl but she has no idea who I am and I can't tell her. Jason tells him that bad stuff happened to him but it doesn't have to define who Michael is. He tells him that he is strong, he says that he can heal. Every day, he is a step closer to getting his life back. But what he can't do is give up on himself because he will never give up on Michael.

October 8, 2010

Spinelli is running around the Penthouse with flowers.  Jason comes and wants to know what he is doing.  He starts babbling about Brenda.  Jason wants him to sto falling all over himself for Brenda and get to work finding the Balkan. Spinelli runs out while he is talking to go to the market for Brenda.  Later Carly comes to the Penthouse. She is mad that Jason brought Brenda back without warning her.  He tries to calm her down.  She says he was supposed to be different. Carly says he doesn't owe Brenda anything and he is letting her use him. She thinks Brenda is after Jax or Sonny. Jason says he doesn't want Brenda living with her and he only brought her back because it is the only way to save her life.  Spinelli is on the docks.  Sam comes. She says she got there as fast as she could.  She asks if everything is okay. He goes on about all the care Brenda needs and how fragile she is.  He complains that Jason treats her harshly.  Sam reminds him that keeping Brenda safe is a huge inconvenience to Jason. He goes on about al that Brenda requires.  He adds that Sam holds Jason's heart.  Sam is okay with Brenda but she did have a moment of insecurity but she over it.  Spinelli wants her to talk to Jason. Sam tells him that Jason and Brenda don't get along.  She lists all Jason is doing for Brenda and says it is enough.  Brenda won't have any trouble finding whatever support she might need. At the Penthouse, Jason is explaining to Carly what is going on with Brenda. She thinks that Cartullo should provide security.  Jason said their security was no good.  Carly wants to know why he could not take care of her in Rome. Jason explains about the Balkin and why he wants him to come to Port Charles. She wants to know what Brenda did to him. Jason says the assumption is that it is about her charity but he thinks she is lying.  Carly points out that this is why she hates Brenda who is consumed with her own drama.  Jason assures her Brends is not staying. Carly thinks she found a reason to stay. She tells him she saw Brenda in Jax's office and is afraid he is falling back in love with her. Sam returns the dresses to Crimson and tells Lulu she won't be needing them after all.  Lulu thinks she could pull them off. Sam says it was a dumb impulse. Lulu asks what happens and Sam tells her about getting insecure about Brenda.  She says she is over it. Jason loves her and she has decided to trust that.  Jason and Suzanne are at the Penthouse.  She is mad that Brenda left without Jason. Jason says she has Max and Milo. She doesn't have confidence in them.  Jason is not going to be with her 24/7 so Suzanne will just have to trust them. Suzanne is more worried that she is on her way to tell Sonny she loves him. Lulu tells Sam she would have had the same reaction if Dante took off to rescue his ex. Sam says it is ironic that Jason seems to be the only one not bowled over by her.  That it is his job. She says Spinelli, Max and Milo are all blinded by her. Sam wishes that anyone but Jason would be the one to resuce Brenda. Jason isn't going to worry about Sonny and Brenda.  It's for them to figure out. Suzanne admits no one can control love or destiny or whatever is driving Sonny and Brenda. She can control Brenda's professional life.  She wants Brenda to go to Paris for a photoshoot. Jason says she can't go. Suzanne thinks he should want her gone since she is already wreaking havoc.

October 11, 2010

Jason and Suzanne at the Penthouse talking about Brenda's apartment in Rome being ransacked. They also discuss Brenda and Sonny and how bad that relationship is but Jason wants to stay out of it. Lulu and Sam at Crimson talking about Kate wanting Brenda on the cover of the magazine. Lulu comments on how it must suck for Sam. Sam says how she is used to Jason guarding people, but Brenda is his ex-wife. That is the part she is having a hard time with. Lulu thinks that no one should be worried about Brenda because she is Sonny's great love. Sam will be happy when Brenda is back in Rome. Maxie enters and Sam thanks her for the dresses. Maxie wants Sam to try to force Jason to send Brenda back to Rome. She no longer wants her on the cover. She talks about how much damage that Brenda could do to Spinelli. Sam gets it but Jason is going to help Brenda until the threat is gone. Maxie leaves upset telling Sam that she will handle it herself. Jason and Suzanne talking about how ironic it is that Jason is the only person that can control Brenda. Suzanne is confused why they ever got divorced. Jason talks about how he never wanted to marry Brenda and it's bad enough that he has to help her now. There is a knock at the door and its Maxie. She needs his help. Then she says Spinelli needs your help. She tells him to needs he needs to get Brenda out of town and she doesn't care how he does it. Suzanne cuts in and wants to know who Maxie is and why she wants Brenda gone. Maxie tells her how fragile Spinelli is and how Brenda will only do harm to him. Maxie, Suzanne and Jason argue about Brenda. Maxie just wants her gone. She thinks Brenda is no good as a friend for Spinelli. Jason finally says Brenda stays and I will talk to Spinelli. Maxie is mad and storms out. Carly comes to the Penthouse and talks about how it looks like someone threw up in it. Jason tells her that Spinelli just wanted to make Brenda feel welcomed. Carly says that there is not one part of Jason's life that Brenda is not disrupting. Jason has to eliminate the threat so that Brenda is safe. Carly compares the way Jason feels obligated to take care of Brenda to they way he must feel obligated to take care of her. He says it's different because Carly takes care of Jason too. Carly talks about how she is insecure about Jax and Brenda because Brenda is the love of Jax's life. Jason assures her that Brenda is all about Sonny.

October 12, 2010

Carly tells Jason that he may think that Brenda can't have both Sonny and Jax both but she bets that Brenda is willing to try. Jason tells her that he has already told her that he thinks that Brenda wants to be with Sonny. Carly comments that after Brenda has sonny, she's going to try and push Jax's buttons. Brenda's back to stealing her husband again. First time it was sonny, now it's Jax. Jason says that you said it yourself, it'll make things worse if you go head to head with Brenda. He asks what she wants from him. Carly wants him on her side. She says Brenda is all about manipulation. Jason tells her that Brenda has no intention of staying in Port Charles. Her life is in Rome and she'll go back the minute he lets her. Carly is never going to trust Brenda's motives. Jason is sorry that this is causing her so much anxiety. They talk about Sonny and Brenda. She wants to know how long is it going to take Jason to deal with the Balkan. He responds that he has no idea. Brenda is now at the Penthouse. She informs Jason that she is leaving Port Charles tonight. He asks if she had a fight with Sonny. She says no, everything turned out exactly the way it's supposed to. Jason wants to know if she told Sonny that she still have feelings for him. She asks if Suzanne told him that is what she was going to do. Jason tells her that Suzanne is worried about her. Brenda says that it doesn't matter because she isn't going to be with Sonny. He wants to know why she went to see Sonny then? Brenda says that its Jason's fault for making her stay there. Brenda tells Jason that she doesn't need or want his protection. He doesn't care what she wants. She wants him to keep her alive somewhere else. He already told her that he can't do that. She again says that it is his fault that she is here. He says she decided to go see Sonny. It's not his fault. And don't tell him that she don't need protection. Brenda says that she doesn't need his protection. She wants to know if he believes that there is a difference between being dead emotionally and being dead physically? Because she will tell him, there is not! She says that she has spent years of her life trying to forget Sonny and nothing has worked. And now she is here because of Jason. It's hurting her just like she told him it was going to hurt her. He says then don't go see Sonny. She says this is worse than you can imagine. He wants her to just tell him why the Balkan is after her. Then she can get on a plane and never come back. Brenda says that it's hard for her to just tell him. He asks her to please answer the question. She responds with that she doesn't expect him to care or understand what she going through. She says to just forget it. She says that she is going to call someone else to come and guard her.

October 13, 2010

Jason walks into the office and hears Claire telling Michael that heís violating his parole for going to see Sonny. Jason says Michael is there to see him. Claire responds with that Sonny is a co-owner, so the chances of Michael running into his father are greatly increased. Jason points out that sonny' is not there so Michael is not violating anything. Claire tells Jason that this is not the first time that she has caught Michael. The last time he was with sonny and she chose to look the other way. She is not gonna do that again. Michael tells her that he wasn't there to see his dad. Claire think that it is much too convenient especially since Jason walked in here and handed the excuse to Michael.  Jason wants to know why Claire is pushing this. He thought that she felt guilty for sending Michael to prison. She says she did, and she still does. Jason wants to know then why is she suddenly trying to send him back? She is trying uphold the law.Jason says that Michael is not breaking any laws by being here. Claire doesn't think that Judge Carroll would agree. Jason asks her why would she report it. He gave her full cooperation when she wanted information on Franco. She says that she has already repaid him by securing his release from prison. Michael wants to know if this mean that he is going back to prison. Later, Jason and Michael are talking and he tells Michael that Claire is just bluffing. Michael wants to know how does Jason know that. Jason says that turning him in for a parole violation is like writing up a parking ticket. Claire's superiors aren't gonna care. They want Sonny not Michael. Jason wants to know why Michael didn't just go to the penthouse to see him. He says that he didn't want see Sam because he made a total idiot out of myself in front of her friend Abby, and even though Sam's cool about it, he still feel like a loser. Jason says that Sam is on Michael's side. They cannot meet there. He tells Michael that he needs to call him and they can meet someplace else. Jason tells Michael to follow every one of the rules the judge gave him. Michael understands. He will do whatever Jason says, he is just worried that it isn't going to be enough. He thinks that Claire might decide to turn him in anyway. Jason will handle Claire. Diane comes into the office and tells Jason that Spinelli's behavior to her earlier today was so atrocious. Jason tells her that he is is sorry for what happened with Spinelli. He tells her that Claire caught Michael in this office. Diane says that this is not good. Jason says Michael was here for him, not Sonny but she said it didn't matter because it's Sonny's office. Diane says that it is called reasonable expectation. It's a very slippery legal slope. Jason explains to Diane that Claire has caught Michael with Sonny before. Diane says the fact that Michael was here at a place multiple times where he could reasonably expect to see his father is a direct violation of Judge Carroll's terms of release and if Claire chooses to file this writ, Michael could be on his way back to prison. Jason doesn't think that Claire would send Michael back to prison. Diane tells him to never underestimate a woman scorned. Jason wants to know what that means, She explains that Sonny crossed the line with Claire, took her down to the island for a weekend getaway, then when they come back, Brenda shows up, and she doesn't think she needs to tell him who won the battle of the brunettes. Jason says that he just talked to Brenda. She doesn't wanna be with sonny. Diane says  Sonny most definitely wants to be with Brenda and Claire wants payback. She doesn't think she'll hesitate to use Michael to get it. Claire enters the office and tells Jason that he might want call his attorney to interpret this for him. He wants to know what it is. Claire tells him that it is a writ notifying the court that Michael violated his parole. As soon as she files it, Michael goes back to Pentonville. Jason tells her she can't do this to Michael. She tells him that he can stop her by giving her evidence and testimony against sonny. Jason tells her to forget it. Claire says  maybe she didn't make herself clear, either Jason provides enough evidence to put sonny away for life, or Michael goes back to prison and this time, he won't be there to protect him.

October 14, 2010

In the office of the restaurant Claire threatening to send Michael back to prison because he broke his parole by seeing Sonny unless Jason gives her evidence against Sonny. Sonny comes in and tells Claire to leave Michael and Jason alone. Jason tells Claire that Michael came to see him not Sonny. Sonny tells Claire she won't be welcome at his office if she pulls stunts like this. Jason wants to call Diane about protecting Michael's rights. Claire tells him not to bother she had no intention of sending Michael back to jail. Jason leaves so Sonny can speak with Claire. At the Penthouse, Maxie tells Brenda she won't let her take advantage of Spinelli. Brenda says she's grateful for everything Spinelli has done. Jason comes in and Maxie, Spinelli and Brenda are all talking. Jason asks Maxie to leave. She won't until Jason tells Brenda to leave Spinelli alone. Spinelli tells Maxie she has no right to say anything about what he does. Brenda claims they are friends and she is just being nice. Jason wants them all to be quiet and asks Brenda what she has done to Spinelli. Brenda says that Spinelli has made her feel welcome. Jason argues that she is not there to be waited on. Spinelli claims that it is an honor to make Brenda feel welcome in their home. Maxie thinks Spinelli should move out. Spinelli reminds Maxie that it is his choice who his friends are. Maxie calls him a glorified butler. Jason tells Maxie she should leave. Maxie can't believe Jason is asking her to leave and reminds of all the things she had done for him. Spinelli tells Maxie she has befriend Dr. Matt Hunter and he has choosen to befriend the Divine One. Maxie leaves. Jason tells Spinelli he to only help Brenda by searching for information on the Balkan. Spinelli leaves. Brenda laughs and thinks that was adorable. Jason tells her to back off Spinelli. Jason is trying to make Brenda understand that her being too friendly to Spinelli will only lead Spinelli into reading into things and make more out of it that it really is. Jason is worried that the more Spinelli falls for Brenda the more he will fight for her by trying to prove himself by going after the Balkan. Brenda says she understands. Brenda wants Jason to tell Sonny that they need to leave each other alone. Jason back at the office with Sonny. Sonny reassures Jason that Claire won't be going after Michael. Jason is not so sure. Sonny remarks that he hurt Claire and she was trying to get back at him. Jason is still worried that Claire can cause them problems. Sonny admits it wasn't smart getting involved with Claire but there was something about her. Sonny brings up Brenda being there. Jason reminds Sonny that Brenda is only there because it is easier for him to fight the Balkan. Sonny talks about how they are both scared to try again. Sonny thinks he should stop it before it begins and Jason lets him know that is what Brenda wants too. Jason tells Sonny that Brenda wants him to stay away from her. Jason summarizing that Brenda is still messed up and doesn't trust herself to be around Sonny. Sonny states that it goes both ways. He tells Jason about his trip to the island with Claire and when he comes back Brenda is in his house. Sonny says it feels likes a door is being open to his feelings. When its closed he can get on with his life good or bad. But when the door is open there is something about Brenda. Sonny says he doesn't want to play games this time and was honest with Brenda about his feelings. Jason says that Brenda doesn't agree. Sonny doesn't think she means it. That she wants Sonny to prove himself to her.

