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January 2, 2008

Diane, Spin, Jason are in Sonnys office. Diane is trying tp track down Sonny who was arrested last night in NYC for assault. Spin is having problems hacking into the NYPD. Diane hangs up saying she is nominated for litagator of the year. She forgets all about finding Sonny and goes off on herself. Jason and Spin are annoyed. Max comes in and says the health inspector is coming and the expresso machine is broken. Diane is going on about the awards while Jason tries to get her to focus on Sonny. Ric shows up and ask about Sonny. She says her world doesn't revolve around Sonny. Ric talks to Jason about Sonny getting arrested. Jason says if he knows where Sonny is tell him if not leave. Ric says with Diane busy Sonny wll be in jail for a while. Spin and Jason talking about how Spin cant find Sonny. Carly walks in and asks why Sonny is arrested. Jason fills her in.  THey talk about how Sonny has problems with being locked up and that he is arrested because of Kate. Lucky bumper. Carly Bumper. Jaon and Carly talk about Sonny and Kate. Carly says she will always care about Sonny but him and Kate will never work like him and Liz will never work. Certain women can never be with certain men. Jason tries to get her to stop talking. The health inspector is there yelling at Spin for hacking into the computer. Max and Diane arrive and Spin is making excuses. She fines them and Diane cuts in saying Spin is distrubed that Mr. Morgan is trying to take care of Spin who would burden the system. Diane says Jason will cover the costs. The inspector tells him to look after after Spin. He says he has no choice, Diane starts askign the inspector for fashion advice. Robin bumper.

January 3, 2008

Spin and Jason go to GH and tell Epiphany that they have located Stan.  They tell her he was in an accident and they called for help but they don't know anything about his condition. She wants to know why Stan was in Florida.  Jason tells her he doesn't know since Stan stopped working for him in Sept.  Epiphany is surpirsed to learn this. Mac bumper.  Spencer bumper.  Liz calls Epiphany to the phone where the cops tell her stan is dead.  Jason, Spin, Liz and Cassisus watch as she gets the news and breaks down. Carly bumper.

January 4, 2008

Jason telling that with Sonny away he is in charge and busy. She wanted to meet for dinner but will cancel with the babysitter. Jason says he will try to work something out. He hangs up on her when Max walks that Stanís car was forced off the road. Jason says that Stan wasn't working for them so why would the Zaccharas hurt him. Max asks why Jason won't take out Johnny. Jason defends Johnny, Carly walks in and says its important and Max leaves. Carly tells Jason that he needs to talk to Michael before he turns into his father. They talk about Michael's bad behavior. Jason says that he will try to get there. Carly says they have another gift for him and that its a globe. They talk about Jason reading travel books to Michael. Carly says that Jason would be a great dad. Carly leaves then comes back and says things are bad arenít they. She talks about how Epiphany and Liz come in. Epiphany wants him to find out who killed her son. Jason is looking at Liz and Carly doesnít like it. Spin comes in and Jason says not now. Piffy says Jason and Epiphany talk about him finding Stan's killer. Spin says he will help get justice. Epiphany says she will hold them to that and then leaves. Spin leaves but Liz stays and tells Jason she is glad he saw Epiphany. Carly says it was interesting Liz was there for all that. Jason goes to Gh looking for Epiphany.  Liz tells him she is on break. She says there is no harm in him standing there waiting for Epiphany. Carly watches from the couch.

January 7, 2008

Jason and Liz at GH talking about meeting in the safe house later. Liz says she has no sitter but she will work something out. Carly is watching on. Dr. Lee interupts before she can talk to them. Jason leaves. Liz can't find a sitter and she calls someone. Sam is behind her. Sam says if she needs someone to watch the kids Lucky could bring them over to her place. Liz says no way in hell would she let Sam near her kids. Sam and Liz argue about Lucky and the boys. Sam just can't figure out how Liz is fitting Jason in. Liz says sheís not that is what everyone agreed to. Sam says yeah right, after she destroyed everyoneís lives just to get to Jason. She asks if they are sneaking around because if she thinks she will ever come first in Jasonís life to think again because Jason is married to his work or he would have the guts to claim his child. So if she needs a sitter to go run out and sneak around with Jason, Lucky and her will help out. Liz says that wont happen and neither will her and Lucky ever being happy. And she will never stop her and Jason from being happy. She tells Sam to go do her worst. Sam smiles and says watch out I may take you up on that. Liz's phone rings.  Its Jason. She asks if he is gonna cancel on her.  He says its gonna be tight Sonny has gotten into something. Maxie bumper. Sam talking to Dr. Lee. She found a bracelet and Dr.Lee says its Carlyís, Sam says she will take it to her. Jason and Liz at the safehouse. Sam comes to Carly's to return the bracelet. She walks in saying she had no idea Carly knew. Carly says know what. Sam says the bracelet is for Jake right. Carly asks why would she buy something for Liz's kid. Sam says Carly must not know. Carly asks knows what. Carly starts arguing with Sam saying she is happy Jason dumped her ass. Sam says oh yeah you know Jason so well. Carly says she does better than she does. Sam says she doubts that right now. Carly says if you have something to say say it. Sam says ok its about Jake's father. Carly asks what about Lucky and Sam says no Jason.

January 8, 2007

Jason and Liz at safehouse looking at picture of Jake. Sam tells Carly Jake is Jason's son.  Carly doesn't believe her and claims Sam is jealous of thier friendship.  Sam says  Carly was glad Sam couldn't have kids because she knew what a son would mean to Jason and now Carly will have to live with Liz who she hates more having his son.  And he did not even tell Carly. Jason and Liz still looking at pictures and talking about Jake's first Xmas and why Jason was right to give him up. Sam says she was shocked too.  Carly says there was a DNA test.  Sam says she heard Jason say it at the hospital.  Sam says she can see that it is hurting Carly.  She says her and Lucky were on the outside and Carly was too. Carly says that she will ask Jason and he will say it is a lie.  Sam says will he, or will he keep on lying cause him and Liz share something she will never share with him.  Carly throws her out. Liz and Jason getting ready to leave the safe house.  They talk about whether it is too complicated to keep seeing each other.  They leave. Carly goes to Liz's, looks at the baby and says its true.  She tells Liz to put the kids to bed or they will hear what she thinks of her. Sonny on the phone looking for Kate.  Jason comes in.  They talk about the Zaccharas and about Kate leaving because she was afraid. Jason encourages him to find a place they can be together, Carly confronts Liz and tells her that she used her martial problems and Jason's breakup with Sam as a golden opportunity and accuses her of using the baby to get her claws into Jason. Liz calls a whore.  Carly smacks her head around. Ric bumper. Sam bumper.  Sonny thinks Jason is losing it telling him to go away with Kate with a mob war brewing. Jason talks about there not always being time.  Sonny realizes it is about Jake.  Carly calls Liz on all of her crap and tells her she is pathetic.  Lucky comes to Sam's.  She is upset.  She tells him sometimes she says and does things she wishes she could take back but a part of her is glad that she did it. She says she is not a good person and starts to talk all confused.  Lucky tries to calm her down. He asks what's going on.  She says just hold me. Carly accuses Liz of making Jason give up his son.  Liz tries to justify herself but Carly says that now that she knows the farce is over. Liz goes to Sam's and tells Lucky that Sam told Carly.  Carly goes to the coffee shop and asks Jason if Jake is his son.

January 9, 2008

Lucky is shocked that Sam told Carly.  Liz gets snarky. Jason admits to Carly that Jake is his son.  Lucky realizes this is what Sam was going to tell him earlier.  Liz starts to whine about Carly.  Lucky is more worried about damage control and reminds Liz it is about Jake and not her. Liz attacks Sam.  Lucky asks Sam how it happened. Carly is hurt.  Jason tries to explain.  Carly calls him on believing Liz's bull. Jason admits to Carly that Liz lied to him too. Carly gets mad and Jason defends Liz. Sam explains how she got sucked in with Carly,  Liz keeps attacking her. Liz hints about what else Sam did. Jason tries to justify Liz but Carly shuts down his excuses. Carly says Liz manipulated Jason and deserves to lose everything.  Jason says he knows Carly loves him but it is not about him. Carly thinks it is and that Jason was wonderful with Michael.  Jason points out Michael's problems and thinks they are related to his and Sonny's lifestyle. Carly says Michael could do worse than being like his father and so could Jake.  Carly says Jason is loving and compassionate.  Jason says they both know what he does and he does not want Jake to be like him. Lucky wants to know if Liz is just picking on Sam or if she really has something to tell him.  His phone rings and he has to go.  He wants Sam to go with him or Liz to leave. Liz says she is staying and Sam says it's okay. Lucky leaves.  Liz and Sam face off and Liz threatens to tell Lucky all about Sam. Alexis bumper.  Liz whining about Carly again. Sam says the truth was going to come out eventually and Liz wants to know what Sam has to lose for all of this.  Sam says she has nothing left lose and Liz says she has Lucky.  Liz starts to threaten Sam again and say she doesn't carea about Jake and brings up all the stuff Sam did. Sam says Jason already knows all this. Liz threatens to tell Carly. Carly says Jason is the best father for Jake.  Jason says they all agreed that this is for the best. Carly is mad at Liz for manipualting Jason into keeping Jake a secret.  Carly is even more hurt to find out that Sonny and others knew. She says he trust them over her and he says he did not want her to come up with plans to get Jake for him.  She says that is what she is going to do. Sam says if Liz tells Lucky she will lose him.  Sam says she hates what she did. She talks about how twisted she was and says she is trying to make Liz understand even if Jason won't.  Liz says Jason does understand and that is why he doesn't want to see Sam get hurt. Sam says Liz will be hurting Lucky if she tells him.  Liz is still snarky. Liz wants Sam to pay more. Liz throws in Sam's face that she has children. Jason wants Carly to leave it alone.  Carly wants Jake with Jason. Carly says she is going to straighten it out and leaves. Lucky bumper.

January 10, 2008

Sonny walks into his office.  He is upset about their organization being vulnerable and asks what Jason was doing while he was gone. Jason says he was dealing with another kind of hell, that Carly knows about Jake...Carly goes to Liz's and confronts her.  Carly says Liz decided to do this.  Liz says everyone in Jake's life decided and she tells Carly to leave. Carly says that Liz is using Jake to keep Jason dangling since she can't live without a man to fall back on and now she has Lucky and Jason dancing to her tune. She says Liz does not care that Jason's heart is in pieces and Lucky's life is a lie as long as she gets what she wants. Liz says she wants what is best for Jake. Carly says that won't work on her, she is not Lucky or Jason. Carly only cares what is best for Jason and that is having his son.  Sonny says he knows Jason is not crazy enough to tell Carly so who did. Jason says Sam. Sonny asks if he tried talking to Carly and Jason says yes but Carly hates Sam and Liz and in the name of protecting his son she is going after both of them. She thinks he should have fought harder to claim his son. Jason worried about his enemies finding out about Jake. Sonny says he has 3 kids so what. Jason says worrying about Liz and Jake would interfere with him doing his job. Sonny laughing asks if he is saying its his fault that he can't claim his son. Liz uses the everyone who does not agree with her is selfish routine on Carly. Carly says Liz is selfish. Liz says she loves Jason and Carly says not enough to be with him and let him raise his son. Carly says Liz is not good enough for Jason and is afraid of his life. Liz says if that was true she would have never told him.  Carly knows about the elevator and says Liz told Jason cause that guaranteed that he would get her out of the hotel alive. Liz says she thought they were gonna die and that is why she told. Carly says No, Jason was happy with Sam and losing interest in you and you couldn't stand it so you found away to grab his attetion and keep it while keeping his nasty life away from you. Liz says this is his life and Carly is not a part of it and that makes her crazy.  Carly says not being with Jake makes Jason crazy. Liz says Jason is okay with it. Liz asks what she wants from her Carly says she wants Liz to disappear but since that would take Jasonís kid away she wants to make sure Liz can't. Sonny says that Liz should have told Jason about the baby from the start. Secrets always come out and that Jason was always big on the truth. Jason says your right, but the truth is he can't have his son and now Carly is gonna try to make that happen and make a mess of everyoneís lives. Liz accuses Carly of being jealous that she is not the mother of Jason's child  and that she was left out of this.  Carly says that was Liz's fault. She used Jason's love for the baby.  Liz says Jason left Carly out because she would make things worse. Carly says she will do everything in her power to pry Jake from Liz's hands. Liz says how can she want to seperate a mother and child. Carly says she never sad anything about seperation, she is talking about joint custody.  She leaves and Liz looks scared.  

January 11, 2008

Sam coming on to the docks.  Jason is there.  He asks her why she told Carly.  She says because he hurt her.  She says now they are even.  He asks are we?  Jason asks if she wanted revenge.  She says no she just told his best friend that he was a father which is what she always wanted as long as the mother was disposable which all of the women in his life are. Jason says she knows what Carly will do.  Sam says and he will forgive her because of her blind loyalty and how he comes first for her even before her husband and it must be nice to mean that much to someone.  She starts to walk away. He says they are talking about his son. She says the child she couldn't give him.  She says there was a time when she thought he would understand how much that hurt her.  He says he is sorry but telling Carly can't undo the past.  Sam says at least Carly has the guts to stand up to him unliek Liz.  Jason says enough.  Sam goes over the way he pushed her away and made her choices for her.  He says he did what he thought was best but he didn't say he was right but that Sam can't keep using it for an excuse.  Sam says she is not making excuses she is talking about his choices and the life he is offering his son.  She wants to know how makes it work with Liz who does not understand him or his life and does not stand by him for who he is. Jason looks very uncomfortable. Sam is shocked that Liz was his choice and says that Jake is the one who will pay the price for that choice. She leaves. Sonny and Carly talking about Jason and Jake. Carly says they have to change Jason's mind.  Jason comes in and says they don't. Sam bumper. Carly tries to get Jason to claim Jake.  Jason is set in his choice.  Sonny tries to run interference.  Jason asks Carly if she could do what he asks just once.  She says its not what he wants, its what Liz wants. Jason hurts Carly by telling her to go have a kid with Jax and leave his kid alone. Sam at the docks.  Lucky comes. She says she has not seen him since he left when Liz was there.  He says it is because there was a problem with his dad.  He says he needed time to think about them and whether they could make something work.  She apologizes for telling Carly and fighting with Liz.  He says part of her got off.  He says she knew what would happen when she told Carly and that she still wants payback from Jason and Liz. He says he doesn't like it or want a part of it but he understands it. Sonny and Jason talking about Sonny's kids.  Jason says Love doesn't make mistakes.  He says Em used to say it.  Sonny says she  is right love doesn't mess things up, people do. Lucky says pain can cloud your mind and make you do things you normally wouldn't.  He talks about his addiction. He says Sam is hooked on hurting people back. He says he battles with his addiction everyday.  Sam says she doesn't want to be like this.  Lucky says she has to do something to change it. She says she knows and she will.  He says he saw Liz and told her he would keep up the lie and tried to explain what Sam did. Lucky thinks of Jake as his son and knows Sam would never do anythign to hurt him. Lucky says that the fact that Sam wants him to have his boys and wants to know them is the only reason he can sit and talk to her rationally about them.  He says he has his issues with Jason too and he does not want danger around Liz and the boys whether it comes from Jason or somewhere else, including Sam. He says he cares about her but if they have anything it can't be about the past but what they do from her on out. Sam looks sad and Lucky leaves.  Jason looking at pictures of Jake.  Edward bumper.

January 14, 2007

Jason in Sonny's office.  Max comes in.  They talk about Anthony Zacchara's condition.  Jason heard he may be getting some feeling back.  Max heard he may be getting his mind. They go into the shop.  Spin is sleeping on the table from cold medicine.  Jason wants his woke up to look into Anthony's condtion.  He says if Trevor did not order the hits on Sonny and Johnny Anthony may have.  Max says Sonny thinks Johnny did it.  Jason doesn't.  Joe the bomber taking over the ER while his wife begs him to stop.  Sam comes in and says Joe? Kelly warns Sam to be careful because of the bomb,  Sam tries to talk Joe down. Leo walks towards Joe and he flips out saying if he wants to be a hero than help his wife.   Dr. Ford says no and Joe threatens to blow up the hospital. Jason sneaks into see Anthony.  Anthony says someone must be afraid of him or Jason would not be there, then he says they are afraid of Johnny. Jason says Johnny is a kid who is just getting into trouble.  Anthony blames his mother and says mother's should not be allowed around sons until they are 18.  Anthony says Jason doesn;t know because he doesn't have kids. He's an order taker.  Johnny is protected but Jason's children will be born with a bullseye birthmark. Jason says Anthony sounds almost sane.  Anthony says on his worst day he has more working brain cells than Jason. He says he will be walkign soon and tells Jason to look at his foot.  Jason does and Anthony says his foot is moving but it isn't.  Anthony says someday that foot will frush Jason's windpipe.  Monica argues with Ford that they have to help Joe's wife. Joe's wife begs him to stop.  Sam starts trying to talk him down again.  Ford gets pompous when Cassius and Leo try to get him to let the wife be treated and Joe becomes threatening again. Sam keeps trying to talk to Joe.  Monica agrees to treat his wife if he will leave.  Ford says she won't.  Joe doesn't trust them. Joe's wife collapses.  Kelly and Epiphany run to her.  Logan bumper.  Sam gets Joe away so they can get to her.  Joe tells Ford to let them work on her or he will blow everything up. Ford says you will kill your wife too and Joe says that is not worse than what you are doing to her. Epiphany yells at Joe that they are trying to help and she tells Ford if he has a problem with her helping her take it up with her later. Anthony and Jason talk about Johnny.  Anthony says a boy becomes his father, he lives out his father's life or dies trying. Jason asks about Moreau.  Anthony says that he is a clown in a congo line. Anthony says he hangs around to piss off Jason.  Anthony says either be a sneak cownard and kill him in his bed or sneak out the way he came cause he needs to pay.  Jason says what does he pray for.  Anthony says wrong question, who do I pray to? Anthony say he did not kill Em but he is sorry she is dead cause killing her would have been the first thing on his to do list when he got out and he will get out. Jason leaves and gets a call.  He says when. Jason at Liz's house asking the fireman about the two boys who live there but he has no info. Cam comes running up followed by the neighbor. The neighbor says Liz and Jake are at the hospital. Epiphany and Kelly treating Joe's wife.  Lis comes running in looking for help for Jake. Sam tells her to leave.  Liz says Jake needs a doctor.  Joe comes up and says that is not gonna happen.  Lucky bumper.

January 15, 2008

Joe tells everyone to get on one side of the room. Liz begs to see a doctor for Jake.  Joe tells her to leave. Liz refuses and argues with Joe. Joe says Liz leaves or everyone blows up. Sam talks Joe into letting Jake get treated. The mayor calls Scott and tells him about what is happening and says he wants it handled quietly. Sam reassures Joe that Kelly will take good care of his wife and tries to get him to end his seige. Jason runs in looking for Liz. Joe gets jumpy. Sam tells Jason that Liz and Jake are there. Jason tries to go see them but Joe stops him. Joe sees Jason's gun and takes it. Joe asks if he is a cop.  Monica says he is a hitman and goes on about how horrible and dangerous he is and then says he is her son. Kelly takes Joe's wife in the back to examine her. Dr, Ford calls a lockdown.  Kelly tells the mayor her has to leave the cubicle. Jason asks to see Liz. Joe says no. Sam starts to tell Jason about Jake and he snaps at her. Joe tells him to be nice cause Sam is the reason he let them get treatment. Patrick bumper. Joe talks to Jason and his wife talks to Kelly about their previous pregnancy problems. Kelly talks to Joe's wife about her condition. Jason tells Joe he won't come after him as long as no one he cares about gets hurt. Sam is talking to Edward, Monica and Dr. Ford. Joe thinks they are plotting and gets nervous. He grabs Monica and says they will see how Jason feels about his mother that if he goes she goes with him. He makes everyone sit down. Jason and Sam sit together. Lucky in the stairwell with a sniper rifle. Jason tells Sam Joe's finger is on the detonator and if he lets go they will all go with him. Joe watches Jason while holding Monica. Lucky takes aim. Lucky bumper.

January 16, 2008

Joe panics when he sees Jason and Sam talking and lets Monica go and grabs Sam. Jason get up. Lucky trying to set up shot. Scott pushing Lucky to shoot Joe. Lucky says Jason is in the way. Scott says accidents happen. Lucky won't shoot Jason no matter how Scott pushes him. Sam tells Joe Jason doesn't care if she dies. Jason tries to talk Joe down. Joe mentions Liz. Jason still trying to talk him down. Jason tells everyone to just let the doctors do their job and he tells them about the detonator. Lucky lowers his gun and syas they are aborting. Scott threats him but Luckys ays they will find another way in. Joe makes Jason and Sam sit on the floor together. Kelly talking to Joe's wife. Joe grabs Monica again. He wants to know what is taking so long. Jason offers to go check but Joe sends Sam. Jason watches her go. And alarm goe off. Leo comes out and needs Monica to come help him with Liz. Monica pulls away from Joe and Jason gets between them.  Monica goes with Leo. Joe yells at Jason. Kelly talking to Joe's wife. Sam comes in and needs soemthing positive to tell Joe. Jason telling Joe that what he is doing is bad for his wife and baby. Jason gets Ford to agree to let Joe stay with his wife if he takes the bomb off. Joe is listening to Jason but Nik walks in and Joe panics again. Joe threatens to blow them all up and Nik says okay. Joe wants Nik away from him. Sam comes back in.  Sam and Jason try to calm Nik.  Nik tells Sam that it's Em's birthday. He accuses Sam of keeping Em from him. He then starts to ask Joe why he would keep someone from someone who loves them. Joe tells Nik to stay back.  Nik tells Joe to go ahead and blow them up and shoves him.

January 17, 2008

Nik pushing Joe. Sam tells him to stop and Nik tells Sam to shut up. Sam fills Nik in on the situation. Nik pushes Joe and Jason knocks him out. Joeís wife asks Kelly how they can tell Joe bad news. Joe tells Sam to tell him good news or else he will blow them up. Joe yelling to find out what they said. Sam says they don't know anything yet. Kelly comes out and says she is trying to get good news but she can not do any tests because his wife is scared that he is going to kill himself and everyone else. Joe says run your tests. Kelly say she needs help and asks for Monica. Monica is shaking and drinking from a flask. Nik laying between Jason and Sam. They look at each other. Edward is yelling at the mayor. Joe tells them to shut up. Kelly finds Monica and asks for her help. She hides the booze and dumps some water out and pours booze into the water bottle. Joe tells Sam he didnít want to do this he is a good guy. Sam says sometimes bad thingís happen to good people. He says 30 years he put into his business and he lost everything and now his kid. Sam says he doesnít know that yet. Joe says they didn't let him keep anything from the garage, but he kept an antique 1941 car. She talks about how beautiful it was and that she saw it when she was at his shop. Jason looks at her. Joe goes on to say that he lets the kids play in it because his dad let him, and when they came he took that car. He had to push it all the way home so they couldn't get it. He would give anything for his kid to play in that car. Jason looks on, thinking. Joe tells Jason to sit down, he is gambling with others lives. Jason asks if Joes a gambler. Joe says no luck is not his friend. Jason is walking towards Joe and Joe is backing up, Jason grabs Joes arm and everyone screams. Joe is yelling let me go and Sam yells Jason. Jason fighting with Joe, he takes the bomb off Joe and holds it up saying itís not real. Leo and some guy grab Joe. Joe asks how did he know. Jason says he knew from the car story that he would not have done anything that could have hurt his kid. The cops run in and Sam yells no no donít shoot it wasnít a real bomb. Dr. Ford says arrest that man and then take his wife to county. Cassius says with all due respect does it always have to be about money. Joe wants to see his wife, they will not let him he asks Sam to go check on the baby, and she says she will. Jason goes behind the curtain. He sees Liz and Lucky with Jake. Liz talking to Jake with Lucky there Jason smiles but then goes away. Edward grabs Jason and says good work, he showed good Quartermaine sprit right Monica. Monica walks away. Sam looks in on Lucky and Liz, she is sad. Jason looks in on Jake, he was going in but Monica walks in and he leaves.

January 21, 2008

Jason goes to Elizabeth's hospital room but is intercepted by Max who tells him about a problem with Zachara shipments in Corinthos shipping lanes. Jason orders the ship taken out. He goes back to Elizabethís room but is stopped by Spinelli. Jason goes with Spinelli. He is on the docks speaking with Max and Spinelli about Lulu who is missing and on the ship with the shipment. He stops the order to take out the ship. He asks Spinelli to provide more information. Johnny is laying gunpowder down to blow up the ship when a gun is put against his back, it's Jason. Together, Johnny and Jason find where Lulu is being held. Jason attacks the men holding Lulu and helps her to freedom. As Johnny is setting up the explosion, Jason gets back to the docks with Spin, Lulu, and Logan. They see the explosion from there. GH montage begins. In it, Jason returns to the hospital to try seeing Elizabeth again. He sees Lucky walking away with Jake as he enters the floor. As he gets to her room, the doctor is outside the door. Jason hesitates and then leaves.

January 22, 2008 

Sam comes to see Lucky while he is taking care of Jake and Cam. She wants to talk, heís too busy. Jason is on the docks, surrounded by Trevorís men. Trevor is asking about Johnnyís whereabouts. Jason and Trevor discuss the explosion of the Zachara shipment that was passing through Corinthosí shipping lanes. They argue over Johnny and his intentions. Trevor leaves. Jason wants Max to track Johnny down. Lucky is discussing Jake and reminiscing with Sam. Jason still on the docks, Lulu walks up. Jason warns her about getting involved with Johnny and how she might find herself in the middle of a mob war. Jason walks in on CarJax discussing how Carly should not be talking to Elizabeth about letting Jason claim Jake. Sam tries to explain what happened with Joe, the man who held the hospital hostage, and how she understands him. She discusses her feelings about Jason/Carly/Elizabeth. She goes to leave, Lucky offers her a late dinner. Jason talks to Carly about leaving the Jake situation and Elizabeth alone. Jason back on docks, receives a birthday gift from Elizabeth sent through Lulu. Jason goes back to Carlyís where they continue to discuss the Jake situation. He celebrates his birthday with Carly and the boys.

January 23, 2008

Alexis is being attacked on the docks and Sam comes to her rescue. Sam fights the attacker and then tries to wake a semi-conscious Alexis. She calls for help. Alexis receives a warning through a text message as does Sam. Sam comforts Alexis and provides support as Alexis supplies details of what happened. Sam is with Alexis at the PCPD discussing the attacker. Alexis leaves, and Sam is in the interrogation room with Lucky. She talks about how she mishandled the situation. Jason is on the docks looking at a picture of Jake. Later Alexis, Sam, and Lucky return to the docks to search for Alexisí keys. Sam and Alexis receive independent text messages with homicidal threats on them.

January 24, 2008

Lucky shows up with Cameron and Jake at the Lakehouse to see Sam. They discuss the recent attack. Michael is taking a gun out of Sonnyís desk when Jason finds him. Alexis leaves them. Sam picks up Camís hat, it reminds her of her brother Danny. Sam talks about Danny and feeling helpless and terrified. Sheís afraid to lose Lucky. Jason questions why Michael is out of school. Michael talks about wanting the Text Message Killer stopped. Jason does not know what to do with Michael breaking all the rules. Jason questions him about the gun. He explains the life choices that both he and Sonny have made to Michael, how they want Michael to have a happy life, and that using a gun is not a way to achieve that. Jason has Michael go back to school and then locks the gun in the desk. He goes to the hospital and asks about Elizabeth. Michael returns to Sonnyís office, finds the desk drawer locked, and tries to pick the lock with a letter opener. Jason is hiding and watching him.

January 25, 2008

Lucky is on the phone with Elizabeth. There is a knock on his door. Itís Sam. Jason is in Sonnyís office. Kate walks in and asks if he has seen Sonny. Jason believed that Sonny was in Manhattan with her. Carly walks in and overhears. She wants to know what Kate has done with Sonny. All of them are worried about where Sonny is. Kate and Carly argue with each other. Carly questions Kate about the last time that she saw Sonny. Jason tries to break up their argument. Kate tries to leave, but Carly refuses to let her. Kate tells Carly that Sonny proposed to her. Carly does not believe her and tells Kate that she canít handle Sonnyís life. Kate leaves and Carly starts badmouthing her to Jason. Jason makes her stop, and tells her that she trashes everything good in Sonnyís life. He brings up his situation with Elizabeth and how Carly is doing the same thing with Sonny and Kate. He believes with Sonny gone, it will keep Carly out of his business. Carly tells Jason that he has a little boy that needs him. Jason yells at Carly about how she handles things in the wrong way. Carly tells him that she loves him and wants him to have everything. Jason tells her that she gets in the way. Carly is crying and leaves. Sam is at Luckyís. They talk about the text message killer. Sam is uncomfortable being in their home. Lucky wants her to spend more time there and asks that she move in. They talk about what is between them. Lucky answers the phone. There is a lead on Johnny Zachara, so he leaves and asks Sam to watch over Cam and Jake. Sam plays with Jake. Elizabeth walks in and calls out for Lucky and the boys. Sam comes into the room holding Jake.  Includes Coop and Maxie bumper.

