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January 2, 2009

Sam leaving a message for Jason telling him that Raynor left a card under her door. Sam opens the door to Spinelli. She has been leaving him emails. He tells her to not email him anymore because he can no longer guarantee any privacy because he was hacked. Spin is humiliated. Sam knows it's a bad time to ask but she wanted to know if he could find out if Agent Raynor was investigating her. Spinelli says he can't right now and Sam has never seen him more upset. Spinelli is going on and on and she wishes she could help. He says no one can help him and thanks her. She says she worries about him and wants him to be okay. He says there is no need, the worst has already happened and all is lost.

January 6, 2009

Maxie comes to visit Sam. Maxie wants to talk about Spinellie and Winifred. Tells Sam Winifred is stalking Spin, she talks just like him. Sam says sounds like these two have a lot in common and that can be a powerful draw doesnít mean its romantic. Sam says its not easy feeling like an outsider. Maxie says something is not right about Winifred. Sam says to backoff or else youíll push Spin into her arms. Maxie leaves and Sam leaves a message for Jason regarding Spin, Lucky walks in and overhears ďtalk to him about what?Ē

January 7, 2009

Lucky and Liz are playing video games. Sam goes to knock on the door and sees them through the window. While trying to take the controller Lucky sees Sam and she turns to leave. Lucky goes to stop her from leaving.

January 8, 2009

Sam goes to see Maxie as Maxie is upset. Sam figures its about Winifred and Spinelli. Sam says it sounds like you want to be the only girl in Spins life, she tells Maxie to backoff, let things happen. Maxie has a plan, she is extremely good in bed. Sam says just be honest with Spin, she doesnít think having sex with Spin will help, especially if Maxie doesnít mean it like Spin does. Maxie wants Sam to talk to Jason. Sam says ok she will see what she can do, sheíll try to talk to him tonight.

January 12, 2009

Claudia talking to Sonny on the docks about her father blaming Sonny for a blowup shipment. Jason comes in and says from now on you stay out of my way. Sam sees Liz w/the boys on the docks, she goes to help as Liz drops a blanket. Liz tells Sam she and the boys are meeting Lucky for the parade of lights. They both hear an explosion. Sam says thatís a boat on fire, Liz says those are Jasonís piers. Jason tells Sonny and Claudia he evacuated the ship before he had it blown up. Sonny tells Jason he runs shipments when he wants to and where he wants to and tells Jason to back off. Liz tells Sam after Jake was taken it was a mutual decision for her not to be with Jason and sheís not going back on it. Sam goes to check things out and she if Jason is ok. Liz tells her she doesnít want to know. Jason tells Sonny this is his territory. Sonny tells Jason I donít think you want a war. Claudia says this is Jasonís fault its not mutual, Sonny tells her to stay out of it. Sonny tells Jason to watch his back and leaves. Sam spies on Jason and receives a phonecall from Maxie, Maxie needs to find Jason. Sam gives Jason the phone to talk to Maxie. Maxie says Spin was arrested by the FBI. He tells Maxie he is on his way. Sam tells Jason someone hacked in Spinís computer. Jason goes to see Spin in the interrogation room. Diane tells Jason its bad, the FBI alledges that Spin hacked into defense grids, law enforcement databases, tax returns. Spin is put into a holding cell, FBI wants to talk to Jason alone. Jason says you arrested Spin to get to me.

January 13, 2009

Agent Raynor tells Jason they want Sonny C and Anthony Z and unless Jason cooperates Spin will go away for life. Raynor tells Jason he is more useful to them then and undercover. He works for them, and they will be his silent partner. This will be your only chance to save Spin. Jason offers a full confession and tells the agent he can send him to prison but he has to let Spin go. Raynor  tells him he is no good to them in prison. Jason offers Anthony but not Sonny. Raynor says what condemns Anthony condemns Sonny. Spin is released and free to go. Jason goes to Carly he needs her help. He wants Carly to broker peace between him and Sonny. Sam sees Lucky with Liz and the kids. Lucky is going to help Liz get Cam home. Sam says call before you come by, she has some things to followup on. Carly tells Jason she canít help because of Jax. Jason says its ok you deserve your own life and leaves. Sam goes to see Maxie and Spin. Spin said Jason saved him. Jason goes to see Sonny. Jason tells Sonny to step down from the Zacharra organization and if he doesnít he canít save him. Sonny tells Jason he has to treat Jason like the enemy. Jason says as long as this is your choice I donít owe it to you to protect you anymore.

January 14, 2009

Jason and Spin at the Penthouse. Jason tells him the situation with the FBI is being handled. Tells him no more hacking. Spin still wants to discuss what happened. Jason yells and says we are not discussing this. Jason tells Spin heís a great friend, but he forgets heís a kid and he apologizes for taking advantage of him. No more talking about business and no more questions. Jason on the phone with Bernie he needs everything on the Zís he can get him. Carly goes to see Jason. He tells her heís fine. Carly is sorry that she didnít help him setup the meeting with Sonny. Jason tells her she did the right thing by not getting involved. Jason tells Carly the choices heís made will catchup to him. He asks about her and Jax. Sam and Lucky argue about her being a P.I. She just wants his support. Alexis comes in. Lucky leaves. Sam talks to Alexis about being a P.I. Alexis says to go for it. Alexis lets Sam know she canít help Spin its out of her jurisdiction. Raynor  visits Jason at his penthouse. Jason doesnít have anything yet. Raynor  tells him about a hijacked truck carrying cargo wants Jason to find out about it.

January 15, 2009

Jason on the phone talking about the hijacked truck wants Bernie to find the truck. Maxie comes to see Jason about Spin. Maxie tells Jason Spin thinks he left Jason down. Jason says he didnít. Maxie tells Jason that he is not the reason that Spin got into illegal activities when you found him he was working for Alcazar. Maxie wants to know the deal that Jason made with the FBI. He says all charges have been dropped thatís all anyone needs to worry about. Maxie tells Jason she slept with Spin then called him a geek and a nerd. Jason tells her that Spin needs her just be his best friend. Robin visits Jason and shows her pictures of Emma. Robin and Jason talk about Carlyís post partum depression. Robin tells Jason that Patrick thinks that she has problems with being a mother. Robin says she feels better after talking to Jason. He says if you think thereís a problem thereís nothing wrong with asking for help. Robin tells him thank you and leaves. Sonny comes to see Jason. Tells Jason he promised to give him up to the FEDS to save Spin.

January 16, 2009

Jason tells Sonny he gave the FEDS no evidence against him. Sonny tells Jason to give them everything on Anthony. Jason tells Sonny to get out of the Z organization. Sam goes to Spin to asks about the troubles between him and the FEDS. Jason wonít give any information to the FEDS on Sonny, only Anthony. Sonnyís not leaving the Z organization. Sonny tells Jason that he went into the Z organization for revenge for shooting Kate. Sonny tells Jason he does this right he gets control of the entire organization. Jason tells Sonny to get out now, if he stays he canít help him. Sonny appreciates that and tells Jason he does what he has to do and Sonny will do what he has to do. Spin is concerned for Jason. Sam tells Jason that Spin has been a good friend to her she wants to help. She knows how serious this is. Jason says its been taken care of. Sam doesnít buy it. Sam tells Jason the FEDS are going after Sonny, they want you to get info about the Zís. Sam says what are you going to do?

January 19, 2009

Sam wants to help. Jason says getting evidence on Anthony is risky, turning it into the FBI is suicide. Sam says she can get into the Z org. Jason says they know we were together. She says and they think you hate me. Jason tells Sam they know you are dating a cop. Sheís going to find a way to help. Ric visits Jason. Ric tells Jason he brought trouble upon himself and brings a message from Anthony Z. Just because Sonny works for the Z organization Jasonís safety is not guaranteed. Carly comes to visit Jason. Ask Ric why he is there. He leaves. Carly doesnít get how Sonny trusts Ric but not Jason. Sam asks Ric if he is waiting for Anthony Z. She tells Ric she is looking for work. She can pilot any ship in any location. Sam tells Ric that Jason and Sonny are out of the question. Sam wants to work for AZ. AZ comes in ďI like the sound of that.Ē Carly is worried about Michaelís benefit because there might be a blizzard.

January 21, 2009

Ric tells Sam the Zís donít need her at this time. AZ says it depends on what she can do, he has many needs. Sam says she can land any cargo anytime. Ric says and give info to Jason. Sam says she and Jason broke up a long time ago. Ric mentions her cop boyfriend. Sam says Ric hates her because they slept together while he was still married to her mother. Sam needs work being a good girl hasnít worked out well for her. Johnny walks into the hotel he is there to see Lulu not Anthony. Carly wants as many benefactors as possible. She wants to help more kids. Jason and Carly talk about Michael and his condition. Carly wants to help Michael, she doesnít care if he comes back different. Jason is not trying to tell her to give up hope. Sam leaves tells Anthony she will let him deal with his personal business he has her number. Carly is clear on Michaelís condition, she understands that thereís a slim chance that he will wake up. Carly wants Jason to write her a big fat check for the foundation. Carly tells Jason that her and Sonny will have to work together tonight for their son. Jason makes an appointment to see Patrick Drake. Sam tells Jason that Anthony Z is interested in hiring me. Jason says you canít trust Anthony. Jason says what if this is trap. Sam says its worth the risk.

January 22, 2009

Sam says if you think I can help you get inside info on the Zís will it help keep Spin out of jail? He says yes but it will do Spin no good if it will get yourself killed. Jason tells Sam not to underestimate AZ. Jason needs to know if AZ gives her any assignment. Spin runs and wants to know whatís going on Jason tells him to talk to Sam and leaves. Spin asks Sam if she has an special projects going on. Jason goes to see Patrick about Carly and the benefit. Spin tells Sam heís not trying to work her he just wants to know about her adventurous life. Sam tells Spin that she knows nothing, just trust Jason. Jason tells Patrick that giving Carly hope can lead to heartbreak. Patrick asks Jason about Robin. He says she seemed like she was covering something. Jason catches Spin attempting to hack into the FBI mainframe.

January 26, 2009

Jason on the phone ďjust find that truckĒ. Lucky goes to see Jason asks why Sam was there. Jason says to asks Sam, he says no Iím asking you. Sam talks to Liz about her and Lucky. She wants Liz to tell Lucky that when he pressures her he starts to push her away. Sam says she canít stop doing undercover work. Jason tells Lucky Sam and him are working on something, and it wasnít his idea. Tells Lucky to asks Sam. Spin asks Jason why Lucky was so mad. Jason wants Spin to stop asking questions. Jason tells Spin he does not want him at risk. Raynor goes to see Jason about the truck, Spin overhears.

January 27, 2009

Jason wants Raynor to backoff a little. Jason wants to know whatís on the truck. Raynor only tells him its some deadly stuff. As the agent leaves Jason realizes that Spin listened into his conversation. Spin wants to help. Jason says stay out of it he will get Spin out of this. Sam calls Jason and tells him that she is landing a shipment for AZ tonight out of pier 17. He tells her to be careful. Jason on the phone with Bernie he needs to find the truck now. Spin has info from agent Winifred. Spin will only tell Jason if agrees to work with him. Jason reluctantly agrees. Bernie calls Jason and says the truck was hijacked by Sandy Misonni.

January 28, 2009

Jason on the phone asking if any of the cargo that was hijacked had been sold. He finds out just the weapons. He learns the buyer is mid 30s, 5í10, 170 lbs. Jason says heís done heís going to give the description to the FBI. Spin says their was poison on the truck. Sam goes to the ER because someone ran into her, she skidded off the road, and the other driver hit a tree. Jason gives his information to Raynor. The other driver is in the ER he has really bad internal injuries. Patrick examines Sam and talks about Emma and Robin. Raynor needs to find the cargo and they will try to protect Jason. Jason gives Raynor the name Sandy Missoni from a biker gang. Raynor  tells Jason he will still need to find information on Zacharra. They need Z alive. Spin thinks that he and Jason can find the buyer of the cargo. Spin thinks the buyer would have rented a car because he couldnít fly out due to weather. Patrick wants to give Sam a catscan. She agrees. Sam talks to Patrick about her own c-section and Jason. She says that if you can sustain Robin the way Jason did me it will get her through it. Spin has no choice but to hack into a government database. He finds that the car rented to Earl Bragg has been in an accident and he has been transported to General Hospital.

January 29th, 2009

Jason drives to the hospital and tells the Raynor  about Earl Bragg. Jason thinks that Earl Bragg swallowed the poison. Patrick tells Sam the OR team is down. Patrick tells Sam the OR is contaminated. Jason asks EP if Patrick stopped the surgery. Jason puts Patrick in touch with Raynor. Raynor tells Patrick if the stuff is airborne and escapes the room god knows how many people will die including you. Jason tells Spin looks like only the OR team have been affected so far. Liz is brought out of the OR. Jason and Sam watch. Monica is brought out. Jason looks on. Sam tells Raynor that Monica is the chef of staff. Only one person is dead so far. Dr. Archer. Jason is upset. Drake explains to Raynor that there was only 1 sphere on Bragg but on the Xray there was five. Spin says the duct leading from the OR connects directly to the hospital board room.

January 30, 2009

Raynor doesnít want to setoff a panic. He says to seal off the room of the charity event. Raynor asks Spin to hack into the hospital computer shutdown the ventilation system close the ducts. Sam wants to take care of this, Patrick has a family and a wife and a kid they all need you. Carly canít get out of the room. Jason tells Carly theyíve all been exposed to an airborne toxin. Ranier asks Spin if heís refusing to help. Sam takes the phone and says no heís refusing to admit to do anything illegal that you can turn around and use this against him. Raynor says he wonít. Sam wants to know what they are dealing with. Raynor says its airborne but its not a virus itís a toxin it can be deadly. Jason wants someone to seal the air duct in the room. He canít open the door. Nik walks in and talks to Spin and Sam about whatís going on. Sam tells Nik everything. Jason says a paramedic with a hazmat suit is there to get Kate. Jason calls Carly and tells her that Kate is in ICU. Nik asks Jason about Nadine in the boardroom. Jason keeps Nik from getting to Nadine. An orderly begins to cough passes out and Patrick goes to him. Jason asks Nik if he hallucinating about Emily. Nik says no. Sam thinks they should close the ER. Patrick agrees. Raynor calls Drake. Patrick says 2 are dead. But the duct was not sealed in time. Raynor places the entire hospital under quarantine. Jason locks the doors. Jasam look out at the snow.

February 2, 2009

Jason tells Sam no one is getting in or out of the hospital anytime soon. Jax knocks on the hospital doors. Jason tells Jax that the hospital is under quarantine and he canít let him in. Jason watches as Epiphany talks to a drowsy Liz. Epiphany tells Jason about Lizís condition. Lucky broke into the hospital to make sure Liz is ok. Claudia is taken out on a gurney because she collapsed. Deliriously she mentions her father and Sonny as Jason overhears. Lucky tells Sam when things get tough he and Liz help each other get through it. Sam and Jason talk about Earl Bragg. They go to the OR room and through the window realize that a sphere is missing. Sam tells Jason that things just got a whole lot worse.

February 3, 2009

Sam ask Spin if he has seen Patrick because some of the poison is missing. Sam and Spin call Agent Rayner and Winifred picks up the phone. Spin explains to her that one of the toxins is missing. Sam wants to know if she has a lead on anyone helping Earl Bragg. Patrick tells Lelyaís boyfriend that she died in an accident in the OR. Sam overhears and him and takes him away from Patrick. Sonny asks Patrick if he is ok. Patrick explains to Sonny about the Equinox truck and the spheres of toxins. Sam tells Patrick that one of the spheres are missing. Patrick says if we donít find those toxins there will be more deaths. Sonny wants Patrick to keep this quiet or else there will be a riot. Spin learns there are no known associates of Earl Bragg. Patrick realizes he missed Robinís call and she is on the way to the hospital.

February 4, 2009

Patrick canít get a call through to Robin. Patrick explains to Jason that Emma is running a high fever and Robin is bringing her to the hospital, the one place they shouldnít be. Patrick is worried because Robin hasnít driven in awhile. Jason tells Patrick he canít help Robin right now so he needs to focus on finding the missing bio toxin. Sam on the phone to Mac, they are going to send a squad car to Robinís house. Sam and Jason realize that whoever took the toxins was in a hazmat suit. Jason stands outside Lizís room and overhears Lucky and Liz talking about their past. Spin is worried about Maxie and talks Sam about it. Sam tells Spin that he reminds her of her brother. She talks about his passing. Jason goes to see Monica. Sam sees Lucky holding Lizís hand. Jason tells Monica he had nothing to do with the bio toxin and is working with the FBI as Edward and Tracy listen in. Jason explains to Carly about the spheres of bio toxins being missing. Sam and Jason go to calm down a gentleman trying to leave the hospital. The man takes holds a gun to Jason. Sam pulls out a gun on the man. Jason tells Sam to shoot him. Sam and Jason argue about whether she can make the shot or not. Jason wrestles himself loose from the man, Sam shoots. Jason tells her she shot him.

February 5, 2009

Jason and Sam argue about Sam shooting him. Man that was holding Jason hostage runs away. Sam tells Jason he stepped into the line of fire so its not her fault that she shot him. Epiphany patches Jason up. Jason tells Sam that he did tell her to take the shot, but heís not going to make that mistake again. Spin rushes in and says the Equinox Corporation must be thwarted or more will die. Patrick on the phone with Rayner trying to find out what chemicals are in the toxins. Rayner says this matter is above his clearance. Rayner states no one goes in and out of the hospital till a team has recovered the bio-toxins from the OR. Ryaner tells Winifred to lead a team going into the hospital. Spin wants to keep the Feds from taking the remaining poison. Patrick just wants the toxins out of the hospital. Sam says Equinox is being protected by the FBI, Jason says listen to Sam. He leaves. Sam explains that Jason is trying to save Spin, and itís a struggle for him. Sonny has a gun pointed at AZ. Jason comes in, ďyou canít kill himĒ. Sonny says AZ can walk he shot Kate. AZ in a wheelchair acting crazy. Jason tells Sonny he needs AZ alive and gets in between Sonny and Anthony, Sonny hits Jason with the gun on the head, as AZ runs out of his wheelchair. Sonny goes after him.

February 6, 2009

Sam goes to help Jason. Jason explains that Anthony can walk. Sam and Jason argue about Sonny and Anthony, Sonny wants to kill Anthony, Sam wants Sonny to take care of his own business, but Jason explains that a dead Anthony is no good to him, as he has nothing to trade to set Spinelli free. Sam asks if he would give up Sonny to save Spin, Jason says if I can keep Anthony alive I donít have to make that choice. Jason and Sam find Ric, Jason threatens Ric, he wants to know where Anthony and Sonny are. Patrick is worried that Spin found away to leave the hospital. Sam explains that he hasnít been gone that long. Jason finds Sonny holding a gun to Anthony, he holds a gun to Sonny and tells him to put the gun down. Robin calls Patrick, and Patrick tells her she canít come there, the cell phone dies. Jason and Sonny argue about Anthony. Anthony wants Jason to shoot Sonny. Jason explains that Spin doesnít deserve to go to jail and begs Sonny not to shoot Anthony. Sonny shoots at a light, and kicks Anthony in the back instead. Sonny says heís not killing Anthony just for Jason, Jason says thank you. Spin and Winifred in the OR room, there is an explosion.

February 9, 2009

A replay of Sonny kicking Anthony in the back, and explaining to Jason he isnít killing Anthony just for him. The OR room explodes. Sam goes searching for Spin, as the alarms go off, she finds Lulu who hasnít seen Spin either. Sonny and Jason think the explosion came from the OR. Sonny leaves to find out what is going on, tells Jason that Anthony is now his responsibility. Jason carries Anthony to a hospital bed and shackles him in. Anthony smells a fire. Jason says he wonít let him burn, he will come back for him. Anthony wants to know why Jason would risk his life to save him. Jason finds Sam and Lulu and tells them that the explosion destroyed some of the tenth floor. Spin and Winifred appear. Spin explains there was a gas leak in OR 2 because of the anesthesia equipment, when the FEDS went in to get the toxins a spark caused the explosion, and the fire is heading their way. Patrick and Jason try to come up with an evacuation plan. Patrick explains no elevators, we have to carry everyone downstairs. Nik says heíll go get Elizabeth. Sam and Jason go to see if their was an explosion in the stairwell. Smoke covers the room.

February 10, 2009

Sam and Jason tell Patrick they will have to evacuate by helicopter as the only way out is the roof. Patrick says we have to wait for the storm to blow over, Jason says we canít wait. Sonny comes up and explains that Trevor has the missing poison. Sonny had him trapped, but something exploded. Sonny goes to check ICU and tells Jason to get Anthony because if he dies, his deal with the FBI goes out the window. Sam says seems like you and Sonny are you? Jason says he could have killed Anthony but he didnít because I asked him too. Patrick asks Mac to get a chopper to the roof, the phone line goes dead. Patrick tells Sam that Mac is sending firemen. Sam says the only way to evacuate is from the roof. She goes to try to keep the north stairwell clear. Jason finds an unconscious woman she tells him he saved her. He tells the women he had a sister you died and she looked she like her. Sam finds Jason with the woman, and realizes she looks like Emily. Jason leaves to take care of the north stairwell, and Sam takes care of Rebecca Shaw. Sam and Rebecca run into Edward and Monica, Monica says Emily.

February 11, 2009

Monica talks to Edward about being in danger of losing their lives, and she has spent her entire career saving lives. Sam and Rebecca walk in, Monica says Emily, Rebecca says you have me confused with someone else. Monica collapses, Sam goes to get help. Nik and Jason on the stairwell trying to put the fire out. They talk about the girl (Rebecca) who looks like Emily. A helicopter belonging to Jasper Jax crashes, no survivors have been reported. Carly tells Jason that Jax was trying to land a helicopter on the roof and he crashed, no one knows where he is. Jason comforts Carly. Edward tells Nik about Emily and her mother (Paige), who passed. Monica says if Emily had a sister she would have told me. All the wireless signals are cutoff. Patrick wonít put patients on the roof without a chopper, its too cold. Sonny will make sure no one is left behind, Jason will manage the fire, and Patrick will take care of the patients. Carly sneaks away to go after Jax. Patrick and Sam help patients to the roof. A helicopter lands on the roof, Jax comes down and asks about Carly. Patients are loaded into the helicopter. Liz wants Lucky to go with her. They kiss, Sam sees it. Jason notices Anthony is missing. 

February 12, 2009

Sam finds Jason in the fire, he tells her he canít leave. He has to find Anthony, heís all he has left to bargain with, if he doesnít turn Anthony over to the FEDS Spinelli is going to prison. He says he has to keep looking for him. Sam says she is coming with him, he says no, he needs her help getting people out of the hospital. Spinelli is having issues with the Wi-Fi connection, Sam says he needs to go on the roof they are evacuating. Sam wants to remain to help Jason since she shot him. Nik comes in looking for Rebecca. Jason finds Claudia on the steps, she needs help. He carries her out of the burning hallway, as his bullet wound starts to bleed. She asks who shot him. He says none of your business. Nik doesnít want to leave until he finds Rebecca, he feels responsible for her. Sam helps him. Sam finds Trevor with Kate, and the poison. He tells her not to take another step and leaves, she follows. Jason carries Claudia to wear Kate is. Kate says you might want to go after Sam, Trevor was here, he has one of those poison capsules. Sam follows Trevor to the roof, he is on the wrong side, the helipad is on the other side of the building. Trevor says he will throw the poison over the side.

February 13, 2009

Kate tells Jason he might want to go after Sam, because she chased after Trevor who has one of those poisonous capsules. Patrick asks Jason where Spinelli is, Jason didnít send him anywhere. Patrick says he wouldnít go anywhere without his computer. Jason says heís good at getting himself in trouble. Sam tries to bargain with Trevor for the poisonous capsule. Jason has to find Trevor before Spinelli he is not leaving without Spinelli or Sam. Trevor tells Sam that of all the people in Port Charles she is the only one that he has regretted not having known better. Trevor wants the poison because it guarantees that John and he walk away from the Zacharra mess free and clean. Sam says John can take care of himself. Trevor says he never abandoned him. Trevor tries to leave Sam holds a gun on him. Trevor tells her no one understands what Trevor Lansing is capable of doing. Trevor explains to Sam how he played Anthony like a violin. Sam tells Trevor she doesnít want to shoot him, as Trevor yells the chopper is taking off. Trevor throws the poison in the air, Sam goes after it, they rumble, both go over the roof. Trevor falls, Sam holds on to the ledge. Jason finds her and pulls her up, she tells him to get the poison as it begins to fall, he is able to catch it.

February 16, 2009

Repeat of Jason pulling Sam up, and grabbing the poison. Sam thanks Jason for rescuing her, he gives her back her gun. Jason and Sam go to find Spinelli and hope to get the last helicopter out of the hospital. Jason begins to collapse on the stairwell as his gunshot wound bleeds. Jason throws the poison into the fire. Sam realizes Jason is not doing well, as he begins to fall again. Sam re-patches his wound for him. They look for Spinelli around a utility closet. They find the utility room with fire engulfed around it, Jason yells for Spinelli.

February 17, 2009

Jason continues to yell Spinelliís name as he is passed out. Jason breaks open the room. Sam notices a vent, and Jason opens it, and lifts Sam into the vent. She yells for Spinelli. She doesnít see anything and comes out of the vent. Jason says we donít have much time, we will follow the air ducts yell for Spinelli and hope he hears us. Spenlli is in the air duct, and can hear both Sam and Jason calling his name. He answers back, but they cannot hear him. Sam hears him, Jason yells donít move we are coming to get you. Jason tells we will get you out, just keep talking. Spinelli is able to remove a grate and comes down. Thereís an explosion in the room. Maxie and Winfred realize the explosion is on the tenth floor.

February 18, 2009

Repeat of Jason yelling for Spinelli and telling him to keep talking. Spinelli breaks the grate and comes down, an explosion occurs. Jason tells Sam he is going after Spinelli, she says no. Jason tells her if he is not back in 2 minutes for her to get out of the building, she wonít leave him, he tells her not to come after him. He makes her promise. Jason carries Spinelli out of the room, and tells Sam he is not breathing. Spinelli beings to breath, and talks, Jason tells him to stop talking and take a breath. Spinelli is worried about his computer, he doesnít want it to perish in the flames. Jason yells it is a machine. Sam and Jason tell him we are not going back for it. The stairwell is engulfed him flames so they have to climb over the rails. Jason helps Sam as he is still in pain, Sam helps Spinelli. Thereís a fire on the other side of the door, Jason wants to just make a run for it, he asks Sam, she agrees, Spin agrees as well. Jason tells them all to grab a hand as they can not get separated, he tells them do not let go, do not stop moving forward. Maxie yells at a firefighter to go back inside and find Spinelli. Jason comes out of the building holding Samís hand, but Spinelli is not behind them. Spinelli emerges a few seconds and sees Maxie, she runs to him and kisses him, Winifred watches.

February 19, 2009

Sam, outside the hospital doors looking at the wreckage. Rayner comes up to her and says surviving the fire was the easy part this isnít over. Sam tells Rayner the missing capsule has been destroyed. She said her and Jason threw the capsule into a fire. Sam is upset because Rayner is only worried about Anthony Zacharra. Sam tells Rayner Anthony can walk. Winifred asks Sam if Jason tried to apprehend Mr. Zacharra. Sam knows Jason had Anthony in restraints, but someone turned him loose, she doesnít know who. Rayner wants Anthony alive or Spinelli is going to prison. Winfred tells Rayner that Spinelli is a hero. Sam tells Rayner threatening to prosecute Spinelli to get leverage on Jason is wrong. Alexis comes up and asks Rayner if this is an official interrogation. Alexis tells Rayner that he needs to have a conversation with her and not her daughter. Alexis is grateful that Sam is alive. Sam tells Alexis that Spinelli is in a lot of trouble. Sam says we have to figure out away to get him out from underneath the FBI. Alexis tells Sam to be careful. Alexis tells her that if she gets convicted in a federal case she will serve the entire sentence. Sam will keep that in mind.

February 20, 2009

Winifred is at Jasonís PH to speak to him about Spinelli. Sam called Lucky he was at Mercy checking on Liz. Sam tells Lucky that he is a great guy and deserves to be happy but she has realizes that it is over. Winifred is supposed to keep Spinelli under surveillance for agent Rayner. Rayner is afraid Zacharra has escaped, and unless he is found Spinelli will be re-arrested. Lucky tells Sam she helped him trust again; but thinks sheís right, its time they let go. Winifred hopes that Jason will give Rayner something on Sonny, it would help with getting Spinelli off. Jason says his deal with Rayner is for Zacharra. Jason will make sure that Spinelli stays out of prison. Winifred offers her services. Jason says no, just do what agent Rayner told you to do, and make sure Spinelli stays out of trouble. Diane knocks on the door, wants to know why Winifred is there. Jason says there is no harassment agent Leeds is leaving. Jason thinks that Winifred is harmless. Diane needs a place to hide from Max. They play pool. Jason tells Diane he agreed to give the FBI evidence against Anthony Z for Spinelliís release. Jason says he canít find Anthony Z. Diane says in this case Spinelli is guilty as sin and he would spill his guts, if I were you I would stick with your efforts to find Anthony Z, or feed the FEDS someone else. Jason on the phone with Bernie he needs to find Anthony Z. Spin comes to talk about Maxie going to the Campbellís gala with Johnny. Sonny comes in asks Spinelli do you know what Jason put on the line to keep you out of prison? Sonny wants Spinelli to leave the room. Sonny is glad Jason got out of the fire. Sonny wants to work with Jason, he doesnít want Zacharra to walk away. Asks Jason if he has a problem with him (Sonny) getting involved.

February 23, 2009

Jason says the only priority is to get Spinelli out from under the FEDS. He would appreciate any help Sonny can offer him. Sonny tells Jason he canít run an organization if he turns on of his own over to the FEDS, even if it is Anthony. Jason tells Sonny the deal he made with the FEDS was a one time deal. Jason asks Sonny if he wants the business back. Sonny has always considered the organization his own; he wants it back, but he wonít fight Jason for it. Jason wants his old job back. Sonny asks if he is going to be alright taking orders from him, Jason says yes. Sonnyís phone rings, he speaks to someone in Spanish, tells Jason he located Anthony, and for Jason to pack his bags. Jason called Sam over to the Penthouse because he needs her help. Anthony lays out on a pool chair with a drink while speaking on his cellphone. Once the wire transfer comes through he is off to Brazil. Jason carries Sam into a hotel room. Jason goes to the balcony to look for Anthony. The bellhop says looks like you two lovebirds want to be alone so I will be on my way, Sam tells Jason to tip him generously.

February 25, 2009

Jason asleep on the chair, he has a gun in his hand; Sam is on the bed. Knock on the door. They both wake up. Its room service, Jason hides his gun as the maid comes in. Sam thinks Anthony is at the pool, she shows a bikini and says I will find him, unless he finds me first. Jason thinks the whole thing is a bad idea. Room service knocks on the door again, Sam has an idea. Sam shows the room service lady a picture of Anthony and asks if she recognizes him. The lady says no. Sam turns to Jason and says I canít believe you paid her to say no, you promised we would work things out with daddy. Jason looks confused. Sam lies to the lady and says that Anthony Zacharra is her father, and he wonít walk her down the isle. The lady wants to take another look at the picture. Sam gives the lady money. The lady says he spends a lot of time at the pool, cabaŮa 3. Sam dresses up at a hotel maid. Jason hands Sam a gun, says aim for his legs youíll hit his shoulder. Jason says if you want to slow Anthony down shoot at his feet, Jason will be right behind her. Sam and Jason go to cabana 3 but its empty, Jason says someone tipped him off, heís gone.

February 26, 2009

Jason says they have to regroup and it could take months.  Sam says she has a simpler way.  Jason waiting in cabana.  Sam comes in with the maid.  She is pretending to be Claudia ordering drinks for "Daddy".  She then acts like Jason and Anthony had a fight and Anthony left.  She begs the maid for help. Jason and Sam waiting. He is telling her how great her ida is and how he could never think of something like that.  She explains why it will work. The maid comes back and Says Anthony went to Port Charles. Jason calls Sonny and tells him Anthony went back to Port Charles and asks him not to do anything until he gets there. Jason comes into Bernie's office.  Sonny wants Bernie to talk to Jason.  Bernie tells Jason the men do not trust Sonny and that Sonny is asking for 20 mil. Jason asks Sonny about hostages and Sonny says Claudia.  Jason tells Bernie to listen to Sonny from now on. Sonny tells Bernie to get the money.  Bernie leaves to get it.  Jason asks Sonny if Claudia can be in on it. Sonny says no. Sam at Kelly's talking to Lucky and Rebecca abut Rebecca. Rebecca walks away while Sam and Lucky talk abut Lucky helping her.  Lucky asks about where Sam was and she tells him doing PI work. He is happy that she is happy. She feels the same about him. Lucky leaves.  Rebecca comes up to Sam and asks if she is involved with Lucky.  Sam happily says not anymore. Sonny trying to convince Jason that Claudia is not involved.  Jason asks if he thinks Anthony would kill her.  Sonny says yes.

February 27, 2009

Sonny thinks that Anthony will kill Claudia. He receives a phone call from Bernie. Jason thinks it is a waste of time to give 20 million to ransom Claudia. Jason didnít realize that Sonny cared so much for Claudia. Jason wants to know if something is going on. Sonny says no, I donít trust her, I donít even like her very much, but I do understand her a bit more and why she is the way she is. Claudia calls Sonny, Anthony is in the background. Anthony takes the phone from Claudia, tells Sonny that Claudia is afraid she might die. Jason has the ransom money and puts a tracking device on it. Sonny thinks Anthony is too smart for that. Sonny tells Jason do what he wants with Anthony, he just wants Claudia safe. Sonny puts on a bulletproof vest, Jason says its one thing to save Claudia its another to die for her are you willing to do that? Jason begs Sonny to not kill Anthony. Sonny says if it is between Anthony or Claudia, Claudia lives. Jason receives a phone call from Spinelli, tells him this is not a good time.

March 2, 2009

Jason on the phone with Rayner tells him that arresting Spinelli is a violation of their agreement. Jason says we are closer to finding Anthony, you will have him tonight. Rayner says you better put a rush on it, because I will deliver Mr. Spinelli to a federal prison in one hour. Anthony tries to get into his car, Jason holds a gun to his back. Anthony says I think you cut a deal with the feds that requires my live body. Anthony says he will plead insanity and get out from a nuthouse in a couple of years, meanwhile Jason will always be looking over his shoulders. Jason gets a phone call from Sonny, he needs Jason to talk him through dismantling a bomb. Anthony jokes about the colors of the wires on the bomb. Jason hits him. Jason tells Sonny how to dismantle the bomb. Anthony calls Sonny a fool and Jason one as well if he goes back to being subordinate to him. Jason says Claudia is on Sonnyís side now and you lose. Claudia says thatís a fact, my husband saved my life. Anthony says thatís because he doesnít know. Sonny says know what? Jason calls Rayner tells him where he can find Anthony. Jason calls Carly tells her the situation has been handled. Carly will come see Jason tomorrow. Rayner tells Jason that the evidence you provided is enough to put Anthony away for the rest of his life, he left Spinelli go. Rayner still wants Jason to give him Sonny.

March 3, 2009

Sam is at Jasonís penthouse waiting for him to open the door. She is there for a party that Spinelli is throwing. Sam says Spinelli wants to celebrate his freedom and pay tribute to Jason. Jason says Spinelli has nothing to celebrate the feds are not letting us off the hook. Jason explains to Sam about the bomb and Claudia. Jason says I already gave Anthony to the feds but now Rayner wants Sonny. Sam says you either give up Spinelli or let Sonny go to prison. Jason says he wonít betray Sonny or sacrifice Spinelli. Jason says he will have to get Spinelli out of the country set him up with a new identity. Sam says what about his life here? He would be miserable. Jason doesnít know what else to do. Spinelli comes in and says we are ready for celebration. Jason and Spinelli play pool. Spinelli tells Sam that he and her should join forces and open a private investigating agency. Maxie doesnít want to talk about work this is supposed to be a party. Maxie makes a toast to Jason. Sam tells Jason she can see this is killing him. Spinelli got Jason a chocolate cake to remember Emily. Jason appreciates the gesture but he has to cut this short, he needs to talk to Spinelli alone right now. Sam tells Maxie that Jason is kicking the both of us out. Jason tells Spinelli that the situation with the feds is out of control, he might have to hang tough with a prison sentence over his head. Spinelli tells Jason that he is grateful to him. Sam asks Jason how he told Spinelli, Spinelli listening in from the top of the steps. Jason says he couldnít bring himself to tell Spinelli that his new assignment is to bring Sonny down and Spinelli is the leverage. Jason says he is going to protect Spinelli but getting him out of the country.

March 4, 2009

Spinelli is on the computer looking at fake IDs. Jason comes in, and asks what heís doing. Sam meets Winifred at Kellyís. Winifred tells Sam that Rayner demands more from Jason, he wants evidence against Sonny. Winifred wants Sam to talk to both Jason and Spinelli for her. Spinelli tells Jason that he caught him in a private moment. Spinelli says he wanted to alter his appearance because he is vain. Jason says is this about Maxie? Spinelli talks about Maxie and Johnny, and how Spinelli has to change his appearance if he wants to compete for Maxieís heart. Jason needs to talk to Spinelli right now. Spinelli says he is late in meeting Maxie and leaves. Jason on the phone with Bernie he wants Spinelli out of the country by midnight. Sam knocks on the door and tells Jason about her conversation with Winifred. Jason is giving Spinelli one more day, he can spend time with Maxie and say goodbye. Sam says what if there is another option. Winifred can find out what Rayner has on Spinelli and get rid of it. Jason doesnít like the idea, he thinks Rayner would be watching her every move. Jason says he will not take advantage of her. Sam says donít you always say people have the right to make their own choices. Jason says he will not asks Winifred for help, if anyone has to fix the situation it will be him. Jason comes home to a note from Spinelli, where Spinelli tells him that he has departed, and become a fugitive.

March 6, 2009

Jason on the phone with Bernie he wants Bernie to find Spinelli. Sam knocks on the door; Jason tells her that Spinelli is gone. Jason shows Sam the letter Spinelli wrote. Jason tells Sam that he is an expert in the cyber world, but what Spinelli doesnít know about the real world can hurt him. Sam thinks that Spinelli went to someone that can provide him money and a fake passport. Jason is worried that Spinelli will trust the wrong people. Jason says if Spinelli is on the run he canít protect him from the FBI so he has to find him. Sam says I know a good place to start and she leaves. Sonny meets with Jason at the penthouse. Jason tells Sonny that Spinelli is in a lot of trouble. Sonny says Spinelli has information that can destroy both of us. Jason trusts Spinelli, Sonny says maybe its time you cut the kid loose. Sonny says Spinelli knew what he was doing. Jason doesnít want Spinelli out there alone. Sonny says Spinelli is not a child and is not innocent. Jason tells Sonny he has to look for Spinelli because heís been nothing but loyal. Sonny talks to Jason about when he took him in, the burden of feeling responsible for Jason was difficult for him, and thatís the same thing he is going through with Spinelli. Sonny says if you go after Spinelli you are tying him to a life in the mob forever. Jason and Sam meet on the docks she tells him that Spinelli is headed to LA. Sam says we could catch a red eye tonight. Jason tells her heís not going. Jason tells her that Spinelli gets to live his life the way he wants; I wonít be the one to stop him.

March 9, 2009

Jason opens his penthouse, Maxie comes running down the stairs she says she packed so he can go. Maxie wants him to go get Spinelli immediately. Maxie doesnít understand why Spinelli didnít tell her he was leaving. Jason says he wonít be bringing Spinelli back, leaving was his decision. Carly comes to see Jason about a test that can lead to a potential treatment for Michael. Sam wants to know if Maxie wants Spinelli home for himself or for herself. Maxie says if the roles were reversed she would help Sam out. Sam tells her that he booked a plane ticket to LA. Jason tells Carly he doesnít know where Spinelli is. Carly tells Jason about the test, a needle would have to be put in Michaelís brain and there is a risk of infection. Jason says if things go wrong Michael could be worse off, he tells Carly she will get her hopes up and what if it doesnít work. Sam comes to visit Jason to tell him that she has decided to go and look for Spinelli and that he can come along if he likes but she is going.

