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January 3, 2005

Jason and Sam celebrate New Year's Eve together at the Penthouse. Bridget calls and asks Jason to come get her out of jail.  Jason goes to get Bridget.  Later, Jason and Sam talk about Bridget's arrest.  Sam says she was on her way to becoming like Bridget when Jason took her in. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 5, 2005

Jason and Sam getting the baby ready for her first doctors appointment.  Sam thinks the baby should have a name.  Jason doesn't want to name her yet. Jason thinks that Baby McCall will do for the appointment.  Sam wants the baby's last name to be Morgan. Jason says okay if it is what Sam wants.  Sam asks if she is pressuring him.  Jason says he is still worried about losing Hope like he lost Michael.  He tells her he wants everything to work out but he is afraid for Sam if they lose the baby.  They take the baby to the doctor's appointment. The doctor asks about the baby's name.  Jason wants to call her Hope. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 6, 2005

Sam bought travel guides for Jason to read to the baby.  Jason says he can't.  He is trying not to get attached until the year is up. Sam asks if he is gonna deprive the baby for a year.  Carly shows up and is totally taken with the baby. Sam takes the baby upstairs so Jason and Carly can talk. Carly and Jason talk about the possibility of losing the baby.  Carly agrees with Sam. Carly tells Jason not to distance himself for what might happen because he will miss what is happening right now. Sam comes down and sees Jason reading to the baby. (Credit Always and Forever)

January 7, 2005

Sam asks Jason about reading to the baby. He says she was right about not depriving Hope of anything they have to give her.  They dance and start to kiss.  Jason scoops Sam up but she has pain.  Jason wants to wait until she is ready.  Sam swears she is ready.  They start to kiss again.  Courtney comes and tells them Bridget ran away and she thinks she is headed there.  Jason and Sam talk about the possibility that she is coming for the baby.  Jason gets called to work.  Bridget comes to the door. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 10, 2005

Bridget wants to see the baby.  Sam let her hold Hope but becomes uncomfortable seeing Bridget's obvious love for the baby.  Bridget tells her not to worry she is still going through with the adoption. Jason comes in.  He tells Bridget he called Courtney.  Bridget gets mad and starts to leave but runs into Courtney at the door.  Courtney offers to let her stay with her. They leave.  Sam thinks Courtney took Bridget in as a way to stay in Jason's life.  She admits to being jealous of Courtney because of how Jason thinks of her.  Jason tells Sam that he thinks she is wonderful too and that she means alot to him.  She wants him to stop because he is scaring her. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 11, 2005

Sam says Jason is scaring her because he is offering her everything she wants and when you have everything you have everything to lose.  Jason says he wants he with him even if it means he has everything to lose. He just wants her to be sure it is what she really wants.  Sam is sure.  They kiss.  Jason carries her upstairs and they make love.  Later, Sam brings they baby to bed and they all snuggle. (Credit Always and Forever)

January 12, 2005

The next morning, Jason and Sam on the bed with Hope. Jason, Sam and Hope outside Kelly's.  Courtney watches Jason kiss Sam goodbye.  Courtney follows Sam into Kelly's and tells her that the paperwork is ready and she will drop it at the Penthouse. Sam talks to Courtney about how happy she is with Jason and Hope.  Jason is checking out security at Greystone.  Lo comes.  They snark at each other about Carly. Courtney drops off the paperwork.  She says their not being married could be a problem.  Jason says they could be married.  Courtney tells him not to get married just to get custody.  Jason tells her that it is more than that that he and Sam are together.  She leaves the Penthouse and cries.  Sam comes home and they talk about Courtney.  Jason says Sam is the one he wants to be with. (Credit Always and Forever)

January 14, 2005

Sam tries to cook and puts the food on fire. Sam says she wanted do cook for him so he would feel like he makes her feel - like someone truly cares about him. He says whatever he has given her, she has given back and that the two of them in that moment is enough.  They get Chinese.  Sam says that she doesn't care about his work, nothing he could do could ever change how she feels about him. Jason proposes. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 17, 2005

Sam thinks Jason just wants to marry her because of Hope.  He says he loves her. She says she loves him too and accepts his proposal.  Courtney comes and says Bridget wants the baby back.  Sam wants to fight for the baby.  Jason agrees. (Credit Always and Forever)

January 18, 2005

Jason meets with Jordan who says Courtney is their best chance to keep Hope.  Sam visits Courtney and accuses her of manipulating the situation to get Jason back.  Jason hears Courtney accuse Sam of using Hope to trap Jason and tells her to stop.  He wants Sam to come with him.  Courtney tries to explain but Jason cuts her off.  Jason and Sam go home.  Sam says that Courtney is trying to sabotage the adoption to break them up.  Jason tells her they need Courtney's help to adopt Hope.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 19, 2005

Carly comes to see Sam because Courtney told her Sam and Jason were getting married.  Carly meets with Jason and tells  him she brought Lo into help.  Jason tells her to call Lo and stop him and not to try to help anymore. Jason comes home and tells Sam that Courtney wants Hope to stay with them.  Sam is worried about Hope's future with Bridget. Jason says that they will do everything they can to keep her. Jordan comes and tells them there is a hearing the next day.  She says if the decision goes against them they will have to turn Hope over immediately.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 21,2005

Jason and Sam at the custody hearing.  Sam tells about how Bridget gave her the baby and how she and Jason love Hope and want to give her a good home.  Bridget makes her case. The judge leaves the baby with Jason and Sam until she makes her decision.  The judge wants to meet with Courtney privately.  Sam tries to reason with Bridget.  Courtney tells the judge that Bridget is not ready to be a mother but Jason and Sam would be great parents, then the judge asks about Jason's lifestyle.  Sam brings the baby home and Rita, Bridget's grandmother is waiting.  Courtney comes out and tells Jason that she had to tell the judge the truth.  Rita tells Sam that she couldn't help Bridget but that she wants to take care of the baby.  Sam tells her if she wants what is best for Hope she will leave her where she is. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 24, 2005

Jason comes home while Rita is there.  They talk about Bridget and the baby.  Rita leaves.  They think she will go to the judge.  Jason tells Sam that he doesn't think the judge is going to let them keep the baby because Courtney told the truth about him.  He thinks Rita is a better alternative because otherwise the baby will be placed with strangers.  Sam is mad.  She wants Jason to blackmail or intimidate the judge.  Jason won't do it.  They argue. Jason calls Bridget, Rita and Courtney to the Penthouse.  He says the need to be in agreement when the see the judge to keep Hope out of foster care.  Courtney says the judge will find against them all.  Courtney's solution is for Rita and Bridget to move in together and raise the baby.  Jason tells Sam that they have to do this for Hope because they have already lost.  They give the baby back.  Sam says she will never forgive Jason.  (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 25, 2005

Sam is angry that Jason would not force the judge to give them the baby.  Jason says that no matter what they were going to lose the baby.  Sam says Jason never loved Hope and never loved her.  Sam says she doesn't love Jason and never did, that is was all about the baby and getting him to pay the bills.  Sam leaves Jason.  Sam confronts Courtney and tells her she won, Jason is all hers.  Jordan comes to tell Jason that judge was placing the baby with Rita.  Jason tells her they already returned the baby. Sam is at Kelly's remembering being happy with Jason and giving up the baby.  Jason is at Sonny's telling him about the break up. He is worried about Sam since she has lost so much.  Jason said that he let Sam down.  Sonny says that Courtney still loves Jason and before he tries to get back with Sam he needs to decided if he wants to be with Courtney or Sam.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 26, 2005

Sonny asks whether Jason wants Courtney or Sam.  Michael interrupts before Jason can answer.  Jason runs into Courtney while looking for Sam.  She says after talking to Sam she got to thinking.  Jason cuts her off and tells her he is in love with Sam.  Jason goes to Kelly's and knocks on Sam's door and tries to get her to talk.  She ignores him. He says he is not giving up. Sam get a call.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 27, 2005

Sam is on the phone setting up a meeting with someone. She runs into Jason.  He tries to talk to her but she says she is trying to rebuild the life he smashed.  Jason says he loves her.  She says she doesn't care and doesn't trust him anymore. Jason says losing Hope doesn't have to be the end of everything.  Sam say is does.  She leaves.  Jason goes to Sonny's.  He tells Sonny that Sam wanted him to threaten the judge and Rita but that would have been stealing the baby.  Sonny agrees that Jason is right and tells him to give Sam time to work things out.  Jason is worried about Sam since she is alone with no money and no job,  Sonny says Sam can take care of herself.  Jason doesn't want to lose her.  Sonny says Sam knows that Jason is the best thing that ever happened to her.  Jason can't stand to see her suffer anymore.  Sonny says she loves Jason and soon she will come back to him.  Mike carries out Sam's suitcase.  Jason comes up and asks where she is going.  Sam says she is going to Miami.  She leaves.  Mike says her suitcase did not have much in it. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 28, 2005

Jason calls Sam about Danny.  She says she is in Miami but she is in a snow covered Port Charles alley. Jason and Sam talk about her "trip" to Miami.  Sam apologizes for the things she said to him.  Sam wants to get together with Jason when she "get's back".  A woman approaches her and says they have a problem.  Jason sees Sam discussing a deal with the woman.  Jason approaches Sam and she goes on the attack.  Sam says she knows he is right but it doesn't change how it feels.  He wants to take her home. She says they don't have a home together and never did.  Sam leaves.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

January 31, 2005

Jason and Carly outside Kelly's.  Carly knows something is wrong.  Jason says that Sam is hurting herself.  Carly thinks she is up to something.  Carly tells Sam that he is no longer obligated to Sam and that she is up to something.  Jason defends Sam.  Carly thinks Sam is scamming Jason.  Jason says that Sam is not like that, Carly says she is.  Jason had to go to work and leaves. (Credit Always and Forever)

February 2, 2005

Sonny thinks Sam kidnapped Kristina.  Jason defends Sam and says they have to look at people who have been giving them trouble.  Sonny says Jason is thinking with his heart and that he can no longer trust his judgment.  Sonny thinks that Sam took Kristina out of grief but Jason is adamant that Sam did not do it.  Stan find the house is bugged and there are cameras.  Jason and Sonny continue to argue.  Alexis comes in and accuses Sam. Alexis demands that Sonny find Sam and get Kristina back.  The phone rings.  Jason answers and Sam tells him she is in big trouble. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 3, 2005

Sam calls.  She tells Jason she is in big trouble.  He wants to go get her.  She says he can't help her and hangs up.  Jason tells Sonny and Alexis about the call.  They take it as a confession.  Jason still defends Sam and tells them they are wasting time pursuing her as the kidnapper.  Alexis tries to call the police.  Jason stops her. Jason and Alexis argue.   Sam is at the bus station buying a ticket.  Ric comes. Alexis and Jason continue to argue.  Ric calls the police and reports the kidnapping. The police come.  Jason tries to tell them about Rollo but Alexis talks over him and accuses Sam.  Mac homes in on Sam as the suspect.  The police question Jason.  Steven comes in and says a woman broke into Sonny's room and he is going to run tests on a strand of black hair that was found.  Alexis wants Sam arrested.  The hair matches Sam.  Jason leaves Sonny's and catches up with Sam at the bus station.  They get arrested. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 4, 2005

Jason confronts Rollo.  Ric questions Sam. Sonny barges in and demands to know where Kristina is. Ric leaves Sonny alone with Sam. Sonny tries to get Sam to tell him where Kristina is but Sam swears she doesn't know.  Jason tries to get the truth from Rollo but ends up killing him.  The police come.  Sonny continues to badger Sam.  Alexis comes in and tries to get Sam to tell her where Kristina is.  The police bring Jason in for the shooting.  Alexis says that Sam wants to see him. Sam tells Jason that she broke into Sonny's to steal money for an illegal adoption but that Kristina was safe when she left.  Sonny tells Ric and Alexis the best way to find Kristina is to let Sam go.  Sam tells  she wrong and she is sorry for hurting him but she did not take Kristina.  Jason asks her for something to go on so he can help her.  She gives him a phone number.  Jason goes to check out the number.  When he gets back Ric tells him that Rollo was calling Sam when he died.  Jason says that no one remembered her picture and the phone number was disconnected.  He asks why Rollo was calling her and if she paid him to help steal Kristina.  Sam swears she didn't so it. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 7, 2005

Jason asks why Rollo was calling her when Jason confronted him.  Sam asks Jason if he loves her enough to trust her.  He says he loves her but he has to know if she did it.  Sam reminds Jason of the facts that point away from her.  She also reminds Jason of their love and who she is.  Jason gets confused and walks out on her.  Sonny tells Jason they found a ransom note in Sam's things.  Jason defends Sam.  Sonny tries to convince Jason. Jason walks out on him too.  Ric and Reese continue to question Sam.  Reese brings Sam to Greystone and they all question her.  Sam continues to deny the kidnapping.  Sonny's yard explodes and Jason grabs Sam.  Sonny catches them escaping. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 8, 2005

Jason helps Sam escape. Sonny catches them. Jason tries to convince Sonny that Sam is innocent.  Reese shoots Jason.  Sonny gets between Jason and Reese and Jason and Sam escape,  Jason and Sam arrive at the safehouse.  Jason is gravely wounded.  Sam tries to stop the bleeding.  Sam says no one has ever believed in her before.  Jason says he believes in her because he loves her.  Sam says he loves her too.  Sam can't stop the bleeding and wants to call an ambulance.  Jason says no because the cops will come to and arrest her.  He says that when he gets stronger they will find Kristina together, then he passes out.  Jason wakes up alone, gets up to look for Sam and collapses.  Sam is at GH telling Monica that Jason was shot and needs her help.  A cop comes in inquiring about gunshot victims and says he is looking for Jason and Sam. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 9, 2005

Jason gets up and goes to the sink to wash the wound.  He is on the floor again when Sam and Monica arrive.  Monica stitches Jason up but she is worried about infection.  Monica acknowledges Sam love for Jason.  Monica leaves.  Jason wakes up.  Sam says that she loves him.  She wants him to sleep.  Jason says she needs sleep too.  Sam plans to sleep on the floor.  Jason wants her to sleep with him.  She complies. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 10, 2005

Jason wants to leave the safehouse before Sonny comes after the them but can't stay on his feet.  Monica comes back to check on Jason.  She tells him AJ was murdered. Jason is running a fever.  Monica says she will bring back different medicine.  Jason tells her not to because of the risk of her being followed.  Monica says she is coming back anyway.  Monica leaves.  Sam wants to turn herself in because Jason needs to be in a hospital.  Jason says no and wants to leave to go search Rollo's apartment.  They are preparing to leave when Sonny comes and wants to know why they are still there. He realizes how badly Jason is hurt and wants to get a doctor.  He agrees that Sam didn't do it.  He apologizes to Sam. Reese bursts in and holds them at gunpoint. (Credit Always and Forever)

February 11, 2005

Sonny comes in and apologizes to Sam for thinking she took Kristina.  Reese bursts in to arrest them.  Sonny is not surprised to see her because he knew she followed him. Sonny says Reese knows they didn't do it but is arresting them to get him to give her information about his business.  He says he will not talk unless she lets Jason and Sam go. Sonny tells her to stop wasting time with Sam and Jason.  Reese decides to let them go. Sonny gets a call that the police are coming. Jason and Sam break into Rollo's apartment. Jason says the place has been professionally cleaned.  He starts to collapse.  Sam gets him to the couch. Sam tries to bring his temperature.  Sam decides to go to GH and find Monica to get more medicine.  She leaves. Sam finds Monica who says she can't go to him because Steven is on to her.  She gives Sam new medicine.  Alexis spots Sam and follows her into the stairwell.  She fights with Sam in the stairwell and falls.  Faith comes to Rollo's and finds Jason unconscious.  She prepares to shoot him in the head. She drops a piece of paper. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 14, 2005

Faith with a gun at unconscious Jason's head talking about all he and Sonny have taken from her.  She says she is gonna take everything from Sonny starting with Jason and pulls the trigger.  The gun jams.  Jason wakes up partially and the police knock. Faith grabs a pillow to silence the shot and prepares to shoot again.  The knocking gets more aggressive and Faith takes off. The policeman crash in.  Jason sees the paper on the floor and tries to get it without the cop seeing him.  The cop calls for backup and comes to question Jason. The cops sees the paper and picks it up.  It is the address they are at.  Sam come up behind the cop and knocks him out.  Sam frees Jason and gives him the medicine.  Jason says that the kidnapper was there. That it was a woman and she dropped the paper the cop is holding.  There is a second address on the paper.  Jason and Sam go to the second address.  The room is empty except for Kristina's toy.(Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 15, 2005

Jason and Sam break in at the second address and find an empty room with Kristina's toy in it.  Sam wants to call the cops.  Jason doesn't.  Jason collapses.  Sam calls 911.  Jason is rushed to the hospital.  Steven harasses Sam.  Ric steps in. Sonny and Carly come to see Jason.  They tell him Sam is with Reese but she is not being arrested.  The police are following up on their lead.  They ask Jason about the woman he saw and Carly asks if it could be Faith. Jason doesn't know.  Sonny is going the meet the kidnappers.  Jason wants to come but Sonny says no. Sam is with Jason when Carly comes in.  She wants Sam to stay because Jason needs her. Carly apologizes for thinking Sam did it and thanks her for bringing Jason to the hospital. Sam says she loves Jason and would do anything for him. Carly visits Jason. She tells him that Sonny went to the meeting already.  Jason tries to get up to go and Carly realizes Jason wants to go to prevent Sonny from trading himself for Kristina.  Faith's henchman watches Sam and Jason and calls her to tell her that Jason is not with Sonny.  Sonny is alone. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 16, 2005

Sonny tells Jason and Sam that the kidnapper never showed up but instead called and said that the park was full of cops and he would never see Kristina again. Sonny thinks Ric tipped off the cops.  Jason wants to leave the hospital to find Faith.  Sam and Sonny convince him that he will only slow things down.  Sonny says he will handle things and leaves.  Jason wants to leave to try to track down Faith.  Sam says no but agrees to help him get up to test his strength.  Emily comes and says the Quartermaine's are freaking out about AJ and the memorial.  Sam leaves them alone to talk.  Emily gets all upset talking about AJ dying and runs out.  Sam and Jason go to AJ's memorial. Skye gives the eulogy and speaks of AJ's regret over the accident and love for his family.  After the memorial Skye tells Jason that AJ really did love him.  Monica and Emily thank Jason for coming and Monica tells him he needs to go back to the hospital.  When they get back to the hospital there are flowers in Jason's room with a note from the kidnapper.  Jason calls Sonny with the information. (Credit Always and Forever)

February 17, 2005

Monica and Alan come to see Jason and Sam at the hospital.  They want him to find AJ's killer.  Alan says the police suspect Courtney.  Jason says Courtney could not have done it.  Alan lays out the case against her. They say Courtney was in the Bahamas because she found out her divorce from AJ was not legal.  Jason continues to defend Courtney.  Jason says he can't help them find AJ's killer because of his commitment to find Kristina.  Alan gets angry and yells at him. Alan says he buried one son today, the other has been dead for years and storms out. Jason apologizes to Monica.  Monica tries to explain Alan's behavior to Jason. Sam talks to Jason about Courtney and their marriage that wasn't real.  He tells her that he is with her because he wants to be with her.  Sam apologizes for all the terrible things she said when she left him.  He says she saved his life and she says he got shot saving her.  He says they are even.  Sam talks about how much more he gave her than she gave him.  She says she loves him and he says then we are even.  Sam and Emily talk about Jason.  Sam talks about wanting it to last with him and Emily gets all weird and leaves. Sam goes back to the room.  Jason is leaving to find Kristina. Sam says she is driving.  Ric comes in and wants to know where they are going. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 18, 2005

Ric asks Jason and Sam if they are gonna try to to find Kristina on their own and says he has a lead for them. Jason thinks Ric's info is a setup.  Ric tries to convince them since they have no idea where to start his information will save them alot of time.  He tells Jason the five families are meeting that night. They are after Faith and should know if she is the country.  Ric convinces Jason that no matter that they feel about each other they both want Kristina to be safe.  Jason agrees to go to the meeting and Ric promises to keep the police away.  Jason and Sam bust into the meeting and hold the heads of the five families at gunpoint.  They demand to know where Faith is. They say if they knew where Faith was she would be dead and that they did not go after her right after the massacre because she was involved with Justus and they did not want a war with Sonny.  They tell him to talk to Justus if they want to find Faith.  Jason catches up with Justus who denies knowing where Faith is.  Sam asks if there was anyplace he knows of where she hid before.  Justus tells them there was a place.  Jason and Sam break into an office that is lined with pictures of Kristina playing outside of Sonny's. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 21, 2005

Replay of Jason and Sam breaking into the office.  Jason says this is where she planned the kidnapping.  Sam goes to leave since Kristina is not there.  Jason tells her not to move.  There is a bomb on the desk. Jason says they tripped the timer when they came in and if they open the door it will trigger the explosion. Jason starts to disarm the bomb but Sam freaks out a bit.  Jason disarms the bomb with seconds to spare.  He wants to go through the stuff in the office to see if there is anything there that will lead them to Kristina.  They find pictures of Michael and Morgan playing in the park on the computer. (Credit Always and Forever)

February 22, 2005

Jason calls Carly to warn her but the boys have already been kidnapped. Carly and John Durant are with Mac.  Jason bulls his way past the cops to get in.  He has Carly to tell him exactly what happened. Carly doesn't know much but Mac brings Jason up to speed.  Jason comes back to the office where Sam has sorted the pictures on the computer.  They start to do through them.  Jason is worried about Michael.  He thinks he will fight back and Faith will hurt him.  They find a blurry picture that has a street sign.  Jason says they need to try to clear up the picture to read the sign.  (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 23, 2005

Replay of Jason and Sam finding the picture.  Jason and Sam tell Sonny, Carly and Alexis about the picture and the road name that they made out.  Jason tells them that there are 7 roads by that name in North America.  Sam tells them that there was more information on the sign and they are hoping it is a state or county and that Jason has Stan working on the photo.   Alexis wants to call the FBI.  Sonny does not.  Jason and Sam go into the foyer and leave them to their arguing.  Stan comes in with the photo and says he thinks he knows where Faith took the kids.  Stan tells Jason that the county on the sign is in Louisiana.  He gives Jason the photo and a map.  Sam wants to tell Sonny about it, Jason wants to wait until they are sure. He tells Stan to keep it to himself.  Jason and Sam go  to Louisiana and Jason knocks on a door on that road.  It is a brothel.  Jason tells the woman he is looking for a blonde woman.  She troops out a bunch of blonde hookers.  Jason tries to explain.  Sam come out and joins the line of women.  Jason says he will take her. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 24, 2006