January 28, 2008

Screaming is coming from upstairs at Kellyís. Jason walks in, hears, and runs to see that Coop has been hung from the ceiling. Sam is at Luckyís. Elizabeth is confronting her about being with the boys and tells her to get out. Jason tells Maxie that Coop is dead. He goes back down and questions Mike and Maxie. Sam and Elizabeth discuss Jason and Lucky and the feelings between all of them. Sam promises that she would never hurt Jake. Elizabeth reminds Sam of what she has done. Elizabeth is sick, and Sam is worried about her. Elizabeth refuses her help and tells Sam to break things off with Lucky. Sam tells her the tables have turned and that the anger and hatred is coming from Elizabeth now. She says she is falling in love with Lucky. Jason listens to Max question the people at Kellyís. Sam prepares to leave but Elizabethís leg is bleeding. She helps her. Lucky comes in, and Sam tells him what has happened with Elizabeth. Lucky demands to take Elizabeth to the hospital and Sam agrees to stay behind. Jason is outside of Kellyís talking to Spinelli, explaining what happened. Jason walks back into Kellyís. Max questions him as well as Maxie. Jason listens in on the police discussion. Jason asks Spinelli what he has found, and Jason tells him that Coop called him prior to his death.

January 29, 2008

At the PCPD, Jason is on the phone with Spinelli requesting information about Cooperís death. Alexis, Mac, and Mayor Floyd are giving a press conference about the TMK. Jason listens in. Sam comes to visit Elizabeth at the hospital to make peace. Jason continues to listen to the press conference as Coop is named the killer, the evidence is cited, and the press ask questions. Sam apologizes to Elizabeth about babysitting Jake. She is sorry for all the ways she screwed up. Elizabeth refuses to forgive her or accept Sam being involved with her children/Lucky. Jason is refusing to comment on the questions the press is asking him. Elizabeth gives Sam an ultimatum about staying away from her kids because she cannot trust her. Sam wants her life with Lucky to continue and needs Elizabeth to get over the past. Lucky listens outside of the hospital room. Sam discusses Elizabethís ďsufferingĒ and her attempts at sainthood. Elizabeth says that nothing has changed. Sam leaves. Craig/Jerry and Alexis are in an intimate conversation when Sam stops by at the Lake house. Alexis asks if Sam is alright. Sam answers that she doesnít know.

January 30, 2008

Sam is at the Lake House with Alexis. She explains that she is worried about all the lies with Lucky and believes she is falling in love. Jason is at Sonnyís office and is talking to Max about Skyeís piers. Sonny walks in and wants to know why Johnny Zacchara is still alive. Sam and Alexis discuss their choices in dangerous men. Sam explains how intense things were when she was with Jason. Alexis encourages her to tell Lucky everything. Sam decides to take her advice and leaves when Kate arrives. Jason tries to explain to Sonny that Johnny is not their enemy. Sonny becomes angry. They argue. Jason tells Sonny that he should be worried, and explains what recently happened with Michael. Sam is on the docks leaving a message for Lucky. Jason and Sonny continue to discuss the situation with Michael and Jake. They talk about circumstances with Kate as she walks in. Jason leaves. Lucky is on the docks and finds a bag of pills. Jason comes up behind him and watches as he throws them into the water. Lucky thinks Jason wonders if he can trust him with Jake. Montage begins. Lucky comes to the house and sees Sam waiting for him through the window. He leaves. Jason pulls out the drawing of Jake and looks at it. 

January 31, 2008

Jason walks in to Sonnyís office. Nik is there and asks him if he believes that Cooper is the one who strangled Emily. They talk about the information that has been obtained to date. Max interrupts, and Nik says he will go but Jason asks him to stay. Max updates Jason on where Sonny is and what is going on. Jason wants him watched and also wants the Zaccharaís monitored. Lucky comes home to find Sam asleep on the couch. She asks him where he has been and he tells her that he was thinking. Sam says she has been withholding things from him. She talks about her feelings and being able to trust. Lucky wants to know if he can trust her. They talk about the beginnings of their relationship and where it stands now. She wants them to be happy. Lucky kisses her. Nik is reenacting Emilyís death, yelling at her when Jason comes upon him. He wants to know who Nik is yelling at, and Nik tells him about trying to reenact what happened. They discuss the possibilities but both believe that Coop did not kill her nor did Nik. Lucky wants to believe Sam but says he canít. She doesnít understand him. He talks about all the hard feelings sheís had toward Jason and Elizabeth, his understanding of why Elizabeht has been so concerned about Jake, and he tells her that he knew about her watching Jake get kidnapped. Jason goes to Carlyís. She asks about Jake, but he gets upset that she does. He tells her that he doesnít believe Coop is the real killer. Michael listens in. Sam tries to explain, but Lucky says he doesnít want to hear her lies. He also says he knows about the thugs that she hired. She wants to be able to explain, but he says he wants her out of his life.

February 1, 2008

Sam is urging Lucky to hear her. Lucky refuses to listen. Replay of Jason at Carlyís, where they discuss Coop not being the TMK. Jason warns her to stay safe as Michael listens in. Sam tells Lucky that she would not hurt Jake, but Lucky tells her that nothing she says is believable. Sam discusses her hate and jealousy for Elizabeth. She urges him to understand her rationale. Lucky yells at her. Sam admits that she felt lost and Lucky helped her rebuild her life. She tells him of her unexpected feelings for him. Lucky does not believe her and tells Sam to get out. He forces her outside and does not want to see her face again. Sam is upset as she leaves. Elizabeth is having a dream where Sam has Jake. Jason tells Carly that he is working on finding the real killer. Sam runs down to the docks. She is crying when she receives a threatening text message. Carly expresses concern for Jason, and his relationship with Jake. He receives a call from Elizabeth. She wants to leave the hospital. Sam calls Lucky to tell him about the message, but Lucky refuses to believe her. She gets another message. She looks around for the killer but sees no one. Sam yells out and then receives another message. As she turns to leave the docks, she is met by the attacker. She tries to escape but he grabs her. They fight and Sam breaks free, running away. Elizabeth wants to meet Jason at the safehouse. He agrees and then is shown at the safehouse. Sam runs to a house, begs for help, and is again attacked. She fights him off and runs away as he runs after her. Carly is driving home in the rain. Jason is still at the safehouse waiting. Elizabeth is driving to the safehouse. Monica is also driving. Sam is on the side of the highway running away from the attacker. She punches him as he grabs her. She then turns and sees the bright lights of a car and hears a horn.

February 4, 2008

Jason is waiting at the safehouse for Elizabeth and goes outside. Replay of Elizabeth, Monica, and Carly at the wheel of their vehicles. Replay of Sam running from the TMK and her being hit by the car, falling unconscious to the ground. Jason calls Elizabeth. Aftermath of Monica and Carly in their cars is shown. Monica gets her flask and leaves her vehicle, while Carly has a cut on her head. Nik is seen with Em. He has left the hospital and does not know what happened to him or his car. He is afraid of what he remembers. Monica goes to the staff locker room at GH. She begins crying. Elizabeth goes to the safehouse where she meets Jason. She tells him about her trip over and how she fell asleep. Monica changes into scrubs and throws away her clothes and flask. Jax questions Carly about what happened to her head. Jason monitors Elizabeth as she sleeps. Monica reports her car as stolen. Nik goes back to the hospital and talks to Emily about his belief that someone may have been in the road. Sam is lying unconscious on the ground with a bloody face. Emily bumper.

February 5, 2008

Sam is still lying on the ground unconscious. The TMK begins moving, he gets up. Jason and Elizabeth talk about her dream, where she saw someone holding Jake in the rain. The TMK walks over to Sam, notices that she is still unconscious, and he leaves. Someone comes up to Sam, and bends down watching her. Ric bumper. Sam is being taken into GH, Craig/Jerry is with her behind the gurney. Patrick wants to know what happened and Craig/Jerry says she was on the side of the road like a rag doll. Alexis and Lucky come in. Alexis wants to know what happened and who would do this to her, Monica listens in. Elizabeth dreams of being in the car again. She wakes up, Jason remains asleep. Sam bumper.

February 6, 2008

Jason asks AnaCunta about her having any more dreams while at the safehouse. Patrick is explaining to Alexis about the extensiveness of Samís injuries. As Sam lays there unconscious, she is flashing back to the Hit and Run. Patrick urges Alexis to go home, but she refuses. Lucky looks in to the hospital room. Elizabeth and Jason talk about her house being fixed and he questions her about blood on her bumper. She believes she may have hit an animal and wants to go look for it. Jason says he will. Elizabeth talks about how she shouldnít have left the hospital. Jason is at the scene. Cruz tells him that it is interesting that he showed up, since Sam was the victim. Elizabeth is at Samís hospital room and receives a call from Jason. She cannot talk and wants to call him back. Jason sees Johnny on the docks. Johnny questions Jason about whether or not he should be worried since Sonny is now back. Sam is asleep in her room; Elizabeth is watching her and flashes back to falling asleep at the wheel. She questions if she put Sam in the hospital.

February 7, 2008

Jason comes into Sonnyís. Sam awakens to Elizabeth in her room. Sam is confused about where she is and what happened. Elizabeth explains to her. Sam flashes back and remembers. She questions why Elizabeth is there and asks for Lucky. Sonny wants a lead on Moreau and asks Jason for information. They heatedly discuss the business and where it currently stands. Sonny thinks that Jason is distracted. They talk about the Zacharas. Lucky visits Sam in her hospital room. Sonny wants Jason to find someone who is not Kate. Jason receives a phone call and walks out on Sonny. Itís Elizabeth. They agree to meet at the safe house. Sam is apologizing to Lucky for all that she has done. He tells her he is in charge of her case and plans on finding out who did it, but he is mistrustful of her. He has a suspect but refuses to tell Sam. She relates the story of what happened to her to him. Replay of what happened. Sam thinks that Lucky does not believe her. Elizabeth and Jason talk about the possibility of Elizabeth hitting Sam with her car.

February 8, 2008

Sam again asks Lucky who he thinks hit her. Lucky doesnít tell her, he says there is no proof. Sam still thinks he doesnít believe her. Jason and Elizabeth continue to discuss the possibility of her hitting Sam. She talks about motive. Jason tells her not to say anything until they know what happened. Lucky doesnít want to talk about what happened between them. Sam tries to explain why she behaved the way that she did. Lucky goes to leave, Sam urges him to find her phone and tells him that he might believe her then. He wants her to let him handle the TMK matter his way and says she doesnít need to tell anyone. At Mikeís, Jason comes in and needs Spinelli to look up information about the incident. Spinelli discusses with Jason what he has found. Maxie comes in to visit Sam. Sam urges her to not believe that Coop was the TMK. Jason is outside of Kellyís talking to Elizabeth on the phone. He reassures her that he is checking into the matter and has some leads. Lucky comes up to Jason and asks him about Samís hit and run. Sam is asleep in her hospital room. She awakens to a man standing over her bed wearing black and holding a rope.

February 11, 2008

Lucky questions Jason about being at the scene of Samís hit and run on the docks. Sam is awakened by the TMK standing over her bed. He scares her and then runs out of the room. She yells for help. Dr. Devlin comes in. Jason tells Lucky that he and Sam broke up, and that he doesnít want to make Sam pay. Lucky talks about Samís misdeeds. Jason tells Lucky to take himself off the case. Devlin is questioning Sam about what she saw. Jason is outside the 5 families meeting and tells Max to handle any issues that arise. Craig comes into Samís hospital room and questions her about what happened as Devlin is standing outside the door. Sam is talking to Craig about her experience as Lucky walks in and needs to talk. Lucky questions Sam about the doctor and what happened. Sam yells at him, but then she remembers something. She then asks him to leave. Jason is on the phone with Elizabeth. He urges her not to say anything. She agrees. Sam is sleeping as Lucky sits by her bedside. She awakens and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he could not find the doctor who she referenced. Sam asks if it is going to take for her to die for Lucky to believe her. He says no and then leaves. Elizabeth and Jason are still on the phone; Elizabeth is concerned that she is the one that hit Sam.

February 12, 2008

Sam is dreaming. Jason and Elizabeth discuss her plan to talk to the police. Jason encourages her not to until they get more information. Jason calls Carly wanting to come over. Tracy taunts Monica about driving drunk while Jason listens. Jason asks to talk to Monica and asks if she was involved in a hit and run. Sam explains to Patrick about the TMK being in her room and what he said to her. They talk about the identity of the TMK. Jason continues to try to get information from Monica and then leaves. Jason goes to Carlyís. He questions Carly about her car accident and tells her about Samís hit and run. Carly questions why Jason is concerned about who hit Sam. Sam is moaning as she dreams about her attack. Elizabeth is in her room. Sam explains what she saw in her dream to Elizabeth. Lucky walks in and asks how she is. He needs to talk to her about the accident. Lucky continues to not believe Sam and tells her that he gave over the investigation. Carly denies hitting Sam and tells Jason that the TMK is still out there. She tells him what happened the night of the hit and run. Lulu interrupts and Jason leaves. TMK is looking at pictures of victims/potential victims. Montage begins. It includes Sam sleeping. She wakes up and sees Jason. Carly bumper.

February 13, 2008

Sam asks Jason how he got into her room. He is there to question her about the hit and run. Sam wants to know why he cares and doesnít think he will believe her. They discuss the circumstances. Sam tells him what happened to her. She also mentions the TMK and Jason is surprised. Sam wants to know if Jason is waiting for him to finish her off. The TMKís victim pictures are shown, as are rope and a phone. Jason tells Sam that he believes her, and that he doesnít want the guy to get her. Jason apologizes. Sam yells at Jason to get out. Devlin comes in and asks if Jason is threatening her. Sam tells Devlin who Jason is and what they used to be. Devlin lectures Jason on hospital protocol. Jason asks that if Sam remembers anything and is willing to tell him, to please do. Devlin questions Sam about Jason. He flirts with her. Lucky comes in. Elizabeth meets Jason on the rooftop. He tells her that he is still checking on information. They discuss the HnR and the TMK. Devlin talks to Lucky about Samís fear. Lucky tells Sam that he still needs evidence. Sam believes that Lucky canít stand being around her, and Lucky denies this. Jason walks into Jakeís. He is looking for Spinelli. As he waits, Claudia invites him to a game of pool.

February 14, 2008

Jason plays pool with Claudia at Jakeís as they banter back and forth. Devlin walks with Sam. Elizabeth balks at his suggestion to watch over Sam as he takes care of hospital business. Jason tells Claudia that he is killing time until he meets someone. They discuss the stakes. Sam explains to Devlin that she and Elizabeth donít get along and that he shouldnít expect Elizabeth to help. Devlin chastises Elizabeth and tells her to take care of the patient. Nadine tries to intervene on Elizabethís behalf. Sam stays with Elizabeth. Jason and Claudia continue to play pool. Claudia flirts as Spinelli interrupts their game. Jason grabs him and leaves. Elizabeth and Sam heatedly discuss what has transpired between them. Sam states that she tried to call a truce. Nik walks up and wants to talk to Sam. Sam is trying to comfort him and asks him not to feel guilty as he tells her that he has done something awful. Nik says that he believes he hit her on the road. Spinelli and Jason are at the PCPD impound warehouse. Jason tries to crack the code to open the door as Spinelli waxes eloquent. Elizabeth watches Sam and Nikís conversation. Nik tells Sam that he is unsure if it is him. Sam reassures him. She wants him to take care of himself and asks about the operation. Jason walks in to Elizabeth. She points him over to Sam and Nik and tells him that Nik is confessing to Sam. Jason tells her that Nik is innocent. The TMK is shown. Jason discusses how Nik could not be the person responsible for the HnR.

February 15, 2008

Sonny tries to talk to a distracted Jason about the business. Elizabeth talks to Nik about his innocence with Em and that she doesnít think he hit Sam. Jason questions the situation with Michael and Sonny relates what happened. Sonny talks about Jason being distracted and that business needs to be a priority. He wants Claudia researched. Sam watches Elizabeth tell Nik that he wasnít involved in the HnR. She walks up to them and tells Nik that she agrees with Elizabeth. Nik is frustrated and talks about the reasons he stays away from Spencer and his family. Devlin comes to get Sam for her physical therapy. Sam tells Nik she isnít afraid of him and for him to visit her soon. Jason is on the docks. Claudia walks up and asks for another pool game. Jason repeatedly declines and refuses to give her his name. He leaves. Elizabeth tells Nik that he should look into proving whether or not he hit Sam. Sam is listening at the nurseís desk. Nadine comes to get Nik. Sam questions where Elizabeth got her information about cars, reports, and illegal activities. She thinks it is because of Jason. Spin is talking to Jason about the lack of information on Anthony Zacharraís daughter, but does find a picture of her.

February 18, 2008

Jason and Spin are at Kellyís as Johnny comes in. He starts harassing Spin and Jason stops him. Jason explains the involvement of Claudia in the mob business. Spin talks to Johnny about Lulu as Jason listens in. Maxie comes in and discusses the evidence of Logan being the killer to Jason, Spin, and Johnny. Jason is not so sure, he doesnít believe the ďevidenceĒ proves anything. He receives a call from Elizabeth. She called to tell him about Nikís seizure and him seeing Emily. Jason warns Spin and company to not do anything without proof. He goes to General Hospital where Elizabeth fills him in on what has happened. Jason questions the reality of what Nik has seen. He asks Elizabeth to keep him posted. Sonny calls Jason and questions where he is. Sonny wants him to stay focused on his job. Sonny is frustrated when Jason questions him and hangs up on him.

February 19, 2008

Jason arrives at the warehouses to see Sonny and an unconscious Kate. He wants to know what happened and Sonny tells him itís the Zacharras. Jason questions why Sonny thinks so and isnít sure that Sonny knows what heís talking about. Sonny has Jason leave since the cops are on their way. Jason finds Sonny at the hospital. Sonny wants to know who ordered the hit, and Jason tells him that he is still waiting on word. Sonny becomes agitated and talks about how his and Jasonís choices affect the people that they love. Michael is shown hiding out on a boat. Sonny talks to Jason about living by the code and how they expect others to live by it. Sonny describes the glory of Kate to Jason as Jason tries to encourage Sonny. Jason tries to calm Sonny down as Ms. Sneed talks to him about Kate. Jason leaves to do his job.

February 21, 2008

Carly talks to Morgan as Jason knocks on the door. Carly tells him that she is pregnant. She mentions she found out the night of the storm. Jason tells her that is the night that Sam got hit. Sam is at the hospital asking Alexis if Logan Hayes is really the TMK. Lucky comes up. Sam dismisses him. Jason is questioning the details of Carlyís accident. Carly becomes frustrated. Jason says that she sounds guilty. Carly guesses that Kate and Sonny are having problems. Jason affirms this is so. He tells her that Kate was shot. Carly wants to know why he is so interested in who hit Sam. They continue to discuss the accident. Carly denies repeatedly that she hit Sam. She explains what happened to Jason. Jason agrees to drop the conversation and tells her he is happy for her. She mentions Jake and urges Jason to realize how important it is for him to be in Jakeís life. Sam goes to Nik. He tells her that he knows that he did not hit her. Sam tells Nik that she and Lucky are on a break. She tells him that the TMK may be Logan Hayes. Sam thinks maybe it will help bring peace to Emily. Devlin walks in and chastises Sam for being out of bed. Carly apologizes to Jason about bringing up Jake. They talk about Jasonís feelings. Carly wants a picture taken with Jason. Jason wants to talk about Kateís shooting. Carly tells him what happened. She is worried about him. Max walks in and asks where Michael is. Replay of Michael shooting Kate as Sonnyís warning plays. Jason is on the phone to Milo. Jason orders Max to quietly spread the word and reassures Carly. Jax walks in to find out that Michael is missing. TMK is shown with rope and he finds a bottle, spins it, and it lands on the picture of Sam. Sam bumper.

February 22, 2008

Jason is at the hospital to talk to Sonny. He asks about Kate. Jason tells Sonny that Michael could be missing. Sam is watching Logan at the hospital. Alexis walks up to her. Alexis tries to reassure Sam. Sam questions if it is even Logan at all. The picture of Sam at the TMKís place is shown again. He is grabbing his ribs as he stabs a knife into her picture. Sonny wants to go after the Zís. Jason tries to rationalize with him and talks about Carly being upset. They discuss the situation and who could be involved. Jason tells Sonny that Spinelli looked into Claudiaís past and found nothing. Sonny tells Jason to keep working. Alexis gives Sam a phone. Sam tells her that she will be able to go home today. Lucky walks up and doesnít want her to. Alexis tells Sam that Lucky is trying. Alexis offers Sam her home but she refuses. Samís apartment is shown as the TMK walks inside. He smashes a pic of Samís family. Jason shows Sonny a piece of clothing that is Michaelís and tells Sonny that it was found close to where Kate was shot. Sam is walking into her home as the TMK waits inside. Logan bumper. Lucky walks in. He wants to talk to Sam. She says that they have nothing to say. Sam tells him he doesnít need forgiveness. Lucky is worrying about her and Sam tells him to stop, she says she will not call him. Lucky leaves. Sam closes the door and the TMK comes up behind her. Sonny tells Jason to stay focused on Michael. Jason urges Sonny to be careful and to not make things worse. Jason wants to provide proof before they do anything and wants to handle it. Sonny tells Jason to go do his job. Jason leaves and runs into Craig. Craig tells him that itís about Lorenzo Alcazar. Sam is grabbed from behind by the TMK. She struggles. He lets her go. She asks who he is. He removes his mask.

February 25, 2008

Sam is shocked that itís Diego. She questions how he is still alive. He explains. Jason walks into Kateís room asking for Sonny. Alexis tells him heís on business. Diego fills Sam in on how he supposedly died. Diego tells Sam it is the beginning of the end for her. She is still in shock. Diego discusses his last moments, about his father and his subsequent death. Diego plans to make Sonny and Jason pay because he has suffered. He tells Sam why he had plans to kill Carly. He said he wanted people to know they were going to die, to expect it. Sam understands that this is the reason for the text messages. Sam tries to fool Diego into thinking that Lucky will come save her. He knows this is a ploy, and taunts her that Lucky hasnít been there for her for quite some time, but he will be there for her funeral. Sam tries to escape. Diego gets her. They struggle. Sam hits him and grabs for the phone. He gets up and begins strangling her. Jason runs into the Zacharra house where he finds Sonny training a gun on Claudia. Jason tells Sonny that they need to go, that he has information Sonny will want to hear. Sonny leaves with Jason. Sonny calls Jasonís information ďgarbageĒ and doesnít believe what he told him about Alcazar. Jason tries to explain that they do not know who shot Kate or who has Michael. Jason urges him to recognize that they are going to be starting a war if they do things Sonnyís way. Sonny yells at Jason and leaves. Jason goes to Carlyís. She tells him about Michael calling the house. Carly knows that Jason is not telling her something. She yells at him and is worried. Jason needs her help. He asks her about what happened when she went with Craig to find out if Alcazar was still alive. Carly doubles over in pain. Diego places duct tape over Sam. He taunts her with death. He grabs her and heads toward the door as Maxie comes up to the other side. Ric bumper.

February 26, 2008

Jason is encouraging Carly to calm down. Sam is struggling with Diego as Maxie gets a call outside her apartment door. Diego yells at Sam to shut up as she begins screaming. Jax doesnít want Jason to bother Carly with information about Alcazar. Jason asks Carly to take care of herself and leaves. Sam watches Diego as he spies on Maxie. Sam goes after a vase as Diego is preoccupied with Maxieís conversation with Max. She tries to toss the vase but it is caught by Diego. Maxie leaves, Diego becomes upset, and he throws the vase. Jason tells Sonny that they need to deal with the possibility that Alcazar may still be alive. Sonny wants to focus on finding Michael and dealing with the Zís instead of chasing ghosts. Kate crashes and Sonny/Jason look in. Robin/Patrick bumper. Sonny and Jason talk to Claudia as she stands outside of Kateís hospital room. Jason tries to calm Sonny down. Jason shoves Claudia against the wall when she refuses to leave. Claudia taunts Sonny with Kateís deteriorating status and what is between them as Jason watches. Sonny and Jason talk about Claudia being a problem. Samís apartment is shown, it is empty. Jason sees Elizabeth at the hospital. She tells him Lucky wants to spend time with the kids, and she also talks about the evidence appearing like she is the one who hit Sam. Jason leaves. Sam is in the warehouse with Diego as he pulls the duct tape from her. He tells her she is going to have to say goodbye. Remembering Shell Keplar.

February 27, 2008

Jason walks into Sonnyís office and sees Claudia. Diego comes into the warehouse and taunts Sam. Diego talks about being the TMK and his victims. Diego places a bomb in her lap. Jason is frustrated and tries reasoning with Claudia, wanting her to tell him what she knows about Michael and Kate. Claudia tries to get information from Jason about Kate and asks him personal questions. Jason answers so he can hear Claudiaís proposal. Diego talks about the bomb with Sam as she tries questioning him. Sam asks what he plans to do with the bombs. Jason discusses the Zacharra trade with Claudia. Jason wants her to leave unless she can put something on the table. Claudia mentions Trevor. Diego leaves and Sam breaks free from her bonds. She tries to escape through the duct system. Claudia talks to Jason about Johnny missing. Sam crawls through the duct system as Diego sets the bombs around the warehouse. Jason is on the phone with Sonny telling him about Claudiaís deal. Sonny is frustrated and refuses to tell Jason where Johnny is. Claudia comes back into Sonnyís office. Jason and she discuss the inability to find common ground. Sam finds her way out of the duct system but ends up in the same room where she was held and sees Diego. Diego bullies her. Claudia threatens Jason and then leaves. Diego is packing up Samís things at her apartment. As he opens the door, Elizabeth is there.

February 28, 2008

Jason at Sonnyís office and is on the phone questioning Sonny about whether or not the Zacharraís have Michael. Sonny gets upset, hangs up, and Jason throws something. Diego is packing Samís things in her apartment. As he leaves, Elizabeth is at the door. He pulls her into the apartment. Jason goes through Michaelís book bag and finds gun oil residue in it. Maxie puts down Lulu and slaps her. Jason comes out of the office and breaks up the fight. Jason tells Spin that he and his blonde ones need to stay out of things. Jason warns them that the killer is still out there. Jason tries to talk to Spin about Michael missing, finding the gun oil, and he wants Spin to find out if Alcazar is still alive. Nik comes into the coffeeshop and tells Jason that Diego is the killer. Diego is back at Samís apartment gathering the last of her things. Jason makes a call to Max. Max comes upon Diego loading the car with Elizabeth inside. Max pulls a gun on Diego. Jason asks Nik to not tell anyone and says he will take care of it. Nik wants to help. Max and Diego have a shoot out. Nik bumper. Sam awakens in the trunk to the sound of gunshots. Diego gets in the car and runs over Max. Jason warns Nik that he doesnít know who heís dealing with, Nik disagrees. Jason receives a call from Max about what happened. Diego is driving. Jason, Nik, and Nadine show up to the parking garage and question Max. Max says he did not see Sam. Sam is in the trunk trying to break free from the ties. Elizabeth awakens in the backseat. She questions who Diego is and tells him he killed Emily. They struggle. Jason arrives at Samís apartment, he yells for her and looks for her. Diego explains to Elizabeth why he killed Emily. She grabs him, he slaps her, and he loses control of the wheel. The car is hanging off of a bridge.

February 29, 2008

Jason is in Samís apartment and hears a beeping. He finds her phone. Replay of Elizabeth grabbing Diego, him slapping her, and the loss of control of the car. The car is shown hanging off the bridge. Jason listens to the recording on the phone and hears Sam being choked by the TMK and Diego telling Sam that she will end up just like his father. Elizabeth awakens in the car and tries to find the key to the handcuffs in Diegoís pocket. The car shakes as she tries to do so. Jason talks to Max about Diego being alive, how he has Sam, and that he is taking her to hangmanís bridge. Elizabeth gets the key and unlocks herself. The car shakes again as Elizabeth tries to escape. Jason loads his gun and gives orders to Max. Nik and Nadine arrive. Sam is awake and trying to free herself in the trunk. As Elizabeth begins climbing out, she hears Sam moaning in the trunk. Elizabeth cannot let the backseat down. Diego grabs her. Jason tells Nik that he cannot have him with him, and that Sam is not there. Jason tells Nik to wait there for his cousin. Lucky arrives on the scene in the patrol car. Diego threatens Elizabeth. Lucky calls for backup, gets out of the car, and is then shot by Diego. Elizabeth fights with Diego. Jason arrives on the scene.

March 3, 2008

Replay of Elizabeth questioning Diego about killing Emily. She grabs at him, he slaps her, and loses control of the car. The car teeters on the edge of the bridge. Elizabeth awakens and searches Diegoís pockets for the keys to her handcuffs. The car shakes as she does so. Sam awakens in the trunk. Elizabeth finds the key and frees herself. As she goes to leave, the car shakes again. While trying to escape, she hears Samís moans in the trunk. Elizabeth cannot let the backseat down. Diego grabs her from behind. They struggle. Lucky arrives on the scene in a patrol car. He calls for backup. As he gets out to investigate, he is shot by Diego. Elizabeth fights with Diego. Jason arrives on the scene. He sees Lucky and goes to him, pulling him to safety. Jason hears a gunshot from inside the car. Sam is struggling to free herself. Jason sneaks up to the car. He and Diego fight. Elizabeth screams for Jason to help. As he jumps onto the car, he hears his motorcycle being driven away by Diego. Elizabeth asks about Lucky. Jason busts out the back window and has her climb out. As she does so, Elizabeth tells him that Sam is in the trunk. Elizabeth runs to Lucky. Jason is screaming for Sam. He tells her they have to get out. Elizabeth is with Lucky as he wakes up. Sam is scared. Jason tells her they have go. The car shifts and Jason is thrown. Sam goes over the edge with the car. Lucky screams for her. Elizabeth runs to see Jason, noticing his hand is cut. Lucky crawls to the edge of the bridge yelling for Sam.