March 11, 2009

Maxie and Winifred are fighting about missing Spinelli. Sam says we are all on the same team. Maxie thanks Sam for coming. She is mad Jason didnít come. Jason walks in. Jason wants to know what happened. Sam says Spinelli caught the attention of some woman. Sam checked her room, itís empty. Winifred is checking the computer. Winifred and Maxie are fighting. Winifred says and who knows what dark deeds she is forcing him to do. Jason and Sam look upset. Jason wants to know if Spinelli could have taken off alone. Winifred says he would have told me. Jason wants to know where the FBI thinks she is. Winifred can still access the FBI database. She is doing that now. Jason walks away looking at his phone. Sam says is everything ok? Jason tells her they are doing a test on Michael. Sam says thatís good news. Jason says he doesnít want Carly to get her hopes up. Winifred's computer beeps. It is the search results and there are alot. Winifred says it will take a long time to find out her. Jason and Sam want to know if there is anything else Winifred remembers. Maxie asks what she was wearing. Winifred describes her coat and remembers an emblem. Maxie knows how to find Spinelli. Maxie on the phone looking for info. Sam says the coat was expensive so they probably paid with credit card. Maxie got three names. Winifred enters the info and finds Cassandra, she is an art thief. She wants to know what an art theif would want with Spinelli. Jason says to crack a code. Winifred is getting data. Maxie wants to know how donít they know this person isnít half way around the world by now. Sam says she was here when you got here so it makes sense that the heist is here. Winifred gets a pop up about a hat. Jason says should you be getting pop ups on that computer? Winifred says no. Maxie says Spinelli left us a clue. Sam says we still need a location. Maxie says if he is doing something illegal he could be arrested. Sam says we will find him before that happens.

March 12, 2009

Jason, Sam, Winifred and Maxie in the parking lot looking for Cassandra while Winifred and Maxie argue. Jason leans in and whispers something to Sam and walks away. Maxie and Winifred continue to argue. Jason comes back and breaks it up. Sam says focus and lays out what the believe the situation is for them. Maxie says he will do what she wants so she lets him go. Winifred says we need to rescue Spinelli before he uses his skills to commit another crime. Again they argue and again Jason says keep it down. Winifred wants to be directing the mission because she is an agent of the bureau. Jason and Sam loading their guns. Maxie says Spinelli thinks you are a hero, what are you gonna do to save him? Sam reassures Jason they will resuce Spinelli but realizes that somethng else is bothering him. She asks about it it and he says they got Michael's results and he is not a candidate for treatment. He is worried about Carly. Winifred asks if they have permits for their weapons. Jason gives her a funny look. Maxie says of course they need weapons in this situation. She wants them to be careful of Spinelli. Jason says he won't let Spinelli get shot. TeJason tells Winifred he needs to know where the computer is that controls the vault. Winifred can't find it on the specs. Sam finds the room on the computer. Winifred asks how she could knew. Sam says it's nothing she cares to share with a Federal agent. Maxie wants to rescue Spinelli now.  They all look at her like she is nuts. Maxie and Winifred argue about Maxie going. Jason says stop. He tells Winifred they are using weapons and tells Maxie to shut up and get in the car and wait for them. They go to walk away and Maxie calls Sam back. He says if the guy you cared about most in the world, would you just stay behind and do nothing? Sam says the only thing that matters right now is saving Spinelli and tells her to watch the car. Maxie says you of all people. Sam says when they find him she is gonna tell him they couldn't have done it without her. Jason calls Sam and they go. Jason looks at Maxie and says dont even think about it. Jason and Sam and Winifred see Cassie and a goon leave the room. Sam trying to calm Winifred down. Jason says not until I say so. Spinelli on the goon's back. He throws him off and takes out the gun. Jason and Sam come in guns drawn. Winifred tries to put him under arrest and Jason hits him in the back with his gun. Spinelli thanks Jason and Sam. Jason says don't hug me. Jason says let's get out of here. Sam says Maxie is waiting for him. Spinelli says take me to her now. Jason tying up the goon. Winifred wants to call the authorities. Jason says don't worry about that. Jason takes the keyboard with them. Winifred still talking.

March 13, 2009

Jason tying up Cassandra and goon. Winifred called the authorities. Jason tells her we need to talk and asks Sam to cover the criminals. Maxie telling Spinelli she was worried sick. Spinelli brags about jumping on the goon. Maxie complains about Winifred. Jason tells Winifred that it has to look like she caught the thieves on her own. Winifred says they all foiled the robbery and credit has to be distributed properly. Maxie says she is thick and Jason is right. Spinelli says we must accept Jason and Maxie's suggestion. Winifred asks Sam for her gun. She'll take it from here. She arrests them again. Maxie, Jason and Sam and Spinelli at a hotel room. Maxie says it has 5 stars and spa. Sam says they didn't ask her to book a hotel based on amenities they wanted the best place to be able to hide Jason and Spinelli. Maxie says it's like hiding in plain sight but that dont mean they can't take advantage of being there. Maxie babbles about spa treatments before they head back to PC. Jason says Spinelli is not going back. Feds could arrest Spinelli whenever they want. Jason says now Spinelli has become a flight risk and if Raynor was there he would take him into custody now. Maxie wants to know why it dont matter that they just broke up a huge heist. Sam says it doesn't. Jason says the best way to keep him out of prison is to get him out of the country. Maxie thinks it's a terrible idea unless Jason is planning on relocating too. Jason says no he will set him up and come back. Maxie says Spinelli can't fend for himself in some foreign country. She reminds Jason that as soon as he gets back to town they will arrest him for a list of crimes. Sam says do you have a better idea of how they are supposed to hide Spinelli from the Feds. Maxie says Jason is the career criminal and should come up with another alternative. Jason says if he thought there was another way out he would take it. Maxie says there has to be. Spinelli says there isn't and he has nobody else to blame. Jason has gone above and beyond but he will not accept one more act of sacrifice. Spinelli doesn't want to be seperated from her but perhaps he will find the meaning of life. Maxie blames Jason afor not protecting him. Jason says you are right, he was selfish and let things get out of control. He didn't protect him like he was supposed to and that is what he is trying to do now. Maxie says what about me? Maxie is crying.  She says to Spinelli you did this to me. She says you made me depend on you and now you are going to leave me just like the rest of them. Maxie says she will be the first to walk away and leaves. Spinelli starts to cry and Jason looks upset. Spinelli is gone. Sam says between the two of them they should come up with a better way to protect Sonny and Spinelli. Jason says you have any ideas. She says I am getting one. She says if they could get to that and destroy the evidence against Spinelli they have no leverage against him and the case against Spinelli disappears. He says are we just gonna stroll into the FBI evidence room. She says we wouldn't have to if we have access from the inside.

March 16, 2009

Sam wants to talk to Winifred. Jason wants to get Spinelli out of country. Sam says we can take him back to PC, hide him right under Raynor's nose and get Winifred to destroy the evidence. Jason doesn't want to ask Winifred to destroy evidence. Winifred busts in looking for Spinelli. She has great news. Sam tells her Spinelli is with Maxie. Winifred says she has news that will keep Spinelli from having to leave. Jason and Sam discuss Winifred taking evidence. Jason is fighting it. Sam saying Winifred is willing to risk it. Jason says she doesn't understand the risk, just like Spinelli doesn't and Michael didn't. Sam looks confused and asks what Michael has to do with saving Spinelli from the FBI. Sam saying when Michael got shot they were barely speaking but she thought about him all the time because she knew it was tearing him apart. Jason saying he's thinking alot about Michael and every choice he ever made for him was wrong. Sam saying Michael was lucky to have Jason. Jason saying Michael was surrounded by violence and talks about its effects on him. Jason only taught him that you solve problems with violence. Sam thinks he's being hard on himself and that he loved Michael. Jason said love didn't stop Michael from picking up a gun and shooting someone, love didn't keep him out of that warehouse and love will not save Spinelli. Sam saying Winifred is grown, Michael was a child. Jason says Winifred can't even present her badge without dropping it. Sonny calls and tells Jason all about his big mob take-over party and how Jason needs to come home. Jason asks about Carly and Sonny says she's plugging along. Spinelli and Maxie come in. Spinelli says he will not leave Maxie. Jason mad at Maxie for Spinelli to refusing to leave. Spinelli says it's his decision. Winifred comes in saying she got a promotion and new security clearance and she will now free the Jackal from the FBI. Spinelli saying he will not leave. Winifred says she wants to help and it's her choice. Jason telling Spinelli that this is his last chance to get out of the business. Is he willing to risk Everything to go back to PC. Spinelli says yes. Winifred assures them she will be successful. Maxie says Spinelli can hide-out with her. Jason reluctantly agrees that they should all go back to PC immediately.

March 17, 2009

Jason in the penthouse with Sam. Raynor shows up. Jason has nothing to say without his attorney. Raynor has a warrant to search for Spinelli. Raynor wants to know why Jason made it so easy. The other agent comes down the stairs, says Spinelli isn't there. Raynor asks Sam where Spinelli is. She says he took off. Raynor threatens to delay Sam's PI license. She leaves. Jason tells Raynor it's not Sam's fault Spinelli is gone. Raynor puts out an APB on Spinelli, Armed and Dangerous. Jason says Spinelli doesn't have a gun. Raynor wants to shoot on site. Jason knows this is only to get him to flip on Sonny. Raynor says this can all stop if Jason just gives them what they want. Alexis and Sam on the pier. Alexis tells Sam about Nikolas' obsession with Rebecca. Sam tells Alexis about the FBI messing with her PI application. Alexis goes to take on Raynor, saying no one messes with my daughter. Sam looks pleased. Spinelli calling Jason and emailing him a copy of the APB, he want to frame it and send it to Sonny. Jason tries to get him to understand that it is not cool. Jason calls Carly as she's walking in the door. He apologizes for not being there. She says she's not ok, but she will be. She said she'd move on, and she's going to. Carly hoped the test was the first step in getting Michael back. She really believed it would work. Sonny and Jax were both great. She wished Jason could have been there. She says it's ok, she knows Spinelli is really in trouble. Jason says he'll figure it out. Carly talks about Michael some more. Sam and Nik on the docks, talking about Rebecca. Nik asks what's going on with Sam and Lucky, could they get back together. Sam says no. Nik says he thought Lucky and Liz were getting back together, but if Lucky doesn't want to be in a relationship, why is he all over Rebecca. Carly tells Jason she knows she can't detach from the situation with Michael. Jason agrees and says Michael wouldn't want her to. Carly just wants to be happy.

March 19, 2009

Alexis comes to Jason's house. He says not a good time. She says it's about Spinelli so better listen. She tells him about Spinelli's foolishness at the federal building and that she distracted Raynor to cover for him. She goes to leave and Jason stops her and thanks her. Jason looks pissed. Winifred and Spinelli talking about failing.  Jason shows up and and he is pissed. Jason says hiding out means not leaving the apartment and he is stupid and dangerous for leaving. Jason says you were seen by Alexis and lucky for him she came to Jason instead of Raynor. He asks them if they got rid of the evidence. Spinelli tells Jason they erased the evidence that was on file but it was backed up on a flashdrive that they couldn't find. Jason says Raynor will be looking for the files and will know who erased them. Jason says let me handle this and if they keep this up Jason is getting both of them out of the country. Maxie comes in and hears him and starts with Winifred. Jason at the Penthouse. Claudia follows him in. He wants to know what she wants. She wants to make sure he is coming to the gathering. He says he told Sonny he will be there but don't know why he is doing this in the first place. She says she pitched it and didn't think he would go for it. Jason says Hold Up this whole thing is your idea? Claudia explaining to Jason why the party. Jason wants to know why she wants to help Sonny all of a sudden. SHe says she now trusts and owes him. Jason says he did alot of things to cross you is that easy to forgive. She says we've gotten past that and she has his best interests at heart as he does and they should be able to work together. Jason says he told Sonny he would be there and he will. Raynor at the Penthouse. He is interested in the mob summit and Sonny. Jason says maybe you should go. Raynor says Sonny will be looking for the enemy lurking in the shadows but our man will be in plain sight and that man is Jason and he will be wearing a wire.

March 20, 2009

Raynor and Jason talking about the mob summit. Raynor says no one would pat down Sonny's enforcer and they will be listening in. Jason says he is not wearing a wire so arrest him and get it over with. Raynor brings up Spinelli. Jason says Spinelli risked his life to clean up their mess after they lost track of the poison. Raynor is grateful and he doesn't want to use him but if Jason doesn't cooperate they arrest Spinelli in the hour and they do know where Spinelli is. Raynor expects Jason to bring them enough info to bring Sonny down and anybody else that stands close to him. Jason throws a fit and throws a vase off the mantle and screams he is not doing it. Raynor says he has been patient and is giving him a choice, Corinthos or Spinelli. Raynor compares Spinelli and Sonny and says you make the choice. Raynor in his office setting up for the summit on the phone. Telling them Jason had a tantrum but will come through. Sam knocks on the door. She wants to discuss the holdup on her PI license. They discuss Alexis and Spinelli. Ratnor says she used to be close to Jason so she must knwo alot. She says maybe. He says if you assist us is bringing Corinthos down, Spinelli goes free and she will get her PI license in no time. She says you disgust me, hiding out in this office like one of the good guys. Spinelli saved his ass during that fire and they should be giving him a medal instead of chasing him out of town but he really doesn't care. She says he renegged on Jason and his deal and Anthony wasn't enough. She rips off his badge saying it means nothing. He says is it safe for me to assume you are rejecting my offer. She throws the badge on his desk and yells that she wants her license. He says call me when you're ready to negotiate. She slams out and in the hallway she has his badge. Jason and Diane at the Penthouse. He tells her what is up with Spinelli and the wire. Diane wants to know the status of the evidence. They destroyed the evidence but didn't get to the flash drive. Diane says that will land them in prison. Jason wants her to help him. She says Spinelli is up a creek. Jason asking what the best defense she could put together tonight. She says dimished capacity. Diane lays it out for him. Jason says that would humiliate him. Diane says she would put him on the stand and with luck he will end up in a psych hospital and not prison but that's a longshot.  Barring a miracle Spinelli doesn't have a prayer if the FBI still has the evidence. Later, Jason getting the wire put on him with Raynor and getting instructions including don't get the wire wet. Raynor telling him the metal detector won't pick it up. If they frisk him, get creative. Raynor will be listening in a van right outside Sonny's. Jason walks into Sonny's and Max goes to frisk him. Jason says you don't want to do this. Max says he don't but the boss says no exceptions. Jason says he is not talking about me. Sonny comes down and says this is Jason, don't frisk him. Max tells Jason, good to have you back. Sonny tells Jason he didn't think they would be standing together like this again and welcomes him back.. They shake hands.

March 23, 2009

Spinelli dressed as a janitor in Raynor's office with Winifred. They are bungling with computer. Sam comes in and busts them hiding under desk. She says they all 3 have to destroy the evidence. Sonny telling Jason about what the meeting is about- moving and distrubuting product. Raynor is in van outside listening. Jason glaring at Sonny and fiddling with his shirt, looking ill. Sonny starts telling Jason about a deal in Columbia. He wants Jason to go. Jason asks about how these guys will be paid. Sonny wants to know why Jason is all the sudden interested in the books. He doesn't want Jason anywhere near the money side of the business. Raynor is listening in. Spinelli telling Sam the situation. Winifred filling in the blanks about security clearance. Spinelli typing and rambling. Jason asking about South America. A mobster comes up telling Sonny how great he is. Jason wants to get back to South America talk. Sonny starts telling him more. Ric walks up. Ric telling Sonny how important it is that everyone know that Jason is back to being second and that Sonny is once again the big man in PC. Jason standing right there just looking at Ric. Raynor listening. Claudias comes to the top of the stairs staring down at Ric and Sonny. Sonny telling Jason that the product they're bringing in is the best they've ever had. He wants to know if Jason wants to try it. Jason says you know I never touch the stuff. Ric says it's time for Sonny to make his big speech telling everyone that Jason is back to being the enforcer.  Ric taunts Jason. Jason jumps at Ric, telling him to shut up and purposely gets Ric to spill his drink on Jason's shirt. The wire goes dead and Raynor is pissed. Claudia tells them they need to stop fighting because we don't want to send the message that there is a problem in the business. Jason acting like he's calming himself down. Jackal typing madly. Sam wants the badge so she can go get the evidence. Winifred is afraid Sam will be caught. Sonny announces he is back in charge. Jason steps up and says he fully supports Sonny. Sonny says everyone knows how he trusts Jason completely and everything is back to the way it was. Johnny pipes up and says he has something to say on behalf of the Z family. Johnny gives Sonny his blessing. Raynor calls Jason and tells him to say goodnight and get to his office. Johnny is still talking about Sonny greatness and then everyone toasts. Jason comes to Raynor's office. Raynor listening to conversation where Jason says he never touches the stuff. They were talking about coffee. Sonny says how can you get rich off coffee beans if you never taste them. Raynor tells Jason he thinks that Jason tipped Sonny off if all they talked about was coffee and then the wire goes dead. Jason says he can't help what the conversation was about. Raynor says he's widening the search for Spinelli and placing Jason under arrest. Jason looks pissed. Sam slides a key card in a lock. Male voice behind her says Who are you, what are you doing? You have to have special clearance to be in here. Sam turns to look at him.

March 24, 2009

Raynor upset they were talking about coffee. Raynor says he wants solid evidence or Jason and Spinelli are going to prison for life. Jason won't say anything without his attorney. Raynor says since Jason profited from Spinelli's activity, Jason gets prosecuted. Jason wants them to give up Spinelli, Raynor says no. Jason argues that he brought them Zacchara, Raynor doesn't care. While Jason isn't as high profile as a bust, he thinks that putting Jason behind bars will make someone talk. Sam trying to con her way out of showing Raynor's ID badge outside of the evidence room by telling the guard not to question her. Winifred comes around the corner and calls her agent Samuels and says she's been looking all over the place for her. Diane comes to Raynor's office. Raynor doesn't care about her lawyer speak. He rattles off a huge list of charges against Jason and Spinelli. Diane has absolutely nothing to say. Winifred distracts the other agent while Sam breaks into the evidence locker. Diane says that there is no real case, it's all been smoke and mirrors. Raynor says that's not true, they have evidence. Spinelli is brought in. Spinelli starts spouting off that he'll confess, that everything is his fault. Jason and Diane both tell him to shut up. Diane demands to see the evidence. Raynor agrees. Sam in the evidence room. She finds and switches out the flash drive that contains the evidence against Spinelli. She takes the real one with her. Raynor says they have enough evidence to put them away for the rest of their lives. Raynor asks the FBI agent to give him the evidence.  The guy says it's gone, a tapeworm corrupted the file. Raynor blames Spinelli and then asks for the flash drive. The agent says it's blank. Raynor is pissed. Diane asks him to let Jason and Spinelli go. Raynor agrees, but says he's not backing off of them.

March 25, 2009

Jason on the phone with Bernie. He tells Bernie if anyone has a problem with Sonny taking over he will talk to them personally. Ric comes. Jason asks what he wants. Ric says is that anyway to talk to your new partner. Jason thinks that bringing Ric on is a huge mistake. Ric says they donít like each other, but they need to band together for the common good. Jason says he will never band with him. Ric says Sonny will be sad to hear that. Jason will deal with Sonny. Ric says Sonny will be watching him, Jason wants to know why hes standing there so smug, he thinks he has leverage. He will find the leverage and when he does he will get rid of him once and for all. Ric says the only leverage I need is the confidence of Sonny. Sonny will need both of them. Jason canít tell Sonny who to hire, but he does have his ear. He will make sure Sonny never trusts him. Jason opens the door. Ric says you are not in charge, you are a thug with a gun. Sonny sees your ambition. While your in Sonnys ear I guarantee Iíll be in the other one. Ric leaves and Jason shuts the door behind him. Sam and Spinelli at Kellys. Sam says its official the Feds dropped the charges. Spinelli is thanking Sam for what she did. Sam was glad to help. She considers Spinelli a friend and will always be there when he needs her. Spinelli is very impressed with her skills. She says without his computer skills she wouldnít be able to do it. Spinelli is talking about their connection while working together. He says Jackal and McCall private Investigators. She laughs and says she doesnít have her license yet. Sam says it would be McCall and Jackal. Sam is glad he thought of her but she works best.. Winifred interrupts, babbling that something is wrong. Winifred lost her job. Spinelli offers her a job with him and Sam. Sam does not look happy. Robin on the docks, Jason walks over. Robin hugs him. She tells him itís official she has PPD. Talks about how she judge Carly but now she knows and she ruined her life. She says theres something she didnít tell Patrick. She tells him that she left Emma at Kellyís. What if someone had taken her, she has no right to have a child. She is crying a bit. She tells him about going to Rochester and pretending ot be someone else. Who does that? Jason says a woman with PPD. He knows that shes scared but Carly got better. Robin says that was Carly, maybe I should just admit im a terrible mother and I should get out of Emma's life before I cause damage. Jason says asks is she wants to give up on her daughter. Robin is crying, no she wants to get better. She has to, she owes that to Emma and Pat. They hug again.

March 27, 2009

Sonny telling Ric he proved himself to him and he accepts him into the business. Jason comes in. He wants to speak to Sonny alone. Sonny says speak freely in front of Ric. Jason says since when? Since his brother saved his life. Jason says please tell me you know Ric can't be trusted. Jason says this is the same thing as always. Ric acting like Jason is a moron. Ric says to Jason conditions change and Anthony is gone and this is the new order and one time enemies can become allies. Sonny tells Jason about Medina's hit. Jason thinks Ric set it up. Sonny says no he checked it out and Bruno Medina disappeared. Jason says he will follow up and Ric says it's been taken care of and Sonny can find Jason something else to do. Jason is pissed and Ric leaves. Jason says tell me you are not serious. Sonny says you are right. Sonny tells Jason, glad to know you got my back. Jason says you dont make it easy, with Ric being around there all the time. Sonny knows what he is dealing with. Jason says why is he still around? Sonny says keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Ric hates him but there is something else going on. Sonny says this way he will see him coming. Jason thinks he set up the ambush to make himself look good. Jason wants to know if Sonny's head is in the right place? Sonny says yeah. Jason says you might have more invested in Michael's recovery than he anticipated and that could be distracting and if Ric is around he could take advantage and Claudia too. Sonny says he is okay. Jason would like to keep it that way. Sonny says Ric stays for now. Jason says just keep him away from me. Jason goes to leave and totally ignores Claudia coming down the stairs. Robin drops her bag on the pier. Jason comes up and asks if she is okay and helps her clean up. Robin talks about her PPD and how she is a failure as a mother.  Jason reassures her that she is not.  Robint talks about how she feels about Patrick. Jason says this will be hard on Patrick. He says it's hell to see someone you love sick and you can't do anything about it. Robin says Patrick made everything worse blabbing all over town. Jason could see this has been hell for Robin and it's gotta be the same for Patrick. He remembers Carly and he will never forget the look on her face when she realized she couldn't touch her own baby. Jason says he would have done anything for her but there was nothing he could do. She says this must be hard on Patrick but telling Carly. She knows it's Jason's BFF but their history. Jason says what does it matter, Carly suffered from the same disorder and if she could give Patrick advice that could help them both, take it. Robin wishes Patrick was more like him, less morally superior and more supportive. Jason don't know Patrick well but he knows he is a good doctor and a good guy and he might not be doing or saying everything right but he is sure all he wants is for her to get better.

March 30, 2009

Jason walks into the Penthouse. Spinelli is moaning on the couch. Jason wants to know what's wrong. Spinelli is faking an illness so Maxie will stay and care for him instead of going out with Johnny. Maxie overhears.  She starts berating Spinelli for faking. Maxie blames Jason saying he sets the example for Spinelli in relationships She says Jason pushes away every woman who gets close to him and has given Spinelli a warped view of relationships. She wants Spinelli to trust her and not worry about Johnny. She has to go meet Johnny and wants Spinelli not to worry. she's talking at breakneck speed and goes flying out the door. Spinelli says What just happened. Jason says she just played you. Sonny and Claudia kissing. Jason comes in, looks like he's gonna hurl and turns his head away.  Sonny tells Claudia that he and Jason need to talk. She leaves. Sonny and Jason talking about the Fed and how Sonny knew about the wire the whole time. Jason says Raynor knows that Sonny knew but when he brought Spinelli in the evidence had already been destroyed. Sonny is impressed that Spinelli managed to destroy the evidence. Jason says that he had help from Winifred and Sam. Sonny starts talking about how Spinelli needs to be removed from the business.  He's going to end up getting them busted with his weirdness. Jason says Spinelli is going to open a PI agency with Sam and it will keep him busy. Sonny wants to make sure that Jason's focus won't be split between work and this PI agency. He needs people around him he can trust. Jason says he should get rid of Claudia then. Sonny telling Jason he trusts her. She's turned out OK. Sonny says all the women he's loved have gotten hurt because of him. Sonny says he's getting the life and the wife he deserves. Jason says Michael wouldn't want Sonny to keep punishing himself. Jason says they're all responsible for what happened to Michael. Sonny says it's all all his fault. Sonny says it's been a year since Michael was shot and he feels llike he slept through the year but now he's back and focused and wants to work real hard to find the person who set up the hit.  He wants Jason to find proof that Devlin acted alone or he'll know someone else was involved in the hit.

March 31, 2009

Sam comes to the Penthouse. She says it was good to hear from Jason. Jason thanks her for saving him and Spin from the FBI. They talk about Spinelli's lack of people skills and how it's a good idea for Spinelli and Sam to join up in the PI business. Jason wants to give her Spinelli's share of the money for the business. She says she has the money for the business. Sam doesn't take the money. Jason tells Sam all the things Spinelli doesn't know. Sam says it's sweet the way Jason cares about him. She promises to take care of Spinelli. Sam kiddingly asks if Jason would like to supervise the opening of the PI agency. He says no. Carly calls about Michael's hand moving. Jason tells Carly not to get her hopes up. Sam asks Jason if that was good news about Michael. Jason isn't sure. Sam asks Jason if he thinks Carly imagined it. Jason says he would do or give anything to see Michael come out of it. Sam talks about how carly always used to barge in when they were together and how Carly depends on him. Jason wants to hope. Sam says that's not the same thing as actually hoping. Carly comes to Jason's. carly tells him that she fired patrick, and got a different doctor. Jason asks her to explain what happened. Carly refuses to believe that it was just a reflex. He asks her if maybe she is looking for what she wants to see. Jason wants to believe Michael is waking up, but he doesn't know. Carly thinks he doesn't believe her. He says he does. He wishes he could protect her from all the pain but he can't. He doesn't know what to do to help. She says it's ok he doesn't believe, she can believe enough for the both of them. She wants to know she was the best mother she could be for Michael.

April 2, 2009

Johnny strangling Ric. Claudia trying to stop it. Jason comes in  Caludia asks him  to help. He says don't stop on my account and just stands there watching. Claudia stops Johnny and asks him to leave. He walks by Ric and roars at him. Claudia asks Ric to leave. He does. Jason asks what's going on. He says Ric is being cocky. He thinks Ric's trying to blackmail her. He tries to get her to tell him what Ric is blackmailing her with. She is committed to Sonny. He gives her respect. She is starting to care about him and it's strange. Sonny walks in. He wants to know why she is having the conversation with Jason. She tells Sonny that Ric is trying to blackmail her. Sonny asks Jason to give them a couple of minutes. Jason leaves. Jason goes to Mecy and finds Patrick.  He is Worried that Patrick's call was about Michael. Patrick says he called him about Robin. He says Robin started treatment today but she hasn't come back to Mercy and he's worried. He wants to know if she said anything to Jason. Jason hasn't spoken to Robin today. He says Robin came back before and what is different about this time. Patrick wants to know what Robin said to him. Jason says it was in confidence. Patrick says she is sick and he needs to know what she said. Liz walks up and says that the husband of the patient says his wife has PPD.

April 3, 2009

Patrick and Jason arguing about Robin while Liz tries to mediate. Maxie and Jason at the penthouse. He says he needs her help and she is shocked. He wants to know everything she remembers about the night he killed Ian Devlin. Maxie wants to know why. he tells her he doesn't think Ian was working alone. Maxie agrees to help but wonders why now. He says it's been a year to the day. Maxie brings up what happens if there is no closure, what is Jason going to do if this is just another thing he has to deal with and not fix. Maxie talks Georgie's death and investigating it. She says it didn't help. She says you can't fix something so final. He appreciates it, but he needs to know. She describes what happened that night ending with Jason going over the a dying Devlin. She asks what Devlin told him. He says, there's more. Carly at the warehouse. She starts crying. Jason comes up behind her and pulls her into a hug. Carly says she never wanted to see the place he was shot, but it's been a year. She is standing where Michael was hit. Jason moves to comfort her but she tells him she's ok. Jason wishes he had an answer for Carly, Michael was in the wrong place at the wrong time all they can do is move on. Carly tells herself she there is no point in looking back, wondering if he felt pain. Jason says not to do that to herself. She needs to know. What was his last thought? Jason wants her to stop. She's not helping herself. She says she doesn't know how to help Michael. She says she's here tonight because the surgery could kill him and she doesn't know what to do. She asks Jason. He says not to. Every decision he made for Michael was wrong. He put him in the life that got him shot. He does say that Michael would take the risk.

April 6, 2009

Carly wants to know what Jason is doing at the warehouse. Jason says Sonny is wondering about the shooting. Devlin might not have been acting alone and that Devlin told him there was more right before he died. Jason wanted to walk through the scene of the shooting again. He's telling Carly about what he saw when he first got there the night of the shooting. He's tearing up and says he will make the person responsible pay. Carly is crying. She says revenge won't bring Michael back. Jason says he won't let the person responsible walk free while Michael is trapped in the bed. Carly is going to talk to Sonny about the procedure. Jason tells her not to fight with him. She says they all have to get this right for Michael. She wants Jason to talk to Sonny about re-opening the warehouse. She doesn't want a monument to that night. Jason goes to walk her out. Ric comes out of the shadows. Jason comes up behind him and puts a gun to his head, telling him not to move. Jason wants to know what Ric is doing there. Ric says Michael was his nephew. Jason thinks he's there to cover his tracks. Ric laughs. Jason wants the real reason he's there and what he knows about the shooting. Ric says why don't you just kill me and say I was about to kill you. Jason stares at him. Ric says what's wrong? You can't kill an unarmed innocent man? Jason yells don't ever call yourself innocent. Jason lowers gun and says he will find out what happened that night. Ric says good, the truth should come out. Jason says if he finds out Ric was involved, he will kill him with his bare hands. Maxie at the Penthouse telling Jason about Robin. Jason says Robin would never try to kill herself. Maxie agrees, but Robin has been acting strange lately so she doesn't know what to think. She says Robin needs someone who is expressionless and emotionless to listen to her and that would be Jason. She says everybody has been talking about Robin and judging so Jason needs to talk to her without judging. Jason stares at Maxie.

April 7, 2009

Maxie tells Robin needs a friend. He is the wrong person since he could never recommend therapy. Maxie keeps pushing him to help Robin and reminds him that they loved each other once. Jason and Robin run into each other on the docks. She tells him about the fall. He believes her that it was a fall. She sounds relieved. He wants to help her if he can. She talks to him about her hallucination and her feeling and fears. He says she can be anything she wants to be. She says what if nothing changes because it has nothing to do with PPD. Maybe she's just not fit to be a mother. She tore up the prescription. Asks Jason if he would take antidepressants. He says he doesn't have a baby to take care of or a life that is falling apart. He wants to know what scares her the most. She is afraid the treatment doesn't work and maybe she doesn't want to be a mom. She is afraid of what will happen to Emma. He says worrying about her daughter is what mothers do. He thinks she should take the pills and go to therapy. She says the Jason she knows doesn't give advice. He brings up how kind and nurturing she was to Michael. He knows she has that for Emma to. She says she'll try. They hug. Patrick walks up and sees them.

April 9, 2009

Sam comes to the Penthouse to tell Jason her application was denied. SHe passed the test but she doesn't have enough experience. He says there has to be a way around it. She thanks him for offering to take care of Spinelli's part. She's sorry this whole thing didn't work out. He is too. They are talking about her maybe working for someone else. Bernie comes over. He needs to talk to Jason. Spinelli comes down and wants Bernie to help. He calls it Jackal and McCall. She corrects him and says it's McCall and Jackal. Spinelli says Bernie is a PI. Jason is surprised. Bernie is hesitant. He likes to be in charge. Sam promises to keep him informed. Spinelli says some stuff about roaches. Bernie is worried about that, the way Spinelli loses track of reality. Jason says Spinelli is loyal. Bernie says PI stuff can be boring. Sam knows but she knows she'll be good at it. He won't be at risk. Jason says that he personally guarantee's Spinelli's good behavior. Bernie says ok. Spinelli gets all excited. Sam is going to leave and get the paperwork. Spinelli is going to go search the web. Sam stops in the door and turn and says that she's excited too. She and Jason are all smiley. She leaves. Jason and Bernie are talking. Bernie has some info about Michael's shooting. Jason at Sonny's. Bernie can prove that Ian was not acting alone. Claudia is listening from the door outside. Sonny asks if Bernie found who shot Michael.

April 10, 2009

Sonny wants to know who was helping and he wants them to pay. Claudia is outside the door listening. Someone is taking money out of Devlin's account. Sonny wants to know if they have a name. Claudia walks in. Claudia and Sonny are going to have dinner later. She goes upstairs. Jason says that Spinelli is running a trace on the money. Sonny wants to know if he has an idea who it is. Jason says he thinks Ric has something to do with it. Sonny calls for Claudia to see if she's on the stairs. She doesn't answer. Jason still thinks it is Ric. Sonny says he doesn't have proof. Jason says Ric was at the warehouse. Sonny knows. Carly had reason to be there, Ric didn't. Sonny says that Jason is trying to make it so that Ric is guilty because he wants him to be. Jason maybe Sonny can't handle Ric being involved in the shooting because he should have been dead years ago. Ric comes to Sonny's. He says Jason is completely wrong. Jason comes from behind him. Ric knows who is responsible for Michael's shooting. Sonny says to tell him right then. Ric says Claudia is responsible.

April 13, 2009

Sonny asks Ric if he has proof. Ric says yes. Ric gives Sonny the DVD. Sonny recognizes it. Ric tells him all about the DVD treasure hunt. He says Claudia lost the game when Ric found a DVD. Ric wants Sonny to watch. Jason just staring Ric down. Ric asks Sonny if he's noticed her searching the house. Sonny wants to know why he held out. Ric says he liked Claudia and didn't want to sign her death warrant. Jason starts yelling that Ric is lying and is just trying to cover his ass. Ric saying that of course Jason would never believe him, but Ric knows that deep down Sonny already believes him. Claudia walks in, wants to know whats up. Sonny says Ric has a DVD for me to watch that he says is all about you. Ric looks at her apologetically. Jason glares at her. The DVD is blank. Ric lunges at Claudia accusing her of wrecking the DVD. She jumps back and wants to know what is supposedly on this DVD. Ric is freaking out and yelling that Claudia knows she is the one responsible for Michael's shooting, that she set the whole thing in motion. Claudia pretends to be shocked and yells that Ric is nuts. Sonny is eyeing her. Ric is losing it. Claudia saying Ric is crazy. Ric saying Claudia wrecked up the DVD. Jason jumps in Ric's face yelling that he's lying and trying to throw them off by casting doubt on Claudia. He thinks that Ric knows he's closing in on him and he's desperate to blame it on anyone else. Jason says he will make Ric pay.  Sonny cuts in and says no one is paying yet until they can investigate. Jason says you're giving Ric a chance to run. Sonny says if either one of them runs, they'll know who's telling the truth. Jason and Ric at the piers. Jason is pushing Ric around. He pushes him to the edge and pulls out his gun and puts it to the back of Ric's head. Ric says Sonny doesn't want him dead. Jason cocks the gun. Ric is yelling that Jason's hate for him is blinding him to Claudia' guilt. He tells Jasoon that Claudia is the guilty one and there are other DVDs to prove it. Jason tells him that he will pay as soon as he finds out the truth. Jason puts the gun away and walks off.

April 15, 2009

Jason and Claudia at Sonny's. Claudia says that Sonny is not home. Jason is there to see her. Jason wants to know why Ric accused Claudia. Claudia is surprised that Jason believes ric. Claudia and Jason are talking about Ric. Jason wants to know why Claudia got involed with Ric. Claudia tells Jason that Ric want info on him and Sonny to give to the FBI. Jason ask did she give him anything and Claudia says no.  She says she is not the reason Michael got shot Ric is. JAaon reminds her Micahel was an accident, Sonny was the intended victim. Claudia says Ric order the hit.  Jason is not going for it he thinks Claudia had more motive.  He says its Claudia's word against ric. Jason says Claudia is trying to hard to convince him and she is telling him what he wants to hear. She is trying to convince Jason that Ric was behind everything. Jason says he can believe its Ric but if he is wrong he will make Claudia pay. He leaves and Claudia gets the pregnancy test off the floor and looks at it. Jason comes into the MetroCourt.  He asks Max and Diane where Carly is.  They act like idiots and then leave.  Jason waiting. Carly comes out. Jason asks if her emergency is about Michael.  She says she might be pregnant.

April 16, 2009

Jason and Carly going into her house. He wants to know where Bobbie is. He didn't think being there when she was taking a pregnancy test would become a normal thing. He asks if she slept with Sonny again and that's why she is worried. She says no then gets light headed. They sit down. Carly says that if she is pregnant and carries to term there is a chance that she can die. He wants to know if she's sure, has she been tested. She says not yet. His phone rings. It's Spinelli. He wants to talk face to face. Jason says to fill him in when he gets home. She says that the call was important and she's sure that he needs to go. He says no but she tells him that's she's a big girl and can handle it. He wants her to keep him informed. He leaves. At home, Spinelli tells him that it was not Ric moving Ian's money. Jason wants to know who it is. Spinelli says it is Jerry. Jason smashes something. Sam comes to the Penthouse. She found an office. Spinelli says she has good timing. He has been collecting supplies. He goes up to get them. Jason says the timing is good. Spinelli found proof Jerry is alive. Sam says they should have known better. Sam asks if Sonny knows. Jason says no. They both know what will happen when he does. Jason says it's not that simple. Spinelli comes down with a box he says is supplies. Jason wants to see whats in the box. Finds a gun. Jason asks if Spinelli wants him to shoot him in the other foot. Sam laughs. Jason says no guns. Sam says no guns. Sam and Spinelli head out. Jason asks him to leave the laptop. Jason sits in front of the computer the he calls Sonny and says he knows who was working with Devlin. Sonny at Penthouse. They are talking about Jerry not being dead. Sonny says that Ian and Jerry had no reason to conspire together. Sonny wants to know where Ric and Claudia fit in. Jason wants to believe that Ric did it but he has no proof. Jason says that Claudia could still be involved. Sonny wants him to find Jerry and bring him in.

April 17, 2009

Jason and Spinelli at the Penhouse. Spinelli says that Jerry vanished and he hasn't accessed the accounts lately. Jason says he will. Spinelli says it might not be for a while. Spinelli suggests asking Jax or Carly? Jason says to leave Carly out of it and to not to even think about mentioning Jerry to Carly. Sonny at Penthouse. Jason wants to know what Sonny is going to do if what Ric says is true.  Sonny says that Claudia understands how it works and that she would come after him if he put John in a coma. He wants Jason to find Jerry. Jason wants to stay in town. Sonny doesn't want Jerry near Carly. Jason doesn't either and says it would be better if she knew nothing about Jerry. Sonny wants to know if Carly is ok because she wasn't looking good last time he saw her. Jason says that she'll tell him when she's ready if there is anything to tell. Jason comes to Carly's. He wants her to go to the doctor. She wants to know if she is pregnant first. He asks why. She has to consider terminating the pregnancy if she if pregnant and has the disorder and she doesn't think she can do it. Carly tries to hans Jason the peestick. She says that he is going to have to read it. He doesn't want to touch it. She says just to look at it and read it she'll take it from there. He is looking at it. She asks if she is pregnant.