October 15, 2010

Jason tells Sonny that Brenda doesn't want him, to leave her alone. Sonny says that this thing with Brenda has taken on a life of its own. Jason reminds Sonny how hurt Brenda was when he left her at the altar and how she has finally moved on with her life. That when Sonny and Brenda crash and burn everyone around them goes down. Sonny says that both he and Brenda are scared. Jason reminds Sonny that he and Brenda have moved on. Sonny tells Jason that he saw both he and Brenda lose their minds over each other. Jason says why risk going there again. Sonny says he can't help it. He knows its awful thing to watch someone fall apart. That he saw the fear in his and Carly's face and its even worse when its happening to you. How it is a dark and dangerous place. Sonny says that he and Brenda are different people now and how they can face their problems differently. Sonny thinks its fate after years of no contact with each other. Jason goes to the PCPD to talk to Dante about what happen with Claire and to see if Dante can get Claire to back off Michael. Dante said he will talk to Claire and that he will remind Michael of the conditions his parole. Dante tells Jason that the John Zacchara car bombing has been dropped on his desk and that Sonny is the prime suspect. Michael could be called in as a witness. Mayor Floyd walks in and wants to know what Jason and Dante could be talking about and how this could land Dante in front of an IA board. Dante covers and tells the mayor that he was questioning Jason regarding the car bombing. Jason says he was going to call his lawyer. Dante mentions how he might need her number. Jason says he won't need it, to just ask Sam and Spinelli about the mayor being in bed with a hooker. Dante says he has the same evidence. Mayor Floyd tells Dante not to push his luck and leaves. Jason says he hates that guy. Dante questioning why Jason stuck his neck out for him. Jason says that Michael needs Dante and until then he will. Jason walks into the Penthouse on the phone with Spinelli asking if he found anything on the Balkan. Jason pushes Spinelli to find something and hangs up. Sonny is at the door asking for Brenda. Jason says she's in her room.

October 18, 2010

Jason and Sonny talk about the Balkan and how spinelli has come up with nothing on the Balkan. Sonny tells Jason about the two men who tried to grab Brenda in Rome and she said it was because of her charity work. Jason thinks that there is more that she is telling. Jason's phone rings.  He takes the call and Sonny slips upstairs. Spinelli comes in and says there is not much info out there about the Balkan. Dante comes down and demands that Jason keep Brenda out of his business. Spinelli comments that Brenda must have tried to foster an accord between Dante and Sonny. Jason thinks that it doesn't make any sense. Spinelli and Jason briefly discuss what Brenda is doing. Jason calls Max and asks if he let Dante in. He says she is not to have visitors. Jason wants to know what spinelli has found on the Balkan. Spinelli has a a list of 5 names that the law enforcement suspects could be the Balkan. Jason says that he wants spinelli to research them and narrow it done for him. Spinelli thinks that it might be a problem because the Balkan has done such a good job at hiding his identity. They come to the conclusion that the Balin may be after Brenda because she knows who he. Jason comes into Brenda's room while she is trying to make Sonny get away from her. Sonny leaves. Brenda and Jason argue over Sonny being up there. Jason wants her to calm down and then come down stairs and talk to him. Brenda comes down. Jason asks her again why the Balkan is trying to grab her. Brenda says she needs to go back to Rome. Jason tells her if she goes back to Rome she will be dead. He wants to know if she understands that and she says yes. He tells her that he is trying to save her life because the Balkan isn't going to stop and somebody could get hurt because she is lying. Brenda tells Jason that she hates him. Sonny comes back. He didn't want to leave things with Brenda they way they were. Jason says good then you deal with her and he leaves. Jason is at the Metrocourt with Luke. Luke tells Jason that he has rubbed some heavy hitter the wrong way on his last trip to Europe. Now he's reaching out to squeeze Luke with local muscle through Johnny. He has a feeling it's not going to be too long before they reach out to Jason and Sonny. Luke is just hoping that they can avoid conflict. Jason assures him that no one in their organization will go against Luke. Luke appreciates it. Jason wants to know who is giving Luke trouble Luke tells Jason that the nobody knows who he is but he goes by the Balkan.

October 19, 2010

Luke tells Jason that he is giving him information about the Balkan as a courtesy. Jason asks why The Balkan is targeting him? Luke wants to know why. Jason is trying to gather all the information he can on this guy so that he can stop him. Luke knows that Jason is not doing it for him. Jason tells him that The Balkan is threatening Brenda and she is not gonna be safe unless this guy is dead. Luke tells him that he has is work cut out for him. Jason wants to know if Luke has done any business with the Balkan. Luke says no not directly. Jason asks if Luke has any idea who he is or where he can find him. He says that he has heard Paris, Prague, Budapest, further east, rumors put him everywhere, and no one knows who he is. Luke asks what does he want with Brenda. Jason tells him that he has tried to kidnap her a few times. He obviously wants to take her. She knows something, but she's not telling him what it is. Jason asks if there is any chance that the Balkan is targeting Luke to get to her here? Luke explains that the Balkan is actually after lucky. Luke tells Jason about how he stumbled into Lucky's undercover assignement for Interpol. He says he was in danger of blowing Lucky's cover so he left. The Balkan has traced him here and wants to talk to him about Ronan O'Reilly. Jason thanks him for the for the information and asks that if Luke hears anything else to let him know.  Luke says he will and he asks Jason to do the same. Jason agrees and leaves. Jason is at the office talking to Sonny. He tells about the Balkan targeting Luke and Lucky's undercover work. Sonny asks if they have found out who the Balkan is? Jason says no but Luke said he's gonna pass on any information. Sonny wants to talk about Brenda. Sonny tells Jason there's something going on with her. He thought that he could help but then he realized that he is the one doing this to her. Sonny wants to know what did Jason and Brenda talk about after he left. Jason says that he asked her about the Balkan. He know that she's hiding something from him and he told her that he waws tired of her lying to him. Sonny wants to know how did she react? Jason says not good. He told her that somebody's gonna get hurt or somebody's gonna die and it's gonna be on her. Sonny says that she's fragile and scared and Jason need to be patient with her. Jason says that he is trying. Sonny wants Jason to promise that he will take care of her. Jason does. Sam is outside the Penthouse. She asks Max and Milo if Jason is home they say no but Brenda is. Sam goes inside and her and Brenda exchanges hellos. Sam says that she has plans with Jason tonight. Brenda tells her that she has to tell Jason one thing then she will get out of their way. Sam tells her that she knows that Brenda doesn't want to be there but she doesn't have to leave the room every time she is there. Brenda tells that Sam shouldn't feel like she can't have any time alone with Jason. Jason comes in and says that he sorry for yelling at Brenda. She tells him not to say he is sorry for anything. He has turned his life upside down to protect her. He says that he understands that she had to leave her home and that it has been hard on her. Brenda says that she is sorry for telling him that it was his fault. He says that he is going to do his job so that she can return to her life. Brenda excuses herself from the room so that Jason and Sam can have time together. Sam wants to know what happened. Jason doesn't know he thought it was about Sonny but now he is not so sure. Jason says that has gotta handle Brenda better. Sam thinks that Brenda could be a nicer to him. Jason just wants to find this guy and just get her back to Rome.S am tells Jason that she knows this is no picnic for him but she really admires the way he is taking care of her and being responsible. She know it's the last thing on earth he probably want to do. Jason says that it would be worse without Sam. Sam ask if he is sure. She doesn't want to get in the way. He says that having her around keeps him sane. She says good and talks about heating up the food. Jason wants to go upstairs but she says no that it would be too weird with Brenda there but he can come to her place later. Sam goes and heats up the food in the kitchen. Jason makes a call and asks if there is anything on the Balkan yet?

October 21, 2010

Brenda comes down the stairs. She thanks Jason for everything that he's done but she thinks it would be best for everyone if she left. Jason tells her he will take Brenda anywhere she wants to go but she needs to tell him why the Balkan is after her. Jason thinks that Brenda knows exactly why the Balkan is after her and she is getting more afraid all the time. He wants to protect her but she needs to cooperate. Brenda says that it is bigger than Jason signed on for and she's going to fix it. Jason ask how. Jason promises he won't tell anyone if she tells him. Brenda says she doesn't know what he wants. Jason says they'll have to wait for the Balkan to show then unless she tells him something. Jason mentions that Brenda was upset last night. Brenda wants to know why Jason sent Sonny to her room. Jason says he didn't know Sonny was going up there but Sonny agreed to stay away. Brenda says thank you. Jason asks if Brenda is keeping quiet to protect someone. She argues that she isn't. Jason hopes it isn't too late when she finally is scared enough to tell the truth. Brenda leaves. Jason walks in the office at the restaurant. Sonny asks how Brenda is and wants to know if she said anything about the Balkan. Jason says no. Conan walks in holding a scented envelope and gives it to Sonny. Jason asks what it is and Sonny says its invitation from Claire. Jason walks into the Penthouse yelling for Brenda and Spinelli. They're not there. Jason sits on the couch enjoying the quiet when Carly starts banging on the door calling for Jason. Jason lets her in and asks if Michael is okay. Carly says Michael is fine. She looks at Jason and kisses him.

October 22, 2010

Carly is kissing Jason. He pushes her away. Jason wants to know what is going on and Carly says Jason is her only hope to hold onto Jax so she needs to sleep with him. Jason's not going to sleep with her. Carly says that Brenda wants to help herself to Carly's husband. Jason tells Carly that all Brenda wants to do is go back to Rome so she needs to stay out of the way so he can make that happen. Carly says that Jason is suppose to be the one person she can count on to see Brenda who she really is. Jason tells Carly she should talk to Jax and not kiss him. Carly says that Brenda is Jax's great love and she doesn't know how to fight her. Jason reminds Carly that Brenda and Jax ended it but Carly says it doesn't mean that Jax ever stopped loving Brenda. Jason tells Carly that she and Jax have Josslyn and that is more important than what Jax and Brenda had in the past. Carly believes that men like Jax want a woman who need rescuing. She asks Jason to help make Jax jealous but he says no. Carly tells Jason that Jax knows that Carly gets upset she acts out and does crazy things. Jason wants Carly to stop giving Brenda more power than she deserves. Jason says to be patient and that Brenda gone soon. Carly says with Jax with her. Jason wants to know when any of her crazy plans have worked. Carly says not all her crazy plans fail and tells Jason how she set up Sonny and Claire to meet for dinner so Claire won't go after Michael but with Sonny occupied, it leaves Jax open to Brenda. Brenda walks in Carly is talking and hears. Brenda tells Carly she doesn't want to make Carly feel insecure about her marriage. Carly tells Jason she'll talk to him later and goes to leave. Brenda tells Carly she might feel insecure about her husband because she hasn't been the most loyal wife. Carly reminds Brenda how she has played Jax and Sonny against each other for years and she sees her for who she really is; a desperate insecure slut who will sleep with anyone to get attention. Brenda wants to know why she's so jealous. Carly says she's not jealous because Brenda's life has no substance. That she is nothing but a pretty face. Brenda tells Carly that her one claim to fame is hooking her claws into Jason when he didn't know any better. Carly says that Jason can count on her and she him but who can count on Brenda? No one. That she is as shallow as a mud puddle and that is why it is so easy to leave her. Carly walks out the door. Brenda says to Jason that some things never change. Jason tells Brenda to stay away from Carly. That she doesn't want to piss her off. Jason on the docks and Lucky comes up to him speaking with his Irish accent. Lucky tells Jason if anyone asks he's Ronan. Jason says that Lucky wanted his help. Lucky asks if he knows where Brenda is because he's suppose to kidnap her. Jason asks if he has anything on the Balkan. Lucky says he's like a ghost; that all contact has been thru a go between. Lucky says he's to grab Brenda and wait for further instruction. Jason asks if he knows why the Balkan is after Brenda. The Balkan's man is hiding and taking pictures of Jason and Lucky.

October 25, 2010

Jason and Lucky on the docks talking about Jason bringing Brenda to Port Charles to lure the Balkan there and Lucky's assignment to kidnap her. Lucky thinks that this could work to their advantage. Jason asks if Lucky wants him to let him stage a kidnapping? Lucky says yes. He will contact the Balkan as Ronan and make it clear that he will only hand Brenda over if he shows up in person. Jason sees a few problems with this plan. Brenda's not exactly cooperative. Lucky thinks that Jason could deal with that. He asks what else? Jason says the Balkan is only gonna show up in person if he trust Lucky. Lucky tells him that is not going well. He says that they are still testing him. He tells him about the order to kill Siobhan and him hiding her at Wyndemere. Jason says but that's not the same thing as leaving a body. Lucky says at least it's consistent with Ronan's methodology. Jason knows that the Balkan is not gonna be put off so easily about Brenda. Lucky says if he says he has her, he will have to produce her. Jason says you can only produce her to him in person. It does us no good to take out more of his guys. Lucky thinks if showing up in person is the only way he can get Brenda, he's gonna come. Jason wants to know if Lucky is okay with where all this is gonna lead? Lucky just wants to keep this as simple as possible. Lucky talks about all the evil the Balkan does and how fate has put him in a position to take this guy down.  He is not backing out. They talk about why the Balkan wants Brenda. Lucky thinks it her chrity work but Jason knows there is more. But Brenda's not talking. Lucky tells him that he will find a way to be in touch. The Balkans's henchman watches and photgraphs them. Sonny and Jason at the office talking about Brenda. Jason just wants to talk about business. He tells Sonny about Lucky and the kidnapping plan. Sonny wants to be clear that Brenda is not to be used as bait. Sam at the Penthouse. She says hello to Brenda and Brenda tells her that Jason is not home. Sam says that Max and Milo told her. She is used to waiting for him to come home. Brenda says that he has hardly seen Sam. Sam has been busy with work. She has some free time and wants to spend it with Jason. They try to spend as much time together as they can. Brenda tells her that they are lucky. Sonny says the point is to protect Brenda, not to make her a target. Jason says that if there's any way not to involve Brenda, he is gonna take it. Sonny says that he is gonna have to because Brenda doesn't know her limitations. Sonny talking about Brenda walking around in Rome when she knew people were out to get her. Jason tells him that he can trust him protect Brenda. Sonny knows that. Sonny needs to let this go because that is what Brenda wants. Sam opens the door at the Penthouse. Jax is there to see Brenda. Brenda says goodbye to Sam and leaves with Jax. Jason and Sam kissing at the Penthouse. Jason tells her how happy he is to come home and find her there. Sam says that she has been staying away because of Brenda, but she has decided she is not gonna do that anymore. Jason tells her not to stay away. He tells her that if the whole plan with Lucky works out then Brenda will be gone. Sam tells him that the plan could work but they need to change one thing. He needs to use her as the bait instead of Brenda.