March 4, 2008

Jason lays unconscious on the ground as Elizabeth rushes to him and sees his hand is bloody. Meanwhile, Lucky yells for Sam and finds her dangling over the side of the bridge. He pulls her to safety. Elizabeth looks on. Jason is loaded into the ambulance as Sam is being questioned by Mac. Sam tells him about Diego and his plans for revenge. Mac blames Jason for all that has happened. Elizabeth and Lucky try to talk to him. Sam interjects and tells Mac why Diego said he killed Georgie. Sam continues to explain the reasons for Diego killing everyone. Mac questions Elizabeth who tells him that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sam gives all the information that she can to Mac, she is in pain. Lucky wants to go with Mac to get Diego. Mac refuses to let him. Elizabeth questions the EMT about Jasonís status as Sam listens. Elizabeth explains how she thinks Jason knew to find them. Sam is in the hospital as Lucky rushes in. Sam wants him to get treatment. Dr. Devlin interrupts and asks Lucky to leave. Sam tells Lucky to be careful. Patrick tells Jason about the severity of his condition.

March 5, 2008

Patrick continues to discuss the severity of Jasonís condition as Elizabeth looks on. He wants Jason to be stabilized so he can have surgery. They have sedated him. Jason wants to know when he can go back to work. Patrick makes no guarantees. He talks about the impending surgery. Devlin talks to Sam about her injuries. They banter back and forth. Devlin talks about repairing the injury again. He tells Sam about classic historical women seduced to the dark side and the men who they were attracted to. He tells Sam that he is curious about her and that maybe another doctor should work on her case. Elizabeth comes into Jasonís room. He asks about Diego. They talk about the risks that have been taken and how she should not be there with him. Devlin continues to talk about making a referral for Sam. They continue to banter. Jason tells Elizabeth to be more encouraging. Cruz interrupts, wanting to know how Jason knew where to go find them. He wants to get the truth out of Jason. Cruz tells Jason the information Sam gave and tries to link it with Jason killing Lorenzo. Patrick walks in and threatens a lawsuit. As Cruz goes to leave, Jason says tells him to look at the warehouse, where Sam shot Diego. Sam is up trying to walk around. Jason gets wheeled into surgery. Sam bumper.

March 10, 2008

As Ian tries to take Sam back into the hospital, Lucky is there. They talk about Samís accident. Sam and Ian banter as Lucky looks on. Jason holds up his mittens as Elizabeth asks if he remembers what happened. She begins telling him, and he interrupts asking why she was at Samís. Elizabeth explains that she wanted to tell Sam that she may have been the one to hit her while Lucky listens in. Jason asks her to do what he asks, and wait until he can rule out all suspects. Elizabeth maintains her belief that she is guilty. Jason tells her to not assume it was her. Lucky continues to listen. He leaves. Jason continues to urge Elizabeth to be sure before she turns herself in. Jason tells her that there is one more person he hasnít ruled out. He just wants a chance to find out. She gets paged and leaves. Spinelli comes into the room. He gives the information to Jason that Jason has requested. It is photos of youths who may have sold Michael the gun. Jason requests that Spin gives the pictures to Mike to id. Jason says that he has to assume the worst.

March 11, 2008

Spin returns to Jasonís room. They talk about the photos and Mike. Spin shows Jason a video. They determine itís Michael running away toward the piers. Lucky comes into Samís room. They talk about her status. Lucky is there to help her. They talk about him not trusting her and her unforgivable actions toward Jake. She asks him about leads on the hit and run. Sam asks if the case is now closed and says that whoever knows something and is keeping quiet is just as guilty. She relates it to her actions in the kidnapping. Lucky wants to help her get discharged. Dr. Devlin walks in and says that Sam is not going anywhere. He roasts Lucky. Lucky receives a call from Alexis. He leaves the room. Sam jokingly berates Ian. Sonny shows up to Jasonís. He asks if Jason has found out that the Zacharraís have Michael. Jason tells Sonny of the video. Sonny asks how soon he can get out of bed. Elizabeth interrupts, telling Sonny that Jason will not jeopardize his recovery. She tells Sonny not to take his hands. Jason tells Elizabeth to leave, he needs to talk business. Jason denies being in a relationship with Elizabeth to Sonny. Sonny asks him to do his job, and questions if Jason wanted things to happen the way they did. Sonny tells Jason that he has Johnny Zacharra and will kill him unless Michael is returned. Jason urges him not to, and to think about the choices that he is making. Sam is being walked by Ian. They run into Alexis who tells Sam about Nikís condition. Elizabeth interrupts the conversation. Ian and Sam continue walking and banter back and forth. Lucky looks on.

March 12, 2008

Ian and Sam are talking as Lucky watches. Sam tells Ian that she is unsure who she is dealing with. Sonny comes in to talk to Jason after receiving his message. Jason tells Sonny about his theories on Michaelís disappearance. Sonny does not believe that Michael shot Kate. Jason and Sonny have a heated exchange. Jason wants to know what Sonny told Michael. Sonny tells him, and Jason believes that is why Michael ran. Sonny refuses to believe Jason. Sonny says that he will handle it. Jason urges Sonny to think about his actions before he does anything. Sonny leaves. Spin comes in and tells Jason about the supply ship that could have hidden Michael. Jason asks Spin to check it out. Sam is at the nurseís desk asking Elizabeth about the whereabouts of Dr. Devlin. She yells at Lucky to catch Spencer as a cart is wheeled by. Sam then leaves a message with Elizabeth for Ian. Stop and Stare montage begins. Elizabeth goes into Jasonís room and talks about Jake. Jason sleeps. He opens his eyes after she leaves the room.

March 13, 2008

Lucky walks into Jasonís room, he talks about Jasonís heroic efforts. He is there to ask Jason about Samís hit and run. Lucky wants to talk about Elizabethís involvement. He tells Jason that he knows Jasonís been covering for her. Lucky tells Jason that he overheard their conversation. Jason tells Lucky of his other leads. Jason says he doesnít want to cover things up, he does not want Elizabeth to plead guilty if she isnít. They talk about not going to Sam originally. Lucky doesnít want to hurt Elizabeth, but he tells Jason he will not let this go. Jason asks that Lucky doesnít talk to Elizabeth. He wants Lucky to come to him. Patrick talks to Jason about the severity of his injuries, and the best surgery options for a full recovery. He wants Jason to go to Seattle. Elizabeth walks in and wants to know if Jason is going away. Patrick tells Jason that this is his best choice. Patrick is willing to call immediately. Jason gives the go ahead.

March 14, 2008

Sam is walking the GH hallway with Alexis, Sam is talking about Dr. Devlin. Wes, from EDH, walks up to Sam. Sheís excited to see him. Wes informs her that taping begins next week. Sam questions the miscommunication as she was unaware of it. She tells him of some new ideas for the show. Wes tells her that she is suspended from the show. They discuss the stipulations of her contract. He tells Sam of the replacement. Wes talks to Sam about her inability to perform her job. Sam is upset. Alexis walks up and Sam explains the situation. Alexis tells Wes that the EDH lawyers should contact her. Alexis says that she will get Samís job back. Sam talks about her losses: her daughter, her brother, ability to have children, Jason, Lucky, and now her job. Sam and Alexis discuss Sam being fighter even though Sam believes she is damaged. Alexis tells her that she has faith in her, is proud of her, and loves her. Elizabeth and Lucky are discussing covering up the hit and run in Jasonís room. Sam is outside the door and hears their plan.

March 17, 2008

Carly walks into Jakeís, plays pool and grabs a beer. As she racks up, Jason is there. He puts money down on the table. He racks up to begin their game as they stare at one another. Flash to Carly in the water at the cannery. Carly and Jason continue to play pool. Flash back to Carly in the water. Logan bumper.

March 18, 2008

Replay of Carly being unconscious in the water at the cannery. Replay of Carly and Jason playing pool. Jason teases Carly, telling her she isnít going to make the shot. She lays down more money. He smiles at her and then nudges her to get off the table so he can make his shot. They banter with one another. Jason gives her a quarter, and Carly goes to the jukebox. Carly is at the hospital in distress. Back to the Jake scene, she and Jason dance. Jason tells her it is over and that it is time for her to go back. She kisses his cheek and leaves as he watches her go. She begins to breathe on her own at GH. 

March 19, 2008

Sam is in the parking garage checking out Elizabethís vehicle. Lucky approaches and questions why she is looking at her car. Sam argues with Lucky about the information that he is withholding from her about Elizabeth potentially hitting her. Sam enters Alexisí office. They discuss Samís progress in recovery. Sam asks Alexis about a hypothetical question about the driver not knowing that they hit her with the vehicle and wants to know what kind of charge that would bring. Sam tells Alexis that she has been having flashes of the night of the accident. Sam wants to be sure of who she believes it is before giving her statement. Alexis urges her to talk sooner rather than later and she tells Sam not to start her own investigation. Sam goes to see Elizabeth. Sam tells her that she knows that Elizabeth hit her. Sam wants to give her a chance to explain. She doesnít understand why Elizabeth did not admit what she has done. They talk about whether or not it was an accident. Sam tells her that she will admit to seeing everything on the stand. Elizabeth tries to blackmail Sam about the kidnapping. 

March 20, 2008

Sam is at Elizabethís, they are threatening one another. Carly is screaming in the hospital as Claudia looks on. Jason walks in. She believes she is losing the baby. Jason questions Claudia outside of Carlyís room about why she is there. Sam and Elizabeth continue to argue about the circumstances surrounding the hit and run as well as Jakeís kidnapping. Sam tells her to let the truth come out, especially about Jakeís father. They argue about Elizabethís manipulations and how she plays the victim. Elizabeth doesnít want Sam around Lucky. Jason continues to question Claudia. Claudia tells him to have Sonny back off or a war will be started. Jason is in Carlyís room, trying to reassure her. Jax comes in and Jason leaves. Elizabeth and Sam exchange parting shots at one another. Jason walks into Sonnyís office to find Max and Milo. They exchange pleasantries and Jason asks about the cannery explosion. Diane walks in and compliments Max. Jason has Milo take Max out so that he and Diane can discuss business. They talk about the shooting situation and explore Michaelís options. Jason asks Diane to stall the police investigation. Diane agrees. Lucky comes to the hospital and sees Elizabeth. They talk about Carly and Elizabeth tries to talk about her recent discussion with Sam. Sam interrupts and tells them that she is not going to press charges. Jason is back at Sonnyís office to see Sonny. Sonny talks about the trouble. Jason updates Sonny on Carlyís status. They discuss Michael and Johnny Z being out of control. Sonny wants to make a pre-emptive move to kill Trevor.

March 21, 2008

Jason and Sonny discuss the consequences of going to war. Sam talks to Elizabeth about being angry and rethinking pressing charges, as Lucky looks on. Lucky thanks Sam as she goes to leave. Jason tries to tell Sonny about his vulnerability but Sonny refuses to accept his fallibility. Sonny talks to Jason about meeting Claudia at the hospital. He wants to know if Jason is with him as he plans Johnnyís death. Jason tells him he always has been. Elizabeth sees Jason at Sonnyís office. They talk. She plans to confess. Jason tells her there is no proof. Sam walks outside as Lucky is there waiting for her. He wants to talk. Jason questions Elizabeth about how Sam found out. They talk about the lack of evidence and her feelings of guilt. She leaves. Jason makes a call and asks Spinelli to come by. Spin walks in and asks about Jasonís recovery. Jason wants to know what he has on the hit and run. Spin talks about recovery options and Jason demands proof of who hit Sam. Spin complies. Lucky and Sam talk about her recovery. Sam wants to move on. Lucky tells her he misses her and wants to try again. He and Sam hug as Elizabeth walks out of the hospital. Monica pours herself a drink as Jason walks in to the Q mansion. He tells her that she is the one who hit Sam.

March 24, 2008

Monica talks to Jason about why he is there. Jason wants her to know that he knows what happened. He tells her of the evidence that he has. Monica discusses what she remembered of the incident. Monica wants to know if he would cover it up for her. They talk about Monicaís previous attempts to cover it up. They discuss Monica being under the influence at the time. Monica relates everything that she has lost because of Jason. She tells him to get out. Jason goes back to Sonnyís where Spinelli is. Jason thanks him for his efforts in the HnR case. They talk about what Jason will do with the information. Sam walks in, Spin leaves. She tells Spin about the loss of EDH. She wants to know why Jason asked her there. Jason tells Sam that Elizabeth did not hit her. They argue about who did it. Jason talks to her about proof. Sam wants to know why he believes itís Monica. He tells Sam to blame him if need be. Sam says she would never blame him or Monica. Sam leaves, and tells him to run to Elizabeth and also that she will not press charges. Lucky is at Samís door. Sam tells him that he doesnít have to woo her, because Elizabeth didnít hit her, it was Monica. Sam asks him to stop pretending and just walk way. Elizabeth is at Sonnyís office to see Jason. They talk about what is best for Monica. Jason wishes he could tell Monica about Jake. Scene of Monica in a car accident, unconscious.

March 25, 2008

Sam and Lucky discuss walking away. Elizabeth convinces Jason not to risk telling Monica about Jake. Sam tells Lucky that she doesnít understand why he is doing this. They argue about him wanting to be with her and Samís belief that he loves Elizabeth. Lucky wants to make it work. Elizabeth talks about how hard she knows the situation about Jake is for Jason. Jason gets a call that Monica has been in an accident. Jason is at the hospital and Claudia goes up to him. He refuses to tell her why he is there. Jason tells Robin that Claudia is dangerous and to stay away. Epiphany tells Jason about Monicaís status. Jason goes in to see Monica. She is glad he is there. She doesnít remember what happened. Jason urges her to get help and tells her this behavior has to stop. She talks to him about the loss of Alan and Emily. Jason offers to help. Monica relates what she remembers of the accident. Jason encourages her. She tells him that she loves him. Claudia waits outside her room as Jason leaves. She wants to know who the woman is, and Jason tells her. Jason warns her away. Claudia has a proposition for Jason. She wants Jason to kill Trevor.

March 26, 2008

Diane is discussing Alexisí plan to talk to Jason with him. Jason talks about Samís hit and run with Diane. Jason tells Diane how Alexis found out. Jason asks Diane to represent Monica and do whatever it takes to keep her out of jail. Diane goes through the list of Monicaís offences. Jason tells Diane that Monica has no choice about going to rehab. Alexis walks in and wants to know why Jason called his lawyer. Diane and Alexis argue about what is going on. Carly walks into her home and sees baby stuff. She begins crying. Jason walks in behind her and hugs her.

March 27, 2008

Jason hugs Carly, as she tells him about the loss of the baby. He is sorry. They talk about Michael being in trouble. Carly wants to know what happened to them, why Jason doesnít trust her anymore. They discuss how Jason was trying to protect Elizabeth about the HnR. Carly wants him to claim Jake. Carly bares her feelings to Jason about feeling like she is an inconvenience. Jason yells about what is wrong between them. They talk about Carly wanting to be first in Jasonís life. Jason wants Carly to trust him. Carly wants him to not lie to ever again. Jason and Carly talk about Michaelís status, especially since the miscarriage. She tells him of her dream about playing pool with him at Jakeís. Jax walks in. Jason apologizes to him about Michael and their loss. Jason walks in to the PH, Spin is there and tells him that Monica has confessed that she hit Sam. Jason talks about seeing Carly, and the loss of the baby, to Spinelli. Jason tells him that he has been lying to everyone since finding out about Jake. Claudia arrives. Spin gushes over her. Jason tells Claudia to stay away from Spinelli and asks Spin to leave. Claudia is there to discuss business. She asks Jason to kill Trevor.

March 28, 2008

Claudia continues her discussion about Jason killing Trevor. Jason believes that Claudia is a threat. Patrick knocks at the door to give Jason his post op report. Jason has Claudia leave. He follows her to the elevator, and he tells her to find someone else to do the job. Patrick discusses follow-up surgery with Jason. Spin walks in on their conversation. Spinelli urges Jason to have the surgery. Jason goes to Sonnyís office to tell him about the surgery. Jason discusses Claudiaís plan. Sonny and Jason discuss Claudiaís recent moves and what they think she is planning. Jason tells Sonny that she wants Trevor dead. Sonny wants the Zacharaís to be fighting each other instead of with the Corinthos organization. Sonny and Jason discuss their past disagreements. They discuss the need for honesty in their relationship. Sonny tells Jason that he is distracted and he needs to figure things out. Jason is at the PH, and asks Spin to take care of something for him. Jason wants Spin to follow Sonny while he is gone for surgery.

April 1, 2008

Edward, Tracy, and Sam enter the courtroom. Tracy tries to goad Sam, but Sam tells her that she has been advised to speak to no one. Tracy warns Sam. Edward comes to Sam and apologizes for Tracyís behavior. Nik walks over and is glad to see Sam, he also talks to her about how her being there should help Monicaís case. Monica walks in and looks to Sam. She goes over to her, and she tells Sam that she knows what she must be feeling. They are interrupted by Diane. Court session begins. Monicaís charges are read to the court. Sam interrupts the judge as he is berating Monica. She intercedes on Monicaís behalf, but the judge does not want to hear her. Nik tries to speak to the judge for Monica. He explains the losses that she has experienced.

April 2, 2008

Courtroom scene continued. Nik continues talking to the judge on Monicaís behalf. Diane and Alexis talk about the great things Monica has done and how she is needed in the community. The judge doesnít agree. Sam speaks up again, asking the judge to listen to her. She explains the reasons for Monica hitting her. Sam understands what Monica has been going through and does not blame her, she wants her to receive help for her drinking. The court agrees to leniency. The court session is over. Sam and Monica share an understanding look and smile. Monica thanks Alexis and Diane for their assistance. Monica sees Sam leaving and goes to her. She thanks her for standing up for her. Sam knows that Monica is sorry for what she has done. Sam wishes her well in rehab.

April 3, 2008

Jason and Elizabeth are at the PH. Jason wants to know about Jake. He has been thinking about them, and he tells her that Sonny has made a truce with the Zacharaís. Elizabeth gets a page, which interrupts their conversation. They agree to finish the discussion later. Jason goes to Sonnyís office. He gives Sonny an update on his recovery. Sonny tells him about his frustration with Spin while Jason was gone. Jason wants more guards, even with the truce. Sonny disagrees. He wants to focus on the coffee business and keeping the mob business to a minimum. Jason asks if he wants out. Sonny tells him that is not an option, but he wants his loved ones to have a better life. Jason returns to the PH, and sees Spin. Spin is glad that Jason is okay. They talk about Elizabeth having been at the PH. Jason thanks Spinelli for telling Elizabeth. They talk about how Jason has been thinking of wanting to be with Jake.

April 4, 2008

Spin is talking to Jason about the possibility of Jason and Elizabeth being together. Jason tells Spin that no one can ever leave the business, he has tried to twice. Spin tries to talk him into being with Elizabeth. Jason expresses his concerns. Spinelli thinks that since Jason protects Sonnyís kids, he can protect his own. Jason shows up at Carlyís. She is angry that Kate and Sonny have taken Michael to the warehouse. Jason tries to get her to calm down. Carly yells that when Michael was missing, Sonny wouldnít leave Kate to find him. Jason tells her to not make things worse by fighting in front of the kids. Carly thinks that Jason is siding with Sonny, although he assures her that he isnít. The phone rings and interrupts their conversation.

April 7, 2008

Jason shows up at General Hospital and questions Robin about Michaelís shooting. Carly walks in and Jason tells her what he knows. The medical staff discuss the situation as they prepare for Michaelís surgery. Jason tries to calm Carly. Michael arrives on a gurney with Sonny following. Carly questions Sonny about what happened and he explains. Patrick comes out with news. Carly goes to the nurseís station, requesting Michaelís clothes. She is distraught and Jason comforts her. He asks her to be strong for Michael. Robin encourages Michael as he lay unconscious. Carly comes in to see him. While Jason is in the waiting room, Robin comes out and she and Jason talk about when Michael was little. Carly comes out from visiting Michael. Jason hugs her. Sonny tells Kate that someone will pay for this. Lulu walks in to offer support to Carly. Spinelli tells Jason that he is already looking up video surveillance to find the shooter. Sonny interrupts, yelling at Jason that the shooting was his fault. Jason should have been doing his job. Carly interjects and tells Sonny that it isnít Jasonís fault, itís his.

April 8, 2008

Michael is being wheeled through the hospital. Patrick discusses the case with his staff. Carly talks to Michael, encouraging him. Carly and Jason try to support each other. Carly is upset that Sonny never asked her permission to take Michael. Sonny thought it would be okay. Carly talks about the dangerousness of the situation. Kate tries to explain what she saw. Carly is angry that Kate took him to the warehouse. Jason tells Kate that Carly can feel any way she wants as Michaelís mother. Jason tells her she can leave. Sonny said that Kate will not be leaving, sheís there for him. Sonny blames Jason. Jason tells them all to stop arguing and focus on Michael. Sonny discusses his feelings about the situation with Carly and how he is trying to cope. Carly tells Jason that she needs to apologize to Michael when he wakes up. They wheel Michael out of surgery. Patrick tells them that the bullet has been removed. Jason watches as they wheel him away and follows. Jason and Carly comfort each other outside of Michaelís room. Jax calls and Carly explains the status. Patrick comes out to speak with the family. He tells them that there will be damage. He allows them to visit Michael. Carly and Jason go in.

April 9, 2008

Jason and Carly sit by Michaelís bedside. Elizabeth comes in to check his vitals and tells them that Michael is stable. She tries to talk to Carly, Jason dismisses her. Carly asks if Michaelís color is improving. Robin and Patrick come in to let them know more tests need to be run. Sam walks up to Elizabeth and asks about Michaelís status. Elizabeth tells her, and then looks to Jason, alerting Sam to his presence. Sam offers her sympathies and encouragement to Jason. She knows how much Jason loves Michael, and is praying for all of them. Jason and Sam walk back to the floor with coffee. Sam wants to know if he needs anything. Sam tells him that she would never wish this on Michael or Jason, no matter how bad things got between them. Jason says that he knows. She wants to let go of the pain and anger. Carly brings food in to Jason as he sits with Michael. Jason tries to keep Carly from getting too hopeful. She is trying to remain positive. Carly asks Jason to talk to Michael. He doesnít want to, but at her urging, he does. Jason tells Michael about his visit to Africa. Jason begs him to wake up. Carly tries to lighten the mood, talking about going on a safari and going to Florida. Patrick and Robin walk in, asking to speak to them in the hallway. Patrick tells them that Michael is in a permanent coma and is not expected to regain consciousness.

April 10, 2008

Patrick discusses the nature of Michaelís injury. Carly refuses to believe it. Robin tries to explain. Carly does not want to hear her, and she tells Patrick that she will find another doctor if he wonít believe in Michael. Jason and Carly go back to Michaelís room. Carly says that she and Jason both overcame traumatic obstacles. Mike walks in. Carly wants Mike to talk to Michael. Mike asks where Sonny is, and Carly tells him that she doesnít know. Carly discusses her frustration about the doctors with Jason. She believes Michael will wake up, and wants Jason to believe so as well. She talks to Michael about decorating his room, and how he is more fortunate than other kids. Jason talks to Carly about going to tell Monica. Carly blames herself, and thinks she should have to deal with Monica. Jason tries to reassure her, in that they all made bad choices and are responsible. Monica walks into her room to find Jason waiting for her. He asks about her progress. Jason tells her that Michael was shot and explains the circumstances. Monica and Jason cry and hug one another.

April 11, 2008

Monica and Jason continue to discuss their losses. Jason believes he is to blame, but Monica tells him he is not. She tries to reassure him. Monica gives Jason her forgiveness. He receives a call; Elizabeth asks that he get back to the hospital for Carly. Jason is at Michaelís room and asks Carly if there have been any changes. Carly tells him about Sonny and Kate being there and how Sonny told the police that he saved Kate first. Carly talks about messing up Michaelís life and how she is to blame. Jason tries to get her to stop. She continues to talk about how itís her fault. They talk about Sonnyís position as Michaelís father. Carly believes that Sonny only cares about himself. Carly talks about her blind faith in Sonny leading to Michael being in a coma. Jason tries to support her. Carly just wants Michael better. Jason tells her that there is something he needs to do and wants her to be okay while he is gone.

April 14, 2008

Jason comes up to Carly and Jax in the hospital. They thank him for being with Carly during Michaelís situation. Jax tells Jason that Michael squeezed Carlyís hand. Jason warns Carly to tell Jax what the doctors have said about Michael. All are in Michaelís room, and Carly tells Jax about Jason telling Michael stories. Jason tells Jax what kinds of things he and Michael discussed. Jax leaves and Jason begins reading to Michael. Carly and Jason discuss taking Michael somewhere once he gets better. They reminisce about Florida. Carly begs for Michael to wake up. Sonny walks in and asks how he is. Jason tries to calm Carly down.

April 15, 2008

Jason tells Carly and Sonny to discuss their issues outside of Michaelís room. Carly tells Sonny that he has lost all rights to Michael as his father. Sonny refuses to give him up. Jason tries to calm Carly down and gets her to focus on what is important. Carly yells at Sonny, and tells him her strength needs to be used for her son. Jason agrees with Sonny that Michael needs his father. Jason tells them that all have failed Michael and what has happened cannot be changed. He urges them to be there for Michael. Jason is on the docks when Claudia arrives there. They argue about who was driving more recklessly. She asks him about Michael. Jason wants to know why she was with Carly when Carly found out. Claudia tells him her beliefs about how mobsters should not have children.

April 16, 2008

Jason walks into the PH. He pulls out the box of pain from his close. Spin walks in to find Jason on the couch. Jason asks for Spinís help, he wants to find who shot Michael. Jason talks to Spin about how he is the one who hurt Michael, his choices negatively affected him. Jason plays pool as Spin comes in. He asks Spin if he found anything and tells him to keep looking. Spin is worried about Jason. There is a knock on the door, it is Claudia. She wants to talk to Jason about who shot Michael. Claudia wants Jason to keep Johnny safe. She tells Jason that it was a third party who shot Michael. Jason tells her that Sonny will not act without proof but once they have it, no one will stop them avenging Michaelís death. Sam walks into the Haunted Star party, she notices Lucky with Elizabeth. Lucky goes to her and they have a conversation about why he is there with Elizabeth. Spin is still looking for evidence then comes across footage of a car with doctor id tags.

April 17, 2008

Alexis and Sam discuss Michaelís situation. Jason has Spin finish identifying the plates on the car. Sam watches as Luke welcomes Sonny to the Haunted Star. Jason tells Spin about AJ being kept away from Michael. Spin wants to know how Jason became the one to name Michael. Jason is reluctant, but he tells him. Jason feels that he couldnít keep Michael safe. Spin finds more information about the identity of the carís owner. Sam is at the table and Lucky comes up to her. She wanted him to warn her about Elizabeth being brought there. Spin tries to reassure Jason that he is not responsible for Michaelís current situation. They discuss how Jason plays the role of peacekeeper. Jason doesnít want to believe that Sonny protected Kate instead of Michael. Spin asks how Carly is doing. Spin determines that the car was leased to Ian Devlin.

April 18, 2008

Jason and Spin discuss why Devlin might be the shooter. Jason wants Spin to keep digging for information. Spin finds information on Devlinís bank accounts. Sonny walks in. Spin offers his sympathy and tries to tell him about evidence they found on Devlin. Spin leaves. Sonny tells Jason that he has sent the guards away so that he is unprotected. They discuss why Sonny would want to do that. He plans to draw the shooter out. Sonny apologizes to Jason for blaming him and coming down hard on him. He tells Jason that they both need to do things their own way. Sonny warns Jason that Anthony is not the madman he wants everyone to believe. Spin comes downstairs and tells Jason what he has found in the bank records. Nicholas comes to see Jason at the PH. They understand that they are not friends but Jason wants information about why Nik paid Devlin money.

April 21, 2008

Jason questions Nicholas about the money he wired to Devlin. Nik tells him it was the only way he could see Emily and he explains how he could see her after her death. Spin is trying to be secretive and break into the hospital computer at the nurseís desk. Sam comes upon him, wanting to know what he is doing. Spin tries to find excuses but Sam doesnít buy them. Nik tells Jason that the drugs have been working for him, and that he can see her. Jason sympathizes with him and says he would probably do the same thing. Sam comes into Michaelís room to see Carly. She expresses her concern. Jax is at the PH to see Jason. He wants Jason to encourage Carly to recognize that Michael is not going to get better. Jason tells Jax that Carly will always fight for Michael and no one can change that. They talk about how Morgan is handling the situation. Jax thinks that Jason is the only one who can help Carly. Jason is at the hospital and sees Sam. She asks about Michael. Jason tells her they donít think Michael will come out of the coma. Sam talks to him about visiting Carly. Jason wants Sam to tell him what she knows about Dr. Devlin.

April 22, 2008

Jason with Sam at the hospital and tells her that he is working on something where Devlin might be involved. Sam recognizes that he is working on Michaelís shooting. Sam stops herself from telling Jason information. He encourages her to tell him. She talks about Devlin flirting with her. She thinks he may have something to hide. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Spin. He is in the closet at Devlinís as Maxie is trying to ward off Devlinís advances. Jason goes to the apartment to save Maxie. Back at the PH, Jason questions why Maxie and Spin were at Devlinís apartment in the first place. Maxie wants to know what kind of information they are looking for regarding Devlin. Jason thanks her for her help and tries to get her to leave. Maxie wants something out of keeping her mouth shut. She believes that Spinelli could help her get information on the magazine layouts. Jason yells at him to do it and tells Maxie to leave. Sam knocks on Devlinís door. She wants to show her gratitude, he offers her a drink. Heís glad she dropped by. Sam tries to extract information from him. They are interrupted by a phone call. Claudia plans to come over. He tells Sam that they will have to finish their conversation later. Spin and Jason are back at the PH as they discuss Samís belief that Ian is hiding something, too. Jason wants Spinelli to follow the money.

