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January 2, 2007

Jason makes it home.  He wants to know when Spinelli got back.  Spinelli tries to get Jason to squash Sam's baby dreams.  Sam sends Spinelli upstairs.  Jason says he wants to have a baby with Sam.  They kiss.  Spinelli tries to convince Sam to adopt a 6 year old he found on the internet.  Jason finds Liz unconscious in the snow and takes her to GH.  Sam explains to Spinelli about her baby and how she has wanted to have a baby with Jason since that time. Jason stay with Liz and talks to her.  Lucky comes.  Lucky is grateful that Jason found her.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 4, 2007

Jason and Sam are trying to make a baby.  Sam heads off for her first day of work.  Carly comes busting in on Jason  complaining about the Sonny using the kids to get to her.  Carly figures out that something is up by Jason's responses.  She figures out that he and Sam are trying to have a baby.  She also brings up Elizabeth's baby and they argue because Carly wants him to stay away from Liz.  Ms. Sneed gives Sam a hard time at work because she was late.  She keeps harassing her until Sam blurts that she was late because her and Jason were having sex so they could have a baby.  Liz overhears.  Jason and Sonny discuss their moves against Alcazar. Carly confronts Liz at GH and accuses her of being after Jason.  Liz lies that Jason wanted to start a family with her even if the baby wasn't his.  Sam overhears. (Credit Holsgem)

January 5, 2007

Carly comes to see Sam.  She wants Sam to get pregnant ASAP.  Sonny and Jason discuss Alcazar.  Carly says Sam needs her help and rushes off to "take care of it".  Jason and Sonny are discussing business when Carly busts in and wants Jason to go home and get to babymaking.  Sonny tells Jason to leave.  Sam is setting up a romantic dinner when Spinelli shows up freaking out because Alexis kicked him out without taking the pot.  Sam agrees to go and give the pot to Alexis.  Sam goes to Alexis' to deliver the pot and stays with her while she smokes it.  Jason comes home and Spinelli tells him where Sam is.  Jason pays Spinelli to go away for the night.  Elizabeth comes.  She hems and haws about telling him the truth.  Alexis is freaked out about smoking the pot.  Ric comes and starts his crap about Molly.  Sam defends Alexis. (Credit Holsgem)

January 8, 2007

Jason tries to get Liz to spit out what she wants to say.  Lucky knocks.  Ric is harassing Alexis and Sam steps in.  Alexis throws Ric out.  Alexis is afraid Ric knows she was smoking pot.  Liz hides.  Jason opens the door.  Lucky asks him about the raids on Alcazar's warehouses.  Lucky gets a call about Sonny shooting Alcazar.  Jason asks Liz what she wanted to say.  Liz manages to avoid the question and says she is thinking of getting back with Lucky, which is fine with Jason.  Sam and Alexis start to bond.  Sam goes home and sees Liz's scarf in the Penthouse.  Jason shows up at PCPD.  Sonny is brought in and so is Carly.  Ric gloats and Carly starts to mouth off saying it was self defense and she saw it all.  Jason tries to shut Carly up.  Sam drinks wine and remembers all the times she ran into Jason and Liz together.  Sonny's lawyer shows up and refuses to allow Ric to question Sonny or Carly.  Jason drags Carly out.  Jason makes Carly see how damaging her testimony will be.  Sam goes to GH and tells Liz off.  Jason says there is one way to save Sonny.  Carly says absolutely not. (Credit Holsgem)

January 9, 2007

Sam sets Liz straight.  Carly says there is no way she will marry Sonny.  Sam tells Liz to stay away from Jason. Liz says no, they are friends.  Sam lays out why they are not friends.  Ms. Sneed breaks it up and threatens to put Sam and Liz on report.  Epiphany backs her down.  Epiphany then blames Sam who quits her job.  Carly tells Jason she is going to marry Jax.  She accuses Sonny of setting Jax up.  Carly and Jason argue about her marrying Sonny.  Carly says she has a plan and they leave.  Sam get home and throws barware. Jason and Carly go to GH where Carly wants to talk Skye out of pressing charges on Sonny.  Jason watches Mateo give a man a pacemaker.  Epiphany tells Jason that she can't have Sam disrupting the hospital.  Jason goes to find Mateo and runs into Elizabeth.  They talk abut her argument with Sam.  Carly comes out mad and says Skye won't listen.  Jason and Carly leave.  Jason goes home.  Sam tells him about going to confront Liz.  Jason already knows.  He tells her about Sonny shooting Alcazar.  He warns her to be careful of Mateo.  He reassures her about Elizabeth.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 10, 2007

Sam tells Jason about quitting her job and everything that led up to it.  Jason tells her it is her choice.  She asks if he would still feel that way if she went to work for the Qs.  Jason says it is her choice but not get caught up in the craziness.  Sam isn't afraid of the Quartermaines.  Jason and Sonny talk about trying to get Carly to marry Sonny.  Sam goes to the Quartermaine's to see Tracy and apply for a job.  Tracy mocks Sam's resume. Edward comes in and says that Jason loves Sam and that makes her family so there is a place for her at ELQ. Skye comes to see Jason.  She wants him to help her find the person who poisoned Lorenzo.  Tracy eavesdrops on Edward and Sam.  Edward encourages Sam to get pregnant.  He says that Jason's child will always have security and be the heir to ELQ. Tracy is not happy.  Jason talks to Skye about them both being Qs and advises her to cut Lo lose.  Skye says if he was in a similar situation he would not walk away.  (Credit Holsgem) 

January 11, 2007

Sam goes to work at the Qs.  She and Edward flatter each other a bit, then Sam asks him to tell Jason what he told her about having a baby.  Jason comes up from behind Edward. Edward explains why he wants Jason's baby to be his heir but says that is not why he hired Sam.  He said he likes her potential.  Sam decides to keep the job.  Jason leaves.  Tracy was listening.  Jason and Sonny at the Penthouse talking about business and the case.  Sonny starts talking about how he has to marry Carly by Monday.  Spinelli comes busting in and tells them Carly was there and he helped her.  Edward loves Sam's suggestions.  Tracy busts in and starts to belittle Sam to Edward.  Edward stands by Sam.  Sam gets in Tracy's face.  Tracy flounces out.  Edward tells Sam Tracy will be her trial by fire.  Sonny and Jason try to get sense out of Spinelli about where Carly is.  They figure out she went after Ric. Sam and Edward talk about Tracy.  Sam says she is not afraid of her.  Tracy makes a call to find dirt on Sam.  Sonny and Jason bust into Ric's office to stop Carly but she has already tried to blackmail Ric and he has it on tape. (Credit Holsgem)

January 12, 2007

Tracy talking on the phone about getting information on Sam.  Sam comes in and hears her and asks her what it is she wants to know.  Sonny gets Ric to back off arresting Carly for extortion because there was stuff about the frame-up and flashdrive on the tape too.  Edward comes out and asks what is going on.  Sam tells him that Tracy was asking questions about her on the phone.  Tracy covers and says she was talking to human resources.  Edward and Sam leave to go to ELQ.  Ric tells Carly she can go but she starts to argue.  Jason drags her out.  Sam defends Dillon to Edward. Tracy gets mad but Edward says Sam saved her butt because she almost let a deadline pass that would have caused ELQ to lose the Enduro case but Sam caught the mistake.  Jason and Carly bicker at the coffeehouse. Sonny come in and starts his marriage crap again.  Sonny and Carly talk about love and marriage.  Jason tries to leave but Carly makes him stay.  Jason tells Carly the marriage is only a legal tactic so she tells him to leave.  Jason comes back after Sonny leaves and he and Carly talk about the marriage and how it would be a marriage of convenience.  Carly caves.  Sam comes in to the coffeeshop.  She and Jason talk about her job. (Credit Holsgem)

January 15, 2007

Tracy acts like she wants to start over with Sam as friends. Sam does not trust her.  Jason walks in while Sonny is telling Diane to make sure Jason and Carly don't know that the wedding doesn't need to happen.  Edward interrupts Sam and Tracy and sends Tracy on her way.  Sam asks him for time off to go to Sonny and Carly's wedding.  Edward is happy to give it to her.  He hopes it inspires Jason to set a date. Sonny covers with Jason. He and Sonny discuss Carly and how she is trying to protect Sonny. The lawyer leaves.  Jason tries to tell Sonny what Carly is sacrificing for him and that he should not try to take advantage of the situation.   Jason and Sam at Greystone checking out the wedding preparations.  They talk about Carly and Sonny. Tracy gets dirt on Sam.  Sam talks about fairy tale romance.  Jason asks if that is what she wants.  She says they don't do fairy tales.  They talk about their beginnings. Sam goes back to work and says they moved the wedding and she was uninvited.  Edward talks about how Carly threw away all the Qs would have offered her and Michael.  He turns the conversation back to what he could give her and Jason's baby if they have one.  Jason and Diane wait for Sonny and Carly to show up for the wedding.  Sam is about to take paperwork to ELQ when Tracy comes in and calls her Angela Monroe.  Sonny and Carly's wedding.  Carly says she can't do it when Lulu, Bobbie, Mike and the boys show up during the ceremony.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 16, 2007

Tracy questions Sam about Angela Monroe.  Jason at Sonny and Carly's wedding.  Carly runs out.  Sonny wants Jason to go after Carly and bring her back.  Jason is clear that Sonny needs to remember that this is a legal maneuver.  Jason gets Carly to come back. Sam denies knowing anything about Angela Monroe.  Tracy shows her a picture and tells her to resign from ELQ.  When Edward gets back Sam resigns.  She tells Edward she is quitting because of Jason.  Sonny and Carly marry.  Jason comes to pick Sam up.  Edward jumps all over Jason for making Sam quit her job.  Jason is surprised that she quit.  Sam tells Jason that she quit because of the pressure to give Edward an heir.  Tracy is happy about the turn of events but she still keeps the evidence against Sam (Credit Holsgem)

January 17, 2007

Jason and Sam at the Penthouse.  Jason wants to know what is up with Sam.  He does not believe her story about quitting ELQ.  Elizabeth runs into Jason on the bridge.  She asks his advice about Lucky.  Jason warns her about trust and playing God but he is really talking about him and Sam.  Sam asks Spinelli about his hacking skills.  She wants to know if he can get rid of info and picture on line.  He says he can get rid of the info but not the pics. She tells Spinelli they never had the conversation. Jason comes home and see a home pregnancy test. Sam tells him there is a chance she might be pregnant. (Credit Holsgem)

January 18, 2007

Sam takes a home pregnancy test.  She and Jason are disappointed whens he is not pregnant but hopeful and ready to keep trying.  Sam has to go to a job interview and is worried about the background check.  Jason again asks about her leaving her job at ELQ.  Sam insists that it is because she wants to get a job on her own merits but is worried about whether anyone will want to hire her.  Jason reassures that she will do fine. Sam goes to interview at Metro Court.  The manager recognizes her as someone he has seen with Carly but Sam denies knowing her.  Jason runs into Liz at the coffeehouse.  Liz talks about their conversation on the bridge about trusting who you love.  Jason thinks she is talking about Lucky.  Liz asks if he trusts Sam.  He says he loves Sam.  Liz leaves.  Jason looks confused by the whole encounter.  Sonny and Jason discuss Alexis' custody case and Sonny tries to get Jason to go get Carly and bring her back for the hearing Jason refuses. Sam comes into the coffeeshop and is told that Jason is in with Sonny so Sam waits.  She talks to Diane about her job interview.  Diane says she could get any job she wants by dropping Jason's name.  Sam doesn't want to do that.  The manager at MC is not going to hire Sam until the desk clerk points out her address and tells him that she is Jason's girlfriend.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 19, 2007

Sam tells Jason she does not think she got the job.  He offers to get her a management job at the warehouse or one of his and Sonny's other businesses.  Sam wants to find a job where they hire her for herself and not as a favor to him.  While they are talking the manager of MC calls and tells Sam she got the desk clerk job.  Sam is all excited.  She goes to the hotel to do paperwork and get her uniform so she could start that afternoon.  After Sam leaves the desk clerk who is going to train her goes up to the manager and gets snotty about Sam.  The manager tells her to be nice to Sam or they will all lose their jobs. Liz comes to the coffeehouse yet again. She tells Jason she has a date with Lucky.  Sonny and Jason meet and discuss Ric and the charges against Sonny and how he plans to use that against Alexis in the custody hearing.  Sonny tells Jason how he went to see Alcazar in the hospital and Alcazar told him that if he interferes with the next shipment it will get him killed.  Sam is at her new job and a guest brings an expensive necklace to go in the vault.  Sam and the manager talk about the high security of the vault.  Jason does not want to let Alcazar intimidate them.  Sonny is worried it could be one of his government black ops deals.  They decide to go check it out.  Outside the coffeeshop, a rifle is aimed at Sonny's head. (Credit Holsgem)

January 22, 2007

Sam's first guest is Mateo.  Sonny, Jason and Diane talk outside the coffee shop while a rifle is aimed at Sonny's head.  Someone jumps the gunman.  Viola calls Sonny and tells him Ric had Alexis arrested for possession.  Sonny and Diane go to help.  Jason heads for the waterfront but turns and notices something about the window the rifle was aimed from.  Mateo has charity auction items to go into the vault, Sam flips out on him.  The manager comes and reprimands her.  Jason checks out the room and finds evidence of the sniper.  Maxie comes running into Metro Court for an interview and breaks her heel.  Sam switches shoes with her. Sam has to take a fax to a guests and ends up falling off the broken shoe into his lap.  Jason goes to see Alcazar to try to find out who was trying to kill Sonny. Sam apologizes to the guest but his wife flips out and makes a scene. Sam's manager placates the guest's wife.  The assistant manager asks the manager why Sam still has a job and the manager says Jason.  Alcazar tells Jason that he doesn't know who tried to kill Sonny and he doesn't know what is in the shipment he is moving.  He tells Jason if he wants to stay alive he will not interfere with these people. Sam is on the phone with Tracy telling her to stop calling and to get rid of the pictures.  Maxie comes and gives Sam a gift of shoes.  Jason tells Bernie to buy the building the sniper was in. Sonny comes and they talk about Alexis' arrest and the custody hearing. Jason tells Sonny about the sniper. The MC manager has Sam put a coin collection into the vault.  Jason and Sonny talk about Alcazars shipment while we see a microchip being placed into a briefcase. (Credit Holsgem)

January 23, 2007

Jason is worried about Sam's safety.  He tells her about the sniper and asks her not to go to work.  She says she has to so Jason asks her to be careful.  Spinelli tries to sneak out while they are kissing but Jason grabs him. Jason wants him to find info on Alcazar's shipment.  Spinelli is working when Lulu comes.  She wants Spinelli to go with her.  Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu thinks one of his parents killed Rick Weber.  Jason sends Spinelli upstairs so he can talk to Lulu.  He tells her that he doesn't think Alan or Monica did it.  He also tells her that finding the killer will not bring Laura back.  He explains from his experience that nothing can change a physical condition involving the brain.  He still encourages her to find the killer for herself.  Alexis and Sam discuss Ric, the drug arrest and the custody case.  Sam wants to get Spinelli to set Ric up for blackmail but Alexis refuses.  She plans to fight it.  Spinelli tells Jason that whatever Alcazar is moving it is small.  Sam comes home and Jason talks about Spinelli's ability to find anything.  Sam flashed back to Tracy blackmailing her.  Jason and Sam talk about Alexis.  Sam makes Jason promise if they ever have a child and spilt up that they would never use their child against each other.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 24, 2007

Jason and Sam are talking at the coffeehouse when Carly come in.  Carly sees Max working behind the counter and starts to fight with Sonny.  Sam grabs her stuff and leaves wishing Jason good luck. Jason watches Sonny and Carly fight until they drag him into it.  Jason agrees with Sonny about Max so Carly gets mad and offers Max a job at MC.  Sam is working when Max comes in and tells her he is the new head of security.  The manager comes out and Max introduces himself as the new head of security.  Sonny and Carly continue to argue until Jason flips out on them.  Sam eavesdrops on Max's interview.  She pulls the manager away before he can turn Max down and warns him that it is in all their best interests to keep Carly happy.  Jason is on the bridge.  Liz comes.  Jason tells her about Sonny and Carly.  She starts her cryptic double speak again.  Carly comes to the MC to check up on Max.  She is surprised to see Sam working there but warns the manager to make Sam happy before talking to Sam and taking off with Max.  Lucky comes in and enlists Sam's help for his date with Liz.  Liz manages to work babies into the conversation (Credit Holsgem)

January 25, 2007

Sam sets up a perfect date for Lucky and Liz at the MC.  Lucky asks her why she is doing all this.  She tells him she knows what it is like to try to live down your past and she is rooting for him.  Liz and Jason talking about babies and their relationships as she continues her non-discussions about Lucky and Sam and the baby.  She hints about Jason having a baby and then backs off.  The hotel manager wants Sam to go to Carly's with a waiver for her to sign.  Sam talks to Max about his new job before she leaves.  Jason and Sonny discuss their worry about Alcazar's shipment.  Sonny wants Jason to go see Carly and get her to move to his house until the situation is over.  Jason explains Carly's point of view but Sonny doesn't listen.  Carly signs the waiver and gives it to Sam.  She tells Sam to make sure that if Jax calls no one at the hotel tells him she is married to Sonny.  They talk about fate pushing you at different people.  Jason comes in and Carly knows why he is there.  She asks him to stay with the kids and takes off to talk to Sonny. Sam goes back to work and the manager has her talk Lorenzo's case to the vault. Jason tries to explain to Michael that his parents marriage is only temporary. (Credit Holsgem)

January 26, 2007

Cops and SWAT team outside Metro Court.  Sam comes out on the ledge dressed like a hostage taker.  They all turn their weapons on her.  She jumps from the ledge and runs to the cops telling them that they have to get everyone out the place is about to explode.  The cops send in tear gas and gunfire erupts inside.  The cops storm the the building.  Nik comes running out carrying an injured Robin.  Sam screams for Jason and tries to run back in but is held back by a doctor.  Nik turns to run back in.  The MC explodes.  Earlier in the day, Alexis comes to MC looking for Carly.  She is supportive of Sam in her new job.  Sam volunteers to testify for her about her night with Ric.  Alexis says family court won't care about that as much as they will about the pot.  Sam makes an ob/gyn appointment.  The doctor tells her she has completely healed from the abruptia placenta but that there is another complication so she can't get pregnant. (Credit Holsgem)

January 29, 2007

Sam's doctor tells her that because of the shooting she can't carry a baby to term.  Jason finds Carly eavesdropping and she tries to feel him out to see if he knows that Sonny lied to her. Jason reassures Carly that as soon as the charges against Sonny are dropped he will take her to the Dominican Republic and get her a divorce.  Jason talks to Sonny again about not trying to take advantage of Carly.  Sam goes home and Spinelli starts talking about her wanting to have a baby.  Sam flips out on him.  Spinelli tries to apologize.  Jason walks in on their argument.  Sam says she took her bad day out on Spinelli.  Jason tells Spinelli to leave.  Jason thinks that his doubts are making Sam unhappy.  She asks if he would be happier if they never had kids. Jason tells her how he is looking forward to her getting pregnant and being with her every step of the way.  He tells he that he wants a baby as much as she does.  Sam brings up the possibility of problems.  Carly bursts in and wants Jason to take her for her divorce right away.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 30, 2007

Carly busts in on Jason and Sam.  Jason tries to blow her off but Sam says it is okay and rushes out.  Carly tells Jason about how Sonny tricked them to get her to marry him.  Maxie comes up to Sam at work and asks her to get her onto the guest list for the fundraiser.  Maxie notices Sam is upset and wants to help but Sam says no one can help.  Jason tries to reach Diane to find out what is really happening.  Carly explains what she heard.  Jason apologizes and Carly wants him to take her right away for the divorce.  Craig is at the Metro Court asking Sam about the vault security.  Jason agrees to take Carly.  Milo comes and says that Sonny won't give up Carly's passport.  Jason encourages her to file her divorce in NY.  Sam won't allow Craig to tour the vault.  Jason tells Carly he will support her decision whatever she decides.  She goes to stay at Metro Court.  Jason gets a call about a ship and goes to the bridge to check it out.  Kelly comes in to MC and she confirms what the other doctor said, that Sam can't have children.  Kelly wants to discuss options but Sam doesn't.  Liz is on the bridge when Jason gets there.  She starts whining about Lucky again.  (Credit Holsgem)

January 31, 2007

Sam comes out of the back at Metro Court wiping her eyes.  She apologizes to Kelly for bolting on her.  Kelly again brings up options.  Jason tells Liz he would like to help her. He talks to her about forgiveness and moving on.  They talk about whether or not she should go back to Lucky.  Jason comes into the coffeeshop while Ric and Lucky are searching it for pot.  Jason gives Lucky a hard time about harassing a sick woman but it is obvious Lucky is already uncomfortable with the whole thing.  Sonny tells Ric and Lucky to leave.  He and Jason go into the office.  Sonny admits that he deceived Jason and Carly. Jason asks for Carly's passport.  Sonny wants to make things right with her and give it to her himself. Maxie tries to get Sam to tell her what she has on Elizabeth so she can use it.  Masked gunmen burst into the hotel and announce a robbery. (Credit Holsgem)

February 1, 2007

Explosion montage.  Gunmen burst into the Metro Court lobby and take everyone hostage.  Sam goes to push the silent alarm but one of the gunmen sees her and stops her.  They collect all the cellphones and spray paint the windows black.  Bobbie comes in to Sonny's office at the coffeehouse and asks Jason to help protect Carly from Sonny's manipulation.  Jason tells her he is taking her for the divorce but otherwise he is staying out of it.  The gunman take control of the situation at Metro Court.  Jason leaves to go get Carly at the hotel, Bobbie follows him out trying to get him to interfere in Carly's life.  The gunman collect everyone's jewelry.  Sam balks at giving up her star pendant.  The gunman pulls it off her neck.  Mateo tries to comfort her but she wants him away from her.  Two of the gunman go to the vault and take Maxie with them.  Carly gets confrontational with Number One causing a diversion. Sam to pushes alarm.  The vault closes leaving Maxie trapped with one of the gunmen.   Jason comes to the hotel and sees what is going on through an unpainted area of the window.  One of the gunmen gets rough with Sam.  Mateo tries to defend her but they hurt him.  The gunman comes back without the briefcase and tells them the vault is locked. Carly tells them the vault can't be opened for 12 hours. The police arrive.  Jason tells them about the gunmen and the hostages. Jason urges Mac to just let them get what they want and get out.  Mac assures him they know what they are doing.  Jason calls Spinelli and orders him to get down to the hotel.  Spinelli hacks the hotel's computer and gets Jason info on the briefcase.  He says it's value is listed as priceless.  #1 opens fire at the front desk almost hitting Sam and another gunman.  He makes the hostages play the name game. #1 shoots Robin. (Credit Holsgem)

February 2, 2007

Jason and Spinelli talking about the briefcase.  Jason tells Spinelli to stay there and keep him apprised of what is happening.  He is going to find out what is in the briefcase.  Jason find Skye in Lorenzo's room.  He tries to get info out of her but she gives him attitude.  He tells her what is going on at the MC.  People in the lobby trying to help Robin.  Skye gets snarky with Jason but he convinces her to give him what info she knows, including Craig's name.  Sam pretends to freak so they let Max hug her.  She asks for his help to get them out of this.  Patrick comes to Alcazar's room.  Jason wants him to wake Alcazar up right now.  Patrick can't do that.  Jason tells him what is happening. Sam asks Sonny to help with the diversion. Sonny tells her not to do it. Max and Sam continue to plot. Spinelli calls Jason and confirms that Sam is inside and also tells him that Robin was shot.  Jason relays this info to Skye and Patrick.  Patrick tries to go to the hotel.  Jason stops him and convinces him to continue the surgery so Alcazar can wake up and tell them what they need to save the hostages.  Sam asks Carly to create a diversion so she can sneak out and show the cops the way in.  Sonny notices the gunmen have a bag of explosives so he ruins their plan. Jason comes back to the MC.  Spinelli gives him a rundown of the hostage list and says that the vault can't be opened for 12 hours.  Jason tells Spinelli that all the hostages will be killed after the vault is opened.  Lulu asks Sam about the explosives.  Sam says there is more than enough there to blow them all up. (Credit Holsgem)

February 5, 2007

Luke is planning to go in a rescue Lulu.  Mac warns him he will be arrested if he tries.   Spinelli tells Jason the vault will open at 5:27 a.m.  Jason thinks that Craig will start killing hostages to cover his escape when the vault opens. Nik, Emily and Liz tend to Robin. Sam and Lulu plot to escape.  Carly refuses to try to escape without Sonny. Craig is angry about the talking amongst themselves and becomes threatening.  Luke and Lucky argue.  Spinelli wants Jason to tell the cops the way he thinks it will happen.  Ric shows up and they duck.  Mac updates Ric and turns the situation over to him.  Craig talks to Sonny about the damage the explosives will do if detonated.  Sonny and Carly talk about how Craig will blow up the lobby after the vault opens.  The phone rings but Craig ignores it and starts another "game". He moves the hostages around.  Sam gets put with Mateo.  He tells her he would never harm her.  She asks if he would harm the mercenaries.  Craig makes Carly take care of Robin.  Max "loses" the game but Carly saves his life by telling them she needs his help with Robin.  Craig answers the phone when it rings again.  Ric tries to open negotiations.  Craig says he will get back to him.  Jason is worried that Ric is gonna let the hostages die to cover for Alcazar.  Luke hears Ric talking about tear gas and pressures Lucky to help him get in to the hotel.  Sam asks Mateo if he can still fight then the gunman add another person to their group.  Sam volunteers to help Carly and Max.  Craig turns her down but she recognizes his voice. Lulu is ready to use her and Sam's escape plan and tries to take Nik.  Emily keeps Carly from making a fatal error, Craig threatens her.  Jason and Spinelli are at the coffee shop.  Jason wants Spinelli to access the building plans and let him know every way into the hotel. Spinelli thinks Jason's plan is suicide. Patrick gets Ric to call Craig and ask about Robin's condition.  Craig updates him.  Ric tries to negotiate her release or to allow them to send in medical supplies for her care.  Craig hangs up on him.  Spinelli gets the security tape of the takeover.  He tells Jason he needs to get in there.  Carly creates a diversion to keep Craig from shooting Lulu by freaking out about taking care of Robin and being exposed to HIV.  Craig says Emily can help Carly but she has to give him something in return.  Nik goes for him.  Sonny tackles Nik.  Lulu begs them not to hurt Nik because of her.  Emily gets them to spare Nik.  They move the hostages around again.  Craig makes Lulu help Carly and Max.  They put Liz with Sam. Ric calls again and tries to make a deal with Craig to allow medical supplies.  Patrick pulls the phone from Ric.  Craig hangs up on him.  Jason goes to GH.  Lorenzo is awake but disoriented and he doesn't remember anything about the shipment or briefcase.  Luke in a SWAT uniform is arguing with Lucky.  Ric sees him and has Lucky and Cruz arrest him.  Patrick runs past the police to the hotel.  Sam and Liz argue about trying to get the boutique manager's cellphone from her office.  Craig grabs Sam.  She pulls off his mask. (Credit Holsgem)

February 6, 2007

Jason tries to get through to Alcazar who does not know what he is talking about.  Craig is mad that Sam unmasked him.  He makes her put on a jacket like the gunmen's so she will be a target for the cops too.  Patrick gets to the hotel door and begs them to let him help Robin and tries to trade himself for her.  Jason tries to get a very confused Lorenzo to remember.  Skye thinks Lo is faking.  Skye gets snotty with Jason in the hall.  Craig rejects Patrick's offers.  Carly asks Craig to let Patrick tell them how to save Robin.  Craig asks her if she will agree to do the surgery. Patrick and Carly agree and Patrick goes back to the cops to wait for Craig's call.  Jason tells Skye he needs the code.  Skye begs him not to go to the authorities.  Jason agrees because he thinks if he does it will get the hostages killed.  Skye agrees to keep trying to get the code.  Jason sees Monica at GH.  She asks if he has a plan and begs him to help Alan and Emily if he can.  Craig brings in Emily to help with the surgery.  Craig calls Patrick and lets him talk to Emily.  She tells him what she can about Robin's injury and he gives her a list of improvised supplies to use for the surgery.  Craig decides to use the list for another "game".  He sends Nik and Sam on a scavenger hunt for them.  If they fail Nik dies.  Spinelli has the points of entry for Jason but tells him the gunmen may see on the security monitor if he uses his passkey.  Jason tells Spinelli to prove he is as good as he says he is and  get him inside without them knowing.  Sam and Nik comes back with the supplies.  They are missing an item with 10 seconds left.  Sam rips the line off the back of a poster in the lobby and saves Nik.  Craig calls Patrick and give the phone to Emily.   Jason wants Spinelli to override the system but Spinelli is afraid that if he makes a mistake the hostages will die. Spinelli has a plan to get in when the emergency locks reset.  Patrick is walking Emily through the surgery.  Emily hits an artery.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 7, 2007

Jason and Spinelli discuss the plan.  Carly is on the phone with Patrick panicked about the artery.  Craig will not let Liz help.  Spinelli says he needs to go in with Jason and give him directions via headset.  Jason tells Spinelli he could get killed. Spinelli says Jason is going.  Jason says he has no choice.  Patrick continues to try to talk Emily and Carly through saving Robin.  Liz begs to be allowed to help.  Nik and Sam stand up on her behalf, then Max and Mateo do as well.  Craig's threats to kill them don't work.  Craig allows Liz to help. Liz sews the artery.  Emily stops the internal bleeding.  Craig hangs up on Patrick.  He makes Carly close. Craig makes Sam and Liz bandage Robin while he takes Carly away.  Jason and Spinelli continue to discuss their plan.  Spinelli says all the cameras are blacked out and once he is in there Jason will be flying blind.  Liz shows Sam the knife.  Sam takes it.  Sam and Liz throw away the other supplies.  Craig comes back and threatens them for cleaning up.  Lulu gives away that Liz is her sister in law.  Craig moves the hostages again.  He puts Lulu with Liz to tend to Robin and Sam with Mateo.  Spinelli is worried about Lulu.  Jason tries to reassure him that she is probably still okay.  Jason admits the same worry for Sam and Carly.  Sam tells Mateo how she was jealous of Liz for being pregnant when she found out that she could not have a baby but now she thinks it must be so much worse for Liz being pregnant and leaving a child behind if anything happens to her.  Spinelli asks about who Jason will rescue first, he is worried that Lulu is low on Jason's priority list.  Spinelli says he is going with Jason.  Jason says Spinelli will have to do what he is told when he is told.   Michael calls Jason because he saw the news and is afraid for Sonny and Carly.  Jason goes to Graystone and promises Michael he will get his parents out.  Sam asks Mateo if he can use a knife to kill.  Patrick prays for Robin.  Robin wakes up murmuring his name then starts to scream in pain. (Credit Holsgem)

February 8, 2007

Robin is in a lot of pain. Sam wants Mateo to take the knife. He doesn't want it.  Sam convinces him but Craig comes over before she can pass it to him.  Spinelli can't find any background info on Craig.  Sam tells Craig she can't be near Mateo because of what Manny did to her.  Craig starts to stroke Sam's hair while asking Mateo if he is tempted by Sam.  Emily distracts Craig by asking to help Robin.  Craig switches Em with Lulu.  Spinelli shows Jason headset/mics he made for them to use inside the hotel.  They test them out.  Mike comes and tells Jason he can get him into the lobby.  Craig continues to play with Sam's hair and talk to Mateo about how it is hard to resist a beautiful woman.  Mateo says he is too busy praying for Craig's soul.  Craig tells Sam she will stay with Mateo and he kicks Mateo in the ribs as he walks away. Robin is screaming in pain.  Lulu talks the gunmen into letting her drink alcohol to take the away some of the pain.  Mike shows Jason a floorplan and points out a back hallway to him that runs behind the lobby.  Jason and Spinelli start to leave but Ric comes and stops them.  He has a warrant to hold Jason for 48 hours.  Jason's cellphone rings.  It is Sonny.  Robin is drunk and talking about who will take care of Patrick when she dies.  Mateo tries to discourage Sam from using the knife.  Sam plans to fight back.  Sonny tells Jason how to set up Craig's escape. Ric tears up the warrant and says that he wins no matter what Jason does.  Ric leaves. Spinelli thinks Ric is setting them up. Jason doesn't care. He is still going in at 11:00.  Robin is still talking about Patrick.  A SWAT guy comes and tells Ric they spotted movement near the building.  Ric tells him to stand down and let them go. Spinelli overrides the security.  Jason turns the knob.  Luke tells Lucky what he learned from Skye and gives him a chance to go into the hotel with him.  Elizabeth has pain.  Lulu tries to get her water.  The gunmen stop her.  Sam yells to let Lulu get her the water.  They do.  Craig comes back and is mad about the water.  He gives Liz the water but makes them take Lulu away.  Sam insults Craig.  He comes close and tells her she is more trouble than she is worth.  As he turns she knocks him down and put the knife to his throat.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 9, 2007

Lucky agrees to go with Luke.  Jason opens the door without setting of any alarms.  He offers Spinelli a last chance to back out.  Spinelli says he is in.  Jason gives him a gun.  Sam orders the gunmen to drop their weapons.  Craig says they won't but if he is killed they will lock them in and blow up the lobby.  Sam gives up the knife.  Lucky tells Luke a chopper will drop them on the roof.  Dillon says he is in too.  Ric orders the SWAT team to let Jason and Spinelli go in. Spinelli doesn't want the gun.  Jason shows him how to use it and makes him take it.  They go in.  Craig is dragging Sam from the room.  He tells Liz she is being too dramatic and to stop or he will kill her.  A gunman brings Sonny, Carly and Lulu back and tells Craig they tried to escape.  He puts Lulu with Liz and drags Sam out.  Luke tells Dillon he can't come.  Tracy comes up and agrees.  She tries to talk Luke out of going to but he and Lucky leave.  The mayor is harassing Ric and threatens to send in the SWAT team if nothing happens within an hour. Maxie and Three talk about food, then he tells her to shut up.  Jason wants Spinelli to pull up a schematic of the airducts. Spinelli is worried that once Jason is in the airducts he will be dependent on him.  Jason says Spinelli is there because he trusts him.  Craig takes Sam to the room where Nik and Emily are taking care of Alan.  He makes them leave.  He pulls Sam's jacket partly off.  She calls him a pig.  He says he is not going to rape her and pulls the jacket back up. Nik and Em bring Alan to the lobby and help him lie on the floor.  Em is updated on Robin and Liz.  Em asks for a defibrilator.  They say no but Sonny talks them into it. Ric argues with mayor.  He refuses to risk the hostages. Craig talks about how Sam doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself. He tries to find out who she cares about.  Jason and Spinelli find a room with access to the airduct, they also find blood on the floor.  Jason warns Spinelli the gunmen could come back at anytime. Emily uses the defibrilator. Craig brings Sam back.  He is mad about the defibrilator. Craig hears the helicopter and flips out.  He drags Liz to the phone and tells Ric if the helicopter is not moved immediately she dies. Spinelli tells Jason where he needs to go.  Jason tells Spinelli that if anything goes wrong he needs to get out and shoot anyone who tries to stop him.  Jason climbs to the airduct. Maxie tells Three about her family and says she is the family disaster.  Luke and Lucky lower themselves to the roof and go into the hotel.  Ric tries to convince Craig that the helicopter is a news helicopter.  Ric hears Liz scream.  Craig says she is having labor pains. Ric gives away that he knows Elizabeth.  He tries to get Craig to negotiate and Craig says he will think about it.  Ric asks him to release Liz as a gesture of good faith. Maxie tells Three about the mess she made of her life.  The mayor pushes Ric and Mac to send in a team when they release a hostage.  Craig says he will release either Liz or Alan and tells Emily to choose.  But first he wants to kill Sonny.  Jason in the ducts getting to the the vent above the lobby.  Maxie is still talking with Three, he is starting to like her.  Lucky starts to panic when he sees Liz is in pain through an unpainted corner of a camera. Luke tries to get him under control.  Spinelli hears someone coming and hides.  A gunman brings in Sonny to kill him.  Spinelli left his gun on the floor and can't get to it.  Jason hears Sonny talking to the gunman about killing him through the headset. Jason watches through the vent as Craig demands Emily choose between Alan and Liz.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 12, 2007

Lucky is freaking out.  Luke slaps sense into him.  Craig pushes Emily to choose.  Nik speaks up and gets hit with a gun. The gunman decide to let Em examine them before deciding.  Sonny tries to convince the gunman that Craig is losing it as Spinelli watches from hiding and Jason listens over the headset.  Craig comes in. Luke and Lucky argue.  Alan wants Em to choose Liz.  Em and Alan talk about how much they mean to each other. Craig says Sonny is still alive because he could be useful and tells the gunman to secure him in the chair.  Jason heads back. Em leaves Carly with Alan.  Liz tries to tell Em she is feeling better.  Em is not buying it.  Craig comes back and wants Em to make up her mind. Luke and Lucky strategize. Sonny continues to try to undermine the gunman's faith in Craig.  Spinelli has a hero fantasy and starts to come out of hiding.  Another gunman comes in and they take Sonny back to the lobby.  Spinelli comes out and grabs the gun.  Jason comes out of the vent.  Craig starts to bully Emily.  Nik yells at him.  Craig flips out and is about to kill him.  Six stops Craig who then shoots Max.  Carly tries to run to Max and Craig aims at Sonny's head.  She stops.  Craig tells Mateo to take care of Max.  Em says she made her choice. Spinelli is upset cause he thinks he failed with Sonny.  A gunman comes in and sees Spinelli.  Jason punches out the gunman and takes his mask. Lulu starts to pressure Em to choose Liz.  Luke and Lucky watch the police activity outside. Jason is in the gunman's clothes.  He tells Spinelli he is going into the lobby and leaves.  The gunman wakes up.  Spinelli knocks him out with his laptop. Monica comes to Mac to find out if a hostage will be freed.  Jason comes into the lobby as Em chooses Alan to be released.  Alan can't get up and Craig says he has to walk out or he can't leave.  He sends a sniper up to the second floor. Alan tries to get up but can't.  Em freaks out on Craig.  Craig tells Jason and another gunman to help Alan to the door.  The police see the sniper and prepare to return fire if he shoots. Alan comes out.  The sniper opens fire and the police return it.  Alan has a heart attack and falls.  Luke and Lucky are screaming for the police to stop shooting.  Emily thinks Alan has been shoot and freaks out.  Carly sees that Jason is horrified and realizes it is him behind the mask. (Credit Holsgem).

February 13, 2007

Replay of Alan coming out and having a heart attack and everyone's reactions.  Monica is freaking out and trying to get to Alan but being held back.  The Qs are watching it on TV and freaking out. Luke and Lucky run out and get Alan to safety.  Monica says Alan is not breathing.   Emily attacks Craig.  Jason pulls her off. She tries to pull of his mask.  He pushes her away and Carly grabs her and tells her to calm down. Emily tells Craig off.  Sam agrees with her. Craig bashes a hostages head to show that he is in charge.  He tells Jason to take Lulu out.  Going to Lulu Jason touches Sam's shoulder and she pushes him away.  Craig tells someone else to take Lulu out and leaves Jason to watch Sam and Liz.  Sonny warns Carly to stop that Craig will start killing hostages to regain control. Craig orders his people to kill anyone who acts up.  Monica and the paramedics work on Alan. They get a pulse and start to move him to GH.  Mac wants to question him.  Monica says no.  Luke says question us.  Ric reams them for endangering the hostages.  Luke yells at Ric for not doing anything.  Spinelli talking to the unconscious gunman.  Someone shoves Lulu into the room and closes the door. Spinelli tells Lulu he is there to save her.  She runs into his arms.  Maxie pulls the mask off a sleeping Three.  He wants a good reason not to kill her.  She says cause he doesn't want to. Mac backs up the Spencers.  Ric makes it clear that they almost got Liz killed and have made the situation worse for all the hostages. Spinelli tells Lulu what is going on.  He says he has to get her out of there. She says they have to go help Jason.  Maxie says she just wanted to know what he looks like and she won't ID him.  They start to bond over their predicament. Jason tries to make eye contact with Sam.  Carly lets Sonny know Jason is there.  Liz has pains.  Jason lets Sam go to her.  He watches as Sam comforts her.  Skye wants to try to trade her info for the hostages. She plans to bluff.  Luke says to let him bluff them. He grabs the bullhorn.  Mac lets him go.  Lulu is refusing to leave the other hostages.  She takes the gun off of Spinelli and tells him to wait there.  She leaves and runs into Six and is recaptured.  Maxie hatches an escape plan that Three doesn't think will work. Carly tells Sonny she has no regrets.  Nik encourages Em.  Luke calls into Craig that the briefcase will self-destruct. Maxie tells Three about Lucky.  Luke tries to trade himself and the code for the hostages. Craig figures out that Luke is related to Lulu and drags her to the door.  He hold the gun to her head and tells Luke give him the code or she dies. Craig is winning the standoff.  Skye tells Lucky and the cops that Luke doesn't know the code. Jason takes aim at Craig but Six sees him and calls him on it. He turns the gun back on the hostages.  Nik yells for Luke to give him the code that Craig is already shooting people and will kill her. (Credit Holsgem) 

February 14, 2007

Replay of Luke and Craig standoff and everyone's responses.   Craig cocks the gun.  Luke shouts out a fake code.  Six orders Jason to cover his people. Craig says if the code is wrong Lulu dies and drags her back into the hotel. Skye tells Ric the code is only half right, that Lo can't remember the rest. Craig makes Lulu thank Nik.  Nik hugs her. Six tells Craig that Jason was distracted by the scene at the door.  Craig asks if he is tired or having second thoughts.  Sonny distracts Craig.  Ric and Mac are angry at Luke that his bluff did not work and now he has further endangered the hostages.  Sonny tells Craig he needs to change his strategy because Luke was telling the truth. Six tells Jason to focus and leaves him with Sam and Liz.  Liz apologizes to Sam for bad mouthing her.  Sam admits that she is jealous of Liz because Jason proposed to her.  Liz says she turned him down because he loves Sam.  Jason hears all of it. Sonny brings up the possibility that the briefcase may self-destruct before the vault opens. He tells Craig that if he escapes now he will get away because the cops won't expect it. Craig pistolwhips him.  Six tells Jason to take Lulu to the office.  Craig says if he hears any commotion from the lobby to kill her.  Jason takes Lulu to the office, he takes off his mask and she flips out and starts hitting him.  Jason tells her that Luke lied and he needs to get her out of there before Craig has to carry out his threat. Nik and Em start planning to escape with Robin.  Sam says that Jason is gonna show up because everyone he loves is in there.  Sonny says Craig is gonna lose it when Jason doesn't bring Lulu back.  Jason takes Lulu to Spinelli and tells him to get her out of there and tell the cops what they know. Lulu argues that when they find out she is gone they will know he is a plant.  Jason says its not her problem and she is going with Spinelli. Jason goes to check the hall.  Lulu grabs Spinelli and starts to run back to the lobby.  They turn and run away back into Jason as Craig comes around the corner. Craig thinks Jason just captured Spinelli. Spinelli gives an "I am the Jackal" speech.  Craig tells Jason to shoot Spinelli.  Jason raises his gun.  Lulu says Spinelli can get into the vault. Carly has flashbacks about being happy with Jax.  Sam and Liz talk about Jason being on his way. Sam needs to be ready to help him.  Craig and Jason bring in Lulu and Spinelli and Craig announces that the Jackal came to save them and now he is gonna die.  He aims at Spinelli and Lulu says again that he can open the vault.  Sonny says if the vault opens early Craig gets the briefcase and the element of surprise.  He says that Spinelli used to work for Alcazar and now he works for him.  Spinelli says he can open the vault.  Craig has Jason take Lulu and Spinelli to the computer.  Lulu apologizes to Spinelli. Jason tries to go back to Sam and Liz but Six sends him to the door. Liz says she is feeling better and thanks Sam.  Sonny tells Carly to get out the service entrance when the vault opens. Craig tells Spinelli if he doesn't get vault open at least an hour early Lulu will die. Sonny asks Carly to marry him for real. Sam eyes up the gunmen looking for Jason. She spots him and tells Liz. (Credit Holsgem)

February 15, 2007

Maxie goes to touch the briefcase.  Three stops her so she doesn't get hurt if it explodes. Sonny proposes.  Carly says ask her again when they got out of there.  Sam tells Liz where Jason is.  Craig comes over to see what they are whispering about.  Maxie talks to Three about what she wants to do when this is over.  She asks what he is going to do with all the money he will make.  He mentions his girlfriend.  Sam says they were hoping that they heard the SWAT team coming to kill him.  Craig talks about Sam having 8 demerits and lists all things she has done to earn them.  He says at 10 demerits she dies. A gunman gets threatening to Max and Mateo. Lulu asks Spinelli if he is really getting them into the vault.  He says he has no choice.  Craig sends Jason to guard Sonny and Carly. Jason whispers to them that Luke's code is wrong and he does not have the right one.  Sonny wants him to get Carly out no matter what. Maxie doesn't understand why Three would take these risks when he has some one who cares about him.  He says he and his girl are no strings.  She thinks he should want more and says that she wants a love that will last.  Carly says she won't go.  She says they need to figure out the code and use it.  Jason gives them the first 3 numbers.  Sonny wants Carly to think about it since she used to be married to Alcazar.  Lulu says Spinelli should not open the vault.  He says she is the mission.  She asks about Sam.  He says Stone Cold won't let anything happen to Sam. Craig tells Six he is worried the case has already exploded.  She tells him everything will be fine.  Sam tells Liz to run straight to Jason when the vault opens and he will get her out.  Sam says she will be okay on her own.  Craig says Sonny and Carly are a problem.  He and Six are taking them away.  He says if Sam does anything to earn the rest of her demerits to wait for him so he can kill her himself.  Jason goes to Sam and Liz.   A gunman starts to verbally abuse Mateo.  Lulu and Spinelli argue about Jason's plan.  The gunman hits Mateo.  Lulu asks Spinelli if he can make the vault open later to stall.  Liz has pains.  Jason kneels by Sam and Liz.  He tells Liz if anything goes wrong to run for the door.  He tells Sam to wait for his signal and warn the police.  Craig comes in and sees them talking. Maxie talks to Three about her job and he thinks she could be so much more.  Craig warns Jason against Sam and sends him to check on Spinelli.  Liz tells Craig it wasn't Sam, she wanted some water.  Craig says from now on Liz gets Sam's demerits.  Maxie tells Three about her dream job and he tries to encourage her.  Spinelli says he can open the vault an hour early.  Jason and Lulu tell him to do it.  The gunman goes to hit Mateo again.  Max grabs him.  Mateo grabs his knife and slits his throat. Jason heads for Mateo.  Six sticks a gun in his ribs and tells him not move.  Mateo drops his rosary. (Credit Holsgem)

February 16, 2007

One of the gunman moves to kill Mateo but Craig stops him.  Sam flips out on Mateo.  Craig grabs Sam.  Jason starts to move.  Six stops him and walks over and shots Mateo. Maxie is worried about what will happen to Three when the vault opens.  He tells her she is the one in danger and tells her about Craig's plan to kill them all.  Jason and Sam just stare at each other while Craig yells at Ric on the phone and send Liz to look after Mateo. Craig drags Sam over to help Liz.  Six tells Jason to kill any hostage who attacks one of them.  Spinelli tells Craig the vault will be open in half an hour.  Maxie tries to get Three to see the other hostages as people by telling him about them.  Three is having second thoughts about the job.  Nik tells Em that when the time comes he is gonna pick up Robin and run and Em needs to be right behind him.  Spinelli is worried about whether he made things better or worse.  Lulu puts on Laura's ring.  Mateo says he has to pay for his sins and apologizes for Manny's.  Sam wants to slip away.  Liz tells her to wait.  She looks at Jason and decides to wait. Craig brings back Sonny and Carly and says it will be over in a matter of minutes.  Craig takes Lulu and Spinelli out.  Jason goes over to Sam and Liz and while pretending to check on Mateo passes Sam a mask and tells her to wait for his signal.  Spinelli opens the vault.  Three puts his mask back on and holds his gun on Maxie.  He gives Craig the case and they all go back to the lobby.  Sonny tries to bargain for all the hostages but Craig is only willing to release Carly.  Sonny gives him the code and it works.  Jason gives Sam a nod and she slips out putting the mask on.  Craig says Carly can go but she refuses to leave without Sonny.  Sam is outside over the sign.  The police cut the power.  Sam jumps from the ledge as Craig prepares to detonate.  Sam runs to the police screaming that the lobby is wired to explode.  Jason attacks Craig and he drops the detonator.  Three picks it up but doesn't detonate.  The police fire in tear gas.  Six takes the detonator from Three and pushes it.  The police storm the building.  Nik runs out with Robin.  The hostages take cover.  Sam tries to run back in.  Liz just stands there until Jason grabs her and carries her away. Nik starts to run back. The lobby explodes.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 19, 2007

Montage of the everyone laying in the rubble and the hostage crisis.  Luke begs Alexis to uncuff him.   Nik is prevented from going back in.  Alexis hugs Sam.   Patrick carries Robin to triage.  Liz freaks in the elevator until she realizes the gunman is Jason.  Lucky looks for Liz and Lulu.  Sonny tries to free Carly from the rubble. Ric and Alexis calm Nik.  Jason tries the elevator buttons and phone but they are not working.  Patrick works on Robin while Luke screams at him about Lulu.  Maxie pulls off Three's mask and jumpsuit so he will look like a hostage and be able to escape.  Sam and Nik talk about Jason and Emily.  Sam says Nik can stay and wait for Em as long as she is waiting for Jason.  Lucky finds Em.  The paramedics make him leave while they work to free her.  Sonny frees Carly.  Jason tries to find a way out of the elevator to no avail.  He worries over Sam.  Liz starts to cry about the other hostages.  Craig wakes up and rearms the briefcase.  Luke tries to talk to Dillon and Georgie but Dr. Ford enlists them in the triage efforts. Liz moans about Cameron.  Jason reassures her that they will get out of this.  Maxie tells Three to just leave with the hostages and wander away.  The firemen find them and lead them out.  Carly worries about Lulu and Jason while Sonny persuades her to leave with him.  Sam wants to go back in to look for Jason.  Nik agrees with her.  Alexis gets them to wait.  Lucky comes out and tell Nik that Em has been found alive.  Em comes out and Nik runs to her.  Jason still trying to find a way out.  He and Liz talk about his rescue attempt.  Jason thinks he waited too long.  Dillon frees Luke to find Lulu.  Georgie is mad at Dillon.  Craig frees himself.  Carly finds a gun and gives it to Sonny.  Sonny shoots Craig.  Max comes out.  Luke argues with Mac to go in.  Maxie and Three come out.  While Mac is distracted with Maxie, Luke goes in and Three escapes.  Skye and Ric discuss the end of the siege.  Carly picks up the briefcase.  Craig was wearing a bulletproof vest. Sonny and Craig standoff. Spinelli warns the rescuers about the support beam but they touch it anyway and another cave-in starts.  Craig escapes.  Jason is still looking for a way out.  Liz wants to wait to be rescued.  Liz is saying it is not Jason's fault that he couldn't stop the explosion from happening.  Liz tells Jason he is her baby's father.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 20, 2007

Jason and Liz talk about why she didn't tell him about the baby and what they are going to do.  Sam tries to take care of Alexis outside the MC.  Ric comes up and he and Alexis start to bicker.  Carly and Sonny come out and Sam and Alexis go to them.  Sam asks about Jason but they have no info.  Cruz comes and tells Sam and Lucky that it is unlikely that anyone in the lobby is still alive. (Credit Holsgem)

February 21, 2007

Jason and Liz continue to discuss what they are going to do about the baby. Rescuers find them but it will take a little while to get them out. Jason wants to be a part of the baby's life.  Liz says she would never shut him out.  Liz does not want to tell tell Sam and but he says he has to tell Sam so she agrees to tell Lucky. The rescuers are ready to get them out.  Luke brings out Lulu.  Sam and Lucky head in to try to find Jason and Liz but Cruz stops them because the building is unstable.  He says they are sending in dogs but don't think they will find any survivors.  Sam tries to reassure Lucky. A cop comes up and tells Lucky that Craig has been spotted.  Lucky takes off after Craig. Cruz comes and tells Sam that the rescuers have spoken with Jason and Elizabeth and they are okay.  A newsman comes up and interviews Sam about being a hero. Rescuers bring out Elizabeth. While Epiphany checks out the baby, Sam asks Elizabeth about how she is and if Jason is okay.  Liz tells her how Jason saved her.  Sam is happy for Liz when Epiphany says the baby is okay.  Jason comes out and rushes into Sam's arms. (Credit Holsgem)

February 22, 2007

Jason and Sam tell each other how scared they were for each other.  Sam mentions that Liz told her what happened in the elevator.  Liz shakes her head no.  Jason and Sam come into the ER with Liz.  Jason asks Kelly about Alan and she says he is in ICU.  Jason talks to Emily outside Alan's room.  She says Alan is sleeping but was asking for him. Jason talks to Monica inside Alan's room. Jason wants to sit with Alan but Monica wants him to go to the ER and get treated first so Alan doesn't see him all beat up looking.  Jason pulls Spinelli from Lulu's room and tells him to get on his computer and track down Craig.  Jason and Sam go into a room in the ER.  He starts to tell her about the baby but she interrupts and tells him that she can't have children.  At first Jason is confused since they were told she recovered from the loss of her baby, then he is horrified to realize that it is because of the shooting.  The mayor busts in on them wanting Sam to talk to the press with him.  Jason goes to Liz's room but leaves when he sees Lucky there. Sam goes to see how Liz and her baby are doing.  Liz almost spills about Jason until she realizes he hasn't told Sam.  Spinelli tells Jason all of Craig's accounts were downloaded to Six's PDA, which is still at MC.  Jason says he can find Craig there. (Credit Holsgem)

February 23, 2007

Spinelli wants to go with Jason but Jason says he is going alone. Elizabeth realizes Sam doesn't know what she is talking about when she talks about the truth and covers by talking about her relationship with Lucky. Jason goes to the MC. Sam tells Liz she can't have children.  Jason finds Craig at MC.  The roof comes down before he can shoot him and Craig flees into the stairwell. Craig and Jason have a gun battle on the stairs while Craig tries to talk Jason into letting him go. The gunfight moves up into the restaurant. Sam and Edward talk about how much Edward loved Alan.  Edward mentions how important children are and Sam says she has to go. He tells her she should not waste time if her and Jason wants to have children.  Edward wants her to take credit for her heroism.  Sam's story comes on the national news.  A mysterious person is watching.  The gunfight in the restaurant continues and Craig keeps trying to persuade Jason to let him go. (Credit Holsgem)