April 20, 2009

Jason looking at a peestick. Carly thinks she is not pregnant. Jason says she is. She is happy and upset at the same time. She doesn't know what she is going to do.  She can't believe she is pregnant. She thinks about how life would be if she didnít miscarry last year. She wants to celebrate. Jason says he will celebrate after she talks to Dr Lee. She has to take the test. Carly goes on and on about what if itís a girl or a boy. She is already in love with the baby. What if Dr. Lee says it will be a risk. Carly and Jason talking about the risks and the condition she might have. Jason tells her to get the test and they will deal with what comes after. Carly says she wants the baby. Carly talks about her stressful pregnancies. Jason tells her she needs to listen to the doctor. Carly says the baby is a miracle, she was supposed to conceive and carry this baby. Shell do whatever it takes to carry this baby to term. Jason says I know but this isnít something you can wish away. Carly will listen to the doctors but she is going to have this baby. Jason knows how much she wants this baby. Carly says she has a good feeling about this. Jason asks when Jax is coming home. Carly doesnít want to tell him until she has the results. Shes not going to tell him shes preg until she can tell him shes healthy and theres nothing to worry about.

April 22, 2009

Jason at the Penthouse talking on the phone to Bernie about finding Jerry. Maxie comes in and tries to convince Jason to helpo her get Spinelli back.  Jason refuses.  Spinelli comes in talking about how business cards have been distributed, He calls Maxie by her full name. She flings herself at him talking about how she needs him. Jason leaves. Spinelli is whispering to himself to stay strong. Maxie wants to know what he is talking about.  Jason shows up at Carly's. Jax says Jason is supposed to be staying away. Jason says it's important. Jax tells him that Carly is not there but she's pregnant and Jax is telling Jason not to upset her. Jason says that maybe he shouldn't tell Carly about Jerry's part in the shooting then. Jax looks shocked. Jason wants to know if Jerry has contacted him. Jason promises not to tell Carly. Jax tells him about the DVD. He leaves out the part about Claudia. Jason wants the DVD. Jax says it's gone. Jason says they have to find Jerry. He can't believe Jax is protecting him again. Jax assumes Sonny wants Jerry dead.  Jason asks point blank if Jax knows where Jerry is. Jason wants to know how much Carly knows. Jax tells Jason she knows Jerry is alive but Jerry is probably half way around the world by now. He wants Jason to leave it alone. Jason looks disgusted and reminds Jax that Michael is his step-son who he lived with him in this house. Jason wants to know if Jax wants justice for Michael and doesn't Jax think that that is what Carly would want, too? Jason shakes his head and walks away while Jax just stares. Jason comes into the Penthouse. Spinelli babbling about how his heartbreak has given him new focus. Jason ignores him and asks if he has found Jerry. Spinelli says yes. He's right here in Port Charles. 

April 23, 2009

Spinelli says Jerry made a withdrawal 2 hours ago in Port Charles. Sonny shows up and Jason tells him. He wants Jason to find Jerry to prove Claudia is in on it. Sonny wants to know Jerry's location. They don't know where he is right now. Jason wants to know if other surveillance cameras could give an indication on where he's going. Spinelli says he could do it better down at the PI office and he leaves. Jason wants to know what's up. Sonny says Claudia is pregnant. He says he didn't plan on it. They slept together. He hasn't slept with her since he thought she could have shot Michael. Jason says that the timing is suspicious. Sonny says he overheard her trying to make an appointment for an abortion and that there was no way Claudia knew he was there. Like it or not he and Claudia are going to have a baby. That's why it's important to know if she was involved with Michael's shooting. Later, Sam comes to the Penthouse. She says Spinelli is looking at footage at PI office. Sam wants to help with Jerry. Jason says no. He wants to do. Says Jerry was walking around town after the MC. He tells her about the money from overseas. He says that it happened at the same time that Claudia and Ric started accusing each other. He believes that Claudia did it. Sam says she is a woman and doesn't know why Claudia would marry Sonny if she hurt Michael. It's suicide. Ric is a liar. Jason tells her that Claudia is having Sonny's kid. He wants to know if she's ok. She says it just hit her hard. She's not sure why. She brings up her daughter and says that she would be getting a little brother or sister. She says it's ridiculous and he says it isn't. She says it would complicate things if Claudia were involved with Michael's shooting. Jason's phone rings. Jason approaces Jerry at the garage. He hits him and then holds a gun on him. Jerry says he always pushes his luck too far. Jason says they are going to take a ride and he is going to give him answers. Jerry says he might not want to hear them. Jason yells at him to give him the keys. He take the keys and pushes the unlock button on the remote. The car beeps and then explodes.

April 24, 2009

Jerry and Jason on the ground after the explosion.  Alexis comes up and calls an ambulance. At General Hospital, Monica goes to Jason. Alexis tries to go after Jerry. Monica is checking Jason with Patrick. Monica says he's been in there a lot. Carly runs into the room where Jason is unconscious. Monica tells her that he has head trama. They don't know much. She faints. Jax catches her.

April 27, 2009

Monica is in with Jason telling him how much she loves him and needs him to wake up. Maxie comes in and Monica goes to check Jason's tests. Maxie starts ranting to unconscious Jason about how he has to wake up for Spinelli.  She annoys him awake and he grabs her arm to shut her up. Monica and Matt checking Jason out.  He asks about Jerry and Matt tells him Jerry disappeared. Jason is flips out that Jerry disappeared. Monica is tries to get him to stay in the bed by telling him about Carly fainting. Jason insists on standing up. Maxie and Monica are struggling to get Jason to lay back down. Monica says his tests look ok but that a head injury could take hours or even days to effect him. He promises her that hie is okay ad says he has to get to Carly. He leaves with Maxie screaming after him. Jason comes into Carly's cubicle.  She is glad he is okay. She tells him she has the disorder. He thinks having the baby is too much of a risk. She says she is having it no matter what. She tells Jason that she hasn't told Jax. Jax is outside listening. Jason telling her she has to think about Michael and Morgan, her whole family and the people who love her. He gets teary saying that he can't lose her. Carly says Jason will get her through this pregnancy. He says they can't wish her condition away. Carly starts to get upset. She tells Jason she can't be upset for her health and says she needs his support. Jason nods and says he'll do whatever she needs. He kisses her forehead and leaves. Jason runs into Sonny in the hall and tells him what happened with the bomb. They talk about Michael and Jason tells that Carly fainted. Sonny dashes off to go to her. Jason shows up at Greystone. Claudia starts going on about how he should be in the hospital. Jason wants answers about the explosion. Claudia plays dumb. Jason says that someone set that bomb to kill Jerry so he could not tell Jason the truth about the shooting.

April 28, 2009

Claudia tries to plead her case. Jason says she's defensive. Claudia pretends to feel pain in her gut. Jason asks in a bored tone, 'Are you okay?'. Claudia wants to straighten things out before Sonny gets home. Sonny comes in and sends her upstairs. Sonny tells Jason about Carly's blood disorder. Jason says he knows. Sonny wants jason to talk Carly out of having the baby. Sonny rants about Carly and Jax. Jason is scared for Carly but he wants Sonny to trust her. Jason leaves and Sonny throws a glass against the wall. Diane is waiting outside the Penthouse for Jason as he comes home. He fills her in on the Ric and Claudia DVD mess.  He tells her about Jerry. Jason tells her the Ric DVD was erased but that Jax confirmed the DVD existance. Jason is convinced Claudia is the guilty party now. He tells her that Jerry has disappeared. Di wants to know what Sonny knows. Jason says almost everything but he was waiting for Jerry to confirm it. Jason says Sonny would never kill a pregant woman but he'd make her life hell and the kid would be the one to suffer. He says Claudia is crazy, who knows what she will do to the baby and after Michael, he can't be responsible for harming another child

April 30, 2009

Jason on the phone.  Maxie knocking on the Penthouse door. Maxie is babbling about how he should be helping her.  Jason ignores her as he talks to Carly. She asks about Carly and wants to know if she can help. He says no. She says that he needs to help Spin. She misses him and he misses her. Jason says that she hurt him. Maxie says he wants to forgive her he just needs a nudge. Jason thinks that she is good for Spinelli in her own way but he's afraid that he will get hurt in the PI thing he's using to prove himself to her. She says that Spin is wonderful and he doesn't see it. Maybe actions will help. Jason wants to know what actions. She says that she's got it and leaves. Spinelli comes in and says that the PI office is good. Jason says he'll come by and take a look. Spin asks for a gun. Jason says no it's dangerous. Jason says he has faith but being a man isn't about having a gun. Spinelli says he wouldn't shoot himself. Jason says that Michael is in a coma because a bullet ricocheted. He asks Spinelli if he trusts him. He says yes. Jason says he doesn't need a gun. Jax comes to talk about Carly. He says sonny will try to get him to talk carly into getting an abortion and that will cause stress. He also says going after Jerry will cause stress. He wants Jason to stay here and help Carly and after Carly and the baby are safe he can track down Jerry.

May 1, 2009

Jax asks Jason not to go after Jerry for Carly's sake. Jason says he will do what is best for Carly. Sonny shows up and he Jax argue about Carly. Sonny says he will back off but Jason still has to find Jerry cause Sonny still has questions.  Sam and Spinelli are at the PI office. Sam on phone with a client about finding a cheating wife. Sam is going to follow her and Spinelli wants to back her up. She tells him to keep looking for the stalker but if he finds him and he looks dangerous he should call her or Jason. Sonny and Jax continue to argue about Carly and about Jerry while Jason watches.Jax leaves.  Sonny tells Jason to keep looking for Jerry because he needs to know if Claudia was involved. Jason asks what he is going to do if she was. Sonny says he can't kill a pregnant women and how can he kill a woman who gave him a child. Sonny asks Jason what he would do. Jason says he needs to find out the truth first and Sonny should just focus on Michael. Sonny leaves.  Jason starts to make a call and then goes out. Jason in an alley on the phone.  He hears Sam calling him.  He looks up. She says catch and jumps from the fire escape in her underwear bikini.  Jason catches her. She says she has to get out of there.  Jason starts to run carrying her.

May 4, 2009

Jason and Sam Walking down the hall to Sam's office. Sam is wearing Jason's jacket. Inside the office, Jason wants to know how she ended up wet and falling from the sky. She tells him that she followed a cheating wife to teh Metro Court spa and that is how she ended up in her undies and a robe.  The woman slipped out to a room and Sam followed her and broke into the room. She hid in the shower when the woman's girlfriend showed up. Jason is sitting on the desk listening to Sam ramble with an amused look on his face. Sam says she got her picture of the two women together and made a break for it but the woman's girlfriend grabbed her by the robe and pulled it off.  She got onto the fire escape and by magic, Jason was there. Jason is smiling at her and says what if I hadn't been there? She says you were.  He nods  and smiles with a sarcastic good thing I was. Sam seems a little embarassed and is smiling as well. Jason asks if she it sure this is the way she wants make a living? Sam is typing and asks if Jason really wants to stick around. Jason jokes that he'll stay and make sure the angry girlfriend doesn't show back up. Sam tells him that the danger is now over and he doesn't need to stay and watch her type. He says I guess I'll get going then. Sam asks if she can keep his jacket and get it back to him.  He says no, absolutely not.  Then he cracks a smile and says of course you can but only because you solved your first case. He says Spin will be excited. Sam says the husband won't be excited when he reads her report. Jason says you shouldn't ask the question if you don't really want the answer. Sam says Wow, that was profound, except I know you and you always want the truth even if it hurts. Jason says he just found out some truth and he doesn't know what to do with it. Sam guesses that Claudia is the reason Jason is upset.  He says that and some other stuff. He tells Sam all about the explosion and that Jerry disappeared. Sam says please tell me you didn't get up off that gurney and go chase Jerry, please tell me you didn't ignore the docs and walk out of the hospital with a head injury. Jason acts exasperated and says he's fine. Sam says you always say your fine and sometimes you're not. He grins and says that he was fine enough to catch her falling off a building. Sam says he had no choice, she would've crushed him. He says yeah, sure. Sam asked how he came to be there in the first place. He says he was on his way to meet Bernie and decided to take a walk to clear his head. He's trying to figure out how to tell Sonny that he is sure his wife is the one that put his kid in a coma. Sam looks at him sympathetically. They are sitting close across from each other as Jason explains how he knows that Fredo is the one who set the bomb. They are bouncing ideas about Jerry's involvement off of each other. Jason is sitting backwards in the chair with his arms folded in front of him on the chairback. He asks Sam if any of this makes any sense to her. She says yes, but the problem is that Claudia is pregnant and Jason can't tell Sonny any of this. Jason stares into her eyes.

May 6, 2009

Jason sitting by Michael's bed looking a picture of Micahel, Sonny and Carly. He tells Michael welcome home. Patrick comes in and tells Jason that the procedure has to happen immediately for Michael to wake up. Carly isn't back yet, Patrick says to get permission from Sonny. The data doesn't lie, Michael's only chance is surgery within the next few hours. Jax comes in. Jason informs him on what's going on with the surgery. Carly's on her way home and Jax says this is coming at a really bad time. Jason still with Michael. Elizabeth comes in. she says she didn't know he was going to be in there. She checks michaels vitals. Jason chokes up talking about Michael. Elizabeth tells him she wishes he would forgive himself. She says it was the most selfless thing a father could do when he gave up Jake. She asks him if he remembers what tomorrow is, he said yes. She says wouldn't it be a miracle if the surgery worked and Michael woke up on Jake's birthday. Jason sitting in the corner of Michael's room. Jax comes in and tells Jason what's going on with the surgery and that Dr. Henson is leaving and Patrick's off the case. Jax asks Jason not to tell Carly what Patrick said about Michael needing surgery today since he's now off the case. Jason talks to Michael about how Patrick saved his life and he trusts Patrick. Jason thinks Patrick might be right. Carly shows up and kisses Michael on the forehead. Jason and Carly hug. He asks if Carly is out of danger. She says they gave her all kinds of restrictions, and if she follows them, her risk is less than 25%. Diet, meditate, avoid stress. Carly says Michael looks great. Jason says he's glad she's back. He explains what Patrick told him and says Patrick is convinced if Michael doesn't have the surgery in the next few hours, he could never wake up.

May 7, 2009

Carly asking Jason what they should do. Jason telling Carly about Patrick saving his life but maybe he can't save Michael. He says Jax wants to wait. Carly says Jax is most concerned about her and the pregnancy but she has to take care of Michael. She doesn't know what to do.  They look at Michael.  Jason asks Carly if she wants him to find Sonny.  She says yes then no. She knows Sonny and Jason are very worried about her. Jason says no matter what happens with Michael Carly needs to keep it together for everybody. Carly gets it and knows she needs to take it easy. Jax and Patrick come in. Carly and Jax hug. Jax says he needs some time with Carly. Patrick says he would stake his career on Michael needing the surgery immediately. Carly says she knows what Patrick thinks and what Dr. Henson thinks and they need to decide. Jax says he can tell she's already decided. Carly says she wants the surgery done today by Patrick. Jason outside Michael's room staring down Claudia. She says she's here for Sonny. Jason says is that what you call it? He says you have no business being around Michael and you know it. They bring Michael out. Carly kisses him while Jax, Sonny, Jason and Claudia look on. Piffy takes Sonny, Carly, Jason and Jax into the waiting room and assures them that Michael is in good hands.  Piffy leaves. They're all tense. Claudia walks in and everyone gets annoyed. Carly says all we can do now is wait. Jason is glaring at Claudia. Sonny tells Claudia that she can go. She says she will wait with him. Jason is in the background giving her the death stare. Jax brings in water for Carly they all try to joke that Carly has to give up the frozen pizzas now for the baby but the are all tense.

May 8, 2009

Claudia asks how long it would take. Carly says they aren't psychic. Claudia tells her not to be nasty. Everyone giving her death glares. Carly discusses renovation ideas with Jax. Sonny and claudia go for a walk because she was upsetting everyone. carly thanks jason for unnerving Claudia out of the room with his stare. Jax tells Carly to close her eyes and visualize a place where she can relax. She says they can try Jason's way, no worry, calm. Jason's says I wouldn't go that far. Jax leaves. Jason asks Carly if she's serious about the meditation. She said she would do anything to make herself believe everything would be ok. She knows they did the right thing. She thanks him because he always put Michael first. She's glad he's there. Carly says she really wants to learn this meditation. She asks Jason how he stays calm. He says he stops thinking, clears his mind, focuses on breathing. Carly tries it. Sonny comes back and says it's so hard to wait. carly agrees and brings up her meditation. Sonny makes fun of Jason teaching carly how to breathe. Sonny says he doesn't have the discipline to wait like this. They share memories of Michael. Sonny asks if they think they will have a good outcome. Carly says yes. Jax comes back and asks where Claudia is. Carly says gone and hopefully staying gone. Claudia comes back and gloats about her easy pregnancy in front of Carly. Carly leaves upset. Jax tells Claudia to leave. Claudia refuses. Jax tells her it's really not a request. Jason starts yelling at Claudia. Jax is yelling Claudia. Sonny thinks it means that Jason found proof. Jax tells them to shut up. Pan to Carly at the door.

May 11, 2009

Carly wants to know whats up. Sonny says nothing, that he was just making threats about someone paying for Michael's shooting. Piffy runs by yelling about the OR. Carly looks at Jax and says Michael's dying. Carly tries to run. Jax holds her. She has to go get answers. Everyone is very tense. Piffy comes in and says the team got him revived and Patrick is continuing. Jax says maybe he shouldn't. Jason says now is not the time to stop. Jax tells Sonny he needs to see him outside. They leave. Jason telling Carly to be calm and think about when she was happiest. She talks about their beach trip with baby Michael. She says it will be okay, Michael will wake up and we'll take him back to the ocean. Carly is crying. Jason is sitting next to her with teary eyes. Jason says he wants Michael well more than he's ever wanted anything. Jax comes in and  Jason goes out to lobby. In the lobby Jason watches Sonny, Claudia and Olivia.  Olivia is mad about Claudia and how she is acting. Claudia snarks and walks away.  Sonny assures Olivia he will make Claudia leave if she gets out of hand but that he wants her there now. Sonny and Olivia walk away.  Jason looks disgusted.  Jason watches as Johnny comes up to Claudia. Johnny tells Claudia it's time to get out of Port Charles. Sonny is on the verge of finding out and he'll kill them both. Jason watches with a very curious look on his face. Sonny and Jason watching Claudia and Johnny. Jason telling Sonny that there is no reason for Johnny to be there, He wants Sonny to get rid of them. Sonny says no. Jason says Carly could have a stroke so he needs to send Claudia away. Sonny says Carly is stressing over Michael not Claudia and he needs to keep her close to watch her.  He is letting her think she's supporting him so when she lets her guard down, he will find out if she really is behind the shooting.  Jason walks away annoyed. Jax is trying to get Carly to stop the surgery. Jason is agitated, saying Carly doesn't need to hear this right now.  Jax says Michael could die so we have to discuss it. Carly asks Jax to get Sonny. Sonny comes in and says he thinks they should wait. Carly is confused and has no idea what to do. Carly asks Jason. Jason says I think you should trust Patrick. They all start discussing whether or not to go with Patrick. Claudia pipes up with how she thinks they should wait. Olivia snaps that nobody asked Claudia. Carly asks Jason want to do.  He says trust Patrick. Sonny thinks Patrick is too arrogant like he was when he got Micahel shot. He starts to get worked up.  Jax says they can't change the past they have to worry about now.  Carly says it all depends on her decision and she doesn't know what to do. Jason tells Carly that if they stop Patrick that Michael will never wake up. Claudia says he'd still be alive, though. Jason yells at her about it being no kind of life and Michael would take the chance to get out of the coma and not be tied to a bed. Jason tells Carly to continue the surgery. Claudia says to Jason, Who died and made you God? Everyone glares at Claudia. Claudia keeps going. Olivia tells her she is not part of the family. Claudia says neither is Olivia or Jason. Claudia and Jason start yelling back and forth at each other. Claudia yelling that Jason is not his father or a doctor and that nobody cares what Jason thinks. Carly says I do. Claudia keeps it up and Jax tells her to stop talking. She keeps it saying it should be Sonny's decision. Jason says that if Sonny doesn't shut Claudia up that he Will.Olivia tells them all to stop. Jason leaves.  Sonny looks annoyed. Carly is angrily shaking her head. Jason comes out on the roof. He is breathing deeply and looking out at the city. The door opens and Sam comes out. She asks if he's OK. He just turns his head to the side and looks at her. She says it's not Michael, is it? Jason whispers no, Michael is still in surgery. Sam stays standing in the doorway looking very concerned and lovingly at Jason. She says that's a good thing, right? Jason nods. He's gripping the ledge, half bent over. Sam says she was at the hospital on a case and she saw him and followed him up to the roof. Sam says she can leave if Jason wants. He looks at her for a minute and says no, you don't have to leave. Sam seems nervous and concerned. Sam walks toward Jason. Jason looking out at the sky telling Sam that Sonny and Jax wanted to wait on the surgery but Patrick wanted to go ahead. Sam say she thought they had a specialist. Jason says Henson had to go away, Patrick said they needed to do the surgery tonight. Jax and Sonny wanted to wait and Jax asked Jason not to say anything to Carly. Jason couldn't keep it from Carly. He tells her that he told Carly the truth and Carly decided to do the surgery. He tells her Michael's heart stopped and the doctors got him back but Jax and Sonny wanted to stop the surgery and wait. He tells her that they made it Carly's decision. Sam's eyes widen as she listens. Jason says he knew in his heart that whatever decision Carly made, if something bad happened, Carly would always blame herself and he couldn't let her have that burden so he made the decision his. Sam shakes her head slightly. Jason says he knew Carly would do what he said, that way she can blame him and not herself if Michael dies. Jason says whatever happens tonight to Michael, it's on me.

May 12, 2009

Jason says he should go back down. Sam says everybody needs a break Jason, even you. Jason says he left the waiting room because that crazy bitch Claudia is in the room. She's making him so mad he might just tell Sonny and Carly what he knows. Sam agrees this is not the time to tell Carly. Jason says he can't tell Carly till after she has the baby. Sam asks why.  Jason says because of Jerry. Jax has always protected Jerry. He mentions the Metro Court. Sam says that if Jax hadn't protected Jerry that maybe none of it would happened? She's trying to follow Jason's logic. Jason says there are many people to blame including him. Michael is laying on that table because of decisions that he made. Michael could die because of another choice that he made. He's tearing up. Sam is just listening. Sam wants to know why Claudia is there. She can't understand how she can sit there next to Carly. She must be drowning in guilt. Jason says he doesn't think she feels anything, just like people think of him. Sam says Jason feels so strong and so deep that it can make him lose it and do some real damage like he has before. Jason talks about how Claudia puts on this act- cries at the drop of a hat and goes on about Sonny and their baby- but it's not real. Sam says she's never heard Jason talk about someone with so much hate. He looks at her as she tells him to please be careful because that much hate can cloud anyone's judgement- even his. He just looks at her. Jason telling Sam how Claudia got in his face in the waiting room. He says he was so pissed. He's realizes that Claudia  wants to keep Michael in the coma. Sam asks what about Sonny's baby. Jason says that's why he's not telling Sonny. He says maybe he should tell Sonny and just let him deal with it. It's Sonny's baby and his problem. The special music starts playing. Sam asks if she can give him some advice. Jason says sure. Sam says that she thinks Jason needs to go back downstairs and help Sonny and Carly through the surgery. If Michael wakes up, who shot him and why becomes much less important. If Michael doesn't wake up, Jason can worry about revenge then. She's leaning in towards him and talking softly. Jason tells her she's right. He turns to leave, stops, turns around, looks at her and says thank you. Sam says anytime. He walks out the door while waving over his shoulder. Sam exhales a big breathe and looks at the sky. Carly and Jax and Sonny and Jason are in the room. Patrick comes in and everybody stands. Patrick says the operation went well, now it's all up to Michael. They'll know soon. Patrick leaves. Carly looks stressed. Carly and Jax have gone home to get a few hours rest. Sonny starts talking about what he'll do if Claudia is involved. Jason cuts him off and says he doesn't want to talk about Claudia. They should just be grateful that Michael made it through the surgery.  Sonny nods and says how much he appreciates Jason stepping up and making the decsion to get Carly to continue the surgery. Sonny knows why he did it and it was a very generous thing. Jason nods.

May 14, 2009

Jason sitting by Michael's bed. Monica comes in. They are talking about Michaelís condition. Jason asks what Monica thinks. She says she doesnít think Michael will wake up. Carly comes in and yells at Monica. Monica apologizes. She is hoping that Michael wakes up nothing will make her happier. She leaves. Carly starts getting mad. Jason tells her to stop and calm down. Jax walks in and wants to know what Jason did to her. Carly says nothing, all that matters is Michael. Carly says this is a no negativity zone. Michael needs positive energy. Jax says I understand but remember you have a son at home and baby on the way you need to focus on them. Jason leaves. He sees Monica in the hall. He apologizes. Monica says she knows what shes going through. She did the same thing with him when he had his accident. She prayed and hoped, and he came back. But her professional opinion is that Michael wonít. Patients beat the odds everyday, she could be wrong. But if sheís not, Carly and Jason will need each other. Claudia and Sonny are talking. Claudia leaves. Jason comess around the corner. Sonny wants to know why he was working so hard to get rid of her. Jason doesnít want Claudia to upset Carly. Sonny knows that and doesnít want Carly upset either. Sonny and Jason talking about Claudia. Sonny wont run away or put all the responsibility on her. It is his duty to take care of his child. He needs to have proof. Thatís why he brought Claudia, she is a good liar but if you can see through her she can't hide what she wants. And what she wants is to be my partner, my wife and I played right into it. He says he looked at her and said tell me did you have anything to do with the shooting. And he looked at her and she didnít make a more and she denied it. Now she thinks that I believe her. So her guard is down, and he gets closer to finding out proof. At Greystone, Claudia and Ric arguing about the paternity test, Ric says he won't let her or sonny cut him out of his child's life. they turn around and Jason is standing right there.

May 15, 2009

Jason thinks Claudia is nervous lately. She says itís cause of Ric showing up. Ric says hes there to drop off papers for Sonny. Claudia says hes here to harass her. Jason thinks they are working together. Claudia says they are not working together. Ric says what would be in it for me. Jason says they claim to hate each other but then they are always together. Ric talks about the proof he gave him about Michaels shooting. Claudia faking pains again. Ric gets Claudia some water. He wants to call the hospital. Jason says you seem concerned. He talks about what Ric did to Carly. Claudia says shes fine. Jason says then you can leave Ric. Ric wonít leave. Claudia kicks him out and he goes.  Claudia with the fake tearsÖRic is becoming a problem. Claudia says Ric has always been a problem but now that Iím pregnant its worse. Jason wants to know why. Claudia says hes insane, maybe he is trying to take the baby from Sonny. She blames Ric for the hit. Jason just stares at her. He tells her not to talk about Michael after what she did. Claudia apologizes for yelling during the surgery. Jason says she wants Michael to stay in the coma. Claudia talks about being pregnant. Jason says you know Sonny will never hurt the mother of his child. But the truth is you shouldnít be pregnant and you shouldnít be alive. Claudia says she heard that her whole life. Jason says you hired the hit. You didnít mean to hurt Michael but baby or no baby you will pay for what you did. Claudia saying Jason has no evidence. Jason talks about the hit and why she did it. Jason says everything you did since then was about covering. He talks about the hit on Jerry. He believes Ric. She botched everything up. Claudia says you do what you have to do but if you care about Sonny youíll keep the accusations to yourself. Claudia knows Jason doesnít believe her. She says he is going to turn Sonny against her. Claudia talks about the baby growing up with 2 parents who donít trust each other. She doesnít want that for the baby and thinks Jason doesnít want the either. Sonny walks in and wants to know whatís going on. 

May 18, 2009

Sonny walks in on Jason and Claudia. Claudia pretends it was Jason protecting her from Ric.  Jason looks totally uninterested in everything sheís saying. Claudia leaves and Sonny asks Jason what was really going on. Lulu calls Sonny. She tells him that Michaelís awake. Sonny tells Jason and they run out to go to the hospital. Patrick is examining Michael and Sonny and Jason arrive. Sonny breaks down in tears. Michael and Sonny hug. Sonny and Michael talk about what happened to him. Patrick interrupts and takes Sonny out of the room leaving Jason and Michael. Michael asks what's going on and Jason says they all just want to make sure he's ok and that he's glad he made it. He says he knows it's confusing and that Michael needs to take it easy, and wait with the questions. Michael is glad Jason is there. Sonny comes back and Jason leaves to find Carly. Carly and Jax at their house talking about Micahel. Jason bangs on the door. He tells her Michael woke up.

May 19, 2009

Jason calls Monica and tells her Michael is awake. Monica says they'll be right over. Sonny tells Jason that miracles happen. Jason says Monica wasn't optimistic. Sonny asks if he should have called the Qs. Jason says they are on their way. Jason asks how Sonny thinks Michael is. They agree he's distant, and it might be a side effect. They talk about Claudia being there. Sonny says she's either innocent or playing this really smart. Michael asks Jason to be real with him. Jason assures him that he made a miraculous recovery. Monica and Edward come. Edward asks him if he remembers who they are. Monica gives him a hug. Edward starts going off on how he's going to make up for everything that was taken from Michael and Jason asks them to leave. Michael says he doesn't need a bodyguard. He wants Jason to stay. Michael tries to move his legs but says they hurt. Jason mentions atrophy. Michael knows that takes a long time. Jason tells him he's been asleep a long time. Everyone is celebrating but Michael wants to know how he got here. Sonny wants to telling him. Carly doesn't. Jason pulls Sonny out of the room and tells himy to not tell him. Sonny is shocked because of how Jason was after his accident. Jason says telling Michael now would be a mistake. Sonny doesn't agree. He wants to do right by Michael.

May 20, 2009

Sam comes to the Penthouse to see Spinelli. She can see that Jason is upset.  He tells her that it is good news and tells her about Michael. Sam bringing in beer. She mentions everything being in the same place. She questions why he's upset about Michael. They discuss Michael's condition and what he remembers. Jason tells her about Sonny Monica and Edward being there and everyone trying to make up for what happened. The guilt in the room is thick enough to cut. He doesnít think Michael is strong enough to deal with it. Jason is getting upset. Sam says Michael woke up, itís a miracle. Jason talks about him waking up surrounded by people he doesnít know. Sam says he knows them. Jason says he doesnít know what happened. Sam says he has to make an emotional adjustment and he's going to need support, therapy and most important he's going to need you.  They discuss how things are for Michael and how they were for Jason when he had his accident. Jason thinks Sonny will make things worse. Sam wants to know if Sonny told Michael about Claudia and the baby. Jason says Sonny wants to tell Michael about the shooting first bu Jason doesnít think that will help Michael. Sam thinks Sonny always makes things about Sonny and that is why Michael needs Jason.  Sonny thinks Michael needs the truth and Jason thinks it is too soon. Sam asks what the chances are the Michael could relapse and go back into a coma. Sam apologizes. Sheís sure Michael will be fine. She sits next to Jason who says no one knows for sure. Patrick says they have to take it easy with him. Sam wants to know why Jason isnít at the hospital. Jason says Sonny is filled with guilt and Carly is a mess. He did what he could and now he is going to stay out of this. He says he is not Michaels father. Sam says Michael will be ok because no matter how badly Sonny or Carly mess things up he will have Jason. Jason says I love him like he and stops. Sam finishes like he is your own and he knows that. You understand what he's going through and won't get angry or frustrated. She says he won't push you away he will trust you like I do. Jason says thanks. Sam gets up to leave. She says you said that all Michael needs is time and I think you can give that to him. She leaves. Jason stares at the door with a thoughtful look on his face.

May 22, 2009

In the waiting area of General Hospital, Jason consoles Carly because Michael hates her. She asks him to intercede with Michael and explain that she loves him. Jason says that Michael already knows Carly loves him. She sobs that he's not going to help her. Jason tries to explain that she has to do this on her own. She resolutely walks towards Michael's room. Sonny and Jason talking in the lobby. Sonny says that when he used to pray for Michael to be alright, his biggest fear was that Michael wouldn't know him. Sonny says he feels for the Q's. Michael is with Edward and Lulu talking about living with the Quartermaines when Carly and Sonny show up and Carly rants that Michael is hers and coming home with her. Lulu rushes out to find Jason (who wasn't there before) and says Michael needs him.

May 26, 2009

Everyone is arguing. Michael blows up yelling at them all to leave. Jason comes in and tells everyone that the best way to get Michael calm is to do what he asks. Sonny and Edward start to argue again. Jason kicks everyone out. More arguing in the hall. Carly and Sonny go for a walk. Jason goes back in to check on Michael. Michael wants him to stay. Michael tells Jason he doesn't understand why he went off like that, he says it felt out of his control. He asks what's wrong with him. Jason calls for Monica, Michael says no more doctors. Jason says Monica can help him. Michael just wants to leave. Jason says thats how he felt after his accident. Michael says that you'd think I'd do everything I could to get out of here, but all I do is throw a fit. Jason tellss him about his accident. Michael says he knew about Jason's accident and everyone talked about Jason's brain damage like it was a tragedy, but Jason was normal to Michael. Now Michael is damaged and he hates it. Jason says Michael is jumping the gun. No one has told him that he has brain damage. Monica comes in. Jason says Michael could use her help. Michael tells her about Edward. She says she'll take care of it and apologizes for her part in the arguing about him. Monica leaves. Michael thanks Jason for calling Monica. Michael thinks Jason was lucky, thathe could start from scratch after his accident. No one could have expectations. Jason says everyone has expectations. Michael asks for tips. Jason says Michael's life might be different but Michael has to make his own path. Carly and Sonny come back in and Michael tells them he didn't mean what he said to Edward. He wants to live with Sonny. Carly says she and Sonny agree and he's going to live with Carly and Jax. Michael is pissed.

May 28, 2009

Michael and Jason talaking about Michael's shooting. Jason says the doctors want Michaels to get stronger first.  Michael just wants the truth.  Jason tells him about Devlin. Michael deduces that Jason killed Devlin. Michael wants to know who hired him. A doctor comes in and say its time. Sam on the phone at her office. Jason walks in. Sam says what's wrong. Jason says Michael is asking about the shooting . Sam says he knows jason won't lie to him. She thinks Claudia is going to try to cover her tracks. Jason says not if he can find proof and Sam is going to help him. Sam and Jason talking about Claudia and her plan. Sam says that Claudia hired Devlin and then married Sonny to be safe. Jason says the only one that knows the truth is Fredo and that they have to find him. He pulls a chair to Sam's desk. Sam wants to know about Fredo.  Jason says that he worked with the Zaccharras. Sam says she needs a picture last name or something. Jason says he has to get back to Michael and tell him Something. Jason gets up to leave and says he will pay Sam. sam say No.  She tells him to go back to Michael and she will call him call you when something comes up. Jason walks out the door, looks back at it door and knocks on it two or three times like he wanted to go back in.

May 29, 2009

Jason is listening outside door as Claudia and Michale talk about movies and bond. Jason looks like he wants to go in there and rip Claudia head off. Jason walks in Michael says Jason why didn't you tell me about Claudia. Michael can't believe dad married someone so cool. Jason is angry. Nurse comes in to take Michael's vitals. Jason and Claudia leave. Jason says this needs to end now and grabs Claudia. She says let go of me I'm pregnant. Jason says Claudia is the reason Michael got shot. Claudia doesn't see what Jason can do about it. Jason says he will find the guy that Claudia hired. Jason says what is going to happen when that child is born. Sonny walks up and says no arguing in front of Michael. They go back inside. Michael is so happy with Claudia. Jason leaves. Jason comes into Sam's office. He is  mad. He tells her he went to General Hospital and Claudia is all friends with Michael.  He says that bitch is getting on his nerves. Sam as been working on finding Fredo. Jason says Claudia is working Michael and they are gonna have a problem. Sam gets a call. She asks are you sure it is him and then says okay we are on our way and hangs up. Jason says lets go. Sam at a building. Fredo comes down. Sam says excuse me, acts like she is falling and says these damn shoes. Guy says whats the problem.  Jason comes out with a gun to the guys head.  Sam says the problem is that the guy with the gun happened to be standing too close to Jerry Jax's car when you tried to kill him.  We know you did it. We just want to know who hired you. Fredo says Claudia. Sam says don't make me ask you again. Fredo says that Claudia gave him a license plate and a job. sam says he is lying shoot him jason. Fredo says  Claudia hired him and he has proof.

June 1, 2009

Jason goes to McCall and Jackal and asks Spinelli to verify that the tape of Claudia hiring Fredo is authentic. Jason tells Spinelli that Sam helped him get the tape. He has a recording of Claudia's voice for Spinelli to use for comparasion. Spinelli compares the tapes and tells Jason that he hope that claudia is innocent. Spinelli likes her. Jason explains how Claudia is working everyone. Spinelli confirms that the tape is authentic. He asks what he is going to do with it. Jason tells him that he is going to take it to Sonny. Spinelli is telling Jason that Claudia's baby deserves a happy and stable life. Jason is waiting at Sonny's for him. He wants to talk about the tape. Sonny wants Jason to talk to Carly about Michael moving in with him. Claudia comes in and interupts them telling them that she bought champagne to celebrate Michael moving in. Claudia is talking about Michael. Jason thinks Michael should be with his mother. Sonny explains why he thinks Michael should be with him. Claudia chimes in with her opinions on it. Sonny wants to know what Jason has in his hand.

June 2, 2009

Continuation of Jason with the tape at Sonnyís. Claudia being defensive and sarcastic to Jason in front of Sonny. Sonny wants to know if Jason is accusing Claudia of something and Claudia gets defensive with Sonny too. Phone rings. Jason and Sonny discuss Michael living with Carly and Jax. Claudia puts in her two cents and argues with Jason and walks out. Sonny wants to know why Jason hates Claudia and wants concrete proof that Claudia was involved with Michaelís shooting. Spinelli interrupts with news for Jason. Jason arranges to see Spinelli later and tries to send him away but Sonny stops him. Sonny wants to know what info Spinelli has. Spinelli trash talks Johnny and Sonny sends him away. Sonny wants to know what they are going to do about Johnny. Jason and Sonny discuss trusting Johnny, whether he might be involved in Michaelís shooting, and how far heíd go to protect Claudia. Sonny wants Jason to get close to Johnny. Sonny wants Jason to get him evidence that Claudia was involved in Michaelís shooting.

June 3, 2009

Jason and Carly in Michaelís room at the hospital. Jason is trying to get her to back off but Carly isnít having it. Jason and Carly discuss Michael and Claudia. Carly wants to know what Jason has on Claudia and they argue about that and Michaelís living arrangement. Carly also brings up her doctors note for sex. Sonny wheels in Michael who is happy about his physical therapy but wants to work harder. Jason wants to see Sonny in the hall. Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Michael should stay in the hospital but Sonny wants to back Michael. Michael lashes out at Robin and Jason comes in and tells him to stop.

June 4, 2009

Michaelís hospital room continued: Michael throws something at Robin while Jason tries to stop him. Michael yells and screams. Jason calms him down. Michael says he wants to leave. Robin says she understands but he needs to take it slow and let himself heal. Michael still wants to leave. Jason tries to make him understand that he needs to stay and Robin backs him up. Robin leaves. Michael doesnít want Jason to tell his parents about his outburst. Jason and Michael discuss Michaelís situation and feelings. Jason promises that Michael can leave as soon as heís ready. Jason at Sonnyís: Sonny wants him to check out an afterhourís club that is not following orders. Jason tells Sonny about Michaelís outburst with Robin. Jason wants Sonny to discuss Michaelís living arrangement with Michael. Sonny sends Jason to the club. Jason arrives at the club, sees Kristina, grabs her, and says ďletís goĒ.