April 23, 2008

Jason is with Carly in Michaelís room. Elizabeth comes in to check vitals. Sam sees Ian at the nurseís desk. He expresses disappointment about cutting the evening short but wants to know why the sudden interest. Carly talks to Jason about everybody giving up hope on Michael. She doesnít want to hear that Jason has given up on him, too. Jason wants Carly to be prepared that Michael may not be the same. Sam continues her talk with Devlin. She reminds him that he was the one to pursue her. He invites her over. They go to his apartment. Sam wants to know why he lives the way he does. They are drinking as Sam tries to get more information out of him. Devlin believes that she is interrogating him. Jason and Carly discuss Michaelís situation. Claudia calls Jason and wants to meet him. She tells him that she has information about Michael. Sam tries to get Devlin to divulge information. He doesnít want to tell her about his past. He recognizes that Sam is trying to gain information for Jason. He yells at her, and tells her to go. He sends a message to Jason through Sam. Claudia is on her way to see Jason, she calls him, and her brakes go out. Jason rescues her as they are being shot at.

April 24, 2008

Jason and Claudia are in the woods as shots are being fired. Claudia believes that it is Anthony trying to kill her. He finds it convenient that she has no weapon. He thinks he has been setup. Claudia denies it. She wants him to shoot the sniper. They argue. Jason tells her to shut up. He wants her to make a run for it. Claudia tells him why Anthony would want her dead. Jason refuses to kill anyone for Claudia. He wants her to run so that she can draw the sniper's fire. Jason has her make the choice to trust him or not. They find a cabin. He orders her to stay down. They barricade the cabin. Claudia questions Jason about why he does what he does. Claudia wants to know why he risked his life to save hers.

April 25, 2008

Claudia tells Jason that he is an enigma. She wants to know why he saved her life. He ignores her as he makes the cabin safer. Jason asks her if she has a better plan. Jason canít give her guarantees that he will kill the sniper. Claudia tells him that he is good at nonverbal communication. She explains why she thinks Anthony is the one after her. Claudia discusses her past with Anthony. She tells him of her love for Johnny. Jason wants to know about information on Michael. Claudia thinks it was her father. He wants to hear facts and believes that he has been jerked around and wants to be with Carly and Michael instead of in the situation with Claudia. Jason warns her that whoever shot Michael will pay. Shots are fired.

April 28, 2008

Shots are being fired at Jason and Claudia. Claudia wants Jason to believe that Anthony is trying to kill her. She tells him that he is the one who hurt Michael. Jason thinks that she is trying to get him to kill Anthony. Claudia tells him to get her through the situation alive and she will get him proof. She wants to know why Jason is taking orders, she thinks he should have killed Sonny and taken over the business. Jason tells her to stop talking. Claudia discusses her belief about him being there for Sonny but Sonny not returning the favor. Jason leaves Claudia, taking his chances with the shooter. The sniper comes in and grabs her. Jason comes back in as they struggle and tells the sniper to let her go.

April 29, 2008

Sniper tells Jason to drop the gun. He lets go of Claudia and struggles with Jason. Sam and Lucky walk into the Haunted Star to play roulette. Jason wants to know who sent the sniper as Claudia shoots him. Sam wins at the tables. Lucky questions her about her hip, and she does not believe the medications are working for her. Jason wants to know why Claudia shot him. He wants to know what she plans to do with the body. Mr. Craig comes up to talk to Sam about her mother. Alexis comes in to shut down the boat. Claudia wants no cops involved. She wants Jasonís help in dumping the body. He doesnít want to help her. Claudia tells him that she owes him, as Jason goes to help her. Jason wants to check the bike for explosives before they get on it. He finds no explosives and tells Claudia to step back. She refuses and gets on the bike as Jason starts it up.

April 30, 2008

Sam walks into the Haunted Star and asks Luke for a job playing for him. They discuss the specifics. Luke gives her a job, asking her to start as soon as they reopen. Sam is at the hospital and asks Epiphany if there is someone she can talk to about her pain medications not working. Dr. Ford reprimands Elizabeth for being incompetent and negligent, since she almost killed a patient. He wonders at her refusal to admit her mistake. Sam listens in as Dr. Ford tells Elizabeth that the incident will be placed on her permanent record.

May 1, 2008

Claudia is on the witness stand in court. Alexis questions if she believes that Anthony manufactured the car trouble. Jason listens in as Claudia tells the court that she had a date. She denied anyone trying to kill her. She provides an assessment of her date experience. Diane then questions Claudia about Anthony threatening her. The court decides to release Anthony from custody effective immediately. Sonny is warning Max against having guards on him. Max tries to explain business difficulties in Puerto Rico as Jason comes in to tell Sonny that Anthony has been freed. Diane comes in as Sonny yells at her for wanting to be with Max. Sonny decides to send Max to Puerto Rico. Sonny wants his attorney focused on him. Diane and Max both try to get Jason to speak up for them. Max tells Sonny to back off and keep his nose out of his personal life. Diane tells Sonny to not date Kate and for him to tell Jason to not date Claudia.

May 2, 2008

Sonny wants Diane to explain what she means by dating Claudia. Jason denies dating Claudia. Diane tells Sonny what Claudia said in the courtroom. She waxes eloquent about Sonny ruining peopleís love lives, then leaves the room. Max excuses himself as well. Jason tells Sonny about the hit placed on Claudia and how he saved her. Jason explains why he saved her and denies again that he is dating her. Sonny has to go to the hospital. Max and Diane are found in an embrace as Sonny and Jason leave. Sonny requests that Diane have an alibi in place for once Jason finds the person who shot Michael. Maxie and Spin are at the PH. Maxie is snooping through Jasonís drawers. She finds keys. Spin alludes to the vehicle being a transport for dead bodies. Jason walks in and wants to know what Maxie is doing there. He wants Spin to work on finding the shooter. Maxie wants Spin to keep working on tracing the money. She explains the missing money to Jason. Spin connects Kateís missing money to Devlin. Jason kicks Maxie out and continues discussing Devlin with Spinelli. Spinelli finds where Devlin currently located. They load the vehicle as Maxie hides inside. Spin offers advice about keeping a clear head when Jason finds Devlin. Jason plans to keep Devlin alive to find out who hired him.

May 5, 2008

Maxie listens as Jason and Spin drive and talk about Devlin. Spinelli lists reasons why he should drive. Jason slams on the brakes. Spin is now at the wheel as Jason urges him to speed up. Spin tells him why he canít. Jason tells Spin to focus, drive, and review. They review what has transpired with Devlin. Spin sees a moose, slams on the brakes, and they find Maxie in the back. Jason wants to know why Maxie was in there. Jason tells Spin to search for the keys and get them back from Maxie. He fails in finding them. Maxie takes them out of her bra. Jason tells Spin to get in the car, as he prepares to leave Maxie to wait for the bus. As Jason and Spin drive away, Spinelli tries to explain his relationship with Maxie. Maxie is at the bus station and hears someone as she is texting Spin. She sees Devlin. Jason gives advice to Spinelli, warning him to be careful. Maxie is texting Spin as Devlin comes up behind her. Spin receives the message.

May 6, 2008

Jason tells Spin to delete the message. Maxie tries explaining to Devlin. He doesnít buy her excuses. He shows her his scalpel then puts it against her throat. Devlin warns Jason and Spin to come out of the shadows. Jason fires a warning shot, Spin then gets in Jasonís way. They urge Jason to put the gun down. Devlin explains the night Michael got shot. Jason wants to know who hired him for the hit. Maxie and Spin beg Jason to help her. Jason wants a name. Devlin refuses to give him one. Maxie gets away as Jason shoots Devlin. Jason tries to get answers as Devlin struggles to breathe. Maxie yells at Jason. Jason apologizes for Maxie being scared. Maxie talks about what she experienced, she wants to call 911. The police arrive and handcuff Jason. Mac arrives. Maxie tells him about Devlin admitting to shooting Michael. Maxie lets him know that Jason and Spinelli saved her. Mac asks them to take Jason down to the PCPD.

May 7, 2008

Jason is in the interrogation room as Alexis walks in and wants to discuss the situation. Jason refuses. Alexis tells him what she knows, and she wants to know what Devlin said before he died. Diane walks in to stop Alexis from trying to coerce Jason. Diane and Alexis talk about the ramifications of what happened. Jason tears up as he hears Alexis talking about his job perpetuating the violence that got Michael shot. He asks Diane to get him released as soon as possible. Alexis warns him against going after Devlinís accomplice and leaves. Jason asks Diane if she agrees with Alexis. She tells him that Alexis is using guilt as a weapon, but he doesnít have to accept the blame. Diane apologizes for not getting him out sooner and asks that he not tell Sonny. She leaves to get him released. Spin is in the room with Jason and talks about Jakeís birthday. Jason doesnít want pictures of Jake and doesnít want to talk about him. Mac comes in and tells Jason he is free to go. Mac warns Spinelli against hurting Maxie. Claudia arrives home and finds Jason waiting for her. He believes that she knows who sent Michaelís shooter.

May 8, 2008

Claudia denies her or Johnnyís involvement. Jason tells her to give him the proof that Anthony is the shooter and he will take care of him. Claudia wants Jason to understand that Anthony did it, even though she doesnít have proof. Carly talks to Michael as Jason comes in. Jason needs to talk to Carly downstairs. She tells Jason about Morgan trying to wake up Michael. He tries to reassure her. She says that Sonny believes Michael will never wake up and he wants custody. Jason urges her to do what is best for Michael. Carly wants Jason to believe that Michael will wake up soon. He tells her that he has broken every promise he made to Michael. He talks about all of the wrong choices that he made. Jason says that they did this to Michael. He asks her to not make Morgan watch Michael the way he is as he is growing up. Jason tells her she is going to have to stop seeing what she wants and see the truth, Morgan needs her. Carly refuses to get Michael out of the house. Jason goes in to talk to Michael. He talks about their history together and apologizes for lying about being his father and for not doing good things for him. He promises Michael that he will never do to Jake what heís done to him.

May 9, 2008

Jason is on the docks as Spinelli interrupts him. Jason tells Spin that he does not know who the accomplice to Devlin is. They discuss what they know about the case. Jason questions Spin about the money trail. Jason decides that Devlin ran to Kate looking for a way out. He believes that Kate wanted Devlin out of town to keep Sonny safe. Spin wants to know how Sonny will react to Kate knowing the information. Sonny is with Michael as Jason walks in. Sonny wants to know how Jason got through to Carly about moving Michael. Sonny leaves as Jason stays with Michael. Jason talks about how things changed the night Michael got shot, how he and Sonny canít even look at each other, and how Sonny saved Kate instead of Michael. Jason tries to reassure Michael and talks about his worry over Carly and his own helplessness. Jason goes to see Kate. Jason tells her that Devlin shot Michael, and he wants to know why she paid him money. Sonny overhears this and questions why he is asking her this.

May 12, 2008

Kate asks Jason to leave, while Sonny wants him to apologize. Luke is at the HS playing cards and talking about the Dead Manís Hand. Sam is there playing as well and discusses holding the hand. Sonny talks to Jason about his closeness to Carly and tells him to not put the blame on Kate. Kate just wants Jason to leave and to discuss things with Sonny in private. Sam continues playing with the gentlemen as Luke and Tracy have a private conversation. A detective comes in to shut down the card play due to a court order. Sam tries to explain the situation but the detective wants everyoneís name. Jason goes into Michaelís room and starts telling him about Kate giving Devlin money. He then gets mad at himself for talking to Michael about it. He discusses how this shouldnít be Michaelís life and tells him how he stopped Carly from going to get him from the warehouse. Jason blames himself and begins crying, wishing he was there to protect him. Carly comes in and is glad Jason is there. They talk about the place where Michael will be going. Carly talks about how this is not supposed to be her little boyís life. They remember Florida together. Carly is worried about Morgan not having memories of Michael.

May 13, 2008

Sam is at the HS and talks to Luke about not raking in enough cash. She compliments him on his appearance. They talk about Luke trying to get Tracy back. Sam believes that Tracy is in love with Luke. Lucky walks in, wanting to have a conversation. Sam goes to leave, kisses Lucky, hugs, and leaves. Sam and Lucky are at the hospital. They are flirting and going into Nikís room as they find him on the floor. Lucky tells her to get a nurse. They listen in about what happened to Nik. Sam pulls Lucky out of the room and explains that a similar situation happened when Elizabeth got chewed out.

May 14, 2008

Lucky, Sam, and Elizabeth are in Nik's room as he explains what he remembers. Jason sits by Michaelís bedside and tells him about being moved. They fill Nik in on the recent events. Spinelli is trying to pick up a hooker as Jason walks into Jakeís. Coleman fills him in as Spin talks to the woman. Jason pays her and tells the woman that Spinelli is not interested. Spin tries to get her to stay, while Coleman and Jason explain that she is a hooker. Spinelli becomes depressed as they try to cheer him up. Elizabeth returns to Nikís room. They all determine that the drugs may be counterfeit, and that Dr. Devlin is behind it. Jason wants to know what happened to Spin and Maxie. Spin tells him that she is with another man. He asks Jason about Michael, and Jason tells him that he will be moved tomorrow. Jason leaves. Nik explains to them about being able to see Emily through the use of Devlinís drug. Anthony and Claudia are talking at the HS when Jason walks in. Anthony leaves. Jason tells her that he came to see Luke. Claudia again tries to convince Jason that Anthony was behind Michaelís shooting. Jason reminds her there is no proof and leaves.

May 15, 2008

Jason is talking to Michael about the place where he will be going. Elizabeth barges in wanting to check his vitals, but will return later. Jason receives a call from Sonny. Jason is outside Sonnyís office and questions Max and Milo about what is going on. Sonny pulls him into the office. Sonny doesnít want guards and questions how Jason found out it was Devlin. Jason explains. He says that they are still tracking the accounts. Sonny wants him to be honest and admit that he believes Sonny is responsible for Michaelís shooting. Sonny remembers a time when he protected Lucky without thinking and how he has failed Michael. They talk about the evidence. Sonny wants Jason to admit that he believes it is his fault. Jason tells him that he, Sonny, and Carly all did this to Michael. Jason is at Michaelís new room. An administrator comes in to help. Jason tells her that he is a friend of Michael and wanted to see where he will be living. Jason asks to leave the Africa book for Michael and would like the staff to read it to him occasionally.

May 16, 2008

Jason prepares to leave as they are wheeling Michael in. Carly asks him to stay, and he agrees. Jason struggles outside the room as they place him in the room and review his vitals. Jason tells them of bringing the Africa book if Sonny or Carly want to read it to him. Carly asks Jason to say goodbye to Michael. Jason reminisces to Michael about when he was a baby. He begins crying as he thanks Michael for every day that he had with him and for all the things Michael taught him. He tells him that he loves him and goodbye and then leaves.

May 20, 2008

Jason goes home.  He sadly looks at a picture of Michael. He starts to leave. He opens the door and Carly is there. She says I did something you are not going to like.

May 21, 2008

Carly says Jason can't fix this. She tells him about leaving Michael at aftercare and that she tried to take Morgan from Sonny.  He doesn't see what good that will do. She explains that people get hurt being near Sonny. They talk about Morgan. Carly says Sonny thinks she is trying to punish him. Jason defends Sonny's actions. Carly says her kids aren't safe around Sonny and that Sonny protected Kate not Michael. Jason says Sonny loves his kids and it is hard to give up a kid. Jason advises Carly to talk to Sonny butnot to make him defensive. Carly hugs him. Jason alone, turning pictures of Michael face down. Robin comes and gives him a globe he left at the hospital for Michael. He tells her she was right years ago. She tells him the good things he did for Michael and that he shoud remember that when he is thinking about what he did wrong.

May 23, 2008

Sonny and Carly in Sonny's office. Jason comes in. Carly bitterly tells Sonny to tell Jason his big plan to keep Morgan safe. Jason tries to get Carly to leave. Carly won't go because Sonny refuses to give up Morgan. Sonny says he is turning the organization over to Jason. Carly says Sonny is making Jason the target. Sonny explains his plan. Carly doesn't care. She wants him to give up Morgan because even if he walks away he still has too many enemies. She leaves. Sonny asks Jason to help him. Jason and Sonny argue over whether Sonny's idea will work. Diane comes in and gives Sonny papers.  He tries to give them to Jason to sign but Jason won't take them.  Diane explains the papers and the asset transfer. She says this transfer will attract government attention so once they start they can't stop it or undo it so she can't leave the papers unless they both agree. She leaves. Sonny says Jason doesn't trust him anymore. Sonny talks about how Jason has changed. Jason says his choices hurt Michael and he can't let it happen again. Jason tries to explain about the kids need protection but Sonny just keeps talking about blame and saying that everyone wanted Kate shot. Jason says it is about Michael's whole life and that Morgan and Kristina can not have normal lives. Sonny says they can if Jason takes over.  He asks Jason to take over so he can have a life.

May 27, 2008

Sonny and Jason argue about Sonny leaving the business. Sonny thinks Jason doesn't want him to be happy. Jason wants to know  how he can be happy with Michael in a coma. Spinelli calls Jason and tells him Carly is up to something. Spinelli helping Carly find a town to hide in. Jason comes in. Carly says he can't stop her unless he can get Sonny to sign over paternity. Jason tells Spinelli to leave. Carly tells Jason she wants him to help her. Jason tried to talk Carly out of running. She asks if he can guarantee Morgan's safety. He can't. Jason tries to reason with her that it is a bad idea and will not be good for Morgan. Carly would rather have Morgan alive. Carly won't compromise. Jason wants to know if she will stay if he can get Sonny to sign and asks for time to work it out. They hug.

May 28, 2008

Jason tells Sonny he will take over the organization if he signs over Michael and Morgan. Sonny says that defeats his purpose and once again explains his plan.  Jason disagrees. Sonny accuses Jason of turning on him. Sam and Lucky on the docks talking about Luke and Sam being out of a job.  She wants to go for a job on the ferry. Lucky says how much Cam loves ships. Sam wants to show him the ropes. They talk about Liz not wanting Sam near the kids. Sam says she is not okay with it but she understands and hopes that Liz will learn to accept her. Sonny talks about Jason and Carly turning against him. Jason says it isn't about them it is about Morgan. Sonny thinks it would be bad for Morgan if he disappears from his life after everything that happened. Sam finds Spinelli on the docks wrapped in a blanket.  He is trying to remember if he had sex with Maxie. She wants to help him but doesn't know what he is saying so her tells her in English that he thinks he slept with Maxie. Jason and Sonny talking about Morgan. Sonny says Jason is giving Carly power. Jason says Carly is gonna run if Sonny doesn't sign. Sonny calls Diane and says he and Jason have reached an agreement. Sam goes to see Maxie at Crimson. Sam asks if she had sex with Spinelli. Maxie says she would never do that cause she likes him too much. Sonny signs over his business interests to Jason. She tells Sonny that is he signs away custody it will be hard to get it back. Sonny says it is part of the deal and signs. Spinelli writing a note to Maxie.  Sam comes. Sam tels him he didn't have sex with Maxie. Spinelli is upset. Sam tells him that Maxie doesn't think of him that way. Spinelli points out all his shortcomings. Sam tells him if he wants to find out what turns a woman on, he needs to learn from a woman. Sam says she is the answer to his problems. Anthony, Johnny, Ric and Trevor talking. Jason comes in and tells them that he took over and now they will have to deal with him. 

May 29, 2008

Spinelli at Crimson talking to Maxie and Lulu.  Sam comes in and starts complimenting him. Jason comes into the office. Diane, Bernie, Max and Milo start talking to him at all at once.  He tells them he needs a moment alone and they leave. Maxie and Lulu bickering over Sonny and Spinelli. Sam says Spinelli didn't fight back out of respect for Sonny's grief.  Maxie says he was paralyzed. Jason looks at picture of Michael then calls everyone back in.  He tells them that he is not going to be running things Sonny's way. Sam talks about how tough Spinelli is but Maxie and Lulu respond about how tough he is not. Kate comes and tells Spinelli to leave.  Sam introduces herself and she and Spinelli leave. Jason talking business with Max. Diane asks about her and Max and Jason doesn't care if they are together.  Jason and Bernie talk about increased threat because of everything that is happening. Sam and Spinelli goes to Sam's apartment. Spinelli is down on himself. Sam tries to build him up but it doesn't work.  Sam wants to help him. She tells him to take off his shirt. Jason and Bernie talking about shipments. Carly interupts. Jason sends Bernie out.  He tells Carly then can't see each other anymore. Sam looking at Spinelli without a shirt.  Says he is not too bad but he needs "guns". She is gonna help him build up his muscles. Lucky comes to Sam's and hears her coaching his workout. Sam opens the door and Spinelli is laying on the floor wiped-out. Diane telling Jason the feds will be looking at his taxes now. She also tells him to update his will. Max comes in and says the shipment got hit. Spinelli leaving Sam's in obvious pain.  Sam and Lucky talk about him.  Sam doesn't think he stands a chance. Jason, Max, Bernie and Diane on the docks watching ship burn. Bernie lays out the losses. Diane talks about alibis. Max brings up retaliation. Jason says he will be the one to respond.

May 30, 2008

Spinelli in the office groaning in pain.  Jason comes in and asks how badly he is hurt. He explains about working out. Spinelli asks Jason not to tell Sonny he was in his office. Jason tells him that he is taking over. Spinelli talks about how Jason doesn't want the power. Jason says everyone is safer this way. Diane comes in and says not to use Spinelli for an alibi. Jason doesn't need one. Diane talks about the coming retaliation. Jason tells Spinelli to leave. Spinelli tells Diane he would be a good alibi.  He then asks her to advise Jason not to take over. Sam comes to the coffee shop. Spinelli tells her he is done with working out because of the pain and wants to find another way to attract Maxie. Diane likes working for Jason better but agrees with Spinelli. She thinks Sonny is gonna try to take everything back as well. Max comes in and wants to talk about retaliation. Jason is handling it himself. Anthony looking for Logan.  He leaves the room.  Jason is there. He shuts the doors. Trevor running from burning house pushing Anthony. Anthony sends Trevor to meet the firetrucks.  He says someone will pay for his.  He looks over his shoulder. Jason is standing there watching him. 

June 2, 2008

Anthony talking about his memories burning up.  Then he starts to laugh calls it all junk and says Jason did him a favor getting rid of it for him. He compliments him on the fire. Jason says next time he retailiates he won't be so nice. He leaves. Spinelli at the shooting range.  Sam comes passed and asks why he is there. Sam and Spinelli at the Penthouse. She says she though he was gonna impress Maxie with his brains. He talks about Maxie throwing herself at Johnny. Sam says learning to shoot is not the answer. Spinelli bemoans his lack of manly skills.  Sam says he has manly skills but they need to find a way to bring them out. Jason comes up to the Penthouse.  He can hear Sam and Spinelli laughing and talking inside. He opens the door to find them having a candlelight dinner.  Spinelli gets all nervous and starts trying to explain. Sam tells him to explain, that they will pick this up another time. Spinelli stops her from leaving and tells Jason that she is there because she is trying to help him. Sam says Spinelli's biggest mistake is trying to act like Jason. Spinelli apologizes because he think it must be uncomfortable for them to be in the Penthouse together. Jason shakes his head no. Sam says she was sad at the time but she is over it. Sam says she had no agenda but to show Spinelli that he just needs to be himself. Spinelli says that he asked Jason for advice and hopes to someday emulate him. Sam tells him not to, that women get tired of talking to brick walls. She tells Spinelli how great he is. Jason cellphone rings. Sonny wants to see him. Jason at Sonny's.  They are disagreeing over Jason's handling of the Zacaharra's.  Sonny starts to give orders. Jason says he doesn't work for Sonny any more. Kate overhears Jason say that Sonny wanted him running things and he is running things.

June 4, 2008

Jason goes to see Monica at rehab.  They talk about Michael. Monica says that something good can come out of the tragedy if Jason changes his life.  She tells him that her problems didn't start with Emily and Alan, they started when Jason went to work for Sonny.  She blames Sonny.  Jason says he knew what he was doing and he made his choices himself. She says he can make better choices for the future and asks him to get out of the mob. Jason gets all uncomfortable as she tries to convince him to quit.  He tells her he took over.  Monica gets mad and wants to know why. Jason says it doesn't matter. She doesn't understand how he can do this. He doesn't think that Sonny can get out.  He says that Sonny gave up Morgan and Monica figures it all out.  Jason just wanted to tell her in person and understands if she doesn't want him to come around anymore. Monica says that he is her son and she loves him. Jason goes to coffee shop. Max says Johnny is waiting to see him. Jason goes in to talk to Johnny.  Johnny doesn't want a war. He says he can get Anthony to back down but he wants Jason's word that nothing else will happen to his family. Jason says he will leave Anthony alone if Anthony leaves him alone otherwise he will take action. Johnny says Jason could be the one who ends up dead. Jason says he has nothing to live for but that Anthony will not take what is his or threaten anyone under his protection.

June 5, 2008

Johnny says Jason is in no position to start a war. Jason will finish whatever the Zacaharras start. Jason brings up that Michael was shot during a truce. Johnny denies that they did that. Jason says he will defend what is his. Johnny brings up people who can get hurt and mentions Lulu. Spinelli comes busting in panic that Sonny is going to kill him. Jason tells Johnny they are finished. Johnny leaves. Jason asks Spinelli what happened. Spinelli says he can't tell.  Jason says then don't. Spinelli starts to babble about Maxie and spills that they saw Sonny and Kate on the desk at Crimson. Spinelli says it was an accident but Sonny threatened him. Jason says Sonny won't do anything but for Spinelli to respect his privacy. Spinelli starts to talk about Maxie's response and Jason says it is between him and Maxie. Diane knocks. Jason says please come in. Diane says Claudia is there to see him. Jason says to send her in and asks Diane to help Spinelli. Claudia come in and tell him not to trust the peace offering from her family.  She says whoever comes to him is a liar. He says it was Johnny. Claudia says Johnny does want peace but for that to happen Anthony needs to die. Jason says kill him yourself. She wants to know why Jason didn't kill him when he burned that house. Jason says he sent his message. She tells him that Anthony being crippled does not make him harmless and encourages him to kill him.  She leaves.  Lulu knocks.  She comes in blathering about Johnny.  Jason tells her it is too late to save Johnny, she needs to save herself.

June 6, 2008

Jason tells Lulu that to go look at Michael if she wants to see her future with Johnny.  He says the business is not going to change cause she wants to be with Johnny. Sam at GH to see Liz. Sam talks about loving Jason and what happened with the kidnapping. She doesn't blame Liz for not wanting her near her kids. She then says they are Lucky's kids too and asks if Liz would consider letting her be in the same room as them. Sam talks about Lucky's committment to the boys and says she is just trying to figure out a way to make it work. Liz says she has been judgmental and that she has been looking at her life since Michael was shot. She apologizes for lying and for hurting Lucky and Sam but says she can't forget what Sam did but she wants to forgive it. She says Sam can't be with the kids yet because her presence would confuse Cam. Sam understands and says how can Lucky have a girlfriend when he still loves Liz. Spinelli comes to the office and tells Jason about following Diane's advice and how it didn't work. Sam and Liz talk about Lucky. Sam says that if Liz wanted Lucky back he would go. Liz wants to see him happy and says that Sam makes him happy. Liz wants to set a date for Sam to start being with the boys and suggests that she and Lucky take them to the carnival in August. Jason and Spinelli talk about Maxie. Spinelli wants Jason to talk to Sonny and Kate for him so that he can go back to Crimson. Sonny comes in and is very abusive to Spinelli. Spinelli leaves. Jason tells Sonny that was uncalled for. Sonny wants Jason to fire Spinelli.  Jason says Sonny can't come to his office and tell him what to do. Sonny is mad that Jason said it was his office. Sonny wants Jason to run the guy who beat up Mike out of town. Jason says it is not Sonny's call to make.

June 9, 2008

Jason talks to Sonny They discuss blame. Sonny wants Jasonís help with those who hurt his father. Jason reminds Sonny that he is in charge of the business now. They argue about the circumstances surrounding Mike being beaten. Jason assures Sonny that his loved ones are being protected. Sonny leaves. Jason gives orders to Max about running the loan sharks out of town. Lucky comes into the office and asks Jason to come downtown for questioning regarding the Zachara fire. He talks to Jason about Jake. Jason goes to Kellyís and meets with Mike. They talk about what Sonny leaving the business means, and what it has been like for Jason taking over the business. Mike tells Jason to learn from Sonnyís mistakes. Jason runs into Lucky and Liz with the kids as he leaves.

June 11, 2008

Jason walks in on Max and Diane making out. Lucky comes into the Haunted Star to question Sam. She has a letter from Luke. Diane tries to explain and thanks Jason for handling the situation. Lucky and Sam talk to Tracy about Lukeís whereabouts. Jason and Diane discuss how much longer Jason will be in charge. Diane believes Sonny will not stay away for long. Someone threatens Spinelli in the coffee shop as Diane and Jason come upon him. Jason questions Spinelli why the guy was after him. Lucky and Sam try to figure out the code that Luke has left for them. They decide to go to Mexico. Carly storms into Jasonís office to vent about Sonny. She tells Jason of her fight with Kate. She explores the consequences of fighting/sleeping with Sonny. Jason needs to know if she is having second thoughts because he took over the business to protect her from Sonny. They talk about how everyone is trying to get through the tragedy of Michaelís shooting. They discuss signing the kids away, and talk of whether or not it is regretted.