February 26, 2007

The gunfight continues.  Jason shoots Craig. Spinelli come in and takes cover.  He tells Jason about Alan's second heart attack.  Jason tells Spinelli to leave and he runs away.  Jason backs away and leaves, letting Craig escape. Jason gets to the hospital too late.  He finds Emily crying outside Alan's room.  Jason goes into Alan's room and tells his body that he is sorry. (Credit Holsgem)

February 27, 2007

Jason is with Alan when Dr. Ford comes in and says that only family cam be there.  Jason says that he is Alan's son. Dr. Ford tells Jason about Alan's death and leaves. Jason tells Alan he was coming back and that was what Alan always wanted but he did make it in time. Jason tells Alan about going after Craig and how Spinelli came and that Craig was right he was wasting time.  He says that Craig said you only get one father and Alan was his and that when Alan needed him he wasn't there.  Jason tells Alan about the baby and that he now knows how Alan felt about him and how awful he was to Alan and that he knows that Alan just wanted him to love him and he wanted him to be happy and that he is sorry. He tells Alan he knows he loved him and he is sorry. Jason sees Skye in the hall and tells her it wasn't her fault.  Skye leaves.  Edward comes and says that Alan wasn't going to tell him anything he doesn't already know. He says Alan struggled with Jason the way he struggled with Alan and he hopes that Jason learns from their mistakes. Jason is in the lobby when Em comes.  They talk and comfort each other. Monica is home grieving alone.  Jason comes and hugs her and she breaks down in his arms.  (Credit Holsgem)

February 28, 2007

Lucky is taking Sam's statement.  Sam asks about Liz.  Lucky tells Sam they are getting remarried. Jason is on the bridge.  Liz comes.  He tells her Alan died. Sam and Lucky talk about him and Liz.  She tells him Liz has no right to judge him. Jason tells Liz he went to see Alan but he was too late. Jason talks about how he let Alan down.  He says Alan would have been proud about the baby. Liz asks if he told anyone.  He says no.  She says she is marrying Lucky again. Sam tells Lucky no one should judge anyone, that everyone judged her harshly.  He says she is a hero now. She says the cops deserve the credit.  Lucky says he was only thinking about Liz and the baby and a child changes your perspective. Liz tells Jason that she told Lucky she loves him and wants to marry him.  Jason asks about the baby.  Sam says she only did what she had to.  Cruz comes and tells there was evidence of a gunfight in the MC restaurant and he asks her if Jason was there. Liz says she knows it isn't fair but she loves Lucky and can't take the baby from him.  Jason doesn't care what is best for Lucky, he wants what is best for the baby. Liz tries to convince Jason that it will be best for the baby if everyone believes it is Lucky's. Liz talks about the great family they baby will have with her and Lucky and how hard this all is on her. Jason says he will do what Liz wants, that he told her he wouldn't fight her.  Jason is at the coffee shop.  Sam comes in. She tells him about what the cops found at the MC restaurant.  He tells her he went after Craig and Alan died before he saw him.  He says he needs to focus on the people he loves.  They hug.  (Credit Holsgem) 

March 1, 2007

Jason and Sam talk about his relationship with Alan and how to move on.  Sam talks about spending time with the people you love no matter how difficult.  She leaves to see Alexis. Sam goes to the Lakehouse and apologizes to Alexis.  Alexis forgives her.  Jason tells Sonny about going after Craig and being too late to see Alan.  Sam and Alexis talk about the problems between Jason and Alan.  Alexis talks about parental expectations and Sam says she will never know because she can't have kids.  She wants to be the best daughter she can.  Alexis says there may not be time for that but that life is too short and she wants them to get past their differences.  Jason tells Sonny how it was easier to avoid Alan but that all Alan wanted was for Jason to spend some time with him but Jason figured it out too late.  Sam gives Edward her condolences.  He asks her to bring Jason back to the Qs.  She says Jason has to come to that on his own. Sonny talks to Jason about regret between parents and children and how parents only want the best for his children.  He says Jason can't repay Alan but he can honor him by passing down what he learned to his own children. (Credit Holsgem)

March 2, 2007

Carly sees Jason at MC.  He says he is there because that is where his life changed.  They talk about Alan. Sam goes to see Mateo. She wants to apologize and explain why she treated him so bad.  He says he thought he left violence behind but he didn't.  Sam tells him he is not his brother. Carly tells Jason that it wasn't his fault that Alan could not stop grieving for his lost son and that Jason did the best he could.  Jason says he never realized how hard it was to be a parent.  Carly says all he can do is not make the same mistakes with his own kids.  Jason goes to GH.  He sees Liz.  Sam comes up and tells him about Mateo and how he wants to put the past behind him.  Jason talks about choices that stay with you forever.  Sam tells him about Edward wanting her to bring him back to the Qs.  Sam gets a call.  While she is on the phone Jason watches Liz.  Sam says she has another commitment.  When she hangs up, Jason asks about the call.  Sam says that a newsmagazine show wants her but that the show is tomorrow when the memorial service is.  Jason encourages her to do the show.  The mystery person is watching tapes of Sam's interview.  Jason asks for Monica at the nurse's station but she isn't there.  He runs into Liz who thanks him again.  He says he doesn't know how to act like the baby isn't his. Sam on a plane. The mystery person watching the tap again. (Credit Holsgem)

March 5, 2007

Liz asks Jason if he has changed his mind about letting Lucky think the baby is his.  Jason says he doesn't know how it will be when he sees the baby.  Liz talks about how the baby made Lucky turn his life around.  Jason doesn't care about what is best for Lucky.  He cares about the baby.  Liz talks about the family the baby will have.  Lucky comes and wants to talk to Jason about the MC restaurant shootout.  Epiphany calls Liz away.  Lucky feeds Jason and alibi and says he is going to recommend that the case be closed.  He thanks Jason for saving Liz and his baby.  Jason goes to the coffee shop and tells Sam to put a bug in Alcazar's room.  Stan acts all jealous about Spinelli.  Jason tells him to just bug the room. Jason calls Liz and asks her to meet him.  She comes to Sonny's. Jason knows Lucky will be a good father and the baby will have a good family but he says if the truth comes out lives will be ripped apart.   He asks Liz if she really thinks this is the best way to handle it. Liz says Jason can see then baby but Jason says he needs to keep his distance and learn to think about the baby as hers and Lucky's.  Liz leaves. Carly barges in on Jason wanting him to take her to the Dominican Republic for her divorce.  Jason says he can't go because Alan's memorial is tomorrow. (Credit Holsgem)

March 6, 2007

Jason at the Penthouse remembering Alan.  Liz comes and says she has no excuse not to go to the memorial.  Jason says she should go for Emily.  He will have to learn not to get upset when he sees her but he needs time to deal with everything. Jason feels the baby kick.  Tracy and Edward argue about where to put Alan's picture. Ned comes in.  Monica comes in and says there will be no picture. Emily is arranging flowers and freaking out.  She breaks down when Nik comes in.  Tracy tries to intimidate Monica. Dillon comes in and can't believe they are fighting over a picture.  Edward attacks Ned.  Dillon and Alice try to stop the fight.  Monica breaks a vase because she wants them to stop and she takes the picture and leaves their argument.  Tracy keeps arguing.  Edward asks her to remember that the rest of them hurt too. Tracy says he sounds like Lila.  Edward says he feels Lila there waiting for Alan. Dillon has Alan's letter while he talks to Georgie.  Alexis and Jax talk about mortality.  Carly and Sonny bring Michael to Monica.  Robin and Patrick give Edward their condolences.  Skye and Lorenzo show up.  Tracy wants to throw them out.  Edward backs her up but Ned and Dillon defend their right to be there. Monica is mourning alone.  Jason come in and comforts her. Ned tries to help Tracy.  Luke comes in and comforts her and validates her feelings. Edward talks to Liz and Lucky about the baby.  Scott comes in.  He and Luke start to squabble but Bobbie breaks it up. Dillon passes the letter to Lulu as the memorial starts.  Ned gives a beautiful eulogy. The Qs after the ceremony.  Monica and Jason together.  Monica remembers Alan in a montage. Monica kisses Jason and leaves.  Jason picks a picture of him and Alan and remembers Alan saying Jason can never destroy his love him. (Credit Holsgem)

March 7, 2007

Jason goes to Carly's to take her to the Dominican Republic for her divorce.  She is hesitant to go.  She tells Jason that she slept with Sonny and messed things up with Jax.  Jason asks if she wants to go or not.  Jason and Carly on the plane waiting to take off.  Carly is freaking out that Sonny is going to try to stop her. The plane takes off.  Carly is worried that Sonny will try to stop her after they land.  Jason asks if she wants to turn around and go back.  Carly doesn't but she doesn't think Sonny will let her and the boys go. She understands that Sonny does not want another man raising his children.  She asks Jason if he would be able to stand being shut out of his own family.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 8, 2007

Jason and Carly on the plane talking about the divorce and how Sonny will feel about Jax raising the boys. Amelia watching Sam's interview over and over again until she gets call telling her she is there. Sam is at the studio talking to a worker.  Amelia comes in and is excited about Sam being on the show.  Sam doesn't think that she has anything to say but Amelia reassures her.   Carly tells Jason she may have ruined things with Jax.  Jason talks about doing things you never though you would and not being able to put your life back to the way it was before.  Jason and Carly in the Dominican Republic waiting to see the judge.  She admits to loving Sonny.  Amelia interviews Sam about the hostage crisis.  Amelia starts to ask weird questions about Sam feeling threatened in the past.  Carly and Jason with the judge.  Carly is acting all defensive of Sonny.  The judge says there is a problem.  Sam reacts when she sees Amelia's watch.  She says she used to have one like it but she lost it.  Carly freaks out on the judge.  He explains that the divorce is not legal in New York if Sonny contests it.  Carly does not think Sonny will sign. (Credit Holsgem)

March 9, 2007

Jason and Carly on the plane coming back for the Dominican Republic. Sam and Amelia talk about the watch.  Sam is obviously uncomfortable.  Carly is distraught that a NY divorce will take six months.  She makes Jason promise to help her get through it and resist Sonny. Sam comes back for the second part of the interview.  Amelia makes some cryptic remarks and then tells Sam the rest of the interview will be about her past experiences.  Sam doesn't see how it relates. Jason and Carly rush into the custody hearing.  Carly starts babbling about her divorce.  The judge tells her to take the stand.  Carly's testifies about her relationship with Sonny and says Sonny would never hurt a child and tells the judge if she doesn't believe her to ask Jason.  The judge asks Jason and he says Alexis is a good mother and a father who would take a child from a mother who loves her is only thinking of himself.  Alexis  and Ric testify. Amelia watching the tape of Sam's interview.  She says she has another project in mind for Sam.  Sam on the plane home. She has an audio flashback of a violent memory.  Jax accuses Jason of preventing Carly's divorce.  Jason says he is helping Carly and tells Jax to stay away from her. (Credit Holsgem)

March 12, 2007

Jax says that Jason is a lousy friend to Carly and doesn't respect her. He says that Jason only looks after Sonny's interests no matter how they effect Carly.  Spinelli comes to the coffeeshop and asks Jason for help with Lulu.  Jason assures him Lulu was upset about the information and not mad at Spinelli. Spinelli wants advice. He asks how Jason won Sam.  Sam comes in and says by trusting her. Spinelli starts to babble at Sam while she and Jason just look at each other.  Sam tells Spinelli she wants to be alone with Jason and he leaves and they hug.  Sam asks about the memorial but Jason changes to subject to her interview. Sam says Amelia kept asking about her past.  Amelia on the phone wanting info on an old crime involving Angela Monroe. Sam says she kept things vague.  Carly calls Jason cellphone and says she needs him. Jason goes to MC and Carly tells him about Jax and Sonny pressuring her. She is surprised that he is nicer to her than usual. Carly wants Jason to help her get her life back.  Sam has another flashback. Amelia comes in and wants to do a follow-up. Sonny and Jax meet Carly at MC.  With Jason's support Carly tells then she can't be with either of them and she and Jason leave.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 14, 2007

Sam is laying on the couch at the Penthouse having a flashback. Jason asks her what is going on with her nightmares.  Sam says she is just keyed up and they talk about the interview.  Stan comes and Sam leaves.  Stan gets an IM while he is with Jason.  Jason makes Stan tell him what Sonny is up to with Carly. Amelia is at the MC looking for info on Sam from Max and Maxie.  Sam catches her and wants to know why she is digging in her life.  Spinelli is at the coffee shop trying to talk to Sonny, then Jason but they blow him off. Jason wants to buy Sonny out of the marble business so Sonny stops playing with Carly.  Spinelli wants to find something that that he can use to prove himself to Jason.  Lulu warns him he may find something Jason doesn't want him to. Amelia tells Sam she is just thinks she deserves more exposure.  Sam says she thought the interview was a one-shot deal.  Amelia says she understands Sam reticence given her past. Spinelli freaking out because of what he found.  Sam asks what Amelia knows about her past.  Amelia brings up her record and says her past is not an issue and she wants Sam to do  a series. Sonny tells Jason he does not understand because he does not have children and he doesn't know how it feels to have another man raise your children. Carly interrupts. Sam tells Amelia she has no interest.  Jax comes up and tries to get Sam to take the job and intimates that Jason is limiting her life.  Lulu forces Spinelli to tell her. He tells her Jason is the father of Liz's baby.  Jason come in while they are talking (Credit Holsgem)

March 15, 2007

Replay of Spinelli telling Lulu about the paternity.  Jason comes in.  Lulu says Spinelli needs to destroy what is on the computer before Lucky finds out. Spinelli and Lulu cover with a story about Scott. Lulu leaves.  Spinelli tries to leave but Jason wants to know why Lulu was lying.  Spinelli tries to cover but Jason calls him on lying too.  Spinelli goes on and on about Lulu until Jason says he won't make him tell him but he wants Spinelli to tell him if it put Lulu in danger.  Spinelli promises and leaves.  Jason is on the pier.  Liz comes and starts talking about painting the baby's room.  Emily comes up and overhears them while Jason is talking about the books he read Michael about Africa.  Carly calls Jason and says she is worried, Liz leaves.  Jason comes to see Carly.  She is worried because Lulu is so keyed up about him and Liz. He tells her to just stop.  Jason comes home and Lulu is there.  He asks her what is wrong and she asks him if he knows Liz is having his baby. (Credit Holsgem)

March 16, 2007 

Jason wants to know how Lulu knows about the baby.  Lulu is upset that Jason was a part of the cover up.  Jason and Lulu argue about Liz, Lucky and the baby.  Amelia comes to Kelly's to ask Ric about Sam.  Sam comes in and is mad that Amelia is asking Ric about her.  Jason tells Lulu that he just found out about the baby.  Lulu points out that Liz is a liar and a hypocrite who does not love Lucky.  Jason says he wants to be honest but too many people can be hurt. Ric tells Sam that he was only talking about the city owing her a debt.  Amelia wants to know why Sam is so unsettled.  Sam does not want to be in the limelight.  Amelia says we need heros because they inspire us. Jason explains to Lulu about the ONS. He tells her told Sam right away.  He thinks Liz did not tell to protect Lucky.  Lulu says she will protect Lucky by telling him the truth. Jason asks her not to.  She says Lucky deserves the truth and leaves.  Spinelli comes home and Jason wants to know who Lulu found out.  Spinelli admits he told and tells Jason how he found out.  Jason wants Spinelli to destroy the file because he agreed to give up the baby. Spinelli thinks he is being unfair to Lucky and Sam. Jason tells Spinelli about how he found out Sam could not have a baby right when he was going to tell her about the baby and that he doesn't want to hurt her anymore.  Spinelli agrees but says that Lulu is gonna tell Lucky.  Jason does not think she will.  Spinelli thinks it would be best if she did.  They start to argue and Sam comes in. Spinelli covers and leaves.  Jason and Sam talk about Amelia digging into Sam's past. A messenger comes with a letter for Angela Monroe. (Credit Holsgem)

March 19, 2007

Jason tells the messenger there is no Angela there and to take the letter back.  Sam says no and goes to the door and signs for it.  Jason asks about the letter and Sam says it is Spinelli's and gives a lame story.  Jason lets it go and goes to watch Sam's interview.  Sam doesn't want to watch it and doesn't want Jason to watch it.  Carly calls Jason and says she needs him. Sam calls the messenger service to try find out who send the letter.  She gets nowhere.  She opens the letter.  It is a newspaper clipping with a picture of her and the man in Amelia's picture and it says "Real Estate Developer Bill Monroe and his wife Angie".  Jason gets to Jake's.  Carly wants him to tell Sonny and Jax to both leave her alone.  Jason tells them to give Carly some space.  Same burns the clipping. Jason agrees to take Carly home.  Jax, Sonny and Amelia leave. Jason and Carly discuss her predicament. Sam is burning the letter when Lulu knocks.  Sam says Jason isn't there and Lulu says "he told you".  Jason comes in and hears Sam tell Lulu she is glad Lulu told her the truth.  (Credit Holsgem)

March 20, 2007

Replay of Jason coming in.  Lulu pipes up with a cover story.  Sam leaves Jason and Lulu to talk. Lulu vents about Liz and says she wishes she didn't know.  They talk about Lucky and she says she will try to keep the secret. She starts asking Jason hard questions about how he will feel and act once the baby is born. Jason admits that he doesn't know how he is gonna give the baby up. Sam bursts into the Quartermaines and threatens to blow Tracy out of the water.  She tells Tracy to never send her anything to do with Angela Monroe again.  Tracy says she didn't send it, someone else must know Sam's secret.  Amelia on phone looking for info in Angela Monroe.  Jason tells Lulu why he doesn't want to tell Sam.  Lulu suggests that Sam will want to be the baby's stepmother since she can't have kids.  Jason says Liz won't give the baby up and he won't fight her.  Sam runs into Amelia at Kelly's. Sam tells her she doesn't want the job.  Amelia tries to talk her into it but she says no. Jason tells Lulu that he wants to have his child with him but it is better off with Liz and Lucky.  Lulu goes off on Liz again.  Jason says if she thinks they are being unfair to Lucky she should tell him.  She is afraid Lucky will go back to drugs.  Jason says it is Lucky's choice.  Lulu talks about how easy it will be to pass Jason's baby off as Lucky's. Jason is playing pool when Sam comes home.  She tells him that she has been keeping things from him and it is putting a wall between them.  She talks about not being able to have kids and wanting to move on in their life accepting that.  They hold each other (Credit Holsgem)

March 21, 2007

Sam has a flashback and drops her coffee cup.  Spinelli asks what is wrong.  She says she needs his help about Angela Monroe and that Angela Monroe is her.  She tells him about lying that he was using the name Angela Monroe to order things and wants him to cover for her.  Spinelli is uncomfortable about deceiving Jason but agrees.  Sonny and Jason discuss having to divert their shipment because of the cops.  Jason says they seized a shipment of Alcazar's that was sloppy.  Sonny says they need to get someone into the PCPD.  Ric comes with Molly. He talks about the shipments and says he is not filing charges on Lo because he is impaired and that Sonny and Jason are the only mobsters he is worry about. Ric leaves and Sonny tells Jason to get info on all the cops to see who they can bribe.  Sam is in Kelly's on her phone trying to get info on the Angela Monroe package when two fans come up and gush over her. Carly busts into the office to see Jason.  She wants him to tell Sonny it over for her.  Jason tells her to tell Sonny and Jax and not him.  She tells him how she loves them both and he says he can't help her.  Jason wants her to appreciate what she has.  Sam signs an autograph for her fans.  Amelia comes in while they are saying how she inspired them.  Amelia shows her the ratings for her interview.  Sam is not interested.  Jason has a dream that he tells Lucky about the baby.  Sam wakes him up.  Amelia busts in and accuses Jason of holding Sam back. She leaves.  Jason tells Sam not to let him get in her way. (Credit Holsgem)

March 22, 2007

Carly comes to the coffeeshop.  She wants Jason to take her to Lucky and Liz's wedding.  Jason says no, he should not be there.  Carly tries to persuade him and mentions that Lulu is freaking out about him and Liz.  Jason says he will think about it.  Carly leaves.  Spinelli comes and says that Lulu is afraid she will blurt the truth at the wedding and send him back to pills. Spinelli asks Jason if he wants the truth to come out.  Jason dodges the question and talks about wanting to do things for his baby but that Liz thinks this is the right thing to do.  Jason asks Spinelli to help Lulu.  Jason meets Carly outside the Spencers and they go to the wedding. Jason and Spinelli discuss Lulu.  Lucky thanks Jason for coming.  The wedding starts.  (credit Holsgem)

March 23, 2007

The wedding continues.  Jason and Carly congratulate the couple.  Carly tells Liz to stay away from Jason.  Jason wants to know why Spinelli objected.  Lucky makes a toast to Liz, Cam and the baby.  Jason is very uncomfortable. Lulu needs Jason to meet her to talk.  Carly is thinking about Jax.  Lulu goes to meet Jason at Kelly's.  She wants to know why he was at the wedding. He says because she said she would blame herself for the fallout if she told and he went so that she wouldn't tell.  Lulu says Jason and Spinelli did not keep her from telling.  It was seeing how happy Lucky is and how much the baby means to him.  Lulu is more confused and upset than before.  She talks about how when she got sick everyone found out about Nik and something like that could happen with this baby.  Jason says the he, Liz and Spinelli are not going to say anything, so it is up to her what she wants to do.  She wants to know why he isn't fighting for his child. (Credit Holsgem)

March 26, 2007

Lulu tries to explain to Jason that he could and should be in the baby's life.  Jason explains the reason for his decision.  Lulu accepts his reasons but wonders what would happen if the truth came out anyway. Jason says he would be relieved. After Lulu leaves Carly comes and tells Jason  about catching Jax with Alexis.   Jason tells Carly he can't help her but she shouldn't do anything crazy and he leaves.  Jason goes the the Quartermaine crypt and apologizes to AJ.  He says he doesn't know if he has the strength to give up his baby. (credit Holsgem)

March 27, 2007

A guest at MC recognizes Sam.  Amelia checks in.  Sam says if she is staying to persuade her to take the TV job, she is not interested.  Jason walks in on Sonny and Carly kissing and walks out.  Amelia and Sam discuss the TV job and Amelia says she won't give up without a fight.  Reporters are interviewing Jax about the MC reopening.  They ask to interview Sam, too.  Jason comes home and remembers agreeing to give up the baby. Sonny comes says Carly told him to ask Jason why she is so upset so Jason tells him that Carly slept with Jax.  Amelia watches Sam gives the interview. Sonny and Jason talk about Carly.  Later, Spinelli comes home.  Spinelli wants to know why Jason is lying about the baby.  Jason gives his reasons.  Spinelli says tell the truth, people will get upset but they will get over it and Jason and Liz could share custody.  He says if Lucky goes back on drugs that is his decision.  He suggests Jason and Sam could have custody giving Sam the baby she wants so badly. Amelia comes up and talks about how much Sam likes to be on TV.  She talks her into taking the job.  Sam comes in while Jason and Spinelli are talking about the baby.  Spinelli covers and leaves.  Sam tells a very supportive Jason about taking the job. Jason is happy for her.  They hug.  Amelia on the phone talking about Sam taking the job.  She has a picture of Sam and Bill Monroe.  She says she got the picture and how Angela Monroe resembles Sam.  She asks for pictures of two other women. (credit Holsgem)

March 28, 2007

Jason come home.  Sam is upstairs. There is a knock on the door.  Amelia and her "make-over" crew bust in and take over the Penthouse.  Sam comes down and Amelia says the are starting her launch as the host of Everyday Heros. She wants to get footage of Sam and Jason.  Sam says Jason wants no part of it and if there is any footage or pictures of him involved she will walk. Jason leaves.  Jason finds Spinelli in Sonny's office getting ready to delete the test.  Spinelli tries to change Jason's mind but Jason tells him to delete it.  Spinelli does and promises Jason there is no other proof.  Spinelli wants to find ultrasound of the baby for Jason.  Jason says no.  Spinelli starts to talk about girls names for the baby and Jason says he won't be naming the baby and the more he feels connected to the baby the harder it will be for him to stay away. Jason leaves and goes to the park where he sees Liz and Cam.  Sam thinks the look is too glamorous for an everyday hero.  Amelia tells her that she is the product they need to sell and she needs to sell herself.  Amelia reassures Sam and then mentions blowing away an attacker and sets off another flashback for Sam.  Sam gets nervous and goes to the balcony for air, Amelia watches. Liz gets all teary and starts talking about what Jason is giving up.  Jason gets impatient and asks if she is changing her mind. Jason says he does not want his child with a sad mother and maybe they should tell the truth.  Liz snaps at him.  She says she will give the baby and loving and happy home, then she remembers Cam and goes over to him. Jason goes home.  Sam tells him she doesn't want her job to interfere with their life.  They kiss.  Amelia knocks and interrupts them. (credit Holsgem)

March 29, 2007

Amelia comes in and says she needs to coach Sam for her press junket.  Jason seems suspicious of the things Amelia is saying. Amelia says she would invite Jason but she understand why he is press shy.  Sam gets defensive. Amelia says that Sam told her he was a very private person. Sam says if Jason was there she would be nervous.  Amelia tells Jason she will take cares of Sam.  Jason leaves. Amelia says she knows about Jason's alleged work.  Sam says he's a coffee importer.  Amelia makes a cryptic remark about no one having secrets. Sam and Amelia talk about Sam coming to live with Jason and when she knew she was in love.  Amelia says Jason is strong, gorgeous and loaded.  Sam says it isn't about the money.  Jason is at the coffeeshop.  Spinelli comes and wants advice on women.  Jason tells him to listen.  Amelia and Sam talk about the press conference.  Jason tells Sonny that a shipment was seized by customs because of Ric.  They talk about Lo and Skye.  Jason wants to shut down until the cops back off.  Sonny thinks that will make them look week. Sam is talking to the press and announces that she will be the new host of Everyday Heros.  Amelia's flunky gives her the photo of Susan Curtis.  He comments on her being a dead ringer for Sam.  Amelia says everyone has their secrets.  Jason meets Skye on the docks.  She wants Jason to get Sonny to leave her alone on Alan's behalf.  (credit Holsgem)

March 30, 2007

Skye tries to win Jason over to her point of view.  He suggests she take her baby and leave town.  Skye appeals to him that they are family.  Jason says not in this.  Jason goes to the Cellar.  He pulls a gun on Spinelli.  Spinelli says what an awesome team they are.  Jason does not want him at risk.  He says if he needs his help he will ask for it. Spinelli is all excited about the Cellar.  Jason tells him to forget he was ever there, that the Cellar is forgotten and he wants it to stay that way.  Jason gets to the coffee shop as Ric is leaving.  Sonny says Ric wants peace.  Jason wants to know if Sonny bought it.   Sonny doesn't believe Ric.  Jason tells him about his meeting with Skye. Jason suggests shutting down again.  Sonny wants to do business as usual.  Jason says he may have a way to do it.  Jason and Sonny at the Cellar.  Jason pointing out the Cellar's advantages.  Sonny is leery.  (credit Holsgem)

April 2, 2007

Sonny and Jason discuss using the Cellar for their business. Sonny and Jason outside the coffeeshop talking about keeping a low profile. They go inside and the press swarms them asking about Sam.  Sam taks to a fan and gives and autograph.  Amelia says she is the next big thing.  Amelia wants to do a segment where Sam is attacked in her home.  Sam is freaked out.  Sonny wants Diane to get rid of the reporters.  Diane says that Sam needs to come down and talk to the press to stop it.  Amelia tries to persuade Sam to do the attack segment. Amelia and Sam argue about using Sam's personal life.  Jason calls and asks Sam to send Amelia to the coffeeshop to handle the press.  Sonny gets bitter with Jason about the press.  Diane goes out to talk to them.  Amelia comes and tells the reports she will give them a statement in just a moment and goes ti Sonny's office.  Amelia busts in on an argument between Sonny and Jason about Sam and says she will handle the press and that her only concern is Sam. Amelia talks to the press.   Sonny pressures Jason to get the attention off of them.  Jason is relying on Amelia to handle the press (Credit Holsgem)

April 3, 2007

Sam has a nightmare about Biull Munroe manhandling and hurting her.  Jason comes in and rushes to her side.  They talk about her job and she blames her nightmares on it.  Carly comes and wants Jason to talk to Sonny for her.  He tells her she needs to tell Sonny how she feels herself.  Sam get to work late.  She has a flashback and tells the hairdresser to get his hands off of her.  Sam and Amelia talk about Jason.  Amelia says Jason will have to get used to the press.  Sam says what if the job is not worth it.  Amelia is quick to point out that Sam is doing a public service. Jason is on the docks.  Liz comes and starts talking about Lucky's job being dangerous.  The baby kicks and Jason feels it.  Lucky sees.  Sam doing photo shoot.  Guy gives Amelia another picture of Sam under another name.  Amelia wants pictures of the other names she gave him.   (Credit Holsgem)

April 4, 2007

Lucky watching Jason feel the baby kick.  Lulu comes up and makes a joke and goes to feel Liz's belly too. Sam is uncomfortable about her wardrobe but Amelia has an excuse.  Amelia talks to her flunky about getting more pictures of Sam as her aliases.  Sam comes up and asks to see the pics.  Lulu feeling the kicks, Lucky joins them and is grateful to Jason for saving Liz and the baby.  Amelia covers about the pics and tells Sam she needs to go to a party tonight for the sponsers. Sam does not like the short notice but Amelia tells her she needs to make sacrifices for her career.  Lulu come to the Penthouse and tells Jason that if he is gonna change his mind then do it now.  Lulu thinks Jason needs to Carly.  Jason doesn't want Carly to know because he thinks Carly will make it worse. Later, a messenger brings Jason an envelope that has the ultrasound picture and a note from Liz in it.  Jason put the picture and note in his picture box.  Sam comes running in.  She asks Jason why he is home.  He says he wanted to spend time with her.  Sam says she can't because of the party.  She runs upstairs.  Sam comes down, Jason is on the couch.  Sam says as soon as the pre-show publicity is over everything will die down.  Sam says she would ask Jason to come but she knows he hates these things.  He says if she wants him to go he will.  She says he would hate it, he agrees.  Sam says be that crueld to him.  Sam gives Jason a quick kiss while Amelia knocks.  Sam leaves with Amelia.  Jason is looking at the ultrasound picture when Carly knocks.  She tries to explain her current problem with Jax.  Carly spots the picture box and picks it up. (Credit Holsgem)

April 5, 2007

Jason takes the box from Calry and puts it away.  He tells Carly that he feels bad about AJ.  Sam and Amelia in the limo going to the party.  Amelia is pumping Sam up again.  Sam is worried about Jason but Amelia says that Sonny's lawyer stopped them.  Sam is suspicious about why Amelia thinks she can be the center of the show.  Carly brings up Alan.  Jason talks about his rejection of Alan. Carly defends Jason.  She tells him she knows about his regrets with Alan but that he should not regret AJ because he made sure Michael got to grow up with his mother.  She then talks about fathers being important and from there goes back into Sonny and Jax.  Jason tells her she has come far and it is not because of him.  Sam is nervous about the attention.  Amelia tells her to fake it then asks if she ever pretended to be someone else.  Sam says she is pretending she wants to be there right now when she wants to be eating Chinese food with Jasoin.  Sam gets out of the car to face the paparazzi. Jason goes to the coffeeshop to tell Sonny they will be taking shipments through the Cellar. Sonny wants Jason to talk to Michael.  Jason tells Sonny he is Michael's father so he needs to talk to him.  Jason goes home and burns the ultrasound picture.  Sam comes in with Chinese food and says she left the party to be with him.  Sam wants to know why Jason keeps looking at the fireplace.  He covers.  Sam tells Jason about her night. Amelia in the limo with her flunky.  They talk about Sam marrying and swindling 3 men.   Sam says Jason is the only one she trusts and he seems to be uncomfortable. Amelia says everyone will tune in while they build her up and be riveted when they rip her down.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 6, 2007

Sam is pacing at the Penthouse.  Spinelli comes in and asks what is wrong.  She is worried about Jason.  Spinelli agrees that Jason is "haunted".  Jason comes in.  Sam wants to know what is wrong.  Spinelli hints that Jason should come clean with Sam and leaves.  Sam tells Jason that she can see he is hurting.  She thinks it is about Alan.  She begs him to let her in so she can help him.  Jason tells her about his feelign soff loss but doesn't tell her about the baby.  He says he just needs time.  Sam notices Jason's leg is bleeding.  He says he had to lay his bike down.  She talks him into going to GH to get it looked at.  Sam looking at photo proofs with Amelia.  Sam has an idea for an episode of her show.  Amelia loves it. Amelia starts talking about a PR tour.   Jason comes into GH.  Piffy goes to find him a doctor.  Liz and Lucky come out all happy about the ultrasound.  Jason watches them. When the elevator comes, he leaves.  Spinelli comes to see Jason at the coffee shop.  Spinelli is worried about Jason and makes a compelling argument for Jason claiming the baby.  He tells Jason he is not wrong for wanting his kid.  Lulu burst in and tells Jason he can never tell Lucky the truth. Sam says she can't go because Jason needs her. She says she can do the tour but no long stretches.  She picks up the picture book.  As she walks away the Angela Monore picture falls out.  Sam doesn't see it.  Amelia does.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 9, 2007

Lulu begs Jason not to take the by from Lucky. Sam picks up the picture book.  As she walks away the Angela Monore picture falls out.  Sam doesn't see it.  Amelia scoops it up.  She then asks Sam if she is planning to get pregnant soon.  Sam tells her she can't have kids.  Lulu continues to badger Jason.  Spinelli interupts and tries to take Jason's side.  Lulu screams at Spinelli.  Jason thanks Spinelli for paying attention to him and asks him to leave. Lulu says Liz is right.  They can't take the baby from Lucky.   Lulu continues to make the case for Jason keeping quiet and letting Liz and Lucky raise the baby.  Sam explains to Amelia why she can never have a baby. She says that she and Jason are adjusting.  Amelia tells her she is lukcy to have Jason and Sam agrees.  Lulu tells Jason that Sam could resent the baby if she sees it as a symbol of Jason's betrayal. She keeps at him about Lucky and the baby.  Jason tells her he is sticking by his decision. Jason runs into Liz at the MC while waiting for Sam. Lucky is getting on the elevator.  Sam rushes to catch up.  The elevator gets stuck.  Liz tells Jason that she is going to name the baby if it is a boy and asks what name he wants her to give it.  He says he can't do this.  Lucky says Jason and Liz can keep each other company until they get out of the elevator.  Sam asks how he can be okay with seeing them together after last summer. (Credit Holsgem)

April 10, 2007

Liz begs Jason not to claim the baby.  Lucky asks Sam why he should hold last summer against Jason and Liz.  He wants to know why their friendship bothers her. Jason assures Liz that he is not going to say anything but tells her that what she is doing is showing him what he will never have.  Sam and Lucky talk about the summer and Sam says she was jealous of Elizabeth because she always wanted a baby.  She tells him she is no longer jealous because she has more choices and a baby is not a magic solution. Liz says Lucky needs to baby and talks about the great life they will give it.  Lucky and Sam join them.  Sam is worried about Jason.  He says it is just a business problem.  She says neither of them can admit when they are upset or in pain.  Jason goes to the bar to get her an apple martini and bumps into Alcazar.  Alcazar startst o respond defensively then slips back into his brain damaged routine.  Sam talks to Jason about her tv show.  Sam goes home and finds a picture of Angela Monroe on the desk and has a flashback.  Spinelli comes in while she is ripping it up.  Jason and Sonny in the Cellar.  Jason tells Sonny that Lo is faking.  Sam is telling Spinelli her story and talking about her baby.  Sam says she realizes she can make a good life without a baby.  Jason tells Sonny what he saw at MC.  Jason thinks it to catch them off guard.  Sonny thinks he is trying to fool his black-ops friends.  He wants Jason to pressure Skye so Lo gives himself away and his black-ops friends will kill him. (Credit Holsgem)

April 11, 2007

Lulu comes to the PH.  Sam has a flashback on the set of her show because they are preparing to film a show about home invasion on a set that looks like her old home. Lulu wants advice from Jason about her boys problem.  She thinks he can help because of his problems and that he is proof that love makes you miserable. Amelia acts surprised that the set is like Sam's old house.  She tries to pry about Sam's bad memories.  Sam says she is just tired. Sam sits down and has another flashback.  Jason and Lulu discuss love.  Lulu leaves to get ready for her date.  Spinelli comes and wants Jason's advice about Lulu.  He asks Jason what is his secret to attracting women.  Sam has a nightmare about being attacked by Bill.  Amelia wakes her up and calls her Angela.  Sam asks why she called her that and Amelia says she said that name right before she started to scream.  Amelia asks her if she wants to go home for the day but Sam says she is fine.  Jason tells Spinelli to be honest.  Spinelli asks if he is saying that because he is not completely  honest with Sam.  Jason gets annoyed so Spinelli covers by saying he is mysterious.  From there Spinelli decides that Jason's hidden pain is what attracts women.  Jason wants him to quit it.  Spinelli says that Jason has Sam to take care of him and he starts to get ideas from there and get weird.  Jason's phone rings.  It's Stan and Jason says he is on the way and leaves. Jason gets to the coffee shop where the press are all over. Diane says Sonny wants her to get rid of them.  She needs Sam to sign for a restraining order.  Sam arrives.  She is upset about the press too but isn't sure she wants to sign for the restraining order. Amelia tells the grip that her father had a lamp like the one on the set. (Credit Holsgem)

April 12, 2007

Jason comes up to Sam at Kelly's.  He wants to take her to dinner.  She starts to explain that she has to work.  Reporters come in and start to harass them.  Mike runs the reporters off.  Jason asks about the restraining order.  Sam thinks it will calm down after the show airs.  Sam is worried about the press' s effect on Jason's life but he tells her it is okay. Liz and Lucky come in and talk about Sam's celebrity.  Liz and Lucky get a table.  Sam kisses Jason and leaves.  Lulu and Spinelli watch.  Jason talks to Max on the phone about Coop.  Maxie comes and tries to bribe Jason into giving Logan a job.  Sam talks to Amelia about the press problem.  Amelia tells her she can't get the restraining order.  She threatens Sam's job. Jason tells Maxie Logan needs to fill out an application to work at the warehouse.  Maxie tries to bribe Jason.  Lulu interrupts.  Jason sends Maxie away. Lulu taks to Jason about Liz, Lucky and the baby.  Jason gets a call from Sonny who wants to meet him at the Cellar.  Montage of Sam doing publicity pictures, Sonny and Jason in a shoot out with Alcazar's ne, Carly and Jax getting reengaged and Copper and Logan moving to join the gunfight.  (Credit Holsgem).

April 13, 2007

Replay of shootout montage.  Amelia and the photgrapher complimenting Sam on the photos.  Cooper and Logan come join the gunfight.  Sonny chases a fleeing gunman but falls down the step and gets knocked out.  Cooper chases the gunman.  Logan gets shot.  Lulu and Maxie outside of Kelly's calling the cops.  Spinelli runs up and asks about the shooting. He is worried about Jason. The gunman runs up and grabs Maxie as a shield.  Cooper faces off with him.  Sam leaves a message for Jason.  Amelia's flunky thinks she should not try to take Sam down.  Amelia tells him to keep digging.  Reports come in and tell Sam about the shootout and reports that Sonny and Jason are dead.  Mac and Cruz arrives at Kelly's and also face off with the gunman.  Coop fires past Maxie and kills the gunman.  Jason kills the last gunman and finds Sonny unconcious. Mac is mad at Coop for risking Maxie.  Maxie and Lulu defend him.  Sam comes to the hospital. They say Jason is not in the ambulance, she is afraid that means he is dead. Mac won't let Jason go with Sonny so Jason sends Spinelli and Lulu to make sure Sonny doesn't say anything incriminating.  Mac questions Jason. Stan comes to the hospital to find out about Sonny.  Epiphany gets nasty with him. The ambulance arrives and Sam finds out from Spinelli that Jason is okay. Kelly comes up and tells Lulu about Liz's premature labor and Lulu goes to see Liz. Jason won't talk but Coop gives a full report that clears Jason and Sonny. Mac lets Coop leave. Lucky comes and says he is late cause Liz went into labor.  Mac tells him to go back to the hospital.  Jason tells Mac to arrest him or let him go.  Mac lets him go. Sam tells Spinelli Liz is in labor and Spinelli almost gives away the secret. Jason gets the hospital, asks about Liz, then hugs Sam.  Jason and Sam go to see Sonny, who is still unconcious. Patrick says Sonny wasn't shot.  He has a concussion. (Credit Holsgem)

April 16, 2007

Jason and Sam in the emergency room talking about Sonny and the ambush.  Sam says she is going to wait with Jason for Sonny to wake up.  Amelia comes and wants Sam t ogo back to work. Carly and Jax come.  Carly is worried about Sonny and Jason.  Jason tells her they are fine.  Carly and Jax go to see Sonny.  Sam is mad about Amelia wanting her to go to work after Jason was just almost killed.  Jason says its okay for her to go.  Sam starts to argue with Amelia.  Jason pulls Sam aside and says that his choices can't rule her life and he wants her to go do what she needs to.  Amelia butts in and thanks him and takes Sam back to work.  Ric comes and questions Jason about the ambush.  Jason refuses to answer. Jason goes to see if Liz and the baby are okay.  He sees Lulu and she brings him up to date and tells him she will give him any information he wants about the baby.  Sam at the photoshoot.  Reports are outside about the shootout.  Jason and Lulu continue to talk.  Liz and Lucky come.  Lucky talks about the close call.  Jason leaves to see Sonny. Sam wants to say no comment but Amelia talks her into giving an interview.  Sonny and Jason talk about Carly.  Jason tells Sonny to let her go. Sam talks to the reporters about the ambush.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 17, 2007

Sam looking at the nasty headline from her interview.  Spinelli comes slinking in.  Sam tells Spinelli Jason went for a ride.  They both say Jason is going to kill me.  Jason comes in and gets nervous when they are both staring at him.  Sam and Spinelli both start to talk at once.  Sam asks Spinelli if she can go first.  Sam apologizes and shows him the paper.  He is understanding but tells her it can't happen again.  They hug and she leaves.  Spinelli accuses Jason of not getting mad at Sam because of his guilt. Spinelli encourages Jason to tell Sam the truth.  They start to argue and Carly barges in.  Spinelli leaves.  Carly asks what is wrong with him.  Jason tells her he dented his bike and hasn't been able to confess yet.  Carly talks about Jason's ability to wait people out.  Jason already knows she is marrying Jax.  She says Michael is taking it hard and it would be easier if Sonny would give her the divorce. She wants him to talk to Sonny.  Sam is waiting for Amelia to start work.  Carly storms in and starts making threats. Carly is mad about the stories in the press. Sam said she didn't know they would spin things that way. Carly warns her she could lose Jason if it doesn't stop.  Jason walks in on Stan trying to calm Sonny down about the article.  Sonny starts to talk to Jason about Sam signing the restraining order or quitting the show.  Jason says he is not there about Sam and asks Sonny to give Carly the divorce.  Amelia shows up.  Sam is nodding off in a chair.  She has a dream of Bill throwing her across the room. Jason and Sonny talk about the divorce.  Sam apologizes for falling asleep and goes to rehearse.  Amelia and her assistant talk about the dirt he got on Sam.  She was using alias to marry men and steal all their money.  She did it 5 times and she killed the last one when he confronted her. Jason comes home and Spinelli tells him about the bike.  Jason says it's okay just ask next time and he will show him how to ride it.  Spinelli says he would have made a great dad. (Credit Holsgem)

April 19, 2007

Jason visits Sam at the studio.  She shows him around and tells him all about her job.  They are both really happy about it until a reporter shows up and starts to question Jason.  Amelia throws him out and yells at her assistant for letting him in.  Amelia asks Jason to stay for the taping but he leaves.  Amelia apologizes about the reporter but Sam is all tense.  She is worried about Jason being left out.  Jason sees Liz on the docks struggling with Cam and his toy and offers to carry it home for her.  Sam is rehearsing.  Amelia starts to imply that Jason is threatened by Sam's career.  Sam says that Jason just wants her to be happy.  She tells her about losing her baby and not being able to have another and how Jason blames himself. She says the job is a great distraction for her but that Jason is never going to be a parent either.  Jason brings Liz and Cam home.  He starts to leave.  She asks him to hang out.  He comes back in and sits down and talks to Cam about the baby. Sam thinks she is being selfish.  Amelia reassures her.  Amelia and her assistant talk about Sam killing Bill Monroe. Liz comes down from putting Cam upstairs and Jason starts to leave.  She starts her I'm being unfair stuff again.  Sam is rehearsing while Amelia tells the assistant about Bill and Sam.  Amelia thinks Sam faked the abuse to get out of murdering Bill.  She says he was her father.  A spotlight starts to fall on Sam.  Amelia shouts a warning.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 20, 2007

Replay of Sam rehearsing while Amelia talks about Sam/Angela and shouting out a warning.  The light falls.  Sam throws herself out of the way as everyone rushes forward.  Jason and Liz talking about the secret.  Jason says what matters is the baby she says he matters too.  Amelia helping Sam up.  She tells the assistant to find out what happened and fire whoever was responsible.  She apologizes to Sam and compliments her on her reflexes. Liz says Jason is not okay with this.  He asks if she is changing her mind.  She talks about all he has done for her and says she loves him. Sam and Amelia talk about the light falling.  Amelia thinks they should take a minute but Sam wants to get back to work.  Amelia asks the assistant what happened with the light.  He tells her it was losened intentionally.  Liz says she shouldn't have said that cause Jason loves Sam and she loves Lucky. He wants to know why if she loves him he can't be a part of the baby's life.  She starts to talk about why she doesn't think they should be together (confusing answer). He says he needs to do a better job of staying away and leaves.  Sam finishes filming the show.  Amelia compliments her.  Then she asks Sam if she was even in Phoenix cause a viewer said they recognized her.  Sam gets nervous and distracted while Amelia keeps talking about the show.  Sam wants time off after the launch party to spend time with Jason. Jason goes to the coffee shop. Jason asks Sonny what is wrong.  Sonny says nothing and comments that Jason has been distracted since Alan died.  Jason says he has been thinking about father's being shut out of their kid's lives.  Sonny tells him Carly and Jax are getting married next Friday.  They talk about Carly then they talk about Lo.  Sonny wants Jason to kill him.  Later, Jason is at the coffeeshop.  Spinelli comes.  Jason wants him to research Lo's house and security.  Spinelli says that Jason trusting him makes them friends and seeing Jason suffer pains him.  He talks to Jason about telling Sam about the baby.  Sam and Amelia scheduling her vacation while everyone else leaves the set. Two thugs come in and show them guns and say they want Sam to give Jason a message. Amelia tries to throw them out.  One of them points a gun at Sam. Sam tries to talk to them.  Jason comes.  They take him by surprise and take his gun. One of them gets ready to shoot.  Jason grabs Sam and dives out of the way.  A shot is fired.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 23, 2007

Replay of the gunman coming to the studio up until the shot is fired.  Jason jumps one gunman and tahe struggle for the gun.  Sam attacks the other with stick and knocks the gun out of his hand.  Amelia makes a call from behind the desk. The gunman knocks Sam down and is about to bash her with the stick.  She picks up the gun and kills him.  Jason shoots the other one.  The police are at the studio.   Lucky questions Jason and Sam.  Jason won't answer without his attorney and Sam says nothing.  Amelia tells Cruz what happened.  Cruz calls Sam over to join them. He asks what she did when the man came after her and Amelia says "she picked up a gun and shot him."  Lucky telling Jason he is creating a problem where there is none to just give a statement and he can go.  Jason says he can't.  Lucky wants to give him the benefit of the doubt because of Liz and Cam.  Lucky is talking to the other cops.  Amelia comes up and tells Jason he is ruining Sam's career and he should not be seen in public with her. In fact, he should break up with her or her career will be over.  Lucky comes over and says the mayor is there because Amelia called him.  She says the mayor will understand the importance of containing the situation and suggests that Lucky let Jason since he isn't cooperating anyway.  Lucky tells Jason he can go. He goes to get Sam but Amelia says Sam needs to stay and work on damage control. Jason says he will leave Milo to wait for her, they kiss and he leaves.  Amelia intimidates the Mayor into keeping the shooting quiet.  Jason goes to see Sonny about what happened at the studio.  Jason wants to kill Alcazar but Sonny says it has to wait until after Carly's wedding.  Sonny and Jason talk about Carly.  Jason says that sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to step away.  The mayor says if Sam or Jason kill anyone else, all bets are off.  Sam wants to get home to Jason.   Amelia says Sam is the one who shot and killed someone.  Sam flashes back to Bill beating her and her shooting him.  Jason on his bike, he starts to make a call, stops and starts up the bike. (Credit Holsgem)

April 24, 2007

Amelia looking at picture of Sam and Bill and remembering Sam killing the gunman.  Sam comes up and asks if the picture is her.  Amelia closes it in a folder. Amelia starts talking about damage control and tells Sam not be sorry, they were after Jason and not her.  Amelia tells her the scheldue and she wants to skip the car accident segment because Jason took off on her bike and she is afraid it will jinx him.  Amelia thinks Jason did her a favor by going away.  Amelia starts to criticize Jason and She and Sam get in an argument.  Amelia suggests that Sam break up with Jason.  She says he is a public embarassment.  They argue again.  Amelia implies that Sam is only with Jason out of gratitude.  Sam makes it clear that she loves him. Sam says if Amelia pushes her to chose she will chose Jason every time.  Amelia tries to turn it around act like Jason does not want Sam on tv or that he holds her back.  Sam continues to defend her relationship and makes it clear that she is not leaving Jason.  Amelia tells her Jason is the wrong boyfriend for a tv personality.  Later, Sam filming her show while Amelia gloats about Sam loving being a star. (Credit Holsgem)

April 26, 2007

Jason comes home.  Spinelli is wearing Jason's wedding suit.  He tells Jason that he stood in for him at the rehearsal and that Carly is freaking.  Jason says Sam knew where he was.  Spinelli tries again to persuafe Jason to tell Sam about the baby but Jason says things are better the way they are.  Jason goes to see Sonny and they discuss the wedding.  Carly in her room freaking out.  Jason knocks.  Carly says how I am supposed to do this and hugs him.  Carly wants Jason to tell Jax she isn't coming to the wedding.  Jason says she will have to do it herself.  She says that Jax deserves someone who loves only him.  Jason says that Jax knows how she feels about Sonny and loves her anyway so what does she want to do.  She says she wants to marry Jax and starts to freak because it is late. Jason helps Carly dress.  She makes him put on her garter. They leave for the wedding. Jason and Carly arrive for the wedding.  Alexis is freaking about them being late. The wedding starts.  Alexis goes in.  Carly and Jason prepare to go in. Sonny shows up. (Credit Holsgem)

April 27, 2007

Replay of Jason and Carly arriving, Alexis going in and Sonny showing up.  Sonny passes Jason and Carly and goes in and sits down.  Jason calms Carly down.  She says she would not be able to do this without him.  Jason asks her what she wants to do and she says she wants to marry Jax. Carly and Jax wedding ceremony. Jason and Sam at the wedding.  She is glad he showed up.  He says he is happy for Carly.  Sam is worried about Sonny.  Jason goes to check on him. Jason goes to Sonny's table.  Sonny is talking to the boys about wanting Carly to be happy.  Sonny and the boys get up to get some punch. Alexis comes up to Jason.  They argue over who is the best man and has to announce the bride and groom.  Alexis annouces Jax and Carly and they come in and have their first dance. Alexis comes and sits with Sam.  They talk about Sam's job and her contract and how well Alexis is doing.  Spinelli has a fantasy about him dancing with Lulu at their wedding. Edward and Monica come to Jason's table.  Jason is glad they came.  He takes them over to say hello to Michael.  They talk about the wedding with Michael.  Bobbie wants Jason to dance with her but he turns her down.  Carly and Jax cut the cake, then Carly throw the bouquet.  Lulu catches it. Jax throws the bouquet, it lands on Jason and Sam's table.  Jason gives the garter to Spinelli.  Jason is at the bar.  Liz comes.  Jason asks how she is feeling and how is the baby. Carly comes and takes Jason off to dance with her.  Sam watches Jason and Carly dance.  She notices Liz watching Jason and rubbing her stomach.  (Credit Holsgem)

April 30, 2007

Carly and Jason dancing while Liz rubs her belly and Sam watches Liz. Spinelli joins Sam.  He starts to talk about Lulu but sees Sam is distracted.  He tells her Jason is only dances with Carly because she is the bride.  Sam watches Liz return to her table with Lucky. Sam asks Spinelli to get her more champagne. Sam and Spinelli drink while watching Jason and Carly dance. Spineli suggests Sam sip the next one, and says he has never seen her drunk.  She says this a good occassion and she knows she is not pregnant. Lucky feeling Liz's belly.  Jax cuts in on Jason and Carly. Jax thanks Jason for being there. Mike talks to Jason about Sonny. Jax tries unsuccessfully to get everyones attention.  Carly yells and everyone shuts up. Jax makes a speech and he and Carly toast each other and kiss. Jax and Carly leave the wedding. Sam wants Jason to either dance with her or get her more champagne. He says how about if they go home and they leave.  Jason carries Sam into the PH and settles her on the couch. Sam still wants a dance or champange.  They talk about him dancing with Carly and Sam mentions Liz watching him. Jason agrees to dance but Sam doesn't want to torture him she will take the champagne.  Jason says she will regret it in the morning but Sam doesn't care.  Sam talks negatively about weddings and mentions picking a bad dress and having the guy get mad.  Jason asks if she was married before and she covers. They cuddle while Sam says she is drunk and in the morning she wants Jason to remind her how good she felt tonight.  She says she feels safe and has no regrets and that she is happy with him. (Credit Holsgem)