October 26, 2010

Replay of Jason and Sam talking about the plan. Sam wants Jason to hear her out. She thinks that she looks enough like Brenda. He is not going to take that risk. As much as he hates it, he has to use Brenda. Jason tells Sam that if they use Brenda and something goes wrong, the Balkan might not kill her. But if he sees that she is not Brenda, she is dead. Sam says that Jason doesn't know how this guy operates. He doesn't know how many men he's going to bring. He doesn't even know what he looks like. He is going to need all the help he can get. Jason has Lucky. Sam is concerned that he is walking into an extremely dangerous situation. He is going to have to be making decisions on the fly so he needs somebody there that can read his cues and can react to him. That's her. They work really well together. He appreciates the offer but he can not accept it. Sam wants to know why not. He says if something goes wrong and she is spotted as a decoy, she is not safe and they blow the whole meeting. He only gets one shot at this and he can't take any chances. Sam wants to know if he really wants to depend on Brenda in a life or death situation. Jason says that Brenda is motivated. She wants this over with. Sam is talking about how Jason is the one who told her that Brenda is impulsive and volatile. She is the wrong choice to handle a guy like this. Jason thinks that it is better then using Sam as a decoy. Sam can't see why. He says if the Balkan realizes that he's been double crossed Lucky's cover is blown and Sam and Lucky could die if something goes wrong. Why would he do that? Sam says because Brenda walking into this meeting could turn it into a disaster. She know that Brenda genuinely wants to help but Jason is the one who said that she has no idea what she can actually handle. Sam pictures Brenda walking into this meeting and jumping on some guy's back that's three times her size and getting taken hostage. She tells him that he has to pull this off and he only gets one shot. He needs her to make it work. Jax and Brenda enter the Penthouse. Jax tells Jason that he has had police security added for Brenda. Jason tells him not to bother. He has it covered. Jax leaves. Brenda wants Jason to be nicer to her friends. Jason thinks that her friends should appreciate that he has dropped everything to help her. Brenda wants him to come up with a plan. He tells her that he has a lead on the Balkan and is going to meet with him on Friday and then turn her over to him. Brenda wants to know what he means. He tells her about the kidnapping plan but that she will be at the Penthouse and Sam will be going in her place. Brenda is upset. She doesn't want Sam going in her place. Jason says that it is a good plan. Lucky is working undercover and he is going to setup the meeting, kidnap Sam, use her to lure the Balkan into an ambush. Brenda says no, because the Balkan wants her. So why would they send Sam in her place? She's going to get hurt. Sam says because she has more experience. Brenda appreciates that. Jason says that Sam knows how to use a gun and they work well together. Brenda is mad. She doesn't like the plan. There is a knock on the door. It's Dante. He has been assigned to guard Brenda. Brenda doesn't want him to guard her. He tells her he has no choice. Jason likes the idea. It will help while he is dealing with the Balkan. Dante leaves and says that he will be back in the morning. Brenda tells Jason that she does not want Dante's help. Jason says he can use it. Brenda says get someone else and that the Balkan is targeting her so she will be the bait. Jason says that this is actually good because Dante can protect her while he deals with the Balkan. Brenda says that Dante's not protecting her and she is going on Friday. Jason tells her she is not. Brenda doesn't want Sam or anyone else risking their life for her. Jason tells her that Sam's been in this situation before. She's going to go in Brenda's place. Brenda goes up stairs saying that Sam is not going in her place. Sam grabs her and Jason's beers off the pool table. She hands Jason's his beer and says that she thought that went well.

October 28, 2010

Sam comes into the Penthouse. She asks Jason how Brenda is. Jason says not talking to him. He understands Brenda's point that she doesn't want Sam to get hurt. Suzanne is at the door and wants to know what is going on with Brenda. Jason tells her that the Balkan plans to kidnap Brenda and she is going to help set it up. Jason and Sam update her on the plan. Suzanne thinks its a good plan but doesn't stand a chance because of Brenda. Spinelli comes down the stairs and talks about what Brenda is doing. Sam thinks they should consider locking Brenda in her room. Jason says Dante will take care of Brenda. Spinelli says that Brenda hates the plan. That the Balkan will see right thru and will kill everyone and it will be all Jason's fault. Spinelli says that Brenda wants to take part in the ambush. Suzanne says that Brenda hates the idea of anyone doing something in her place even getting kidnapped. Jason wants to go check out the warehouse and Sam will meet him there. Suzanne says you need to reason with Brenda. Jason tells her to go ahead and try. Suzanne tells Jason that Brenda doesn't listen to her but does listen to Jason. Jason says no she doesn't. Suzanne wants Jason to try and explain the situation and not give orders. Jason is just trying to do his job. Suzanne says that Brenda wants Jason to trust her and deep down she wants his respect. Jason wants to deal with the Balkan and get Brenda back to Rome. Suzanne says she will set up the reason to get Brenda to the car and pray that the real Brenda will stay at the Penthouse. Jason and Sam are at the warehouse. Sam wants to know that when the Balkan dies that Lucky agrees to look the other way. Jason says that Interpol just wants Lucky to find and identify the Balkin and that will be easier with the Balkan dead. Lucky has agreed to leave Jason out all official reports. Sam thinks this could go wrong in a lot of ways. Jason says he'll get someone else if she's having second thoughts. Sam says its not about her but him. She use to think that he would never get caught or go to prison but after Michael, she gets it that anyone can go to prison. Sam apologizes that she is being selfish but she doesn't want to lose any more time with him. Jason hugs Sam. Sam is testing different ways to escape the warehouse but Jason keeps catching her. Sam says a lot of this will depend on Lucky. Jason tells Sam if something goes wrong he wants her to leave. Sam wants Jason to do the same. Jason tells Sam he is not going to leave her and Sam says neither is she. They kiss. Jason and Sam walk back into the Penthouse and tell Spinelli he found the perfect place for the ambush and if they get the Balkin there everything could be over that night. Spinelli tells Jason that Brenda is still having reservations about the plan. As Jason goes to try and talk to Brenda, Suzanne comes down and says that Brenda finally agreed to stay put. Sam goes up stairs to get ready. Suzanne tells Jason that Brenda is going to pull something. She gave in way too easily and that he better have a plan B or C or D. Dante is at the door. He asks where Brenda is. Suzanne introduces herself. Spinelli says that Brenda is upstairs brave and determined unlike Michael and hopes those attributes don't land her in Pentonville. There's awkward silence. Suzanne says a car will be there in half an hour and she leaves. Jason tells Dante that Brenda will be kidnapped. Dante says that Sam is taking a big risk. Jason says that Sam knows what to do. Jason needs Dante to keep Brenda there. He tells him that Brenda will try and talk him out of it and not to fall for it. Sam comes down the stairs as Brenda and asks what do they think.

October 29, 2010

Jason and Dante tell Sam she looks great as Brenda. Dante thinks they should bring in an undercover cop for this. Sam tells him she sell it long enough to get the Balkan out in the open. Jason says that this is Lucky's plan but it won't work if Dante can't control Brenda. Jason and Sam go over the plan with Dante. Dante says that Jason would kill Romin O'Reilly and the Balkan knows that. Dante says that Max and Milo are going to be the guards. Dante tells Max and Milo about the kidnapping plan. Jason doesn't like changing the plan on Lucky, but Sam agrees with Dante that it would be more believable if Lucky grabs her from Max and Milo versus Jason. Milo is eager to help. Jason warns Max and Milo that Lucky will demand that they turn Brenda over to him and he will be armed. Spinelli comes racing down the stairs that he must find op tra for Brenda. Dante asks if they know what to do and Max goes over the plan. Jason tells Sam to be careful and he'll meet her at the warehouse. Sam leaves with Max and Milo. Brenda comes down and says this isn't going to work. Jason and Brenda start arguing. Jason is leaving as Brenda says if something happens to him it will be his fault. Brenda shuts the door and says to Dante that he is the only one who knows why the Balkan is after her and they are the only ones that can stop this. Max and Milo walk out of the building with Sam as Lucky runs up and grabs her. Lucky tells them guns on the ground and Max and Milo do as he says. Lucky walks away with Sam. Max gets on the phone as Milo goes to get the car. Lucky brings Sam into the warehouse and Jason is there. He says the Balkan isn't there and Lucky unties Sam. Lucky says this was the easy part. Sam and Jason are hugging as Lucky gets on the phone letting the Balkan's man know he has Brenda and demands that the Balkan come for Brenda himself then hangs up. Sam asks if he went for it and Lucky says they'll find out soon enough. Lucky takes out duct tape from a bag and ties Sam's hands together as Jason watches. Lucky keeps the tape loose so Sam can move her hands. Jason ask if she check her gun and Sam says its loaded and her knife is in her boot. Jason wants Sam to shoot the Balkan before they can lay a hand on her. Jason and Sam say I love you and kiss. Jason goes to hide in the warehouse and Lucky puts a sack over Sam's head.

November 1, 2010

Sam, Jason and Lucky at the warehouse. Lucky pulls the sack off of Sam's head for a minute and apologizes but he wants it to look real. Sam reassures him that its fine and to put it back on. Lucky thinks the Balkan should be there any minute. Jason's cell phone rings. It is Spinelli telling him that Brenda is gone. Spinelli gives him teh details from the security camera. Jason is not worried because Brenda doesn't know where the setup is. Spinelli tells him that he told Brenda where they were. Jason tells Sam and Lucky that it is off because Brenda is on her way. Lucky is concerned because so is the Balkan. Jason thinks that someone blew Luckys cover. Lucky thinks that they can still save it. Jason, Sam and Lucky come around the corner and see Brenda with a gun and a man dead on the ground. Jason calms her and gets her to put the gun down. Dante wants to call it in to the PCPD. Jason doesn't. Dante tells him that it was self defense. He thinks that Lucky's cover has been blown. Lucky thinks that Dante is overreacting. Brenda is confused. Jason tells her that she needs to make a statement and then it will be over. Brenda is saying that she is not going to make a statement. She looks at Dante and says that they weren't ever going to tell anyone. Lucky still thinks they can make it work and wants to set up another meeting. Dante thinks that it is too risky. Jason says that they need to get out of there and that Brenda is in no shape to make a statement. He also says that Lucky can't risk any connection the them. Dante says that they have a dead body, it was self defense and he has to call it in. Lucky doesn't want him to because it will blow his cover. Dante says fine Lucky was never there and neither was Sam. He says that Jason was in the warehouse. He heard a noise, he came out here and found Brenda holding a gun. Lucky and Jason agree. Lucky and Sam leave. Dante calls it in. Brenda asks why he is doing this? She thought that they were never going to tell. Sam and Spinelli at the Penthouse. Sam tells him about Brenda shooting the guy. Spinelli is concerned about Brenda. Sam asks if he has any idea what this means? Brenda has ruined everything. She has compromised Lucky's cover. She got the PCPD involved. And She blew any chance of catching the Balkan. Jason, Brenda and Dante walking into the PCPD. Brenda is still talking about not wanting to make a statement and telling Dante she thought they weren't going to say anything. Jason asks Dante what the Brenda is talking about. Jax comes to the Penthouse to see how Brenda's doing. Sam tells him about how the shooting. Jax wants to know where Benda is? Sam tells him that she is at the PCPD with Jason. Jax says that Brenda can't stand Jason. Sam thinks that Jason and have a Brenda a connection that they aren't even aware of. Jason is on the phone with Diane. He needs her at the police station. He doesn't want Brenda saying anything to anybody. He tells Brenda that his lawyer is on her way. Brenda wants to know why she needs a lawyer. Jason says  it is just as a precaution. He is gonna get her through this. He wants to know what happened. She says this time or the time before?