June 12, 2008

Sam and Lucky find themselves in a Mexican bar. They wonder where Luke is. Sam goes to the bar to try to gain information and get drinks. A guy tries to pick her up and becomes aggressive. Lucky gets up and punches a guy. Sam pulls a gun on the guy and his friends. The bartender knows who they are looking for and explains how he knows Luke. Luke left them a code. Sam appreciates seeing Lucky in his element, watching him crack a case. They talk about Samís salvage days. Lucky explains why he became a cop. A woman walks up to Sam and calls her Cindy.

June 13, 2008

Jason walks into his office to find Diane waiting there. She talks about legal matters, but Jason realizes she is crying. She tells him that she misses his dad. She discusses menís inability to share their emotions. The woman at the Mexican bar talks about how she met Sam and how ďCindyĒ came into her life. Sam tries to get her to leave. Lucky tells Sam he knows about her past and does not care. Jason goes to see Sonny and brings him a gift from Michael. She tells them that she knows where Luke is. Lucky agrees to dance in order to get information. Sam is jealous. She cuts in and then punches her. Michael bought Sonny a life vest. Sonny thanks Jason. Jason reminds Sonny that Michael loved him, and that he thought he was the best father in the world. Sam is being arrested for hitting the woman. Lucky wants to go with Sam, but the police will not let him. He punches one of the officers who makes suggestive statements to Sam. Craig is talking to Claudia about doing what he wants her to do. He manhandles her as Jason walks onto the docks and sees.

June 16, 2008

Mr. Craig tries to explain the situation to Jason. Jason tells Craig to take his problem to Anthony Zachara. Craig leaves. Jason warns Claudia to not underestimate Craig. Claudia thanks him for the advice and for the rescue. Carly shows up at Jasonís PH. She tells him about talking to Alexis regarding Sonny giving up rights to Kristina. Carly tells Jason about taking over Morganís fatherís day gift to Sonny. She questions why she is putting everyone through pain. They talk about their thoughts of Michael and remember him. Carly canít understand how life can continue with Michael being the way he is. Jason gives her advice. He admires her strength and wants her to use it now. He talks of all the gifts she has given Michael and wants her to know that Morgan needs those gifts as well. Carly is grateful that she has Jason. They hug and she thanks him. Jason leaves and then later returns to the PH. He finds Spinelli on top of Claudia on the couch.

June 17, 2008

Jason tells Claudia to get her hands off Spinelli. Spin is drunk. Jason questions how much he has had to drink. Spinelli tries to explain but Jason cannot understand. Jason wants to know what Claudia did to him. He is leery that Claudia was worried about Spinelli. He questions why Spin was at the Haunted Star. Spin explains. Jason wants to know what happened. Spin canít go on, so Claudia tries to fill him in. Claudia doesnít understand why Jason canít be thankful to her. Jason thinks she wants him to owe her and tells her to leave. Claudia lashes out at Jason for being a bully and treating Spinelli without respect. Spin tells her of how generous Jason is. Jason agrees that he has done Spin no favors. Claudia warns Jason about Spinís hero worship and how he should be careful with their bond. Jason orders her to leave. A man in a yellow suit arrives to tell them that they have all been placed under quarantine.

June 19, 2008

Spin researches the symptoms of the disease for which they are quarantined. He starts believing he has the symptoms. Jason warns him to calm down. Claudia wants to know what might happen to them. Spin tells them delirium is a side effect. Claudia receives a call from Johnny. Claudia wants Jason to play a game of pool. She then asks Spin, he agrees. They playfully shoot, as Jason starts getting annoyed. He then gets up and grabs the cue, telling her to leave him alone. Jason warns Spin against playing with her. Jason does not seem to feel well. Claudia baits Jason regarding him not wanting them to have any fun. She also tells him that she has researched him. Spin and Claudia talk of computer hacking skills and pay each other compliments. Claudia is upset with Jason for judging her. She tells him that she knows more about him than he knows about her. Jason has enough and tells her that he feels guilty that he will live the rest of his life while Michael is forever in a coma. Jason canít listen to the circumstances, and tries to go upstairs but falls down. He has a fever.

June 20, 2008

Claudia and Spin try to help Jason to the couch. He declines. Spin tries to reassure him. He allows them to help. Spin starts freaking out because Jason needs help and he has lost the paperwork. Claudia tells Jason that Spin blames himself for this. Spin is on the phone, panicking. Claudia takes the phone from him and tries to rationally explain the situation. She describes Jasonís appearance. Jason tells her to hang up. Spin tells Claudia about Jasonís recent injuries to his hands. Spin then talks about Jason suffering injury while protecting Sonny and Sam. Jason grabs at Spin as he tries to take his temperature. Spin comes in to bring Jason a blend of fruits. Spin tells him of all the glories of the berry juice. Jason asks for more. Spin goes to get it and Claudia warns against leading him on. Jason wants Spin to think he is helping. Spin gets upset thinking about it being his fault. Spin agrees to begin looking online for something to fix Jasonís ailment. Jason looks over to see Claudia trying to give him a sponge bath. Jason tells her to get away from him.

June 23, 2008

Claudia trying to give Jason a sponge bath. He is not going for it.  He tells Spinelli to hack into the Health Dept and get the quarantine lifted.  Claudia explains why that is a bad idea. She says getting sick hurt Jason's pride. Spinelli tries to make peace between them. Jason tells Spinelli to forget hacking into the Health Dept. Anthony calls Claudia.  He wants her to kill Jason while he is sick and vulnerable. Claudia tries to give Jason soup but he doesn't trust her.  They talk about Jason and Spinelli's relationship. Spinelli comes down and tells Jason about money being moved from Ian's account.  Claudia overhears. Claudia comes downstairs. Jason is sleeping. Spinelli asks her to keep an eye on Jason while he goes upstairs to work. Spinelli leaves.  Claudia picks up a pillow and approaches a sleeping Jason.

June 24, 2008

Claudia tries to slip the pillow under Jason's head. He wakes up and gets defensive.  She says his fever broke and he is going to be okay. He tells her to leave. Spinelli comes down the stairs and collapses. Spinelli is delerious and babbles about Sonny and Jason and how he believes that Sonny will force Jason's hand and Jason will kill him. Spinelli thinks it will be Sonny's revenge on himself for Michael. Spinelli is freaking out about what he thinks will happen.  Jason calms him down. Claudia tells Jason that everything Spinelli said was true. Claudia translates what Spinelli said into English. Spinelli's fever spikes and they call an ambulance which takes him to the hospital. Jason and Claudia worry.

June 25, 2008

Jason runs into the ER and asks Liz about Spinelli.  Claudia runs in a minute later and asks about Spinelli too. Jason wants her to leave. Claudia ignores him. Jason asks Epiphany and Leyla about Spinelli.  They tell him about the treatment. Jason asks Liz if he can go see Spinelli. She says once he is settled. Jason wants Claudia to leave but she still refuses because she is worried about Spinelli. Jason calls Maxie to tell her about Spinelli. Jason asks Claudia why she cares. She says Spinelli is the only guy who is not trying to sleep with her or kill her and asks Jason which one he is. She also talks about gettig to know Jason in quarantine.  Liz overhears it all. Maxie comes rushing in. Jason goes to find info for her. Maxie and Claudia talk. Jason comes back and says Maxie can go in. She leaves. Johnny calls Claudia and she leaves. Spinelli and Maxie talking about Spinelli trying to be like Jax. She tells him he is perfect the way he is. Jason comes in. Maxie leaves. Liz spies on Jason and Spinelli talking about Spinelli's health. Spinelli berates himself for being weak. Jason says that he counts on Spinelli and that he is honored that he wants to learn from him. Liz continues to spy. Jason stays with Spinelli while he falls asleep.

June 27, 2008

Jason sleeping at Spinelli's beside.  Claudia comes in.  They talk about Spinelli getting better. Spinelli wakes up and is happy she us there. Spinelli and Claudia talk and then she leaves.  Jason says she likes Spinelli.  Spinelli says she was there because of Jason. Later, Jason is mad because Spinelli talked about Claudia in front of Liz.  They talk about Claudia and whether or not she has feelings for Jason. Jason tells Spinelli to stop talking about it.  Maxie overhears and tells hi, to be nice to Spinelli. Jason goes home.  Diane is cleaning the pool balls. Jason tells her the virus only last 4 hours. She keeps cleaning. They talk business but Diane tells him Carly is a bigger concern. Jason wants to know what is wrong by Diane won't tell him because of attorney client privilege. Diane says it is a real situation. Jason worries that she has a plan. Jason and Diane talking about Jason and Carly's relationship. Later, Jason is listening to his messages. They are all from Carly. Carly knocks and comes in.  She takes out a pregnancy test and says she needs to find out if they are having a baby.

June 30, 2008

Carly doesn't know if she is pregnant but she already told Sonny that if she is it is Jason's baby.  He wants to know why she did that. She tells him the whole limo sex/signing over Morgan story. She starts to tell him about having sex with Jax the same day but he doesn't want to hear it.  He tells her to take the test now. She starts to ramble and he asks what she wants. She says she wants to baby to be Jax's but if its not she wants him to lie that it is his. She explains her reasoning. Carly's phone rings. It's Jax. He wants her to come home and talk about Sonny. She stalls him and hangs up. Jason tells her to tell Sonny Jax is the baby daddy. Carly explains why Sonny will believe the baby is Jason's. He cuts her off and tells her to take the test. They argue. Jason says that it won't work so he won't lie. He picks up the test and hands it to her and tells her again to take the test. Carly comes down with the test. She doesn't want to look.  Jason looks at it and says she isn't pregnant.  Carly is happy but Jason is mad at her for lying on him without even taking the test. He tells her to leave him out of it next time. Carly says she knows he would have lied for her. She hugs him and runs out. Jason is on the phone. Sonny comes to the door. He wants to know if Jason is sleeping with Carly or if the baby is his.

July 1, 2008

Jason says there is no baby.  Sonny still wants to know if they are sleeping together. Jason says no. Sonny wants to know he Jason would have lied if Carly was pregnant. Jason says it doesn't matter. Sonny comes in and gives the Carly is punishing him speech again. Jason tells him to stop worrying about Carly and focus on Kate. Sonny wants to know why Jason doesn;t agree with his marriage to Kate. Jason thinks they all need time to process what happened to Michael and everything Sonny is doing is about Michael. Sonny says Michael doesn't have a future because of him and the business but that he didn't walk away clean either, he lost both of his sons. Jason defends Carly. Sonny says she wanted revenge and Jason stood by and let her take away his kids.

July 2, 2008

Jason taking care of Spinelli after he is released from the hospital. Spinelli thinks Jason is mad at him for talking about Claudia in front of Liz. Jason says he doesn't want Liz upset so Spinelli shouldn't talk about that kind of stuff in front of her. Spinelli thinks Liz was upset because she was envious of Claudia. Maxie comes in with flowers and says that Jason can go. Jason says if Maxie wants to go back to work, he can take care of Spinelli. Maxie talks to Jason about how she is going to stay and he can leave while Spinelli gestures behind her back for Jason to leave. Spinelli wants Jason to leave. Jason wants Spinelli to rest. Maxie tells him how she took care of Spinelli before. Spinelli is again gesturing and acting crazy behind her back. As Maxie walks away, Spinelli does a begging gesturs and Jason finally gets it and leaves. Jason runs into Claudia on the docks. She needs to talk to him and wants to come to the office tomorrow. He says fine and starts to walk away. She says he thinks she is the enemy when she has only ever been nice to him and Spinelli. He thanks her for helping Spinelli and leaves. Jason comes into the office where Sonny is trying to bully Bernie. Jason tells Bernie to leave. Sonny starts to talk about the shipment and ask questions. Jason asks him if he wants the business back. Sonny says no. Jason says then why are you here. Sonny thought Jason needed advice. Jason doesn't. Jason tells Sonny if he wants this work he needs to make a clean break. Sonny says he did. Jason asks what he wants. Sonny gets mad and says he came down because everyone says he left Jason in the lurch but he obviously doesn't need his help. Sonny struts out.

July 7, 2008

Jason walks in on Carly and Spinelliís conversation. Jason warns Carly against attacking Kate and the potential consequences of her doing so. Carly wants Spinelli to dig up dirt on Kate, Jason asks him to leave and demands that Carly leave Spin out of her plans for revenge. Carly and Jason discuss the relationship that she has with Sonny. He urges her to focus on keeping her own secrets instead of digging up Kateís. She begs Jason to be on her side, since he is her best friend. Jason tries to get Carly to move on and warns her against getting Sonny angry.

July 8, 2008

Carly and Jason continue their discussion over her desire to retaliate against Kate. He tells her that he cares for her and doesnít want her to see her wreck her life. Spin walks in on their conversation. Carly tries to decipher Spinelli code, as Spinelli tries to keep her from finding out what he was trying to say. Carly threatens him. Spin wants Jason to intervene. Jason urges Spin to tell Carly. Spin has found a picture of Kate in a compromising position with Jax. Spin tries to assure Carly that Jax cares about her. Jason asks him to stop and leave. Jason tries to calm her. Carly canít forget about Jax and Kateís interactions. Carly plans to shut Kate down. Jason sees Robin outside of Kellyís. He wants to know if she is okay. They reminisce about when they were together. Robin wants advice from him. She talks to him about her troubles with Patrick. Jason tries to reason with her and provide her with feedback. Elizabeth walks up on their conversation.

July 9, 2008

Jason tells Robin that Patrick will do what is best for his baby, whatever the costs. Jason walks into the PH. Carly is there. He questions her, and she says that she wants Jax to suffer. Carly relates Jaxís version of what happened in the photos. She believes that Jax is trying to get her to take the blame. Carly explains the difference between her decision to have sex with Sonny and Jax and Kate kissing. Jason has a hard time understanding Carlyís rationalizations. Carly believes that she is helping Jax. Spin comes into the PH. Jason asks what happened and says that he should have taken care of him. Spin wants to know how Jason handles Carly when she is out of control. He wants to be able to handle Maxie. Jason looks skeptical.

July 10, 2008

Spin is working on the computer as Jason gets him to look over Devlinís accounts. Diane walks in to prepare a defense for whoever may have killed Logan. Spin defends Jason. Jason tells her he did not kill Logan, but Diane does not care, believing that he is a prime suspect. Spin wants to find out who did kill Logan in order to prove Jasonís innocence. Diane starts giving Spin advice on girls. Jason urges him to focus. Spin brags about his PI license. Jason wants Spin to stop talking and get to working on evidence. Jason plans to feed any information they find to Diane. PCPD come to the office to question Jason. Jason is at the PCPD. Diane waits in the interrogation room with him. They talk about the case. Jason wants her to get him released. Diane urges Jason to let them play out the questioning, given that he is innocent. Jason is in a lineup as Nadine watches.

July 11, 2008

Jason is in a line-up at PCPD. Carly walks in to stop it. Jason is in the interrogation room watching as Harper questions Carly about being in the line-up room. They talk of Jasonís alibi. She goes in to see Jason and tells him that she covered for him. Jason doesnít want her there, and they argue. Carly warns Jason that they are after him. He urges her to go but Carly wants to stay with him while she sets up Kate. Spin plans to proceed with trying to figure out who killed Logan so that Jason is free. Jason walks in. He wants to know if the footage has been obtained. Maxie asks who cares if Logan is dead. Spin believes they should continue to find the killer. Jason thinks he knows who killed Logan. As Spin works, he tells Jason of Sonnyís visit. Jason wants to know what Sonny wanted. They find a car with license plates that seem suspicious. Jason is removing a license plate in the garage as Claudia comes up behind him and pulls a gun on him. He tells her that he knows Johnny killed Logan.

July 14, 2008

Jason tells Claudia to shoot him before witnesses arrive, but suggests that it wonít save her brother. She wants to know Jasonís rationale for believing that Johnny killed Logan. As they talk, Lucky and the police arrive on the scene. Claudia argues with them and Jason refuses to cooperate without his attorney and arrest him again as well. At the PCPD, the detectives explain to Mac what they found at the garage. Lucky tells Max that he doesnít believe Jason is involved with the Zacharas. Claudia and Jason are left in the interrogation room together. She doesnít want Jason to talk to the cops about their discussion. They discuss covering up the situation. Jason urges her to get Johnny to make a deal. Claudia disagrees. Mac walks in and tells them that they will be free to go. He tells them that the PCPD now has Loganís killer.

July 15, 2008

Claudia asks Mac if he has made an arrest, and he tells her that her car is being impounded. Mac wants to know why Jason is still there, but he wants his attorney to look at his paperwork before he leaves. Maxie and Spin are on the couch in the PH in their afterglow. They talk about how they feel. Jason walks in and is asked to wait outside. Maxie gathers her things as Spin reassures her about Jason. Jason watches in shock as she walks away. Spinelli reads Shakespeare sonnets as Jason comes in from the kitchen wanting to know what he is doing. He apologizes, hoping that Jason wasnít uncomfortable. He talks about their connection. Jason is happy for him. Jason wants to know what happened when Spin lets it out that Maxie was in trouble. He proceeds to tell Jason that Johnny didnít kill Logan, LuLu did. Jason wants to know what happened and why the police were not called. Spinelli gets excited as Maxie calls him. Spin asks for Jasonís discretion if Maxie decides to spend the night. Jason goes to the Quartermaine mansion to see LuLu. He tells her that he knows she killed Logan. They discuss what happened. Jason asks her to keep quiet; he will try to fix it.

July 16, 2008

Sam walks into the free clinic and sees Nik. They talk about the progress of the clinic. A woman with a sick baby comes in. Sam translates for her. They stand around as Dr. Hunter checks out the child. Sam relays the story of the child being turned away from a hospital and how the medications are not working for her. Sam wonders why the medications are so bad. Sam and Nik come to General Hospital to find out information on the case. Nadine updates them. Back at the free clinic, Sam and Lucky talk about whether or not the drugs can be tracked down. Nik and Nadine come in to give an update. Lucky tells them that an investigation canít be open given the lack of information. Sam wants to know about setting up a task force but is shot down. She wants to go undercover herself to shut the counterfeit drug trade down.

July 17, 2008

Jason comes downstairs at the PH. Spinelli is upset and talks to Jason about his broken heart. Sam tells Lucky, Nik, and Nadine about her plan to get aboard a ship and find out information. Nadine is skeptical, but Sam tries to talk them into it. Lucky tells her it isnít happening. Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie has dismissed him. Jason understands. Spin is shocked and wants to know if the pain will fade. As they talk, there is a knock. It is Max who needs to talk to Jason. Max and Jason talk about Max and Milo working for Sonny again. Jason is agreeable. Lucky tells Sam that people wonít talk to her as a copís girlfriend. They discuss the risks. Spin comes back downstairs to talk to Jason again. Jason wants to help him but urges Spin to accept Maxie as a friend if that is all she wants. Another knock on the door and it is Carly. Carly is there to talk to Jason about getting rid of Kate Howard. He tries to get her to calm down and urges her to not go after Kate. Lucky is at the hospital asking to speak to Elizabeth. Sam walks in and publicly breaks up with him. Everyone watches them as Sam and Lucky argue. Sam yells at him and leaves. Jason is frustrated with Carly as she tries to get him to see her side of things.

July 18, 2008

Spinelli is trying to intervene between Jason and Maxie as Maxie tells them that LuLu is breaking down. Jason wants to know what has happened. He questions Maxie. Maxie talks about Logan going crazy and calling her a slut. Jason wants a rundown of the timeline. Spinelli assists Maxie in relating the story. Jason tries to get her to stay on track. Maxie tells him about trying to talk Logan down and then his attempt at raping her. Maxie wants to know if Jason is putting her on trial. Spin asks for some sensitivity. Jason agrees and asks if she wants to continue. She does, and Maxie continues her story. She tells Jason all she remembers before losing consciousness. Jason wants to know how many people know. Maxie expresses concern that LuLu will talk. Jason tells her that she did the right thing, wants her to stay at the PH, and he leaves to try to fix the situation.

July 21, 2008

Jason walks into the PCPD as Johnny takes Lulu hostage and escapes. Jason is taken into the interrogation room. Lucky and Harper heatedly question Jason as he tells them that no one should have fired their gun. Lucky continues to question him as Diane comes in to intervene. Jason fills her in that Lulu is the one who killed Logan. Jason tells her that he shoved Harper aside so he wouldnít hit Lulu with a bullet. Jason wants out of the PCPD. He and Diane discuss potential charges. Cody Paul comes into the room. He talks of them having met during community service. He warns Jason about the Russian shipments and Karpovís connections to crime. Jason is distrustful of him, but Cody assures him that he is telling the truth. Jason thanks him for the information.

July 22, 2008

Nicholas meets with Jason in the interrogation room. He is trying to understand Jasonís involvement with Lulu being taken hostage. Nik asks that Jason tell him anything he knows for Emilyís sake. They talk about the details of the case. Jason believes that Lulu is not a hostage but an accomplice. Jason affirms that he saw everything, which has led him to this conclusion. He warns Nik that Lulu is in danger the longer she is gone. Ric comes in to talk to Jason. He believes Jason helped Johnny escape due to his connections with the Zacharas. Jason refuses to take Ricís bait and tells him to get out. Anthony Zachara comes into the interrogation room and talks to Jason about his belief that Lulu was behind Johnnyís escape, and he believes that Jason gave her the gun to help her. Anthony warns Jason that if Johnny dies, he will kill Jason and reign terror on the city of Port Charles. Claudia comes into the room and asks Jason for help so that Spinelli can assist in finding Johnny.

July 23, 2008

Diane walks into the interrogation room to remind Jason that he will not be released tonight. She tells him about the details of the charges, and that he is charged with aiding and abetting. He gives her his ideas on where Lulu may have obtained the gun. He does not want her to get a warrant to search the Q mansion, where he believes the gun was taken. Jason wants the police to continue to think that Lulu is a hostage. He wants her to find another way to get him released. Sam walks in on Nik and Nadine. She talks to Nik about Lulu being taken hostage. They talk about what they believe may have happened. Sam expresses concern for Lucky. Nik warns her about the danger she faces of trying to determine who the drug runners are. Nadine updates her on Lucky. Jason meets with Diane again. She is still trying to get the charges against him dropped. She questions him about whether Sonny would cheat on Kate and relates the details of seeing him at the Metro Court with another woman. Jason tries to reason with her. He asks her to tell him about Sonny intervening with Anthony and Claudia.

July 24, 2008

Carly comes to the interrogation room to talk to Jason. She is upset that he is arrested and wants to come up with a plan. Carly thinks she knows what is going on with Lulu. Sam and Lucky are at her apartment as Elizabeth comes in to talk about her concerns for Lucky. She wants Sam to be there for him. Jason asks Carly to listen to him and not come up with a plan that will make things worse. Carly expresses her worry for Lulu. Sam is shocked that Elizabeth is encouraging her to be with Lucky. She assures Sam that she and Lucky are not interested in each other romantically. Carly agrees to stay out of it if Jason will tell her what is going on. He tells her that Lulu killed Logan. He explains the details to her. They talk about the seriousness of the situation, and Luluís fear that she is living her motherís life. They both talk of their worry for Lulu. Jason asks Carly to contact him if she hears from Lulu. Claudia comes into the room and tells Jason that she has heard from Johnny.

July 25, 2008

Jason questions Claudia about the information she received when she talked to Johnny. She needs Jasonís help to find him. Jason urges her to stay out of the situation. They argue over how best to protect Johnny. Claudia tells him that she handled the situation completely wrong. She tried to protect Johnny from Anthony. She wants to fix it. Maxie comes into the interrogation room to tell Jason that Scott Baldwin is out for blood. She expresses worry that Lulu is going to lose it. Maxie doesnít believe that Scott will buy the death of Logan as being one of self-defense. Maxie is worried but apologizes to Jason for dumping the information on him. Max talks to Jason about his numerous visitors. He believes that Jason has information on Johnny and Luluís whereabouts. Sonny walks in on their conversation. Sonny will help him get out if Jason would ask.

July 28, 2008

Jason tells Sonny that there is no evidence against him. Sonny believes that the business is at risk. Jason assures him that it is not. Jason asks Sonny if he wants the business back, and he says he doesnít want to. Jason is upset that Sonny is questioning how he is running the business. They talk about blame for what happened to Michael. Sam walks into the clinic to see a doctor. Diane comes to tell Jason that he is being released. Jason asks Diane about her conversation with Sonny, but she refuses to talk to him due to confidentiality. Nik walks in on Sam and Lucky. They talk about the plan to determine the drug runners. Sam is upset that she isnít being allowed to handle things her way. Jason goes to see Claudia and Ric is there. Nik, Lucky, and Sam talk about the danger of the situation. Ric and Jason exchange words, and Jason warns Claudia against trusting Ric. Ric tells Jason about Sonny working with Andre Karpov.

July 29, 2008

Sam meets with Karpov. He asks for her discretion. Sam is agreeable to this. Jason is with Claudia and Ric and warns Claudia against getting involved with him. Ric talks about Sonnyís involvement with Karpov. Jason leaves and goes to the PH. Spinelli is there and waiting for him. Jason wants him to help him with finding out about Sonnyís involvement with Karpov. Spin provides a historical sketch of Karpov and his associates. Jason recognizes one of the names as someone Sonny has met before. They review video footage of the meeting. Claudia shows up at the PH wanting to talk. Claudia knows Jason is after confirmation about Sonnyís dealings with Karpov. Claudia tells Jason what she knows about their meeting. Claudia wants to help him. Karpov and Craig meet. They both make separate phone calls. Karpov calls Sam and asks for her to accept his job offer. She does as Lucky listens in. Claudia tells Jason about her conversation with Sonny. Jason is skeptical as to why she is telling him now. He warns her to stay out of it.

July 30, 2008

Sam walks into the clinic with Nadine. They talk about trying to find out who is running the drugs. Sam says the freighter is the only lead they have. Nik tells Nadine that she cannot find out information. They talk about Matt Hunter. Nik does not want her going undercover. Sam tells them she knows how to take care of herself. Nik knows that he canít stop Sam. Lucky walks in and shushes everyone. Lucky and Sam argue about the current situation. Lucky is worried about Lulu. Sam tries to reassure him. She gets a phone call asking that she go to work in 10 minutes. Lucky and Sam meet back up at the clinic. Sam tells him that she has her first assignment. Lucky wants details and Sam refuses to allow cop involvement.

July 31, 2008

Jason is at rehab to see Monica. He wants to wish her well and tells her he canít see her when she goes home. She asks if itís too dangerous to be around him and wants him to get out of the mob. He doesnít want to argue. They talk about how Jasonís life has turned out. Monica talks about the damage that Sonny has caused. Jason defends him. Jason walks into the office and sees Spin cutting the decorative grass. Spinelli explains the cutting procedure. Spin recognizes that Jason is upset. Jason tells him about his conversation with Monica. Spin lets Jason know that he has found a money trail between Sonny and Karpov. Jason states that he has no plans to do anything. Spin is upset at the way Sonny has treated Jason. Jason doesnít believe that Sonny is betraying him.

August 1, 2008

Jason walks into the office where Spinelli tells him that Sonny has received another payment from Karpov. Jason is upset. Lucky and Sam are in the back of the clinic as Elizabeth is there to talk to Nik. Jason has faith that Sonny isnít working against him. Diane comes in. He wants to know how long Diane has known about the Sonny/Karpov relationship. Elizabeth is afraid for Lucky and wants someone he can rely on during the difficult time. Nik offers to help, but Elizabeth wants it to be Sam. Diane tells Jason that the dealings arenít meant to compromise Jason. Lucky and Sam talk about whether or not to tell Elizabeth about their fake break-up. Sam warns him against it. Jason comes upon Elizabeth and the kids in the park. She asks if Jason wants to hold Jake. Monica sees them and appreciates them being together. Elizabeth tells Monica that she is waiting on Lucky. Jason goes. Sam walks into a warehouse and reviews paperwork. Craig walks up behind her. Kate and Sonny walk into Sonnyís home where Jason is waiting for them.

August 4, 2008

Jason is at Sonnyís home. He wants to talk to Sonny. Sam is talking with Jerry J. Craig in the warehouse. He wants to know why she is there. Jerry tries to sell that he and Sam have a great deal in common. Sam tells him that she knows his agenda for dating Alexis. Kate leaves. Jason isnít there to ask Sonny to come back to the business. He wants to know if Sonny is working for Karpov. Sonny tells him he knows that he is and then talks of their past relationship. Jason tells him not to try and protect him. Sonny gives his word that there will be no trouble. Jason doesnít think itís a good idea. He is willing to give the business back to Sonny. Jason is at the office, when Cody comes in. He gives information to Jason regarding Karpov going to Sonnyís house. Jason believes that Cody is being sent by Karpov to turn him against Sonny. Sam walks into the clinic and joins the conversation between Nik and Kate regarding Kateís engagement to Sonny. Sam tells Nik that she believes she has found a suspect in the drug ring. Sam gives him the details of her meeting with Jerry J. Craig. Nik thinks Samís belief is just speculation without proof. Jason asks if Cody can perform a hit, he says he can. Jason asks if he wants a job. Carly comes into the office at Jasonís request. He tells her his belief that Sonny is back in the business with Karpov. Sam tries to convince Nik that Jerry is involved in the counterfeit drugs. Scott Baldwin comes in to accuse Lulu of helping Johnny kill Logan.

August 5, 2008

Jason gives Carly the details of Sonny and Karpov. Carly cannot believe that Sonny would betray Jason. Sam talks to Scotty about understanding why Lulu might be with Johnny. Jason wants Carlyís help to think through the situation with Sonny. Nik and Sam continue to talk about why Scotty wants Lulu and Johnny to pay. Scott yells at them. Carly and Jason talk of why Sonny is betraying him. Jason wants to believe Sonny. Carly believes that Sonny is sabotaging himself. Jason doesnít want to eliminate him. Carly wants Jason to blackmail Sonny with telling Kate. Diane comes into the office. Jason wants a meeting with Karpov as soon as possible. Karpov comes into the office with his attorney. Jason tells Karpov that he knows he is in business with Sonny. He will allow it but does not want any trouble with Karpov. Karpov hints that Sonny will be in trouble if their agreement doesnít work out.