May 1, 2007

Jason goes to Sonny's office.  Diane is there.  She is worried cause Sonny is late and she can't reach him.  Jason says he saw him at the wedding and they talk about Carly and Sonny. Sam has a hangover at work.  A network exec comes in looking for Amelia who missed a meeting.  Sam and the exec talk about the show until a disheveled Amelia shows up.  Amelia says her phone is broke and asks for a minute with Sam.  Amelia and Sam talk about the exec and Sam comments that Amelia is still wearing yestrday's clothes.  Sonny comes in and Jason says they have a situation.  Sonny tries to blow Diane off to talk to Jason but she shows him a tabloid with a picture of him and Sam on the front.  Sonny tells her he doesn't have time for it so make it go away.  Jason tells Sonny about Logan getting into it with Lo's men and everyone thinking he works for Sonny.  Sam helps Amelia neaten her hair.  They talk about the exec, Amelia wants Sam to flirt with him.  The exec comes over to them.  They talk about the show.  He says Sam is their money.  Diane comes in and serves an injunction to stop production.  Jason and Sonny talk about Carly.  Jason thinks she is happy.  Sam thinks Sonny wants to sabatoge the show.  Diane says they are violating his privacy. Diane argues with Amelia and the exec.  The exec  is mad that  Amelia built the show around a gangster's mistress.  Amelia tells him she is not Sonny's mistress.  Sam tells him she is with Jason.  Amelia tells Diane that Sonny will lift the injunction when she talks to him.   Sonny's guys drag Logan into the office and Sonny starts to intimidate him.  He makes it clear that Logan will never work for him.  Lulu bursts in to ask Sonny to help since she though that Lo's guys picked Logan up.  She tries to defend Logan and Sonny realizes she was at the confrontation.  He tells Logan that he will kill him if anything happens to Lulu because of him.  Sam tries to reassure the exec but Amelia says the show will not premiere.  Diane belittles the show.  The exec says it is what the people want to see and refers to Sam as "eye candy".  Sam gets mad. The exec says if Sam can't get her personal life under control the show will tank. Sam says she will handle it. Jason comes to the studio.  Sam wants his help with the injunction.  Jason doesn't know about it.  Diane said that Sonny didn't want to put Jason in the middle and that Jason can't get the injunction lifted because his name is not on it.  The exec asks Jason to intercede and not let Sonny sabatoge Sam's career. (Credit Holsgem)

May 2, 2007

Spinelli is in Sonny's office.  Jason comes in and asks if he has the delivery schedules.  He says no but he hacked GH's computer and the baby will be born on the 8th.  Amelia wants Sam in audio.  Sam asks if the injuction has been lifted.  Amelia says it will be that nothing is gonna stop her and she will make sure Sam gets everything she deserves. Jason doesn't want Spinelli spying on Liz and says that all the info is not helping.  Spinelli says Jason has a right to know.  Jason yells at him to delete, then tells him to wait and asks if it says if it is a boy or a girl. Jason and Spinelli look at the records.  Spinelli thinks the baby is doing great but can't tell if it is a boy or a girl because the information is not there. Spinelli says that he can keep digging but Jason says no, he just wants the baby to be healthy and have a good life.  Spinelli tells him he can make sure of that by claiming the baby but Jason tells him to just delete the file.  Sam and Amelia talk about Sonny.  Sam worries about flopping but Amelia reassures her.  Sam goes to film the show and Amelia goes to her assistant and says she wants him to do something to shake Sam up. Jason and Spinelli talking about Lo's shipments. Jason thanks Spinelli and says he can leave.  Spinelli offers to refine the search and Jason asks him what he wants. Spinelli says he though Jason might need a friend.  Jason says he is okay but Spinelli disagrees and says he is worried about him.  Jason says he has a lot of work and Spinelli leaves. Spinelli watches Scott bullying Lulu and Dillon from the doorway.  Jason comes out and shoves Scott and tells him to back off. Sam working on the sign off for her show.  Brandon comes in and asks about the injunction. Amelia says she is working out the details and asks for a minute.  She and Sam talk about the injunction and Brandon.  Amelia goes to speak to Brandon.  He has the file with the photos of Sam and her husbands and he is angry.  Scott tried to bully Jason but he shoves him out the door and says he needs to speak to Lulu alone.  He does not want Scott making Lulu do anything she doesn't want to do and wants Lulu to call him if Scott comes at her again. Jason asks if she needs his help and she says that he would probably make things worse.  Lulu leaves.  Jason's phone rings. It is Liz and she says she needs to see him. Amelia says she did not know until after she hired Sam. Amelia tells him that they will deny the stories about Sam and then if her numbers start to all use the scandel to drive them back up.  Brandon is impressed. Jason goes to see Liz.  She tells him if anything goes wrong with during delivery he needs to do whatever is necessary even if he has to tell the truth about being the baby's father.  Sam filming the shows closing.  Brandon is thrilled.  The phone rings.  It is for Sam.  Amelia's assistant is calling pretending to be one of Sam's husbands and saying she is going to pay for robbing him. (Credit Holsgem)

May 3, 2007

Liz wants Jason to come forward if anything happend to her or the baby.  Jason just wants to tell the truth now.  The assistant threatens to go the police and the press if Sam doesn't have half million dollars ready to transfer in 30 miuntes.  Sam hangs up and starts to call Jason.  Amelia stops her.  Sam tries to leave.  Amelia stops her again and wants to know what is wrong.  Sam says she needs $500,000 in half an hour or there will be no show.  Liz wants to keep up the lie unless something goes wrong.  Jason says he will stick to his word but promises to come forward if the baby needs him.  Jason assures Liz that everything will be okay and tells her to think about her baby.  She hugs him.  Amelia pressures Sam to tell her why she needs the money and Sam tells her about the con.  Amelia tells her to call Jason to get the money but Sam says she doesn't want Jason to know. Sonny and Michael at Carly's.  An armed Craig is hiding.  Jason comes in and sends Michael out of the room so he and Sonny can talk. Michael heads for the kitchen.  Lady Jane stops him and Sonny wants to know why.  Amelia tells Sam to refuse to pay him.  Sam is worried about the show and everyone's jobs.  She also says that Jason would forgive this but it would change everything.  Amelia says Jason kills people so he should understand.  Sam is worried about the lying and that she conned men out of their money.  Sam then says she has to tell Jason herself.  Amelia says she has a better idea.  "Todd" calls and Amelia takes the call.  Amelia tells him she will give him $300,000 and that if he ever calls again she wil go to the police.  She hangs up and tells a grateful Sam that is taken care of and that Jason never needs to know. Lady Jane covers. Sonny and Jason leave and go to the coffee shop. They talk about Carly's marriage and the boys and doing what is right for the kids.  Sonny tells Jason to take care of Lo tonight and use the storm for cover. Jason leaves (Credit Holsgem)

May 4, 2007

Jason getting ready to go after Lo.  Going out the door he runs into Sam.  He tells her he has to work and will be gone for a couple days.  She says her too.  They talk about the injunction and how they are staying out of each other's work so it does not come between them.  Sam says she still gets to worry about him.  They hug and exchange I love yous and kiss. Jason leaves.  Jason goes to the Spencer house and finds Liz unconcious and takes her to the hospital.  Kelly says Liz needs a C-section now or they will lose her and the baby.  They wheel Liz into the OR.  Amelia comes to pick up Sam. Sam says there is no point in goign because of the injunction.  Amelia had it lifted.  Amelia tells Sam to get her bags packed.  Jason watching the C-section through the window. Sam thinks the storm will ground the plane but Amelia says she already checked.  Sam then says that they probably won't make it because of traffic. Sam doesn't want to go because she is worried about Jason.  She would rather leave in the morning. Amelia tells her if she doesn't go it will hurt her career.  As Jason watches, the baby's heart rate drops and Kelly says they are losing him.  Sam comes down with her bag.  She tells Amelia that this tv thing is surreal for her.  Amelia says once the show airs her life will change forever so she hopes she is ready.  Sam says what if I am not.  Amelia tells her how much Jason wants this for her.  Sam says what if I don't want this life, what if I just want my life with Jason.  Montage: Jason watches as they take the baby out and start to work in Liz and the baby, Lucky pulls Craig over, Nik codes, the doctors continue to work on Liz and the baby as Jason watches, Lucky asks for Craig's license and registration, Craig gives them to him and reaches for his gun, Patrick, Robin and Emily work on Nik, the doctors work on Liz and the baby. (Credit Holsgem)

May 7, 2007

Replay of montage.  Lucky asks Craig if they met.  The baby starts to cry. The doctors stabilize Liz.  Sam doesn't want to go because she has a bad feeling.  Amelia brings up her contract.  Sam says sue her.  Sam brings up that Amelia could tell Jason about her past.  Amelia says she wouldn't do that because they are friends and then starts to guilt Sam to get her to go.  Jason goes to Liz's room.  She is unconcious and Epiphany is there.  Epiphany tells Jason Liz and the baby would have died if he hadn't found her. Jason tells unconcious Liz they have a son.  A nurse brings the baby in. Jason picks up the baby and tells him he is his father. Liz wakes up and Jason brings her the baby. They talk about how they love the baby.  Jason takes him from Liz. Lucky comes and Jason gives the baby to Lucky. Lucky tells the baby is he is his daddy.  Lucky gives the baby to Liz and thanks Jason for saving Liz and the baby.  Jason leaves.  Amelia tells Sam that she got them rebooked on a flight. Sam says she  is not leaving while she doesn't know what is happening with Jason.  She is worried that there is something he is not talking to her about. Sam says she needs to pay attention to her relationship and she will meet Amelia in Manhatten in the morning.  Amelia says that Sonny lifted the injunction so that Jason would not be caught between Sam and Sonny and this is the same thing except that instead of Jason being compromised it is Sam. Sam says Amelia can't decide for her.  Amelia asks if she is using Jason as an excuse to avoid success.  Amelia talks about using excuses to wreck your dreams.  Sam says being a tv star was not her dream.  Sam says she has a great life with Jason.  Amelia says that is an enormous pressure on him.  Sam agrees to go.  Jason is waiting outside Liz's room. Lulu comes and says she heard about the baby.  They hear the monitors go off and Lucky yellinhg for help for Liz. (Credit Holsgem)

May 8, 2007

Lucky yelling for help.  Lulu and medical staff run in.  Jason watches from the door.  Kelly says she is bleeding out and they rush her into surgery.  Jason goes to the roof.  Lulu follows and tells him not to do anything since Liz might make.  She then tries to convince him to leave the baby with Lucky even if Liz dies.  Later, Spinelli comes and congratulates Jason on the baby's birth. Jason tells Spinelli about the baby's birth and how relieved he was when they finally brought the baby around.  Jason talks about his agreement with Liz and Spinelli says that that was when the baby was hypothetical and that he is real now.  Jason tells Spinelli about holding the baby.   Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu wanted him to convince Jason to leave the baby with Lucky but Spinelli thinks Jason should claim his son. Jason goes to Liz's room and sees Lucky bonding with the baby.  He leaves. Jason watching Epiphany tending to the baby through the nursery window.  Spinelli comes and admires the baby.  Jason walks away.  He tells Spinelli that hanging around is just making it harder to give him up. Spinelli says doesn't Jason want to hold him.  Jason says only family can get in the nursery.  Spinelli says to trust him and he knocks on the nursery door.  Epiphany comes out and Spinelli says that Jason wants to see the baby.  Epiphany says he is on the list.  Jason goes in.  Epiphany tells Spinelli to never pull a stunt like that again. Jason picks up the baby.  Jason tells the baby he will do whatever it takes to give him the best life possible and he that he will always love him. (Credit Holsgem)

May 9, 2007

Jason on the phone talking to Bernie.  Spinelli comes in and tells him Liz's condition is dire. Jason asks about the baby.  Spinelli shows Jason that hacked into the nursery security camera so Jason can watch the baby on his laptop. Spinelli says if Liz dies Jason will have to claim the baby. Jason says Liz will be okay and it is not that simple.  Spinelli says the baby needs him right now and he should be at the hospital with him.  He tells Jason he needs to tell the truth now cause no one will blame Liz if she wakes up because they will be so relieved she is alive.  Lulu busts in and says Jason can never tell the truth. Lulu and Spinelli argue.  Jason makes them stop. Lulu says she did what Jason wanted and he owes her the same respect.  Jason asks Spinelli to leave.  Lulu says if Liz dies and Jason takes the baby Lucky will be destroyed.  Spinelli at GH.  Lucky catches him.  Spinelli covers.  Spinelli goes into see the baby. Epiphany catches him.  Jason says he doesn't want to hurt to Lucky but he has to think like a father.  Lulu starts to guilt him.  Jason says all he can think about is the baby may have to grow up without a mother.  Lulu apologizes.  Ric comes in.  Jason tells Lulu to leave. Ric thinks Lulu was there about Liz. Spinelli says he is on the list. Epiphany knows he hacked it and throws him out.  He runs into Lulu. He tells her he is checking the baby for Jason.  Lulu says Jason made his choice and needs to leave the baby with Lucky.  Spinelli disagrees and tries to convince her that they are wrong for keeping the secret. Ric wants to know why Jason is hanging around Liz. He tells Jason to stay away from Liz and says that Jason is in love with her.  Then he starts in on Sam and Jason tells him to get out.  As Ric leaves Spinelli pops up on the laptop and talks about the progeny.  Ric turns around. (Credit Holsgem)

May 10, 2007

Ric warns Jason away from Liz again.  Jason is staring at the computer.  Ric comes back and tries to see what Jason is looking at. They fight over the computer and Jason throws it against the wall.  Sonny comes in and asks what the problem is.  Ric says that Sonny is a witness and shouts for the police who come in.  Ric says Jason threw the computer at his head and he wants him charged with assault. Sonny say no one is getting arrested.  Ric asks if Sonny is gonna threaten him in front of the cops.  Sonny says he will have the conversation in front of the cops but does Ric really want to.  Ric sends the cops away. Sonny asks why Ric provoked Jason.  Ric says he needs to stay away from Liz. Sonny says it is not Ric's business.  Ric mentions Liz is fighting for her life.  Sonny doesn't know what is going on so Jason brings him up to date. Ric starts yelling at Jason about Liz again.  Sonny tells Ric to stop unless he wants Diane to hold a press conference about his abuse of power. Ric leaves. Sonny wants to know Jason did not kill Lo.  Jason tells him about finding Liz and taking her to the hospital.  Sonny says he knows he is worried about her but he needs him focused. They need to take care of Lo now.  Sonny says if Jason can't do it.  Jason says Lo will be dead at the next opportunity.  Jason rushes up to Spinelli at GH.  He says he got his message and wants to know what is wrong with the baby.  Spinelli says not yet but the doctors think it is bad for the baby to stay in the hospital but Lucky won't let him go home.  Spinelli points out why the nursery is not the best enviroment and says the baby needs his parents and Jason in the only one available. Jason doesn't want to destroy the life Liz wants for the baby. Epiphany comes up and Jason asks about the baby.  She says the same things Spinelli said. Lulu comes up to Spinelli.  They talk about the baby.  Lulu is uncomfortable about him because of her abortion.  Spinelli convinces her to just open up to him.  Jason goes to Liz's bedside and tells her he doesn't want to ruin her life but the baby needs to go home and he doesn't know what to do. Lulu goes into the nursery picks up the baby and starts to bond with him. Jason tells Liz the baby needs her and begs her to wake up.  Lucky comes in. Jason says the nurses say the baby needs to go home.  Lucky says it is not Jason's business.  Jason says actually it is.  Liz wakes up.  (Credit Holsgem)

May 11, 2007

Lucky says Jason has no say in this. Jason says he is not going to argue.  Liz wakes up and calls for Jason.  Lucky runs to her side. Lulu and Spinelli with the baby discussing Lucky, Jason, Liz and whether or not the truth needs to come out. Lucky is overjoyed to see Liz awake.  She asks what happened and he tells her while Jason watches from the door.  Jason asks the nurse to page Kelly.  Jason goes to the nursery.  He tells Epiphany that Liz woke up.  She tells him that Lulu and Spin are with the baby.  He goes to the nursery and tells them that Liz woke up.  Lulu asks if he told Lucky. He says no.  She thanks him and hugs him. She goes to see Liz.  Spinelli and Jason play with the baby.  Sonny calls Jason and he leaves after tellingSpinelli to leave cause he is annoying Epiphany.  Sam and Amelia on a plane.  Sam is all excited about the show.  Amelis says it will take a lot of work and sacrifice.  Sam says she is willing to sacrifice.  Amelia says then Jason has to go.  Spinelli and Lulu watching Lucky in the nursery with the baby.  They argue over whether or not this is right.  Jason goes to the coffee shop.  Sonny wants to know where he has been. Jason tells him.  Sonny thinks he is awful invested in the baby.  Jason covers. Jason says he is ready to work.  Sonny tells him about Lo taking Lila Rae and that they are leaving him alone until Skye gets her back. Jason doesn't trust Skye and wants to kill Lo now.  Sonny thinks Skye will play to Lo's ego and get him to bring the baby back, then she will help them kill him. Amelia makes her case for Sam leaving Jason and says the network has wanted him gone since day one.  Sam says Jason hasn't hurt the show.  Amelia tells Sam Jason is a liability and they could lose the show.  Sam says she loves Jason and defends him.  Amelia says if the show gts cancelled Sam's life will go back to the way it was and is Jason worth giving all of this up.  Sam goes to the coffeehouse looking for Jason.  Sonny tells her about Liz and Sam goes to the hospital to check on her.  Jason goes to see Liz and the baby.  She thanks him for everything and talks about owing him.  Liz promises Jason the baby will have a good life and talks about him giving up the baby.  Sam overhears. (Credit Holsgem)

May 14, 2007

Replay of Liz talking to Jason and Sam overhearing. Jason says he only wants what is best for their son.  Liz says she wishes he could be a part of his life. He says that would mean admitting that Lucky is not the father but he is.  Sam's eyes fill with tears. Liz mentions Jason's struggle with the decision over the past few months.  Jason says that once he saw and held the baby he wishes there was a way to share custody.  She says as much as she cares about him and trust him she would be afraid to leave the baby with him because of the violence of his life.  Sam is devastated. Jason says they will just leave things the way they agreed and starts away. Liz calls to him and asks him not to hate her.  He says he can never hate her because she is the mother of his baby.  Sam leaves unseen.  Sam goes to the MC bar and orders a double and tells the bartender to keep them coming. Liz says she wishes there was another way.  Jason says they just have to let it go.  He tells her to be a good mother so he never regrets this moment.  Jason goes to Carly's.  Jason asks her what is wrong.  She starts to ramble about her Jax and their commitment.  Jason gets her to calm down and asks if Jax is asking her to keep a secret.  She says no but he will because she knows something bad and she doesn't know what to do.  Sam is drinking.  Amelia comes and asks if she is celebrating the show.  Sam says she is drinking to Jason's new son.  Sam tells her about Jason and Liz having a baby and that she is trying to figure out what to do with that info. Jason doesn't want Carly to betray Jax but he wants to know if her or the boys are in danger. Carly says no and  telling Jason will be against her wedding vows and she doesn't even know if he will understand.  Carly agrees to go to Jason if she needs him.  He says they all have secrets.  Carly says he can tell her anything and by the look on his face he probably should.  Sam tells Amelia about everything from her getting shot to Liz getting pregnant.  Amelia asks if she just found all this out.  She says she knew about them sleeping together but that Liz had a DNA test and the baby was supposedly Lucky's.  But Jason is the daddy and she has been lied to for months. Amelia wants to know what they do now. She orders Sam more drinks. Carly knows something other than Alan's death is bothering Jason.  He says they agreed that they needed to keep their secrets. Carly is worried.  Amelia calls Jason and tells him that Sam is drunk.  Jason leaves to get Sam.  Sam says she felt guilty for keeping her scams a secret but Jason was keeping a life altering secret from her.  She talks about how this was supposed to be their baby.  She is very upset that he lied to her.  Amelia says at least he finally told her.  Sam tells her she overheard.  Jason comes.  Sam stands up and tells Amelia that he is the only man she ever trusted.  Jason asks what is going on. (Credit Holsgem)

May 15, 2007

Jason says Amelia thought Sam would need a ride home.  Sam said he should have sent Milo since he is so busy with his other priorities. Jason asks if something happened at the premier.  Sam says they loved her. She says does he want to be with a tv star or with the mother of his child. Jason tries to get her to leave while she talks about not being able to have kids.  Sam starts to get loud.  Amelia tells her to go that being seen like this is not good for the show.  Sam says the show is all she has left. She leaves with Jason.  At the PH, Sam tells Jason to go back to whatever he was doing.  She gets another bottle.  Jason tries to get her to stop.  She says she is not drunk enough cause she can still feel.  She says why is he still with her. Jason tries to get her to stop drinking telling her she will get sick.  She says probably but she will only be hurting herself, not him, her daughter or the baby she can't have. She says in the morning she can pretend that the conversation and the night never happened. Sam passes out.  Jason carries her upstairs.  Spinelli comes in babbling about baby news.  Jason tells him to keep it down cause Sam is upstairs sleeping.  Jason tells him that Sam was really upset but that she passed out before he coud find out why.  Spinelli tells him that Liz named the baby Jacob Martin after him.  Jason doesn't get it, even after Spinelli explains.  Sam is listening on the stairs.  Spinelli says Liz is wrong for what she is doing to Jason and the baby. Jason says Liz doing what she thinks is best and she told the truth.  Spinelli says she only told the the truth after he saved her at the MC.  Jason is only worried about what is fair to the baby.  Jason says it would be best for both parents to be in the baby's life but if Liz is afraid everytime the baby is with him, the baby will pick up on it and he would be afraid everytime he was with him.  Spinelli brings up Sam and Jason says it would kill Sam to know he had a baby with Liz.  Sam starts to cry.  Later, Sam comes down complaining about a hangover.  She says she doesn't remember anything after starting to drink with Amelia.  Sam says she never worries when she is with him and snuggles close.  Jason looks scared and guilty. (Credit Holsgem)

May 16, 2007

Sam dreams she has a baby and Jason takes the baby from her and gives him to Liz.  She wakes up screaming. Jason comes running.  He makes her a hangover cure and asks about the dream.  She says the dream was nothing and asks what is in the hangover cure.  Jason doesn't want to tell her so she says another secret.  Sam gets up but is woozy, Jason helps her into the chair.  Sam drinks the hangover cure and says how nice it is for them to be alone together.  Later Jason is on the phone when Sam comes down.  She is feeling better and ready to go to work.  Sam says she just celebrated too hard.  Jason says she wasn't celebrating, she was miserable. Sam asks if she said anything she should apologize for, Jason says no but tells her about the tv star/mother of your children question.  He asks what she meant by it.  She says she hates that she can't have a baby but they need to focus on the gifts they have.  She kisses him, they exchange I love yous and she leaves.  Sam at work.  Amelia cancelled the shoot cause she thought Sam was gonna be too hungover to work.  Sam says when people are counting on her she shows up.  Amelia asks how much she remembers and they outline everything Sam told her.  Sam apologizes for dumping all that on her and asks her not to tell anyone about Jason being the baby's father.  Amelia wants to know why she is protecting his lie.  Carly and Jax arguing when Jason knocks.  Jason needs to see Carly.  Jax says he and Carly don't have secrets and wants Jason to tell him whatever it is.  Sam tells Amelia what she overheard and that she understands why Jason lied.  Amelia mentions shared custody. Jason and Jax argue about his bond with Carly.  Jerry calls Jax and he leaves.  Jason wants to know what trouble Jax is in. Amelia and Sam discuss Jason, Liz and the baby. Sam defends Jason.  Amelia wonders why Sam doesn't tell him she knows. Sam needs time to think.  Sam says there is someone she needs to see. Carly doesn't want to betray Jax and promises Jason her and the boys are safe and says it is Jerry who is in trouble. Jason tells her to call if she needs him and leaves. Sam at GH.  She sees the baby and plays with him.  Amelia says on Friday Sam will pay for what she did to her father. Jason goes to Sonny's office. Skye is there.  She begs him not to kill Lorenzo until she gets her daughter back. Jax telling Jerry everyone is after him.  Carly asking Lo what he knows about Craig.  Skye telling Jason Lo is making plans to kill him and Sonny with Craig.  (Credit Holsgem)

May 17, 2007

Jason asks Skye if she was sure it was Craig.  Sonny comes in and wants to know why Skye risked coming there. Jason updates him.  Sam outside Liz's room listening to Liz and Lucky and the baby.  Epiphany catches her.  Sam says she came to see the baby but  thinks Liz and Lucky could use some time alone. Epiphany asks why she is still there then.  Sam talks about helping Liz during the hostage crisis and feeling connected to the baby. Sonny wants to know why Craig is back.  Jason thinks he never left.  Sonny questions Skye.  Jason starts to pull her out of the room as she begs Sonny to let Lo live until she gets Lila Rae back.  Sonny says Lo is safe for now.  Jason pushes her out and shuts the door. Sonny says Craig is a different story.  Jason says he doesn't make it through the night. Sonny and Jason talk about Craig.  Jason says he will pay for killing Alan. Sam goes into Liz's room with a gift.  Lucky tells her to come in and see the baby. Lucky asks if she wants to hold him.  Liz acts like Lucky is imposing but Sam says she would love to. Liz passes the baby to Sam.  Spinelli comes to Sonny's office.  Jason tells him to trace Lo's calls for the past two days.  Jason tells him they are looking for Craig. Maxie starts a commotion outside. Jason lets her in. Spinelli leaves. Maxie tells Jason Craig is back and she can help him find him. She tells him about Coop meeting Craig. Maxie says she is just looking out for Coop. Coop calls Maxie.  Maxie tells Jason where Craig will be. Sam and Lucky talk about Jason saving the baby.  Sam gets emotional as she gives him back to Liz. They tell her about Amelia and Sam says she will take care of it.  Sam confronts Amelia about approaching Liz. Amelia tries to turn the whole thing around on Jason.  Jason throws Maxie out and hurries away. Logan tries to intercept him but Jason blows him off. Amelia and Sam apologize to each other but Amelia manages to rub things in. Sam just wants Jason to trust her and tell her. Amelia and her assistant discuss setting up Sam.  Craig fires on Jason in the alley. Jason returns fire. Craig asks about Alan and Jason says Craig will pay. (Credit Holsgem)

May 18, 2007

Sam filming a segment on domestic violence and having some trouble.  Amelia tells the assistant when she relives that night it will look like what it was murder.  Jason and Jerry shooting it out.  Amelia gloating to her assistant. Sam says her script is too vague and she doesn't know what she is supposed to do.  Amelia says they are going to reenact a moment of domestic violence. The gunfight continues.  They hear voices and Jerry asks Jason if he wants to involve bystanders.  Jason lets him go just as some kids come into the alley. Logan telling Sonny about Carly and Lo when Jason comes in.  Logan leaves.  Jason tells Sonny about letting Craig go and says there is another problem. Amelia introduces Sam to the actor for the reenactment.  He resembles Bill.  Amelia says she wants them to wing it. They start the reenactment.  The guy grabs her wrists and she flashes back and tells him she can't do this.  Jason tells Sonny he has Spinelli tracking Craig through Lo's phone records.  Sonny tells Jason that they tried to poison him earlier in the day.  He then tells him that Logan saw Carly at Lo's.  Sonny thinks Carly knows more about Craig than she is saying and says he is going to go find out. Amelia asks if Sam has been an abuse victim. Amelia apologizes and implies that Jason was her abuser.  Sam says Jason would never that it was someone else that she scammed.  Sam doesn't want to do the segment and Amelia says that she just made it more important because Sam survived the situation and came out better.  Amelia convinces her to do it. Spinelli in Sonny's office.  Jason comes and tells Spinelli to focus cause they tried to kill Sonny today.  Spinelli finds Craig's calls in Lo's records.  Spinelli says he can find Craig through the GPS satellite.  Spinelli says where Craig is.  Jason says he is headed for Carly's,  He tells Spinelli to call Carly and warn her and he runs out.  Sam filming the scene and having flashbacks.  Sam grabs the gun ang threatens the actor. Craig breaks into Carly's and starts calling for Jax.  Jason comes behind him with a gun. Carly jumps in front of Craig. (Credit Holsgem)

May 21, 2007

Sam holding a gun and flashing back to the night she killed Bill Monroe.  The actor backs off and Amelia tries to calm Sam.  Carly stands between Jason and Craig and says Craig is Jax's brother.  Carly begs Jason not to kill him.  Craig says if he dies people Jason loves will pay for it. Sam accuses Amelia of setting her up.  Amelia denies it and says she would never hurt Sam like that. Jason wants to know what Craig is talking about.  Carly stays behind Craig and helps him run out.  She stops Jason from going after him.  Amelia's assistant wants her to stop the head games. Amelia wants to find out what happened the night her father died.  Sam apologizes for flipping out.  Amelia apologizes, too.  Sam wants to not do the topic. Amelia says the network wants it and won't back off.  Sam doesn't think she can do it.  Amelia tells her to use the experience to make the show better.  Jason and Carly fight over Craig. Sam says she will do it if the they change the set and actor so it is not so much like her experience. Jason and Carly continue to fight.  He says she is asking too much, that Craig just threatened the people he loves.  Carly says her marriage will fail if Jason kills Craig.  Jason says he let Craig leave alive and that is it and walks out.  Jason goes to the coffee shop.  Sonny tells him about Jerry before Jason has a chance to tell him.  Sonny tells him that Jax came to beg for his life.  Jason tells him what happened at Carly's. Jason says he is gonna hunt Craig down and kill him. Jason and Sonny argue because Sonny wants Jason to wait.  Sam and Amelia go into the Penthouse.  Craig is there with a gun.  He says "Sweet Sam, we meet again". (Credit Holsgem)

May 22, 2007

Sonny says they have other priorites.  Jason says he doesn't.  Craig holds a gun on Sam and Amelia.  Amelia saye he must be James Craig.  He says his real name is Jerry Jacks.  Jason and Sonny argue over Craig. Sonny thinks Alcazar is a bigger threat.  Sonny says Craig needs to die but Lo needs to die first.  He asks if Jason can handle it.  Craig tells Sam and Amelia to get comfortable.  Sam asks what he wants and he says to talk to Jason about why Jason is not going to kill him. He tells Sam to get them wine.  There is a gun in the wine cabinet.  Sonny thinks that Jerry will lay low for a little while while Jax is defending him.   Sonny wants to ue that time to kill Lo and find away to kill Jerry that won't come back on them.  Jason thinks Sonny is wrong.  Sonny thinks Jason's judgment is off on this because of Alan.  Jason agrees to kill Lo first but says he wants Craig dead.  Sonny agrees.  Craig and Amelia talk while Sam opens the wine.  Sam picks up the gun while Craig is distracted.  Sam goes to shoot Craig but Amelia yells and grabs her arm.  Craig points his gun at Sam and makes her drop the gun.  Amelia says she can't watch Sam kill another man. Craig aks about the other killing.  Amelia tells him.  Spinelli comes in from the kitchen and gets a poolcue and starts to sneak up on Craig.  Craig puts the gun to Amelia's throat and says he will kill her if Spinelli doesn't drop the poolcue.  Spinelli joins Sam and Amelia.  Craig says everything will be fine when he and Jason agree on a price.  Sam and Spinelli say Jason can't be bought.  Jason comes in.  Craig turns the gun on him and tells him to close the door and drop his gun.  Jason does. Craig  brings up his insurance.  He tells Jason how he set Em up for treason and how if he dies the evidence will go to the government. Craig leaves. Sam apologizes to Amelia.  Amelia says they have to discuss Sam's personal life. Jason asks Sam if she is okay.  She says she doesn't know, she doesn't know how Craig got in the PH.  Spinelli says he tried to get the drop on him.  Jason says next time get out and call for help. Spinelli starts to apologize.  Jason says he already lost Alan and he doesn't plan to lose anyone else.  After Spinelli leaves, Jason asks Sam what happened and she tells him. She says she had a long and weird day. He asks if there was a problem at work and she tells him about flipping out. She asks what he is going to do about Craig.  Jason says he is going to check out his story and if he really has something on Emily he doesn't know.  They hug.  (Credit Holsgem)

May 23, 2007

Jason in Sonny's office. Sonny comes in and says they need to kill Alcazar today and that Skye will call him as soon as she has the baby and that is when Jason will kill him.  Jason says they have to deal with Craig after they kill Lo.  Jason tells him about Craig coming to the PH and that he set up Emily.  Sonny says he has to be dealt with but right now the focus is Lo.  Jason leaves as Diane comes in. Sonny and Diane talk about his neighbor.  Jason goes to GH to see Em.  Em tells him she knows Craig is Jerry and she knows he is holding her over Jason's head.  She tells him the evidence against her is real. She tells him she did it to protect someone she loves.  Amelia telling Brandon she quits.  He is arguing for her to stay.  Sam comes up and is shocked that Amelia is quitting.  Amelia says that she is afraid because Jason is dangerous and that makes being around Sam life-threatening.  Brandon tells Sam to get Amelia back or the show is cancelled.  Emily tells Jason what Craig did to Nik.  Jason says he wil get her out of it.  She says it is okay as long as Jason leaves Craig alone.  She says Alan would not want Jason to kill to avenge him.  Sam tells Amelia they are gonna canel the show.  Amelia says it is a bluff there is too much money invested they will get a new producer.  Sam starts aplogizing and pleading with her to stay. Amelia implies that Sam is mentally ill and says her first impulse is to go for a gun and that she is a perfect match for Jason.  She says that Jason was right to leave the baby with Liz cause no child should grow up in that environment.  She starts to leave but Sam stops her. Jason goes to Liz's room and sees her talking to the baby about going home.  He starts to leave but she sees him and calls him in.  She tells him Lucky and Cam will be there soon to take them home. Jason says he will get out of their way and starts to leave but she wants him to stay since she doesn't know when he will get the chance to see the baby again.  She asks Jason if he wants to hold the baby, he does.  Sonny calls.  Jason gives her the baby and leaves. Sam tells Amelia that maybe her and Jason aren't cut out to have kids and that his life is dangerous but she accepts that as part of being with him.  She says she still cares about her life and her career.  Sam promises Amelia things will be different.  Amelia says that is an empty promise unless she ends things with Jason. Jason in some brush putting a silencer on a gun. Amelia brings up that Sam is always a target because of Jason and that getting shot robbed her of a chance to have a kid while he hid having a kid with another woman.  Sam says she has plenty of secrets he doesn't know about too. Sam says Amelia is her friend and begs her not to quit.  Sam says the show is all she has to count on.  Amelia says she will stay as long as no guns are pulled on anyone. Sam goes to tell Brandon. The assistant asks Amelia if she was really gonna quit and she says she wanted to see how bad Sam wanted this.  Now she knows she is hooked so it is really gonna hurt when it blows up in her faces and she loses everything.  Skye lets Jason into the house. She goes upstairs and talks to Lo.  He goes to call the car.  Skye sings to the baby.  She hears 2 silenced shots and a thud. (Credit Holsgem)

May 24, 2007

Spinelli overhears Jason on the phone talking about Lo's murder. Spinelli promises to never mention it to anyone.  He says he is glad that Jason's personal turmoil is not effecting his work.  Jason tells him enough about that, he wants him to work on Emily's problem.  Jason goes to Jax looking for Craig.  He tells an appalled Jax what his brother has been up to.  Jax says he'll fix this. Jason wants to know how. Jason tells him Craig plans to stay around.  Jax goes to see Nik and Emily. Carly says he can't kill Craig.  Jason says not until he finds a way to get Emily out of this.  Carly says he can't because it will ruin her marriage. Jason says it is not about her marriage. Jason says Jax won't blame Carly and that he is going to do what he has to do. Skye calls Jason and wants to meets him.  Craig is watching her and follows her when she leaves.  Skye meets Jason and tells him Ric is asking questions and doesn't believe her.  Jerry comes up and says they are talking about Lo's disappearance. (Credit Holsgem)

May 25, 2007

Craig comes up and starts playing mind games with Skye.  Jason tells her to go home.  That the cops will find Lo or not but it has nothing to do with her.  Craig says spoken like a man who knows where the body is buried. Skye is confused about why Jason is putting up with Craig. Craig tells her they have come to a meeting of the minds.  Jason tells her to go again and she does. Craig is grateful to Jason for getting rid of Lo but says he can't get rid of him as easily. Craig talks to Jason about how they have to coexist cause they can't afford to kill each other. Liz brings the baby to the coffeeshop.  Sam thanks her for coming and says it is about the connection her, Jake and Liz share. Sam starts talking to Liz about having her and the baby on the show.  She asks to hold the baby and Liz complies.  Sonny comes out and watches from the counter. Sam comments of the baby's eyes and how he is going to be big and strong just like his daddy. Jason comes in and stops dead staring at Sam and the baby.  Sonny watches Jason.  Spinelli comes out and starts to talk to Sonny.  He stops talking and stares when he sees Liz, Sam and the baby and Jason walking slowly toward them.  Sam starts talking to Jason about how beautiful the baby is and how he must have gotten his good looks from both his parents.  Liz and Jason start to squirm. Sam starts to talk about the show again and what a great story it is, the pregnant hostage and the cop father working to save mother and child.  Liz snaps at her and snatches the baby away. Spinelli starts to squirm.  Sonny is shocked.  Liz leaves.  Jason goes to talk to Sam but Sonny calls him to the office.  They leave and Spinelli sits down and tells Sam it is a bad idea to have the baby on her show.  Sam asks him why he would say that.  Sonny starts to talk about Ric and Spinelli and then questions Jason on his distraction and his response to Sam holding Jake.  Jason covers.  Sonny is worried that Jason's distraction is gonna get him arrested.  Sam comes and Sonny leaves.  Sam asks Jason if he is okay cause he seemed shaky when he saw her with the baby.  She talks about how awesome the baby is and how much Lucky loves him.  Jason asks her why she is doing this. She asks what she is doing.  He said it had to be hell for her to hold the baby.  He asks why she wants Liz and Jake on her show.  She says it doesn't matter cause Liz said no.  Sam says she has to go to work.  She hugs him and leaves.  Outside the door her devastation shows.  Spinelli comes in and gives Jason Jake's hat that Liz dropped. Liz comes in and Spinelli leaves. She says she wants to explain what he walked in on.  He says he knows what he walked in on, their big lie.  He wants to tell Sam he is Jake's father.  Sam is walking.  Amelia catches up with her and asks her what happened.  Sam says she did not confront him because the person who is really at fault is Liz. (Credit Holsgem)

May 28, 2007

Liz says it is not right for Jake if Jason to comes forward as his father. Jason agrees but needs to tell Sam the truth. Liz  thinks Sam won't keep the secret and leave Jake son with her and Lucky.  Sam and Amelia at the PH, Sam thinks Jason is  not the problem, Elizabeth is. Amelia defends Liz and says Jason is the one sleeping with her and lying to her every day. Sam says Jason blames himself for her not being able to have babies. She talks about setting the them up in the same place hoping one of them will tell the truth. She wants Jason to tell her the truth, she knows he wants to and then she'll help him file for custody.  Liz says Sam would want him to file for joint custody and Jason says he would refuse to do that. Liz talks about wanting to yell out at the hospital that it's Jason's his son and he should be the one raising him. Jason asks why she didn't and she says she's afraid of taking away the baby that Lucky already loves. Liz admits she can't deal with the consequences. She's afraid of the way Jason lives and it could hurt their son.  Sam says that Jason has the right to bring up his child. Lucky has the right to know that it's not his son.  Amelia asks of  she's putting herself through this to help Jason or to get back at Liz for sleeping with him. Sam says a little of both. Amelia wants Sam to  let Jason and Liz work it out. Sam says Liz expects Jason to keep this secret forever. Sam loves Jason and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She wants to convince him to tell her the truth so they can work through this together.  Liz talks about envying Carly's ability to raise kids in Sonny's world.  It doesn't bother Carly that their last name is Corinthos but it would terrify her if Jake's was Morgan. Jason doesn't want her to worry. He promises he won't take Jake away from her. Jason's phone rings and it's Sam. She wants to have dinner with him, just the two of them. He says ok.  Jason comes home, Sam is waiting for him with chinese food. She apologizes for how she acted at the coffeehouse and for letting work take over, she misses him, he misses her too. She's surrounded at work by people who tell her how great she is. She wanted to come home and be with him and let them be honest with each other. Jason says there's a lot going on with him, Sam understands that his impulse is to keep it to himself but they have to talk to each other. Jason says ok and Spin walks in and interrupts.  Sam yells at Spinelli and walks out and slams the door. Spin says sorry. Jason says she's mad at him not Spinelli. Spinelli offers to move out, Jason says he's welcome to stay. Sam knows something is up with him, it's not fair to take it out on Spinelli.  Jason and Spinelli talk about Ric. Jason says if Spinelli says the wrong thing he can be charged as an accessory.   Jason gives him money to go find Lulu and have some dinner. Spinelli leaves.  Jason at PH. Sam comes home and asks if Spinelli is there, Jason says no. Sam bought him soda and chips cause she feels terrible. Jason says he explained to him. Sam says she wants to be with Jason and knows that he is the one constant in her life the one she can count on, that's all she needs. (Credit Holsgem)

May 29, 2007

Jason tells Sonny that Jerry is trying to prove that he isnít Craig. Sonny says that Jerry is number 2 on the list and that they need to focus on making sure that they canít be tied to Loís murder.  Sam and Amelia go to Kellyís. Amelia tells her that unless she is going to confront Liz she needs to stop staring daggers at her. Jason says there is no trace of Lo Sonny tells him that they need to find what Lo had on Ric. Spinelli comes and says he has an update. Sonny asks when Jason started trusting Spinelli with business.  Sam says she has the perfect way to reconnect with Jason, a picnic in the park. Amelia says that Jason doesnít seem like picnic kind of guy Sam says he isnít but they had fun on beach picnics in Hawaii. Sam says that Liz is going to the park too and that she is hoping that maybe this will get Jason to tell the truth. Amelia asks what happens after Jason tells you the truth she says she will help him file for custody. Jason says he doesnít want Spinelli talking about anything personal about him Spinelli says maybe he should confide in Sonny. Sonny comes back in and tells Spinelli to leave. Jason says he wants Spinelli to keep searching for whatever Lo had on Ric. Sonny says he doesnít trust Spinelli with this he tells Spinelli to leave. Sonny says Jason has been distracted and he asks if there is any chance he made any mistakes when he took out Lo. There is a knock at the door Sam comes in and asks Jason how he feels about a picnic in the park. Jason says that he and Sonny are in the middle of something. Sam says she is sure that they were talking about something important but that today is an amazing day and that they havenít spent any time together lately. She says it would really mean a lot to her. Jason says okay that he will be right out. Sam leaves.  Sonny tells Jason that something must be going on because unless he was feeling guilty he wouldnít be leaving in the middle of work. At the park, Jason tells Sam he canít stay too long. Sam says she knows she says she is sorry for dragging him away from work but that she promises that it will be good for them they run in to Liz. (Credit Holsgem)

May 30, 2007

Jason says he can't stay too long. They see Liz. Sam asks if she can set their blanket close so they can visit with Cam and Jake.  Liz says she has to go home. Sam holds the offers baby while Liz gets things ready. Baby cries so Sam passes him to Jason while she helps Liz. Liz finishes packing and takes the baby from Jason. They leave. Sam says Jake looked comfortable and happy in his arms. Jason asks if she did this on purpose and knew Liz would be there. Sam said she heard her mention it but thought it was a great idea. She doesn't see the big deal. Jason says she was uncomfortable. Sam asks why. Jason tries to say it's about her and Amelia. Sam says it's never Liz's fault for anything, she says she's sick of this and walks off.  Sam finds Amelia at Kelly's says and tells her what happened at the park. She says she gave him a chance to tell her the truth. Amelia tells her to just confront him or does she enjoy seeing Liz and Jason squirm.  Lulu comes to the PH, looking for Spinelli, Jason says he's not there. Lulu tells Jason about the courthouse and finding out about Luke raping Laura.  Jason says she needs some time, she just got hit with something big. Lulu talks about their wedding and the way they looked at each other, it was all a lie. Jason says sometimes bad things happen between people and it's not like they can't get past it.  Jason says try not to judge. She talks about how love could get so twisted, he said some secrets are not meant to be told and this is one of them. Sam doesn't want to torture anyone just wants him to come clean so they can consider their options. Amelia asks if she thinks Jason would take the baby away from it's mother. She brings up the violent life style. Sam says he's just going along with the Liz. She doesn't want to wake up every morning knowing the man she loves is keeping a secret child from her, a child that should be theirs.  Jason at the PH. Sam comes home and says she is sorry about what happened. He says so is he and grabs his jacket. He says she can't carry a child because of him, he is sorry and would do anything to change it but doesn't know what to do. Sam says they can still have a child, he asks if she wants to adopt and she says no, she wants his child. (Credit Holsgem)

May 31, 2007

Sam says with their background adoption would be difficult. She says she's out of the baby making process but he's not, She suggests a surrogate. He says he can't.  Sam tells him they're not going to make it unless they're parents together. He says it's not fair to say that a baby will save them or tear them apart. Sam says that he won't even consider a surrogate, he's not being fair.  He says he can't do anything cause he took that away from her. She yells at him about not blaming him for that but for all the months they could get pregnant and he wouldn't and now he won't consider sharing his child with her. She can't believe its taken this long to see how selfish he really is. She walks out on him.  At the coffeeshop, Sonny yelling at Spinelli. He wants to know what's wrong with Jason. Jason walks in and asks why he's questioning Spinelli.  At work, Amelia tells she thinks Jason is an obstacle in her career, it's his fault she's barren and he lives a life dictated by violence. Sam loves him. Amelia asks if she's sure, could she possibly be confusing love for co-dependence. Sam says what she has with Jason is real. She just can't get past the fact he had a baby with another woman otherwise they would be happy the way they are. Spinelli says Sonny wasn't questioning him. He talks about their bond. Jason questions the Sonny/Spinelli bond and Spinelli says it is through him. Jason sends Spinell away and asks what he walked in on. Sonny wants to know what's going on with Jason since he doesn't trust him anymore. Jason says says he and Sam are just having some problems. She wants to have a baby and can't because of him, the whole thing is a mess. He leaves.  Jason at the PH, Spinelli is asleep on the couch, he wakes up and wants to explain, going on and on. Jason says it's ok.  Spinelli says maybe he should reconsider and tell Sonny. Jason doesn't want Sonny to know, he will tell him to fight for the baby. He tells him that Lulu needs him. Spinelli runs out. Sam comes back to the PH, Jason waiting. Sam says she apologizes. Jason says she has every right to be angry at him. She says she is angry but not at him, at life and fate and her bad choices, she's devastated she'll never be the mother of his child but won't let anger ruin what they have. They're holding hands. He's still the most important thing that has ever happened to her and she will never give up on them. Jason says neither will he, he kisses her hand and pulls her to him she sits on his lap. (Credit Holsgem)

June 1, 2007

Kate is on a walkie-talkie with someone about her statue. Jason shows up at Sonnyís he tells Jason to shoot it down.  At GH, Sam talking to Kelly about wanting to have a baby.  Kelly tells her that she can look in to in-vitro and a surrogate. Sam says that Jason might not want to be involved in this. Jason isnít sure he can take it down. Sonny says to take it as a challenge. Jason shoots it down. Kate screams. Sonny says that will teach her. Jason and Sonny talk about the shooting. Kate comes in and yells at them. Jason starts to leave as they keep fighting. Jason says you two know each other  Sonny explains that he knows her from the old neighborhood. Kate tries to threaten Jason about revealing her identity. Jason ignores her and leaves.  Sam goes to see Jason at the coffeeshop she says that she owes him an apology she shouldnít have called him unfair and that it was her reaction to how everything has changed. Jason says I am the reason you canít have a baby and there isnít a day when he doesnít think about that. She say she knows and she doesnít blame him at all. She just has to deal with the fact that she will never be able to have his child that but that she needs to focus on the good stuff in her life and not worry about what she canít have. Jason asks what he can do. Sam say just be honest about your feelings that is all I could ask. They say they love each other and hug.  Sam shows up on set and tells Amelia that she went to meet with the doctor and that it looks like this time next year she will be a mom. Amelia worried about how that will effect the show. Sam says she is going to use a surrogate.  Amelia says you and Jason. Sam says kind of Amelia says you havenít talked to him about this. Sam says that Jason said he would support her and that she would hope he would love her child whether he is the biological father or not. She says that now she and Jason can be a family with her baby and Liz and Lucky can be the family that they already are.  Liz has the baby at the coffeeshop. Jason comes out of the office.  Amelia tells Sam that she will interviewing a woman who lost a child in a fire Sam talks about when she lost Lila she says that it is something that you never get over. Amelia says do you think having another baby is going to fix it. Sam says no she says this baby will give her and Jason a chance to move on.  Amelia says that they better do as many location shoots as they can before her life gets more complicated she tells her they rescheduled the climbing segment and they are set to go to the mountains this afternoon.  Elizabeth tells Jason that Jake is doing good they just came from the doctors. Liz asks if he wants to hold him.  Jason says okay and takes the baby Jason and Liz talk about the baby. Lucky comes in and tells Jason to give the baby back to Liz.  He does. Lucky tells Jason he is under arrest for the murder of Lo. (Credit Holsgem) 

June 4, 2007

Jason hands te baby to Liz and Lucky cuffs him. Liz starts to fight with Lucky.  Jason tells her to stop and Lucky tells her to leave.  Logan comes in and Jason tells him to call Sonny or the lawyer.  Liz takes the baby and leaves. Lucky brings Jason into the PCPD.  Reporters flock them.  Ric tells the reporters Jason is being held for murder.  Lucky cuffing Jason to the table.  Ric comes in and says Jason won't be able to walk away from these charges. Lucky leaves. Ric tells Jason he has proof that Jason killed Lo.  Carly comes into the PCPD and talks Lucky into letting her see Jason.  Lucky brings Carly into the interrogation room and drops a picture as he leaves.  Jason wants Carly to leave, he says Diane is on the way.  Carly wants to know why Sonny isn't there.  She says it is serious and asks if there is any chance Ric has evidence.  Jason doesn't know.  Carly wants to know where Sam is and Jason says he isn't going to call her because there is nothing she can do. He tells her to leave again.  She says she is going to help him and leaves.  Coop comes into to take him in for processing.  Jason asks what they have on him.  He says that Ric is very confident and already convinced the judge to hold Jason without bail.  Jason asks about a phone call.  As they leave Jason picks up Lucky's picture.  It is Liz and Jake. Jason pockets it.  (Credit Holsgem)

June 6, 2007

Carly comes to see Jason with breakfast she bribed the cops to let her bring. She asks Jason if he and Sonny had Jerry killed.  They discuss Jerry's disappearance and Jason says it wasn't him or Sonny.  Carly wants to focus on getting Jason out and starts coming up with schemes. Jason wants her to stop. Carly wants to use Lucky and Jason says no, it's not fair.  Carly says to who, Lucky or Elizabeth.  Ric comes in and questions Carly about her fight with Lorenzo. She says Ric is railroading Jason.  Ric says Jason did the crime.  Carly says there is no crime, there is no body.  Ric says he has something better. Later, Spinelli comes to see Jason.  He has set up a jailbreak but Jason tells him to undo it.  Jason wants Spinelli to stay out of it and let his lawyers get him out clean. Ric comes in and threatens to charge Spinelli as an accomplice if he doesn't tell him everything he knows.  (Credit Holsgem)

June 7, 2007 

Sam and Amelia on a plane talking about the location shoot.  Sam can't wait to tell Jason about it.  Jason tells Ric Spinelli won't say anything without a lawyer. Ric pressures Spinelli and he says he will tell all. Sam talks about how supportive Jason is and how all her plans are coming together and how much better her life is since last year.  Amelia asks if she is still planning to do the surrogacy.  Sam says yes, that Jason will love the baby whether he participates or not. Jason tries to keep Spinelli from talking.  Ric turns on the tape player.  Spinelli starts to babble about the Rings of Power.  Ric shuts off the tape.  Spinelli says that the truth is he knows nothing. Ric threatend to sieze all of Spinelli's computer equipment to find whatever he secrets he is keeping for Jason.  Ric comes back with a warrant and takes Spinelli's computer. Ric says he is sending cops to pick up the rest of Spinelli's equipment at the PH.  Ric leaves.  Spinelli says that the computer was a decoy. Jason asks about the computer at the PH.  Spinelli says it will shut down and lockup when they try to access it. Sam talking to Kelly about in-vitro.  Kelly says Sam's tests were inconclusive. Ric comes and tells Sam that Jason was arrested.  Spinelli wants to get Jason priviliges but Jason tells him to go home and stay out of it.  Jason does not want Ric to find a reason to arrest him. Liz comes and Spinelli leaves. Jason says she should not have come. She wants to help him. Lucky comes to the PCPD and a cop tells him Liz is visiting Jason. Jason tells Liz she can't help. Sam is surprised Jason is in jail. Ric says Jason will be found guilty.  Sam leaves to see Jason.  Jason tells Liz to give Jake the best life she can.  Jason says his arrest makes him feel like he made the right decision.  Lucky comes in and wants to know why Liz is there.  Later Sam comes to the PCPD. She talks the guard into letting her talk to Jason.  They hug.  Sam wants to know why he didn't call her. (Credit Holsgem)

June 8, 2007

Sam says there was a time when they trusted each other and counted on each other.  Jason says they do.  Sam is not so sure since he didn't call her.  He says there was nothing she could do. Sam says he didn't give her a chance.  She wants to know what happened to them.  She says they never got over last summer.  Jason says he just didn't want to hurt her career. Sam says she could have been moral support unless he is getting it from somewhere else.  He points out all the bad things Jason has done to Sam. Ric brings up Sic and Sam says he is disgusting.  Alexis hears through the intercom. Sam and Ric argue about their night together. Jason is angry. Jason says Ric won't goad him into another fight and tells Sam she doesn't have to listen to this.  Sam leaves.  Ric says Jason is going to prison for lfve and he leaves. Sonny comes and tells Jason about Sam's marriages and cons and about her killing Amelia's father.  Jason is worried for that Amelia is trying to hurt  Sam.  Sonny says that Amelia thinks they need to worry about Jason. Sam arrives at the studio mad becuase Jason didn't call her.  Amelia defends Jason and explains how he as looking out for Sam.  Sam feels like she is getting further and further away from Jason.  Sonny tries to make a case agaisnt Sam .  Jason defends Sam and their relationship.  Sam talks about the baby she wants.  She reassures Amelia that Jason will beat the charges. Sam feels better about Jason.  The mother of the baby who died in a fire comes.  Sam is very comforting to her. They bond over their loss.  A cop brings Jason a phone.  The studio phone rings. Jason that he needs to see Amelia.  She says she will tell him everything he wants to know about Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