June 5, 2009

Jason and Kristina enter the Penthouse. Kristina flirts with Jason. Jason dials the phone and Kristina wants to know who he is calling. Kristina tries to pour a drink and Jason gives her water instead. Kristina asks Jason if he wants to hook-up. Jason laughs. Kristina tells him how Alexis wonít believe Jason anyway. She threatens to tell Alexis that he tried to have sex with her. Jason laughs and then looks at her in disbelief. Alexis doesnít answer her phone. Kristina complains about Sonny. Jason assures her that Sonny loves her. Kristina complains about both her parents. Jason tries to empathize but mostly looks puzzled. Kristina wants Jason to take her home. Jason at the hospital: Elizabeth asks if heís seen Michael. Jason is confused. Sonny, Carly, and Jax walk up. Elizabeth says people are looking but Michael may have left the building. Jason runs across Toussiant and he tells Jason that he saw Michael. Jason calls Spinelli to track all the cabs that left the hospital. Jason knocks on the door of Kristinaís bedroom where Kristina and Michael are. Jason wants them to come out. Kristina tells Michael sheíll take care of it. Kristina opens the door in her underwear and tells Jason not to play games because she knows Jason came there for her.

June 8, 2009

Kristina telling Jason she's home alone. Jason says she's not helping Michael. Kristina implies Jason is checking her out. Jason calls someone and asks if they can come give him a hand at Alexis's house. Kristina says if he called Sonny, he will be pissed that he's there staring at his half naked daughter. She tries to shut door on Jason he pushes it open. Kristina  saying she knows Jason wants her. Michael gets up and tells Kristina to cut it out. Sam comes in and grabs Kristina telling her to put some clothes on. Jason mad at Michael for running. He goes to call Carly. Kristina jumps in his face. Sam yells at Kristina. Michael tells Jason he thought he could trust him but Jason is just like all the rest of them. Sam doesn't get what is so bad at the hospital. Michael says it's like prison. Jason says the coma was prison and Michael is going to put himself right back in it if he doesn't settle down. Jason calls Carly and tells her he has Michael and is bringing him back. Carly tells Jason about the fall. Jason hangs up and tells Michael that Carly has had an accident. Michael trying to get out of going back. Kristina pipes up with Jason works for Sonny so Michael doesn't have to do what Jason says. Sam goes Hey! Michael says Carly is driving him nuts. Jason reminds him that Carly is the reason he is not still in the coma. Michael still doesn't want to go back to the hospital. Jason says please don't make me fight you. Kristina goes to interrupt and Sam tells her to stay ouy of it. Michael agrees to go back and they leave. Kristina starts whining that she hates how Jason thinks everybody needs to do what he says. Sam says Jason just did Michael a big favor. Kristina says Jason bullied her. Sam says he didn't bully her or any other woman. Kristina says she may have handled the situation wrong, but so did Jason. Sam sighs and says what did he do. Kristina tells a made up story about going to the club to rescue a friend and Jason yanked her out and hauled her back to his Penthouse. She had to beg to go home. He takes her home and then barges back in when she's in her underwear looking for Michael. Sam says Michael Was here. Kristina says he didn't have to barge in. She says Jason was rude, mean and he kills people for a living, anyway. Sam asks if she talked to her father about that? Kristina says she never sees him and Alexis would flip if she brought anything up to her. She asks if Sam believes her after how awful Jason was to Sam. Sam just stares at her.

June 10, 2009

Maxie comes to the Penthouse babbling about how it's not Spinelli's fault. Jason remains confused until Maxie finally  explains that Johnny heard the Claudia tape. Rebecca shows up and asks to speak to him alone. Rebecca tells Jason that she and Emily are twins and tells him abot how Emily's parents kept Emily and sold her because they were broke. Jason muses that he loved Emily, and Emily would have loved Rebecca, so out of respect for Emily, if Rebecca ever needs anything, he's happy to oblige. Johnny comest to Jason's to talk about the recording. Johnny points out that he's not going to sit around and let his sister be killed, just like Jason wouldn't have with Emily. Johnny wants him going to have to let the past be the past or he's going to have to kill him first. Jason shrugs and says that's how their world works. Johnny asks how Emily would feel about that.

June 11, 2009

Jason can hear Micahel yelling from outside his room. He rushes in to see Michael throwing stuff at Elizabeth who is cowering in the corner. Jason restrains him. Elizabeth starts to call security. Jason tells her to stop. Michael is yelling at her to get out of the room. Jason says he can handle it. She leaves. Jason still restraining Michael. Michael punches Jason and tries to get him to hit him. Jason says he will never hit him. Michael breaks down and wants to know what's happening to him. Jason says Michael has a brain injury. It will take time. Michael says he understands but what if no one else does. Jason says he's in for a tough time but he can make the situation better because that's who he is. Michael says he will need his help. Jason says any time. Jason goes to Sonny's and tells him that there is an issue with Michael. He's violent. and Jason is worries.  Jason tells him about the punch him. Sonny wants to know if he will hurt Carly or Morgan. Jason says that it's enough to worry him. Sonny wants him to tell him the truth since he went through it. Jason says that he made bad decisions. Sonny says Michael wont be in the business. Jason says he will find something. He's angry. Sonny's phone rings. It's Michael. Michael tells him what happened and says he's scared wants to come live with him. Carly and Morgan had just walked in the room. Sonny says that it would be good for Michael to live there. He wants Jason's opinion. He knows how Jason feels about Michael living with Claudia. Sonny says the baby could be Ric's and if it is he has no idea what to do with her.

June 12, 2009

Jason and Sonny talking about whether the baby is Ric's and what to do if it is. Sonny telling Jason not to have anything to do with Claudia until they know if the baby is Ric's or not. They talking about the hit being on Sonny and who was involved. Olivia comes in and Jason leaves. Kristina in Michael's room to pick up the joint from the bed. Jason walks in and catches her. Jason questioning Kristina about the joint. He tells her to just keep it away from Michael and then she tells him to stay away from Michael.  Carly wants Jason to find Michael. Jason says he can't do that and advises her to give him some space. Carly snaps that Jason stopped her from going to get him at the warehouse the night he was shot. 

June 15, 2009

Carly apologizes to Jason saying that it wasnít his fault that Michael was shot at the warehouse that night. Jason says that Carly wanted to get Michael but he stopped her. Carly said she is just lashing out because sheís scared. Carly asks Jason for his advice. Carly just wants Michael safe. Jason reminds her about she was there for him after his accident. She was only person who didnít know he had a brain injury and treated him like he was normal. It was how he knew he could count on her. Carly says that it is different with Michael. She needs to set limits with him. Jason tells her not to be that person Michael fights with. Carly wants know why not. That all teenagers at some point tell their mom they hate them. Jason tells Carly that more she pushes the more Michael is going to act out and reminds her how the Quartermaines drove him away. Jason tells Carly it is okay to worry but to give Michael some room. Carly says she will try. Carly gets a call from Sonny that Michael is at Greystone. Carly is going to get Michael and Jason reminds her to listen to Michael. Carly and Jason hug. Jason knocks on Alexisís door. Kristina answers the door telling Jason that Alexis isnít home and he canít wait for her. She tries to shut the door on him. Jason stops her and tell Kristina that the DAís underage daughter should be going to clubs, drinking, smoking weed and driving without a license. Kristina tells Jason how she all ready explained to Alexis how she was at the club to help a friend. Kristina tells Jason how its her word against his about the joint and that Alexis will believe her. Jason says what about driving without a license and Kristina asks Jason if heís her keeper now. She wants Jason to leave her alone. Kristina tells Jason that she makes straight Aís and her life is under control so he let her make her own decisions. Kristina shuts the door on Jason. Sam is at her PI office and is arguing with a man. The guy demands that Sam hand something over to him. Sam tells him to leave. The man grabs Sam and they fight. Jason walks up to the door. He hears the fighting and takes out his gun. The man tells Sam to give him what he wants or sheíll be out of business. Jason comes in and hits the man in the head with his gun. Jason tells Sam to leave that heíll take of care of it. Sam tells Jason he canít because the man is a cop who works for the mayor. Jason wants to know what he wants. Sam tells him she was working on a case that was more complicated than expected and that this could land them both in jail.

June 16, 2009

Jason and Sam come back in the PI office. They are talking about stashing the unconsicous cop, Callahan, in his unmarked cop car. Sam says how sheíll never work for the mayor again. Sam tells Jason she doesnít think that Callahan saw Jason, so they won't be going to jail. Jason is quiet. Sam asks him whatís going on and he says he doesnít know how to help Michael. Jason says heís been where Michael is. Sam tells Jason Michael is lucky to have him. Jason doesn't think so.  He tells her how Michael went home and got into a fight with Carly right away. He also tells her about Michael going off on Elizabeth and how Michael hit him. Sam asks Jason if he thinks Michael would hurt Carly or Morgan. Jason doesnít know. He tells Sam he knows what it is like when that rage kicks in and he is afraid that Michael is going to mess with the wrong person or get arrested. Sam wants to know if Jason was able to calm Michael down and he says that Michael completely fell apart. Jason tells Sam that Michael is slipping away from the people that love him and that heíll do something he canít take back. Sam says that the whole awaking up from a coma is complicated. Jason says yeah and talks about living in a box-car so his parents wouldnít commit him and then at Jakes, but Michael is too young to take care of himself. Jason tells Sam that Michael is at Sonnyís and that he doesnít think itís the best idea because Claudia is there. He tells her that Sonny will let Michael do whatever he wants because he feels guilty. Sam asks about Carly and Jax. Jason says that Carly wants Michael to be the way he used to be but Michael will never be the same and Jason understands why he gets frustrated and angry. Jason knows Kristina is trying to help but that she is making things worse. Sam asks what Kristina did. Jason tells Sam about the joint. Sam doesnít understand why Kristina would do something like that, since it would blow her chances with Yale. Jason thinks that Michael looks up to Kristina that she reminds him of what he missed out on. Jason tells Sam he tossed the joint and that Kristina drove Michael to Sonnyís today. Sam tells Jason she will talk to Kristina. Sam tells Jason she understands that it is difficult for him right now but that Michael loves him and that love will win out. Spinelli and Maxie come in the office and Spinelli is hurt. Maxie tells them about Matt hitting on her and Spinelli defending her. Spinelli says that Dark Prince saved him. Maxie mentions that Matt wonít remember anything because he was drunk. Maxie tells them how Matt loast a patient in surgery today, the mayor's mistress. Sam says she was tailing the mistress for the mayorís wife, Andrea. Andrea hired her because she believes her husband is cheating. Sam tells Spinelli and Maxie about Callahan manhandling her but realizes it was because Brianna died. Sam recounts how she followed Brianna to the Metro Court; heard her cry out and how the mayor went to the gift shop and bought aspirin then goes back to the room. Sam says that Olivia, Patrick and Robin were all in there for a while then left. Maxie tells them about Brianna hitting her head in the shower and Matt performing surgery heís never done before and how since Brianna died her family is suing Matt. Maxie explains that everyone was at Jakesí fighting and that Diane was taking notes. Spinelli says that Briannaís family is wrong; that there was no hanky-panky, no slip of the scalpel. Spinelli says that it was murder.

June 18, 2009

Claudia walking down the stairs talking to Uncle Rudy on the phone about how Sonny is sending Jason to take care of a situation with the business and she asks him to make sure that Jason doesnít come back alive. Claudia hangs up just as Jason comes in the back door lookign for Sonny. Claudia tells him hi is not there and Jason says heíll wait. Jason and Claudia talk about how the baby might be Ricís but until she can have an amino everyone is suppose to back off. Jason tells Claudia that he knows she is responsible for Michael getting shot. Claudia says that everyone knows that whoever did it, it was an accident. Claudia tells Jason that Michael being at the warehouse wasnít an accident; that it was because Jason didnít protect him. Claudia accuses Jason of persecuting her to ease his own guilt. Claudia tells Jason she knows he hates it the Michael likes her. Jason tells Claudia he is going to wait it out as long as it takes. Sonny comes in and tells Claudia that she needs to handle her brother; that he has an attitude problem and he needs to show respect to him and those he cares about. Claudia wants to know who. Sonny and Caludia argue briefly over Johnny and Olivia. Sonny tells her to get her brother under control and Claudia leaves. Sonny tells Jason that he doesnít want Johnny around Olivia because he doesnít want to see her get hurt. Jason tells Sonny thatís how it always starts with him. Sonny talks about what a good friend Olivia has been to both him and Carly and how she comes from a good family unlike Johnny. Sonny wants to protect Olivia and Jason asks how he is going to do that. Sonny says he canít do anything because he is married but that Jason will be working closely with Johnny so he can keep an eye on him. Sonny kids around and tells Jason to use Johnny as a human shield if he needs to. Sonny tells Jason he doesnít trust Johnny. Jason tells Sonny that Johnny has followed thru on all his assignments. Sonny tells Jason that some of the old Zacchara guards are making a move against them and he wants Jason to take Johnny with him to send them a message.

June 19, 2009

Jason and Sonny talk about the meeting with the Zacchara family. Jason is worried about retaliation right now with the Micahel situation but Sonny says he wants the message to be clear and deadly. Sonny says there can be no middle ground, no negotiations. Sonny wants Jason to make sure that no one ever takes a bullet because of him. Jason and Johnny at the garage talking about the meeting; Jason wants to make sure they are clear on things. Johnny tells Jason that those members of the Zacchara organization have always cause problems. Jason lets Johnny know that those men will be made an example of and if he doesnít want to get his hands dirty he is giving Johnny a chance to walk away. Johnny talking to Jason about the meeting and asking if Jason thinks it will make a difference. Jason tells him he canít think about that stuff. Johnny talks about trying to get out of the business and asks Jason if he ever wanted out and Jason says no. Jason says other than someone innocent gets caught in the cross-fire, it is just about business. Jason and Johnny are walking in the woods to the meeting. Jason doesnít want the men to know they are coming. Jason and Johnny take cover by some rocks. Johnny can see the red laser from the sniper gun aimed at Jasonís head.

June 22, 2009

Jason and Johnny behind the rocks. Johnny can see the red laser on Jasonís head. Johnny pushes Jason out of the way right before the sniper fires. Jason asks how many did Johnny see and Johnny tells him one, a sniper with a night scope. Jason and Johnny start firing in the direction of the sniper. Jason and Johnny try to figure out how many are shooting at them. They decide to make a break for it. Johnny walks into Greystone and Sonny asks how it went. Johnny tells Claudia and Sonny they were ambushed. Jason walks in thru the back and tells Claudia that Johnny is pretty good in a fight. Sonny says heís glad Jason made it out alive. Jason and Sonny talk about the ambush. Both agree that someone was tipped off because Zacchara guards were ready to fight. Michael walks in and tells them about freaking out on Carly. Michael begs Sonny to let him stay there with him. Jason and Jax meet at the docks to talk about Michael. Jason wants Jax to explain to him what happen with Michael and Carly. Jax tells Jason what happened and that Morgan saw it. Jason tells Jax that it is a bad time for Michael to live with Sonny. Jax gets upset about all the violence surrounding Sonnyís life. Jason says that Michael will never get caught in the cross fire again.

June 24, 2009

Sam is at the Lake House with Kristina. She wants Kristina to explain to her why she shouldnít tell Alexis what she has been doing. At Greystone. Michael is telling Jason what happened in the woods with the Zacchara soldier. Michael wants him and Jason to find the guy together. Kristina says that Jason is blowing everything out of proportion. Sam lists all the stuff Kristina has been doing but Kristina has an excuse for everything. Kristina feels her record of straight Aís, not drinking or smoking should count for something. She wants Sam to remember what it was like at her age and Sam tells Kristina she might actually come down harder on her. Alexis walks in and says if Sam is lecturing Kristina on the trouble she got into at Jakeís she agrees. Sam didnít know about Jake's. Michael is telling Jason his version of what happened in the woods. Jason wants to know why they didnít call him, Sonny, Max or Milo. Michael tells him they didnít know about the problems with the Zaccharaís. Michael thinks Jason is missing the point. He wants to go out and find him. Jason says no, that heíll find him. Alexis tells Sam Kristina's version of what happened at Jake's. Sam is glad that Michael trusts Kristina. Alexis compliments Kristina and blames everything on Michael. Kristina says that Michael just needs a friend. Alexis doesnít want Kristina to get caught up in Michaelís problems and not stay focus on her goals. Alexis says not to let anyone stand in the way of your goals. Sam says what done is done and hopefully Kristina wonít make the same mistakes. Jason wants Michael to focus on his recovery. Michael tells Jason that part of that is finding a career so Michael wants Jason to teach him the business. Jason tells him no way. Michael says it is his heritage and this is what he wants. Jason says that Sonny doesnít want that for him. Michael tells Jason he is just following his advice by choosing what he wants. Michael says he understands what is it means to be in this business. Jason wonít put Michael at risk again. Michael tells Jason he is just like the others. Jason is back at the penthouse. Sam knocks on the door. She tells Jason about trying to talk to Kristina. Sam tells him what happened at Jake's and how Kristina is clearly lying. Sam tells Jason that Alexis believes Kristina. Sam thinks that Kristina is acting out and when you add in what Michael is going thru, they got trouble on their hands. Jason doesnít know what to do. He says Michael is flailing; that he is looking for a place where he fits in and Jason feels like the biggest hypocrite. Sam thinks Michael is acting like an ordinary teenager. Jason reminds Sam that Michael is not an ordinary teenager. Michael sees the business as something that will be handed down to him like ELQ. Sam doesnít understand where Jason feels like a hypocrite. Jason tells Sam how Michael came to him and asked him to mentor Michael in the business, the same way he approached Sonny years ago. Sam says that he shouldnít beat himself over for telling Michael no and that giving Michael other options beats feeling hypocritical. Jason is afraid that Michael will react like he did and cut off the people who love him. Sam says that Michael may lash out but in the end he will remember that Jason is the one person that he can trust that has always had Michaelís best interest at heart. Michael is at the garage asking Johnny to teach him the business. Johnny tells Michael no; that he wonít be the reason that Michael gets shot again. Jason walks in and says what you mean again.

June 25, 2009

Jason comes into the garage asking Johnny what he meant by saying he wonít be responsible for Michael getting shot again. Johnny tells Jason that they were all responsible and doesnít want it to happen again. Michael says Jason is the reason Johnny wonít help him. Jason tells Michael he is not getting involved in the business. Michael accuses Jason of trying to control his life. Michael tells Jason he could always count on him no matter what was going on in his life and now he is like everyone else. Jason says heís there to discuss business with Johnny and goes to leave when Michael wonít leave the garage.  Michael wants Jason to explain why Jason got to choose to be in the business but he canít. Johnny steps in and explains what happen to Jason after his accident. Michael asks Jason if he could go back, would he have done something different. Jason says he would still work for Sonny. Jason explains how his injury is different than Michaelís and that Michael has better choices than Jason did. Michael gets angry that no one will let him get his life back. Jason says that he hopes Michael understands one day but he will not let Michael throw his life away. Michael and Jason walk into the living room of Greystone where Sonny is waiting. Sonny wants to know what is going on. Jason explains the incident in the woods and tells Sonny that Michael wants to learn the business. Sonny says that will never happen. Sonny wants Jason to find the guy and take care of him. Sonny wants Michael to explain what happen. Michael explains about Morgan sneaking out and him and Carly trying to find Morgan. Sonny yells at Michael for leaving the house without guards. Michael says he took care of it. Sonny tells Michael he will never leave the organization to any of his kids and to put it out of his mind. Jason goes over to Carlyís and wants to know why she didnít call him about Morgan being missing. Carly explains how they didnít expect to find a guy with a gun in the woods and that they took care of it. Carly asks Jason if Michael is safe at Sonnyís and Jason says no that Claudia is there. Jason also mentions that there could be some problems with the business. Carly tells Jason that he can help her talk Michael into moving back with her or she is going to take him to the Quartermaineís.

June 26, 2009

Carly tells Jason that since Michael wonít live with her and it is too dangerous for him to live at Sonnyís that the Quartermaineís are her only option. Jason says that it would best for Michael to live with her but it would not be good for her because of the stress. Jason tells Carly that Michael wonít listen to him because Michael thinks Jason is a hypocrite. Carly thinks that it is only a matter of time before Michael trusts him again. Jason wonít be able to talk Michael back into living with her and Carly doesnít want Michael with Sonny because it is too dangerous which only leaves the Quartermaines. Elizabeth and Lucky are talking about Lulu and Ethan. Elizabeth looks over to where the kids are and sees Jason playing cars with Jake. Jason brings Jake over to Elizabeth. Liz asks about Michael. Jason says it has been a tough transition. Jason tells Liz and Lucky to take care of Jake. Monica tells Edward not to get his hopes up about Michael living with them because she doesnít think it is going to happen. Jason walks in and says that it depends on her. Monica tells Edward to leave so her and Jason can talk. Monica wants to know what is going on with Michael. Jason says that Michael is angry, confused and vulnerable and he doesnít know how to get thru to him. Monica says history is repeating itself. Monica and Jason talk about what happen with Jason after his accident and both apologize for their part in what happen. Jason tells Monica that Michael wonít accept help from him but he is hoping that Michael will accept it from her. Monica promises to try and do the right thing for Michael. Jason wants limits to be set. Monica is just happy to get to know her grandson again. Monica tells Jason about Carly not wanting any of the Quartermaines talking bad about him, Carly or Sonny and Monica promises that wonít happen. Jason just wants to help Michael. Jason tells Monica that he knows it was hard for them when he joined up with Sonny. Jason is concerned about what will happen to Michael if he leaves. Edward walks back in and tells Jason to set an example for Michael and to move back in also.

June 29, 2009

Edward and Monica bicker about Jason moving in along with Michael. Jason interrupts and says that moving back would be the right thing to do. Edward wants to have Alice set up his room. Monica says even though she would love to have him back, it is not going to happen. Jason agrees. Jason says everything that has happen with Michael has made him re-think and he was wrong to push them all away after his accident. He tells Monica that Michael needs her and place to live that is not tainted by the world he put him in. Jason tells Edward it is too late for him but he wants the Quartermaineís to be a safe haven for Michael. He tells them that the strain on their relationship was his fault. He couldnít see things from their point of view but he can now. Monica says when you love a child you realize why parents do the things they do. Jason asks them to give Michael all the love that he wouldnít accept. Monica promises to make it work. Edward thanks Jason for his vote of confidence. Carly shows Jason the new car that Sonny bought for Michael. She is mad that Michael is attached to the car and she is the bad guy for saying no. She wants Jason to get rid of the car bu he won't. HE tells her not to compete with Sonny. Carly doesnít care that it makes her look bad with Michael. She thinks the car is too fast, too expensive and too much. Jason wants Carly to calm down because it isnít good for the baby. Carly says sheíll calm down when Michael is at the Quartermaineís. Jason walks into the penthouse and interrupts Maxie and Spinelli making out. Jason goes to leave and Spin stops him.

June 30, 2009

Jason wants to leave the penthouse but Spinelli doesnít want to be alone with Maxie. Jason keeps trying ot escape as they work out their sex life but Spinelli wants a witness that he wants to court Maxie. Later, Carly comes to the penthouse to tell Jason she had a fight with Sonny about the Quartermaines. They talk about how none of them like it but htey have to make things right for Michael. Jason goes over to Greystone. Sonny knows Carly went to him. Michael thinks it is about the car. Jason says itís more than just the car. Michael tells Jason that he always does what Carly wants but that he is not going to live with Carly and Jax. Jason tells Michael that Carly has another solution and under the current circumstances that he agrees with her and will support her. Sonny tells Michael that he and Jason need to talk. Sonny reassures Michael that he will take care of everything like he always does. Sonny thinks Carly is working Jason so he will agree that Michael living with the Quartermaineís is a great idea. Sonny says Michael should live with his father. Jason says live with Claudia and escalating violence. Sonny brings up how Jason wanted nothing to do with the Quartermaineís after his accident. He says they will ruin Michael like they did AJ. Jason says Michael will be better off there than living with Sonny. Sonny starts questioning Jason's decision to join with him and leave the Quartmaineís. Jason says Sonny believed in him and let him make his own choices. Sonny asks if he regrets it. Jason tells Sonny he regrets not having Jake or being able to have a family of his own. He knows he will have to pay eventually for the things he has done and also knows he has lived this long because of Sonny but he doesnít want Michael to live this life. Jason says Michael will have more choices with the Quartermaineís. Sonny says he canít give up on his son. Jason questions if Michael is emotionally safe with Sonny. Jason knows Sonny wouldnít hurt Michael but does he want Michael to follow in their footsteps. Sonny says he works hard so Michael can have everything he wants. Jason tells Sonny he has to let him go. Michael is eavesdropping.

July 1, 2009

Sonny says he will die before he lets Michael throw away his life. He has he has made choices and done things that he will have to live with but he will not lose his son to this violent business. He talks about how much Michael means to him and hoe Michael made him a better man. Jason understands that. Sonny tells Jason that he and Michael need each other. Jason says itís not about feelings. Sonny says that Michael should be with his father. Jason says not in that house and that Sonny knows it. Jason reminds Sonny that he gave Michael up was a baby and he was getting hurt because of him. Sonny says that Jason blames him for Michael getting shot. Jason tells Sonny that they were all responsible for that. Sonny yells that he just got him back so how does he let Michael go. Michael comes down the stairs and says donít send him away. Michael knows Jason is trying to protect him but he doesnít want to leave his dad. Jason says I know and leaves. Michael tells Sonny to not let them guilt him into giving him up. Michael says he canít go back to Carlyís because they just fight. Sonny tells him heís not going back there. Carly and Jax come in. Carly says that they agree that Michael should live with the Quartermaineís. Jason comes in and Michael asks if Jason is back up if he refuses to go. Sonny tells Michael that Jason will take him to the Quartermaine's. Michael says that they all do whatever Carly wants. Carly wants Michael to live with her but since he doesnít want that the Quartermaineís is the compromise. Michael says he hates it but will go. Jason and Michael are at the Quartermaineís and Michael says the house is bigger than Sonnyís. Jason tells Michael he thought that the Quartermaineís were the worst people but he was wrong. Edward comes in and is surprised to see them there. Edward calls for Monica and Tracy. Edward takes Michael and Jason into the living room. Monica and Tracy come in complaining. Monica notices Jason and Michael there and tells Michael she is happy to have him there. They start to bicker about Michael. Jason tells them to stop and give Michael a chance to get used to it there. Jason tells Michael if he canít stand it there to call him and not do anything stupid. He leaves.

 July 6, 2009

Jason and Maxie at the Penthouse talking about the awful sound. Maxie says it's Spinelli. Spinelli comes down in a towel and  Maxie wants to jump his bones. They talk about karaoke night. At the garage, Jason points out that Johnny's late. They talk about Sonny and how he's mad that Dante got away. They leave the garage. Jason and Johnny walking outside. They spot the cabin with Dante and the men inside. They bust into the cabin with guns blazing. They shoot and kill the two thugs in there. Jason searches the house for survivors but it's clear. They find drugs and money.

July 8, 2009

Johnny and Jason at the cabin. They hear sirens and decide to leave.  Jason and John are back at Greystone. They tell Claudia that someone called the cops. She realizes they think maybe she did it and she leaves in a defensive huff. Jason and John talk about who might have betrayed them. Later, Jason fills Sonny in on the shoot out. He says Johnny is very professional. They don't know who called the cops. Sonny thinks someone is trying to take out the Zacharras so maybe they just let them. He wants to wait it out because a Zacharra is talking to the cops and that could help them. Sonny wants things to stay quiet but he still wants Jason to find the guy who grabbed his family. Jason walks in while Spinelli is testing the pitch machine. Jason walks in and tells him he sounds bette.  They talk about Maxie and the "performance enhancing machine". He wants to know if using it makes him look like less of a man.  Jason just looks at him like he is insane. Carly comes in and starts telling Jason about what she did for Michael. She hears Spinelli from upstairs and asks what's up. Jason tells her Spin is learning to sing for Maxie. He then tells her he's glad she's making progress with Michael but he needs her help to find the gunman from the woods. She wants to know what Jason is planning on doing to him.

July 9, 2009

Maxie shows up at the Penthouse. Spinelli is upstairs practicing. Maxie wants Jason to get Coleman to cancel karaoke night because Spinelli will look foolish. Spinelli comes down the stairs singing in a mic. Maxie says he sounds good andwants to know what happened. Spinelli and Maxie talking about singing while Jason is standing there messing with his phone. Spinelli telling her about the mic being special but stops short of telling her it's not him singing. He tells her she inspires him. Maxie is happy. Maxie wants to know how Jason didn't hear a difference. Maxie leaves all excited about Karaoke. Spinelli rambles about lying to her. Jason doesn't see a problem. Maxie loves him and he loves her. Spinelli thinks that he will be unworthy of her love. Jason says she already loves him so why does he need to sing? Jason and Spielli talk about Maxie. Jason says it is kareoke night at Jakes not to get carried away. Jason advises him to trust Maxie and tell her that he loves her and can't sing. Spinelli wants him to come to Jakes. He agrees but the cops knock on door and take Jason down to the station. At the PCPD, Diane walks in and asks Jason about what's going on and if he killed them because of drugs. Jason wants to know if she really wants to answer that. She asks him to stay in lockup for a week because it would look good for Alexis. He says no. She says it will rack up points with the DA.

July 10, 2009

At PCPD, Jason, Diane and Sonny talk about Jason staying in lock up as a favor to Alexis. Jason scoffs at the idea. Sonny says they should think it over. Alexis walks in on Sonny and Diane talking about her. Alexis does not appreciate everyone talking about her personal life. After Sonny leaves, Jason's cellphone rings. Diane gives him his phone and Carly is telling him about her "bad feeling" and Alexis takes the phone and tells her that the party she is speaking to is under arrest and hangs up the phone. Diane calls Carly back and tells her it is strictly routine. During the conversation, Alexis figures out that Jason is staying in lock up to help her image. As this is happening, an ADA comes in and relieves Alexis from her duties and says she is taking over. Diane shreds the ADA and makes her let Jason go for lack of evidence. Jason standing out in the PCPD and gets a phone call and says he will be right there. Jason and Anthony at the prison.  Anthony says he has something important to tell Jason that may save his life.

July 13, 2009

Jason and Anthony are at the prison. Anthony is telling Jaon he is not behind the unrest. Jason says he will take his word but wants Anthony to give him something on Claudia that proves she is behind Michaelís shooting. Anthony tells Jason he doesnít have anything on Claudia but he still wants Jason to tell Sonny that he has nothing to do with the unrest. Jason turns to leave and Anthony has an evil smile on his face. Johnny is waiting for Jason at the penthouse. Jason tells Johnny about his visit with Anthony. Jason tells Johnny that soon he is going to have to choose sides and stop protecting certain people. Dante is at Jasonís door about to knock and Jason comes up behind him with a gun. Jason tells Dante that he matches the description of the guy who harassed Sonnyís family. Dante says he didnít hurt them and just saw them when he was at Sonnyís asking him for a job. He tells Jason that Sonny wants him to give up the traitor. Jason wants to know why he wants to works for Sonny. Dante says he has aspirations and wants to replace Sonny one day. He wants Jason to stay out of his way so he can prove himself to Sonny. Dante leaves. Jason makes a call and asks someone to come over because he needs their help. Sam comes in and says she got there as soon as she could. Jason comments that Sam looks taller and she  says its because of the really high-heeled shoes that she wears while working undercover at strip club. Jason asks her if she can do a background check on someone for him. Sam says sure. Sam starts looking for something in her coat pockets foro her PDA.  She pulles off her coat to reveal a very sexy waitress outfit as she pulls out her PDA. Jason is stunned.

July 14, 2009

Sam at Jason penthouse walking around trying to get a signal on her Blackberry. Jason is just watching her. Sam asks where Spinelliís laptop is and Jason tells her it is upstairs. Sam starts to go up the stairs but she slips and starts to fall. Jason catches her. He puts Sam on the couch and looks at her ankle. Jason goes to get Sam some ice for her ankle. Sam tells Jason that she is surprise he is not laughing at her. She continues to talk about all the different times ordeals she has been thru and canít believe she almost got hurt going up the stairs in stripper shoes. Jason puts the ice on her ankle. He doesnít believe itís broken just swollen. Sam tells Jason it would have been worse if he hadnít caught her. She thanks Jason for saving her life again. Jason comes down the stairs with the computer. Sam asks Jason if he remembers when Spinelli first moved in with them that he wonít let anyone touch his computer. Jason tells Sam that Spinelli still doesnít except for Sam because he trusts her. Sam asks for the guyís name and Jason says Dominic Perelli. He tells her about Dominic. Spinelli and Maxie come in the penthouse all giggly, smiling and kissing and head up the stairs. Jason and Sam talk about Spinelli and Maxie. Jason is looking over Samís shoulder from behind the couch as she works on the computer. They hear loud noises from up stairs. Jason goes to sit next to Sam as they hear more noises. Jason and Sam try to concentrate on Dominickís rap-sheet. Sam laughs and says it hard to focus but she is happy for Spinelli and Maxie. Sam thinks is sweet especially after waiting so long to be together.

July 15, 2009

Jason is trying to sleep on the couch in the penthouse but Spinelli and Maxe are too loud. Jason coming out of the kitchen hears a knock at the door and opens it to Johnny. They talk about Domenic and bring each other up to date on him being part of the ambush and trying to work for Sonny. Johnny says Dominick has a good reputation but stops when he hears noise from upstairs. Dominick is at the door. Jason tells Dominick that he checks out. Dominick tells Jason and Johnny that Anthony is putting together an army from prison. Jason tells about going to see Anthony. Johnny says when Anthony starts playing the vulnerable card to put on the Kevlar. Dominic talks about joining up the Corinthos. Jason says neither one of them were loyal to the Zacchara why would they be loyal to Sonny. Johnny mentions how his father made his life a living hell and owes him nothing. Dominick says he wants to rule the world but will settle for working the trenches. Maxie comes down the stairs. She apologizes for interrupting and leaves. Dominic wants to know when he starts and Jason says donít hold your breath. Spinelli comes running down the stairs looking for Maxie. Jason says she left. Spinelli needs Johnny and Dominic to leave so he can talk to Jason. After they leave, Spinelli tells Jason how wonderful his night was. Spinelli tells Jason that he proposed to Maxie and that she left saying she was late for work. Spinelli wants to know if he ruined any future with Maxie. Jason says that marriage is a huge decision and Maxie is right in wanting to take her time. Spinelli understands the seriousness of the situation and that marriage is forever but that is all the time he wants adoring Maxie. Jason tells Spinelli how he and Courtney married for love but it failed because they really didnít know each other. Jason tells Spinelli to take his time that if the love is real it will always be there. Spinelli says that Jason is alone because his own faith is tempered with caution.

July 17, 2009

Spinelli is talking into a microphone on his computer. Jason comes up and asks him what he is doing. He is sending her a poem-riddle of where to meet him. Spinelli asks Jason to help him set up the roof top for his meeting with Maxie. Jason tells Spinelli he doesnít need to do all that. Spinelli asks Jason if he ever set up a roof top scene for Sam that had her gazing with ardent affection. Jason says good point but it did rain but that Sam like the rain. Spinelli hopes that it doesnít rain because he must set a perfect scene so that Maxie will accept his marriage proposal. Spinelli is rushing and can't get the string of lights untangled. Jason tells him to relax and takes the lights from Spinelli. Spinelli says he has to rehearse for tonight. Jason says to just let it happen. Spinelli starts rehearsing his speech about how he feels about Maxie but is looking at Jason as he says it. Jason takes a step back from Spinelli and mentions that he thought he wanted to hurry up. Spinelli remembers he doesnít have a ring. He wants Jason to go out and get the ring. Jason tells him that it is his proposal he needs to get the ring and Jason will set up the furniture. Spinelli leaves and when he comes back he is wearing a suit and tie. The furniture is all set up. Spinelli thanks Jason for his help. Jason goes to leave but Spinelli stops him and asks Jason if he can stay close by if things donít go right. Jason tells Spinelli that he doesnít need him; that when he sees Maxie he will be inspired like he was at Jakes. Spinelli says that Maxie is his muse. Jason wishes Spinelli good luck and leaves.

July 21, 2009

Michael is waiting on the side of the road with his car. Jason comes and Michael tells him that he thinks he caused an accident.  Jason questions him about the details but Michael is very confused. Jason wants Michael to calm down.  He says he needs to find out if the other person crashed. Michael says Jason canít fix this. Michael says not only is he mental but also a coward. He explains how Sonny came down to fight his battle at the country club and now Jason taking care of this. Michael thinks everyone was better off when he wasnít around. Jason is not going to give up on Michael and he wonít let Michael give up on himself. Kristina is walking up to the Lake house. Her boyfriend Keifer tells her to slow up. They talk about what happen with the car and Kristina is worried something happened to the other car. Keifer says no one knows she took out the car and if anyone asks to just deny it and he will back her up. They go into the Lake House and Keifer and Molly start talking. Sam is sitting there watching Kristina looking concern. She asks who he is. Kristina introduces Sam and Keifer. Sam asks about their night. Kristina says they went to the country club. Keifer talks about what a good influence Kristina is. Sam isn't buying it. Kristina says its late and Keifer leaves. Sam asks Kristina if she had a fight with Keifer because she looks really tense. Jason brings Michael back to the Quartermaineís. He says Michaelís car will be brought back there. Jason is going to tell Sonny and Carly what happen but trusts Michael that it wonít happen again. Michael asks about the accident he caused and Jason says they donít know if there was an accident so not to worry about it. Edward comes up and is listening. Jason tells Michael if there is a problem he will take care of it. Michael says thanks. Jason says anytime and leaves. Sam walks into the living room talking about Molly to Kristina. Sam asks Kristina if everything is ok. Kristina says that Keifer is the only person not making fun of her because of Mom. Sam wants to know if there is anything she can do. Alexis comes in and is surprised to see Sam there. Sam tells her she came by to see Molly. Alexis tells them about Claudia's accident. Kristina drops her glass of water. She apologizes and runs out the room. Jason is at the Penthouse on the phone making sure that nothing can be traced back to Michael being in an accident. Thereís a knock at the door and its Sam. Sam tells Jason she thinks Kristina may have caused an accident. She explains how Kristina came home acting a little freaked out and how Kristina got a lot freaked out when Alexis mentions Claudiaís accident. Sam gives Jason details about Claudiaís accident. Jason wants to know why she thinks itís Kristina. Sam tells Jason since Kristina was acting so weird she decided to check out Viola's car and how the engine was warm but Viola hadnít gone out all evening. Sam says she is really concern that Kristina could have cause the accident. Jason says unless it was Michael.

July 22, 2009

Jason seems convinced that Michael caused the accident and Sam points out that it could easily have been Kristina. Sam is sitting at the desk working on the computer as she and Jason try and figure out if it was Michael that caused the accident. After Jason gives Sam the details, Sam tells Jason that it doesnít look good for Michael. Sam wants to know if Michael is responsible for the accident what Jason is going to do about it. Jason says he will cover him even if something happens to Claudia and her baby. Sam isnít sure that is a good idea. Jason is concern that Michael will have a set back if he is responsible for the accident. He says that Michael has been through too much and has lost enough. Sam says she gets it and they will keep this to themselves. Jason leaves to go to the hospital to tell Sonny. Sam goes to see Alexis at the DAís office. Alexis tells Sam how she went to Mayor Floydís house to try to appeal to his better nature. She tells Sam how she got into an argument with Mayor Floydís wife and the security cameras have the footage of this. Sam remembers that the mayor lives on Harborview Road. Jason goes to tell Sonny about the accident but Sonny interrupts him and tells Jason about the DNA results show that Claudiaís baby is really his. Sonny whines about Olivia and how now the baby might die. Jason tells Sonny that they donít know what will happen and Sonny might get a second chance. Sonny says that if he does get that chance he will be a good father to his son and treat the mother well. Sonny asks Jason to go talk to Olivia and let her know what is going on. As Jason goes to leave Sonny asks him if he has anything to tell him and Jason says no it can wait. Alexis asks Sam if she can get Spinelli to make the footage of her being at Mayor Floydís disappear. Sam says she will see what she can do and then asks what time she was there and what direction did go when she left. Alexis tells her and asks Sam why it matters. Sam says it doesnít. Olivia and Dante are talking. There is a knock at the door. Jason calls out to tell Olivia that it is him.