August 6, 2008

Jason talks to Spinelli about the Karpov/Sonny situation. Ric walks into the office and wants to speak with Jason. Sam is on the docks looking over the unloading of the shipment. Lucky walks up. Sam slaps him and tells him to stop harassing her. Spin intervenes between Jason and Ric. Spin wants to know why Ric wants to help. He wants Spin to track down Lulu and Johnny, get them to turn themselves in, and Ric will help them out. Jason has Spin leave and asks Ric why he thinks he would care about Johnny and Lulu. Ric tells him that he will be directly affected if something were to happen to Johnny. Anthony will come after Jason. Sam continues yelling at Lucky, wanting charges pressed against him. Jason denies the betrayal. Carly walks into the office. Carly tells how Anthony is worried for Johnny and believes Lulu will turn into Laura. Jason tells her that they canít find them. Jason expresses his worry that Karpov is going to make a move against him. Jason reminds Carly of her promise not to confront Sonny. Sam is at the docks. A box falls and she goes to retrieve it. Workers warn her against doing so. Spin comes back into Jasonís office and has information on Karpovís personal life and plans to search for details. Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie was informed about the threat from Karpov. Sam signs off on the paperwork. Jerry J. Craig walks up behind her and wants to know what she is up to. Jason is upset with Spinelli for talking to Maxie. Spinelli is having trouble staying away from her. They find results that Karpovís female friends have been killed.

August 7, 2008

Jason and Spinelli discuss the details of the death of Karpovís female friend. Jason wants to know details about Karpov. He wants to shut him down. Spinelli sheepishly asks Jason to go on a stakeout of the warehouse/docks. Jerry J. Craig finds it interesting that he and Sam continually run into each other. He asks her about Lucky. Jerry tells her he may turn his attention back to her. They discuss his relationship with Alexis. Jerry brings up the similarities between him and Sam. Jason believes a stakeout is a waste of time. Maxie walks in on their conversation. Jason wants her out, but Maxie is rambling about how she plans to keep quiet and protect Spinelli. Marty knocks on the door and tells Jason that Carly has left the hotel with Karpov. Maxie and Spin talk about Spinís feelings of inadequacy. Sam shows up at the clinic and tells Nik and Lucky about her belief that Jerry is working the counterfeit drug shipments as Nadine listens in. They argue about the believability of Jerry being involved. Jason walks in, gun drawn, and tells Karpov to back away from Carly. He gives Karpov a warning that Carly is off limits. Karpov leaves and Jason is upset with Carly. Sam and company continue to discuss whether or not Jerry is a suspect. Jason argues with Carly about what she has done. She shows him that she got Karpovís pda.

August 8, 2008

Jason takes the pda from Carly and lectures her. Sam, Nik, and Lucky continue to argue. Lucky thinks the more they spend time together, the greater the chance of getting caught. Sam wants to broaden the search. Jason continues to question Carly regarding the stupidity of her plan. Jason canít protect her if she refuses to be protected. He drags her away. Sam thinks Nadine doesnít want to talk to Nik. Sam maintains that Jerry is involved with the situation. Nik agrees although Lucky is skeptical. Jerry walks into the clinic. Nik checks it out. Jason walks in with Carly to Spin and Maxie at the office. He has a project for Spin and wants Maxie to leave. Nik returns and Sam/Nik are even more convinced heís involved. Sam questions Lucky regarding who he thinks is involved. Nadine and Claudia come in. Claudia tells Nik about saving Nadine as Sam and Lucky talk of going to check out the alley. Spin argues with Maxie about leaving. Carly agrees to leave with Maxie. Jason gives Karpovís pda to Spinelli and wants to know everything that is on it. Sam and Lucky find nothing of evidence in the alley. They argue about Nadineís intentions. Sam sees an alleyway that leads to a pier. They go to inspect. Spinelli finds a meeting scheduled at the pier with Karpov. Jason realizes that Carly knows this and that is why she left the office so quickly. Carly is out on the pier as a man walks up behind her and grabs her. Itís Jason. Claudia walks up on them, notices a gun, and they dive out of the way.

August 11, 2008

Jason, Carly, and Claudia hide behind boxes as Craig takes aim. The girls argue and Jason warns them to be quiet. He wants them to listen to him. He plans to fire as they make a run for the alley. Claudia doesnít like his plan, but agrees to it. Jason shoots as the girls run. He finds a shell casing and gives them the all clear. Carly is protective of Jason towards Claudia and suggests that she set up the attack. Jason questions Claudia as to why she was there. Jason wants Carly to listen to him and wants her safe. He tells her that he is worried about losing her. They leave. Jason and Carly walk into the office arguing as Spin and Maxie are there. Spin talks to Jason about trying to redeposit the pda into the warehouse. Jason wants to know what happened. Jason tells Maxie, Spin, and Carly to stay out of the situation. He wants Carly and Maxie to leave. Spinelli goes off on how Maxie sees him as needing protection. He wants to man-up. Spinelli determines that the casing Jason found was from a Russian rifle. Jason thinks someone besides Karpov might be involved. Spinelli pushes for a stake out.

August 12, 2008

Jason walks into the office with Cody, who provides him with information about the offloading of the shipment. Jason talks about the ambush. Spinelli comes in with supplies for the stake out. Jason wants more information from Cody and sends him away. Spinelli tries to influence Jason into doing a stake out. Jason is skeptical and doesnít want to believe that Karpov is behind everything yet. Jason thanks Spinelli for his contributions on the computer, but Spin is disappointed. Jason is unfazed by the cover story Maxie provided, although Spin is upset about it. Jason doesnít understand how a stake out will make Maxie fall in love with him. Diane interrupts. Spin tries to leave but Jason tells her to come back because he and Spinelli have to take care of business. Spin is excited. Jason and Spin on the docks by the warehouse. Spinelli checks the items he has off his list. He asks Jason for a gun, but Jason refuses. Spinelli is disappointed. He is hot and getting sick. Jason wants him to cool off. Spinelli passes out onto the horn as Jason sees someone going into the warehouse.

August 13, 2008

The horn is blowing as Jason pulls Spinelli off of it. He realizes that there are people there. Spinelli starts to get sick, and Jason warns him against throwing up. Jason plans to take him to the hospital. They arrive at there. Maxie is concerned as Elizabeth asks what happened. Dr. Hunter checks him out. They wheel Spin away. Maxie turns on Jason and lectures him. Maxie makes demands for Jason to take better care of Spinelli. Jason watches as Maxie gets an update from Elizabeth, he thanks Elizabeth. Robin and Patrick walk up. Jason watches. Robin talks to Jason, and he lets her know whatís going on. He asks how she is. Robin tells him the sex of the baby. Jason is happy. Robin is thankful to Jason for what she has now.

August 14, 2008

Robin and Jason continue their discussion and as Elizabeth watches. Robin allows him to feel the baby kick. Jason looks to Elizabeth and continues asking questions about the baby. He compliments Robin on what a wonderful mom she will be. They talk about their history. Jason regrets not telling the truth about Michael. Robin tries to encourage him. Lucky brings the boys in to see Elizabeth. Jason watches the family talking to each other. Elizabeth watches Jason as he looks at the kids. His phone rings. Sonny wants to see him. Jason prepares to leave. As he says goodbye to Robin, Patrick looks on. Sam meets with Karpov. He wants her to bring in another shipment. She agrees. Jason walks into Sonnyís. Sonny tells Jason about Karpov, the drugs, and Anthonyís threat to Kristina. Jason is upset that Sonny set everything up in the first place. He tells Sonny about knowing of Anthonyís interaction with Krissy. Sonny tells Jason what he wants. Sonny will provide it if Jason canít. Jason tells Sonny it is dangerous to make threats, and that the deal with Karpov behind his back has created problems for Jason. Sonny argues with Jason about how he isnít running the business correctly.

August 15, 2008

Sam meets Karpov on the docks as Lucky watches. Sam is on the boat with him and explains her plan to get into the harbor. Karpov disagrees with her and wants her to do things his way. Jason comes into Sonnyís house. Jason doesnít want any more misunderstandings about their choices. Jason wants Sonny to know that he hasnít been trying to punish him or make him pay since Michael was shot. Sonny talks of being upset over how everything went down. They agree that they arenít enemies. Sonny wants Jason to realize why he did the things that he did. Kate walks in on their discussion. She wants Sonny to tell her if he is back in the business. Sam is overseeing the shipments as the DEA announces themselves. Shots are fired. Sam takes cover but then runs and is shot.

August 18, 2008

Shootout at the warehouse and Sam has been shot. Lucky is holding her as an agent comes after her. Kate wants Sonny to be honest with her as Jason listens. The agent clears Sam and Lucky. Lucky wants her to get help, she wants to go to her apartment. Kate tells Jason that he has gotten his answer from Sonny- he is not going back to the mob. Jason wonít come back. Sam and Lucky at her apartment, she wants him to stop trying to get her help. Lucky calls Elizabeth asking for help. Jason is back at the office, Bernie is waiting for him. They talk business. Bernie warns Jason that Karpov is going straight for the jugular. They talk of the alliance Karpov has with Sonny. Bernie urges Jason to remember that everyone working for him is under his protection. Sam is hurt on the couch as Elizabeth comes in and checks her wound. Sam appreciates her being there. Elizabeth questions their break up. Jason is listening in to Karpov and his attorney. He sets up for the hit. Sasha and Karpov talk about how they were found out. Karpov believes his main obstacle is Jason Morgan. Jason prepares to take him out. Elizabeth still helping Sam. They talk about the fake break up. Lucky and Sam kiss and Elizabeth walks in on it. Jason prepares to pull the trigger as Karpovís daughter rushes to him.

August 19, 2008

Jason is at the PH crying. Bernie is at the door. Jason tells him that he almost killed a child last night. Sam and Lucky talk to Elizabeth about her progress and thank her for helping them. Elizabeth wants to know what their plan is for the counterfeit drugs. Lucky says there is none but Sam disagrees. Jason tells Bernie about what happened at Karpovís warehouse and how it was like Michaelís situation. Lucky tries to guilt Sam into not doing what she wants to do. Elizabeth doesnít want them to be stubborn. Lucky asks Elizabeth to watch Sam while he is gone. Jason talks about the problems with a pre-emptive strike against Karpov. Bernie talks to Jason about Karovís routine. Elizabeth checks Samís wound as Sam talks about their history together and how she feels about her now. Sam thanks Elizabeth for everything. Bernie talks of the success of the organization being because of Jason. Cody comes to see Jason. Jason wants to give him an additional assignment. He wants Cody to shadow Karpov. There is a knock on the door, itís Sasha. Jason asks Cody to leave. Sasha wants to reassure Jason that Karpov wants to coexist. His phone rings, and he is told about the success of the shipments. He turns around to Sasha giving him a drink. She tells him she thinks they could be mutually beneficial and then takes off her shirt.

August 20, 2008

Sasha finds Jason attractive and tries to get him to respond to her. Jason tells her to put her shirt on or leave without it. He puts the shirt on her as Spinelli comes in. He is shocked and cannot believe that Jason is hooking up with Sasha. Sasha tells Jason she is available at any time and leaves. Spin wants Jason to realize that she cannot be trusted. Jason asks him to calm down. Jason tells Spin what happened but Spin doesnít believe it. He understands Jason being upset about Elizabeth and going after Sasha. Jason tells him not to mention her. He comes downstairs to find Spin looking up information about Karpov. Spin brings up the subject of Sasha. Jason wants him to focus. Spin doesnít stop talking about her. Jason tells him to stop again and wants him to get to work. Jason walks back in to Spinelli and Maxie, as Maxie tells him that Spin thinks he is sleeping with Karpovís lawyer. Spin and Maxie discuss the circumstances while Jason tries to read mail. Maxie doesnít believe it and Jason tells Spin to listen to her. Maxie tries to get Jason to realize that Spin is trying to be helpful and that he should be grateful.

August 21, 2008

Maxie and Spin are looking at incriminating evidence as Spin talks about Sasha. Jason walks in and is upset, he says that his personal life is off limits. Maxie jumps in and tries to get Jason to realize that Spinelli is worried. Maxie wants Jason to realize that Spinelli is trying to be a friend. Jason is frustrated and thanks Spin for his concern and reiterates that he is not sleeping with Karpovís attorney. Maxie talks of Lulu being close to talking about what really happened. Jason goes to see Lulu. They discuss what Lulu wants. Jason tells her that he just wanted to check on her and wants to help in any way that he can. Lulu wants Jason to tell her if he thinks itís Johnnyís fault that she is there. Jason talks of how Johnny has protected her. Lulu asks Jason to take her to see Johnny.

August 22, 2008

Lulu wants Jason to sign her out to go see Johnny. She believes that will make her all better. Jason tries to rationalize with her. He is worried about her and wants the doctors to help her. Lulu yells at him. He is concerned that Scotty will make her testify if she leaves. Lulu urges him to think what he would do if he had one more chance to see Elizabeth and Jake. Lulu talks him into taking her to see Johnny. Claudia is talking to Johnny as he sees Lulu walk into the PCPD. Harper is questioning why she is there. Jason asks that he let her in. Claudia doesnít want Johnny to see her. She is upset with Jason and lets him know about her concerns about what Lulu may say. Lucky tries to go into the room to get Lulu and Jason stops him. Lucky is upset that Jason has brought Lulu here.

August 25, 2008

Sam is on the pier and calls Lucky to tell him she is working. She hides as Mr. Craig comes by to meet Karpov. She watches them walk away. Craig is with Alexis in her office as Sam walks in. She wants to talk to Alexis and states that she canít understand why Alexis would spend time with Craig. She leaves.

August 26, 2008

Sam and Lucky are kissing as Craig knocks on the door. She wants Lucky to hide so that she can get Craig to talk about the counterfeit drugs. Sam lets him in. Craig wants to know why Sam is concerned about Alexisí sex life. They argue about Craig being in Alexisí life. Craig tries to play Sam, telling her that he thinks she wants him. He tells her that although she hides it, she still loves the dark side. Sam agrees that maybe thatís true. Sam tells Craig that he is going to have to choose between her and Alexis if he is expecting something to happen with her.

August 29, 2008

Spinelli is in the hospital on the phone as Jason walks in. Jason wants to know what happened. Spin is glad to see him and is glad that Maxie called him. Jason wants to know how he was hit. Spinelli talks about the stake out. Jason is upset that he was on a stake out again. Spinelli relates what happened while they were there. Jason asks him if he saw who was driving. Spin believes it may have been Sasha. Leyla walks in and provides an update for Jason regarding Spinís recovery. Jason questions her regarding Spinís visitors. He leaves.

September 3, 2008

Jason comes to Spinelliís hospital room and questions how he is feeling. Elizabeth walks in to check on Spin. Jason talks about Spinelliís creative imagination and discusses the hurt that Elizabeth experienced because of Jasonís supposed involvement with Sasha. Maxie walks in and goes on a tirade about being called to testify at Johnnyís trial. She expresses her concern about what Scott will try to do to her. Spinelli tells Maxie that she is under the protection of Stonecold. Jason doesnít want to threaten Scotty on Maxieís behalf. Jason tells her that she doesnít have to disappear, he wants her to keep her mouth shut. Maxie expresses worry that she will not be able to edit herself at the trial. Jason encourages her to tell the story that she has given over and over again. Jason leaves to go back to work. Spinelli tries to comfort Maxie. Jason is at the office and wants Cody to track down who hit Spinelli. Carly walks in and tells Jason that Jax has come home. She talks of their new house. Jason is happy for her. They talk about her interactions with Karpov as well as her sleeping with Sonny.

September 4, 2008

Jason talks to Carly about her need to worry about what Jax wants. They talk about Carlyís family and how happy she is with Jax. Carly no longer believes Kate is a problem. Elizabeth is snarky to Spinelli and Maxie as Jason comes in to take Spin home. Maxie questions Jason about taking care of Spinelli. Jason takes him to the penthouse. They discuss how Spinelli doesnít need to be like Jason. Jason worries about him risking his life and does not want Spinelli to emulate him. Jason talks of losing Michael and Sonny, and he does not want to lose Spin as a friend. Jason brings Spinelli some food and Maxie shows up at the door. She breezes in, asking Jason to hold her bags. She plans to stay at the penthouse to take care of Spinelli.

September 5, 2008

Maxie is complaining about how Jason is not taking care of Spinelli. Jason wants to know why Maxie thinks she can stay there. She provides a bell for Spin so that he can ring it when he needs something. Jason comes downstairs and questions the use of the bell. He tells Maxie that her luggage is in the pink room. Spinelli tries to get Jason to understand the importance of Maxie being there. They argue about matters of the heart. Mac knocks on the door and comes in to question Spinelli. Maxie comes downstairs in a towel. Mac wants her to put her clothes on and he plans to take her home. Maxie explains to Mac that Spinelli saved her life and she wants to return the favor. Mac yells at Spinelli. Mac warns Spinelli that nothing had better happen to Maxie while she is staying at the penthouse. Spinelli doesnít want Jason to send Maxie away. Jason and Maxie argue about the best way to care for Spinelli. Robin comes in to try to convince Maxie to return. Maxie and Robin talk about how she is taking care of Spinelli. Jason provides his consent. Robin and Jason talk about the baby and her not marrying Patrick. Sasha comes by to see Spinelli. Jason walks in to hear Maxie warning Sasha about him.

September 8, 2008

Jason tells Sasha that there is nothing to discuss as Maxie listens. Spinelli tries to interject. Sasha believes Jason is planning a mob war. Jason tells her that he plans to honor the agreement. Maxie jumps in to defend what has happened to Spinelli. Sasha gives Jason her personal assurances that Karpov was not involved with Spinelliís hit and run. Maxie and Spinelli try to talk to Jason, but he tells them that they will get somebody killed if they donít stop. Sam lets Lucky into the room at the clinic to discuss the counterfeit drug situation. Maxie talks to Spinelli about how the mob is similar to the fashion world. Jason walks in, answers the phone, and plans to take care of business. He helps Spinelli upstairs. Sam and Lucky continue to discuss the distribution of drugs. Sam tries to convince Lucky of her reasoning, as he worries over her safety. Jason returns home to the penthouse as Maxie comes downstairs in the dark. She sneaks over to the closet and reaches for his gun as Jason comes up behind her to stop her. Craig sets up the bomb in the clinic as Sam walks in on him.

September 9, 2008

Sam continues her discussion with Craig about what he is doing at the clinic. Jason continues to question why Maxie was in his closet. Maxie wanted to see if his gun had been fired. Maxie explains her personality to Jason. Jason questions if she understands how compromising it is to have the police commissionerís daughter in his house. Maxie assures Jason that she wouldnít do anything to hurt Spinelli. Craig tells Sam that he is running interference against the counterfeit drugs and wanted Nicholas to tell Alexis that he is trying to help. Craig tries to get Sam to leave, she refuses, but he insists. Jason tries to help Maxie see that she is making things worse by getting involved in Spinelliís antics. Sam and Jerry return to her apartment. They talk about Craigís relationship with Alexis. Craig flirts with Sam. Jason and Maxie continue their discussion about the danger to Spinelli. Maxie discusses her need for Spinelli in her life. Spinelli listens in as Maxie talks about her feelings for him. Jason gets uncomfortable and asks her to stay and watch Spinelli because he has to go out.

September 10, 2008

Spinelli and Jason sit in the penthouse. Maxie comes in to get their opinions on her attire for court. Sam receives a call from Lucky. He tells her that he may have found something that ties Karpov to the drug ring. Maxie stresses over her court appearance. Jason explains the process to her and lets her know that she will be called to the stand regardless of what Spinelli can do to get her name off the witness list. Spinelli asks that Jason and Maxie get along. Maxie thanks Spinelli for being a great friend. Sam meets Lucky at the piers. He shows her the manifests that he received. She tells him that it does not implicate Jerry. Spinelli tries to reassure Maxie that she will not be going to jail. Jason encourages her to do her best. Lucky tells Sam argue. Lucky kisses her as Craig walks up on them. He wonders why they are scamming everyone regarding their break up. Nik comes to see Jason and asks for a back up plan to get Lulu out of the country. Jason agrees. Nik realizes that Jason knows Lulu is guilty. Sam tells Craig that she is glad to see him. Craig warns Lucky that he will speak to Alexis about his behavior. Lucky leaves. Sam thanks Craig. Nik and Jason continue to discuss the situation regarding Lulu. Jason assures Nik that he can count on him. Lucky and Sam are back at her apartment and discuss the threat that Craig presents. Sam tells him of her plan to use Craigís attraction for her to her advantage. Jason comes to see Lulu and is informed that she is gone.

September 11, 2008

Jason talks to staff about why Lulu left. He tries to make a call as Elizabeth asks what he is doing there. She questions why Scott would want Luluís testimony. Jason explains. Jason enters the coffee office and sees Spinelli there. He wants Spin to go home. Jason questions what is wrong. Spinelli tells Jason that the night of the murder was not discussed, but Maxieís personal and sexual life was. Jason reiterates that it is a good thing that Maxie was not asked about the events surrounding Loganís death. Spinelli says that Maxie will not talk to him now. They talk of why Maxie may have walked away from Spinelli. Craig knocks on Samís door. He asks for her company on a boat ride. Sam tells him that he has to choose between her or Alexis. Lucky comes out from hiding and tells her that she will not be going on the boat with Craig. Sam calls Craig and invites him over for dinner. Cody interrupts Jason and Elizabethís conversation at the coffee office. Jason tries to get her to leave, but she refuses to go. As Elizabeth hides, Karpov enters the office. He and Jason discuss the beatings of the Russian guards. Jason tells Karpov that he didnít order the attack, he did it himself.

September 12, 2008

Karpov and Jason continue their discussion about the attacks on the guards and their intentions to retaliate against each other. Jason tells Karpov that the message has been sent, and that if he touches anyone else, he will send him to the hospital. Karpov leaves. Elizabeth comes out of hiding, and Jason tells her to go. Cody comes into the office and gives Jason information. Jason plans to leave with Cody, he wants to handle it personally. They go to the clinic and question why Karpov was there.

September 15, 2008

Sam with Lucky.  Jerry knocks and Lucky leaves through the terrace.  Jerry has wine and flowers. Sam and Jerry drink wine and flirt. Jerry speaks cynically of love.  Sam asks about his emotional investment with Alexis.  Jerry calls Sam the anti-Alexis. Sam is tired of trying to live up to others expectations. Jerry says her and Lucky are as mismatched as he and Alexis. Sam talks about her and Lucky.  She says she needs more of a challenge. Jerry says she likes danger. She says that is why she is working for Karpov. She talks about how much she loves working for Karpov. Sam starts to flirt again. Jerry steps up close and chokes her up.  He says she is being too friendly. Carly busts in on Jason and Liz in Jason's bedroom.

September 16, 2008

Jerry chokes Sam as they discuss why Sam has had a sudden change of heart. Jerry doesnít believe that she is interested in him. Sam tries assuring him that she is tired of being reformed. Carly walks in on Jason and Elizabeth and apologizes. Sam asks if Jerry is going to throttle her or not. Sam admits that she understands Jerry and admires him at times. Sam talks about the things they have in common. Carly is distraught as Spinelli tries to talk to her. Jason comes downstairs and asks her to tell him what happened. Sam and Jerry continue to talk about reformation. They banter about the thrills of the dark side and kiss. Carly again apologizes to Jason about barging in. Jason wants to know what happened as Elizabeth walks downstairs. Spinelli tries to explain things. Elizabeth leaves. Sam tells Jerry to slow down. Sam warns Jerry against talking to Alexis about their situation. Spinelli, Carly, and Jason talk about their situation. Carly tells Jason that she may never get Jax back. Sam refuses to go further with Jerry until she is sure that she can trust him not to tell Alexis. Jerry leaves. Carly and Jason talk about her relationship with Jax. She is upset for her loss and Jason comforts her.

September 17, 2008

Spinelli and Maxie talk about relationships as Jason walks in and tells them to not sign him up for a dating service. He tells them that his personal life is off limits. Sam walks into Alexisí office as Lucky leaves. Alexis and Sam talk about her relationship with Lucky. Jason warns Maxie and Spin against signing up Carly as well. Maxie tries to explain to Jason the positive aspects of enrolling Carly in online dating. Maxie argues with Jason about bullying Spinelli. Sam wants to talk to Alexis about Jerry. Alexis expresses her understanding of what kind of guy she is involved with. Sam warns Alexis about how dangerous Jerry may be. Sam leaves. Diane comes in to talk to Jason. Max walks in. He and Diane argue about their relationship in front of Jason. Jason attempts to stop their argument but fails. Max leaves as Diane begins to cry. Jason comforts her.

September 18, 2008

Diane whines to Jason about knowing better than to get involved with Max. Jason tries to get her mind off of it by talking business, but she begins crying again. Sonny walks in on Jason comforting Diane. Diane yells at Sonny about the wedding. Sonny plans to talk to Jason about it later and leaves. Diane apologizes to Jason for her behavior. Jason again tries to talk business as Diane mourns the loss of her relationship. Jason and Diane return from their meeting and are pleased with the outcome. Diane breaks into tears again when she sees a cufflink of Maxís. Carly walks in to Jason on the phone. They talk about the online dating experience. Carly tells Jason that her perfect match is him.

September 19, 2008

Sam and Lucky are at her apartment as there is a knock on the door. Alexis is there to question Sam about her intentions with Jerry. Carly and Jason debate about online dating. Carly wants him to guess in what area they donít match. Jason becomes exasperated. Lucky listens in on Sam and Alexisí conversation as Sam talks about spending time with Jerry. Alexis wants Sam to stop whatever she is doing with Jerry and leaves. Spinelli is in the office with Jason. Jason is upset and tells Spin to stop with the antics. Sam asks Jerry over to her apartment. She discusses her conversation with Alexis with him. Spinelli and Jason talk about his relationship with Elizabeth. Jason wants Spinelli to stop interfering. Sam thinks Jerry is daring her to go through with their arrangement. Sam expects Alexis to be out of the picture. Spin keeps pushing the online dating to Jason. Jason tells him to stop again and then tells him to leave. Kate knocks on the door.

September 22, 2008

Kate talks to Jason in his office about the disagreement they have over Sonny and Kateís decision to marry. Sam believes Jerry is bluffing with his flirtatious intentions. She recognizes that he is playing a game with her. Jerry continues to try to reel her in. They kiss. Jason tries to explain his rationale to Kate. She asks that he come to their wedding. Jerry and Sam talk about his relationship with Alexis and how what they are doing might affect her. Sam has Jerry make the decision whether to continue with their interaction or not. He leaves her to consider his options. Jason discusses business on the phone as Carly walks in. She wants to hide out. They talk about the online dating experience. Carly tells him that Jax and Michael are not coming home and how much that bothers her. Jason tries to boost her morale. Carly talks of her poor choices. Jason tries to encourage her. Jason walksin to the penthouse where Maxie asks him about going to Sonnyís wedding. Spinelli and Maxie argue about whether Jason is going or not. Maxie rationalizes to Jason why he needs to be at the wedding.

September 23, 2008

Jason prepares to leave as Spinelli measures him for a tuxedo. Jason says that he is not going as Spinelli continues to bother him. Jason warns him to listen to him. Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie has given him the task of getting Jason to go to the wedding. Anthony Zachara is on the phone as Jason walks in. Jason is there to discuss business. He warns Anthony. Anthony relishes the challenge of going against Jason but expresses his inability to assume command since he is disabled. He agrees to not break their truce. Jason leaves. Anthony stands up. Jason is at the Metro Court to see Carly. She asks that he escort her to Kate and Sonnyís wedding. Jason doesnít think it is a good idea. Carly explains her reasoning. Carly tells him that she needs his assistance so she does not do anything stupid. He agrees to meet her there.

September 24, 2008

Jason walks into the penthouse to see Spinelli practicing dancing. Jason asks him to do some research. Jason tells him it is personal. They discuss the online dating experience, and Spinelli believes that it has helped Jason to realize his love for Elizabeth. Spin keeps trying to push about Elizabeth but Jason asks him to discontinue and focus on the research that he needs. Jason talks of having asked Elizabeth to marry him before Michael got shot. Diane disrupts their conversation. She tells Jason that he needs to move quickly in regard to business on the waterfront. Jason tells Spinelli what they were working on can wait. Spinelli keeps going on about his need to go after Elizabeth now. Diane warns Jason against passing up the opportunity. Jason refuses, since he has a previous commitment. Diane is displeased with him and goes to leave as Spinelli dances around the room.

September 25, 2008

Carly walks into the penthouse. She is excited about Jason taking her to the wedding. Jason is worried about why she is so happy about their plan to attend. Carly tries to change the subject. Jason wants to know what is going on. He doesnít want her to sabotage the wedding. Carly agrees not to, but says that she just wants to be there to watch Kate get what she deserves.

September 26, 2008

Sonny walks into his home and finds Jason there. Jason tells him that Carly has asked him to be her escort. Sonny tells Jason that Kate wants Carly and Jax there. Sonny talks of his plan to ask Jason to the wedding. They discuss Diane and Maxís relationship. Sonny is glad Jason will be there, and Jason is happy for him. They talk of when Jason took over the business. He leaves. Carly is at the Metro Court and Jason walks in. Jason doesnít understand how she can go through with watching the wedding and not have a meltdown. Carly tells him her plan to watch Sonny and Kate get what they deserve. Diane walks in and plans to talk to Jason but is stops to focus on Carlyís attire. Diane fears what Carly may do. Carly promises that she will not ruin the wedding. At the wedding, Diane tries to warn Sonny as well. Sonny is at the front of the church as Olivia and Kate fight with each other in the back. All the guests listen in. The wedding begins . A gunshot is heard.