November 2, 2010

Brenda wants Jason to stay with her. He tells her that she can trust Diane. Brenda says she doesn't remember what happened that night or before. Jason wants to know what happened before. Brenda says they promised that they weren't gonna tell anyone. Jason wants to help her but he needs to know what happened. She assures him that she is telling the truth. She says that she never met the Balkan but there was another guy. Diane enters and wants to know exactly what happened and what Brenda has told the police. Brenda doesn't want to answer any questions and she doesn't care what happens to her. Diane tries to put Brenda at ease. Brenda still doesn't want to talk. Jason wants Diane to get Brenda out of there. Sam and Spinelli at the Penthouse. She wants him to hack into the PCPD mainframe and see what's going on. Spinelli is moved by her concern for Brenda. Sam explains that it is Jason that she is worried about. Spinelli thinks Jason was kind to stay with Brenda. Sam says Brenda's lucky to have someone like Jason to protect her. She just didn't realize what a huge undertaking this was gonna be. Spinelli feels that it's not Brenda's fault. Sam thinks that Brenda is not the most stable person. It's really hard to help somebody like that. Spinelli wants Sam to muster up a bit of sympathy. Sam gets that Brenda's in danger. She just thinks there's more to the story here. Sam explains the shooting and how Brenda was acting. Spinelli is confused about why Brenda would confide in Dante. Sam tells him about the we would never tell stuff. Jason and Brenda are still at the PCPD. He tells her to tell Diane what happened. The more information she has, the sooner he can get her home. Brenda tells Diane she knew where the meeting was and what she was doing there. Diane agrees that they were right about not wanting Brenda to make a statement because it sounds like she knows far too much about some sort of ambush. Agent Bates comes and and wants to question Brenda. He wants Jason to leave  but Brenda wants him there. Jason tries to stay but eventually has to leave. Diane tells the agent that Brenda has nothing to hide but is not able to make a statement right now. Outside the interragation room, Dante tells Jason that he doesn't like that she's in there with Bates. Jason says that she's got the shooting mixed up with something that happened in the past. He asks if Dante knows what she was talking about in the alley. Back at the Penthouse, Spinelli tells Sam that they are still at the PCPD. He has no other info. Spnnielli comments on that Sam must be exhausted. Sam says that she did have a big rush of adrenaline earlier but she must have crashed somewhere. She can barely keep her eyes open. Spinelli says that she should go to bed and he will keep monitoring the PCPD for any developments. Sam says that part of her wants to stay up and then she stops and says how it was really weird. Brenda was totally freaked out, and it was like Jason's voice was the only thing that could calm her down. Spinelli apologizes if anything he has said about Jason and Brenda revisiting their romance that never was has upset up her. Sam says that he has nothing to apologize for. She doesn't know what she is saying. She knows that Jason loves her. Spinelli tells that Jason does love her deeply and sincerely. Sam feels bad for Brenda. She's in a world of pain. She's got to be terrified and she's got a killer after her. Dante tells Jasons that he couldn't make any sense of what Brenda was saying. She was hysterical. Jason says that Brenda kept saying something about what happened before so he asked her about it. Dante wants to know what she said. Jason tells him that she started to tell him but she didn't finish. Diane gets Brenda released. Jason wants to take Brenda home. Diane wants to talk about the situation between Sonny and Claire. Jason says that is for Sonny to deal with he is taking Brenda home. Diane informs Brenda that she will need to come into the PCPD at some point to make a statement. Brenda thanks her and she and Jason leave. Brenda and Jason enter a dark Penthouse she comments that it looks like there alone. Jason tells her that Sam and Spinelli are probably sleeping. Brenda thanks him for helping her and that she knows that she blew his plan. He tells her to go to bed and they will discuss it in the morning. Jason goes upstairs to his room and looks out the window for a few seconds then he kicks off his shoes and cuddles in bed with a sleeping Sam. He hears a Brenda scream and he runs into her room. She is screaming from a nightmare. She gets up and hugs Jason. Sam walks in to see them hugging and then backs away and leaves the room.

November 3, 2010

Sam is at the Penthouse reading the paper when Jason comes down the stairs. She asks how Benda is. Jason says that she finally calmed down and fell asleep around 4. He didn't feel right leaving her. Sam says how she tried to stay up until he got home. Jason tells her that she looked so peaceful that he figured that he could tell her this morning what he would have said last night. It took real courage for her to be in that kind of situation. Sam thanks him and comments on how she wasn't in any danger after all. She wants to know how Brenda was at the police station. Jason says bad. Sam says that Brenda was kind of out of it. Jason tells Sam how she was too flipped out to make a statement and Diane showed up and got into an argument with agent Bates, then Claire showed up and then Sonny walked in. Sam says that is not good. Jason tells her that Diane thinks Claire's gonna rain hell down on Sonny. Jason thinks that there's something else going on. Sam says I love you. I'm so glad you just said that. I was thinking the same thing. Jason thinks that Brenda was too freaked out about what happened. Sam understands because she did just kill a man and that can be really traumatic. Jason knows but there was something off. Sam agrees. Spinelli coms in from an errand for Brenda. Jason tells him that Brenda is asleep. He wants Spinelli to sit down. Jason knows that Spinelli told Brenda where the ambush was taking place. Spinelli tries to justify his actions. Jason asks Spinelli if he trusts him with important information. Spinelli says yes andhe betrayed that trust. Jason thinks it might be easier if Spinelli goes to a hotel until Brenda goes back to Rome. Spinelli does not want to leave the Penthouse. He assures Jason that it will not happen again. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli has learned his lesson. Jason says that he can stay but he needs to keep his mouth shut. Jason and Sam in the alley where the shooting took place going over what happened. Jason doesn't exactly remember what he said to Brenda. He just wanted to get the gun because he didn't want her to pull the trigger but she said to Dante, "you said you were never gonna say anything." It doesn't make any sense to Sam either because Brenda and Dante barely even know each other. What Sam doesn't get is why didn't Dante just shoot the guy himself instead of taking to hand-to-hand combat. Jason thinks that maybe he didn't want Brenda to get caught in the crossfire. Sam doesn't know about that. She thinks that if it were lulu it would make sense because when you're in love, it's a little bit harder to keep things professional. Dante was doing his job so why didn't he call for backup or try and keep the situation a little cooler. Jason thinks Sam may be right. Dante wasn't anywhere near as flipped out as Brenda but he was definitely off. And Brenda kept saying about how they weren't gonna say anything about what happened before. At first, he thought she had Dante confused with somebody else but she said it again at the PCPD.S am wants to know what he's suggesting. Jason says whatever Brenda was freaking out about, how could Dante have been there. Jason walks into the Penthouse and catches Carly and Spinelli looking at his laptop. Carly says what would you say if you found out there was a past connection between Dante and Brenda?

November 4, 2010

Carly and Spinelli are talking about getting information on Brenda and Dante when Jason walks in. He wants to know what's going on. Carly says it would be great to find out if Dante and Brenda have a history unless Jason already knows something. Carly asks Jason he wants to find out if Brenda and Jason have been lying to everyone. Jason shuts Spinelli's laptop and says he's not allowed to give out and information unless Jason says so. Carly knows and she approves when it comes to Brenda because she has proven she can't be trusted. Carly can't believe that Jason doesn't want to find out if Dante was one of Brenda's guards. Jason wants to what does it matter. Carly says she can't believe he doesn't want to know if they are lying to him. Jason tells Carly he knows she wants revenge on Dante and he has bigger problems. Jason says that Brenda shot a guy. That she isn't as strong as Carly and he has to help her. Carly doesn't understand why Jason feels obligated to Brenda when she wouldn't do the same for him. Jason says someone is trying to hurt Brenda, so he shouldn't help? Carly wants to know who Jason would save Brenda or her if they were dangling over a pit of alligators? Jason doesn't answer so Carly says you would save me and leaves. Jason wants to know if she is onto something with Brenda and Dante. Spinelli tells Jason that it is true that Dante was her guard in 2007. Jason tells him to keep looking but not to tell Brenda anything. Spinelli says he has learned his lesson. Brenda walks in. She wants to know if they are discussing something she isn't suppose to hear. Jason tells her that he doesn't tell her certain things for a reason but Spinelli forgot for a moment. Brenda apologizes to Spinelli and that Jason should be mad at her. Spinelli begins saying how wonderful the Divine One is and Jason interrupts. Spinelli walks away. Brenda wants to know why Jason is mad as Spinelli. He says he's not; that she worked in over for information and almost got killed. Brenda says she's sorry. Jason asks where she went. Brenda says that she went to visit Edward and he should go to see him. Jason starts to argue with her but stops and wants to know about the other guy she shot. Brenda doesn't say anything. Jason says he will wait but she is going to have to tell him the truth because they lost the advantage they had with the Balkan and they are back to square one. Jason tells Brenda that she was very disoriented after she shot the guy and it was obvious she was mixed up in another shooting. Did someone else die? Dante is at the door. Jason says he wants to talk to him. Brenda apologizes to Dante for hitting him. Dantes says all that matters is she is safe. He tells them that Sonny is in custody. That they found proof that Sonny order the the car bombing on Johnny's car. Sonny's ok and that Diane is on it. Brenda wants to go see Sonny. Jason says fine. Dante starts to tell Jason that he heard the recording and that it was definitely Sonny. Jason stops him and says that there is a conflict of interest with Sonny and it would be better if they don't discuss him. Dante agrees. Dante asks if Jason heard from Lucky. That the Balkan's men have the girl Lucky brought home with him. Jason wants Dante to be honest with him. Jason wants to know how well Dante got to know Brenda when he was guarding him. Jason wants to know what happen in 2007 that got Brenda got mixed up with the guy she shot. Dante says he was one of four guards and was basically opening doors for her. Jason asks if they are hiding something. Dante gets a text. The Balkan wants to trade Lucky's girls for Brenda.

November 5, 2010

Lucky comes into the Penthouse. He says he check all the buildings and warehouses along the docks and there is no sign of the Siobhan or the Balkan's men. Dante tells him about the trade. Lucky wants to know when and Jason says its not going to happen. Lucky tells him that they will kill Siobhan. Jason says what do you think will happen to Brenda. Lucky doesn't think an innocent woman should die. He thinks they should agree to the trade and when they bring out Siobhan they ambush them. Jason says that Brenda is barely holding it together. Lucky says we're all barely holding it together. This is an enormous mess but if they don't do something Siobhan is as good as day. Jason says they have to find a way to stall. That the Balkan doesn't have any contacts here and maybe they can find out where he's hiding Siohban without using Brenda. Lucky's says that maybe isn't good enough; that they have to make the trade and it has to be Brenda. Lucky says that Siobhan was taken for leverage. Jason says that Brenda killed a man and is in no condition to go along with the plan. Dante reminds Lucky about how he felt the first time he shot someone. That even with all the training it changed him. That Lucky saw how messed up Brenda was. Lucky thinks Brenda could get thru it and that its not the first time she's been around bullets. Jason says that if something goes wrong and the Balkan grabs Brenda, they have no way of finding them and he won't risk it. Lucky wants to know why its ok to risk Siobhan's life. Dante says they're not getting anywhere and wants to leave. Lucky tells Jason if he doesn't show up with Brenda they will kill Siobhan. Dante says that won't happen. Lucky says that he won't let Siobhan die. Dante and Lucky leave. Jason is on the phone saying he wants the Balkan found before he makes another move on Brenda. Brenda comes in and Jason asks about Sonny. She tells him that Sonny planted a bomb that almost killed his daughter and his daughter is going to find out about it so how does he think Sonny is doing. Jason tells Brenda about Siobhan being kidnapped and that the Balkan wants to trade her for Brenda. Brenda wants to go ahead with the ambush. Jason says he's trying to stall long enough to find Siobhan and that its safer. Brenda asks about Siobhan. Jason says that the Balkan is just using her to get to Brenda and that it would be easier to stop him if he knew why the Balkan was after Brenda. Brenda wants to Jason but she can't. Jason brings up about Dante guarding her in New York. That she flipped out in the alley and slipped up with Dante. That she was remember something and he wants to know what it has to do with the Balkan. Brenda wants to tell him the truth but she can't so she wants to go along with the trade. Jason says its not that simple. That he's worried about this one and it could get ugly. Jason says that there's a good chance the ambush won't work and the Balkan will grab her and disappear. Brenda is willing to take the chance or maybe he won't let that happen. Jason says he can't make those guarantees. Brenda says that its a chance she will take. She doesn't want to see an innocent girl killed. Brenda tells Jason to come up with a great plan and to stop leaving her out of it. Lucky and Dante come back. Dante says that the Balkan set up a time and place for the trade. Lucky tells Brenda if the Balkan doesn't see her but Brenda says they'll see her. Dante tells Jason where the Balkan wants to meet and Jason says its not going to work; that its too wide open. Dante agrees. Jason mentions another place that has plenty of cover for a sniper. Lucky says they can't afford any misshots. Jason tells them that he's not going to let Brenda go to the warehouse so its that or nothing. Lucky goes to make the call and Jason asks Dante to stay with Brenda. Jason leaves. Brenda tells Dante that Jason knows she is hiding something from him. Brenda says that if anyone finds out the truth he will get hurt and no one can know what really happen. Jason and Lucky are in the hallway while Lucky is on the phone. He tells the guy they are on for the trade but the location has changed. The guys says he might want to rethink that and holds the phone up to Siobhan. Siobhan says that she hopes that they make the bastard pay. The guy pulls her hair and she screams. Lucky yells her name.