July 23, 2009

Jason knocking on Oliviaís door apologizing for being there so late. He has a message from Sonny. Olivia opens the door and starts to tell Jason she doesnít want any messages from Sonny. Jason walks in and tells her that Sonny has to stay at the hospital because of Claudia and the baby. Dante is hiding in the back room listening. Olivia tells Jason that this isnít any of her business and anything that Sonny has to say can wait until tomorrow. Jason tells Olivia that baby is for certain Sonnyís and that despite his feelings for her his obligations are to his baby and family. Olivia tells Jason that she is glad Sonny is doing the right thing and is praying for Claudia and the baby. Olivia tells Jason to leave and then tells him that she does not want or need to hear from Sonny again. Jason is back at the hospital. When he comes off the elevator Liz tells him about Carly coming in. Jason didnít know about Carly. He sees her being wheeled in. Jason asks Jax what happened. He tells Jason that she collapsed after pulling Claudia out from the car accident. Morgan wants to know if his mom is in a coma like Michael was. Jason, Jax, Morgan and Dr. Lee are in a room with Carly. Jax wants to know if Carly had a stroke. Dr. Lee doesnít know and goes to check Carlyís test results. Morgan asks Carly to wake up. Jason starts to talk to Carly and tells her that now would be a good time to wake up; that he needs to know she is ok. Michael is outside the door and asks Morgan how Carly is. Morgan tells Michael they are waiting for the test results. He ask Michael to talk to Carly and Michael says he canít because the whole thing is his fault. Jason talking to Carly tells her she canít give up. Jax talks to Carly and tells her that they have so much to look forward to; that they are a family and she is the one that holds them all together. Carly wakes up and wants to know what happened. Jason goes outside the door to get Morgan. Michael is no longer there. Carly tells Morgan how brave he was. Jax wants to know if there were any warning signs and Carly says no. Dr. Lee comes in and would like to go over the test results in private. Jason takes Morgan out into the hall. Morgan tells Jason that Michael was there. He tells him how Michael caused the accident and was going to the police station to turn himself him. Jason tells Morgan to stay there and leaves. Michael is at the police station with Lucky and Mac. Michael is telling Mac that it was him as Jason comes running in and tells him to stop.

July 24, 2009

Jason tells Michael not to say anything and that theyíre leaving. Mac says no. Mac and Jason argue as Mac attempts to get Michael to tell his story.  Jason brings up that Michael is a minor and has not attorney present. Mac reminds Jason he has no legal authority and he is only there because Mac is allowing it. Michael recounts what happen the night of the accident to Mac. Mac says that enough until his attorney gets there and tells Michael he did the right thing by telling them the truth. Diane is with Alexis talking about the accident when she gets a call from Jason regarding Michael. Diane leaves. Michael is trying to explain to Jason why he confessed. Jason doesnít want Michael to say anymore until Diane gets there because the police have a way of twisting things. Michael is sorry for screwing up. Jason tells Michael he understands better than anyone. Jason wants Michael to understand that the cops donít care; that they might come across sympathetic but in the end it is all an act to get him to incriminate yourself. Mac tells Diane that Michael confessed to reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident and he is not going anywhere. Sam comes to the lake house. Kristina listens in as Sam tells Alexis she was able to get rid of the video footage of her at the Mayorís house. At the PCPD, Jason tells Michael that they wait while Diane argues for his release and not to react to what Diane says. Diane is arguing that Mac took advantage of a brain damaged minor and his confession is inadmissible because of him mental incapacity. Jason stops Michael from saying anything. Diane threaten to sue the PCPD and Mac says go ahead. Diane wants Mac to release Michael to Jason. Mac refuses saying Michael is a flight risk and tells him he is under arrest. Alexis wants to know if the video footage really gone. Sam asks why. Alexis tells Sam that because of the mayorís wife she is now a suspect in Claudiaís accident. Sam feels bad about deleting the video and Alexis says she shouldnít have asked to do it. Mac calls Alexis to tell her that they arrested Michael after he confessed to causing the accident. Alexis tells Sam about Michael and Kristina comes out of hiding yelling at Alexis for letting Michael take the blame for an accident she might have caused. Kristina and Alexis argue about the accident and the mayor. Sam wants everyone to calm down. Alexis says she is going to go to the PCPD to help Michael and leaves. Sam tells Kristina that she thinks that the reason she is upset is not that she thinks that Alexis caused Claudiaís accident. Jason calls Jax to get a message to Carly that Michael has been arrested because Michael thinks he caused Claudiaís accident. Jax wants to know if there is any proof. Jason doesnít know but he has Diane working on it. Jax says he will take care of Carly and for Jason to take care of Michael. Jason tells Diane he doesnít want Michael locked up. Diane wants Mac to allow Jason to post bail and take Michael home. Mac is convinced Michael is the flight risk. Diane argues that Michael is a minor still recovering from being in a coma. Mac says Michael drove recklessly and caused an accident. Mac tells the officer to take Michael to lock-up. Jason says that this isnít happening and they are not locking Michael up. Diane talks to Jason and tells him not to make things worse for Michael. Michael tells Jason he will be fine. Sam wants to know why Kristina is convinced that Michael didnít cause the accident. Kristina says they donít know who caused the accident. It could have been Michael or Alexis since she has been lying about everything. Sam says that it could have been someone else driving the car too. Sam brings up about Kristina coming in with Keifer early all tense and dropping her glass when the accident was mentioned. Kristina wants to know if Sam is investigating her. Sam says no but that she knows her well enough when Kristina is trying to cover something up. Sam wants Kristina to tell her what is going on. Kristina tells Sam that nothing is going on. Sam brings up how the car engine was warm but Viola hadnít gone out; how the country club is on Harborview Road. Kristina says that it doesnít mean anything. Sam asks Kristina if she caused the accident with Claudia.

July 27, 2009

Robin comes into the PCPD. Jason asks her to help him get Michael released. At the lake house Sam talks to Kristina about Michael and if she caused the accident. Kristina admits to driving but says she was upset because of the fight she with her boyfriend not because she caused an accident. Jason talks to Robin about no bail and tells her about the accident. Mac walks up and tells Jason he is playing dirty. Robin wants Mac to have some compassion for Michael. Mac believes Michael is a flight risk. Robin personally guarantees that Michael will not run. Sam apologizes to Kristina. They talk about her fight with Keifer. Sam remarks on how hard it is to think clearly when you are fighting with your boyfriend and how you do things you normally wouldnít do. Sam says she knows because she has and then she would lie to try and cover things up but that it only makes it worse. Jason tells Michael that Robin got him released. Jason hugs Robin. They talk about the idea that Michael could be innocent. Robin talks about how Jason wouldnít let anyone help him after his accident. She thinks Michael needs Jason because he is the only one who understands. Robin leaves. Michael tells Jason he should have left him in lockup. Jason tells him it will be alright. Sam is talking to Kristina about her breakup with Jason. Sam tells Kristina that something happened and she didnít do anything to stop it; that when she should have said something, she didnít. Sam says that she kept lying and she will regret it for the rest of her life. Sam tells Kristina that the best way to get out of a bad situation is to face it. Kristina tells Sam that she should be having this conversation with mom since she is lying to cover up her affair. Sam wants to know why Kristina is so mad at Alexis. Kristina gets upset and walks away. At the Quartermaineís, Jason tells Michael to sit tight. Michael says that he doesnít know if he will ever want to drive again. Jason tells him he doesnít believe that Michael did lot damage other than get another driver a moment of panic. Michael tells Jason that Jason believes that because he loves him. Michael believes he caused the accident landing both Claudia and Carly in the hospital. Jason tells Michael that he is reacting to his anger and fear and that he needs to shut it down. Jason asks Michael to have some patience and give him time to sort some things out. Jason wants Michael to trust him and he will let him know what he finds out. Sam tells Kristina she is not judging her but wants Kristina to give Alexis the benefit of doubt. Kristina tells Sam she is so angry with Alexis because she always has to be perfect and Alexis doesnít. Sam tells Kristina that no one can be perfect. Sam tells Kristina that the best way to live is to be honest with yourself and about yourself. Sam tells her that if she starts to feel the need to lie and scheme she takes a deep breath and remembers what happens with Jason and how she never wants that to happen again. Alexis comes home and Kristina about Michael. Alexis tells them that Jason got him released. Alexis says she will do everything she can to see that Michaelís case stays in the juvenile court and that he could get six months in a juvenile detention. Kristina gets upset and walks away. Sam says she knows Michael confessed but what if it wasnít him; doesnít he deserve a full investigation. Alexis thinks they should just drop it. As Alexis and Sam are talking in the living room of the lake house, Kristina is sneaking off. Jason is at the hospital to see Carly and let her know what is going on. Jax tells him that Carly doesnít even know that Michael was arrested. He tells Jason that Claudia lost the baby as a result of the accident. Jason wants to talk to Carly about the car she saw but Jax says no, not now; that Carly cannot handle anymore stress. Jason agrees to wait to talk to Carly the next day. While they are talking, Carly is flicking channels and she sees the news about Michaelís arrest. Jax and Jason are talking about why Michael when Carlyís monitors start going off. They all go into Carlyís room and try to calm her down. Carly says she is ok and wants to know what happen with Michael. Jax tells Carly that Michael confessed. Carly says heís wrong; that it wasnít Michaelís car that ran Claudia off the road. Alexis is telling Sam that she feels sorry for Michael but blames Sonny and Carly for indulging him by getting him the car and is glad that Kristina wasnít in the car. Sam asks Alexis how she knows that Kristina wasnít in the car. Sam tells Alexis how she took the car out and went to the country club, got into a fight with her boyfriend and drove on Harborview Road and that it could have been Kristina that caused the accident.

July 28, 2009

Alexis tells Sam that Kristina doesnít have a license. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina told her shew was driving. Alexis thinks if Kristina caused the accident, she would have pulled over and called for help. That Kristina would not try to cover it up but that is something Sam would do. Carly wants Jax or Jason to call the police so she can give a statement that it wasnít Michaelís car. Jax wants to wait until the morning. He reminds Carly that Michael confessed. Carly says that Michael is innocent but they think sheís lying to protect him. Carly says she wouldnít lie to them. Jax and Carly argue about calling Mac. Carly tells Jax to call Mac or she will call him herself and Jax leaves. Jason tells Carly what happen with Michael while he was driving. Carly doesnít get why Michael confessed if he didnít see Claudiaís car roll. Jason tells Carly that Michael was angry, kept driving and slid off the rode and called him. He tells her how Micahel put together the pieces when he heard about Claudia and believes that he did it. Carly says she hated that car and would recognize it in a minute. The car she saw was a little white car. Jax tells Carly that because she is Michaelís mother she is not an objective witness. Sam reminds Alexis that she covered up tonight for Alexis at request. Alexis apologizes. Alexis is sure that if Kristina caused the accident she would tell her. Sam says that if Kristina did it she is scared and that Alexis needs to reassure Kristina she will be there for her no matter what. Alexis is getting upset with Sam. Sam wants Alexis to talk to Kristina and really listen to her tell what really happened and not to hear what she wants to hear. Sam doesnít want to blame Kristina but help her. Alexis tells Sam goodnight and Sam leaves. Carly is giving her statement to Mac. Mac thinks it is convenient that now Carly remembers. Jason asks if they have evidence against Michael or if they suspected that it was him before he confessed. Mac says it was a surprise and mentions about Alexis driving on Harborview Road after a confrontation with the mayor's wife. Carly asks if they put that aside when Michael confessed. Mac says they donít have any evidence on Alexis. Carly says that they took the confession of a seventeen year old brain injured child. Carly monitors start beeping. Mac wants to wait to amend Carlyís original statement. Carly tells Mac that she was there and Michael didnít do it. Sonny comes off the elevator and sees Jason. He asks if Carly knows what Michael did and Jason tells Sonny he doesnít believe it was Michael because Carly saw the car that ran Claudia off the road. Sonny wants to know why Michael confessed. Jason explains what happened with Michael and how Michael went to the police before he could stop him. Jason tells Sonny that Carly swears that it wasnít Michaelís car and she wouldnít lie to him about something like that. Sonny thinks that Carly is lying and that they need to do damage control. Sam is sitting on the floor outside the penthouse waiting for Jason. Sam says she heard that Michael confessed but she doesnít believe that he caused the accident. Jason tells Sam he doesnít believe it either and that Carly said it wasnít Michaelís car. Jason describes the car Carly saw and Sam says thatís the kind of car Kristina drives. Jason wants to know if Kristina will let Michael take the blame if she did it. Sam isnít sure because Kristina feels so much pressure to be perfect. Sam says that Michael has people who genuinely love him and that Kristina is desperately seeking Alexis approval. Sam thinks that Kristina feels if she confesses she will lose her mom. Jason will not let Michael take the blame for Kristina. Sam understands but tells Jason that she has to protect Kristina like he would for Michael.

July 29, 2009

Jason is in the penthouse looking out the window when Spinelli comes in gushing about his evening with Maxie. Sam is at the lake house asking for Kristina. Alexis believes Kristina is in her room looking at colleges. As Sam heads off to see Kristina Alexis tells her that questioning her about the accident is a waste of time since Michael confessed. Spinelli is still going on about Maxie and Jason wants him to pull all the security surveillance where Michael spun out his car to prove that he didnít cause the accident. Spinelli thinks it would be better to focus on the accident itself to prove it was another car that caused the accident. Sam tells Alexis that Carly witnessed the accident and that it was a white hybrid car that caused the accident. Sam and Alexis argue about Kristina driving the car that night. Alexis accuses Sam out taking her sister out to score points with Jason. Jason tells Spinelli that Sam thinks it could have been Kristina that caused the accident. He tells Spinelli about Carly remembering a white hybrid car forcing Claudia off the road and that Alexis owns two of them. Jason wants to prove that Michael was no where near the accident and not bring Kristina into it at all. Sam tells Alexis that she would never frame Kristina for Jason or anyone else. They start arguing again about Kristina. Sam says everyone makes mistakes even Kristina. Sam believes Kristina is holding onto a lot of guilt and soon they find an answer the sooner they will have a solution. Alexis wants Sam to leave. Molly comes down and asks where Kristina is. Jason walks into Carlyís house and Morgan tells them that Michael ran away. Alexis and Sam determine that Kristina isnít there. Sam gets a call from Jason looking for Kristina. Sam tells him that Kristina isnít there and she might have ran away. Jason tells her that Michael ran away also and theyíre probably together. Sam tells Alexis that Michael ran away and Kristina is probably with him. Alexis blames Michael for getting Kristina in trouble. She calls Mac to issue an APB for them. Molly asks if they will be arrested and Sam says not if she finds them first and leaves. Jason is reading the email from Michael. Jason asks Morgan not to tell Carly about the message. Hopefully Jason can find Michael before Carly finds out. Sam is at her apartment packing a bag and getting ready to go out and look for Michael and Kristina. Jason is at the penthouse packing a bag and Spinelli is working on his computer trying to figure out which way Michael went. Sam and Jason meet up at the crash site. Jason tells Sam that Michael and Kristina are on the road and heading south since 4 am. They get in Jasonís truck and take off.

July 30, 2009

Jason is trying to start the truck and canít understand how a car can just die when it was in motion. Jason pops the hood. Sam points at something and asks what it is. Jason says he doesnít know but knows who put it there. Spinelli. Jason thinks it is one of Spinelliís computer games and Sam mentions Spinelli reading up on hybrid technology. Sam says that Spinelli turned Jasonís truck into a home-made hybrid. Jason calls Spinelli and wants to know what he did to his truck. Spinelli says that is his own designs to help give him better mileage and be better for the environment. Jason yells that the truck is dead and they need to find Michael and Kristina. Jason says Sam canít even figure it out. Sam is talking to Spinelli and trying to give directions to Jason as to what to do. Jason takes the phone and tells Spinelli he wants him to tell him how to fix it in order now because Michael and Kristina are getting further away. Jason thinks he fixed the truck and goes to try and start it but the engine still wonít start. Sam wants to call the auto club but Jason thinks it will take too long. Sam now tries to fix the engine and talks about when she use to work salvaging and how sometimes what you think is broken really isnít. Jason tries to start the truck and it works. They take off. Jason and Sam stop at the restaurant and Sam is talking about Maxie and Spinelli. She jokes about them living in the pink room as she is trying to clean the dirt from her face. Jason tells her she missed a spot and he leans in to wipe the dirt from her cheek.

July 31, 2009

Jason pulls his hand back from Samís face and hands her a napkin. A cop comes in and tells them they are both under arrest for breaking and entering. Sam tries to explain that they just arrived and the door was open. The cop wants to see their ID. Jason tells the cop that he is licensed to carry a gun and when he reaches for his wallet the cop tells them to put their hands on their heads. As the cop is on the phone, Jason says they donít have time for this and Sam says they didnít do anything wrong. The cop goes back over to them and says he thought their names were familiar. The cop says he caught himself a real Bonnie and Clyde. Jason and Sam are sitting at one of the picnic tables handcuffed together. The cop is on the phone trying to get something on them. Jason is getting frustrated and Sam tries to calm him down. The cop comes out holding a necklace and asks if they seen it before and Sam says no. When the cop walks away Sam tells Jason that the necklace is Kristinaís and theyíre on the right track. Sam comments how the cop keeps running their names trying to come up with something. Jason thinks that Michael and Kristina are half way to Mexico. Jason comments that Michael knows a little Spanish and thinks he can drive a boat maybe theyíll go to a town by the water. Jason asks if Kristina ever had a job and Sam says just volunteer work. Jason questions what kind of skills Kristina might have and Sam answers ďAlexisís daughterĒ to all them. Sam wants to know if Sonny can call in a favor and Jason says no because they donít know who they can trust. The cop comes over to them disappointed that he couldnít get anything on them. Sam apologizes and tells the cop that heíll have better luck next time as the cop is uncuffing them. Jason and Sam come up to Michaelís car but Kristina and Michael are not there. They figure out that Michael and Kristina headed over to the nearest town to get a bus to Mexico which would make it a lot harder to find them.

August 3, 2009

Jason and Sam are in the truck talking about Michael and Kristina ditching their car and heading south. They figure out that Michael and Kristina are probably traveling by bus and where they will cross the border into Mexico. As they are talking Sam puts her feet on the dash board but quickly removes them when Jason looks at her and she apologizes. Jason tells her its ok and she puts her foot back. They talk abut why the kids ran away and where they might be headed. Jason thinks that they are headed to Vera Cruz or Cancun. Sam wants to take the same route as Kristina and Michael and hopefully cross paths with them. Jason thinks itís a long shot and they should drive straight thru. Sam wants to split up but Jason doesnít think they should. Sam is asleep while Jason is driving. Jason puts his jacket on Sam when he notices she is cold. Sam wakes up when Jason gets back in the truck when he stopped for gas and food. Sam starts talking about her brother Danny and how he love going for long rides in the car. Sam thanks Jason for always being so nice to Danny and remembering him after he passed away. Jason tells Sam he liked Danny and she can talk with him about Danny any time she wants. Sam talks about their time in Hawaii and how she proud she was to get Jason to try macadamia nut brittle and like it. Jason canít believe that Sam is still gloating over that. Sam says that she wore him down until he tried the brittle. Jason thinks she is exaggerating and Sam reminds him how he would practically eat the whole bag before she got any. Jason admits he liked it. He didnít think he had much of a sweet tooth and they both laugh that Jason said sweet tooth. They both realize they are one mile the bus stop. At the bus stop they go over the plan that Sam will cross the border on foot and take a bus Vera Cruz while Jason drives straight thru to Cancun. Sam says they will find Kristina and Michael and she will stay in contact with him. Jason tells Sam to be careful and hands her a gun in case she needs it.

August 5, 2009

Sam calls Spinelli and lets him know she is in Vera Cruz. She asks if Spin has heard from Jason and he says no. Sam updates Spinelli and tells him the kids have been in Vera Cruz. She asks Spinelli for a list of hotels that High School kids might stay at. Sam calls Spinelli because she came up with nothing with the hotels he gave her. Sam wants to figure out where Kristina and Michael could be using a computer. Sam wants a list of Internet cafes near public transportation. Spinelli says his mind is wandering about Maxie and he is hoping is sincere love is enough. Sam say sometimes its not enough no matter how true it is. Spinelli says he has learned not to abandon hope because what he and Maxie had was but once lost they found each other again. Sam thinks they should just enjoy this time and not get married because marriage doesnít guarantee happiness no matter how much you want it. Spinelli thinks Sam should consider the concept of forgiveness because it lets any relationship heal and grow and may let true love to awaken and grow once more. Sam goes into an Internet cafť and shows a man Michael and Kristinaís picture. He points to a computer and on the monitor is the Port Charles Herald.

August 6, 2009

Sam goes back to the Internet cafť and asks the man again if he has seen Michael and Kristina while Jerry Jax sits in the corner hiding behind a newspaper listening. Sam is on the phone with Spinelli and she lets him know that Michael and Kristina were there because of the computer there with the Port Charles Herald website on it. Sam tells Spinelli that she has been trying to reach Jason and if hears Spinelli hears from him to fill him in on everything. Sam wants another list of cheap hotels and cruise ships or freighters. Spinelli says because of his personal dilemma he brain isnít working as well and if Sam has given any thought to his situation. Jerry is still as the cafť listening. Spinelli is talking about messing up the traditions of his marriage proposal to Maxie. Sam tells him that it will all work out and that if he concentrates on trying to find Michael and Kristina that things might start looking clearer to him. Spinelli tells Sam that the only thing stopping Maxie from accepting his proposal is him getting Macís approval. Sam tells Spinelli to talk to Mac, but Spinelli says itís hard because Mac doesnít like him. Sam wants Spinelli to focus on trying to find Michael and Kristina before something terrible happens. Jerry is still there. Spinelli tells Sam he is sending her the list she requested as well as scanning the local Mexican police networks and put together a list of hospitals in the area. Sam thanks him. She apologizes for snapping at him and offers him some advice. Sam tells Spinelli that he needs to master the art of listening. That if Maxie is hesitating on the idea of your proposal it might mean she really isnít ready. Spinelli will take her words to heart and encourages Sam to find Michael and Kristina. Spinelli tells Sam about Alexis confessing to the accident and being name as a suspect in Mayor Floydís mistressís murder. Sam is walking around and goes into a room to look around. She finds a postcard and call Jason leaving him a message that she found the hotel where Kristina and Michael are staying.

August 7, 2009

Sam is leaving another message for Jason. She is letting him know that she found Michael and Kristinaís motel room. When she sees the postcard she figures out where they might have gone. Sam is walking around a back alley where see finds a map and sees blood on the ground. She opens the dumpster and quickly closes it. Sam shows a man a picture of Michael and Kristina and asks if he has seen them. He says yes and that they were with a well dressed man and left together in a cab. Sam shows him some money and wants to know where they went. Sam goes to a hotel and walks up to a room and tries to listen for any noise. Jerry comes up behind her with a gun.

August 10, 2009

Jerry has the gun pointed at Sam and he tells to move away from the door. Sam asks him what he wants. Jerry doesnít want to tell her because it would ruin all the fun. Jason is leaving Sam a voicemail message that he is heading back to Vera Cruz. Jerry brings Sam to an old abandon church. Sam wants to know why he brought her there and says that not even he is sick enough to hurt two innocent little kids. Jerry says he is very good at covering his tracks. He tells her that Michael and Kristina will see how brutal the real world is if Sam doesnít do what he wants. Jerry wants Sam to call Jason and read him the directions to their location. Sam says what if I donít do it. Jerry says he will kill her and use Michael and Kristina as bait. Sam tries to push Jerry and they struggle. Jerry gets the upper hand and tells her to call Jason. She calls Jason and tells him she doesnít have much time. Sam is giving the directions to Jason and he asks if she is ok. Sam continues and as Jerry is taking the phone away she screams out that it is Jerry. Jerry tells her well done. Sam says Jason is coming and if he going to kill her to do it. Jerry says the game is just beginning. Jerry tells Sam that Jasonís need for revenge is greater than saving two teenagers or her. Jerry wants to get ready for Jasonís arrival and they leave. Jerry brings Sam to a different place and pushes her into a room. Sam wants to know where she is. Jerry says a place best suited for her talents and pushes her onto a bed. Jason goes to where he thinks Sam is and busts open a door but no one is there. Sam is hand-cuffed to a chair and a man walks into the room saying she better be worth what he paid Jerry for her.

August 11, 2009

Jason arrives at the old church. Jerry calls out to Jason that it is good luck to die in a church and fires a shot at him. Jerry tells Jason what a good job Sam did with the directions. Jason yells out where is she and fires his gun. Jerry taunts Jason that if he kills him he will never see Sam again. Jerry says that Sam is doing what Sam does best and goes to fire a shot where he thinks Jason is. Jerry continues to taunt Jason by bring up Michael and Kristina and how Jason let them down. Jerry brings up Sam again. He starts calling out to Jason who hasnít said anything and asks if he is trying to be clever. Jason fires off his gun coming close to where Jerry was hiding. Jerry tells Jason he must really feel something for Sam or he wouldnít be going thru this. He continues to say that Sam is worth it since he found a willing participant in mayhem. As Jerry is talking and walking around Jason comes up from behind him with his gun. Jason demands Jerry to tell him where Sam is. As Jason and Jerry move forward, Jerry is able to get away from Jason and they both start shooting at each other. Jerry comes up on Jason and they start fighting. In the fight they hit an old support beam and it crumbles, bringing down the balcony above on top of Jason and Jerry.

August 12, 2009

Jerry is able to get out from under the rubble and laughs at Jason who cannot move. Jerry taunts Jason that bicep curls didnít come in to handy. Jerry continues to say if he should help Jason so they can continue the game. Jerry takes out his gun and says look what we have here. He shoots Jason. Jerry asks Jason if it painful. Jason says to give him the gun so he can find out. Jerry says this gives them an opportunity to clear up unfinished business. Jason wants proof that Claudia is responsible for Michaelís shooting. Jerry says Michaelís shooting was an accident. It was just the unfortunate ricocheting of a bullet that Sonny deserved. Jason says that is not an answer. Jerry tells Jason that he should be helping Michaelís recovery and not concentrate on revenge. Jason says that Michael lost a year of his life and someone needs to pay. Jerry reminds Jason that he already killed the person who shot Michael. Jason wants to know if they were working for Claudia. Jerry says that Jason just wants an excuse to kill Claudia. Jason wants the truth about Claudia being involved in Michaelís shooting. Jerry says you can tell yourself anything you want to believe. That youíll die happy thinking you were right. Jerry tells Jason he was disabling the electrical system in the SUV even though he wonít be going anywhere. Jerry tells Jason he is going to enjoy knowing that he is laying there dying thinking about what he lost which is worse than a bullet. Jerry taunts Jason about all the times he tried to kill him, but it is now he who killed Jason. Jerry says just in case and shoots Jason again before leaving.

August 14, 2009

It is morning and Jason is trapped under the rubble unconscious. He wakes up and is able to sit up but is in a lot of pain. Jason starts to hallucinate about Michael. Jason tells Michael that he shouldnít be there. He should be home. That he didnít drive Claudia off the road. Michael says maybe I donít want to go home. He says maybe I make my own choices. Jason yells for Michael. Kristina is now there. She taunts Jason by saying some protector you are. Jason wants to know where Michael is. She says heís gone and she is all alone. Jason wakes up yelling for Kristina. Carly is there. She asks where Michael is. Carly tells Jason that he promise to protect Michael, but he got shot, lost a year of his life and now has run away. Jason says he will find him. Carly says that he let Michael take the blame for something he didnít do and they lost him all over again. Jason is crying as he says he will find him. Jason is awake and trying to get up but canít. Sam comes in. Jason doesnít know if it is real or not. Sam says she is real and she is not going anywhere. Sam is trying to help Jason. Jason is worried about Michael and Kristina. Sam tells him that they got away from Jerry and are fine, but he is the one in trouble.

August 17, 2009

Jason wants to go to the truck. Sam says they canít because Jerry trashed it. Sam helps Jason to a bedroom in the church. Jason asks about Michael. Sam tells him she will fill him in later as she is looking at his bullet wound in his shoulder. Jason tells Sam about his fight with Jerry. Sam is looking at the bullet wound in his leg. Jason thinks the bullet is still in there and Sam will have to get it out. Sam found some supplies and tells Jason how she was able to track Michael and Kristina to Vera Cruz. She tells Jason about Jerry setting her up. Sam is tending to Jasonís wounded leg and she tells him that Michael and Kristina were able to get away from Jerryís guard. Sam says that Jerry was just using them as bait and Jason says for him. Sam tells Jason that Jerry thinks heís dead and she is going to prove him wrong. Sam gets the bullet out and bandages his leg. Jason wants Sam to talk because it helps him. Sam tells Jason about how Jerry grabbed her and sold her to some drug dealer. Sam is telling Jason how she was able to get away. She says she distracted the guy to get out of the handcuffs. Jason asks if the guy hurt her and she says no. Sam tells Jason she smashed a lamp of the guys head and then took his car. Jason is glad she found him. Jason wakes up and calls for Sam. He wants her to stay close and talk to him. He asks where she thinks Michael and Kristina are. Sam says she is sure that they took a bus out of Vera Cruz and are looking out for each other. Just like Jason did with Emily and how she did with Danny. Sam tells Jason that they will find them. Jason complains that he is cold; he has a fever. Sam puts a blanket on him. Sam lies down with Jason and tries to help keep him warm.

August 18. 2009

Jason is shivering.  He is worried about Michael and Kristina. Sam wants him to focus. Sam wants Jason to promise heís going to live. Sam mentions what she is going to tell Sonny if he dies. She tells him that Spinelli needs him and would be lost without him. Sam brings up how Carly would react if he dies and what she would do to her. Sam then says what about her and Jason promises. Sam couldnít find anything to help with the pain as Jasonís fever is getting worse. Jason mentions how Spinelli is proud to be a P.I. but he knows she does all the work. Sam says that is not true. She tells him she does all the field work but Spinelli is the computer genius. Sam brings up her last assignment at the stripper club. She says that outfit she wore was ridiculous. Jason says she looked pretty good. Sam is telling Jason the story of how a woman thinks her husband is cheating by going to the strip club. She takes a job on as a waitress at the club where she saw the husband turn down a lap dance and she thinks to guy is clean and not cheating which rarely happens. Sam says you want to believe that love you have is real, lasting and worth fighting for. Jason wants to know what happen next. Sam tells him that the husband was meeting in secret with his sister-in-law. She says it turns out that the sister-in-law worked there as a bookkeeper and they were planning a 40th anniversary party. Sam says the moral of the story is that the husband does love his wife and was not cheating. She says that there was a happy ending. Jason says that those are hard to come by and then thank you. Jason is very still and Sam puts her ear to his chest. Jerry comes back to the church and doesnít see them. Sam tells Jason he is not allowed to die.

August 19, 2009

Jerry goes into the bedroom with his gun drawn. Jason and Sam are not there. They are hiding in the crawl space above. Jerry finally leaves and Jason and Sam come out of hiding. Sam is worried that Jasonís wounds will get infected from all the dirt. Jason is shaking and Sam is very worried about him. Jason reminds Sam that he promised that he will be ok. Sam is trying to keep Jason cool with a damp towel to his face. Jason starts to talk about Hawaii believing they are there. Jason doesnít want to pretend and admits he is not getting any better; that headaches are getting worse until he dies. He doesnít want Sam to cry. He says he lived his life the way he wanted to and isnít afraid to die. He just doesnít want to leave Sam. Sam plays along as if they are in Hawaii. Jason wants to do something for her since she makes everything about him. Sam tells him all the things he has done for her like being there for her when her baby died and being good to Danny. Jason mentions how Sam has been shot at and roughed up because of him. Sam tells him no one is perfect. Jason is serious about doing something for her. Sam wants him to keep talking and connecting. Jason is lying down with his head in Samís lap. Sam talks about the sunset they saw in Maui. Jason tells Sam that he doesnít say it enough but he loves her. Sam tells Jason she loves him too.

August 21, 2009

It is morning and Sam wakes Jason up. She tells him he scared her. Jason says heís sorry. He asks if she is ok. Sam tells him sheís fine. Jason wants her to admit that she is exhausted from taking care of him non-stop. Sam kids around and says it was a killer. She thinks his fever is down. Jason wants to get up and move around. Sam tells him no; not to push their luck. Jason is trying to get out of bed. Sam tells him that Jerry canít be bothered with the kids. Sam gets frustrated with Jason and says it doesnít matter what she says; that he will still do whatever he wants. Sam leaves to get more bandages. Jason tries to get up but canít. Sam comes back to the room chuckling that Jason is still in bed. Sam comments that his fever is still down but is concerned that it could spike again. She tells Jason she doesnít need him to get delirious again. Jason wants to know what he said and Sam tells him just stuff from the past; that most of it didnít make much sense. Jason asks if he talked about Hawaii. He says he remembers dreaming about it. Sam says he kinda rambled things like he was picturing it. He mentions the house with the porch. Sam says itís amazing what a fever will do to you. She says I bet you havenít thought about Hawaii in forever. Jason says no, he has thought about it. Jason brings up the time she tried to tackle the garden and ended up hacking at a big plant and Sam says it was called Bird of Paradise. She says she was trying to make smaller and neat. Sam says she would see Jason from the doorway. Sometimes he was smiling and other times his face was white from the pain. Sam says she felt useless. Jason tells her she did everything she could for him. Jason says he was ready to die in Hawaii. He says it was living that scared him feeling like he was broken. Sam says fear is not something she associates with him. Jason tells Sam that it was her that convinced him to take the chance with the surgery and he will never forget that.

August 24, 2009

Sam is sitting on the bed with Jason bandaging the wound on his shoulder. Jason says that she has taken good care of him like she did in Hawaii and he is thankful he had the surgery. Sam says she understood why he didnít want the surgery even though it wasnít what she wanted. Jason tells Sam she was the only one that understood. Sam brings up the Super Soaker and how she liked to always go for his hair. Sam says the best time ever was when they would just sit together and talk or not talk; simple stuff. Jason says simple is good. Sam says then things had to get complicated. Jason tells Sam she probably wishes he didnít have the surgery. Sam says she never wished anything to happen to him. Jason nods his head and says they made some bad choices. Sam says that he knew her better than anyone which is why they work so well together. Jason agrees. Sam feels like she knows what he is thinking. Jason asks if she is a mind reader. Sam says no, she just knows him. Sam gets up to leave and work on the car. Jason is walking around the room when Sam comes back. She tells him the wiring in his truck is completely shot. Sam tells Jason she is not going to lecture him and figured he would be walking around. As Jason is walking he stumbles and Sam goes over to help him. Jason asks if she can fix the wiring and Sam says it has a couple of big issues but she will use parts from the other car. Jason tells Sam that he isnít use to feeling useless so if there is anything he can do, anything he can help her with. Sam says she has it under control. Jason gets up from the bed and almost knocks into Sam as she is coming in the door with water. Sam starts rambling about how dumb Jerry was for not doing more damage to the cars as she is rinsing out a towel in the water. Jason comes up from behind Sam and takes the towel from her. He is washing her hands and arms. Jason turns Samís face to wipe with the towel and kisses her.

August 25, 2009

Jason and Sam are kissing. Sam stops and says we should do this. Jason puts his hand behind her neck, pulls Sam forward and kisses her again. Jason and Sam are trying to take off each others shirts. Jason gets Samís off. He picks her up and Sam straddles her legs around Jasonís waist. Jason lowers Sam onto the bed and kisses her next. Sam and Jason are laying together in the bed in the after glow. Sam gets up and says if they want to get out of there she needs to go back to work on the car. Jason wants to help but Sam tells him no and to conserve his energy. Jason is up and checking their supplies when Sam comes back in. Sam got the car working. Jason goes to put the bags in the car. Sam stops him and says that they just had sex and asks if they should talk about it. Jason asks if she wants to talk. Sam says no, she just wanted to see if he did and Jason says no. Neither one wants to talk about it and leaves the church.

August 26, 2009

Jason and Sam are going over what supplies they have left. Jason goes to leave and Sam stops him. Sam says they just had sex and wants to know if they are going to talk about it. They both agree that they donít want to talk about what happen and leave. Jason is driving but his shoulder gets irritated when the truck hits and bump in the road so Sam takes over the driving. There is awkward silence. Sam turns on the radio and finds an English speaking channel that is talking about old loves reconnecting. On the radio a woman is recounting her and her exís story which is very similar to Samís and Jasonís. Sam tries to change the station but the dial isnít working. The woman on the radio continues her story that is a mirror image to Sam and Jason. The announcer asks the caller if her ex was ever abusive, Sam answers ďGod noĒ Jason turns and looks at Sam. Sam says she just wishes she could change the station. Jason tries to turn the dial and it breaks off. There is a new caller on the radio now. Her story is the same as previous caller. It is as if the callers are stating exactly what Jason and Sam went thru. The caller talks about how her and her ex canít get enough of each other and Sam swerves the truck. When the caller mentions how she and her ex havenít talked about it, Sam swerves the truck again and stops. She takes out the gun and starts banging in on the radio. Jason is watching Sam as she does this with a very concern look. Sam gets the radio to turn off and then continues driving. Sam is driving along and starts talking to Jason when she looks over to see that he is asleep. Sam pulls over and tries to get comfortable to rest also. Sam canít seem to find a comfortable position and keeps looking over at Jason. Jason wakes up and smiles that Sam is asleep on his arm. As he moves Sam wakes up. They look at each other and kiss.

August 28, 2009

A guy that Michael stole from is roughing him up. Michael tells the guy he would like him to meeting is Uncle Jason and his good friend Sam. Jason wants to know what to Michaelís mouth and pulls out his gun on the guy. Michael explains about steeling the watch. Jason gives the guy some money who then leaves with his girlfriend. Jason calls Carly to let her know he found Michael and Kristina. They all go to the hotel room. As Jason and Michael are talking, Jasonís bullet wound in his shoulder wound starts to bother him. Sam explains that is what took them so long getting to Cancun. Jason explains he was shot twice and left to die but that Sam saved him. Kristina asks who would shoot him and Michael answers that it was Jerry. Kristina canít believe that Jerry would do that. She explains how Jerry saved them in Vera Cruz. Michael says then held them prisoner and shot the two guys who tried to hurt them. Sam confirms what Michael said about the two guys. Thereís a knock at the door. It is the doctor that Sam requested to look at Jasonís wounds and they go into another room. Sam comes back into the room and talks to Kristina. Sam wants to know why Kristina ran away with Michael. Jason comes out with the doctor. As the doctor leaves he tells Sam that they should follow up with their doctor in the states. Jason asks where Michael is and Kristina tells Jason that Michael went for a walk to think. Jason finds Michael at the surf shop. Jason wants to know what Michael is doing there. Michael says his job. Jason tells him that there leaving and Michael says heís staying. Kristina is complaining about Jason being mad at her. Sam wants to know why she left. Kristina says that Michael needs her and that he is in a lot of trouble. Sam tells Kristina that someone else confessed to causing the car crash with Claudia. Kristina is happy until she hears it was Alexis that confessed.