Jason at the brothel.  Sam joins the line of hookers.  Jason says he will take her. The madam is confused as to who Sam is. Sam tries to cover. The madam is suspicious of both of them.  She says Cletus gets first crack at all the girls.  Cletus comes out and carries Sam off. Jason grabs on of the girls, Candy, and follows them into the back.  Jason offers to pay Candy for information.  He asks if there are any children there and she says no. Jason pays her to just stay in her room. Sam tricks Cletus into letting go get a costume and her and Jason meet up in the hall.  They check the brothel for faith and the kids but don't find them.  They hear a kid crying in Candy's room.  Jason kicks open the door and demands to know where the kid is.  The baby is Candy's and she is hiding from her dad. Jason shows her a picture of Faith, she recognizes it and tells them where Faith is hiding out.  They go to where Candy directs them and find a house set up for kids but no one is there. (Credit NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

February 25, 2005

Replay of Jason and Sam finding the empty house where the kids were being held.  Candy comes because she wants to help. Candy calls them to back to the brothel where the madam says she saw Michael but a man claiming to be his father took him away. Jason calls Sonny and brings him up to date.  Sonny heads to Louisiana.  Sam tries to reassure Jason that Michael is okay but Jason is afraid if Michael keeps fighting Faith will kill him.  Sam tries to convince Jason that Michael is smart enough to keep himself, Morgan and Kristina safe until they can be rescued.  Sonny and Reese arrive. Michael calls Sonny's cellphone. Faith takes the phone from Michael and Sonny hears a shot. (Credit Always and Forever)

February 28, 2005

Carly comes.  Jason tells her about the call. He tells her not to panic that he thinks Michael is okay because Faith's best chance of staying alive it to keep the kids safe.  Reese comes in.  She is glad that Carly is there because Sonny smashed a window and then became unresponsive.  Carly goes to Sonny.  Reese is afraid that Sonny is not rational enough to deal with Faith when she calls.  Lorenzo calls Jason.  He has tracked down Peavey, Faith's henchman and tells Jason where to find him. Jason and Sonny about find Peavy and hold him at gunpoint demanding to know where the kids are.  Reese shows up.  Sam reassures Carly and keeps her from panicking. Jason starts to beat Peavy.  Sonny plays Russian Roulette with Peavy and he spills that the children are being held at an abandoned church.  At the church, Sonny and Reese go around the back, Jason tries the door in the front but it won't open.  Sonny and Reese into Faith and a shootout starts. Sonny pursues Faith shoots it out with her and two men.  Reese is  in the back looking for the kids. Sonny gets pinned down.  Jason comes through the back and kills both men and shoots Faith. Sonny prepares to kill Faith. Reese runs in and says not to kill her, the kids aren't there.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 1, 2005

Replay of the shootout and Reese running in.  Sonny orders Jason to keep Faith alive.  Sonny is freaking out because the kids are not their and someone was digging a hole.  The paramedics arrive.  At the hospital, Sam is relieved that Jason wasn't shot.  Carly wants to know where the kids are. Reese says they weren't at the church.  Sonny tells Carly that Faith was muddy and they found a shovel.  Carly tries to be positive.  Jason walks out.  Sam follows him.  Sam tries to reassure a devastated Jason but he says that Faith didn't know the kids were gone. Jason tells Reese he wants to go back to the church.  Sonny is confused.  Sam says Jason thinks someone took the kids without Faith's knowledge.  Jason, Sam and Reese head back to the church. Reese shows Jason and Sam the room Faith was entering but says it doesn't mean anything.  Reese tells them about a tire track and some footprints and how it shows how Morgan and Kristina were moved.  Sam asks if they also would have carried Michael.  Reese says it is possible but traces of blood were also found and the blood type matches Michael. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

March 2, 2005

Reese says the amount of blood is small so it could have come from a cut or Faith could have shot him.  Sam comforts Jason.  Reese comes back and updates them on the investigation and tells them the sheriff is bringing in dogs to find what Faith buried.  Sam tries to be positive. The police find the hole Faith dug.  They believe that she killed Michael and was planning to bury him there.  Sonny refuses to believe that Michael is dead.  Jason tries to make him see that the significance of the find.  Sonny gets angry.   Jason says the cops are still looking for Michael. Sonny doesn't believe that they will look hard enough if they believe he is dead.  Sonny wants Jason to say that Michael is alive.  Jason can't do it.  Back at the hospital Reese tells them that 2 children were found at the airport.  Everyone hurries away except Jason and Sam.  Jason is upset because they only found 2 children.  Jason and Sam return to the church and he tells her about when Michael was born and his promises to protect him (Credit Always and Forever)

March 3, 2005

Sam goes to see Luke and Justus to see if they know where she might have sent Michael.  Reese is waiting on the hospital roof for the helicopter bringing Faith.  Jason comes and asks her to give him a few minutes alone with her.  Reese says no way.  Ric is setting up security to protect Faith inside the hospital.  Sonny is lurking with a gun.  Reese tries to convince Jason that Michael could still be alive and they need Faith to find him.  Jason says that is why he wants to talk to her.  Luke and Justus say they don't know anything.  Sam asks Justus to talk to Faith but he says she doesn't trust him.   Skye comes into the casino and almost gives away to Sam that Luke and Justus broke Faith out of jail.  Jason prevents Sonny from going after Faith. He convinces Sonny to give him a chance to talk to Faith first.  Reese gives Faith a chance to talk and when she doesn't Reese leaves her alone with Jason.  Jason put pressure on her windpipe and Faith agrees to talk.  Faith says she killed Michael and left him in the swamp.  Jason starts to strangle her.  Reese runs in and stops him.  Reese is convinced Faith is lying.  Jason leaves the room and tells Sam what Faith said.  Reese comes out and discusses why she thinks Faith lied.  Sonny is at Greystone fighting with Carly as he tries to leave to kill Faith.  Jason and Sam come in and convince him to wait, that Michael could still be alive.  Sonny calls Luke to Greystone and asks for any info he has on Faith. (Credit Always and Forever)

March 4, 2005

Sonny tells Jason that Luke has financial information on Faith that might help them.  He also tells him that Luke broke Faith out of jail.  Sonny thinks that Luke needs to pay.  Jason agrees but thinks they need the information more.  Sonny decides that Luke will have to pay if they don't find Michael.  Jason and Sam bring Luke's files back to the Penthouse and go through them.  Sam brings Jason something to eat. He thanks her for being good to him.  From the financial records Jason and Sam deduce that there was someone else involved. (Credit Always and Forever)

March 7, 2005

Alan comes to the Penthouse.  He tells Jason off and punches him in the face.  Alan blames Jason for the deaths of both Michael and AJ and tells Sam and Jason that they are both deluding themselves into believing Michael is still alive so they don't have to face Jason's guilt.  Alan leaves.  Sam tells Jason not to listen to Alan.  Jason tells Sam that if Michael is really dead he can't deal with it.  He is afraid that is why he is believing Reese's theory that Michael is still alive.  Sam says she trusts Jason's instincts and if he thinks Michael is still alive they will keep looking.  Jason finds a $2 million deposit in Faith's account the day Kristina was taken.  Jason confronts Faith at the courthouse and demands to know who paid her to kidnap the kids. Jason publicly announces the deposits into Faith's account.  Reese tries to shut Jason up.  Ric has him removed from the courthouse.  Jason takes the financial records to Sonny.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 8, 2005

Sonny, Carly and Jason see Faith shot on TV.  Jason runs out to go to the courthouse.  Jason and Reese go over the crime scene. Jason goes to the building the shots were fired from.  The gunman watches him as he checks out the building.  Carly and Sonny are at the hospital.  Sam comes in.  They tell her that Faith is still alive and Jason did not shoot her.  Jason runs into Reese in the abandoned building.  They go into the room the shots came from but the shooter is gone.  At the hospital, Carly thinks Faith's shooting means Michael is alive.  Sam asks Ric if he thinks Michael is dead.  Durant comes in and wants Ric to arrest Sonny for the shooting. Jason comes in and tells Sonny that it was a professional hit.   Sam tells Jason that Faith is not expected to survive the night but that the shooter might know where Michael is.  Sam goes to get them coffee.  Courtney comes in crying.  Jason comforts her.  He tells her he has to take care of something and leaves.  Jason goes to see Steven about the forensics.  Steven says the most interesting thing is what they did not find.  The rifle was there but not the scope.  Jason thinks maybe the scope was traceable because it was custom made for a shooter who wore glasses.  Courtney and Sam talk in the waiting room. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

March 9, 2005

Steven and Jason talk about the scope.  Sonny comes out of Faith's room and says she tried to tell him something but died.  The cops come in and tell them that Alcazar has been arrested as Faith's accomplice. Sam and Courtney talk.  Sonny, Carly and Jason go to PCPD.  Lorenzo swears he had nothing to do with the kidnapping.  Carly goes in to talk to him.  Sam questions Tony about when Faith was brought in.  Sam and Brookelynn talk.  Sonny, Jason, Ric and Reese look at the tape of Faith's shooting and Sonny said that what Faith was trying to tell him sounded like an "A" and that Jason saw him around the house when the security was being put in.  Reese and Ric think this is proof against Alcazar.  Carly comes out.  She does not think Lorenzo did it.  Sonny tries to convince her.  She appeals to Jason who agrees with her. Jason explains about the scope.  He, Sonny and Reese all home in on the same guy.  Jason thinks he could have been Faith's partner but Sonny is still hung up on Alcazar.  Reese has a list of Faith's safehouses.  An address catches Sonny's attention.  Jason and Reese decide to follow up. Reese and the police go into the building but she says Jason has to wait outside.  The hitman walks by.  He and Jason shoot it out and Jason kills him.  Reese finds a photo on the body.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 10, 2005

Reese gives Jason the picture.  It is a photo of Michael's body.  Reese says that Jason won't be charged for the shooting.  She says she will have to inform the family but Sonny can never see the picture.  Sonny comes up as asks "What picture?".  Reese tells Sonny they believe Michael is dead.  Sonny argues the point.  Jason is crying, he tells Sonny about the picture.  Sonny looks at the picture and breaks down. Jason is alone outside the safehouse.  Sam comes running up, she heard about the shooting.  Jason tells her Michael is gone. He tells her about the picture.  Sam tries to comfort Jason and wants him to come home with her.  Jason says he can't leave.  He says when he leaves there he has to start his life without Michael and he can't do it. They sit on the step.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 11, 2005

Sam goes to see Alan and tells him they found proof that Michael is dead.  Alan says Michael died when Jason stole him from AJ.  Jason is at the Penthouse. Emily is knocking.  He tries to ignore her but she won't go away. He lets her in and tells her Michael is gone.  Alan wants to know how Sam can stay with Jason knowing he is a cold blooded killer and he blames him for the deaths of AJ and Michael.  Sam defends Jason and reminds Alan that Jason is also his son.  Emily doesn't want to leave Jason alone but he wants her to go.  She says she will tell the family.  Sam comes home and finds Jason looking through a box of pictures of Michael.  Sam wants to plan the memorial service for them,  Jason thinks that is a good idea and picks out a picture for her to use. Sam goes through the pictures and Jason tells her what they are about.  Jason says he can't get through this alone.  Sam says he doesn't have to.  Monica comes to see Jason.  She tells him to keep the memory of the last time he was with Michael in his heart.  Jason tells Sam he can't remember the last time he saw Michael because everything after Kristina was taken is a blur. Jason goes to Greystone to see Carly.  They grieve together.  Jason is alone on the terrace.  Inside, Sam offers to help with the memorial service.  Carly is grateful but thinks she should do it.  Sam tries to comfort her but can't.  Jason remembers being in the snow with Michael talking about heaven and being one with everything after you die "even snowflakes".  It starts to snow. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

March 14, 2005

Jason and Sam are sleeping on the couch.  Jason wakes up from a nightmare of Michael calling him.  Jason describes the dream to Sam, she asks if there are any loose ends that bother him.  He says no.  She tells him he is not to blame.  He says he knows that but he keeps hearing Michael's voice like he is still alive. Jason and Sam get ready for the memorial.  Carly comes.  Sam says she will meet them at the service and leaves them alone. Carly talks about the night she asked Jason to pretend to Michael's father.  She says he was there with her in the beginning and she needs him to with her at the end.  At the church, Sam and Courtney talk about Jason.  Carly tells Jason she is worried about Sonny that he is totally shutdown.  Jason and Carly go to Greystone to get Sonny for the memorial.  He thanks them for letting him be Michael's father. The memorial service.  Jason remembers the first time he held Michael. Jason asks Sam to keep an eye out at the reception for anyone who acts oddly or seems to know too much.  He plans to keep pursuing this until he knows exactly what happened to Michael and why.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 15, 2005

Jason and Carly at the reception.  Carly is worried about Sonny and wants Jason to talk to him.  Jason goes in to talk to Sonny.  Sonny wants to talk about what to do about Luke.  Jason says Luke should die for what he did.  Sonny does not want to kill Luke.  Jason says that the Sandoval's have been moving in since the kids were taken and everyone knows what Luke did.  Jason says letting Luke live will make them appear weak and possibly get Sonny killed. Sonny and Jason argue about killing Luke.  Jason says killing Luke will make Morgan and Kristina safer and Sonny tells him to do it.  Carly asks Jason how Sonny is.  Jason tells her it will be alright and it is business now.  Carly says Sonny can't think straight and Jason needs to be the voice of reason.  Sam comes home and finds Jason going over Faith's financial records. She tells him that the FBI have verified the photo is not doctored and Michael is gone.  Jason asks for Sam's help tracing the money since he does not want Sonny or Carly to know what he is doing so Carly doesn't get her hopes up and end up losing Michael all over again.  Sam says that is what he is doing to himself.  He says he can't stop until they find a body or exhaust every lead they have.  Sam says she wants to help and she is there for him.  Jason says he has to work tonight and that she needs to be careful cause it is a dangerous time. Jason getting ready to go kill Luke.  Sam comes down and asks him to be careful.  Jason leaves and gets a call from Sonny telling him there is a change in plans.  (Credit Always and Forever and Don't Leave Home)

March 16, 2005

Reese comes to the Penthouse and gives Sam a copy of the kidnapping file to give to Jason.  She says the money transfers bother her too.  She asks for Jason and when Sam says he isn't there, Reese tells her that she offered Sonny a deal and she can get Jason a similar deal.  Sam says Jason and Sonny are in the coffee business. Reese tells her the FBI will stop them before their enemies do.  Sam goes to Greystone.  Carly says Sonny isn't seeing anyone so she doesn't know why people keep showing up.  Sam asks who else came and Carly says Skye. Sam is upset that she knows too.  Carly says to stay out of it.  Sam says that Sonny sent Jason to kill Luke and too many people know about it.  Sam tells Carly that Lucky approached her at Kelly's about is and that Reese came to the Penthouse.  Sam thinks Jason is walking into a trap.  Carly says Jason knows what he is doing. Luke sneaks into Sonny's with a gun.  Luke puts his gun away when he sees Jason on the landing.  Jason says Sonny expected him to come and try to settle things. Luke says he understands that Sonny needs to make an example of him to maintain his power.  Luke also says that Jason wants him dead because he screwed up by not killing Faith when he had the chance.  Jason says it doesn't matter what he wants that it is Sonny's decision. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts) 

March 17, 2005

Skye comes to the Penthouse looking for Jason.  She tells Sam that Jason is going to kill Luke and she wants Sam to help her stop him.  Replay of Luke/Jason conversation.  Sonny comes in and asks Luke how he should deal with the man who freed Faith. Sam tells Skye she doesn't interfere in Jason's business. Skye yells at her.  Sam says life it tough sometimes and Skye slaps her. Sonny and Luke talking about the liquor.  Luke comments on Jason waiting to blow his head off.  Sonny asks Jason to leave. After the meeting Jason comes back and Sonny says it is settled he is not going after Luke.  Jason says then the Sandovals will move against them.  Sonny says then they will be gone. Jason comes home and Sam is going over the FBI file.  She gives him the file and tells him about Reese's visit.  He tells her they are not taking Reese's deal.  Sam also tells him about Lucky and Skye. Jason tells her he did not kill Luke.  Sam is worried about Jason not eating or sleeping and wants to help.  He says if she wants to help then tell him he is chasing a ghost and Michael is really gone.  Sam says she can't tell him to stop looking for Michael because he needs to follow his instincts.  She says they are in this together. (Credit Always and Forever) 

March 21, 2005

Sam comes in and hears Jason telling Stan to use the credit card records to track Faith's moves since November.  Sam asks if he is expecting to find Michael alive.  Jason says he is trying to find out why Michael died and if anyone else was involved.  Sam warns him that Reese is still watching them. Emily comes over and Sam leaves Jason and Emily alone. Jason asks Emily what is wrong. She says he can't fix it and he already has enough to deal with.  Jason wants her to tell him, that he might be able to help.  Emily tells Jason about her rape.  Jason is supportive and lets Emily talk it out. He offers to let Emily stay with him but she doesn't want Sam to know.  Jason agrees not to tell anyone.  Sam comes home and tells Jason she saw John Durant at Reese's but stops short when she realizes he is distracted.  He talks to her about how when terrible things happen they stay with you always.  He tells her he plans to see his search for information about Michael through to the end.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 22, 2005

Jason standing out the terrace door staring out.  Sam wants to help him.  He says there is nothing she can do.  She walks away and heads for the stairs.  Jason asks her not to go, to stay with him.  Jason sleeping in Sam's lap.  She wants to do something more for him.  He says having her close helps. The phone rings and Jason needs to leave.  Sam stops men from beating up Mike outside of Kelly's.  The men recognize her as Jason's girlfriend and start to manhandle her.  They say they are gonna use her to send a message to Sonny and drag her and an unconscious Mike into Kelly's. Sam tries to fight them off and breaks free long enough to grab a knife to keep them at bay,  They manage to grab her and get the knife from her.  Emily comes in the back door and picks up the shotgun from behind the counter.  She orders the men to release Sam and they do.  Em holds the hot gun on them while flashing back to her rape.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 23, 2005

Sam tries to talk Emily down but she keeps the gun on the men and continues to flashback. Jason comes in and gets Emily to give up the gun. The men run away. Jason sends Emily home and wipes gun, getting his own prints on it so that they police don't know about Emily. Jason looks after Mike while Sam calls the cops.  Jason questions Sam.  She says they were using her to send a message.  The police and paramedics arrive.  Sam gives Mac a statement but tells them Jason not Emily saved her.  Jason tells the same story. Jason says he doesn't know who it was.  When Mac continues to question him he says he has to get Sam home and leaves. Jason calls Sonny and tells him that it was the Sandovals and what they did. Jason says they have to pay.  Sonny wants to set it up right. Sam comes down and needs help.  She is too sore to get her coat and shirt off. Jason very gently takes her jacket off.  She says she thought she was okay but she thinks she is having a delayed reaction.  She tells him about what happened and how she felt.  Jason holds her and assures her that she is safe now and he will take care of her. He helps her get her shirt off and sees how badly bruised she is.  Jason holds Sam and apologizes for not warning her that it was not safe to go out.  Sam says it wasn't his fault, that she is home and safe and she loves him.  They kiss. (Credit Always and Forever)

March 24, 2005

Carly and Sam looking at plans for the playground.  Carly goes to see Sonny but Jason won't let her see him.  He says it's business.  Max calls Jason away.  Carly is worried but Sam says to just let Jason do his job.  Reese is at the gate.  Jason won't her in.  She tells him she is not trying to bust Sonny, she is trying to protect him.  Carly is freaking out that Jason is going to get killed too. Sam says accepting his work is the price she pays for being with him. Carly says that before Michael died she believed it could all be managed too but that they are all vulnerable, including Jason.  Reese tells Jason that Sonny will be okay if he only does legit business and that if they move against the Sandoval's they will go to prison.  Jason says Sonny is a coffee importer and he is in morning, the only thing he is working on is the playground in Michael's honor.  He goes back in and leaves her outside the gate. Jason notices Sam is in pain but she says she is okay.  They talk about Carly and Jason thanks Sam for her help.  Sam tells Jason that she will never fight his work but she wants him to promise to take care of himself.  Jason says he needs to do more, that the men came after her because of him and he is going to make sure it never happens again.  Sam and Carly set up the playground dedication. Jason talking to Max about the hit.  As he speaks,we see the Sandovals meeting for lunch at Metro Court, except Jax and Courtney are also there. (Credit Always and Forever)

March 25, 2005

Jason telling Sonny that the hits are gonna take place during the dedication.  Jason wants to do Armando Sandoval himself.  Sonny says no.  He wants Jason at the dedication surrounded by witnesses when it happens. Carly and Sam are setting up the playground dedication.  Reese is there and she is telling them that she knows about the hits and trying to get them to do something to stop them.  Sam and Carly only talk about the dedication.  Reese says the dedication is just an alibi.  Sonny is feeling guilty for using the dedication as an alibi.  Jason convinces him that it is okay.  Jason goes to the playground and Sam enlists his help with decorating.  They talk about Michael  Carly interrupts to Jason that Reese knows about their "business move".  Jason calms her fears.  Carly tells Jason that Courtney and Jax are late and that they are having lunch at Metro Court.  Jason runs out of the playground.  The dedication begins. John Durant gives a speech about violence and organized crime.  "War" Montage of the dedication, the Sandoval Massacre,Jason running up the MC stairs to save Courtney and Jax, AJ and a very sick Michael. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 of Trusted Hearts)

March 28, 2005

Replay of playground dedication and "War" montage ending with Carly seeing a vision of Michael on the swingset. At MC, Jax and Courtney unconscious on the floor.  Jason keeps the hitmen from killing them.  Jax comes to and tries to revive Courtney.  Jason asks if she is alive but Jax just blames Jason. More playground dedication.  Cops are at Metro Court.  Jax accuses Jason.  Jason claims to be there to pick up Courtney.  Courtney is vague in her answers.  Jax takes Court to the hospital. The cop accuses Jason of ordering the massacre because of what happened to Sam. Reese tells Sam about the Sandoval massacre and that Jason was at the scene.  She says Jason won't walk away from this one. Sam goes to see Courtney at the hospital.  Courtney blames Jason for everything and says she is not like Sam.  She does not have the stomach to cover for him.  Sam tells Courtney that Jason was there to protect her, but that he doesn't expect anything from her and she leaves.  Steven comes in and flips out on Jason.  Jason tells him to shut up about Michael (Credit Always and Forever)