June 12, 2007

Sam talks to Maureen about the show and reassures her.  Amelia goes to see Jason.  She gives him a file and says Sam has been using him all along. Sam and Maureen talk about the fire.  Maureen breaks down when talking about her daughter dying. Sam shares the story of her daughter dying.  Maureen asks if she ever stops wondering what her little girl would be like.  Sam says the pain gets easier but it never goes away.  Amelia tells Jason about Sam conning and killing her father.  Jason says it has nothing to do with him.  Amelia says he is wrong.  Alexis comes to the studio to see Sam and support her in her career.  Alexis notices Sam's unhappiness. Jason questions Amelia's motives in building a tv show around Sam. Amelia says Sam got away with all her cons and with killing her father.  She tells him how she wanted to make Sam a star and get her hooked on it and then expose and ruin her.  She says she can't do that now because Sam's success brought her so much success.  Jason says instead she is trying to ruin her personal life.  Diane comes in and is mad that Jason is talking to the media.  Sam and Alexis catch up and plan a mother/daugher shopping trip.  Sam tells Alexis that she is doing the show to help people.  Alexis says that is good if she is fulfilled.  Sam admits she has babies on the brain.  Jason and Amelia tell Diane they are not talking about Jason.  Diane wants Jason to be careful.  She leaves. Jason says he won't let Amelia hurt Sam. Amelia tries to convince Jason he was a mark.  He says he is going to tell Sam what she is doing. She says Sam won't quit and she will win no matter how it turns out.  Sam tells Alexis she wants a baby and a career like her.  Alexis tells her to find a way to get what she wants.  Sam says Jason is resistant because his life is dangerous.  Sam says if Jason had a kid he would do everything to keep the boy safe.  Alexis questions her assumption of a son.  Jason says he know Sam has secrets and doesn't care. Amelia tries to make Jason believe that Sam has been working a con since came to PC.  Jason does not believe her.  She says Sam used her baby.  Jason gets mad. She tells him that Sam knows he is Jake's father. (Credit Holsgem)

June 13, 2007

Replay of Sam and Alexis talking about babies. Sam covers her mistake. Amelia tells Jason that Sam was setting up them running into Liz and Jake to torture him because she can't stand that he had a kid with Liz.  She tells him how Sam found about Jake.  She says Sam didn't confront him because she wants the truth to stay hidden because she does not want Jason to be a father to his son. Jason doesn't believe her because she hates Sam.  Amelia says Sam pretends she set him up so he would tell the truth and she could forgive the lie but the truth is she fears if the truth comes out she will lose Jason to Liz.  She says Sam wants to hang on to Jason and is taking steps to insure that she does by hiring a surrogate to carry their baby.  Sam talks about having a baby with a surrogate.  Alexis wants to look over the contract when she does.  Sam mentions Amelia and Alexis wants to look over her EDH contract too.  Sam says she trusts Amelia.  Alexis asks what Amelia says about her having a baby.  Sam says she would give it all up to have a baby with Jason.  Jason says Sam knows how he feels about a surrogacy.  Amelia says she will steal his DNA.  Jason says Sam is not the woman Amelia is describing. Amelia says Sam is not who Jason wants to be the mother of his child.  She says that she just did right by her father, now maybe Jason will do right by his son.  Sam goes to Liz and Lucky's to talk to Lucky about Jason.  Jason looking at the picture and remembering Sam setting him up to be around Liz and Jake.  Sam asks Lucky how bad things look for Jason.  Lucky says there is proof and Jason will be convicted.  Sam says she is not giving up.  She says Jason will beat this and they will have a family.  Sam goes to see Jason.  She tells him she went to see Lucky and that he said it was bad.  Jason says Diane is handling it, there is nothing Sam can do.  Sam says she can believe in the future but she doesn't want to do that alone, she needs to know he is counting on that too.  He says he just takes things as they come.  She asks him to promise that when he gets out of this they will do whatever it takes to be a family.  He says he can't think about having a child right now.  She says he will get out of this and he can think about them and thier family.  She says she knows that he doesn't think a baby will solve their problems but look at what Jake did for Liz and Lucky.  She says she is not gonna give up until they have the same thing.  She kisses him and leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

June 14, 2007

Ric asks what had Jason so rattled that he left evidence behind when he killed Lo.  Kelly tells Sam that it will be more difficult than they thought for her to have a baby. She says that Sam's eggs are barely viable so successful fertilization is unlikely. Sam asks if she can offer any hope. Kelly suggests adoption. Sam says she and Jason will never share a baby. Ric says he will miss hauling Jason in.  Liz comes in.  Ric says do her a favor and tell her to leave. Sam goes to the studio and tells Amelia she will not be able to have a baby.  She says Jason won't adopt since he already has the only kid he wants. Liz is worried about Jason getting a fair trial.  Jason says Diane will do what she has to.  Jason asks about Jake and Liz give him an update.  She then starts talking about wishing Jason's life could intertwine with hers and Lucky's becuase him and Jake deserve to know each other.  Jason looking at the picture and remembering Amelia saying that Sam wants the truth to say buried because she is afraid of losing him to Liz. Amelia asks if she is going to tell Jason what the doctor said.  Sam says she doesn't know.  She thinks Jason might be relieved.  Amelia asks if she still wants Jason to fight for Jake.  Sam says she wants him to do alot of things like include her in his life and ask her to help him raise Jake like he wanted to help her raise her daughter.  She thinks he doesn't need her anymore.  She talks about being angry about losing her baby and then having too wait and it being too late.  Amelia says she still has Jason but Sam thinks he is moving further and further away from her.  Jason telling Lucky that Liz was there to see if he was okay.  Lucky is mad that Jason let her visit and accuses him of taking advantage of her friendship. Diane comes in and throws Lucky out. She is mad at Jason for talking to Lucky and wants to know everything they said.  Jason says Lucky's wife came to visit him.  Diane wants to know what he said to her.  Jason says it is personal.  Diane says she can be called to testify.  Jason says Ric and Lucky won't let that happen.  Jason admits to seeing Liz before Lo got killed and that he left after getting a phone call. Diane is worried that Liz will tell Lucky she saw him and be called to testify.  Sam and Maureen preparing to film.  Maureen says that she sometime hates mothers when she sees them with their babies because she lost hers. Sam says she has felt the same way before.  Jason assures Diane that Liz will not tell Lucky that she saw him.  Diane says she came to visit him. They argue over whether or not Liz is a threat to his case. Sonny comes in.  Diane is freaking out about all the visitors.  She leaves. Sonny tells Jason that Stan verified Amelia's story. He wants Jason to confront Sam because she knows things.  Jason says that Sam will not steal from him or betray him but she can do damage because she knows he is Jake's father.  Sam and Maureen finish taping and Maureen starts to cry and runs out.  Wes starts to follow her but Sam tells him to leave her alone.  Amelia tells Sam she is sorry she lost her dream of being a mother.  Sam says she wishes Jake didn't exist.  Sonny and Jason talk about Liz lying and Jason wanting to claim the baby.  Jason tells Sonny the whole series of events leading up to Liz talking him into giving up Jake.  Sonny says Jason is not giving up the kid.  Jason talks says he wants to claim the baby but he is in jail and even if he gets out he can't promise the baby will be safe. Sonny says he can love him.  Jason says it is over.  Sonny says it is over when Jason claims his child. (Credit Holsgem)

June 15, 2007

Sonny says Jason needs do what is right for his son.  Jason says the baby is better off with them. Sonny asks if he wants his son to grow up living a lie.  Sam says that she and Jason have been drifting apart. Amelia says that Jason fathering Jake is tearing her apart.  Sam says she needs to stop obsessing about Jake and do something about it.  Jason says Liz and Lucky are a family.  Sonny says Jason cam take care of Jake. Jason talks about Liz's fears. He says he can't guarantee anything.  He wants the best life for Jake and the only way to do it is to give him up.  Amelia says there is nothing Sam can do.  Sam says she can confront Jason, Liz or Lucky.  Amelia says it depends on waht she wants.  She says she wants to have Jason's child.  Amelia says that Jason said he would be happy with Sam if they never had a child. Sam says she hasn't seem him look at Jake.  Amelia says his life is with her.  Amelia thinks Sam should get it out in the open and try to get Jason to go for shared custody.  Sam says Liz won't go for it and Jason won't fight her.  Sam says unless Jason comes clean she has to leave things the way they are.  Sonny says shared custody works for him and Carly.  Jason says Liz can't handle the uncertainty.  Sonny says that is her problem.  Sonny wants to know why Jake should be Lucky's and not Jason's and says Jason is only doing it cause Liz asked him to.  Jason wants Jake with him but it is not about him.  Sonny says Sam knows, will Jason stay with her to keep the secret.  Jason looks disgusted.  Sonny says he is not sure Sam is the person Jason thinks she is.  Diane and the mayor argue about the her requesting another bail hearing. She goes into the interrogation room and tells Jason he might be out by tonight.  Liz in the park with the kids.  Spinelli and Lulu come up.  Liz apologizes to Spinelli about Lucky and lets him hold the baby. Sam comes up and says if Jason could only see you now.  Amelia comes in and tries to find out if Jason is gonna tell Sam.  She says she needs to know if she should put out the money for the show since Sam is so close to melting down. Jason says Sam has a right to know the truth.  Amelia says she hasn't been truthful with you.  Sam talks to Spinelli about the baby and how everyone loves him.  She talks to Liz about the baby.  Sam says she has to go.  As she walks away she hears Liz asking Spinelli about Sam wanting a baby.  She hides in the bushes and watches them.  Spinelli says Sam wants a baby but Jason is opposed.  Spinelli thinks Jason would make an awesome dad.  Lulu drags Spinelli away.  Sam continues to watch Liz and Jake.  Jason says if he stays quiet EDH stays on the air, is that what Amelia wants.  Amelia says Sam is using him.  Jason says his relationship with Sam is between him and her. Amelia says that Sam is not capable of love and she will never confront him, she will just play on his guilt.  Jason says he is the one who chose to give up Jake.  He tells her to spend the money. Sam is still watching Liz and her kids in the park.  Diane comes in and says that bail was denied.  A cop cuffs Jason.  He asks if Diane can get him acquitted and she says she doesn't know. (Credit Holsgem)

June 18, 2007

Amelia shows up late and breathless.  Wes comments that she is late and Sam isn't there yet either.  Sam shows up and apologizes for being late.  Amelia says she just got there too. Sam asks where she went and Amelia says she was going to ask her the same thing.  Sam asks where Amelia went, Amelia says she was going to ask her the same thing. Sam says she was at the park thinking.  Amelia says about Jason and the baby.  Sam says about the good things in her life and how her and Jason love each other so why is she asking for trouble.  She is gonna focus on helping Jason through the trial.  Sam asks again where Amelia was.  Amelia says she has a personal life.  Amelia bickers with Wes about the lighting and Sam wonders why she is snapping. Amelia snaps at her too.  Sam apologizes and says that she is always dumping her problems on Amelia but Amelia never shares anything personal with her.  She wants to help.  Amelia blows her off and says she is sleep deprived. Sam backs off but says she is there.  Cruz comes.  He tells them Jake was kidnapped and they want to talk to Sam about it.  Sam asks if Liz is okay and if there are leads. Cruz asks if she saw Liz in the park.  Sam says yes, then she got a shake and hurried back to work cause she was late. She is sorry she doesn't know more.  Cruz asks her to call if she remembers anything.  Sam says of course and she hopes they find him. Cruz leaves. Amelia comments that Sam does not seem upset and that she was just wishing Jake would disappear. (Credit Holsgem)

June 19, 2007

Amelia going on about Sam wishing Jake gone.  Sam says if she is implying Sam had anything to do with it she could not be more wrong. Liz crying in the interrogation room.  Cop brings Jason in. She tells him Jake is gone. Sam says she knows what it is like to lose a child and would not wish that pain on anyone, especially Jason.  Amelia backs off. Sam gets defensive and Amelia apologizes and so does Sam.  Amelia tells her to take the night off to support Jason. Sam can't go to Jason because she will have to admit that she knows Jake is his son if she does. Jason wants Liz to tell him exactly what happened.  She does. She apologizes and starts to cry.  Jason calms her and tells her to focus. He tries to get her to tell him details but she starts to freak out again. She suggests that someone found out he was Jason's and that is why he was taken.  Amelia thinks Sam should just tell Jason she knows.  Sam wants to wait for him to tell her, then she will able to support him. Amelia says Jason needs her.  Sam says she just wants Jake to come back and the charges to be dropped so they can get back to how things were.  Amelia says living a lie. Sam is confident Jason will tell her the truth.  Amelia thinks the kidnapping will make Jason come forward.  Sam thinks that he won't cause that could put the baby in more danger.  Amelia thinks Jason telling the truth will help the cops. Sam says she has to stay out of it and she wants Amelia to too.  Amelia says that the secret is Sam's and she wouldn't tell it.  Liz is freaking out telling Jason about the kidnapping. Jason says its not her fault.  She says what if it was one of Jason's enemies.  He says they would have made contact already if it was.  She starts to freak out again.  Jason tries to get her to focus. Liz said she thought about telling the police about Jason but  she is afraid if the kidnapper knows he is Jason's, they may panic and kill him.  Jason says it is better to keep quiet about him being Jake's dad.  He promises he will do whatever it takes to find Jake.  She starts to cry again.  Jason hugs her. Jason starts to ask specific questions. Jason gets jumpy when she mentions Sam showing up. Jason asks more questions. Mac and Lainey come in to question Liz.  Mac and Jason argue. Liz realizes she is a suspect.  She gets defensive and starts to argue with Lainey and Mac.  Lucky comes in and tries to calm her down.  Jason yells at him.  Sam goes home and talks to Spinelli about the kidnapping. He tells her he is trying to help.  Sam wishes she could do more to help.  They talk about being questioned.  Sam asks him about leads.  Spinelli asks if she saw any evildoers. Lucky and Jason argue.  Mac says this is standard procedure and the arguments are only delaying things.  Liz agrees to answer their questions.  Mac thinks someone followed her to the park and took the baby and that it is probably someone she knows.  Spinelli explains that he is hacking into security camera footage from the buildings around the park to find the kidnapper.  Sam says if the police find out what he is doing he will become a suspect and cause the police to waste time with him.  She wants him to stop.  He does. Sam asks Spinelli if Jason knows about the kidnapping.  Spinelli says he guesses he does and he goes upstairs.  Sam turns on the TV and sees a report about Jake. Someone knocks.  It is a delivery for her.  She opens the package and takes out a onsie.  Spinelli watches her from the stairs. Sonny comes to see Jason. He tells him what they are doing to find Jake.  Sonny wants to know who else knows Jake is Jason's.  Jason goes down the list ruling them all out, except Sam.  He is afraid that he caused something to break in her.  He asks Sonny to tap her phone and have her tailed. (Credit Holsgem)

June 20, 2007

Sam gets to the studio and Amelia tells her she pushed back the schedule so Sam could spend time wtih Jason.  Sam says she was just running errands.  Amelia is shocked that Sam did not go to tell Jason about the kidnapping.  Spinelli tells Jason there are still no leads and talks about how he is following up.  Jason tells him to leave that to Stan, he wants Spinelli to watch Sam.  Spinelli is shocked that Jason suspects Sam.  Sam says Jason must know about the kidnapping.  Amelia still thinks she should be with him.  Sam doesn't want to go because Jason doesn't know that she knows about Jake.  Amelia thinks she should be honest so she can support him. Jason tells Spinelli that Sam knows about Jake and explains his logic in suspecting her.  Spinelli defends Sam. Jason tells Spinelli to just watch Sam and let him know if she does anything odd.  Spinelli tells him about the baby clothes and Sam telling him to stop looking for Jake. Spinelli makes excuses for Sam. Jason doesn't want to suspect Sam but needs to follow all leads. Sam wants to know why Amelia suddenly wants to help fix things between her and Jason.  Amelia says the show will only succeed if Sam is at her best.  Amelia lists all she has done and says now it is Sam's turn.  She needs to do whatever it takes to get her focus back.  Sam walks out.  Diane comes to see Jason.  He  wants her to get him out.  She does not think the judge will give him bail but agrees to try. Jason says to tell them he has a family emergency but refuses to tell her what it is.  Lucky comes in and blames Jason for the lack of leads. Sam getting drunk at MC. Carly comes in and starts to ream her out.  Sam laughs at her and says if only she knew the truth.  Lucky argues with Jason and Diane.  He tells Jason to stay away from his family and leaves.  Diane wants to know what that was all about.  Jason refuses to answer.  Diane says the longer Jason holds out on her the better the chance he is going away for life.  She leaves mad.  Spinelli comes and tells Jason the security tapes don't match Sam's story.  Sam and Carly continue to argue.  Sam accuses Carly of being in love with Jason.  They argue more about Jason and Sam says she is done.  She tells Carly Jason doesn't need either of them not that he's got... Amelia interupts and tries to cover for Sam.  Carly wants Sam out of her hotel. Carly leaves.  Amelia tells Sam to sober up before she says or does something she will regret unless she already has. Spinelli tells Jason everything abouo Sam seeing Jake in the park.  When Jason questions him, Spinelli admits Sam could have circled back.  Sam can't wait to see Carly's face when she finds out about Jake.  She then says it doesn't matter cause Jake is gone and who knows if he will ever be found or Jason will ever get over it.  Amelia asks if she knows anything about the kidnapping. Sam says she doesn't need to find Jake Morgan. (Credit Holsgem)

June 21, 2007

Amelia asks drunk Sam if she kidnapped Jake.  Sam laughs and says what if I said yes. Amelia says she would go to work on damage control. Sam says you'd protect me.  Amelia says it is her job. Sam wants to know why she is so nice to her.  Amelia says nice has nothing to do with it, she has alot invested in Sam.  Amelia asks again if she knows where Jake is.  Liz is going over what she did at the park that day.  Sam comes to the door.  She is drunk and wants to talk about Jake.  Liz lets her in.  Sam says she feels terrible about Jake and wants to help. She wants her and Liz to go over what happened together to see if they can come up with something they missed.  Liz says that is what she was doing and asks if Sam remembers anything.  Sam gets sad and starts to talk about how you never get over losing a child and losing her baby.  Liz says Jake is not dead.  Sam says at least Liz has Cam and Lucky and can have more kids. Liz throws Sam out.  Sam says they both lost a child and they are the same now. She leaves.  Lucky and Cruz talking about the case.  Sam comes in and says she needs to talk to Lucky.  They go into the interrogation room. Lucky asks if she knows anything about his son.  Sam says he's not. (Credit Holsgem)

June 22, 2007

Lucky says what? Sam starts talking about how Lucky loves Jake and it is not fair.  Lucky asks if she has info about Jake or not.  Jason is brought in. Lucky asks Sam what she is trying to say.  Sam covers. Cruz calls Lucky away for a lead. Sam asks the cop to let her talk to Jason.  He comments that she is drunk.  She says she was drinking cause she was thinking about how horrible this must be for Jake's parents and it brought back memories. She says she came to the PCPD to tell Jake's father how sorry she is. She apologizes for not visiting him more.  Jason says it is okay. Sam asks what happened to them and says that she used to be the person he came to when things went wrong but now they are not even connecting. Jason says he is worried about her.  She says again how terrible this is for Jake's parents. Jason says hopefully who ever took Jake has too much good in them to hurt him and that they will do the right thing.  Sam says she hopes so. Sam says she still loves him. Liz is looking in at them.  Sam leaves in tears. Sam goes to the studio.  Amelia asks if she has sobered up and Sam says she is getting there. Sam asks if there were complaints from the network and Amelia says she covered. Sam apologizes. Amelia says it was a lucky break cause Ric was there to find out where Sam was when Jake was kidnapped.  Amelia says she lied and said Sam was at the studio.  Sam wants to know why.  Liz goes into see Jason.  She is scared but Jason tries to reassure her.  Jason says he needs her to stay strong and believe their son will be found.  He takes her hands.  Lucky sees.  Amelia says she lied cause Sam told her she had nothing to do with it. Sam thanks her. Wes is ready to start the staging.  Amelia tells Wes to make sure Sam is ready to shoot tomorrow and leaves. Liz thinks things could be different if she told the truth from teh beginning.  Jason says they did what they thought was best for Jake.  Lucky comes in and gets Liz. He says there was a potential sighting but he could not find her cause she was with Jason.  Cruz comes in and says the daycare center is on the phone.  Lucky talks to them and thinks they have Jake. Liz hugs him. Jason watches. Jason pacing.  A cop comes in and says Diane is running late.  Jason asks what is happening and she says they just found Jake. Lucky tells Liz they are bringing the baby there. They hug.  The social worker comes in carrying a baby.  It is not Jake. Liz cries and turns to Jason.  Lucky comes and hugs her. Sam rehearsing. She is missing the next pages in her script.  Wes says Amelia has them with her stuff.  Sam goes to get them and finds Amelia's file on her.  Spinelli comes to see Jason.  Jason asks if he can still set off the fire alarms and get him out.  Spinelli says he can.  Jason says make it happen. (Credit Holsgem)

June 25, 2007

Sam going through Amelia's file on her. She flashes back to shooting Bill. Jason telling Spinelli when he wants the alarms to go off and the cells to open. Spinelli refuses to help him escape.  Sam finds a letter and learns that Bill was Amelia's father.  She has another flashback of everything that happened when Bill was killed.  Spinelli explains to Jason that if he breaks out he will not be able to search because he wil be hiding from the cops and cops will be taken off the search to find Jason.  Jason is angry about the lack of progress and has no faith in the cops. Spinelli asks why Jason thinks he would be more successful.  Amelia comes back to the studio.  Sam is very cold and bitchy about the script.  Amelia goes to ask for the changes.  Sam stops her and talks about what a difficult project she has been and asks Amelia if she regrets it. Amelia says things have turned out better than she imagined.  Sam says I bet and walks away. Spinelli explains to Jason why the law is in a better position to find Jake than he is and reminds him that Sonny's people are also on it.  Jason still wants Spinelli to get him out.  Spinelli says he sympathizes but this time Jason is going to have to wait and not distract the cops.  Spinelli asks Jason to trust him. Jason tells him to leave.  As Spinelli goes Jason says thank you.  Sam goes to her baby's grave with flowers.  She talks about how Jason took care of her when the baby died and how they fell in love because of her and now another child is making them fall apart.  She says his keeping knowledge of his son from her has made her crazy and made her forget how to talk to Jason. She says she can't avoid it anymore, she has to tell him everything.  Jason on the phone arguing with Diane, Liz comes.  He asks if there is news.  She whines about her marriage. Jason hugs her.  Sam still at the grave saying she has no one to talk. She talks about Amelia. Sam realizes that Amelia knows about Jake and knows she has to tell Jason she knows. Jason says all he can do is help Liz through this. They talk about how many people are looking for Jake.  Sam goes into PCPD and intimidates a cop into letting her see Jason. Jason comes in and Sam tells him she has known that he is Jake's father for weeks. (Credit Holsgem) 

June 26, 2007

Sam wants Jason to say something, to tell her why or to at least admit it.  He says he is Jake's father. Sam tells about finding out and how the thing that hurt was the lie.  Jason apolgizes for the secret. Sam is mad the he didn't trust her and says she knows he did it cause it was what Liz wanted and Liz always gets what she wants. Jason tells her when he found out and that he was going to tell her but she told him she couldn't have kids.  She says that she had just found out about being barren and wanted to get to him so he could make it alright.  He says no one can make that alright.  He says he did not tell her about the baby because he did not want to make it worse.  She asks if he thought lying and keeping secrets with Liz was kinder. Sam talks about how she could see he was troubled and wanted to help and he let her think it was about Alan's death.  Jason says Alan's death was a part of it.  She wants to know why he gave up the baby.  He explains how everything happened at once.  Sam wants to know what Liz's excuse was for passing the baby off as Lucky's and then tells Jason what they were. Sam says Liz was waiting for Jason to dump her and be with her and her kids.  Jason says he is sorry for hurting her.  Sam doesn't want an apology. She wants a reason why she waited for months and he never told her the truth. Jason has no excuse except that he already agree to give him up.  Sam wants to know why.  Jason says from as soon as he found out he wanted to raise his son but that was not what was best for Jake.  Sam says did he think of joint custody and that they could have taken care of Jake too.  Jason says he is in jail and that is part of his life and Liz thought the baby would be better with her and Lucky. Sam says they don't have a marriage just a pack of lies. Jason says his life is not set up for kids. She says Liz used his own excuse against him and after everything Jake is gone.  Jason explains why he needs to keep the secret through the kidnapping.  Sam says it is his decision. Sam tells Jason about her cons and killing Bill. Jason is sorry that happened to her.  She tells him Amelia is Bill's daughter and is trying to hurt her.  She tells him that Amelia knows about Jake and Sam fears that she took him to set her up.  Jason asks Sam if she knows anything about Jake.  Sam gets mad at him for thinking she could have something to do with it .  She asks what has happened to him, what happened to them. Jason doesn't respond and Sam leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

June 27, 2007

Diane telling Jason that continuing to petition for bail could be a mistake.  Jason doesn't care, he needs to get out.  Diane understands, she knows about the emergency.  Amelia interupts. She says Jason wants to hear what she has to say.  Sam looking through Jason's pictures of him and Michael. Alexis knocks. Alexis asks about the box.  Sam says it is Jason's baby memories. Alexis knows things are difficult with her and Jason.  Sam says their issues are out in the open now. Alexis warns Sam about Amelia and tells her what Amelia told her.  Sam says it was self defense. Sam comes clean with Alexis about the marriage cons. She tells her what happened with Bill.  Alexis says Amelia won't believe that, she wants payback. Amelia telling Jason Sam is going to come to him and try to make her the villian. Jason wants to know why she is telling him this.  Amelia says cause Sam will be trying to do damage control. She implies that Sam kidnapped the baby.  Alexis says Sam doesn't have to tell her anything.  Sam says it is gonna come out anyway and she would rather Alexis hear it from her.  Sam tells Alexis how Cody robbed and abandoned her and Danny and she started the marriage con. She talks about being ready to quit when Bill found out.  Alexis is crying. Alexis apologizes saying if she had not given Sam up it would not have happened.  Sam says it is her fault, not Alexis', she made her choices. Alexis asks about Amelia.  Sam says she has lost too much and she will fight to keep what she has. Amelia tells Jason about giving Sam a false alibi. She tells him Sam wished that Jake never existed and she may have kidnapped him. Amelia leaves and a man comes in.  He has been following Amelia and has nothing on her.  Carly comes to see Jason and rambles on her marriage and Ric.  Carly says she is scared they are going to take Jason away for her. She then goes back to talking about marriage.  Sam goes to the studio and confronts Amelia.  She tells her not to underestimate her. Carly and Jason talking about Jax and Jerry. Carly wants Jason to stop her from wrecking her life.  Jason says she doesn't need him to tell her what to do. Carly talks about trust and what Jason means to her.  Diane comes in to get Jason for the hearing. Sam confronts Amelia about Bill.  Amelia throws contempt and disbelief at Sam.  Amelia says Jason knows what she is. She talks about seeing Sam on tv and finding out that Sam did the scam 4 other times. Sam doesn't care who Amelia tells.  Amelia has no intention of exposing Sam. She says Sam is too valuable to her and she is stuck with her for a long time.  Jason comes home.  He asks Spinelli for info to lead him to Jake. Spinelli wants to focus on Amelia and clear Sam.  Jason says Sam is feeling guilty about something. Jason and Spinelli discuss the kidnapping. Jason wants to focus on Sam and Amelia. Jason thinks Amelia is too obvious.  He talks about how well he knows Sam. He says she is hiding something and it is killing her.  Sam comes in. Amelia taking to Maureen on the phone.  She hears a baby crying. (Credit Holsgem)

June 28, 2007

Replay of Jason and Spinelli talking when Sam comes in.  Sam is surpised Jason made bail.  She says now he can look for Jake unless he still thinks she took him. Jason starts to leave to look for Jake.  Sam wants to know what he thinks he can do that the cops can't.  They start to argue. Sam wants to know if when and if he finds Jake is he going to have a happy reunion with his "little family".  Spinelli tries to stop the argument. Sam yells at him and throws him out.  Jason tells her that she is mad at him not Spinelli.  Sam says she is furious and calls him out on lying to her and not believing in her anymore. Sam says Jason doesn't believe her when he is the one who was dishonest all these months. Jason says he has to look at all the options.  Sam says then look at them. She wants to know why he hasn't questioned Liz.  Jason says Liz would not do anything to hurt Jake. Sam says Liz can do no wrong and you are supposed to love me and think that I could do this. Jason says he knows she is hiding something from him and wants her to just tell him. The phone rings.  Carly says she needs to see him cause Jerry is back.  Sam is shocked that Jason is leaving. Sam says he has to chose to deal with Carly's problems or theirs.  He says Jerry is back, he has to go and leaves. Sam goes to the studio.  Wes says Amelia wants her to call Maureen about the release. Sam says Amelia can go to hell.  Maxie comes in with clothes the ordered.  Sam says she will pick out her own clothes.  Wes takes the clothes and leaves.  Maxie says Sam is officially a diva.  Sam says she is officially pissed off. Maxie says if Sam needs a friend, she can listen.  Sam tells Maxie how her and Jason are falling apart.  Maxie says maybe she should just cut her losses. Sam says that they were planning to spend the rest of their lives together and that is not easy to give up on. Maxie says that you can't make someone love you and you will only hurt yourself more if you try. Jason meeting Carly in the MC boiler room.  She tells him about finding Jerry in the house with the boys.  Jason wants to know if he threatened her.  She says no, he is a threat to her marriage.  Jason says he can't do this right now and starts to leave but they are locked in.  They argue about being locked in. Carly grabs a chain to beat on the door and breaks the pipe. Steam starts to escape.  Amelia shows up at the studio.  She tells Sam her contract is ironclad.  Sam does not give a damn. Amelia says the show is all Sam has since she and Jason are over.  Sam says her relationship with Jason is her business. Amelia asks if Jason called her when he was released.  Sam says you are enjoying this.  Amelia says she is but she still has a show to get on.  She wants Sam to call Maureen.  Sam says no.  She refuses to exploit Maureen's grief. Carly is freaking out about the broken valve while Jason is trying to stop the steam. Jason stops the leak by wrapping his shirt around the valve. (Credit Holsgem)

June 29, 2007

Carly wants Jason to put his shirt back on.  She starts babbling about being married and them just being friends.  Jason doesn't know what she is talking about but puts the shirt back on. Jason wants her to focus on getting out.  She says maintenance will be down eventually.  He needs to get out of there.  Carly wants to know why.  He says because Jake was kidnapped. Carly doesn't understand why that is so important to him.  Amelia and Sam arguing about Sam calling Maureen.  Sam continues to refuse.  Amelia saya it is about helping save lives.  Sam says Amelia only cares about the ratings. Amelia throws the cons in Sam's face.  Liz and Lucky come in and ask to make an appeal on EDH.  Sam says no. Liz and Lucky ask why and try to make thier case.  Amelia tells them okay.  She starts to plan an episode around their appeal. Sam says Amelia doesn't care if they find Jake.  She tells them that Amelia is using them.  They don't care if it helps find Jake. Jason tells Carly the longer Jake is missing the less chance of finding him.  Carly doesn't see what he can do. Carly thinks looking for Jake will hurt his case. A maintenance man opens the door and Jason leaves.  Jason goes to the coffehouse and tells Sonny Carly needs more guards cause Jerry is back. Sonny already saw Jerry.  He tells Jason about Kate seeing him threaten Jerry.  Jason says he is going to look for Jake. Sonny wants to know where is going to start and he says with Sam. Sam and Liz arguing about making the appeal. Liz asks Amelia.  Sam says if they do the appeal she walks. Liz yells at Sam and her Lucky leave.  Amelia wants to know what is wrong with Sam.  Amelia accuses Sam of turning them down out of jealousy.  Sam tells Amelia not to pretend she cares about finding Jake.  Sam thinks Amelia is setting her up.  Amelia says that she would think Sam would help unless Sam is the one who took him.  Sonny says he has had Sam watched and there is nothing to make him believe she did it.  Jason wants that to be true but something is off with Sam.  Sonny says that maybe Jason's actions are what is wrong with Sam. Sonny gives Jason the facts for Sam's innocence.  Spinelli talking about the bank records to someone who came into the PH.  He is shocked that is is Sam and not Jason. Sam wants to know what he is doing.  He says looking for clues to find Jake.  Spinelli says he would never do anything to hurt her.  Sam says what hurts is Jason lying to her for months. Spinelli tries to explain that Jason did it not to hurt her.  She says he did it cause it was what Liz wanted and Liz is more important.  Spinelli says she is wrong that Jason loves her more than she knows. Sam doesn't want to hear it and says she wants to be alone.  As Spinelli leaves he says that he has faith that when they baby is found it will bring her and Jason back together. Amelia on the phoine telling the network about Maureen not signing the release.  She hangs up and calls Maureen again.  She hears the baby crying and Maureen hangs up on her.  Jason on the phone with Bernie.  Liz comes and tells him about Sam not letting her air her appeal. Jason reassures Liz and hugs her.  Amelai at the studio making a call.  Jason hangs up the phone and starts to question her.  She tries to aim him at Sam when he accuses her. Sam at the PH drinking.  She flashesback to watching Maureen take Jake.  Maureen trying to calm a crying Jake. Jason keeps questioning Amelia. She tells him about Maureen and the baby crying. (Credit Holsgem)

July 2, 2007

Replay of Sam drinking and having a flashback of seeing the kidnapping. Alexis comes. Sam needs legal advice. Alexis thinks it is about Amelia. Sam talks about always going to the extreme.  Alexis says her previous attempts to help were a disaster but she would like to help Sam now. Sam says that her question does not have to do with her; it is for the show. Sam wants to know if a person witnesses a crime and does nothing are they guilty of anything?  Jason and Amelia in a car heading for Maureen's.  Amelia says that Jason crossed the county line so he is now a fugitive.  He is worried that Maureen will run because Amelia heard the baby. Amelia talks about Maureen.  She says her gut tells her the baby is Jake.  Alexis says it is a gray area between accomplice and bystander. Alexis says a person is accountable if their just watching effects the outcome. Alexis thinks Sam saw Jason commit a crime. Jason and Amelia at Maureen's door.  Amelia  wants to do the talking.  Jason knocks.  Maureen opens the door and is upset to see them. Amelia and Maureen start talking about the release.  They hear a baby cry.  Maureen tries to close the door but Jason pushes it open. Amelia asks about the baby.  Maureen says it is the tv. Jason says where's Jake. Jason pushes in and Amelia follows.  Maureen threatens to call the cops.  Jason says she won't cause the baby isn't hers. He tells her how she is hurting the baby's family.  She starts to cry and tells them the baby is upstairs.  Amelia goes to get him. Maureen falls apart crying about her daughter.  Jason tries to reasssure her. She gives him Jake's hat. She tells about the kidnapping.  Amelia brings Jake in and gives him to Jason.  Jason starts to talk quietly to the baby. Maureen asks if he is his father. Alexis asks what Sam knows about Jason killing Lo.  Sam says Jason protects her his business. She says she doesn't ask questions or have expectations and at one time she was happy with that. Alexis says Sam has a good career now and she should be more realistic.  Sam says she knows nothing about Lo but Ric could have set Jason up. Alexis wants to know what crime Sam witnessed. Sam says it is research for the show. Alexis can't help her if she doesn't tell her what is going on. Sam says she is not in any legal trouble.  Alexis says the more Sam talks the more worried she gets and she mentions the drinking. Sam says her problem is with Jason.  She talks about how much she loves him and how she will do anything to hang on to him and that was her mistake. Alexis wants to know what she did.  She says she tried to hard to hang on and now it is all slipping away.  She says that trying to hold on to him makes her someone she doesn't want to be. Maureen is worried about what will happen to her son when she is arrested.  Jason says they aren't turning her in. Amelia calls to get Maureen help.  Maureen is crying and remorseful.  She says to tell Sam she did the right thing.  Jason asks about Sam.  Maureen thinks Sam told them how to find her. She says Sam saw her take Jake and that she let her do it.  Jason and Amelia in the car.  She is worried about getting stopped with a fugitive and a kidnapped baby in the car. Jason says they are gonna take Jake to his mother. She asks if he can forgive Sam. Amelia comes to the PH and tells Sam that Jake has been found.  Liz reading to Cam. Jason on the porch telling the baby he is home.  He brings Jake in.  Liz runs to him and takes the baby. Jason picks up Cam so he can see the baby.  Lucky watching from the door. (Credit Holsgem)

July 3, 2007

Amelia is surprised by Sam's lack of reaction.  Sam says of course she is glad and asks who found him.  Amelia tells her Jason did with her help.  Lucky comes in and Liz hands him Jake.  He smiles and says to Jason you found my son.  Amelia tells Sam about how they found Jake.  Lucky asks how Jason found Jake.  Jason tells him about Maureen losing her baby  and the kidnapping and how they found him. Lucky is mad that they didn't call the cops. Jason says she needs help not jail.  Liz says she can't just let this go. Lucky says he can subpoena the info from Amelia.  Jason says that is what he will have to do.  Lucky calls the PCPD and calls for a car to arrest Jason for jumping bail.  Diane is arguing with Scott when Jason is brought in. Jason tells her it is okay he can wait until trial.  Diane says Scott is sending him to Pentonville not lockup. Sam says she thinks Amelia knew where Jake was and that was why she wanted to have Liz and Lucky make the appeal, so she could then find the baby and drive up ratings. Amelia says covering the kidnapping at all would be a PR disaster since a guest was the kidnapper and the host watched her do it and did nothing. Sam accuses Amelia of paying Maureen to say that.  Amelia says Maureen admitted everything cause she thought Sam had told Jason where to find Jake. Sam asks how Jason reacted when Maureen told him. Amelia says he didn't react at all, maybe he is going to forgive her or maybe he finally despises her. Diane is yelling at Jason for telling Lucky he went to Albany.  Jason says it is okay he will deal with the consequences.  He wants her to look into helping keep Maureen out of trouble. Diane says okay but she needs to focus on his case.  Sonny comes in and asks Diane to stop the transfer, she says she will try but is not hopeful. Diane leaves.  Sonny says he used his last favor to get the bail he can't stop the transfer.  Jason says finding Jake is worth it.  Jason asks Sonny to keep the paternity secret and to look out for Liz and Jake.  Sam goes to Liz's and says she is glad Jake was found.  She asks if Liz knows where Jason is.  Liz tells her he was arrested.  Carly goes to see Jason.  Carly talks about her fears for him and for herself when they send him to prison.  Jason reassures her and tell her he needs her to be strong for him, herself and the boys. Carly starts to cry.  The cop comes in to take Jason.  He asks Carly to look out for Spinelli.  The hug and say they love each other.  The cop takes Jason away.  Sam comes to the PCPD as Carly come out of the interrogation room.  Carly tells Sam that they took Jason to prison and he won't be allowed visitors. (Credit Holsgem)

July 5, 2007

Sam lets Alexis in.  She needs her advice.  She tells her about Jason getting sent to Pentonville for jumping bail.  She wants to know if Alexis can get her in to see him cause there are alot of things they need to settle. Alexis tells Sam she is sorry, Jason knowing violated his bail and the DA is in his rights to send him to prison and restrict visitors.  Sam says there are things Jason needs to hear from her.  Alexis asks if it has to do with the crime she witnessed cause she can help her with that.  Sam says it is about their relationship.  Alexis said the have survived alot they can make it through some pretrial incarceration.  Sam begs for her help.  Alexis says that she can try but siunce Sam is not wife or mother of his children it does not look good. Amelia comes to the PH about Sam not going to work. Sam says she won't work with her.  Amelia says read the fine print, her contract is binding.  Sam doesn't care.  Amelia threatens to call the cops and the Spencers and tell them about Sam seeing the kidnapping. Sam says she can't prove anything and even if she could ending Sam's career will end her own.  Amelia says not being able to be in PC would not bother her but how will Sam feel when Jason kicks her to the curb.  Amelia says Jason will never get over this.  Sam says her and Jason are not Amelia's busines.  Amelia says Sam alwasy pushes things too far and now Jason caught her red handed. San throws her out.  She says she expects Sam at work tomorrow since work is all Sam has left. Sam at MC bar ordering vodka.  Jerry comes up and wants to join her. (Credit Holsgem)

July 6, 2007

Sam tells Jerry to go away.  He tells her she is a star because of him and her career is all she has left.  She says he knows nothing about her and Jason.  He says Jason is going to jail but he realizes he struck a nerve and tries to find out what she did that is making her feel guilty. She says he has no conscience.  He says that is why he is free and Jason is going to jail for life.  He leaves. Sam goes to Liz's to ask if Lucky told her anything about Jason.  Liz says it is a loaded subject.  Sam gets mad at her for not even bothering too ask about Jason after all he has done for her and her family. Sam's phone rings.  It is Sonny.  He wants to see her right away. Sam goes to Sonny's and asks if he had news about Jason.  Sonny says that Jason is Jake's father but Sam already knew that and Sam says she did.  Sonny brings up that Sam interviewed Maureen a few hours before the kidnapping.  He  thinks Sam knows something she is not saying. Sam says Maureen was too grief stricken to know what she was doing.  Sam tells Sonny about finding out about the baby and waiting for Jason to tell her.  Sonny says she had to be angry that Jason had a baby with Liz.  Sam says no, she was angry about the lie.  She says she knows what Jake means to Jason.  She knows what it is like to love a child of her own, their child. Sonny asks if she suspected Maureen.  Sam says no.  She says she was shocked when Jake turned up missing.  Sonny says she's lying, that she watched the kidnapping and did nothing to stop it. (Credit Holsgem)

July 9, 2007

Sonny accusing Sam of watching the kidnapping.  Sam says she doesn't know where he got his info.  She says she is the one who was hurt and lied to.  Sonny says it is his fault Jason got involved with her.  She says he is arrogant to think that. Sonny says she put Jason through hell by saying nothing about the kidnapping and says she did it to spite him for having a kid with Liz.  Sam says he is making alot of assumptions.  He says he has a reliable source.  Sam says Amelia hates her and would do anything to destroy her.  Sonny says Amelia has a right since Sam killed her father.  Sam says it was self defense. Sam wants to know why he is so quick to believe the worst of someone he made a child with.  Sonny tells her never to bring up the child he lost.  Sam says she lost her too and will never stop grieving for her.  Sonny says than how could she watch Jason and Liz go through hell and do nothing when she could.  He reiterates everything Jason did for her and says she repaid by watching his kid get taken.  Sam says who is he to judge her and talks about how he took the boys from Carly.  Sam says if she saw anything it was a moment of weakness, what Sonny did to Carly and all of Jason's lies were deliberate. Sonny says his kids weren't stolen by some flipped out stranger.  Sam says not that time. Sam starts to walk away.  Sonny says that baby disappearing was better for her.  Sam says it must be wonderful to be one of the chosen few - him, Jason and Carly who get to make decisons about everyone else and how they are just supposed to take it.  She says she is not falling in line anymore.  She starts to walk out.  Sonny follows her and says the best thing for her to do is to just let Jason go and save him the pain of breaking up with her.  Sam says he doesn't speak for Jason and he does not tell her what to do. Sam at PH.  She gets out a bottle of vodka and thinks it over while getting ready to pour it.  She puts it away when she hears a knock on the door.  Carly pushes her way in.  Sam says she is not in the mood.  Carly says she will leave when she gets what she came for.  Sam says it is her house and Carly is not welcome. Carly says she wil do what she wants in that house. Sam says Jason is not Carly's husband and he is not her lover and he has not wanted her sexually in years and never will again so suck it up and get out of her house. Carly says she tolerated Sam because Jason needed someone on his bed but Sam will never be more than that.  Sam says she is already more than that.  Carly thinks Jason is over her and wonders how hard she has to push him to get him to dump Sam. Carly goes upstairs.  She comes down and says she has soemthing to help Jason.  Sam says the first thing she is discussing with Jason when he gets home is putting a lid on Carly.  Carly says Sam wants to be real careful before forcing him to choose. (Credit Holsgem)

July 10, 2007

Sam working out at PH.  Maxie comes with clothes for EDH.  Sam tells her to take them back cause she is quitting the show.  Maxie thinks she is crazy to quit.  Jason being brough into visiting room and cuffed to the table.  He asks if it is his lawyer and the guard says no your wife.  Carly comes in and tries to hug Jason but the guard makes her stay on the other side of the table.  Jason is annoyed that she posed as his wife and wants to know why she is there.  She says no one will tell her anything about his case. She says Ric is acting like Jason is already convicted.  Jason wants to know why she is around Ric.  She says someone has to help him and he can't count on his so-called girlfriend.  Maxie wants to know why Sam is quitting.  Sam explains that Amelia did not want to make her a star, she wanted revenge. Sam says at least she wasn't pretending to love her.  Maxie asks where that came from. Sam tells her Jason has been lying to her for months.  Sam doesn't understand how after all they have been through he could lie to her.  She says it is like he completely gave up on them.  Maxie says so you were mad enough to do something dumb like she usually does.  Maxie says the problem with plans to get even is that they usually blow up in your face. Sam doesn't think she and Jason can ever come back from what has happened.  Amelia knocks and says Sam can talk to her or the network attorneys.  Maxie leaves.  Sam says she is finished with EDH and doesn't care if they sue her, tell all her secrets, she doesn't care.  Amelia threatens to tell about the kidnapping.  Jason says Carly promised.  She says she promised to stay out of trouble not that she wouldn't help.  Jason says no plans.  Carly brings up Jerry.  Jason says stay way from Jerry.  Carly tells him to worry about himself and starts to bad mouth Sam.  Jason defends Sam.  Jason tells her to leave Sam alone.  Jason gets to make a call.  He calls Sonny to tell him about Carly and Jerry. Sam tells Amelia to go ahead and tell and to tell about Jason being Jakes's daddy too.  Amelia says Sam would like to take the Spencer marraige down with her.  Amelia says she should cause that way at Liz and Jason will get to be happy together.  Sam says Amelia has no idea what Jason wants.  Amelia lets Sam know all she will lose. Sam tells her to shut up. Carly comes in and interupts. Amelia starts to tell Carly.  Sam cuts her off and says she blew off a location shoot.  She tells Amelia she will be at work tomorrow. Amelia leaves.  Carly tells Sam to hold on to her job cause Jason is gonna kick her out when he gets back.  Sam says she isn't going anywhere. Carly gets nasty with Sam about not trying to visit Jason.  Sam tells her to leave. Carly says it is not Sam's house it is Jason's. Carly says Jason did not ask about Sam and changed the subject when she brought her up. Carly says she knows Jason and it is over. Sam is someone Jason used to love.  Jason gets put back in his cell.  Pulls out picture of the baby and has a flashback of the day he went home from the hospital.  (Credit Holsgem)

July 12, 2007

Sam working out.  Alexis shows up soaking wet.  She wants to borrow something dry.  Sam gives her Jason's jacket and asks what happened.  Alexis says Carly and Jerry sprayed her with hose but Jerry apologized.  Sam asksk if Carly did it on purpose.  Alexis doesn't know but tells Sam that Carly is interpreting everything as resulting from Alexis' infatuation with Jerry. Sam hopes Carly is deluded and Alexis is not infatuated with Jerry.  Alexis comes downstairs dried and wearing Sam's shirt.  Sam is worried about Carly's stunt's effect on Alexis' health.  Alexis reassures her.  Sam wants to be sure Alexis is not gonna get involved with Jerry.  Alexis says she tolerates him for Jax.  They talk about how dangerous and evil Jerry is. Alexis admits she was interested in him when she though he was Nik's business associate but she is no longer interested now that she knows who he is. Sam wants Alexis to be careful with her heart.  Alexis says no more nutjobs. (Credit Holsgem)

July 13, 2007

Jason being brought to the visiting room.  The guard says a PCPD detective is there and Jason does not have to see her without his attorney.  They go in and Liz is there with Lucky's badge.  Jason says he will talk to her.  The guard leaves and Jason asks if something is wrong with Jake. She says no.  Jason is confused about why she is there.  Alexis comes back to the PH to get her PDA.  She sees the vodka on the table.  Sam says she was going to drink it but decided she is tired of feeling sorry for herself and she puts the vodka away. Alexis reassures Sam that Jason will be okay. Sam says she doesn't know if Jason is coming back to her and she doesn't know if she would want him if he did. Liz said she just wanted to thank him.  He says she already did.  She tells him about Jake's checkup.  Jason says that Jake being okay is all the matters.  Liz says but Jason is being punished. Jason says he doesn't regret it. Liz grabs his hands. Alexis says she knows things have been difficult for Jason and Sam but they believe in each other.  Sam talks about all the lies and secrets and says they don't trust each other anymore. Alexis says there is always the opportunity to make things right.  Sam doesn't see why it should be her to make things better when his secret was bigger. Alexis asks if he hurt her on purpose.  Sam says whatever he meant it still feels like a knife in her heart and she hates that Jason has ruined everything that was wonderful between them.  Jason tells Liz not to take chances to see him again.  She says she bets Carly came. Jason says she pretended to be his wife.  Liz says that was her second choice and then brings up that Carly must have told him about their fight.  He says Carly never mentioned it.  Jason says he is not in jail because of Lucky, he is in jail because of the murder charges and that he jumped bail. Liz wants assurance that Jason couldn't kill but knows better than to ask for it. Liz goes to leave. Jason tells her if everything is okay with Jake there is no reason for her to come see him. Alexis says if Sam is telling her that her relationship with Jason is over than she is sorry.  Alexis says Sam is making it clear that the have failed each other and if she going to do it just do it now because if she hangs on it will just start to get ugly. Sam says that she hates that love wasn't enough and it was just one more bad decision.  Alexis tells her not to be so hard on herself that most women would have done the same.  She starts to outline Jason's attractive qualities, except she is not describing Jason.  Sam thinks they have changed the subject to Alexis. Jerry comes to the PH cause Sam called him.  She tells him to stay away from Alexis or she will kill him. Diane is mad that Jason spoke to a detective.  He tells her it was Liz. Diane is still mad.  Jason says she just wanted to thank him. Diane says that the charges are serious. She tells him about the tape and that she is going to argue that he was set up.  She needs him clearheaded and his distraction with Jake is not helping. She says it is obvious he loves Jake and if he loves his mother too he should just tell her and get it over with. Jerry says that whoever he talks to someone threatens him  Sam says now he knows how it feels.  He says he is here to prove he is not Craig.  Sam doesn't believe him and tells him again to stay away from Alexis. He says he needs some incentive.  He says he would never sleep with a mother and daughter.  He grabs Sam's wrist and starts to pull he close saying if he goes to bed with her Alexis is off limits.  He leans in at her.  Carly walks in.  Jason doesn't want to talk about his personal life.  Neither does Diane but it is effecting his case.  She points out that Liz drove all the way up their and tricked her way in because she is in love with him.  Diane wants him to either tell her loves her or tell her to let it go but to end it before this drama sends him to prison for life. (Credit Holsgem)

July 16, 2007

Jerry and Sam tusseling.  Carly comes in and implies that Sam is cheating with Jerry.  Carly says she is leaving.  Sam says no Jerry is leaving. Sam wants to know why Carly thinks she can just walk in to her house. Carly says Jason is only with Sam out of obligation.  She says Sam wants to get pregnant to hold on to Jason.  Sam says she doesn't know what she is talking about. Carly says Jason deserves to be a father as long as Sam is not the mother.  Sam says there are worse alternatives. Carly says that Sam she can either sit there and wait for Jason to come home and dump her or walk out on her own with dignity. Sam tells Carly she is ridiculous running around acting like she has any idea what is going on when she doesn't.  Carly said if Jason had a secret that really mattered to him he would tell her. Sam says Jason knows she can't keep her mouth shut.  Sam says Carly thinks that she and Jason will get back together someday.  Carly says she is happily married. Sam says where is Jax these days. Spinelli comes home.  Sam asks him to help her get in to see Jason.  She says that her and Jason need to talk.  She apologizes to Spinelli for being so rude to him lately that she has been under alot of pressure. Spinelli wants to know why Sam has been so distant. Sam tells him about seeing the kidnapping.  Sam says Jason doesn't trust her anymore and she doesn't trust him either.  Spinelli says he wanted Jason to tell her about Jake but Jason did not want to hurt her.  She says the lies hurt worse. Spinelli says that does not justify allowing Jake to be kidnapped. Sam says she froze.  Spinelli says she could have told the cops and that the baby shouldn't suffer for her hurt.  She says she didn't want the baby hurt and is glad that he is back.  She says her and Jason have a lot to deal with and it has to be face to face. Spinelli says he will get her in. (Credit Holsgem)

July 17, 2007

Sam working out on the bag.  Nik comes and tells her that Ameila has a lot of info on her and that she told him about her father. Sam says that is is true but Amelia left out that it was self defense and she was exonerated. Nik says if she needs her he can cut her lose from Amelia. Sam talks about Amelia's plot and says she doesn't think getting rid of Amelia is the answer. Amelia comes to the door and demands that Sam go to work.  Nik says or what.  Amelia says it between her and Sam.  Nik says it is obvious she is blackmailing Sam and he wants to know with what.  The phone rings.  Sam gets it.  When she hangs up she says she if approved to go to Pentonville to see Jason. Amelia says she was gonna jump on Sam to go to work but Sam should go see Jason.  They have a lot to talk about.  Nik says again that it is clear that Amelia is holding something over Sam and again offers his help.  Sam says she wants to be on EDH and she and Amelia will find a way to co-exist. Nik leaves.  Amelia says she wonders if he would be so quick to defend Sam if he knew she watched his nephew get kidnapped. Sam says except Jake isn't his nephew and maybe that is what he needs to know. Amelia says to go ahead and blow the secret and Liz can be waiting for Jason to get realeased and if Jason doesn't get released poor Jake will grow up with a father.  Sam says Amelia grew up without a father and look how she turned out.  She then tells her that Bill never mentioned her until after they wre married and when Sam wanted to put her picture out Bill only had one from when Amelia was 5 and he didn't seem to care much. Amelia tries to deny it but Sam assures her it is true.  She then says she is going to see Jason and tell him the whole truth. Sam goes into the Pentonville waiting room and sits down to wait for Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