August 31, 2009

Michael and Jason are in the surf shop talking about returning to Port Charles. Michael wants to stay in Mexico. Kristina and Sam are in the hotel room talking about how Alexis confessed to the accident. Kristina admits that she was the one who ran Claudia off the road. Jason tells Michael that he didnít cause the accident; that Alexis confessed and the cops have evidence to confirm it. Michael is relived it wasnít him. He still wants to stay in Mexico and live his life the way he wants. Sam tells Kristina she knew that Kristina had caused the accident by the way she was acting. Kristina canít believe that everyone just believed Alexis when she confessed. Sam tells her about the paint chips found on the car that belong to one of the hybrids. Kristina feels bad about Michael taking the blame. Michael thinks that Jason should understand what he is going thru better than anyone. Jason reminds Michael that their injuries are different. Jason doesnít want Michael to make the same mistakes he made and regret hurting his family. Michael says he wants a life where getting shot doesnít define him. Jason tells him it doesnít have to, but it Michaelís choice if he wants to come back and Jason walks away. Kristina says being in Mexico was all Michaelís idea. Kristina says that Michael knows the truth and it is Michaelís choice to do what he does. Sam talks about lies and facing consequences of your actions. Sam gets angry with Kristina that she ran a pregnant woman off the road. Kristina says she has college plans. Sam says she made a mistake but lying is going to make it worse. Jason comes in and tells them that Michael wants to stay in Mexico. Kristina tells Jason the truth about the accident and is surprised when Jason does get upset with her. Jason tells her everyone makes mistakes and how you face up to them that count. Kristina leaves and Sam thanks Jason for going easy on her. Sam is concern how people with react if Michael doesnít go home. Jason says he wonít force Michael; that it has to be his choice or he could run again. Sam says she can understand why Michael would want to stay there. It is a close second to Hawaii. Jason tells her that they have time before the jet gets there. Sam mentions that they can go and sit by the water. As they get up from the couch to leave, Jason stops Sam and goes to kiss her but they are interrupted by Michael and Kristina. They are all on the jet going back to Port Charles. Jason says he doesnít want anyone to know he was shot by Jerry. Kristina comments to Michael that she thinks Jason and Sam got back together as Jason and Sam are staring at each other.

September 1, 2009

Sam brings Kristina home. Molly and Alexis hug Kristina. Jason brings Michael home to Carlyís. Morgan. Jax and Carly all hug Michael. Michael tells them all he is sorry for everything. He will try and do things better. Carly says that is all they can ask for. Carly comments to Jason that he is quiet. Jason says he just enjoying the family reunion. Jason says heís tired and going to go. Alexis asks Kristina if she is ok. Sam comments that Michael and Kristina did really well and even got jobs a fancy resort. Alexis asks if Kristina thanked Sam and Sam quickly says she did what had to do. Kristina does thank her. Alexis wants to know why Kristina would leave the country without talking to her. Kristina starts to makes excuses but Molly interrupts and lets her know that they know Kristina was the one who caused Claudiaís accident but its ok because Alexis took the blame. Jason goes to Sonnyís house. Sonny welcomes him back. Claudia leaves to let Jason and Sonny talk. Jason tells him about Jerry. Alexis says that a deal has been made and consequences arenít too severe. Molly mentions that Alexis quit her job. Alexis tries to sugar coat everything. Sam says it sounds like she is rationalizing. Kristina thanks Alexis for fixing everything. Alexis wants them to learn from this and for Kristina to come to her when things get to big. Sam says this wasnít some minor fender bender; that a baby died and that Sonny and Claudia at least deserve for Kristina admit it to them. Kristina says that Sam is right. Sonny asks how Jerry got involved and Jason doesnít know. Jason tells Sonny how he and Sam tracked Michael and Kristina to Mexico and then split up. He tells Sonny about the calls and going to the church and beign trapped in the collapse. He tells how Jerry left him for dead with two bullets in him and that he would be dead if it wasnít for Sam. Jason says that he asked Jerry about Claudiaís involvement in Michaelís shooting and that he laughed in his face then implied that Claudia was innocent. Alexis is grateful Sam brought Kristina home but she is the mom and it is up to her to help Kristina work thru this mistake. Sam is upset that the Alexis has reduce what happen as a mistake and she shouldnít be cleaning up after Kristinaís mistakes. Sam tells Alexis to do whatever she wants since she isnít entitled to an opinion. Sam is leaving but tells Alexis that one day Kristina will spiral out of control and Alexis wonít be able to do anything about it. Jason says that what Jerry says isnít trustworthy. Sonny believes that if Jerry thought he was leaving Jason to die, he would have told Jason that Claudia is guilty. Jason says that anything Jerry says is speculation but they do know that Claudia tried to kill Jerry and Jason plays him the recording of Claudia ordering the hit. Sonny thinks that Claudia just got tired of Jerry framing her. Sonny believes that if Claudia was involved Michaelís shooting Jerry would have told Jason when Jerry left him to die in the church. Sonny insists that Jerry and Ian took a hit out on him and Michael got hit instead. Sam walks in with Jason into his penthouse. Sam tells Jason that Alexis didnít punish Kristina and how Alexis wiped the slate clean because she had taken the blame. Jason tells Sam that Sonny doesnít believe that Claudia was involved in Michaelís shooting. Sam says that is a bad decision. As Sam is talking Jason walks over to her and kisses her. As they are kissing Maxie and Spinelli walk in.

September 2, 2009

Maxie and Spinelli come into the penthouse and interrupt Jason and Sam as they are kissing. Maxie wants the leave but Spinelli wants to stay because he is so happy his friends are reuniting. Jason and Sam look uncomfortable. Maxie tries to distract Spinelli and Jason tells him to be quiet but he continues talking about how happy he is. Sam finally says she has errands and leaves. Maxie yells at Jason for not going after her. Jason tells her that it is none of her business. Spinelli says that Maxie speaks from the heart. Maxie is going to see if Sam is ok. As she is leaving Maxie tells Jason not to say no to Spinelli and Spinelli tells her he will handle it. Maxie says to save the pink tie for last. Jason wants to know what Maxie meant by pink tie. Spinelli starts talking about Jason and Sam but Jason says they are not discussing Sam. Maxie is at Samís apartment and she is complaining about Jason. Sam tells Maxie she just doesnít know him. Maxie wants to know what happened in Mexico. She asks Sam if she had sex with Jason. Maxie starts asking how good it was and Sam doesnít answer her. Maxie is happy for Sam. Sam says there is no Jason and Sam; that they are friends who occasionally work together. Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie accepted his proposal and asks if Jason will be his best man. Jason wants to know where the pink tie fits in. Maxie tells Sam that she understand about wanting to keep things casual. She wants to know why a girl canít just love a guy and commit to them without getting married. Sam asks if she is marrying Spinelli. Maxie says yes and shows her the ring. Sam says she doesnít seem too enthusiastic. Maxie thinks she is too young and wants to concentrate on her career. Sam asks if she has talked to Spinelli. Maxie says she tried but that Spinelli is so happy she doesnít want to hurt him. Spinelli tells Jason that his role as best man is simple and really wants Jasonís support. Jason says he will be is best man but no pink tie. Maxie comes back in. She tells Jason that he should invite Sam to the carnival as his date and holds out her phone. Jason calls Sam on his own phone and asks her to the carnival. Sam says yes.

September 3, 2009

At Jasonís penthouse there is a knock at the door and itís Sam. She is happy to find out that Spinelli isnít there so they can talk. Sam tells Jason she knows he asked her to carnival because of Maxie and Spinelli and that they donít have to go. Sam says she knows he doesnít like social events and that he is recovering from two bullet wounds so it is a good reason not to go. Jason says so you donít want to go. Sam says that she knows that he only asked because of Maxie and Spinelli. As Sam is talking, Jason takes Samís necklace and pulls her towards him and goes to kiss her just as there is a knock at the door. Itís Carly. Carly thanks Sam for bring Michael and Kristina home. Sam makes an excuse to leave quickly. Carly figures out that Jason got back together with Sam in Mexico. Carly says that she wants Jason to be happy. That it is only fair since she is so happy with Jax. Carly starts to rationalize why Sam is good for Jason. Jason tries to make an excuse and Carly says that he is sleeping with Sam. Jason doesnít want to talk about it. Carly tells Jason she knows what she is talking about and she can help him. Carly says that they havenít told anyone that they are sleeping together even with each other. Jason doesnít want to talk at all. Carly mentions how both Jason and Sam have been badly burn so both are acting like nothing big is happen even though it is. Carly says that they are going to go into a weird faze, where they want to be with each other and will make up excuse to see the other. Then how Sam will make excuse to get out of plans to give him space because she thinks thatís what he wants. Carly tells Jason if he isnít careful they will end up further apart. Sam walks into the agency and tells Spinelli she got his message regarding the new case. Sam says she will handle the new case so Spinelli can take Maxie to the carnival. Jason is on the phone with Bernie and tells him he canít meet him because he has plans. Knock at the door and itís Sam. She tells Jason that he is officially off the hook because she has a new case so he doesnít have to take her to the carnival. Jason wants to know if the new case is an emergency. Sam says sort of. Sam goes to leave but Jason tells her he wants to go to the carnival with her. Spinelli walks in dressed as a clown. He is confronting his fears. Sam says so youíre afraid of clowns. Spinelli say yes and he is going to the carnival to get the full clown experience. Maxie doesnít want him to live in fear. Sam mentions not looking in any mirrors. Spinelli starts quoting Shakespeare. Spinelli says that death is the one certainty for us all; that clowns are not happy. Sam says what could happen at a carnival.

September 4, 2009

Sam and Jason are with Spinelli at the penthouse. Spinelli is dressed as a clown to try and overcome his fear of them. Spinelli is walking across the room to leave when he trips and falls. When he stands he sees his reflection in the mirror and screams. Sam says they donít have to go to the carnival because she has to work and Jason asks if she wants some help. Sam says ok and that she likes the idea of giving him orders. Sam sits on the couch with Jason and goes over the specs of the case They are going to be investigating a woman named Deidre Hall. As Sam is talking, Jason keeps moving closer to her when Samís phone goes off. Deidre booked a room at the Metro Court. Sam and Jason are outside Deidreís room. Sam comments that you really need to stay alert otherwise you can miss something important but Jason already knows. Jason says that Sam is the PI maybe she can teach him something. They hear Deidre go into her room and Sam gets a call that Deidre just bought a negligee in the boutique. Sam comments that you donít book a room and buy negligee to trade company secrets. Deidre is meeting a lover. Jason doesnít understand why she would keep if from her business partner. Sam says maybe she meeting a married man. Sam and Jason are looking at Samís phone camera when a woman comes up to them and demands that they leave. She knows they are looking to rob one of the rooms. Sam starts to act like a ditzy woman. She calls Jason her fiancť Frank and that they canít decide if they should get married there or the Cosmopolitan. The woman apologizes and leaves. Jason asks if maybe the client forgot her pajamas. Sam says no, you wear a t-shirt if you forget your pajamas not buy $1200 Peignoir set. Jason doesnít know what that is. Sam is watching the door and Jason comments that Sam is pretty good at her job. Sam says thanks but just wishes that not everything came back to who is sleeping with who. Room service is at the door with champagne and two glasses. Sam says sheís right that Deidre is meeting a lover.

September 8, 2009

Sam tells Jason how Spinelli put a trace on Deidreís phone so she will be able to find out who she is meeting. Jason asks why the business partner who hired Sam is so interested in Deidreís personal life. Sam finds out who Deidre is meeting Edward Quartermaine. Jason confirms that is Edwardís number and Sam say case closed. She doesnít want to continue because its Jasonís grandfather. Jason canít believe its Edward. Sam thinks Edward should be an inspiration to them all that at his age he is still sneaking around for some loving. That he has the soul of a true romantic. Sam wants to go back to the office to inform her client. Jason asks since the case is closed if Sam would like to go to the carnival. Sam and Jason are at the carnival. Sam thanks Jason and says that he knows her better than she knows herself. Spinelli and Maxie are there. Spinelli asks if the case is solved. Sam tells she dropped it because of a conflict of interest. Spinelli is glad that they are there together. Jason asks if Spinelli has seen Michael. Spinelli tells them that he did see him and that he seemed to be enjoying himself. Sam points and tells Jason what bear she wants. Jason canít believe that out of everything there she wants him to shoot. Coleman is running the booth. Jason tries to hit the target and misses. Sam says the game is rigged. Jason tries again and misses. He then pulls out his gun to shoot it but Sam stops him and Coleman gives Sam the bear she wanted. Jason canít believe he missed the target at the shooting booth. Sam says Coleman probably cheated and it would have served him right if Jason had shot all the targets with his gun. Jason said he was going to if Sam didnít stop him. Jason sees Jake on one of the rides. The fortune teller says something wicked comes this way. Dominick goes to get Morgan cotton-candy. Carly waves to Morgan. Edward is driving in his car. Kristina, Molly and Claudia are getting on a ride. Anthony Zachara looks at the clock in prison. Matt turns on a light in a room. Edward has a heart attack and passes out while driving. Olivia is feeding Sonny popcorn. Alexis is arguing with Andrea while Patrick and Robin are watching. Spinelli is at a warehouse when men with guns approach him. Edwardís car is still in motion. Kristina, Molly and Claudia are on a ride. Elizabeth puts Jake on the ground and he walks off. Jason sees Jake running from Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks at Jason. The men are pointing their guns at Spinelli and start shooting. Sonny goes to kiss Olivia. Edward is passed out in his car while it is still moving and goes barreling thru the entrance of the carnival.

September 9, 2009

The fortune teller says something wicked comes this way. Dominick goes to get Morgan cotton-candy. Carly waves to Morgan. Edward is driving in his car. Kristina, Molly and Claudia are getting on a ride. Anthony Zachara looks at the clock in prison. Matt turns on a light in a room. Edward has a heart attack and passes out while driving. Olivia is feeding Sonny popcorn. Alexis is arguing with Andrea while Patrick and Robin are watching. Spinelli is at a warehouse when men with guns approach him. Edwardís car is still in motion. Kristina, Molly and Claudia are on a ride. Elizabeth puts Jake on the ground and he walks off. Jason sees Jake running from Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks at Jason. The men are pointing their guns at Spinelli and start shooting. Sonny goes to kiss Olivia. Edward is passed out in his car while it is still moving and goes barreling thru the entrance of the carnival. It heads straight for the ride the Kristina, Molly and Claudia are on. Men are shooting at Spinelli but Johnny is able to push him out of the way. Sonny, Jason and Elizabeth see the car going thru the carnival. Elizabeth and Lucky are looking for Jake. Morgan is tossing his helmet in the air when he sees the car and freezes. Dominick sees Morgan and pushes him out of the way but gets hit by the car. Patrick and Robin get out of the way of the car. The men are still firing their guns at Spinelli and Johnny as they hide behind some crates. You see Andrea is pinned by the car into the ferris wheel and Edward is still passed out behind the wheel. Jason, Sam, Lucky and Elizabeth are by the tent that collapsed looking for Jake. They hear Jake crying and find him. Elizabeth and Lucky take Jake away on a gurney. Music starts playing and Jason is walking around the carnival. You can see the destruction, the people who are hurt and the hospital personnel running around trying to help in the background. Jason walks into the hospital room where Elizabeth is and sheís crying. She sees Jason and tells him that Jake has a possible skull fracture and theyíre running some tests. Jason comforts Elizabeth as sheís crying. Elizabeth apologizes for falling apart. Jason says heís scared for Jake too. The doctor comes in and says he has the test results. Elizabeth tells Jason sheíll let him know what happens. Jason walks out of the room and sees Jake on the gurney. Sam is watching Jason in the background. Jason is watching Jake thru the window. Sam asks Jason if he wants any coffee and he says no. Sam tells Jason to let her know if he needs any thing and goes to walk away. Jason grabs Samís arm.

September 10, 2009

Montage showing the events that led up to the crash at the carnival and the aftermath. Jason looking into Jakeís room in the hospital and says whoever did this will not get away with it. Sam tries to reassure him that Jakeís injuries might not be too severe. Lulu comes by and asks about Jake. She tells Jason that it was Edward who was driving the car. He had a heart attack and is having emergency surgery. Sam asks if Edward knows about Jake. Jason shakes his head no. Sam thinks that is good because it would hurt Edward to know he hurt his great-grandson. Jason lets out a loud sigh and Sam puts her hand on Jasonís. Lucky comes out of the room and to let Sam and Jason know that Jake has a mild concession and they are keeping him overnight for observation. Jason and Sam walk into another room. Jason doesnít know if he should stay even though Jake is going to be fine. Sam says that Edward is not ok. Jason talks about Edawrd and Jake and the accident and whether or not it was Edward's fault. SHe says that before he knew it was Edward he wanted to kill the person who was responsible. Jason feels bad for Edward he has already lost so much. Sam is talking about when she worked for Edward. She tells Jason how all Edward did was talk about him. He was so proud of Jason. Jason tells Sam how easy is it was to break off from Edward. How he didnít believe that Edward loved him, only that he wanted to control him. Sam tells Jason that he and Edward need each other. Jason says that its times like these when he thinks about the secret he is keeping. How much it would mean to Edward if he knew that he had a great grandson. He doesnít even know why he is talking like this he will never tell anyone that Jake is his son. How they are both connected and they donít even know it. Sam says that Jason knows it and that is why he stayed at the hospital for Edward and his son. He says thank you. Sam she didnít do anything. Jason says yes you did. Jason sees Epiphany and asks about Edward. Heís still in surgery but she will let him know when Edward is back in his room. Jason sees Sonny. They talk about happened. Sonny brings Jason up to date on Kristina, Morgan and Dominick. Jason goes to Edwardís room and Rebecca is there. She tells him the surgery went well and that Tracy and Monica are on their way back. They discuss the accident. Rebecca doesnít believe that Edward was drunk. She thinks that could have been a malfunction with the car. Jason tells Rebecca to let him know if Edward or her need anything. Edward is awake and asks what he did. Nicholas and Elizabeth are kissing. Jason sees them.

September 11, 2009

Jason sees Elizabeth and Nicholas kissing but quickly leaves. Jason goes to see Sam at her place. He tells her  about seeing Elizabeth and Nicholas kissing. Sam says maybe they were just happy and Jason says it wasnít that kind of kiss. Sam says that this was unexpected. Sam starts to feel bad for Lucky and then says that it canít be easy for Jason. Jason says that Elizabeth can be with whoever she wants. Heís just worried how it will affect Jake. Jason says that Lucky is the only father Jake has known. He is afraid that Lucky will leave and things can get ugly. Jason has seen the effects of custody battles and doesnít want that for Jake. Sam doesnít think that Lucky would take it out on the kids if he finds out about Elizabeth and Nicholas. Jason says people do crazy things when theyíre hurt. Sam assures Jason that Lucky is committed and loves those children. Jason says as long as Jake doesnít lose the only father he knows. He gave up his right to have a say anyway. Sam reminds Jason he was there today to save him. Jason tells Sam he was only there because she finally said yes to him. Sam asks how he knew she wanted to go to the carnival even though she kept saying no. Jason tells Sam about his conversation with Carly. About how Sam would say no to spending time with him even though she wants to. Sam admits that she has really enjoyed spending time with Jason but she knows how far off track they were and she didnít want ruin it by talking about it too much. Jason says him too. Sam gets a call from Michael. Michael needs her help but he canít tell Jason whatís going on.

September 14, 2009

Sam is on the phone with Michael. He needs her help but she canít tell Jason. Sam tells Jason that something unexpected came up on a case. Jason offers to go with her. Sam canít believe that Jason had so much fun lurking the halls of the Metro Court that he wants to be a full time PI. Jason is concern about Sam leaving in the middle of the night on a day that wonít end. Sam says she gets energized at night. Jason says he remembers. Sam tells Jason that it is confidential so he canít go with her. They leave and Jason tells Sam to call if she needs anything. Jason goes to see Dominick in the hospital. Sam goes to see Michael at Carlyís house. Michael tells Sam again she canít say anything to Spinelli and especially Jason. Sam starts to defend Jason but Michael tells her he knows that Jason would protect him at all cost. He says that this entwined of family and extended family. Michael tells Sam about the memory flash backs from his time in the coma. He tells her about Jax visiting him and saying how he was involved in what happen and that Carly could never know. Dominick introduces Jason to Ronnie who quickly leaves. Jason tells Dominick that he owes him for saving Morgan. He tells him that it was his grandfather who was behind the wheel; that he had a heart attack. Dominick is sympathetic. Jason tells Dominick that if he ever needs anything in the future to not hesitate to ask. They shake hands. Bernie comes in and needs to speak with Jason. Bernie tells Jason about Spinelli getting ambushed and Johnny Zachara saving him but getting shot in the process. Jason goes to see Spinelli. He wants to know what happen. Spinelli tells Jason about the ambush and how Johnny was shot saving him. Spinelli confirms that it was Anthony who was behind this. Jason tells Spinelli he is never to do assignments for the organization again. Jason is upset that Spinelli could have died. He tells Spinelli that he depends on him to be around because Spinelli is his friend. Jason says he protects his family not put them in harms way. Spinelli says he will comply. Jason isnít sure how he is going to handle Anthony. Jason is suspicious of Claudia. Spinelli says that Claudia loves Johnny and would never put him in harms way. But Johnny is concern that Claudia has become unhinged with fear and angry and Spinelli was happy when she left. Jason isnít so sure Claudia isnít involved. Spinelli tells Jason Johnnyís request that Olivia be protected from Claudia if something happens to him. Spinelli mentions that Johnny started to say something that sounded like a warning about Claudia. Jason says so Johnny considers Claudia a threat to be dealt with.

September 15, 2009

Jason is in Johnnyís hospital room. He is asking Johnny about what he said to Spinelli and if it was about Claudia. Johnny tells Jason that Claudia is not a threat because heís alive. Johnny tells Jason heís not going to turn on Claudia so donít ask him too. Spinelli says that Johnny has proven himself loyal and these questions can wait. Jason wants to know what happen and he wants to hear it from Johnny. Johnny confirms that Anthony is responsible. He tells Jason that Dominick was supposed to be in the warehouse not him. Spinelli tells Johnny how he inadvertently saved Morgan by switching places with Dominick. Jason tells Johnny about the accident comes and rushes in to see Johnny. As Olivia is talking to Johnny, Sonny walks in. Maxie opens the door at Jasonís penthouse and Sam is there asking for Jason. Maxie doesnít know where he is or Spinelli. Maxie is waiting for Spinelli so they can have some romantic time at her place. Spinelli comes in and Maxie wants to know what happen. Sonny and Jason talking about property they lost. No injuries except Johnny. Jason says that it was a well planned out hit. Sonny thinks that there is a plant in the Zachara camp and it could be Johnny. Jason says that doesnít make sense. Johnny took two bullets to save Spinelli; if that doesnít prove his loyalty nothing will. Maxie says she owes Johnny for keeping Spinelli safe. Sam asking if he thinks it was retaliation. Spinelli says it was the Demented One who orchestrated the hit. Maxie is upset that Spinelli was in danger. He says it was just to deliver papers but Jason has forbidden him from any future errands. Spinelli says that Johnny is doing well, Sonny knows where the danger is coming from and Jason is prepared to protect us all. Jason and Sonny talk about Dominick and Johnny switching places. Maybe Dominick was the target because he switched sides. Sonny asks if Jason ever caught Dominick in a lie and Jason says no. Sonny wants to use Dominick to neutralize Anthony. Jason comes home and is surprised to see Sam there. Jason says long day. Sam says she heard. She canít believe the Zachara attacked. Jason says that Johnny got shot but saved Spinelli. Sam is grateful to Johnny. Jason asks about Samís case. Sam tells him that it is difficult and challenging but good. Why she wanted to be PI. Jason asks that if things get too dangerous to give him a call. Sam tells him he would be the first person she called. Jason is happy that Spinelli and Maxie arenít there. Sam is glad theyíre not there because Jason needs to rest and she needs to go to the office. Sam goes to leave but Jason asks if it something that needs to be done tonight. Sam says no. Jason tells her he would like her to stay and kisses Sam. Sam says she would like that very much and they kiss more.

September 16, 2009

Sam is laying Jasonís bed wrapped up in the sheet. Jason comes into the room shirtless with coffee and asks if Sam is awake. Sam tells him she hadnít planned on staying there all night. Jason is glad she did. Sam says as much as she likes Spinelli she is glad to have Jason all to herself and they kiss. Jason comes down the stairs carrying Sam and kissing her. Jason realizes they are not alone because Spinelli, Maxie, Patrick, Robin, Kristina and Molly are in the living room. Molly says that Spinelli wouldnít have invited them over if he knew that they were upstairs making passionate love. Sam tells Molly what they were doing was private. Jason asks everyone to leave. Molly asks to speak with Jason in private. Molly says sisters look out for each other. She knows Sam is smart and tough but Jason broke her heart. Jason says that is between him and Sam. Sam comes back and is listening outside the door. Molly wants Jason to respect Sam and not bail the first time theirs a problem. Molly asks if Jason loves Sam. Sam is outside listening. Jason says he cares about Sam and respects her. He says that he and Sam made mistakes and forgave each other. Jason gets up from the couch to leave and Molly says sheís not finished. She wants to know what kind of love they have: doomed, tragic or fated. Molly says love stories have all kinds of heroes. She quotes a few examples and tells Jason she thinks heís tragic, that he is not destined for happiness. That either the hero or the girl he loves dies. Molly wants Jason to be careful with Sam. Adventure is cool but dying isnít. Jason asks to go back upstairs and Molly leaves. Sam tells her she is going with her. Out on the docks, Sam tells Molly it is not cool to butt into their private lives. That it is embarrassing what she did. Molly says that she only talked to Jason because she wants Sam to be happy. She doesnít want Jason to hurt her again. Sam says they both made mistakes. Molly compares them to Romeo and Juliet. Sam tells her that it is more complicated than a story in a book. She tells Molly that her and Jason will have to figure things out. Jason comes down the stairs on the phone as Spinelli walks in the door. Spinelli needs moral support from Jason. Spinelli says that the nuptials have taking on a life of their own. He wants Jason to tell him to focus on his vows which will be a reflection of his commitment to Maxie. Jason says he answered his own question. Spinelli just wants to talk with his friend. Jason says he hopes that this works out the way he wants it to. Spinelli asks if Jason thinks he is making a mistake.

September 17, 2009

Spinelli and Jason continue to discuss marriage. Michael tells Sam about Jax visiting him  and apologizing when he was in a coma. Sam reminds him that a lot of people were sorry. Michael remembers Jax saying how Carly would never forgive him if she found out and rationalizes that Jax tried to kill Sonny. Jax walks in the room. Spinelli is concern about how Jason will fulfill his role as best man and wonders if Johnny would be a better choice. Jason says if he wants Johnny as best man that works. Jax and Carly are surprised to see Sam. Sam just wanted to make sure everyone was okay after yesterdays shooting. Carly didn't know about it. Sam tries to cover. Jax and Carly don't buy it and want to know what is going on. Spinelli tells Jason he is his mentor. Jason think Johnny would be a great best man. Spinelli thinks Jason is the right choice. Jax and Carly want to know what's going on. Sam tells them about the ambush at the warehouse and Johnny getting shot. Carly wants Michael to leave while they talk. Michael thinks it is because he got shot? Jax speaks bitterly about Sonny. Carly says this is upsetting but if there was real danger Jason would call her. Sam apologizes and leaves. Jax leaves and Michael tells Carly that Jax hates Sonny's guts and she knows it. Jason is at Johnnyís hospital room questioning him about the ambush. Jason asks if Anthony will attack again. Johnny says to assume the worse. Sam and Mikey are at the docks. Sam apologizes for upsetting Carly and Jax. Michael is glad she saw how much Jax hates Sonny. Michael believes that Jax tried to get rid of Sonny. Sam defends Jax and says he is not a murderer. Michael says his brother is and he said he should have known better than to trust Jerry. Sam says this is a leap. Michael needs to know if Jax had anything to do with it. Sam tells him not to say anything. Sam tells him Jax never came up as a suspect. Johnny says Anthony is capable of hurting innocents and probably wonít do it right now. Jason wants to know about Claudia. Johnny says he wonít turn against her.  Jasonís phone rings and it's Sam. She needs to see him about Michael. Sam says she is violating client privilege but this is something she thinks he should know. She tells him Michael is her new case and why. They talk about Michael remembering what was said when he was in a come. Claudia is listening.

September 18, 2009

Replay of Claudia listening in on Jason and Sam. Jason wants to know if he remembers anything about Claudia. Michael remembers Claudia being there and saying she was sorry like Jax but Michael is convinced that Jax ordered the hit on Sonny. Jason asks if she could get Michael to focus on Claudia and Sam says she canít influence him at all. Sam tells Jason that Michael is having flashes and they are coming closer together. Jason thinks if they can get Michael to focus on Claudia they might finally know the truth. Jason and Sam go to Jaxís office. Carly is there with Michael. Jax makes an excuse for Michael to leave. Carly wants to know what is going on. Jax says they are just concern what Anthony will do next. Carly canít stand when Sam is involved and not her. Jason says Sam is not pregnant, you are. He asks he to trust him. Carly leaves. Jason asks Jax about Michaelís memory flashes. Jax assures them that he didnít try to have Sonny killed. Sam asks about Jerry. They tell Jax about Jerry being in Mexico. Jax knows about that and how they say anything about it because they donít want to upset Carly. Jax says that Michael wants to know the truth about what happened. Jason tells him that they all want the truth. Jason is worried about Michael because the more he remembers the more danger he is in. Jason and Sam are sitting in Jax's office waiting for him. Jason thinks it is a waste of time to go over the list of everyone who visited Michael. Sam thinks its funny that her, Jason and Jax all came together to protect Carly and Michael. Jason tells Sam that Carly's condition could kill her. Jason says he wasn't thinking when he brought up Carly being pregnant and Sam not. Jason says heís sorry. Sam tells him he doesnít have to apologize. Jason says that he never wants to hurt her again. Sam doesnít want to hurt him either. Sam starts to ask him if he ever wonders but stops. Jason wants her to continue. Sam says no, what happened happened. Theyíre here now and sheís good with that. Jason takes her hand slowly and then they kiss and then they hug.

September 21, 2009

Jason is at the hospital to see Robin. He tells Robin that Michael is remembering things said to him when he was in coma and Jason wants to know if they dreams or memories. Robin says that some coma patients experience both. Robin asks what Michael is remembering. Jason says that the people involved with the shooting may have discussed it when Michael was in a coma. Robin questions what Jason will do when he finds these people. Robin questions Jason if it is fair to Michael to make him the reason you take anther personís life. Jason is at Greystone and Sonny tells him that he is using Johnny as leverage against Anthony. Jason thinks it is a bad idea. Sonny doesnít trust Anthony not to come after his territory or Olivia. Jason wants to know if this is really about Anthony or a clear path to Olivia. Jason thinks holding Johnny over Anthony is a good bluff but to kill Johnny is a mistake. Johnny has been loyal and useful to the organization. Sonny thinks that Jason has a conflict of interest so wonít ask him to do the hit. Jason disagrees and that it is Sonny who is using this as an excuse to get Johnny away from Olivia. Jason says that Anthony might call Sonnyís bluff and take out Olivia and forget about Johnny. He questions if Sonny's decisions are based on his emotions? Sonny says no that he believes that Johnny is the best leverage against Anthony. Jason disagrees and wants to use Johnny as an ally because heís been loyal. Sonny says his decision has been made that if Anthony makes a move against him Johnny is no more. Claudia is at the door listening and Jason sees her.

September 22, 2009

Sam meets Michael at Jasonís apartment. Michael is upset because Sam told Jason about his memory flashes. Michael is afraid that if he remembers something about Jerry or Claudia having something to do with his shoot Jason will go after them and it will be his fault. Sam argues with him that whatever Jason does is on him. Michael has a memory flash about Claudia. Claudia walks in on Sonny and Jason. Sonny warns her that she will not like what they are saying and should leave. Claudia tells Sonny that he is handling her father the only way he can, by going after something he loves. Sam wants Michael to be honest with her about his memory flashes. Michael says that Claudia kept saying she was sorry. He thinks Claudia just felt sorry for him. Sam doesnít think so. Michael asks if Sam thinks Claudia was involved in his shooting. Claudia tells Sonny and Jason that her father needs to be stopped. She says use what works, use her brother. Jason asks if she is ok with that. Claudia says she knows how the business works and can separate business from personal. Sam tells Michael she hasnít decided on anything. She wants Michael to understand that they have to stay objective to figure out what is going on. Jason comes in and sees Michael and Sam on the couch. Michael tells him that he didnít want to involve him but Sam didnít give him a choice. Jason just wants to help him. Michael doesnít want Jason to kill whoever shot him. Jason promises Michael that he will not act on anything that Michael tells him. Sam leaves the room so they can talk. Michael says he doesnít want to remember. Jason assures him that this is all part of the healing process. Michael wants to know how Jason handles it when everything gets stuck in his head. Jason says everyone has to find their own way. Michael talks about how Jason does dangerous things, but doesnít want him to do that for fear he might get hurt. Jason tells Michael thatís what happens when you love someone from the minute they were born. Michael will have to find his own way to deal with things. Michael leaves. Sam thinks Michael was hard on Jason. Jason tells Sam that Michael is looking for an answer he canít give him. Sam understands that Jason didnít want tell Michael about the dangerous things he use to do and still does because it makes him feel alive. Jason says youíre the same way. Jason is on his motorcycle. He nods to Sam and she runs over and hops on. They take off.

September 23, 2009

Sam and Jason come into the penthouse kissing. Sam says that it was amazing. Jason apologizes for keeping her out all night. They are about to kiss again when Spinelli comes down the stairs harping at Jason. They talk about wedding preparations. Spinelli tells Jason that he needs his wedding attire. The tailor is at the door with Jason and Spinelliís tuxes. Sam tells Spinelli he looks handsome. Sam goes to leave but Spinelli asks her to stay. Jason comes down in his tux and Sam tells him he looks dashing. The tailor starts doing alterations on Jasonís tux. Spinelli mentions the accessory and Jason starts to argue but Sam wrestles him away from the tailor to talk to him. She tells him that this wedding means everything to Spinelli and Jason needs to support him. Jason tells her that he wonít wear a pink tie. Sam thinks its funny that he complaining about a tie. She reminds Jason that Spinelli has been living in a pink room and it doesnít make him less of a man. Jason tells Spinelli to give him the tie. The tailor leaves and Spinelli thanks Jason for making the sacrifice. Jason says it just a tie. Spinelli is happy and says nothing can spoil this wedding. Later, Sam tells Jason he looked great in the suit and tie. Jason tells Sam she was right. Sam says that Jason is a good friend to Spinelli. Jason asks Sam when she plans to get to the wedding. She says she hasnít thought about it. Jason asks her to the wedding and Sam says she thought he would never ask. Michael is knocking at the door. He left school because he had a memory flash. He remembers Sam visiting him at the institute. Sam tells him that she never visited him in the institute. Michael freaks out thinking that everything he remember isnít real.

September 24, 2009

Michael is upset his memory of Sam is false. Michael wants Jason to admit heís crazy. Jason tries to reassure him. Michael says he couldnít even get thru his first day at school. Sam says heís being too hard on himself. Michael has a memory of when he visited the fortune teller. The fortune teller says that some villains are vague, some are clear, some are standing by the bed and some are in the mirror. Michael walks over and stares into the mirror. Jason and Sam are worried. Sam asks why heís staring at the mirror. Michael mentions the fortune teller. Sam tells that most of them are fakes. He says not this one. Jason wants to know why he thinks that. Michael thinks heís crazy and leaves. Jason doesnít go after Michael; he doesnít want him to feel pressured. Sam walks into the wedding rehearsal with Molly and Kristina. Robin is trying to calm Mac. Jason walks in and Mac isnít happy. Mac wants to know where the priest is and in walks a Buddhist monk. Mac says thatís it and tells Spinelli he is under arrest. Molly explains what a Buddhist monk is. The monk asks where the green room is and wishes Maxie and Spinelli lasting peace and happiness. Spinelli says that Father Coates is just late. Mac says no priest, no rehearsal, no wedding so everyone can go home. Father Coates walks in and apologies for being late. He says that love is the most powerful force in the universe and it can bring us all together no matter how far apart we may seem. Kristina is standing outside in the hall. Sam wants to know whatís wrong. Kristina tells Sam about Michael not fitting in at school. Molly comes out and tells them theyíre ready to start. The rehearsal begins. Mac is still trying to convince Maxie not to go thru with the wedding. Father Coates walks them thru the wedding. Maxie and Spinelli practice the kissing part and Sam covers Mollyís eyes. The rehearsal is over. Maxie pulls Jason aside to talk with him. Maxie tells Jason she doesnít want to marry Spinelli but she canít tell him that. Maxie wants Jason to remind her if she starts freaking out that she loves Spinelli and how wonderful he is to her. Jason tells Maxie she needs to tell Spinelli and that Spinelli will understand. She says he wonít. Maxie says she loves Spinelli but doesnít want to marry him right now. Jason says he needs to know that. Maxie says no, sheíll lie. She tells Jason to not let her hurt Spinelli. Spinelli is outside the room and heard everything.

September 25, 2009

Maxie has a crazy dream about how her life will be if she marries Spinelli. Sam is at the Lake house when Molly and Kristina come in arguing over a necklace. Sam settles the argument. She pumps Molly for information on Kristina and Keifer. Molly says they are not real love like Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli is  going over his vows and accidentally deletes them. Jason comes down the stairs dressed in his tux without the tie and asks if he is alright. Spinelli says deleting his vows was an omen of doom. Molly tells Sam that she and Jason are more the tragic star cross lovers. Sam quickly says that she and Jason are just friends well maybe a little more than friends. Molly tells Sam not to do some irrevocable that leads to mutual doom. Sam says they are not doomed. Keifer is at the door. He notices that Molly is wearing the necklace he gave Kristina as she walks in the room. Keifer tells Kristina he canít wait to show her off. She reminds Keifer that she is going to a wedding and canít go out with him. Spinelli is melting down about the wedding and the lost vows. Jason asks how Spinelli won Maxie over. Jason tells him that he was himself and that is who Maxie fell in love with. He just needs to be honest. Spinelli wants Jason to be truthful and asks if he and Maxie are making the right choice. Jason tells him that only he and Maxie know the answer to that. Jason and Spinelli arrive at the wedding and Mac and Patrick are there. Mac wants Spinelli to call off the wedding. Jason reminds Spinelli to speak from his heart and everything will be fine. Spinelli is extremely nervous. Molly walks in with Sam and Kristina and says that everything looks amazing. The girls go to their seats and Sam asks how he is doing. Jason says heís a wreck. Sam laughs and says he is supposed to be since heís the groom. Robin comes in to let Spinelli know that Maxie is here. Jason says lets do this. Spinelli canít go into the room. Jason wants Spinelli to focus on Maxie and speak the truth. Morgan yells out holy crap. Carly tells him not to talk like that. Morgan says that Jason is wearing a pink tie and Carly says holy crap. Jason walks down the aisle and Sam says wow softly. Sam and Jason keep looking at each other. The wedding begins. Father Coates says they have written their own vows.  Spinelli starts his vows.

September 28, 2009

Spinelli and Maxie romantically don't get married in front of everyone.  Jason lingers behind as everyone heads to Jake's for the reception. He takes off his tie.  Sam comes in and asks if he is hiding from her. He uses the tie to pull her in for a kiss.  He tells her he is waiting until the crowd is gone.  She asks if he wants company and they kiss again. Jason and Sam are kissing and someone walks by.  Jason steps away to make sure no one is around and comes back and starts kissing her again. Sam and Jason talk about him telling Spinelli to follow his heart while he sexily ties his tie on her. Sam muses that if they follow their hearts they can't go wrong.  They kiss again. Jason and Sam arrive at Jake's. Sam goes over to see Alexis and the girls.  Jason and Carly go for a walk and have a nice talk about their friendship. Jason comes up behind Sam and puts the cold beer against her back, then gives her a beer. They talk briefly about him wanting to bail. Robin annouces the toast and Jason looks scared and looks at Lulu for help. Lulu takes the stage to make a toast. After the toast Jason is whispering to Sam.  Spinelli comes over and tells him he needs to make a toast now. Lulu comes over and whispers to just say something nice but Jason looks terrified. She tries to give him the mic but he doesn't take it. EVeryone is uncomfortable. Morgan comes to the rescue and makes the speech in his place. Jason tries to follow Morgan from the stage but Spinelli stops him and hugs him. Jason and Sam catch the gater and bouquet even though they don't try. The crows serenads Spinelli and Maxie.