March 29, 2005

Sam finds Jason in the park.  They talk about Sam getting Courtney to back him up and Carly thinking she saw Michael.  Jason is glad that Carly can see Michael on the swings because in his mind he can only see him lying in the swamp.  He plans to keep looking for answers.  Sam encourages him. Sam and Stan are working on the photo of Michael on the computer.  Sonny comes in and throws Stan out.  Jason is in the playground.  He sees Maria Sanchez staring at him and approaches, she acts scared so he keeps asking questions.  Lorenzo shows up and introduces them and says Maria recognizes Jason from televisions and is nervous because of what she has heard about him.  Maria leaves.  Lorenzo talks about the playground. Sonny yells at Sam saying she is torturing Jason with the picture.  Sam says Jason needs closure.  They argue.  Jason comes in and says it wasn't Sam's idea.  It was his.  Sam goes upstairs and leaves Sonny and Jason to talk it out.  Jason and Sonny argue.  Jason reminds Sonny that Michael was his son too.  Sonny wants Jason to forget the picture and keep only the good memories.  Sonny says Reese is becoming a problem and she is looking for witnesses to the shooting.  Sam comes down and asks about Sonny.  Jason tells her Reese is looking for a witness.  Sam asks if she will find one.  Jason doesn't know. (Credit Always and Forever)

March 30, 2005

Jason says they have no evidence to connect him to the shooting.  He is waiting to hear from Stan on the Michael investigation.  Sam wants Jason to let her distract him.  They are kissing when the police show to take Jason in for questioning about the murders.  They take Jason to the PCPD where Reese is waiting to put him in a lineup. Carly comes to the Penthouse.  Sam tells her Jason is being questioned.  Carly wants to go.  Sam tries to stop her and they argue and Carly goes anyway. Carly and Lorenzo meet Jason in the park.  Carly says she went to the PCPD to make a scene and get him released but that Lorenzo stopped her.  Jason says that the witness did not identify him.  Carly says the witness was Maria.  Lo tells Jason that he promised Maria that if she did not identify him Sonny and Jason would leave her alone.  Jason agrees and heads home.  Jason comes home to an empty apartment but finds a note from Sam. He goes to the roof where she has set up a romantic dinner.  They dance and it starts to rain. They keep dancing in the rain.  (Credit Always and Forever)

March 31, 2005

Continuation of the raindance.  Jason scoops Sam up and carries her back to the Penthouse.  Sonny is waiting in the Penthouse.  Sam goes to get dried off. Sonny and Jason talk about the lineup, what Maria saw, Alcazar and Reese.  Sonny thinks Reese is going to be a problem.  Jason thinks she needs to be handled.  After Sonny leaves, Jason and Sam talk about what Sonny wanted.  Sam is upset when she finds out about the lineup and agrees with Sonny and Jason about Reese. Sam thinks Reese let herself care about Sonny and because things did not go her way she wants to be the one to bust him.  Jason and Sam eating Chinese food.  Sam says that everything she plans for him is a disaster.  Jason doesn't think that tonight was a disaster.  He tells her how much he liked being up on the roof with her.  They kiss.  (Credit Always and Forever)

April 1, 2005

Stan tells Jason that the assassin who killed Faith worked for the Sandovals and they are all dead so there are no more leads.  Jason says that it is over and that he was just using the search to avoid facing the truth.  Sam tells him he was following his instincts and that he should only stop searching if they tell him to and she doesn't think that is what they are telling him.  Jason says he does not want false hope.  Sam says that is not what she is giving him.  She thinks the picture makes no sense unless someone was trying to make them believe Michael was dead.  Jason and Sam are looking at the picture on the computer.  They are gonna start again and try to find proof that Michael is not dead.  Jason is looking at the picture.  He says he is looking at the stuff around Michael but trying not to look at his face or eyes.  Sam says that the eyes are the window of the soul.  Jason brings the eyes up sharper. He says Michael's pupils aren't dilated and that means he is still alive. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 4, 2005

Jason and Sam talk about Michael being alive and plan thief next move. Carly comes. Sam leaves her and Jason alone.  She talks about missing Michael and not knowing how to go on without him.  Sam comes down.  Jason says that he did not tell Carly they believe Michael is alive because she will start looking and tip off the kidnapper.  He doesn't want her or Sonny to know what they are doing.  Jason found a credit card record that he wants Stan to follow up on because it may show where Faith was meeting her accomplice.  He thanks Sam for her help and says that they know Michael is alive because of her and her ability to stay objective.  Sam wants Jason to relax.  She starts kissing him.  The phone rings.  It is Stan. He tells then the credit card payments were made in the Bahamas.  He thinks that is where Faith was meeting whoever has Michael. (Credit Always and Forever)

April 6, 2005

Jason tells Sam they are going to the Bahamas.  He says that Faith stayed at the same hotel several times before Michael was kidnapped.  He wants to go and find out if she stayed alone and who came to see her. Sam asks if he is going to tell Sonny and Carly.  He doesn't want to because Carly will do something crazy and the kidnapper will find out they are looking for him.  They believe Michael will be safe as long as the kidnapper thinks they believe he is dead. (Credit Always and Forever)

April 7, 2005

Sonny and Jason are talking about whether or not Reese has evidence to tie them to the Sandoval killings.  Sam comes in talking about the plane tickets.  Sonny asks about where they are going.  Jason says to the islands.  Sam tells Sonny it was her idea to go so Jason can get some rest, that he isn't sleeping just staring at the computer trying to find leads on Faith's accomplices.   After he leaves Jason says he hates keeping things from Sonny.  Sam says they just have to keep doing what they are doing and hopefully they will bring Michael home.  AJ and Michael are on the terrace of the hotel in the Bahamas talking about AJ's boat.  They leave and Jason and Sam come; they just miss them.  Later, Jason and Sam come back to the terrace.  Sam is in a bikini.  She wants to split up and have Jason question the staff while she questions the guests.  She says she will do better with the guests alone because will talk to her if they think they have a chance with her and that women tend to confide in other women.  Jason is jealous that she is gonna be flirting to get info.  Sam is flirting with a guy while asking about Faith while Jason is showing her picture to an employee.  The employee remembers the name but not the face.  Jason tries bribing him for more info and to get him to talk to the other staff to see if anyone remembers who visited Faith while she was there. While they are talking AJ and Michael walk through the hotel lobby but they don't see each other. (Credit NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 8, 2005

Replay of Jason and Sam talking to their respective targets while Michael and AJ cross the terrace unseen.  Jason tells Sam that the manager remembers Faith but had no other info.  He did agree to question the staff and told Jason about a bar where the cabbies hang where he might be able to get more info.  Sam wants to change and come with him.  Jason doesn't want her to come.  He gets her a drink and tells her to stay out of trouble until he gets back.  A hotel employee hits on her as soon as Jason leaves. Sam flirts with him and asks for information on Faith.  He knows Faith.  After giving Sam info on Faith, the guy gets really close to her. Jason comes and removes him.   Sam tells Jason that she learned that the guy was fooling around with Faith.  He asked her about her phone calls and she told him about a very rich friend from Port Charles.  The man didn't know the friend's name.  Back in Port Charles Sam sees Carly in the park.  Carly tells her she believes Michael is alive.  Sam tells her that she and Jason know he is. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 11, 2005

Sam explains why she and Jason know Michael is alive.  Carly goes to the Penthouse and tells Jason that she knows about Michael.  Jason tries to tell her that they have hope but not proof.  Carly tells him about seeing Michael and that she and Jason came to the same conclusion at the same time and that is enough for her.  Jason tells her they have to be careful or whoever has Michael will disappear with him or kill him.  Carly agrees not to do anything on her own but she wants to be involved.  Jason brings her up to date and tells her that the obvious suspect is Alcazar.  Carly defends Alcazar but Jason makes her see the possibility of his involvement.  Carly says she will handle Alcazar but she makes Jason promise not to tell Sonny because she believes he will do something crazy to ruin their chances of getting Michael back.  Later, Sam comes in and starts to explain why she told Carly but Jason tells her it is okay he understands why she told.  Jason tells Sam that Reese has evidence against him for the Sandoval shooting and he has to leave the country.  She wants to go with him but he says she needs to stay to keep an eye on Carly.  Sonny calls and says Reese gave him the evidence so Jason doesn't have to leave. (Credit Always and Forever)

April 13, 2005

Jason and Sam are planning their next move when Carly busts in and wants to talk to Jason alone.  Jason says she can talk in front of Sam but Carly doesn't want to and Sam says she has things to do and leaves. Carly has gone to see Alcazar and she is convinced he didn't do it. Jason takes her word for it.  They decided to continue to keep Sonny in the dark and for the three of them to keep searching on their own.  Later, Emily comes by looking for Jason who isn't there.  She waits with Sam.  They talk about Carly's dependence on Jason and her demands on his time.  Emily tells Sam to draw the line with Carly or she will push Sam out of Jason's life.  Sam says that she and Jason are not going to let Carly manipulate them and talks about how they love and accept each other.  She assures Emily that she is hanging on to him with all she has.  At GH, Ric tells Jason that he thinks Durant set the carbomb in Reese's car.  Ric leaves and Sam comes.  Jason is more worried about Michael then Reese.  He tells her that he believes Carly about Alcazar and he thinks it is someone with a grudge against Sonny, Carly or him.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 14, 2005

Jason and Sam talk about losing time on the search for Michael because Sonny has Jason looking after Reese.  They go to check on Reese but run into Carly.  She wants to tell Sonny about Michael so he won't take up Jason's time with the Reese problem.  Jason and Sam don't think they have enough to go on to tell Sonny and that Sonny will screw things up if he knows.  Sonny comes up and hears Carly say that Michael is alive.  Sam covers and Sonny starts to lecture Carly about letting Michael go.  Jason distracts Sonny by asking about Reese.   Sonny and Jason walk away.  Carly thanks Sam and agrees that Sonny can't know.  Sonny tells Jason that Reese thinks Durant is on the take and Durant is on to her.  He says they need to keep her safe.  Sam is making reservations on the phone when a woman she knew from Dr. Meadows office comes up with her baby.  She thinks that Sam has had her baby and asks about her. Jason overhears. Sam tells the woman her baby was stillborn and then admires the woman's baby.  The woman leaves and Jason approaches and tells her she was great with the woman.  Jason holds Sam while she talks about missing her baby and how being pregnant changed her.  The decide to try to have a baby once Michael is home.  (Credit Always and Forever)

April 15, 2005

Replay of Jason holding Sam and them talking about having a baby.  Ric approaches about Reese disappearing from the hospital and accuses Jason of having something to do with it. Jason tells him that Durant is after her.  Ric leaves frustrated.  Sam asks Jason if he knows where Reese is. Jason tells her that Durant was at the ER looking for Reese so he and Max got her out of there.  Jason wants to let Ric deal with Durant while they keep looking for Michael.  Carly comes off the elevator looking for Sonny. Before Jason can answer Courtney comes down the hall and tells them AJ is alive.  She tells them she heard AJ's voice when she picked up Rachel's phone.  Jax comes and tells them it is a longshot that it was AJ and gets Courtney to leave with him.  Sam thinks AJ is Faith's rich friend from Port Charles.  They see that it all fits that Faith was really stealing Michael for AJ and the other kids were just a cover.   Jason, Sam and Carly go to see Rachel.  She tells them about AJ's villa in the Bahamas.  Jason and Sam go to AJ's house in the Bahamas.  They go inside and call for Michael.  They find luggage and a video game.  AJ and Michael come back.  AJ sees Jason and Sam through the window. (Credit NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 18, 2005

Replay of Jason and Sam at AJ's villa.  They decide to search the villa for more info.  AJ takes Michael away.  Jason thinks it is taking AJ too long to get back and that he might know they are there. He tells Sam to wait there in case they come back and heads to the airport.  Jason comes back and says that while they were waiting a charter flight took off with a man and a boy on it but no flight plan.  They start searching the villa for a clue to where AJ took Michael.  Sam finds a letter from Michael to Jason. The letter says that Sonny doesn't want him and sent him to live with AJ and that AJ says Carly doesn't want him either but he isn't sure.  The letter asks Jason to ask Carly to call him.  Jason starts to flip out about how AJ could get Michael to believe his parents don't love him.  Sam gets him to keep his focus on finding Michael.  Jason searches the house while Sam goes through the luggage.  Sam finds photos of AJ and Michael. Jason finds the computer setup AJ used to fake calls from Sonny rejecting Michael.  Sam shows Jason the photos as real verification the Michael is alive.  Jason starts to go through the luggage too to try to find more info.  Jason finds info about Sienna, Italy and thinks that is where AJ took Michael.  They head out.  (Credit Always and Forever)

April 20, 2005

Carly is at the Penthouse when Jason and Sam get home.  They tell her that they found AJ's pilot and that AJ brought Michael back to Port Charles.  Jason thinks they are at the Qs and Alan is helping AJ.  Jason plans on getting Monica to help him.  After Jason leaves, Sam tells Carly about the letter.  Carly gets mad and turns on Sam and gets really mad when she realizes how much Jason has shared with Sam.  Carly leaves.  Jason goes to GH to see Monica.  He shows her the letter from Michael.  He tells her about the equipment for the phone call.  Monica doesn't want to believe it.  Jason asks her to help him and she agrees.  Jason goes to Alan and tells him he will find AJ and make him pay and he will also make anyone who helped him pay.  Jason accuses Alan of helping AJ.  Alan says at least AJ doesn't kill people for a living.  Jason says he will stop them and leaves.  Monica asks Alan where Michael is.  Jason goes to the Qs and tells Emily that AJ has Michael.  Emily helps Jason get into the Q attic.  AJ hides while Jason is in the attic.  Jason finds a newspaper story about the playground dedication.  Sam is unpacking.  She finds the star necklace and remembers seeing the shooting star with Jason in Italy. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 21, 2005

Emily comes to the attic. Jason shows her the news article.  She thinks Monica probably saves it.  They go downstairs and find Skye going through the desk.  Skye makes an excuse and leaves.  Emily talks about Skye's guilt about Faith and Michael.  Skye goes home and finds Jason waiting for her at the Lakehouse.  Jason shows Skye the letter.  She tells him that she didn't know AJ had Michael so she wired money into an account for him.  She says that now that she knows what he is doing she is no longer gonna help him.  Jason tells her to keep helping him.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 22, 2005

Jason goes home to grab his gun.  He tells Sam that AJ is trying to leave with Michael and he and Sonny are gonna stop him.  Sam convinces him to let her come along and help. Jason gives Sam the gun.  Monica comes in and tells them that AJ has been hiding Michael in the attic and he is getting ready to run. Monica doesn't want Jason to kill AJ, just to make him go away.  Jason tells her he can't do that, he needs to end it.  Jason and Sam go to the Qs.  Jason and Sam split up to search the mansion.  Jason gives Sam his gun because he doesn't want Michael caught in a gun fight.  Sam goes through the house as Jason heads for the stairs. As Jason goes up the stairs, AJ comes out and pulls a gun on him.  Jason wants to know where Michael is.  AJ says he has unfinished business, killing Jason.  Jason tries to get AJ to shoot him. Sonny, Carly and Michael come in and AJ gets distracted.  Jason lunges at him and they struggle over the gun.  Sam and Monica come in.  Reese comes in.  The guns flies free in the struggle.  Jason and AJ go through the railing and plunge to the floor in the foyer.  (Credit Always and Forever)

April 25, 2005

Replay of Jason and AJ fighting and falling to the foyer floor. Jason gets up having only injured his wrist.  AJ is still out on the floor.  Michael runs out of the house and Carly goes after him. Reese tries to question Jason but he doesn't answer.   The paramedics are working on AJ as Reese places him under arrest. Skye comes and Jason tells her what happened. Skye goes to AJ and wants to know what happened to him that he did such horrible things.  AJ accuses her of betraying him but Skye says it is not betrayal to stop a monster. Later, Sam starts to freak out that the doctors haven't seen Jason yet.  Jason get her to calm down and Sam tells him how scared she was when she saw him fall.  Courtney comes and Jason updates her.  Steven comes and tells them AJ will make a full recovery.  Courtney and Steven leave and Sonny comes.  Sonny tells them that Michael is fine physically but that AJ messed his head up.  Ric comes and tells them AJ is going to go for an insanity defense.  Reese comes and says that Michael needs time.  Reese and Ric talk about AJ's defense.  Reese says they will need Michael to testify.  Sonny says no, he won't cause Michael any more pain.  Sam goes to see what she can find out about Michael.  Monica comes and tells Jason that she thinks AJ came back to kill him.  Monica tells him she loves both of her sons.  Monica leaves and Emily comes.  They bring AJ out and Emily freaks out on him.  Sam comes back and says Michael is totally withdrawn. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 26, 2005

Sam is looking for Jason.  He comes down the hall.  He tells her he was thinking about Michael and was going to go see AJ and make him tell him what he said Michael but decided against it.  Later, in the examining room, Sam says there is nothing more they can do for Jason and just wants them to go home.  Monica and Emily stop in and say that AJ has taken a turn for the worst and they are going to go see him.  Sam says Jason doesn't seem to be surprised.  Emily comes in and says that AJ is dead.  Jason comforts Emily.  Sam wants to comfort Jason but Jason says that he used to feel sorry for AJ but after Michael he doesn't anymore. Jason and Sam start to leave but they run into Carly who wants to talk to Jason privately.  Sam reminds Carly that Jason has been through alot before leaving them alone. Carly says she did something Jason isn't going to like.  Sam checks Jason out of the hospital.  Monica and Emily come.  Durant, Ric, Courtney, Sonny and Reese are there.  Steve comes and tells Monica AJ was murdered.  Sonny walks out. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 27, 2005

Durant confronts Sam, Monica and Emily with the implication that Jason killed AJ.  Sam says that Jason was with her in the ERR all night.  Jason brings Michael to Greystone to see Carly.  Michael is still withdrawn.  Carly tries to reach him,  Sam comes and tells Jason that Durant thinks he killed AJ but she gave him an alibi.  Jason tells her if Durant asks again to tell the truth.  Sam thinks he wants her to tell the truth because Carly killed AJ.  Jason says Carly didn't do it but she did go to his room so he will not be able to prove she didn't do it.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 28, 2005

Jason goes to see an unresponsive Michael in his room.  He tells Michael that he is home and can do whatever he wants and that if Michael needs him he will be right downstairs.  He tells Michael that he loves him and that will never change. Jason leaves a ball on the floor.  After he is gone, Michael picks up the ball.  Sonny, Jason, Sam and Carly are downstairs.  Carly is insisting that she can reach Michael.  They want her to leave before murder charges can be filed.  Carly wants to take Morgan to see Michael.  Sonny says it is a bad idea because AJ convinced Michael that they love Morgan more and also because their expectations will put more pressure on Michael.  Jason and Sonny want Sam to take Morgan to see Michael.  Carly objects but they make her see that she is being selfish and she relents.  Sam takes Morgan to Michael's room and tells him that she has Morgan duty but doesn't know what to do.  She asks for Michael's help.  Michael rolls the ball to Morgan.  Jason, Carly and Sonny wait.  Sam comes down and tells them Leticia is watching Michael play with Morgan.  Carly wants to go see.  Reese comes and tells Sonny, Jason and Sam that the police are on their way to arrest Carly.  Jason and Sam come into Michael's room.  Jason tells Carly they have to go now cause the police are downstairs.  Carly refuses to go. (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

April 29, 2005

Replay of Jason and Sam coming to Michael's room to get Carly.  Jason makes her leave. Mac and Ric get there and find Sam playing with the children.  Jason has Carly in a safehouse where Carly is arguing and blaming Reese for what is happening.  Carly says Reese is framing her.  Jason says Carly gave them the evidence.  Carly wants to be with Michael.  The police leave and take Sonny with them.  Reese asks Sam to watch Michael.  Sam makes a call asking for help.  Carly tries to get Jason to agree to bring Michael to her but he is not going for it.  Carly reminds Jason of how it was before Sonny and Sam and wants him to remake their "odd little family".  Jason says her plans are only going to make things worse and she is staying there.  Sam comes and tells Jason that Michael needs his mother.  Jason and Sam sneak Carly into GH to see Michael.  Michael starts to respond.  The police come.  Jason and Reese try to stop them but the arrest Carly in front of Michael who become hysterical.  (Credit Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

May 2, 2005

Sonny is holding back Michael while Jason tries to calm down Carly who is also freaking out.  Reese tries to get the poilce to arrest her away from Michael.  Michael breaks free and runs to Carly.  Sonny goes after him but Jason stops him. Carly calms Michael.  Michael goes back with Sonny.  Jason goes with Carly when the police take her away.  Justus is with Edward.  Jason and Sam come and get him to defend Carly.  They update Justus and he goes to help Carly.  Jason wants to stay and talk to the Qs to check their alibis. Sam brings up the possibility that Carly could be guilty. Sam hopes she is wrong but wants Jason to be prepared in case she is guilty.  Emily comes in.  Sam leaves her and Jason alone.  Emily tells him she thinks she is losing her mind. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 3, 2005

Alcazar tries to question Monica but Jason makes him leave her alone.  Jason tells Monica about Carly's arrest and tries to convince her that Carly didn't do it.  Sam interrupts.  She wants Jason to come with her.  She says she needs him.  Jason goes with Sam.  Later Jason and Sam are at Greystone.  Sonny comes in and he wants Jason to go to the PCPD and try to get Carly to calm down.  He says he is working on an angle to get her out.  Jason tells him that Michael had a nightmare but he is with Reese and opening up to her.  Jason and Sam leave.  In the foyer, Sam shares her worry that Michael's dream about Carly killing AJ could actually be a memory.   (Credit Always and Forever)

May 4, 2005

Jason, Sam and Kristina at Greystone.  Jason and Sam are talking to Kristina about her playing with Sam.  Sam comes downstairs and says the kids are all playing together. Jason and Sam discuss the deal Sonny cut with Ric to get him to throw the case against Carly.  Jason doesn't trust Ric.  They go out on the terrace.  Jason is worried Carly will do something to make things worse.  Sam again brings up the possibility that it could be Carly.  Jason thinks it was one of the Quartermaines. He tells Sam he needs to talk to Monica. Jason goes to the hospital to see Monica.  He tells her that Carly kill AJ and he is trying to figure out who did.  He tells her he thinks it was one of the Qs.  Monica says Emily didn't do it.  Jason says he doesn't think Emily did it but he thinks Monica knows who did.  She tells him she can't tell him anything.  They argue quietly.  Ric comes and Monica leaves.  Ric tells Jason the deal with Sonny is off and he is gonna convict Carly. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 5, 2005

Jason and Sam at GH.  Jason is on the phone with Sam telling him to find out where Alexis was when AJ was murdered.  Sam is worried about Jason because she never sees him take time to recharge.  They hug.  Alexis gets off the elevator.  Jason approaches her about whether she killed AJ.  Michael tries to run away from Greystone.  Jason chases him and calms him down.  Michael tells Jason that he saw Carly kill AJ.  Alexis overhears.  Jason takes Michael back inside. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 6, 2005

Jason is talking to a very withdrawn Michael about running away and how everyone loves him. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 9, 2005