July 18, 2007

Jason is brought into the visiting room.  Sam says he doesn't seem happy to see her.  Jason says he was told he couldn't have visitors.  Sam says that since he won't say it she will, she watched his son get kidnapped and did nothing.  She wants him to say something or yell at her.  He says she did what she did.  Sam doesn't understand why he doesn't want to know why she did it.  He says she wanted to punish him. She says he promised never to lie to her but he was lying for months.  She talks about how she tried to get him to tell her that Jake was his son.  Then when she saw Maureen take Jake she let it happen because she had totally lost faith in him. She says she is trying to figure out how they got so far apart. She says it goes back further than his lies, it goes back to when he broke up with her in the hospital.  He says he didn't want her to get hurt again.  She says it was cruel, that she is in love with him and he is everything to her and he yanked it away without ever considering what she wanted or how she felt. He says he was wrong and he tried to fix it. She says he never tried as hard as she did, he had already given up.  Sam says she made excuses for him and lied to herself until her perception of reality got so screwed up that she let Jake get kidnapped.  Sam says she was wrong on every level but he was wrong too.  He was wrong to hurt her and he was wrong to give up and he is wrong to just sit there and say nothing.  He yells at her what does she want him to say that she is right, okay she is right about everything but she still stood there and watched his son get kidnapped. Jason says he didn't want to hurt her.  Sam wants to know why he did it, why he betrayed her trust. He says Liz wanted to protect Jake.  Sam wants to know why it is always about Liz. He says he thinks Liz is right.  Sam can't believe he trusts her so much he gave her his only child. She wants to know how she earned that trust. Sam says Liz climbed 15 flights of steps in a blackout to talk to him, that she really came there to sleep with him.  Jason says that isn't true, Sam says it is true.  She says Liz has been yanking him around from day one and once she got pregnant with his baby she could do whatever she wanted because Jason had already betrayed her by being emotionally unfaithful for months by sharing a secret with Liz. Jason says he won't fight with Sam cause it won't change what happened.  Sam says he is right it won't but she can make sure it doesn't happen again.  Sam says that she was wrong but when she watched Maureen take Jake she was trapped.  She could not tell what she had seen without betraying herself.  Jason says so she just let everyone who loved Jake be sick with fear.  She says she was choking on guilt after the baby was taken but she was afraid to say anything but that Jason suspected her anyway.  He says he knew she was hiding something.  She says the day Jake was taken she had bought him an outfit in a last attempt to get Jason to tell the truth. She says she doesn't want to manipulate him to give her what she needs.  She says he can't love her and support her and he won't put her first and she can't accept anything less. Sam says they used to talk and confide in each other and it all started to disappear and she tried to hold on but the harder she tried the more he pulled away.  Jason says he doesn't know what to say and Sam says that is her point, he has nothing to say to her after she loved him with all she had.  He says what she did to Jake was not love. She says she stayed silent about something life altering same as him.  She says he is furious but he won't yell at her because he made a commitment.  She asks if she is just an obligation to him.  She asks if he ever really loved her because it doesn't feel like it. She says there were so so many people he put first, Sonny, Carly, their kids. Jason says they are his family. Sam says they're family and I'm not. She says she is releasing him from his promises to her and breaking her promises to him. She tells him they are over. She says she is breaking up with him in jail jsut like the user everyone says she is, does he want to call her a user too.  He knows that's not why she is doing this. She says she is doing it because he proposed to her and promised to spent the rest of his life with her but when things got ugly he gave up and threw it all away. She hates that he lied to her and she had to force out of him that Jake is his son.  She hates that he never wanted to share his life and child with her the way she was willing to share her life and child with him.  She hates that his lies destroyed them and doesn't want them in her life any more.  She says she has to tell Lucky the truth.  Jason says if she does he will give her up as an accesory to the kidnapping.  (Credit Holsgem)

July 19, 2007

Sam is shocked that Jason would seriously turn her in.  She asks how far he will go to protect Liz's secret. He says she watched Jake get stolen from his mother and if she says one word about who Jake's father is to anyone he will turn her in. Sam yells at him that she froze and why is it so hard for him to accept that she made a mistake. He says she let him suffer for days not knowing if Jake was dead or alive.  Sam says he is acting like she kidnapped Jake when it was Maureen. She wants to know why he can forgive Maureen but not her. He says she was mad at him for lying so she used Jake to get even. She asks if Liz the only one who can do wrong.  Jason said Liz had her baby stolen from her. Sam says Liz stole the baby from him first but he refuses to see it because he thinks Liz can do no wrong. She says lucky for him he doesn't have her to worry about any more that he lost any chance of that when he decided to blackmail her to protect Liz. He says he is proctecting his son but she doesn't want to see it that way. Sam says he is a sucker and Liz has guilted him into thinking he is too dangerous to raise his own son. He says he will not put Jake at risk by letting anyone know he is his son and neither will Sam. Sam says it is pathetic the way Liz has him wrapped around her finger and that it is not about Jake, Liz is protecting herself. Jason says people around him get hurt and Sam knows that better than anyone.  Sam says Jason is not dangerous to her or Jake. If she thought he was she would not have wanted to start a family with him.  She say Liz is playing on his fears to cover her butt.  She says Liz doesn't want the world to know that slept with him and lied to everyone for months. She says the saddest part is that Liz has so much influence over him that he would threaten the woman he claims to love. Jason says he is sorry it went down like this and he is sorry she got hurt but he has to look out for his son and this is the best way he knows how. Sam says she can't believe she ever thought she loves him. She leaves. Spinelli comes into the visiting room pretending to be Jason's lawyer.  Spinelli tells Jason he thinks Sonny is planning to kill him. Jason asks what he did. Spinelli tells Jason that he was "diversifying" his accounts and Sonny did not like Spinelli going into his accounts or using his office. Jason tells him to stay out of Sonny's accounts and out of his way.  Spinelli says he was trying to help. Jason tells him not to touch other people's money. Spinelli wants to arrange Jason's "release" to get back on Sonny's good side.  Jason says no. Spinelli says he can do it, he got Sam in.  Spinelli asks how that went.  Jason says they broke up. The Spencers are in the park.  Sam comes up and tells them to enjoy it while it lasts.  She tells Lucky that sooner or later he will realize that every word out of Liz's mouth has been a lie. Spinelli says maybe the breakup is temporary and once Jason is free things will be different.  Jason says it won't.  Spinelli says Jason lied to keep Sam from getting hurt.  He tells him about last summer and says that Sam regrets sleeping with Ric but he can't regret sleeping with Liz because of Jake.  Sam says she just wanted to let Liz know that she and Jason broke up.  She said that it took her 3 years to realize that she will never be first that someone else will always be a priority, Sonny, Carly, Liz. Lucky interupts.  Sam says he has been lied to long enough, doesn't he want to know the truth. Lucky says the truth about what. She says the truth about Liz having a thing for Jason. She points out how she is always running to Jason for help and coming up with excuses to spent time with him.  She asks Lucky if he ever asked himself why Liz was always running to another man for help.  Liz says she is sorry Jason and Sam broke up and Sam says she is a liar, she has been praying for this for months. Lucky says this is enough. Sam says don't worry Lucky even though she is in love with him she will stay with you because to leave you she would have to be honest and she doesn't have the guts to do that. Sam leaves.  Liz tells Lucky coming to the park was a bad idea. Lucky says he is going to make things easier and leaves. Jason says he should have told Sam about Jake from the start, that he owed her that but he didn't and now they are over.  Spinelli tells Jason that Sam told him about watching the kidnapping. Jason says that Sam knew the whole time.  Spinelli says he knows that Sam would have told the truth if the baby had not been found so quickly. Jason says it doesn't matter, too many things have happened. He says they are not good for each other.  Sam asks him if he stopped loving Sam. Jason says Sam deserves someone who can put her first and after Jake was born Jason realized that he can't do it. Amelia is at the studio giving orders.  Sam comes in and sends the crew to lunch. Sam says she broke up with Jason so Amelia will need to come up with a new way to manipulate her. Amelia says she is glad since Sam's personal life has held up production long enough.  Sam says things are gonna have to change before she even considers coming back. Spinelli asks Jason what he is going to do.  Jason says there is nothing he can do, he doesn't even know if he is going to get out of there.  Spinelli says he has faith in Sonny and Diane's ability to get him out and he will be reunited with Jake soon.  Jason says even if he gets out nothing will change, Jake is staying with Liz. Amelia says what does Sam want a bigger dresssing room, more money.  Sam says and shorter hours.  Amelia says they are already behind.  Sam says if this crew can't get it done get another one. Amelia threatens to tell about Sam's part in the kidnapping.  Sam says she won't say anything because then the truth about Jake's paternity will come out and that will make Jason very angry and Amelia does not want to be on his bad side. Amelia says she doesn't have to threaten her, that they both want the same thing. Sam says good because everyone is gonna have to start listening to what she wants including Amelia. (Credit Holsgem)

July 20, 2007

Sonny in the visiting room.  Jason is brought in. Sonny says Diane is working on his transfer. Jason says they said he can have visitors and Sonny was his first call. Sonny says this isn't about business. Jason wants to know if Sonny has been keeping an eye on Jake. Amelia comes to the PH.  She says the network wants Samr to go to a party and the car will be there to pick her up in an hour.  Sam says she is busy. Sam is packing.  Amelia says Jason couldn't kick her out fast enough. Jason says that Liz says Jake is doing great but she may be just trying not to worry him.  Sonny says they seem fine.  He tells Jason about Sam seeing them in the park and that things seemed tense.  Jason tells Sonny about the breakup and that he is afraid Sam will get mad enought to tell Lucky the truth.  Sonny doesn't think that is a bad idea. Sam says Jason didn't ask her to leave.  She broke up with him and doesn't want to be there when he gets home. Sam says that now Amelia's big revenge plan fell flat and thanks to her she can live very nicely on her own.  Sam says it must drive Amelia nuts that she thinks Sam murdered her sicko father for the money and now she signs Sam's very generous paycheck.  Amelia says it is always about the money for Sam and calls her a golddigger. She says it is nice of Sam to leave without a fuss it wil make it easier for Liz and her kid to move in with Jason. Sam says that is a relationship that will never see the light of day. Jason tells Sonny not to list the reasons he should claim Jake, that he thinks about them everyday but Jake is safer with Liz.  Sonny says more and more people are finding out the truth. Jason says no one else needs to know.  Sonny says don't you think cops make enemies. Jason says cops families aren't targets and he doesn't want Jake to grow up with his father in prison. Sonny says he will back Jason no matter what but he doesn't want him to talk like he already lost the case.  Jason asks if Sonny knows something he doesn't. Sonny says Diane is working on getting him released. Amelia wants to know why Sam is so sure about Jason and Liz. Sam says Liz a coward who is afraid of Jason's life and that she doesn't want to be outed as the lying cheating slut that she is so she will not admit the truth and Jason won't claim his son because he thinks he is safer this way. Sam opens a box and takes out her baby's blanket.  She says Jason is giving up a little boy who means everything to him, her heart would be breaking if she wasn't so angry with him. Sonny and Jason talk about the evidence.  Jason says there is no body and no witnesses.  Sonny says that isn't going to change is it. Jason says no. Sonny says Diane is working on showing how easy it is to fake the tape.  He doesn't want Jason to lose hope. Jason says they have been lucky so far but one day their luck will run out.  Either way it won't change his life.  Sonny asks what he is talking about.  Jason says he doesn't regret working for Sonny and never will but he is paying the price because whether he is in prison or not he will never have his son. Jason being brought into the visiting room.  Liz is there. He says she shouldn't have come back.  She says Lucky arranged her clearance.  She says unless he doesn't want her to come visit. He says it doesn't matter what he wants.  She says it does cause he is in there cause he rescued Jake and she doesn't want him to think she abandoned him. Jason asks about Jake and Liz gives him some pictures. She asks if it helps that she comes and tells him about Jake.  He says he could be in prison for years and it is not a good idea for her to come, it is not good for her or her family. She wishes he could be a part of Jake's life.  Jason says he doesn't think that Lucky will be comfortable with that.  She says when he agreed to give up Jake he said it would be easier if he stayed away.  Jason can't pretend he is nothing to him and the pictures are better than nothing. Lucky comes to the PH to talk about what Sam said at the park.  Sam apologizes and says that he and the kids did not deserve to hear her rant.  He asks about Liz, he wants to know why Sam called her a liar.  Sam says she resents that whenever she gets into trouble she runs to Jason and puts him in a position of choosing and Sam always loses. Lucky says he wants to clear things up, that Liz told him she doesn't love Jason. He asks if Jason loves Liz. Jason asks about Liz seeing Sam in the park.  Liz says Sam is irrational.  Jason asks what she said.  Liz said it was name calling and Sam doesn't care what she says or does.  She says that she is afraid that Sam is gonna try to hurt him and if Ric puts her on the stand she may say something she shouldn't. (Credit Holsgem)

July 23, 2007

Lucky asking Sam if Jason loves Liz. Sam tells him to ask his wife.  The guard yells at Liz for touching Jason. She apologizes and he lets her stay.  Jason says he is fine as long as Jake is okay. Sam says that Liz did not cause her and Jason to break up, that they stopped trusting each other. Lucky thinks Liz had something to do with that.  Sam covers and talks about how things have been wrong between her and Jason since he left her at the hospital.  Sam talks about Jason's lies and says what Jason did was betrayal.  Lucky asks if Jason betrayed her with Liz. Jason talking about how happy Jake looks in the photos.  She wishes he were in them.  He said he gave Jake a better life by giving him up. Sam says Jason betrayed her everytime Liz played victim to get him to rescue her.  He was available to Liz and not to her. The door knocks.  Lucky lets Amelia in.  Amelia and Sam bicker about the party.  Lucky leaves.  Amelia asks if it is wise to tell Lucky that Jake is Jason's.  Sam says she didn't. Amelia thinks she will. Jason doesn't want to cause problems for Liz and Lucky.  She says Lucky asked if she loved Jason and she told him no. Jason thinks Lucky did not want her to use the pass. Liz says she wants a family with Lucky and Jason too.  The guard says time is up and Liz leaves.  Lulu comes to see Jason. She is worried Liz is gonna tell Lucky. She begs Jason not to take Liz and the kids from Lucky.  Jason is confused that she would think he wanted to. She says Liz is not totally committed to Lucky and he knows it.  Jason says she loves Lucky and is married to him.  Lulu asks if he would want to be with someone who was in love with him and someone else.  She says that Liz is gonna have to make a choice. (Credit Holsgem)

July 24, 2007

Carly visiting Jason.  She starts badmouthing Sam and telling Jason to breakup with her.  Jason says it's done.  Sam telling Nik that her and Jason broke up.  She tells him to be available for Lucky because Liz might go after Jason. Nik thinks it is ridiculous.  Sam assures him it is not.  Carly wants details.  Jason says they lost trust.  Carly wants to know what happened. Jason says it was Sam's decision.  Carly gets mad that Sam dumped Jason and Jason tells that she wanted them broken up and they are so stop it. Nik asks if Jason dumped Sam to chase Liz, cause he can't believe Liz is after Jason.  Sam says what Liz and Lucky have is a lie and that she broke up with Jason.  Sam tells Nik how Liz made herself a victim to exploit Jason and Lucky was clueless until last night.  She tells him about Lucky's visit.  Sam says Lucky is going to figure out that Liz and Jason slept together and Nik should be there for him.  Nik asks why she cares.  Sam knows how it feels to be all alone when the truth comes out. Carly still badmouthing Sam.  Jason says he has to take responsibility for his part.  Carly wants him to stop protecting Sam. She goes off on Sam again and Jason tried to shut her up to no avail. She realizes Liz is gonna start chasing him.  Jason says not to worry about Liz.  Carly says that she will play all helpless and get Jason to save her.  She says she doesn't have to worry about Liz, she is mousy and pathetic.  Then Carly mentions the kids and Jason cuts her off. He wants to know she is there. She misses Jax.  Amelia goes the PH to work.  Sam is busy packing to move to her new apartment.  Amelia tells her she should ask Lucky to help.  She says Sam is gonna try to steal Lucky to spite Liz.  Sam gets sarcastic with her and talks about how hot Lucky is but Amelia thinks she means it.  Sam says Amelia can't goad her, that she don't want Lucky but if she did she would go after him.  She throws Amelia out. Carly tells Jason about trying to trick Jerry into telling her where Jax is.  Jason wants her to stay away from Jerry.  While pleading her case she tells him about her deal with Jerry to save him.  Jason says no plans with Jerry.  Carly says she isn't listening to him and leaves while he is yelling at her to listen to him.  Amelia comes to see Jason.  She tells him she thinks Sam is gonna tell Lucky about Jake. She wants him to turn Sam in for the kidnapping before she can.  Carly comes into the PH and tells Sam she is watching her pack to make sure she doesn't steal anything.  Sam says she is not taking this one minute longer. Jason tells Amelia to take her agenda someplace else.  He also warns her that if she tells it would not be good for her. Amelia says Jason is a fool for protecting Sam after she used him.  Sam tells Carly off and implies that Jax is gone to avoid being with her.  Carly wants Sam to leave and not come back.  Sam says she is going but before she goes...Sam slaps Carly's head around. (Credit Holsgem)

July 25, 2007

Amelia wants to know why he is protecting Sam.  She reminds him of how she helped him find Jake.  Jason owes her but won't help her hurt Sam. Carly says she is gonna make Sam pay and tackles her to the couch. Jason wants Amelia to leave Sam alone.  Amelia keeps trying to goad him.  Jason says that he and Sam are over and so is Amelia's revenge, leave Sam alone.  Amelia says or what.  Sam and Carly continue to fight. Diane comes in and makes them stop. She says the police are on their way. Amelia says Jason is in no position to threaten her. Jason says try him.  Amelia starts talking about her father and wanting Sam to pay. Jason just wants it to end.  He says if she goes after Sam evidence will be leaked connecting her to organized crime and her career will be destroyed. Amelia says she is not his problem Sam is. Diane says that the police are coming to search for evidence.  She wants Carly gone before she makes things worse.  The police knock. Sam lets them in. Mac puts a bunch of guns on the desk.  Diane says they are all licensed.  Mac says they are overkill for a coffee importer. Scott comes in to supervise the search. Carly accuses him of coming to plant evidence.  Scott say he doesn't have to they have proof that Jason killed Lo. Liz goes to tell Jaosn she was called to testify. Carly says Scott isn't prosecuting the case. Diane says she is right and wants to know what Scott's interest us. Sam says they got what they came for she wants them all out. Scott accuses her of hiding something. Sam threatens to call Alexis. Scott tells Mac to search again. Mac says he will but it is pointless. Carly starts accusing Scott of framing Jason. Diane drags her out into the hall. Diane says Carly is not helping and she wants her to stay out of it .  Carly says Sam will betray Jason. Sam overhears. Jason tells Liz to just tell the truth.  She argues.  He says Ric is only calling her to mess with Jason's head.  Ric comes and subpeonas Sam.  Jason says Ric must know he was with Liz the day Lo disappeared.  She says what if he asks about Jake. Jason says just tell the truth. She says she won't help prosecute him. Diane comes and says Jason is bring transfered back to PC and the trial will start the next day. She tells him Ric has added witnesses including Liz. She is worried about the call. Jason wants him to just let Ric ask her about the call.  They argue about the call and Ric knowing about Liz and Jason sleeping together.  He does not want Jake's paternity to come out even if it means he goes to prison. Sam says she was out of town when Lo disappeared.  Ric says she can testify about the animosity between Lo and Jason and Jason's violence. Ric threatend to charge her with perjury or as an accomplice if she covers for Jason. Sam looks at their shattered picture and says she will tell Ric what he needs to know. (Credit Holsgem)

July 26, 2007

Sam comes to the studio and tells Amelia that she won't be able to tape for 2 weeks because she has been called to testify against Jason.  Jason telling Sonny he is about to be transfered back to PC.  Sonny says that is Ric's plan and they need to talk about theirs. Amelia says that Sam can either use her testimony to get revenge or cover for him to try to win him back.  Sam reminds her that she dumped him. Amelia says she dumped him before he could dump her. Sam says he wasn't going to dump her.  Amelia says he could never forgive her.  Sam says she would not take him back if he crawled through broken glass. Amelia says so she is going with revenge.  Sonny says Ric has the tape. Jason says there are no witnesses and they won't find the body.  Sonny says they subpeonaed Sam, he wants to know how bad she can hurt him. Jason says she doesn't know anything. Sonny says Sam is angry so she will cooperate with Ric. Jason doesn't think so, Sonny does. Jason says he is not talking about Sam, he never discussed business with her. Sonny thinks Sam will lie because she is mad that Jason had a baby with Liz. Sonny says her loyalty to Jason is gone and she will bury him. Sonny wants him to turn her in for the kidnapping to discredit her before she testifies. Jason says no, that he would have to admit that Jake was his son.  Sonny says he should have done that months ago. Jason wants Sonny to respect his decision.  As for Sam, Jason says she could lie, but she could tell the truth which is that she knows nothing. Sonny brings up Liz being subpeonaed.  Jason says Liz was with him when he got the call.  Sonny worries about what Liz will say, Jason just wants her answer Ric and get off the stand before Ric asks about Jake. Sam goes to GH about her wrist. She tells Epiphany she's been subpeonaed.  Liz overhears. Jason being shackled. Liz approaches Sam and asks about her wrist.  Sam says Liz would not know about working off agression since she is perfect.  Sam asks if Liz has visited Jason. Liz says that she has and Sam is sure Jason made sure she would be allowed in. Sam asks if she is embarassing Liz and tells her about the transfer and throws in digs about how Liz does not care about Lucky.  Jason in prison van, Diane makes it clear she is watching.  Sam wants to finish her segments so they can be edited while she is away.  Wes tells her about Amelia's piece on the trial. The guard says he is only doing his job.  He talks about the vacation he is about to go on with his family and how important it is to spend time with your kids. Liz goes to see Sam at the studio. Liz says she knows Sam blames her.  Sam points out why. Liz asks her not to get on the stand and turn on Jason.  Sam calls her a lying tramp. Jason being taken out of the van. Men open fire. Jason runs to Amelia and pushes her to the ground. (Credit Holsgem)

July 27, 2007

Replay of Jason exiting the van and men opening fire.  Ric prevents Carly from running out. Sam tells Liz not to plead Jason's case with her. Liz starts to get snarky but Wes interupts saying someone is shooting at Amelia and Jason. Sam and Liz run to the monitor. Jason picks up the guard's gun and returns fire. Sam and Liz watching monitor.  Liz praying out loud for Jason.  Maxie comes in. Maxie calls to make sure Coop and Mac are okay.  Sam thinks they are trying to break Jason free. Ric and Diane argue, Ric accusing Diane of being involved in a jailbreak, Diane accusing Ric of setting Jason up.  Carly jumps in on Diane's side.  Lucky runs by. Carly tells him to protect Jason since he owes him. Jason kills the gunmen.  Lucky point a gun at Jason and demands that he put the gun down. Jason puts down the gun.  Amelia runs to the guard but he is dead. Lucky and Cruz take Jason inside where Carly is freaking.  Jason tells her to calm down. The cops take Jason to the interrogation room.  Diane tells Calry it is the safest palce for Jason.  Lucky tells Ric what happened and Ric tells Diane that is 3 more murder charges. Maxie is glad Mac and Coop were not at the PCPD.  Sam says it is hard to tell that Liz is relieved that Lucky is safe. Maxie leaves with Wes. Liz says that Jason was almost killed and all Sam can do is taunt her, she never deserved Jason.  Sam throw her out of  the studio.  Maxie asks if Sam is seriously thinking about testifying against Jason. Diane comes in and asks Jason what happened and if Sonny set it up.  Jason thinks it was Lo's men.  Diane says that there is now video footage that Jason is a trained killer and she thinks Ric set it up. Ric telling Sonny he can't get in to see Jason and accusing him of setting up the shooting Sonny says it wasn't him. Alexis comes and says she is preparing a motion to get Sam removed from the case. Sam tells Maxie that she broke up with Jason because he was only with her from a sense of obligation. Maxie asks if she still loves him.  Sam says yes but he would rather have Carly or Liz's support. They discuss their hatred of Liz.  Maxie says that once she pulls the sympathy card she can't be beat.  Sam says she can blow Liz's little world straight to hell. Jason asks Diane what the gameplan is.  Diane is going to petition for a change of venue.  She opens the door and Max is arguing to get in.  Diane goes to back him up. Lucky tells the cop to let him in. Max tells Jason that the tail on Sam checked in and said a that Liz went to argue with Sam because she thinks Sam will use her testimony to get back at him.  Alexis says that today's event proved the proceedings can be lethal and she will not let him drag Sam into them. They argue. Ric says he is doubling security.  Sonny only cares that Jason is okay. Amelia comes up and says he is. A cop comes up and tells Ric the shooters had Venezulan IDs.  Sonny says even Ric should see that this was for Lo.  Sam at the PH.  Max comes to tell her Jason is okay and offers to help her if she needs help moving.  Sam thanks him and tells him to tell Jason she will be out in a day or two.  Max asks her to overlook the breakup when she is testifying and then says that Jason is no longer her worry. Amelia goes to see Jason. She says it is not the first time he saved her.  She says she will keep him from going to jail.  Alexis comes to see Sam with papers asking for spousal privilege.  Sam says she is going to testify and tell the truth.  Jason tells Amelia he was only trying to save himself so he would appreciate her not doing anything to help him. Amelia says she will use the power of the media to save him.  Diane and Ric arguing before the judge.  The judge decides the trial will go forward but the court will be closed to spectators and the media. Jason's trial begins.  (Credit Holsgem)

July 30, 2007

Liz and Sam in the witness room.Sam wonders which of them is gonna end up hurting Jason the most. Ric giving his opening statement at the trial. Sam and Liz in the witness room snarking at each other about their testimony.  Diane giving her opening statment. Ric calls Sam to testify. Liz watches Sam testify on the live feed. Ric asks Sam about Jason's guns, shootings she has witnessed, her getting shot and shooting people and Jason's relationship with Sonny. Sam tries to slant things for Jason but tells the truth. Diane rips Sam apart on the stand making her look like a user and a woman scorned and brings up her ONS with Ric. She then asks Sam if the guns were licensed and whether or not the shootings were self defense and Sam says yes. Ric wants to show the shooting video.  Diane objects.  They argue their points to the judge. The judge calls a recess to conside the arguments.  Alexis at the MC refusing to help Carly get into the trial.  Sam comes in and asks Alexis to go for a drink.  Carly asks her what lies she told about Jason in court. Sam says everything she testified to was public record.  Alexis defends Sam. Carly says she wil make Sam pay.  The cops put Jason in the witness room with Liz.  She starts in on Sam's testimony.  Jason says Sam told the truth and that is what he wants her to do.  He says thinking abut Jake is getting him through this.  The guard comes in and takes Jason out. Diane talking to Jason about when they show the tape. Carly telling Sonny the tape will blow up in Ric's face. Ric telling the mayor that the jury will see that Jason is a cold blooded killer. Sonny saying Ric knows exactly what he is doing. Horrified jurors watching the tape with Sonny's voiceover saying the jury will see Jason as the perfect killing machine. (Credit Holsgem)

July 31, 2007

Horrified jurors watchs the tape.  Ric wants to reshow it in slo-mo.  Diane objects. Ric and Diane argue the point.  The judge allows it. Ric plays it and slo-mo, then pauses it and says that this is the last imaage Lo saw, Jason with a gun.  Diane objects. Ric calls Liz but the judge recesses court for the day. The mayor is happy with Ric but thinks calling Liz is a bad idea. Ric says she will give what he needs for a conviction. Diane is upset about the tape.  She said Jason was calm and focused and lethal and it validated what Ric was saying. She says they need all the help they can get.  Spinelli visiting Jason. He thinks Lucky will help Jason if he knows about Jake's paternity. Spinelli thinks it is better if the truth comes out now rather than later.  Jason says the way things went in court convinced him that he can never claim Jake.  Jason does not want his kid to be ashamed of or afraid of him.  Spinelli thinks he would be proud of him. Jason is afraid Jake can get caught in the crossfire.  Spinelli wants Jason to be in Jake's life as a family friend then.  The guard come in and says time is up. Ric comes in behind him and throws Spinelli out. Ric wants Jason to cooperate or he will make Liz admit the truth. Spinelli overhears before the cops throw him out. Ric wants Jason to plead out and take 20 years or he will make Liz admit that they had sex and question Jake's paternity. (Credit Holsgem)

August 1, 2007

Cop brings Jason into court.  Carly comes in.  She wants to be a witness.  Diane says things are bad enough without her making them worse. Sam tells Spinelli to stop defending Lulu to Maxie. Carly says Sam hurt him in court.  Jason says she told the truth.  Diane says Carly would do more harm than good. Carly begs to be a witness. Diane refuses.  Carly sits down and refuses to leave.  Diane leaves her to Jason. Jason convinces Carly to leave but she says she is going to get him out of this.  Spinelli starts to defend Lulu but Sam tells him that he can't make her love him if she doesn't. She says she wishes someone was honest with her about Jason like she is being with him about Lulu.  She says Lulu is using him and wasting his time, that she will never love him and she leaves. Riccalls Sonny instead of Liz.  Ric questions Sonny about Lo, the call and whether or not he ordered the hit. Maxie goes to Sam's new apartment to thank her for picking up for her. Sam asks her to help her wreck Liz's life. Diane and Ric argue about the hit question.  The judge allows it. Sonny says he did not order Jason to kill Lo. Ric calls Kate to testify about the call.  Sam and Maxie talk about how alike Lulu and Liz are and how they hurt people but never have to pay. They talk about Jason and Lucky. Sams says Liz is never wrong, just ask Jason.  Maxie describes how awful Liz is and that Lulu is the same way and they never have to pay. Kate continues to testify making Ric look foolish.  Sonny and Jason are in awe. Liz is sworn in. Lucky is watching. Ric questions her about her realtionship with Jason and about the call.  He starts to trip her up. Maxie picks up a shell.  Sam tells her she can have it that it is something her and Jason brought back from Hawaii.  Maxie leaves it and asks Sam if she hates Jason.  Sam is angry with Jason but she doesn't hate him, she hates Liz.  They talk about Liz and Sam says she does not deserve Jason, Lucky or her kids.  Sam says she is gonna make sure she pays and ends up alone. Ric continues to question Liz about her relationship with Jason. He finally asks her if she ever had sex with Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

August 2, 2007

Ric asks again if Liz and Jason ever had sex. Jason yells at Ric to leave her alone. Lucky looks devastated. The judge yells at Jason. Jason starts to argue with the judge. Ric asks that Jason be shackled. Sam reading the paper about the trial. Amelia comes and tells her they are asking Liz if she had sex with Jason. Diane argues against the shackles and the line of questioning. Amelia and Sam talking about Liz's testimony.  Amelia says it is gonna lead to Jake and Jason and Liz will be exposed as the liars they are, just like Sam wants. Sam doesn't want that. Amelia throws in a dig about Sam not being able to have a baby. Amelia says when the truth comes out Jason and Liz will get together and raise Jake. Nik comes. Sam called him to warn him that Lucky was going to need him. The judge refuses to shackle Jason but allows Ric to continue. Ric gets her to admit having sex with Jason. Amelia starts to update Ric but he cuts her off and throws her out.  She snarks at Sam as she goes.  Nik asks Sam what Amelia knows.  Sam admits confiding in her when she thought they were friends. Sam says the truth needs to come out.  Liz says it was just one time. Ric wants to know when.  She throws Sam in his face and admits it was last August. Ric questions her about their continued friendship. Diane objects and the judge calls a recess. Lucky moves to a seat behind Jason.  He tells him he is garbage and accuses him of always wanting Liz for himself.  The mayor intervenes. Sam and Nik outside the courtroom. The guard tells them Lucky is still in there. Sam thinks Lucky will need Nik when he comes out. Diane telling Jason that the judge is going to allow Ric to continue.  She tells him not to help Ric by having another outburst. Ric starts to ask about Jake, finally asking if Jason could be his father. (Credit Holsgem)

August 3, 2007

Nik and Sam talking outside the courtroom. Ric asks if Jason is Jake's father.  Liz says that Lucky is Jake's father and it was proven by a paternity test. Ric questions her contined friendship with Jason.  She goes off on a tangent about how wonderful Jason is. Ric goes back to the phone call and Liz sticks to her story. Diane questions Liz about other calls Jason got when he was with her. The judge recesses for the day.  Liz goes to Lucky.  He walks away from her. Sonny visiting Jason.  They talk about Ric questioning Liz.  Sonny wants to know why she lied about Jake.  He thinks it was time for the truth to come out. Jason says he could be convicted.  Sonny ways if Diane doesn't get him off, he will do everything he can to free him. Jason asks Sonny to protect Jake while he is in jail.  Sonny agrees but says if Jason wants to protect Jake he needs to beat the charges and claim him. Liz whining at Ric that it is all his fault and Sam's.  Sam comes up behind her.  Liz tries to be snarky.  Sam claps as she flounces away. Liz comes in to see Jason.  He apologizes to her for the questioning.  She starts to whine that he wanted to tell the truth and all that she did to him. Then she says that she couldn't take Lucky's pride and his child so she lied. She says that Jake is safer as a Spencer, then says maybe not. Maybe that is just what she wants to believe.  She says she has been lying for so long she doesn't know anymore.  Jason says she did it for Jake.  He doesn't know if she is right or wrong but he said he would support her. She starts to cry and hugs him. Sam comes to see Jason.  She yells at him about how fast Liz ran to him to shut him up.  Jason asks if she is following Liz.  Sam tells him how Liz made sure he can never claim Jake.  She points out that if he ever wants to be a man and step up as Jake's father, Liz will go to prison for perjury.  She tells him that he can't even see how he is being manipulated. (Credit Holsgem)

August 6, 2007

Sam visits Jason at the PCPD, telling him that Liz stole his son, and now he can never claim him without bringing perjury charges up against Liz. Jason says that Sam is wrong, and warns her against revealing the truth about Jake's paternity. Later, Ric talks to Jason about the ONS reveal in court, saying how he was sure Jake was his son. Then, Emily visits Jason, telling him about how his ONS with Liz is all over the news, and talking about what a "slimy toad" Ric is. Liz visits Jason yet again, telling him about her talk with Lucky and how she is still lying to him about who Jake's true father is. While Liz is with Jason, Sam visits Lucky, apologizing to him for not telling him about the night Liz spent with Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

August 7, 2007

Jason tells Liz he is sorry for the way Ric treated her on the stand. Liz tells Jason she will never be sorry for any decisions they make about Jake. Sam goes to Lucky and answers his questions about how long she knew of the affair between Jason and Liz. Sam says she knew from the day after and that Liz asked her to keep it a secret. Sam talks about her ONS with Ric and how she did it knowing it was going to destroy her and Jasonís relationship. Sam says she had to tell Jason about her ONS cause she couldnít lie about it. She also says that Jason and Liz told her they did not regret their ONS. Liz tells Jason she is sorry he canít be in Jakes life. Sam tells Lucky that Liz said it was only time they slept together and that Liz kept it from him because she was afraid he was going to relapse and go back to using drugs. Sam says she always wanted to tell him the truth but couldnít, and didnít want to tell him out of revenge or anger. Sam said that Liz would still go to Jason and now she thinks something may have been going on. Jason tells Liz that everyone is still lying. Liz says she feels bad about keeping the secret and that she canít risk Lucky relapsing if she told him about Jake. Liz thinks its still better for Jake and Luck to keep lying about the paternity. Jason asks Liz if she thinks Lucky and her can work it out. Liz says its up to Lucky, Jason asks what she will do if Lucky leaves her, Liz answers that she will raise her boys along. Jason asks if that is what she wants. Lucky asks Sam if she thinks Jason and Liz slept together more than once. Sam says she doesnít know, but that Jason and Liz are good liars cause they have been lying to their faces for so long and everyone believed them. She says looking back there were a lot of times Jason went out and she assumed it was for business but now maybe he was meeting up with Liz. Lucky says the same about Liz. Sam tells Lucky that she knows of a few times Liz and Jason did meet in secret. Liz comes home and sees Lucky talking with Sam and asks why Sam is there. Sam tells her she is there to say sorry to Lucky for keeping the ONS secret. Lucky defends Sam being there to Liz. Liz tells Sam to leave, Sam tells Liz to treat her with respect now. After Sam leaves Liz calls Sam transparent and Lucky tells her Sam was just telling the truth and asks if she ran to Jason. Liz says yes she was with Jason. Jason and Diane talk about how badly his case is going and that Mrs. Spencer did not help at all. Infact now that Liz lied on the stand Ric can ask for another DNA test. Diane tells Jason to prepare to think about taking a plea.  (Credit Holsgem)

August 8, 2007

Diane asks Jason to keep his emotions in check and says she is recalling Liz to the stand. Liz tells Lucky that Diane is recalling her to the stand. Lucky asks if he should go with her and if any more secrets are going to come out. Sam looks in at Lucky and Liz through the window. Liz says no. Lucky says then he will stay with the boys and fight for his marriage. Liz tells Lucky it doesnít have to be a fight. Lucky says he doesnít want to wake up one morning and have all this be a waste. Liz leaves and Lucky breaks their wedding photo. Sam knocks on the door and Lucky asks her if she was waiting for Liz to leave. Sam says she did not want to answer Lizís questions about why Lucky asked her to come over. Liz goes over to see Jason at the PCPD saying Diane thought it would be a good idea if she talked to Jason about her being recalled to the stand. Liz tells Jason she will do anything to help him get out of jail. Sam asks Lucky what else he wants to know about the ONS. He asks her if that is the reason she and Jason are broken up. Sam answers yes, the secret that Liz asked Jason to keep is the reason they are over. Sam says she is sorry that she was the one who started all this by sleeping with Ric, and asks Lucky if he feels guilty for sleeping with Maxie. Lucky answers that one set of lies does not clear the other. Liz is questioned by Diane about her marriage to Ric and says the reason the marriage failed was because Ric is obsessed with revenge against Sonny. She says Ric used her to get revenge against Jason. Skye is next on the stand and Ric questions her about the night Lo went missing. Skye admits that they were going to run away to Venezuela that night and that Lo kept digital recordings all around the house. Diane asks Skye if she loved Lo, Skye answers that he is the father of her daughter. Diane asks if Lo has any other family, Skye says no, so Diane says that her daughter would inherit everything if Lo was dead. Diane asks if Lo had any other enemies and Skye says yes. Diane asks if Skye saw Jason the night Lo went missing, Skye says no. Diane asks if Skye heard anything, again Skye says no but has a flashback of that night. Ric redirects and asks Skye if she thought Lo would abandon his daughter she says no. Next witness is a criminalist and Ric asks him about the digital recorder found. He says yes that is Loís voice and yes the sound is compatible with a 9mm shot through a silencer. Liz comes home to see Lucky playing with Cam on the couch and Sam holding Jake near the fireplace. (Credit Holsgem)

August 9, 2007

Jason's trial continues as Ric is granted permission to replay the recorded evidence of Alcazar saying "Morgan" and a shot going off. Liz returns home to Sam playing with Lucky and the kids, as she demands Jake from Sam. Sam and Lucky want to know what Liz said in court, and she replies saying Ric had her say she slept with Jason and lied to Lucky, so could be biased. Ric and Diane question Skye about Alcazar's business and the last time she saw him. Liz wants Sam to stay away from Lucky and her kids, and they argue back and forth, outside of the courtroom, where Amelia is questioned about the day at the studio where two men threatened her and Sam, before Jason showed up, saving them. Sam shows up at Lucky's door, claiming she forgot her phone, and they find it in the couch. Alcazar's gardener, Donald Mancini, is on the stand, claiming he saw Jason put Alcazar's dead body into an SUV. (Credit Holsgem)

August 10, 2007

After Sam finds her phone, she and Lucky have a close moment, and he tells her she is welcome in his home anytime. In court, Alcazar's gardener, Mancini, says he didnt come clean sooner because he thought Jason would kill him. Lucky and Sam talk about how she lost Lila, and he thinks back to when Jake was missing. Lucky doesn't blame Sam for what happened between Jason and Liz. Ric continues to question Mancini about what he saw the day Alcazar went missing. There is a court recess, during which Diane questions Jason about Mancini's testimony. Sam apologizes to Lucky again for not telling him the truth earlier, as Nikolas walks in on him holding Sam's hand. Sam meets with Alexis about what Liz admitted in court, and about her spending time with Lucky. Alexis doesn't want Sam to get hurt again. Spinelli tells Jason and Diane about Carly and Jerry in Venezuela. Diane questions Mancini and new evidence is delivered to Diane proving that Alcazar is still alive. (Credit Holsgem)

August 13, 2007

Carly and Craig get into the courtroom while Ric is fighting with Diane over new evidence that proves Lo is alive. The judge calls a recess and dismisses the jury while he talks to the lawyers in his chambers. Sam is at Kellyís waiting for Lucky, when he shows up she tells him that Liz met with Alexis and wants them to stay away from each other. Sam says Liz talked bad about her to Alexis and Sam is concerned because her relationship with Alexis is rocky because of the ONS. Lucky apologizes to Sam for Liz and says it must be hard on Sam and that Liz is only making the situation between her and Alexis worse. Carly runs over to Jason and discusses the new evidence. Jason is mad at her for running off with Craig/Jerry. Lulu leaves Kellyís mad and Lucky calls her over but she refuses to talk to him. Sam apologies to Lucky for unloading on him. He apologizes for Liz again and gets ready to leave. Sam says thanks for coming and thanks for being there for her. Jason and Carly still fight over the evidence. The court reconvenes and the judge decides they can use the evidence but Jasonís charges will not be dropped. Carly jumps up and accuses Ric of lying to get back and him and Sonny. Ric says this is a closed courtroom and she shouldnít be there. Diane says she is a witness for the defense and the judge asks them both to approach the bench. Ric says he wants the new evidence to be presented now and Diane agrees. Diane presents the new evidence to the jury that Lo is still alive. They are bank records and government surveillance showing Lo alive and well 2 days ago. Ric is pissed as the judge ends court for the day. Ric and Diane discuss the new evidence. Ric accuses Diane of presenting false evidence knowingly. The mayor shows up and calls Ric on the fact that he is losing his case. Carly is all happy she helped Jason. He is mad she took the chance but happy she is ok. Sam meets Nik at the Metro Court and says he wants Sam to stay away from Lucky, and that he is on the edge already and doesnít need her using him to get revenge on Liz. Sam says she and Lucky are friends and they understand each other. Nik thinks she is doing this for revenge. (Credit Holsgem)

August 14, 2007

Sam gets a phone call from Ric. Spinelli fakes is way into the PCPD to visit Jason to talk to him about Lulu and Logan. Spin tells Jason that he knows Lulu is going to get hurt and Jason tells him to be a true friend and stand by her. Jason make the parallel between Spin and Lulu and himself and Carly. Then Jason tells Spin that TRUST is the most important part of any relationship, with out it, no relationship can survive. Sam meets with Ric at the courthouse. Ric wants Sam to say she heard Jason make plans to kill Lo or anyone else because he knows she is out for revenge. Diane tells Jason that Ric is recalling Sam to the stand, and she is afraid of what Sam will say. Spin meets Sam at the courthouse and says she is to late to see Jason before the trial. She tells him she is there to testify. Spin asks her not to take her anger out on Jason. Sam says she doesnít care. Spin says he knows she won't hurt Jason, Sam says donít be so sure. Sam is called to the stand and Diane is afraid that Sam will spin what she knows about the business. Sam goes back over how long she and Jason have been together. Ric tries his best to get her to say something bad about Jason, like he killed people, Sam stares at Jason and defends him, saying she never saw him murder anyone, but just use his guns in self-defense, like she has done herself. Sam then says that its horrible to learn your actions destroyed another persons life, whether you did it to protect them or not. (sam says this directly to Jason and stares at him while saying it). Diane says, as Sam walks out, ďYou owe her for that.Ē Diane calls the coroner to the stand and he says that he never did an autopsy on Loís body, so he can't say that Lo is dead.  (Credit Holsgem)

August 15, 2007

Diane and Ric fight over the coroners testimony. Diane insists that with no DNA, body or other evidence, Lo cant be said as being dead. Diane questions Mac about how Jason has been arrested 32 times and never convicted. Mac says that doesnít mean he is innocent, but proves that he has the money to get off. Diane counters that no attorney is good enough if there is enough evidence. Sam is sitting at Kellyís when Lucky comes over and asks if he can sit with her. They talk about her being recalled to the stand and how it would have been easy for her to lie, like other did, on the stand and say she heard a hit being put out by Jason, but that she never knew about his business. Amelia gets to testify that Ric wanted her to tape Jasonís PCPD transfer for the publicity it will give him to be the one to put Jason Morgan away. During closing arguments, Diane calls Ric out on wanting revenge against Jason for being friends with Liz and for being close to Sonny, Ric counters that Jason is a dangerous man and guilty of murder. After closing Diane tells Jason what the jury will need to believe in order to convict him of murder. She thinks the evidence that Lo is alive should help. Carly shows up and talks to Jason. Carly is upset about Jax and thinks Jerry knows where he is. Carly gets an idea and leaves Jason. The jury reaches its decision, Ric compliments Diane. She tells Ric he hasnít won yet. (Credit Holsgem)

August 16, 2007

Outside the courtroom the press, Liz and Sam await the juries verdict. Sam tells Liz how sweet she is getting out of work to be there to support Jason. Liz says she though Jason could use a friend. Sam asks what about Lucky, but then again Liz never thinks about Lucky. Jason is acquitted and he hugs and thanks Diane. Outside the courtroom Liz runs up and hugs Jason, and the TV cameras catch it all. Sam send over a death look as Jason realized she was also waiting. The mayor approaches Ric and tells him he will spin this loss to protect both of them. Liz says she is happy that Jason got off and then starts to walk away to get back to work. Sam stops Liz and says that this isnít over. Jason goes to the coffee house and sees Spinelli and Sonny in the office. Sam sees Ric still in the courthouse. Ric tells Sam that the reason she didnít turn on Jason is because she still thinks he will want her back. Ric gets to Sam, but she says she has her own ideas about revenge. Jason talks to Sonny and Spin about how good Diane was and how Carly actually helped. Spin wants to celebrate but Jason says later. Sonny tells Jason he would have broken him out if he was convicted. Sonny asks Jason if he is going to go after Jake. Carly arrives and Jason doesnít get to answer, he thanks Carly and Carly says it was really all Jerry/Craig. Ric tells Sam that she should have put Jason away when she had the chance. Sam says she couldnít  lie on the stand, and that the truth will set you free. Ric says that after all Jason did, how can she still protect him. Sam says she WILL make Liz and Jason pay, but on her own terms, not his. Jason arrives home and sees that Sam has left the PH. He sees the star necklace on the desk and a box on the bottom steep. Sam then arrives and says that Alexis found the necklace at the PCPD a few weeks ago and that Sam couldnít bring herself to wear it. Jason goes to hand it to her and she says no, he can keep it, she doesnít want anything to remind her of what could have been. She picks up the box and walks over to the door. She says she didnít get the chance to say congratulations to him at the courthouse, and that its too bad he wont be able to claim his son. She calls him on all his lies, saying the biggest lie is to himself. Jason says if she wants to hate him go ahead but not to take it out on Liz or Jake. Sam says Penis Flytrap, always running to her rescue. Liz the one who started all this by cheating on her husband and getting pregnant and lying to her husband every day, but doesnít feel at all guilty. Jason says Sam was the one who watched his son getting kidnapped and did nothing. Sam counters that Jason was the one who kept the lies going by not telling everyone he was the babyís father. But instead he chose to keep Lizís secret. Jason says its to keep Jake safe, and that he doesnít understand how Sam can not understand that, Jake is innocent in all this. Sam asks what about Lucky, he is still being lied to everyday. Sam says no matter what Lucky does, and who he sleeps with, it will never erase the lies Liz and he are still telling. She says maybe she will sleep with Lucky, after all they both had the people they love most in the world lie and cheat on them. Sam says that Jason and Liz deserve each other, but that in the end Jason will be alone because Liz is too afraid of Jason. Liz will be with Lucky, who will be raising his child and Jason will be all alone. Jason looks at Sam with shock and pain. (Credit Holsgem)

August 17, 2007

Jason opens the closet at the PH and realized it was empty of all of Samís things. He takes out his picture box and puts the pic of Liz and Jake inside. He is lost memories when there is a knock at the door. Its Lucky and he warns Jason to stay away for Liz and the kids. Liz Flytrap is walking through the park with the boys when Sam walks by. She says Jake is getting big just like his cop daddy, then asks to hold him. Liz refuses and says she has made it clear that Sam will never be near her children. Sam asks where Lucky is and she tells her he is busy. Lucky tells Jason to stay away and Jason says that what happened was a one time thing and not planned. Lucky tells him to stop hanging around Liz playing hero. Jason says if he is guilty of helping Liz he won't apologize. Lucky says if he is such a stand up guy then how can he excuse seducing a married woman. Jason says to Lucky to listen to the truth. Lucky had a problem, he just found Sam sleeping with Ric, and while not a justification for his actions, he never planned for it to happen and it won't ever happen again. Lucky asks how can he believe it when they both lied to him for so long. Lucky says no matter what he is the father of those two boys and he wants Jason to stay away. Lulu arrives at the PH and lies saying she was there looking for Spinelli. Lucky says to keep Spin away from the kids too. Jason asks how Lulu is and she asks how is he, he just got banned from seeing his son. Lulu says she is there to say she is sorry about pushing him about Jake. Lulu says she is sorry for telling him what to do about Jake. She says no one is perfect. She asks if he is going to go after Jake. Lulu makes excuses for Lizís behavior. Sam and Lucky talk about the fight he had with Liz. He says that the house is a trap and that his dad was right that love dies a helpless death. Lucky and Sam agree that they were fools to fight for their relationships since they both lost. Jason gets his guns out and Lulu asks to ask him a personal question. Lulu says Carly says that Jason shuts down when he has emotions. She rubs it in more that he can never claim Jake. Lulu says she is starting to question Lizís plan. But she keeps defending Liz. She asks Jason if he loves Liz. She thinks Liz loves him. Jason says they will all have to figure out whatís best. Spin arrives and asks why she is there. Lulu says she is there to talk about Jake. Spinelli says how nice of her, Jason says that he promises what ever happens he will do what is best for Jake. Sam and Lucky says she is sorry she never told him about the relationship between Liz and Jason. Lucky tells her its ok, the pressure they put on her to keep quiet must have been hard. Sam says some of it was her own selfishness. She was afraid that if he left Liz, Jason would go to her and Lucky says Sam isnít a loser, she wasnít wrong. Spin says the closet is so empty without Samís stuff. Maybe Jason should ask Liz and the boys to move in. Sam says Lucky is the one who has been the loser. Sam says Liz is the one who made him work alone to fix their marriage. Sam says she wished for so long to have someone in her life, making her the priority Lucky says they both deserve better. They almost Kiss but Sam walks out saying she can't do this. Jason says Liz will not move in she has to protect Jake. Spin says why not if her and Lucky break up why not help raise his son with Liz? Spin plays on Jasonís fear of Jake getting hurt. Jason says If Liz could handle the danger, If she wanted to try, he would want to try. (Credit Holsgem)

August 20, 2007

Spin and Jason talking about how Jason wants to be part of Jake's life and if Liz would move in he would want that. Spin says for Jason to go and tell Liz how he feels, she may feel the same way. Two men come up to Liz and the boys in the park and say they know she is connected to Jason Morgan. Sam shows up with a gun and scares them off. Spin tries to talk Jason into asking Liz to move in with him, and calls tells him he can protect them. Emily show up and tells Jason that she thinks Liz wants to move in with him too, and that she has feelings for him. She thinks Lucky and Liz are done, and now Liz will want him. Sam comforts Cam and Liz tells her what happened, but she doesnít mention the Jason part. Sam tells her to call the police but Liz doesnít think itís a good idea, finally Sam talks Liz into telling the cops. Cruz, Lucky and another PCPD officer are in the park taking Lizís description of the men. She again leaves out the Jason connection. Liz is snappy and whiney to Lucky, yelling at him that she was in the park because her car was in the shop. Sam says she reacted, Liz again thanks her. Sam asks outright why target her and the boys and again Liz lies, Lucky says you are ok because of Sam. Jason and Emily still talk about Liz and Jason. Jason tells Em to stay out of the mess. Max arrives and Jason tells him he wants to do some new things to the PH to make it safer. Liz calls and wants to meet Jason on the bridge. Jason shows up and tells Liz he wants her to move in. She tells him that two men went after her in the park and he changes his mind and says he has to stay way from Jake and her to keep them safe. (Credit Holsgem)

August 21, 2007

Sam is in the park talking to the guys that she hired to scare Liz. Lucky approaches and thinks those are the men that scared Liz. Jason and Liz are talking on the bridge, Jason tells Liz he is going to find the men who did this, Liz says the police are already looking for them. Sam tells Lucky that these men work on EDH. Lucky buys it and they say good bye. Lucky and Sam talk, Lucky thanks her for saving the boys. Sam says she didnít want anyone to get hurt and asks if he has any leads. Sam says she thinks they said something about Liz being connected to Jason. Lucky says that Liz will lie to protect Jason. Jason tells Liz he is a fool to think this could work and that they are safer out of his life. He says he would rather try to protect them but that Jake could be kidnapped again because of him and he wont take the risk. He says the best way to love his son is to let him go, and that means letting her go too. Jason says goodbye, he says every time he leaves someone he loves its was different than with Jake. He knows he should stay away but he can't.  He is going to leave Liz and Jake alone and if anything happens with Jake for her to call him. Liz is crying and Jason says he is sorry it took so long to figure out. He says he loves her and should have told her before. She says now is when it matters and that she loves him too and that she always will. They share the most unromantic kiss in the history of daytime TV!! Then he tells her to leave. She does and he is alone on the bridge, upset over the fact that he will never be able to claim his son. Liz is walking through the park and Sam is there. She says that Liz looks upset . She asks if something else happened and Liz says no, its just her nerves. They talk about the guys who scared her. She thanks Sam again and says she knows it was for the boys and not her. Sam says it wasnít about her, she doesnít care about her but she wasnít going to stand by and watch her being attacked. Ric walks in the park and says the last thing he expected to see was Sam and Liz chatting. Sam tells him to go over the police reports because Liz and the kids were attacked today in the park, Ric looks all worried and Sam tells him not to look all concerned. Jason walks into Sonnyís office and asks if they have any business to deal with while he was in lockup. Sonny asks why, Jason fills him in on how 2 guys wanted to use Liz and her kids as leverage against him. Sonny asks what happened. Jason tells him they are ok because of Sam. Sonny says than its ok, Jason says he can't take the risk of it happening again. Sonny tells Jason to give the cops a few days and to take Liz and the kids. But Jason interrupts and say he will not be seeing Liz or the kids anymore. Ric continues talking to Liz and Sam. Sam says Ric forced those Liz to testify about the ONS and those men could have come after her because of that. Ric says if you are so upset than maybe they should have helped him get Jason convicted. Liz says by lying and Ric says Jason was guilty and they both know it. Ric says Lila Rae is fatherless because of Jason. Liz says to stop saying that but Ric says Liz will look the other way because he is so enamored about Jason to care. Ric says thank you for showing me how much of an angel you really are and how much you are like Carly, willing to lie an rationalize anything if it help Jason. He says its sad but it shows him all the illusions he had had about her, makes it easy to walk away. Jason says the men went against Liz because of him and that no matter what Sonnyís kids are always a target, he doesnít want that for Jake. Sonny keeps telling Jason he is stupid to let Lucky raise his son. Jason says he is walking away from Jake because he loves him and asks Sonny to never bring it up again. Jason is back in the park when he meets up with Sam. They lock eyes before Sam talks and says she bets he is looking for the guys that went after Liz and the boys. He looks down and says yes he is. She says the police have been all over this place and have not found anything. He thanks her for helping. She asks if it makes up for watching Jake get kidnapped. He still wont look at her and apologizes for it not working out between them, but she did a good thing. He starts to walk away and she asks if something is wrong. He looks at her and she says she would ask what but she really doesnít care so. And he walks off. She stares after him, heartbroken. Jason is back on the bridge he leans on the banister and is upset about where all his decisions have left him. (Credit Holsgem)