November 8, 2010

Jason and Lucky, Lucky is on the phone with one of Balkanís thugs. Lucky is arguing with the guy on the arrangements to trade Brenda and Siobhan. Lucky wants to know that Siobhan is ok. Jason wants Lucky to calm down. Lucky continues to argue on the phone. Jason understands that he is worried about Siobhan. Lucky tells Jason that she shouldn't be anywhere near this. It was his responsibility-Jason tells him unless you want to be responsible for one of us dying, you better get yourself under control. Dante assures Brenda that she has the numbers on her side. Cops and mobsters working together. That doesn't happen too often. The Balkan doesn't stand a chance.Lucky says Ok, he bit. We're meeting on the bluffs. Lucky asks Brenda if she is she is up for this. Brenda feels responsible for Siobhan being grabbed. Lucky doesn't want her to blame herself it is his fault that she was grabbed. Jason just wants to get it done. Brenda says all right, so are we walking into a trap? Jason wants to assume they are, so yes. Dante says that they have to be preemptive.Jason says that there is no room for error tonight He wants Brenda to do exactly what he says. She wants to know what the plan is. Her and Lucky will proceed to the designated spot. And then Dante and Jason will be in sniper position. The tell her that one wrong move and she can be in the line of fire. They are going over the plan and where everyone is going to be located. Dante wants to assume that the Balkan's going to have at least a couple of guys, maybe more, covering the rear. Jason wants Brenda to take cover as soon as the shooting starts. He tells her to hit the ground and not to move unless it is absolutely necessary. And if she has to move, he wants her to go backward, not forward. He does not want her in the line of fire. Brenda understands. Lucky is going to heading wherever Siobhan is. He is not going to leave her exposed. As soon as things go down, he is getting her out. Dante is trying to explain to Lucky, that they can't improvise here. Too many things-- Jason interrupts and says that the whole idea is to get people out alive. If Lucky goes chasing after Siobhan, he is going to draw fire and they can both end up dead. Lucky says that Jason and Dante are going to have to be quick and efficient, then. Dante wants to know what is going on with Lucky. He is a cop. He is supposed to shut down the emotions until the job is done. Lucky lets everyone know that he will shut down his emotions when Siobhan is safe. Dante is concerned if they should be worried about Lucky Jason already is.Lucky is bringing Brenda kicking and screaming to the spot of the meeting. Jason tells Dante not to go any further. It's important that he waits for Jason signal to fire. Dante says all they have to do now is wait. Dante lets Jason now that there is a incoming Northbound. All right, incoming. Northbound. The balkan's guys shows up and says Well, Brenda Barrett.Brenda tells him screw you.The man wants Lucky to let Brenda come to him.Lucky says Siobhan first. Marko asks Brenda if she gets it now? She is not as clever as she thought. Brenda says maybe you didn't hear me. Screw the Balkan, and you. Marko wants her to say that to his face. He knows what she did. Jason wants Dante to hold is fire. Marko asks Brenda how long did she think she could run?

November 9, 2010

Jason wants Dante to hold his fire. Marko asks Brenda how long did she think she could run. Brenda screams and charges him. Dante starts firing. Lucky rushes to save Siobhan as Jason and Dante take out all the Balkan's men. Jason runs up to Brenda and asks if she is ok and she says yes. Dante confirms that the men are dead. Jason tells him to get their cell phones. Spinelli might be able to get some information from them. Lucky wants to know what about the Balkan? Jason says if he was here he's long gone. He wants to know why Dante shot before he said to. Dante explains that he had to shoot the guy or he was gonna take off with Brenda. Jason tells Brenda that she wasn't supposed to move forward. She apologizies. Siobhan points out that with all the bodies the police will be askign questions. Lucky and Dante are the local police but point taken. They advise Jason that they are gonna have to call this in, so he needs to decide what he wants to do. Jason doesn't Brenda tied to another shooting. Lucky wants Siobhan to be in the clear as well. Dante tells Jason to take Brenda and Siobhan back to his place, that they were never there. Back at the Penthouse, Jason questions Siobhan about any call sher captor may have made. He made a couple. He spoke Croatian. She tended bar in Dubrovnik for a few months and she picked up enough of the language to know that he had instructions to get Brenda alive. Jason wants to know if she got a name or a location. Siobhan remembers him talking about an Aleksander but she has no idea who that is. Jason asks Brenda who Aleksander is. She starts arguing about not wanting to talk about it. Jason wants her to stop playing games. Siobhan goes to leave.  Jason is going to send guards with her to look out for her. Jason wants the truth from Brenda. He says that she knows he is trying to help her He wants to know about Aleksander and lying is not an option.I f she tells him she will be breaking a promise. Jason wants to know who she is trying to protect. She takes promises very seriously and doesn't break them. Jason wants to know who she promised. She says he self. Jason can keep a secret and if she tells him then he can keep her safe. She isn't sure if she can trust him. He assures her that she can. Three years ago, she was in Manhattan. Jason says that's when Dante was guarding you. She insisted on going for a walk and Dante went with her. They went through an alley and he must have been following them because suddenly he appeared and he attacked Dante. Dante tried to pull out his gun but he knocked it out of Dante's hand. Jason wants to know who was following them. It was Aleksander. He attacked Dante. He started choking him. She picked up the gun and shot him. Jason asks what happened next? She asked Dante if he was dead and he said that he was and then she freaked out. She told Dante that Balkan would come after them and that he would kill them so Dante didn't report it. She says if this came out it would ruin Dante's entire life. Dante's the one who hid the body. Jason asks her if there is something she is not telling him. The Balkan has many guys who have died. What makes Aleksander so special? Jason asks if she knew Aleksander? She says they met in Europe and she hated him so she decided to date him It wasn't serious, at least not for her. It didn't take her long to figure out that he was a criminal and a liar about it. Jason asks if she confronted him. She just told him that her feelings had changed and she didn't want to see him anymore. He didn't like that very much. He started following her everywhere. So she went to the police. The police told her that Aleksander was on the short list. He was a major gangster involved in disgusting things. Interpol advised her to keep her distance from him so she took the job in New York. Aleksander followed her so Interpol got her protection. Jason says Dante. Brenda says then Aleksander showed up dead. Jason is confused about why the Balkan cares that they shot Aleksander? Brenda says because Aleksander is the Balkan's son.

November 10, 2010

Dante comes to the Penthouse.  He wants to see Brenda.  Jason lets him know Brenda already told him about killing Aleksandser. Dante explains why he covered the crime. Jason is angry that he protected Brenda but gave up Michael.  Dante says he was trying to save Michael from living witht he guilt. Dante goes home.  Sam comes to his loft. Sam has questions about Brenda and Dante's behavior on the bluffs.  Dante says he had to take the shot or the guy would have taken Brenda. Sam questions how the shoot out happened and what was gained. she also questions Brenda's behavior in the alley.  Dante covers. Sam knows something happened in Brenda's past and Brenda is holding out.  She is upset that Jason is risking his life and doesn't know what is really going on. Suzanne comes to the Penthouse.  Jason updates her on the shootout and Brenda admitting a connection to the Balkan. Jason thinks she knows more than she realizes.  He questions her about how she met Brenda.  She tells him abuot Brenda going to Africa and getting sick.  Jason asks if she thinks Brenda was running from someone even then. Sam wants Dante to take a more active role in Brenda's protection and get more police help taking the burden off of Jason.  Dante thinks Jason is doing the right thing. Jason asks Suzanne about previous threats from the Balkan. Suzanne says the more time that passes the more she realizes she doesn't really know Brenda. She talks about all she has learned about Brenda since the Balkan stuff started and then asks what else she is hiding. Sam comes to the Penthouse.  She is upset. Jason asks if she is okay and she tells him about her conversation with Dante. She thinks Dante is lying. Jason apologizes and tells her this won't go on for ever.  Sam doesn't see an end in sight. She doesn't want to see Jason die because of this.  Jason has to see it through.  Sam thinks he should have complete information.  Jason tells her he has more information on Brenda and the Balkan but it is not enough yet to stop him. Sam wants to know when enough will be enough.  She asks why he won't let someone else take care of Brenda. Jason says the situation is tough for everyone.  Sam feels like everything they have has been pushed aside for Brenda.  Jason says he is making progress. Sam asks if he knows why the Balkan is after Brenda. Jason says yes. She wants him to tell her and he says he can't.

November 11, 2010

Sam and Jason are talking on the couch as Brenda comes down the stairs. Brenda doesn't want them to put their lives on hold for her. Sam wants Brenda to fill her in on what secret Jason is keeping for her. Brenda tells Sam that it is none of her business. Brenda says theres a difference between lying and personal boundaries. Jason says he is trying to end this. Sam says it would be easier for her to deal with if she knew what was going on. She tells Brenda that she can trust her and she wants to help. Brenda is sorry but she can't do that. Sam tells Brenda it isn't just about her; Jason is in danger too. Brenda asks if she has ever made a choice that has haunted her. Sam tells her she has. Brenda thinks that Sam wouldn't want her to know the details of those things. Sam says that if it meant helping someone she cares about she would scream it out at the top of her lungs. She tells Brenda she has no perspective; that she can't tell the difference between getting her feelings hurt or someone being shot at. That's fine with as long as the bullets are pointed at Brenda and not Jason. Sam walks out. Brenda wants Jason to go after Sam. Jason won't lie to Sam and tell her everything is under control. Brenda doesn't want Jason to lie but knows that Sam is unhappy that Jason is keeping her secret. Jason doesn't want to talk with Brenda about Sam. Brenda is not surprised but she wants Jason to go and talk to Sam. Brenda starts giving Jason suggestions as to what he could do for Sam like surprising her with a bottle of wine or taking her to dinner. Jason tells her that they should be talking about Aleksander. Brenda goes on about Jason buying Sam a little trinket when Spinelli walks in. Brenda wants Spinelli to get some paper and pen so Jason can write Sam a poem. Jason doesn't need to write Sam a poem. She knows he loves her. He says he and Sam are fine. Brenda thinks he's in denial. Spinelli talks about Maxie sleeping with Franco that he forgave her but that Maxie thought that his feelings had waned and sought the attention of a smooth talking physician to make him jealous. Brenda says that must have been devastating for him. Spinelli says now that Brenda is there his pain has been eased. Brenda doesn't want him to waste his devotion on her. She wants him to find real love like he had with Maxie. He would like to try again with Maxie but doesn't believe his love was enough for her. Brenda encourages him to try. Spinelli asks Jason if he should try again. Jason won't tell him what to do. Brenda says he tells Spinelli what to do all the time. Spinelli doesn't want to cause a strife between Jason and Brenda so they should just focus on something else. Jason tells him to hack into the Interpol and do a search. Brenda interrupts and wants to know why Jason can't help Spinelli. Jason tells Spinelli if he wants to get back together with Maxie he should. Spinelli has a lot to think about and goes up stairs. Jason wants to talk with Brenda but she picks up her coat to leave. She wants to tell Dante that Jason knows her secret. Jason tells her that he already told Dante. Brenda wants to make sure Dante is alright with everything. Jason sees Dante on the docks and tells him that Brenda is looking for him.

November 12, 2010

Jason and Dante talking about the Balkan coming after Brenda.  Jason wants to know if there is anything else Dante is holding back. Dante says he is committed to finding the Balkan.  Jason is worried that Brenda will lose it.  He tells Dante about Brenda's breakdown and her family history of mental problems. He says she has no confidence in her own sanity.  Dante realizes all he could lose if Brenda tells her secret to the wrong person. Jason says it the happens Brenda will be wrecked. Dante wants to know what to do. Jason says they have to wait for Spinelli to finish with the cellphones. He wants Dante and Brenda to get their stories straight. Dante is surpirsed that Jason is looking out for him. Jason is looking out for Brenda and Michael.  Jason says he was stand-up when they went after Franco but that doesn't change what he did to Michael. Jason goes to the office to see Sonny.  Sonny tells him he was cleared of the carbombing and what Claire did for him. He tells him he broke up with Claire to help her but he is going to miss her. Sonny talks about how great things were with Claire. He then talks about how with Brenda he was addicted and he doesn't want those extremes anymore. He wants an update on the Balkan.  Jason doesn't think he is going to keep sending guys since they keep dying. He thinks he is goign to change thinks up.  Sonny wants to know why he is after Brenda. Jason knows and that is why he knows he isn't going away.  Sonny wants to know but Jason says he can't say because Brenda asked him not to.

November 15, 2010

Sonny says he depends on Jason to tell him the truth.  Jason says he gave his word. Sonny needs to know what the secret is so he can help her.  They go back and forth a bit before Sonny agrees to drop it. Sonny wishes she would confide in him.  They talk more about Jason looking out for Brenda. Sonny wants Jason to come to him if he needs help of Brenda needs anything.  Jason says he will. Jason goes home. Brenda and Spinelli are there talking about Dante turning Michael in. She wants to know why Jason never tells her anything.  Spinelli tells him he updated Brenda on Dante.  Jason tells him to go work on the cellphones. Brenda and Jason talk about Dante. Brenda doesn't think she should be guarded by someone Jason wants to kill.  Jason doesn't want to kill Dante anymore. Jason talks about how hard it was for him when Michael went to prison and his sense of responsibility for Michael's life.  Brenda reminds him that he went to prison to look out for him.  Jason says it is still wrong and that Michael pays every day for Jason's choices. Brenda says she wishes she could tell him how bad she messed up.  He says she did not mess up as bad as he did. Jason goes to Jake's to talk to Siobhan. She is being difficult and says she already told him what she knows. He says what she remembers could save a life and it could be Lucky's. She tells him the Balkan wants Brenda alive so he can ask her something but she doesn't knwo what. She says they made a call in english about a man named Jack.

November 16, 2010

Jason continues to question Siobhan.  Lucky comes in and wants to know what Jason is doing. They tell him what she remembered about Jack. She thinks the Balkan will just give up.  Lucky says he will just change his strategy. Jason asks Siobhan to let him know if she remembers anything else and he leaves. Jason comes to Sam's door.  She asks if there is something wrong.  He wants to come in. She lets him in. They start to talk at the same time.  Jason asks to go first. He says that with the thing with Brenda there is stuff he can't tell her and he doesn't like that.  She doesn't like it either.  She says it puts walls up between them. He says she knows he loves her and he is sorry he has been so preoccupied.  Sam cuts him off saying she loves him too and is glad that he came there.  She accepts his apology but needs him to hear her out. She says he is who he is and never tries to hide it.  She also knows how far he will go to protect the people he feels responsible for and that would include Brenda because she was his wife.  He says they were not married in any way that matters but he needs to help.  Sam knows. She says he always keeps his promises.  He tries.  She says at least he is consistent and she really loves that about him.  She doesn't think it would be fair of her to say she loves and accepts him and then expect him to change so this is her accepting him, Brenda and all. Jason and Sam cuddling on the couch.  He had no idea Brenda would be staying this long. She asks if there is anything new on the Balkan and Jason says no.  Sam tells him if it ever gets to be too much he can count on her.  He always counts on her. They kiss.  His phone rings. Brenda needs to talk to him and it's important.  Jason goes home. She is freaking out about Carly and wants Jason to stop her.  Jason says if he does anything Carly will get worse and that Brenda just needs to stay away from Jax. Brenda doesn't think it has anything to do with Jax.  That Carly just wants to hurt her.  If Carly finds out about Aleksander she will take both Brenda and Dante down. Montage: Siobhan starts a song in the jukebox.  Her and Lucky dance.  Ethan and Maya drinking chamgane and playing poker in bed. Patrick bringing Robin a drink of water.  She takes it but doesn't look at him. He leaves sadly. Dante and Lulu in bed.  He gets up and looks out the window.  Brenda at the table staring off in space.  Jason comes downstairs and sees her.  He sits on the step looking unhappy. Lcuky and Siobhan leaving Jake's.  They stop and kiss.