Sam asks Monica to help her find a doctor to certify Michael as unable to testify against Carly.  Monica agrees. Jason, Sonny and Reese at Greystone dicussing Carly and Michael.  Sonny thinks Carly is getting through to him.  Reese thinks she may do more harm than good and urges Sonny to get him psychiatric help.  Sonny is more worried about keeping Michael off the stand.  Jason wants to concentrate on finding the killer. Sonny wants to know what Jason will do if the killer is Monica or Emily, if he will give them up to protect Michael and Carly.  Jason's phone rings before he can answer.  It is Monica. She wants Jason to come see her right away.  Sonny asks Jason what he will do if Monica confesses.  Jason says he won't let Carly take the fall for someone else, no matter who it is. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 10, 2005

Jason meets Monica at GH.  She tells him that she saw Michael kill AJ.  She tells him that someone was coming and she got that person away and left Michael there to cover for him.  She is distraught that she never even tried to save AJ.  Jason tells her she saved Michael. She says she hoped Michael thinks it was all just a bad dream.  Jason tells her he does not think Michael knows what he did.  Jason tells Monica he will make sure Michael doesn't testify.  Jason talks to Michael about being home safe and how his parents love him. Michael feels bad for believing AJ's lies but Jason reassures him it is not his fault. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 11, 2005

Jason comes home to find Sam putting together a new sound system.  He asks about her plans for the night because he wants to spend time with her. Sam comes down to find that Jason has ordered her favorite Chinese and beer.  She is happy about it but wants to knwo what is going on. He says he wants to make up for what they have missed.  Jason asks Sam to look out the window at the sky and tell him what she sees.  While she is looking out the window he come up behinds her and puts the star necklace on her. They talk about how how they have changed each other's lives.  They eat and kiss and fade to black (this is their part of the Jason/Sam-Sonny/Carly montage).  Jason watches Sam sleep, stroking her hair then he starts to leave.  Sam wakes up.  Jason comes back and kisses her then leaves. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 12, 2005

Jason comes home and he and Sam talk about Sonny confessing to AJ's murder.  He tells her that Michael killed AJ but doesn't remember it and that is why Sonny confessed. Sam realizes that Jason had planned to confess but that Sonny did it first.  Jason admits that that was his plan when he left her last night. Sam says that they had a beautiful night and the whole time he was keeping a secret, but so is she. Jason apologizes for keeping his plans from her.  Sam says it is okay but she is gald he did not get the chance to confess because she thinks she might be pregnant. (Credit NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts)

May 13, 2005 

Jason at the desk at Greystone.  Sam comes in and Jason asks if she has taken the pregnancy test.  Sam hasn't because she doesn't want to know in case she is not pregnant. Reese comes in and wants Jason to make Sonny stop and get everyone to tell the truth.  She says the judge will be lenient with Michael.  Jason says it is Sonny's choice and wants to know why she cares so much about what happens to Sonny. Later, Jason explains to Michael about Carly wanting to take him and Morgan out of the country.  Michael asks about Sonny.  Jason starts to tell him about Sonny but Michael pulls out a newspaper, he already knows.  Michael is confident Jason will get Sonny out of it.  Jason says it may take some time so Michael refuses to leave. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 16, 2005

Jason asks Carly not to take Michael oout of the country but she is adament. Carly goes upstairs.  Sam asks Jason why he changed his mind.  Jason says Michael doesn't to go and he has been dragged around enough, it is about time Michael's wishes counted for something.  Michael is at the Qs with Alan and Monica.  Jason comes in.  Alan is mad tht Jason is there and starts to attack him and defend AJ.  Jason ignores Alan and talks to Michael but Monica threatens to rip Alan's tongue out.  Alan starts in on Sonny being a killer.  Michael says that Sonny did not kill AJ.  Jason takes Michael into the den to talk to bim about what he said.  Michael tells Jason about killing AJ.  Jason hugs him and he asks Jason if he is bad.  Jason tells him killing is bad but he isn't.  Jason tries to explain to Michael that he was not in his right mind because of all the trauma AJ had put him through.  Michael is upset about Sonny being in jail for the killing and wants to go to PCOD to see Sonny.  At PCPD, Carly tries to prevent Michael from seeing Sonny but Jason makes her let him see him.  Reese and Ric come up.  Ric asks if Michael know.  (Credit Always and Forever)

May 18, 2005

Sam is at Kelly's.  Jason rubs her shoulders and tells her that Justus can't stop them from making Carly testify.  Mike comes out and starts asking about Sonny.  Jason just tells him it is complicated.  Mike wants to get them coffee.  Jason says Sam needs to have tea, but she says coffee is fine.  Jason is disappointed that she is not pregnant.  They sit down.  Sam says she is disappointed but that Dr, Meadow's didn't give the okay yet anyway.  Jason says Sam's health is more important and that they need to wait for the doctor's okay.  They talk about taking a trip together after Sonny is acquitted.  Reese come in and tells Jason if he doesn't do something about Carly she is gonna send Sonny straight to death row.  At Greystone, Jason talks to Carly about her testimony.  Carly says she is scared.  Jason hugs her.  Sam comes in. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 19, 2005

Sam and Jason are at Greystone talking about how important Carly's testimony is and how dangerous it is for them that Durant is one of the prosecutors.  Carly comes down in a sexy dress ready to go to court.  Jason, Sam and Carly arrive at Court with Carly in more appropriate clothes. The press are hounding them.  Courtney takes Carly into the courtroom where Alexis belittles her.  Carly lunges at Alexis but Jason grabs her.  Carly is on the stand.  Michael comes in screaming that his father didn't kill AJ.  Jason grabs him.  (Credit Always and Forever)

May 23, 2005

Jason and Sam playing in the park with Michael and Morgan.  (Credit Always and Forever)

May 24, 2005

Jason and Sam take Michael and Morgan to Kelly's.  Jason and Michael sit down. Sam and Mike talk about whether AJ's murder will ever be solved.  Jason talks to Michael about the murder and how he can only discuss it with Jason, Sonny and Carly.  Sam is impressed with how good Jason is with Michael and says he will be a really good father someday.  Jason tells Michael it is time to leave.  Michael says that Carly said that her and Sonny would meet them there.  Jason doesn't think they are coming.  Michael thinks this means they are getting back together.  Jason tells them that Sonny and Carly can't be together and nothing has changed.  Jason and Sam are back at the Penthouse.  Sam is talking about the peace now that it is all finally over.  Jason thanks Sam for getting him through it all.  They kiss. Carly bursts in and interupts them.  Sam tells her to leave and Jason nods his agreement.  (Credit Always and Forever)

May 25, 2005

Sam tells Carly to leave and tells her that she can not just burst in whenever she wants to.  Carly blows her off and turns to talk to Jason.  Jason blows Carly off and tells her he will call her tomorrow.  Carly gets snarky at Sam as she leaves.  Sam starts to apologize to Jason but he cuts her off and tells her she was right but Carly is gonna do something crazy.  Jason goes out in the hall and tells Carly not to screw up everyone's life now that things were getting back to normal but she is just snotty to him.  He goes back into the Penthouse.  Sam tells Jason that Carly is just acting out.  Jason says when Carly acts out people get hurt.  Sam says now that things are bakc to normal she wants to get back to salvage work.  Jason says that salvage work is too streneous if she wants to get pregnant.  Sam is thrilled that is what he said because it proves that he really does want to have a baby with her.  Jason says he will reassure her everyday.  Sam doesn't want to be reassured, she wants to do something about it.  They kiss and fall to the couch.  Jason's phone rings interupts them. It is Michael, he is alone and had a nightmare.  Jason leaves to go to Michael.  Jason and Michael at Greystone.  Michael thinks he is going to hell for killing AJ. Jason reassures him. (Credit Always and Forever).

May 26, 2005

Jason is going to GH.  Sam says they can go together since she wants to get checked out and make sure it is okay for her to get pregnant.  Jason says he has an appointment about getting psychiatric help for Michael but that Sonny and Carly don't agree with him.  Jason and Sam arrive at the hospital.  Sam goes in for her appointment.  Jason and Emily talk about getting Michael help.  Jason and Sam come home.  Sam says that she feels great. She is upset that Dr. Meadows wants more tests before she gives the okay for Sam to get pregnant. (Credit Always and Forever)

May 27, 2005

Carly calls Jason and begs him to meet her saying it was ugent.  Jason comes home disgusted with Carly because the call was a part of one of her plans.  Jason says Carly can't expect him to just drop his life with Sam and go running t her rescue.  Sam says that it is okay because it helped her make a surprise for him.  Jason sees that she set up a candlelight dinner.  They dance and then talk about what their child will be like.  Jason and Sam are kissing and moving toward the stairs when the phone rings.  It is Dr. Meadows and she tells Sam that she needs to wait at least a year to have a baby.  (Credit Always and Forever)

May 30, 2005

Sam is freaking out about the phone call.  Jason comforts her. Sam she doesn't care about the risks.  Jason says he does. Jason talks about how he felt when she was so sick after losing her baby.  Sam is worried that after a year Dr. Meadow's will still tell her to wait and that she will never be ready according to the doctor.  Sam is crying when Carly bursts in demanding Jason's attention.  Jason yells are Carly to leave but Sam runs out. Carly tells Jason not to chase Sam.  Jason tells Carly she is out of control and he is tired of it.  Sam is drinking at Jake's when Carly comes in and starts with her.  Carly offers Sam 5 million dollars to leave Jason.  Sam turns her down.  Carly tells her how she got rid of perfect Robin and she will get rid of her too.  Sam punches her in the face. Sam and Carly brawl until Coleman and another patron break it up.  Jason comes.  Sam tells Jason she hit Carly first.  Jason says she probably deserved it.  Sam says Carly hates her and will not stop until she is gone.  Sam doesn't want to put Jason in the middle of that.  She says she loves him enough to walk away.  He asks if she loves him enough to stay.  Sam says that Jason and Carly have a connection and if she were gone maybe something would happen between them.  Jason says that Carly makes him crazy but that she can't hurt him because he is not in love with her.  That only Sam has the power to hurt him.  He asks her to come home. (Credit Always and Forever)

June 1, 2005

Courtney comes up to Sam at the hospital they talk about Carly. Jason talks to Michael about sending him to see Lainey to talk about killing AJ. Sam discusses confidentiality with Lainey. Jason and Sam at Sonny's talking about finding a doctor for Michael and about Jason's experience with doctors. Michael has a bad dream about AJ. Jason and Sam think Courtney might know someone that could help so Jason leaves to go see her. (Credit Holsgem)

June 2, 2005 

Jason and Sam in the park where Courtney is going to get married. Sam asks Jason if it's weird to be there. They talk about Courtney and that they love each other. Jason goes to see Courtney and Carly is there. Carly leaves. Jason and Courtney talk about their wedding. They hug and Lady Jane sees. Jason and Courtney talk about Michael. She says she'll give him some names of discrete doctors...He wishes her luck. Jason finds Jax drinking and Jax says there isn't going to be a wedding. Jason tells Jax that he is going to marry Courtney if Jason has to drag him the the park himself. (Credit Holsgem)

June 3, 2005

Jason tells Jax that he is going to marry Courtney if Jason has to drag him the the park himself. Jason and Jax discuss Courtney. Jax decides he is going to marry Courtney and asks Jason to keep this between them. Sam at the hospital asking Alan where Dr. Thomas' office is. Jason nods to Carly at Cortney and Jax's wedding. Sam meets Dr. Thomas in his office and asks about his stance on doctor patient confidentiality. He says whatever a child tells him stays in this room. Jason lurking around the wedding. Sam and Dr. Thomas discuss one of his clients that he is being pressured to testify about. They then discuss Michael and Sam asks if he'll meet with Michael. Jason comes and says he knows Dr. Thomas. Jason is rude to him and Jason and Sam leave. Jason and Sam at home talking about Dr. Thomas and Michael. Jason asks Sam to make the appointment and she does. Dr. Thomas says to Alan "we're in". (Credit Holsgem)

June 6, 2005

Jason and Sam at Sonny's discussing Michael seeing Dr. Thomas. Sam is icing her face when Em comes in and wants to know what happened. Sam tells Em about her fight with Carly. Jason goes to Reese's to talk to Sonny about Michael seeing a shrink. Sonny tells Jason that Carly is going to marry Lo. Jason is upset. Jason and Sam at Sonny's discussing Carly, Lo, and Sonny. Cute scene where Jason says "when I took you in" and "you changed my life". Michael overhears that Carly and Lo are getting married. Jason tries to reassure him that everything is going to be okay.  (Credit Holsgem)

June 7, 2005

Jason tries to reassure Michael that everything is going to be okay. Sam tries to help but Michael freaks out and runs out. Jason and Sam discuss how to handle Michael. Carly comes in and wants to take Michael to her wedding. Jason says no. Carly tries to convince Jason to support her marriage to Lo. Jason and Sam argue with Carly. Michael comes in and throws stuff. Sonny comes in and asks Michael "what are you doing". Sonny and Carly try to reassure Michael. Michael runs out. Jason tries to get through to Michael. Sonny asks Carly not to marry Lo for Michael's sake. Sam goes to see Reese and asks her to do what is best for Michael. Jason and Sonny argue over Michael's need for a therapist. (Credit Holsgem)

June 8, 2005

Jason and Sam and Michael at the park talking about Dr. Thomas. Sam talking to Dr. Thomas about confidentiality. Alan eavesdrops on Sam and Dr. Thomas. Jason and Michael walk in on Carly and Lo in an intimate moment. Jason and Michael wait outside of Carly's. Carly comes out and invites them in saying that Lo won't bother us. Michael asks Carly about her ring and she tells him that her and Lo plan to marry. Carly apologizes to Michael for him walking in on her and Lo. She scolds Jason for not calling first. Carly wants to change and take Michael to his appointment with Dr. Thomas but he refuses and runs out. Jason says that he'll take care of it. Jason and Sam introduce Michael to Dr. Thomas and he goes into Dr. Thomas' office. Alan comes up and asks what is going on. Emily, Jason and Sam talk about Michael seeing Dr. Thomas. Michael runs up and says please don't make me see him again. Emily takes Michael to the park. Jason and Sam discuss Michael. Jason and Carly discuss Michael and Carly and Lo. Jason and Sam in the park talking about Michael and Dr. Thomas. Michael and Emily meet up with them and Michael agrees to see Dr. Thomas again. (Credit Holsgem)

June 9, 2005

Jason and Sam at the hospital with Michael and Emily. Em is trying to convince Michael to see Dr. Thomas. Sam tells Jason not to show Michael any negativity toward Dr. Thomas. Jason and Sam discuss Sam asking Reese to back off and Sonny being there for his kids. Em brings Michael back to Jason and Sam because his appointment was rescheduled. Dr. Thomas wants to see Jason and Sam. Michael waits with Em. Jason and Sam at Sonny's. They try to convince Sonny that Michael needs professional help. Sonny tells them that Reese is leaving and Sam tells him that she asked Reese to back off. Sonny is angry and he leaves to find Reese. Jason and Sam discuss Michael and his parents. Sam is worried that if Michael doesn't get help he could turn into a killer. (Credit Holsgem)

June 10, 2005

Jason and Sam at Sonny's. They discuss Michael and his parents. Jason blames himself. Jason and Sam take Michael to see Dr. Thomas at the hospital. They talk to Emily about Michael. Michael runs in a hugs Em saying he doesn't want to talk to Dr. Thomas. Sonny comes up and says that Michael does not have to talk to Dr. Thomas. Sonny asks Ric to sit with Reese so he can take Michael home. Sonny doesn't want anyone to talk about therapy anymore. Dr. Thomas thinks Michael was faking and he and Jason argue. Dr. Thomas wants to know what Michael is hiding but Jason won't tell him. Sam asks Jason what if Michael is lying and she thinks they should give Dr. Thomas another chance. Jason doesn't think it's going to happen. Jason and Sam at Sonny's discussing whether Michael should go back to Dr. Thomas. Michael comes down to tell Sonny something and Carly and Lorenzo come in. (Credit Holsgem)

June 13, 2005

Jason and Sam at Sonny's. Carly and Lorenzo announce their marriage. Carly talks to Michael about Lo. Michael wants to stay with Sonny. Emily gets Michael to go upstairs. Carly hugs Michael and they exchange I love you's. Sonny argues with Carly and Lo. Carly asks Jason why he hasn't commented. Carly doesn't like his response and asks Jason and Sam to leave. Em convinces Michael to go to therapy. Jason overhears and silently thanks Em. Jason talks to Michael about what happened with Carly and Lo and the reality of Carly and Sonny. Jason and Sonny talk about Michael and how Em helped him. Sonny talks about how bad Carly marrying Lo is for Michael right now and asks Em to come by and see Michael. Sonny trusts Em and is willing to let Michael go to therapy if Em thinks it's best. Jason and Sonny discuss Em and Michael's therapy and Carly and Lo. Jason and Sam mud mask scene. Jason and Sam on the couch talking about Carly. Jason tells Sam that she is his first before Carly or anybody else. (Credit Holsgem)

June 17, 2005

Jason and Sam at the hospital with Michael talking about how his session with Dr. Thomas went. Michael wants pizza. Dr. Thomas wants to talk to Jason and Sam. Dr. Thomas is worried about Michael's living situation. Michael talks to Jodie. She wants him to run away. Dr. Thomas talks to Jason and Sam about Michael...Alan comes up and suggests that he live with the Q's. Jason vetos that. Jason and Sam find that Michael didn't stay in the waiting area. They find him at the Pizza Shack. Jason and Sam don't find anyone else there. They leave money for the pizza they share. Jason,Sam and Michael discuss Sonny. Jason and Sam and Michael at Sonny's. Reese says she is just there to thank Sonny. Sam goes upstairs with Michael. Reese says she needs coffee and heads to the kitchen. Jason and Sonny discuss killing Reese's ex. Sam tries to put Michael to bed. Jodie is outside the window. Michael tells Sam that they can't fix the hole in the fence otherwise Jodie won't be able to get in. Jason and Sonny discuss Reese. (Credit Holsgem)

June 20, 2005

Jason and Sonny find Ric and Reese on the docks with the dead body of Reese's ex-hubby. Ric tells them to get out of their before the cops come. Jason and Sonny at Sonny's discussing Reese and Ric. They argue about Ric being trustworthy. Sam and Emily talk about her rape and having sex with Nik again. Sam thinks Em should try. Sonny and Jason still talking about Ric and Reese. Reese walks in. Jason meets with Ric on the docks he wants to know what went down with Reese's hubby and what Ric is hiding. (Credit Holsgem)

June 21, 2005

Jason meets with Ric on the docks he wants to know what went down with Reese's hubby and what Ric is hiding. Ric claims he was protecting Sonny. Jason and Ric argue over Ric's intentions toward Sonny. Jason walks into the hospital where John and Alan are threating to take Michael away from Carly and Sonny. Jason threatens them. Jason and Sam at Sonny's discussing Alan and John's moves toward Michael. Reese comes to tell Carly and Sonny that Durant has been shot. Carly runs out. Reese asks to be alone with Sonny and Jason and Sam leave...Jason and Michael discussing Michael's living arrangements. Sam and Emily  discuss Nik and Em sex. Sam asks Em if Jason seems "off"...Em thinks that Jason's work sometimes stresses him out.  (Credit Holsgem)

June 22, 2005

Jasosn and Sam at Sonny's talking about John Durant's shooting, the Qs, AJ, and Michael. The police come to take Jason in for questioning. Sam argues with the cops after they find out that Alan accused Jason of threating AJ's life. Jason and Sam at the PCPD with Mac and Alan. Alan is trying to convince Mac that Jason killed AJ. Sam and Alan argue. Alan wants Jason to go to jail. Jason tells Mac what he was doing during the time of the shooting. Michael comes in and starts to defend Jason. Jason tries to get him to be quiet and reassures him that he is only there for questioning. Alan continues verbally attacking Jason. Mac is not happy with Alan for calling him away from Maxie's hospital bed. Mac and Alan argue. Michael butts in and Alan tries to convince him that Jason and Sonny are liars and that AJ loved him. Jasona nd Sam yell at him for trying to poison Michael. Sam takes Michael home. Monica comes in to try to smooth things over for Jason with Mac. Someone brings Mac a gun and he says they have a suspect and it's not Jason. Jason leaves. Monica and Alan fight over Jason and AJ. Monica doesn't want Alan to come home and tells him to stay away from Michael. Sam and Michael discuss Jason and Alan. Jason comes to Sonny's and he talks to Michael about keeping that he killed AJ secret. (Credit Holsgem)

June 24, 2005

Jason and Sam at the PH. Sam is getting ready for Michael's appointment with Dr. Thomas. Jason asks her to take care of it. They argue over Dr. Thomas and Jason feelings toward him. Sam leaves. Jason heads to the elevator and hears something from Sonny's old PH. Sonny is there and says he is giving the PH to Reese. They argue about how it will effect Carly. Jason leaves a message for Sam telling her he appreciates what she is doing for Michael. Jason overhears Sonny and Reese in the PH and closes the door. Carly gets off the elevator and also overhears Sonny and Reese. Carly confronts them and says there is no way that Reese is living there. (Credit Holsgem)

June 27, 2005

Carly confronts Sonny and Reese at Sonny's PH and says there is no way that Reese is living there. Sonny and Carly argue. Jason tries to defend Carly. Carly calls Reese names and continues to go off on Sonny and Reese. Carly walks out and Jason follows. They go back to Jason's and discuss Reese. Sam comes home and Jason is laying on the couch. He has a headache from Carly. Sam rubs his shoulders. He apologizes for being a jerk about Michael's Dr appointment. Sam says that she feels safe enough to have an honest difference of opinion. Jason says I think we can agree on one thing and kisses her. They cuddle and talk about Michaels therapy, and Jodie then they start discussing Carly and Reese then back to Jodie. Emily comes to the PH to talk to Sam about her problems with Nik. Jason catches Carly sneaking into Sonny's PH. (Credit Holsgem)

June 28, 2005

Emily at the PH talking to Sam about her problems with Nik. Jason and Carly at Sonny's PH arguing about Reese. Carly reminisces about life in the PH and they discuss Reese. Em and Sam talk more about Nem and their post-rape sexual problems. Michael calls Sam and she goes to Sonny's to talk to him. He broke a picture and thinks he's bad. Jason and Carly still arguing about Reese. Sonny and Reese come home and make out while Jason and Carly hide. Alan and Dr. Thomas discussing Michael. Sam calls Dr. Thomas to tell him about Michael. He wants Sam and Michael to meet him at his office. Sonny and Reese making out while Jason and Carly still hide.  They head upstairs so Jason and Carly sneak out and Carly leaves. Jason gets Sam's voicemail about Michael. Sam and Michael talk to Dr. Thomas. Michael talks to Dr. Thomas about being bad and AJ. Jason comes to meet Sam and takes Michael home. Dr. Thomas talks to Sam. He knows that Michael killed AJ. (Credit Holsgem)