September 29, 2008

Replay of the beginning of the wedding where the gunshot is heard. Jason runs to find the shooter as Kate realizes she is shot and falls to the ground. Sonny calls for Jason. He runs to Sonny. Jason has the priest show Cody where to find the shooter. Sam and Lucky arrive at Elizabethís to pick up the boys. Elizabeth questions about the their progress with the counterfeit drugs. Sam thanks her for letting them have the boys. Jason tries talking Sonny through helping Kate. Cody comes back and gives Jason information about a shell casing. Spinelli walks in, Jason asks for him to run a trace on the bullet. Lucky questions Elizabeth about the futility of being with Jason. They argue about the dangerousness of the situation. Sam tries to reassure Lucky. Jason wants Spinelli to go do as he asks. Jason wants Cody gone so that he cannot be questioned. Sonny tells Jason that he knows who is responsible for the shooting. He tells Jason to find proof. Jason talks to Bernie as Detective Harper comes up. Elzabeth prepares to leave the boys with Sam and Lucky. Diane interrupts Scotty and Det. Harperís questioning of Jason. Jason goes to Sonny at the hospital and gives him information on the shell casing that was found. Sonny is upset and takes it out on Jason. He wants Jason to send a message to Karpov.

September 30, 2008

Sonny asks Jason if he has a problem with making a move against Karpov. Jason asks that he think about it before any firm decisions are made. Sonny explains why he wants something to be done about Karpov. Jason tries to rationalize with him to no avail. Spinelli walks up and talks of the bullet being Russian. Jason believes it could have been anybody even though Sonny firmly believes it is Karpovís doing. Jason calls Elizabeth to explain his absence. Sonny attacks Karpov but is pulled off of him. Karpov denies his involvement. Sonny becomes angry with Jason when Jason refuses to retaliate immediately. Sonny calls him a coward and a traitor, telling him to leave. Jason and Spinelli discuss the possibility of retaliation. Jason sees Elizabeth at the nurses desk.

October 1, 2008

Jason looks at Elizabeth and then continues to talk with Spinelli. Elizabeth comes up to him and tells him that Kate getting shot does not change anything. Jason tries to leave but Elizabeth wants to talk to him. She doesnít want him to pull away from her. He shows her what has happened to Kate and tells her that it could be her future. He doesnít want her to leave her sons without a mother. Elizabeth leaves. Sonny wants Jason to do something to help. Jason tries to explain his reasoning to Sonny. Spinelli and Jason talk about Elizabeth and Sonny wanting to start a war. Carly calls Jason and wants to see him. Jason goes to see her and tells her that Kate was the target. They talk about the lead Jason has and how the shooting appears to be personal. Jason and Carly talk about Sonny and his intention to find whoever shot Kate. Jason tells her that Sonny has already asked him to take out Karpov. Jason refuses to do anything without the facts.

October 2, 2008

Diane talks to Jason about the shooting. She knows that Sonny wants to retaliate, but she is asking for them to stop and think before they act on any type of revenge. She doesnít want Max to die. Diane is upset and leaves. Max tells Jason that he will do whatever Sonny needs. Jason tells him that he canít do that. Jason talks to Max about Kate being the intended target. Max believes that it is Karpov, but Jason asks that he look at all the facts before coming to that conclusion. Max thinks Jason is refusing to help Sonny. Jason walks in on Sonnyís conversation to Kate.

October 3, 2008

Jason listens to Sonny talking to Kate at General Hospital. He leaves and goes to the office where he finds Spinelli and Bernie talking. Bernie discusses business with Jason as well as his concern about what will happen if Jason agrees to what Sonny is asking him to do. Bernie leaves and Spinelli tells Jason that he disagrees with Bernieís advice. They discuss the potential of war. Jason doesnít want to give in to Sonny. He worries about not having the facts. They are interrupted by Spinelli receiving a call from Nadine. Jason tells Spinelli to go take care of whatever he needs to. He thanks Spinelli for his help. Sonny walks into the office. He gives Jason an update on Kate and tells him that he wants to take over the business.

October 6, 2008

Sonny and Jason continue talking about Sonnyís plan to take over the business again and go after Karpov. Jason refuses to agree to work with him again. They argue over the situation. Jason believes there is only circumstantial evidence to go after Karpov. Sonny wants Jason to recognize the significance of what has happened and get revenge. Sonny talks of being saddened that everything he has built is in the process of being destroyed. Sonny feels disrespected and Jason apologizes but stands firm. Sonny tells Jason that he is nothing to him now and leaves. Jason discusses business with Bernie when Cody walks in. Jason forewarns him about possible trouble with Sonny. Jason wants Codyís loyalty.

October 7, 2008

Cody informs Jason that he had agreed to change sides so that he could get inside information. They talk about the othersí loyalty to Sonny. Cody gives Jason is impressions of the stability of how he is handling the organization. Jason is worried about the other lieutenants going to work. Spinelli walks in on the conversation. Jason asks him to run a search on who in his organization has had recent conversation with Sonny. Cody leaves so that Jason and Spin can further discuss the situation. Jason doesnít want Spinelli involved. Spinelli tries to encourage Jason to step aside. Jason and Cody secretly stalk the piers as they listen in to Sonnyís conversation with one of Jasonís workers. Sonny tells him about his plan to take over. Jason interrupts the conversation and informs Sonny that it will not happen. Sonny and Jason argue. Jason tells Sonny that he has already made contact with the other lieutenants and there is nothing he can do about taking over the business.

October 8, 2008

Jason walks into the office while on the phone with Bernie. Max is waiting for him. Jason warns Max about the tension between him and Sonny and how his loyalty will be tested. Max talks about his father to Jason. Max tells him that his father is coming to visit, and says that he has told his father that he runs the PC mob. Jason is frustrated and tells Max that he has bigger problems. Milo walks in wanting to know if Jason agreed to help. Jason talks of Maximusí history and wants to know what the situation has to do with him. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Elizabeth asking that Jason come see her right away. Diane walks in to discuss business. Jason asks Diane to figure out what Max needs and he will pay her for it. Elizabeth walks in to see Sam and Lucky kissing. Jason walks into his office to see Max sitting in his chair and Maximus upset that respect isnít being shown to his son.

October 9, 2008

Max tells Jason that he can speak freely in front of Mr. Giambetti. Jason is introduced to him as Maxís bodyguard. Mr. Giambetti is upset with Jasonís insolence, although Max tries to calm him down. Jason gets smacked in the head and apologizes to Max for his disrespect. Jason comes back in wearing a suit. Jason listens in as Mr. Giambetti hits on Diane. He is upset when Max answers the phone and begins discussing business with Bernie. Jason tries to coax Max to give Bernie the right answer. Diane tries to take Mr. Giambetti away as he continues to insult Jason. Once they leave, Max apologizes to Jason. Jason yells at him and begins discussing business with Bernie. Jason warns that Maxís father needs to be gone or he is taking charge. Max asks Jason to again pretend that he works for him. Jason gives him three days. Carly walks in and wants to know what is going on.

October 10, 2008

Carly questions Jason as to what is going on. Max tries to continue the ruse and apologizes to Carly for not having Jason pick her up. He introduces Carly to his father as his girlfriend. Carly starts flirting with Max. Jason listens in as Mr. Giambetti starts hitting on Carly. Diane gets upset with Max pretending that Carly is his girlfriend. Maximus wants Max to dump Carly so sheíll go out with him. Maximus gives Max relationship advice. Maxie and Spinelli come into the office to tell Jason of recent events. Spinelli tries to explain his loyalty to Jason. Jason encourages them to show respect to Mr. Giambetti. Maxie tries to present a cover story and explain why Spinelli talks the way he does. Mr. Giambetti is impressed with Maxie. He asks Jason to get them some drinks. Maxie gives a list of what she wants to Jason. He goes and gets it. Upon his return, they all discuss the Karpov situation. Maximus believes that Karpov was not involved in Kateís shooting.

October 13, 2008

Sam meets Karpov on the piers. She tells him she knows about him being questioned by the DA. He informs her that the shipment will be a bigger risk and asks her about the assignment. They discuss the route she will use. Pictures of their meeting are taken.

October 14, 2008

Jason walks into the office and asks Diane about Maxís whereabouts. She informes him that he is out with his father. Jason calls Cody to find the Giambettis to put an end to the charade and bring Max back. Diane tries to plead Maxís case to Jason and believes that he will not risk his relationship with Jason or the truce that the organization has for his father. Carly walks in. Diane is upset with Carly for pretending to be Maxís girlfriend. Sam is at her apartment. Her phone rings, Karpov asks her to meet him for a job. Sam agrees. Carly tells Jason that there is a crisis with Sonny. Diane leaves after complaining about Mr. Giambetti. Carly tells Jason what has happened and her talk with Kate and with Sonny. She tells him that Sonny is going after Karpov. Jason wants to find all the facts before believing Kateís shooter was Karpov. He hoped Carly could talk to Sonny. Jason is on the phone with Bernie as the Giambettis come back to the office. Maximus wants a drink from Jason. Maximus lectures Max on not being stupid. Jason leaves to take care of a job. Sam comes to the piers and finds Jerry and Karpov talking. They discuss Kateís shooting and their current arrangement. Sam is caught by one of Karpovís men. Jason comes to see Sonny. He wants to know why Sonny has no guards and asks if he has a gun. Jason is worried about him.

October 15, 2008

Sonny tells Jason that he made it clear that he is no longer part of the organization. They argue about the situation. Karpov wants to know if Sam was spying on him. She tells him that she was checking things out and doesnít want to walk into anything blind. Sam assures him that she wasnít double crossing him. Sonny and Jason continue to discuss the situation. Jason warns him against going after Karpov. Jason explains how well the business is running. Sonny wants to work with him, not against him. Jason refuses to start a war because Sonny asks him to. Jason is back at the office and on the phone. Claudia knocks on the door. She tells him that she played along with the charade, pretending to have an affair with Max. He wants to know why she is there. She wants to stop a war. Jason warns her that if Johnny makes a move against him, he will retaliate. They discuss Karpov. Max walks into the office looking for Diane, but Jason is alone. Max discusses his problems with Diane with Jason. Jason is glad to hear that Maximus will be leaving, and Max offers his services to take over the business if Jason ever needs him to. Sam meets up with Lucky on the piers. She talks about seeing the PDA exchanged between Karpov and Jerry. Lucky wants her to give up. She refuses. Sam calls Jerry and invites him over for dinner. Alexis issues a warrant for Sam.

October 16, 2008

Spinelli comes to the office to check on Jason. Jason tells him that Sonny went after Karpov alone. He expresses his concerns about the incident. Spinelli wants to utilize his private investigative services. Jason disagrees. They go over the facts of the case. Spinelli tries to use chess pieces to evaluate the situation. Jason canít understand why Karpov would go after Kate and not him. Spinelli believes that Sonny may be right. Jason is on the phone with Bernie as Carly walks in. They talk about Jason impersonating a bodyguard. Carly tells Jason about her potential business venture with Nicholas Cassadine. Jason tries to provide her with advice.

October 17, 2008

Jason and Elizabeth are at the studio. He receives a call from Sonny. Jerry is on the piers while talking on the phone. Sam meets him there. They discuss their plans for the evening. Jason meets Sonny at his house. Sonny is worried about Karpov leaving the country. He threatens to go to the Zacharas if Jason refuses to help him. Sonny again asks Jason to return his organization to him. Sam opens her apartment door and finds Jerry. They flirt with one another. Sonny has drawn up the papers to get back in. He and Jason argue. Jason warns him against joining with the Zacharas and leaves. Jerry gets in the hot tub with Sam. Alexis walks into Samís apartment. Jerry kisses her as Alexis walks in on them. Jason meets Karpov on the piers. They talk about their truce.

October 20, 2008

Alexis walks in on Sam and Jerry. Karpov discusses Sonny with Jason and wants to know if Jason is involved with him. Sam tries to explain what she was doing with Jerry to Alexis. Jerry asks Alexis to destroy his pda. Karpov tells Jason about Sonny trying to kill him. Jason assures him that he and Sonny no longer work together. Jerry, Alexis, and Sam continue to discuss the supposed evidence on the pda. Alexis finds no information regarding the shipping of drugs. Alexis asks Jerry to explain himself. Sam tries to get Alexis to believe her. Mac arrives with the PCPD to search Samís residence. Jason arrives at the hospital. Olivia wants Jason to expain his situation with Sonny. Mac questions Jerry as to why he is at Samís apartment. Alexis warns Sam not to say anything without an attorney. Jason explains his plan to run the business to Olivia. Jason tells Kate that Sonny is about to make a mistake. He wants Kate to talk him out of an alliance with the Zacharas. Sam talks to Alexis about the counterfeit drugs. Mac finds drugs in Samís apartment. Jason goes to visit Anthony Zachara and threatens him that Sonny will not team up with him. Ric walks in and believes that it is an empty threat.

October 21, 2008

Sam continues trying to get Mac and Alexis to believe that she is innocent and that Jerry Jax is guilty. Ric taunts Jason about Sonny joining the Zachara organization as Anthony listens in. Mac questions Sam about what kind of work she has been doing for Karpov. Lucky walks in and wants to know what is going on. Anthony tells Jason that he shouldnít threaten, Jason informs him it is not a threat. Ric continues talking down to Jason regarding his expectations of Sonny. Sam is mad at Lucky, Alexis warns her again to be quiet. Ric tries to belittle Jason and continues his discussion about Sonny. Jerry is waiting at the PCPD when Sam walks in, she goes after him but is restrained. Sam and Lucky argue in the interrogation room. Jason meets Robin at the Metro Court. They talk about her pregnancy. Robin tells him that she is going to marry Patrick and asks him to come to the wedding. Lucky returns to the interrogation room and is upset that Sam was in the hot tub with Jerry. Robin gives Jason reasons why she wants him there.

October 22, 2008

Jason is with Spinelli at the office. They talk of Sonnyís phone calls and Anthony offering his organization to Sonny. Maxie interrupts needing Spinís help, Jason tries to get her to leave. Maxie and Spinelli leave. Jason is on the phone when Carly walks in. Jason tells her of the possible alliance Sonny has with Zachara. They discuss how to stop Sonny. Jason is frustrated and doesnít trust handing the business back over to Sonny. He talks of his obligation to the people who trust him. Carly reassures him, wanting him to do what is best for himself. Jason yells at Bernie on the phone. Claudia walks in. Jason tries to get her to leave, but she wants him to listen to her.

October 23, 2008

Claudia and Jason talk about the organization going to Sonny and Anthonyís plan to have him marry Claudia. She believes Sonny will marry her and asks that Jason marry her instead. She believes it will stop a war, Jason agrees to marry her. They are in the car and Claudia teases Jason about his lack of communication. Jason is adament about it not being a real marriage. Claudia talks about the difficulties she has had in life and how she wants Jason to work with her. They discuss what would happen if Sonny takes over the organization. They talk of leaving the mob. Jason shares his experiences. Claudia questions if Jason plans to marry her or kill her. Claudia discusses what could happen if she tries to run away.

October 24, 2008

Jason and Claudia walk into the Justice of the Peace. Claudia interrupts the justiceís speech to bribe him to hurry. They continue with the ceremony. Sam is brought into the interrogation room where Jerry is waiting for her. He has come to apologize. They talk about the situation and drug smuggling. The justice stops the ceremony. Jerry wants Sam to join him in his plan to exclude Karpov and make a huge profit. Sam is skeptical but interested. Lucky interrupts them. The justice denies being able to marry Claudia and Jason since they do not want to be married to one another. Jason takes the marriage certificate and pays the justice. Jerry taunts Lucky, Lucky angrily tells him to leave. Lucky turns on Sam. Claudia and Jason discuss their current problems in the limo. Claudia wants him to give in to Sonny but Jason is unable to. Jason tells her again that he will pay her off to leave. Claudia discusses her plans.

October 28, 2008

Jason visits Sonny at his home and tells him that he almost married Claudia Zachara. They talk about Anthony wanting Sonny to take over the organization. Sonny wishes Jason had married Claudia. They talk about their disagreement and turning against one another. Jason doesnít want a war and gives his reasons for his behavior. Sonny describes his feelings over Kate being shot. Jason urges him to walk away. Sonny plans to handle the situation without Jasonís help. Jason leaves, returns to the office, and returns to the office. Maxie walks in to talk to him. She urges him to go to Robin and Patrickís wedding. They talk of Jason and Robinís history, Maxie asks him again, and then leaves.

October 29, 2008

Maxie walks in on Elizabeth and Jason at the church. Max wants Jason gone, but Robin refuses. Robin asks everyone to leave so she can talk to Jason. Robin wants him there. Jason and Sonny see each other and talk about why they are both there. Sonny reminisces about Robin and Stone as well as Jasonís role in Robinís life. Sonny is glad that they are both there.

October 30, 2008

Coleman walks up the aisle. Jason and Sonny continue their conversation. Jason talks of his initial refusal and why he changed his mind. Jason worries over whether he needs to ask Robin to dance. Sonny fondly remembers Jason needing him in his life. Sonny believes Jason thinks he is doing the right thing, but he doesnít like being on different sides. He recognizes that Robin and Jason are both grown up, capable of making their own decisions. Jason tells him how grateful he is for all that he has done. They are seated. Robin arrives, and everyone stands. She thanks everyone for their support and assures them that Patrick will arrive shortly. Edward and Mac argue over who will escort her out if Patrick doesnít arrive. Patrick shows up. Maxie gets everyone on task so that the wedding can begin. The wedding starts.

October 31, 2008

Robin goes into labor at the wedding. Jason watches the proceedings. Jason leaves. Sam walks into the hospital, sees Nadine, and they discuss Robinís situation. Sam explains how she was framed with the counterfeit drugs. Sheís trying to clear her name and questions Nadine about any clues that she may have. Jerry craig listens in. Jason walks into the waiting area for Robin. Spinelli and Maxie and Mac and Anna have conversations about their worry over Robin. Sam talks to Matt Hunter about any information he has on the fire. Jason watches their conversation through the doorway. Elizabeth walks out and Maxie interrupts her. Sam answers her phone, and Jerry Jax wants to meet. Elizabeth explains Robinís cirucmstances. Sam goes to the docks looking for Jerry. Spinelli gives Maxie a journal for a birthday present. Jason hears about Robinís baby being in trouble and leaves the hospital. Sam hears someone walking and pulls her gun, thinking itís Jerry. Itís Jason. He asks her what she is doing there and then an explosion occurs.

November 3, 2008

Replay of Sam hearing Jason, thinking it is Jerry, and the explosion happening. Jason wakes up and finds Sam unconscious. He carries her to safety. She wakes up, wanting to know what happened. Jason explains to her and questions her about the explosion. Sam tells him of the trap and being set up. He finds the detonator. Sam hears sirens, and Jason gets her out of there, taking her to the penthouse. Sam continues to explain her involvement with Karpov and her belief that Jerry is involved. Sam is hurt as Jason urges her that she is in over her head. She apologizes to him for getting him involved. They discuss Jerry and Karpovís connection. Sam talks of Jerry continuing to hang around her even after she explained his involvement. Jason thinks that the detonator may determine who planted the bomb. Sam questions why he was in the alley. He talks of Robinís baby and the complications. Jerry shows up at the door, Jason has Sam hide. Jerry wants to talk about Sam. Sam listens in to their conversation. Jerry tells Jason about Samís involvement with Karpov and her subsequent arrest. Jerry encourages Jason to not break the peace with Karpov for Sam.

November 4, 2008

Jason questions why Jerry is concerned with his territory. Jerry assures tells Jason that Sam may try to seek his help. Jason pulls a gun on him. As Jerry tries to explain his position, he notices blood on Jasonís coffee table. Jason informs Jerry of his belief that he is working with Karpov and tells him that if that is true, he will kill him first. Jerry leaves. Sam returns to the living room and thanks Jason for covering. Jason believes it is going to get worse. Sam doesnít want Jason covering for her. He wants Spinelli to look at the piece of detonator. Sam is trying to figure out why someone would try to kill her. She explains to Jason about Jerryís possible involvement in the clinic fire. Jason doesnít understand, and Sam tells him that it was their meeting place. Jason again tries to get Sam to agree to let him look at the detonator piece. Jason wants to know who she has for backup, and Sam denies his help telling him that he cannot stop her. Sam returns to her apartment and looks around. Her phone rings. Itís Jason, checking to make sure that she got home safely. She tells him she made it, but Jerry comes behind her and grabs her face. Her phone is tossed to the floor with Jason still on the line.

November 5, 2008

Jason is on the phone with Sam as she struggles with Jerry. Jason tries calling back after the phone is disconnected but does not reach her. He leaves his penthouse. Jerry holds a gun on Sam as he waits for Jason to arrive. He taunts her with killing Jason and expects Sam to lie to him. Jason knocks, Sam answers as Jerry hides. Jason enters and searches the apartment. Sam tries to get Jason to leave by telling him she does not want him there. Jason tells her of his concern. She talks of their interactions being painful for her. Jason still checks around the apartment. Sam tells him he no longer has the right to do that. Jason apologizes and leaves. As Sam tries to go after him, Jerry grabs her and praises her performance. He taunts her again with killing Jason. Sam questions Jerry about making her his captive. He begins yelling at her and tells her that her schemes did not work. He injects her as she struggles. Jerry cleans up the apartment while Sam lies drugged on the couch. Sam leaves the detonator behind. Jerry grabs her and leaves. Jason is at his penthouse and on the phone with Bernie. He notices Samís blood on the coffee table and realizes Jerry saw it as well. Jason goes back to Samís, gun drawn, looking for her. He finds the detonator. Jerry takes Sam to the freighter. He tells her that the voyage will be her last.

November 6, 2008

Jason hands the detonator over to Cody and explains where he got it. Cody tells him the information he has on it. Sam wakes up to Jerry rubbing her. Jerry tells her it is the last day of her life. Jason walks into the hospital and asks for an update on Robin. Maxie gives it to him. Jason walks into her room and sees Patrick. He assures Patrick that Sam had the same problem and lived through it. Jason talks to an unconscious Robin about their life together and how much he wants her to have everything that she has ever wanted. Anna interrupts and Jason leaves. Sam is handcuffed to a bed and looks for a way to escape. Jerry walks in and banters with her. Sam tells Jerry that killing her would break Alexisí and Jaxís hearts. Jerry discusses his plan for a getaway. Sam wants him to make her his partner. Jerry leaves and she reaches for the paperclip to release her cuffs. Jason gives the fragment of the detonator to Spinelli, wanting him to check the PCPD files to see if it is similar to what was used during the Metro Court explosion. He explains to Spinelli about Samís situation and their previous conversation. Jason searches Samís apartment as Spinelli talks about their relationship. They hear a knock at the door. They tell the lady that they are worried about Sam since she is missing. The lady assures them that Sam is with one of her boyfriends. She identifies Jerry Jax from a picture. Sam tries to escape as Jerry walks back in. He handcuffs her again, laughing at her attempts. He shows her the explosives that he has.

November 7, 2008

Jax is on the phone as Jason comes in. Jason wants information about Jaxís brother. Sam watches Jerry messing with the explosives. She tells him how sick he is. Jason discusses Samís belief that Jerry is involved in a drug ring to Jax. He talks of Sam disappearing with Jerry. Jax tells Jason to leave him out of it. Jerry tells Sam his plans of where he is going to put the explosives. Jason gets frustrated with Jax and tells him he isnít listening, that Jerry is running drugs and has kidnapped Sam. Jax isnít interested in what is going on. He tells Jason to clean up his own mess. Sam tries to dissuade Jerry from blowing things up. Jerry assures Sam that she doesnít have to be scared. Sam tells him that she knows places where nobody can find them. Jerry thinks her idea is boring. He confirms to her that he will be killing her and toys with her. He tells her of his plan to make everyone think he is dead. Jason and Spin go into the office. They review the case and the sweep of Jerryís room. They concoct a timeline. Jason wonders why Sam is so important to Jerry. Spinelli finds a large amount of explosives purchased by Jerry. Sam wants Jerry to explain his intentions to her. He wants to play a game of catch with the explosives in order to give her answers.

November 10, 2008

Jason urges Spinelli to figure out where Sam fits into Jerryís plan. Jerry taunts Sam on the boat with the explosives. Jason and Spinelli try to figure out why Sam would leave her apartment with Jerry. Sam asks him about his intentions with Alexis. She sidetracks him as she presses the call button for the coast guard. Jerry talks to her about their similarities. The coast guard calls out to them. Jerry slaps Sam. Jason doesnít believe Spinelli when he talks about Samís poor choices in men and her possible willingness to go with Jerry. Jason doesnít understand why she would leave the detonator behind. They determine it is a clue and a cry for help. The coast guard personnel enters the room where Sam was captive. Jerry provides the excuse that he and Sam were in an intimate position and accidentally sent the call. Jerry is warned and the guard leaves. Jason and Spinelli continue to ponder why Jerry is using Sam as a hostage. Jerry tightens Samís bonds. Spinelli finds out that the coast guard boarded the boat that has Sam and Jerry. Jerry wants Sam to toast goodbye with him.

November 11, 2008

Jason and Spinelli get to the docks. Spinelli gets sick but insists on helping Jason. Sam asks Jerry to pour her coffee. He baits her regarding his inability to trust her. He tells her again of his plan to kill her. Jason questions Spin and wants to keep looking. Sam refuses to allow Jerry to get to her. He gives her the coffee and leaves. Sam struggles to find a way out of the handcuffs. Jerry is on the dock as Spinelli finds him. He questions Jerry and threatens to tell Jason. Spinelli plans to fight him and gets knocked out. Jason finds him and Spinelli tells him what happened. He put a tracking device on Jerry. Jerry comes back in to see Sam. Sam asks him to take her with him. Jerry leaves her again. Jason makes his way onto the boat. He finds Sam and helps free her from the handcuffs. Jerry finds them and has his gun drawn. Jason goes to put his hands over his head, gives Sam a look, and Sam shoots at Jerry. As Jason struggles with him, Sam frees herself. Jason gets her out of the room as the bomb begins its countdown. Jerry is trapped in netting.

November 12, 2008

Replay of Sam and Jason escaping the room as the bomb begins its countdown and Jerry is trapped in the netting. Jason and Sam arrive back onto the docks. They make sure one another are okay and talk about what happened to Jerry. Jason asks Sam not to mention him to the cops. She tells him that will not happen. Spinelli and Maxie are at the penthouse as Jason and Sam walk in. Jason wants Maxie to leave. Spinelli assists her out and asks for her discretion. Spinelli walks back in. Sam tells him that she has missed him. She thanks Spin for his involvement and he tells her that Jason is the one who put his life on the line. Spinelli reminisces about old times. Jason tells him that his presence isnít required as he makes a fire. Spin leaves. Jason offers some of Spinelliís clothes. He is downstairs as Sam comes back down to hang her wet clothes by the fire. Elizabeth knocks on the door. She sees Sam and wants to know what Jason is doing with her.

November 13, 2008

Elizabeth wants Jason to explain. Sam tries to run interference as Elizabeth badgers him about the situation. Jason tells her that it is not personal. Elizabeth questions them about why Jason hasnít seen her and why Lucky hasnít heard from Sam. Jason and Sam explain what has happened with Jerry. Sam tries to let her know that Jason saved her life. Elizabeth doesnít understand why Sam didnít call Lucky. Sam explains that it was a random chance that Jason showed up. She tells Elizabeth why she is there. Elizabeth refuses to listen to reason, so Sam leaves. Jason offers money for a cab. Jason comes downstairs and collects Samís clothes from the fireplace. Cody walks in to let him know that retaliation has begun for Karpovís death.

November 14, 2008

Maxie relates her story about seeing the Russians smashing up Kellyís and Mike to Jason and Spinelli at the office. She informs them of the tattoo that she saw. Sam comes to see Elizabeth at the nurseís station. Elizabeth tries to get her to leave but she refuses. Sam tries to explain again about the rescue. Jason wants to be sure that Maxie wasnít seen. She tells them that she heard them arguing in what seemed like Russian. He praises Maxie and then tells her to leave, that she cannot be trusted. Sam continues to try to get Elizabeth to see reason regarding why she and Jason were together. Elizabeth apologizes and tells her that she and Jason are in a tough place. Sam assures Elizabeth that she is not trying to move in on Jason. Jason is upset that Maxie knows things she shouldnít and is in places where she shouldnít be. He asks her to leave. Spinelli tries to explain Maxieís personality. The Russian follows Maxie. Bernie talks to Jason about the transport yard. Bernie informs Jason that he is in the middle of a war and that he has set up a meeting with the lieutenants. Maxie comes to visit Sam, as the Russian waits outside. Maxie apologizes for telling Elizabeth about Sam being in Jasonís penthouse. Sam tells her that it was good that Elizabeth walked in when she did. She talks of enjoying the situation and that she forgot how well matched she and Jason are. Sam isnít sorry for anything that happened and enjoyed it all.

November 17, 2008

Sam continues to discuss her Jason situation with Maxie. Maxie tries to get her to discuss her true feelings for Jason. The Russians are outside the door. Sam admits to having fun with Jason. She tries to rationalize that the excitement she felt during what happened was not because of being in the situation with Jason. Maxie continues to try to get Sam to be honest with how she feels. Lucky walks in. Jason arrives on the scene of the fire at the coffeehouse. He assists in getting people outside. Maxie apologizes to Lucky about her interaction with Elizabeth. She leaves and is followed by the Russian. Lucky gets a call that the coffeehouse is on fire. Jason asks Sonny what he knows about the fire. Sonny wants them to hit back. Jason lets Sonny know that he will do whatever it takes to keep his people and his organization safe, even if it means destroying any affiliation they have. Spinelli arrives on the scene. Lucky asks how the fire started. Jason wants him to talk to his attorney. Sonny gives his recollection of what happened. Spinelli offers his help. Jason wants Spinelli to go home and find information on the Russians. Jason tells Cody that he plans to take the Russians out. He tells him that there will be no negotiations. As they talk, Elizabeth walks up.