November 17, 2010

Jason and Spinelli at the Penthouse.  Spinelli has the cellphone information.  Jason wants him to look for info on Jack. Spinelli can't find any reference to Jack so Jason tells him to widen the search. Maxie knocks and Jason lets her in.  She is glad Brenda isn't there.  Spinelli says she is doing yoga. Maxie thinks she got that from him and he talks about how he mentioned yoga would promote balance and serenity. Maxie is annnoyed that he thinks Brenda is an etheral creature.  Jason says he can thinks what he wants. Spinelli goes on about Brenda's wonderfulness and her charity work. She says celebrities do charity work for their images. Spinelli thinks it is the goodness of Brenda's heart.  Maxie calls him delusional. Spinelli says Brenda regenerated his shattered heart. Maxie knows Brenda annoys Jason.  She annoyes her too but sees no reason why Jason should dump her off on Spinelli. She tells Spinelli Brenda is using him. Spinelli's ardor is courtly so expects nothing beyond her companionship.  Maxie asks Jason if he hears this.  Jason says he has a right to his opinion. She wants him to tell Spinelli how Brenda really is. Spinelli says Jason is devoted to Brenda's welfare and so is he. He talks about the kind words from Brenda's lips.  Maxie says if he wants lips she will give him lips and kisses him. She says Brenda can't hold a candle to her and leaves.  Jason is impressed that Spinelli played Maxie.  Spinelli says Jason and Brenda told him not to let love slip by. Jason wants to know why he doesn't just tell her what he feels. He says it won't work unless Maxie feels she has to fight for him. Jason thinks he spends too much time with Carly. Later, Michael comes to the Penthouse.  He is concerned about Carly. He thinks she is still out to get Dante.  He tried to talk to her but she would only say that she doesn't like Dante but tolerates him because of Michael's parole. Jason thinks that's true.  Michael thinks she is gonna find a way to get Dante without messing with Michael. Michael can't do anything about Carly but he thinks Jason can. Jason says whatever Carly does is on her and mot Michael. He says Carly has every right to be angry but Michael needs to step away and keep moving forward with his life. Michael says its tough. Jason says if Carly is headed for trouble he will deal with her. Jason goes to MEtro Court to see Carly.  He can tell right away that she is up to something. She gets offended.  Jason says that is how she looks when she thinks she is about to win big.  She says maybe she is. He says over who, Dante?  He asks if she thought about how that would effect Michael.  Carly says she won't hurt her son but other people have. Jason tells her not to make it worse. He thinks Dante is helping Michael.  She hates Dante.  Jason tells her to hate him but leave him alone.  She says she is not lifting a finger to hurt Dante but she can't be responsible for something he did to himself.

November 18, 2010

Jason wants Carly to stop her plan before it blows up in her face.  She says for once she is the one telling the truth.  Jason wants to knwo about what and she says he will find out soon enough. Jason doesn't have time to clean up another of her messes.  He wants her to tell him what she is planning.  Olivia comes in and Carly calls her over and says she needs to talk to her. Jason says they need to finish this.  Carly blows him off.  Jason's phone rings. Jason tells her to be at his apartment in and hour and leaves. Jason goes home.  Brenda is there and she wants him to get reassigned. She says Dante brings up bad memories but Jason thinks there is something more. Jason says Jax got Dante assigned to her not him.  She is going to call Jax but Jason stops her because it will set Carly off. She says Carly's insecurites are not her problem. Jason tells her not to provoke Carly. Jason agrees to try to get Dante reassigned but that Dante will still be around.  She flips out that that is not okay with her and she leaves. Later, Carly is at the Penthouse. Carly says he is picking on her when she hasn't done anything.  Jason says yet. She wants him to tell Brenda to stop throwing herself at Jax. Jason says he already told Brenda to stay away from Jax. He says his guards will let him know if she goes near Jax so Carly needs to forget her crazy plans and forget about Brenda and Dante and move on. Carly says she is not obsessing that she is trying to hold on to her marriage.  She thinks Brenda needs some incentive to leave town. Jason says Brenda is not going anywhere and he does not need her even more freaked out. Carly is mad that Jason is bending over backwards to help Brenda when she is lying in his face.  He wants to know about what. She tells him Brenda and Dante had an affair three years ago.

November 19, 2010

Jason does not believe Carly about the affair. She says she has a witness. He wants to know about the witness.  She tells him about the witness and everything he told her. Jason says she has no proof that she just heard what she wanted to hear. Jason says maybe she is right but without proof she has nothing. He wants her to leave it alone. Jason goes to the office.  Sonny asks about Brenda and the Balkan.  Jason updates him. Sonny talks about Brenda and his memories. He says one night he watied outside Jason's to see if she came out.  Jason apologizes for bringing her back because of what it is costing both of them. Sonny wonders what would have happened if he had not left Brenda at the altar. Dante is at the Penthouse.  Jason tells him they have some problems.  He says Brenda does not want Dante to guard her anymore. Dante is okay with that. He is jsut worried about Brenda.  Jason says that is the other problem. Dante wants to know why it is okay for Jason to worry about her but not him.  Jason says because Carly doesn't hate him.  He lets him know that Carly is digging into his past and she found something. He tells Dante that Carly claims she can prove that Dante and Brenda had an affair.

November 22, 2010

Jason thinks that Dante and Brenda having an affair is the worst thing that could come out right now.  He wants to know if it is true so he can start damage control. Dante says Carly made it up.  Jason says Dante's lies raised a red flag.  Dante thinks that Carly is going to get Brenda killed.  Jason says Carly will not quit. Dante realizes that if Carly keeps digging she will find out about Aleksander. Jason says Carly would love to find that out and use it. Jason thinks she may wait until Michael is off probation because she is not impulsive when it comes to her kids. Dante doesn't care if Carly hates him but she is going to bring the Balkan down on everyone.  He wants Jason to stop her. Later Spinelli comes in with flowers that he is going to take to Robin for Brenda. Jason takes the flwoers from him.  He thinks Spinelli has better things to do than run Brenda's errands. Spinelli is happy to help Brenda.  Jason yells at him to help him and get him information on the Balkan. He tells him to get back to work and he doesn't want to hear another word about Brenda. Jason visits Robin at the hospital and brings Brenda's flowers. Jason says he would have come sooner. Robin knows he has his hands full with Brenda. He asks how she is doing.  She says better but she doesn't want to talk about her problems. Robin  wants to talk about Brenda and Sonny.  Jason doesn't want think they are good for each other but Robin thinks they are out of excuses not to be together. Max calls Jason and tells him Sonny and Brenda are together at his old place. Jason starts to leave to go get her but Robin stops him and asks him to give them a chance to see where it goes.

November 23, 2010

Robin talks Jason into leaving Sonny and Brenda alone.  They discuss Sonny and Brenda from their own perspectives.  Robin likes talking to Jason and is glad they have gotten to a place where they could be friends and how they can see each other and it is not about what went wrong between them anymore. They talk about the end of their relationship.  Jason thinks it worked out the way it was supposed to. Robin is grateful for everything Jason did for her back then and thinks they both deserves credit for letting go and moving on.  She thinks Sonny and Brenda are different because they never got over each other.  Jason tells Robin about Brenda and the red carpet in Rome.  Robin thinks it is funny.  Patrick comes in and Jason leaves. Jason gets back in to the Penthouse.  Sam is outside about to go in.  She thanks him for inviting her.  He says he didn't.  Inside Spinelli and Molly are waiting with a night of romance they have planned for Jason and Sam. Jason and Sam come down dressed up for the dinner.  Molly is all excited. Molly says they did this because Jason has been neglecting Sam and he needs to get his priorites straight.  Sam says she did not get that from her. Molly says she didn't have to.  It was clear Sam missed Jason.  They lead Jason and Sam to a table set with candles and flowers and champagne. Molly gives Jason a list of romantic activities. Molly and Spinelli leave. Sam assures Jason she had nothing to do with this.  He knows.  Only Molly would come up with something like this. Sam hopes the list doesn't include poetry.  Jason says no.  The list says he should pour champagne and toast Sam's beauty and courage.  He pours champange.  As he is pouring, Sam tells him she knows he has to work and he doesn't have to do this.  Jason says he likes this idea. He makes his his own toast where he says he loves Sam and that she is beautiful. Sam asks what is next on the list.  Jason says they did the first five things. He wants to jsut enjoy the rest of the night and get out of these clothes.  Sam says Molly will know.  Jason says how and Sam says she can't lie to her little sister. Jason wants to go upstairs and take a break.  Sam thinks they have to finish the list first. Jason gets up and extends his hand.  Sam goes to him and they dance.  Jason asks if she is happy and she says very. Jason smiles.

November 24, 2010

Sam goes to the hospital to see Robin.  Sam is there because her sisters don't think things have progressed enough. Robin says with Mac and Alexis. Sam wants to know if Robin is still in.  Robin says she's in. Sam says that Mac is invited to Thanksgiving at Alexis' but neither of them know it yet. They talk about how great Mac and Alexis are for each other. Maxie comes in.  Sam brings her up to speed on the plan to get Mac to Alexis' for Thanksgiving. Maxie nods. Robin says they will get him there.  Sam leaves. At the Lakehouse, Alexis says she set the turkey on fire so she is going to get another one. Kristina tells her Sam is picking one up. Alexis wants to know why there are eight places set when there are only three of them for Thanksgiving. Kristina says she invited Diane and Max.  Alexis says that is five. She wants to know who else was invited.  Before Kristina can answer, Sam comes in carrying a turkey.  She says the trimmings are in the car. Kristina asks about the surprise side dish and Sam says it is taken care of.  Alexis wants to knwo what side dish. Kristina's phone rings.  She answers it and runs out talking. Alexis follows Sam out of the kitchen.  She can't believe they are trying to set her up with Mac again. Sam heads to the kitchen to check the yams as Kristina lets Max and Diane in. Kristina tells Diane Alexis is about to have a meltdown because they invited Mac.  Diane thinks that was a great idea. Spinelli comes.  Kristina tells him Maxie is definitely coming and she will make sure they sit together. Spinelli is grateful. Alexis tells her that Molly materminded this attempt to set her up with Mac from LA. Diane wants her to take a chance on Mac. Alexis says there is no spark.  Diane mentions Sonny Ric and Jerry. She tells her to stop dating arrested adolescents and date a real man like Mac. Max pours Diane champagne and the reminesce about their reunion last Thanksgiving. Maxie comes in and says that Mac isn't coming. Alexis tells Kristina to let that  be a lesson to her. Sam tells Kristina at least she tried. Kristina says that Molly will be disappointed.  Maxie says some people can't see love when it looks them in the face.  Spinelli comes in with firewood which he drops when he sees Maxie. They are all sitting down to dinner. Mac knocks on the door and asks if he is too late. Kristina lets him in.  Alexis comes in carrying the turkey. Mac takes it from her and sets it on the table. Kristina and Sam put him at the head of the table.  Matt knocks.  He is there to take Maxie up on her invitation. Montage: Edward leads the signing at the Quartermaine Thanksgiving. Robin, Patrick and Emma having Thanksgiving at the hospital. Sam arranging the seating with Maxie's two dates at the Davis house and Mac carving the turkey. The Quartermaines still singing and then wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

November 29, 2010

Brenda and Jason at the Penthouse.  She tells him she is back with Sonny.  She wants a reaction from him but he does not give her one. Lucky comes to the P.I. office.  Sam is letting them use it for the search for the Balkan.  He talks about how angry he is about what happened to Siobhan.  Sam is glad to see that he is invested in a relationship and is not letting what happened with Liz hold him back. Brenda is yelling at Jason to support her and Sonny. Spinelli comes in and rushes to offer her tea and support.  Jason wants Spinelli to go with him to the office to work on the Balkan.  Brenda wants tea so Jason gets disgusted and leaves without Spinelli. Jason and Dante get to the PI office. Jason hugs Sam. Lucky asks where Spinelli.  Jason and Sam explain his Brenda obsession. Dante wants to know if they can access the phone records without Spinelli.  Sam can't so Lucky gives it a try and gets in.  They are going over the records. Sam gets a couple calls about work and has to go. She and Jason hug and kiss and she takes off. Jason wants Lucky to check out Alexsander.  This is the first Lucky is hearing about this and he will not help until he is updated.  Dante tells him about Alexsander. They discuss the cover-up.  Lucky won't tell Mac.  Jason explains to Lucky why the Balkan is interested in Brenda. They continue to look into Alexsander until Jason says maybe Jack is not a dead end if it is not a first name. Sam comes into her apartment talking on the phone about taking a shift for her case.  She goes into the bedroom and a man steps out of hiding.