June 29, 2005

Jason and Michael at Sonny's talking about Dr. Thomas and AJ...Dr. Thomas and Sam listen to tapes of Michael...Sam gets mad and demands that he destroy all his tapes...Jason reassures Michael that nothing bad will happen to him...Dr. Thomas and Sam destroy the tape while discussing Michael killing AJ...Dr. Thomas tries to convince Sam to talk Jason into letting Michael come back to therapy...Sam agrees to try...Jason and Michael at Sonny's and Sonny comes in...Jason leaves and Sonny and Michael discuss the broken picture and Sonny's own rage...Jason and Sonny discuss Michael...Sonny thinks maybe Michael should go back to therapy...Jason is worried that they can't trust Dr. Thomas...Sam overhears...JaSam discuss Michael going back to therapy....Dr. Thomas and Michael in therapy....JaSam outside...Sam believes they can trust Dr. Thomas...Michael comes out...Jason and Michael talk about the session....Dr. Thomas and Sam discuss Michael....Jason wants Michael to wait to tell Dr. Thomas about killing AJ. (Credit Holsgem)

June 30, 2005

Sam and Michael in the park heading toward his appointment with Dr. Thomas. They stop for a pretzel and Michael looks for Jodie. Jodie's mother comes and wants him to stay away from her daughter. Jason and Justus discuss Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas with his secretary. She gives him a folder and he tells her to cancel an appointment. His secretary and Lainey talk for a sec. Lainey tries to get Dr. Thomas to go out to lunch. They discuss Michael briefly. Jodie's mom and Michael talking about Jodie. Jason at the hospital remembering when he woke up after the accident. He remembers Monica and a nurse. Dr. Thomas comes up. So do Sam and Michael. Dr. Thomas takes Michael and Jason and Sam talk about his memories. Michael runs up and wants to go home...Jason and Michael at Sonny's talking about Jodie. Dr. Thomas looking at Jason's brain scans. Sam walks in and they talk about Michael and Jason. Jason comes back from trying to talk to Jodie's parents. He tells Michael that they moved away. (Credit Holsgem)

July 1, 2005

Jason at Sonny's. Carly comes down the stairs asking for Sonny. She brought Morgan over to see Sonny and Michael. Jason tells Carly she needs to move on and accept her choices. They argue. Carly goes to take Morgan home. Jason goes to see Dr. Thomas and asks him about what happened after the accident. Jason remembers Dr. Thomas messing around with a nurse in his room. Jason wants Justus to find the nurse. Sonny comes home looking for Reese. Sonny says that he and Reese were going to take them to the park. Jason jumps on him to put Michael first. Sonny says Carly was nice when he picked up Morgan and Jason thinks she's up to something. (Credit Holsgem)

July 4, 2005

Jason and Sonny talking about the Carly and Reese situation. Reese calls and says someone broke in. She passes out. Sonny and Jason come to Reese's. Jason says nothing is missing. Sonny wants Jason to find out who did this...Jason goes to see Carly at Lo's. He accuses her of breaking into Reese's and hitting her on the head. Carly denies it and Lo backs her up. Jason leaves. Jason tells Sonny that Carly broke into Reese's. He tells him about the first time he caught Carly breaking in. Sonny want it to end now. Jason wants to keep this between them. Ric overhears and wants to hold Carly responsible. Sonny agrees that Carly has gone too far. (Credit Holsgem)

July 5, 2005

Sam and Dr. Thomas at the hospital. He wants her to talk Sonny into coming to therapy with Michael and Carly. Jason, Sonny, and Ric still talking about the Carly/Reese situation. Ric leaves and Sonny tells Jason that maybe he isn't seeing what Carly did clearly. Sam and Jason at Sonny's. She tells him what Dr. Thomas wants. They talk about Carly breaking into Reese's. They talk about the Sonny/Reese situation. Sam tries to get Jason to look at the situation objectivly. Sam sees Ric going into Reese's PH.. arly knocks on the PH door and Sam tells her off for being selfish and obsessive. Carly leaves. Sonny tells Jason that Reese knew it was Carly who attacked her. Sonny wants Jason to leave Reese alone. (Credit Holsgem)

July 6, 2005

Jason and Sam at the PH. Sam asks if he carried her up to bed. He did. They hug. They talk about Reese, Sonny, Carly and Ric. Sam tells him that she saw Ric go into Reese's last night. Emily comes to talk to Sam about Nik and their problems. Jason walks in on Carly and Lo at Lo's to talk about Reese. They argue about him barging in to her home. She promises to respect his space and wants him to respect her marriage with Lo. They talk about Reese. Carly says she is not going after Reese anymore. Sam and Em talking about Carly barging into the PH and her manipulating Jason. Sam tells Em that Jason thinks Reese and Ric are "in bed together". Em has a lightbulb moment. Sam gets a call. Jason comes home and Em is there waiting to talk to him about Carly's obsession with Reese. Jason can't shake the feeling that Ric and Reese are up to something. (Credit Holsgem)

July 7, 2005

Jason and Emily at the PH talking about Carly/Reese/Ric. Em thinks Jason should pay more attention to Sam. Dr. Thomas and Sam discussing Jason and Michael. Dr. Thomas wants to know why Jason hates him. Jason and Em discuss Carly and not taking Sam for granted. Sam and Dr. Thomas talk about Jason and his memories. Sam gets upset by Dr. Thomas' assessment of Jason. Sam comes home and Jason wants to know why she is so mad. They talk about Dr. Thomas and what he said. Sam doesn't think that Dr. Thomas sees Jason for the loving person he is. Jason doesn't care what Dr. Thomas believes as long as Sam knows how much she means to him. Jason and Sam sitting on the floor.  Jason "I love you". They talk about Ric/Reese. Jason doesn't care about Sam's past. She agrees that it's better left in the past. Jason says he trusts her and wants her to tell him when she thinks he is over the top even if he doesn't always agree but he is always going to listen. Sam says he is a little over the top over Reese/Ric. They talk about Carly getting mad cuz he is going to back off. Sam thinks that Carly is going to make his life miserable and Jason says she can't cuz I have you. They kiss. Sam at Sonny's. She overhears Michael talking to Jodie and asks him who he is talking to. Justus comes to the PH and tells Jason that Dr. Thomas is interested in Sam beyond the Michael situation. (Credit Holsgem)

July 8, 2005

Jason and Dr. Thomas talking about Sam. Sam at Sonny's wondering why Michael has so much food in his room. She wants him get ready for his appointment with Dr. Thomas. Jason tells Dr. Thomas that Sam is fragile and he wants her to be okay. He is trying to figure out what Dr. Thomas sees in Sam. Justus comes up and says that he found something disturbing in his background check on Dr. Thomas. Sam interupts and Justus leaves. Sam tells him that she wonders about Dr. Thomas's motives toward her. Michael and Dr. Thomas come up and Jason and Sam take him home...Jason and Sam at Sonny's. It's storming outside and they are talking about Michael. Jason says that he respects her and that he realizes more every day what they have. They hug. Max comes through and says the storm is headed their way. Sam puts together camping stuff for Michael so they can ride out the storm having fun. Jason says Sam would have been a great mom. She says he would've been a great dad. Dr. Thomas brings Michael's backpack and asks about a letter Michael wrote to Jodie. Sam explains who Jodie is. Dr. Thomas is glad she's gone and goes to leave. Max says the roads are blocked. Dr. Thomas says "won't this be cozy". (Credit Holsgem)

July 12, 2005

Jason and Sam cuddling in a chair at Sonny's talking about Sam's "camping trip". Dr. Thomas interupts. He wants to have a therapy session with them. Jason won't go for it...Dr. Thomas accuses Jason of hurting Michael by his actions toward Dr. Thomas and Michael's therapy. Dr. Thomas leaves them alone and Sam says not to listen to anything his says and Jason says "he's right". Jason talks about how the accident effects his imagination and therefore his empathy. Jason heads out in the rain and Sam turns and sees Dr. Thomas and says "you bastard". Sam and Dr. Thomas argue about Jason. Sam gets ready to look for Jason but he comes back in after having a walk. They talk about the things Dr. Thomas said. Sam doesn't want him to believe anything that Dr. Thomas said about him. (Credit Holsgem)

July 13, 2005

Jason Sam at Sonny's talking about Dr. Thomas. Sam doesn't want him to believe anything that Dr. Thomas said about him. Jason talks about his first memories after waking up from the accident. He doesn't think he can understand what Michael is feeling so he feels like he is failing Michael and maybe he could fail Sam too. Sam tries to convince him that he would not fail her or Michael. Jason and Sam start making out but Sam says they can't but then she suggests they use one of the six bedrooms. Jason says no cuz of Michael and Dr. Thomas. Sam tries to convince him and says she'll be quiet. He says she is never quiet. Sam challenges him to a game of dominoes..."Dominoes and Tequila" scenes...montage to "When a Man Loves a Woman". (Credit Holsgem)

July 14, 2005

Jason and Sam at Sonny's. Jason carries Sam to the couch. He is touching her hair and face when Michael screams. He runs to Michael who was having a nightmare. Dr. Thomas sees Sam on the couch. Jason and Michael talk about his nightmare. Jason asks if he wants to talk to Dr. Thomas about it. He reassures Michael that Dr. Thomas will keep his secret. Dr. Thomas sits on the couch next to Sam and picks up her hand. Jason sees him and wants to know what he's doing...Dr. Thomas says he was worried about Sam and was checking her pulse. Michael comes down to talk to Dr. Thomas. Jason stops them from heading to Michael's room. Dr. Thomas and Jason argue about Michael's therapy. Sam wakes up and wants to know what is going on. Dr. Thomas tells her and Jason lets him go to Michael. Jason tells Sam that Dr. Thomas was sitting next to her while she slept. They talk about what she remembers. Jason doesn't trust Dr. Thomas. Jason andSam flirting and talking about her drinking and winning dominoes. They are about to kiss when Dr. Thomas comes downstairs. Jason and Michael look at Dr. Thomas's PDA. Jason finds something and runs out. Michael tells Jodie that Dr. Thomas will be disappearing. Jason asks Sam where Dr. Thomas is and when she say he left Jason tells her that Dr. Thomas has an appointment with Mac. Jason goes after him. (Credit Holsgem)

July 18, 2005

Dr. Thomas goes into his office and tries to make a phone call to Mac. Jason hangs up and says that he will cut off Dr. Thomas' hands before he lets him tell the cops about Michael. Dr. Thomas explains that he wasn't calling about Michael. He makes a joke that he'd like to live so see his next birthday. Jason asks if someone has been threating him. They talk about Michael and Jason's attitude. Mac knocks on the door. Jason draws his gun and hides behind the door. Dr. Thomas refuses to give Mac info about one of his patients. Dr. Thomas wants Jason to distance himself from Michael's therapy. Jason finds Carly on a stretcher in the lobby...John Durant comes up and want Jason to leave. They argue about Carly and the boys. Tony comes and takes Carly for a CAT scan. Jason threatens Durant. Dr. Thomas talking to his tape recorder about Michael killing AJ. Durant comes to his office and wants to know about Michael. Dr. Thomas shuts him down and wheels him out of his office. Durant get a janitor to open up Dr. Thomas's office and listens to the tape. Jason and Emily talking about her relationship with Nik. Nik overhears. (Credit Holsgem)

July 19, 2005 

Jason and Michael at Sonny's talking about Carly and Dr. Thomas. Durnat listening to the tape. He picks up the phone and asks to speak with Judge Harris. Jason and Michael talk about Jason's brain injury and Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas comes and wants to talk to Jason. Michael leaves. Dr. Thomas apologizes for allowing Alan to influence his therapy with Michael. Jason goes off on him. Dr. Thomas tells him that Alan took the tape with him saying that Michael killed AJ. Jason goes off on him again then heads to the Qs. Jason talks to Alan and Monica. Alan denies taking the tape. They argue. Jason tells him to stay away from Michael. Jason gets a call from Dr. Thomas secretary about Durant bringing him in for questioning. Dr. Thomas being questioned by Durant but he refuses to cooperate. Jason at Carly's to get Michael. The cops come to arrest Michael. Jason pulls his gun on them and says "back off or I am going to shoot". (Credit Holsgem)

July 20, 2005

The cops come to Carly's to arrest Michael. Jason pulls his gun on them and says "back off or I am going to shoot". Sam comes up behind the cops with a shotgun. The cops drop their weapons and get tied up. Carly says goodbye to Michael. Jason, Sam and Michael leave. They go to Sonny's to pack Michael's things. Jason and Sam talk to Sonny. They argue. Michael doesn't want to leave the country. Sonny convinces him to leave with Jason and Sam. The cops come but Sonny says they need a search warrant to get into his house. Jason, Sam and Michael sneak out and go to the caves beneath Wyndemere where Emily is waiting with supplies. Jason tries to reassure Michael. Jason thanks Sam for backing him up. They hug. (Credit Holsgem) 

July 21, 2005

Jason and Sam in the caves talking about Michael and what they are going to do. Emily comes to Sonny's to tell him that Jason, Sam and Michael are safe and that Jason wants to know what to do. Jason and Sam still talking about their situation. Emily comes and tells them that an APB is out for them and that Sonny wants them to get Michael out of the country. Jason asks Sam if she is sure she wants to do this. They going to use a boat and Sam is going to pilot it. Carly, Sonny and Morgan come to say goodbye. Jason, Sam and Michael leave. The cops come to the caves but only Carly, Sonny and Morgan are there. Jason, Sam and Michael on the boat. Michael heads below deck. Sam asks Jason if he is having second thoughts. He asks her the same. She assures him that this is what she wants to do. Michael finds Jodie on the boat.  (Credit Holsgem)

July 22, 2005 

Jason an dSam on the boat talking about Michael. Michael finds Jodie and she tells him that he didn't kill AJ. Jason and Sam still talking about Michael. Michael and Jodie talking about him not killing AJ. Jodie says she was there that night. Jason comes and Jodie hides. Jason wants to know if he's okay. Michael assures him that he is fine and excited to be on the boat trip. Jason and Sam tuck Michael into bed. Michael wants Jodie to tell him what happened the night AJ died. Jason and Sam talk about picking up supplies. Jason thinks she misses life at sea. Sam explains how it makes her feel safe and it was the only time she had that feeling until she met him. Jason talks about his travels and how he felt free. Jason says he talks more with her than he has in his entire life. He says that what they have is what he missed out on the road. They hug. Michael comes up and tells them about Jodie being on the boat and that she says that Michael didn't kill AJ and she knows who did. Michael takes them to meet Jodie. Jason and Sam look confused. (Credit Holsgem)

July 25, 2005

Michael takes Jason and Sam to meet Jodie. Jason and Sam look confused. Michael asks Jodie to tell themwho really killed AJ. Sam plays along. Jodie doesn't think Jason likes her. Jason looks like someone punched him. Sam tells Michael that Jodie doesn't have to talk and Jason and Sam leave. They discuss Michael and Jodie. Michael and Jodie talk about Jason. Jason and Sam discuss Michael and Jodie some more. Jason says he can't pretend with Michael. Sam says she'll get the truth out of Jodie. Jason gets a call from Sam. She says she has been followed and wants Jason to leave with Michael. Sam is arrested. Michael comes up and tell him that Jodie is ready to tell him who killed AJ. (Credit Holsgem)

July 26, 2005

Jason is on the phone with Reese who tells him who Jodie is. He tells Reese about Michael's imaginary friend. Michael looks for Jodie. Jason comes up and listens to Michael talking to Jodie. Jason tries to pretend that he is talking to Jodie. Jason leaves them alone. Michael follows him and asks if Jason believes him about Jodie and that she knows who killed AJ. Michael goes to find Jodie. Jason is really upset. Jason calls Dr. Thomas and tells him about Jodie. Dr. Thomas tells him not to confront Michael. Jason wants to tell him. Michael overhears. Durant is in Dr. Thomas's office when he hangs up. Jodie comes up to Michael and Jason. Michael realizes that Jason can't see Jodie. Michael gets upset. Jason tries to convince him that he can see her but fails. Michael accuses him of lying. Michael thinks he's crazy. Jason hugs him. Jason carries him to bed and tries to reassure him. Jason calls Dr. Thomas and tells him what happened with Michael. Jason starts to have memories of Dr. Thomas. He hangs up the phone. Dr. Thomas remembers talking to AJ on the phone about killing Jason. Jason is thinking. (Credit Holsgem)

July 27, 2005

Jason talking on the phone with Sonny. He tells him about Jodie. Michael wakes up and sees Jodie standing over him with the pillow. Jason tells Sonny what Reese found out about the real Jodie. Sonny wants Jason to head back to PC but not dock. Michael talks to Jodie. He wants her to go away and starts yelling at her. Jason comes in to see what is going on and hugs Michael. Jason tries to explain why Michael made up Jodie and he doesn't want Michael to be afraid of her. Michael goes to look for Jodie and she tells him the truth is inside of him. Sonny tells Carly about Michael. Dr. Thomas remembers talking to Monica about Jason after the accident then he remembers injecting Jason IV line. Dr. Thomas looks in his drawer where he has a syringe then looks pleased with himself. Jason brings Michael home. Durant and the cops arrest Jason. Durant and Carly take Michael in too. Sonny threatens Durant. Dr. Thomas remembers killing AJ. Rachel comes to see Dr. Thomas at his invite. (Credit Holsgem) 

July 28, 2005

Jason and Sam at the PCPD talking about Michael and how they got there. Jason apologizes to Sam for her being arrested. Sam doesn't want him to take the blame. The charges are dropped and they hug. Durant tells them that there is a restraining order against them and they have to stay away from Michael. They talk to Sonny about the situation with Durant and Michael. Reese comes up and says that they need to file an injuction against Dr. Thomas based on what Rachel saw. Reese and Sonny argue with Durant. Durant calls Dr. Thomas and threatens him. Durant wants Michael to admit that he killed AJ so he can get custody. Jason and Sam at home discussing Michael, Rachael, and Dr. Thomas. Sam after a shower talking to Jason about what they've done regarding Michael. They kiss. Jason and Sam in bed. Sam is sleeping and Jason lays down to sleep. Jason dreams about Dr. Thomas trying to kill Michael. Jason and Sam discuss his nightmare and Sam thinks that the key to Dr. Thomas and AJ's death might be in Jason's memory.  (Credit Holsgem)

July 29, 2005

Jason and Sam talking about Jason's memory of Dr. Thomas. Michael with Dr. Thomas. Jodie doesn't want Michael to let Dr. Thomas hypnotize him but Michael does. Jason and Sam still talking about Dr. Thomas and Jason's memories. Dr. Thomas asking a hypnotized Michael questions about AJ's death. Michael indicates that Dr. Thomas killed AJ. Durant harrasses Dr. Thomas's nurse cuz he wants to see Michael. Carly and Ric come up and Ric tells Durant that Michael will go home with his mother. Back at Greystone, Carly brings Michael to see Sonny. Reese is there. Jason arrives and him and Michael hug. Michael indicates that Rachel killed AJ. Sam leaves a message for Dr. Thomas's assistant. Jason comes home and he tells Sam that Michael remembers Rachel killing AJ. They argue. Jason and Sam discuss possible senarios for AJ's death and Michael. Jason has a memory of Dr. Thomas. Jason and Sam discuss Michael, AJ, and Dr. Thomas. Jason remembers a connection between AJ and Dr. Thomas. (Credit Holsgem)

August 1, 2005

Jason remembers a connection between AJ and Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas plays a tape of him telling Michael that Rachel killed AJ. Reese walks into his office and wants to know what he knows about Rachel's death. Dr. Thomas grabs a syringe but Jesse and Lucky come in to question him. Alan pulls a brick out of the outside wall and takes something out. He hears a noise and puts it and the brick back. Alan goes inside and Monica is waiting for him in the dark. She wants to know what he is up to. Jason and Sam come in and want to know about Jason's treatment after his accident. Alan argues with him but Monica intervene's and tells Jason what happened back then. Jason and Sam leave and Monica slaps Alan and accuses him of trying to kill Jason back then. Jason and Sam break into Dr. Thomas's office to look for Michael and Jason's files. Information is missing from Jason's file. Monica yells at Alan about trying to kill Jason but Alan tells her that he saved Jason that night. Alan outside with whatever is hidden in the wall behind the brick. He pulls out a letter, reads it, and cries. Jason and Sam discuss the missing day in his file. Sam speculates that AJ is involved. She finds a tape in the garbage. Dr. Thomas walks in on them and asks if they found what they are looking for. (Credit Holsgem)

August 2, 2005

Alan with the letter saying that he'll make sure AJ's secrets die with him. Dr. Thomas walks in on Jason and Sam in his office. Jason threatens him with a gun. Jason and Sam leave and head the PH. Jason wants Sam to go stay with Michael to make sure he is okay. Jason gets short with Sam but quickly apologizes. Sam agrees to go to Sonny's. Stan comes and Jason sends her to go pack. Jason gives Stan the tape that Sam found in Dr. Thomas's garbage. Stan gives Jason some kind of drug to help him remember. Sam leaves after they exchange ILY's. Jason gets out the drug and syringe and Sam comes back cuz she forgot something. Sam freaks out and Jason tries to explain what he is doing with the drug. Sam begs him not to take the drug then when she sees that he is going to do it she asks him to at least let her stay with him. Sam goes to unpack and Jason takes the drug. Sam comes down and realizes that he already took the drug and freaks. Jason has a memory about Dr. Thomas/Alan injecting his IV bag. He runs out and Sam tries to stop him. Monica and Alan argue over his secret. Jason comes in and confronts Alan with a gun claiming that AJ is alive and Alan is hiding him. Sam comes and takes the gun. Jason collapses then he runs out. Sam follows him and finds him lying next to his motorcycle and she screams for help. (Credit Holsgem)

August 3, 2005

Sam finds Jason lying next to his motorcycle and she screams for help. Monica and Alan run up and Monica examines Jason. Alan directs the ambulance. Tony examines Jason at the hospital. He tells Sam, Monica, and Alan that Jason has a concussion but he should be fine. Sam goes in to be with Jason and tries to talk him into waking up. Alan lights candles and sits in the chapel. He pulls out the letter and Monica comes in. They talk about the night Jason's heart stopped. Monica finds the letter, she reads it and says "Oh my god". Sam telling Sonny and Reese about Jason's suspicions that Dr. Thomas and AJ were working together. Sam tells them what Jason remembered. Reese theorizes that Dr. Thomas killed AJ. Sonny tells Sam that Dr. Thomas hypnotized Michael. Monica reads that AJ tried to kill Jason. Dr. Thomas defends himself about hypnotizing Michael. Sam, Sonny, and Reese talk about Dr. Thomas. Sam goes into tell Jason that Dr. Thomas hypnotized Michael. She wants him to wake up so they can figure out Dr. Thomas's motive. Alan and Monica discuss AJ and then Alan's guilt in holding the secret. Monica alone in the chapel begging God to forgive AJ. Sonny overhears her and wants to know who she is talking about and what the sin was. Alan telling Sam that Jason is wrong about AJ. Sam doesn't buy it. Jason tries to tell Sam that Dr. Thomas tried to kill him but it is Dr. Thomas who is standing over Jason's bed.  (Credit Holsgem)