August 22, 2007

Jason returns to the PH to find Spinelli sleep at the desk. Jason wakes him up and Spin says he has his own secret pain and Jason cuts him off and tells him that Liz and her kids were threatened from some goons in the park and that he needs him to find out who they were. Sam is paying the guys off at her new apartment, she tells them they need to leave before Jason finds out who they are and kills them. And if she is revealed to have anything to do with it she will kill them herself. Jason gives Spin the information about the two guys and Spin tells him to slow down he was asleep and he needs a few seconds to wake up. Spin says his heart is broken and he isnít in the mood to be the cyber space king. Jason asks what happened and Spin says he understands a bit of his secret pain. Then he starts his search. Maxie shows up at Samís and says she will keep Samís secret. Sam passes them off as EDH grips, but Maxie warns her that this will come back to haunt her. Maxie says she admires Sam to hire the guys to scare Liz. Maxie says they are all ready to watch the destruction of Liz begins. Sam sticks to her story and says Liz will destroy herself. Jason asks Spin to hack into all cameras. Spin asks for Liz to help identify, Jason says he will not see Liz anymore and Jake too. Sam goes to visit Nik. They talk about Sam saving Liz and the children. Nik says thank you. Sam tells Nik that Lucky was there and that she is worried about him Lucky shows up and asks why she is worried about him. Jason walks into Sonnyís office and they talk about how Ric may be behind this latest stuff with Liz. Sonny says they have a lot of other enemies and they can't overlook other threats. Jason says he will find who did this and find who hired them. Sonny gets a phone call from Liz who wants him to come over to talk to him about Jason. Maxie shows up at the PH to talk to Spin. They talk about Coop and letting Coop find the bad guys who attacked Liz. Jason arrives home and Spin says Maxie is there messing with Lulu. Jason asks her to leave. Spin says that Maxie wanted info about the guys. Jason says Spin must find out the information he needs to get rid of the threat to Liz and the kids. Lucky shows up at Samís. Sam says that she didnít want to talk to him in front of Nik and that she doesnít like to gossip. He asks why he is there. She says she needs his help. She says she is sure that the bad guys that attacked Liz mentioned Jason and that if they did then she might be in danger too. Lucky asks why and Sam says because she was with Jason for 3 years and she is afraid that they may go after her next. She says she wants a bodyguard and she wants it to be him. Spin and Jason talk about who would benefit from scaring Liz and Jason says he thinks its Ric. Spinelli says maybe Lucky. They both agree that Ric may do it. Spin shows Jason some pics of possible suspects. (Credit Holsgem)

August 23, 2007

Jason and Spinelli are going over video footage of the men who scared Liz. Sam is talking to Lucky about how she is afraid and she needs a bodyguard. She tells Lucky its Mannyís fault she can't have kids, and he shot her to get back at Jason. Lucky asks her if she really just wants revenge or if she is afraid. Sam says she is beyond that. Lucky says he and Liz are trying to work it and if she is going to hit on him for payback. Sam interrupts and tells him she thought about it, and so has he. Sam says Liz and Jason were sneaking behind their backs and after what Liz did to him in court yes she wants revenge, but she is not going to use him to get back at Liz. She thinks they understand each other and she doesnít want to be afraid, not to get back and Liz or Jason. Spinelli and Jason go over more footage and they find some pictures that they can use to identify the bad guys. Spin finds car information so they can search. Sam says she blames Liz for her and Jasonís breakup and her friendship with Lucky is a new way to live. Sam says that when she left Jason she realized how isolated she had become that her whole life was around Jason, his work, his friends. And now that she is alone she realized that no one from Jasonís life are her friends, they all turned on her. She says if it was her who got assaulted in the park Jason would have guards on her all the time, but now he doesnít give a damn and she knows he has people watching Liz. Sam says she can't fend off Jasonís enemies herself but she knows that Jason and Sonny own all the agencies around there and she tells Lucky to ask around work if anyone wants some extra money. She thanks him and he leaves. She stops him and tells him she hopes him and Liz work it out for the kids if nothing else. Spin and Jason find the license plate and he searches the web for more information about the men. Spin asks if they find proof the danger was false will Jason ask her and the kids to move back in. He says if Ric did this he won't get the chance again. Ric shows up at Jasonís. Maxie shows up at Samís and tells her she has some good news about her park drama, Sam still denies it. Maxie says she is on her side and that she talked to Spin and they donít think its her. Maxie says if Jason finds out it was her it will get very ugly. Ric talks to Jason about the guys from the park and Spin jumps in and Ric asks if Spin is Jasonís new bodyguard. Spin talks for Jason. Ric taunts Jason about Liz. Jason asks if Ric is afraid Liz will remember something about the events that will tie him to it. Ric says he didnít do it and he is not afraid of Jason. Spin still defends Jason and Ric tells Spin to shut up. Sonny shows up and tells Ric if he wants him then have to guts to go after him, not bother Jason. Sonny tells Ric he is afraid and now he is bothering Jason. Ric continues to taunt Jason about Liz and he says that Jason must have been doing her all along. Spin gets in Ricís face and Sonny pulls him away. Ric says someone is trying to take over Sonnyís territory and when its done he will be standing there waiting, and that Kate Howard will pay for it. Ric leaves and Sonny asks if Jason is ok. Jason sends Spin upstairs and shares the news with Sonny about the lead. Jason tells Sonny that if it was Ric he will be face to face with Lo at the bottom of the harbor. Sonny tells Jason he canít think its only Ric, Jason is set on it being Ric for revenge for Liz. Sonny says he is protecting Jason not Ric. He tells Jason its easier for him to be angry at Ric for all this than mad at Liz who started this whole thing. Jason says he is mad at Ric for threatening Liz and the kids, and because of him. Jason says this is personal and not business. Sonny says he just gave up his kid and it was because Liz isnít brave enough about his life and that Jason isnít thinking clearly. Sam keeps her story up to Maxie that she had nothing to do with the guys scaring Liz. Jason has a ton of enemies. Sam says Liz astonished her with how badly she is treating Lucky. Maxie says she understands about Liz everyone thinks she can do no wrong. Maxie says she wants to see Liz and Lulu fall off their pedestals. Sam asks why Lulu, Maxie tells Sam about the sex bet with Logan. Sam tells her sex for revenge is never a good idea. Maxie says she doesnít care she is going to ruin Luluís perfect life. Lucky arrives and Maxie covers. Sam asks who is her body guard. Spin tells Jason he found the information. Lucky says he will be her bodyguard. Sam doesnít think itís a good idea. Lucky says its not Lizís call. There is a knock on the door and Lucky answers, its Liz. (Credit Holsgem) 

August 24, 2007

Jason and Spin are looking for the guys near the Canadian border. Spin tries to talk Jason out of going in guns blazing. Sam tells Liz she wasnít expecting her. Liz says she wanted to talk to her about the guys from the park.  Lucky says Sam remembered the guys mentioning Jason does that make Liz remember anything. Liz says possibly and asks why Lucky is there. Sam says she is scared she might be a target because her and Jason were living together for 3 years, so she hired Lucky as her bodyguard. Liz looks pissed and turns to Lucky. Ric arrives and Sam says she doesnít have the time for him, Ric says its about Liz attack. Sam asks if he is looking for a reason to go after Jason. Ric asks if anyone in the park mentioned a guy named Tony. Sam asks who Tony Soprano and Ric says no Zachariah, Sam says she knows he is the NYC crime guy and Ric says he wants to push Sonny out and it makes sense he put some heat on Jason. Sam tells Ric that she did hear one of them mention a Tony so maybe that is who they were working for. Spin and Jason arrive at the hotel were the guys are. Spin continues to try to talk Jason out of a deadly confrontation with the guys. Jason says that Liz and Jake are no longer a part of his life but he needs to make sure they are safe. Jason kicks the door down and beats the guys up. He wants to know why they threatened Liz.  At first they deny it. Sam calls Lucky over and tells him that she canít use him as her body guard and that they should forget it. Lucky says he is not going to play into Lizís emotional blackmail and Sam tells him he needs to work on what he and Liz have not worry about her. Sam says they both know itís a bad idea and that he should just go. Lucky asks if that is what she really wants. She says no. Lucky says good and he pulls Sam into a kiss.  Jason has the two guys tied up and Spin arrives when Jason pulls a gun. The guy says that they would never hurt the kids or Liz and that Sam set it up. (Credit Holsgem)

August 27, 2007

Spin and Jason are returning to PC. Spin tells him he doesnít believe Sam had anything to do with it. Sam pulls away from Lucky's kiss and says she cant do this. Lucky says he kissed her. Sam says it is her fault that she made this all happen. Spin keeps defending Sam to Jason. Spin thinks that Ric did it and blamed Sam like last year and the flash drive. Sam says that he may have kissed her but she was the one who pulled him around her. Lucky says they understand each other. Sam says that is why she hired him. Lucky says she does need a bodyguard, even if it gets to Liz. Sam says she is being selfish and that her and Jason are over but Lucky needs to focus on his marriage. Lucky says his marriages is not her responsibility Sam says he is a good friend and she should have been more considerate. She asks him to find another bodyguard. Lucky says she needs someone she can trust and if Liz can't handle it then too bad. Sam says its clear what he is doing too. Sam and Lucky talk about Liz and Sam says she is mad at Liz for everything that she has done and that Lucky is more than nice. They continue fighting about him staying her body guard. Sam tells him that Liz Flytrap is crazy for not appreciating him. Lucky says the same about Jason and her and them being friends is the silver lining of this whole situation. Jason and Spin are in the car still and Jason says that Sam did let Maureen kidnap his son, and that she didnít care. Spin says that is nothing like hiring two men to scare them. Spin says its bad if it was meant to hurt Liz, but she just wanted to be the hero. That Sam needs help not punishment. Spin wants Jason to drop it. Lucky and Sam are at the MC. Lucky wants to go over EDH set safety. They meet with Amelia and Sam tells her that Lucky is her bodyguard. Amelia says that Sam didnít waste anytime. Jason goes to talk to Sonny at his office and Trevor Lansing is there. Jason over hears Trevor call Sonny names. Back at the MC Amelia fills Lucky in on the hatred between her and Sam. They discuss EDH and Lucky asks if Amelia has anything to do with the thugs in the park. Sam says she would do it because she hates Sam. Amelia denies it. Back at Sonnyís Jason is filled in on who Trevor is and how he is Anthony Zaccaraís attorney. Sonny tells Jason that Stan keeps a data base on this kind of information and Max told him about the connection. They talk about the Trevor Kate connection. Jason thinks this is bad news. Sonny thinks Trevor is after him and his business. Amelia denies having anything to do with the guys in the park. Amelia says she would never hurt children. Lucky and Amelia spar over Sam and EDH. Amelia says she is not going hurt the show because she hates Sam. Lucky says he wants to talk about some ways of securing the EDH set. Sam says she is going to go home. Lucky wants her to wait for him but Sam insists all is well and she will be fine. She says she will see him tomorrow. Sonny and Jason talk about the threat Anthony brings to PC. Sonny says if they fight him it will get ugly and that Trevor is his attorney. Jason asks if he is ok. They continue to discuss Trevor, Anthony, Kate and the impending threat. Sam goes home and finds Jason sitting in her apartment. He says they need to talk. (Credit Holsgem)

August 28, 2007

Sam arrives home and Jason is there waiting for her. She calls him a liar and tells him its to late for him to show up at her house wanting a heart to heart now. He says he found the men from the park and knows she paid them to threaten Liz and the kids. He asks how she could do that and she tells him they were paid to scare them not hurt them she was right there and nothing would happen to them. Jason says they had guns what if the cops were there they could have been hurt. Sam says that is why she was there so that couldnít happen. She did him a favor cause Liz realized how dangerous his life is and that she saved Jake from the real danger, which is Jason. Jason picks up a glass and throws it across the room. Sam says you think Iím wrong about the danger cause if he isnít afraid of Liz or Jake dying in his arms to tell her so and she will march right down to Liz and tell her she set it up. Sam says they both know it that Liz and Jake and Cam will never be safe with him. Jason says that she stood by when his child was kidnapped and hired two men to threaten Liz and her children at gun point and yells what is wrong with you Sam. He says if she wants revenge then to go after him. She screams back that she gave up everything to be with him. She was shot because of him, she cant have kids because of him and then you go and have one with Elizabeth. Jason interrupts and tells her to stay away for Liz and her children. She says what are you threatening me? He walked over to her and says, if you hurt them again in any way I will kill you. Jason leaves. Lucky is knocking on Samís door asking to come in. he opens it and finds her crying on the couch broken glass all around. She is sobbing and he holds her in his arms and tells her she has nothing to be afraid of he is there. Jason arrives home and Spinelli jumps up talks to him asking basically if he killed Sam. Spin defends Sam saying she made a wrong decision but she would never mean anything to happen and she must be acting out of anger and hurt. Jason says he knows Spin cares about Sam so he wants him to do everything he can to keep her away from Liz and the kids. Spin asks what if Sam doesnít listen to him. Jason doesnít respond, he walks away. Sam pulls out of Luckys arms and says she is so sorry he asks what happens and she says nothing, he asks about the glass. Sam says that she is so angry that she causes a lot of damages and break things that can not be fixed. Lucky asked what upset her tonight. Sam says that she is alone. He says she has him, she thanks him saying she feels safer with him. Jason is looking out the PH window. Spin is talking to Jason about how he will go talk to Sam and asks if Jason is going to go tell Liz. Jason says no, he wont be seeing Liz or the children again. Spin shows up at Samís apartment. He gives her a lava lamp. She thanks him. They and talk she tells spin she is not doing good. He says he knows how it feels to lose the one you love. Sam says she is not upset about Jason . Spin asks why is she upset, Sam says just because you spend years of your life loving someone doesnít mean they love you back. Spin inteupts saying that Stone Cold loves... Sam cuts him off and says that nickname is perfect for Jason cause he has no emotions. Spin tries to differ but Sam doesnít let him get a word in edge wise. She says Jason doesnít know how to love and he will turn on anyone. Jason puts Jakes baby hat into his box and puts it away on the shelf. There is a knock on the door and its Amelia. Jason doesnít care to listen to her talk about Sam hiring Lucky as her body guard and the revenge issues. Amelia thinks Sam will sleep with Lucky and then Jason can move Liz in. Jason wants nothing to do with Ameliaís plans of revenge against Sam. Sam and Spin pick up the glass. Spin tells Sam he knows the baby Jake thing hurt her but that Jason has always been kind to them. Sam says that Jason is a blank wall, devoid of any real emotion. Spin tells Sam that he is a good friend to him and that he doesnít want to bash Jason. Sam says No Jason wants everyone to bend and fit into what he wants she is tried to try to fit into Jasonís life and she did everything she could and as far as she is concerned he deserves to end up alone. She loved him with everything she had and it wasnít good enough. Jason tells Amelia he is thankful but he is not going to help her get revenge. She says she will keep the Sam and lucky stuff away from him. He asks her to keep the Jake secret. She says the baby already got kidnapped and she wont say anything about it she thinks Sam may not keep the secret and that Sam thinks she is the victim and she may use Jake to hurt him. (Credit Holsgem)

August 29, 2007

Jason is at Carly's house. She hugs him. He tells her he is happy Jerry didnít hurt her and Carly says she went to save Jax but they will probably get divorced. Jason says let him guess what happened, Jax was held prisoner by one of Jerryís enemies and they were held prisoners. Carly says that and yeah, a sexual predator. Jason asks if someone hurt her. Not in that way she says, Jax was the one who was held prisoner by Irina and Carly tells Jason the story of Jerry and Irina. Carly says Jax was basically raped. Jason looks shocked and Carly says its not funny, that guys can be forced to, kind of, and Jax did that to stay alive and keep her alive. Carly say she has to get past the sex and she cant get past the fact he left. Jason says he doesnít know what to say, Carly says she doesnít know what to say either. Jason changes the subject to Zacchara. Carly said she isnít moving, Jason says he doesnít care about her and Jerry, he needs to keep her and the boys safe. They talk about Tony Zacchara and how he is trying to take over their territory. They talk about Trevor Lansing and the connection to Kate Howard. Jason says things are going to get ugly real quick and that he is increasing her guards and showing up a lot more. Carly do what ever he needs, but Sonny is in trouble. Trevor destroyed Sonny before and will try again. Jerry and Jason meet in the park. Jerry says he is unarmed and Jason says he would not kill him in the park. Jason thanks him for helping him get out of jail. They talk about Carly. Jerry asks if he will kill me like he killed Lo, Jason says not that fast or painless. Jerry tells Jason that him helping him out was in his best interest. Jason ask what jerry knows about Zacchara. Jerry starts to say he will protect Carly and Jax, but Jason interrupts and says he will take care of them, he just wants him to know and to be prepared to act if necessary. Jerry asks if he is calling for a alliance with him. Trevor is walking through the park on the phone, Jason takes the phone out of his hand and hangs it up. Trevor says he is impressed. He was wondering when Jason would show up. Jason tells Trevor to tell Zacchara that PC is Sonnyís territory, so to give up and leave it alone. (Credit Holsgem)

August 30, 2007

Jason is talking to Trevor in the park. He tells him to tell Zacchara to walk away PC is Sonnyís Territory. Trevor says he is the guy that his son let off on murder charges. He tells Jason he does not want to threaten him, the outcome will be different and that they do not want Trevor as an enemy. Jason tells him to go back to Manhattan, that PC is not available. Trevor says he is there to visit his girlfriend Kate Howard. Jason tells Trevor that if Zacchara makes a move, he will be caught in the crossfire. Trevor smiles and Jason walks away. Carly shows up at the PC and they talk about Jerry, and the guards Jason has on her, and Carly tells Jason Jax hates the guards. She says that Jax feels like he should be the one to protect her, not Jason. Jason says he has to make sure she is safe. Carly says Jax cannot understand the connection between her and Sonny. Carly talks to Jason about her marriage problems with Jax. She says that Jax feels bad for what happened and that it is all complicated. Jason says she is complicated. Jason asks what Carly needs help with, Carly says nothing, and she will do it herself. She asks how sonny is because she is going over there and if he is bad, she needs to know. Jason says he does not know. But admits that Sonny is upset. Jax shows up at the PH. He wants to know what is going on with Zacchara. Jason says he is not sure yet, but Trevor is his attorney and he is in town. Jason also tells Jax that that Zacchara goes after families that is why he is increasing security on Carly and the boys. Jax says they are his family and he can handle it. Jason says do what you want. Jax says Jason will ignore it and still protect her. Jax defends his leaving to protect his brother. Jason says he left Carly and slept around, where was the love in that. Jax asks if Carly shares everything with Jason and he answers whether he wants to hear about it or not. Jax explains the Irina sleeping rape situation. Jason says he chose Jerry over her and Jax says he will not again. Jason says that Carly thought after the wedding that she would always be first. Jason says Jax broke her trust and may never get it back. Spin comes home mad and Jason asks him to search for all the information about Trevor and Zacchara. Spin says he is too upset to help. Jason asks what is wrong, Spin says its Lulu and Logan, they are having sex, and it bothers him because she is worth more than he is. Jason tells Spin he cannot make choices for Lulu. Spin tells Jason the story of the forced kiss and how he beat up Spin at the coffee house. Jason tells Spin to be her friend and speak up if he thinks Logan is bad for her. (Credit Holsgem)

August 31, 2007

Spin tells Jason about Logan kissing Lulu and beating him up again. Jason says it will never happen again. Spin is afraid that Jason will kill Logan so he tries to cover. Jason just asks what happened. He asks if Spin provoked Logan, Spin says he did say somethings, but that it did not equal him being pummeled. Spin wants Jason to drop it all cause they cannot change it. Sam goes over to Lizís house. Sam says she wants to talk about Lucky working with Sam and Liz says if she wants to talk to Lucky, she will have to come back. Sam asks how she feels about it. Lizsays she has nothing to say and Sam asks if she ever gets tired of being a liar. Sam says she knows Liz is upset that Lucky is working for Sam and that she is trying to punish Lucky. Sam provokes Liz by mentioning Jason. Liz says if you care so much about Lucky then stop trying to seduce him to get back at Jason. Sam tells Liz that she cannot possibly care for Lucky; she made that point clear in court when she defended her night with Jason. Sam asks why she is faking being with Lucky when everyone knows she wants Jason. Sam asks where was the concern for the kids and Lucky when she ran to Jason. Lucky shows up and asks if they are fighting about Jason. Sam says she is there to clean the air and all that Liz cared about was if her and Jason were getting back together, Sam says they arenít so Liz can have Jason all to herself. Jason is waiting for Sonny at Graystone. Sonny says whatever Carly has done he is not interested. Jason says it is about Logan; he beat up Spin and forced himself on Lulu. Sonny says Zacchara is trying to take over and all Jason is worried about is teenagers. Sonny says they are kids, and what they do does not matter. Spin is in the park and he meets up with Sam. They talk about Spinís problems with Lulu, and how he told Jason about Logan and how he thinks he may go after Logan and kill him. Spin asks when is he going to realize that asking for revenge just makes things worse. Jason and Sonny discuss how to go about dealing with Zacchara, and that Logan is a problem. Sonny says enough about Logan, and Lulu and Spin, leave it alone. He says ok Sonny says they have important things bothering him. Jason asks what is wrong; Sonny says he just saw Kate kissing Trevor. Sam meets Lucky in the park. She says she is sorry for confronting Liz, that she wanted to make peace, but just made it worse. Sam says she finds herself in a hole and she makes the hole worse, and says she is taking Lucky with her. Sam says Liz does not want her around him. Lucky says that Liz thinks something is going on between him and Sam. Sam kisses Lucky with Jason looking on. Then she apologizes, and asks Jason if he has problem with them kissing. Lucky says now you can run and tell Liz and go to be with her. But that Jason will never get his sons. Lucky says he is leaving, and asks if Sam is ok. Jason and Sam look at each other. Sam says she is surprised that Jason did not warn Lucky about her plans, he asks what plan, and she says that she will get Lucky into bed. Jason says Lucky does not deserve this. Sam says that Liz does. Unless of course Jason kills her first. She asks if that is still his plan, and asks if sleeping with the husband she does not care about counts as hurting her. Jason says all the anger she is carrying hurts her more than he ever could. Sam says that is not true he hurt her bad and that he does not have to feel bad for it because he does not feel anything. So she asks if she is going to die for hitting on Lucky. Jason says if anyone threatens Liz or her kids and he traces it back to her. She finishes, she will be dead. She says she never thought they could hate each other that much. (Credit Holsgem)

September 5, 2007

Jason comes home and Spinelli is waiting for him. Jason stops Spin from talking and picks up the phone and leaves a message for Emily to call him back about the Lucky, Sam stuff and that he wonít call Liz. Jason and Spinelli talk about Logan.   Jason asks spin to focus on Zacchara. Spinelli says he found bad news. Zacchara information that is known is sketchy. Jason is concerned. Spin asks if he is really here and that Trevor is the front man. Jason says yes Trevor works for Zacchara. Jasonís phone rings. He tells the person on the phone to keep the kids in the mall where people can see them. Jason shows up at Carly's house mad. Leticia says that Jason picked them up and sends the boys away. Jason tells Carly that the boys had no guards and called Jason. Jason says the boys were in danger, that they all need guards at all times. Sonny answers the phone, its Jason telling him the boys had no guards. Sonny is pissed and throws his cell phone, Kate looks on concerned. Carly asks how Sonny is. Jason tells her Sonny is ok but threw the phone. Carly goes over how Sonny is upset and then Trevor is connected to Kate and Trevor hurts Sonny by reminding him of his past. Jason tells Carly to act like a mom and to protect the boys. No plans. Jason tells Carly how dangerous this is this time, And that Zacchara kills families like her and the boys to get to Sonny. (Credit Holsgem)

September 6, 2007

 Jason and Carly talk about Zacchara and if the boys are in trouble. Sam is at Kellyís and Alexis shows up. They order coffee and talk about Alexisís trip to Paris and Kristina. Sam tells Alexis that Trevor is in town. Jason tells Carly that they are not sure of the threat yet, but that Trevor showing up is a reason to be prepared. The boys are the best way to get to sonny so they need to be protected at all times. Jason tells her she is the deciding vote on what happens to the boys. Alexis tells Sam that she called Ric a few times a day to talk to Molly and never heard about his father being here. Alexis asks if Trevor is nice. They discuss how bad Trevor is. Jason says that Zacchara showing up is not a good thing. Jason believes that he sent Trevor to check out the situation. Jason says he thinks Zacchara may not hurt them and go a new route, and that the boys may be safe but its Carlyís decision. Alexis and Sam talk about how to protect Molly from the dysfunctional family. Sam talks about Zacchara and how he is on the way to take the business from Sonny and Sam tells Alexis she hired a body guard. Sam walks into the MC and Craig/Jerry is there. Sam asks him to leave her alone or she will scream. Craig ignores her threats and torments. Sam tells how a rival mob boss is in town and that they may come after her. Craig says that Sam wants Jason to come riding to her rescue. Alexis shows up at Jasonís and asks what she needs to do to keep her girls safe from Zacchara. Jason thinks the girls are ok cause of their connections to Trevor and Ric. Sam tells Craig she would never go back to Jason. Sam walks over to Trevor and talks to him about their connection to Molly. Sam talks to Trevor about the custody hearing and how bad Ric is. She wants Trevor to have Ric give Molly to Alexis. Trevor says he remembers her from Jasonís trial. Spinelli and Jason talk about Zacchara.  Trevor comes to the door. Spinelii rants and Jason shuts him up. Spinelli goes upstairs with his laptop. Trevor says he is there representing a third party and that they are interested in doing business with him. Lucky answers his door and its Sam. She tells him she is sorry to bother him at home, they talk about Zacchara and that he kills kids and girlfriends and that she wants to fire Lucky because he has is own family to worry about and that if he is connected to her something may happen to his kids. Lucky says she needs to be safe too. (Credit Holsgem)

September 7, 2007

Lucky and Sam talk about how her life is in danger and that she is going to find another bodyguard. Sam puts her hand on his shoulder and says she couldn't live with herself if something happened to him. Liz walks down the stairs and tells Sam to get her hands off her husband and to get out of her house. Trevor tells Jason that he represents a someone who is interested in hiring him for his services. Jason asks what the client wants. Trevor says go to the meeting and ask him himself. Sam says she was there to tell Lucky she didnít want him as her body guard anymore. Liz says Sam is throwing herself at him. Lucky says Sam needs protection. Sam tells Liz  how Zacchara is trying to take over Sonny and Jasonís territory and that he targets women and children and girlfriends. Liz get cocky and says that Sam and Jason are over. Sam says this is serious, and while technically her and Jason are over, Zacchara will do anything to push Jason and Sonny and she is still a target. She tells Lucky his family needs him more. Jason turns Trevor down. Georgie shows up and Spinelli takes her upstairs. Trevor says that Jason has alot to lose. Sam tells Lucky she is going to hire someone else. They fight over who will protect Sam. Liz opens the door and Sam fires Lucky. Sam tells Lucky to protect his family and that She will be fine. Liz ask Lucky if he believes not to believe Sam. Trevor says that Jason needs to be a loner to be an effective enforcer but that he isn't. Jason says that if anything happens to anyone he cares about they will see how effective he is. Trevor leaves. Jason walks in on Sonny and Kate in a kiss. Sonny tells Kate to come back later. Jason tells Sonny about his meeting with Trevor. Sonnyís phone rings, its Max telling Sonny that Carly and the Kids are at the MC. Sam is at the MC talking to Nik and Emily. Sam asks Em if she blames Sam for the break up. Emily says she wants them to move on and be happy again. Nik says that was nice of Emily, Em says she will be part of Samís live cause Nik is her cousin. Sam overhears Nik saying that Lucky is showing up there. Sam bumps into Lucky and they talk about she felt bad for showing up at his house. She says she feels like people are judging her like she was the married one who had an affair, then apologizes for saying that . She says all of her friends with Jason are turning on her like Liz did. Sam just wants to get on with her life but she is sick of people judging her. Lucky says that is wrong to be treated like that. She thanks him for being a good friend to her. Carly and Jason go to Carly's house to pack up her and the boys stuff. Jason sees something and they run into Carlyís house where the find Leticia dead on the floor, strangled by the phone cord. (Credit Holsgem)

September 10, 2007

Jason and Carly find Leticia dead on the floor. The police come and question. Carly tells them how they came to pick up Leticia to take her to Sonny's. Sam arrives home and her apartment is trashed. She closes the open window and Jerry jumps out and grabs her. Carly and Jason tell Mac about why they went to pick up Leticia. Carly asks how can she tell the boys about Leticia's murder. Jason fights with Mac to take Carly to Sonny's. He agrees if Jason will return after. Sam is fighting with Jerry. He finally lets her go. Jerry says Sam will do what he wants. She tells him she has body uards but he says she is to fire all guards, he has an offer for her. She turns him down, he says its not him, but he wants her to sleep with Trevor Lansing. Carly shows up at Sonny's. Sonny sends the boys off with Kate and asks what is wrong, Carly and Jason say Leticia is dead. Jerry tells Sam that she needs to seduce Trevor because he works for Zacchara, and that Jerry wants to assure Jax and the boys safety. Jerry wants Sam to give Trevor any information he wants, then turn on him. Sam asks what is in it for her. Revenge Jerry says. Lucky arrives at Carlyís and Mac fills him in. Jason arrives and Lucky wants to know why Jason always gets special treatment. Jerry tells Sam it will be great for her to get information and have Jason beg for it. Maxie arrives and Sam kicks Jerry out. Maxie asks Sam why she is talking to Jerry. Jason fills the PCPD and Lucky in on why Carly was going to Sonny's. He tells them he thought he saw something and sent Carly inside and that is when they found Leticia. Mac asks who would kill Leticia. Jason tells them to ask Trevor Lansing. Maxie and Sam talk about why Jerry was there. Sam tells her it is about revenge. They talk about revenge. Jason fills Mac in on Zacchara and that he may be coming. Mac tells Jason he will cover people with police details amd asks if there is anyone Jason wants to protect and he says no. Lucky yells at him about who will protect Sam. Sonny sends Carly and the boys to the island. Jason says he will take them there himself. Carly tells Jason she needs to call Jax. Jason says call him from the plane he will understand. Lucky shows up at Samís and sees the door open and the room trashed. He calls for Sam, she is outside and he walks in on her soaking in the hot tub. (Credit Holsgem)

September 11, 2007

Sam is in the hot tub and she stands up and walks over to Lucky who just showed up at her apartment. He tells her that Leticia was murdered. Lucky is flustered by Sam in her bikini. They talk about how Leticia was killed for her connection to Jason and Sonny. Lucky says he is there to check on her. Sam says its funny how Jason is Liz's big hero and that Lucky is becoming hers. Sam is wrapped in a robe and Nik is at the door. She says she thought he was Maxie. Nik tells Sam to be careful because Leticia was murdered and that anyone connected to Jason and Sonny are in danger and asks her to move in with him for a while. Sam turns him down and says she doesn't want to move. Sam says she has people to protect her. Maxie shows up later and Sam asks why she is crying. Maxie tells her that she is going on her first buying trip and will be gone for a week. Sam says she should be happy. Maxie says it will help she thinks she is loosing Coop. Sam says that Maxie doesn't seem to be the type to give in so easily. Maxie says she can't make Coop love her, but that she will let Logan get closer to Lulu then break their lives apart. (Credit Holsgem)

September 12, 2007

Lucky is sleeping on the couch, he dreams of Sam in the bikini calling his name, he opens his eyes and its Liz standing there with a kid on each hip. Sam is kickboxing in her living room when Craig walks in. She asks why he is there, he says what any man would want seeing her like this. Jason is talking to Spinelli about finding information about Zacchara at the coffee shop. Spinelli says he cant focus. Lulu walks in and defends Logan to Jason. Jason sends Spin away and talks to Lulu. Jerry tells Sam to use her charms to get info from Trevor. Sam turns him down and Jerry tells her she has no choice. He tells her to use the knowledge about her love life with Sonny and Jason to work Trevor, he would love it to get a woman who had both Sonny and Jason. Jerry manhandles her and tells her he will kill her if she does not seduce Trevor Lansing. Jason tells Lulu Leticia was murdered and they think its the Zacchara is behind it. Lulu keeps defending Logan and how trustworthy he is. Lulu leaves pissed. Spin walks in and is cut off by Diane telling Jason to stay away from Trevor. Trevor shows up at Samís, she is all dolled up and she works him. She tells him all of Jason's allies are leaving her, and that she needs to keep Kristina and Molly safe and that she will return the favor to him. Diane tells Jason Trevor has a court order keeping all of Sonny's men away from him. They talk about Trevor and Leticiaís death. Sam tells Trevor about Molly and Kristina. Trevor says they are under Sonny's guard all the time. Sam says that Zacchara goes through families to get what he wants and she doesnít want anyone to hurt her sisters. Trevor says he doesnít know Zacchara. Trevor says she has a motive. He says he will see what he can do. Spin interrupts Jason and Diane. Milo walks in and says that Trevor was at Samís today. Jason gets a phone call, its Sam, she says she is in trouble and needs him. Jason goes to Samís, she is upset, but says she lied to get him over to show him the hot tub and how she plans on seducing Lucky in that tub. Jason says he doesn't care what she does. (Credit Holsgem)

September 13, 2007

Sam and Jason talk about how sleeping with Lucky won't hurt Jason. She asks why he ran over there if he doesnít care about her. Sam asks if Jason would care if she was in danger or if someone was killing her would he even care. Sam asks if he even cares if she lives or dies. He says she is not dying. He says he would have but now he would have but now he will have to see it to believe it. Sam says now he doesnít believe her after he was the liar for months. Jason says if she calls him again he won't believe a word she says. Sam says she hates him and is glad to be away from him and his messed up priorities, never once putting her first. She says she would rather crawl naked through broken glass then ask for his help ever again. Jason walks away. Jason shows up at Kateís. He asks her to help Sonny by telling him everything she knows about Trevor. Kate says Trevor is working for Zacchara and that he did not kill Leticia. Kate says Trevor is not the man she thought he was but that he would never risk his power to kill Leticia. Sam walks in her house and Jerry is sitting on a chair in her living room. They talk about Trevor and Sam tells him she will shoot him if he shows up again. Jerry hands her his gun and they talk about how she will go to jail. Sam does not shoot him and he once again tells her she has no choice but to sleep with Trevor.  Sam says she could tell Jason about the threat, Jerry says that if she wanted Jason to save her she would have told him already and that if she doesnít sleep with Trevor he will kill her and her body will never be found. Alexis won't care and that Jason would not even care. Sam says she hates him. Jerry grabs her and chokes her. She agrees she will fill him in on the meeting. He lets her go and she catches her breath. She tells him that they talked about protecting her sisters. Sam says she knows what she is doing, He tells her she better. Jason walks into Sonny's office, they talk about how there is no information on Zacchara killing Leticia. Sonny and Jason talk about why Zacchara is after them. Sonny tells Jason he wants him to kill Trevor Lansing. Jason says Zacchara will start a war over killing Trevor and they might not win this war. Sonny says its more than Leticia its personal. Jason asks what about Kate, she is connected to Trevor, is that why he wants Trevor dead. Nik shows up at Samís and they talk about Sam seducing Lucky. He asks Sam to leave Lucky alone. Jerry talks to Jason. He tells him not to kill Trevor Lansing. (Credit Holsgem)

September 14, 2007

Nik and Sam fight over Lucky and Liz. Jason talks to Jerry about keeping Trevor alive. Nik tells Sam that she has been through hell and Sam tells him so has Lucky while Liz is still the saint. Nik tells her every relationship goes through bad parts, but you work it out. Sam says no you need to move on. Nik asks her if she knows how bitter she sounds. Sam says yes because she is still trying to get past what Jason and Liz did to her. Nik asks if that is why she is so interested in Lucky. Nik says sleeping with Lucky would be a big slap in the face to Liz and Jason. Sam says she is not forcing Lucky to do anything. Nik says but he has a family and she has nothing to lose. In the end only Lucky will be alone. Jerry talks to Jason about how alike they are and how Sonny is to connected. Jerry says that Trevor is the best way to information about Zacchara. Jason asks how they will get the information and Jerry tells him he has his ways to get that. Sam tells Nik that she is available and that maybe Lucky won't be alone. Sam says she knows more about Lucky than he thinks she knows. They talk about how Sam and Lucky are both the same. Nik says Lucky chose to stay with Liz while Sam left Jason. Sam rips on Liz and how she uses him. Jerry says he can get the information from Trevor he just needs more time. He tells them that Carly will be the target along with her boys if Trevor is dead. Zacchara will have no choice. Sonny and Jason talk about Trevor threatening Kate. Sonny still wants Jason to kill him. Jason says they can't kill him yet. Sam says Jason doesnít care what happens to her and Lucky. And that sleeping with Lucky will be good to get back at Liz. Sam talks about how understanding Lucky is and how she likes him. Nik says he doesnít want to see her self destruct. A knock on the door and its Lucky. Sam tells Lucky that Nik thinks Sam is an evil bitch. Lucky asks why Nik is there. Nik says its because he wants him to work on his marriage. Lucky says Liz doesnít want him tonight. Nik and Lucky fight. Lucky tells Nik to stop defending Liz and to leave Sam alone and to stop passing judgments. Nik tells him to go ahead and spit on all he has but not to come crying to Nik when its done. Lucky says he is sorry to Sam and Sam tells him its ok. Sam tells Lucky that Nik thinks she is seducing him. He is ready to be seduced and kisses Sam. Jason and Sonny talk about getting revenge by killing Trevor. Jason doesn't want this to happen. He wants to get information before he kills him. They fight over how this is personal to Sonny and how they need to step back. Sonny says he wants him dead, Jason says he will set it up and when he's ready he will give Sonny the final word. Robin shows up at the coffe shop and her and Jason talk. Jason orders her favorite coffee. Sam and Lucky talk. Lucky says he wants to sleep with Sam but that is not fair to Sam. She says she is not complaining. Sam walks out to the hot tub to relax and tells him if he wants to he can join her. Jason and Robin talk about Patrick and how she broke up with him because she wants a baby and he doesn't. Jason tells her that if she wants a baby she should have one. And if Patrick doesnít want to be a part of it then she could do it alone. Sam is in the hot tub and Lucky takes off his shirt and walks in. They kiss. (Credit Holsgem)

September 17, 2007

Jason and Robin are talking at the coffee shop. They talk about her breaking up with Patrick and how supporting Jason is to her. Sam and Lucky kissing. Sam stops and says she tricked him. He says he is where he wants to be. They continue kissing outside of the hot tub. Sam stands up and takes off her top. They continue kissing. Jason and Robin keep talking about their past. Robin talks about young love and how hard it is to believe that love conquers all. They talk about how when she first came to town they were both with others and now they are alone. Jason says not alone just unattached. They continue to talk about her and Patrick and how she really loves him. Jason says it hurts when you love someone but can't be with them. Robin says its hard at work to be around Patrick and not be with him. Jason says Patrick can't get over her that fast and that she is hard to forget. Her pager goes off, its Kate Howard. He takes her on his bike. Sam and Lucky talk. She says she was wrong to do this. He says she did not force him. Sam says she was throwing herself at him for weeks.  He says he knew what she was doing and doesn't regret it and would feel bad if she did. Sam says she is not sorry for having sex and he agrees. Lucky says he knows it was to get back at Liz and Jason. Sam says she did not think of them when they had sex. They talk about how they like spending time with each other. Jason and Robin show up at GH. Sonny yells at Jason for keeping Trevor alive. Jason doesnít want to kill Trevor right now, Sonny tries to talk him into it. Then they talk about who hurt Kate and if Jerry and Trevor are working together. Sonny tells Jason to go find out. Robin and Jason talk about Kate and Robin thanks him for listening to her. He says no problem he is there if she needs to talk. Jason and Spin talk. Spin is having more Lulu issues. Jason gets sick of it. Emily shows up and pulls Jason into the office. Emily tells Jason that Liz loves him not Lucky and tells Jason to go to Liz and be with her. Sam and Lucky talk as he dresses. She says that if its a one time thing its ok. He kisses her to shut her up. Sam says she wouldnít mind seeing him again. They talk about Lucky's life and he says he will see her again, she is important to him. He leaves. Emily tells Jason he wants to be with Liz and that staying away from her is wrong. Emily pushes Jason to be with Liz. She brings up the fact that she thinks Jake is his son. Jason says he wants to be with her but can't always get what you want. Em says he can. (Credit Holsgem)

September 18, 2007

Nik shows up at Samís. They talk about Lucky. Nik says he isnít there to fight. They talk about how Sam already slept with Lucky. Emily tells Jason that Liz and his son love him and need him. Jason says it will never happen. Emily continues to fight for him to be with Liz. Jason says he wants what he can't have. Sam and Nik continue to talk about Lucky. Nik thinks its more than just casual sex. Emily continues to push Jason to go to Liz. He says no. Nik and Sam talk about how Sam used Lucky for revenge. Sam says that Liz is to blame. Nik says sleeping with Sam caused the problems. Sam says Luckyís problem is that his wife is in love with Jason and that she is to stupid to see how good Lucky is. Nik calls her on her Jason revenge. Sam says Jason made it clear he doesnít care about her. Nik says Jason would be mad at her for hurting Liz. Sam says she slept with Lucky because he made her feel important. Emily still trying to push Jason to Liz. She tells him that Liz is only with Lucky for the kids, and now that Lucky is sleeping with Sam they can go. Jason tells Em to support Liz. Em says that Liz needs him. Sam and Nik talk about Courtney and Spencer. Nik says in the end Lucky will be the one who is hurt. Nik asks Sam to respect Lucky as a father to his kids. Jason returns home and Spin is drinking over Lulu. Jason tells him he can't drink away your pain. He stops him from drinking. Jason says sometimes you just accept the loss and live with it. Spin tells Jason he can't stop his feelings and that he can not get over a broken heart. He asks what Jasonís secret is. Jason says there is no secret. Spin asks how he can go on, Jason says that the kids and Liz are safe away from him. Sam covers the hot tub and remembers how she told Lucky she threw herself at him and how he knew what she was doing and how he has no regrets. There is a knock at the door, its Maxie who is all upset. Maxie says she did something really stupid, Sam says join the club. Jason and Spin talk about Logan and how Spin is better cause Logan will hurt Lulu. Spin says he is prepared to take action and does a neck grip on Jason, Jason is confused at Spin. Spin says he is lethal. Jason laughs and stops him telling him that Lulu may only be a friend is that enough. Spin says yes. Logan knocks on the door looking for Lulu. Spin punches Logan and yells at him about what happened to Lulu. Maxie tells Sam that she went to Loganís house, Lulu moved in, and Maxie blew her world apart by telling Lulu about how Logan and her had sex. Maxie said it felt good at first then now she feels bad. Sam says that is how it is with revenge. You think you will feel great but after you feel worse then you did in the first place. Maxie say she knows and that hurting Lulu will not impress Coop. Sam tells Maxie about how she slept with Lucky. Maxie says she is not the first, but Sam says she did it to get revenge against Jason and Liz but now she thinks Lucky will be the one to get hurt in the end. Jason interrupts Logan and Spin's fight. Logan says that he slept with Maxie and Lulu found out. Jason tells him to stay away from Lulu. (Credit Holsgem)

September 19, 2007

Jason knocks on Lucky and Liz's house. They go outside alone to talk. Jason asks if Lucky had heard from Lulu, that she got in a fight with Logan and Spin is worried about her. Lucky asks if this is just an excuse to stop in and check on Liz. Lucky asks him to stay out of Lulu's life. Liz comes out and asks about Lulu, Jason tells her the same story. Lucky says he will call in some favors and find her. Lucky and Liz talk about how Lucky needs to find her. Jason goes home and Spin and him talk about how Lucky will get the cops to help. Spin has no faith in the cops. Jason gives him food and they chit chat about master/follower. Spin uses his computer to hack into surveillance cameras to find Lulu. They go through the footage to find the direction Lulu traveled. They see her get into a car and trace the license plate. Jason says Lulu is like Carly when they are hurt they do stupid things. They find out the car is registered to Zacchara. (Credit Holsgem)

September 20, 2007

At EDH, Trevor and Amelia talk about Kate Howard. Sam shows up. Sonny tells Diane about Kate. Jason and Spin walk in and tell them about Lulu. Sam tells Trevor it would be fun working together. Trevor wants to show Kate getting arrested. Sam is on Trevorís side, saying they can use Kate about drunk driving. Sam/Amelia fight over the story. Trevor says if Sam does this for him he will make it worth it for her. Jason tells Sonny about Johnny and Sonny tells him there are reports that Johnny is not all there. Diane leaves before she hears too much. Sonny tells Jason to get Lulu home safe. Amelia tells Sam she got a camera crew at GH to get Kate's arrest on film. Amelia and Sam discuss Trevor. Amelia thinks Sam is wants Trevor in bed like she bedded his son. Maxie shows up. Sam kicks Amelia out. Maxie tells Sam that now that Lulu is missing its all her fault. Jason brings Trevor the coffee shop to talk about Johnny. He tells them that Johnny is troubled from seeing his mother's murder as a young boy. He is reckless, but never stood trial for murder, so he isn't that bad. He says that he is on his way to PC. Trevor says the kid is crazy, but the father worships him, so don't hurt him or Sonny and his family, will pay for it. Trevor leaves. Jason shows up at the PCPD and Lucky about Lulu with Zacchara son. Lucky says he can't use the information cause it was not obtained legally. Jason tells him exactly where/how to get the information himself. They argue over Lulu. Sam shows up and Lucky says Jason uses women and then kicks them to the curb. Sam is standing behind Jason, he looks at her and walks away. Sam and Lucky talk about what role Maxie played in this Lulu situation. They talk about Maxie/Lulu and  Sam says its not his fault, Logan jumped at the chance and that they have both been burnt by love. They talk about if Lulu loves Logan and Sam says it doesnít matter, she is acting out. Lucky is afraid cause Lulu is a Spencer, hurt and anger is reckless behavior. Sam says she can help if Lulu is in danger. Logan goes to the coffeehouse and asks if Spin knows where Lulu is. They argue over him hurting Logan. Logan pushes Spin against the wall. Jason walks in and pulls Logan off and kicks him out.  Spin finds a new clue, the car is on country road 91. Jason and Spin leave to find the car. The car is empty, Jason looks under the hood and Spin finds her necklace on the seat. Sam and Amelia fight over the drunk driving segment and Trevor. Lucky shows up and Sam says she will put an appeal out for Lulu on the show. Amelia says no, they fight over it. Amelia says not gonna happen. Jason finds a broken fuel line. Lulu screams and they go running after her. Lulu runs into the hay loft of an abandoned barn. Johnny shows up and says he knows she is in there to come out. Jason pulls a gun on him. They confront one another with guns and Lulu runs in-between begging them not to shoot. (Credit Holsgem)

September 21, 2007

Jason and Johnny hold each other at gun point. Lulu stands between them They fight over who will drop the gun. Johnny does and walks forward telling Jason to kill him. Lulu tells Jason that Johnny he didn't hurt her. Two guys working for Zacchara show up. Jason taunts him about Zacchara son. Johnny taunts them all. He pulls a gun on Jason and goes "BANG". Lulu says she did not know who Johnny was. Back at the PH Lulu talks about how she just called everyone and Jason says now he wants to hear the story of how she got with Zaccharaís son. Lulu asks how they found her and knew where she was and who with. Spin says Logan told them the story and why she ran away. Lulu is upset that everyone knows what happened. Spin talks about how he told the story. Spin says they had to do it to find her. She is upset that everyone knows how Maxie worked her. Jason defends Spin to Lulu and says she was stupid to get into a car with a strange guy. Lulu defends her actions, saying she didnít know he was crazy. Logan shows up and Spin and Logan argue about his actions. Jason stands between Lulu and Logan. She says she doesnít want to talk to him. Jason pushes Logan and tells him to leave. Logan says he won't give up on her, then leaves. Jason wants to know more about Johnny, she tells him the same story about the car breaking down and calling for help. She says she screamed cause they were playing around and Johnny threatened to put her in a water tank. Jason asks who found the barn. She says Johnny knew about the barn. Jason goes to check it out. Liz shows up saying that Lulu called her and told her where she was. Jason fills Liz in and they talk about Lulu. Jason says he is there looking for clues. He tells her about Zacchara. Liz says that Sam told her that Zacchara is threatening him and Sonny. Liz goes to leave, Jason tells her he is sorry about showing up at the house but that Spin was concerned with Lulu. He says that Jake is getting big, he asks how things are with her and Lucky. She says that Sam slept with Lucky, Jason is upset, she says she is sorry that she promised to give Jake a happy family. He says he should have warned her that Sam knows that Jake is his son. (Credit Holsgem)

September 24, 2007

Liz Snatcher and Jason talk in the barn about who knows about Jake and what Sam did about the kidnapping and how she hired the goons to threaten Liz. Liz is mad at how many people know about Jake. Liz complains about Sam and Jason tells her Sam is handled. Liz says its all her fault, Jason tells her it will be ok. They talk about what Sam did. Liz brings up Jake and that she misses Jason. Jason says he looks at the pic of Jake and he looks at it a lot. Jason says he will support any decision she makes about Jake. They exchange ILY's and a pukey kiss. She leaves and Jason returns home to the PH to find Edward and Tracy talking to Spin and Lulu. He asks why they are there. Tracy wants Lulu go back to the Q's. Spin wants Lulu to stay there with them at the PH. Spin and Tracy spar on what is better for Lulu. Lulu thinks its all about Luke. Jason gets a phone call. Jason sends Spin to the PCPD. He leaves but tells Jason to let Lulu stay. Tracy asks why he has all these teens living with him. Jason says Lulu can stay as long as she wants. Lulu says she is staying with Jason and Spin. They argue again about why she does not stay with Lucky and Liz. The Q's leave. Lulu talks to Jason about her staying. Jason says he did not want to live with the Q's either. Jason and Spin talk at Sonny's. They talk about how Sonny got a text message threats from Zacchara. Lulu gets a text from Johnny Z.  (Credit Holsgem)

September 25, 2007

Jason and Spinelli talk about the threatening text messages. Lulu gets another text from Johnny Z. Spin says the text messages may be untraceable. Jason gets a phone call and leaves. Carly and the boys get home and they let the guards in. Jason is sitting in the house and Carly says it is ok. The boys go upstairs, Jason dismisses the guards and Carly and Jason fight over if she stays in PC then she has to stay with Sonny. They fight over her moving back in with Sonny over letting Carly stay with Jax. Carly says it is their fault Leticia is dead. Carly defends her decision to stay with Jax. Jason says it is his job to make sure her and the boys are safe. Jason returns home and finds Spin "willing" Lulu to call him. Spin tells Jason that Logan called and she went. Spin is afraid of Lulu being with Logan. Jason tells Spin she is in danger living with him. They fight over Spin volunteering his apartment in the first place. Spin says you can push Liz away but he is keeping Lulu close by. Jason says just because she lives with them does not mean she will fall for him. Spin talks about how as her friend it is his duty to protect her and help her. Jason says she may go back to Logan. Spin does not think so. Carly is frantically knocking on Jasonís door. She tells Jason she knows Liz is getting divorced and she is there to drag Liz out of Jasonís house because he deserves better. (Credit Holsgem)

September 26, 2007

Jason returns home and sees Spin setting up breakfast to woo Lulu. Jason asks about the text messages. Lulu walks downstairs and Spin gets distracted. He tries to impress Lulu with his breakfast, she just wants coffee. Jason is waiting to talk to Spin. Lulu notices it and goes to get coffee in the kitchen. Spin tries to make excuses for Lulu. Jason says he needs to find out who killed Leticia. Lulu over hears and asks if its true Leticiaís killer is trying to contact them. Jason cuts Spin off saying this isn't Lulu's business. Jason tells Lulu she can't ask business questions and that Spin can't share his knowledge with her. Spin goes over the rules to Lulu and the risks. He also tries to talk it up saying no rent, and away from the Q's and his breakfast. Lulu says she can keep her mouth shut and she isn't interested. Jason calls Spin over and they talk about the messages. Spin says the texts came from Mikeís phone and it can't be him so someone must be pirating off the line. Jason says he will update Sonny. Jason tells Sonny how it came from Mike's cell phone and that anyone could have hacked in to screw with Sonny. They talk about Zaccharaís men could have done it. Jason returns home and talks to Spin about finding proof of who pirated the line. Spin says its almost impossible. Spin is upset and says he can't help right now. Jason says Carly and the boys are back and he needs to know. Lulu is listening on as Spin says he can't help because he is cracking under the pressure. Jason says he doesn't have time. Lulu interrupts and says its her fault she has something to tell Jason and he won't like it. She tells him that she and Johnny have been texting. Jason tells her to not use Spin liking her against them. Jason takes Lulu's phone and tells Spin to connect Johnny to the text messages to Sonny. Lulu asks if he thinks Johnny killed Leticia. (Credit Holsgem)