September 29, 2009

Jason gives Sam a lusty look while she watches the stage. Sam tells Jason that this whole thing is because of him since he saw past Spinís nerdy, geeky side. Coleman introduces Ethan who sings ďI Need You Tonight.Ē Coleman introduces Molly and Morgan who sing ďABC.Ē Alexisí girls have a group hug. Milo introduces Mac and Patrick who sing ďMacho Man.Ē Coleman interrupts and shows them a real ďMacho Man.Ē Jason thanks Sam for being his date and wants her to go home with him. Jason & Sam say goodnight and they leave (Sam twirls out). Jason & Sam walk into the bedroom which is lit by many candles as ďJust You & MeĒ plays (new version). They start to kiss and walk toward the bed as Sam undresses Jason. Jason undresses Sam and her dress falls to the floor. They look hotly at each other. They kiss. Sam crawls onto the bed and lays on her stomach. Jason climbs in front of her and they kiss.

October 1, 2009

Jason stops by Carly's to check up on Michael.  Carly says he remembered something.  Michael plays down his memory and leaves.  Jason and Carly know he is lying. Jason tells Carly that Michael does not want to hurt her and her pregnancy. Carly tries to get info out of Jason and they bicker.  Finally Jason asks her to continue to trust him where Michael is concerned like she always has. Carly's baby kicks and Jason feels the kicking.  Kristina and Keifer kissing on the bed. Sam knocks and comes in. She wants to know what he is doing there. Kristina gets nasty with Sam.  Keifer tries to smooth things out by lying about homework. Sam is nto going for it.  Keifer leaves. Sam asks Kristina if they are having sex. Jason goes to meet Johnny at Sonny's new restaurant.  They go in the office and talk about the leak. Kristina says it is none of Sam's business. Sam tries to talk to her about protection. Kristina starts attacking Sam's sexual history. Sam says she is not judging she is trying to protect Kristina. Kristina starts talking about how great Keifer is. Sam tries to talk to her about safe sex. Kristina walks out. Sonny comes in while Jason is talking to Johnny.  Sonny talks about the leak and Johnny says it wasn't him. Sonny doesn't believe him.  Sonny is nasty to Johnny who says no one could prove he was disloyal. Sonny warns him to leave town if he did it. Johnny leaves angry. Jason says Johnny didn't do it and Sonny can hate Johnny but they need to fond out who really did it.  Jason and Sonny going over records. Dante comes in and says Bernie said Sonny wanted to see him.

October 2, 2009

Sonny and Jason talk to Dante about the leak. They want Dante to find the leak and bring him to Sonny. Sam meets Kristina on the docks. Kristina wants her to take her to get birth control. Sam is willing to take her but counsels waiting. Michael comes to see Jason. Jason wants to come to him next time. Michael gets snippy about being kept away from the business. Jason wants Michael to get to the point. Michael asks why he hates Caludia. Sam talks about her own experience and using sex to try to make men happy. Kristina says her situation is different. Sam asks again if Keifer is pressuring her. Kristina says they are both ready and again talks about how great Keifer is. Jason admits he does not like Claudia. Michael wants to know and Jason asks what he remembered. Michael talks about her apologizing to him while he was in a coma. He accuses Jason of dodging the question. Jason does not trust her. Michael says Sonny is still with her. Michael says Jason is waiting for something but that he still wants someone to pay for the shooting. He storms out. Jason and Sam at the restaurant. She is telling him about Kristina. She doesn't want Kristina making the bad choices she did and that she wants her to have more self-respect. She talks about how long it was for her to respect herself and be in relationship for the right reasons. She says Kristina wants to make a man happy with sex.Sam says she had to make herself happy first. She tells Jason she loved him so much before that she lost herself. This time around she is being cautious. Jason tells her to tell her what ever she feels and what ever is right for her. She wants him to do the same. They both say be honest at the same time. Sam says they will be okay. He says better than okay.

October 5, 2009

Jason and Sam at Sonnyís restaurant talking about Michael and Claudia. Sam tells Jason to go with his gut instinct and he tells her that is why he needs to find proof but it must be done with total discretion. Sam offers her help and asks him to tell her exactly what happened when he tracked Ian down. Jason tells her the story about how Devlin panicked and that he had to shoot him. He recalls that Devlin telling him ďthere is moreĒ. Sam asks him what if Ian was referring to information. They talk about the information being at PCPD or in his room. Jason and Sonny at Sonnyís talking about Dante finding the leak and taking care of it but Sonny is concerned so Jason goes to check up on him. He calls Sam to tell her that he is checking up on something for Sonny and asks if she can follow up what they talked about. He will join her as soonas he can. Jason heads to help out Dante.

October 6, 2009

Jason talking on the phone with Bernie about going to assist Dante. Jason comes up with gun drawn and finds Dante slowly getting up from the ground. Dante apologises for letting Soto get away.  Jason tells him to tell Sonny. Dante and Jason go to see Sonny and Dante tells him about Soto escaping. Jason tells Sonny they looked for him. Sonny wants to know if they can find him, Jason says they will try. Sonny tells Dante that he canít work in his organization anymore. Jason asks Sonny to keep Dante, brings up him saving Morganís life. Dante promises no more screw up and Sonny lets him stay. Dante leaves. Sonny asks Jason why he took up for Dante, Jason tells him because he knew Sonny didnít want to fire him. Sonny tells him that he will not have him around if he screws up even though he is grateful he saved Morganís life. Jason says its not easy killing someone and that it is different than a shootout. Sonny thanks him. Jason is about to leave and Sonny wants to talk about Claudia. Jason asks if its about Michaelís shooting. Sonny accuses him of always going there. Sonny wants Jason him to treat her with respect.

October 7, 2009

Jason comes into PI office upset and asks Sam if she has found anything, Sam says not yet. He tells her about Sonny asking him to back off of Claudia but he isnít going to let her get away with it. Sam says they need to find evidence. Jason asks Sam if she thinks Claudia is guilty. Sam says she is capable but she is going to reserve judgment. He says he is too close and he canít be objective.  He hates that Claudia pretends to feel sympathy and hee needs to stop her. Jason and Sam looking through files. Spin walks in and tells them his nonhoneymoon  was cut short because of a fashion emergency. Jason asks him to find out if Devlin had anything on him when he died. Spin babbles about Maxie while Jason and Sam keep refocusing him on the case. He breaks into the PCPD computer and finds that Devlin had a recorder on him and where the PCPD have stored it. Jason wants him to find a way in.

October 8, 2009

Sam and Kristina at the womenís clinic so they can get Kristina her birth control. They talk about Alexis while they wait.  Sam defends her and her choices to Kristina. Kristina says that she does everything Alexis wants and has to be the perfect daughter. That is why Alexis canít know. She worries Dr. Lee will tell Alexis. Dr. Lee explains itís confidential and Kristina is relieved. Sam tells her she is too young but she is helping her because she is being responsible. The nurse comes to get Kristina for her exam. Kristina comes back after her appointment and says it was weird. They talk about Keifer wanting sex and she thinks that if they donít move forward their relationship will end. Kristina asks Sam about her first time and Sam talks about her experiences and regrets. She knows that Kristina wonít make the same mistakes because she comes from a family that loves her but she wishes Kristina would wait until she was older to really know that emotional connection.  Sam says that she was an adult before she had that. Sam takes her home and Kristina thanks her. They walk in and see Alexis.  Kristina looks guilty.

October 9, 2009

Alexis tells Sam and Kristina that she wishes someone had told her. Sam takes the blame for them being out. Spinelli tells Jason he has located the warehouse where they are keeping Devlin's stuff. Spinelli wants to have it transferred to th PCPD but Jason says no. Alexis telling Sam that she wishes some had called so she didnít worry. Sam spins a cover story and promises it wonít happen again. Alexis is worried Kristina will go boy crazy. Jason is getting ready to go break into the warehouse. Spinelli is getting ready with a ski mask. Jason says he canít go. Spinelli asks who is going to be help you? Sam knocks on the door. Jason asks her to go with him. Spinelli still wants to go but they convince him not to. Jason and Sam in alley ready to go.  Sam climbs on the dumpster. Jason pulls her back to him and kisses her. She asks what that was for he says for ďGood LuckĒ. They are in the warehouse and they can't find the box. They split up and are searching when they hear Lucky telling Sam to put her hands up. Jason is hiding.

October 12, 2009

Sam spins a tale for Lucky.  He tells her she should have gone through channels.  She does not want special treatment.  He isn't going to arrest her because of what they once were. Jason is hiding listening in. He overhears Lucky talk about how he and Sam helped each other and how he and Elizabeth are getting remarried. He asks about Jason, she tells him there is no her and Jason. Jason waiting for Sam outside her apartment and she tells him he could have gone in that she wouldnít have minded he tells her he would rather be invited in. They talk about Liz and Lucky. He tells her he wants Liz to be happy. He tells her he is happy that she didnít get arrested and grateful for them. She asks him what he means and he tells her ďabout you and meĒ. They talk about how Jason found the evidence box after Sam left and there was no tape. They talk about the possibility of there being a recording and where it might be and how to find it. Sam teases Jason about smiling and they kiss and end up on the couch when they are surprised by Molly.

October 13, 2009

Jason and Sam are caught by Molly. Sam wants to know how she got there. Molly explains that she used the key Sam gave her and was doing her science experiment in the hot tub. Sam tells her that the key she gave her was for emergency and that she canít intrude in otherís people privacy. Molly lectures them about their relationship. Sam comes back from dropping Molly off and Jason is waiting for her. He starts talking trying to find banks that Devlin used.  Sam tells him they should talk even though she said she didnít want to. Jason agrees but Sam changes her mind saying they should get back to work. Jason tries to continue but he takes Sam's lead and goes back to talking about finding the safety deposit box. As Sam is talking, Jason interupts her to say he wants to talk. She says he doesnít and is only doing that because he thinks that is what he wants. He says that it isnít true but Sam said she changed her mind that things are going well and that she doesnít want them to pick things apart. He tells her that spending time with her made him realize how much he missed her and how simple it was to be with her and he was grateful. Sam opens about being happy and that she is scared. Alexis comes over and wants to speak with Sam alone. Alexis tells Sam she thinks she is making bad judgments when it comes to her sisters and there needs to be guidelines. Jason goes to Sonny's to speak to Claudia and finds Michael there talking with her. He asks to speak to her alone and tells her he is close to proving that she was involved in the shooting.

October 14, 2009

Alexis and Sam are Samís place. Alexis is telling her that her sisters look up to her but they need to come to her when they have a problem. Sam wants Alexis just to admit that she thinks Sam is a bad influence. Alexis denies it and says that she loves Sam and things she is amazing despite all the disadvantages she had in her life but she wants better for Kristina and Molly. Sam tells her that she likes to micromanage them and wants them to be perfect and maybe with her they feel like that they donít have to be. Alexis tells her she wants Kristina and Molly to talk to her because she is their parent. She gives Samís key back and leaves upset. Jason at Sonnyís talking with Claudia about what they found. Claudia tells him to let it go and let Michael move on because that is what Michael wants to do. Jason tells her that if her voice is on any of the Ianís recording he is coming after her. Jason goes to Sam's and notices that she is upset. He asks her if she has been crying, Sam says no and asks him what happened with Claudia. He tells her. He wants her to answer the questions; she opens up about what happened with Alexis and how it hurt her. He tells her she loves and is good with her sister. They hug. They end up on the couch where Sam mentions Alexisí hypocrisy since she was with Jerry and that at least Jason has a good heart. They kiss; she gets up to check to make sure there is no one around. He pulls her down to him and they kiss again.

October 15, 2009

Sam goes over to Jason's. Jason kisses her and she tells him she loved how her morning started out. Jason goes to kiss her again. They stop when they hear Spinelli and Maxie come down the stairs. Jason tells Spinelli he needs him to get to work. Maxie starts talking about Jason and Sam being more open about their relationship. Spinelli gives Jason a break down of what he has found and it looks like Devlin did not leave a security box. They recall the seedy motel that he stayed at and Jason feels he could have hid something that has yet to be found. Jason and Sam are at the hotel and Jason goes to pick the lock. Sam tells him it is better to pay for the room. He hands her money. Some lady propositions Jason and Jason tells her to go away. Sam comes back and tells her he is taken and to leave. She hands Jason the keys and look through the room. They hear a knock, itís the hooker who is really an undercover cop and tells them they are under arrest for solicitation.

October 16, 2009

Sam and Jason are getting busted for solicitation.  Sam tries to tell them there is no solicitation. She tells them they donít have evidence and that they have their rights.  Mac makes a comment about Jason getting busted and Sam asks him to stop the whole thing.  Mac is going along with the booking.  Spin and Maxie walk in and are upset that Jason would exploit women and betraying Sam by soliciting sex.  Sam walks in and they ask her if they arrested her and she explains.  Spinelli apologizes and Maxie starts teasing them about role playing.  Jason tells them to bail him out or get Diane.  They leave and bail them out.  Sam and Jason at the motel again.  They start searching the room and Jason finds an address.  Jason wants to see what Spinelli comes up with.  Johnny comes up and tells him that some guy name Joey Limbo got paroled and that Sonny wants him to put things on hold to focus on heading Joey off.

October 19, 2009

Jason and Johnny in the alley talking about Jason trying to prove Claudia is guilty. Johnny wants him to stop but Jason tells him Johnnyís life would be better if the truth came out. Jason and Sam at the restaurant and she tells him what Spinelli has found out about the address. Jason is going to check it out for anything that Devlin left behind and invites Sam to go with him. Jason is feeling that he keeps coming up empty in his leads and appreciates Sam not giving up. Sam tells him she trust his instincts. They look around and find a suitcase. They hear someone come in the house and will have to wait it out. They hear a scream and thump. Dante is looking at the graffiti. More graffiti and pictures are shown.

October 20, 2009

Jason and Sam come upstairs to find a lady on the floor unconscious and pregnant. Jason calls 911 but they lady seems to be getting weaker so they decided to take her to the hospital. Sam comes in the hospital saying they need help. Patrick is there and asks them to call Dr. Lee as they wheel her away. Sam hopes that they will be able to save both mother and baby. Jason looks worried. Jason and Sam waiting for news and Jason reaches over for her hand. Patrick comes out and says that they are doing a C-Section and that they both can be saved. He wants to know more information and they start talking about what they were doing at the house and Devlin. Patrick hopes he finds what he looking for. Jason finds Sam is gone. He finds her at the nursery. She is worried because no new babies have been brought in and Jason tells her they saved both the mom and the baby. Sam says she is relieved that the lady didnít lose the baby and what would have happened if they werenít there. It was a miracle and though her baby didnít get to live but because of them this baby did. They see the baby and Jason tells her she would have been a great mom. She talks about how it was the most difficult thing she went through but she realizes that she has choices and she could either choose to be miserable or choose to appreciate what she has now and that is enough. 

October 21, 2009

Jason and Sam on the couch and Spinelli comes down stairs. Jason tries to quiet him because Sam is asleep. Sam wakes up and she thanks Jason for getting her through last night. Jason and Sam tell Spinelli the story about the lady. Jason tells them that talking to Patrick made him think that Devlin could have hid the CD is his patients files. He tells Spinelli to search and Spinelli tells him it will be hard to get to them. Sam says why not move them somewhere we have access. Jason tells him to move the files to a conference room. When they get there Robin and Patrick are there looking over the file. They know it was Spinelliís doing and Patrick tells them he wants to know the truth about Devlin since they were good friends. They say that they could help since they know what should be in the files. Sam is heading towards the elevator and Alexis sees her. She asks what she is doing Sam is in a rush tells her she is working on a case. Jason wants to make sure Patrick wants to be involved. Patrick says he wants who ever was involved brought to justice and he knows that Jason would rather them be dead. Jason tells him what happened with Devlin. Patrick is paged. Alexis comes in and asks Jason not to involve Sam and make her an accomplice. 

October 22, 2009

Jason looking through files and Alexis comes in. Alexis wants him not get Sam involved because she could be charged with conspiracy to murder. Jason tells her that she needs to talk to Sam. Sam comes in with coffee ready to get to work. Jason tells her about Alexis and what she is worried about. Sam says that she has no problem with what he does and trusts him and is going to help him find out the truth. Sam finds a CD with a date close to the day of the shooting. They go back to Jasonís and are not able to gain access to the information. They call Spinelli who is able to access and they hear Devlinís voice setting up the hit on Sonny. He wants Spinelli to pull up the voice of the other person. Jason is sure it is Claudiaís voice.

October 23, 2009

Jason, Sam and Spinelli listening to Devlinís CD. The other voice says just one word. Jason thinks it is Claudia and wants more. Spinelli tells him he doesnít have more recording and Jason wants him to do what he needs to prove that it is Claudia. Spinelli tells him he will not frame Claudia and thinks Jasonís hatred is clouding his judgment. Jason tthrows him out. He apologizes to Sam. Sam tells him he is angry because he thinks Spinelli is right. Jason and Sam at the hospital. Robin and Patrick tell them that they did not find anything and that they wonít let him look through the files. Epiphany tells them that the lost and found is about to be cleared out. They all go to search to see if Ian's stuff is ther, Sam find a bag she tells Jason that it looks like the one they already found. They find clothes, money and lots of CDs. They are going through CD and Sam tells him she is worried about him and wants to know if he is willing to let this go if it isn't Claudia. Jason tells her she doesnít have to stay, Sam tells him she wants to stay. Jason puts in a CD and they hear Claudiaís voice talking to Devlin. Sam tells Jason he was right. They found the proof on Claudiaís involvement in the shooting. The graffitti montage plays.

October 26, 2009

Jason asks Sam to listen to the CD because she is more objective than he is. She tells him that she is going to treat it like a regular case. They listen and Sam agrees that Claudia was the one who set up the hit on Sonny. Sam tells him that he needs to tell Sonny but that Sonny may see things differnetly because of his relationship with Claudia and that she did not know Micahel would be there. Jason says he will see what Sonny wants to do but not sure what he will do if Sonny tells him to back off. Spinelli comes in and Jason apologizes for yelling at him but does not tell him what they found out. Sam realizes that he is giving Spinelli deniability. Jason says he wished Sam didnít know as much either. Sam tells him not to worry about her that he should worry about himself. He wants her to stay out of it. Sam says she will treat him like any other client but she wants him to think about Michael.

October 27, 2009

Jason and Sam figure out that Claudia sent Jerry after Micahel and Kristina and they discuss that she needs to pay. Sam is upset and says they need to stop her. Jason goes to see Johnny and tells him that Sonny and Claudia had to make an emergency landing. They talk about what can happen to Claudia and that it has nothing to do with Johnny. Johnny wants Jason to understand that if he protects Claudia he is not being disloyal to the organization. Jason comes home and tells Sam that Sonny is planning a party for Claudia. Sam thinks that Jason should call him and tell Sonny everything. Sam says she could kill her herself, Jason tells her she doesnít have to do that. Sam wonders what would have happened to Michael and Kristina if she hadnít tracked them down. Jason asks if she is ready to talk about what Jerry did to her. Sam says that Jerry sold her to a drug dealer who was plastered and stupid and that it wasnít difficult to knock him down and take his car and that it would have been difficult for Kristina. Jason says maybe the plan was to kill Michael and sell Kristina. Jason tells her that they agreed that she would stay out of it and Sam tells her itís a little too late and Jason kisses her.

October 28, 2009

Sam goes to see Jason at the office. She asks if Jason has talked to Sonny he says no that Sonny went straight to his house with Claudia. Max calls to give him an update and Jason tells him to follow her. Jason and Sam talk about why Sonny could doubt the evidence they have. Jason says it doesnít matter he will do what needs to be done. Sam goes to see Michael. He wants to know why Jason doesnít trust Claudia and says he knows that Jason hates her because he believes she shot him. Carly goes to see Jason at the restaurant. Carly explains that Michael is acting strange about the party Sonny is giving Claudia. She knows he is keeping things from her. Jason tells her to go home and take care of herself and that he has things handled. Sam goes back to see Jason she tells him that Michael wanted to see her and he wants to know why Jason feels the way he does about Claudia. Sam wants to make sure this is not going to hurt Michael and Jasonís relationship and thinks maybe they should find another way to deal with it because Claudia can not ruin Michael and Jasonís relationship. Later, SOnny comes to the office and Jason plays the DVD for him.

October 29, 2009

Jason and Sonny at the office. Sonny wants Jason to play it again. After listening Jason asks him what he wants to do. Sonny reaction is calm. He tells Jason that he has a birthday party to go to and expects Jason to be there. Jason and Sam meet at the restaurant. Jason tells her what happened when he met with Sonny and that after listening to the recording he went to Claudiaís party. Sam says that maybe Sonny is in shock or doesnít care anymore but Jason says he cares and he canít let Claudia get away with what she has done even if it means going against what Sonny wants. Sam tells him that he could lose everything that matters to him if he goes against what Sonny wants. Jason says that he might have leave town and the mob. Sam says to give Sonny time that Jason doesnít know what Sonny is thinking. Jason and Sam go to the Metro Court. Jax wants Sam to tell him if something is coming down. Sonny gives a speech thanking his friends for supporting him. He then turns to Claudia and says how he can ever repay her.

October 30, 2009

Sonny is giving his speech to Claudia and it appears that it is going well until he tells her that she is what everyone warned him about her and that she is responsible for Michael getting shot. She denies it. Sonny doesnít want to hear any of it. Kristina and Michael are listening in to everything that is going on. Johnny steps up to protect her and tells him it was him but Sonny tells him he heard the evidence. He says he heard her, Devlin and Jerry making the plans for the hit. Sonny wants to know how long Jax knew the truth. Claudia says that she didnít intentionally hurt Michael and that their marriage was real and they were going to have a baby. Sonny says he is glad the baby did not survive. She tells him itís his fault Michael was at the warehouse. Sonny tells her to shut up and directs Max and Milo to take her. She pulls out a gun and takes Carly hostage. They all try and reason with her. Jason has his gun drawn and Carly tells him to take the shot. She starts going into labor. Claudia takes a car outside the Metro Court. Sonny has Johnny but Jason asks for him to let him go so he can help with Claudia. Alexis sees Kristina who is upset for Michael. They are trying to figure out how they got away. The valet comes in and tells him about the car that is missing. Police arrives and get on it. They are not letting anyone leave without giving a statement. Dante is handling the people upstairs and Olivia is scared and wants him to come clean. Johnny gives Mac possible places where Claudia may go. Dr. Lee comes in and tells them Carly can have a stroke if she has natural birth. Jason calls Spinelli to be ready for information about the car so he can track it. Johnny tells Jason about Joey Limbo. Mac gets the car info. Jason is about to leave but Mac stops him. Jax is upset and wants them to let him go. Mac chooses to arrest Jason and Sam and Michael witness it. Sam tells Mac that Jason didnít do anything. Michael says Claudia deserves what she gets.

November 2, 2009

Jason in the interrogation room with Lucky. Jason is trying to get him to let him go by telling him Carlyís situation. He aks him what he would do if it was Cam, Jake or Liz. Lucky is about to sneak Jason the key when Mac comes in and calls him out of the room. Sam and Johnny come in and Johnny says he can get him out by convincing Mac that he will go with him and promise not to let him kill Claudia. Jason wants Johnny not to help Claudia, Johnny tells him he canít do that and Jason canít make a deal knowing he will help Claudia. He asks Sam to go and follow any leads that Spinelli has. Sam gets to Jason's and takes a gun and leaves to follow a lead. Jason and Lucky in the interrogation room. Jason needs to get out he asks Lucky for the keys or a paper clip to help him. He tells Lucky not to baby-sit him and look for Claudia. Lucky tells him Mac isnít letting him get involved because he doesnít believe he can be objective. They talk about people doing crazy things in the name of family. Mac comes in and tells Jason he is free to go. Lucky tells him to let the system handle it and that maybe it will surprise him and work. Jason says he is going to handle it his own way. Sam comes back to the Penthouse. The lead was a bad one. Spinelli tells her Jason is following another lead. Jason sees something and gets out of the car.

November 3, 2009

Jason comes up on a cabin with his gun drawn. Sam at Jasonís wishing she had been there so she could have gone with hin. Spinelli reminds her that Jason didnít want either one of them as witnesses. Jason kicks in cabin to find a woman and her children. Jason explains who he is looking for and asks her if she needs help. The woman is too upset and angry and doesnít want his help. Jason heads back to his place. He tells Sam and Spinelli what happened. He is feeling regret about scaring the woman and children. Sam tells him he canít do that right now, Carly needs him. Jason tells Spinelli to look for more video. Jason spots the car with Carly in the back. Jason and Sam head out to find Carly and Claudia he instructs Spinelli to send the information to Sonnyís men. Jason and Sam are in the car and Jason tells Sam he will take care of Claudia and she will protect Carly. Sam tells Jason that if the baby is born Claudia may not need a second hostage and she could have killed Carly and took off with the baby.

November 4, 2009

Michael calls Sam and tells her he found the car that Claudia took Carly in but Sam canít hear him due to a bad connection. Carly is trying to plead with Claudia to give her the baby; Claudia is going to take her and starts to leave. Michael comes and swings an ax at Claudia, she falls to the ground dead. Carly is trying to talk to him, Michael is in shock. Jason and Sam come in with their guns drawn. Jason hands Carly the baby. Sam is with Michael. Jason tells Michael to go to Carly and see his baby sister. He hesitates because of the blood on his hands but goes to Carly. Jason uses Samís cell phone to call Sonny. He tells Sonny that he found Carly and that Sam will be bringing Carly and baby to the hospital. He asks Sonny to send Max and Milo and meet him. Sonny and Jax bicker when Sonny give Jax the information about Carly. Jason wants to know what happened and Carly explains. Jason tells her that Sam is taking her to the hospital and what to tell the police. Carly tells Michael that he will be okay. They leave the cabin. Michael looks back at Claudiaís body covered up. Sam tells Carly how they found her and Carly tells Sam about Claudia. She is worried that Michael now has to carry Claudiaís death alone. Sam tells her not alone because he has Jason and Sonny is on his way. Michael tells Jason about finding Carly and killing Claudia. Sonny gets there and Michael tells him he killed Claudia. Sonny tries to hug him but he backs away and says he should have stopped her. Sonny tells him that he did, he stopped her tonight. Sonny tells he did good and for him to get in his car and he will take him home. Michael asks if he is going to take care of it. Sonny promises they will take care of everything. Sonny doesnít want to see Claudia. Jason assures him that Sam and Carly know what to say. Sonny tells Jason to bury Claudia deep. He says it has to ends tonight. He gets in the car with Michael. Carly is being wheeled into the hospital with Sam behind her. She calls out to Jax and asks him if he wants to see his daughter. Jason gives Max and Milo orders to get the body. Max asks about the cabin and Jason tells them they are going to burn it. Max comments on how obvious it is because of what happened and Jason gets upset. Jason tells them that they will leave nothing for the police to find. Jason lights a match and sets the cabin on fire as he, Max and Milo walk away. Johnny approaches Sam at the hospital. Sam explains what happens. Johnny says something is missing between Claudia taking Carly hostage and Carly having her baby. Max and Milo are digging a hole to bury Claudia. Jason stands over the hole and tells them it is good and they throw the body into the hole.

November 5, 2009

Johnny at the hospital trying to get answers from Sam. He wants to know what happened and Sam tells him she was focused on Carly and has no idea what happened to Claudia. Jason, Max and Milo finish up burying Claudia. Jason tells them good job and they leave. Someone is watching. Johnny continues to ask Sam questions about where she found Carly, Sam say she doesnít know, Johnny doesnít believe her. Jason calls Sonny to tell him that it is done. Jason comes in to find Sonny and Dante. Dante wants to help and Sonny asks Jason if they should let him help. Sonny gives Dante the location. Jason wants to know how Michael is doing, Sonny tells him he is better than expected and that he did what he had to do. Sam goes to the Jason's and finds Spinelli there. Sam tells Spinelli that he should not say anything about her and Jason being together. Sam worries that Johnny will try to avenge Claudiaís death. Jason tells Sonny that the cops are not going to buy the disappearance of Claudia. Sonny says they will get through it if they stick to their story. Jason worries that Michael will confess. Sonny says he will get Michael through it. Jason goes to see Carly. Carly tells Jax to leave. Jax is hesitant. Carly is very upset about Jax knowing about Claudia and Jerry. The baby wakes up and Jason hands her the baby. Jason goes home to find Sam waiting for him. Jason thanks her for taking Carly and the baby to the hospital. Jason asks if she has been contacted by the police. She says yes they left a message on her machine. Sam says she is worried about him because the police have been after him and Sonny for a long time. Montage of the room with the pictures including one of the Jason with Claudiaís body.

November 6, 2009

Montage scenes that occurred from Claudiaís surprise party to when they buried her. Jason goes to see Carly to see how she is doing. Carly introduces the baby to her godfather Jason. Jason tells the baby that she did really well and she is tough like her mom. Jason mentions how Carly could have died. Carly tells him that is why he didnít tell her everything. Jason tells her he was trying to protect her. Carly tells him she needs to know everything starting when he knew about Claudia being the one that got Michael shot. Carly asks for Michael. Jason tells her he is with Sonny. She wants Jason to tell her everything. Jason tells her that he took care of everything and they need to stick to their story. Carlyís says she is scared that Michael will confess. Jason is worried that Michael is not showing emotion. Carly tells Jason that he needs to talk to him because Michael got there just in time and he didnít do anything wrong. Jason says that he knows what it is to kill someone regardless of how justified you are but Michael is not showing anything emotion. Carly says he may be shock and Jason is concerned that Michael will crash. Jason tells her about finding proof on Claudia and giving it to Sonny.  He also tells her about Jerry and Jerry going after the kids in Mexico. Carly wishes that he would have told her. Jason says he wishes he would have done things differently but he could not live with himself if something had happened to Carly and her baby. She says she understands but doesnít understand about Jax. At the PCPD, Lucky thanks Jason for coming in. Jason says he wonít be answering his questions. Lucky starts asking him random questions and Jason wants to know why he is asking stupid questions. Lucky knows that Jason only wanted to find Carly that night. He wants to know where he went. Jason says he canít tell him anything. Lucky says he already wrote the report and itís off the record. Jason tells him he went to find Carly. Lucky talks about the justice system and how it would have dealt with Claudia. Lucky asks if he is tired of the violence and Jason says yes he is. Lucky says he wishes they could do it differently and that the killing would be justified instead of looking like murder. Jason tells Lucky he is a fair person but that the truth can cause more damage. Lucky tells him he knows that he didnít kill Claudia but knows who did and that it will come out. Jason gets home to find Michael. Michael thinks he messed up because he told Johnny that Claudia got what she deserved. Jason tries to tell Michael that things will start sinking in. Michael doesnít want Jason to baby him. He tells Jason he is not going to feel bad and confess and that Claudia was dangerous and that if he had to kill her again he would.

November 9, 2009

Jason trying to explain to Michael what he did was to protect Carly and his sister but that killing someone is a lot to carry. Michael explains why he did what he had to do. Michael doesnít want Jason to make excuses. Michael tells him that this is who he is and that Jason doesnít want to see who he is and that he is not sorry for killing Claudia. Michael wants to know if Jason would have let Claudia go. Jason tells him that he is not him and that he has his whole life ahead of him and that killing is nothing to proud of. Michael storms out. Jason remembers promising Michael when he was a baby to keep him safe and loved. Sam comes over and tells Jason that Lucky called her to give her statement but that Lucky knows her pretty well and may be able to tell that she is lying. Jason says maybe he should tell him the truth. Sam wants to know if he wants to tell the police. Jason says he doesnít know what he wants but he wants to protect Michael. He is having doubts that covering up what Michael did may be hurting him. Jason tells Sam that he doesnít seem to be affected by killing Claudia. He talks about how Michael grew up. Sam tells him that he loves Michael and gave him to Sonny because he thought Sonny would be a good dad. Jason says not sure what would have happened with the Quartermaineís but knows he wouldnít have killed anyone.

November 10, 2009

Jason tells Sam that he chose his work and he is good at it but it cost him a normal life. He learned to deal with the things he does but never wanted Michael to deal with anything like this. Sam tells Jason that Carly, Sonny and Jason has done everything to protect Michael and he lost his freedom to make mistakes and that we learn from our mistakes so he doesnít have a clue about consequences because he has only paid for otherís mistake and not his own. Jason goes to see Carly. Carly is upset and Jason wants her to stay strong especially for Michael. He says that covering Claudia death reinforces all the mistakes he has made with Michael and that asking Michael to keep it a secret may be a bad mistake. Carly says Jax says the same thing. Sam goes to the restaurant. Dante tries to ask her questions but Sam doesnít give him any additional information. Carly tells Jason she asked Jax to leave but she needs to focus on Michael. She says maybe they should tell the police but Jason says Michael will be known as killing Claudia. Carly wants to them to bring Michael home. Jason goes to the restaurant and finds Jax waiting. Jax wants Jason to help him to get Carly back.

November 11, 2009

Jax wants Jason to help him get Carly back. Jason is staying out of it. Jax tries to make his case to Jason who does not want to be involved. Carly walks in. She accuses Jax of using Jason to convince her that she is wrong and he is right. Carly is upset that he put Michael at risk. Jax says that Sonny, Jason and even Carly put Michael at risk. He says that covering up for Michael it will hand him over to a life in the mob. He apologizes to Jason for wasting his time. Carly tells Jason that it is hard because Jax is so loving and supportive and she is scared she wonít be able to forgive him. She wants Jason to help her but Jason says she needs to decide because of all those times he told her to go back to Sonnyís and he was wrong. Carly says her first priority is Michael and she is going to bring him back home. Jason is in the office and Sam comes in to ask if he is busy. He says no. She tells him she needs help with the case and gives him details. When he offers to help right there and then she says she made it up because she wanted to see him. They start kissing and as things get hot and heavy Alexis comes in the office and catches them.

November 12, 2009 

Alexis goes into Sonnyís office looking for Sonny and surprises Jason and Sam in a private moment. Sam hides behind Jason as she puts her shirt on. Alexis is rambling and somehow is unable to open the door because it is locked. Sam is trying to help her open the door, while Alexis rambles about not being nosey. Jason is trying to tell them there is another door but they are not listening. Sam gets the door unlocked and Alexis leaves. Sam wants to know if it was that bad and Jason laughs and says they thought they were alone. Sam wants to know why they canít just admit they are in a relationship instead of making up stories to see him and they arenít hiding from anyone. Jason says he wants to be with her but he doesnít want to expect more than she can give him. Sam says she doesnít want to talk about the past and she wants to stay in the present. Jason agrees. Jason goes to kiss Sam the phone rings and he sees its Carly.  He is about to ignore it but Sam tells him to answer it. Carly is upset because Michael doesnít want to come home and wants Jason to talk to Sonny. Sam tells him to go because Carly needs him. She tells him she will be at her apartment. Jason goes to Sonnyís and they discuss Michael and their influence over him.  They don't want him to be like them.  Michael eavesdrops. Jason is worried that Michael is not showing remorse. Sonny is convinced that he can help Michael. Jason thinks if he stayss with Sonny he will never have the life that Sonny worked hard to give him. Sonny doesnít want Michael to think that he is turning his back on him. Jason tells him that Michael knows how much Sonny loves him and that is why Sonny needs to tell Michael to leave. Sonny doesnít think that a father should tell his son to leave but Jason tells him a good father puts his children first and that Sonny is a good father. Sonny tells Michael that their bond will never be broken but he will not allow him to live the life he leads and that is why he needs to live with Carly. Michael says he will live with Carly out of respect for them but the time is coming when they wonít decide how to live his life. Michael and Carly leave. Sonny says that Michael sounds just like him.

November 13, 2009

Jason and Sam come in from a motorcycle ride. Jason apologizes for taking her out all night. Sam wants to know if it helped clear his mind. He says that most people donít think he is easy to read, she tells him that she isnít most people. Jason tells Sam he needs to do a job that he might not be able to because of Michael. Sam tells him she is there to help but if it is something that he needs to figure out himself she is okay with that.  She starts to leave but Jason stops her. He says he wants to talk and explains that they have to send a message so no one will undermine Sonnyís authority. His worry is that Michael will see it and he will know that he is responsible. Sam asks him if he can put off the job. Jason says no and Sam wants to know if it has to be Jason to do the job. Jason says he only trust himself to do the job and handle the pressure. Dante knocks and Sam leaves. Dante tells Jason that he told Sonny about Anthony making a move and that he is prepared to head it off. He gives Jason a status report about the organization and says  Joey Limbo is the key. Jason goes to see Sonny at his office. Sonny is hoping that they can do this with a different approach by meeting with Joey Limbo. Montage of the loft, camera snaps sounds as a body resembling Claudia is on the floor.

November 16, 2009

Jason tells Sonny that the truce with Joey Limbo is a change of tactics. Sonny wants to know if it is relief that he hears. Jason tells him he doesnít want to kill anymore. Sonny asks if Jason doesnít want to work with him anymore. Jason says he wants to still be his number two but when it comes to killing. Sonny thinks he should take some time and Jason says that if things workout then he wonít need to kill. He needs to give Michael something better to look up to. Sonny tells Jason about Michael sending Max and Milo to talk to Kiefer. He says that the he hopes this will work because they donít want a mob war. Dante comes in and says he doesnít have anything new and Sonny tells him that he might have a solution. Jason goes to Carly and tells her that there is shift and that it will be really good for Michael. Carly is tired of secrets. He tells her about Sonnyís peace talks with the rival and that he told Sonny that someone needs to take over as enforcer because he wants to stay away from the violence. Carly knows that he is doing it for Michael. Jason tells her that he is respected for what he does and that Michael thinks killing is respectable. Carly tries to justify why Jason does what he does because he has saved them so many times. Jason tells her to stop making excuses because itís not okay. He is worried that he is the only that sees that Michael is not reacting to killing Claudia. Carly says she is worried to death about Michael but that he is emulating Sonny and that Sonny will not change. Jason tells her that he wants to be someone that Michael looks up to. Carly tells him that she is thankful but she doesnít want to put himself in danger. Jason says he will figure it out. She reminds Jason of all the good things he has dome for he and her kids. She hands over the baby and tells him she has made tons of mistakes but he wasnít one of them. Jason comes home and checks his mail and opens up an envelope to find a photo of Claudiaís dead body.

November 17, 2009

Jason is looking at the picture he received in the mail. Spinelli comes in from a day of shopping. Jason tells him he tried to keep him out of it but he needs his help and that he canít tell anyone including Maxie. Spinelli agrees and Jason shows him the picture and tells him what happened that night. They start working on finding out who took the photo. Spinelli is working on findng who sent the photo when Sam knocks on the door. She comes in to tell him that they have been hired to provide security for an art exhibit sponsered by Kate. Spinelli tells her that he is unavailable because he is helping Jason. He shares the picture with Sam. Jason goes to see Sonny at his office. Sonny tells him about Lulu visit and Jason shows him the picture. Sonny wants him to find the guy that took the picture and make sure he doesnít talk. Jason goes back home to find Sam waiting for him. She tells him that Spinelli has a lead. Jason wants to go over that night because they missed something. Jason needs to know who took the picture and why. Artist studio with a scene that looked like one from Claudiaís death. She opens her eyes and asks if she can get up. Jason and Sam talk about how someone could have taken the picture. Sam tells Jason that whoever took the photo wants him to know that they know. Artist studio scene, agent calling the artist about the exhibit and says there shouldnít be any trouble like the last time.