November 30, 2010

Jason says to assume Jack is a first name. Lucky agrees that it could be a last name. Jason thinks that maybe the last name is Jacks. Alexis comes to Sam's apartment to get Sam to stop trying to hook her and Mac up. Sam asks her if she would rather be with somebody like Jerry Jacks? Dante thinks that there's no way Jax is connected to the Balkan. Lucky tells him about Jerry and Dante looks at Jerry's record on the computer. Jason tells him that Jerry shot Robin and Max and was responsible for Alan's heart attack. Dante doesn't think that Jax would let Jerry hurt Brenda. They tell him Jerry would do anything if the price is right. Alexis agress that Jerry being a mistake, but she is talking about Mac. Sam asks her if she had a good time on Thanksgiving. Alexis did. She likes Mac very much. Sam is confused. Alexis tells her that there is no spark with Mac. Sam wants to know if she means like a Jerry Jax kind of spark? Alexis thinks Sam shouldn't judge because she does not have the best taste in men either. Sam agrees but she has wised up and found someone who respects her. Alexis knows she has like Mac respects her. Sam brings up Jerry again.  Alexis doesn't want to talk about him.  He was the worst mistake of her life but she still doesn't want them to fix her up with Mac again. Lucky, Jason and Dante discuss how psychotic Jerry is. They come to the conclusion that Jerry could be the Balkan. They discuss the fact that Jerry is old enough to have a grown son so Aleksander could be his son. Alexis and Sam talk about Alexis's father issues and how that relates to her dating problems. Sam thinks Alexis is sabtoaging herself. Sam cell phone rings. Alexis thanks Sam for caring about her. Sam tells her that of course she cares and that if Mac calls Alexis will say yes. Alexis leaves.  Sam's phone call cancels her job for the evening. Jason arrives at Sam's apartment. She thanks him for coming over. He thought that she had to work. She says her client cancelled. Jason says that it sounds great but he has bad news. He thinks that Jerry Jacks is back. She asks him if he thinks Jerry is the Balkan. He doesn't know but Dante thinks it is possible. Sam thinks that it is crazy. Jason says that if Jerry is back that means that Sam is in danger.

December 1, 2010

Jason tells Sam that Jerry could be in town right now. She thinks that since he is targeting brenda she is not at risk. Jason disagrees because Jerry knows how much Sam means to him. She assures him that he doesn't have to worry about her and reminds him that they don't even know if Jerry is connected to the Balkan. Jason doesn't care. He doesn't want her at risk. He wants her to stay at his place. She laughs and says that he already has a full house. He jokes about how he might just move out himself. Sam thinks that sounds nice but he doesn't have to worry about her. She wants him to do what he needs to do and she will be fine. Sam is not going to let Jerry scare her out of her home. He reminds her that Jerry nearly killed her and she says he almost killed you too. Jason can handle Jerry. So can Sam. He couldn't take it if something happened to her. She tells him now he knows how it feels to worry about someone who says they're going to be fine.  She reminds him that he was bleeding and on his deathbed saying he was going to be fine. He denies he did that.  Sam says no comment. Jason thinks this is the worst time for Jerry to show up. Sam thinks there is never a good time for him to show up. Jason is worried that Brenda will cause  Sonny to make bad decisions. Sam says that they are adults and if they mess up their lives that is their problem. Jason says good point and they kiss. Jason and Sam coming out from her bedroom laughing and giggling he tells her that he doesn't want to leave but he needs to get Spinelli working. She is confused. She thinks that Spinelli is very motivated when it comes to Brenda. Jason thinks he is only motivated to run her errands. Jason checks her locks. She shows him that she still has her gun. He wants her to be careful. She will. They kiss and he leaves. Jason is back at the Penthouse. Spinelli was hoping that it was Brenda back from her date. Jason wants him to stop. Spinelli is just concerned that Sonny is taking advantage of Brenda. Jason thinks that if Spinelli is so concerned about Brenda he should work on tracking down the Balkan. He tells him that Jerry Jaxs might be the Balkan. Spinelli is on the case. A man is lurking outside Sam's door while she is on the phone discussing surevillance for the next day. Jason tells Spinelli that Jerry's close with his mother so he wants him to start there. Spinelli is going to search her calls. Spinelli stops.He thinks he hears footsteps.

December 2, 2010

Sam is talking on the phone with Maxie as she is gets ready to leave her penthouse. When she goes to lock her door, she notices something wrong and tells Maxie she will call her back. Brenda tells Jason she has a date with Sonny. Jason doesn't want Brenda to leave the penthouse. Brenda argues so he tells her about Jerry possibly being involved with the Balkan. Brenda says that Jax would never let Jerry hurt her. Jason tells Brenda she doesn't know Jerry and updates her on what happened at the Metro Court. Jason says Jax can't control his brother so she needs to stay put. Jason's cell phone rings and its Sam. She tells him she found something at her place and he needs to see it. Brenda wants to go with Jason. He says no. Jason makes a call and tells the person that Brenda needs them.  Spinelli shows up and Jason wants him to guard Brenda and not let her leave the apartment. Spinelli says he won't fail to protect the Divine One even from herself. Jason says good and tells Brenda not to play games with Spinelli. Jason is checking out the handle and lock at Sam's penthouse. Sam says it wasn't like that last night; she would have noticed. Jason says that someone definitely broke in. Sam says nothing was taken; maybe Jerry knows they're onto him. Jason tells Sam that Jerry knows the best way to distract him is by threatening her. Sam thinks it could be one of her enemies from the work she does. Jason agrees but it looks like Sam is being stalked. He tells Sam that she is unfinished business for Jerry, so it would make sense for him to come after Sam first. Jason asks Sam if she is sure she wants to do it this way and she says yes. Jason tells Sam that she can move in with him. Sam tells Jason that this is her home and Jerry isn't going scare her away. She reminds Jason that she is armed and dangerous and holds up her gun. Sam says that if he tries break in again she's ready. Jason says ok and tells Sam to play it smart. She says she will if he will. They kiss and Jason leaves. Sam closes the door and looks scared. Sam is walking down the alley talking on the phone with Maxie. A man comes up from behind Sam and grabs her. Jason comes around the corner with his gun drawn and tells the guy if you lay another hand on her, and you're dead. This is where it ends, Jerry.

December 3, 2010

Jason tells the man to turn and tell him everything he knows about Jerry Jacks starting with where he can find him. The henchman says there must be a mistake. Jason demands he tells him what he knows about Jerry Jacks. Sam asks why he broke into her apartment. Jason says he will kill him without thinking twice. Jason wants to know why he was targeting Sam. The henchman tells them that he was hired. Jason wants to know who hired him. The henchman tells them it was the name he mentioned. Sam says Jerry Jacks and he says yes. Jason wants to know what the plan was. The henchman says he was to grab Sam and wait for further instructions. Jason asks what he knows about the Balkan and if he is Jerry Jacks. Gunshots are fired and the henchman is hit. Jason covers Sam and asks if she is ok. He then fires his gun in the direction the gunfire came from. Dante arrives and tells Sam that Jason called him. Sam tells Dante that the guy is one of Jerry Jack's men. Sam tells him about the guy breaking into her apartment and trying to grab her. As Jason walks up Dante says not to call him for clean up detail. Jason kill the guy. Sam says it was a sniper. Jason tells Dante that he was questioning the guy and shots were fired. Jason saw something and went to see if the sniper was there. He was gone but left some blood on the ledge. Dante says so you got him. Jason says he doesn't know how bad. Jason and Sam are at the PI office checking into the information on the henchman's phone. Sam says all the calls were incoming, local calls. Jason thinks its pretty crazy that Jerry could be in town and no one has seen him. Sam agrees but it might not be crazy if Jerry doesn't look like Jerry anymore. Jerry changed his face before. Jason says that could be a complication. Dante comes in and says that Mac almost busted him down to clerical until he mentioned Jerry Jacks' name. Jason says that Jerry is ruthless and if Sam's going to be involved she should know everything. Dante tells Sam that they think the Balkan is after Brenda because she killed his son. If Jerry is the Balkan then this is personal. Dante says they need to figure out a timeline. Dante and Jason go over what they know from Aleksander's death until Jason brings Brenda back to Port Charles and how The Balkan comes after her here through intermediaries but they are not getting the job done. Jerry Jacks whose brother has ties to Brenda makes him the perfect fit for the next go between. Dante says unless Jerry Jacks is the Balkan. Jason says there's no way to figure that out. Dante thinks that maybe they can. He has Aleksander Janacek's autopsy. They could announce they are going to release the body and see who claims it. Sam is not sure. She says that the Balkan has gone through a lot of trouble to protect his identity. Sam doesn't think that the Balkan would be stupid enough to walk into a police station; he won't make a public appearance. Dante says he won't leave his son's body to rot. Jason says if he doesn't come himself, he'll send somebody. Dante says or will break in and steal it; either way, Aleksander's body could lead them straight to the Balkan.

December 6, 2010

Jason, Sam and Dante at the PI office. They talk about using Aleksander's body to draw out the Balkan. Jason wants to stek out the morgue in Jersey.  Dante wants to request that Aleksander's body be transferred to GH for a secondary autopsy to bring the Balkan to them. Jason likes the plan but they are going to need somebody at the hospital to help. Dante leaves to talk to Steve Webber. Sam knows this is their only lead, but she doesn't think the Balkan is going to be drawn out so easily. Jason says that Aleksander is the Balkan's son, and that changes everything. The Balkan is too emotional to make a smart choice. Michael is with Abby and Rodney, the guy he beat up. Abby is afraid the bleeding won't stop and he'll have to go to the hospital. Michael calls Jason and tells himn he's in trouble and he hurt a guy bad. Jason and Sam arrive as Rodney says he wants to call the police. Jason says its best that they just forget this happen. Rodney recognizes Jason and agrees to keep quiet. Michael and Abby explain to Jason and Sam what happened. Abby wants to get to work. Sam goes with her. Jason tells Michael he's lucky that he got there before the cops. and that it can't happen again or he'll be back in Pentonville. Jason and Michael go back to the PI office. Jason wants Michael to go over what happen again. Michael explains again what happened. Jason understands that Michael wanted defend Abby. Michael interrupts saying he took it too far but he doesn't care. Jason says that if Abby was ok with it and Michael says she wasn't. He could tell by the way she tensed up that she didn't want to be touch and he knows what thats like. Jason and Michael talk about Michael's friendship with Abby and her job as a stripper. Jason tells this can't happen again because he is still on parole. He needs to avoid situations that could get him in trouble. Sam comes back and Jason is there alone. Jason asks about Abby and Sam says she made it to work on time. Jason wants to know if Abby seemed ok after what happened. Sam says Abby was worried about Michael. Jason says Michael overreacted but knows he can't do it again. Sam agrees but she is glad he stuck up for Abby. Jason says that Abby is a stripper and dealing with jerks is part of her job. Abby might be able to handle it but Michael can't. Michael is overly sensitive to people who have no power. 

December 9, 2010

Steven comes to the penthouse. He asks Jason why he is there. Jason needs his help to keep Brenda safe. He asks Steven if Dante spoke to him about the body transfer from a morgue in NJ. Steven says yes and what it does it have to do with Brenda. Jason explains what happened in Rome and that the person behind it is the Balkan and Aleksander Janacek was his son. Steven wants know what it has to do with Jason. Jason says he wants to be there when the Balkan comes to collect Aleksander's remains. Steven is upset that Jason wants to use his hospital and for him to disclose personal information but in the end he tells Jason when the body will be released. Jason walks in on Carly yelling at Sonny at Greystone. Carly says she trying to save Sonny from himself. Jason doesn't want to be brought into it. Carly says its going to be Jason picking Brenda off the floor after they imploded and her sweeping up the broken glass Sonny spirals out of control. Sonny thinks Carly just likes throwing what happen between him and Brenda in his face. Carly wants Jason to help. Jason doesn't know what to she wants him to say. Carly wants the truth. That Sonny isn't being fair to anyone including Brenda. Carly leaves. Sonny says to Jason that he wants Brenda back and he doesn't want to fight him too. Sonny asks if Jason thinks Carly is right. Jason is non-committal. Sonny says they are both taking a leap of faith but he is not going to let fear stop him from taking a chance. Carly barges into the penthouse to see if Jason talked to Sonny out of his craziness. Jason says its not their business. Carly asks how will Sonny feel when he finds out his son slept with Brenda. They argue about her lack of proof. Carly says Dante deserves what he gets. Jason says that's fine but Michael is trying to move on and she got to let him. Carly says if he wants her to stop, to prove her right or wrong by helpingher find the turth. Carly says that Dante and Brenda have already been caught in one lie. Who knows what other big secret they might have?. Jason wants Carly to leave it alone. Carly says that Sonny will be devastated and he knows what that means for her and the boys. Jason says she is probably right but it is still Sonny's choice. Carly whether Jason can helps her or not, she is going to find the truth. And when she does find out that Brenda and Dante had an affair she isn't going to keep it to herself.

December 10, 2010

Jason wants Carly to think about the consequences to Michael. Carly asks why Jason keeps bringing Michael into this? Jason says that Michael lives with Dante and he might be invested in what happens to him. Carly say Michael will be over his investment when the truth comes out. Jason tells Carly she is in that place where she is stubborn, single-minded and where things start to go horribly wrong. Sam goes to General Hospital to talk to Patrick about a case.  Her client believes that her husband, Dr. Randall Flyte, is having an affair with one of his patients. Patrick also treated the patient in question so she asks for some insight. Sonny comes to the penthouse to see Brenda. He asks Jason he if did a security check and wants to take Brenda out. Jason okay. Sonny wants Jason's opinion about him and Brenda. Jason says that he used to believe that if something was over, that it was done and you move on. He thought if you try again, you're kind of setting yourself up for disappointment. Sonny says and now? Jason says with him and Sam it didnít work the first time but they got another chance. They still found the love was still there and tried again. Jason tells Sonny heís grateful so he canít judge him and Brenda. Sonny asks how does Sam feels about Brenda invading his life? Sam hates it but doesnít complain about it. Sonny promises as soon as the danger's over, he is going to get Brenda out of there. Brenda comes down. Sonny tells her that they were talking about her. Brenda asks what were they saying and Jason replies about her getting out of there soon. Patrick knows Dr. Flyte and is pretty sure he remembers the patient, but not really sure what Sam is asking him. Sam is just wondering if he ever witnessed any sort of interaction between them. Patrick says he wasn't really paying attention and even if he was, he is not in the position to comment on the morality of a cheating husband. Patrick tells Sam about cheating on Robin with Dr. Niles and it is something they are still dealing with. Sam offers Patrick advice. She tells him he canít change what happen and needs to concentrate on moving forward. Dante comes to the penthouse. Jason tries to tell him about Lucky and the safety deposit box but Dante isnít paying attention. Jason asks if he is boring him. Dante says no and asks what was in the box. Jason says pictures of Aleksander alone with Brenda and a picture of him and Brenda. If the Balkan gave Ronan those pictures, they can be pretty sure that he suspects Dante was involved in his son's death. Sam asks if Patrick would tell her if Dr. Flyte was unfaithful with his wife if he knew. Patrick says probably not. Sam is going to keep digging. Patrick says that Dr. Flyte's a good man who cares about his family. If he did stray and he is remorseful, he hopes that his wife doesn't assume that their marriage is based on lies. Jason tells Dante that Aleksander's remains are being released Wednesday and that is their best chance. The Balkan's going to show up or send someone. Jason wants to know what is going on with Dante. Dante apologizes. He asks if you have ever wanted something so much you can't think about anything else?