August 4, 2005

Monica alone in the chapel begging God to forgive AJ. Sonny overhears her and wants to know who she is talking about and what the sin was. Monica tries to cover and Alan comes in and says she was talking about him. Jason tries to tell Sam that Dr. Thomas tried to kill him but it is Dr. Thomas who is standing over Jason's bed. Dr. Thomas is about to inject Jason's IV with something and Carly comes in and he covers and leaves. Sam sees Dr. Thomas leave Jason's room. Sam runs to Jason and asks him to please be all right. Alan tell Sonny that AJ tried to have Jason killed because he was afraid that Jason would be a vegetable. Sonny realizes who did it and runs out. Monica goes off on Alan about the way he has treated Jason all these years. Carly and Sam argue over Jason. Sonny comes in and asks Carly what she is doing. Monica going off on Alan about Jason and AJ some more then she walks out on him. Sonny tells Carly that she doesn't know what is going on and they don't have time to get into it. Carly walks out. Sam and Sonny talk about AJ trying to have Jason killed and that Dr. Thomas was the one. Sonny sits with Jason and tells him he will get the person who tried to kill him. Sam brings Max to watch over Jason. Sonny and Sam go after Dr. Thomas. Carly convinces Max to let her see Jason. Dr. Thomas gets away and Durant stops Sonny and Sam from following him. Sonny, Sam, and Reese try to convince Durant that Dr. Thomas and AJ conspired to kill Jason. Carly leaves Jason's room. Dr. Thomas dressed as a janitor hits Max over the head. Carly comes to Dr. Thomas's office and tells everyone that Dr. Thomas is in the chapel. Sam finds his lab coat on the floor and they all run to find Jason. Dr. Thomas in Jason room. He is about to inject Jason's IV when Jason grabs his arm. (Credit Holsgem)

August 5, 2005 

Reese, Sonny, and Carly try and find Jason. Durant pulls a gun on Sonny and Carly. Dr. Thomas is about to inject Jason's IV when Jason grabs his arm and they struggle. Carly stands up to Durant and tells Sonny to go find Jason. Carly goes off on Durant. Jason and Dr. Thomas fighting. Sam comes in and Dr. Thomas grabs her and threatens to inject her with digitalis. Sonny comes in with a gun but Jason wants him to put it down. Dr. Thomas takes off with Sam. Durant and Carly still arguing about Sonny and Dr. Thomas. He lets her go to help Jason. Durant calls for back-up. Reese, Sonny, and Jason forming a plan. Dr. Thomas takes Sam into a locked padded room. Sam tries to convince him that she can help him get away. Carly sees a cop outside of Jason's room and calls Jason to warn him. Carly sends the cop after Dr. Thomas. Reese sees Dr. Thomas and Sam in the padded room. Dr. Thomas grabs Sam and heads to the roof. Reese pulls her gun on him. Reese gives up her gun in response to Dr. Thomas's threats. Reese calls Sonny to tell him that Dr. Thomas is headed to the roof. Carly rescues Reese from a straight jacket and they head to the roof. Dr. Thomas forces Sam to the roof with Jason in pursuit. Jason and Sonny try to break down the door to the roof. Dr. Thomas injects Sam with digitalis. Sam collapses. Dr. Thomas escapes to the helicopter while Jason and Sonny burst through the door. (Credit Holsgem)

August 8, 2005

Sonny and Jason break through the door and find Sam unconcious. Jason picks her up and rushes her to Emily. Alan and Monica looking at a helicopter that landed on their property. Alan goes to call the police by Dr. Thomas stops him. Jason tells Em what happened. Em looks to find what Sam needs and goes to get it. Jason begs Sam to hold on. Em brings the antidote and Sam wakes up. She is scared cuz her heart is racing. Em tells Tony what happened and Tony tells them to wait and pray. Jason begs Sam to fight, to fight for him and breathe. Dr. Thomas holds Edwards gun on Alan. Dr. Thomas tells Alan that he tried to kill Jason for AJ. Dr. Thomas wants money and a way out of the country or he'll implicate Alan for the attempt on Jason's life. Monica calls Jason and tell him the Dr. Thomas is holding Alan at gun point. Dr. Thomas catches Monica. Jason tells Sonny the he is going to the Q's to get Dr. Thomas. Sam tries to catch up with Jason but Sonny stops her. Dr. Thomas holds Alan and Monica hostage. Monica gets him a jet and money. Jason comes in. Sam in the hospital. Sonny comes in and tries to explain what Jason is doing. Sonny supports Sam and Jason. Jason tells Dr. Thomas that he is going to kill him while Dr. Thomas holds Monica by knife point. Dr. Thomas tries to shift the blame from AJ to Alan. Em tries to keep Sam in bed. Jason takes aim at Dr. Thomas and shoots. Jason hits his target and Monica is relieved. Alan, Monica, and Jason talk about what Dr. Thomas did. Jason says it was the best thing that ever happened to him. (Credit Holsgem)

August 9, 2007

Ric and Durant are arguing over Jasonís shooting Dr. Thomas in the interrogation room with Jason. Jason is released. Hhe and Sam meet up with Michael and Mike outside of Kellyís. Jason explains to Michael that Dr. Thomas killed AJ not him. Mike tells Jason and Sam that Sonny has a surprise for them. Him and Michael give them clues to try to figure it out. Mike takes Jason and Sam to the boat and tells them that they are going to go away for a while. Mike and Michael leave Sam and Jason alone on the boat. Jason and Sam talk about where to go Jason tells her they arenít going to come back until they find the perfect place for a wedding. Jason starts getting a headache. Jason and Sam talk about getting married. There is a noise and Sam goes to check it out Jason checks his phone and gets a message from Sonny telling them to have a good time. Sam and Jason go in to the cabin and find a candle lit dinner laid out for them. Samís necklace falls off and Sam tells him how much she loves the necklace and what she wished when he gave it to her. She says they all came true they kiss and then they have dinner out on the boat. Sam tells Jason what a great day she is having the wind shifts and Sam tells Jason it is suppose to be a bad omen Jason tells her they donít need to worry about that they toast they day and kiss. A gloved hand in holding Samís necklace in the other room.  (Credit Holsgem)

August 10, 2005

A gloved hand grabs Sam's necklace. Jason and Sam come in and start to kiss when Sam notices her necklace is gone. Someone is watching from the other room. Jason and Sam retrace their steps. They come back to the room and the necklace is back. They talk about the necklace reappearing. Jason wonders if she can will their dinner to fix itself. Someone is watching. They are cuddling on the bed when they hear a noise. The sea patrol boards their boat, arrests them, and accuse them of stealing the necklace. They are taken to a home and Jason figures out they are not really sea patrol. Sam is taken out of the room. Jason tries to get loose and hears a woman crying. He thinks it's Sam and calls to her. Sam is taken to meet Allegra who say's "my god it's you" when she sees Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

August 11, 2005 

Jason tries to get free of the handcuffs and hears a woman crying. He calls out to her. Sam and Allegra talking about how she looks like Alicia. Goons come to check on Jason and he fights with one but backs off. After they leave we see that Jason stole a pen. Allegra tells Sam her plan for Sam to take the place of her daughter. Jason picks the lock to the handcuffs and tries to open the door then he starts digging through the wall. Allegra threatens Sam with Jason's freedom. Sam grabs a dagger and threatens Allegra. Allegra uses Jason to get Sam to back off. Allegra tells Sam that she and Jason can go right after she consumates the marriage to Alicia's fiancee Andrew. Jason digging through the wall. The goons bring him food. When they leave Jason goes back to digging through the wall. Sam tries to convince Allegra that she can not pass herself off as Alicia. Allegra says that she'll teach her everything she needs to know inclucing how to dance. Allegra tries to show Sam how to waltz. Jason trying to dig through the wall and telling whoever is on the other side to help. He breaks through the wall and sees Alicia. He says "Sam" and she say's "who the hell is Sam". Sam and Allegra arguing about her plan. They start to dance again and Sam kicks her and tries to run out but she runs straight into Andrew who tries to kiss her and Sam slaps him. (Credit Holsgem) 

August 11. 2005

Jason sees Alicia through the hole in the wall and asks who she is. Alicia tells him about her mother's plan to marry her off to Andrew for money. Sam tries to run out but she runs straight into Andrew who tries to kiss her and Sam slaps him. Andrew asks how the wedding plans are coming along and Sam says there will be no wedding. Allegra tells Andrew that he is not allowed to see "Allie" until the wedding so he leaves. Allegra and Sam argue about her plan. Jason and Allie talk about her mothers plan for Andrew. Sam alone looking at a photo album. Andrew comes in the patio doors. Jason and Allie talk about Andrew and are interrupted by Allegra and her goon. Allegra wants Jason to help her with Sam. Andrew talks to Sam about their situation. Sam wants him to keep his hands off. Andrew tries to dance with her but Sam resists and fakes a fall. Sam tries to convince Andrew that she is tired.  Someone is coming and he sneaks out. Allegra brings Jason to Sam and leaves them alone. Jason and Sam talk about their situation. Jason tries to jump a goon but more goons show up and Allegra wants to know if they have a deal. Andrew comes back to see Sam and wants her to give him a chance. Sam says okay and Andrew wants to make love. Jason tries to get the handcuffs off. Allie comes in and says she can't find a way out. Allie looks for her earring and realizes that Jason was using it to try and get the handcuffs off. Allie says they are going to have to find a way to work together. Andrew tries to seduce Sam. Allie says she won't help Jason and Sam unless he helps her escape. (Credit Holsgem)

August 15. 2005

Allie says she won't help Jason and Sam unless he helps her escape. Andrew tries to seduce Sam and she bites him. Jason doesn't want to help Allie. Andrew wants Sam. luckily for Sam, Allegra interupts and Andrew leaves. Sam wants to know who Allegra is. Sam tells Allegra about her mom. Sam doesn't buy Allegra's story. Allegra tells Sam that Alicia is alive. Jason wants Allie to help him out of his cuffs but he won't help her in return. Sam and Allegra talk about Allie. Allegra tries to convince Sam to help her by marrying and sleeping with Andrew. Allegra tells Sam that she is dying. Sam agrees but wants something in return. Allie gives Jason the earring. Someone comes and Allie hides. Sam comes in and Jason and Sam hug. Jason wants Sam to hold a letter open to Allegra's throat and bring her to him. Allie tells Jason that her mother is leathal. Allegra brings Sam her necklace and some clothes. Sam has the letter opener behind her back. She asks for her necklace back. Allegra wants her to try on cloths and sees the letter open. She asks Sam to protect Allie. (Credit Holsgem)

August 16, 2005

Allie telling Jason about Allegra. Allegra telling Sam to go ahead and kill her and asks her to protect Allie. Jason and Allie argue and talk about Sam and Allegra. Sam holding the letter opener on Allegra while she tries to gain Sam's sympathy. Jason asks Allie about a phone. Someone comes. Allegra comes in and talks to Jason about Sam. Jason grabs her and threatens her. Allegra's goon holds a gun on Jason. Jason lets Allegra go. Jason is taken to see Sam. Jason and Sam hug. Jason tries to use the phone but doesn't have the access code. Sam tries to convince Jason that Allegra won't hurt them. Allegra has Allie brought to her and they argue. Allegra says that Allie no longer serves a purpose. (Credit Holsgem)

August 18, 2005

Sam asleep on Jason's lap. She wakes up and Jason tells her the guards schedule and tries to plan their escape. Sam wants to go along with Allegra. Allegra interupts and tells them Andrew wants to see Sam. Jason and Sam hug goodbye and Dante takes Sam to change. Allegra talks to Jason about Sam and him. Jason don't trust her. Allegra's goons take Jason back to the cellar. Jason calls for Allie but she is gone. Sam dressed like Allie. Allegra comes in and is surprised. Andrew comes in and Allegra offers him supper. Andrew wants it to be dinner for two. They argue but Sam says it's okay she can handle being with Andrew alone. Allegra reminds Sam that she has Jason and leaves. Andrew puts on music and Sam says "what would you do if I told you we've never met". She covers and talks about the first night Andrew met Allie. Andrew tells her his version of the story. Sam flirts with him. Goons bring Allie to the cellar where Jason is. She wants to know where he went and says she found a way out. Andrew wants to rumba. They dance. Allie tells Jason that she bribed a goon with her sapphire earrings. She wants Jason to thank her. Allegra comes in and wants Jason and Allie to stop talking. Goons make Allie leave. Jason wants to know what Allegra is going to do with Allie. Andrew and Sam still dancing. Sam falls and he accuses her of acting like she can't dance. Jason in the cellar and a goon brings him food. He attacks the goon. Raul holds a gun on him and Jason gives him the earring.  He goes to find Sam but Allegra says it's too late they've gone. Andrew takes a blindfolded Sam to a piazza and he tells her he has a priest waiting to marry them. (Credit Holsgem)

August 19, 2005

Jason grabs Allegra and demands to know where Sam is. Sam isn't sure she and Andrew should rush into marriage. Andrew convinces her to marry him then and there. Jason threatens Allegra then fights with her goon. Allegra tells Jason that Sam is marrying Andrew. Jason heads out but collapses before he can get away. Andrew and Sam start to exchange vows but Sam gets cold feet. Jason still passed out and Allegra talks to him then Jason grabs her. Sam pictures Jason while saying her vows to Andrew. Andrew didn't expect her vows to be so heartfelt. Sam wants to call Allegra but Andrew insists on a waltz. They dance. Then Andrew wants to make love. Jason is locked up in the cellar again and his nose is bleeding. Allegra comes to see Jason. Jason handcuffs Allegra. She tells him that Sam married Andrew. Jason doesn't believe her and goes to leave but collapses. Andrew takes Sam to a bedroom. Sam wants to call Allegra but Andrew is intent on consumating their marriage. (Credit Holsgem)

August 22, 2005

Allie runs up to Jason. Allegra calls for her. She sends Jason off and heads in to taunt Allegra. Sam and Andrew. She is trying to get out of the wedding night. Sam tells him the truth. Allie taunts Allegra some more. Dante holds a gun on Allie. Jason at the piazza looking for Sam. He finds the priest who tells him that he married Sam and Andrew. Andrew is incredulous after hearing Sam's story. Andrew agrees to help Sam. Jason comes to the bedroom that Sam was just at and collapses. Allegra goes off on the preist. Allegra calls and asks Jason be brought back to the island. Sam and Andrew come and confront Allegra with the truth. Goons find Jason and bring him back to the island. Andrew tells Allegra that he would still marry Allie. Sam tries to leave but goons grab her and take her away. Jason fights off the goons and escapes. Sam in the cellar finds that the door is locked. Someone pushes the key under the door and Sam escapes. She calls for Jason and Andrew and finds them both unconcious on the floor. Jason wakes up but Andrew is dead. Jason can't remember what happened. Allegra comes and wants to call a doctor. She wants them to go cuz Jason will be the main susupect. Allegra tells them where to find their boat. Jason steals a gun from one of the goons. Allegra calls the authorities. Allie has disappeared. Jason and Sam heading out on the boat. Sam knows there is something wrong with Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

August 24, 2005

Jason is sleeping on the boat and Sam wakes him to see if he's okay. Sam is worried about him and thinks something is very wrong. Sam tells Jason that he blacked out on the island. Jason says he is fine and storms out. Jason on deck realizes his nose is bleeding. Sam comes and asks him about the blood on his pillowcase.. He brushes her off but then calls her back. Jason tells her he doesn't know when it started. Maybe the experimental drugs. He's been having bad headaches and blackouts. Sam wants to take him to a hospital but Jason says no. He thinks they are just migraines and he should sleep them off. He reassures her and kisses her. Sam goes to check the bearing and Jason collapses. Jason in bed and Sam is holding a cloth to his head. Sam insists that she is taking him to a hospital. Sam is talking to the Dr. about Jason's condition. The Dr. wants to move him to another hospital. He tells Sam to talk to him and try to get him to wake up. Sam begs him not to leave her and to wake up. Jason wakes up but doesn't remember Sam. (Credit Holsgem)

August 25, 2005

Sam talking to Jason in the hospital room. Jason asks her who she is. Sam tries to get him to remember. She goes to get the doctor but Jason grabs her. Sam talks to the doctor about his condition. The doctor wants her to talk about the past and keep him calm. Jason eavesdrops. He askes her who Michael &Morgan are. They talk about his problem and Jason wants to know about the accident 10 years ago. Sam explains what she's knows about the accident and his life. Jason questions Sam about why he knows and notices the things he does. Sam evades. He tries to leave and Sam grabs him. Jason pins her to the wall. It freaks him out and he tries to leave but the doctor sedates him. Jason wakes up in the hospital and remembers Sam from earlier but nothing else. Jason tries to leave and Sam tries to stop him. She tells him about his headaches. Sam asks him to wait while she goes to talk to the doctor. Allegra's goon grabs her. Allegra holds a gun on Sam and wants her to impersonate Allie again. The goon and Allegra leave. Allegra sends other goons to get Jason but his instincts kick in and he shoots them. (Credit Holsgem)

August 26, 2005

Jason after shooting Allegra's goons. He backs out of the room and grabs the Dr. He wants to know where Sam is. One of the goons crawls out and Jason grabs him. The goon tells him that Sam is on the island. Sam argues with Allegra. Allegra wants her to sign some papers as Allie. The police come and arrest Sam for killing Andrew. Jason comes to Allegra's and she tells him that Sam has been arrested. Allegra grabs a gun and says that she'll help him. Allie comes in and says she killed Andrew. Allie wants to let Jason and Sam take the fall for Andrew's murder. Allegra pulls the gun on her. Sam is threatening the guard cop. Jason comes up knocks out the guard and unlock the cell. Then he runs off. Allegra brings Allie and tells Sam that Jason is creating a diversion. Allie spouts off and Sam punches her out. Allegra tells Sam to change clothes with Allie. Jason, Sam and Allegra back at Allegra's house. Allegra doesn't want Sam to pay for Allie killing Andrew. Allegra leaves and Jason asks about being able to handle Allegra's men. Sam tells him he kills people. (Credit Holsgem) 

August 29, 2007

Sam is trying to explain to Jason about his career as an enforcer. He doesnít understand how he can justify killing people or why Sam would want to marry him. Sam tries to explain. Jason gets a headache. Sam tries to reassure him that he is a good man and that he will get his memory back. She leaves to get the boat to take them back to PC. When she returns, heís gone. Meanwhile Jason is on the boat having more headaches. Sam questions Allegra about Jasonís whereabouts, sheís worried. Allegra sends her men to look for Jason and tries to reassure Sam. Jason passes out on the boat. Allegra returns and tells Sam that sheís trying to help because she dragged them into her mess. Allegra's men find a body on the boat and Jasonís hospital bracelet is on the body, but when Sam uncovers the body, itís not Jason. A man working on the boat informs Sam that Jason has jumped on a cargo plane to Portugal. Then we see Jason paying off that man. The man informs Jason of a ship that will take him to PC. (Credit Holsgem)

August 31, 2005 

 Carly and Reese at the docks. Reese tries to convince Carly to return to Sonnyís. Carly is confused and doesnít want to go with her. Reese tries to call Sonny but Carly throws her phone in the water. They struggle. Jason arrives and Carly falls into his arms. She asks him to take her away, he looks at her strangely but they leave together. Jason tries to leave her in front of Kellyís. Carly talks about Reese being Charlotte, her bff from high school. Sheís happy that Jason is on her side. Jason shocks Carly by telling her that all he knows is her name and that they are friends. Carly reminds him that he promised he would catch her if she fell, while Jason is trying to explain to her that he only knows what Sam has told him. Jason tries to take her home but she doesnít trust him anymore, and she leaves. Jason ends up at the Quartermaine living room. He starts looking at family pictures but he has another headache. Alan comes in and is very happy to see him. Jason tells him how Sam told him that he left b/c he didnít get along with his family. Jason and Alan talk, then Alan realizes that Jasonís has lost his memory again. Alan denounces the relationship between Sonny and Jason. He thinks that Jason has finally broken free. Monica walks in and Alan fills her in. Alan believes his son has come home. (Credit Holsgem)

September 1, 2005

Sam comes back to PC looking for Jason. Jason is at the Qs. Alan is telling him that Sonny lied to him and brainwashed him. Monica tells Jason that is not true and explains to him how Sonny befriended him and became his new family. They want to help Jason, Jason refuses and leaves. Sam is talking to Emily about everything that has happened. Jason breaks into the PH looks at their picture, finds his gun. Emily goes to the Qs and tells them of Jasonís symptoms. Sam comes in the PH, Jason grabs her. He tells her he is leaving doesnít want to be the man she is in love with. Sam is scared and tries to get him to stay for one night, says he can trust her. Emily comes in they need to take him to the hospital. Jason refuses tries to leave but collapses. At the hospital, Alan orders restraints. (Credit Holsgem)

September 2, 2005

Jason wakes up starts yelling at Alan to get the restraints off of him. Alan tries to give him a sedative. Sam shows up with a gun and stops him. She tells Jason to go. Alan tells Sam about the Jasonís condition and she needs to get him back she says I will try if you donít uses sedatives or restraints. Jason runs into Sonny in the elevator and tells him to stay the hell away from him. Sonny tries to get information on Carly from him but Jason says he doesnít know him. Sonny tries to get him to go back to the house. Jason pushes him out of the elevator. Sam brings Sonny up to date on what is going on. Sonny gets a phone call from Ric about Carly and Reese missing in the flood, he runs off. Jason is at the PH ready to leave again and Sam comes in tells him about his condition and that he needs to go back to the hospital. He refuses. She tells him that she has been straight with him and to trust his instincts. She will be there with him the whole time and defend him with her life. They arrive at the hospital, Alan and Monica are there to greet them. Jason is unsure but Sam tells him she has his back. They go to a hospital room to wait for the test. Sam is going to make a phone call and runs into Monica in the hall. Monica tells Sam that Jason may die.  (Credit Holsgem)

September 6, 2005

Sam asks Monica if Jason is terminal, she tells her if he goes untreated he can die. Jason overhears. Emily comes in. Jason is having another headache. Emily tells him that she needs him and what he means to her. Jason tells her to be honest and ask her how sick he is. Sam, Monica and Tony talk about Jasonís condition and how they will treat it. Tony says if the medication doesnít work they will need to do brain surgery. Sam tells them that Jason will not agree to that. Emily, Sam and Monica talk about what Jason needs to know about his treatment. Emily and Monica talk about his options and how Alan hopes the Jason Q will come back but Monica just wants Jason to survive. Sam comes into Jason room talking about Chinese food, Jason asks what is wrong and why she is scared. She tells him that they are going to try some medication and she has a right to be frightened. Tony comes in with the medication explains that they will try it and hope it works if not they will look for other options. Sam gives Jason a pill. He doesnít know if he wants to remember. She tells him to trust her and that she needs him. He asks what if I donít remember. She tells him she will start from the beginning. He takes the pill and Sam thanks him.  (Credit Holsgem)