September 27, 2007

Jason and Spin talk about Lulu again. Jason tells him he needs him to focus or he will make Lulu move. They talk about how Lulu has been getting text messages and so has Sonny. Spin says he will look into the phone records of Zacchara and how this could be their in to his organization. Jason tells Spin that Lulu may not fall for him just because she moved in. They continue to talk about Spin's feelings for Lulu. Sonny comes over and sends Spin upstairs. Sonny asks Jason to get control of Carly and make her understand she needs to be protected. Sonny says the kids are not safe there and they need to move in with him to keep them safe. Sonny cuts Jason off telling him he can make all the excuses he wants about not having his son with him but he wants Michael and Morgan with him at his house to keep them safe. Jason breaks into Carly's house and when she returns home, she sees him sitting in the living room. They talk about Jax and how he threatened to take over one of Zaccharaís business. Jason and Carly fight over how she needs to be protected and he will post more guards and be there as much as he can. Carly says the is good, the more he is there the less Liz will be there at the PH trying to stake her claim, unless she has already done that. Lucky goes to see Sam. Carly says Jason is hot, available and a sucker for women in distress and that Liz is great at pretending to be that. She tells Jason not to be fooled and let her use another man's baby to yank his chain. Jason screams at Carly to shut up. That she doesnít know what she is talking about. That it would make him happy to have Ball Snatcher and the boy at home waiting for him. But not to worry cause it won't happen. He would rather live alone then let anything happen to them. He tells Carly to never talk about Liz like that to his face again. (Credit Holsgem)

October 4, 2007

Trevor is at Carly's house when Jason shows up. Jason tells Trevor to leave Carly alone.  Trevor says he is there for a friendly visit, he is trying to protect Lulu from Johnny. Jason says Carly has no control over Lulu. Trevor says Johnny is unpredictable, and that you don't want Anthony Zacchara in town, Jason says he gets it if anything happens to Johnny, Tony Z will retaliate. Trevor tells Carly to listen to Jason. Trevor leaves. Jason asks Carly what she did. Carly acts defensive. She says she went to talk to Lulu, they argue about Lulu living with Jason. Carly says that Lulu told her about the stuff with Logan and how she went and thumbed a ride from Johnny. Carly told her to stay away and Lulu defended him.  Carly tells Jason that Lulu told her that he thinks Johnny could be the one who killed Leticia and that Johnny and Lulu are texting one another. Carly says she had to find out. Jason says so Carly set up a meeting with Johnny by pretending to be Lulu. Jason says Carly should have gone to him with that information.  Jason says tell me all Johnny said.  Carly says that her and Johnny only talked for a few minutes. Jason asks for her impression of him. Carly says he is scary, unpredictable and he pulled a gun on her. Carly says he had a few guys watching him but she fished a little and she thinks he has not been in PC when Leticia died. Carly says Johnny wants Lulu, and that its a disaster waiting to happen.  Jason goes home and talks to Spin. Jason says he spoke to Carly and he knows about the text messages and Carly meeting him. Spin asks if he knows that Sonny got another message from the killer. Jason says no Carly left that out. Spin says Sonny has him working on hacking into the billing records and if it is Johnny he is afraid of what he will do next. Jason and Spin talk about Carly going after Johnny. Jason says Carly doesn't think Johnny killed Leticia. But that doesn't clear him, because Trevor and the others are working hard to cover for him. Spin asks what about Lulu, she could be next. (Credit Holsgem)

October 11, 2007

Jason at the PH.  Carly shows up with her cell phone. They talk about the text messages she has been getting. They argue about how she tried to get information out of Trevor. He tells her that she is not the one who will fix this, she will make it worse. Carly says that she can handle this and wishes they would trust her. Jason tells her to get back to the text messages. Carly says after Sonny ruined her talk to Trevor, she tried to text Johnny again then Jax got home and they fooled around a bit. Jason cuts her off saying he doesnít want to hear about that. Carly says well its probably all over the internet and shows him the pictures that were emailed to EDH. Jason refuses to open the envelop. Carly says she did not know they were photographing her. She says she doesnít know how it happened, someone must have hacked into the cell phone and took the pictures of her and Jax. Carly says after they got the pictures she got a text saying they are watching her. Carly says they are gonna team up and catch Leticiaís killer. Jason insists that she stays out of it, and that maybe she is next. Carly tries to talk Jason into working together. He says that Zacchara doesn't care about her instincts, he asks who she texted before the pics and she says just Johnny but the text was from a different line, like Sonny. Jason says he needs to look into it, Carly says Johnny isn't like that. Jason says she knows all about Johnny now? He says he will handle this and she is going to go home. She refuses saying he helps her or she will do it alone. Jason says she will stay out of it cause she might be the next one dead and that will leaver Michael and Morgan without a mother. She tells him that is a cheap shot but Jason insist its a reality. Jason tells her to leave the phone and let this go. He says that Leticia is dead and he doesn't want her to die next. Jason brings Johnny to the PH and Carly is there. He tells her she shouldnít be there and she says yes she should. Carly asks Johnny if he killed Leticia. (Credit Holsgem)

October 12, 2007 

Jason, Johnny and Carly at the PH. Jason tells Carly to go, Carly says she is not going anyplace. She asks Johnny why he took pictures of her and Jax, for his own perverted pleasure, or to send her a message. Johnny says that they call him crazy. Carly says she will show him crazy and pushes him down. Jason tells Carly to calm down. Johnny says the good cop bad cop scenario they are working is cute. But if he does not show up things will get messy. Carly asks why he sent the texts and he denies sending them.  Carly says he strangled Leticia, and asked him if that was his idea of a good time. She keeps pushing him about Leticia. He says he did not kill anyone. Jason tells Carly enough, and he tells her to leave. Carly tells Johnny that with her gone things are gonna get ugly. Johnny says that if he brought him here to kill him, get it over with. Jason keeps questioning him. He says he was not even in PC when this happened. Jason asks him why he is so nervous then. Johnny says maybe its because he was kidnapped. Jason says he was calm till Leticia was brought up. Jason says that Johnny knows who did kill her then. Lulu shows up and Johnny and Lulu bicker. Jason tells her to leave. She says that pissing Jason off is a bad idea, they bicker more and then she leaves. Johnny says he thinks Lulu likes him. Johnny asks how many times does he have to say that he did not send any text messages to carly. Jason says that he sent some to Lulu. He taunts Johnny with asking if he intended to kill leticia or if it just happened. Johnny gets pissed and walks over to Jason saying he did NOT kill that woman, He goes to leave and Jason pins him to the door saying he is not going anyplace. Johnny says Jason is messing with things he does not understand. He says that if he is not returned soon, the very people he is trying to protect will end up dead. Jason asks who will hurt them, him? (Credit Holsgem)

October 15, 2007

Jason is at the PH questioning to Johnny. Johnny says that he is going to walk out that door, and if not than someone under Jasonís protection will end up dead. Jason makes Johnny stay and says that no one has to die if he gets some answers. Johnny says Jason is going to start a war over a murder his family has nothing to do with. Jason asks then why is he in town. Johnny says visiting. Jason says he doesnít believe that.  Jason tells him to leave Lulu alone. Johnny says no problem. Jason asks why he is lying to him. Johnny asks why is he worried about Lulu and him if he is going to kill him anyway. Jasonís phone rings. Its Sonny, he asks if he still has Johnny he says yes. Carly shows up and asks where Johnny is. She asks if he killed him. Jason says no he did not. Carly says good cause she is starting to rethink him as a suspect. Jason asks why she cant stop this. Carlyís says Jerry was stabbed and Nik did it. Jason asks if Jerry told her that. Carly says she doesnít usually listen to Jerry but Nik has been having these freaky bouts of rage and he is having blackouts and doesnít remember what he was doing. Jason says that means he probably didn't do it. Carly says that Emily is worried about Nik. She says that if Emily thinks its dangerous, maybe he did something bad already. Jason says that Nik did not kill Leticia. Carly says maybe its just a coincidence that Leticia died when the Zacchara family started making trouble. She says the text messages, the pictures, doesnít sound like the mob. He says it doesnít sound like Nik either. Carly says well what if Nik has a second personality.  Jason tells her she is on the wrong track. Sonny shows up at the pH and asks why Jason picked up Johnny without asking him. Jason says he wanted to question him about Leticiaís murder. Sonny asks what Jason got. Jason says that Johnny says he had nothing to do with it. Sonny asks if he believes it. Jason thinks he knows something and asks why he wanted to let him go. Sonny says because Trevor thinks that Johnny is the key to dealing with his father. Sonny tells Jason he told Trevor to set up a face to face meeting, no middle men. Jason asks if its all set up, Sonny says Anthony does not meet with people, he kills family to send a message. Sonny says that if taking Johnny is the key to a meeting, he will ask once again and if denied again they will take Johnny and not give him back till they agree on a meeting. (Credit Holsgem)

October 18, 2007

Jason is at the PH talking to Spin. Jason says that the night Johnny picked up Lulu they broke down on 91 and he may be back there. Spin thinks he is to smart to go the same route twice. Jason says that is all they have to go on. Spin says Lulu never got home last night and he thinks she went back to Logan. There is a knock on the door it is Kate. She says that if he doesn't intervene Sonny will be dead. Spin says that putting herself in Sonnyís business could have disastrous outcomes. Jason tells Spin to go work on what they talked about. Spin goes upstairs. Kate says that Sonny is determined to meet with Zacchara and that the last two people who did that are dead. Jason says this is Sonny's business and she should not get involved. Kate tells Jason that he should cause its his job to keep sonny safe.  Jason tells her he will not tell him what to do. Kate says clear they both care about sonny and that he is too blinded by Trevor so they have to do something to stop him. Jason says fine then tell me everything you know about Trevor and Zacchara.  She tells about how Trevor took her to this little Hudson town and when they were met with a client. Jason asks if it was Zacchara, Kate says he never mentioned the name. But she does remember the house.  Jason asks her if she could tell them how to get there. Kate says it depends, who would be going there, him or Sonny. Spin and Jason talking. Spin says he got into the traffic cameras and that he didn't find Johnny. But he did find so credit card usage and used that to track down Johnny. It appears he is in the mountains. Jason says this could work, anything else. Spin says it was dark but a flash of blond hair was visible. Lulu is with Johnny. Jason leaves. Johnny walks into the cabin and finds Jason sitting there. Johnny asks where Lulu is. Jason tells him to tell him where he has Lulu.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 19, 2007

Jason and Johnny are in the farmhouse. Johnny goes for his gun, Jason warns him against it. Jason questions Johnny about Lulu's whereabouts, believing that Zachara's men have her. Johnny talks about how he found Lulu and picked her up after she fought with Luke. Jason asks Johnny why he took Lulu. Johnny explains that if he left her they would have taken her to get to him. Jason asks why Zachara would want her and Johnny says that his father will use her to get him home. Jason says there is no sign of a struggle, Lulu may have left on her own. At the pizza place, Johnny finds her watch on the floor and tells Jason that they have her. Jason tells Johnny to have them release her, and he says if he goes back they will release Lulu. Sonny is in his office, telling Max to bring the car around. Jason walks in and fills Sonny in about Lulu. They talk about how Johnny is crazy. Sonny says Luke came over to discuss Lulu. Jason relates that he got Zachara's address from Johnny, but Sonny already knows where he lives because of Kate. After Jason questions him about it, Sonny says he is going to visit Zachara, using Lulu as an excuse. Jason says he'll go with him, but Sonny refuses because Jason's presence there will be viewed as a threat. Sonny askes Jason to take care of something. Jason drags Trevor into the office. He asks Jason what he brought him there to talk about, Jason tells him he wants to know how Sonnyís meeting went. Jason informs Trevor that Sonny is meeting with Anthony Zacchara. Trevor warns Jason to tell Sonny to come home now. Jason says too late, and Trevor warns of Anthony Zachara's anger and unpredictability, telling Jason not to blame the bloodshed on him. Trevor says Sonny and those close to him will pay. Ric walks in. (Credit Holsgem)

October 22, 2007

Jason and Trevor in Sonny's office when Ric comes in, notices Trevor, and tells Jason that he believes he committed a crime, dragging Trevor off the street, and that Ric would be happy to prosecute. Trevor says it would be nice to send Jason to jail, but pressing charges is not a good idea due to lack of evidence. Ric and Trevor argue over this. Ric says Jason's murder charges against Alkazar were true, and that Jason shot him in cold blood. Trevor says that unless he can prove it, Ric may be next. Trevor discusses Ric antagonizing Jason and that he could put a bullet in both of their heads. Trevor tells Ric it's time to go but Ric wants to stay. Ric warns jason to stay away from Zacchara. Jason refuses to talk without an attorney. Ric taunts Jason about Leticia's death. Jason tells him to call Diane if he wants information. Ric says that Jason does nothing without Sonny's approval, and taunts Jason about his skills, how he requires orders and is controlled by Sonny. Ric leaves. Sonny walks in and Jason starts filling him in on the Trevor/Ric conversation, Sonny cuts him off. Sonny informs Jason how crazy Zacchara, stating that Trevor is secretly running the organization in Zacchara's name. Sonny says that Zacchara was pushed over the edge when his wife died and that Trevor stepped in and took over, keeping control over Anthony so that Trevor is protected while Zacchara gets all the blame. Sonny tells Jason that Zacchara will kill Sonny's family if he got lose. Jason goes to Carly's house. She wants to talk about Lulu, but Jason cuts her off, telling her Michael and Morgan are okay, and then he discusses the Zacchara situation. He informs her that the boys are in danger, Zacchara is crazy, that Trevor is controlling the Z organization. Carly says she will kill anyone who wants to hurt her kids. Carly says that Lulu was at Zaccharaís house. They talk about how Trevor had Lulu picked up and how Zacchara is obsessed with his son. Jason and Carly discuss Johnny's situation. Carly states that she doesn't want her boys to experience something similar. (Credit  Holsgem)

October 23, 2007

Jason and Carly discuss the dangers and that she understands now that they will never truly be free or have a normal life.  Sam's in her apartment when Lucky shows up with flowers. They hug. Carly and Jason talk about the differences between Sonny and Zacchara. Carly worries that Johnny will pay for Zacharra's choices. Jason assures her that Michael and Morgan won't have to pay for Sonny's. Carly says they already have, with the kidnapping and Leticiaís death. Carly states that she knows Sonny loves the boys, and that the love is all that matters, but she wonders if she is wrong. Sam and Lucky are in her apartment.  He fills her in on the legal issues with Liz. He says he will not talk to her about the divorce if she doesnít want to hear about it. Sam relates that it is difficult to hear about Liz, but she wants him to know he can talk to her about anything. Jason tells Carly that since they know Trevor is running the Zachara organization maybe that will push Trevor to back off. Carly asks about Liz. Jason questions why she is asking. Carly is sure Liz is looking for a new father for her children. Jason says he does not like her insulting Liz all the time. Carly apologizes for caring about him, and believes that he has a weakness for Robin which has warped him for life. They continue to debate Robin's and Liz's influence on Jason's life choices. She says she will never apologize for anything about Liz, but she will be more tactful with him. Lucky and Sam are cuddling after having sex. and talking. They kiss and his pager goes off. He he has to go. Jason at the Penthouse. Spin asks about Lulu. Jason fills him in about Lulu being at Zaccharaís. Jasonís phone rings, he finds out about the pier explosion and believes Zacchara made the first move.  Jerry knocks on Samís door. She says she is not going to let him bully her. He says he won't kill her. Sam says she will go to Jax and tell him all about the threats. Jason and Spin try to get surveillance footage of the pier. Jason thinks its a message from Trevor about Sonny's meeting with Zacchara. They discussed what occurred at the meeting. If Spin wants out due to being a target by association, Jason will understand. Carly shows up, saying she blew it with Lulu. Spin and Jason ask what happens. Carly explains the Logan/Lulu breakup. She wants Jason to go talk to her. Jason says that with the warehous fire situation, he cannot. Carly asks if it's Zacchara. Jerry taunts Sam. She tells him to leave. Carly and Spinelli both urge Jason to go talk to Lulu. Lucky knocks on Jasonís door, and tells him he needs to ask him questions about the explosion. Jerry threatens Sam with killing Lucky to get what he wants. Sam asks him what that is, he tells her she will cooperate in order to keep Lucky safe. (Credit Holsgem)

October 24, 2007

Jason asks Spin to show him the footage of the loading dock again. Spin can't get off of Lulu.. Lulu  overhears Jason say he will not police her love life. Sam is with Alexis at the MC. They talk about Amelia getting fired.  Alexis tells her she got Molly back, and that they wereliving at Wyndamere but now they are back home surrounded by Sonny's guards. . Alexis brings up that she is working on Lucky's divorce. Sam gets  quiet, Alexis asks if Lucky and her talk about the divorce. Sam says that is all Lucky could talk about last night. Jason fills Lulu in about the warehouse fire.  Jason tries to get Spin to focus on the footage while Spin just can not drop Lulu and the unworthy one. Jason says he doesnít care about who she is with that there is a war coming and she needs to move out. Sam and Alexis talk about how Sam sleeping with Lucky could hurt his case.  Sam says maybe they arenít ready for the mother daughter thing yet. Alexis says she is not judging her, Spin asks how Jason could let Lulu leave. Jason tries to get Spin off Lulu.  Sam is at Carly's, She wants to talk to Jax. Carly and Sam bicker about Jax..Sam says she will just check up with Jax at the hotel. Carly tells her not to even think about it.  Jason wants to focus on the footage and Spin wont shut up about fucking Lulu. There is a knock on the door it is Robin.  Robinis there to talk to Spin. Jason says he will leave, Robin says Jason should stay,  Robin asks Spin to be a sperm donor. Spin is flustered. Jason is stunned. He backs away in fear. Spin is flabbergasted and asks what he has to do. Robin tells him about the donations and tells Spin to go talk to Dr. Lee. Sam says Carly is jealous, Carly says she is not jealous, that every guy she has ever been with has dumped her.. Sam says she told her she wants Jax. Carly says that will never happen, Jax learns from his mistakes. Sam says Jax is bored of her already,  Robin and Jason talk about how Robin wants a baby . They talk about how they lived with Michael and how wonderful it was.  Jason tells her she should reconsider how she pics the father. Sam walks up to Jax and Carly at the MC. Sam says this is very important and that she needs to talk to him in private. Jax says whatever it is she can say it in front of Carly. Carly is smirking. Sam says that Jax is henpecked to think for himself and walks away. Jason says the father will always know he has a child and a bond with this kid no matter what. Robin says that is what Lucky says, and that she wants her child to have a father she respects and admires. Spin gets home and says he knows what he has to do now and understands and will comply, he is honored to be the father of her baby. (Credit Holsgem)

October 25, 2007

Jason is on the phone talking about the warehouse fire's damages. Spin comes downstairs and asks if Jason notices his biceps. Spin says he has been lifting weights to man up if he is gonna be a dad. Lulu asks what? Spin fills Lulu in on Robins idea. Lulu leaves. Jason asks if Spin can stay out of his babies life. Spin says his situation is different than Jasonís. Jason says that he will see a part of himself in that baby. Spin says the difference is he knows what he is doing while Jason didn't know and was pushed out. Jason says he misses Jake all the time and he would not wish that on anymore. Emily brings Jason his invitation to the Black and White ball. They talk about Alan. Emily wishes that her older brother would be there to dance with her. They talk about Nik then they talk about Liz. Sam is at GH.  She has a cut and needs the stitches removed. Lizgives her attitude and tells her to wait in the lounge. Sam asks why she is tossing an attitude at her and says that she can't be mad at her for sleeping with Lucky. Liz taunts Sam who says that Lucky is a wonderful man not that she would understand that. Liz says Lucky is hurt and upset and has no idea what a bitch Sam is. Sam asks who it was that hurt Lucky, Nik cuts them off and says that this is not the place for this discussion. Sam asks Nik why he is defending Liz when she was the one that hurt his brother. Nik says she is at work and its not appropriate to talk about this here. Sam says that people might think its inappropriate thatLizslept with Jason then married Lucky. Nik says that what happens between Lucky and Liz is their business. Sam says hello she was living with Jason at the time. Nik says to just let it go. Sam says thank you cousin Nikolas. Jason and Emily are talking about Liz still.  Emily continues to push Liz on Jason saying they both would be happy if they were together. Jason returns home with Max and they talk about how there wasn't much damage to the warehouse and how it doesnít make sense if it was a warning from Zacchara. Spin calls Jason and begs him to come to the hospital. Jason shows up and Spin says he can't perform on demand and says that Jason must take his place. Sam shows up at Niks. They are on the roof. Sam says that he has been friends with Liz, Lucky, and Emily and she understands that. Nik cuts her off and starts screaming at her about how Lucky threw away his whole family because of her. He grabs Sam and holds her over the edge of the roof. (Credit Holsgem)

October 26, 2007

Spin and Jason are talking in front of everyone about how he can't perform because of his love of Lulu. Spin says Jason must fill in. Sam is screaming at Nik to stop and put her down. He does and asks her what he just did. Spin is pushing Jason to help Robin. Robin cuts in and says that its ok.Jason asks if he can talk to Robin alone. Patrick looks on. Robin apologizes. Jason and Robin talk about how they didnít think spin would freak out and scream at everyone. Nik asks if he hurt Sam. Sam says he almost tossed her off the roof. Nik asks her to leave. Sam doesn't understand what is going on. Nik says he doesn't remember what happened. Sam doesn't believe him. He says he has something wrong with him and that he keeps telling himself its a medical condition but he isn't so sure, Jason says they are friends and its not a far stretch for Robin to ask him to father her baby. Robin and Jason talk about how he could not father a child and let it go. Jason says it would be torture to watch a child grow form a distance. Nik tells Sam how he is acting out and then blacking out. They talk about the blackouts. She asks if he remembers the hospital talk. Sam says that Alexis did say that Nik is having trouble controlling his temper. He asks if she told her about him throwing something at her. Nik says the attacks are random and he is having tests done but nothing showed up so far. Sam says all this is going on and he is holding a ball here, far away from GH and anyone that could help him, why? Spin and Jason at the PH are talking about how Spin couldn't perform. Jason says it was nice to offer to help Robin. He says that Spin was honest and he hopes this works out for Robin but he doesnít think she understands how that makes a man feel. Sam and Nik talking about the ball. Sam says move the location or reschedule. Nik says he can't. Sam says they thought she was stubborn. He says its a family trait. She says she hopes that is all they have in common. He agrees. Emily comes and Sam covers. She says she will see them at the ball. Sam leaves and Emily says he had another black out. Nik tells Emily how he almost killed Sam. Jason talks to Spin about how Robin doesnít know how long she has and how hard it was for her to move on with her life with HIV. Spin says he is a good friend to her. Jason says he understands what Robin is asking but that he misses Jake all the time. Jason asks what Spin has on the text messages. Spin says he will check. Lulu shows up and says she went to Zaccharaís house to return a necklace to Johnny. Jason says Lulu needs to follow some rules cause if something happens to her she could start a war.Jason returns home to the PH and Lulu and Spin are waiting. Lulu asks if he is still mad. Spin asks if Jason is going to the ball. He says no he has to much work. (Credit Holsgem)

October 29, 2007

Jason is on the phone, Spin interrupts. Jason hangs up and Spin talks to him about the ball, he wants him to go so he can go. Lucky goes to Samís, they kiss. Nik shows up. Lucky and Nik fight over him spending time with Sam. Nik says this has nothing to do with Lucky, he got into a fight with Sam yesterday and is there to see Sam. Lucky asks what it was about. Sam says she got into a fight with Liz at GH. Nik says he is sorry. Sam says it too and that she is looking forward to going to the ball. Nik asks if they are going together and Lucky tells him to back off. Spin and Jason talk about how Spin is too wimpy to get a date but if Jason goes maybe he could tag along with Jason and his date. Jason says he doesnít have time. Spin begs him they get interrupted by Kate at the door. She asks if he heard from Sonny. Spin tells Kate to leave and Jason tells Spin go and get his own date if he wants to go to the party. Spin leaves. Jason and Kate talk about what  the Ball. Kate says she is going with Sonny and they were looking forward to it. Jason is on the phone saying people are starting to ask questions and he needs something to tell them but need to find out who planted the bomb in Sonny's car. Kate says this whole code of silence is problematic and she just wants to talk to Sonny. Jason tells her that Sonny is away on business. Kate asks if she should be worrying. Sam and Lucky are talking, he has to leave for roll call. Sam tells Lucky he may have to call in sick and spend the day in bed with her. He say she wishes he could but can't.  He says he is sorry about the stuff with Nik and if it sounded like he is embarrassed to be with her he is not. She says she did not feel like that at all. She tells him if he wants out of this then he is free to walk no strings attached. Lucky says that is the last thing he wants. He says he came over to ask her to the ball and asks her to be his date. Sam says that Nik is so moody she doesnít want to set him off by going with him. Lucky says they were both invited and Nik can't choose who goes with who as dates. Sam says she doesnít want to cause another fight. Lucky says stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. He asks her if she would like to go as his date to the ball. She say yes but Nik and Emily's party and she doesnít want to ruin it for them. Lucky says they are getting a divorce and that its time to move on and he wants to start that by taking her to the ball. She says ok and they kiss. Kate wants to know about Sonny. Jason says he cant tell her anymore. There is a knock at the door and its Ric. Ric says he has some off the record questions for him. Ric asks where Sonny is, Kate says she wants to know that too. Jason says he is away on business. Ric says he knows all about that from his time working with his brother. Kate says she knows nothing about Sonny's business. Ric talks about the car explosion and asks where is Sonny. Jason shows up at Carly's, she asks about Sonny. Jason says there is problems. Carlyís says you can tell her. Jason says he just went through this with Kate. Carly gets pissed saying now she is in the same category as Kate. Jason says that is not what he is saying. Carly says be her date at the ball to make it up to her. Jason says he hates those things. Carly tries to use Emily to get him to go and he refuses, saying she is up to something and if she wants to go she should go with Jax. He asks her why she wants him to take her. (Credit Holsgem)

October 30, 2007

Jason and Carly talk about why she is pushing him going to the ball.  Carly keeps telling him she is trying to be nice. And that Nik is honoring Alan and she thinks he should be there. Jason tells her not to go there and gets up to leave. Carly tries to stop him. They fight over Nik having this party and how Jason should protect Emily. Jason asks why she is afraid something will go wrong. Carly says Nik is still undiagnosed. Jason knows Carly is working some scheme. Carly says her instincts are good and she can't get into trouble if he is there with her. He says that is it she wants him to go as her back up. Jax arrives home and asks if he is taking Carly to the ball. Jason says no business, Jax asks if this is about Sonny missing. Jason says nothing and he is leaving. Jason arrives home and Spin is dancing. He asks what Spin is doing and Spin says he is practicing for his date with Nadine for the ball.  Spin tries to push Jason to go and Jason still says no. Jason is reading his mail as Spin is dancing in the living room. Spin says he needs a partner and asks Jason to dance with him. Jason says he will break his arms if he tries to dance with him. Spin says he needs help to woo Lulu. There is a knock at the door, it is Ric and some cops, they say they have some questions about where Jason was. Spin says Jason has been home all night waltzing with him. Ric says 2 of Zaccharaís men were killed in an alley and asks if this is retaliation for Sonny being dead. (Credidt Holsgem)

October 31, 2007

The ball room is in shambles Nik is out cold on the floor, blood on his hands and face, he wakes up and sees a mask with blood on it and a body, he screams no!!!! Back at Wyndamere 11 hours earlier. Carly and Jax arrive, ready for the Ball.  Spin is at the Docks freaking out about the ball. Jason shows up asking him what is so important. Spin goes on and on about the MC hostage crisis and how they were a team. Spin says he needs Jason to go with him.  Jason tells Spin to go and to stop talking about Grasshoppers and follow the crowd. Spin says he cant he needs Jason there. Jason says he has to much going on and can't go. Nadine shows up. She calls Spin the most dashing one and he gets all flustered. Spin introduces Nadine to Jason. Spin tells Jason he is fine and Jason leaves. Nadine and Spin go off to Wyndamere. Johnny is watching. Sam and Lucky arrive at Wyndamere. Sam talks about how this is a fairytale party and she is glad they went together. She asks if he will dance and he says he loves to dance. Liz walks in and looks at them. Skye and Ric arrive and talk to Alfred, so does Jerry and Alexis. Carly and Jax watch Sam and Lucky. Johnny jumps Scott and takes his invitation, then drags his body behind the bench. Trevor is talking to Craig and Alexis about staying in PC, he says he wants to spend time with his granddaughter. His phone rings and one of his men tell him that if Lulu is at the party then they need to stop the party cause Zacchara is after the girl. Alfred moves the party to the Ballroom. Patrick is there, so is Georgie, Robin, Leyla, Coop and Logan. Nik welcomes them there and makes an announcement about giving money to GH to save it in the name of Alan Quartermaine. Luke is also there, Nik announces he is marrying Emily again. Maxie is there with Logan and Kate is there alone. Sam watches Liz and Lucky dance outside after talking about their pasts. Carly is trying to send an text message to who she believes is the killer. One of Z's men is on the phone, talking about where Z is, Jason comes up behind him with a gun, he asks the guy about Z.Luckytells Liz she is beautiful and has always been. Liz says this is maybe how it was always supposed to end. Them dancing where they started out, they came full circle. Sam goes back in as Lucky walks away from Liz. Sam goes back out to talk to Liz alone. She claps and tells her she is a better con than she ever was. She says she has been playing Lucky like a real pro. Z is lurking around Wyndamere. Liz tells Sam she stole Lucky and doesn't even want him, and that everything she has done is all based on lies. Sam says she is calling her a liar. Liz says she is calling Sam an evil, selfish bitch. She says she knows that Sam knows Jake is Jasonís son and that she stood there watching a crazy woman take HER son cause she was upset that she had Jason's child. And that when that didn't work she hired two goons to scare her and HER boys in the park with guns, but Sam didnít care as long as Jason is not with Jake. Liz asks Sam if she really thought Jason wouldn't tell her, she says Jason trusts her, and he knows Sam is trash. Sam smiles and says its a fair trade, she got Jasonís kid while she got Liz's husband. Liz slaps Sam and tries to  walks away, Sam punches Liz and they fight, Sam says Jason will never love Liz. Sam kicks Liz's ass, tears her dress. Lucky breaks it up and pulls them apart and asks what happened. Sam tells Liz to tell Lucky why they are fighting. Jason holds Z's guy at gun point. He tells Jason Z is missing and they sent some guys after him but they turned up dead in the alley. Jason says he didnít do it which means that Z did it. Johnny asks Trevor if he saw his dad. Trevor says go home and he will follow. Johnny says no, Z is after Lulu. The two men at the launch decided to leave before Sonny and Tracy show up. Z sneaks out and breaks a step. (Credit Holsgem)

November 1, 2007

Nik talks and asks how much time do we have? Would you want to know if it was running out? Nik again wakes up next to a bloody mask and a womanís hand. He screams and crawls over to her. 11 hours earlier 7pm - Robin and Nik talk about the party. Sam yells at Liz saying that people have no clue about the things she has done and calls her a lying bitch. Lucky holds Liz back. Lucky keeps asking what is going on. Sam yells at Liz to tell him what the fight was over. He asks what they are fighting about. Trevor tells Johnny to go home because his dad is out. Johnny says he is after Lulu. Zacchara is making a rope into a devise to strangle someone. Johnny pulls a gun on Trevor. Ric sees, walks over to his father, and says he is still molding young minds. Lucky asks Liz whostarted this fight and Liz says she did and she would do it all over again cause Sam is a lying tramp who has him wrapped around her claws. Lucky tells Liz to give him some credit. Sam says that Liz attacked her because she thinks she is using Lucky. Liz says Lucky knows Sam is only using him to get back at Jason. Sam says she cannot be serious, that Lucky and she were the ones who were cheated on and lied to by her and her precious Jason, and so where is she in the wrong. Liz says Sam is a selfish, hateful person...and gets interrupted by Emily and Nik. Lucky tells Emily that Liz went after Sam. Nik asks why and Lucky says he does not know the reason. Liz gets pissy and Sam walks off. Lucky says that Liz is accusing Sam of all kinds of crazy things. Liz gets pissed and asks how he can defend her. Lucky tells Liz it sounds like her guilty conscious is getting to her after lying for so long. Now Emily gets pissed and has to put her two cents in. Nik yells at Emily for trashing his brother. Nik says that Jason is always so important to her and he is sick of her defending Jason and pushing Liz to be with him no matter who gets hurt in the end. Liz cuts in and tells him to stop yelling at her. Emily takes Liz inside. Lucky says thanks for helping but he as a bit rough with Emily. Sam cuts in and asks Lucky to let her talk to Nik alone, Lucky leaves. Sam asks Nik if he is ok. He has no idea what just happened. Zacchara is walking into the house, talking to his dead wife Maria. Nik and Sam talk about how he does not remember the fight and Sam fills on what happened. Nik says he is getting worse, the tests have not shown anything, and that he has one doctor left in Switzerland. Nik says all he wanted was one night to make Emily happy. Zacchara watches the room and goes down the stairs. Lucky approaches and asks her what she is doing outside still. She says she needed alone time. He says he is sorry for Liz. She says there is no need. She sits down and talks to him about her boat and that she could tell by the air when the weather was gonna change. She says there is a storm coming and it is going to be bad. He asks if she wants him to take her back to town. She tells him he is kind and caring and a real gentleman and that he loved with everything he had and it still was not enough for Liz. Lucky says they grew apart. Sam says she wished she could be loved as much as he loved his wife but she threw him away the same way Jason threw her away. She says that love never lasts, so why do we even bother. Diane is on the phone in Sonnyís office and Jason shows up. She asks where Sonny is.  She says Carly is in trouble. She thinks Carly believes the texts are from the killer and that she took a gun to the ball thinking that the killer is there. Alexis is in the study, the lights and phone are out, Carly is hiding in there too, Alexis leaves and Carly comes out. In walks a man, she pulls a gun on him and we see its Coop. Alexis is in a different room and screams. (Credit Holsgem) 

November 2, 2007

9 hours earlier 8pm - Sam is in the hallway with a flashlight. Lucky asks her what she is doing. She says the generator is out and she went to look. He asked if she needs company. She says no, he asks if she is still upset about Liz and she asks why she would be. He says something is bothering her and she says that he is a great guy, and does not deserve to be treated how Liz treats him. Liz shows up and Sam says go with him she will be ok. Max is telling Jason that the weather is bad and he will not make it to Spoon Island. Max asks what is so important there and Jason says its Carly, she is there with a gun and is gonna get hurt or hurt someone else. Sam tells Lucky someone took an ax to the generator. Luke comes and tells them to go into the ballroom and stay with other people. He fills them in on Ric getting stabbed and Luke tells them there are enough people walking around out there, including Lulu. Luke speaks to the crowd and fills them in on the situation with Ric and the storm. He says they got a freak walking around with a knife, and he wants them to all stay calm so they do not get killed. Says there is food and good booze and party. Lucky pulls him way. Sam goes up to Lucky and tells him to wait. He tells her he is going to find Liz and his sister. Sam wants to go with him. He says no he would worry about her so he tells her to stay. She says ok. Jason is riding a speedboat to the island. There is a bomb on it. Luke is talking again and says that they will stay there and wait for the crazy guy on the other side. Lulu is there now, standing behind her is Zacchara. (Credit Holsgem)

November 5, 2007

Wyndamere 9pm...Jason is on the boat. He notices the bomb. Sonny and Kate look out the window and see a boat. It explodes. Sam is in ballroom. Spin talks to Lulu about her missing. She says she is in no danger. Spin says luck can wear out and to keep Lulu safe. Nadine says she thinks Lulu knows the stranger. Luke talks about the situation. Emily is scared, Sam noticed Anthony but doesnít know who he is. She asks to speak to Emily but Emily goes off on Sam for no reason. Sam asks if Emily knows the strange guy but Zacchara is now gone. Sam talks to Jax about how the boat is bad condition. She says she can try the launch radio. Sam asks if Jax is ready, Carly doesnít want to help. Jerry arrives, he says the launch is destroyed. but he knows of another place for boats maybe. On the boat sam says that someone broke the radio on purpose. Jerry says that there are some missing lines on the boat too. Jerry and Sam fight over what is going on because she thinks he is doing it. Jax gets between them and tells them to find what they can salvage. Carly says she needs to go back she knows who is doing this, that Johnny is there so she thinks Zacchara is there too. Jerry goes to the engine room. Jax and Carly fight over her following directions. Sam hands him some stuff to give to Jerry. Jax sends Carly to help Jerry. She agrees to bring the tubing to Jerry. Sam and Jax continue to work on the radio. Carly leaves the tubing and goes off. Liz is walking around with a knife. Someone grabs her from behind. Sam says she thinks she got the radio working. Jerry shows up and says he never got the tubing. Jax says Carly went back to the house. Someone opens fire on Sam, Jerry and Jax. Liz hugs Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

November 6, 2007

Wyndamere 10 pm - Carly running. Jerry, Jax and Sam in the boat, someone is shooting at them. Liz tells Jason what is going on. Three gun men walk in on Jerry, Sam and Jerry, who kill the men. They wonder who these men are and why they are there. Liz tells how she is so stupid she got lost in her best friends houses. Liz tells him she found a dead guy in Niks room. Jason takes the knife from her. Jason thinks Zacchara took the guests clothing. Liz says another guy is there. Jason thinks its Zacchara's son. He takes her to the barn to keep her safe, he doesnít want Zacchara to know he is there. Jason tells Liz to stay there, he asks what happened to her face. Liz says Sam hit her but that she started it first, that she taunted Sam with all the information Jason told her and that she thinks Sam is going to tell about Jake. Jason says he will deal with Sam after this situation is over. Jerry takes the weapons from the dead guys and the hand guns to Sam and Jax. Sam says she will move the boat. Jax says Sam can't handle it. They fight but Jerry says he will do it cause no one will care if he dies. In the barn Jason gives Liz a gun and shows her how to shoot. He makes her do a test shot, she closes her eyes and flinches when she shoots and they kiss before Jason leaves her there alone. Jerry, Jax and Sam flip a coin to see who goes. Jax takes the boat and jerry and Sam go back to the house. Nadine and Spin are in the halls with swords. Nadine almost kills Jason. Spin is happy to see Jason. Sam and Jerry knock on the door and tell the people about the broken radio, the bad guys and that Jax is bringing around the boat. Jerry says that they need to start getting the people off the island. Luke says no one will leave this island tonight. Nadine and Spin fill Jason in on Zacchara. Jason says he will handle it. (Credit Holsgem)

November 7, 2007

Wyndamere 11pm...Sonny has Johnny at gunpoint. Saying he will kill him to draw Zacchara out. Lulu is arguing with Sonny. Johnny says if he dies his father will kill everyone on the island. Spin is arguing with Jason. Jason says he will deal with Zacchara as soon as he gets them to safety. Jerry and Luke fight over using the boat. Jerry talks to the group saying if they stay they will die. Luke says the boats are not safe. Jerry talks about the armed men on the island. Luke argues that Zacchara is killing people, and leaving the island/room is not a good idea. This could be a mob war, Zacchara's men are there to kill all witnesses. Luke says if they want to leave theres the door. Jerry goes to leave. Sam says she can't leave till she finds Lucky. Luke says he went to find Liz and hasn't returned. Liz hears a banging on the door. She aims and hears its Jason, she opens the door and in walk Spin and Nadine. Spin thinks that he should go with Jason. Jason says No. Nadine asks who put him in charge. Spin says he will take the gun but Jason says Liz knows how to use the gun. Jason tells Spin to protect them. Jason leaves. Sam and Jerry go to Ric, they talk about Ric. Jerry asks what is wrong with Alexis. Sam asks if any of them know where Lucky is. Sam says he went looking for Liz. Skye cuts them off and says Ric is the one in danger here. Jerry wanrs them about Zacchara and his men. Lulu and Johnny are fighting. Jason walks up and says that they are in the wrong place to be fighting. Johnny tells Jason to take Lulu and that he will deal with his father, he will kill him. Jerry and Sam walking into a room. They talk about Zacchara and Jerry says the storm is getting worse. Sam agrees saying its going to get worse before it gets better. (Credit Holsgem)

November 8, 2007

Ric is getting operated on. Lulu and Johnny talk about his father. Jason tells them they are not paying attention. Johnny tells Jason to take Lulu to safety. Jason asks if Johnny wants to go, Lulu complains but Jason takes her. Sam and Jerry fight over who is going to drive the boat. Sam says she will not go without Lucky. They fight over going back to get others. Jerry doesn't want to help others, he says that he will take his family. Sam asks why her and Alexis then. Jason brings Lulu to the barn. Liz runs over to him and hugs him. Sam and Jerry run into Carly. Sam says that Jerry is selfish and doesn't want others to go. And that Carly should understand cause she is selfish also. Carly says they need to go stop Sonny from donating blood to Ric. Sam and Carly argue. Jerry cuts in and says they can fight on the boat. They argue over leaving without Jax. Carly says that Jax wants to save Ric. Sam slips away while Carly is fighting. Jerry asks where she is. Carly says she went to find Lucky. In the barn Spin talks to Lulu about Zacchara. Jason asks Liz if anything happened. They tell him about the dead guy. Johnny says this is Trevorís doing, he needs Zacchara alive to control the company and Johnny alive to control Zacchara. Johnny says that Lulu needs to stay there. Jason and Johnny go back to the house. They split up. Carly is outside when one of Zacchara's men comes up to her with a gun. Carly talks to the gunmen, she tries to run, they shoot. Sam is outside and sees, so is Jason. Without words, just a nod, Sam and Jason fire at the gunmen, taking them out. Maxie is in the house and Lucky finds her, they hug. Jason and Sam kill the last gunman. Carly thanks Jason. Sam says your welcome. Carly says that she only helped so Jason would forgive her. Jason says Sam knows why he will never forgive her. (Credit Holsgem)

November 9, 2007

Maxie and Lucky hug. She says Zacchara is chasing her. He says he will keep her safe. Carly thanks Jason. Sam says your welcome. Carly says that she only helped so Jason would forgive her. Jason says Sam knows why he will never forgive her. Jason and Sam lock eyes she turns. Jason, Carly and Sam are now inside the house. Jason says he will take them to safety. Sam says she can do it alone. Carly butts in and tells Sam that Jason is just trying to keep them safe. Sam says that is what Jason is always doing, protecting those around him even though he doesnít give a damn about them. Jason lists the people in the barn. Sam says she is sure Liz is the first one he rushed to safety. He tells Sam she is wasting time. Sam asks if she brought up a sensitive subject. Lucky arrives and Jason turns his head, he is jealous. Sam fills Lucky in on the people Jason has sent to the stables. She tells him Liz is there says they should go. Jason and Lucky talk about how Jason must know that Zacchara was lose. Carly defends Jason. Sam unloads on Jason for his hero complex. Carly tells Sam to stop shrieking at Jason. Lucky defends Sam. Jason looks upset as Carly says that Sam is just mad she is not getting the response she wanted out of Jason. Sam says she is not upset. That she wouldn't take Jason back if he crawled to her. She walks off with Lucky. Carly says that Sam wants payback and if she finds a way she will get it. Jason says he has more important things to deal with. Carly and Jason go to see Sonny who has donated blood to Ric. Carly is upset that Sonny is unconscious. Jason tells Carly to leave Robin alone. Carly talks to Sonny and he wakes up. Jason fills Sonny in on how Zacchara's men are there to find him and to clean this up. Sonny tells Jason to get him out of there and then take care of as many of Zacchara's men as he can. Kate, Sonny and Jason go out. Jason and Carly fight over not going to the barn. Carly refuses to leave Sonny with Kate. Jason gives her a gun and tells her to make sure she knows who she is shooting at before she shoots. Jason leaves Sonny, Kate and Carly. Lucky and Sam are in the barne. Liz tells Lucky she is glad he is safe. Sam and Liz bicker over Jason. Lucky tries to cut in but Sam says no he deserves better than this. Sam goes on to Lucky that Liz lied to him, cheated and took him for granted. All the while Lucky deserves to know the truth. Liz tell Sam to shut up. Sam says no she has kept her mouth shut for too long. Lucky gets between Sam and Liz. Liz tell Sam to leave, it would make it better. Sam says that is just want Liz wants, for Sam and Lucky to face some flipped out murder so she doesnít feel uncomfortable. Liz and Sam argue over LUcky as Sam tires to provoke her into telling the truth. Jason walks and yells Sam, she stops. They all turn and look at him. Jason says this needs to stop right now. (Credit Holsgem)

November 12, 2007

Sam yelling at Liz, Jason yells at Sam to stop this. Lucky defends Sam to Jason. Sam tells Lucky not to defend her, Liz will never admit what she did wrong. Lucky asks her why stop now. Sam says because there is no point. Lucky says its because Jason showed up. Lucky looks at Jason and asks him what it is that he doesnít want her to tell him. Jason says that its not Sam's truth to tell. Jason and Sam look at one another. Jason tells Lucky that he isn't Jakes father, that he (Jason)is. They all start to aruge and Lucky puches Jason.  They continue to argue.  Finally Lucky says he sees Liz and Jason were so noble. Jason says he was protecting Jake. Lucky calls him out on hislifestyle. Sam says you are so right. Jason you are supposed to be so good with children but they don't fit into you lifestyle right?! So what, he thought it was easier to lie to Lucky to keep Jake. Liz cuts in that jason was trying to protect Jake from anyone who would hurt him, starting with you Sam. Lucky says to stop pushing all the blame to Sam. Liz says that Sam would hurt Jason any way she could. Lucky says good for Sam. Liz says that Sam is using him. Lucky says like she did. Lucky is so sick of all Liz's excuses. Jason says that now that he knows the truth tearing into Liz is not going to change anything. Liz and Lucky look at one another. Lucky says the sickest and saddest part is that Liz would have lied to Jake his whole life about who he really is. Lucky leaves the barn, and Liz asks Sam if she is happy now. Sam tells Liz that none of that was her fault. Liz says she wanted to tell Lucky about this the whole time, that is why she brought him down there. Sam says that Jason told Lucky and that she will have to ask Jason why. But that the real person to blame for all this is herself, she started this lie and watched it grow until it poisoned them all. Sam says what happened here tonight is all on Liz. Sam leaves the barn. Lucky is in a room tossing furniture. Sam runs up to him and says she is sorry. He talks about Jake while Sam continues to apologize. He says that the first time he saw Jake it was in Jason's arms. But Liz got what she wanted, she got Jason to claim what is his and tonight he did. Back in the barn Liz says she pushed him to give up his son and let Lucky believe Jake was his and that she caused all this and it was completely wrong, but that she STILL doesnít see why he had to tell Lucky the truth tonight. Jason says he knows she wants to protect Lucky but he is Jake's father and he couldn't lie about it anymore. Lucky asks if he is suppose to turn his back on Jake now. Sam says she is so sorry she didn't tell him, and that she wishes she told him months ago. He asks how long Sam knew, she says she knew since the day after he was born. (Credit Holsgem)

November 13, 2007

Sam says she is sorry she didn't Lucky him earlier. He asks if she kept the secret so she could hold on to Jason. She says yes, it was pathetic but that is how she was when it came to Jason and even after they broke up she still felt obligated to keep his secrets. Lucky tells Sam that Jake is/was his son, and Jason put the baby in the center of this huge lie and that is fine with her. She says no. Nik walks in and asks what happened here. He asks Lucky if he found Liz. Lucky tells Nik that Liz is exactly where she wants to be. Liz tells Jason that he had every right to tell Lucky the truth about Jake. He tells her that she doesnít have to agree with what he did. Liz says she is afraid that now Lucky will have nothing to lose, which is why she didn't tell him about the kidnapping. Jason says she is taking too much of the blame. Liz says but she did this, she lied to Lucky and their son. Liz says she chose this. Jason says he chose to lie and that tonight he chose to tell the truth. Liz says sometimes she thinks she's loved him since the first night he saved her in the bar. Jason says he remembers remembers that night and says that he had no idea that someday he would be in love with her, or that she would be the mother of his child. They hug. Nik is telling Sam and Lucky that they need to focus on what is going on around them. Sam tells Nik that there is alot more going on than what he knows like Jason being on the island. Lucky asks where Emily is. He describes his blackout and Lucky tells him that maybe he doesnít realize how dangerous it is out there. Nik screams for Lucky to get off his back and leaves. Jason and Liz in the barn, he says he has been waiting to claim his son and now that it is out in the open it changes everything. Liz asks what happens now. He says its her decision. Spin and Nadine and Lulu enter. Lulu wants to use herself as bait. Everyone tries to talk her out of it. Johnny goes to the barn. Nik, Sam,Lucky and Logan find Tracy and Luke, they talk about finding the others. Lucky asks if Luke is ok and Tracy fills them in on Lukeís heart attack and fight with Zacchara. Logan asks where Lulu is and she tells them they are all in the barn. Lucky and Luke talk about the heart attack situation. Back in the barn Lulu is still trying to get the others to let her use herself as bait. Jason tells Spin to give the gun to Liz. Jason and Johnny leave. Nik and Scott talk about Emily and Sam cuts in that Nik got separated from Emily and is afraid for her. Luke wants Lucky to go with Nik. Lucky and Luke talk. Lulu is there and asks about Luke. He tells her he is ok. Lucky tells Sam to stay safe and she says that he will need back up and that if he goes alone she is just going to follow. Emily and Jason talking. She wants to know how he got there. He asks her why she is alone. Emily fills Jason in about Nik's rages and how she locked him in the wine cellar and now he is gone. Jason wants to take her to the barn with the others, she refuses to go. They argue. Nik comes up behind Jason and pulls him off Emily. Nik and Jason fight and Emily screams out Nik's name. (Credit Holsgem)

November 14, 2007

Jason and Nik are fighting. Emily is screaming for them to stop. She gets pushed to the ground. Nik holds his own against Jason. Emily makes Jason stop before he kills Nik. Jason asks what is going on and Emily says it was an accident that Nik is having a black out. Jason ties Nik up. Emily doesnít want to leave him. Lucky brings Sam back to the Barn. Liz doesnít want Sam there. Lucky says they need to get through this night no matter what. Sam and Liz bicker.  Lucky defends Sam. Liz says Lucky will find out the truth about Sam soon enough. Sam says maybe he will find out what its like not to be judged. And for Lucky to be number one. Liz says she hopes so for Lucky with anyone but Sam. Sam says she won't stay there with Liz. Lucky says sending Sam away wont fix this. Lucky and Sam leave. Emily is yelling at Jason about leaving Nik alone. Jason says that he has to keep Em safe. Nik wakes up and asks if he hurt her. She says he did not mean to do it. Nik pleads with Jason to take Emily away where she will be safe. Emily refuses to leave him. Nik tells her to go for him. She reluctantly goes with Jason but first she tells Nik that she loves him. Jason takes Emily to the barn with the others. Liz asks where is Nik and Jason says Emily will fill her in. Em begs Jason to keep Nik safe.  Zacchara taunts Nik about having Emily. Lucky and Sam show up. Sam says that Zacchara is lying, Zacchara talks to himself with fake hand puppets. Nik says he has Emily. Sam says he is just messing with them. Zacchara pulls out a gun and escapes. Lucky goes after him. Sam unties Nik. She thinks Zacchara tied him up and Nik lets them think it. Kate is talking to Sonny about Carly. Jason comes around the corner and Sonny, Kate and Jason talk about how Carly is gone. Jason says he will find her. Sam and Lucky in the halls. She tells him to stay on guard. Lucky says he is a cop and not to criticize him. Sam is concerned Zacchara could hurt him. Nik gives them the slip. Jason walks into the room and finds Nik gone. Johnny walks in and says that Zacchara found Lulu and let her go till sunrise. Jason fills Johnny in on how Nik is behaving. They split up and Jason asks if Johnny can handle killing his father. He says he won't get away. Nik is outside walking around. Jerry is with Jax and Carly in the foyer. Jason yells at Carly after they hug. Lucky and Sam are in Nik's bed room. Sam asks what if someone else tied up Nik and that he ditched them on purpose. She has a bad feeling about it. (Credit Holsgem)

November 15, 2007

Nik on the floor, Emily voice over. When you leave unexpected you lose your chance to say I love you. Nik wakes up on the floor beside a dead Emily. He screams NO!!! He tries to do CPR, there is a rope around her neck. He is begging her to be alive. He breaks down when she doesn't respond, he lifts her in his arms and holds her. Jason with Jax and Jerry and Carly in the lobby. They all talk about the Zacchara's and their men. They hear Nik scream for Emily. Jason runs in and finds Nik holding Emily. Jason says that she is not breathing. Nik says that as long as he is holding her she will be fine. Carly watches. Jason says he needs to do CPR. Carly pushes him away and Carly says she needs to check her pulse. Nik insists she is dreaming. Carly looks at Jason. Nik is rambling. Jason says he needs to know what happened. Carly and Jason talk about his fight with Nik and how he left Emily in the barn. Jax walks in and asks who did this Zacchara? Carly says they think so. Jason demands that him to tell him what happened. Nik just looks on, he is in shock. Carly says they need to find Patrick. Jason goes to the barn and tells Liz about Nik and how Emily is dead. Liz refuses to believe it. Jason asks Nadine to help if Liz can't. Jason says that Nik needs to be sedated. Liz says she can find something in the barn. She gets some horse tranquilizers. Carly and Jax want to move Emily. Jax says Nik won't let her go. Carly asks Nik if Jax can move Emily to the bench. Nik is broken with reality and says she is fine. Carly questions Nik about the bruises he has. Nik talks about how Emily wanted to change the ball dates and how he insisted they have the ball and that he just wanted to make her happy. He is petting Emily and going on about how she is ok and that she needs to wake up. Liz and Jason arrive, Liz has a bag from the barn with horse tranquilizers in it. Liz and Jason are breaking down. Nik is talking to a dead Emily. Liz approaches and Nik asks her to help Emily. Liz says she has some meds to help him. Jax says he has to find Jerry. Carly wants to go and he agrees. She hugs Jason before leaving with Jax. Liz tells Nik he has to let go of Emily. Nik says she is ok as long as he is holding her. Liz goes to get the horse tranquilizer. She tells Jason she needs his help giving this to Nik. Jason holds Nik while Liz gives him the shot. Nik is crying No. Jason moves him away. Jason carries Emily to the bench and Liz helps Nik to the chair. Sonny comes in and he looks on then asks if she is dead. Jason just looks at him. Sonny touches Emily and asks if they think it is Zacchara who did it. Jason says that Nik won't talk. Sonny goes over to Nik and asks him what happened to Emily. He says she was on the floor with the rope around her neck. Sonny asks who gave him the bruise and asks about Zacchara. Nik asks who is Zacchara and where is Emily. Sonny goes over to Jason and they talk. Sonny says that everyone told him to leave Zacchara alone and he didn't and now he is killing people. Jason says Trevor is the one. Sonny makes Jason look at him and he says Emily was never suppose to get caught in this. Sonny goes and sits by Emily saying that all he ever wanted was for her to live a good life. Liz looks over at a crying Jason. Liz cries and holds on to Emily. Jason rubs Liz's back. Nik dreams about him dancing with Emily then sees himself tied to the chair while she dances with another him. The chair Nik tells Emily to get away from the dancing Nik. The dancing Nik and Emily kiss then the dancing Nik strangles Emily. The chair Nik is screaming for Emily. (Credit Holsgem)