November 18, 2009

Jason, Sam and Spinelli at Jason's are working on finding out more about who sent the photo. Spinelli says it will be hard to narrow down who took it. Sam tells them they might have to wait until he gets contacted. They hear a knock on the door it is Lucky and he wants to talk privately. Spinelli leaves. Lucky tells Sam he hopes she doesnít get in trouble for helping Jason. Sam tells him Jason didnít do anything and neither did she before she leaves. Lucky wants to know what happened the night Claudia got killed. Lucky goes over the evidence and says Sonny possibly killed Claudia but he doesnít believe that is what happened. Sam sees Elizabeth outside Kellyís and asks if everything is okay. She tells her that she had a long day at work. Liz apologizes for judging her and that she isnít proud of some of things she has done. Lucky tells Jason that something else happened. Jason asks what does he want him to say. Lucky says he doesnít condone what he does but he knows he gave up Jake because he knew that he and Liz could provide him a happy home. Jason says that Lucky has a murder to solve and Lucky tells him he is taking himself off the case and that someone else will step in and ride it until there are murder charges. Sam comes in and Jason tells her what happened with Lucky. She tells him it is probably hard to deal with Lucky because of Jake. Jason tells her that Lucky has been great father to Jake and he knows that Jake loves Lucky. Sam says that he wishes it could be different. He says Jake is where he is supposed to be and that he is happy and he owes some of that to Lucky. Sam says she knows Lucky and he loves Liz and the boys but Liz doesnít feel the same about being with Lucky as he does. Jason goes to Sonnyís office. Dante is there and they talk about Sonny meeting with Joey Limbo. Jason tells him that Sonny wants Dante there.

November 19, 2009

Jason and Dante at Sonnyís office talking about the meeting when Sonny walks in and wants to go over the details. Montage and music of the pictures from the artist studio. Sonny says that he, Jason, Dante and himself will be at the meeting and Max and Milo will be outside. Sonny wants to talk to Dante alone to make sure he is ready. Jason is at his place getting ready to go when Carly comes by. She wants to celebrate because she can eat regular food. Jason tells her that he canít because if the meeting. She tells him she thought he was over that. They talk briefly about Mchael. Carly tells him she is leaving and that she put the beer in the fridge and is taking the cheesy snacks. Carly asks about Dante. Jason says he canít tell her. Carly is worried for Lulu so Jason tells her a little about Danteís involvement in the organization. She knows there is something more he is worried about and knows he wonít tell her. She thinks holding her baby will help but Jason tells her he shouldnít be around babies. She tells him she hates that Elizabeth made him think that. He says he canít bring Jake back into his life and he is going to believe Lucky is going to love him as his own and be a better father than he is. A homeless man is at the street spraying graffiti when Joey Limbo and his men get there. Sonny is going over the details and gives out instructions. He tells them to shoot if they have to otherwise donít do it. Joey Limbo is giving instructions to his men when they notice the homeless man and approach them. He asks for change and Joey Limbo gives him one coin. He drops it and the man bends down to pick it up. He tells him to get lost and the man walks away to leave.

November 20, 2009

Jason, Sonny, Dante, Max and Milo are in the car heading to the meeting with Joey Limbo. Joey Limbo giving his men instructions. They notice a man spray painting. They approach him and the man asks for some change. Joey gives him a coin but drops it. The man bends down to get it and Joey tells him to get lost. Sam comes to Jasonís place to check in with Spinelli. He tells her that there are lots of the cameras out there. He says that even though the matter is urgent, they have been hired for the security job and Maxie is depending on him and he wonít let her down. Sonny, Jason and the rest of the men get to the meeting. Jason gets out to check if it is okay to get out and all seems clear and soon as they are all out of the car Dante yells for Sonny and gunfire erupts. Sam tells him that she will go and he should stay and work on who sent the photo. Back at the shootout Jason is taking out the men and police sirens are heard in the background. Dante yells for Jason to come on he takes a shot at Joey and shoots him before making it to the car. As they are driving away Jason notices the homeless man who is waving at him. Sam gets to the art gallery. Maxie is upset that Spinelli is not there. Sam says he will be there but Maxie is worried. Jason tells Sonny that they have a witness to what happened. Back at the shooting scene, the homeless man approaches Joey Limbo steps on his neck, killing him. He repositions the body. Jason gets home and sees Spinelli getting ready. Jason tells him that he canít go because he needs him to pull camera video of the location of the shootout. Man gets to the studio with the pictures of Jason and he makes a call to a woman  that he needs her. Jason wants to make sure that the shooting wasnít caught on any cameras. He explains how things happened. They look at footage and find the homeless man and he is waving at the camera. Back at the studio the man is covering up the pictures he has on the table and pulls out a blade. There is a knock on the door and a woman comes in and says itís too dark. Jason and Spinelli looking at footage and it look like the man just disappeared. Spinelli tells Jason that some homeless people have mental disorders.  Sam knocks on the door. She says everything is good at the art gallery but there are reports of the shootout all over the news. Spinelli says that Jason needs to secure an alibi. Sam says that isnít he glad she stopped by. Sonny is at the restaurant with Dante when Jason calls him and tells him they need to be seen in public and tells him about the art gallery show. Sonny tells Dante to find someone to take to the art gallery that they are going to make a public appearance. Women at the loft shaving the man, she wants him to thank her but he tells later because they are expecting him.

November 23, 2009

The mystery man is lying on the floor and sits up with his back on the bed when Maxie comes in.  She is upset that this person is ruining Francoís art but he invites her to join him.  Sam tells Jason that he looks really good.  They flirt while Sam assures him the cover will work. They go to leave but Lucky arrives.  Back at the art gallery Maxie is trying to convince the man to get out of the art display and he is giving her a hard time.  Maxie realizes that he is Franco.  Sam asks Lucky if they can make it quick because it is important for her since it is a job for the PI Agency.  Lucky says he wonít be long.  He describes what the murder scene and believes Jason was the shooter but the usual pieces donít fit.  Maxie tells him that it wonít work to pretend to be famous just to get her into bed.  She wants him to prove it.  He hands her over some passports with different names.  Maxie does not believe him. He goes over and sprays on the wall, Luke comes in and Franco hands him the spray paint and he sprays the wall.  Luke and Franco have a conversation about his art.  Lucky is describing how Joey Limbo died and how the body was posed.  He doesnít think that is Jasonís style and something out of the ordinary went down and to let him know if he knows anything.  Luke is continuing to talk to Franco about his art and how if he came across the real thing he would not be able to handle it.  Max and Milo come in and give their take on the art.  Jason and Sam get to the gallery.  Sam is going to talk to Spinelli and Jason doesnít want her to go.  Jason talks with Robin about what makes the stuff art.  Maxie tells Franco that she is an artist too and works her way into asking him about the fashion shoot.  Sonny comes in and Franco and he discuss how the art display looks real.  Sonny tells him that he needs to be careful that he doesnít blur on whatís real and what he imagined.  Jason and Sam walk in and Franco wants to be introduced to him.  Maxie asks Jason but Jason declines and Franco wants to leave and Maxie goes with him.  Before leaving Franco waves at Jason the same way as the homeless guy did.  Franco and Maxie are in the car and Franco hands her a red scarf to blindfold herself.  Maxie is hesitant but when he asks the driver to pull over she does it.  At Francoís studio Franco wants Maxie to do something for him.  Jason, Sam and Spinelli are at Jasonís and Jason wants him to bring up security cameras. He says that Franco and the homeless man waved at him the same way.  Back at the studio Franco has Maxie lay on the floor and takes a picture of her as she lays inside the chalk body outline.  Maxie figures it out and gets up and slaps Franco.  Jason wants Spinelli to compare the two videos.  Maxie is upset ready to leave and tells Franco that her sister was murdered.  Franco apologizes and is about to call her a cab but she asks him to show her around.

November 24, 2009

Franco and Maxie at the art studio. Maxie puts the red scarf over Francoís eyes and tells him it is his turn. She spins him and he ends up bumping into her. Jason asks Spinelli to look closely. Spinelli isnít convinced they are the same person. Franco tells Maxie she saved his life and she tells him he is full of crap. He hands her a drink that doesnít taste good but he doesnít warn her until after she drinks it. He opens a bottle of champagne and hands a glass to Maxie. They talk about his art and he tells her a story about a girl he was in love with and was killed. Maxie doesnít believe him and asks him if he made it up and he tells her he makes everything up. Sam says that the guys are the same size and build. Jason just finds it odd that both men waved at him the same way. Maxie is not falling for his lines and Franco points out that girls are crazy for him and that Maxie isnít impressed. They keep talking about art and Franco shares that he started tagging since he was 12. Maxie tells him she almost believes him but not quite. Franco tells her not to live by rules and boundaries and to take what you want and he kisses her. Spinelli notices some attitude of defiance in Franco and Jason tells him he has never met him. Sam tells him that he did decline to meet him and maybe that is what upset him. Jason tells him then why did the homeless man wave at him the exact same way. Maxie asks Franco if he is trying to get her drunk. They talk about her not getting married and Franco tells her that her boyfriend doesnít ever have to find out. She tells him that she made promises. Franco asks if Spinelli is the love her life and why she is sure to go to give up what life has to offer her. Maxie is getting upset because she thinks Franco is calling her a prude. He keeps telling her things that are getting her upset but when he tells her he will take her back to the gallery she says that is not what she wants. Spinelli is worried about neglecting their job and Jason tells him to go back to the gallery. Jason and Sam are talking about why a major artist dresses up like a homeless guy and how he can tie him to the shoot out. Sam asks if he wants to tell her about the shoot out. Jason tells her about the ambush. Sam tells him that anyone could see he was in the shootout since he didnít take cover. Jason tells her that he didnít notice him until they were driving away. Maxie is asking Franco if that is how he works by making the women so upset that they want to do him. She tells him that she doesnít want to leave, pulls his shirt open and they start kissing. Jason tells her that he killed 3 or 4 men. Sam tells him if he didnít it would have been them who died. Jason tells her that he did what he had to do and that when he kills it is always a rival but does he have a right to kill someone who was at the wrong place. Franco and Maxie are in the car. Maxie wants to know if he knew they would hook up. Franco tells her he didnít know but now itís going to be hard to get her out of his mind. He drops her off and kisses her. Maxie realizes that she didnít get him to agree to do the shoot. Jason tells Sam that he will need to get rid of the threat and Sam says he is not having faith and that she needs to have faith for both of them. Jason tells her that she is not objective. She tells him that she knows him and that he does what he has to do to protect him and his. Jason thanks her and she thanks him for telling her. He says that she is the only one that he could talk to about that.

November 25, 2009

Sam goes to Robinís. Robin thanks her for coming but Sam tells her to thank Krissy and Molly because she is the one with doubts. Patrick comes in and asks what her doubts are about and Robin and Sam say itís about having sides when he leaves Robin says that there was something between Mac and Alexis and all the need is a push. Robin says she isnít going to push just putting them in the same room with each other and that they have good chemistry. Sam is doubtful. Patrick comes in and hears what is going on. Patrick says they are asking for trouble and not to let Mac catch on. Mac comes in and wants to know why the game isnít on and says he needs to see the game in HD and is about to leave when Robin suggest the can see it where they are setting up to eat but with no sound. Sam comes in with the plates and Mac wants to know if Jason is coming. Robin tells him no but Spinelli is. Mac doesnít look pleased. Matt arrives with Lisa and Robin looks hesitant. Patrick and Lisa talking about how Patrick is such a proud dad and how surprising that is, they all start having a conversation about football. Lisa mentions how she canít believe Patrick has become so domesticated. Samís phone rings, its Molly and she is telling her she doesnít think itís a good idea. Mac comes over and tries to ask her about her statement about Claudiaís disappearance. Robin puts a stop to it. Mac is about to leave and Robin tells him not too. Alexis and Molly get there when Mac opens the door. Molly convinces him to stay with an excuse about school. Robin tells Mac and Alexis to talk. Alexis excuses herself and goes to talk to Sam about what is going on. Mac is asking Patrick the same thing. They have figured it out. They go outside to talk about it. Krissy comes in and gives the crowd a report about them talking. Lisa comments about why they need help. They go into the history of Alexis choices of men and their dads. Mac and Alexis come in and tell them they know what they are up to and not going to happen. They have dinner Alexis tries to have Molly sit next to Mac but doesnít work; she ends up having to sit next to him. Patrick gives thanks. Edward sings and the Qs wish everyone a ĎHappy ThanksgivingĒ

November 30, 2009

Franco at his studio looking over the pictures he took of Maxie. He is upset about something and begins to throw things around and breaking things. The girl who shaved him walks in and he tells her next time to knock. Jason gets home and Sam comes out of the kitchen with coffee. Jason kisses her and Sam is telling him about Thanksgiving at the Drakes when she notices something is wrong. Jason tells her he went back to the location of the shootout and knows if the man was standing where he think he was he saw him shoot the men. The girl is looking at pictures and Franco tells her to put them down. She asks him if the girl in the picture is special. Franco tells her that she is connected to an artist he admires and that she is bait. Jason tells Sam that he walked to the spot where the homeless guy stood and you could see everything. Sam tells him that they would have heard something if the guy came forward and maybe he was a homeless guy who was drunk. Jason says what if it is Franco. They talk about why Franco would do such a thing and how things donít add up with Joeyís windpipe being crushed and body posed. Spinelli comes in and seems distracted. He tells them that he is worried about Maxie because she didnít get Franco to do the shoot and that she is recovering from the flu. Sam tells him that they will be happy to help him out. They compare the pictures again. Sam says that Kate could be a help if she did a background check. Jason wants Spinelli to run a background check on him. Sam goes to the magazine and sees Maxie. They talk about Spinelli being worried about her. Sam tells her she looked to through the bio and how it was weird how he wanted to meet Jason. Maxie thinks he is confused because he thinks Jason is an artist. Spinelli is not having any luck on finding more information. He does find out that Franco has been in the U.S. for over two months. The girl is asking Franco if they could go out and he tells her he is working. He tells her that Jason would not meet with him and she tells him that maybe he didnít know who he was. Franco said he did know and the girl tells him that maybe Jason isnít a fan. Franco tells her he will be. The start kissing and he tells her ďletís get this over withĒ and that he is expecting company. Jason and Spinelli are continuing to look into Francoís background. Jason is looking through mail and opens up an envelope. The picture of Maxie is in it.

December 1, 2009

Jason answers the door to find Maxie on the other side. She tells him to leave because she wants to spend some time with Spinelli. He tells her she needs to explain the picture. She is surprised that he has it and wants to know where he got it. Jason is asking her questions about where and when the picture was taken. Maxie tells him about how the picture was taken and that Franco thinks that Jason is an artist. Later, Sam comes in and Jason tells her about the picture and his conversation with Maxie. They talk about whether the pictures of Claudia and Maxie are connected. They wonder what Franco wants from Jason. Sam says that this is really out there. They talk about going to the gallery to see if they can meet with Franco. As they are about to leave Spinelli comes in. They tell him they are working on the case but donít tell him what. Spinelli sits at the desk with his computer where the picture of Maxie is sitting. They go to gallery and tell the man at the gallery they were interested in buying a piece. The man asks if he is Jason Morgan and when Jason confirms that he is he tells him he is exactly what Mr. Franco described and they were expecting him.

December 2, 2009

Jason and Sam at the gallery they are asking the guy why Franco said he would be coming to the gallery. Franco is at his studio shooting red paint balls at pictures of people who are in Jasonís life. Jason is asking the man what Franco told him about him but he doesnít know. Sam plays it off as if Jason is an artist. The guy says that explains it and that Franco left an art piece for him. Jason tells him he wants to get into touch with Franco but the man says the only contact they have is his agentís number. Sam says that it is okay and they will take the art piece and that Jason would thank Franco later. Jason and Sam talk about what Franco is up to. Sam says there might be a clue or message in the art piece. They walk into Jasonís Penthouse and find Maxie and Spinelli making out. Spinelli says that Jason shouldnít have acquired an art piece without Maxieís input. Maxie tells him that they should go to her apartment and asks him to get something from upstairs. When Spinelli leaves Maxie asks Sam if Jason showed her that picture. Sam tells her she isnít judging her and Maxie tries to explain why she had done it and that they canít tell Spinelli. Jason tries to see if Maxie can help but she says no and leaves when Spinelli comes down the stairs. Sam wonders if Maxie and Franco had sex, Jason says he doesnít even want to go there and Sam agrees. They open the crate and they have no idea what the art piece is suppose to mean. Montage of Max/Diana dancing, Mac asking Alexis to dance, Patrick/Robin dancing, Ethan/Lisa dancing, Luke/Tracy, Dominic/Lulu, Johnny at the garage and Olivia comes over and they start kissing, Carly leaving Sonny and Sonny bringing her scarf she forgot and wraps around her neck and she kisses him on the cheek. Jason standing on the balcony Sam comes up from behind him and hugs him. He turns and kisses her and backs her up against the wall.

December 3, 2009

Maxie comes to the Penthouse to tell Jason that Spinelli can not find out about Franco. Jason wants to know everything about what happened when she left with Franco. He questions her but Maxie is not being very helpful. Jason tells her there is more at stake than the photos of her but she tells him not for her. Spinelli walks in and she makes up a story about how they need to redecorate. Spinelli tells Jason that he wonít object and Jason tells him he objects to wasting time they need to find Franco. Maxie runs to the door and Sam is there. She starts on her about redecorating but Sam tells her that she likes it. Jason tells Maxie to shut up and to either help or get out. Spinelli tries to stop her but she leaves. Spinelli tells Jason that it was uncalled for. Sam says Jason didnít mean to be like that and that he is just worried. Spinelli says he will help but first will go check on Maxie. Sam tells Jason it is not like him to be that way but he tells him that he needs to find Franco because if he saw Claudiaís murder he is a threat. They talk about the timeline of when Franco has been in the country and the photos he keeps getting. He says Maxie is not going to help him and Sam says she is going to try to talk to her. Sam goes to Crimson to see Maxie. Maxie tells her she tried to answer the questions and doesnít want Sam to judge her. Sam says she wonít but she needs information to help find Franco. Maxie says she wants to find him too because he took more than one photo. Spinelli arrives at the penthouse. Jason apologizes. They talk about what Franco may have seen. They try to figure the painting out. Jason thinks Franco is sending him a message.

December 4, 2009

Jason and Spinelli are analyzing the painting. A shot of Franco taking the painter drop cloth off the pictures he has taken. Jason thinks itís a riddle he has to figure out. They talk about what each thing in the painting is. Jason wonders if they have anything to do with the cabin and Claudia. Spinelli still has his doubts that Franco could be responsible for the pictures being sent to Jason. Jason tells him that Franco does crime scenes and that he needs to know what Franco knows. They continue to analysis the painting. We see a shot of the pictures that Franco has in his studio. Jason and Spinelli realize the painting contains a street number. Spinelli does a search and finds the address is lofts and that two months ago one was rented to a Jason Morgan. Jason goes to the loft and find it open when he tries the door. He walks in and he sees the pictures.  The is the shadow of man on the window.

December 7, 2009

Jason is looking around Francoís studio. He finds the clothes the homeless guy wore. He makes a call asking someone to come because he needs their help. Sam shows up at the studio. She is creeped out by it. Jason says he canít figure the guy out and Sam says that is because he keeps it simple and doesnít thrive off of chaos. Sam doesnít know why Maxie would allow Franco to take those pictures but Jason says he didnít force her. Jason shows her the clothes he found and Sam tells him he was right and that Franco wants him to know. Jason is now convinced that Franco sent him the pictures. HE thinks Franco is sending him a message but he can't figure it out. Sam says Franco is controlling the game and now he has to take control. They talk about the timeline about when Franco became interested in him. They talk about it being personal and how Franco thinks Jason is an artist. Jason wants to wait there until he gets an answer. Sam says maybe he left the country. Jason asks her to check out the neighborhood. He knows she is worried but he needs to face Franco alone and Sam tells him to be safe. Jason tells her always and kisses her. Jason turns off the light with gun drawn to wait for Franco. Jason hears someone opening the door.

December 8, 2009

Jason is at the studio waiting for Franco when Maxie comes through the door and he almost shoots her. Jason wants to know where why she is there and how she found the place. She tells him she went to his place and found the address and asks if he has killed Franco. She hopes not and Jason says he hasnít killed him. Maxie wants to know if he has seen any photos lying around. Jason wants to be careful. Maxie does not think Franco is a murderer. Spinelli shows up to get Maxie out of there. Maxie says Franco is to important to her because of she needs him for the photo shoot. Spinelli updates Jason that he cannot find Franco and asks Maxie to stay away from Franco. Maxie doesnít want Jason to make him disappear. Later, Jason hears the door he pulls out his gun and it turns out to be Sam. Sam says no one has seen Franco. Jason says that Franco will stay invisible until it serves his purpose but he will come out of hiding and he will get answers then. They continue searching but Jason thinks they are wasting their time. Jason gets a call from Coleman about Michael. At Jakes, Lucky is trying to talk to Michael but he is being disrespectful to him. Jason walks in and tells him enough. Liz is having a dream about being judged an unfit mother and the judge gives custody of Cameron to Lucky and custody of Jake to Jason. She yells at the judge not to do it.

December 9, 2009

Jason tries to get Michael under control but Michael says that he canít boss him around after what happened with Claudia. Jason tells him to stop talking. Lucky steps in and Michael tells him he wonít tell him anything about Claudia. Jason tries to explain his attitude away. Michael continues to be disrespectful to Lucky and Jason sends him to the car. Lucky tells him Jason that Michael slipped about Claudia being dead and that whatever happened its tearing Michael apart. Jason and Michael get to Carlyís and Michael continues to be disrespectful and says Jason needs to stop bossing him around and that he took care of Claudia. Jason orders him to sit down. They talk about what is going on and Jason tells him that if it continues then Lucky is going to figure it out. Michael starts talking and Jason tells him to shut up and stop disrespecting the people that are trying to protect him. That the problem is they spoiled him and that he is done. He needs to go to school and if he doesnít Jason will make him. Jason makes him apologize to Carly. Jason apologizes for failing him and Carly and Carly tells him itís her responsibility to get him under control. Jason goes to tell Sonny what happened with Michael. Sonny tells him that he will talk to him. Sonny wants Michael to come back to live with him. Jason says that is between him and Carly. Sonny talks about how Jax could be a problem but Jason explains that the threat maybe coming from Franco. He tells him what they have found out about Franco and that Franco might know about Michael. Sonny tells him to find him and if he is a threat to Michael get rid of him as soon as possible.

December 10, 2009

Franco is at his studio putting out snacks and lighting a candle. He rethinks the candle and blows it out. He starts working on a bulletin board pinning up different articles about Jason. The phone rings. He pulls out a gun shoots the phone and gets back to the bulletin board. Max goes to Jason and tells him that they saw Franco going into the studio and that Franco waved at them. Jason says Franco wants him to know that he is waiting for him. Sam does not like it. Jason says he is playing games and that Franco has a fascination with him. They go over everything that has happened to that point. Jason is going over there. Sam thinks he could be walking into a trap. Jason is getting ready to go. Sam asks him not to play his game. Jason agrees about Franco but he wonít avoid him and if he knows about Claudiaís murder he needs to quiet him. Sam says he wonít be able to do that because if he does he will be the main suspect. Sam gives him all the ďwhat ifsĒ but Jason says that is why he needs to meet him. Spinelli comes in and notices the tension. Sam fills him in. Sam comes down the stairs with a Kevlar Vest and asks Jason to wear it. Spinelli thinks they are being overly cautious about Franco. Sam wants Jason to wear the vest. Jason tells her that if Franco wants to kill him the vest wonít help. He tells her not to worry, kisses her and leaves. Maxie comes to the Penthouse to measure to redecorate the place. Sam tells her she is trying to compensate for something that happened with Franco. She disagrees. Sam tells her that Franco came back and Maxie wants to know if Jason could get her photos back. Maxie doesnít think Franco is dangerous. Sam tells her that she needs to stop it and that all she cares about is covering that she slept with Franco. Spinelli is at the door and hears what Sam says. Jason knocks at the studio door and then he comes in with his gun drawn and takes a look around. He sees all of Franco's Jason photos and clippings. Franco tells him it took him long enough. He introduces himself and tells Jason it is a pleasure to meet him. Wants to know if he can call him Jason.

December 11, 2009

Sam and Maxie are at Jason's penthouse. Sam tells her that all she cares about if covering up the fact that she slept with Franco. Spinelli is at the door listening. Maxie tells her that she is being judgmental and that she should be her friend. Sam tells her she is not judging her and she is her friends but Spinelli is her friend too. Maxie tells Sam that she should not think the worse of her since she does not know what really happened. Jason is at the studio and Franco is offering him food or drinks. Jason wants to know why he set it up so he could find him. Sam apologizes to Maxie and tells her she is just on edge because of the Franco stuff. Maxie says its okay she did sleep with Franco. Spinelli is listening in but he leaves. Maxie tells Sam that it would kill Spinelli if he knew and Sam says she wonít say anything but thinks Maxie was lucky. Franco is pointing out all the things Jason has done. Jason says he is a coffee importer Franco gets mad and tells him not to patronize him. Franco tells him that they are the same. Jason asks if he has killed people and Franco says he doesnít keep count. When Jason pushes he says that he has killed in many ways but only in his imagination. Jason wants to know if he has seen him kill anyone. Franco says you want to know if I saw you kill Claudia. He says it was sloppy not like Front Street. Jason wants to know how long he has following him. Franco describes what he saw during the shoot out. When Jason tells him that Joey Limbo was alive and Franco says he was sloppy and hopes he is not slipping or maybe Jason left him for Franco to kill and thanks him. Franco thinks they should do more work together and doesnít know why he needs Sonny. He wants Jason to kill and he will take the picture. Jason tells him he works alone and he tells him that not at Front Street. Franco is getting upset that Jason didnít feel his presence during the shooting. Jason wants to know what he knows about Claudia. Franco says that this will end when he says so and not before and if Jason wants answer then he has to play nice. Jason starts asking question about what he saw at the cabin. Franco starts getting agitated and says that Jason was sloppy and that they canít afford to get emotional because they will become weak. He expected more from Jason. Jason tells him that itís over and starts to go. Franco asks how the kid is doing and Jason asks who. He says that it must have messed with his head and first time always does. Jason tries to ask questions to get more information. Franco says that he doesnít think Michael will ever get over killing his fatherís wife.

December 14, 2009

Jason does not believe that Franco saw Michael kill Claudia but Franco convinces him. Jason says now that he made his big impression what does he wants. Franco says he does not want to impress him and that there are things about him that he canít imagine. Jason brings up Joey Limbo. Franco tells him he isnít harmless like Jason thinks. Jason tells him he believes that. Franco wants to know why Michael is so important to him and Jason tells him he has to protect him. Franco tells him itís andexcuse and that Jason is a killer because he wants to be. Franco wants him to acknowledge it and acknowledge him. Jason starts to leave when Franco tells him that he has left unfinished business he needs to clean up and tells Jason to kill him. Jason asks him if that is what he wants. Franco tells him that he doesnít own what he does and that Jason has killed lots of others for less. Jason tells him he is really trying to make it happen and Franco tells him he doesnít have a death wish. Jason leaves. Jason gets home and Sam is waiting. He brings her up to date on Franco and how he wants Jason to play his game. Spinelli goes to confront Franco about Maxie. Franco asks Spinelli if he has ever gotten his heart broken. Spinelli is about to introduce himself but Franco uses his name. He talks about an artist experiencing things with his own hands. He gives Spinelli a message to give to Jason. Jason is telling Sam that Franco thinks that they are the same. He tells her that Franco says he enjoys killing and about Franco getting angry at him. He thinks Franco wants to prove that he is better than him. Franco tells Spinelli Jason offended him and that he will be using him like he used Maxie to send a message to Jason. He wants Jason to show a little respect next time. Jason doesnít know how much proof that Franco has on Michael. Spinelli comes in and gives him the message from Franco. Jason is not happy that he went over there. Franco gets a call from his agent telling him that the PCPD want to question him about the mob shooting. She wants him to go back to Paris with her that night. He tells her Jason Morgan doesnít want to play so he is making new friends so he will play.

December 15, 2009

Spinelli is telling Jason that Franco was deeply insulted. Jason tells Spinelli that Franco knows Michael killed Claudia and that he is challenging him so he can prove that he is better that Jason. Jason needs to Spinelli to try to find out what kind of evidence Franco has on Michael. Jason pulls out the photo of Maxie and explains to Spinelli how he got the photo and apologizes for showing him but he needs to know if it was taken from the same camera as the picture of Claudia in the cabin. Spinelli thinks maybe Maxie was forced. Sam tells him that Maxie said she wasnít. He asks how long they knew about the photo and Jason tells him that he got it after the art opening. Sam tells him Maxie asked them not to say anything because she didnít want to hurt him. Spinelli is ready to help them. They go over the things they know and Sam tells him to follow the money and look into the agent. Spinelli leaves to work at the office but before leaving he asks them if they think Maxie might have been deceived and Jason tells him that Franco is a manipulator. Sam is scared of what Franco might be doing to Jason. Maxie comes in and tells them that she went back to Franco. Jason is not happy. She tells him about the all the articles and pictures he has of Jason but Jason already knows about it. She tells them Francoís agent said he went back to Paris. Jason tells her about showing Spinelli the picture and Maxie is not happy. She says she should be honest with Spinelli. She wants to know if she was in danger with Franco and Jason says yes she was and to stay away from him. Maxie apologizes and Jason tells her to tell Spinelli. Jason tells Sam about Franco saying that they have a lot in common because they love at what they do. Franco is convinced that Jason protecting people is his excuse because he would kill anyone. Sam doesnít want Jason to buy into it. Franco spray paints CO77X on the pavement outside Maxie's apartment building.

December 17, 2009

Jason goes to Sonny's and tells him that Franco knows about Michael killing Claudia. Franco is looking over pictures and marks and X on a map. Spinelli is at the PI office when Sam walks in.  They talk about their lack of success in tracking down Franco. Spinelli asks Sam if she and Jason have a list of exemptions of people they can sleep with and it not count as cheating. Jason tells Sonny that Franco is obsessed with him and that Michael is a means to get to him. Sonny wants to know why Jason didnít just kill him. Sam asks Spinelli about number in his search program and Spinelli tells her that they are false hits. Spinelli needs to refocus the program and his approach to Maxie. They talk about the exemption list and who Spinelli has on it. Maxie comes in and wants to know if he has made his choice about who he is going to sleep with. Jason tells Sonny that Franco has evidence and if something happens then the truth will come out. Sonny tells him that Jason doubts himself and Franco is winning because of that. Sam tells Maxie and Spinelli that infidelity is a bad thing and they need to decide whether the pain is worth it or if they want to let go. Sonny tells Jason not to play head games with Franco and that Michael canít afford it. Jason tells him he will take care of it. Jason goes to the PI office and Sam and Spinelli give him an update. Jason wonders if Franco is pushing him towards the studio to keep himaway from someplace else. Jason starts leaving saying he knows what Franco will be doing next and Sam goes with him. They go to where they buried Claudia and the grave has been dug up and the body is gone. Franco gets to his studio; he pulls out a bracelet from his bag that belongs to Claudia.

December 18, 2009

Replay of Franco with Claudiaís bracelet. He puts it on top of the mannequinís head and bows. Jason and Sam are at the place where Claudia was buried. They discuss what Franco might be doing with the body and if the cops find the body they can link Michael to the killing. Sam suggests that they hand it over to the police. Jason tells her if it was him he would but it involves Michael. Sam aks how is he suppose to play the game if he doesnít know the rules. She thinks he needs to turn it around or he is going to lose before it is over. They go the Jasonís and update Spinelli. Sam doesn't want Jason to give Franco what he wants. He thinks Franco will just find something else to bait him. Sam brings up going to the police him. Jason says that he had a chance to kill him and he didnít. He says that going to the police wonít change anything. Sam wants to go with Jason but he wants her and Spinelli in public and tells them to go get a tree. Sam looks worried. Jason pulls her into a hug. Franco is spray painting and Ronnie comes up behind him. They know each other. They talk about Franco being charged for something he didnít do and that Ronnie owes him. He thanks Ronnie for giving him a tag his booking ID. They talked about an old murder. Ronnie tells him what he has planned scares. Spinelli and Sam are at the tree lot. Sam is worried. Spinelli tells her maybe Jason wants some normalcy. Sam tells him she wishes she was providing backup. Spinelli tells her that Jason seems to feel responsible for Franco and that he feels he needs to take care of it himself. Dominic comes over to Jason's. Jason explains what is going on with Franco and about Claudiaís body being missing. Dominic knew about the body being missing. He explains that Sonny is worried and sent him out there. Franco tells Ronnie they watch each other's backs. Ronnie tells him he is still on the Interpol watch list. Franco is upset because he thinks that Ronnie may bust him. When Ronnie walks away Franco tells him to be careful. Jason warns Dominic that Franco is unlike the enemies they deal with and gives him an out if he wants it. Dominic doesnít take it. They go to Francoís studio and are looking around when Jason sees the bracelet. He says they need to wait to see what he will do with the body. Carly is at the tree lot with the baby and picks a tree. Franco bumps into her and asks her if she has seen the attendant because he doesnít want anyone to take that tree which is the same one Carly wants. She tells him someone already did.

December 21, 2009

Jason and Dante at the studio talking about the bracelet.  Franco approaches Carly at the treelot and tries to claim her tree.  Then he acts weird about Josslyn and goes on a tangent about respect ending with tell your friend hi for me. Carly is confused. Jason and Dante still at the studio discussing the tag and that Franco is taunting Jason. Jason is doubting himself.  He is leaving but wants Dante to stay and double check the place.  He tells Dante to kill Franco is he comes back.  Dante balks using Claudia's body as an excuse.  Jason says he should have killed him when he had the chance and he doesn't want Dante to make the same mistake. Franco at the hospital tormenting Ronnie.  He tells him that he is going to make Jason choose.  Lulu comes in.  Franco says Ronnie is not doing good.  The monitors go off.  Lulu runs to get help. Jason goes to the Penthouse.  He tells Sam and Spinelli about finding the bracelet. They tell him that the Paris police believe Franco is a serial killer.  Dante comes in and they update him.  Lulu calls him and tells him about Ronnie being hurt and Franco being at GH.  Dante and Jason rush out. Lulu gives Ronnie a pencil and paper.  Jason and Dante come in and Dante asks Lulu questions. Ronnie gives Jason a note that says "you choose".  Franco goes to the restaurant where he tells the bartender he will wait because he has a package for Jason..

December 22, 2009

Dante asks Ronnie if that is waht Franco said and if it is for Jason. Ronnie nods.  Jason doesn't understand the message. Jason wants Ronnie to write more but he passes out.  Lulu goes to get a doctor.  Jason can't figure why he went after Ronnie.  Dante thinks it was random but Jason says nothing Franco does is random. Robin comes in to take care of Ronnie.  Jason sees a matchbook on the window ledge.  He says it is another message telling him where to find Franco. At the restaurant the bartender says Franco couldn't wait but left him an envelope.  Inside the envelope is Josslyn's hat. Jason goes to check on Carly.  Carly talks about Michael until she realizes that is not why Jason is there.  He gives her the hat and tells her Franco left it for him.  Crly has no idea how he got the hat. Jason asks about people she may have run into and she describes Franco. She tells him about her run in with Franco and that Franco said Jason should have shown more respect.  Carly is scared because of how worried Jason it.  Jason goes home and is happy to see Sam there decorating a tree. She says it is strange for her to be there decorating.  Jason says he likes it.  They talk about Franco running down Ronnie and getting to Carly. Jasons says the message is the Franco knows everything about him and who he cares about and that he has to play Franco's game to keep the peopel he loves safe. Sam tries to reassure Jason that this is not his fault and he is not like Franco.  He thanks her for trying to help and she thanks him for letting her. Jason tells Sam that he loves her and is glad that she is back in his life.  She says she loves him too.  They kiss.  Franco's Christmas tree with photo ornaments.  Sam, Maxie, Sonny, Morgan, Jason, Dante and Lulu

December 23, 2009

Sam, Kristina and Molly playing cards on the couches at the lake house. Alexis and Diane come in and talk about things being more festive and about Alexisí fuzzy slippers. She tells Diane she pays mortgage she sets the dress code. Max knocks at the door and Diane is excited to see him. They are sitting around drinking and playing a game when there is a knock at the door. Molly answers it to find Mac. He brings Alexis a gift. Itís practical an ice scraper and brush. They continue to play the game and Alexis is coming from another room the girls rush Mac so Alexis and he are standing under the mistletoe and they kiss. Montage starts with scenes at Alexis, then Robin and Patrick holding Emma as Matt and Lisa take a picture of them, then they show Jax and Carly with the baby as Michael and Morgan present her with her gift a framed picture of the kids, then Maxie and Spinelli decorating the tree Spinelli brought Maxie, at the end it shows the Spencer Family at Luckyís while Ethan reads ďTíwas a Night Before ChristmasĒ and Luke and Lucky comes in and Lucky puts the angel on top of the tree and puts his arm around Lulu.

December 28, 2009

Jason comes in calling for Spinelli who does not answer.  He sees the tree and gets all goofy happy.  Johnny knocks.  He has a picture of Claudia's empty grave. A weird montage of Franco in his studio spray painting CO77X on a canvas over and over again while having memories of Jason and then he is coiling rope. Johnny is demanding answers from Jason.  Jason tells him what happened to Claudia. Johnny wants to know about the picture and Jason says someone else knows what happened and is using it against him. Spinelli comes to Sam's apartment. They talk about the holidays and Maxie, then Sam says she called him there because she is worried about Jason and has not been able to reach him.  Spinelli says it is about Franco.  They agree that Jason needs some brething room.  Sam asks Spinelli to tell Jason she wants to see him that night. Jason wants Johnny to protect Michael.  Johnny is very bitter.  He asks about the picture.  Jason tells him about Franco and Franco taking Claudia's body.  Johnny punches Jason. Sam is coming through her door.  Kristina and Molly are following her. They are there to talk about their plans to get Alexis and Mac together.  Alexis comes and the girls hide.  Alexis wants Sam to tell the girls she and Mac will never be a couple. The girls pop out and start pleading their case.  Sam throws them all out so she can get ready for when Jason comes over. Jason tosses Johnny into the Christmas tree and wants to stop fighting.  They argue about Franco.  Jason says the picture was a set up to make him kill Johnny. Johnny wants to find Franco and get the body back.  Jason says Franco will only reveal himself to him.  He apologizes.  Johnny says maybe now he can see how Claudia felt when people get pulled into something you started that was not intended to hurt them. Jason is fixing the tree when Spinelli comes in.  They talk about Franco and Johnny and the picture. Spinelli encourages Jason to take a break and go spend some time with Sam.  Sam gets in her hot tub.  She sits back with a glass of wine. Franco sneaks into her apartment..

December 29, 2009

Jason leaving Sam a message that he wishes he could see her instead of sending her flowers. When he gets off the phone Spinelli tells him he made a mistake. The delivery man is at Sam's. Franco answers the door and tells him Sam is busy. He signs for the flowers. Jason gives Spinelli a list of things that he needs to look up. Spinelli interjects to tell him that he should rethink about spending time with Sam. He tells Jason that sometimes you need to take some time off to come back and see things more clearly. Jason says he feels he needs to be with Sam and Spinelli tells him to trust his instincts. Jason says he doesnít know if he can trust them. Maxie barges in and tells Spinelli she misses him and wants to get back to where they were before she slept with Franco. Jason tells her that they have work to do but Maxie says that they need to fix it and asks Jason if he wouldnít fight for Sam. Spinelli doesnít think that him cheating will help things. Jason tells her that two wrongs don't make a right. He tells her that she will need to work on having him trust again. Jason tells them if Sam calls to tell her she is on his way. Jason goes to Samís place and finds the door open. He looks around and sees a towel he goes to the hot tub but Sam is not there. .

December 30, 2009.

My Girl Montage - Lucky serenades Liz.  Patrick finds Robin on the hospital roof.  They wish each other Happy New Year and kiss.  Max and Diane outside the P.I. office.  They wish each other Happy New Year and kiss.  Mac and Alexis dancing in the snow by her broken down car.  Liz and Lucky slow dancing at Jake's.  Maxie and Spinelli at the P.I. office. He kisses her and wishes her a Happy New Year. Franco in a tux preparing to eat a meal in his studio.  View of the city of Port Charles with Jonathan Jackson voiceover wishing everyone a Happy New Year.