September 7, 2005

Sam tells Jason to trust her. Tells him she loves him and he loves her. Jason asks what if the medication doesnít work she tells she will start over if she has too. She needs him and he is all she has. He takes the pill. Sam thanks him. They are leaving the hospital Monica tells him he has to stay. Sam says she will take care of him. Monica tells him that if he leaves he can collapse and die. Jason tells her being there doesnít help him. Sam tells her she will call her if there is a problem. Jason is determined to leave. Sam tells Jason he will take his medicine and rest because he is all she has in his life. Alexis sees Jason outside of Kellyís and starts quizzing him about Ric and Sonny. Sam tells her to back off. Alexis asks what is wrong with Jason and if he is acting that he canít remember. Alexis starts threatening him, Reese shows up tells her that Ric is at Sonnyís. Reese tells Jason to get well because Sonny needs him. Cops show up try to question Jason. Jason reacts and attacks them. He runs off carrying Sam. Sam explains that he canít run and that his medical problems can help explain the situation, they go to the PCPD. Durant wants arrest him. Jason wants to escape Sam tells him to wait for Monica so he wonít be a fugitive. Monica comes in and informs Durant of Jasonís condition he wonít release Jason. Sam is going to call a lawyer. Durant wonít let Jason go until Sonny brings Carly to him. (Credit Holsgem)

September 8, 2005

Sam at the PCPD and Sonny comes in. Sam brings him up to date. Durant comes in and Sonny wants to see Jason. Durant denies Sonny access unless he brings him Carly. Sonny says no. Durant tells Sonny that Sonny is not the cure but the problem. He wonít give him Jason until he gets Carly. Sam tells Sonny that he needs to take Durantís deal because she is not ready to lose Jason. Sam talks to Durant and tells him that she needs give him his pills and that if something happens to Jason it will not score points with Carly. Durant tells her to get Sonny to give him Carly. She gives Durant the pills. Sam tells him that if he withholds the pills from Jason and something happens to him, he needs to watch himself. Sam goes to Sonnyís. Sonny is adamant about not giving up Carly so she can go to Shadybrook. Carly runs down frantic about men in the shadows. Max comes in shot and Sonny tells everyone to get down, glass breaks and someone starts shooting up the place. (Credit Holsgem)

September 9, 2005

Durant is trying to work Jason and shows him his file. Durant continues to push and Jason grabs him in response. Sam, Sonny, Carly, Reese and Ric are at Sonnyís and someone starts shooting up the place. Max and Ric have been shot. Durant is being overpowered by Jason when two police officers come in. Jason lets go and Durant sends the police officers away. He tells Jason that Jason does what he does out of his loyalty to Sonny. He tells him about the deal he is trying to make with Sonny, Jason for Carly. Sam takes Carly upstairs and reminds her of her bond with Jason and how Jason needs her help. Sam tells her that she needs to take Carly to Durant to help Jason, Carly agrees to go. Durant tells Jason that he has been abandoned. Justus shows up.  Justus starts threatening Durant. Justus tells Jason what happened at Sonnyís and that Sonny says Jason is the only one he could trust to handle it. Sam is trying to get Carly to go to the PCPD. Carly wants to but she is tired asks Sam what Jason would want. Sam says Jason wants her to rest and takes her upstairs to rest. Durant drops charges. Sonny talks to Jason about what happened and that he is setting up a meeting with the Ruiz family and  wants it handled. Jason says he is not killing anyone for Sonny. (Credit Holsgem)

September 12, 2005

Carly dreams Sonny is kissing her. She wakes up and Sam is there and tells her it is all clear. Jason tells Sonny that he doesnít take orders anymore. Sam asks Carly what is all clear. Carly said it is time to make things right. Sam tells her to rest. Jason tells Sonny that he must have made someone mad. Jason explains to Sonny how he is feeling about what he knows about himself. Jason says he needs to figure out who he is and leaves. Sonny tells Sam about the Ruiz family and that Jason is in danger. Sonny wants her to take Jason to the island. Manny approaches Jason and Jason disarms Mannyís man. Jason wants them to leave him alone. Manny wants to use Jason. Jason and Sam back at the PH. Jason is not sure who he can trust. Sam tells him about going to the island, Jason refuses. Jason doesnít understand why Sam wants be with him if it is dangerous and he wonít do it. Jason goes to Tony and wants to know why he is not remembering anything. Alan is there and tells him about another option, surgery. (Credit Holsgem)

September 13, 2005

Alan tells him Jason about the surgery. Monica tells him that it could kill him and that Alan wants him to come back as Jason Q. There is no possibility. Alan pushes the surgery. Sam gets to the hospital and Jason wants to know how long she knew. He tells her she knew and why she didnít tell her. He tells her that it is his risk to take. He wants to know if he can trust her and if so, she needs to be honest. Jason says she is the only one that doesnít make him run. Sam tells him about the surgery. Sam is scared that he will die and Jason isnít scared but Sam doesnít know if she can go on. Sam tells him what she was like before she met him and how he helped her when her baby died. Sam says she can live with her losing him as long as she knows he is alive she will deal with it. Manny visits Ric. Manny explains what the shoot up meant. Manny gives Ric a message for Sonny. Ric sees Jason and tells him about the danger but Jason tells him he is not available. Jason has a memory of the day Samís baby died. He goes back to the PH and tells Sam about holding her baby and how he realized how much she meant to him. Sam tells Jason that she has been praying for him to come back and he did. (Credit Holsgem)

September 14, 2005

Jason is looking at pictures. Sam comes in with coffee and pastries. Jason thanks her for not pushing him and that is why his first memory was about him. Jason tells her he is not running away she tells him that he is not safe there. Jason tells her that maybe other places will help him remember. Jason and Sam go to the hospital to see if he remembers more. Sam tells him what she knows about the day her baby died. Jason doesnít remember but he knows now that even now he would do anything for Sam. She tells him that after the baby died he stayed with her and she knew she was not alone anymore. She takes him to the church. Jason has memories of the church shoot out during Michaelís kidnapping. He wants to know what kind of person does that.  (Credit Holsgem)

September 15, 2005

Sam tries explains what happened in the church. Jason says he is glad he doesnít remember who he is. Sam tells him he will do anything for the people who he loves. Jason doesnít understand why he did what he did. Sam takes Jason to Kellyís to see Michael and explains the details about the church incident. Sam tells him how much he means to everyone and he asks what about her. She asks if she wants to talk to Jason he says no. Michael sees him and starts asking him questions. Michael asks if Jason could take him to the zoo, Jason agrees. Jason still canít remember. He wants to know why he only remembers the bad things and maybe that is all he gets to see. Sam tells him to hold on. He tells her that he only wants his old life because of her. She tells him lets go for a walk. Ric is at the park with Manny. Manny is explaining how things will happen. Ric takes out a gun on Manny but canít do it. Ric is about to get shot but Jason grabs the men and a shoot out happens. Ric finishes off Manny. (Credit Holsgem)

September 16, 2005

Shoot out with Manny, Ric and Jason. Jason and Sam take off. Reese tells Ric he has to make a choice to run or confess, she will stand behind him. Jason tells Sam they need to get rid of their clothes. Jason and Sam talk about what happened and Jason questions whether all those people he killed were guilty or just in Sonnyís way. Jason notices a bruise on Samís wrist. Mac comes in to pick up Jason for questioning. Durant is questioning Sonny. Jason is brought into the interrogation and Durant starts questioning him. Jason doesnít talk. Durant starts saying that Sonny took advantage of Jason to do his work. Durant isnít able to turn Jason against Sonny. Sam and Emily talk about what happened at the park and Sam understands why Jason is afraid of himself. Durant continues to work on Jason and Sonny. Ric shows up and starts defending them. Mac comes in to confirm the forensic report. Jason is released. Ric finds out that Manny is not dead. Emily and Sam talk. She is scared that Jason will leave and she wonít be able to find him. Sonny goes to the PH. Jason tells him he is done. (Credit Holsgem)

September 19, 2005

At the PH,  Jason is looking at a picture of him and Sam when Sonny walks in to speak of a possible retaliation because Jason shot Ruiz. Sonny wants to make plans but Jason informs him that it was a reaction; he did not shoot Ruiz for Sonny. Sonny is confused when Jason tells him that he doesnít want anything to do with Sonnyís business. Meanwhile at Grey Stone, Sam is telling Emily that she is trying to reconnect with Jason. Emily wants Sam to love him enough to let him go. Meanwhile, Carly is upstairs hiding and listen to their conversation. She drops something and it floats unseen to the living room floor. Sam and Emily leave to convince Jason that Sam can help him. Jason tells Sonny that he canít remember and canít help Sonny. He doesnít understand how a friend can ask Jason to do things he did in the past. Sonny tells him their relationship was more than just business, they were real friends. Sonny recalls how they met; and how they are all family now. Sonny will respect his decision to leave PC, but lets him know that he can always come home. Sam meets Sonny at the docks. Sam is upset but Sonny tells her that Jason needs to leave without her. They argue. Sam wonít let Jason go. Sonny recalls how the last time Jason lost his memory those that pushed him, lost him; so he wants Sam to love him enough to let him go. Back at the PH, Sam tells Jason of her conversation with Sonny. She has decided to let him go. Jason is surprised that Sam wonít fight him. As she cries, Sam thanks him for the love they shared. They share a meaningful look and then he leaves, while she continues to cry.  (Credit Holsgem)

September 20, 2005

At the PH, Sam is crying, holding her Star necklace as Cruz comes looking for Jason to question him about the shooting of Ruiz. Sam informs him that Jason has left. Meanwhile, Jason is that the hospital talking with Tony. Tony informs him that he needs to continue to take his medication while heís gone. Then Jason goes to baby Lilaís grave. He asks her to say a prayer for Sam who has been hurt but doesnít deserve to be hurt anymore. Sam comes up behind him with flowers for her baby girl. Sam recounts how he chose the grave site and how they sat it after the Memorial. Sam came that night to say goodbye to both her little girl and Jason. Jason looks worried but Sam assures him that she is a survivor. Jason then expresses his gratefulness for all her help. He tells her that his memory is gone, all that is left are his skills and he doesnít trust himself. Sam tells him that she still trusts him. She recalls the night he found her after she ran away, while pregnant, and she was able to sleep because he was there and she trusted him. He wished he could remember loving her. He came to the gravesite to try one last time to remember, but he canít. He tells Sam that her daughter wants her to be happy and that heís decided to stay; they hug. They return to the PH. They talk about food and how she has tried to get him to eat certain things but he wonít go for it. As she walks away to make them a salad, Jason grabs her hand and tells her he knows how hard it was for her to let him walk away. Because she left him go, he was able to stay. They kiss very slowly, while their song plays!!! (Credit Holsgem)

September 21, 2005

Sam comes in the PH with grocery bags. The door is opened, she calls out for Jason but heís not home. She calls Sonny but Jason comes in and she hangs up. Jason reinforces that he is not going to leave her. He understands why she would be panicking and thanks her for not leaving him. Sam states that he still gives compliments the same way, not focusing on the physical. He thinks itís him being honest, not giving compliments. He likes the way she explains things and sheís happy he stayed. He thinks he wouldíve been ok alone but didnít want to leave her behind. Sam thinks her daughter is their guardian angel, he agrees because they both showed up at her grave site the night before. She comments that if he decides to leave, in the future, that she will understand. He tells her that he is making it up as he goes and that all he is sure about is her! He wants to know what they would do on a normal night, but they donít have normal nights. If they did, Sam says theyíll play pool, spend time with M & M, ride motorcycles to the country. And have bubble baths together and how he loves to shop. He is grateful he canít remember, so she admits to teasing him. As they eat, Jason tells her he wants a job away from Sonny. She volunteers to start her salvage work but he doesnít want her away from home. Jason and Sam at the docks looking for work but nobody wants to hire Jason. Quinn, a man Sam knows, offers her a job as a foreman operating a crane. She canít but Jason volunteers. He knows who Jason is but Sam tells him that he doesnít work for Sonny anymore so he hires Jason on a trial basis. Jason leaves to work right away. Quinn offers Jason the job full time after he reassures Quinn that heís not in the business anymore. Meanwhile, Sam returns to the PH to find Reese waiting for her to inform her of the dangers of the Ruiz family. Javier Ruiz is on the way from Miami for revenge of the shooting of his brother, Manny. Reese thinks that Sam doesnít want Jason to remember so heíll remain by her. As Jason walks in, he hears Reese telling Sam that Jason needs to do this last job. He wants to know what job. (Credit Holsgem)

September 22, 2005

Reese is at the PH trying to get Jason to deal with Ruiz, Jason says he doesnít want to kill anyone and she tells him to think about it. Jason gets his gun and tells Sam that he needs to do it so they will leave him alone. She tells him no. Sam apologizes because she is telling him what to do but asks him to think about what he is doing because it is going against his instincts and that can be risky. Jason says he wants that part of his life done with and leaves. Sam goes to Sonny and asks him to help him with the Ruiz situation and to help stop Jason. Sonny tells her that we need to accept Jasonís decision. Jason is at Kellyís and spies on Ruiz. Ruiz is having a conversation with his daughter and Jason overhears. Jason shows up back at the PH. Sam asks if he is okay he tells her he didnít kill Ruiz even though he could have but didnít want to become someone he didnít want to be. Tells Sam he trusts what she said about following his instincts and Ruiz has never done anything for him and why should he ďcarry his deathĒ and if he started with Ruiz, Sonny would want him to continue. Sam tells him she never realized how hard Jason's job is on him. Jason explains that it was scary because it felt so right and he felt in control. She tells him he has a new job, the PH and each other. He tells her ďI just need you to be safeĒ she says she will be ďas long as he takes his medicationĒ. They talk about the surgery. He says it could help him remember them. She tells him all the things that are the same regardless of how little he remembers and that it will always be that way. He reaches in to kiss her. He gets up from the couch and is ready to go up the stairs turns around and reaches out his hand to Sam, she takes it and they head up the stairs hugging. (Credit Holsgem)

September 28, 2005

Sam comes down to find Jason filling out paperwork. Sam tells him that he doesnít remember that she hates waking up alone and he tells her that is what happens when you spend all day in bed. He puts her on his lap and they continue to flirt with each other. Sam even tries this bad pick up line about Human Resources. She tells him they will be late for their bubble bath and Jason laughs and tells her she is lying. He asks how he got anything done and she tells him he was the boss. He tries to explain not anymore but she kisses him. Lorenzo and Ruiz are talking about Sonny and Jason and getting rid of Jason. Skye is listening in. Jason asks Sam ďwas it always this intenseĒ between them and how they got things done, she tells him they prioritized. She is taking candles upstairs for their bath despite Jason asking whether they took one every day. Jason is leaving to work but Ric stops by to warn him about Ruiz and leaving town with Sam for his protection. He asks Ric to leave to talk it over with Sam. Jason wants to know if Sam wants to leave and if she does he can take care of them. Jason is leaving to work and Sam gives him his gun for his safety. Jason is on the doc sees a hit man and pushes Ruiz down saving his life. Ruiz tells Jason that Sonny wonít be happy that he stopped the shooting. (Credit Holsgem)

September 29, 2005

Jason saves Ruiz from Sonnyís shooter. Ruiz tells Jason that Sonny will not be happy. Jason asks him why bring his vendetta to PC. Ruiz explains his reasons. Jason tells him that he wants to be left alone. Sam shows up and Jason explains the situation and saving Ruiz. Sam wants Jason to go home but Jason wants to go to work. They here sirens and Jason decides to go home. When the get to the PH Jason feels someone is there it is Sonny. Sonny is upset about Jason stopping the hit on Ruiz and tells Jason that if it happens again he will take Jason out. Sam tries to defend Jason, Sonny tells her it is not about her and Sam walks out. Jason tells him not to talk to her like that that the problem with him. Sonny explains that his life is falling apart and Jason is not there for him. Jason apologizes for not being there and Sonny leaves. Sonny talks to Sam in the hallway and apologizes to her. Sam appreciates it and Sonny tells Sam they have to be careful because he doesnít think Jason can protect himself. Jason tells Sam about feeling a connection with Sonny but wonders what to do about his life. Sam is asleep on the couch and Jason leaves to Greystone where Justus and Max see him and Justus asks whether he wants to come in but Jason canít do it and leaves. (Credit Holsgem)

September 30, 2005

Jason is downstairs when Sam comes down and asks him where he went to. Jason explains that he went to Sonny's looking for a connection but he felt nothing. Sam tells him that he made the right decision about working for Sonny. She tells him that she will be okay with whatever he chooses to do with his life. Jason tells Sam he is going to work and then come home to her. Courtney is at the docks and Jason bumps into her. They talk and he has a flashback of her crying and asks her if he made her cry. The talk about their life and Courtney tells them how she couldnít deal with his work and that he started getting distant with her. Courtney tells him about the baby and miscarriage. She leaves when the launch gets there. Sam arrives at the docks. (Credit Holsgem)

October 3, 2005

Jason and Sam comes home and finds Ric and bodyguards waiting for them. Ric tells them they need protection from Ruiz family, claiming that they still blame Jason for shooting Manny. Jason says he doesn't work for Sonny anymore and he doesn't want the bodyguards. Jason asks Sam if she wants them. She says she trusts him with whatever he decides. Jason tries to give Ric his gun making it clear he does not want any part of the mob life. Ric leaves., Jason ask Sam if she's worried, she says no. They later talk about how Sam can't cook and how Jason can. They leave the PH and go to the elevator where they continue to talk about Sams' " cooking skills" they kiss goodbye and Jason leaves. Sam goes back to the PH and Javier is just around the corner waiting. Jason see's Courtney at the Hospital. He tells her he's there to pick up a prescription. She tells him she's pregnant and goes on to tell him about the baby they lost. Javier confronts Sam. She tries to run but he pulls out a gun and hold her at gunpoint. He tells her he needs Jason's protection and offers him a job. Jason comes in and grabs Javier. He warns him not to come near Sam again. Javier tells him he's either with him or against him. (Credit Holsgem)

October 4, 2005

Jason warns Javier to stay away from Sam. Javier wants Jason with him or he kills them both. Jason tells Javier he's not in the business anymore, he doesn't work for Sonny or him. He goes on to tell him to leave Sam alone or he'll take him out. Jason kicks Javier out of the PH. Jason believes the only way out is for him to go back and work for Sonny and take the Ruiz family out or to just disappear. Sam says he can't go back to work. Jason tells her he can't do this anymore. Sam ask him what's he gonna do from here. Jason tells her he's hoping she'll tell him cause he's not going anywhere without her. They hug. Jason and Sam plans to leave PC tonight. Jason ask if there's anyone she has to say goodbye too. Sam says only Michael and Morgan but she'll just write a letter to everyone else. They discuss Danny's trust fund and when Jason met him for the first time. Jason asks where he is. She tells him in Maui, how it's perfect and beautiful there. Jason asks if she would want to live there. She says she loves the beach. Jason gives her the laptop and tells her to find a place. She does and books a ticket for them to go. Sam tells him how things are going good and how rarely it stays that way for her. Jason assures her it's different this time. They hug. Phone rings. Sam is reluctant to pick it up. It's Monica. Emily is in the hospital. Jason goes to see her. Emily tells him how Carly stabbed her by accident. She goes on to tell him how worried she is for Sonny having to handle Carly alone. She wants Jason to be safe. Jason tells her that he and Sam are leaving PC. Em tells him he has a family here. Will he be happy with just running away? (Credit Holsgem)

October 5, 2005

Emily and Jason talking in the hospital. Em asks what makes him think leaving will give him what he wants. Jason says there is nothing keeping him here. He can't remember anything. He apologizes and tells her he knows that he was the person she could depend on, he can't be that person anymore. Em is afraid that one day he will remember and have regrets. She pleads to him about Sonny and what he is going through. She tells him he was always there for him. Jason says he can't do what Sonny wants him to do. He thanks her and leaves. Jason goes to see Monica. He tells her Sam and him are leaving town. He thanks her for everything. Monica will miss him but just wants him to be safe. She ask him to please stay on the medication, be safe and hopes that him and Sam will find happiness. They hug goodbye. Javier plans to take out Jason tonight. Jason visits Sonny. They discuss Carly for a bit. Jason tells him about Javier offering him a job. Sonny does not want Jason to give Ruiz the idea that he's back in the business. Jason tells him he and Sam are leaving. Sonny tells him Sam is good for him. Jason says she's the only thing that makes sense to him. Sonny admits he does not know how to stop Ruiz. He describes Manny, how poisionous he's become. Jason tells Sonny he could tell he was a good friend to have. He leaves. Javier's men are shown loading their guns. Jason comes home to Sam all packed. She ask him if anythings wrong. He tells her he can understand now why he was friends with Sonny. Sam ask him what does he want. Jason says leaving is what she wants. Sam says she's with him whatever he decides. Javier and his men gets to the PH. Jasam have already left. They leave. Jason and Sam are on the plane. Jason wants to make sure that Sam doesnt get hurt. Sam is just ready to start their new life together. (Credit Holsgem)

October 6, 2005

Jason and Sam are shown to their villa in Hawaii. As they are outside, Sam describes the beautiful tranquility of the island, but sheís worried that Jason wonít enjoy starting their new lives there. Jason reassures her that he wants to be there, and have a fresh start together. Jason thinks he should get a job soon, but not now. Sam leaves him to go see Danny but returns soon when Danny refuses to see her because he feels abandoned. Sam understands why he would feel that way since sheís been to busy for him. Jason understands because he thinks he did the same thing to everyone back in PC. He feels guilty and is upset, but Sam tells him that Danny needs Sam, whereas Sonny, Carly, Emily, etc. have others to rely on. Jason decides he does not want to go back because the most important person to him is Sam and he wants to be with her, she is his family, the only one he needs. They hug. Jason and Sam go to a local bar. Sam tells him how she always wanted to own such a place. While Sam goes off to look if thereís a pool table in the back, Jason offers to buy the bar in cash. Thereís a stranger in the bar that looks interested in Jasonís transaction. When Sam returns, he shows her the keys the bar which makes her very happy. At that moment, the stranger calls Jason by name and asks if he remembers him. He hits him and then Jason answers that he doesnít remember him at all, while Sam looks on in shock. (Credit Holsgem)