November 16, 2007

Liz tells Jason it doesn't feel like Em is gone. Jason looks at Emily whose face has been covered. Nik still dreaming of killing Em. He wakes up, screams Emily. Liz goes to him. Nik tries to go to Em. Jason comes over and says she's dead. Nik says no she isn't no. That was just in my nightmare. He is holding Em's hand begging her to talk to him.  He pulls sheet off Em's face and looks at the strangle marks. He cries about how he loved her and failed her.  He says that he killed her. Jason looks at him. Liz tells Jason he doesn't know what he is saying. Jason asks Nik about what he said and if Em was there when he got knowcked out. Jason asks if Nik saw who attacked her. Nik says she wasn't supposed to be here. Lulu and Johnny show up. She walks over to Em and Nik. I'm so sorry. Nik says they were going to spend the rest of their lives together but that ended tonight and it is his fault, he did this to her. Everyone is looking at each other. Lulu says he would never hurt Em. Nik yells that everyone is trying to protect him. Lulu asks John bout his dad killing for fun, he did this, Jason and Liz sitting down watching Nik with Em. Liz moves closer to Jason and puts her arm round him. She says Nik could not hurt Em. Jason says I saw him. They hear gunfire. Jason gets up, grabs his jacket and leaves. Carly running around alone. Jason stops her. She is looking for Son. Jason tells her he doesn't have time for this and gto go back to Jax.  She agrees. Jason leaves. Jason out on parapet. Liz up on edge. Zacchara standing there behind her. Zacchara asks can you fly Morgan, can she let's find out. Jason tells Him to let her go. Zacchara says someone dies tonight, either you jump or I'll push her. Jason puts gun down and jumps up on the ledge with Liz. (Credit Holsgem)

November 19, 2007

Jason and Liz on ledge. He is talking to Zacchara. Liz jumps backwards. She kicks Zacchara as he is holding the gun on Jason. Jason holds Zacchara at gunpoint and shoots as Zacchara leaps off the building. He gives a one handed hug to Liz. Nik is still talking to Emily, saying he should have died not her. Sam walks in and asks what happened. Liz goes near the fire in a room and Jason sits by her. She tells Jason how Zacchara grabbed her and that he wasn't going to let her have the chance to betray someone the way is wife betrayed him. Liz says she was not strong enough. Jason says she is stronger than she thinks. She puts her head on his shoulder. Sam sits next to Nik and Emily, who now has her face recovered. He tells her he had another blackout and that when he woke up Emily was dead on the floor. She says she is so sorry and asks who else knows. Nik says Jason and he is not sure of the others. Sam asks if there was anyone else here, Lucky? Jason walks in and finds Carly. She tells him about eing strangled. Johnny says it was not his father who did this. Logan thinks Johnny is giving his dad an alibi. Jason says that Zacchara jumped off the roof and that he shot after him. Carly asks how long ago this all happened. Jasonís says about 20 min ago. Carly says then Zacchara couldn't have been the one to strangle her. Nik tells Sam he has been having blackouts all the time and that they are getting more frequent and longer. Sam says someone had to hit him hard to cause all those bruises. Nik tells Sam how Emily stood by him and how it cost her her life. Liz walks in and Sam excuses herself to go over to her. She asks Liz what is wrong with her. And how could she have left him alone with her body. Liz asks where Lucky is. Sam says she doesn't know he went after Zacchara. Sam tells her not to act like she cares and how because of all her lies Lucky has nothing left to lose. Jason walks up to Zacchara's body. He takes out his gun. Trevor stops Johnny from stopping Jason, telling him to let Jason take the murder rap, saving his father the ordeal of a trial. Johnny pulls away and stops Jason. Jason points the gun on Johnny and tells him to get out of the way. Mac and the police show up and make Jason put his gun away. Harper takes Jasonís gun and asks Jason to fill him in. Jason says he Jumped. Mac asks before or after he shot him. Jason doesn't answer. Mac goes to question Johnny about what he knows. Before he can answer all the people in the barn run out and Maxie and Georgie yell Dad and run into Mac's arms. He asks about Robin and Maxie tells him that last she knew Robin went off to help Ric. Johnny runs away. Georgie tells Mac that Emily is dead. Nadine goes to check on Zacchara. Spin offers his condolences to Jason. Mac says he is sorry about Emily then asks how long after Zacchara killed Em did he try to kill Zacchara. Back in the room with Nik and Emily, Sam tells Liz its her fault Lucky feels like he has nothing left to live for. Liz says she is not going to do this now with her best friend dead in the room. Sam says what if it was Lucky, not that she cares now that she has Jason. Liz says that  if Sam was not so determined to get her stupid revenge then Lucky would be here. Sam says no the truth needed to come out. Liz asks why Sam didn't tell Lucky about all the stuff she did. Sam says she never pretended to be perfect and that unlike her she cares about Lucky and will go find him herself. Sam stops in to check on Luke. Luke asks Sam where Lucky is. She looks away. Liz talking to Harper about Emily and Nik. Carly and Jason say they found Nik with Emily. Carly fills them in on how they found Nik and heard him screaming for Emily. Carly says they walked in and saw Nik holding Emily. The cop asks Jason what he saw. (Credit Holsgem)

November 20, 2007

Police questioning Carly,Jason and Liz about Emily's death what was going on at the ball. He asks them about Nik. Liz says that Zacchara hurt Emily and tells all the bad stuff Zacchara did. They keep questioning and Liz defends Jason. Liz keeps saying its Zacchara. Jason says he got to there first and that all he saw was Nik holding his dead sister. The cop asks where Nik is now. Sam walks up to Lulu and Johnny, she asks if they saw Lucky. Sam says that Liz, Jason and Lucky got into a fight and that she is scared for him. Liz and Jason talking over a dead Em. Jason says they will want to take the body soon. He Jason doesnít want them to touch her. Liz tells Jason to go she will stay with Em. Jason says he has to tell Monica. Liz talking to a dead Em. She says she will follow her heart like she wanted her to. Sam walks in and says Lucky is missing. Liz says she should go tell Mac. Sam asks tell Mac what Lucky is freefalling cause he just found out Jake isn't his. Liz says she will not talk about this with Em dead. Liz and Sam go back and forth over friendship and Sam asks if it was worth it to throw away all the years of friendship with Lucky to get Jason. Nik walks in and stops them from removing Em's body. Nik yells for them to leave. He holds her body. At GH Edward talks to Skye, she tells him that something horrible happened. Monica is calling Emilyís cell about how the party went. Jason walks in the patio doors. Monica says something happened. Skye talking to Ed at GH. Ed says poor Emily. Ed says that he did this to her, he confesses a secret about how when he was young he idolized this man who talked at his college, he says he waited all day to talk to him. He asked him what the secret was and the guy said whatever it takes. You must do what ever it takes. One by one this mans family, fell away to death and other horrible things, and all that Ed wanted was to be like him. And now he is that man. He buried his children and grandchildren, his Lila, and he still did whatever it took and he will pay till the day he dies for what he has become. People think that Em was lucky having the Quartermaine's but they were the lucky ones. Ed tells Skye to leave his family before its too late. Monica asks Jason if Em is okay. He says that Emily is dead. That she was strangled and Nik found her. Monica won't believe it. Jason says the cops think Zacchara did it. Monica asks if he is the Mob guy. She asks if he is Zacchara's friend. Jason says no. Monica says she saves lives and asks Jason when he saved a life? She says that Em worshiped him and that he is a killer cause he killed her. Jason wants to get someone to help her. She asks who, says they are all dead, and that he was too busy to say goodbye go Alan when he died. She breaks down and kicks him out of the house, saying he is all he has left and she doesnít want him and that he will not go to the funeral and not to show his face around there, that he is NOT her son]. She kicks him out and drops to the floor crying. Jason outside the doors upset. Nik holding on to Em. he says its his house and he wants them all out. Sam tries to calm him down but he won't. Liz says Em would not want him to remember her that way. That this is not her. Nik refuses to let Emily go. Liz tries to pull him away and finally he does as they roll Emís body out. (Credit Holsgem)

November 26, 2007

Jason visits Sonny at GH. He says that Zacchara is in GH and he can't get close. Jason not sure that Zacchara killed Em. Sam goes to visit Nik at his house. She worries about him not eating or sleeping. Nik says he is trying not to sleep cause when he sleeps he loses her all over again. They talk about the funeral. He says its nice of the Qs to let him be there, since he is not her husband. Sam says they were engaged, of course he should there. Nik says the Qs donít approve of him and he can't blame them. He talks about how the Cassadineís are not the most stable people but that she married him anyway and he walked all over her. He talks about how Em wanted to cancel the ball. Sam says to stop cause she does that all the time, no more what ifs. She says that Em loved him, and for him to hold on to that. Nik says he can't hold onto that cause he doesnít know how it ended. Jason taking to Sony about Nik's rage and their fights. Jason tells him about everything leading up to him finding Nik with Em's body. They talk about why Zacchara might have wanted to kill Em and not Nik. Jason says he doesnít know what to do about anything. That he keeps seeing Em dead with the marks around her neck and he keeps thinking how afraid Em must have been. They talk about how Trevor and Johnny will take care of the organization. Sonny says he doesnít want Jason in this cause of Em being dead. Sonny says if he goes back to work and gets himself killed that is not what Em would want and that he wont let him. Sonny says revenge does not lessen the pain, that only time will make this better. Kate walks in and says she is sorry about Emily. Jason says he will call Bernie and leaves. Liz talks to Lucky. He yells at her about how his oldest friend was murdered and he was to busy learning that his son isn't his and that the only woman he has loved for years ways a lying bitch. Liz says she doesnít want to talk about this here and now. Lucky says maybe he could have saved Emily if he was not blindsided by her lies. Liz said Em loved them both and would not want them fighting. Lucky says she is gone. He walks away, Liz turns and sees Jason looking on. Sam talking to Lucky at the docks. Asks him where he has been. Sam starts to tell was about Em but he cuts her off saying he knows. Lucky says he knew Em the longest, that they were bff when they were kids and that she believed he could help her. Sam says it was Zacchara, that he was crazy and that he killed her for no reason but that Lucky is not responsible. Lucky says everything we had, history, memories, they are all tainted now. Jason goes to see Nik. He asks what happened when Em died. Nik he can't remember. Jason says start at the beginning Nik starts talking about how he asked Em to marry him. Jason cuts him off jumping back to their fight. Nik says its a blackout. Nik asks Jason how he can talk when the first 20 years of his own life are gone. Jason goes on about how he tied Nik up and when he got back he was gone. Nik says he wanted Em with Jason that Jason was gonna keep her safe. Nik says that Jason he left her and she came back there and he killed her. Lucky and Sam talk about Liz. Lucky says he can't stand to think of Jake as Jasonís. Sam says he just lost his best friend, Liz, and his family, he does not need to lose Jake too. Jason asking Nik if he remembers killing Emily. Nik saying he doesnít remember anything. He asks if Nik saw her in the ballroom. He says he doesnít remember. He asks Jason to kill him that he probably deserves it. Jason asks what does Nik remember. Nik talks about Em wanting to canel the ball and that he wouldn't. Harper walks in. Jason is at Liz's they make small talk. She says Em found this place and helped her out with it. Liz asks where Jason has been. He says he went to see Monica and then went for a ride, and he showed up at the church at 3 am and broke in and sat and thought about Em. Trying to remember all the good times and how lucky he was that she was his sister but that he can't stop thinking about her dead and how he lifted her up off the floor and how he just knew. Liz says Emily understood grief and lost and that she had the ability to focus on the good and that is what Em would want him to do. He says he doesn't know how. Liz says that she may have someone who can help and its Jake. She comes downstairs with Cam and Jake.  Liz lets Jason hold Jake. Jason talks to Jake about how Em knew he was his son. Lucky comes over and sees Jason holding Jake. Cam runs out calling Daddy and Lucky picks him up. Jason hands Jake back to Liz and says he should get going. Lucky says yes he should. Lucky says he missed both his boys, Jason looks on from the door. (Credit Holsgem)

November 27, 2007

Jason At Sonnyís talking about business. Sonny says he told him not to be working. Jason says he has to do something. Sonny says to go home and rest and then he will ride with him to Emís funeral. Jason says he is not going and that he should not either. Sonny says the funeral is for the people left behind and that Em would want him to go. Jason says Monica doesnít want him there. Sonny says Monica was just grieving and looking for someone to blame and that she probably doesnít even remember doing it. Jason says that Monica was begging him not to take Em away from her forever but he did so all he can do is stay away he wants Sonny to do the same. At the PH Jason finds Spin coughing and tells him to go back to bed. Spin says no he will go with him to the funeral. Jason says he is not going. Spin says he is all she has left so him going is necessary. Jason is dressed and the phone rings. He answers and asks Bernie to handle it. He hangs up there is a knock at the door. Its Carly. She says she wants to know if he needs any help getting ready. He still doesn't think he should go and Carly says that Emily would want him there. Jason says Monica doesn't. She says that when she was gonna marry AJ Monica gave her a wedding shower and Emily gave her the ugliest negligee ever. Carly says she was so mad at her and Emily got in her face and said she would rather stick cocktail forks in her eyes than watch her marry AJ, and from that moment she respected Emily. Carly says Em would want this day as easy as possible for Monica but not at his expense. Jason says he hates funerals. Carly says everyone does but the are necessary for closure. He says at Lila's service he tried to talk and he couldn't say anything. And Emily got up there saying to tell people that you love them when you got the chance. He says he doesn't take Carly for granted, that she drives him crazy but she loves him and he loves her. Carly says that is why she lets him yell at her and say she is wrong all the time. She knows he loves her no matter what and she loves him the same. She says go to the funeral not for Emily but for his sake. Jason walks up to the church. (Credit Holsgem)

November 28, 2007

Emilyís funeral. Ed and Monica talk about how he wishes Jason was there. Monica blames Jason for Emily's death. Jason walks in as the priest talks about the loss of Emily. The priest talks about Emily's family and her life and how it was a brutal sudden end. Jason looks at the bulletin for Emily. The priest goes on about how Em is at peace and how they need to move on. He talks about why bad things happen to good people and how they need to remember the good times and not how she died. He talks about how nice she was. Jason still hidden in the back listens on. Liz talks about Emily with Jason listening on. Liz talks about their friendship and about how everyone meant something and gave something different to Emily. How she loved them all no matter what they did or lacked. Liz talks about how important Jason was to Emily and she sees Jason standing in the back. Sam turns and Jason and Sam lock eyes. When everyone is leaving church Sam looks on at Lucky and Liz talking. Lucky goes to Kelly's, its closed but he gets in cause Bobbie owns it. Sam walks by and sees him in there alone and enters. She says she didnít know if he wanted to be alone or not but asks if he is ok. He says he was remembering how it used to be, all the good times the 4 of them had together and its hard to believe its over. He says he thought he wanted to be alone but he doesn't, he wants to be with her. He says he isn't good company after all that has happened, Sam gives him her flower and says its ok. They kiss and leave Kellyís. Liz goes home and sees Jason there. She walks over and they hug. (Credit Holsgem)

November 29, 2007

Jason and Liz hugging. Liz leads him upstairs to her bedroom, she takes his coat off and starts to unbutton his shirt, he stops her they kiss and walk to the bed. They fall on the bed and fades to black. Liz is talking about how she wants him to spend the whole night but he can't. Liz and Jason talk about Em's funeral and how hard it was on them. The kids get home. Jason is waiting downstairs, Liz comes in with the boys. They talk about Emily with the boys. Liz hands Jake to Jason and goes upstairs with Cam. Jason talks to Jake about Emily and how she won't see him grow up. Liz comes downstairs and finds Jason watching Jake. He says Jake has his hands. They make small talk about Jake and how they love to watching him sleep. He says he had no place to go. Liz says Em would want them to be together. They don't know where to go from here. They kiss again and he leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

November 30, 2007

Jason and Carly talking at the MC. They talk about the funeral and he says he went to see Liz. Carly says well Em and Liz were best friends. He says she was right, he had to go to the funeral and thanks her for making her go. She says the boys want to have a baby but she is not sure she can get pregnant. They talk about how hard it as for her to get pregnant with Morgan. She says it is really hard on a marriage, all the trying and trying and she wants to have a baby with Jax, he is great with kids, but she is afraid to get his hopes up. Jason asks why she is talking to him and not Jax. She says she doesn't want to hurt Jax with this. Jason says she already made up her mind, she is gonna keep this secret so what more can he do. Carly says she is not tricking Jax into anything, she just wants to get pregnant first and that way not disappoint him. Jax walks up and asks what is going on. Jason is with Sonny at the coffee shop. Sonny asks what is new about the killer and Jason says that Spin is trying to get together a list of all the guest at the ball who were not accounted for when Carly got strangled. Sonny says he saw Jax in the hospital and he told Sonny that all the victims are connected to him and that he thinks that the strangler is an enemy of his. Jason says if its all connected then Zacchara can't be the killer, maybe this guy is just crazy and picking these women for his own reasons. Sonny says that Johnny saw the guy, not enough to id him but enough to get out from being accused himself. Sonny talks about Johnny being screwed up from having a crazy father and no mother to sheild him. Jason still doesn't think its Johnny. Sonny says he knows he gave Jason a hard about Jake but he looks at Johnny and thinks about Michael. Sonny says that when they told Michael that Em was dead he wanted revenge like it was the natural way of things. Sonny talks about how he promised himself he would not leave a child of his, but that was about him, not what is best for them. Now the kids know him and that Jason doesn't need to live with the regrets that he has and he doesnít' have to worry about the kid paying the price for what he has done. Liz is going through mail when there is a knock on the door. Jason is there and he says he was waiting for her. She says Jake is with Lesley. He says they need to figure out what happens next. She agrees. There is another knock on the door and Jason hides, its Lucky. He says they need to talk about Jake. He says he hates that she lied but he loves the boys. He says no child is safe around Jason and that he wants to continue being Jakes father. (Credit Holsgem)

December 3, 2007

Liz and Lucky fighting over Jake. Jason is listening in. Lucky wants to continue the lie about Jake and now Liz says she can't lie anymore. Lucky says that she is willing to risk Jake's life to chase after Jason. She says she loves Jason and wants to be with him and that she was wrong to marry Lucky. Lucky says he doesn't give a damn about her but he cares for the kids even if they aren't his. He storms out and Liz runs to see Jason but he left. At GH Jason asks to see Jerry. Robin walks up to him and they talk about Emily. She says she didn't see him in the church but knew he was there. Robin says she always thought that Jason was a good brother. Jason says a wonderful brother would have saved her. Emily and Nik talking about how she died and how he didn't do it. Nik thinks he is going crazy by talking to her. Sam shows up and asks if he is ok cause she thought she heard voices. Nik says he was talking to Emily. Sam says she understands that she talks to Lila at her grave and talks to Danny sometimes. She says that Alfred said the police were there and Nik fills her in on how his blood was found near Emily. Sam says she knows Nik didn't do it and how Det. Harper is just trying to close a high profile case. Sam says he would never hurt Emily. Nik says that she saw him during a blackout and he almost killed her. Sam says but he didnít. Nik asks if she could stand up in court and say there was no way he killed Emily. Jason telling Robin why he wants to talk to Jerry. They talk about how everyone thinks Zacchara did it and Robin says that Nik is off but he would never hurt Em. Jason doesn't think he did it on purpose. Robin says that Nik and Em were so in love that he would never hurt her. Sam is home and Lucky shows up. She asks if he is ok. He asks how she is. She says that she just visited Nik and he asks how it went. She thinks that Nik was calm cause he was grieving so bad. They talk about how Det. Harper was questioning Nik about Em. Lucky says its no big deal, everyone knows that Zacchara killed Emily and that to keep Jake safe he is going to continue the lie about being his father. Jason and Liz are in the barn again. He says he won't be coming to her house again. She asks what he heard. He says that Lucky wants to continue the lie and that she thinks Jake will be safer if they continue the lie. Sam doesn't think its good to continue the lie. Lucky says he wants to keep the boys safe. Sam says she understands that and that he is great with the kids. She says she would love to spend time with the boys. Jason says that the night they spent together and the boys were there, he says that is the life he wanted, but he can't do that. Liz looks devastated. Jason says he heard what she said and having Lucky stay Jakes father is the safest choice and he agrees. And he is gonna stay out of their lives. (Credit Holsgem)

December 4, 2007

Liz says Jason just proved that Jake has the best father. Lucky telling Sam that he agreed to keep lying about being Jake's father. Sam is not to happy with the idea. Liz says she will always have custody of the boys. Jason says that she is a good mother. Liz says she knows he would be a great father to Jake. He says that sonny's kids are surrounded by guards they get love but they do not have a normal childhood and that Jake can have that without him. Liz says she wishes they could be together. He agrees and the kiss. Jason leaves. Sam is glad Lucky wants to be the father. Lucky says that Liz has done a lot wrong but she is a good mother. Sam knows that, but she thinks Liz will be torn because of her love of Jason. Lucky says he is committed and that is all that matters. Sam asks how that will work out. They discuss custody and how the boys will adapt. He hopes she will be around to see for herself. She says she couldn't it would confuse them. Lucky says she is great with kids. Sam says she was almost a mother and she likes to think she would be good with kids but that she doesn't want to confuse them having another woman in his family home. Lucky says he was hoping she would spend time with them, she says she will but not there. He says how about here. She says ok.  He says he thinks it would be a good idea and the kiss. Sonny shows up at Jasonís PH. He talks about the Zacchara and how Johnny went to the ball to stop him so Sonny went to see Johnny and he told him to cut ties to Trevor and Sonny would help him. Johnny says he is now in charge. Sonny thinks things are gonna get ugly. They debate Trevor and Johnny and how dangerous they are. They are gonna wait for them to be vulnerable to take them out. Sonny says be ready for anything. Spin comes home to the PH. Jason fills him in on how Lucky is gonna continue the lie. Jason wants it to end with that and Spin is pushing Liz on Jason, talking about Love. He asks Jason if they are in love and Jason answers THIS IS ABOUT JAKE. Spin pushes the issue still. Jason says that this is what is best, the kids could be a target and Liz doesnít want that for Jake. Alexis is at Samís. They talk about Emily and Nik. Alexis says she is worried about Nik. They are afraid about the rages and the blackouts. Sam says Nik feels like he could be responsible or Emís death. Sam says that they found Niks blood near Emilyís body and while they both donít think he did it, they need to keep him looking for treatments. They think the Holidays could make him worse and Alexis is gonna invite him and Sam to her house for Xmas. Sam says she hopes she can make it. Jason telling Spin that his life with Sonny is all he knows and he can't leave but staying away from Jake will protect him. Jason says he never thought of his future or what he would have to give up. Spin says he can't argue with that. Jason says he chose this life and that Spin can get out now, cause later its to hard to get out. Spin talks about his friendship with Jason and how he has helped them out. There is a knock on the door, Spin answers as he is going out. Its Lucky. Lucky tells Jason he will continue the lie but only if Jason stays away from Liz and Jake. Sam tells Alexis that she will see a lot of her over the holidays but she may have to leave Xmas eve open. Alexis asks if she has a date. Sam says not really but she bumped into Lucky. Alexis doesn't agree and thinks Sam is doing this to get back at Jason and Liz. Sam asks if she ever had a bad xmas cause she left the love of her life and everyplace you looked people were in love, well that is what happened to Lucky. Alexis says Lucky has family. Sam says she is his only friend and that she will spend xmas eve with him and the boys. (Credit Holsgem)

December 5, 2007

Lucky and Jason at the PH talking about Jake. Lucky tells Jason to stay away from Jake. Jason says he never claimed Jake to keep him safe. Lucky says then you should agree. Jason says if Lucky goes back on drugs or acts reckless then he will step up and claim his son. Lucky and Jason agree Jason will stay away. There is a knock on the door it is Detective Harper looking for Jason to answer questions about the night Emily was killed. He sees Lucky there and asks if he is there about Emilyís case. Lucky says no and Det. Harper says that Jason lied about that night. He asks Jason if he has any idea who besides Zacchara may have killed Emily. Johnny walks into his office and finds Jason sitting there. He tells him he is impressed and Jason tells him to remember that he can get in. Jason talks to Johnny about Sonny's meeting with him and Johnny says that he is gonna run the Zaccharaís organization and asks if Jason is gonna kill him. Jason says if he wanted him dead he would be already. Then Jason goes on to talk to Johnny about how he helped on Spoon Island and how he did the right thing. Johnny asks why Jason is there. Jason says it would be bad if Johnny let Trevor work him. Johnny says that Trevor needs him as a buffer but that Trevor is going to realize that he can't. Jason asks if this is what he really wants. Johnny says its not an option the decision was made for him the day he was born. Johnny talks about his father and how he now has to be in charge or be Trevorís puppet and he decided to run this himself. Jason warns Johnny about Trevor. Johnny says he is up for the challenge. He tells Jason if he is out to kill him that he will get to Jason first. (Credit Holsgem)

December 7, 2007

Sonny and Jason talking at Greystone about who the killer is. They talk about a text message and how it could not be Zacchara who killed Emily. Jason agrees and says the killer could be still out there. Sonny says they are targeting the women in his life and he wants to know why. Sonny says all the women are connected to him so it has to be about revenge. Jason disagrees saying there is no threats or demands. Sonny keeps thinking this has to do with him and his connections to the women in his life. Jason does not agree, he thinks there is a pattern but he doesn't think its about Sonny. Sonny is afraid for Kate or Alexis. Jason talks to Sonny about how Kate hates guards and they talk about Kate not accepting Sonny's life. Jason says he agreed to stay away from Jake to keep him safe, that is how he knows how to protect people. Sonny asks if he thinks he should stay away from Kate. Jason says that is Kateís decision to make. Sonny says she can't because she doesnít understand the danger. Jason goes to Kate's house. She thinks that he is there to push for Sonny. Jason says he is not there for that but he wants her to realize the danger. Kate thinks Jason is lying to benefit Sonny. Jason says he doesnít need to do that its bad enough. They talk about the history of Kate and Sonny in PC. Jason says she is a target to get to Sonny and she is asking for help. Kate asks if he is trying to scare her to get to Sonny. Jason says she should be scared and that the danger is real and she can deal with it how she wants to. Kate is afraid of losing her identity being with Sonny. Jason says she needs guards so she will be protected. Alexis walks in and says that Kate should do this on her own so she isn't sucked into Sonny's lifestyle. Then Alexis tells Jason that he has to leave because she has a court order to keep Sonny away from Kate. Jason is at the PCPD, Det. Harper sent for him. Lucky says that Jason Morgan is a very busy person and shouldn't have to wait for Det. Harper to return so he will handle it. Lucky and Jason go into the interrogation room. Jason says its a bad idea and that because of Jake this can't work, Lucky can't be objective and Jason can't let Luckyís hate for him interfere with him finding Emily's killer. Lucky says if Zacchara killed Emily the cops will find it. Jason asks if they have evidence of that. Lucky cuts in and says Zacchara has the most motive, he was trying to kill Em to make a point. And that if it wasn't for Jason Zacchara would never set eyes on Emily. Jason asks if it would be better if he just went away. Lucky says he agreed to live this lie about Jake is because he doesn't want the violence around Jason near Jake. Ric walks in and looks on interested. (Credit Holsgem)

December 10, 2007

Jason and Lucky and Ric in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Ric asks why they are talking about Jake being in danger and Lucky says it doesn't concern him. Ric says crime is his business and asks if someone is after Jake. Lucky tells Ric he was telling Jason to stay away from Liz. Lucky says that Em got killed because of Jason and Ric asks if Jason feels responsible. He answers that of course Jason doesn't feel bad, its just another casualty and he is doing nothing to help the investigation. Mac comes in and calls Lucky away saying someone tried to kill Maxie. Ric says maybe Maxie saw something at the ball. Ric taunts Jason about Emily being dead and Jason asks for his an attorney. Ric says that Sonny's blood is in his body now and that Sonny saved him, Trevor helped. Ric talks about how is family finally cared about him, but that the one thing that doesnít change is how much he hates Jason for ruining Liz's life, how he played her and used her, taken advantage of her for his own selfish needs. Ric says Lucky is right to want him away from Liz and the kids. He says that Jason brings death where ever he goes. Ric leaves and Jason sits on the table. Det. Harper puts Emilyís file in front of him and Jason pushes it to the floor. Harper pushes for Jason to tell him what he knows even before Diane gets there. Harper thinks Zacchara isn't the killer and thinks that Jason might have seen something that will push another person to the top of the suspect list. Diane comes in and Harper and Diane go toe to toe about what he is asking him. He pushes Jason to name another suspect. Diane says that she thinks the police are trying to frame him for the killings. Diane says that he was first on the scene in both cases. Jason says they are looking for something to tie the murders together. Jason says there is a pattern but he can't see it yet. Det. Harper comes in and says that Maxie almost died from being strangled with a phone cord, just like Leticia and the only thing that saved her was Georgie coming in. He asks once again for Jasonís help. Jason at Johnnyís. He wants to know everything about the murders. Jason fills Johnny in about who was the next intended victim. Johnny asks if she is ok, Jason says she is alive. Jason asks if he can id the killer, Johnny says no. The guy has brownish hair and is about his height. Lucky shows up and says that he is there to arrest Johnny for the attack on Maxie Jones. (Credit Holsgem)

December 11, 2007

Lucky is arresting Johnny in his office and Jason is there. Johnny asks why he is getting arrested and Lucky tells him to take it up with Mac. Johnny says he was just meeting with Jason. Lucky says he is sure Emily would be happy Jason was meeting with her killer. Lucky asks Jason if he even cares that Zacchara has Emily's blood on his hands? Johnny says that Lucky is the judge and the jury now. Lucky yells at him to shut up. Jason says that Lucky needs to take himself off this case. Lucky says that Jason is the reason Emily got killed, that she trusted him and he honored her by bringing the Zaccharas to town to kill her. Johnny says he didn't see Lucky protecting anyone at the ball and asks him where he was. Lucky says that Johnny was hiding behind his father as the hero while he was the killer all along, just like Jason. Lucky and Johnny leave Jason standing alone in Johnnyís office. At the PH Spin welcomes Diane in. Diane asks why Jason called her. Jason walks in as Spin is saying he doesn't know where Jason is. Jason says that Johnny got brought in to the PCPD and questioned about Emilyís murder and he wants him released. Diane asks why, does he want to kill him. Diane says both of their lives would be easier if he would just let the police hold Johnny. Jason walks Diane to the door saying for her to check that all the paperwork is in order down there for Johnny. Spin hands her Johnnyís record along with a copy for Mac. She leaves and Jason thanks Spin for finding the paperwork. Spin asks why he wants Johnny out of jail and asks if he is really gonna kill him. Or does Jason want a truce and is therefore having Johnny owe him one. Jason says he doesn't think Johnny is the killer and doesn't want the cops wasting time with him. Jason says that Lucky is blaming everyone for the killing but he really wants to blame him. Spin says that Lucky is just resentful about the Jake thing. Jason says that Lucky has the right to be mad but not if Emily's killer goes free. Spin says that Lucky should not be on the case, he can't be objective. Jason says that Lucky is making it easier for the real killer to get away. Trevor shows up at the PH. He taunts Jason for helping out Johnny and asks if it wasn't enough to lose his sister. Jason asks what he means and Trevor responds that if he tries another stunt like that then he is gonna lose someone else real close to him. (Credit Holsgem)

December 12, 2007

Jason and Trevor in the PH, Jason uncovers his gun. They talk about how Jason freed Johnny to make Johnny owe him. Trevor asks if Jason needs to lose another loved one to learn what he is up against. Spin walks in and tells Jason not to kill Trevor. Spin says that maybe its not that smart to kill Trevor in his own house. Jason lets Trevor go and Trevor says this just stared the mob war and to tell Sonny. Jason on the phone, he hangs up. Spin talks about how he didn't mean to get into the whole killing Trevor thing. Spin says he was thinking of Jason as a friend and a brother and he didn't want him to get in trouble. Jason says he is family to him too. There is a knock on the door and its Johnny. Jason lets him in and Spin goes off to the pink room. Johnny asks what Jason whatís by sending Diane in to him. They talk about truces and Jason says he doesnít want the cops wasting time with him cause he doesnít think he killed Emily. Jason says his kindness is not weakness and if he is given the order to take him out he will. Jason walks into Sonnyís house. Sonny says he just spoke to Diane about freeing Johnny. He asks Jason why he doesnít think Johnny is the killer and Jason says he just has a feeling. Sonny doesn't like that but is happy Johnny owes him one. Jason says how Trevor was over the PH and threatened to kill someone else close to him and he how he lost it. Sonny hopes he killed Trevor. Trevor talking to Johnny, who is saying he wants a truce with Sonny. Trevor says its to late, he just made the first move for him. Jason says Spin was there and he couldn't take the chance. Max walks in with a gunshot wound. He says the shipment is gone, and some people are killed and hurt. Sonny says Zacchara was behind it and that they just declared war. (Credit Holsgem)

December 13, 2007

Sam runs to Lucky who just showed up at her house. They talk about Luke and his recovery. Lucky says that is not what is bothering him, that Zacchara made a move against Sonny and Jason yesterday, and if they retaliate she could get stuck in the middle. Jason is talking to Sonny at the coffee house office about the shipment getting hit. Sonny says the Zaccharas will expect them to hit back. Jason says he will handle it. Sonny stops him and says No, they are gonna do nothing. Sam asks Lucky how Zacchara could have hijacked a shipment, they thought he was in jail. Lucky says Johnny took over the business and ordered it. Sam says that if Johnny is like everyone else he will want to go after everyone in Jason and Sonny's life just to get what they want. Lucky says he knows she ended things with Jason months ago but Johnny could still use her to get to Jason. He thinks she should hire another bodyguard. Sam says no. He says he would feel better if she had someone with her at all times. She says then maybe he should move in there with her. Sonny saying if they make a move Johnny will start a war. Jason says he doesn't think that is what Johnny wants. Sonny says Johnny doesnít know what he is doing. Jason doesn't buy that Johnny did it. Sonny thinks he did. Sam says that if he moved in he wouldnít wonder if she is safe or not and that they could be together all the time and he must be lonely. He says he works the graveyard shift cause without the kids it too quiet. Sam says then move in with me. Lucky asks if this has to do with revenge against Liz. Sam says this has nothing to do with Liz and that is started out that way it has become a lot more for her. He says for him too. He say he cares about her more than he though he would. She says but not enough to move in and that they had a lot of fun and thatís it. He says not at all, he just lost his boys and almost his dad, and that he cares about her and he doesnít want to mess it up. They kiss and hug and his phone goes off. He has to go pick up a suspect. Sonny and Jason still talking about Johnny proving himself. Sonny thinks he may be stupid enough to start a war for the hell of it. A knock on the door its Det. Harper wanting to know about the shooting the night before, he wants to take Jason in and Sonny says he will have Diane there for Jason soon. Alexis walks in. At the PCPD Jason tells Det. Harper that he won't talk to him about anything without Diane. Harper tells him to listen. That there is a murderer going around town. He says Lucky brought Johnny in, the only witness so far, and Jason sends down his attorney to get him released and a few hours later the Zaccharas repay them but taking a shipment and killing his men. He asks why they bothered freeing Johnny at all unless they want to kill him themselves. JASAM BUMPER!! Harper says he knows that Jason doesnít trust the PCPD but they are doing everything they can to find Em's killer, and if its Johnny he will pay but they need Jasonís full help. Jason refuses to talk with out Diane. Harper says fine he is free to go and Jason leaves. He sees Johnny at the desk and they lock eyes. Maxie is at Samís with her dress, she asks Maxie in for coffee. Maxie talks about Coop and they talk about how they got back together. Maxie tells Sam how she almost died and how Georgie saved her. Sam is shocked. Johnny and Jason and Harper and Lucky talk, Lucky talks to Johnny saying he just stared a mob war with the shipment and killing of Sonny's men. Sam offers Maxie her apartment for the night. Maxie agrees. Sam wants her to promise her that she will be careful and that she doesn't want Maxie hurt. Jason walks into Sonnyís office and tells him that they think Johnny is behind the shipment thing and how he met Johnny at the PCPD. Sonny asks if he talked and Jason says not to him. Sonny wants to avoid a mob war but there will be a day when they have to take Johnny out. (Credit Holsgem)

December 14, 2007

Jason and Sonny talking about the shipment raid and the dead people and that they know its the Zaccharas. Jason says Trevor was behind it all. Sonny says that is all fine and good but Johnny wants to run the family and won't be a puppet. Jason asks what he wants to do. Sonny gives Jason a list of Zacchara warehouses and tells him to hit the largest of them but no killings. That will send Johnny a message and if he wants to get rid of Trevor its his chance. They talk about how Johnny could be a troublemaker. Jason says Johnny may be willing to make a deal. Max cuts in with Kate. Jason leaves. Lucky shows up at Samís, he said his shift ended and that he has been thinking about her offer to move in. She says she is sorry she blurted that out and that is great to be with him but its new. Lucky says he is worried about her safety. Sam says they have time to take it slow. He asks if she is having second thoughts. She says no she doesn't want to rush him. He says he thinks its a good idea to move in. Spin looking through something, Jason wants spin to drop what he is doing and look for the Zaccharas weakness. Spin says he has to finish this first. Jason looks at what Spin is doing and sees he is researching strangulations in Iraq. Spin fills him in on Georgieís idea of who the killer could be. Jason says that Georgie likes Spin. Spin doesn't believe it. Then he fills Jason in on what he is finding about a murder near where Logan and Coop were in Iraq. Spin tells Jason Georgie thinks Coop may be the killer. Sam and Lucky still talking about how she did not pressure him into moving in together. She says its a big step and they are on the rebound. He says he likes her, at first it was a fling and now its more. They kiss. She talks about how happy she is and how its a good idea. She asks what about the boys, he wants the boys to get to know her. She says that sounds good. His phone rings and he has to go to a crime scene. She says that is who you are don't say your sorry. He says he really likes the idea and she agrees and asks when, he says soon and leaves. She looks flustered. Spin tells Jason of all the evidence against Coop. Jason says that is not proof. Spin says it may appear something is wrong with Coops background. They debate who it is and how Spin does think it could be Coop. Jason wants Coops phone records. He says that Coop was not working the night Leticia died. Jason says if Coop did do it he has been looking at this all wrong. Jason says if its Coop he is doing it to kill and will keep going till he is caught. Spin talks about Georgie and how clever she is and rambles on about protecting siblings then back to how does Georgie like him. Samís on the phone and there is a knock on the door. Its Maxie. They talk about the big night Maxie planned. Sam says she has a second chance now with Coop. Maxie thanks Sam and says thanks for not thinking she is a crazy bitch. Sam says that after all she has done she is not in a position to judge Maxie. Sam says she is leaving. Sam is on the phone outside and she hears a noise, she calls out and no one answers her, so she walks quickly away. Jason breaks into Coop's room and looks around, he hears something and pulls his gun out and hides behind the door.(Credit Holsgem)

December 17, 2007

Jason, hiding behind Coop's door, pulls a gun on the person entering. Its spin. Jason asks what the hell is he doing. Spin figured he would help out and was afraid Jason did not think Coop was the killer. Jason says that Coop was one of the MC gunmen and that if Coop is the one who killed Em then he will pay. Jason looking around Coop's room and wont let Spin help. They find some evidence and Jason wonít let Spin touch it and they discuss how they can't tell the police about the black leather gloves they found. Jason goes to return the gloves but Spin stops him, saying they can call in a tip. Jason says Coop knows not to leave evidence. Spin rambles on and Jason tells him just to leave and to stay clear of Coop from now on. Jason and Sonny walk in to Sonnyís house at the same time. Jason goes on about how Spin found some information but Sonny cuts him off and tells him about the shooting. Sonny thinks Johnny ordered the hit and fills Jason in on how he was almost shot at the MC. Jason asks if its possible that Trevor set it up to look like Johnny did it. Sonny says he doesnít care the kid has got to die. Jason argues against it, then Sonny says that Kate was in the line of fire and tripped, he went to help her or the shooter could have killed them both. Sonny says he has to make an example with this kid, that if you mess with the people I care about you die. Lulu and Johnny show up outside Sonnyís. Sonny is arguing with Jason saying someone took a shot at him and that somebody stole from them, shot 3 of their men and left them for dead. He asks if Jason doesn't care about that. Jason says they donít have proof its Johnny. Sonny says that Jason has to kill him to make an example and if anyone gets in the way to kill them too. Lulu and Johnny looked shocked outside when they heard the order.(Credit Holsgem)

December 18, 2007

Jason talking to Sonny about why they can't kill Johnny. Johnny and Lulu over hear them talking. Jason wants to go after Trevor not Johnny but Sonny says it has to end and wants Johnny killed. Lulu begs Johnny to let her handle this. Jason wants them to wait and Sonny wants to act. Jason says this is about Kate and Sonny says yes its the same as when Trevor threw Em's death at Jason and that he wants it dealt with or he will do it. At Georgie murder scene Lucky and Det. Harper are fighting about Spinelli. Sam arrives, Lucky says he thought she was in NYC she says her shoot got cancelled. She asks what happened and Lucky fills her in. Sam says they are not doing enough and Sam says she will talk about it on EDH. Lucky tells her to be extra careful, there is no telling who the killer is gonna go after next. The coroner gets there and Lucky has to go. Sam says she will be fine. Jason and Max talking about Johnny. Max says that the Zaccharas are connected and it could be bad. Jason says Sonny isnít thinking and that is why they need to cover all bases. Spin arrives and tells him that Georgie was just murdered. Spin fills Jason in on how he found her in the park. Jason says he is sorry and Spin says he won't fail Georgie in death and asks for Jasonís help. Jason says he did not fail her. Spin says Georgie did not think of her safety. Spin says Georgie got a text for Maxie and went to the meeting place alone. Spin starts to drink. Jason says it wasn't his fault. Spin thinks its his fault. Jason tells him not to drink. They need to focus. Spin says Georgie thinks its Coop, and specs that Coop tried to keep her quiet and now she is dead. Spin says he lost the one person who thought he was special. At Kellyís Sam is talking to Mike about Georgie. Mike talks about how it makes no sense and how nice and generous Georgie was. They talk about who did it. Daniel a weird busboy goes up to talk to Sam and asks for her autograph. Sam says this is not the time and he gets annoyed. Jason on the phone talking about Johnny. Carly shows up. Jason fills her in on Georgie death. Carly is shocked. He tells her to be very careful and to stop ditching the guards. Carly says she gets it but is more concerned with Lulu hearing Sonny order him kill Johnny. Jason says someone tried to take Sonny out tonight but almost got Kate. She asks where Sonny is and she says he is with Kate. Liz at MC there is a knock on the door.  Its Jason he asks if Jake is ok and Liz says he is fine. She needed to see him. He asks why there and she says that losing Em made her realize she didnít want to lose the chance of being with him. They kiss. Sam goes home. She is cleaning up when her cell rings. It says Your Next. She picks up an empty bottle and hears someone at the door. It's Lucky he says he forgot his keys. She pulls him inside and hugs him. He asks whatís wrong, she says she got a text from the killer saying sheís next. (Credit Holsgem)

December 19, 2007

Jason and Liz kissing. He asks her if she is ok. She says she asked him there cause she needs to be with him and she loves him. Lucky and Sam. Lucky says she's next. Sam says she doesnít recognize the phone number and Lucky says if it was piggybacked then it could come from anywhere. She asks what is she gonna do. Lucky says he doesnít want her to worry. TDet. Harper asks if she noticed anything unusual. Sam says people stare all the time cause of EDH. Lucky says a lot of people know about her relationship with Jason Morgan. Sam tries to down play that aspect. Det Harper leaves with her phone. Sam says why would TMK strike so soon. Lucky says they have no idea. Sam says it may be a prank. Lucky says they have to think its real. Sam says she hates this, she lived every day with fear when she was with Jason and she thought those days were over. Jason and Liz on the bed. He pushes her down. Liz is wrapped in a sheet and Jason is fastening his belt. He says he is sorry he has to go but glad she called him. They talk about Georgie. Liz says she knows she sounds selfish but she thought of how much she loves him and needs him when she heard about Georgie. Lucky says that Det. Harper offered her police protection but he said he could handle it. Sam says a 24 hour guard. Lucky says he won't take any chances. Sam says its good to know someone cares but she doesnít want him to feel obligated. He asks her why she always feels like she is imposing. She says it must be because she grew up feeling that way. Lucky says she wasn't the only one to hate feeling helpless. Sam says she will not be a victim. Sam wants to use herself as bait. He says no its too dangerous and wants her to leave this to the police. She agrees. He says he cares about her and wants to see where this goes. She says she is glad he wants to. He says they have been honest from the start and are not building their relationship on lies. Jason asks Liz if she wants to tell the world Jake is theirís. Liz says she wants him to make the decision for her. He says respects her decision. She says then they are back to where they started and everyone is safer with Lucky as the father. He says he still agrees but misses Jake. Liz says they could do what makes them happy, living as a family. But that something could happen to Jake because of his life they would never forgive themselves. Jason says Zacchara is known to target families. Liz says they should make a clean break but she doesnít want to give him up. He asks what do we do. She asks what is stopping them from meeting in secret like an affair. They talk about how Em wants them to tell how they feel and Liz says she loves him and that he will always be a part of her. He says he loves her and if this is what she wants he will do it. They kiss again. They talk about Jake again and how the lie keeps him out of her life. He thanks her for being with him. She says its not perfect. He says its perfect enough. She says she loves him and he says he loves her and they kiss again. Jason leaves and Liz shuts the door. Liz leaves a few seconds later. (Credit Holsgem)

December 24, 2007

Sonny is yelling for Max and Jason shows up. Sonny is complaining about not having the walkways shoveled. Sonny says its about time Jason cut his hair. They talk about the kids at xmas. Sonny says that Sam and the girls are in Switzerland and he will see the boys tomorrow. Sonny says that he got a letter and that Kate isn't coming back. They talk about Kate leaving and how she is not made for this life. Jason says neither is Liz. Carly and the boys and Jax at her house, they are shaking presents. Jason shows up. Carly jokes about his hair cut. He gives the boys his presents. Jason asks whatís wrong with Carly. Montage: They give Jason his present. Its a picture of Em with the boys. Maxie gives her mom a present from Georgie. Felicia and Mac are on the couch. TG is singing I'll be home for Xmas. He is on the table, Lucky, Bobby, Lulu, Tracy and Dillon are in the waiting room. Kate is alone in her NYC apartment. Sonny is alone in his house. Jax the boys and Carly are taking pictures and hanging up their stockings. Liz is hanging stockings with the boys. Jason looks in from outside but they do not see him. Luke is walking in the fog. (Credit Holsgem)

December 26, 2007

Jason and Sonny at Sonnyís house. Sonny wants retaliation against the Zaccharas, Jason says he is looking into it now. Sonny wants to take out Johnny. Jason says that won't bring Kate back. Sonny says him wanting Johnny dead has nothing to do with Kate, Jason defends Johnny saying it could be Trevor wanting to start a war. Sonny asks why Jason wont take Johnny out. Jason says its Trevor who is doing all this. Sonny wants Johnny out. Jason says why not use Johnny instead of killing him. Max and Diane knock on Sonnyís door. Sonny tells Jason to keep working on the details. Jason shows up at Carlyís. they talk about how Michael has been acting out, Carly says that Michael wants to be a mobster. Carly says he wants to learn how to take over Sonnyís business and that she wants better for her sons. Jason say he understands she is worried but that Sonny won't let him go into this business. He say that Michael lost two people he loves and he feels powerless and he doesnít know what to do. Carly says she has to get Michael off the revenge kick and replace it with something positive. She talks about having a good male roll model for Mike. Jason says she doesn't want her kids turning out like he is. Carly says that is not what she meant, and that its not true, its not about who they are its about what they do and Michael needs a strong normal family. Jason talking to Max at Sonnyís, he gives Max money for Xmas and asks where Sonny is. Max says he is out and Jason says this is not the time for him to go out without a guard. Max says he insisted, he is out of town. He is with Kate, Max is amazed with the amount of money. Jason says he will take care of the Zaccharas. Jason asks if Max got the safe house ready. He says yes. Jason says no one else needs to know. Liz shows up at the safe house and asks why he wanted to see her, he say he needed to see her and they kiss. (Credit Holsgem)

December 27, 2007

Jason kissing Liz at the safe house. She says she was surprised he wanted to meet her out there. He says its a new safe house but he made it into a place for them to sneak away to and no one will know about it. He says that only Max knows about it. He describes the place to her. She sits on his lap. They kiss again. He says that the night in the hotel was good but he doesnít have to worry about anyone seeing them together there. He says he stopped by and watched her and the boys from outside. She says he should have come in. He says no for Jake they need to keep it secret. They are interrupted by his phone. Its Spin calling and Jason has to leave. Back at the PH Lucky and Det. Harper are questioning Spin, Jason gets home and says that Spin did not kill Georgie. They were together. Spin says he is looking for the killer and Lucky asks if they know who it was. Jason thinks its the same person who killed the rest of them. Lucky says this is PCPDís case. They argue about who can find the killer. Spin says if he could help he would. Lucky says they are not done till they find the killer. Det. Harper lets Spin keep a copy of Georgie's file about her liking him. They leave. Spin talks about how he missed the chance to be with her and he has to live with it for his life. Jason and Spin talk about who they think killed them all and talk about how they think its Coop. Carly thought so too and Spin asks what he thinks. Jason tells Spin to take a break and Spin says he has no reason to he lost his chance at love. Jason puts yis jacket on and Spin asks where he is going. Jason says there is someone he needs to thank for all the things he took for granted. Jason is at the Quartermaine mausoleum. He talks to Emily about how important she was in his life and how she was the one person that did not push him after the accident. He talks to her about how she was always on his side and defended him even if he was wrong. He thanks her for staying with his parents and for being nice to Michael, and for being good friends to Liz. And he talks about how she knew Jake was his but kept it to herself. (Credit Holsgem)

December 28, 2007

Jason talking to Milo about getting information about the Zaccharas. Milo leaves as Jason's phone rings. It's Liz all giddy about them meeting up again soon. He says that Sonny is gone and he can't meet with her right now. He sits with his back to the door and says he canít chance meeting her right now. Sam knocks on the door and he hangs up. He asks what she is there for and she says honestly. He says be careful what you wish for. Sam says he got exactly what he wanted he dumped her to the curb, but not exactly because he can't be with Liz and Jake and he probably blames her for that. He cuts her off asking why she is there. She says that a shot was taken at Sonny at the MC and things are heating up and she wants to know how close this is to a war. He says she knows he can't tell her anything about that. She says that for two years she played the dutiful mob girlfriend and when business came up she respectfully left the room. He looks up at her while she says she will not be dismissed now. She wants to know if she needs to get her family out of the line of fire. He says the less she knows. Sam cuts him off saying the less she knows, she knows every time she sees the scar on her back, that it is a constant reminder. Jason looks down, she continues. And the fact that she can't ever have children. Jason sighs. She says she would like to know if she needs to get her mother and sisters out of here. He says that steps have been taken. She tells him not to patronize her and say that they are under his guard because if he was so sure it was ok he would be with Liz and claiming Jake as his son. Jason says that Alexis knows the situation. Sam asks does she because she noticed that Kate has left town and if Kate is out of town doesnít Sonny owe that same respect to the mother of his child! Jason looks up at her. At Wyndamere Nik, Lucky, Lulu, Liz and Lucky are there, Lucky says to Liz that he is sorry about how things are between them now and maybe they can get together to talk. She gets a phone call, its Jason, she makes an excuse to leave them. Jason says he is sorry he hung up. Sam was there and he was afraid she overheard. She asks if he can get way now. He says yes but then Milo walks in and he hangs up on her again. Milo says that the Zaccharas are moving with someone named Moreau. They talk about how he is a drug dealer and Milo says that he could offer his protection to the Zaccharas. Jason says they will deal with it. Back at Wyndamere Alexis and Sam arrive. Nik says that he has a tumor that they can not operate on it. Alexis says that is just one opinion. Sam says their has to be a better doctor. Sam says the hurt never goes away, he will just learn to live with it and one day it will be enough and he will move on. They tell Nik he has a lot to live for. Sam says he has a son that needs him and family that loves him. He says the doctors think it could be genetic and he tells Alexis that her and Molly and Kristina should get tested. Lucky cuts in that Sam should too. Jason again saying he is sorry for hanging up on Liz. She says she understands. He says he could get away once he gets some information. She says she can't wait to see him and they hang up. Milo says the meeting is going on. Jason doesn't understand why Johnny would agree to the meeting. Liz answers her phone and says she can leave in five minutes. He says he canít. She says she will take any time she can get with him. He says he is sorry and that when the new year begins its her face he wants to see and they will be together at midnight new years eve. (Credit Holsgem)

December 31, 2007

Sam paying Joe for some work he did for her. He talks about how his wife is not doing good. Lucky walks in and they kiss, he asks Sam what is going on and she says that her fuel pump wasnít working. Joe talks about how nothing is built to last anymore and how the whole world is going to hell. He leaves. Lucky and Sam talk about Joe and how she uses him from time to time. Lucky asks if Joe could be the killer. Sam says no he couldnít be the one. Lucky says she should keep her door locked and not invite strange men over. She says well she invited him in. She says she is gonna go shower and get ready for the MC. Lucky says he doesnít feel like going, Sam asks him to take a bath with her and he agrees. She smudges dirt on him and they kiss. Montage: Carly and Jax talking at her house about her bringing the party to him. Someone from MC brings over stuff for NYE. They leave and Jax and Carly kiss. Robin watches Patrick, and brings him over some champagne. They clink glasses. Sam and Lucky kiss on her couch, fireworks go on outside and they hug and watch them together. Liz is alone in the safe house. She had paints with her but she leaves them and goes out. Sonny gets arrested someplace in NYC. Kate is left alone.Em and Nik dancing, they kiss. Carly puts a hat on Jax, they toast the new year and kiss. (Credit Holsgem)