December 13, 2010

Dante keeps losing track on where he stands with Jason. He thought there was mutual respect after Franco thing but then Jason tried to blow his head off. Jason says you talked me out of that. Killing Dante would make Michaelís life worse and that and that hasn't changed. Dante tells Jason about what happen when Brenda killed Aleksander and how he put her in a car a week later. Dante is thinking about telling Brenda about how he felt then to see if she felt the same. Jason asks about the damage it would that cause. Dante says tons. Jason says that Dante knows what to do. Dante agrees but wants to know how he can stand next to her and not think about what didnít  happen. Jason tells him he has to ask himself how he would feel if he betrayed someone who trusted him because he has done that and that is a regret he'll carry for the rest of his life. Sam tells Robin she was asking Patrick if he had seen a change in a colleagueís behavior. Robin if Jason is any closer to catching the guy who is targeting Brenda. Sam says he's making progress but it's going really, really slow. Jason tells Dante about sleeping with Elizabeth and the pain it caused. He doesnít think Dante should say anything to Brenda about how he feels and lie to himself that something good would come from it. Dante says he made his choice 3 years ago but doesnít know how to live with it. Jason want to him focus. Dante says that the Balkan has been targeting Brenda since his son's body was found so it's safe to assume  he knows that she knows how his son died. Dante wants to figure out if Jerry Jacks is the Balkan. Jason tells him that nobody even knows where Jerry is. Steve Webber is at the door. He wants to make it clear that he wants no part in any action they take against the family of Aleksander Janacek. Lawyers for the family have arranged to move up the release of the body tonight. Dante thanks him and assures him he has nothing to worry about. Sam sees Abby at Kellyís and asks if there was any fallout from the fight. Abby says no but Michael was upset. She thinks she helped Michael put things in perspective. Abby thinks Michael is just so afraid to trust anyone. Sam appreciates Abby trying to help him. Abby tells Sam about her date with Michael. Sam doesn't want Abby to feel obligated. Abby assures Sam that she honestly wants to go out with Michael. Dante thinks whoever requested that the time be moved up wants to stay under the radar and whoever shows up is the guy theyíre looking for. Jason says not if Jerry is involved. Jerry is unpredictable. Dante tells Jason he can't go all vigilante just because he hates the guy. Dante is worried about Macís tolerance for dead bodies. Jason is sure Mac will make an exception for Jerry. Jason says if Jerry shows up any shot will be in self defense. Sam sees Michael and tells him that Abby had to go run some errands. She asks about their a date. Michael but is worried his mom scared her off. He tells Sam that Carly interrogated Abby and then dragged him off. Sam says it natural for his mother to be concerned since Abby is older. Michael tells Sam that his mom doesnít understand that kids his own age are scared of him and wonít talk to him but Abby is different. Besides Sam and Jason, Abby is the only one he can talk to. On the loading dock, Jason wants to split up. Dante thinks they have a good position where they are. Jason says if Jerry gets the advantage theyíre both dead. Dante wants to follow whoever shows up, not shoot them. Sam tells Michael that Abby enjoys talking to him too. Michael said he was embarrassed at first because of the stupid way he handled himself. But Abby understands that he had a hard time in prison and that things have been surreal since he got out. Sam assures Michael that she and Jason are there if he needs to talk. Michael knows that but with Abby he could just start fresh. Michael says sometimes it's easier to hear things from her, like staying focussed on whatís good in his life. Sam is happy for him. Michael thanks Sam for introducing them.

December 14, 2010

Jerry picks up Alexanderís body while Jason and Dante look on from behind some boxes. Jerry calls them out. Jason comes out. Jerry wants Jason to let him go. Sam and Michael talk about his upcoming date with Abby. Jason questions Jerry on why heís after Brenda and who is paying him. Jerry shoots the orderly and drives away. Sam and Michael talk about what happens if another loser comes onto Abby and he loses his temper. Michael tells Sam how Abby makes him feel. Jason on the phone to Spin having him track Jerry. Jason tells Lucky to go to Adamís Road to catch Jerry. Jason and Dante in the car trying to find Jerry and talking about what Jerry will do next. Carly comes to Kellyís to meet Sam to discuss Abby. Lucky gets a call from Dante telling him Jerry is headed there. Jerry swerves off the road. Sam tells Carly that Michael is not a child and sheíll lose him if she treats him that way. Jason, Dante, and Lucky looking over a ravine talking about Jerry going over and whether he was the Balkan.

December 15, 2010

Carly comes into the Penthouse all excited because she thinks Jason is going to help her. He tells her that Jerry may have died last night.  He tells her what happened. Carly thinks its just a cover.  Jason agrees but he wanted her to know.  She talks about telling Jax and says now Brenda can leave. Jason says first they have to confirm that Jerry is dead and that he is the Balkan.  Later, Jason is on the phone telling Spinelli to watch for confirmation that Jerry is dead. Michael knocks on the door. He is upset that Abby broke their date.  He thinks she is afraid of him. Jason asks if that is what she said.  Michael says she said she is too old for him.  Jason wants to know if he thinks she would lie to him. Michael thinks she was afraid he would hurt her if she hurt his feelings. He says he would never hurt her.  Jason thinks she knows that.  He tells him the reason might not even be about him but he has to respect her wishes. Later, Jason is waiting for a call.  Dante knocks and lets himself in. He starts babbling about Jason being a killer and him working with him.  Jason says he is the one taking the risk since Dante could bust him. Dante can't because Jason knows about Aleksander. Jason says he is not turning Dante in because of Michael. Dante says they have a stalemate until Michael is off parole. Jason isn't after Dante. Dante asks about Brenda being with Sonny and talks about thier house. Jason tells him that Sonny gets things for Brenda and tells a story about Sonny buying her a pasture.  Dante gets indignant on behalf of the farmer.  Dante asks if Jason thinks about the people he kills. Jason asks if he should call Diane.  Dante admits that he has no power to go after Jason. He probably has none to go after Sonny.  Jason tells him he could go after Sonny and put him away and Sonny would never rat about what Dante did.  Dante says for Brenda's sake.  Jason says no for your sake because you are his son. Dante talks about Sonny hurting people who are not related to him.  He talks about Jason killing people again. Jason says talking about it is counterproductive.  Dante talks about how he has compromised himself. Dante compares Sonny to Jerry.  Jason defends Sonny. Dante says Sonny hurts everyone near him and that includes Brenda. He wants Jason to talk to her about how bad Sonny is for her. Jason says his job is to keep her alive nothing more.  Both of their phones ring. Jerry is not dead.

December 16, 2010

Dante and Jason at the Penthouse talking about Jerry and Brenda. Someone comes to the door asking for Brenda and Dante gets served. Diane reads the summons to Jason and Dante. Brenda and Dante are being sued by the family of the guy she shot in the alley. Dante tells Diane the story of Brenda and Alexander. Jason wants Diane to protect Brenda. Jason comes to Sonny and Brendaís love shack and wants her to come home to hide from Jerry. Jason and Brenda back at the Penthouse talking about Jerry. Jason tells Brenda sheís being sued for wrongful death. Brenda flips out. Carly comes in and tells them that Jerry had been by her place and told her that she and Brenda were fair game.

December 17, 2010

Carly telling Jason and Brenda about Jerry being at her house. Carly goes off on Brenda about Jerry being after her. Brenda tells her that Jerry is after her because she killed the Balkanís son and Dante knew about it and covered it up. Carly and Jason argue about protecting Brenda. Carly leaves. Brenda wants to know what Jason is going to do about Carly. Jason wants her not to worry and she wants to help. Jason tells her to get rid of the pink stuff and they argue over that. Jax stops by to see Brenda and Jason leaves. Carly and Jason at the office arguing over Brenda and Dante. Sonny walks in and wants to know why Jason left Brenda with Jax.

December 20, 2010

Sonny, Carly, and Jason arguing about Brenda, Dante and Jerry. Carly wants Dante to pay for what he did to Michael. Sonny tries to convince Carly not to give up Dante for covering up Alexanderís shooting. Carly agrees. Jason, back at the Penthouse, argues with Brenda about Dante. Brenda wants to go for a walk. Spinelli comes in and wants to take her for a walk. Jason takes Brenda for a walk. Theo brings Brenda her glove that she dropped and looks on as Jason and Brenda walk away.

December 21, 2010

Brenda looking for something at the Penthouse while Jason investigates paperwork on Jerry and the Balkan. Brenda wants him to go to Luke and Tracyís wedding. They argue about it. Later, Sam comes into the Penthouse and Jason runs down the stairs to see her. He says he wants to be with her and he misses her. Sam says that was almost romantic and sheís going to take advantage. He asks her to spend the night and Sam says ďtry and stop me.Ē They kiss. Jason wants to go get a tree. Sam is surprised and Jason says itís a special day. She kisses him and they leave.

December 22, 2010

Jason and Sam come home with the Charlie Brown tree. Jason teases her about it. Sam teases him about picking up strays. Sam has mistletoe and they kiss. They are looking at the tree and Jason is trying to snuggle but Sam goes to get ornaments. Molly comes to take Jason Christmas shopping for something for Sam. Sam brings the ornaments downstairs and says that Molly is sweet. She invites Molly to decorate the tree with them as Jason looks on lovingly. Jason watches Sam and Molly decorate the tree. Michael comes and they invite him to decorate the tree. They talk about the tree and have a sweet family moment while Jason looks on happily. Spinelli runs in, says heís on a mission, and runs upstairs. Michael and Molly talk about the ski trip and Jason and Sam encourage him to go. Spinelli runs downstairs in a suit but doesnít want Jason to worry about what he is up to and he leaves. Sam and Jason find that odd and think something is going on. Molly thinks heís going to see Maxie and she thinks itís romantic. Jason, Sam, Michael, and Molly talking about Samís present. Sam says this is her present meaning all them there sharing that moment. Jason tells Michael to get his coat because there is something they need to do. Edward talking to Lilaís picture. Jason and Michael come in and wish him Merry Christmas.

December 27, 2010

Replay of Edward talking to Lilaís picture. Jason and Michael come in and wish him Merry Christmas. Edward invites them in. Edward wonders why Jason brought Michael. Jason says he used to come see Lila at Christmas and he thought Edward would like to see Michael. Edward thinks his biggest mistake was letting the Qs get pushed out of Michaelís life. Jason stops him and tries to take the blame. Michael stops them both because he doesnít want anyone blaming themselves for his life. Michael takes responsibility for his life. Edward offers him an internship in ELQ. Jason says its Michael decision. Michael wants to think about. Edward agrees and thanks Jason for bringing him by. Jason and Michael join the wedding party. Tracy throws the boquet and Brenda catches it. Sonny announces that he asked Brenda to marry him. Michael offers them congratulations. Tracy and Luke talk about Sonny being rude. Mac asks if Alexis is jealous of Sonny and she says gross. Jax tells Carly Brenda just made the biggest mistake of her life. Edward asks Jason to tell Brenda she is making a mistake. Jason grabs Spinelli and questions him on his presence that the wedding. Spinelli lies and says heís there to bury the hatchet with Dante. Sonny asks Jason if he is going to congratulate them. Jason wants Brenda to go back to the Penthouse for safety. Brenda agrees. Jason brings her back the Penthouse and turns to leave. Brenda wants him to congratulate her. They bicker. Jason agrees to be at her wedding. Jason comes to Dianeís office to talk about Brendaís case. Diane tells him about Theo.

December 28, 2010

Jason comes home to find Brenda and Theo. Brenda wants to go for a walk. She leaves. Jason and Theo talk about Brendaís case. Theo thinks it will go to trial. Jason is worried about Brenda falling apart. Brenda comes home babbling about lights and Jason notices that she is in a good mood. They talk briefly about Theo. Brenda tells him that Dante congratulated her on her engagement. She doesnít think Sonny and her are doomed. Brenda is happy that he made her come to Port Charles. She thanks him and gives him a hug.

December 29, 2010

Spinelli trying to sneak out of the PH and Jason catches him. Jason wants to know why Spin went to Tracy and Lukeís wedding. They discuss Brenda marrying Sonny. Lucky stops by to discuss Dante and Brendaís case. Jason thinks there is something suspicious about the timing of the case. Jason questions Lucky about Siobhan. Lucky defends her but Jason thinks the timing of her being there when Jerry got shot is too much of a coincidence. Jason thinks Jerry is going to come at Brenda from another direction. Jason at the Metro Court to see Carly. He thanks her for buying him a pool table for Christmas. They argue over the pool table. Carly thinks Brenda is leaving the Penthouse soon to marry Sonny. She says she isnít going to try and stop the wedding. Jason doesnít buy it. Morgan calls from the bus and he and Carly chit chat. The bus skids and rolls. Morgan screams ďmomĒ and Carly is disconnected from him. She tells Jason that she thinks their bus crashed.