October 7, 2005

Jason and Sam in Hawaii. They return to the villa. Sam still canít believe that Jason took the hit without reacting, but Jason is happy that he was able to walk away from a fight. Heís hopeful they can build a peaceful life together. Sam wakes up startled to find Jason missing. He comes in and apologizes for scaring her but he brought her a surprise, Danny. Sheís happy to see her brother and welcomes him. Danny is upset that Sam did not visit before. Jason explains that he was hurt so Sam helped him and that they got the house to be closer to Danny. Sam asks Danny to forgive her. He does. Sam tells him that if things go as planned, they will live there for a long time. They take him back to his school. Jason realizes all she gave up to be with him in PC, but Sam reassures him that she didnít because she has Danny and him. They hug and she tells him she loves him. (Credit Holsgem)

October 10, 2005

Jason and Sam are outside the bar and Sam is anxious to go in, but when they do, the place is trashed. The previous owner is inside helping to clean up and informs Jason that they guy who he refused to fight, stayed in the bar and trashed the place. Jason dismisses him. Sam is still happy that he didnít fight the guy. She plans to clean and then sell the bar. Jason tells her to stop talking like that and that they are staying; but Sam insists that the guy will return and Jason will eventually have to fight back. She wants to run away again, change their names but Jason refuses to go. He wants to be in control of his life and not run. Sam mentions that her father used to always say to ďdream bigĒ. Jason goes to get a ladder. The guy that trashed the place comes in and finds Sam alone, but Jason comes back. The guy apologizes, that he was drinking, and offers them money which Jason refuses. He leaves. Jason thinks that was too easy but Sam wants him to change his thinking and take the guy for face value. Sam is standing on the bar (with high heels on) fixing a lamp and starts to fall back, Jason rushes and catches her. They kiss. Sam asks Jason to dance, their song comes on. Meanwhile, the guy is outside the bar and calls Javier Ruiz, who orders a guy to handle Jason and Sam.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 12, 2005

Sam comes back from a swim. Jason is outside the villa fixing the ice machine so he wonít go for a swim with her. They kiss. Sam uses a mask in the room to tell Jason a story to entice him into the water, but he doesnít bite. She leaves and then returns with a water gun and soaks him. He goes and throws her in the ocean. Meanwhile, Manny Ruiz is on the phone with someone, verifying plans against Jason and Sam and burns a picture of them. Jason and Sam return from the beach wet and playful. Sam puts the mask back but Jason informs her it has to face into the room to keep good energy in. He learned that from a book heís reading. He likes to read about the places he visits. They have no regrets that they are there. They head to the bedroom. Jason wakes up to find her gone, Manny and two men come in with guns. Manny wants revenge for Jason shooting him in the park. He wants to see Jason die but because Jason saved his brotherís life so he wonít kill him, but he promises that Jason will want to kill him which will give him an excuse to kill Jason. Jason says he wonít try to kill him. Mannyís men hit Jason until he sits down and they cuff him to a chair. Manny places a gun near Jasonís hand so heíll shoot him, but Jason refuses to use it. Sam is coming with a grocery bag but noticed what is going on inside and stays unnoticed. (Credit Holsgem)

October 13, 2005

Mannyís men continue to hit Jason. Sam goes around the house and tries to sneak in through a window but knocks over a lamp and everyone hears it. Manny sends one of his men to investigate. Manny antagonizes Jason. Mannyís man is knocked out from behind by Sam, the thud is heard and Manny send his other man to see what is going on. Sam comes out of the bedroom guns blazing and shoots Mannyís man. Sheís pointing the gun at Manny, while Manny is pointing his gun at Jason. Jason wants her to leave but Manny is getting into her head, so she gives the gun to Manny. Manny goes ahead and shoots Jason in the leg. Sam is upset and goes to get something to put pressure on the wound but Manny wants her to work for it. Manny wants a kiss. Sam goes to Jason and tells him that sheís going to get them out of this. Manny antagonizes Jason, and when she goes in for a kiss, he moves to kiss her on the mouth and Jason is unable to stop him. Sam has to take off her shirt to stop the bleeding because Manny wonít let her leave the room. Sam picks up a screwdriver unnoticed. Manny wants another kiss and pulls her to him, but she puts the screwdriver to his neck. Manny's man, who Sam knocked out, has a gun to Jason, so Sam drops the screwdriver. Manny wants more than a kiss now and Jason is struggling to get free. (Credit Holsgem)

October 14, 2005

Sam is sitting on Mannyís lap. He threatens to shoot Jason if she does not show enthusiasm. She kisses him while Jason breaks free. Manny continues to antagonize Jason so Jason pistol whip him. Sam wonít let Jason shoot him and the cops come in and take Manny away. Jason hugs Sam while sheís upset. EMS wraps up Jasonís knee but he refuses to go to the ER. EMS tells Sam that the man she shot is in the hospital. Jason picks up a gun and acknowledges that that Manny will come back and heíll have to kill him. Heís going to have to go back to PC. He understands that he has to protect Sam so heíll have to kill. Sam decides to stay but Jason doesnít want leave Sam alone. Sam understands that Jason is doing what he thinks is right. Their song plays and they kiss. He hesitates at the door and tells her he loves her, she says it back. Jason leaves.  (Credit Holsgem)

October 17, 2005

Jason heads back to PC. Their song is played. Sam alone in Hawaii with Crazy Manny on the loose. Jason rescues Sonny and Reese from Ruiz. (Credit Holsgem)

October 18, 2005

Replay of Jason killing Javier in the stairwell. Jason calls an mabulance for Sonny and Reese.  Sonny wants Jason to leave before the cops arrive but Jason waits in case Javier's men come back. The cops arrive. A cop comes to guard Sam until Manny is arrested.  She tells him to leave.  Manny is lurking outside. Ric accuses Durant of letting the shootout happen and plotting with Javier.  The cops bring Jason down in cuffs. Durant says to let him go, that he was acting as Sonny's bodyguard and protecting him.  Jason wants to know what Durant wants. Durant says leave before he changes his mind. Jason goest to GH to see Sonny.  He tells him about Durant cutting him loose.  Sonny says he is covering himself. Sonny asks if this is a one time thing of if Jason is coming home.  Jason isn't sure.  Emily comes out and tells them that Reese will be okay.  Em is going to get a doctor to look at Sonny.  He wants her to do it. Em says he has to wait for a real doctor.  Jason tells Sonny about Manny coming after them in Hawaii. Jason tells Sonny he can't walk away from his commitments so he wants his job back.  Sam outside the door overhears. Sam comes in and hugs Jason.  Jason and Sam in the waiting room.  Sam says she is glad Jason is staying cause it is not over. Manny in the stairwell.  Sam telling Jason Manny escaped. Manny talking to man in stairwell, he says he will leave when he finishes what he came for.  Jason and Sam snuggling in the waiting room. (Credit Holsgem)

October 19, 2005

Jason meets Ric in the park.  Hector Ruiz comes and Ric uses Jason to threaten him.  Jason is angry. Ric says Jason left, so now he is just muscle Ric and Sonny are running things.  Jason goes to see Sonny.  He says he is willing to work with him, not for him and tells him about what happened in the park.  Sonny makes a call to find Ric now. Jason says Ric can't give orders and call meetings on his behalf, it is Jason that he trusts. Jason is worried about Manny. Sonny asks if he trust him.  Jason says he does.  Ric comes. Jason sees Emily at the hospital.  He thanks her for her advice and they hug.  Monica comes. She asks his to get Emily to stay away from Sonny.  Jason says it is Em's choice. Monica says she is hiding from her problems with Sonny.  Jason says he will talk to her.  Monica leaves.  Jason gets another headache. Manny and Hector in the stairwell.  Hector says no more bloodshed. Manny wants Jason to pay.  Hector wants to cut their losses.  Manny kills him.  Jason leaving GH. He takes a pill and has a seizure in the elevator.  Manny promising retribution. (Credit Holsgem)

October 20, 2005

Ric at the PH with Jason and Sam. Manny sends them a taunting tape. Jason goes after Manny. Sam sees Manny while she's in the shower. (Credit Holsgem)

October 21, 2005

Jason goes after Manny. Sam sees Manny while she's in the shower and shoots him but he escapes. Jason and Sam talk about Manny and Jason's medication. Robin has Jason flashbacks. Jason sees Tony about his headaches. (Credit Holsgem)

October 24, 2005

Tony tells Sam about Robin's treatment. Monica talks to Jason about Sonny and Emily. Mac and Sam talk about Robin. Jason and Sam at Sonny's. Manny sends a message. Jason and Sam start to talk about Robin. (Credit Holsgem)

October 25, 2005

Jason and Sam talk about Robin and her part in Jason's life. Lucky gives his blessing for Jason to kill Manny. Jason and Sam argue about Manny. Robin call's the PH but hangs up. (Credit Holsgem)

October 26, 2005

Robin remembers Jason. Jason and Sam argue about Manny. Robin checks out Jason's medical records. Jason and Sam go after Manny. Manny pulls a gun on a downed Jason while Sam looks on. (Credit Holsgem)

October 27, 2005

Manny catches Jason and Sam outside of his apartment. Manny makes Sam tie up Jason so that he can watch Manny rape Sam. Jason breaks free and attacks Manny. Just as Sam is about to shot Manny the cops come. Sonny and Manny exchange words. Manny is going to be taken back to Hawaii. Jason wants to go after him but collapses. Manny overtakes the US Marshall and escapes from the plane. (Credit Holsgem) 

October 28, 2005

Sam tries to call Robin. Jason and Sam discuss Jason's headaches and Robin's therapy. Jason goes to GH to have it checked out. Sam and Sonny talk about Robin. Robin checks out Jason's charts. JaSam argue about treatment. Robin calls Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

October 31, 2005

Jason tells Robin not to call him again. Jason and Sam argue about his treatment. Sam demands that Jason fight for her. Sonny and Sam discuss Jason's treatment he comforts her. Sonny argues with Jason about getting treatment. Sam packs her bag. (Credit Holsgem)

November 1, 2005

Sam packed a bag and wants to find Robin. They argue about Robin's treatment. Jason gets a call that Manny was spotted at Roselawn. Jason and Sam go to Roselawn. (Credit Holsgem)

November 2, 2005

Sam goes to find Robin. Jason and Sonny discuss Manny and Jason's treatment. Sam finds Robin and they head back to PC. Jason visits Carly at Roselawn and figures out Manny has been there. Jason collapses at Sonny's. (Credit Holsgem)

November 3, 2005

Sam and Robin on the train before the crash. Jason collapses at Sonny's. Michael calls 911. Manny lurks on the train. Sam sees him and goes after him. The train crashes. (Credit Holsgem)

November 4, 2005

Train wreck. Sam and Robin are in the crash.Jason goes after Sam and Emily. (Credit Holsgem)

November 7, 2005

Jason heads into the tunnel with Lukes help. Carly is in the tunnel. Jason rescues Sam from the rubble. Jason and Sam try to rescue Robin. (Credit Holsgem)

November 8, 2005

Jason and Sam rescue Robin from under debris. Jason goes back in the train for the briefcase. The train explodes and Jason is thrown clear. Jason and Sam discuss the birthday of her baby. Jason, Sam and Robin try to find their way out. Robin falls into a sinkhole. (Credit Holsgem)

November 9, 2005

Jason saves Robin from falling down a hole. Robin tells Jason to rest. Sam agrees with Robin but Jason wants to keep moving. He looks down and finds a St. Christopher metal and remembers giving it to Carly the day she left Michael in his care years ago. Sam asks if Jason remembers anything from the metal and he says he remembers one just like it. Alexis, Ric and Emily back at the trainreck. Alexis is in labor when Robin, Sam and Jason arrive. Emily fills Robin in on how Alexis is in labor and needs a C section. Robin says she is HIV positive, but Alexis doesnít care. Robin says if she needs a c section Robin can perform it. Robins says she will need a knife, Jason produces a switch blade. Robin says he doesnít change. Ric tells Jason and Sam that Sonny, Reese and Slutney went looking for help Sam and Jason leave. Sam asks Jason if they can stop for a moment and Jason gives Sam a bottle of water. Jason says he left with Sam because he thins she may have a hard time dealing with the baby being born. Sam thanks Jason and says it would have been hard. Sam asks if they should have told the others about Manny and Jason says no, manny is after them. Jason tells Sam he remembered giving Carly a metal just like the one they found, and that he is happy Carly is in rose lawn away from Manny. Sam says Carly would be happy her face is the first Jason remembered. Sam and Jason are walking along the edge of a cliff and hear noises of rocks falling. Jason starts to fall and he falls into the hole. Sam screams for Jason and starts climbing down after him. Jason lays there on the ground unresponsive. (Credit Holsgem)

November 10, 2005

Jason and Sam in the tunnel. Sam goes for help finds Sonny and brings him to Jason. Carly finds Jason and has flashback. (Credit Holsgem)

November 11, 2005

Jason and Sam in the tunnel. Sam tries to find her way out and finds Manny instead. Jason goes to Robin and Emily and collapses. Sam excapes from Manny and runs into Sonny and Robin and they all run into Manny. (Credit Holsgem)

November 17, 2005

Sam is arrested for punching Jessie. Carly and Jason are trapped in the tunnel. Sam assaults Tracy as well. Robin and Sam go to the tunnel to search for Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

November 18, 2005

Sam and Robin at the tunnel. They think Jason is still inside. Jason calls out to Sam and they hug. Robin wants to start treatment immediatley but Jason wants to go to Sonny's. Jason and Sam at Sonny's. They discuss Manny and Carly. Jason gets a headache and everyone urges him to go to the hospital. Jason and Sam at the hospital. Robin gets things ready for Jason's treatment. Jason proposes to Sam. Jason in bed. Robin wants to restrain him. Jason doesn't like it but agrees. Jason begins to remember things while unconcious. (Credit Holsgem)

November 21, 2005

Robin tells Sam that Jason will be in and out of consciousness, and will be weak because of all the brain activity from dreams and memories. Jason dreams of times he had with Robin. Sam sees Jason's pain and is upset when Robin tells her to brace herself because it will become more intense. Sam talks to Jason about how he has changed her, and tells Robin she doesnt like his reactions to the medications. Jason wakes up telling Sam he doesnt like the feeling of being trapped inside a nightmare he cant get out of. Jason falls back to sleep, remembering when Sam lost her baby. (Credit Holsgem)

November 22, 2005

Jason undergoes robin treatments to recover his memory. Sam calls for Robin as Jasonís alarms go off. Robin says this is the only help Jason has besides surgery when Sam asks her to stop the treatments because its torturing Jason. Sam runs to the nurses station looking for Dr. Tony Jones. Sam asks him to help Jason and that she can talk him into the surgery if Tony can guarantee her that he wont die. Robin sits with a still sleeping Jason ad talks to him for guidance. He wakes up and asks for Sam. Then he asks if the medicine worked as Sam arrives back. He tells Sam he is going to be ok and that he wants to continue treatments. Robin says his body may not be able to handle the treatments. Sam asks Jason what he remembers and he says its all mixed up but he remembers Sam crying, Michael as a baby and getting shot. Robin tells him as he remembers his body goes through the emotions and pain again. Sam says she wants him to stop the treatments and that they will find another way. Robin orders more medication anyway and talks to Monica and Alan, telling them that Sam wanted to stop the treatments but that Jason is now awake and wants to continue. Sam tells Jason she knows he would rather die than spend what could be the last days of his life at the hospital. She say she is ok with his decisions but not ok with him leaving her. Jason tells her its ok. Robin returns with the end of the medication and Sam argues that robin is just trying to save Jason with her research. Jason says he wants to try it. Sam begs him not to but Jason says itís the best chance he has to live and tells Sam not to stop the medication no matter what he says during the treatment. As the medication is being administered Sam and Robin fight over the way he is reacting. Jason flat lines! (Credit Holsgem)

November 23, 2005

Jason flatlines from Robins treatments. While Sam screams for help Robin and a nurse start cpr. Monica and the code team arrive and want to use the paddles on Jason but Robin wants to try the drug epinephrine first. Saying that one more seizure will kill him. The drug works but Monica and Tony tell Robin and Sam that the drug is to strong for Jasonís heart. Robin asks Sam what she thinks and she agrees and Robin stops treatment. Sam goes to the hospital Chapel to pray and Alexis and Molly arrive. They talk about how baby Lila saved Kristina. Alexis asks Sam to hold Molly and she does. Alexis says she hopes Samís prayers are answered just like hers were. Jason wakes up and asks Robin what happened. She fills him in on it and he asks what will happen now. Robin says the decision is Jasonís. He decides to continue treatment and remembers Robin. As Jason pulls her into a kiss, Sam and Sonny arrive. (Credit Holsgem) 

November 28, 2005

Jason in the hospital undergoing Robin's treatment. Robin and Jason kiss. Jason wakes up with his memory. Their song is played. Cute Jason and Sam scene when Jason invites Sam into the hospital bed. (Credit Holsgem)

November 29, 2005

Jason in the hospital. Robin worries about Jason's test results. Jason and Sam talk about getting married. Sonny visits Jason. Carly overhears Sonny and Jason talking about her. (Credit Holgem)

November 30, 2005

Sam and Robin discuss Jason's treatment. Jason and Sonny continue their convo about Carly. Carly overhears. Jason and Sam in the hospital discussing Jason's treatment. Jason collapses. Jason refuses surgery. (Credit Holsgem)

December 1, 2005

Jason and Sam in Hawaii. They resolve to enjoy the time they have left. Sam wants to fish and she takes off Jason's shoes. Sam convinces Jason to make a baby. (Credit Holsgem)

December 2, 2005

Jason and Sam in Hawaii. Sam dreams Jason is dead. JaSam discuss having a baby and how Sam feels about his dying. Sonny visits Jason and Sam and he tries to talk Jason out of his decision. (Credit Holsgem)

December 5, 2005

Jason and Sam in Hawaii. Sonny comes to say goodbye. Jason and Sam fight about him not having the surgery. (Credit Holsgem)

December 7, 2005

Sam walks in to Jason's hospital room, where he is about to leave since Noah is now refusing to do the surgery. Sam asks Jason to stay a little longer, because Robin might have another surgeon. Jason says he will wait, for Sam's sake. Jason and Sam kiss, before being interupted by Carly, who is upset that Jason didnt tell her about the surgery. Carly starts arguing with Sam, before Jason tells her to back off, that he doesnt want them to fight. Robin shows up with Patrick, who needs to examine Jason. While Jason is being examined, Sam, Carly, and Robin argue about him in the hallway. Patrick agrees to do the surgery and Jason tells Carly he wants to be alone with Sam. After a run-in with Noah, Patrick backs out of the surgery. Robin goes to inform Jason and Sam about the change of plans, while Carly agrees to bargain with Patrick in return for his doing surgery. Carly tells Sam to leave her and Patrick alone and let her save Jason. (Credit Holsgem)

December 8, 2005

Robin tries to convince Jason to let Sam and Carly go after Patrick and persued him to do the operation. Sam and Carly work Patrick, Robin joins them. Sam tells Jason that Patrick agreed to operate. Jason and Sam have a moment. Carly interupts and Jason collapses. Sam and Carly snark over Jason's seizures. Patrick decides that he needs to operate asap. Jason and Carly have a bonding moment. Jason and Sam have a moment and Sonny interupts. Jason asks Sonny to take care of Carly for him. Sonny and Jason have a moment. Jason and Sam discuss getting married. Carly at Jake's remembers her "boy on the side". Jason goes into surgery. Sam remembers "Raindance". Manny lurks outside the ER. (Credit Holsgem)

December 9, 2005

Patrick prepares to operate on Jason, while a worried Sam looks on, outside the OR. Manny lurks around outside of OR, dressed in scrubs. Monica shows up to wait with Sam, who tells her about her life with Jason. Monica tells Sam Jason wont give up on her, because she makes him happy. Robin sides with Noah on a decision during the surgery. Jason starts dreaming of Sonny, Carly, Robin, and Sam, who are making him fight. When the lights flicker, Alan reassures everyone that should the lights go out, the back-up generator will kick in, which Manny overhears. The surgery continues as Carly, Sonny, and Alan join Sam and Monica outside the OR. The generator does kick in, until Manny destroys it, causing the surgery team to work off of emergency flashlights. Jason's eyes open for a minute, and he sees Manny, before they close once again. Manny continues to lurk as Sam, Sonny, and Carly worry for Jason. The surgery is almost over, when Manny sneaks into the OR. (Credit Holsgem)

December 14, 2005

Jason and Sam wake up in the hospital bed together. Patrick interupts to examine Jason. Patrick hits on Sam. Rock, Paper, Scissors scene. Robin brings Jason a sandwich they talk about the past. Patrick pisses Jason off when he accuses Robin of being in love with Jason. Patrick goes off on Jason to stay in bed. Sam comes back with candles and tries to create a romantic scene. Carly interupts. (Credit Holsgem)

December 16, 2005

Jason and Emily discuss her feeling for Sonny. Jason and Sam have a confrontation with Manny when he is being transfered to jail. Manny steals a key to his handcuffs. Sonny and Jason discuss Sonny's feelings for Emily. Sam brings Jason food but Carly interupts. Jason and Carly discuss Sonny and Emily. (Credit Holsgem)

December 22, 2005

Sam tries to keep Jason in bed "by any means necessary" but they are interupted by Robin who wants Jason's help in defending Manny who she thinks was "fixed" by brain surgery. Jason an dSam cuddle in the hospital bed but they are interupted by Michael and Emily. Jason explains to Michael why he has to miss Christmas. Jason and Sam go back to cuddling. Jason and Sam are talking to Dara about Alexis taking over Manny's case. Sam confronts Alexis. Robin takes Jason to see Manny (Credit Holsgem)

December 26, 2005

Emily tells Jason that he is doing well but the doctors are being cautious in keeping him there. They discuss Sonny. Patrick says that Jason can go home and tells him to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Sam confronts Patrick about Robin. Robin complains to Jason about Patrick. Sam packs Jason's stuff and they discuss Robin and Patrick. Carly visits Jason and Sam before Jason is released. Jason and Sam discuss Manny. Alexis walks in. (Credit Holsgem)

December 27, 2005

Jason and Sam in the hospital discussing Manny and Alexis. Alexis interupts and JaSam go off on her. Jason and Sam argue about her treating him like he's sick. Sam and Monica discuss this as well. Monica and Jason talk about Sam's feelings. Jason and Sam leave the hospital. Jason carries Sam over the threshold. They relax in front of the fire. (Credit Holsgem)

December 29, 2005 

Jason and Sam gets Michael birthday gift ready at the PH. Jason goes to the MC for Michael's party. Jason and Carly discuss Sonny and Emily. Sonny and Jason at Graystone discuss Emily. "Stay away from my sister" (Credit Holsgem)

December 30, 2005

Jason and Sam get ready for a quiet NYE at home. They are interupted by Carly who wants them to come to her party at MC. They make a brief appearance at MC. Sam gets into it with Alexis over Manny. Jason and Carly talk about Sam and Manny. Jason and Sam leave. NYE montage. (credit Holsgem)