November 18, 2008

Lucky finds Elizabeth with Jason. He wants her to recognize the dangerousness of being around Jason and urges her to remember that they have boys to protect. Jason agrees with Lucky and tells her to stay away. She refuses to listen to him. Jason arrives at Oliviaís hospital room. Sam is at the hospital and runs into Elizabeth and Lucky. Lucky offers information on the fire. Sam asks about Jason. Sam leaves so that Elizabeth can talk to Lucky. Jason informs Olivia and Kate that he will take care of anything she needs. He also questions Olivia regarding what she may have seen. Kate is belligerant toward him. Olivia gives him as much information as he can. Sam arrives at the coffeehouse and runs into Jason. They talk about the Russians, and she offers to help him. Jason doesnít want her involved. Sam tells him that she is already on the inside with the Russians. He tells her that it is too much to risk. Sam assures him that she is not Elizabeth and that he doesnít have to worry about her. She also reminds him that he is in no position to turn down her offer of assistance.

November 19, 2008

Sasha speaks to one of her men as Sam enters the warehouse. She explains who she is and offers to work one of the boats. Spinelli walks into the penthouse. Jason sees him with a gun and tells him not to carry it. Spin expresses his plan to get revenge for Maxie. Sam talks of her qualifications. Sasha agrees to hire Sam. Jason takes the gun from Spinelli and asks what happened. Spin informs him of what happened with Maxie. Spinelli wants them held accountable and it has become personal for him. Jason assures Spin that they will pay. Jason tries to encourage Spin by relating his own experiences with wanting revenge for his loved one who was hurt. Spinelli leaves. Jason tells Bernie by phone that they retaliate immediately. Sam informs Lucky that she is working for the Russians again. He doesnít want her to and tells her that the police will handle it. Cody arrives at Jasonís penthouse. Jason explains that he wants a meeting with Sasha to discuss a truce. He then plans to take them all out. Sam arrives back at the warehouse. Sasha gives her orders. Sam watches the men as they load the shipment. Jason loads his gun as Cody comes back to the penthouse. Jason wants Cody to make sure that everyone in the warehouse is part of the syndicate, as they plan to leave no survivors. Sam continues to watch the shipment of guns being processed. Jason takes out one of the Russian men outside the warehouse. He and his men enter and begin shooting. Sam ducks behind crates.

November 20, 2008

Replay of Jason and his men entering the warehouse. As the shootout occurs, Sam hides behind crates and tries crawling to safety. She grabs a gun, shoots at Jason, realizes itís him, and he gets her to safety. Lucky and Elizabeth are at the house. Lucky asks if Sam is there. Sam and Jason arrive. Jason informs them that Elizabeth, the kids, and Sam need to get to safety. Elizabeth asks if itís a mob war. Lucky questions Jason regarding the warehouse and dead Russians. Lucky wants to argue as Jason urges him to realize that the Russians are coming after him and anyone associated with him. Lucky wants them to go to a cabin. He agrees to get them there safely. Jason leaves. Sam assures Lucky that she is through with trying to get information. Lucky doesnít believe her. Jason arrives at the penthouse and questions Spinelli about data that he was supposed to be gathering. Jason expresses his plan to continue going after them. Sam and Elizabeth get ready to leave. Lucky goes to the PCPD instead of helping them. They leave as a Russian watches them go.

November 21, 2008

Spinelli tries to talk to Jason. Jason tells him of his plan to put Elizabeth and the boys in one of his safehouses, but that Lucky wanted them to go to a cabin. Elizabeth and Sam are talking to the boys as the car swerves. Jason talks of getting Sam out of the warehouse so her cover is blown with the Russians. He discusses his continued plan to take out the full Russian organization. Spinelli owns up to trying to intimidate the Russians. Sam changes the tire as Elizabeth talks of her reservations of going with her. The Russian watches them get back into the car and leave. Jason wants Spinelli to tell him exactly what happened. He does. Jason urges him to recognize that killing will change him. Olivia comes to see Jason. Olivia tries to get Jason to let Sonny back in the mob. Jason refuses to discuss business with her and lets her know that working with Sonny again is not an option. Sam, Elizabeth and the boys arrive at the cabin. They talk about their plans. Sam gets stuff out of the car as the Russian watches her. Olivia talks to Jason about the consequences of Sonny marrying Claudia. Ric arrives at the penthouse to see Jason. He informs Jason of Sonnyís plan to marry Claudia. Jason receives a phone call from Elizabeth regarding their status. Det. Harper arrives to place Jason under arrest. Sam goes out to gather firewood but returns, believing that the Russians have found them.

November 24, 2008

Jason brought to PCPD.  Mac accuses him of being responsible for the Russian attacks. Sam and Liz at the cabin with the boys. Sam spots a Russian while getting firewood.  Sam and Liz prepare to fight off the Russians and protect the boys. Mac knows Jason retaliated at the warehosue and tells him he will not get away with. Mac is going to shut him down. Sam and Liz reassuring the boys. They hear footsteps outside and Sam goes into the other room. Liz goes to the other room with Sam.  Sam asks her if she use a shotgun if she had to. Diane goes to see Jason. She says they are going to hold him as long as they can. Diane tries to get Jason released. Alexis tells her to drop him as a client. Liz can't use the shotgun so Sam gives her the handgun and a quick lesson.  They discuss the Russians. Liz comes out and asks Sam to protect her boys no matter what. Sam tells Liz she will lay down her life for her boys.  Liz starts to freak about how this is happening because she kept pursuing Jason. Sam tells her to focus. Alexis comes into the interrogation room and backs up Mac. Diane says they can't hold Jason without evidence. Alexis says she will hold Jason until she can find evidence. Sam tries to help Liz stay calm.  A shot is fired through the window.

November 25, 2008

Alexis says she will tie Jason to the warehouse murders. Alexis and Diane argue. Replay of shot coming through window. Sam returns fire. Liz is scared for the boys and runs across the room.  Sam tackles her to the floor right as another shot comes through the window. Alexis plans to hold Jason 48 hours.  She and Diane argue again.  Spinelli comes and Alexis and Diane leave. Spinelli tells Jason he is getting him out. Sam stops Liz from returning fire so the Russians will think they are dead and come in. Sam takes aim at the door. A Russian comes in and Sam kills him. Sam tells Liz it isn't over. Spinelli tells Jason he hacked into Interpol and made it look like rival Russians were responsible for the warehouse incident. He points out the Interpol agent talking to Alexis. Sam tells Liz they are buying time because they are low on ammo. Liz asks Sam how she can do this.  Sam tells Liz about being raised to this and about the first time she shot someone. Liz goes in to the boys. Jason is upset that Spinelli is going to be caught because the government watches communications more closely.  Diane and Alexis come in and tell Jason he was cleared. Liz comes back.  Sam tells her that Liz has 3 bullets and she has none. They hear someone coming.  Sam tells Liz to get the boys out while she makes a diversion. Liz goes to the boys. Sam goes to the door.  A Russian bursts in and he and Sam struggle. Liz comes in and shoots the Russian. Liz is in shock.  Sam tries to calm her and she goes back to the boys.  Jason is heading for the cabin and he can't reach them on the phone.Jason gets to the cabin. Liz is screaming outside.  Sam jumps in the car and tells him the Russians took Jake. 

December 1, 2008

Replay of Jason going to the cabin and Sam getting into the car.  She tells Jason the Russians just left and they take off after them. Sam gets a cell signal and calls the cops about the kidnapping. Jason and Sam in the car, Liz and Lucky at the cabin, cutting back and forth as Sam tells Jason and Liz tells Lucky what happened. Jason and Sam realize that Jake was taken as bait for a trap for Jason. Sam gets a gun from Jason.  Jason wants to go to a mine the Russians use for storage.  Sam is worried about the trap. They are going anyway.  Sam starts to talk about watching the other kidnapping. Jason tries to cut her off but she talks about how now she knows how they felt back then. They arrive at the mine and Sam tells Jason she will do whatever it takes to get Jake back. They see Russian guards and Sam lures one away and Jason takes him out. They hide while the other guards leave. Jason and Sam don't find Jake in the mine.  Sam finds Jake's shoe.  The mine caves in.

December 3, 2008

Jason and Sam digging their way out of the mine and talking about Jake and the Russians. Sam tries to reassure Jason that will keep Jake alive and well to lure him in. Jason asks if the Russians said anything about him being Jason's.  Sam thinks he was taken because he was easier to grab than Cameron. They dig their way out. Spinelli at Robin's getting a call for Jason for information about properties owned by the Russians. Spinelli gets Jason info on a roadhouse owned by the Russians and weapons delivered to their warehouse as Robin watches and Maxie plays with Emma. Thye head to the roadhouse to see what is up. Sam talks again about not knowig how it felt to have a kid kidnapped from you. She talks about how calm Jason is and he is doing what he needs to do. He says he has no other choice.  Jason and Sam checking out the roadhouse.  They see Jake in a back room guarded by Russians. Sam asks what Jason wants to do.  HE is afraid the cops will alarm the Russians and they will hurt Jake.  He wants to get him themselves.

December 5, 2008

Jason and Sam outside the roadhouse making a plan.  Sam convinces Jason to let her go in and con her way to Jake before he comes in. A Russian inside arms a bomb under the bar and tells Sasha he will detonate it as soon as Jason walks in. Sam approaches the bar and is stopped by a guard who takes her inside. Sam tells them she used to work for Karpov so she came there looking for work. The guys has no ships but says he can find a job for a girl as pretty as her while giving her sleazy looks. Jason outsode watching the guard return to his post. Sam tries to get the guy to take her in the back but he doesn't go for it. Sasha comes out and asks her why she is there. Sasha implies that Jason let Sam go at the warehouse and Sam badmouths Jason and their relationship.  She tries to get a job but Sasha is still suspicious and threatens to kill her. Jason looks in the window at Jake. Sam starts to leave but Sasha tells her to wait. She has to make a call before she can give her a job. Jason heads for the door.  The guard shoots him and he falls. Sam wants to use the ladies room.  The Russian lets her go in the back.  The guard approaches Jason.  He reaches up and breaks the guards neck then picks the bullet out of his body armor. He drags the guard away.  Sam approaches the room where Jake is being held and throws a can. The guards leve to investigate the sound.  Sam finds Jake and goes to get him.  Sasha grabs her from behind and puts a knife to her throat.  Montage: Sam fighting Sasha, Jake playing with his toys, Jason shooting up the bar, Liz slashing her painting, Lucky running to help Liz, Lucky hugs Liz, Jake plays with his toys, the roadhouse blows up, Jason screams for Jake.

December 8, 2008

Replay of montage.  Jason screaming for Jake as the front of the building collapses.  Jason runs to his car for a crowbar.  Sam comes up carrying Jake. She gives him to Jason.  Jason asks Sam how she got out.  Sam says Sasha ran and she grabbed Jake and jumped out a window. Sam talks about how calm Jake was. Jason thanks her. Sam calls Liz and Lucky and lets them know that they are bringing Jake home. Sam plays with Jake and talks to him in the car. Sam tries to make the wholething sound like an adventure to Jake but Jason asks her not to do that. She says he has the adventure gene like Jason but she knows he will use it better. She talks about all the things Jake can do in the future and how proud his dad will be of him and how proud he is of him.  Jason looks sad. They bring Jake home and Liz thanks them.

December 9, 2008

Jason and Sam bring Jake home. They uncomfortably watch the Spencer family reunion. Lucky thanks them and takes the boys inside. Liz is all grateful to Jason but he tells her to thank Sam.  Maxie tells Spinelli she doesn't want to interrupt anymore intimate moments between Jason and Sam. Spinelli is confused but Maxie bets they went back to the Penthouse to bang like bunnies. Sam gives the credit to Jason.  Liz says she is forever indebted to Sam.  Sam says she owes her nothing.  Liz goes in to send Lucky out to thank them. Sam asks if Jason is okay. Lucky comes out and hugs Sam saying he is glad she is safe.  Jason watches. Lucky asks what happens.  Jason tells him and says he made a lot of mistakes but that Sam saved Jake. Lucky gets pissy with them for not calling the cops. Sam reminds him that Jake is home safe.  He thanks them again and says he needs to get back to his family.  He asks Jason to drop Sam off at home. Sam is hurt. In the car Jason asks Sam if she is okay.  She says she hurt hip a little but just needs to get home and rest. Sam talks about Jake and says he is like Jason.  Jason does not want him to be like him or even know who he is. Sam says Jason is not giving himself credit for saving Jake. Jason says he set off the explosion that almost killed him. Outside Sam's building, Jason thanks Sam for saving Jake.  She said she owed Jake and him and Liz.  He says that is done now. Jason gets back in the car looking sad

December 10, 2008.

Jason giving Spinelli orders. Maxie comes down and says good morning. Jason looks pissed. Spinelli tries to explain but Maixe keeps talking about how she likes staying there. Jason says she can't stay.  She says she is a good houseguest. He says he dose not want what happened to Jake to happen to her.  Maxie apologizes and she and Spinelli assure Jason he did well in rescuing Jake. Jason says it is not safe.  Maxie says she feels safe with them. Jason says she won't get to do the things she babbles about if she gets killed. Alexis and Sam at the hospital. Alexis hugs her and wants to know if she is okay. She heard about Jake's rescue. Sam wants to explain about Jerry. Sam tells her what happened.  She wants to know if there is any chance that Jerry could have survived. Alexis is grateful Sam is okay.  Sam tries to tell her that Jerry did care about her but she doesn't want to hear it. Alexis says she and Jerry were working each other and the charges against Sam are being dropped. Sam says she is sorry for everything.  Alexis said she could have handled it better herself.  She kisses Sam and leaves. Spinelli tells Jason Maxie left. Jason apologizes for throwing her out. Spinelli is more worried about her safety.  Jason talks about going in shooting to get Jake. Spinelli tries to justify it. Jason says that he triggered as explosion and if not for Sam Jake would be dead. Spinelli says Sasha is still in the country.  He doesn't understand why.  Jason says that the Russians are too invested to pull out so he has to make it more expensive for them to stay. Diane knocks and says Jason has an appointment to be questioned by the FBI. Jason and Diane talking about transferring money and a house and making it look like it came from Emily. Diane advises him to tell the FBI the truth and not to stonewall them.  Diane and Jason at the couthouse. She goes in to talk to the FBI. Jason sits down.  Sam comes.

December 11, 2008

Sam is there to be questioned to.  She sits with Jason to wait. Jason wants Diane to get out of it. Sam says she will answer for what she did. He asks about her hip and she says it is fine. She talks about life being flat after a situation like last night and compares it to the Wizard of Oz. He says he understands. Jason says she was calm and made all the right decisions. She was just happy to help.  Diane comes out and says the agent wants to question them together.  They go in and tell the FBI the story. Agent Raynor says based on the evidence they acted in defense of a minor child and he is going to close the case. Sam is surprised Jason cooperated.  He says Diane told him too.  Sam brings up Sasha. Jason says he will handle her. Sam says not if she sees her first and walks away. Sam goes home. She starts to pour a drink but changes her mind.

December 12, 2008

Jason beating on the punching bag. Carly comes to the Penthouse and knows something is going on with him. She wants to help him. They talk about how Jason could never be with Elizabeth and be a father to Jake. He tells Carly that he almost got Jake killed and tells her what happened at the roadhouse. Carly hugs him. Sam walking with groceries when she sees Sasha and another Russian come out of a van. Sam picks the lock to the van and gets in the back. Spinelli comes home and Jason needs information from him about the Russian Syndicate. Jason tells Spinelli it might be time for him to move out. Jason does not want him to get hurt because of him. Spinelli says the only time he gets in trouble is when he goes off on his own and that it is not because of Jason. Sam still in the back of the Russian's van looking through some files. Sasha gets back in the van and Sam hides. Sasha's phone rings and Sam hears her talking about eliminating Jason Morgan.

December 15, 2008

Sasha with some other Russians on the docks talking about getting results, no matter what Jason has to die. Sam is hiding in the background listening to their conversation. Spinelli's computer shows that someone is copying files. Spinelli says he won't move out and will not abandon Jason. Jason tells him the FBI closed the case. Jason tells him again that he needs information about the Russians. Spinelli brings up Sonny and suggests that Jason and Sonny rejoin forces and reconcile. Sasha still talking business with the other Russians as Sam listens on. Alexis walks up and wants to question Sasha in connection with the roadhouse. Jason tells Spinelli he won't ask for Sonny's help. Jason says when Kate got shot, Sonny acted without thinking, and the Russians retaliated against Jason. Alexis questions Sasha and Sam is still hiding and listening. Alexis asks Sasha about Jake. The Russians try to make Alexis feel threatened. Sasha tells Alexis she is trying to deflect attention away from Jerry and Sam by questioning her. Spinelli and Jason continue to talk about Sonny and how Sonny may try to move in on his territory. Jason says Sonny is not thinking straight ever since Michael got shot. Agent Raynor shows up at Jason's door. Sasha talking about Jerry and how Sam could have been the ones that killed him. Sasha brings up Sam's arrest for the stolen drugs that were found in her apartment. Alexis tells her the charges were dropped. Sasha says family is family and insults Sam. Alexis threatens to contact the PCPD if Sasha does not get her thugs to back off. Agent Raynor telling Jason they have done their homework on him. Rainer says Sonny lead Jason into a life of organized crime and Jason was mentally incompetent and was incapable of realizing what it all meant. Raynor offers him immunity from prosecution. Alexis tells Sasha she will prosecute her once she gets the evidence. Alexis tells her to leave town or be ready to go to prison. Raynor tells Jason he could provide the FBI with the evidence they need to build a case against Sonny and Anthony. Jason says he never dealt with Anthony and does not deal with Sonny anymore. Raynor says if Jason gives them to them he will have a blank slate and will be low on the FBI's list of priorities. Jason says he needs to talk to his attorney. Raynor tells him eventually he will have to cooperate and it's a matter of finding the right leverage. Sasha and her goons leave to take care of a shipment and Sam picks up her phone to call Jason. Jason does not answer and Sam is cornered by two Russians.

December 16, 2008

Sam cornered by two Russians. Jason picks up his phone but missed Sam's call. Sasha walks up and tells her she is a constant thorn in her side and she needs to be extracted. Jason opens his door and it's Diane. She wants to know what Raynor wanted. Jason says he could have blanket immunity if he gives up Sonny. Diane and Jason talk about the deal. She says for him to consider it. If he cooperates he gets to operate the way he wants and peace will come to Port Charles. Sam tells Sasha to let her go because if she shows up dead Jason will retaliate. Sasha says Jason is fighting to hold onto his territory and does not have time to waste avenging old girlfriends. The Russians take Sam. Jason and Diane talk about Elizabeth and Jake and how they could still be in danger. Diane asks Jason if he is going to give Raynor what he wants. He tells her Sonny was like a father to him and the least he owes him is his protection and he thinks he needs to do more. Jason goes over to Sonny's and Claudia is there. She talks about how things didn't turn out well for him and how the Russians have been coming after him and they took his girlfriend's kid. She says that the entire time Jake was being held hostage Sonny suspended all business activity so Jake wouldn't get hurt. Jason says he would expect nothing less. Claudia says he made a big sacrifice for him and Jason says he is grateful. Claudia says Sonny will now have to step up and take the lead. Jason asks against me? Jason wants to wait for Sonny. Claudia says if you are here to make peace, it's too late. Jason asks if she speaks for Sonny. She says it's just her take. Claudia tells Jason she and Sonny are finding common ground. Sasha and the Russians are ready to kill Sam. She takes out her lockpick and stabs one of the Russians in the leg and runs. Claudia tells Jason maybe if he compromises a little bit, he and Sonny could find a way to work together. Sonny comes in and Jason tells him he thought they should talk but he don't think there is anything to say. Sonny says's it's his call. Jason thanks him for holding off going against the Russians while Jake was being held. Sonny tells him he is glad he got him back. Jason leaves and Claudia thinks it was really wierd. Sonny says Jason knows he forced me into this position and he has no choice but to move into his territory. Claudia asks what he would do if Jason fights him. Sam running, she falls into a pit and is unconscious.

December 18, 2008

Jason and his punching bag. Sam waking up in the pit. She's hurt and in pain. Jason answers his door to Lucky wanting to know where Sam is. Jason tells him the last time he saw Sam was at the courthouse. Lucky says he may have jumped to conclusions and goes to leave. Jason stops him and asks why are you looking for Sam and when was the last time he saw her? Sam in the pit calling for help. She tries to climb out and hurts her hip. Lucky telling Jason the last time he saw Sam was in her apartment after she gave her statement. He says he had to leave to go be with Elizabeth and tries to explain away why he left. He tells Jason they agreed to meet at Sam's apartment for dinner and Sam didn't answer her phone or call him. Lucky tells him they both know once Sam gets something in her head, there is no getting through to her. Lucky tells Jason they fought because Sam wanted to go after the Russians and Sasha. Lucky is afraid Sam went after Sasha alone. Sam still in the pit. She's starting to get cold. She finds matches but they are not lighting. Jason telling Spinelli to hack into Sam's phone records. Jason and Spinelli talk about Lucky and Sam fighting and Spinelli says maybe they fought over a like-minded former lover. Spinelli trying to relate the situation to Maxie, Lulu and Johnny living together. Jason says Lucky told him they were not fighting about him and to get back to the phone records. Sam in the pit, sitting on a rock. She fell asleep. She dreams of Lucky sitting in front of a fire in the pit with her. Lucky asks if she loves him, she says he knows she does. Lucky asks if she loves only him and Sam doesn't answer. He disappears and Sam wakes up alone and cold. Jason tells Spinelli Sam wanted to go after the Russians on her own and that is what her and Lucky were fighting about. They talk about Sam going after Sasha. Spinelli tells Jason Sam's last call was to him. Jason says the best way to find Sam is to find Sasha and wants Spinelli to locate her. A knock at the door, it's Maxie. She gives Spinelli a Christmas gift and leaves. Spinelli talks about Maxie's gift. Jason says he is happy for him but he needs him to focus. Jason's phone rings and it's Sasha. She tells him she knows where Sam is. Sam in the pit, trying again to climb. She falls and screams out in pain holding her hip.

December 19, 2008

Jason on the phone with Sasha asking where Sam is. Sasha watching Sam writhe in pain in the pit. She tells Jason she won't make it easy for him. Jason asks to talk to her and Sasha says she can't come to the phone and if he doesn't find her soon, she won't survive. Sasha says to meet her and Jason tells her if anything happens he will know who to blame. Sasha tells him she is his only chance at saving her. Jason tells Spinelli he is going to meet Sasha to find out where Sam is. Spinelli is worried about the meeting thinking it's a set up. Spinelli thinks there is more to Jason wanting to save Sam. Jason says Sam saved Jake. Sam in the pit, trying to get up. She falls again in pain and holding her hip. Jason on the docks with Sasha. Sasha is using Sam as a bargaining chip. She tells Jason Sam escaped and ran and fell and is now trapped. Sasha says she could have killed her but would rather use her. She wants to trade Sam's location as her ticket out. Jason and Sasha talk and she wants him to finance her escape and in exchange she will tell him where to find Sam. Sasha tells him last time she saw Sam she was alive, but if more time is wasted, she will likely not survive. Sasha also tells Jason that the syndicate is weak and if Jason sends the right message they will likely cut their losses and leave Port Charles. Sasha wants to be far away when that happens and asks Jason if they have a deal. Sam in the pit, asleep. She dreams of Alexis telling her to wake up and to keep moving. She cannot go to sleep and if she does she will freeze to death. Sam says you are in my mind. Alexis tells her she can save herself but she has to get up and keep moving. Alexis continues that the more she sleeps the more she comes closer to dying. Sam asks why she cares and Alexis tells her because she is her mother. Sam knows she is dreaming because she knows Alexis doesn't like being her mother and doesn' even like her. Alexis responds that it is not true. Sam wants her mother to save her. Alexis says she can't save her but she knows how to save herself and she can do it and it's the only chance she has to make things right and encourages her to get up and start moving. Jason on the phone with Bernie telling him to send Sasha the money she asked for. Before Sasha can tell him where Sam is, she is shot by a sniper. Jason is frantically asking her where Sam is.

December 22, 2008

Sasha dying and Jason trying to get out of her where Sam is. She gurgles out "white rock". Sam sleeping in the pit. She is dreaming of the day Jake was kidnapped in the park. This time she stops Maureen from taking Jake as Elizabeth looks on. Jason takes dead Sasha's phone and leaves the docks. Sam still asleep and dreaming of her and Elizabeth in the park. Sam tells Elizabeth she would never let anyone hurt Jake. Elizabeth thanks her for rescuing Jake. Spinelli worried about Jason. Jason comes in and tells Spinelli a sniper took out Sasha before she could tell him where Sam was. Jason tells Spinelli to find something on "white rock". Spinelli finds something on his computer and Jason wants a map. Sam singing bottles of beer on a wall to stay awake. Sam hurts her hip and again collapses. Jason screaming for Sam and lowering himself into the pit. Sam is lying on the ground semi-conscious. Jason feels her face and says that she is freezing. He takes off his jacket to cover her. She asks how he found her. He says Spinelli found her and she is going to be alright. Spinelli yelling down to them that he alerted the rescue squad. Sam tells Jason she is so sleepy and Jason tells her she has hypothermia and she needs to stay awake. She still doesn't understand how he found her. He tells her Sasha gave him a clue and Spinelli did the research. Sam says that he and Spinelli make a good team. She is starting to fall asleep again and Jason tells her to stay awake and keep talking to him. She asks about what? He says about anything. She says she has had the craziest dreams. He tells her to keep talking. She says Jake, she was in the park and she didn't let Maureen take him. She wishes it was true and it was real. She says she is so sorry.

December 26, 2008

Sam waking up in the hospital, she calls out for Jason but it's Lucky that is standing over her. Jason comes in the Penthouse, Spinelli wakes up. Jason tells Spinelli that it's over and the Russians are pulling out of town. Spinelli tells him now he can reconcile with Sonny. Lucky telling Sam she didn't reinjure her bad hip when she fell but she was suffering from a severe case of hypothermia and luckily Jason knew how to keep her core temperature from dropping further. She tries to explain why she called him Jason when he walked in. Lucky says because he saved you. She tells him no, it was because his face was the last face that she saw before she passed out. Lucky wants to talk about why she needed saving and she almost died again. He is mad she went after Sasha alone and she didn't trust him enough to tell him. She knew what he would say and he responds with why waste your breath with someone who does not give you the answers you want to hear. Sam won't apologize and Lucky tells her she never does and leaves her hospital room. Spinelli talking with Jason about the destruction of the Russians. They talk about Robin's wedding and Jason says he is not going this time. Spinelli asks again about Jason reconciling with Sonny. Jason wants peace with Sonny but he may be in too deep with the Zaccharras and doesn't know if it's possible anymore. Jason answers his door to Maxie who is there to get Spinelli for the wedding. Maxie talks about weddings in the town always ending in disaster. Claudia at Sonny's looking around for the DVD. Jason walks in and asks her what she is looking for. Sam and Alexis coming home from the hospital. Sam tells Alexis she was having crazy dreams and how Alexis was in her dream telling her to stay alive. She thanks Alexis and Alexis is glad she is okay. They go into the apartment and Lucky is there. Lucky tells Alexis he and Sam faked their breakup so Sam could investigate the drug smuggling operation. Jason walks in on Claudia searching the house for the DVD. She gets paranoid and asks if he is spying on her. Jason asks her what exactly she is looking for. She avoids the question and says she has stuff to do and leaves the room. Jason walks over to the tree and sees Michael's ornament. Sonny comes in and asks what he is doing there. Jason says he ran the Russians out of town and Sonny got his revenge against Karpov. Jason tells him he doesn't need the Zaccharras and asks him to end that alliance and walk away.

December 29, 2008

Sonny and Jason talking about Sonny ending his alliance with the Zaccharras. Sonny wants Jason to let him back into his organization. Jason tells him he is running things and that is how it's going to stay. Sonny tells Jason he has power now and why would he give that up. Jason tries to convince him that the Zaccharras cannot be trusted. Jason asks how far he is willing to push this. Sonny tells Jason he has changed and power has overcome him. Jason tells him it's not true and Sonny gave him the organization and it's his responsiblity to run it the best way he knows how. Jason doesn't want to have to go against him. Sonny asks if he wants to work it out and then picks up the phone and tells them to land the shipment on Jason's pier. Jason says you would challenge me like that today of all days and asks him if he remembers. Jax shows up at Sam's asking about Jerry's last moments. Sonny tells Jason he knows it's Michael's birthday and lives with the guilt all the time. Jason tells Sonny because of Michael he won't stop the shipment but if it happens again he will stop the shipment and do what he needs to do. Sam telling Jax about what happened on the boat with Jerry. Sam tells Jax that when Jerry spoke of him it was always with love. Jax thanks her and leaves. Jason shows up at Sam's after she called him. She tells him that Raynor called her to follow up on the roadhouse explosion but it didn't make sense because the case is closed. Jason tells Sam about Raynor's offer of blanket immunity in exchange for information on Sonny. Jason says he turned him down. Sam says Raynor was asking questions about him and about Spinelli. It bothers them both that Spinelli is now on the FBI's radar.